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To Take Care Of You

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“And done!” Yelled the director towards the man posing on the bed. Zhu Yilong, who had been on the bed in a leaning position, sighed heavily and let himself fall backwards. Today was an extremely busy day and he couldn't wait to get out of this studio and head home. He looked to the side of the room where the chair reserved for someone special, stood vacant. 


With a soft sigh Zhu Yilong looked up to the ceiling, closing his eyes in exhaustion. Of course the older male hadn't had time to attend this shooting. In fact, when he woke up in the morning, the said male was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he had an early scheduled meeting which had him waking up alone instead and leaving for work without having eaten anything.


Zhu Yilong sighed, this is how it has been for the past few days. Bai Yu, the older male, would come home late and would be off to work early in the morning. Bai Yu had been so busy Zhu Yilong hadn't even been able to look at the man's shadow these days.


Zhu Yilong felt full of sighs today. He got up from the bed and walked off to the dressing room to cool off a bit and let all the exhausting feelings get washed away. Thankfully the director found him before Zhu yilong walked through the door of the dressing room and told him that today’s shooting was over and he could leave. Zhu Yilong feigned a smile before entering the room, only to get out of it a few minutes later and exit the building.


With fast but long strides Zhu Yilong walked towards the car which was parked beside the main entrance. He got into it and greeted the old driver before they left. On his way home, he watched  the world outside the car changing over time. As soon as they arrived at the city, Zhu Yilong was reminded of his bitter past.


He hadn't always been such a successful person as he was today. Unlike many success stories his didn't start with him being scouted by accident, still found as he was young and merely a highschool student. His story started on a wet street, him shivering from the cold wind blowing through the dirty alleyway. He was a broke college student who had luck with Bai Yu entering his life and taking him under his wings.


From paying for the rest of his College and tuition fees until up to his further academic career, the male provided him with everything and anything. You may be thinking that lovers tend to go over the boundaries for the sake of their love's well being but oh well, you would be wrong to go anywhere near that statement.


Bai Yu wasn't his lover or anything, not even close. But he was his Sugar Daddy, or that's what people say at least, Zhu Yilong would like to disagree though. For example, when he first came into his life, Bai Yu didn't ask for anything. Everything he did was willingly without any consequences. It was when Zhu Yilong couldn't find a way to thank him so much that he himself came to a small conclusion.


But it wasn't much either. Just cooking homemade meals was enough to sate Bai Yu Or so was the thought. Every time they were together there was a thin layer of sexual tension lingering in the air between these two. From Zhu Yilong working in the private gym shirtless, all sweaty from the heavy lifting, to Bai Yu leaving the bathroom after shower wearing a fine silk bathrobe with his skin slightly in view and his usually finely swept hair on his forehead all messy, making him look way younger than he was in reality


After having this tension linger between themselves for so long, the what was once a thin air formed cloudier and cloudier, until it was so thick and suffocating it crumbled, completely shattering the barrier of restraint. And, as expected, their relationship took a turn when Bai Yu had come home slightly drunk and kissed Zhu Yilong feverishly who didn't think twice before taking the chance and into another level by responding with his hands grabbing the older man's arse, for this was long desired. The night was the start for all the passionate nights they've had until now.


And within those nights, he had realised something that was to bug him for the rest of his life as long as Bai Yu was in it. He realised he had feelings for the older man. It wasn't just a small liking, like a small crush or anything. It was deep. Deep enough to bug him far too much. Everyday life that at first went like nothing became sluggish, more sloppy every time the man was with him, as if the time started going slower and slower until it's almost at the verge of stopping.


Every small detail was captured and every small habit s of Bai Yu never escaped his eyes. Many would say it's good to know a lot of small details of your loved one, it makes them feel special. But Zhu Yilong didn't know if the older man ever noticed. Zhu Yilong couldn't care much if the male didn't. He still felt special when he'd care for the man. He knew that this relationship was nothing but sex and money, he knew feelings weren't part of the silent deal they closed. The feelings he had developed would never be approached and just the thought of it, was enough to hurt Zhu Yilong over and over again.


“..Xiao Zhu!” The old driver exclaimed, snapping Zhu Yilong out of his mini world. The young man blinked two times before realising the old driver had been calling him for goodness knows how long.


“Ah, sorry Uncle Bei.” Apologised Zhu Yilong with a small apologetic smile, the corner of his eyes softly crinkling. The old driver did not dare to scold the young man and only sighed.


“Silly child. Don't scare me like that again. Thought you were totally lost in your mind considering how long I had been calling!” Zhu Yilong felt slightly guilty. He gave the old man a sorry look.


“Sorry Uncle Bei. I'll double your salary for this.” The old man widened his eyes in shock.


“What nonsense! I was only worried for you! No need to do something so huge! Besides, this might not sit right with Young Master. Don't get yourself in trouble, you hear me?” Lao Bei exclaimed fastly and almost fatherly, something Zhu Yilong didn't know he would ever hear from anyone beside father's in shows. As answer Zhu Yilong softly chuckled.


“Alright. I'll leave then. Take care of yourself.” Zhu Yilong said before exiting the vehicle. The familiar mahogany door slightly made him hesitant, but he walked in anyway.


To his slight dismay, the flat was dark and cold. With the only source of light being the moonlight emitting from the curtains that softly followed the rhythm of the wind. He looked around in the spacious flat, to his avail there was not even a shadow of a living being. He took a breath and walked into the flat as he unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt before putting on an apron.


He looked at the clock hanging on the wall in the kitchen room. 7:23 pm it showed. Zhu Yilong smiled to himself. There was enough time to prepare for dinner. Usually the older man would come home around 10  pm but nowadays he wasn't sure anymore. Even though he didn't know if Bai Yu would still have a warm meal, he knew that it was better to have a meal prepared than Bai Yu not eating anything at all. Still It is just better to keep a meal prepared in case he comes early today.


