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Heat with Us

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2 years ago

High school, the place where kids get bullied and do useless work for 6 hours a day. Annie was a senior and It was boring for her since she didn’t talk to anyone for those 6 hours. After school she would go to work, then walk home to her dad who taught her fighting until 8 pm, she was always busy. Occasionally she would blow off some of her classes to sit in the bathroom and smoke; although she hated the smell and hated when people did it, was the only thing that helped her take the edge off. She got weed from one of her classmates, Connie who was practically blowing off every class with his friend Sasha just to raid the nearby mall, and basically buy all the food. One time Annie went to the mall instead of hanging out in the bathroom and saw them riding around on a shopping cart- accidentally crashing into people and knocking stuff off isles. Annie had a routine for each school day.
"work and don’t get distracted and rarely blow off your classes.” she would tell herself.
Everyone was scared of her, so she did not have to worry about distraction. Or so she thought.

A girl walked into the class, she was new. Or at least Annie didn’t recognize her. Her light brown, slightly waved hair was parted off to the side of her head and was kept chin length. Her eyes were downturned and were a hazed green colour. She was slim and wore jean shorts and a large jean jacket thrown over the top of a cropped thin-strapped tank top that hung off her chest right above her belly button. Annie couldn't believe she hadn't gotten dress-coded. She looked over the class with a smile as she walked over to a seat right next to Annie who was staring out the window, waiting for the class to start. The girl looked over to the blonde and sized her up from her shoes to the back of her head, which was wearing a messy bun with 2 strands of hair that covered bits of her face. She wore a white hoodie and ripped jeans, complimented with doc martin boots with which cut her heels whenever she walked. She never wanted to change her shoes to her old pair of sneakers, since these boots were the most expensive thing she owned and she didn't want them to go to waste.

“Psst,” the girl leaned over to Annie.
Annie turned her head slightly away from the window and glanced at the brunette who was leaning her chair towards Annie's desk. Her blue eyes scanned her face looking for any snarky comment about to come out.
“I like your boots.” she points at them.
Annie looks down at her boots.
“Thanks.” she says bluntly and monotone then looks at the girl and then looks away. The chair legs clack to the ground and the girl shifts into her desk, she rests her palm on her chin and blows a strand of hair out of her face with an exaggerated puff of air.
“I’m just trying to be nice, you know.”
Annie couldn’t care less, she shifts her head to look at the window again.

Mr. Berner, Annies English teacher, starts the class. While teaching he glances at the new student and stops speaking. He raises an eyebrow at her and lets out a hum of confusion. He walks over to his desk, he starts looking at a bunch of papers and scratches his head, then smacks his forehead.
“Ah! I totally forgot, silly me.” he giggles. Slightly embarrassed, he fixes his brown hair which was parted in the middle and pushes it behind his ears. He inhales and claps his hands together.
“ So it seems I've forgotten a very important thing today. As you may have noticed-- there is a new person in this class.” then he breathes out and murmurs "which is weird because you guys are graduating soon.." he gestures to the brunette who was sitting cross-legged and folding her hands on her desk.
“ Would you like to introduce yourself?” he asks.
She gets off her chair facing Annie, who was still looking out the window.
The new girl faces the class and grins.
“ Hello everyone, I'm Hitch Dreyes. You guys can all follow me on Instagram @Hiitch.Dreyess--”
She goes over to the whiteboard and starts writing down all of her socials. Some people pull out their phones, Annie glances over to look at the teacher, wondering if he's going to do anything about her writing on the whiteboard, but he looks more nervous than upset. Hitch looks over to Annie and furrows her brows. Hitch is used to being the center of everyone's attention; This is a new and unfortunate circumstance for her. She closes the whiteboard marker with a satisfying click and hands it to the teacher and plops back in her chair. The lesson continues for a while, with handing out papers, Annie goes back into auto-pilot doing each paper while everything drowns out around her, now alone in the classroom it's lonely but quiet, she found comfort in her façade. Until it breaks suddenly when she feels a poke on her shoulder.
“ So what’s your name huh?” Annie is in shock. She never got pulled back into reality during class before, since no one dared to bother her. She looks at Hitch, her eyes more wide than usual.
“What?” she said, it came off angrier than confused. Hitch raised an eyebrow and then squinted.
“Look, whoever you are...I don’t know what I did to piss you off, but I at least want to know your name.” Hitch said in a bitchy tone, and raising her voice. Not loud enough to be yelling but loud enough to draw attention. The whole class looked over at them. Annie felt the stares and quiet whispers. Some looked scared, but was it for Annie? Or was it for Hitch? Annie stood up abruptly, inches from her body and looking at Hitch with her half-lidded eyes. A hush went over the room. She was half the size of Hitch. Annie was rather short and Hitch found that slightly amusing, she smirked at her lack of inches.
“Something wrong ladies?” Mr. Berner asked, slightly nervous. Annie never had any casualties during class, but she was known for taking down half the football team defending a blonde boy. A taller man put his hand on Hitches shoulder, Reiner Braun a boy who was on the football team.
“Hitch was it? Maybe you should step out of this?” He glanced at Annie, making eye contact for a moment, but just a moment.
“What's there to be scared of? She's like five feet.” She laughed, but no one else joined. Instead they all stared at the blonde, terrified. Annie stood there staring at Hitch’s dumb smirk. Hitch bent down to her height and stood inches from her face.
“ What's the worst that can happen?” She tilted her head, glaring into her glowing blue eyes. She had no expression, not anger, not sadness, just a straight face.
“Annie.” She said,
“My name is Annie.”
Hitch smirked.
She stared into hitches challenging eyes. She wasn't scared of Annie.
Hitch held out her hand and smirked to the point where her teeth were showing at least a bit.
" Hello, Annie."
Annie held her eyes on Hitch, as she grabbed her hand, which was a bit larger than hers. Her knuckles turned white from how tight she was squeezing. As they glared, the tension was so thick, so suffocating. There was not a single sound in the room, until someone slammed open the door.
" HELLO, STUDENTS!" Dr. Hange entered the room. Everyone in the class almost fell off their seats.
Annie let go of Hitch's hand, which she left white marks on from her grip. Dr. Hange stood there in the doorway with their hands on their hips.
" Wowie it is AWKWARD in here!" They said before walking over to Mr. Berner who was hiding behind his desk. Hange grabbed his arm and lifted him off the floor.
"Sorry to interrupt your class but I'm stealing your children" Dr. Hange whispered loudly to Mr. Berger, their hand was still gripped around his arm.
"Doctor your hand.." He winced. His face was slightly flushed. Mr. Berner obviously had a thing for them, and everyone knew except for Hange.
"Also why are you stealing my students? We are in the middle of a class…"
" I need them for a science experiment"
"With all due respect Doctor, I don't think that's a good idea...especially with your um, experiments"
Dr.Hange cackled, waving their arms in the air.
"You are a riot Mister. C'mon students!"
Everyone got up from their seats and Hitch departed from Annie, before leaving the classroom she shot her a wink.
What was that for?

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Annie trails behind the rest of the class while they weave through the long hallways of the school. Annie loses track of what's happening when she realizes who is in front of her. Her ex-boyfriend, Armin is walking alongside his friends Eren and Mikasa, Eren is holding onto each of them while he's sandwiched in the middle. Annie forgot how much each of them had grown since she didn't pay much attention to the changes of her surroundings, she only paid attention to what felt important. Armin's hair was cut short and Eren's hair was held back in a bun. Mikasa's hair was only a bit longer than Armin's now. Eren kept joking around with Armin and Mikasa. Mostly teasing Armin about something that Annie couldn't quite make out, but whatever it was would make Armin's hands fly over his face and the back of his neck flushed red. Every time that happened it would mean he's blushing, Annie remembered that all too well. Annie couldn't tell what she felt watching those three. Armin broke up with her because he realized he still had feelings for Eren, and now he looks much happier. Annie snapped back to reality when she almost tripped over a wet floor sign placed in the middle of the hallway.
'Why does no one bother to actually clean it up if it takes a couple of seconds? The janitor can't possibly be this busy' she thought to herself.
"Leonhart, are you blind or something?" A Deep voice asks behind her. Mr. Ackerman walks up behind her and taps her in the back of the head with the handle of a mop. Ackerman was the only person not scared of Annie, aside from Hitch and Hange, but that was because of their insanity.
Annie moved out of the way of the wet floor sign and caught up with the rest of the class who were waiting outside of the courtyard. Doctor opened the doors and walked Annie and the rest of her classmates into the middle of the courtyard and lined them up. Annie and Hitch were right next to each other only about an inch or so apart, and to Annie's left was Armin. Dr. Hange started
" This is going to be a different type of experiment! So no need to worry kiddos no one's getting hurt this time, hopefully!" They laughed no one found it amusing but the rest of the class awkwardly laughed.
"It is a social experiment based on trust...or just if you can hear! Today we are going to be playing a game called broken telephone."
"Shit," Annie cursed under her breath.
'She's definitely going to fuck me over' Annie glanced at Hitch and she was eyeing down Annie with a smirk on her face.
'Is that the only facial expression she can make?' Annie thought.
" Would anyone care to explain the game?"
No one raised their hand, not even Hitch who 'seemed to know everything'.
"Does anyone know what Broken Telephone is…?" Dr asked. Some people shook their heads no and some didn't. Hitch shook her head.
If she didn't know the game, what was she smirking at?
Dr. Hange explained the game and the first person got to make up the word. The first person in the line was Sasha. Right next to her was Ymir, and next to her girlfriend Historia. She laughed at whatever Ymir whispered to her.
Every person whispered whatever it was to each other and then it came to Hitch. Hitch laughed and bent down towards Annie and cupped her hand around her ear, also catching pieces of hair and tucking them behind. Hitch was so close her hair tickled Annie's shoulder and her breath hit her ear.
" Hey, cutie" Hitch whispered in her ear.
Annie backed up from Hitch and pushed her away.
"Excuse me?"
"What? It's what the word was." She smiled.
Annie hadn't noticed her face was slightly red, but hitch did.
"Are you embarrassed? Or-" Annie stopped her
"What is your problem with me? Why are you trying to embarrass me? Do you want me to say that to Armin or something?"
Dr. Hange swooped in out of nowhere.
"What seems to be the issue ladies?"
"I'm just playing the game," Hitch explained. Annie shook her head and scoffed.
"You don't believe me? Fine." She walked around to the front of the line where Sasha, Ymir and Historia were.
"What was the word again?" Hitch asked.
" It was originally Nachos." Sasha laughed.
Hitch looked at Ymir who was giggling to Historia.
"And what did you obviously change it to?"
"Why is it so obvious?" Ymir asked.
" Just answer "
"Okay okay. I said hey cutie, I didn't expect Hist' to pass it on, but obviously it did and you got little ruffnut from how to train your dragon over there all flustered and confused, am I right?" Ymir smirked as Historia elbowed her in the side.
Hitch looked at Annie and raised her eyebrow.
" see? "
Annie glared at Hitch.
"This game is fucking stupid," Annie mumbled.
With that, she stormed off back into the school.

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Dr.Hange stands before the rest of the class who is just standing in front of the class. Awkward silence is the only thing that can be heard(...or not heard). Other than the shuffling of grass beneath some people's feet and the subtle blows of wind. Slowly, someone raises a hand, Reiner. Hange raises a brow.
"can I ask why we needed to be outside for this…?" He tugs on his sweater zipper and zips it down. Hange remembered it was the 20th of May and gestured to all the students to follow them inside. As they made their way back into Mr. Berner's classroom.
"Can we continue? " He turned to hange who was leaning against the doorframe.
"Huh?" Hange asked.
"Are you done with your experiment Dr?"
"Oh yeah! We're done."
"No one died?"
"Hmmm I don't think so"
Mr.Berner scanned over the class. Hitch and Annie were missing.

