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Lost Souls

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Disclaimer: I don't own the G boys, they belong to Bandai, Sotsu and associated parties. I just borrow them to play with from time to time and return them relatively undamaged... honest... :-)

Rating: NC 17, Angst, Yaoi, Sap, masturbation, prostitution, LEMON.

Pairings: 3x4, 2xH, 5+S, OCx2, eventual 1x2x1

Notes: Set 2 years after Endless Waltz. The pilots have all gone their separate ways but still keep in touch. Duo is with Hilde on L2 and trying to make a life for himself, but cannot forget Heero. Then one stupid mistake has him fighting for his life.

May 2002 ShenLong

AN: This was my very fist attempt at GW multipart and ended up being the first of a 3 fic 'Destinies' Arc. I'd like to think that over the years I have grown as a writer, but any feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome.
Please, enjoy...


Chapter 1

Quatre waited impatiently for the shuttle to dock, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, oblivious of the rest of the people milling around the crowded space port. He glanced at the clock for the umpteenth time as if watching the second hand move would bring the shuttle to dock any quicker. Idly he let his mind wander back over the recent change of events.

Finally the wars had ended and peace now settled over the earth and its colonies. With no further need for the Gundams the pilots had sadly said good-bye to their metallic suits, taking some comfort in the knowledge that they would no longer be needed. With the ensuing peace the pilots had made their farewells and gone their separate ways, promising to keep in touch.

Quatre allowed a smile to grace his lips as he thought about that. Wufei had stayed on the earth and taken up Sally's offer of a job working with the Preventers. Even though peace was now widespread there were still those who sought to rebel and disrupt the calm of the colonies and earth and therefore the Preventers needed the skills of such as Wufei in their ongoing cause to maintain the peace. All the Gundam pilots had been asked to join the group, but Wufei was the only one who had taken up the offer. This surprised Quatre in one way. Not the fact that Wufei had joined the organization, but the fact that Heero hadn't. He mused again over the perfect soldier. Turning down the job at the Preventers to take on what to Quatre appeared to be a more dangerous job of body guard to one Relena. He knew that the girl was infatuated with Heero but that Heero didn't return the obsession.

He stopped himself from laughing out loud as he recalled the number of times Relena had tried to get Heero into her arms and no doubt her bed, but the stoic soldier had managed to avoid all her advances so far. Relena just didn't get it..... Heero wasn't interested in her. Quatre wasn't sure if the man was straight or not, Heero never having given the merest hint as to his sexual preferences. Hell he didn't even know if Heero knew what sex was! And that thought brought him back to the violet eyed pilot.

Duo had left the earth and gone back to L2 with Hilde to run the burgeoning salvage yard. With all the destruction that had taken place there was a huge call for a business such as Hilde's and Duo was an excellent choice to help her with it. From the few 'chats' they had had, Quatre gathered all was going well for the pair. His mind changed tack once more to the reason he was here. Trowa had gone back to L3 and life in the circus only to find more problems than he could handle. The circus was still the same and the ring master happy to have him back, but something had happened, something to cause Trowa unhappiness.

Quatre wasn't sure just what it was that had passed to cause Trowa's unhappiness, but he knew it upset the green eyed pilot more than he was letting on. The call that had come through, while not unwelcome, was a bit of a shock to Quatre and he was only to happy to help the other boy out. Besides he had his own selfish reasons as well. During the wars he and Trowa had become very close, sharing their fears and joys together. Quatre knew he preferred the male species and had told Trowa such before their friendship grew even greater. He also harbored a love for the tall pilot. Trowa wasn't sure how to handle Quatre's devotion to him and so they took it slowly, letting the friendship grow, stealing the odd kiss and comfort that only being held by another can bring.

Quatre had wanted the relationship to go further, but hadn't wanted to pressure the other and so although his heart broke, he sadly let Trowa go, knowing that if it was meant to be then Trowa would return. And so now, after two long years, his love was finally coming home... home to him. He stared at the clock once more and then jumped as the loudspeakers blared into life announcing the arrival of the shuttle. Quickly Quatre moved forwards to the gateway where he would get his first glimpse of the teen who had stolen his heart all those years ago.

Trowa picked himself up out of his seat and made his way along with the rest of the passengers to the shuttle exit. Part of him was excited about seeing the Arab again and yet he was apprehensive and unsure as to how the other would react to him. He needn't have worried. No sooner had he made his way through the gate than a blonde whirlwind attacked him wrapping itself around his willowy frame and hugging him close. Somewhat amused at the welcome Trowa hugged back and then tried to pry the boy from his body.

