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A maknae's privilege

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It was quite easy for Chan to get exactly what he wanted whenever he wanted, being the youngest had some amazing perks and even though all of his hyungs always tease him immensely, he knew that he just had to ask and they would be putty in his hands.

That was exactly what he wanted from them as all of them looked amazingly hot in each of their own way and he would be lying if his thoughts hadn’t wandered to each of his hyungs at least once while he was having his alone private time. Just the way each of them moved made his mouth water.

This was slowly becoming a problem as he got distracted throughout all of the day, whether it being in the dance hall or at an interview, his gaze would find the body of one of his hyungs and he would imagine running his fingers all over their body which made him forgetful and very much distracted.

So much that one day Seungcheol came knocking on his door to ask what was wrong, worried to see the otherwise quite striven maknae being out of his game lately. So they talked for a bit, Chan lying his ass off as he let his mind wander to Seungcheol’s thighs that were right in front of him.

Thick and looking right to bite into, or leave small kisses, Chan knew that he wouldn’t mind either outcome as long as he got to snack on his leader’s thighs.

Seungcheol of course noticed him getting distracted once again and waved his hand in front of his face to get his attention, being a bit annoyed by how this conversation was clearly one sided despite him answering in what seemed to be buzzer words. “Chan, what is up with you today? You are fully gone.”

“Hyung, it's you,” Chan decided to be honest because maybe he would get exactly what he wanted from him, access to his thighs. “You are distracting me.”

“Me?!” Seungcheol was clearly surprised and puzzled by his answer, trying to go through his brain to figure out what he had done exactly to cause this much distraction from the youngest.

“Yes you hyung, you see I keep getting distracted by your thighs and it just can’t seem to get them out of my head,” Chan says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world, a perfect explanation. Seungcheol heard this and his ears started to flush a deep red, clearly not having expected this answer coming from Chan, no not at all. “So you see how in reality it's kind of your fault that I can’t concentrate.”

“I-,” Seungcheol could barely form a sentence, quite abnormal for him. His own hands found themselves on his thighs, almost as to hide them away from Chan’s now obvious gaze, seeming quite exposed at the moment.

“So hyung, can you please help with this?” Chan made sure to use his maknae eyes and voice, begging his hyung to help him out of this predicament. And Seungcheol couldn’t resist him no not at all.

“How can I help?”

It barely took minutes before Seungcheol was sitting in only his boxers and shirt, pants discarded somewhere on the floor near them. Chan was between his thighs, focusing on the left top side at the moment, leaving small kisses and licking them as he went on to explore what he had now gained access to. Such a treasured thing.

“Your thighs feel so good, hyung, could spend hours like this,” Chan said, his voice sultry. Seungcheol had on the other hand not said a word since they had begun, his mind completely on the lips that kept on changing between sides. How his mouth sent shivers down his spine in a way he didn’t know was possible. And the non stop complements just did something to him, blood sending directly down to his dick, feeling how it grew slowly but surely.

Chan decided to go a little further and started to focus on his inner thighs, licking a long strip from the knee to almost Seungcheol’s pelvis and that brought out a whined out moan from the elder. Liking the reaction he got, he copied what he did on the other side and got an even better reaction.

While most of his thigh was hard because of his muscles there, his inner thigh was soft as satin, even more inviting than Chan initially thought it would be and he wanted better access to his new found treasure so he pushed Seungcheol’s legs apart as he started to lick and give him small love bites all over. It was safe enough as no one but them would see this part and his thick thighs would be able to cover most of them as he pressed his legs against each other so there was no reason to not do that.

“You feel so good hyung, exactly what I needed,” Chan said in a low voice but Seungcheol could barely hear him, his head thrown back in sensitivity as he tried not to moan too loudly and alert anyone else of what was happening.

It took Chan a good thirty minutes to finally get his fill and he let Seungcheol go, giving his thighs one last squeeze before letting him leave the room with a very noticeable hard on and a fucked out face.