Annie crashed through the bathroom door, the sound of it hitting the wall echoed through the room. 3 girls who were in the corner flinched and coughed up smoke. The whole bathroom was fogged and smelled of Tobacco smoke, Annie almost vomited. The three girls stared at Annie and Annie stared back, smoke poured out the door and over Annie's body. she tried not to inhale it, she covered her nose with the neck of her sweater.
" Are you trying to set off all the school's smoke alarms?" Annie flinched and looked behind her. Hitch stood over her with one hand on the door frame and one on her hip. She stared at the 3 girls.
" Why are you staring? Just take a picture it will last longer" Hitch snarled. One of the 3 girls looked at Annie, then looked at Hitch, before grabbing her friend's hands and leading them out of the bathroom.
Annie walks forward still covering her face, trying to get as far away from Hitch as possible.
"God it reeks in here," Hitch says, shutting the door behind her. She looks at Annie and points towards a window close to the ceiling. She glances at her from behind her sweater which was still shielding her from inhaling the smoke. Annie watches her as she walks over to the wall and stands on a heater, which creaked with her weight. she balances herself on the stall closest to her. She tries to make herself look as elegant as possible but her foot slips a bit. Annie prays for her to fall but she catches herself on one of the stall doors. She then propped open the window and hopped off the heater. Hitch leaned against the wall that was to the right of Annie, and they stood there until Annie broke the silence.
"Why are you here? What do you want?" Her voice was slightly muffled from the sweater.
Hitch cocked her head up.
" I'm here to apologize."
"For what? It was my fault. I was stupid.."
"Were you though?"
Annie turned her head. Hitch looked at her and sighed.
" I...I'm a bitch. I know that but I'm...trying to not be a bitch but it just comes out like vomit." Every now and then hitch pauses and glances away from Annie, hitch couldn't hold her eye contact for very long. Annies stare was as sharp as knives.
"I'm trying to change. I really am. I just...I almost lost all of my friends, And by almost I mean they didn't leave me. Until I transferred schools very late in the year, because...something happened." As the smoke drained through the bathroom windows, it started to get less foggy and Annie was able to see Hitch clearer. Her eyes were glossed over and dry. She had been staring the whole time. She hadn't blinked once, she feared if she did she'd start crying.
"It's really hard for me to make friends since I don't know what to say, or everything that comes out sounds sarcastic. And that's probably why you expected me to do something right? I can't smile, I can't do anything. It's like I was built to be a bitch. Even my name, Hitch, Bitch." She slid down the wall and onto the floor. The dirt from other people's shoes crackled as her feet slid across the floor, she spread out her legs and stared at the fluorescent lights.
" I'm also sorry for calling you 5 feet."
There was a long silence.
"Okay-" Annie said.
"Okay? Is that it?"
" I'm not finished"
Hitch dragged her fingers across her lips forming a zipper and then flicking a 'key' away.
"I agree, you are a bitch, but I get it. I have a hard time...letting out what I'm thinking in the right way." The blonde uncovered her nose and walked over to sit next to Hitch, close enough to where if she spread her feet out they would touch hers, but not close enough to touch shoulders.
"People say that I'm blunt. Which I am, but why lie to people you know? Or people think I just don't care. People are also scared of me so there's that too, so it's not very easy to make friends either. I also stopped trying to. You were the first person in a while to try, so I just thought you were trying know bully or pity me since you were the stereotypical mean girl." Annie exhales, she's not very used to talking for so long in one go.
Hitch leaned her head on her arms that were held up by her knees.
" yeah well, maybe we both aren't sought out for friends huh?" She giggled. Annie reached into her pocket and held out a case and tapped it onto hitches shoulder hitch plucked it from Annie's fingers and opened it up. It held 2 rolled joints in a case of 5. Hitch took one out and Annie gave her a lighter.
" We can be friends I guess," Annie said.
" Is this what you do? Sit in the bathroom and smoke?" Hitch asked lighting one in her mouth.
" When I'm stressed, yeah."
" you're stressed right now?"
" I'm not the one holding the case."
"You think I'm stressed?? Pshhh." She laughed.
" You just confessed you have to friends and that you want to be friends with the most feared person in the school." Hitch turned to Annie and blew smoke in her face.
" I'm not scared of you."
Annie waved away the smoke from in front of her face.
" Do you want a reason to be scared?" Annie chuckled slightly.
" what will you do? Hit me? Bully me?"
"What are you? A masochist?"
" Wanna find out?"
Annie felt the heat rise to her face. Luckily Hitch wasn't facing her to see her face go from pale to pink.
"Gross" she exhaled. Suddenly hitch got up and headed to the bathroom door but before she left she stopped.
"Where are you going?" Annie asked
"An adventure. Aren't you coming, Leonhart?" Hitch smiled and held out her hand.
"But what about class?" Annie stopped herself from saying. She looked at hitch's hand. Did she really wanna go down that road? She grabbed on and pulled herself up.

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Annie and Hitch travel through the halls of the school, carefully in order to not get caught by other teachers. The teachers at their school were like security guards. Well, some of them. The only 'cool' teachers were Dr.Hange and Mr.Ackerman. That was only because Dr.Hange didn't know how to do their job and Mr.Ackerman didn't care. The blonde and brunette kept their pace quiet.

They walked around and for the exit before the principal, Mr.Smith almost crossed paths but Annie grabbed Hitch's Hand and she yelped as she pulled her into a nearby supply closet.
"Is this really necessary??" Hitch whispered harshly before Annie covered her mouth with her hand, and covered her own with her finger signalling her loud friend to shut up.
Annie slowly cups her ear against the door to hear Mr.Smith talking to someone about paperwork and catching up on upcoming school events. Stuff that Annie didn't find necessarily interesting, or important to the recent matter. Hitch kept glancing around the cramped, dark and uncomfortable storage room trying not to look at Annie, hoping it would make things less awkward. Hitch tried to get into a more comfortable standing position since there was a broken broom poking into her back, but whenever Hitch tried to move closer to get relief of the pain Annie pushed her back. Annie didn't like the closeness they already had, she didn't need her any closer. Any closer and they would be hugging.
"Stop moving." Annie mouthed. Hitch whimpered underneath Annie's hand in agony. She furrowed her eyebrows at the brunette when that sound came out.
" What's wrong now?" She whispered to her.
Hitch grabbed Annie's hand off her mouth.
"Something is stabbing me in the back." She said, angry.
"Well suck it up and don't move for like, another 5 minutes or so." Annie went back to listen through the door.
Hitch whined and Annie flew her hand over her mouth to shut her up again. They stood there for around 6 minutes or what felt like forever before Mr.Smith's footsteps trailed away. Annie uncovered Hitch's mouth and wiped her hand on her shirt.
" you spit a lot "
" Sorry." .
They stood parallel to each other in the closet. Annie realized how close they were and suddenly the room's temperature rose to what felt like plus 100 degrees. Since the top of Annie's head is aligned with Hitches chin, Annie tried her best not to look down. Because if she did…
"You can look it's fine. It's not your fault you're short." Hitch jokes. Annie tilted her head up and looked at Hitch's face. Who was smiling at her in the darkness. Annie inhaled, accidentally soaking in Hitch's expensive perfume. She smelled like a mix of lemon and lavender with a hint of pot. Annie blinked, she wondered if Hitch could smell her too.
"I won't look. I'd rather look at your face than your tits"
Hitch raises her eyebrow, Annie's face turns red.
" I- don't flatter yourself, that isn't what I meant."
"Are you saying my face is better than my boobs, Leonhart? How respectful of you to say." She teased.
"No, I wasn't."
Suddenly the room gets a lot brighter. Mr.Ackerman is standing in the doorway. Both Annie and Hitch turn to look at him.
Annie gulped
"Hello, Mr janitor-"
"Mr. Ackerman."
"-Mr. Ackerman, we were just…"
" I don't care what you were doing, just get out and I won't say anything."
Annie grabbed Hitch's wrist and dragged her out of the closet, and through the exit of the school and quickly ran off the school property.

While running, Hitch stopped and was gasping for air. So was Annie, but Hitch was basically dry heaving. She keeled over and groaned.
" That was the most intense school skipping I've ever done." Hitch wheezed.
" Welcome to Marley high."
"I forgot...weren't you guys at some school war with that Pardis school?"
" Mhm. It was mostly the football team. They got too competitive and ended up completely trashing Paradis high as a 'prank', but the damage costs were too high so they just ended up demolishing the whole school, and most of the students transferred to Marley" Annie quickly summed up. Hitch looked up at her slightly disturbed.
"Yeah, anyway where do you want to go now?"
Hitch got up and caught her breath one more time her downturned eyes squinted as she smiled at Annie and walked over to her. Annie wanted to back up but it seemed like she was stuck. Hitch bent to her height and cocked her head to the side.
"There's a train track right outside of this neighbourhood."
" I'm not in the mood to do a double suicide, thanks."
Hitch laughed.
" I meant we wait for the train, and we jump on one of the carts."
Annie flinched, but her face still remained underwhelmed.
"What? Are you stupid?"
Hitch bit her lip a bit
" Maybe a little." Hitch put her arm around Annie. "c'mon let's go."
The blonde and Brunette started walking along the sidewalk.