"Quatre... people are staring," he said quietly.

"I don't care," replied Quatre. "Let then stare. God how I have missed you," and he proceeded to envelope Trowa once again in a bear hug.

"How about we get going away from here?" said Trowa in his soft voice.

"Oh I'm sorry, Trowa, I'm forgetting my manners. You must be tired after your trip, come on the car is waiting outside." Quatre took a possessive hold of Trowa's hand and pulled the other boy along behind him.

Trowa allowed a smile to tug at his mouth as he let the blonde drag him through the crowds and out to the waiting limo. Home, he thought. How long had it been since he had heard those words spoken? He just hoped that this time he would truly be able to have a place to call just that.

Rashid drove the car and its occupants swiftly through the traffic and out to the Winner estate. Quatre and Trowa made small talk in the back during the journey. Both were aware of the topic that needed to be discussed, but now wasn't the right time. Later, once Trowa was settled then they could talk properly.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Wufei looked at the clock, surprised to see it was five o'clock already. He shut down his computer and picking up his jacket and keys made his way down the hall to Sally's office. He stuck his head around the door and stared at the woman still working away at her desk.

"What are you doing still working, onna?! " he growled in his customary voice.

Sally looked up. "Oh is that the time? I didn't realize. Just give me a moment and I will be right with you Wufei," she said, and with a few more strokes of her pen she picked up the papers and shuffled them together into a neat stack before depositing them into the tray on her desk. Picking up her jacket she moved out of the office closing the door behind her. "So, we eating out tonight?" she asked.

Wufei gave her a look out of the corner of his eye. "If you want to," he replied gruffly.

"Well I'm too tired to cook so it's either eat out, get take away or you can cook." She waited for the response, knowing Wufei wasn't exactly the domesticated type. Although he could rustle up some interesting meals when really pushed.

"Lets get take away," he muttered and opened the car door for his passenger.

Sally hopped in. "Okay then, you can pick." She smiled as her partner climbed in and backing out of the parking spot he headed down town.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Heero looked once more over the blue prints. He was sure that everything was covered, but he just wanted to check it again for his own peace of mind. The talks began tomorrow and he couldn't leave anything to chance. He had a good team working for him and there really wasn't any need for him to be here, but he was. The team had all been hand picked and trained by himself so they knew their job inside out. Relena would be protected and kept safe. He didn't know why he still personally stood as her guard. The rest of the group were good enough to do that and leave him free to oversee the rest of the security, but still he took it upon his own shoulders to be the one next to her when she was at these functions. Daily he tortured himself this way as if to punish himself for reasons he wasn't sure of. Relena was constantly throwing herself at him, trying to seduce him, but he wasn't interested. He tried to tell her this but she wouldn't listen. Heero knew he liked girls as friends, but that was it, he wasn't sexually attracted to them. His confused mind had at last come to the conclusion that there was something wrong with him for not wanting a relationship with a girl, but then during the last few months of the war he had discovered something deep inside him. Being paired up with Duo for most of the missions and sharing a room with the braided baka led Heero to the only other conclusion..... he preferred boys.

Heero let his mind wander back to those days, although the war was all around them and they didn't know from day to day if they would survive or not. He knew he fought to live for one reason.

Duo Maxwell.

The braided pilot had unknowingly crawled under Heero's skin, and while the blue eyed Wing pilot would never admit to it, secretly he was attracted to the other. Duo made the war bearable. To know that after each mission the violet eyed American would be there sharing the same room gave him comfort. And so he quietly admired the other from a distance knowing that what he felt could never be revealed. Then, after the war, when he thought he may have a chance to somehow let the other know of his feelings and find out if Duo thought the same way, Duo had surprised him by leaving the earth and moving in with that girl Hilde.

With Duo's departure Heero retreated even more inside himself. How could he ever have deluded himself into thinking that Duo could possibly be attracted to men? To him? The teen was obviously as straight as a ruler, why else would he be shacked up with that girl? So Heero surprised everyone by taking the position Relena offered him. He figured that at least this way he could forget about the beauty that haunted his dreams and move on with his life. Relena's ongoing affections towards him were suffered as a form of personal torture, one way to remind him of something he could never have as he constantly fought off the girl's advances. There was one major problem though.....