Cooking was something Zhu Yilong adored. It made him feel committed and helped him when whatever stress or problems were bothering him. It would take all the negative thoughts off his head and make him delighted instead. Even though Zhu Yilong loved cooking, he had one particular favourite dish, Xiao Long Bao. Not only because he liked the taste but because they take time and dedication, as well as love and care to make them perfect. He smiled content.


‘I guess I'll make that.’ Thought Zhu Yilong before waking to the fridge for the main ingredient.



“Alright!” Said Zhu Yilong enthusiastically after putting the dumplings on the stove. It would take ten to fifteen minutes for them to finish. Zhu Yilong looked at the watch. It read: 8:46 pm. The man nodded to himself.


Still a lot of time.. should he make some desserts as well? Since he had time in his hands, why shouldn't he? Bai Yu loves them and it would be a nice surprise for him after going through a long and stressful day at work. Speaking of desserts, he should make sweet buns. 


Now there was only one big question left: Mung bean buns or Red bean buns?



Making the sweet buns took much time, so it didn’t take long till the clock striked 10. Going with the safest choice, he chose to make red bean buns. With almost everything ready in hand - the Baos only needed to be plated - all he had to do was wait for Bai Yu. He turned off the stove of the steamed red bean buns and walked to the Baos before grabbing a serving plate and putting a generous amount of big and plump dumplings on it.


After he was done, he put everything on the wooden table and took off the apron before settling down on the chair. Resting his cheek on his fist, he waited.



While waiting for Bai Yu, Zhu Yilong had fallen asleep. The day had been exhausting and the cooking afterwards - despite cooling himself off a bit - had been anything but relaxing for his body. The previously steaming food had gotten cold but Zhu Yilong was still in the same position he had been an hour before. 


Suddenly there was a sound of the door opening, it was soft, hence not waking the young man up. Emerging from the door was a tall and thin man in a dark suit. Despite his well dressed attire the man looked tired. Dark circles were easily spotted under said man's eyes and his body posture began slagging as soon as he opened the door. He looked towards the kitchen where the light was on before heading off into said direction.


Taking off his dark suit jacket - revealing the waistband of the slack that perfectly hugged his thin waist - he placed it on a chair before looking at the sleeping male at his kitchen table.


“Yilong?” A soft voice called out, there were hints of warmth in the tone but the male intentionally seemed to make it subtle.


“Yilong.” The man again called, this time tapping the shoulder of the young male who finally woke up, looking tired.


“Bai *Zong..!” The male said immediately after noticing, standing up. The Bai Zong, Bai Yu - put slight pressure with his hand on the male's shoulder, indicating him to sit.


"Sit, sit. You seem really tired. Have you eaten or did you wait for me again?” Zhu Yilong widened his tired eyes, his ears tinting a pink shade. Although this reaction wasn't necessary, he couldn't believe the fact that Bai Yu has caught on to his habit of waiting for him instead of eating.


“I.. Yes I did.” Bai Yu didn't bother scolding and sighed before sitting down.


“What'd you make today? Smells good.” Zhu Yilong frowned. The dumplings had gotten cold, it's not gonna bear the same flavour it first did when he cooked it after heating it up.


“Xiao Long Bao. It's cold now. Bai Zong shouldn't eat it. I'll make Bai Zong something else.” Bai Yu had a mixed emotion plastered before he grabbed the young male's wrist.


“It's fine. Don't bother. Just heat it up a bit. Besides, I was craving some of these anyway. What else did you make?” 


“Red bean steamed buns.” Zhu Yilong said, getting up from his chair and taking the plated dumplings away.


“Does Bai Zong wish to eat them while I heat up the dumplings?” Bai Yu looked at the male who's back was presented, his eyes throwing a gaze that was unreadable.





After placing the dishes in the dishwasher, Zhu Yilong shook his hands to get rid of the excess amount of water clinging to his hands. During the dinner, Bai Yu said there was an interview tomorrow at 8 in the morning, arranged by the brand he had had a photo shoot with today. 


Although this interview was meant for Bai Yu only, apparently they requested Bai Yu to be accompanied by Zhu Yilong because they had some questions. Naturally Bai Yu asked if he wanted to do this or not but Zhu Yilong didn't disagree.


Considering Bai Yu's reputation, if he had said no, It wouldn't affect Bai Yu as much but the company won't take it as simply. Hence the pressure.


He looked at the table that was vacant before dropping his gaze. Bai Yu had been off to bed after he had finished eating. The male wasn't the type to waste time on anything he didn't deem as worthy. Ah.. that sentence alone was enough to leave a bad taste in his mouth.


Zhu Yilong shook his head to himself and wiped his hands with the paper towel, turned off the light in the kitchen and then headed to the bathroom to take a swift but relaxing shower before going to bed.



“Aaand for the last question today, who is Ambassador Zhu to you?” Zhu Yilong immediately caught on after being out of reality for long and threw a look at the interviewer. The lady only smiled as she awaited the response from the older man. Bai Yu huffed and smiled, chuckling softly before looking up and crossing his legs.


“He's just my brand ambassador, nothing more than an acquaintance and an employee. I do not understand what you wish to achieve from that question other than this.” The answer was clear and as truthful as it could get, but Zhu Yilong felt as his heart clenched painfully tight. He spared a quick glance at the man before looking down at his own hands.


“Well, a few people were interested in wanting to know. Besides, Ambassador Zhu seems to accompany you a lot, if you know what I mean.” The woman slightly hinted, Bai Yu laughed.


