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Subobi Week 2021-2022

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“Can I ask you something, cyare?”

Obi-Wan looked up over his cup of tea at his mate. “Of course, dear, what is it?”

Jango sighed and stretched his arms high above his head, exposing a small strip of stomach where his tunic rode up. Obi-Wan licked his lips and tried to focus on what he was saying. He hated when Jango was obliviously hot when he was close to his heat. He could never think straight.

“I’m gettin’ a little rusty with my hunting skills,” his mate said.

Obi-Wan frowned. “Darling, you’re the best bounty hunter I know. I don’t think you’d ever lose your skills.”

Jango shrugged. “You never know. And I don’t want something to happen to you because I’m rusty.”

Obi-Wan huffed but smiled at his concern. “I’m sure that’ll never happen, but how can I help, darling?”

And that’s how Obi-Wan found himself tied to a tree in the stages of his pre-heat. He sighed to himself. He should have known Jango’s excuse for being “rusty” was just a ruse to get him to hunt his omega mate in heat.

Mandalorians and their kinks.

He shook his head, clearing out his fond frustrations of his mate, and focused on getting untied. He had until sunset to escape Jango. If he won, Jango had promised him anything he’d like. If he lost…well, Jango got to enjoy his heat in the middle of the forest.

He used the Force to stave off the worse of the pre-heat waves of lust, twisting his wrists in the poor excuse of a knot Jango had tied him in and freeing himself. Honestly, it was like he wanted to hunt Obi-Wan.

Which, Obi-Wan conceded, he most certainly did.

He knew he couldn’t rely on the Force for too long to stave off the worst of the effects, as he knew he’d soon be in deep with his heat. So, he took off in the opposite direction from where Jango disappeared. He just had to get far enough away and hide good enough before his heat truly kicked in.

He steadily trekked through the forest for about thirty minutes before he could no longer keep the worst of his heat at bay with the Force without exerting himself. Taking a deep breath, he released his control in the Force, the wave of lust-want-need flowing through him as his heat set upon him. He whimpered and nearly buckled at the intensity, holding a tree for support. He shook his head, breathing deeply, and tried to clear his mind to keep going.

Obi-Wan realized he was going around in circles when he noticed he’d passed the same rock outcropping for the third time. His heat was truly upon him now. He swallowed down the whine trying to make its way up to his throat and stumbled to the rock outcropping, hiding in a small hole made by it. It was so hard to keep his scent under control—the sickly sweet scent of an omega deep in heat was all he could smell, and he was sure Jango would find him in no time like this.

A part of him wanted his alpha to find him—hunt him down and take him right there if only to get relief from the burning of his heat. But another part of him, the still sane part, wanted to hide away from his alpha—the thrill of staying just out of his alpha’s reach, frustrating him further, was too great to ignore.

Then, he caught a whiff of Jango’s scent, the alpha pheromones he must have been purposefully pouring out causing slick to run down his thighs under the simple tunic he had on. It took everything in him to stay quiet, preventing his screaming body from whining and presenting in front of his alpha.

"Come on out, little 'mega," Jango crooned. His scent was intoxicating and Obi-Wan bit down on his fingers to keep from moaning. "I know you're out there. Come on out, I won't hurt you."

Obi-Wan shook with need but he wouldn’t give in. Not yet.

Jango’s scent slowly disappeared and Obi-Wan sighed in relief, but the part of him that needed relief cried out in frustration.

Suddenly, Jango’s dominating alpha scent surrounded him as he grabbed Obi-Wan from behind and dragged him to a clearing in the woods. Obi-Wan tried to struggle out of his grip but his body quickly melted into his alpha's strong hold.

At least Jango had the sound mind to drape his cape over the forest floor before dumping his omega there. This time, Obi-Wan didn’t even try to escape, just gave him needy mewls and bared his neck, displaying his engorged gland with his alpha’s mark.

"I could smell you from miles away," Jango growled, rucking Obi-Wan’s simple tunic up to his chest. "I wouldn't be surprised if other alphas were looking for you, too. But they'd never find you. You're mine."