Heero could not forget. The ache in his heart did not diminish. He tried a few other relationships both male and female, but nothing could replace those amethyst orbs. And so he continued to exist working tirelessly at his task of keeping Relena safe and punishing himself at night with dreams of the one he could never hope to possess.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Duo turned the object over in his hands and made a few adjustments before sliding it back into its place amongst the rest of the machinery. Pulling the rag from his pocket he wiped the grease from his fingers and moved again to see if the generator would work more efficiently with the alterations he had made. The machine rumbled into life and began to hum softly. A grin split the heart shaped face as he was rewarded with success at last. A yell from across the yard brought him out of his revere and he turned to see Hilde waving at him and pointing to her watch. He waved back and shutting down the beast he made his way back to the office. As he entered so Hilde was sitting behind the desk finishing off some paperwork. "How did it go? Get it fixed?" she asked as she continued to write.

"Yep and with the modifications I made it is now a lot more efficient." He went to sit down in the chair opposite her.

Hilde looked up and growled. "Duo! You're covered in grease, don't sit there you will ruin the chair."

Duo looked up sheepishly. "Sorry," he muttered and continued to stand. "I guess I will head home then and get showered."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," she returned, "Just don't go leaving a ring around the tub will you? It darn near took me a whole hour to scrub it clean after last time."

Duo hung his head. "You know I didn't mean to Hilde," he whined. "I just forgot."

"Well don't forget this time will you?" she stated in a harder tone than she meant to, then her voice softened. "Quatre contacted me today," she revealed.

"Q- man rang? Why didn't you get me?" he asked, slightly peeved that she hadn't told him of the call.

"You weren't here, Duo. He said something about Trowa returning to earth and staying with him for a while." She couldn't keep the jealousy out of her voice.

"Oh. I wonder how long he's staying for...." Duo's mind began to wander.

"I have no idea," snapped Hilde. "He wouldn't go into details."

Duo thought for a moment. "Okay I'm heading off then and I'll give Quatre a call later," he said and then turned and left Hilde alone in the office.

Hilde watched his retreating form and a sigh escaped her lips. She had hoped that with Duo coming back to L2 and working with her in the salvage yard he would forget about the other pilots. She couldn't help her jealousy over them. They all seemed so close and yet Duo had always been there for her. Silently she had hoped that being away from the others would help her in her cause to get Duo to love her and hopefully marry her. It had seemed that he was happy so far with her company and she had tried everything in her power to keep him with her... well almost everything. Her brow furrowed in thought. Just when things with Duo were going so well that Quatre had to go and ring up wanting to talk to Duo and possibly ruin all the work she had done so far. She bit her lip. It was time to play the last card, she thought, and if that didn't work then she didn't know what she would do.

Duo walked back to the house he shared with Hilde deep in thought as to why Quatre would ring him about Trowa. Oh sure they had all kept in touch but it was usually a quick call to let the others know that he was still okay. He reached the house and let himself inside. Making his way to the vid phone he decided to call Quatre first and then take care of cleaning himself up. For some reason he knew there was something up and he didn't want Hilde around while he spoke to the other ex pilot. He placed the call and waited for Quatre's response. He didn't have to wait long. A smiling, blonde face soon appeared on the screen.

"Duo! How are you my friend?" he beamed.

"I'm doing pretty good Quatre, how's it going down there on the earth?" he replied.

"Everything's okay here, just the usual never ending cycle of meetings and work, but then who am I to complain?" he giggled.

"Yeah it must be hard running one of the biggest companies around and raking in a fortune," he quipped.

Quatre smiled, he knew there was no malice in the words.

"So what's up Kat?" asked Duo. "Hilde told me you called, something about Trowa."

Quatre's eyes seemed to darken for a moment. "Yes, Trowa is back on earth. I think he had a few problems with the circus, but anyway he's here staying with me so I thought I better let you all know in case you tried to contact him."

"Thanks man," replied Duo. "Are you sure everything is all right, Kat? I mean... well... hell what do I mean?" he laughed that manic laugh.

Quatre understood the underlying question. "Let's just say he has a few things to work out, but he is okay and things are really looking up."

Duo looked relieved. "I'm really pleased for you man, I mean after everything you guys went through together it's only fair you should stay together and be happy."

Quatre was touched by the other's concern. "Thanks Duo, that means a lot to me."

"Hey, no problem. So, have you spoken with the others lately?"

Quatre knew what Duo meant and so chose his words carefully. "I contacted Wufei and he and Sally are coming over in a couple of weeks to see us."

"So he is still working for the Preventers then?"

"Yes he is."

"Did you.... " his voice faltered for a second "Did you contact Heero?"

"Yes, I managed to get a hold of him but he wont be able to get here for at least another three weeks as he is on assignment with Relena at the summit meeting." Quatre waited for a reaction.

Duo sighed to himself. "Oh. So he's still protecting that maniac of a woman then?"

"I don't know why but yes he is," replied Quatre sensing Duo's sadness.