“**Queshi... As I have mentioned before, Zhu Yilong is my brand ambassador. Meaning any important meetings, interviews or parties, for example, like how I've brought him upon your company's request, I have to take him with me. This is just how it works. He's my work partner, not significant other if that's what you wish of me to make clear.” Bai Yu finished, his face no longer bearing the business smile but serious instead. If Zhu Yilong were to hang his head any lower now, everyone might grow suspicious of his acts.


“Okay… Got it. Thank you so much for sparing us your time! See you next time.” Bai Yu nodded and got from the seat. Zhu Yilong followed shortly after and they both walked off. Later on, the company owner calls them in for a small talk which they attend after a short while.


“Ah Welcome welcome! Come sit here!” Zhu Yilong looked at the older male who only nodded before they both sat down.


“Would you like some sort of beverage?” The old man giggled as he grinned widely.


“No thanks. We're only here because you called us. What's wrong?” The old man's shit eating grin slowly fell apart as he sighed.


“Ah well. I'm sorry you had to go through our interviewer acting like a complete rodent asking you such vulgar questions.” Bai Yu put on his usual b Business smile and shook his head.


“It's alright. Happens a lot if I'm being honest.” The old man nodded his head.


“Still. It was highly unprofessional of her. So, as a small apology, I would like to invite Bai Zong and Xiao Zhu—”


“Yilong. Please refer to him as Yilong." Bai Yu immediately spat out, cutting off the old man. The old man went quiet for a second before going back to where he was.


“Ah yes, pardon! I would like to invite Bai Zong and Yilong into this evening party I'm hosting. There will be classy wines and fine beverages.-” Bai Yu didn't break his demeanour and listened as the old man went ranting over how the party will also include some singers and what not.


“Sure. I'll come since Ru Zong is promising such a fine party.” The old man giggled heavily before bringing out his hand to shake with the other who shook it with the same smile as before. Zhu Yilong only watched and remained silent. He didn’t have a say in this after all.



“Ready?” Zhu Yilong questioned as he saw Bai Yu finish up with a touch of his expensive cologne he liked wearing when going to parties. Bai Yu was dressed in exquisite black suit pieces, a white shirt with a black tie - he dislikes wearing bow ties. - He had also been wearing suit pins designed as feathers and wings. And lastly cufflinks.


Compared to Bai Yu's clothing that screamed of "Rich Taste" Zhu Yilong wasn't wearing as much. A soft shade of dark blue suit and a white shirt which had one of the top buttons undone.


“Mn. Let's get going.” Bai Yu answered, settling the cologne down before fixing the pair of collar pins he had on - which was forgotten to mention. - Zhu Yilong nodded.


The male looked away from the mirror and fixed his glasses on the bridge of his nose. He turned around and faced Zhu Yilong.


“Are you not going to put on a tie?” Bai Yu uttered as he eyed the unbuttoned piece.


“No. Thought it wasn't really necessary. I can put it on if Bai Zong wishes.” Bai Yu doesn't answer the male's statement. Instead he walked forward and stood just an inch or two away from the younger man who seemed to stiffen up.


Two slender hands reach out, grabbing around the collars of Zhu Yilong's shirt before those fingers find themselves on that one button. Zhu Yilong felt like he was suffocating. He watched as the older male sophisticatedly buttoned that one piece before brushing his hands on his shoulder as if getting rid of dust.


“No need.” He said as he placed his hands on his shoulders, not once looking into his eyes. Zhu Yilong was afraid he could feel his heart trying to jump off his chest.


“You look good.” Bai Yu spoke after a good while, his voice was as soft as cotton. The hands on his shoulder felt heavy, but light at the same time. Bai Yu looked up, staring deeply into the younger man's eyes. Those amber eyes looked intense, almost as if hiding something deep yet letting it escape and move around freely. Zhu Yilong couldn't point out what exactly it was, but maybe that's because Bai Yu just did not want him to know at all.


“Let's go.” Zhu Yilong nodded, afraid to speak in case it came out weird. Bai Yu patted his shoulders before walking off silently. Zhu Yilong breathed heavily, having no idea for how long he had been holding it.



The halls leading to the party room were slightly dimmed, but looked aesthetically pleasing to eyes that noticed. Two bulky men stood in front of the door, Zhu Yilong notices how none of them were Chinese or even Asian at all.


“Your ID please, Sir.” One of the men asked in a general American accent as they stopped them from entering. Bai Yu quirked up his eyebrows and sneered.


“I'm afraid you would have to call your boss but.. here it is anyway.” Bai Yu had a perfect accent with a light touch of Mandarin in it. It sounded rather charismatic when it came out of his lips with a voice like that.


With the grace of an authority figure, Bai Yu handed one of the bulky men his ID. The bodyguard opened it fully before giving the other a side eye and returned the ID. 


“CEO Bai, please forgive us for the impudence.” The two men said before opening the door to the estimated place. The party room.


Just like the hallway behind them, the party room was lit dimly, the light source being the large chandelier that hung from the ceiling and a few mini ones that were spread across. There was a fine red carpet that was on the floor with a design that resembled peacocks of different colours.


There was a great sum of people, all dressed richly and expensively. Bai Yu put on a smile and walked towards the host. Zhu Yilong quietly trailed behind him.


“Bai Zong!” The man exclaimed, weirdly over hyping the man's appearance. Bai Yu did not say anything though, and instead moved his hand forward to shake his hand, who - the old man - shook with utmost pleasure.


“You've finally come! Yilong came too!” He said as he brought his attention to the young man who smiled and slightly bowed.


“What took you so long? I was worried Bai Zong wouldn't come at all!” Bai Yu laughed softly.


“Your security guards denied me entry without seeing my ID so no wonder.” The old man laughed, his fleshy head turning red in embarrassment as he continued.