"Jango, Jango please," Obi-Wan begged. His thighs were coated in slick and he just needed. Jango laughed at his neediness, quickly undoing his pants (he'd forgone his armor, thankfully) and freeing his thick cock. Obi-Wan moaned at the sight and canted his hips, slick seeping out of his hole. Jango bent and licked a hot trail up through Obi-Wan's cunt and up to the head of his cock. He wailed and thrashed on Jango's cape, babbling out nonsense pleas.

Obi-Wan felt as if he was about to combust before he finally felt the head of Jango's cock at his hole. He moaned and threw his head back as Jango slowly pushed it in, inch by inch of thick, alpha cock. Jango pressed his body against Obi-Wan's legs until he was about folded in half and he could feel Jango's hot breath on his face.

Obi-Wan trembled under his mate as he succumbed to the mating press he’d been put in. “Please, alpha,” he whined, pressing his hips against Jango’s, begging him to move. “Please…n-need knot.”

Jango snarled against his gland, pressing his bared fangs against his throat. “I’m going to knot you, ‘mega. You’re going to take every bit of my knot and you’re going to like it.”

Obi-Wan whined high in his throat as Jango finally thrust into him, grinding his hips with each thrust. Obscene squelching noises came from where their bodies were conjoined from the copious amount of slick Obi-Wan produced. And his alpha’s words only added to his increasing pleasure.

“Yes!” he cried out. “Yes! A-alpha…knot, please!”

Jango snarled again, his hips speeding up their rhythm, eager to give his omega what he needed. “Oh, when I get my knot in you, little ‘mega, I’m going to breed you. Gonna pump you so full of my seed.”

Obi-Wan keened, clenching around his cock, desperately trying to pull the slowly inflating knot into his cunt.

Jango chuckled darkly at that reaction. “You like that, huh? Wanna be bred, huh? Want me to fill you up with my pups? Oh, I bet you’d look so good with your belly full of my pups. I bet you’d want to have my cock in you all the time until you’d been filled up with my pups.”

And that image finally sent Obi-Wan over the edge. He wailed under his alpha as he came, clenching tight around the cock in his cunt, scrabbling for purchase at Jango’s broad shoulders. Jango snarled above him, finally pressing his engorged knot into his cunt until it popped, filling Obi-Wan’s womb with his seed. Obi-Wan sagged under him, incredibly full with the knot, cock, and seed all in him, satiating his heat for now.

Once he had finished pumping him full, Jango slumped onto him. Obi-Wan didn’t mind, the weight of his alpha comforting him—though he knew he’d have to move soon, as his knees were by his shoulders. He ran a hand up and down his alpha’s sweaty back and into his curls, purring in tune with him.

“You know,” he said, once he’d calmed down from his high. “If you wanted to chase me during my heat, all you had to do was ask.”

Jango chuckled. “I’ll remember that next time.”

Obi-Wan shivered at the promise of a next time.

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Obi-Wan was starting to regret the predicaments he often got himself into. It was a simple, straightforward mission; find Senator Amidala’s would-be assassin and deal with them.

And yet, somehow, that led to his current situation—naked, tied up and suspended over a laboratory table in a bare room on an unknown planet.

Oh, not to mention he had the infamous Jedi-killer rifling around in a chest for what Obi-Wan could only assume was some sort of torture device.

“I’m not sure what you intend to do with me,” Obi-Wan said. The Mandalorian had restrained him in a…rather odd way. The ropes holding him suspended crisscrossed in a pattern across his pale skin, intersecting in intricate knots. It reminded him of that book on shibari Quin had gotten him one lifeday as a joke. “But this is a rather odd way of getting information out of me. You could at least take me out to dinner first.”

Jango Fett ignored his attempt at banter, continuing to search the chest. He must have found what he was looking for, as a triumphant smirk grew across his face. Obi-Wan watched as he pulled out a large metal ring and a silicone dildo. He didn’t sweat at the dildo—it was rather average size and he had larger ones in his personal collection—but the ring made him worry. A ring of that size generally did not go on one’s fingers.

