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Go to sleep you guys

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Makoto Naegi added 16 people to Unnamed Chat
Makoto Naegi changed Chat to Class 78

Makoto Naegi: Hi everybody!
Kiyotaka Ishimaru: Hello Naegi
Mondo Owada: Yo

Byakuya Togami: What is the meaning of this Makoto?

Makoto Naegi: I thought it could be a great bonding experience for us, to truly get to know each other!

Junko Enoshima: I can already picture the despair this chat will bring puhuhu~

Leon Kuwata: wtaf did you add her Naegi?

Aoi Asahina: Yeah, why?

Makoto Naegi: we can’t bond properly as a class without everyone from our class

Makoto Naegi: so unfortunately we have to deal with Enoshima

Mukuro Ikusaba: Ha, burn

Chihiro Fujisaki removed Junko Enoshima from chat reason: because she’s Junko, duh

Chihiro Fujisaki changed their name to: Computer Whiz Kid

Computer Whiz Kid: :D

Mondo Owada: Thanks Chi

All: Thanks!

Sayaka Maizono: Wait how come Fujisaki can change their name? I can’t

Computer Whiz Kid: pro hacking skills 😎

Sayaka Maizono: Ah, makes sense

Computer Whiz Kid: Time to use my powers for evil

Mondo Owada: CHI NO

Computer Whiz Kid: Chi yes

Computer Whiz Kid changed 14 names

Dad: I’m disappointed son, truly disappointed

Donut Lesbian: I can’t disagree

Yumeko kinnie: Nor I

✨Simp✨: I agree my queen

Yumeko kinnie: shut it toad

Yumeko kinnie: Remove him Fujisaki

Computer Whiz Kid: Gladly

Computer Whiz Kid removed 1 user

Yumeko kinnie: I am forever in your debt

Broccoli: stop being mean to my hair : (((((((

Hatsune Miku kinnie: no

Stabby Stabby: ha burn

Egg: I already regret this

Inspector Gadget: as you should makoto

Egg: D:

WHIPPED: I can end you

Donut Lesbian: HA whipped

Nice Lesbian: Aoi. Be nice

Donut Lesbian: Sorry

Nerd: gay

Donut Lesbian: OH hush your dating Naegi’s sister

Egg: WHAT?!

Nerd: I’ve gtg

Egg: say your prayers Fukawa : )

Nerd: oh shit

Computer Whiz Kid muted the chat reason: mom says time for bed