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Part of Something Greater

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Emily Hawke cried out when she finally saw the state Anders was in. Bloodied, covered in bruises and… no.

Sweet Andraste, make it that she is seeing things wrong.

Anders was beaten. Badly. But not only that - judging by the stains that covered the sheets, as well as his body, he had been violated as well, the magebane in the shackles that kept him tied to the bed banning him from freeing himself, from healing the worst of the injuries he suffered, sapping away his energy, leaving him completely defenceless to the onslaught of unwanted advances.

Hawke had been by his side as a first, Anders’ eyes opening slowly, as she spoke to him when she worked on the shackles that tied his hands; Fenris and Varric working on the ones that kept his legs apart, while Aveline stood guard, her face a stone mask of false calm.

Tallis had been suspiciously quiet, her eyes snapping between the door every and Hawke once in a while. Hawke told her in no uncertain terms that they were not leaving without Anders, and thank you very much, the scroll will remain in her possession until they find him and leave with him.

There had been good reason for Tallis to be nervous.

It was she, who allowed this to happen, made it to happen, offering Anders to the Duke Prosper as a diversion that would allow her and Hawke to creep through the castle Haine.

The diversion was completely useless in the end, but who would care about what happened to some mage?

As soon as his shackles were down, Anders curled himself into the tightest ball he could manage, enduring only touch of Emily’s hands on his body, as she gently inspected the damage, healing as much as she could, restoring Anders’ energy with her spells, while the rest of their group stood on guard, their insides twisted with anger at those who did that. His clothes had been a lost cause - the cloth of his robes torn to pieces, so Fenris offered him some of his spare clothing, while Varric offered him his trusty leather-duster, Emily helping the injured mage to dress, her touches soft and comforting.

And then Anders whispered to Emily how he found himself in this situation, and she started to see red.

The Ben Bassrath agent had been taken by utter surprise, when Hawke swung her staff around, knocking her to the ground, before the furious mage stood above her, the blade on her staff pointed at Tallis’ throat.

“You bitch,” she snarled, pressing the blade into soft skin of the elf’s neck, drawing few droplets of blood. “How the hell could you do that?!”

Tallis had several options how to respond. But when she stood at the fork, she chose the wrong answer.

“He’s just a mage, Hawke.”

For a second, all colour escaped from Hawke’s face, before the blood rushed back; the angry red making Emily’s bright blue eyes even brighter.

‘Just a mage’?! Just a mage?! You bloody, self-righteous bitch...!”

The others had to jump in to hold the furious mage as she delivered a swift kick to Tallis’ ribs; the elemental energies she wielded forming a corona around her in her anger. Their eyes held the same accusing, hateful look to them as they looked at the lying elf.

And then Hawke smiled; an ugly sort of smile that made Tallis’ insides twist. With a swift motion, she stood above her once again, and before anyone could do anything, in two quick motions she brought her feet to Tallis’ knees, snapping both of them , earning herself a pained scream from the injured elf.

“Well, miss part-of-something-greater, I believe this is your answer. Have I ever wanted to be a part of something greater? Now I do, all thanks to you.”

She pulled the scroll they took from Prosper’s body from her pack, unfolding it to take a look at the list of the names written there in a tidy script.

“Hawke!” Tallis cried out, terrible realization dawning in her brain. “They are innocent…!”

“Like you, they are qunari - spies in our own ranks, and if they are anything like you, they are traitors, liars and everything but innocent,” ground Hawke, stashing the scroll away, turning away from the spy to walk to the bed, helping Anders up, hooking his arm around her shoulders to help him walk.

The mage winced in pain; the short time Hawke’s healing aura had to work not doing enough to numb the sharp pain Anders felt throughout his whole body.

Hawke gave Tallis one last look. “If you start crawling now, you may make it far enough before Prosper’s soldiers find you here. But even if you won’t, rest easily - I will deliver your report on the happenings here to the Qunari myself, miss Tal-Vashoth.”

With that, the group exited the room, Tallis agonized screams following after them.