“I’ve been told that Jedi have good stamina,” Fett drawled, moving to stand in front of Obi-Wan. He placed the dildo on the table—conveniently right under Obi-Wan’s cunt. “Is that true?”

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. “Generally, yes. One of the gifts of the Force.”

Fett hummed, seemingly satisfied. “I’ve also heard that Stewjoni are rather high in stamina, as well.”

Obi-Wan frowned and shifted in his bonds. He disliked when his species was brought up in negotiations. They never ended well for him. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

Fett scoffed. “Don’t play coy with me, jet’ika.” One of his hands rose and he shoved two bare fingers into Obi-Wan’s cunt. Obi-Wan gasped and jerked at the rough intrusion. “I know a Stewjon whore when I see one.”

Obi-Wan panted as his fingers withdrew. “What do you want, Fett?”

Fett smirked, twirling the ring in his fingers. “I only want what you can give me, jet’ika.”

Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes, cautiously watching the ring. “I don’t have anything to give you.”

Fett smiled and Obi-Wan had the distinct feeling of being toyed with like a lothcat toys with its food. “Oh, but you do, jet’ika, and soon you’ll give me it all.”

Obi-Wan’s fears were correct as Fett grasped his soft cock and placed the metal ring around the base. Obi-Wan gasped when it touched him, setting fire to the sensitive skin of is cock. The cockring wasn’t made out of an ordinary metal.

Beskar,” Fett said, answering Obi-Wan’s unspoken question. “Force-users are particularly sensitive to its touch, no?”

Obi-Wan gasped again, shivering, as electric shocks of pleasure raced up his spine, originating from the ring Fett was tightening around the base of his cock. “W-what—?”

“You see, jet’ika,” Fett interrupted. “I want to test that stamina of yours. See if it’s what the stories make it out to be.” With one hand, he stroked Obi-Wan’s cock to hardness—straining from the dual sensations of pleasure from the touch of the beskar, but unable to find release from its grip at the base of his cock—and with the other, lowered the ropes so he had to strain up on his knees to prevent himself from sinking down onto the dildo. “See how long you can resist the call of the beskar and not fuck your cunt on that dildo. If you’re good, I might just let you fuck my cock.”

Obi-Wan grit his teeth, squirming in his grip. “F-fuck you, Fett.”

The Mandalorian grinned at him. “That’s the point, jet’ika.”

Then, mercifully, he released his cock, stepping back and taking a seat in the chair opposite of him. Obi-Wan glared at him, letting his anger and annoyance at the man sitting across from him flow through him—rather than the lust. Fett just smirked at him, leaning back and crossing his arms across his chest, as if he were watching a show. Obi-Wan spared him one last glare, before closing his eyes and attempting to fall into a meditative state.

Five minutes in, he realized it wasn’t working. He couldn’t focus long enough to release the lust and pleasure emanating from the beskar cockring. If he could fall into the Force, he could let it take over his body, hopefully long enough to keep him away from the dildo and whatever game Fett wanted to play. But as distracted as he was, the Force wouldn’t readily flow through him, and he struggled to keep his hips up and away from the awaiting dildo.

Ten minutes later, Obi-Wan stopped his attempt at meditation with an annoyed huff and another glare at Fett. He hadn’t moved from his spot on the chair and smirked up at the Jedi.

“Feeling the effects of the beskar, jet’ika?”

Obi-Wan just glared at him, not trusting himself to not moan the moment he opened his mouth. The effect of the beskar was maddening. He longed to seek release with its aid, but the ring’s tight grip prevented any. His cock bobbed with each wave of pleasure that flowed through him, dripping with precum, but unable to do much else. Even worse, his cunt began to drip slick down his thigh, clenching over nothing. This was the worst kind of torture he had ever experienced.

As the effects of the beskar truly began to set in, Obi-Wan panted and groaned, both with the effort of trying to keep himself up and unable to do anything about the pleasure racing through his veins. He tossed his head back and squirmed in his bonds, but Fett had tied him well, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t loosen it. There was only on way he could get this torture to end and he loathed to come to that.

“You only need to say the word, jet’ika.” Obi-Wan opened his eyes and found Fett standing in front of him, hands braced on the table. “Say the word and this’ll end for you.”

