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Mouselet Saves The Day

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It all began because Mouselet was feeling bored one morning and had hopped down to investigate the various items which were scattered about the table.  She had been in the middle of her investigation when Holmes had rushed in, swept up most of the items, including Mouselet, shoved them into his coat pockets and rushed out again.

Mouselet was somewhat surprised, but not unduly bothered as it would provide some excitement as 221B was very quiet since nearly everyone else was out.  She settled herself comfortably in a corner of her pocket and waited to see what was going to happen.

She knew they had travelled somewhere by cab and then she heard Holmes speaking to someone.  After which there was a thump and she felt Holmes collapse.  Since there was nothing she could do, she remained in the pocket as the men, she thought there were three of them, dragged Holmes into a room and locked the door.

She climbed out of the pocket and scurried over to look out of the grimy window.  She knew Holmes was still alive, so all she could do was wait for him to recover consciousness.  Had she been a larger animal she would have thought of going for help but being only a small mouse, this wasn’t practical.

She continued to watch out of the window, looking down onto the street below, and gave a squeak when she recognised Dr Watson and her hero, Inspector Stanley Hopkins, outside.  They entered the building and she scurried down through the pipework towards them.

Mouselet quickly realised that it would take too long to find a way out of the pipes on the ground floor and therefore she needed to find an alternate way of communicating with them.  She and the Ferret had been practising Morse code, and this seemed the right time to try it out.  She tapped a short message on the pipe.

Dr Watson said, “Wait a minute, Hopkins, we need to be careful.”

Mouselet tapped her message again.

“I’m sure Holmes is here.  Let’s try the floor above.”

Satisfied they were following her instructions, she hurried back along the pipes until she was once more above them.  She tapped another message.

Watson said, “I think it will be the next floor up.  You take the stairs at the front, and I’ll take the back stairs.”

Mouselet was horrified.  She knew Holmes’ captors would be somewhere near the front stairs and she couldn’t bear the thought of them attacking Hopkins.  Hurriedly she tapped ‘No, no, no.’

“On second thoughts, I think we should go this way together.”

Mouselet breathed a sigh of relief and hurried back to the room where Holmes was being held.  She squeezed out of the pipe and returned to her coat pocket.  A few minutes later she heard the door being unlocked and footsteps she recognised coming into the room.  At the same time Holmes groaned and began to sit up.

“How did you find me?” Holmes asked.

“I’ll explain later,” Watson replied.  “But for now, let’s see if we can get back out again without being spotted.”

Later, back at Baker Street, Mouselet and Watson between them explained their roles in Holmes’ rescue.  Mouselet was pleased with all their grateful thanks, and even more pleased because her beloved Hopkins had promised to call in later with a full report of what they had discovered when the gang had been arrested.