"Well, Q-man, I hate to do this but I gotta get going, Hilde is due home any tick and if she catches me sitting here in my greasy clothes then my life will be over." He let a hollow laugh pass his lips.

"Okay then, Duo, you take care and don't be a stranger. You're welcome anytime for a visit or to stay."

"Thanks, Quatre. Say hi to Trowa and the rest of the group for me and who knows, one day I just may surprise yer all and come down for a visit," smiled Duo.

"That would be lovely Duo. Bye."

"Catch ya," said Duo as he terminated the call. He slumped back into his seat and let the mask fall. Heero, he thought silently.

The sound of Hilde's approaching footsteps brought him back to the present and he quickly got to his feet and went to the bathroom. He turned the taps on and watched as the water gushed forth filling the tub. As the level rose so he stripped his dirty clothing off and tossed it in the hamper. If nothing else Hilde had taught him to be a bit tidier. Turning off the taps he tested the water before stepping gingerly in. Lowering his body into the water he released his hair from its braid and leaned back, soaking up the warmth. His mind began to wander back over the conversation with Quatre.

He was glad that Trowa was back once more with Quatre. During the wars he suspected that each had felt something for the other. Damnit! They had been young kids playing a grown ups game, forced to be older than their years, who could blame them for finding comfort and solace in any way they could? His mind wandered further as he lay soaking, back to the wars when they had all been together and shared missions, safe houses and their fears with each other, never knowing if each day would be their last.

The bonds that had been formed between them were strong, so strong that Duo had doubted anything could break them apart. Duo had only made it through the wars because of one thing.

Heero Yuy.

Thinking of the cobalt eyed pilot sent a tear of sadness running down his cheek. He and Heero had been paired up together on numerous missions and always shared a room. They had helped each other out on occasions too many for Duo to recall. All he knew was at the end of the day Heero was there for him. They had been teenage boys thrown together under circumstances that were out of their control. Slowly over time Duo lost his heart to the Wing pilot. The times he had lain awake at night watching the rise and fall of the perfect soldier's chest as he slept, wishing he could be held by those strong, warm arms, be protected. But they were in the middle of a war and he knew he couldn't reveal his feelings for the other, that would put them both at risk. Not only would the missions be compromised, but Duo wasn't even sure if Heero was aware of anything that existed outside of the damn fighting.

Running the soap over his skin he mused over Heero. The boy had to be straight, the way that he had Relena fawning over him all the time, there was no way he could be interested in the same sex, and so Duo, who wasn't all that sure of his own preferences, had continued to admire from the sidelines.

As he shampooed the long, chestnut locks he thought again of the slim pilot. Knowing that he would never have the chance to take things further with the object of his affection he had accepted Hilde's offer and gone with her to run the salvage yard at the war's end. Now here he was, stuck in the same job and getting nowhere fast. It wasn't that he disliked his work, on the contrary he thoroughly enjoyed it and besides, he had thought that by getting away from the earth he would be able to conquer his desire for the Japanese man.

It hadn't worked.

Heero had proved though that he wasn't interested in him or any male for that matter, why else would he have gone to work for that girl? And Duo foolishly believed that by living with Hilde he would be able to straighten himself out. He snorted at the unintended pun. Oh sure he enjoyed being with Hilde but she was more of a sister to him and try as he might he couldn't find it in his heart to love her any different.

He sank under the water to rinse out the now conditioned locks before squeezing the excess water out and climbing out of the bathtub. Placing a towel over the wet mass he snagged another and began to dry himself off before reaching in for the plug and watching the water disappear. Shit! He hadn't rinsed out the tub, Hilde would kill him. Quickly he grabbed a cloth and began to remove the tell tale ring of grime from the edges. Once done he wrapped the towel around his slim hips and made his way to his room to get dressed.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Trowa had settled into his room at the Winner estate. His small amount of belongings had been swallowed up in the huge closets of the room that Quatre had generously given him. He allowed a rare smile to grace his features as he thought of the former Sandrock pilot. Quatre was way too generous.

As if sensing that Trowa was thinking of him Quatre knocked softly at the door. "Trowa... may I come in? he asked quietly.

Trowa moved gracefully across the room and opened the door, his breath caught for a moment as the vision sank into his brain. Quatre stood there wearing a tight pair of jeans and loose shirt with cut off sleeves. He looked stunning. Trowa swallowed hard as his eyes scanned the impressive form before him.

Quatre smiled, pleased at the reaction he had gotten from the tall teen. "Come on," he said as he took the other's hand, "There is afternoon tea waiting for us and a lot of catching up to do."