This had saturated some of his hunger but he needed more, his fixation was not at all finished so when he found Jeonghan sitting in the living room on his phone later that evening, his shirt slightly buttoned down to show off his neck, he knew that he should take his chance.

Walking over to him, he placed himself directly in his lap, looking up at him underneath his lashes the best that he could. Jeonghan in turn raised an eyebrow and this behaviour but humoured anyways. “What’s up channie? Need my help?”

“I dooooo,” Chan said, letting himself move closer to Jeonghan’s inviting neck. He let his mouth stay close to the pulse point before murmuring to Jeonghan. “I really need your neck, it's so distracting and makes me forgetful. Please Han hyung, can I please just play with it for a little while?”

Jeonghan smirked a bit before moving his head to the side, letting Chan have free reign on what he wanted to do as he continued to look at his phone. With the consent of his hyung, he started to drag the tip of his nose over Jeonghan’s neck, just really getting in the scent of him so that he could remember this forever but that soon grew boresome and he needed his lips on his neck now.

He felt Jeonghan’s free arm circle around Chan’s waist, just lightly hanging there as he continued to scroll through his feed but Chan barely noticed this, he was too gone in the feeling of Jeonghan’s skin underneath his lips.

Letting his tongue circle around Jeonghan’s Adam’s apple, feeling the way it moved around as he played around. The feeling of something in his throat was just such a good feeling and Chan wandered exactly how much of his cock he could fit inside of his throat before he had to stop.

“So pretty,” Chan murmured as he continued his exploration, looking for something somewhere. It didn’t take long before he found the spot he was looking for just behind Jeonghan’s ear as he heard him take in a sharp breath and the arm around him tighten for a second.

Smirking to himself, Chan began to focus entirely on that one point, sucking and licking the spot, just enough for Jeonghan to feel it but not enough to leave a mark, he couldn’t be as careless as he could with other spots on the body.

Jeonghan wasn’t the type to moan but the pleasure that unexpectedly came with Chan’s little game did make him turn off his phone and bared his neck even more the younger to continue. The only other reaction he had was the tightness that he was holding around Chan every time he felt the spark go through his body.

His whole neck was oversensitive at this point and he was about to truly moan when he felt Chan’s hand resting around his neck, never squeezing but ever present and it felt so good. The slight control was just perfect for him.

It was over sooner than Jeonghan would have, Chan just kissing his sweet spot one last time and squeezing his hand that was still around his neck for just a second before thanking him for his help and leaving Jeonghan alone in the living room with a hard one.

Chan was satisfied enough for this night and went to bed dreaming of these encounters and the future ones that he would for sure see through.

The next day, he found himself in the gym watching Joshua doing pull ups, his shirt a little see through because of the sweat so that he could see the way his chest moved with every move he made.

It was truly mesmerising so when he saw that everyone but those two were left in the gym and Joshua was taking a break, he moved over to him with a glint in his eyes. Only set on two things, his boobs.

Chan knew that he needed to touch and taste with a burning passion, he needed to feel the softness of his boobs underneath his hands and he somehow knew just how soft they were gonna be despite the muscles. He also knew he just needed to ask Joshua and he would probably get exactly what he wanted. "Shua hyung?"

"Yes?" Joshua asked, looking up from his seat, finally getting a good look on how the younger was acting, no shame in looking directly at what he wanted.

And maybe it was the look that Chan gave Joshua, maybe it was the adrenaline or maybe even a bit of curiosity but Joshua soon found himself leaning against the white wall, shirt pulled behind his head and a very hungry Chan on his boobs and most importantly, his nipples.

One mouth on one nipple while the other was fondled with his fingers, never letting either side have a break and why should he, this was heavenly for him.

Joshua’s eyes were rolled back in his head as his back was curved from the pleasure caused through him, he had never thought that he would end up in this situation with his dongsaeng but he was in no way complaining, no not at all.

Joshua’s hands found its way to Chan’s hair and grabbed a hold of it so he had some kind of control while all of this was happening but that only made Chan smirk and give his nipple an extra tight squeeze that made Joshua squeal. “You feel so good, hyung, so pretty and so compliant. Wish I could do this forever.”