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The walk is surprisingly quiet. Annie finally had time to think. She never thought she'd see herself actually skipping a whole day of class, especially with a stranger. Although Hitch was indeed a stranger, it felt like Annie already knew her for longer than a day. When did she start feeling like this? Was it the moment in the bathroom? Or hiding in the closet? She never thought it would go like this. Agreeing to be friends with some bitchy pretty girl. Maybe she was just desperate for friends? No, something intrigued her about Hitch. Made Annie curious, made her feel something different. She kept glancing at Hitch from the corner of her eye, checking if Hitch was staring at her. Every time she checked, she was on her phone with headphones in her ears. Whenever some hair fell in front of her face, she would push it back behind her ear. Sometimes she would accidentally catch her hand on her headphone wire and it would tug it out. When that would happen Hitch would curse under her breath and put it back in her ear. Annie hadn't noticed she was staring until Hitch looked up. Annie's eyes widened and then quickly looked in front of her again, heat rising to her face.
" Did you need something? "
Annie replied bluntly. Refusing to make any eye contact with Hitch. Annies face formed back into her normal 'bored' look. She studied Annie, and took out her earbud and shoved it in her ear.
"Shh just listen"
Hitch pulled Annie closer so that they could both listen to music comfortably without tugging on the wires, their arms were linked together. Annie was slightly uncomfortable but she didn't mind it after a while.
"Isn't this song so good?" Hitch yelled trying to speak over the music, Annie winced.
" I can hear you just fine if you were to speak normally."
"Oh, sorry"
To Annie's surprise, Hitch listened to what sounded like punk music. Annie didn't really listen to music but when she did it would be Grunge Rock. Annie usually played her guitar whenever her Father was not home, she would play her own songs or create cover songs that had a slight difference to the tabs. Annie spaced out for a while, still holding onto Hitch's arm. Hitch slid her hand out of Annie's arm and grabbed her hand. Suddenly the earphone ripped out of her ear, that's when Annie came back to reality.
"What are you-"
" c'mon we're here."
There was a ditch filled with rainwater and mud that they jumped over before meeting a large steep hill. The grass was wet, slicked flat from rain and hard to climb, but Hitch made it look easy. There was a rock poking out of the hill that she got a hold of and pulled herself up to the top of the hill and stood there.
" Here- grab on" Hitch held out her hand for the blonde to grab onto. Annie looked down the hill then looked back up to hitches hand. She didn't want to embarrass herself if she slipped, she also didn't know if Hitch would 'jokingly' let her go. While Annie was thinking about her options her foot slipped on the wet cold grass and started sliding down the hill. Annies' hands slapped along the wet grass, it splashed when she tried to grab onto something, but the grass was too slippery, it didn't even rip when Annie grabbed onto it. Annie gasped and prepared herself to fall into the soggy ditch below but there was a tight grip on her wrist. Annie looked up to find Hitch laying on her stomach against the grass, holding onto her wrist.
she looked...worried.
"Holy shit are you okay? That was close."
" Just pull me up!"
Hitch grabbed Annie's other hand and pulled her up and flopped her beside herself. They were both covered in mud and grass stains. Hitch laid down next to Annie who was heavily breathing and sitting on her knees and leaning her head towards the sky. Hitch watched the water from the grass trickle-down Annie's neck and under her sweater. Hitch gulped, she was suddenly thirsty.
" Are you okay?" Hitch asked again.
Annie looked at Hitch and there was a streak of mud on her chin. Without thinking, Annie lifted her hand to wipe it off with her thumb. Hitch didn't say anything. She just let it happen. With her lips slightly parted she looked at Annie who was practically over top of her. Annie realized what she was doing.
"Sorry," she said. Her hand still rested on Hitches Jaw. The water from her neck dripped onto Hitch's bottom lip, which Hitch licked off, it tasted of the smell of cut grass and it was salty from Annie's sweat that mixed in.
Hitch's hand subtly rose to Annie's, which was holding her face.
" What are you thinking, Annie?"
Annie furrowed her brows. Hitch pressed on the base of Annie's wrist. Then moved Annie's hand so her thumb reached her bottom lip. Annie's thumb had a mind of its own and started tracing along it. Her lips were slightly chapped but they were mostly soft. Annie gulped.
"What?" Annie asked.
"You look nervous." Hitch moved so she was sitting on her elbows.
"Do I make you nervous?" She got closer to Annie's face, "Annie..?"

The girls flinched as the train zipped by. Hitch jumped up. Rhythmatic clunks between the wheels and the tracks.
" it's here," Hitch said, turning to the train.
Annie got up and brushed off the grass on her knees. What just happened? Is what she thought. She stood there for a moment before realizing Hitch was not standing in front of her anymore but was running along the side of the train.
"Annie! C'mon!" She yelled.
The girl was already pretty far away, but Annie started running.
" What are we doing again?" She yelled.
Hitch jumped onto an open train cart with a loud 'oof'.
"Faster, Annie!" Hitch held out her hand.
Annie started running faster and she held out her hand trying to grab onto hitches, they touched fingertips before actually grabbing onto each other. Annie eventually caught up with Hitch's help and then flopped onto the train cart.
" ow," she groaned.
She flipped onto her back. Her chest felt sore and it hurt to breathe. She took deep breaths, inhaling the smell of the cart. It smelt like old wood and steel, with a mix of Hitch.
" Are you good? " she laughed.
" I landed on my chest. It kind of hurt"
" Yikes, you might wanna use your hands to land next time. " Hitch scooted over next to Annie. Annie stayed laying down, looking at the back of Hitch. Her jacket was all muddy, but she realized there was a huge symbol stitched into the back. It was the letter M.
" What does M mean?" Annie asked.
Hitch stayed quiet and she cleared her throat.
" Marlo." She exhaled.
Annie stayed quiet. Wondering if she should push further into the conversation. 'Who's Marlo?' She wanted to ask. Annie sat up and looked at Hitch. She was looking down at her feet that were hanging over the train, bouncing every time the train ran over a railroad tie. Annie tried to look at her expression without her noticing but her hair was covering her face.
"Sorry. I shouldn't have asked." Annie sighed.
Hitch snorted. "It's fine."
They sat there for a while in silence, but it was the kind of silence that if someone were to talk, it would ruin the moment. The calm not-awkward silence. Hitch and Annie would occasionally rub shoulders whenever the train jumped which caused Annie to panic a little. Her thoughts were swarming with the interaction before the train. Annie had never felt the way she felt just then. The panic, the nervousness. It was new but it felt so good. She remembered all the little things at that moment, hitches lips licking the water that dripped off her neck, the breath that tickled her face when she got closer, the feel of her lips against her thumb, the look on hitches face when she rubbed the dirt off her chin. It was startled, but she looked like she wanted more, her pupils were dilated. Annie had no idea what that meant but she wanted to see it again. She didn't know what any of what she felt meant, only that she wanted more. Her thinking stopped when she felt a weight on her shoulder, she looked over to see Hitch resting her head on her shoulder. Annie froze and didn't speak, like when a cat lays on your lap. The only movement was her heartbeat running 1000 beats per minute and felt like it was playing triplets on her chest.
' What do I do?' she thought. The panic came back.
" How could you be so comfortable?" Annie accidentally thought out loud. Annie's eyes widened realizing that slipped through her lips.
" I just feel safe with you, I guess."
Hitch replied.
Annie was confused but felt at ease.
" You feel safe?"
"Yeah, you're nice."
Annie blinked. The words nice echoed through her.
" You think I'm nice?"

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Hitch lifted her head off Annie's shoulder and shifted her legs so that she sat crisscrossed and facing Annie. Hitch grabbed Annie's hand and held it in her own. It wasn't a firm grip, it was more reassuring. It was soft and warm.
"Annie, you're one of the most genuine people I've met. You aren't afraid to tell me how you feel or anything, you aren't fake. That is all I've ever wanted In-" Hitch bit her lip, stopping herself. Then she continued.
" That's all I've wanted in a..friend."
Annie felt a sharp pain in her chest suddenly. What word was it? Friend?
'Friend' she repeated in her head. Every time she repeated it it was like someone plucked a string in her heart.
Friend. friend. friend.
She should be happy. Why wasn't she happy? She finally got a friend, a real one.
But she still wasn't happy.
"Annie?" Hitch waved her hand in front of her face.
"Friend." Annie murmured.
Hitch laughed. "Mhm."
Annie forced a small smile. She turned her head back to the landscape in front of her. The passing trees that were too blurred to make-out what kind they were. The lines of the horizon that had multiple mountains. Annie wondered how far they actually were. She felt her fingers separate on her thigh, Hitch was intertwining her fingers. Annie's calloused palms rubbed against her soft, slender hands. She tried thinking nothing of it. Was this how close Hitch was to her other friends?
To Marlo?
'He had to be someone important.' Annie thought. Annie licked her teeth while lost in thought, thinking about this mystery person with Hitch made bial form in her throat. She didn't even know this girl, why did she care so much-? What was there to care about? Annies thoughts were racing.
'Hitch is a bitch. I didn't associate with people like that.
Hitch is stupid. I didn't associate with people like that. What happened to me?
Her stupid lips, her stupid hands, her stupid sly smirk. She's so-' Annies heart was so fast beating In her chest like a ticking time bomb, and she was about to combust.
Annies grip was tight on Hitch's hand, knuckles white.
'She's a fucking idiot. Why is she making me feel like this? I never feel like this, I wouldn't allow it. Not with Armin, not with anyone! I never had to try this hard'
"Dude!" Hitch yelled,Annie came back to reality and let go of Hitch.
"What is wrong with you? Are you okay?"
Annie stared at her.
"Nothing is wrong with me!" Annie accidentally raised her voice. Hitch stared, shocked.
"I was just asking if you were okay. Jeez." Hitch scooted away from Annie, took out her phone and put in her earbuds. Annies stomach sunk.
She looked at her dangling legs off the train, swaying back and forth.
She sighed.
"Where is this train going?" She asked, but with no reply. Hitch's music leaked out through her earbuds. They were at max volume, she couldn't hear her.
The blonde decided to walk around the nearly empty train cart and look around. There was nothing but wood planks and graffiti on the walls from past train hoppers. Things like Bible verses were scraped into the metal walls of the cart, or there were drawn on with thick markers. Annie crouched down and ran her fingers along the engraved drawings near the bottom of the wall. There were two stick figures holding hands with a heart around them, with the letters 'L + E' engraved next to them.
"Wonder where they are now" Hitch suddenly appeared next to Annie which made her flinch.
"You scared me."
"I know I'm terrifying," Hitch said sarcastically. She dug Into her pocket and took out a small pair of scissors.
"They're so small." Annie said
" They are for your eyebrows"
Hitch flipped the scissors and held them in a tight fist then started carving something into the metal. The squeaking of metal on metal made Annie cringe. There was a sloppy, jagged 'H' with a plus written next to it, then hitch handed Annie the scissors.
Annie raised her eyebrow.
"Do you not remember your first initial?"
Hitch giggled. Annies face flushed. She wanted Annie to write her initial next hers? Isn't that a couples thing? Regardless, Annie scraped the scissors blade across the surface. An 'A' was formed right before the scissors broke under the pressure and onto the floor. One of the blades slit a small deep cut into Annies palm.
"Shit, flimsy scissors. Are you okay?"
Hitch lifted up Annies hand to look at it, blood started to slowly come out as Hitch pressed her thumb near the opening.
" It's fine. I've had worse." Blood trickled down the base of her wrist.
Hitch looked around.
"There's nothing to stop the bleeding here. Maybe I can use my jacket or something- no it's too dirty"
"Hitch, really it's fine."
Hitch lifted up Annie's hand, parted her lips around it. A warm wet tongue pressed on the wound. A shocked expression formed on her face. Annie's whole body felt like it was on fire.
"What are you -"
Hitch grunted, signalling for Annie to shut up. Annie looked at Hitch who was still basically making out with her hand. Her face was slightly flushed. Hitch took her mouth off the bleeding wound, there was a string of spit connecting from her hand to her face. Miraculously the wound had stopped bleeding. Hitch wiped her mouth and looked up at Annie who was just staring at her with a red face. Hitch's face went red.
"What? There I helped you. You're welcome?" Hitch threw Annie's hand which flopped like dead weight at her side.
" You know, I could've done that myself if you just told me to. "
"What? No. Shut up."
Hitch turned around and crossed her arms, hiding her red face from her blonde friend.
"It was pretty unsanitary, " Annie joked.
"My mouth is very clean thank you"
"I doubt it"
Hitch turned around quickly-
"Wanna bet- oh"
Annie was much closer than Hitch intended her to be, in fact Annie was looking up into Hitch's eyes, they weren't even arms length away. The train made them both sway while standing there for a moment.
Annie's eyes shifted to the side, and then looked back at Hitch.
"I'm sorry about earlier."
"It's fine. What was it about? What happened?"
" I….don't know actually. It's hard to explain" Annie huffed.
Hitch tried to give it her all to not pull Annie in for a hug.
Annie gave Hitch a glare.
"Or don't. Not my business." Hitch put up her hands in defence. Annie laughed slightly, which made Hitch smile. Suddenly Annie was pulled into a hug. Hitch had one hand on Annie's head and the other one wrapped around her shoulders. Annies arms flinched and shifted around trying to find which way is better to hug her. Hitch grabbed her arms and made them wrap around her waist. Annie laughed against Hitch's collarbone.
"You've been laughing a lot lately. "
" Is that bad?"
Hitch snorted.
"No, it's cute."
Annies heart rate rose and her skin grew hot against hitches chest.
"I can feel it."
"Feel what?"
Hitch tilted her head towards Annies ear.
"Your heartbeat." She whispered.
Annie gulped. Hitch's voice was smooth whenever she whispered. It made her whole spine tingle.
" Can you feel mine?" Hitch pulled away from the hug and took Annies unwounded hand and placed it on the center of her chest right above her cleavage. There was a fast rhythmic beat pressing against Annies palm. Annie looked up at Hitch who was already staring at her. That look was back. Her dilated pupils. The look of wanting more.
Hitch grabbed Annies face roughly and pulled her in and their lips crashed together. Annie stumbled onto her toes and grabbed onto Hitch's jacket. Annie moaned with both surprise and pleasure