Trowa allowed himself to be dragged along behind the blonde, trying not to stare at that lovely ass that swayed so enticingly.

"I thought we would sit out in the gardens as its such a lovely day," said Quatre as he amusedly watched the other's attention wander.

"What?... Oh that's fine, Quatre," he managed to breathe out and then mentally chided himself.

Quatre giggled and then put even more of a sway into his hips as they made their way to the small table that had been set up on the lawn surrounded by flower beds. They sat and Quatre poured the tea. Passing Trowa a cup their fingers touched and electricity crackled between them. They sat enjoying the sun's natural warmth and exchanged idle talk. Then the moment Trowa had been dreading came.

"So tell me, Trowa, why did you come back to earth?" Quatre asked the question simply and with a voice that held nothing but sincerity.

Trowa placed his cup back on the table and crossed his long, slender legs; his brow furrowed as he contemplated the best way to give Quatre his answer. His mind made up he locked eyes with the blonde and began his story.

"I went back to the circus thinking I could pick up from where I left off. That was a mistake. It took me a long while to realize that, but eventually I did. Oh don't get me wrong, Quatre, I was welcomed back with open arms. I continued to work with the cats and the high wire and I thought I was happy. Catherine looked after me really well and did her best to make me feel at home and fit back in, and for a while there it felt like I had finally found my place. But then things began to change."

Quatre raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Everyone was still the same, still doing the same acts and the same jobs day in, day out, and I was content to continue on as I had left off, but then after some time it wasn't enough. I found myself getting restless and wanting more. More of what, I didn't know. Catherine tried to help me find what it was I was searching for, but how could she help me to find it if I myself didn't know what it was? I can't blame her for getting short tempered with me as I was frustrated with myself. I began to take unnecessary risks, at first with the cats as I knew they wouldn't hurt me, but then I started to play with fate on the high wire. That's when Catherine really took to me." The one green eye peeked out at Quatre from underneath that mop of hair trying to gauge the other's reaction.

Quatre sat still, hardly seeming to breathe. The lanky Heavyarms pilot who had never been much of a talker was suddenly speaking as if his life depended on it, and somehow Quatre sensed that in a way it did. So he smiled encouragingly at the other letting him know with his eyes that anything Trowa told him would not go any further; that Trowa had his complete trust.

Trowa read the emotion in the blonde's eyes and encouraged, he continued. "I knew I was putting myself in danger and in a way others as well, but I didn't seem to care. It took a small mishap with one of the lions to bring me back to my senses. No. no, nothing serious," he added hastily as he saw Quatre's face contort. "I was just a bit too relaxed around the female when she was in season. You know how grumpy lions can get when they want to mate, but anyway I found myself on the end of a side swipe. Suffice to say it jolted me back to earth rapidly, not to mention gave me a bit of a scare as well. Nothing compared to the ear bashing Catherine gave me later when she found out and insisted upon treating the wound." Trowa's cheeks blushed as he recalled the girl's ministrations.

Quatre whistled softly. "So where did the lion get you then?" he asked, noting the flush of color to Trowa's cheeks.

"Ummm... Let's say it was a close shave shall we?" said Trowa going a deeper shade of red.

"Oh, okay," replied Quatre, and then he also went red as he realized just where it was that the lioness had probably caught Trowa.

Trowa continued. "It was while she was fixing me up that I began to see the light through the fog. I finally figured out why I couldn't settle back into the circus. It wasn't the circus that had changed, it was me! And like that lioness I was miserable because I was missing the one thing that made me happy."

The look on Quatre's face at this was priceless. "You wanted sex?" he said, more than a little bewildered.

Trowa went into a coughing spasm. Recovering, he couldn't help but laugh at the blonde's innocence. "No, Quatre, that's not exactly what I meant," he continued to grin. "More like I was missing my mate. I was craving for that one person that made my life complete." He lowered his eyes.

Quatre thought deeply on this unexpected revelation from the quiet teen. He allowed his hopes to rise slightly. Did Trowa mean what he thought he meant? Did Trowa miss him? Throwing all caution to the winds he decided to find out. Swallowing hard he cleared his throat and spoke. "Trowa? Does this mean you were missing me? That you wanted to come back to me?" He hardly dared to hope.

Trowa reached forward and took the blonde's hands in his own and staring deep into those teal blue eyes he gave his answer. "Yes."

Quatre felt the tears well up behind his eyelids and tried desperately to stop them from bursting forth. Trowa missed him!.... Yes him! He had wanted to come back to him and now he was here. "Oh Allah... thank you... thank you from the bottom of my heart," he whispered and then threw himself into Trowa's arms hugging the other tight to his body, laughing and crying at the same time.