Joshua moaned at this, his head just nodding in agreement, he definitely wanted this to happen again if this was what he gained out of it, such undivided attention from the youngest in such a special place.

“Taste good as well, could just lick you up,” which was exactly what Chan did, licking over the nipple in such a skilled fashion that it made Joshua shiver to the core. Wanting to treasure him a bit more, Chan switched it up to small kisses around and on his boob as he cupped the other, being sure to give each of them the attention they deserved, all the while muttering small compliments that left Joshua a blushing mess.

When Chan finally felt finished, he placed a kiss on each of the boobs before giving them both one last squeeze and thanked his hyung for such a gift before leaving the gym. Joshua was still lying down on the floor trying to process what exactly happened, being hard from the whole experience.

When trying to get his shirt on once again so that he could go the showers to take care of his lower problem, he found that he was very sensitive around the nipples and the shirts fabric felt too weird so he had to walk out, shirt on but having to hold it away from his body, specific his boobs.

Chan had walked out like it was nothing, making his way to the photo studio that they had for some of the photos they sometimes needed, knowing that that was where his schedule pulled him. There he found Jun in the middle of a photoshoot in a pair of tight pants and a way too loose shirt that exposed his collarbones and by god did Jun play with that concept.

Holding his shirt over his shoulders and leaning his face to the other side, expertly posing for the camera. He made that his main point, showing off his collarbones, a thing that would surely make carats go crazy just the way Chan was going crazy over it.

Quickly getting through makeup and stylist, he made his way out to find that Jun was still on it and Chan was called over and asked to join in the photoshoot which he gladly did. Walking over to him like it was nothing, Jun was smiling at him and welcoming him. “Hi hyung.”

“Hi Chan,” Jun said back, before listening to how the photographer wanted the two to pose and lucky for Chan, he was supposed to hang over his hyung’s shoulders which gave him plenty of access to touch as he wanted to and in front of a crew nonetheless, making it so much more exciting.

He let his fingers rest in the crevice of his collarbones as his chin rested on his shoulder and he could feel Jun’s reaction to that, body shivering but looking otherwise unbothered by it and instead went with it and posed for the camera.

This type of teasing went on for a whole twenty minutes, Chan always keeping his hand on Jun’s collar bones and being more brave on how he did so as the time went by. He was sure Jun was barely noticing the photographer at the end, letting himself be guided however the youngest wanted but luckily the crew called for a fifteen minutes break and the of them went to their dressing room, knowing no one would disturb them there.

Chan was immediately on Jun as the door closed and as Jun was done for the day, he could mess him up as he wanted without consequences. His lips found the collarbones and started to place feather-like kisses along it, knowing his hyung probably would find that more lustful than being manhandled. “You looked so pretty hyung, showing off your body like that for the photographer. You were so so good.”

“Aaaahhhh,” Jun could barely form sentences, drunk on Chan’s whole presence. He knew that this would soon end because Chan needed to go back to work but he couldn’t help but wish for this for longer. That the maknae would continue his soft touches as if Jun was something priceless that shouldn’t be broken. Being treated with such care was such a relief and turn on, he just wanted to be praised and touched like to the end of time, was that too much to ask.

“Please hyung let me hear your voice,” Chan said, never looking away from his obsession. Jun delivered, while he wasn’t the most vocal of them, his soft hitches of his breath and almost not audible moans was definitely a turn on for Chan so he continued on his little game.

That was until he heard the knock on the door, indicating that he needed to go back to work now so he bit down softly on his left collar bone, not enough to make it irritated but just enough so that Jun could see the indents of a couple of teeth on his skin and he shivered at the side, knowing he needed to take care of his new problem as quick as possible.

Chan knew that he was slowly making his way through his hyungs and this time deliberately went to try and find Soonyoung, his abs had been on his mind ever since the spider mv and it was a wonder he hadn’t jumped him soon. The man has an eight pack to show off, how could he not want that.