“I apologize for their actions.. Those foolish dogs never do their job well.” The man grumbled displeasingly. 


“Oh no. I think they're doing their job better than a lot of bodyguards I've had in the past. Ru Zong should not underestimate their hard work.” The old man looked as if someone cut his tail off. The man cleared his throat before introducing Bai Yu to his guests as if he totally didn't just present his unlikeable degradation. 


“And this is Madame Louise. The wife of the unfortunate late husband Sire Louise. She is the successful owner of one of the finest and most well known accessories brands in this country and many others.” A tall slender Caucasian woman in her late thirties dressed in a red dress with exquisite designs and fine accessories were in the centre of attention deemed by the old man and standing right before Bai Yu. She was a handsome lady with sharp features and beautiful deep set eyes that resembled those Greek statues of women. 


Bai Yu took one of her gloved hands and slightly bowed low enough to kiss the back of her hand as he did not break eye contact. The lady smiled, her red coloured thin lips stretching.


“Nice to meet you m'lady.” Bai Yu uttered, his voice deep, dripping with an interesting tone. Zhu Yilong tightened his fists, watching as the woman giggled at the male's action before she opened her mouth to speak.


“Oh I'm flattered by your actions, Mr Bai. You're so eloquently polite.” The woman spoke, her accent sounding Romanian. She had an extremely exquisite deep voice that held a tone of softness enough to make a man fall deep for her. 


Zhu Yilong watched as they conversed, feeling as if Bai Yu had fully forgotten about his existence. He slowly slipped out of the two conversing before walking off to grab a drink or two.


Noticing a bar at the one corner of the spacious room, he headed in the said direction. After reaching, he sat on one of the unoccupied bar stools when a bartender approached him.


“What can I get you?” The woman asked. Zhu Yilong, breaking his gaze off of Bai Yu's back, looked at the woman before looking at the many bottles behind her. Ah, it seemed as if the shelves contained nothing he knew of. Zhu Yilong cleared his throat.


“Can I have what you're serving most tonight.” The woman smiled. She must've realised his stupid problem. Zhu Yilong looked down in slight embarrassment.


“No problem. Coming right up.” The woman said before going off. While the woman prepared the drink, Zhu Yilong read the names of the bottles. Considering the pronunciation, most of them seemed to be French wines and alcoholic beverages. Within a few of them being English and the last bunch from other well known countries. But none of them contained Chinese wines or even just beer..


This surely is a Billionaires' party.



An hour or two passed by, a bunch of men came in bringing tables and chairs before propping them with large fountains of food. Bai Yu had been busy flattering a bunch of people before being handed a slice of cake by the old man.


While Bai Yu was busy flirting with other guests, Zhu Yilong had been drowning himself with this one drink he now had ordered multiple times already. The lady didn't really mind and continued serving when she asked a question.


"Enjoying yourself aren't you? You're really taking them all by one.” Zhu Yilong hadn't been drunk yet. The beverage was good but chances of him getting drunk by it felt like it would take him as much time if he were to drink soju.


“I won't lie. As much as I am enjoying this, I would rather get drunk after two shots of tequila at a local bar.” The woman laughed loudly. Zhu Yilong chuckled slowly after.


“True. I'd rather the latter as well. These so-called fine wines are nothing compared to what it's like getting drunk with merely just a cheap beer.” The woman ended as she wiped a tear off the corner of her eye.


“You're funny. Little boy, what's your name? Who'd you come with?” The woman asked, making another shot before giving it to Zhu Yilong who downed with a hiss.


“Zhu Yilong. Brand Ambassador of Bai Zong's White Fashion Industry.” The woman widened her mouth.


“Bai Zong as in the successful, perfect and sophisticated business man Bai Yu himself?” Zhu Yilong nodded, a smile had taken a place on his thin lips.


“You're telling me that you are the Brand Ambassador yourself?” The woman widened her eyes as she spoke. Zhu Yilong nodded. 


“I must be so goddamn stupid! How did I not recognize you!” Zhu Yilong chuckled and waved his hand.


“What would Ambassador Zhu like?” The woman uttered excitedly. 


“Ah please don't be so formal. Please just refer to me as Xiao Zhu. And.. I'd like what I've been having for the past hour.” The woman chuckled, feeling embarrassed before preparing the drink.



After another hour had passed by, Zhu Yilong couldn't bear watching it any more. He felt sick to his stomach watching Bai Yu flirt with a bunch of people, with them flirting back to back. He wanted to go up to him, wrap his hands around his waist and pull him into a fierce kiss to let people know that Bai Yu belonged to him and him only.


He wanted to show them how beautifully Bai Yu would respond to his touches, and wanted to show them how he'd react when Zhu Yilong would kiss his neck. But this was useless. Considering what their relationship even was at this point, it was pointless. Besides, this would highly embarrass Bai Yu and tarnish his reputation. Which would make him probably terminate Zhu Yilong and kick him out of the flat.


While the termination and kicking out was just some over exaggeration, the tarnishment to Bai Yu's hard earned reputation was not. He got up from the bar stool, waved the woman good-bye and walked to the older man with big steps.


When he reached, he smiled at the tall and well dressed man who had been conversing with Bai Yu along with a woman before excusing them both and pulling Bai Yu to the side.


“What's wrong?” Bai Yu asked. Zhu Yilong continued staring at him before sighing.


“Can I leave a little early? Would Bai Zong allow me? I'm feeling a little sick.” Bai Yu flashed a worrisome look before nodding.


“I'll call Lao Bei to drive you.” Bai Yu added as he took a sip from the glass of the red wine he had been carrying.


“I'll see Bai Zong at home then.” Zhu Yilong bid a farewell before walking out of the largely spacious room and soon out in the open. Zhu Yilong took a deep breath of the fresh air as soon as he stepped out of the hot and stuffy feeling room. 