Trowa was unprepared for the Arab's assault and was nearly knocked off his chair as he suddenly found himself with a laughing, crying and obviously very happy Quatre in his lap hugging him close. He let himself go and just enjoyed the feel of the other man next to him.

Quatre pulled himself away from Trowa's chest and looked up into the one visible eye. "Oh, Trowa, you have no idea how much I have missed you. How I have longed for you to come back to me." Then on impulse, he reached forward and pressed his lips to the Latin's for a fleeting kiss.

Trowa was stunned that the blonde still wanted him, after the way he had left him; after all they had shared through the wars and then he had just upped and gone back to the circus with never a thought that the other may have been bleeding inside just as he had done. It had taken him two long years to realize his feelings and now he just hoped that Quatre would forgive him and that they could start afresh. He felt Quatre's lips brush lightly against his own and blinked at the sensation. God how good that felt. He reached forward and returned the kiss, tenderly running his tongue across the lower lip of the other before breaking away and staring at the one he loved.

Quatre was in heaven. His love had returned to him at last and there was no way that Quatre intended to let the boy get away from him again. He felt his heart overflow with happiness. It felt so good... so right to be in the other's arms. And then Trowa kissed him back.

They sat, staring at each other for a while, each lost in their own emotions, content for the moment just to hold and be held. Finally, Quatre pulled away.

"I think we should head back inside, it will be getting dark soon and I have some business to take care of," Quatre sighed.

"Sure little one," replied Trowa.

They stood up and entwining their fingers, began to move back towards the house. Reaching Quatre's study they stopped, Trowa pulled Quatre towards him and their bodies met as he lowered his lips and claimed Quatre's in a passionate kiss. He pushed his tongue forward seeking access to that sweet mouth and Quatre eagerly granted it. Their tongues explored each others mouths, mapping out the territory and claiming it for their own until the need for air stole the moment.

Pulling away and panting heavily, Quatre spoke. "Remind me to thank that lioness will you?" he said before covering Trowa's mouth once more with his own.

Hugging the smaller boy to his body, Trowa murmured softly, "Do you have to work now?"

Quatre looked up into that emerald eye noting the lust there and immediately felt his body tighten in response. He swallowed nervously. "I'm afraid so, my love, I need to get a personal assistant and then I wouldn't have so much to do and can spend more time with you," he said.

Trowa nuzzled the blonde's neck gently nipping and sucking at the skin. "I can be your personal assistant and take care of a lot of things for you," he whispered.

Quatre moaned, he knew exactly what Trowa meant now. "That's not the sort of assistant I need." He laughed then playfully swatted the other. "Trowa as much as I hate to do this I have to finish off this paperwork. The sooner it is done the sooner we can play." And with these words he rubbed himself enticingly against Trowa's thigh.

Trowa pinched his bottom lightly causing another moan to leave those lips. "Okay, you win, my love. I will leave you to do your work." And with another quick kiss, Trowa released the other from his embrace and headed for his room.

Quatre sighed and watched the retreating form. He entered his office and moved to the desk. Now how was he going to concentrate on finishing this paperwork with the bulge of desire that strained between his legs? Reaching down he adjusted his erection into a more comfortable position and began to concentrate on his work. The sooner this was done then the sooner his arousal would be taken care of. He threw himself into the task with never before seen vigor.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Heero shifted uncomfortably in his bed. He was tired. The day had been long and boring. He didn't know how Relena could sit through all that talk and still appear as fresh at the end of it as when it started. He thought back to Quatre's call. So Trowa had returned to the earth. He wondered why and then turned his thoughts to the other pilots. He knew Quatre had contacted them and that Wufei was planning to visit soon. He had promised to drop in himself once they got back from this seemingly futile summit meeting. It didn't take long before he was thinking again of the long haired pilot. Duo hadn't said if he could get down to the earth and visit or not. Heero wasn't sure how he felt about that. Part of him longed to see the other man again, but another part hoped he wouldn't as he wasn't sure if he would be able to control his feelings.