The way he moved was such a sight and he knew he craved him enough so when he entered the practice room and saw that he was once again going over the spider choreography, made a bee line over to him and hugged him from behind. His hands went to his abs immediately. “Hyuuuung, I need you!”

“Need me?” Soonyoung asked, clueless as ever.

“Yes, need you and your abs, is that too much to ask for?” Chan exclaimed, giving his torso a good squeeze to really emphasise his point. This made Soonyoung chuckle a little, Chan being able to feel his muscles bounce underneath his grip.

“Okay,” Soonyoung flat out agreed, no shame at all now that he knew what this was about. He placed his own hand on top of Chan’s and guided his hand underneath Soonyoung’s shirt, letting him cop a feel as much as he wanted. He even flexed while so that he could really feel the way his abs moved.

The music was still in the background on a constant loop, and as the experienced dancer that Soonyoung is, he started to sway his hips to the music, Chan quickly following his steps, never letting him out of his sight.

Soonyoung leaned his head back so that he was leaning on Chan’s shoulder as they continued their little dance though his own hand had dropped, knowing that the younger was fully capable of taking care of that himself. Chan leaned in close to Soonyoung’s ears and whispered. “You feel so good underneath my fingers, this is just heaven.”

“Is that so?” Soonyoung said as he grabbed the hem of his own shirt and threw it to the side so that he could see Chan fondle his body as he pleased. Chan groaned at the side before continuing his fondling, and maybe he added his fingernails, letting them drag over his hyung’s body just enough so that it would show a subtle red. A little mark so to say that Chan knew was his doing.

Soonyoung obviously loved the attention he was getting, his hips swaying more as their dance dragged on and Chan could just about see the outline of something growing in his pants which brought him great pride.

But noticing the time, he knew that the two of them should stop fooling around and get back to their own tasks even though this was plenty of fun so he stopped his hyung in his tracks and gave him a tight squeeze from behind before leaving Soonyoung too horny to keep practising.

Wonwoo was next on his list and Chan had been dying to get his hands on the rapper’s waist for the longest time. It just looked so tiny compared to his height and Chan could definitely feel his attraction go that way now.

And he knew that he could find him in his gaming room as it was his off day, playing one of his many games that Chan really didn’t have any idea about but that was okay. He just wanted to distract the fuck out of him right now, enough to get him riled up and then to leave him as he had now done so many times.

Softly knocking to his room, he found the light completely shut off and the only light being from the computer screen. In front of that sat Wonwoo, deeply concentrated on his game, not even noticing sneaking his way into his room before it was too late and he was sitting on top of Wonwoo’s lap.

Wonwoo just looked at him funny before shrugging and going back to his gaming, his arms around Chan so that he could reach the keyboard and mouse and his head resting on Chan’s shoulder so that he could see what he was doing. Chan smirked at this, seeing how compliant he was to his wishes and started his plan.

His hands quickly found his target, Wonwoo’s waist and started to caress much to Wonwoo’s surprise but Chan just shushed and nodded towards his screen saying he should continue playing as normal. He leaned close enough that he was almost up against his neck and started to whisper things to him. “God, how can you have such a tiny waist, I would just love to put my arms around it and drag you around like I wished.”

Wonwoo clearly heard as he found him lean even more into him and he could feel his body shake at the thought of being dragged around like that, it now becoming harder to concentrate on the game in front of him.

Chan found the bottom of where his hips were and dragged his nails up over his waist, creating Goosebumps along the way, and with this Wonwoo was leaning fully into Chan and Chan could feel something growing beneath him. So he needed to be a little more rough on him.

Getting a good grip on his waist, he pulled him closer so that Chan was leaning backwards and Wonwoo was bent over. Wonwoo at the same time thrust upwards to get more friction, fully hard by now but was having a hard time as Chan was not giving him any room to move in. He then groaned as he died in the game he was playing and Chan couldn’t help but chuckle before getting off his lap so that he could get back to his game without distractions. “That was not fair Channie…”

“Oh but it absolutely was,” Chan said, winking at the elder before finally leaving his room to get back to his own for the night.