He didn't lie when he said he wasn't feeling well. But his reasons were far from the ones Bai Yu was probably thinking about. Out in the fresh air, he felt better. But he wasn't going to go back in. No, that would be really useless considering he had already informed Bai Yu that he was leaving. He slowly took in the cold air before grabbing a small thin cigar and lighting it up.


Inhaling, the familiar feeling of the smoke burning his throat was back. It was a bitter sensation, but it made his head feel light headed. He didn't want to think of Bai Yu anymore, but then who would he be if it weren't for the older man's generosity.


A small honk from a Mercedes took him out of his thoughts. Zhu Yilong realised it was the older driver and quickly finished his cigar before crushing it with his shoe. He then walked to the car before opening the door and settling in. Lao Bei looked at the male through the backseat with a worried expression.


“Young Master said you weren't feeling well… Are you okay? What did you eat?” Zhu Yilong smiled at the concern.


“I'm fine. It's just that I felt suffocated in a room with so many people.” The old man nodded in understanding. He then faced forward before starting the car and driving off.


On the way, Zhu Yilong's phone buzzes in his slacks' pocket. He brings it out before noticing a pretty familiar name before picking it up.


“Hello?” He said.


"Sure. I'll meet you at the bar.” Zhu Yilong ended the call shortly after. He then looked at the old driver.


“Uncle Bei, can you please drop me at the Dreamy Stars bar?” Lao Bei only nodded. Not saying anything at all.



Zhu Yilong walked aimlessly with his hands in his slacks' pocket as he counted the few stars present above his head, his coat hanging from his broad shoulder and the first button of the shirt opened. Just a few minutes ago he bid one of his great friends from childhood a farewell from a small reunion dedicated to them meeting after so long.


When he had reached the bar - the location where he was said to be at - he had told the older driver to drive back to the place where the business party was held, and told him he didn't have to drive him home since the flat is not even that far away from the bar.


Lao Bei sighed as a response and had told him to take care of himself before driving off. After goodness knows how long he had been drinking, laughing and chatting with his old friend about their childhood mischievians. The friend had asked him if he should drive him back to his place which Zhu Yilong politely denied before waving him a good night.


Just then, he was before the same flat with the familiar rich mahogany door. He felt hesitant. There was a possibility Bai Yu might be home already. But.. He looked at the time displayed on the dark blue wrist watch that read: 2:57 am. Oh.. that was really late...


But if Bai Yu were to be back from the party, which ends at half past eleven, then shouldn't he be asleep by now? 


‘He should be. He's not the type to stay up for nothing.’ Zhu Yilong reassured himself before bringing out the key in his pocket to unlock the door as quietly as he could.


To his surprise, the door was already unlocked. 


‘Did Bai Zong not lock the door?’ Thought Zhu Yilong. Feeling nervous, he marched as he twisted the door knob. Stepping inside the flat, he quietly took his shoes off, not realising a lanky man sitting just in front of the door with his legs crossed, bearing a glass in his hand that contained Whiskey.


Zhu Yilong after he turned around directly faced the man and almost freaked out. The older male only kept silently drinking from the glass before he put it down on a small lamp table.


“Where have you been?” The voice that left the plump lips of the older male felt colder than a night in mid winter, the tone remaining flat. Zhu Yilong felt his voice get stuck in his throat. He quietly dropped his gaze but not before noticing Bai Yu's physical state. 


His hair that was well dressed a few hours ago had been sticking out in a random direction and a massive bunch of strands had been covering the older man's forehead. Two buttons of the previously finely pressed button-up white shirt was open and the tie that was properly on his collar before had been left in a half undone state. The cufflinks that he had been wearing previously were nowhere to be seen. A part of the shirt tucked in the dark slacks found its way out and his said slacks' belt was barely hanging in a messy manner.


Zhu Yilong had figured it out but was in shock. It was obvious that Bai Yu had been drinking from his bar near the kitchen but he didn't expect the usually sophisticated perfectionist to be this mess.


Although Zhu Yilong himself had been sort of Bai Yu's caretaker - from cooking him healthy meals to sometimes doing his laundry and pressing his shirts - apart from just being his sexual relief, he had never seen the male ever go near the word "scruffy" as he was right now. Even when he first came, he never saw him messing around like this.


“I was out with an old friend, Bai Zong.” Zhu Yilong after a few seconds found his voice back before replying. Although his gaze was down on the floor, he could feel a glare burning though his head.


“Do I happen to know this friend?” Zhu Yilong sighed softly before answering.


“No, Bai Zong doesn't know this friend.” Bai Yu only continued to glare at him from the distance between them, not once moving in his place.


“Will I ever get to know who this friend is?” Bai Yu spat out, his time crossing his arms. Zhu Yilong took a breath.


“He is a childhood friend who moved to a foreign country when we were in fourth grade. Recently he came back and called me to meet up at a well known bar for a small reunion. That's it.” Bai Yu glared harder. If looks could kill, Zhu Yilong would have been six feet under the ground, not above standing as tall.


“So just because this friend invited you over, doesn't mean that you get to be out for over an excessive amount of time and just think of stepping in this house without getting caught?” Although the words were full of anger, the tone still remained cold, his voice rising only an octave high. Zhu Yilong knew he was mad. And rightfully so.


“I'm sorry, Bai Zong. I'll make sure to not repeat such mistakes again.” He must've made him lose his face for him to get this angry, right?


Not because.. not because he's worried.


Bai Yu shuts his eyes in barely controllable rage, his jaws visibly grit as his fists clenched hard before he opened them and looked at the male again.