Chapter Text

Hitch held onto Annie's face with her lips still attached. Annies grip tightened onto the muddy jacket before then pushing her off. Their lips made a loud smack when they departed.
Hitch let go of Annie's face and her eyes were wide. "I'm sorry."
Annie didn't respond; she looked at the floor, still gripping Hitch's jacket. The brunettes face was bright red from both embarrassment and the fact that she just kissed Annie.
"I'm sorry- Annie I'm so sorry I didn't mean to- I wasn't thinking I'm sorry." Hitch stumbled on her words. Annie looked up at Hitch and furrowed her eyebrows, she breathed in before she grabbed onto the collar of her jacket and walked her to one of the walls of the train car and smashed her against the wall with a loud bang. Hitch gasped before Annie kissed her. Hitch lifted her hand towards her chin and held her mouth open so she could slip her tongue through her lips, Annie moaned and her tongue pushed down Hitch's tongue just to taste her a bit more. She tasted of bubblegum and her lips were cherry. Hitch peeled back from the kiss and planted kisses along her cheek, her jaw and down towards her neck where she let out a small moan. Hitch smiled against her neck as her hands trailed down Annie's waist down to her thighs. She gripped them and picked her up and pinned her against the wall with Annie's legs wrapped around her hips.
"You're a lot stronger than I thought" Annie exhaled against Hitch's hair.
"You have no idea."
Hitch sucked along her neck as Annie's hands gripped through her hair. Hitch formed small bruises from her jaw and wherever Annies hoodie wasn't covering, with little bites in between just to hear Annie yelp from surprise.
"Hitch-?" Annie breathly moaned.
"Can we-can you-"
" Is something wrong?" Hitch took her mouth off of Annie's neck and looked up at her.
"No, I just- I've never been like this before."
Hitch furrowed her brow, confused.
"I'm usually the one calling the shots you know?" Annie admitted, embarrassed.
Hitch smirked and laughed a bit.
" you mean you've never been submissive..?"
Annie rolled her eyes
"Yeah, I guess. I've never asked for anything because they are usually asking me.."
"What did you want to ask?"
Annie looked up which caused her head to thump against the wall a bit. She clicked her tongue
"I don't want to ask you though it's embarrassing."
"Consent isn't embarrassing."
Annie looked down at hitch who was staring up at her with her green downturned eyes, and that dumb smirk. Annie wanted Hitch to take her. Take her right now, with those same eyes looking up at her while she was down below her waist, she just didn't know how to say it. Annie pulled hitch again to kiss her. In between kisses Annie just wanted to say it but she couldn't. She opened her mouth but instead, she just ended up sticking her tongue back down Hitches throat. Hitch lifted her and a bit closer to one of her thighs. Her thigh pressed against the rise of her jeans which pressed against her. Annie groaned at the sudden pressure.
"Is that it? Is this what you wanted?" Hitch said, taking her mouth away from Annie's lips, leaving a string of spit attaching them.
Annie nodded, her hips were already slowly grinding against her thigh. Hitch held her knee up against the wall pressed against Annie, as she took her hands and pressed them against the wall with their fingers intertwined. Hitch bent down towards her neck as Annie kept rocking against her.
" Hitch-" Annie whispered in her ear.
Hitch hummed into her neck.
"I need you to look at me"
Hitch lifted her head and looked at Annie who's eyes were pleading as she still rocked against her slowly. Her breathing was heavy but slow and was at the same pace as her grinding.
" I want to see your face. "
Hitch laughed, she let go of Annie's hands and placed her own at Annie's hips, helping her grind harder Against her. Annies hands folded around Hitches neck and she placed her forehead against hers. She moaned as the grinds began to get gradually faster and her breathing became more rapid. Annies back arched, before falling into Hitch's embrace.
Hitch kissed her on the cheek and held her body close. She was still softly moaning and breathing heavily into her ear.
"Are you okay?"
Annie nuzzled her face into the crook of Hitch's neck, and held her close. Hitch could feel the blush from Annies face heating her shoulder. Hitch placed her hands on Annie's thighs which were still wrapped around Hitch's hips. Her thighs were shaking as she softly placed Annie on her lap as she sat down on the floor of the train cart. Hitch began to take out the messy bun in her hair, and comb her fingers through the blonde mess, along with scratching the back of her head. The blonde was breathing softly as her eyes fluttered closed. Hitch placed her forehead on Annie's shoulder, and listened to the soft sound of Annie breathing, she smiled.
"You're so cute," she whispers.
"Thanks." Annie whispers
Hitch laughs
"I thought you were asleep."
"Almost" Annie shifts her weight closer to hitch so that their chests touched, and melted more into the embrace

Chapter Text

A thump woke up Annie. She was sprawled out on the wooden boards on the floor.
"What the hell?"
A man who was standing outside the cart said. He was chubby with a bit of stubble and a bald head and spoke in a thick southern accent. The sun was halfway across the sky, and darkness was about to swallow the sky whole. Annie stumbled up, Hitch was nowhere to be found. Annie pushed herself up.
"Uh, have you seen another girl around here?"
"No. Get off my train before I call the police. "
Annie felt along her wrist for her hair elastic, but she felt nothing. She then hopped off the train and looked around. She was in grass plains, with a bit of farmland surrounding her.
"Hey, where am I? "
" south of Marley."
The air grew cold as the sun went further down. She could still smell Hitch's perfume on her, she rubbed the hickeys on her neck, they didn't hurt but she knew they were there. Would Hitch really abandon her? Annie was both worried and pissed. She should've seen this coming. She knew it was a bad idea. She walked across the open grassy field. Her docs made a sucking sound every time she stepped since the dirt under the grass was still wet and soft. She walked towards the nearest road, which didn't have any cars or signs along it. Just a deep dark forest on the other side.
'Where is Hitch' she thought. She didn't want to believe she might've been used. She pulled out her phone, she had one bar of service. She went through her contacts and called her father, which lead her to voice mail.
"Shit" she whispered. Her father was working late that night. She didn't have many contacts, other than Armin's number she wasn't sure he still used. She held her thumb over the call button before pressing it down. Regretting it right after when a female voice picked up.
" Hello."
" uh, is Armin there?" Annie asked, she raised her hand to her mouth and started chewing her nails.
"Who's asking?" A male voice said.
"Hey, give me my phone!" A higher-pitched man's voice yelled. "Annie?"
"What's up? We haven't talked for a while, is everything okay?"
" I um. Can you pick me up? I know Eren has a car, and you're with him right?"
There were inaudible whispers over the phone. Then there was the sound of the phone speaker dragging along something.
" This is Eren, what's up"
Annie stayed silent for a moment. She never really spoke with Eren since she and Armin went out. She sighed, half embarrassed.
" I need you to pick me up. I'm to the south of Marley beside the train tracks, if you know where those are."
"Why are you all the way out there? Are you alone?" Armin spoke.
Alone. Annie realized that she was indeed alone. She didn't know how long she was lying on that train for? Alone? When did Hitch decide to get off? When did Hitch leave her? Why? Annie tasted salt water In the corners of her mouth. She touched the water on her cheek, she was crying.
"Yeah, I'm alone." Her speech was shaky.
There was the sound of Eren picking his keys up
"Annie, we are coming just stay there okay?"
"Hang tight."
Then Eren hung up.
Annies' hand dropped at her side. She looked at the forest in front of her, wondering if that's where Hitch ran off to. She tried to wipe her tears away but they just kept coming.
'Stupid stupid stupid' she said to herself. She wanted to blame Hitch for all of this, but she blamed only herself.
Her white sweater was stained with grass and had mud smeared on her shoes. Her shoes she didn't want to wreck. Her phone was at 15% and she was tired. She gave up herself to some girl who thought would make her life less dreadful. Less boring, which it did for a moment. But only for a moment. She wanted that moment back. Not the sex, just her presence. Annies tears stung the wound on her hand which reminded her of the moment with the scissors, with the engraving on the wall. Why would she do all of this, if she didn't mean any of it?
'Why did she leave?'
Annie thought. Her throat stung with bial, like someone was pouring acid down her throat.
'Why did she leave me?
How could I be so stupid?
What did I do wrong?
Why did I do this?
Why does she make me feel this way?
Why did I let her have this grip on me?'
Annie gave up on wiping. She let her tears fall down her cheeks onto the dry concrete road. Her tears left dark polka dots scattered in front of her feet. Her chest tightened as she sobbed. Annie grabbed her chest through her sweater. She couldn't breathe. She heard the buzz of an oncoming car speeding down the road. She looked through the windshield of the car, Eren was sitting in the front seat, with Armin beside him who had his hand on Erens shoulder, pointing at Annie. The car pulled up and Armin rolled down the window and looked at Annie in shock. Annie couldn't imagine what she looked like to him right now.
Messy hair, hickies, covered in dirt and crying.
"Jesus Christ. " Eren said who was leaning to look at Annie.
A girl with black hair opened the rear passenger seat car door, Mikasa.
"Get in."
Annie crawled in the seat and clicked on her seatbelt. Armin and Eren turned around to look at Her.
" what the fuck happened to you?"
Eren asked.
"It looks bad. I know"
" Yeah, it looks terrible," Mikasa added.
"Listen, I know you probably don't want to talk about it but you have to assure us it wasn't what we are all thinking right now."
Annie breathed in.
" well I hooked up with Hitch"
They stared at her in silence, and eyes wide.
" I thought you two hated each other?" Armin said. Eren nodded in agreement
"Yeah didn't you guys have a huge fight in the classroom?" Mikasa mentioned.
" and during Dr. Hanges weird experiment," Eren added.
" Yeah. But she wanted to be my friend apparently. Or so I thought. She ditched me after we hooked up and I have no clue where she is."
Mikasa bit the inside of her cheek.
" Want me to beat her ass" Eren joked, but was at least a little bit serious.
" I just….don't get why she would do that. I thought we had something."
Mikasa exhaled." it's not surprising, I heard she was a huge slut at her old school. Plus this is high school. This bullshit happens to the hottest girls."
Annie raised her eyebrows at Mikasa. That was the first time she spoke to Annie with a sentence that long.
" except Historia. Ymir is obsessed."
said Eren.
" you think historia is hot? " Mikasa asked
" well, yeah?"
Mikasa scoffed.
"Oh, am I only supposed to only find you and Armin attractive? Aren't we polygamous?" Mikasa opened her mouth but Armin shut her down.
" Guys, we have a bigger problem alright? We have to take Annie home-"
"No" Annie jumped in.
"I can't go home like this. My father will kill me. "
"You can stay at my place" Mikasa put her hand on Annie's shoulder.
Annies' fear mixed with anger and sadness finally boiled down to a fine simmer. Eren put his car into drive and did a U-turn. Eren drove a manual blue Honda civic, which he got for his birthday when he turned 16. He wasn't allowed to drive it until he got his license, of course. But when he did, he customized the whole thing by hand. He tore out the fabric lining in the ceiling and placed LEDs along it, then replaced the lining and poked holes in it simulating multicoloured stars. He had a black fluffy steering wheel and the seats had a cover on them with different patterns on each of the seats. The one Annie was sitting on had a red and white zebra print, Mikasa sat in one with a bunch of emojis on it, Eren sat in one that was plain black, and Armin sat in one with multi-coloured polka dots. And lastly, the dashboard had a bobblehead of himself that Armin made for his 17th birthday with his 3d printer. The dash was also spray-painted with a whole bunch of crude words. Eren didn't do those though, it was a prank made by Connie, Sasha, and Jean, when Jean told the 2 the paint was washable, but it in fact was not.
Annie leaned her head against the car window which it lightly bumped against whenever a pothole was run over. Annie stared off into the distance, thinking of nothing and everything. She didn't know what to think, since she's already thought of mostly anything. She ended up counting how many potholes Eren ran over when she ran out of thoughts, then when that got boring she thought about different songs to cover. Then she thought about how hungry she felt. Then she thought about nothing again.