Obi-Wan grit his teeth again, arching his back with a moan as a particularly strong wave of lust crashed through him. When he came back down, he gave Fett one last glare, sagging in his bonds.

“Please,” he whimpered.

Fett grinned. “That’s what I was looking for.” He pushed the dildo away, pulling Obi-Wan to the edge of the table. He yelped at the rough handling, but soon moaned and pressed his body against Fett’s, seeking any kind of friction. The rough weave of Fett’s flightsuit was almost too much for his sensitive cock, but he would take anything to take the edge off.

He could barely hear Fett shushing him over the roar in his mind. Somehow, he pressed Obi-Wan’s squirming body against he edge of the table, the lip pressing into his back, and fished out his cock. Obi-Wan stilled at that, his cunt registering the intrusion before Fett thrust in all the way. It was wonderful to have something for his cunt to squeeze against, but he still needed that karking cockring removed, now.

“Force, please, Fett.” Obi-Wan didn’t care that he begged, at this point he would do anything to stop its maddening touch. “Please, Fett, the ring.”

Fett firmly grasped his cock, fingers teasing the skin around the edge of the ring. “I’m gonna take this off, but you won’t cum until I tell you, understood?”

Obi-Wan nodded. “Yes, yes, yes, please.”

He could feel Fett smirk against the skin of his shoulder. “Good, jet’ika.” He loosened the ring and slowly pulled it off his hard cock, letting the metal drag across the sensitive skin.

Obi-Wan bit his lip and keened deep in his throat as Fett dragged it across his cock, taking everything in him not to cum right there. He heard the metal being tossed away and then finally Fett began to thrust his cock. Slowly, in and out of his cunt, the thick head dragging against his walls. The cool lip of the table bit against his lower back with each thrust in, as Fett sped up and increased the intensity of his thrusts. Obi-Wan whimpered and clutched at the ropes still keeping his arms tied up. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

Faintly, he could register himself babbling and pleading, for what, he couldn’t understand. Fett shushed him again and, taking pity on him, grasped his cock that was bobbing between their stomachs.

“C’mon, jet’ika, give us what we both want.”

With one tug of his cock and one decisive thrust into his cunt, Obi-Wan wailed as he came. Fett held his cock as it spurted between them, while Obi-Wan’s cunt milked Fett’s cock. With a groan and one final thrust, Fett spilled deep into his cunt.

Ah, there was that meditative state he was looking for earlier. He expected the Force to be screaming at him for making such an egregious mistake, but it was strangely peaceful. His mind buzzed pleasantly with the warmth from the Force and from Fett’s body still pressed against him. That was the best fuck he’d had in a long time.

“I’ll tell you what you want to know about Tyranus and the clone army,” Fett muttered. “As long as I get to keep fucking this cunt.”

Obi-Wan hummed. “Deal.”

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Obi-Wan paced the area around the bed, the chains connecting his wrists to the post rattling with each step. The door to the bedroom opened with a swish, and he whirled around, ready to put up a fight, but not before he was picked up by his throat through the Force.

“Don’t try anything, pet,” Maul snarled, hand held aloft, holding Obi-Wan up. He wasn’t choking him, just holding him hostage in the air.

“I’m not your pet,” Obi-Wan spat back, glaring down at him.

Maul raised an eyebrow. “Oh? So why did our dear master Sidious deliver you to me dressed like a common whore?” With the Force, he tossed Obi-Wan onto the bed.

Obi-Wan pulled the skimpy excuse for clothing he was wearing around his body, unwilling to let the other Sith see more than he wanted him to. He had no answer to his question—which was rhetorical, anyway—and just glared at him.

Maul smirked, sensing victory. Obi-Wan followed him with his eyes as he sauntered around to the edge of the bed, slowly disrobing as he went.

“It would be beneficial for you if you conceded to my plans,” Maul continued. “It would disrupt Sidious’s plans deliciously. I know you want to see him fail.”

Obi-Wan considered his words with narrowed eyes. He would like to see Sidious fail, if only for putting him in his current humiliating situation, among other things. “I won’t spread my legs for that to happen.”