“You.. You think you really are deserving of me accepting that apology?” Bai Yu almost choked out in anger. Zhu Yilong instantly looked at the older man, watching as those strict almond eyes burn in restraint rage. He instinctively looked down again.


“I.. I don't.” Bai Yu let out an angered scoff, getting off the chair.


“Then what should you be doing right now?” Zhu Yilong did not hold his gaze down any longer and looked him in the eye.


“Wait for you to punish me.” 


“What are you doing there standing like a fool? Come here at this instance and sit in the chair.”


“Yes Bai Zong.” With no more words uttered after, Zhu Yilong quietly walked to the chair before settling himself on it.


Right after that, Bai Yu immediately straddled the younger male, his hips so close to grinding against Zhu Yilong. He stared at him with a complicated expression as he took off his tie before tying the fabric about his tightly. Zhu Yilong slightly hissed at the tightness on his skin but dared not to utter a single word.


Bai Yu, after finishing with the tie, unbuckled the belt around his fine slender waist before tying it around the other wrist. This time the tension felt greater around his skin. Bai Yu let go of the belt and returned his attention to the man under him and grabbed his collars and smashed his lips against him at a harsh speed.


Zhu Yilong submissively followed after, exhaling his breath softly as their lips mold into each other. Bai Yu huffed with hints of anger and frustration.


Zhu Yilong didn't know the reason behind Bai Yu’s frustration as much as he did anger but instead chose to ignore it, considering how less often they now got to have a night of certain passion due to work and other matters.


Bai Yu bit his lip, demanding an access to his mouth which Zhu Yilong let him without any restriction, his tongue licking every corner of his mouth, leaving barely anything untouched as he let one of his hands caress a spot on the younger man's nape. 


But soon, Bai Yu breaks off the kiss, their lips only connecting with a small thread of saliva left hanging. Zhu Yilong slightly panted as he stared at the older male.


Bai Yu then lowered himself, sliding down the young man's body before getting into a kneeling position, stopping just between his legs. He parted the legs wider and let out a puff of hot breath on the organ between the younger man's thighs who shivered as a reaction.


He then connected his eyes with the other as he leaned his mouth closer to the now fully hardened erection and reached the tip of his pink tongue out to the zipper before pulling it down with his teeth.


His hands then unbutton the slacks and pull down lightly at it, his face nearing the erection trapped in the boxer in front. Zhu Yilong bites his lips in anticipation, lust builds up through his whole body but Bai Yu yet has to make any move. He clenches his fist, he couldn't take in the older male teasing him like this.


Bai Yu let out another hot breath that hit the still covered member before waiting no longer and pulling down the fabric. Taking  hold of the firm long and big cock that stood hard and high proudly, showing off its throbbing veins that looked like it would pop off the skin any moment.


Bai Yu huffed before instantly placing his plump lips on the tip of the cock, catching Zhu Yilong off guard who choked in surprise.


Sucking on the meaty head, Bai Yu hollowed his cheeks. Zhu Yilong moaned almost immediately. The tight wetness of the hot mouth felt just too good and surreal.


Bai Yu only sucked the tip for a small while, almost making Zhu Yilong whine for more when he lowered himself down the tip and sucked around the base as his hand massaged Zhu Yilong’s balls.


He then raised back up and now fully took the cock down his throat, making it hit the back of his throat. It was slightly painful, enough to make his eyes watery but he couldn't care less, watching with satisfaction as the younger male melted within his mouth.


Mouth salivating, it helped in moving without the slight dryness as he went back up, before crashing down once again. Zhu Yilong clenched his fists,  the materials around his wrists almost made his hands seem bloodless as he took pleasure in the older man's hot mouth.


Bai Yu proceeded to repeat the process as he fumbled with the male's balls, feeling as they slightly heated up. Zhu Yilong doesn't hold it back and lets out soft groans and occasional moans whenever Bai Yu would ever so slightly graze his teeth against those throbbing veins.


Bai Yu was too good at this, a bit too good. The way he'd drag that tongue around his shaft felt almost out of this world. Especially the way he'd suck at his tip or teasingly press the tip of his tongue onto the slit of his cock would always catch him off guard.


As expected, Zhu Yilong was close soon. But he didn't want to be. He wanted to hold back his orgasm, to feel that expert mouth on his organ for much longer but it was impossible.


“B-Bai Zong, I'm close!” Zhu Yilong exclaimed, feeling the heat pool on his abdomen but Bai Yu only began sucking harder. Zhu Yilong was confused but was too closely bound with ecstasy so he didn't bother warning again.


“I'm— I'm cumming!” Zhu Yilong gasped, his ears almost looking as red as a tomato, feeling his orgasm rush to almost spew into the older man's mouth when Bai Yu stopped immediately.


He bobbed up and held the slit of the cock down with his tongue rather harshly while handling the base with the hand that was on his balls not even a second ago.


Zhu Yilong looked at him in pained shock while Bai Yu threw him a stern look. A throaty whine escaped his mouth while Bai Yu only held down.


“Bai Zong pleas—” Bai Yu cut him off by removing his now swollen red lips off the tip and replacing it with the thumb of the hand on his shaft. He snickered and licked his spit shiny lips.


“Xiao Long, you really thought I was going to let you cum just like that?” He grasped his cock harder,


“This is a punishment, don't you dare misbehave.” Zhu Yilong felt slightly betrayed, but what did he even think? Bai Yu was ruthless just like that. In each punishments he had received in the past - which was not too many - Bai Yu would suck him off until he would be so damn close to cumming when Bai Yu would just pull his mouth off of his throbbing cock and immediately place his thumb on his slit to keep him on his edge for a while.