He rolled over onto his back and studied the ceiling. It had been a long time since he had been with another and his hormones didn't follow the perfect soldier training. He felt himself begin to harden as he thought of Duo. His hand crept down over hardened nipples giving them a few quick pinches and tugs. Suppressing a moan he moved further down and slipped his fingers under the waistband of his boxers to touch the hardening flesh there. Wrapping his hand around his length he began to stroke, softly at first, sliding his thumb across the head and spreading the slickness. Gradually he began to speed up, imagining it was Duo's hand upon his shaft, Duo's fingers touching him, exciting him, bringing him closer to completion. With a strangled moan he found his release, shooting thick jets of creamy seed over his hand and stomach. Still stroking the now softening shaft he wondered if he would ever be able to find true happiness.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Duo headed back to the kitchen where he could hear Hilde rummaging around in the cupboards getting together the various ingredients for their evening meal. Taking a beer from the fridge he sat down and watched the dark haired girl as she cooked. Idle chatter passed the time and soon they were sitting eating the meal she had prepared. Hilde headed for the shower while Duo did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, then taking another beer he went to the lounge and plopped into the chair to surf the TV channels. Soon Hilde joined him and the question he knew was in her mind broke forth.


"Yes, Hilde?"

"Are you going to go back to the earth to visit Trowa?"

Duo rubbed his nose as he was apt to do when something was troubling him. Taking another swig from the bottle he looked at the girl next to him. "I don't know, Hilde. I guess I would like to, but I don't want to leave you here by yourself."

Feeling as if it was now or never, Hilde slid across the couch and dropped her hand to caress the warm thigh through his sweat pants. Feeling encouraged when he didn't move away from the touch she snuggled closer.

Duo felt the gentle caress and the warm body next to him and felt his body respond. It had been a long time since he had last enjoyed sex and his body was eager to experience the thrill and excitement once more. Before he knew what he was doing he had pulled the girl closer and wrapped his arms around her. He began to drop warm kisses on her hair and forehead.

Hilde dared to tempt fate even more and slid her hand up and down the inside of Duo's thigh, each time taking her hand just a little closer to the junction of his legs. A soft moan escaped his lips as she lightly swept her fingers over the front of his pants.

Duo's brain was screaming at him to think about what was happening here, but his body overruled common sense and his hand slipped under Hilde's shirt to cup gently at her breasts. He brushed lightly against one hardened nipple and then returned to torture the hard nub as he felt the girl responding to his touch.

Hilde was enjoying every moment. She never dreamt that this could feel so good. She raised her head and finding Duo's lips she took them in a passionate kiss, pleased to feel Duo respond.

Feeling things heating up, Duo pulled Hilde closer and then scooping her up in his arms he carried her into her bedroom and placing her on the bed, he crawled up next to her and continued to kiss her. His hands found their way once more under her shirt and he proceeded to play gently with her nipples, feeling her wriggle under his touch.

Hilde was enjoying every touch, every caress. At last she had Duo where she wanted him, in her arms and in her bed. Her hands brushed lightly over the front of his pants feeling the hardness there and knew what he wanted. Feeling bolder she brought her fingers up to the waistband of his pants and then slid them underneath. Tenderly she ran them through the soft downy curls before taking his aching shaft and stroking softly, enjoying the moans that came from his lips.

Duo was in a haze of lust. It had been far too long since he last enjoyed sex. The fact that it was Hilde he was lying with failed to penetrate his mind, all he could do was feel. And it felt good.

He allowed his hand to stray downwards then run softly back up her thigh, pushing her skirt up and tracing his fingers across her panties. Quickly he slipped his hand underneath the cotton material and into the moistness that awaited him. Slowly he worked his finger inside, caressing her, mimicking what he wanted to do.

Hilde began to tug at his pants sliding them down over slim hips and allowing his erection to spring free. She wrapped her hand around his length once more and began to stroke, she ran her other hand down between his legs and gently fondled his balls, rolling them in her hand.

Duo managed to wriggle out of his pants and then set to work on removing Hilde's clothing. Once she was bared to his touch he began his torment in earnest. Running his slender fingers up her thighs and across her slick flesh he found the nub and began to tease it with his thumb, at the same time plunging two fingers inside her warmth.

Hilde closed her eyes and began to pant as her pleasure increased. The feeling of Duo's fingers inside fucking her and the sensations he was causing sent her mind into overload. She climbed higher and higher until reaching the apex and crashing down the other side.

Duo felt her tighten and spasm around his fingers as she came. He stroked her gently until the last ripples left her shuddering body. "Like that?" he grinned.

She opened one eye and stared at the violet eyed boy before moaning her approval, then she began to tug at his shoulders, pulling him on top of her leaving him in no doubt as to what else she wanted.

Duo felt his cock slide between her legs as he positioned his body over hers. Rubbing the head teasingly over her entrance he suddenly thrust forward into her warm, willing body. It felt so soft, so smooth. He gave a few experimental thrusts, enjoying the sensations.

Hilde wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in deeper, she wanted every inch of him inside.