The next day, Chan was sitting beside Jihoon in his studio as he were working on the next song but the conversation had drifted to Chan talking and talking about his recent adventures he have had with his hyungs and it was distraction Jihoon from doing the work he was supposed to do but at the same time it was quite interesting to hear them all fumble around when concerning Chan.

“And then I was with Hoshi hyung and we were dancing and he let me touch all over his abs, I swear to god, they are carved by heaven, or hell, depends on how you see it and theooogjhhhg,” Chan’s little ramblings were stopped as Jihoon had shoved his fingers into his mouth to stop him from talking and it worked perfectly. Chan, while completely enjoying the weight of something on his tongue, looked at his hyung in slight confusion.

“You were talking too much plus I have seen the way you have eyed my hands before, you are not a very sneaky kid,” Jihoon said, making Chan’s eyes widen. He had originality not when after Hoon hyung because of his dislike for too much touching but here he was giving him full permission to live out his dream. “That’s what you want right?”

Chan could only nod eagerly before he went on to sucking his fingers off, absolutely loving the feeling of his long fingers deep inside of his mouth. Especially as he watched Jihoon continue his work as if he wasn’t feeding the maknae his fingers down his throat.

He seemed fully unbothered as Chan started to deepthroat his fingers, all the while seemingly trying to compliment him some more but stopped the second he felt Jihoon’s fingers press down as a way to make him shut up and just to continue his little work.

It was only when Jihoon finally seemed kind of satisfied with his work that he finally pulled his fingers back to him, wiped the spit off on his jeans and then turned around to the half flustered Chan. “Now tell me more about your little adventures.”

When Chan finally left, he knew he needed some control back and who was better to ask for that than his beloved hyung Minghao. So he quickly sent a text to him asking where he was and was quickly responded with a location. Of course Minghao would be in the art studio.

As he arrived, he saw how Minghao was working in only his pants and an apron around him, his back turned away from him, letting Chan have a very good view as Minghao worked on what seemed to be a yellow dominant painting. “Come in.”

“Thanks,” Chan took off his shoes and socks at the door, and made his way to where Minghao was standing. Pondering exactly what he wanted to do with his friend, it was hard to choose though he did come up with a good idea. “Hyung, can I paint you?”

“That’s new, well of course, would be honoured,” Minghao said, turning around. Chan could see how the paint had splattered over his apron, some even going and covering his skin. This was exactly what he wanted.

“Well to be exact, I want to put paint all over you,” Chan admitted, already having an idea on the colours he wanted to use, and how he could maybe get his hyung to pose for a picture or two afterwards so that he could keep it forever.

“I am not one to stop creative flow, do your worst Channie,” and he would do exactly that. Moving closer, Chan took off Minghao's apron and placed it to the side though he let him keep on his pants. It was the ones he always used when painting anyway so it didn’t matter if they got dirty as well.

Taking some of the yellow he was already painting with, he covered his fingers with it and placed them on his chest before dragging it down, creating one long stroke of yellow. He then dipped his finger once more in the yellow and dragged it over his arm, enjoying the contrast between Minghao’s skin and the bright yellow colour. He did it a few times before switching colours to a more baby blue colour.

Following his natural body lines, he was led to his back that of course also needed a bunch of colour. Grabbing a darker orange and a pink this time, he used both of his hands to cover him in this, matching one side with the other.

He was so fully in the zone that he didn’t notice how Minghao had relaxed completely as the cold paint was put on his ever heating body. It was such a strange feeling but he found that he quite liked it anyways and he wouldn’t mind being the subject again.

Chan finally chose a dark deep purple to match the bright colours, painting him where it felt natural to him and when he could see that there was almost no skin colour left on his body, he took a step back to admire his hard work.

The paint made Minghao seem even more petite than normal, drawing any spectators in with the colourful sight. He was truly alluring and he needed to forever treasure his masterpiece, it didn’t deserve to be washed away. “Hyung, can I please take a picture of you? You just look so good to me.”