“You're not allowed to cum before I do.” Bai Yu added with a stern voice, his gaze as cold as before. For a few moments, nothing had happened, it was like Bai Yu had been waiting for Zhu Yilong to get off of his high. Eventually, Zhu Yilong did, it didn't take him too long somehow.


Bai Yu, as he noticed, started taking off his pants. Zhu Yilong realising the older man's action threw him a look of confusion when he understood.


‘Did he prepare himself?’ Zhu Yilong silently thought. Bai Yu just only lowered his undergarment before straddling his hips, hovering above his still hard cock. Bai Yu lowered himself, smearing the male's wet tip against his entrance before letting the meaty head dive in. Zhu Yilong widened his eyes at the extreme tightness.


“Bai Zong wait—” Zhu Yilong groaned. This crazy man! He didn't even prepare himself before fully taking him in one go!


Bai Yu scrunched his face painfully, feeling as the cock stretch his hole forcefully. He let out a pained moan, almost collapsing on top of the young man.


“Bai Zong please.” Zhu Yilong pleaded. Bai Yu led out a groan of frustration accompanied by pain.


“I'm fine! Just- ah.. need a little time.” Zhu Yilong did not like the sentences coming out of the man's mouth. He could feel the male shaking but he still insisted he was alright. Zhu Yilong wanted to reach out and help him but his hands were tightly strapped onto the arms of the chair.


A few moments passed by when Bai Yu finally started breathing properly again. His body didn't shake as much anymore and the hole had finally gotten used to the stretch and had loosened.


Bai Yu started moving, feeling his insides churn. Zhu Yilong felt the tight heat squeezing harshly around him, it felt almost suffocating. The older man lowered himself, catching his lips between his and nibbling at them.


His hands roamed around his body before settling themselves on the younger man's firm shoulders, his fingernails almost digging into his skin through his shirt.


Bai Yu let go of his lips and targeted his neck, leaving small hickeys. His pace had fastened, his hole taking him deeper than before, almost balls deep. But Zhu Yilong still didn't agree that the male had forced himself on his cock.


“Bai Zong, please let me—” Zhu Yilong was cut off by Bai Yu grinding the male's cock against his tight prostate. Zhu Yilong moaned, feeling distracted but fought his way back on track not a few minutes after.


“Bai Zong, please let me take care of you! You're hurting yourself! Please let me—”


“You what? You want to take care of me?” Bai Yu snapped, grabbing at his collars. His eyes glaring deeply into his soul.


“Leaving me worried for more than hours, worried sick of what might have happened to you that caused you to feel sick enough to leave so early and all alone while you say you want to take care of me?”


“You dare say you want to take care of me while you-! While you went out without thinking twice about bullshit happening while I left the party thirty minutes after you just to be back in this empty flat to find nothing that would tell me of your presence!”


“You dare say you want to take care of me but you didn't even think of how I'd feel if I didn't find you in this godforsaken fucking flat while fucking around with your friend as I frighten myself to death with what worst possible problems you might have faced while on the way!”


“Yes you said you felt unwell but did you once think of informing me of your change of destination! You fucking dare say you want to take care of me when you couldn't even bother sending me a fucking phone call!” Bai Yu bursted in anger, his chest heaving up and down in a surge of anger.


“You... You want to take care of me.. while you didn't even bother thinking about how I feel in your absence?” His tone suddenly dropped. 


“You want to take care of me, but also leave me be when I think of you the most... Why?” Bai Yu spoke as his voice crumbled down to just broken whispers. 


Zhu Yilong felt his head buzz. He was confused, but in great fear. He.. can't also be feeling the same... No…


He looked into Bai Yu's eyes. He felt too dumbfounded, those usually strict almond eyes that would expertly hide away all the feelings were at the verge of breaking down. They were soft, misty and too expressive.


“Why? Why say such words when you know it yourself that you'll forget it the next moment?” Bai Yu's voice broke into soft whispers, his eyes growing misty.


“Whatever. Forget what I said. You're not allowed to talk a single bit anymore. If you dare open that mouth to speak nonsense or complain again I'll fucking make sure you're not cumming for three weeks straight.” He said, his eyes back to shutting all of his emotions up apart from anger. His tone fell back to normal with a hint of slight hoarseness after yelling previously.


Zhu Yilong stared at the man with a face of disagreement but didn't dare to open his mouth out of consequences. He looked down.


“As Bai Zong wishes.” That was the last thing he intended to say. Bai Yu wasn't the kind of person to go back on his words. If he said what he said, then he'll make sure that it doesn't coil away.


“Good.” Bai Yu said, lowering his lashes. The older man sighed before pulling his hips off the younger male's before rushing down again. Bai Yu let a moan escape his throat as he felt the lengthy cock brush perfectly against his prostate.


Zhu Yilong threw his head back. The way the older man had him on such a tight hold made blood rush to his head. He felt slightly sensitive due to the denial of ejaculation not long ago and the tightness of Bai Yu's back hole did not help at all.


Bai Yu's hands that had been fiercely holding on his collars a few moments ago found themselves unbuttoning a few more buttons on the shirt. With more skin in view, Bai Yu let his hands roam on the raw smooth skin before he dived in and placed his lips on one of the collarbone. He put his hand on the male's nape and the other hand on his pec muscle, feeling the hard muscle tense up under his warm touch.


Zhu Yilong faintly gasped. The urge of the need to touch and taste the older man grew stronger, his knuckles whitening as he clawed the chair. He wanted to tear off those things restraining him and wanted to touch the male as he wished.


But this was not something Bai Yu wanted him to do, at least not right now. This was a punishment and Bai Yu was in greater control for a reason. His hands being bound by those things were to remind him ruthlessly that he was not the boss. He wasn't allowed to touch, to taste or to feel without Bai Yu's permission. All he had been right now was a little sex toy for Bai Yu to use as he pleased.