Duo began to thrust slowly, building up a rhythm, enjoying the sensation of warmth that surrounded him. He buried his face in Hilde's shoulder and gently nibbled and sucked at her skin eliciting small moans of pleasure. As his cock continued to stroke her insides so he increased his speed. Closing his eyes to the sensation he let his hips guide him to that summit.

Hilde began to thrust back feeling her own pleasure beginning to increase. Duo was a great lover and idly her mind wondered how he had become as good as he was. She quickly dismissed the thought as visions of a blue eyed man invaded her head. No! She wouldn't let herself even contemplate the thought.

Duo felt his orgasm building, the fire in his groin increasing until it was an inferno. He felt Hilde's walls close around him as she reached her second climax and with a few more thrusts, his liquid passion shot forth from his cock to fill her completely. As it hit so he softly cried out Heero's name. Unaware that he had spoken the other pilot's name he continued to ride the waves of pleasure.

Hilde heard though, and as soon as the words left his lips she felt her blood turn to ice. Had he been visualizing Heero all the time? In his mind was it Heero he had been making love to, not her? She felt her heart crack as she realized that no matter what she did or how hard she tried, he could not, or would not, forget the Japanese man. Oh how could she have deluded herself into thinking she stood a chance?

Duo returned to the present reluctantly, not wanting to leave the pleasure center he had reached. Then his sanity finally winning through he came back with a jolt. He was in bed.... with Hilde... Oh my god,he thought, What have I just done?

You have just made love to your boss, his mind supplied helpfully. Quickly, he pulled his softening member out of the girl. "Hilde, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do that," he mumbled.

Hilde stared up at him, a mixture of emotions flitting across her face. She wasn't sure just which emotion she felt the strongest. Part of her was sated and happy that she had at last managed to get Duo into her bed. But it wasn't your name he called as he came, reminded her conscience. That brought up the anger part. She was angry and humiliated that Duo had thought she was his beloved Heero when he took her. It slowly dawned on her that it didn't matter what she tried or did there was just no way that Duo was ever going to forget or stop longing for Heero.

The anger won out. She had had enough. Raising herself up she stared at the back of the man now sitting on the edge of her bed, the long braid dangling between his shoulder blades and curling up on the sheets. "Duo," she said trying to keep her voice from shaking.

Duo turned those gentle, violet eyes to look at her. "Hilde what can I say, what can I do to make it up to you? I'm so sorry I let things get out of hand. I should have stopped."

Taking a deep breath and trying to suppress the rage and betrayal she felt, she spoke with deliberate slowness. "I thought by coming here and getting away from the earth that you would be able to make a fresh start. I thought you would forget about that other pilot. I will admit that I wanted you to make love to me and I was enjoying it until you called his name." She began to tremble as the anger surged through her veins. " I see now that you will never forget him. You will always think that it's him you are sharing the lovemaking with. Do you know how that feels, Duo? To be enjoying the most intense and intimate moment of your life only to have it shattered by your lover calling someone else's name?" she spat the words out.

Duo cringed. This was a side to Hilde that he had never seen, never knew existed. He didn't like it either. "I'm sorry, Hilde, but I never said I could love you. I am what I am."

"Yes you are, aren't you," she said with venom. "I think you should go, Duo. After this I don't think I could bear to look at you again."

Duo felt the tears welling behind his eyes. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't get the former Wing pilot out of his thoughts. He had tried, god how he had tried. But he needed to face facts. Heero wasn't interested in him and now he had lost the only other thing in his life that held any meaning. His brain didn't register that it was Hilde that had done the seducing. All he was aware of at this point was that he no longer had anything left of his life worth hanging on to. He stood up and gathered his clothes, holding them modestly in front of his body as he faced Hilde once more. "I can't tell you how sorry I am Hilde. I really am. I guess I will go to my room and try to figure out what I can do to make this up to you." His violet eyes looked sadly at her.

Hilde pulled the sheet around her nude form. "I think it would be best if you get all your stuff together and leave..... permanently. I can't even face working with you anymore, Duo."

Duo choked back a sob of anguish. In a matter of minutes his whole world had shattered around him. He had no job and nowhere to live. He stared at the girl once more, the light in his amethyst eyes slowly dying. "I will pack up and be gone by morning," he said softly and then left the room.

Hilde buried her face in her pillow and sobbed silently. She hated Duo for what he was, she hated him for his love of the other pilot, she hated the thought of him leaving; but most of all she hated herself for what she had done.

True to his word Duo packed up all his belongings - which wasn't much - and had left before the first rays of artificial dawn spread across the sky.

~* ~

To be continued.......