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White was in Black’s room getting ready to pretend to be his brother again. As he was pulling up his pants, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his heart. He knew what was about to follow yet he couldn’t really prepare himself for that. Something was happening to his brother and he could only hope the doctors would be able to help him.

As he was twitching on the ground trying to get enough oxygen in his lungs there was a knock on the door.

“Black?”, came a voice from the other side.

It was Sean. He couldn’t let him see him like that or the other would question him. Deciding to try to be as still as possible proved quickly to be impossible since he didn’t really have control over his body. So, it was only a bit later when his right foot bumped against the table and something fell down, breaking. White didn’t know what it was as the pain’s intensity increased fast. He just hoped Sean was already away.

“Black, I know you in there!”, shouted Sean clearly annoyed while knocking.

White tried his best to be silent but the pain was so great that he couldn’t help but to let out a whimper.

Sean heard that and had enough. Trying to open the door, he was surprised to find it unlocked. He made a mental note to talk with Black about this before he walked into the room. At first everything seemed normal besides the broken glass on the floor but soon he heard the whimpering again and looked to his left on the ground. There lay Black curled in a small ball as if he was in pain though Sean couldn’t see a wound even less a bruise.

“Black? Oi, Black! What happened?!”, asked Sean in panic. Sure, he didn’t really like the smaller one especially after the incident at the burning house but he was still somehow his friend.

It took a while for White to understand that someone was with him and even longer to recognize who it was.

“Phi, P’Sean…”, whispered White before losing his consciousness.

Sean was shocked. Since when did the other call him Phi? He thought he hated him. Anyway, that wasn’t important right now. After Sean looked at Black for a while, he could see that the other was no longer in pain. Sighing in relief, he tucked Black in his bed. His friend really had to explain something here. For a moment it seemed like he was dying.

Now that immediate threat was over Sean had time to really look at his friend. This was when he noticed the strange things. For one the button-down shirt. Since when did Black even own one? The other thing was the glasses. He knew Black didn’t need them, so why was he wearing them? Since he couldn’t get answers now, he decided to look around the room to find some clues. And he was lucky. At the table was the wallet of Black. In there were the normal things like money, student ID and his ID. However, as he looked closer there was something suspicious since there were two IDs. They didn’t have the need for a fake identity yet so why did Black have two IDs? Getting the two out he looked at them to try and find the differences. However, what he discovered shocked him. The IDs were nearly identical besides the picture and name. Everything else coincided with each other.

Black once said he had a little brother abroad so that must be the one with glasses. Wait… if the one with glasses is Black's brother… then in the bed sleeping right now isn’t Black… If they switched places, it made sense why Black was so scared the other night. He clearly didn’t know what to do. But then… where is Black? Sean doesn’t know Black as well as Gram but he couldn’t believe he would send his brother who has no idea what they are doing just so he could chill and relax. Something must have happened to Black and now his brother is following in his footsteps. He looked at the peaceful sleeping person on the bed who didn’t know Sean now knew most of his intention. Heaving a sigh Sean mentally promised to protect his friend’s little brother and that Black fucking owes him one big time.

As the other stirred in his sleep, Sean quickly put everything back as it was and made his way out of the room. Out there he heaved another sigh, thinking about what he needs to do now. Since he can’t always be there to protect Bl- ah no it’s White, isn’t it? Anyway, since he wouldn’t be always there, he needs to teach him how to fight. Does White even know how to ride a bike? He has no clue but one of his biggest concerns is how to teach him without getting suspicious.

“This is going to be fucking difficult.”, murmured Sean before taking his leave.