And so he did, his moans getting louder as the seconds passed by. The warm hands on Zhu Yilong clawed harder as the older man panted, his head thrown back as his eyes rolled back. Zhu Yilong wanted to reach out and nibble on the skin that was exposed, but...


“No.. don't you dare..” The man moaned out, his voice getting softer as each second passed by. Zhu Yilong gasped as the hole seemed to tighten around his cock even more each time.


It was obvious that Bai Yu was extremely close, unable to control the incoherent notes that slid pathetically out of his mouth as he rode on the dick. Zhu Yilong felt his head get dizzy under those beautiful sounds that escaped from those plump lips.


Soon, the said plump lips came crashing down on him, pulling him into a kiss that was more teeth and tongue than lips before Bai Yu moaned loudly into his mouth before splashing his white ropes of hot liquid onto his bare chest.


And just then, with the hole clenching around him so tight, Zhu Yilong felt the same heat pooling around his abdominal before promptly releasing his hot load into the older male's hole, filling it almost up to the brim. Bai Yu hissed at the hot liquid slightly stretching his swollen walls. He chuckled sluggishly.


“Stupid kid.. You cummed so much in me… You really held yourself back for this, didn't you?” He laughed a little bit more, acting as if drunk. He then quietly undid the belt and the tie and threw them away before softly pecking the young man's lips as he grinned before wrapping his arms around Zhu Yilong's shoulder who was shocked at his action.


But the thing is, it wasn't because of how he's acting, no, that tends to happen whenever Bai Yu orgasms, whether drunk - Bai Yu never gets drunk surprisingly, at least never before him. He could drink a thousand shots of the strongest alcohol and still never get drunk - or not. His actions would be sluggish and drunk alike and he would act like a polar opposite side of himself. But this would only last for a few seconds - or under a minute but never above a minute - before he'd pass out. Bai Yu never kissed him unless they were engaging in sexual activities.


“Take me to the bedroom later, yeah?” He whispered delicately into the young man's ear. He then promptly sighed, his expressions softening as he hugged the man tighter.


“I love you.” He muttered, the smile which was plastered on his lips looking dull, his eyes misting up before closing them. Zhu Yilong widened his eyes. He blinked, the between of his eyebrows tensing as he held the man in his arms.


He.. Surely he heard wrong right? Bai Yu didn't even say it loudly. He only opened his mouth and told him he loves him- no...


He couldn't believe his ears, but he didn't want to distrust it either. Bai Yu may have not said it out loud, but he didn't whisper it either. He felt complicated, his heart thumping louder and louder each time as the sound of the older male saying those words resonated in his mind.


The older man softly snored, his chest heaving up and down lightly. But Zhu Yilong couldn't stop thinking. Couldn't stop thinking of those words that Bai Yu had previously uttered.


‘You want to take care of me, but also leave me be when I think of you the most... Why?’ Those words began occupying his mind space. Then.. those watery eyes that expressed so many feelings more than ever…


Zhu Yilong's eyes watered as his lips quivered. He felt overly dumb and selfish. He.. he looked over all those details of Bai Yu opening his heart to him but he crushed it with his ignorance.


He dared to say he wanted to take care of him when he didn't even bother caring about Bai Yu's feelings. He dared to think Bai Yu never really cared about him when the older man didn't even have the time to take care of himself, yet he secretly cared for him.


A stream of tears fell from one of Zhu Yilong's eyes. He dared to say he wanted to take care of him when all he did was walk all over him.


He dared to say he wanted to take care of him while all Bai Yu ever actually wanted from him was just him by his side.


He tightly shut his eyes close as he tightened his hold onto the sleeping man who squeezed closer, whimpering slightly since the younger male hadn't pulled out yet.


Zhu Yilong realised and released the tight hold on Bai Yu before pulling out the now soft organ. He heaved a breath and took a hold of the older man's thighs before carrying the older man to the bedroom. He placed the man on the bed and grabbed a towel after wetting it with warm water and started cleaning him.


Bai Yu's upper body hadn't had as much of a mess as his lower body did. Apart from having a few drops of cum that were to almost dry up on his white button-up shirt which he barely took off. He unbuttoned the shirt and cleaned the rest of Bai Yu’s bottom before tucking him under the duvet, not putting any clothes on him since he disliked sleeping with clothes on.


He later walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower to wash off the cum on his chest then got out soon enough to finish the laundry for a bunch of dirty clothes.


Finally finishing his work, he then dressed himself up in pajamas and headed to bed, next to Bai Yu who had been sleeping peacefully. He got himself under the duvet and hugged the man, his back resting against his chest.


Zhu Yilong placed a yearnful look at Bai Yu before placing his chin on his shoulder after kissing it lightly. He sighed softly, then voiced out his last words for the day before he went to sleep.


“I love you too.” He spoke it through the depths of his heart where it was the most delicate and closed his eyes, knowing it deeply to himself that he wouldn't ever be able to say it so directly to the older male due to his cowardice. But at the end of the day, he wanted him to know that he wanted him too, selfishly so, but intimately.


Bai Yu opened his eyes as soon as he heard it. His eyes watered slightly by hearing these words spoken so softly and with so much love. A small smile softly took place on his lips as he thought to himself: 


‘Stupid kid. Why didn't you say it earlier? I scolded you for nothing.’ 


Bai Yu earlier had woken up to no one by his side when he had realised he was on the bed and properly cleaned up. Once Zhu Yilong came back in the room he pretended to stay asleep when the male suddenly kissed his shoulder and confessed.


Bai Yu smiled deeply this time, before he slightly frowned.


‘I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark and scolding you for trying to escape it. I'm stupid.’


‘But I'll make it right. Because the light is finally out.’