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Weapons of ass destruction

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Casey Jones ( tmnt ) and Cobra Trooper ( G.I. Joe RAH ) have sex.



Casey was excited. He was excited because this one time he went to Wal-Mart, he beat up a Cobra Trooper over the last container of red velvet cookies.

As he was fightijng the troper the troper bite Casey's balls and went numnumnum.


Casey said that he liked it and it make his cooter cat wet so they started dating.


So he's excited because the Cobra Trooper wanted to fuck.


It m means he wants to do the procedures to have children.


Casey was excited because of that.


Casey was so excited that he was excited.


Casey is excited.


Thge cobra trooper texted Casey that he's outside his window.

Casey opened his window and yanked him in


Casey pulled down his pants to his ankles and started jerking off.

The Cobra Trooper got on his knees and started sucking his Dick. . Casey's dick.


Casey moaned and pulled his Dick away.

Casey turned around and bent over and spread open his ass cheeks.


The Cobra Trooper started eating his ass out.


" Lick lower bitch " Casey huffed out.


The troper licked his taint then his cunt. His cunt was wet and sticky and smelled like wet flour and tasted salty. It meant he was horny and ready to get fucked.

Casey groaned as his orgasm was getting closer, he jerked his Dick faster. Casey scooped up his vaginal cum and used it as lube to masturbate his penis.


The Cobra Trooper stood up and whipped out his penis and started fucking him.


Casey started having powerful orgasms and his walls contracted locking the tropers penis in a death grip.


The Cobra Trooper thought it was so hot that his pussy came and made juice run down his legs making it itchy.

The both came. They orgasmed.


The went on Casey's bed and laid down.


The Cobra Trooper started spooning Casey and nuzzled his neck and fell asleep.


Casey was about to go mimimimi but he just remember he didn't used a condom.


He said fuck in his mind and scooped some leftover cum from his now flaccjd penis and wiped it on the Cobra Trooper' s pussy.


He fell asleep.