Maul grinned down at him. “You won’t have to.” Then he grabbed Obi-Wan’s closed legs and pulled him to the edge of the bed.

Obi-Wan yelped and tried to dart away, but he couldn’t escape Maul’s tight grip on his thighs. His face burned as Maul flipped up the silky skirt he wore, burning hotter as Maul chuckled at what he found.

“Despite your protests, you seem quite eager to get a cock in your ass,” Maul said, twisting the plug in his ass and pressing it deeper.

Obi-Wan moaned as it pressed against his prostate, arching his back. “If you’re going to fuck me, Maul, do it already.”

Maul grinned down at him. “As you wish.” He slowly removed the plug, watching as Obi-Wan’s hole clenched around the widest part of the plug, before tossing it away. Soon after, Obi-Wan had little warning before he felt the tip of his cock press into him.

Obi-Wan groaned as each ridge of Maul’s cock popped through his slick hole. Maul twisted his body around so he was on his back, both legs still together and held over one of Maul’s shoulders. Wasting no time, Maul began roughly thrusting into him, the ridges brushing against his prostate with each thrust. Obi-Wan shook and wailed underneath him, the sensations already overwhelming.

“Tell me you want it,” Maul growled, hips never pausing their brutal pace. “Tell me you want to watch Sidious fall by my side. I’d dress you up in the finest silks just to watch him have an apoplexy. He thinks he can shame you, but I know you’re stronger than that. Tell me you want it.”

Obi-Wan wailed again at his words, clenching on the cock pistoning into his hole. “Fuck, Maul, I want it!”

Maul grinned down at him again, all sharp teeth. “Then cum for me, beautiful, and we’ll seal the deal.”

One last drag of Maul’s ridges against his prostate, and he was keening as he came. Maul snarled as he milked his cock, warm bursts of his cum painting Obi-Wan’s insides as he followed him to orgasm. They were both silent as they came down from their highs.

Then, Maul shared an image with the Force. An image of Obi-Wan dressed in the finest Nubian silks, delicate golden chains draped across his torso. Maul stood behind him, an arm wrapping around his chest to delicately grasp his throat. Obi-Wan shivered and bit his lip, clenching around Maul’s steadily rehardening cock.

Yes, he wanted it.

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Obi-Wan walked into the cave to the steady beat of the drums. He followed the shaman, the antlers on their headdress swaying with each step, deep into the belly of the cave. He suppressed a shiver as he walked across the cold stone floor to the woven mat in front of the large fire. His shadow danced across the painted walls as he sat, leaping with the bison and horses to either side.

The shaman handed him a stone cup, filled with a viscous liquid. He took it and drank, gulping down the bitter liquid, before handing the cup back. Then, he cast his eyes forward, focusing beyond the flickering flames to the figure painted on the wall behind it.

The drums picked up their intensity and the shaman began to chant, all while the sorcerer on the wall stared back at Obi-Wan with inhuman eyes. There was something off about him—besides the antlers sprouting from his head, or the fur that covered his body with no indication of a cloak, or his back legs of a deer—something that Obi-Wan couldn’t place. But it was in his eyes, the way they were shaped, the way they seemed to bore into his soul despite being drawn on stone, the unliving.

The drums picked up speed again, and the shaman chanted faster and louder. Obi-Wan panted, his body quickly warming, as he began to sweat. The shapes in front of him began to blur, but the sorcerer remained clear. Soon, as the drumming and the chanting reached a tin to his ears, the sorcerer’s eyes began to glow gold. Then, the gold began to slowly take over his whole vision.

Then, the whole world flashed as Obi-Wan passed out.

Obi-Wan could tell he was in a different place when he woke. It was too quiet, the floor too warm, for him to still be in his world. His pulse quickened as he realized he’d traveled through the barrier.

“Good evening, little one.”

Obi-Wan looked up, following the voice rumbling from above him, and found a giant of a man standing in front of him. Antlers sprouted from his head and his cloak must have come from the largest bull mammoth to cover his massive form. And his eyes—they burned the brightest gold Obi-Wan had ever seen.