“Yes!” Minghao said quickly, he too wanted to see what he looked like and wouldn’t mind modelling a bit to see how exactly he looked so he struck a pose, making sure that none was hidden away from sight.

After taking the pictures that he needed, he made sure to send them all to Minghao as well before leaving him to continue painting his own picture. An artwork creating art, what a wonderful day.

Chan made sure he was cleaned when he finally headed him, never leaving his gaze from the phone and the new pictures in there. There was a beautiful one from his back, colours everywhere and one was unable to see who it was so Chan quickly saved it as his new background on his phone.

Walking into the dorm, he could smell someone cooking in the kitchen and as a moth attracted to light, he followed the scent. Inside the kitchen he found Mingyu standing and seemingly making food for himself and Chan could feel himself fill up with hunger but not one for food, no he needed something else entirely.

Walking over to him, he quickly got his attention and Mingyu smiled back at Chan, happy to see him. Oh how Chan couldn’t wait to turn that smile into something else entirely.

“Hey gyu, can I please lick you? You are looking quite delicious there as you are cooking and I honestly can’t resist you,” Chan said with a wink that left the poor Mingyu exclaim a little yip before turning beat red.

“Is that a yes?” Chan asked, knowing just how easy it was to fluster Mingyu. He nodded quite flustered which made Chan grin wide. Time to get a good taste on how he tasted.

Chan walked over to him before promptly dropping to his knees so that he was right where he needed and where his desires were laying at the moment. Pulling down the pants but keeping the underwear, he started to trace the indents of his v line and stopped when the first sign of pubes started, never going lower.

It sent shivers down Mingyu’s spine as he had switched to mixing the ingredients in a mixing bowl, making sure that he would not spill on the table and on Chan that was sitting right in front of him. And the best part was that Chan was completely hidden from view, so anyone walking in would simply just see Mingyu making food, the perfect plan.

Leaning closer he started to kiss the top of his v line, making sure to follow the line as exact as he could and as soon as he had done that, he did the same but just with his tongue. The bowl rattled on top of him, hinting that Mingyu had accidently dropped the bowl on the kitchen counter which just made Chan beam in pride. "Did that feel good, hyung? Want me to continue?”

“Yes please!” Mingyu moaned out as he gripped the counter for balance. Chan, giving Mingyu what he wanted, started to suck instead, leaving small hickeys in place. And Mingyu enjoyed every second of it, shamelessly moaning in the kitchen, not caring anymore if anyone could walk in and see the mess he was in, it just felt too good.

Chan could feel Mingyu’s dick grow underneath his chin and how every time it would graze him, Mingyu would shudder in pleasure and he decided to do something bold, well he did say that he could taste him.

The tip was the thing most noticeable protruding from behind its prison and Chan decided to give it a little kiss which made Mingyu moan out and finding him liking it, he let the whole tip, still clothes into his mouth, sucking on it just enough to pleasure shoot through Mingyu. His tongue circling around his head, going for the little part just underneath the dick’s head where he knew he would be the most sensitive.

And when Chan deemed that Mingyu was close enough he drew back and stopped back up to be met with a pout that almost made him go down on his knees to finish the job, almost. “Mhmm, it tasted delicious, good night hyung and thank you for the taste.”

As he walked out of the kitchen he heard a groan and then followed by soft moans, indicating what he was doing. And he was just about to call it a night when he ran into Seokmin, deeply in concentration from his musical, reciting the same line over and over underneath his with a frustrating tone. “Seems hard hyung.”

“You have no idea,” Seokmin groaned, clearly frustrated over something. Chan waited patiently as he took a deep breath before continuing. “I just can’t seem to get this one line down no matter how hard I try, it's unnecessarily difficult.”

