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Time Apart

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Sheldon waited impatiently for Leonard and Penny to end their hug. They were really stretching their luck by staying in the red zone, especially in front of a police officer. People who were breaking the law shouldn’t waste their time hugging and declaring love for each other. Although, in his opinion, it was pointless to waste time on public displays of affection at any time.

They finally broke the hug, to his utmost relief. Leonard picked his bag and turned back to look at him,

“Calm down Sheldon, I’m leaving. Take care”

“It’s about time. Be careful out there, don’t get eaten by sharks or get lost in the sea”

Leonard rolled his eyes, gave Penny one last kiss and left the car. Sheldon watched him go with troubled look in his eyes. Leonard would be gone for four months. It would be the first time they’d be parted this long since they became roommates eight years ago. He was of course jealous as Penny said, but the thought of not being with Leonard for a long period of time that troubled him the most. Leonard was the one steady factor in his life in the past eight years, the one who can count on the most, the one who would do everything in his power to please Sheldon, grumbling and cursing, but he did it nonetheless. And he understood his quirks better than anyone.

Sheldon sighed and wondered how his life would be for the next four months.