The sorcerer tilted his head, staring down at him. “Scared?”

Obi-Wan shook his head. He was far from scared. “No, I only seek to please you.”

The sorcerer grinned at him, full of teeth. “Good. Then you may call me Alpha. I want to hear my name on your lips as I take your pleasure.” He untied the knot of leather at his neck and let the cloak fall with a muted thump to his feet.

Obi-Wan gaped up at him, taking in the broad lines of his body, the hardened muscles lying under bronzed skin, and, especially, the thick cock that rested between his legs. Obi-Wan swallowed and his groin tingled with excitement as he wondered how he was ever going to get that to fit inside him.

Alpha grinned down at him again. “It’ll fit, little one,” he said, reading Obi-Wan’s mind. Then he knelt down, pulling Obi-Wan closer by his ankles.

Obi-Wan yelped as he was tugged, quickly turning it into a moan as one of his thick fingers prodded at his hole. As was custom, the shaman had prepared him earlier that evening, and now Obi-Wan could see the benefit to it. One of Alpha’s fingers was much thicker than the shaman’s had been, and two were thicker than nearly every cock Obi-Wan had ever taken. Obi-Wan sobbed as Alpha pressed a third finger against his rim.

“Shhh, little one,” Alpha crooned. “My cock is not easy to take. You’ll be sore, but I won’t hurt you.”

Obi-Wan nodded and bit his lip, stifling the whine as Alpha pressed the third finger in his hole. But he was soon moaning again as Alpha found that spot deep inside him he could never seem to find on his own.

He did whine when Alpha withdrew his fingers, reaching up to grasp at his shoulder.

“Patience, little one,” Alpha murmured. Obi-Wan let him cant his hips up so his cock rested at his hole. “Let me give you the pleasure you deserve.” Then, he slowly pressed his cock into him.

Obi-Wan threw his head back with a breathless moan as the cock breached his walls. He realized Alpha was stroking his stomach, distended where his cock lay inside him, as he sat fully hilted in his hole.

“Breathe for me, little one.”

Obi-Wan sucked in a deep breath, letting it out as a moan, and clenched around the cock buried inside him. He reached up, petting Alpha’s cheeks as he held himself above him.

“Take what you need,” he murmured.

Alpha smirked and soon Obi-Wan found himself rocking with each powerful thrust. He threw his head back again, moaning and chanting Alpha’s name as his cock dragged along his sensitive walls with each thrust. The sorcerer growled above him, an inhuman noise, large hands grasping Obi-Wan’s thighs tight enough to bruise. Obi-Wan vaguely realized that Alpha was speaking to him.

“So pretty, my little one,” he growled. He pressed a hand to Obi-Wan’s cock, weeping against his stomach, allowing him to rut against it. “So, so pretty. So pretty getting fucked by my cock, hm? I bet you’d love being fucked by it all the time, hm?”

Obi-Wan nodded, delirious, high on pleasure at the dual sensations of his cock being handled and hole brutally fucked. He clutched tight at Alpha’s shoulders, wailing as Alpha titled his hips up, his cock hitting that spot deep inside him that had him seeing stars.

Alpha bent low over Obi-Wan’s body, slowing his thrusts to a deep grind, causing Obi-Wan to keen. “As you break for me,” he murmured. “Think about how nice it would be to have this, with me, all the time.”

And Obi-Wan fell apart as he imagined that. His vision whited out as pleasure took over his whole body, but still, he could imagine having this always, with Alpha, his sorcerer. His body shook in Alpha’s grasp as he came down, opening his eyes to find Alpha staring down at him, satisfied.

Obi-Wan hummed, clenching around the soft, but still large, cock in his hole, reaching up to cup Alpha’s cheeks. His eyelids became heavy with sleep, but he fought to keep them up.

“I don’t want to leave you,” he murmured, stroking his cheek.

Alpha pressed a kiss to the palm of his hand. “I’ll always be with you, little one. I made my promise.”

Obi-Wan nodded with a smile, closing his eyes again, and letting sleep take over.

