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Bee's Rules

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Sam reached down and helplessly stroked his cock while he lay on his back watching Bee transform. Bee loomed over the teen, his optics hungrily taking in the wanton sight below him. Bee formed a holo and knelt over Sam, kissing him lightly.

“You’ve been a naughty boy, but you made it through the ride so I’ll give you a reward anyway,” Bee told Sam with a seductive smile.

“Bee, please?” Sam asked, touching the cock ring.

“Not yet,” Bee whispered then kissed the boy to assuage his fears. “Soon though.”

Bee leaned down and lapped at Sam’s pebbled nipples, sucking on them for a few seconds. Sam moaned, his head thrashing against the grass.

“Do you want me to take the plug out, Sam?” Bee asked, circling the base of the plug with his finger.

“Yes, please, Bee,” Sam moaned. He could hardly think straight, only beg and agree with whatever Bee said.

Bee pulled the plug out with one smooth tug. Sam arched his back and let out a high whine. Bee pet Sam’s chest then lifted his legs up, holding the lower half of Sam’s body off the ground.

“Do you remember what that man in the truck wanted to do?” Bee asked. Sam’s mind was blank from pleasure. “He wanted to lick your ass,” Bee supplied, “but he doesn’t get to. Only I do.”

Sam groaned when Bee’s tongue lapped at his loose hole, slipping inside with ease. Bee fucked Sam with his tongue a few times then pulled out, licking the rim as he did. Sam moaned. He was almost numb due to the prolonged state of arousal.

“Okay, Sam, it’s time for you to cum,” Bee whispered. Sam couldn’t move, could do nothing but moan. Bee undid the cock ring and wrapped his lips around Sam’s cock.

That’s all it took. Sam came with a scream, his body arching wildly, shooting into Bee’s waiting mouth. His balls were tight and his cock pumped hard. Sam’s body was as tense as a bow when the teen blacked out.

An hour passed before Sam came-to with a low groan. His body was still humming from the pleasure overload and he felt completely boneless. He vaguely recognized that his whole body ached but that didn’t matter.

Bee had moved him back into the car and he was reclined in the driver’s seat with Bee’s holo sitting in the passenger seat, watching him.

“My beautiful boy,” Bee murmured, reaching over to stroke Sam’s face, cupping his cheek.

“God, Bee, that was… so fucking intense,” Sam said. His voice was raspy and Bee handed him a bottle of water. Sam took it gratefully and gulped down half the bottle.

“Was it too much?” Bee asked, tracing Sam’s jawline absently, searching the boy’s brown eyes.

“No,” Sam said, sighing. “Well, it was pretty intense. I wouldn’t want to do that all the time.” Sam blew out a breath. “But it was fucking amazing.”

Bee smiled. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“I did, but I’m not going to be able to move for a week.” Sam shifted and winced. His ass flared with pain from being spanked and his hole twitched painfully.

Bee laughed and leaned over to kiss Sam, pushing his tongue gently into the teen’s mouth and exploring the wet cavern.

“I hope not for a whole week,” Bee said, drawing back to look deep into Sam’s eyes. “I had a few more things planned before your parents got home.

Sam’s cock twitched with interest and Sam groaned. He was surprised his cock was still on speaking terms with Bee.

“God, Bee,” Sam fell back against the seat. “After all that my cock still wants more.”

Bee laughed. “No more tonight, little Sam,” he said, speaking directly to Sam’s crotch. He winked at Sam. “Come on, I’ll give you a ride home and, just this once, we’ll forget the rules.”

Sam laughed breathlessly as Bee started his engine and drove slowly, careful to avoid any bumps this time.

“I love you, Bee,” Sam mumbled, drifting off into a light doze.

“I love you too, Sam,” Bee whispered back to the sedated boy.