Chapter Text

The car pulled up to a stop outside of a small house, it was now about 9 pm and the sun had already fully set. Armin opened the car door for Annie and she tripped out, and Armin caught her by the shoulder. She was exhausted, emotionally and physically
"Are you okay?" Armin asked.
" Yeah, just tired "
"I mean in general. About everything"
Annie looked at him, his blue eyes staring right through her. Annie gave him a weak small smile, "Yeah I'll be fine."
Armin squeezed her shoulder and crouched down to look at her better. Annie realized how much taller he's gotten.
" I have to go"
Annie shrugged off his hand and walked to the other side of the car where Mikasa was still getting out.
"Ready?" Mikasa looked down at Annie, she was incredibly tall. She wore a tight graphic t-shirt with the neck ripped, along with a plaid skirt and fishnets and platform boots that went all the way up to her knees, with buckles all the way up.
Annie eyed them "Nice boots"
Mikasa let out a small laugh "thanks"
"Why was that funny?"
" you never compliment people, it was just weird, anyway c'mon."
Annie rolled her eyes.
" Hey!" Eren shouted out the window. "You're welcome for the drive, ladies!"
Mikasa turned around and gave Eren 2 middle fingers. He shook his head, gave her a toothy smirk and rolled his eyes, then he turned to Armin and kissed him on the cheek before pulling out of the driveway.
"I'm worried about her, Eren."
" I'm sure they'll be best friends by morning."
"No, I mean Annie, what happened when she hooked up with Hitch? Do you think she will be okay? Mentally?"
Eren clicked his tongue.
" she's strong, I'm sure whatever happened she'll get through it" nodded to himself in agreement.
"I hope so." Armin watched Mikasa and Annie go into the house and shut the door behind them through his car window.

Mikasa looked at Annie and placed a finger over her mouth telling her to shush, then she motioned to go up the stairs, so Annie started quietly, but the step squeaked under her foot.
"Mika is that you, honey?" Mikasa's mom called. A woman with dark hair which ran past her shoulders peeked around the corner.
"Ah, who's this?" Mikasa's mom asked
Mikasa looked at Annie and bit her lip contemplating her answer, since Annie wasn't a friend, or an acquaintance, she was just-
"Annie." Mikasa replied.
"Annie, it's nice to meet you" Mrs. Ackerman smiled, which caused the soft laugh lines along her cheeks to crinkle.
Annie flashed her a smile, in what people would call a 'white person' smile along with a small "hi". Mikasa breathed in awkwardly.
"Alright we'll be upstairs" Mikasa then quickly ran upstairs and Annie followed.

Mikasa opened the door to her room, which was filled with purple light and smelled like incense. Her walls were covered with band posters along with posters of different TV shows. Her shelves had pictures in frames. Pictures of Eren, and Armin. Along with her other friends, Sasha, Connie and sometimes jean. There were also more polaroids tacked to the wall. Her floor had some laundry scattered across the floor, and a plain white carpet, which looked purple from the lights. Her bed had an open laptop and black sheets on it. Mikasa walked over to a record player that was placed on her bedside table and flipped over the record that was already in it, and placed down the needle. Slow bass started playing. It sounded like a Deftones song (Very emo of you Mika).
Annie watched Mikasa unbuckle her boots from the foot of her bed. The top down to the ankle buckle. Then slipped it off her toes and placed them against the wall. Then she rolled herself onto her bed and pulled out a puck-shaped object, a grinder.
" You can take a shower if you want. There's a bathroom beside my room."
Mikasa mentioned, twisting the grinder.
"I'll give you clothes later. Also, can you open my window?"
Annie went over to her window, and slid the glass open. Wind blew over Annie's face. There was a bit of hanging vines over the window, and the air was cold and bit the tip of Annie's nose and cheeks.
Mikasa sprinkled the grass on a piece of paper and rolled it halfway before licking the edge and sealing it, rolling one end and lighting it with a silver flip lighter.
"Just bang on the wall if you need anything, the walls are thin." Mikasa said, holding the joint in between her teeth. Her dark purple lipstick smudged around the paper.
Annie finally headed out and over to the bathroom and shut the door behind her. She started to undress and throw her clothes to the side. She stood in the shower for a solid minute trying to figure out how the shower worked since it was different from hers, before turning the knob and realizing the hard way which way was hot, and which way was cold. On the other side of the wall, Mikasa was laughing because Annie would shut off the water every time she turned it too hot, or cold and curse.
Once Annie found the right temperature she looked at the different shampoo bottles. There were so many so Annie chose one that was a red bottle and it smelt like lime and pinecones. Then she continued her shower 'routine' with whatever she had available. Her routine was just shampoo, rinse, conditioner, body wash, rinse. During her shower, she tried her best not to think about what happened on the train. Every time she did she would lunge towards the tap and turn the heat up and burn herself. She wanted to keep that bastard out of her mind. She never let anyone have that much control over her emotions, and hitch was not going to be the first. Once Annie was finished she knocked on the wall to Mikasa's room, and within about 10seconds she swung open the bathroom door. Annie stood there, naked and in shock and Mikasa stood in the doorway also in shock with a blue towel in her hand, a t-shirt and shorts.
"Why didn't you lock the door?"
Annie shrugged before Mikasa threw the clothes and towel at Annie before leaving and slamming the door behind her. Annie, half embarrassed, dried herself off, scrunching her hair in the towel and wiping down every part of her body. Then she slipped on the clothes. The shirt hung above her knees and over top of the shorts. It was basically a dress. Mikasa always wore shirts that weren't necessarily baggy, but just long. But this shirt was probably pyjamas. Since it was large and baggy on her, and Mikasa's body shape wasn't that far off of Annies. Even though she's taller. The shirt was a black Korn t-shirt and the shorts were white athletic shorts. She looked at herself in the mirror. She rubbed her neck where Hitch had left her marks. They were merged into one big bruise. She shook her head and left the bathroom. When Annie invited herself back into Mikasa's room, she was laying on her bed facing the ceiling with the rolled-up weed still between her teeth. She would suck in, take out the joint and then inhale again, before blowing it all back out. Mikasa sat up on her elbows to look at Annie.
" Want some?"
She held out the joint in her hand between her index and middle finger. Her fingernails were painted black and white, and her fingers were complemented by a bunch of silver rings. Some were skulls and other things like snakes, or just silver bands. But there was one that caught Annie's eye, it was a ring with a red gemstone in it.
"No thanks. "
Mikasa took another hit and then blew the smoke out of the corner of her mouth.
"Suit yourself."
Mikasa patted one side of her bed motioning her to sit down. Annie circled to the other side of her bed and sat with one leg up on the bed and one foot in the ground.
"How are you doing?"
"You know, about the whole situation with Hitch."
Annie looked at her hands, which were folded in her lap. She started to pick at her cuticles.
"Uh... yeah. I think so"
Mikasa clicked her tongue.
" Are you sure?"
Annie inhaled and leaned back on Mikasa's pillow. Her bed was pretty large, even if Annie laid flat with her arms out she still wouldn't infiltrate Mikasa's space. Her feet didn't even reach the end of her bed.
" I should be."
"But you're not?"
Annie lifted her fingers to her mouth and chewed at her cuticle. And then Mikasa slapped her hand out of her teeth.
" Don't do that. It makes your nails fucked."
Annie flopped her hand down at her side. Mikasa flipped on her side to face Annie which caused the bed to shake a bit.
" So, do you want to talk about it?"
"Not really."
Mikasa slipped the joint back between her teeth.
" Don't like talking about your problems?"
" not with people I basically just met."
" you had sex with hitch though."
Annie glared
" That's different. It wasn't personal."
" It was for you wasn't it."
Annie expected herself to get mad, but she didn't. She was upset, because Mikasa was right. Annie looked down at her hands again and bit the skin on her lip.
" Yeah. It was"
"Was it your first time?"
"No. But it was just different. I don't usually let people have control over me"
"I mean you dated Armin so it makes sense" Mikasa joked.
Annie chortled "ha, yeah." Mikasa moved to lay on her stomach facing Annie and put her joint in the ashtray beside her bed.
"So what is your type anyway? How can you go from someone like Armin to someone like Hitch?"
Annie thought about it, and how much it didn't make sense. Armin was nice, and gentle with her, careful not to piss her off. Hitch was the opposite. Hitch didn't care, or it seems like she did.
" I don't know."
"Want me to beat her ass"
Annie smirked and shook her head.
" Why are you being so nice to me?"
Mikasa sat up and walked over to her vanity, looked at herself in the mirror and started removing her false eyelashes.
"Well, Armin liked you at one point so you're good in my books" she placed the lashes on the table and grabbed a makeup wipe out of a drawer in the desk. And then she slid it back shut, and proceeded to wipe off her makeup.
"But we broke up. "
"Yeah, well he broke up with you. You didn't break his heart. So there's no reason to not like you. Plus, you beat up the football team when he was getting beaten on. Pretty cool if you ask me."
The corner of Annie's mouth curved a bit into a small smile.
Annie looked over to the ashtray and took the joint off and stuck it between her lips.
Mikasa looked at her in the reflection of the mirror
" changed your mind?"
Annie blew out the smoke and inhaled it through her nose and back out through her mouth.
" I guess so."