When Obi-Wan woke once again, the painting of Alpha greeted him. The stone floor was cool under his knees, the fire having burned down to mere embers. The drummers had left and the shaman stood silently to the side of him. Obi-Wan nodded to them as he stood, following them back out of the cave. He took one last look over his shoulder at the painting, before turning and leaving the cave.

His group awaited him when he emerged, and they greeted him with a cheer. The ritual worked. They would live to see another day.

Obi-Wan cast his gaze over them with a tired smile, happy that his people would continue to prosper. Idly, he scanned the windswept environs beyond them, his eyes catching something in the distance.

There, at the edge of the forest, stood Alpha, tall and imposing. Obi-Wan’s breath caught in his chest.  He could see Alpha grinning at him, his cloak billowing in the breeze. Then, he turned and melted into the forest.

Chapter Text

Obi-Wan purred as he lounged on his pillows, arching his hips further into Rex’s talented touch. He was already two fingers deep in his hole, taking his time to stretch him out for his cock. Obi-Wan hardly minded; Rex had already wrung an orgasm out of him like that.

“Put your cock in him already,” Cody grumbled. He watched them from his desk, his obvious interest straining in his pants.

Rex huffed out a laugh, but dutifully removed his fingers. “Come over here and get your dick wet, and maybe you won’t be so grumpy.”

Cody grumbled as he made his way over to Obi-Wan’s head, stopping only when Obi-Wan raised his head as he scratched between his ears. “My good boy,” he murmured, fishing his cock out of his pants. “You suck my cock nice and good while Rex fucks you?”

Obi-Wan nodded eagerly, licking at Cody’s cock while Rex slowly pushed into him. Obi-Wan moaned as he took Cody’s cock deeper into his mouth, loving the feeling of being filled at both ends.

Rex set a leisurely pace as he fucked Obi-Wan’s ass, while Cody was rougher with his fucking of his mouth. He gripped his hair and slammed his cock between his lips, pressing against Obi-Wan’s throat. His eyes burned as tears threatened to fall, but he was soon relaxing and opening up his throat for Cody to fuck.

Rex angled his hips so that his cock dragged against Obi-Wan’s prostate with each lazy thrust. Obi-Wan purred and moaned around the cock in his mouth, letting his tongue and jaw go pliant as pleasure soared through his body.

Cody must have been very pent up, as he growled above him and, with one final thrust, spilled in Obi-Wan’s mouth with a grunt. Then he pulled his softened cock out, ignoring Obi-Wan’s whine as he did so, and fell with a huff onto the floor. Obi-Wan whined again, turning to look over at Rex over his shoulder. Rex just chuckled and kissed him.

“Seems Cody didn’t wanna wait for us, huh?” He ground his hips against Obi-Wan’s ass. “Guess I’ll just have to take care of you, hm?”

Obi-Wan gave him another kiss, purring in agreement, before he turned back around to bury his face in the pillows. Rex still kept his leisurely pace, making sure to drag his cock against Obi-Wan’s sensitive walls. Obi-Wan moaned and purred into his pillows, canting his hips up with each of Rex’s thrusts. He gasped when Rex reached a hand around to fondle his cock, arching his back and melting into his touch.

Obi-Wan didn’t last much longer under Rex’s soft touches. He came with a gasping cry, pressing his ass against Rex’s hips. Rex groaned as he came as well, grinding deep into Obi-Wan’s hole and spilling. He lay against Obi-Wan, stroking his ears while he purred and as they both came down from their high. Obi-Wan whined and pouted when Rex pulled out, but was soon happy and purring again as he scratched his ears.

Rex chuckled at him and he nodded toward Cody, still lying on the floor with an arm over his eyes. “Go see if he still wants to play, hm? It’ll be good stress relief for him.”

Obi-Wan mewed excitedly at the suggestion, pulling away from Rex with one final kiss and crawling over to Cody. He purred and rubbed their cheeks together, kissing all over Cody’s face. When Cody chuckled and sat up, he turned around so Cody had a good view of his hole, still dripping with Rex’s release.

Cody growled and grasped his ass with both hands. “You’re a little troublemaker, you know that?”

Obi-Wan merely purred, a smirk on his face.