“Need any help?” Chan offered, having some experience with practising lines before and Seokmin was happy to get any help at this point. They walked into the studio they had in their dorm and sat on the couch there. Chan went through all the things he had learned, trying to figure out what would be the smartest move so Seokmin was sure that the line sat at the end of it without it being overly complicated and he was sure that this would work, he just needed it to adjust it a bit so that he would gain something out of this as well. “Okay so, here is what is going to happen. I’m going to try and distract you little by little while you go through the line as many times as possible. That way if something unexpected happens on stage, you will know what to do. Oh and try not to use your script, hanging on to that for too long can make it harder for yourself. Understood?”

“Yes,” He started to recite his line at the best of his ability and while it was a little wobbly, he managed to get through it all without any major problems. Chan knew deep down that his hyung could that line by heart, it was just the nerves that played him a mind trick so he just needed to turn that off and the only way to do that was to turn something else on.

Chan softly grabbed a hold of Seokmin’s wrist, turning the arm so that he could see all of his muscles and boy did he have some muscles and he was going to use that for his own gain but he needed to go slowly before coming right to that. Seokmin had still no problem though he was looking at Chan a bit weird, not quite understanding how this could be beneficial for him just yet.

And then Chan started to caress his arms and Seokmin stuttered, not able to just exactly get the right words as there was something quite distracting on his arm at the moment. Chan did not stop until he heard that the stutter disappeared and he felt ready to continue and when that time arrived, he just focused on the upper arms muscles.

Squeezing and caressing and even placing soft kisses right on top of the muscles and Seokmin was right back to stuttering, his gaze directly at Chan and his mouth and hands. But Chan just noted that he should continue with his practising and so Seokmin did just that. Right until he stopped stuttering here.

Chan took back Seokmin’s wrist and placed his mouth right there, waiting for Seokmin to begin to recite his line once more. Just as words started to flow from his mouth, Chan decided to lick a long stripe from the wrist to the shoulder and that stopped Seokmin right in his tracks, eyes wide as he tried to process exactly what was happening.

And it didn’t help when stuttering muttering “good boy” to him. He tried so desperately to do as he was told but was finding it harder minute by minute. It was also not the only thing that was hard and Seokmin crossed his legs, trying to hide that he was so affected by the younger.

But before he knew it, he had mastered that as well and when they once again tried the line without any distractions, Seokmin found himself able to remember the line as he should and he could feel a weight in his shoulders that he had not been able to shake before anything.

Satisfied with the result, he wished Seokmin good luck, kissed him once on his nose and went on his merry way towards his room when he remembered that he needed to ask Seungkwan about something and made a beeline towards his room instead.

Just right outside, he could see the wet footprints of Seungkwan that had probably just taken a bath so Chan just let himself into the room as he had done a million times before without any issues. Seungkwan knew to lock the door if he didn’t want to be disturbed.

Well that’s what he thought at least because when he entered, he found Seungkwan in quite the compromised position. Leaning over his own bed butt naked which meant that his mouth watering ass was just there for taking.

Seungkwan had yet to hear him, so he walked over and placed his hand on Seungkwan’’s tailbone, making it hard for Seungkwan to get himself in an upright position. Seungkwan also squealed at the touch, jumping out of his own skin. “Hello there Seungkwan.”

“Chan, what are you doing?!” Seungkwan asked, trying to get over the fact that there was nowhere he could hide his body from Chan.

“Oh that’s easy, want your ass Kwannie, now would be preferable,” He was always more stubborn and teasing when it was concerning Seungkwan, something about it just came natural to him. Maybe it was because Seungkwan was so easy to rile up or maybe it was the way his ass bounces as he walks, he doesn't know but he knew that he was definitely attracted to him.

“Like you could even be able to make me moan, pretty sure you are incapable of doing something so simple,” Seungkwan scoffed in a tease, believing every word he had said himself and the possibility to make more Chan more driven and boy did that little trick work wonders.

“Oh so that’s what you think? Maybe I should prove to you just how wrong you are. How about that Kwannie?” Chan said, answering back, just as sassy as the other. Seungkwan just gave him a daring look and that was all it took for Chan to take a hold of his buns and spread them apart, showing that beautifully just cleaned rim. Oh he couldn't wait for him to be a moaning mess underneath his tongue.