Chapter Text

1 am

Mikasa and Annie lay together in Mikasa's bed, laying next to each other shoulder to shoulder looking up at her ceiling. Mikasa had turned her lights off and turned on a projector that projected small stars scattered against the sky. The air was slightly cold from the window being opened, and Mikasa's music felt like water in the air, and Annie was just laying in it. She was blinking slow, forgetting how to breathe every now and then, making her struggle inhaling from the 7th joint Mikasa and Annie we're sharing. Every time that happened Mikasa would laugh and throw her head into the mattress. The girl leaned over to her bedside table and went to grab her water bottle, she gulped some of it down and then flopped back onto her bed. Annie and Mikasa were talking about tv shows, but then there was silence.
"What were we talking about?"
Annie was zoned out focusing on the stars slowly moving across the room.
"Were we talking about just now?"
" stars…?"
"No, we are looking at stars."
Annie inhaled deeply and licked her lips. Her mouth was dry and felt like she has just eaten a cotton ball.
"Do you want water?"
Annie didn't respond, and then she looked at Mikasa.
Mikasa laughed,
" water??"
Mikasa tossed her water bottle over to Annie and it landed on her chest with a thump.
Annie screwed off the cap and glugged down half the bottle, Mikasa placed her fingers on the base of the bottle and turned it down which made Annie spill the water on her neck.
Annie gasped " what the fuck!"
"You were gonna drink the whole bottle!"
"Well, now the rest is all over me, none for you then." Annie licked the water dripping off her bottom lip and screwed the cap back on the bottle.
Mikasa turned to her side.
"You think that's gonna stop me from drinking it?"
Mikasa and Annie both stared in surprise at what she just said. "Sorry."
Annie turned her head to look back at the ceiling, then placed the joint back in between her teeth, and inhaled.
"As attractive as you are Mikasa-" then exhaled. "I don't want you like that. At least not right now"
Mikasa turned on her back and rubbed her face. There was a slight pink on her cheeks. Annie turned to her side placed the joint in her mouth and blew the smoke in Mikasa's face.
"Maybe when I'm not dealing with thinking about Hi-" Annie bit her tongue.
" some..asshole. I'll get back to you alright?" Annie placed the joint in Mikasa's teeth.
"I'll be looking forward to it." Mikasa smirked, fixing the joint in her teeth with her tongue. Annie flopped on her back, her eyes felt heavy, and her body kept jerking slightly. She was so tired, but it felt like she could also run for hours, but she was stuck, she was being swallowed completely in Mikasa's bed. Like her mattress was a thick ginormous marshmallow on water. Annie breathed slowly. Her thoughts for once stayed on one thing.
"I think…" Annie said.
Mikasa turned her head to face her.
"You think?"
"I think I'm going to sleep?"
"Was that a question?" Mikasa asked, but then realized Annie had already passed out, her chest falling and rising ever so slowly.
Mikasa unfolded a silk royal blue blanket that was at the foot of her bed, and laid it over the blonde's body. Mikasa spent the next couple of minutes smoking the last of the joint until it burnt the tips of her fingers. Then she flicked it into her garbage can and fell asleep.

Annie was standing in a void of black. There was nothing with her, no one with her. She stood completely naked, and she felt ashamed, embarrassed, confused. She looked around, stepping carefully around her. Wondering if the floor beneath her was going to vanish at any moment and leave her. She tripped over her feet and landed on her back. Her head smacked against the floor. She looked up and a woman was standing in front of her, she didn't have a face or any features, but she knew who it was.
Annie moved to push herself up off the ground but her arms were completely jelly, and she smacked her face off the floor.
"Help," She said, but it was nothing but a screech. Her voice was gone, she couldn't breathe. She tried to lift herself again but her arms clipped through the floor, along with the rest of her body, then she hit the ground again. Annie groaned in pain, she couldn't move. She just laid there, paralyzed. Annie couldn't move her head but she heard footsteps leading up to her, then a hand grabbed her by the hair.
"Hello, Annie." Hitch said, her hand grabbed her by the cheeks, squeezing them together causing them to get cut on her teeth.
"Were you that desperate for someone's touch, Annie?"
"Please-" Annie tried to say, but her speech was incoherent from hitch squeezing her mouth.
Hitch let go of her head which caused Annie's head to slam on the floor.
Then suddenly,
She was awake.

Chapter Text

Annie gasped for air and sat up abruptly in Mikasa's bed, grabbing at the t-shirt she lent her to wear. Her clothes felt tighter than usual, right against her chest. She felt like she was suffocating. She wanted to rip the clothes off her but even then that wouldn't help. Her forehead was glistening with sweat, even though the room was freezing since she had left the window open last night. Stars were still projected on the ceiling, but instead, faded from the sunlight leaking through the window. She looked to her side where Mikasa was laying down with her back to her, she was still in her outfit from yesterday. Annie got up and headed toward the window, and placed her hands on the chilled window sill. Small sticks and cold porcelain berries from the vines outside crushed under her palms, she lifted her palm and looked at the purple jam. She dusted her palms together to wipe off the access. Orange rays of sunlight scanned her face, she squinted when it hit her eyes, which reminded her that blue eyes are more sensitive to it. She closed the window and closed the blinds. She heard groaning from beside her, she looked over to see Mikasa stretching out her arms and legs over the bed before resting them down with a flop.
" hi. " Mikasa turned her head to face Annie, her hair was all messy in front of her face. Annie pursed her lips into an awkward smile before sitting back on the bed, back facing the jet-haired girl laying behind her.
Annie reached for her phone which was on the bedside table, charging. She pressed the home button to turn it on, revealing she had plenty of missed texts from her father.
"Shit." She mumbled
"My dad, he's been texting me all night. "
" Say you were at a friend's house."
Annie clicked her tongue. She unlocked her phone and skimmed through her father's messages.
"Sorry I didn't answer. I was working late, did you need something?"


"Are you okay?"

"Why won't you answer? Is everything alright?"

"Please answer."

"Please turn your location on"

Annie furrowed her brows. Her father worked her hard, for sure, but he loved and cared for her. Sometimes a little too much, Annie had forgotten that when she skipped with hitch, she turned off her location so that her father wouldn't know she left school. Annie tapped her fingers on the keyboard, trying to find out the best way to reply.
"Sorry, my phone died and I slept over at a friend's house. I'm okay I promise. "
Mikasa scooted over to sit next to Annie.
" He's gonna worry still.
" You should send him a picture. To show that you're alive."
Annie opened her camera but sat on the back camera for a few seconds.
"I don't know how to take good pictures"
" I can do it for you."
Annie placed the phone in Mikasa's hand before flipping the camera and raising it. Mikasa brushed her bangs with her fingers, scooted closer to Annie and gave the camera a friendly grin. Annie sat there emotionless with her half-lidded blue eyes staring up at the camera.
" I don't smile in photos. It would be more suspicious if I did this one. "
Mikasa took the picture.
"Can you see the hickies? "
" no, your hair is basically covering them."
"Does it really matter? You're 18."
Mikasa went to press send but Annie gripped her arm. The blonde breathed Shakily.
Mikasa looked up at her, her eyes softened on hers, trying to figure out why Annie was so scared without actually asking her. Her eyes shifted from one eye to another.
"If he sees those hickies, and he sees I'm with you. He will think it was you, and I don't know what his views are on-" Annie stopped herself and bit the skin on her lip. She let go of Mikasa and folded her hands in her lap. Mikasa saved the photo to Annie's camera roll and stopped the photo from being sent, before getting up and heading over to her vanity. Mikasa, without her boots on, was around the same height as Hitch, Annie tried not to think about it but it was the only thing she could compare her height to. Mikasa bent over the vanity and grabbed concealer and foundation, she looked over at the blonde and scanned her and held up the foundation and concealer. Mikasa's skin was rather fair, the same as Annie's except Annie had a warmer undertone, Mikasa's was more neutral, more or less cool-toned. Mikasa nodded her head, indicating that the skin match was close. Then she flopped down next to Annie. She looked at Mikasa before Mikasa took two fingers and pressed on her chin so that her head was turned away from her face. Mikasa took Annie's hair and tucked it behind her ear and past her shoulders, giving her a full view of Annie's neck, collar bone and side profile. Mikasa studied her while she was dabbing concealer on the bruises.
Annie's jaw was sculpted almost sharp, Mikasa wanted to run her finger along it, to see if it would cut. Her nose was hooked and thin but it fit her face perfectly, her eyelashes were long and perfectly spaced. Her lips were perfectly ratioed, they weren't big, but they weren't small, and her cupid's bow was deep. Her lips were pale and slightly chapped, probably from the night before. Mikasa thought it was like looking at a Roman marble sculpture. Her skin looked so soft but so tight, Annie didn't do any self-care but her skin remained roughly cleared, only with blackheads in the crevice of her nose.
"Can you tilt your head to the side more?" Mikasa asked, Annie, lifted her head which showed more hickies underneath her jaw.
"She really marked you up, didn't she. "
Annie felt the heat rise to her face, Mikasa didn't even need to look at her reddened face to know she was blushing. She felt the heat on her fingertips.
"Isn't it unsanitary?"
Mikasa flicked her eyes to look at Annie, who was looking at her from the corner of her eye.
" using your fingers?" Annie mentioned.
"Better than using my blender. Unless your neck gets acne. "
"I don't think it does?"
"Your skin is rather clear, I'd be surprised."
Annie raised her hand to touch her face, she felt the peach fuzz along her cheeks and jaw.
"I guess."
After Mikasa had covered the bruises Mikasa had showed her the finished work in the mirror. The bruises were completely gone, Annie raised her hand to touch it but Mikasa placed her hand on hers, and gently pushed it away.
"You might smudge it."
Annie nodded.
"It looks good."
Mikasa picked up Annie's phone and re-took the picture. Mr. Leonhart had not answered yet.
"Probably at work."
Annie mentioned, suddenly there was a sweet smell in the air. Like sugar, like syrup.
"I think my mom is making pancakes."
Annie turned to look at her, like a dog hearing a bag of chips open. Annie, despite her bitter self, loved sweets. Her father and her went out to buy donuts every Saturday.
"I hope you like panca-"
"Yes." Annie cut her off. Mikasa turned to her wide-eyed.
Annie glared at her and gave her a stern

Chapter Text

Forks and knives scraped along the plates in Mikasa's kitchen. Cutting apart the sweet pancakes, drizzled with syrup and topped with raspberries and powdered sugar. Annie plunged the fork into her mouth, a drop of syrup trickled down her chin and dripped onto the plate below her. Annie was a sloppy eater, she didn't care who she was around. Not because she had anything to prove, she just didn't think about if people looked at her while she ate. Mikasa sat across from Annie, staring at her while dining continentally, Annie looked up from her plate at the dark haired girl.
"What?" She said, muffled by the food in her mouth.
Mikasa smiled slightly, dragging the fork out from in-between her lips. Annie licked the syrup off her bottom lip.
"What?" Annie repeated.
Mikasa's parents sat at the two ends of the table between Annie and her daughter. Mikasa's mother's eyes darted between the two. Mrs. Ackerman swallowed down a chunk of pancake,
"How did you two meet?"
Annie looked up at Mikasa through her half-lidded eyes and raised her brows.
Mikasa clenched the muscles in her jaw. They only hung out a few times. All times were with Armin. Mikasa just tagged along with Eren, but they never hung out alone, until last night.
"She's Armin's ex-girlfriend"
Annie choked.
"Oh. I see."
Mr. Ackerman chuckled slightly on the other end of the table, Annie swallowed.
"He broke up with me."
" oh no, I don't care, I just thought he…"
" mom." Mikasa glared at her mother.
Annie's phone vibrated against the table, she flipped it over and there was a message from her father.

"We are supposed to go out for donuts today, do you want me to come to pick you up?"

