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"Alright little buddy, let's go for a ride." In a hushed tone, Edric grabbed the white cat, which begrudgingly formed into a staff after his consistent pestering and almost embarrassing begging on his knees- which they found very irritating.
He looked around.
He shouldn't have been doing this.
After all it wasn't his and the palisman itself also being rather unwilling to go along with his plans, but hey! Amity was out for the night with her girlfriend and left ghost at home under His supervision. So it wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know!

It would just be his priority to make sure he didn't damage it or else the earful he'd get from her would last him a months long migraine.

Hopping on his window sill, he put it horizontally between his legs, being rather unskilled in how to use the damn thing, considering he and Emira both could never get their own palisman due to their mothers refusal.
Their little sister being lucky enough to have her own passed down from their father, who Ed noticed seemed to now have a favourite ever since her noticeable growth in abomination magic.
He placed his hands on the shaft. "Now how do I ride thi- WOOOAHH!"

Taking off into the night sky with a scream, he rocketed off far further than he had expected, gripping onto the staff for dear, sweet life itself that seemed to be fleating before his own eyes.


To say the Emperor's castle was big was an understatement. A great one at that.
Walls lot in green hit the black and blue sky above it like a punch to an already bruised spot, as a large, strange tower bellowed smoke and fire like a dragon. Vein like tubes clambering up it's neck and then separating to four spouts at the sides.

Faded green was accented in gold and white banners with the patriotic symbol of the coven. The familiar triangle, sword and wings.

From where he floated, Edric could see the ribs of The Titan looming over him. As if he was in the mouth of a beast, who's teeth were about to rip into his flesh as it swallowed him whole.

Just a little ahead of him, he could see the casment, stain-glass windows of Hunter's room. Or he prayed atleast that he was right, getting arrested from breaking into a coven scouts room was not something he would want to deal with.
The arrest would be fine, however his mother's castigation would be far too painful to endure.

Peering in through the window, he could barely make out the foggy, tinted image of a teenager scribbling in a large and tattered, leather-bound book where many notes were poking out through the slits between the lively pages.
At that, he instantly knew it was the right room.

He gave two rhythmic knocks to the glass, still sitting on the palisman outside.


Knock. Knock.

Hunter whipped his head up and away from his book which he was scrawling in notes of his studies. Messy, almost unreadable handwriting covering the paper.

Approaching the window were the two perfectly rhythmic knocks came from, he opened it expecting a bird pecking at the glass.
Instead, he was faced with the familiar smile of a trouble-making, teenage witch. Green hair blowing slightly in the breezy night, as he waved with a wide smile.

"EDRIC?!" Eyes widened, he stared at the boy in front of him, at an utter loss for words.
"What in The Titan's name are you doing here?!" His words came out quick.
"Just came to stop by my favourite witches place, mind if I step inside?"

Sticking his head out the window, he looked around rapidly. Checking that no one had noticed the boy flying up on a cat. "Come in." He waved his hand, gesturing for him to come forth.


"How did you get here?!" Hunter threw his hands up as he questioned the boy who was now contently laying on his bed like a lazy cat.
"Palisman." He pointed to the cat which was licking itself clean on the floor.
"You know how to ride a palisman?"
"Nope!" He delightedly chirped.

"Typical..." Hunter rolled his eyes. "How didn't you get caught?" He asked astonished by the almost comical feats the boy in front of him could pull.
"Dunno." Rolling over to lay on his side, he traced his finger over the messy lime green stitching on Hunter's pillow, which consisted of several shades of fabrics combined together to barely keep it together.
It was rather flat, most of the cotton supposedly had fallen out.

"How did your pillow get so messed up?" Looking up at Hunter, he awaited an answer to the cartoonishly-absurd state of his pillow.

"Oh uh..." sheepishly, he rubbed the back of his neck, an action Edric noticed he did often when embarrassed. "I had a little... "accident" with some magic." Sitting down on the bed, he took his spot by Edric's feet, who curiously laid looking at him.

"What kinda accident? I thought you couldn't do magic."

"Well no, not natively, but I sorta...found this other way to do it- well someone kind of taught me- never mind, it's too dangerous." Messily, he attempted to explain his odd situation. Making careful note to not mention his temporary alliance with the human he was meant to hunt down. Or the fact that he perhaps had stole some of their glyphs, knowing well it was wild magic, not to be tampered with.
But curiosity was a potent spell.

"Danger? Well I love a bit of that. I'm a bad boy you know?" Edric winked at him.
Hunter chuckled "Sure you are. Long story short I burnt my pillow and had to put it back together with what I had."
"No wonder it's such a mess. You are terrible with your hands."
Edric giggled. "I'm gonna have to buy you a new one."
"No, no. You don't have to do that."
"Too late, I made my mind up and I'm getting you the most luxurious pillow I can. And you won't stop me, no way I'm having you sleep on that."

Edric knew how shy Hunter was at receiving gifts, always modestly refusing every little thing until Ed would have to be so persistent that he would have no option, but to just give up and accept the present. Often with a coy blush and a stuttered out "Thank you."

Knock. Knock. Knock.
The two boys whipped their heads around to face the three rhythmic knocks that came from outside the door. "Golden Guard, come out. The Emperor requests your service at once."

"Coming!" Hunter groaned "Kikimora...", He turned to face Edric. "You should go, if anyone saw you-"
"Already on it. Wouldn't want you getting into trouble. Goodbye, Hunter." He pressed his lips to Hunter's cheek, kissing goodbye for the night. "I love you."
"I love you too." He kissed back at his nose, before Edric grabbed the cat which was playing with Hunter's own bird, dismounting it as a staff and flying off into the night out the window.


"Who were you talking to?" The small demon looked at him with a suspecting look.
"Nobody, just...myself."
"Hmmph." She huffed, not believing him in the slightest, yet not rebutting him either.

The golden mask over his face showed nothing, a perfectly smooth image of the head of the Emperor's coven. But underneath, he was smiling.