He didn’t even start with his fingers, going immediately in with the tongue work, licking a continuous stripe from top of his ball sack to just over his rim, really taking all the smells and tastes.

And by god he tasted great, newly washed had just left Seungkwan's taste and smell left and he wouldn’t mind doing this more often, especially with how he could feel every twitch that Seungkwan let out, it was amazing.

Even though Seungkwan did put up a good fight, he knew he wouldn't last long when their maknae licked ass like it was his last paycheck, hungrily devouring him whole and Seungkwan started to mewl and moan so beautifully. “Mhmm, taste so good Kwannie, gonna devour you until you are just about to cum and then leave you hanging because of you doubting my skills.”

“Aaaahhhhh,” Seungkwan whimpered out, his hand grabbing the sheets underneath him as Chan continued to eat him out. Chan let his tongue circle Seungkwan’s rim, putting a bit of pressure there and Seungkwan legs gave out, the only reason he was not sliding off the bed was the fact that Chan had a very firm grip on his ass and that kept him in place.

Seungkwan’s cock was dripping with precum, as he rutted against the duvet, becoming more painfully hard as time went by. His mewls and moans had turned into only whines, begging to cum and more, saying that Chan was the superior of the two much to Chan’s delight.

“Mhmm, I don’t think so Kwannie, seemed really bratty earlier and that behaviour needs to get out of your system because you that only good boys get to cum,” Chan said as he pulled away, wanting to see the mess that he had created himself. With Chan no longer holding Seungkwan up, he slid off the bed and was sitting at the edge of the bed completely dazed, getting a hold of his own breath.

“You’re the brat,” Seungkwan scowled at him which in turn made Chan laugh out loud. Oh how true those were. Chan pondered for a second on whether or not he should be somehow merciful or not which turned out to be quite the easy choice.

Kneeling in front of Seungkwan, he took his hand and leaned in close so that he could whisper in his ear. “You know what, get yourself off and I will come by later for cuddles, how does that sound?”

“Yes please,” Seungkwan whined, all of the sassiness from earlier gone, truly wishing for some cuddles from the youngest of their bunch. Plus he could get off and then relax which sounded amazing.

Walking out of the room, he knew he just needed to find Hansol, the last one on the list of many and Chan was in luck because he found him walking in the hallway with his headphones in, listening to some music.

Chan practically skipped towards him before trapping him between him and the wall, not really scaring Hansol but definitely giving him a shock. Hansol took his hand up to remove one of his earbuds so that he could hear what Chan was going to ask of him. “What’s up dude?”

“Needy,” Chan groaned, getting closer to Hansol in the process. He started to place featherlike kisses along his jawline, making Hansol shiver, music forgotten completely. “Need you so badly.”

And how could Hansol refuse his only dongsaeng from what he wanted, he needed to be a good hyung for him. So he just took as Chan focused completely on his jawline, nibbling and licking and kissing to his heart's extent.

Hansol’s eyes felt dropping when he saw someone out of his peripheral vision. It was Seungcheol looking at the two with interest before he shook his head and continued to walk away. This made Hansol blush as he focused back on Chan that could not keep his mouth off his face.

“So pretty, so handsome, how are you shaped like this so godly,” Chan groaned as he continued with his exploration, Hansol’s jawline was simply to die for, sharp as anything and just so prominent. And top of that on such a quiet person as Hansol, it simply wasn’t fair.

Chan felt complete, he had his way with his hyungs, exploring what he felt was good and he was so satisfied. Enough to make him tired and he wanted cuddles, so good thing that he already had planned to do that with Kwan. But he needed more than just that so when Chan started to drag Hansol down the hall and into Kwan’s room where he was already half asleep, he didn’t question it.

And when Chan laid down on the bed, pulling Seungkwan close to him and asking for Hansol to join him on the other side, there was no fight. Which made sense because Chan was the group’s maknae and the maknae always had certain privileges which for Chan had just extended to his hyungs bodies and he wouldn’t have it any other way.