Annie looked at the message for a moment, then looked up at Mikasa who was already staring at her, chewing in small circles.
"My dad's going to come to pick me up."
She told Mikasa.
She stayed quiet for a moment before raising a glass of orange juice to her lips and taking a sip.
"Okay." Mikasa flashed her a small, wistful smile."when?"
"In a few, probably"
Mikasa pushed her plate away from the front of her and she got up from the table.
" Your clothes are in the dryer, come."
Annie got up from the table and followed Mikasa. She turned the corner from the dining room and down a hallway, which led to a door to the left, down into a dark basement where a wave of chill air came through when mikasa opened the door. The stairs creaked as they went down into the basement, Annie lifted her right hand to reach a wall but there was no wall. The light from the upstairs door soon vanished when they reached the bottom, then there was a hand that grabbed onto hers.
"C'mon, the lights don't work down here and I don't want you getting lost."
Annie reached out with her left hand in front of her and touched Mikasa's back, she placed her palm on her upper spine where she felt the muscles flinch under her palm.
"Nothing, I'm just trying to feel where I am."
Mikasa squeezed her hand to reassure her.
"Are you afraid of the dark?"
"No. I just don't like not knowing my grounds."
"Ha, you sound like a soldier"
Annie raised her hand to the side, to feel for a wall, a brick wall touched her fingers. She ran her hand along the crevices, the hallway was long and cold. It was more like a caller than a basement. Annies legs prickled with goosebumps. She felt a weird sensation of deja vu.
Mikasa came to a stop in front of her and Annie bumped into her back, hitting her face into her spine. Mikasa bent over and opened the dryer, grabbing Annie's clothes then tossing them to her. Annie felt her warm clothes in her hands, her sweater she's had for years was clean and softer than usual. She raised the sweater to her nose and breathed in, it smelt like rose fabric softener.
"You can get dressed in the bathroom, let's go." Mikasa placed her hand on Annie's upper back and down to her hand, before taking her upstairs again.
" You know where it is."
Mikasa said before leaving her in the hallway to go back into the kitchen. Annie felt a sense of dread and confusion from that interaction. Something wasn't right. Annie brushed it off and went to get changed.

When Mikasa sat back down at the table she sat there looking at the leftover food on her plate. Her parents were still eating the pancakes.
" What's wrong Mika?" Her father asked
"I don't know."
" Is it because Annie is leaving? She seems nice."
Mikasa rests her chin in her palm. She had only liked Eren and Armin for the longest time, Eren for as long as she could remember. She was in love with them, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with them, but then Annie made her confused. Annie is an interesting person, she didn't even have to try to be intriguing. She just was, but was it Hitch that had made her suddenly intriguing? Annie had become vulnerable. Had Mikasa fallen for her vulnerability? Annies softness towards her, was always this way? Did she just not notice because when they hung out she was distracted by Eren?
Eren wasn't a very vulnerable person, he usually cried over stressful situations, but he never talked about his emotions. He didn't communicate with her about issues, not because he doesn't say he doesn't want to think about it like Annie does, because he didn't want to tell *her*. Instead, he tells Armin, because he believes Armin is strong enough to handle the information, ever since they were kids he's been like that.
Eren said he didn't want to burden her, but what about Armin? Why Armin?
Mikasa thought about Armin and his vulnerability. He had always been vulnerable, he liked talking about life, and books and his interests and his emotions. He found it all interesting to talk about; he was fascinated with the brain. He didn't understand his feelings but could understand others, and that's why he talked about them. To see other people's opinions. Was it her that was in the wrong? Should she not feel this way?
She fiddled with the ruby stone ring around her finger, the one Armin had gotten for her and Eren.

"This was the first time we spent alone together. I don't think I've ever noticed what kind of person she was when we hung out in a group."
Mikasa inhaled.
"I don't want her to leave, I want to get to know her better. I want to know if she's like this all the time, or when she's sad." She continued.
Mikasa's mom gave her a smile.
" Or maybe she's just like that with you?"
Mikasa's cheeks flushed and smiled into her first, but then turned into a frown.
"No. I don't think she likes me like that, she just got out of a relationship."
Would you even call what Annie and Hitch had a relationship? More like a lousy hookup, Mikasa thought, her blood boiled.
"You never know." Mrs. Ackerman sipped her tea, which smelt like warm honey.
"Either way, if anything did happen it would be awkward, since Armin."
"I mean, Armin could still love Annie, you four could be a quality crew."
Armin did love Annie. After they broke up and Armin got with Eren and Mikasa, he felt guilty. He broke up with her because he loved Eren, but he was confused because he loved both, then got into a polygamous relationship. Leaving Annie thinking he just stopped being interested in her entirely, without even talking to her about it.
Mikasa knew Armin's love for Annie. Even if it was platonic, his worry for Annie on the drive yesterday. He was yelling at Eren to speed up, and he was so incredibly scared for her as if she was being held hostage. He always cared for others an overwhelming amount, but this was something else, he was angry.

Chapter Text

Annie slid on her boots, wrapped the laces around her ankle then tied them into a firm knot against the aglets. Her father had just texted her that he was here, so she was going as fast as she could. Before she left Mikasa walked into the foyer, while Annie was changing in the bathroom, she got up from the dining room table and changed into an oversized shirt and plaid pyjama pants, which edges dragged on the floor below her feet when she walked.
"Hey, before you leave can I get your number?"
Annie looked up from tying her shoes, before tightening the knot and straightening her back.
"You follow me on Instagram, can you just text me if you need something there?"
"I don't answer Instagram."
"I see."
Annie quickly mentioned her number. She felt her wrist for her hair elastic which she forgot wasn't there anymore, and instead was along hitches wrist wherever she is.
"I can get you one."
"Hair elastic."
"My dad's waiting for me."
"I'll be quick."
Mikasa swung around the railing and ran up the stairs. Annie sighed. She turned to look through the small diamond-shaped window in the front door, it was hard to see out because the carved in pattern altered her view of the outside, all she could see was a black blob which she would imagine was her father's car waiting for her and had to stand up on her toes to fully see.
Suddenly, there was a firm hand on her shoulder. Annie turned around, Mikasa held a light blue spiral hair tie between her thumb and fingers.
"Here." Mikasa took Annie's hand in hers and placed it in her hand. It was oddly intimate for just a hair elastic. Annie could feel her pinkie rubbing against the small cuts on her knuckles.
"Don't lose it."
Annie looked at her confused. Did this hair elastic mean a lot to her or something?
She then whipped her hair up in a messy bun and walked out of Mikasa's house, forgetting to say goodbye.
Mikasa stood in the foyer, looking at the door. She was also confused, confused about her feelings, she raised her hand to open the door to look at Annie reaching her car, but her hand dropped to her side again, before retreating upstairs into her room.

Annie walked down the driveway that led up to Mikasa's front door and garage. Her father had parked on the road, he leaned over the passenger seat and opened the door for her on the inside. He had bandages wrapped around his head, and on his sewed scars on his lip and eyebrow. Annie was slightly terrified if her father would be mad at her, but instead, when Annie sat down he pulled her into a hug.
"God, I was so worried about you."
Annie sat there motionless against the seat. She didn't hate her father, but she felt a bit of disdain toward him from how hard he worked with her almost every day. Mr. Leonhart peeled away from the hug and then put his hands on the steering wheel, and started driving. He kept side-eyeing her, Annie didn't realize it was happening.
"I thought I worked you too hard. I thought you ran away."
He admitted. Annie looked down at her hands, rubbing the grooves in her fingernails.
"On Thursday, I realized I worked too hard. And I'm so sorry for that. I think you deserve a break."
Annie looked at him in shock, then looked back down at his leg which was heavily cast.


Annie had been kicking the same punching bag over. The smacking sound had numbed her ears, to the point where she didn't even notice. Her hands were red, along with her shins and tops of her feet, which she hit along the almost solid sandbag that hung off a rope in her backyard. She had been fighting for 7 hours without stopping since she got home from school.
" C'mon Annie!" Her father yelled.
Annie had collapsed on the floor, dry heaving. Her mouth tasted like copper, she felt like she was dying.
"Dad please."
" Annie, get up!"
Annie struggled to get up, her arms felt broken. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to exist. Her headache felt like a pounding tumour.
"I can't- I need water-"
" in situations- you can't get water! When fighting to survive you don't-get-water!"
The side of Annie's face laid flat against the dirt. Her whole body ached, it felt heavy.
" Annie, get the hell up!"
Her father reached over to grab her, but she gripped his arm. She groaned in pain as she lifted herself, when she was finally up she wobbled into her stance.
" Good girl. Now get going"
Annies tears trailed down her face. Her eyes looked from the punching bag to her receding hairline father. Maybe it was the lack of blood running to her brain, but she ran towards her father screeching as she kicked her father in the knee, causing it to bend the other way and collapse on itself with a horrifying crack. Her father screamed in pain and keeled over onto his side. Annie breathed heavily, looking down at her crippled father, then proceeded to kick him repeatedly, leaving him in a bloody broken mess on the floor blood mixed with snot and his tears.
" Annie…stop please " he mumbled, lips growing fat from the gash Annie had kicked into his lip.
Annie finally stopped, stumbling back and onto her knees, before breathing in and screaming into the ground, and crying. Suddenly she felt the strong urge to vomit again, but she hadn't eaten or drank anything in 7 hours, so it felt like her stomach was going to vomit out like a camel. Sweat made her sweater and track pants stick to her body, her baggy clothes now feeling like a latex suit suffocating her.
" call the ambulance "
Her father mumbled
" I could go to jail." Annie cried
Her father coughed
"I won't tell them it was you. I'll say it was our neighbour."
"Annie. Go, call the ambulance"
She stood up and wobbled her way over and inside her house.
She went to the bathroom first, to change her clothes and washed the blood off her knuckles. She examined her body, it hadn't bruised. Her bruises took days to develop on her legs and arms, but the pain was still there.
After, she opened her phone called 911 and created a huge lie, which they miraculously believed despite her busted hands.


" Are you only saying that, because you can't walk anymore?" She said, feeling slightly bad afterward when her father shakily inhaled.
"No! Annie…I'm so sorry. Please forgive me"
Annie didn't respond, she just looked out the window watching the telephone wires go up and down like a wave.

Chapter Text


Annie woke up that morning, knowing exactly what she was going to do that day. That day where she was going to stand her ground, teaching Hitch; who had not been heard from since Friday, that Annie was not to be fucked with.
She got out of bed, didn't eat anything that morning. She hadn't eaten any proper meals since she spent the night at Mikasa's. Before heading downstairs she looked at herself in the mirror, and looked at the fading bruises along her neck and jaw. Her father never said good morning, but that was normal between the two of them. Annie never brought a bag with her to her classes, she just brought a pencil because that's really all that she needed. She got dressed, and slid on her boots. Tying them by wrapping the laces around her ankle and knotting them with two loops.

She was early like always when she showed up to school, but this time she waited beside the English classroom door, instead of sitting in the room like she always did. Many people slipped into the class before her, Annie watching everyone passing waiting for hitch to make her appearance. She saw Armin and Eren enter the class together. Then Mikasa behind Sasha and Connie. They shared eye contact for a moment, She looked worried, but Annie's face was furious. It took a while, but she finally appeared accompanied by some of her 'new friends' but Annie couldn't give a shit. It seemed like everything was in slow motion when Annie grabbed hitch by the sleeve and pulled her to the side. Hitch gasped when she was basically thrown to the side by Annie, she tripped and fell and landed on her ass.

"what the fuck is wrong with you?"
Annie stood in front of her, she could hear chairs being scraped along the inside of the classroom floor, then students rushing to the door to see what's going on. It was only a matter of time before they got a crowd.
"I have no clue what you're talking about." Hitch scoffed
"So you're just going to pretend nothing at all happened?"
Hitch started getting up "Nothing happened? What are you crazy-" suddenly Annie kicked her leg out under hitch which made her trip again. 'oohs' were yelled out after.
"right right so you're just pretending nothing happened? like you didnt just leave me at the fucking train in the middle of nowhere?"
Hitch's face was red. She looked as if she was about to cry, guilt was rushing over her like boiling water was dumped on her head, drenching her body and seeping into her skin. Burning her alive. Hitch opened her mouth, like she wanted to say something. Like she wanted to Apologize, and explain what happened but
her friends looked over Annie's shoulder in disgust.
did they know? Did they know what Annie was implying?
Hitch's face went from guilty to cocky.
"oh come on. What are you some kind of idiot? Trying to start drama out of nothing? We just hung out. That's all."
Annie stood there.
"nothing more nothing less, now stop being so obsessed with people who are nice to you once, Leonhart" she laughed, there was quiet but then more laughter. People were laughing at her, at Annie.
Annie's fists tightened, nails digging into her palms, this moment made her revisit that day. That day on Thursday.
"come on, don't get so-" suddenly there was a huge smack, Annie had full force kicked Hitch in the stomach.

