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Mariposa's Night

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Mirabel let out a yelp as she was thrown back onto the bed roughly by her Tio bruno. The older man immediately gets on the bed as well, trapping her body with his arms each side.



"Tio what the he—" Bruno cut her off mid sentence by pressing his lips against hers.



The kiss was harsh with a mixture of every emotion, everything the man is mustering through this one single action of his. She barely pulled back as she tried to process words into her mouth.



"B-bruno...." She raps softly, taking a deep breath. "Is this about Abula's suggestions to marry me off?"



It was no secret within the Madrigal Family as she made an announcement that someone asked her for Mirabel's hand in marriage.....



Despite the whole fiasco with Isabela's ex who ended up now as Dolores's husband. It seems that Abula has her controlling ways about their family being perfect.



"Hush Mariposa," He kissed her again. "I don't want to hear about it."



She quietly and gladly did so. Mirabel didn't want to think about it as much as Bruno did, they soon started to take each other's clothes off while continuously kissing the other's face.



No matter how many times they have done this, she still finds her Tio bruno beautiful with his lanky yet slender figure; a happy trail aline down where tufts of hair just sit above his cock. Precum slowly leaking out from the tip.



Mirabel wastes no time grabbing it and adjusts herself into a position where her cunt, which is starting to dribble wetness, is atop of the tip.



"Hnn~!" She couldn't stop a moan from coming out of her mouth as she lowered herself right down until her ass pressed against his balls.



The older man wraps his arms around her form. Letting her rest for a bit before he starts to move his hips, making the stretch feel so heavenly when his cock pumps in and out of her.



"Tio— A-ahh! Your cock feels so good~!" Mirabel drools, each thrust was like electric, making her insides flutter and squeeze on Bruno as he gets deeper and deeper with his thrusts.



It wasn't long before the man began getting rougher pumping into her cunt. She can only grip the sheets behind her as the whole room starts to swirl and her senses become heightened and focused on his cock smashing against her cervix.



"Mirabel..... Mariposa!" He grunt weakly, "I'm not going to—"



"Shoot...." Mirabel whimpered feverishly, "Shoot inside me Tio~! Fill my womb!"



She moves her hand down her untouched clit. Rubbing it vigorously to match his fastened tempo, yet a sudden spark of her own orgasm hits her hard before she can even finish with him.



With her clamming down on his cock. Bruno follows Mirabel right after. His seed poured inside her fertile womb to the brim.



The two slumped onto each other, their heaving breaths filling the room as their bodies try to cool down the heat within. Mirabel snuggles to Bruno closely.



Sleepiness gets to her and faintly registers her Tio caressing her hair very gently.



"We'll talk in the morning, Mirabel." He spoke softly, pressing a kiss on her cheek.



She can only nod in response as sleep finally took over her.....