Before Annie could land another kick a pair of arms wrapped around her body and held her back, she didnt bother looking at who it was but she elbowed them in the stomach and ran after hitch who was trying to scramble to her feet to run way while holding onto her stomach. Spit trailed along the floor and across her face, hitch tried not to vomit what she just ate that morning but she feared Annie might have kicked it out of her.

"Cat fight!" Connie called out before Ymir whipped her hand over his mouth.
"Connie shut the fuck up."

Annie was basically a tornado, if anyone were to come between her and Hitch they'd just get thrown right back out again. It doesn't matter who it was, she was out for blood. She was in pain. She felt like she betrayed herself, betrayed all she was. She didn't let anyone get the upper hand, anyone took control of her like she did, but why? Why Hitch?
The truth was, she was tired subconsciously. She wanted one time where maybe, things might go right. Maybe this time she could let herself love.
But Hitch picked Annie up and used her and threw her away like a piece of paper.
A couple more kicks into Hitch and she stopped finally, when hitch was basically vomiting on the floor.
Annie didn't know if she would get expelled for this, but she just wanted hitch to feel everything she was feeling but...physically.
She looked behind her, Armin was kneeled over clutching his stomach. He was the one who had tried to hold her back first. and it wasn't long until her eyes squinted in the light of something bright. A phone.
Jean had video taped all of it.

"Fucking delete that, Jean" Annie marched her way to Jean who went from smiling to terrified so quick. Annie grabbed out to the phone, which Jean tried to hold away from her as far as possible. Which was easy since she's short. Until she kicked him in the shin which brought him down to his knees. Annie grabbed the phone from his hand and looked at it, confused about the layout. There were comments and a bunch of hearts popping up on screen. Along with a view count.
"It's live on my Instagram." Jean Mumbled.
Annie stared at his phone, reading the comments.

"what a freak"

"wow she really beat her ass"

"is it over"

"that was hot"

just like that. Annie's life changed. That live video spread like wildfire. Ruining her chance at getting into college, or getting a good job. She full on beat the shit out of someone on camera.

Hitch never made eye contact with Annie or spoke to her for the rest of the year. A lot of people kept their distance, except for Mikasa, Armin and Eren. Armin was very forgiving, Eren not so much. Magically, She only got suspended for a week after the incident. The principle Erwin Smith quoted "I've seen worse" and kind of brushed it off. The only time Annie actually liked her principle. She did end up graduating but she didn't even try to apply to college. She decided to start working for herself at a nearby coffee shop when she graduated, and is still living with her father who let her off training. Meanwhile all the other students, except for Connie, ventured off into College. Mikasa and Sasha went to the same college, Mikasa took a gap year to hangout with Eren one last time before leaving. Armin went to a University that Annie couldn't even think of going since it's 1. too far away, and 2. She isn't good enough for. Eren went to a community college.

2 years later

Annie started to hangout with Mikasa more often when she moved into her dorm. She bunkered up with Sasha, who you can clearly see which side is hers based off of the mess.
That night Mikasa had been invited to a frat party. Well *she* wasn't invited. There was a post about it online and Sasha wanted to go so she's dragging Mikasa with her, who dragged Annie. Mikasa recently had been upset because her relationship between Eren and Armin had split, since each one of them had been too busy. Eren and Mikasa had a small argument before Mikasa left, about how Mikasa shouldn't have picked a far college and how Eren didn't want her to leave him. but then they both decided what was best for each of them for their own happiness.

Mikasa decided to choose an outfit for Annie since she didn't have any 'good' clothes as Mikasa called it. Which sort of offended her. Mikasa had gifted her a pair of ripped leggings and a plaid skirt. Along with a black jacket and a white button up along with other accessories.
when she put it on she kind of just stood there, awkwardly. She wasn't really used to wearing skirts with a belt.
"I feel like a girl member of panic at the disco..."
"oh come on. It looks fun."
"oo can I pierce your ears?" Sasha asked. She was laying on her back and her head hanging off the foot of her bed. She was wearing a short, tight sparkly purple dress which didn't quite match the vibe of the party, but she liked it so she didn't care.
"no" both Annie and Mikasa said.
"You'd probably take the whole ear off," Annie joked. It was kind of hard to know when she was joking though since she always had the same expression.
"I'll pierce them" Mikasa stood up from her bed and went over to her vanity, which was the same vanity from her house. Mikasa was wearing a black cropped top with a no smoking sign on it, along with several chained necklaces and tight black ripped jeans, that also had fishnet tights under them that you could see come up to her waist and in the cuts of her jeans. She also wore black demonias that were a bit shorter along the leg than her last ones. Her hair was also a bit longer now, she had it in a low ponytail with two strands of hair coming out to cover the sides of her face.
She opened up one of the drawers and took out a needle and a random set of black earrings.
"oh so you're just going to poke holes in my ears? nice." Annie said sarcastically.
" Hey, c'mon I do all my piercing's like this."
Annie scanned her face, she had snakebites, a septum and a nostril piercing. She also had a bunch of earrings along both her ears.
She sighed and sat down on the bed which bounced under her. Mikasa crouched down in front of her and held the needle to her earlobe.
"this seems unsanitary"
"It's a new needle." she said before poking the pin into her ear without warning. Annie flinched a little bit before sighing in relief.
"see? wasn't that bad" Mikasa smiled, showing a bit of the smiley piercing under her lip, which was painted a dark red. Annie took the time Mikasa was piercing her ears to look at the makeup on Mikasa's face. Her eyeliner was stretched long just before the end of her eyebrow, and was also jeweled at the tip of the tail. Her eyelashes were long but obviously false, and brushed over with mascara. There was also dark red eyeshadow painted on her eyes, matching her lips.
After Mikasa was done she invited Annie to look at herself in the mirror. She didn't notice Mikasa putting two piercing's in each of her ears. One on the lobe and one on her helix. They were both small black hoops. Annie never really cared about her looks that much but she actually thought she looked,
"you look cool"
Mikasa placed her hands on Annie's shoulders for a moment before taking them off and grabbing mascara.
"Do you want some?"
"I think I'm good."
"If you think you look good now just put on mascara you'll be BOOM hot!" Sasha stated, slightly muffled by the lollipop she had in her mouth.
Annie rolled her eyes and gave Mikasa a look that said 'fine'. Mikasa applied a small amount on with a gently quick few swoops, Annie again looked at herself in the mirror. what a big difference just a small amount of mascara makes, she thought to herself.
She looked back at Mikasa who was already looking at her, giving her a small smile that made Annie shiver a bit.

They finally headed off to the party, which started about an hour ago, but it's never fun to be early to a party.
Before Annie even entered this random person's house she was already rolling her eyes at the type of music they were playing. Shitty soundcloud rapper music that all sounded the same. When they entered the whole house smelled of 100 different body sprays, cologne and perfume smells, with a mix of pot and burnt plastic and shitty alcohol. Annie had only been to one party, which was her old friend Piecks birthday party in 6th grade. This was obviously different. Annie had to squeeze her way through multiple bodies, luckily she was small so it wasn't that much of a hassle, but she was falling behind from Mikasa and Sasha. Soon enough she lost her way and started randomly slightly pushing her way through the crowds of people. Until she found an open spot with a couch with a bunch of people sitting on the floor doing...something Annie couldn't quite make out. She sat down on the couch next to a tall girl with her hair held back in a ponytail. She didn't recognize who it was until the girl next to her spoke. It was Ymir and Historia. Ymir noticed the couch moving when someone sat next to her and looked over.

Historia looked over Ymir's shoulder.
"Oh my god! Hey it's been what..? 2 Years? That seems not so long ago when I say it out loud.” She was speaking loudly over the music. Ymir was sipping on whatever drink she had in her red solo cup.
"yeah...I just got here, I'm with Mikasa and Sasha."
"oh wow really? they're here too? it's like a whole girl reunion!" She laughed.
Annie turned her attention to the people sitting in the middle of the floor.
"what are they doing?" Annie asked.
There was a smell of burning metal and vinegar.
"Heroin I think?" Ymir sipped her drink again.

Annie slumped back onto the couch. She didn't really feel like she belonged in this setting. Everyone seemed so calm about what was happening in the middle of the floor, did they do some?
She sat there for a while. Contemplating leaving, Ymir turned her head to look at her.
"Do you want me to get you a drink or something? You don't look like you're having fun."
Who could have fun at a party like this though? It's too loud and everything smells and looks like shit and the music sucks, Annie thought to herself. Ymir got up and walked into the crowd of people after handing her drink to Historia who soon sipped it after. She scooted closer to Annie on the couch, Annie could fully see what she was wearing now. It was a black turtleneck top, that was cut in the center to show off the top of her chest, then she was wearing dark-washed skinny jeans and converse.
"'ve you been?" Historia asked, shifting her side bangs out of her face.
"I've been fine, I guess."
There was a bit of silence between them. They never really talked to each other in high school. Annie looked over the party in front of her. Most of the people here were just standing and bobbing their heads to the music. Some were dancing, some were making out, and doing other things that should not be going on in the living room of a house. The house was pretty large, she could hear music coming from the basement below her too. The whole house was practically vibrating.

"So do you go to school around here?" Annie asked to break the awkward tension.
"hm no, I'm just visiting. Ymir lives around here so I just wanted to hangout with her. Maybe see if other people are still around here too." she smiled to herself.
"oh does Ymir not go to school?"
"No, she says that college is kind of a waste of money, since you could just learn everything online now."
"Got a point."
Suddenly there was a parting in the crowd and Ymir slid through with one hand over a solo cup.
"here." Ymir handed Annie the cup
She brought it up to her nose and smelt it.
Annie wasn't surprised but also wasn't excited. She never liked getting drunk, she was in fact not the best type of drunk. Not anything bad she just got very *awake*.
She sipped her drink and winced at it a bit. It just tasted like whiskey.
"What is this?"
"Whiskey and Pepsi I'm guessing." Ymir took her drink back from Historia, which also had the same mix in it.

"there you are!" Sasha stumbled out of the crowd of people, holding onto Mikasa's hand.
"Hey guys!" Historia gasped
"Ymir! Historia heyyy!" Sasha danced her way over to the both of them and gave them a hug. Ymir just gave her an awkward pat on the back. Mikasa walked over and sat on the couch arm next to Annie, crossing her legs and leaning against what's left of the back of the couch.
"What's in there?" Mikasa gestured to her cup.
"Whiskey and Pepsi."
Mikasa shook her head in disapproval.
"what're you? a 40 year old man" Sasha joked Squeezing her way in-between Annie and Ymir.
"you know this couch isn't big right?" Ymir snarled.
Sasha hummed in confusion. Mikasa gave Annie's shoulder a squeeze.
"Are you okay?"
Annie looked at her reflection in the cup before drinking more of it.
"I will be"