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All I want For Christmas Is you

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“Hey babe,” Renjun said as he scanned his boyfriend’s place. Ever since they went steady, it has been a part of their routine to have movie date nights at Jaehyun’s condo. They have been official for a little over eight months, with them dating a couple of months prior. While they’re not cohabiting–yet–you could say that Renjun knows his boyfriend’s place like his own and vice versa.

Jaehyun emerged from his kitchen, with two wine glasses and a bottle of an opened red wine. His boyfriend handed him the other empty glass, filling it according to how Renjun likes it.

“Thank you babe,” the younger man said as he took a sip from his glass of wine. Jaehyun then filled his own, taking a sip before he sat on the empty space beside Renjun on the sofa. He sipped another from his glass of wine before setting his wine glass and the bottle on the side table. He shook his head as he watched the younger man flip through the movie choices on the streaming site.

“I thought you said you wanted to watch a Hallmark movie?” He watched the smaller man absentmindedly browse through the posters of Christmas-themed movies. He reached for the blanket the smaller man was using to cover them both.

“Yeah, I still want to!” Renjun said with a pout. “But I was taking a look at your place and felt like there’s something missing. I can’t figure it out though babe.”

“Hmm?” was all Jaehyun had offered; he knew that Renjun would sooner or later remember it anyway. The smaller man took another sip from his wine before he put it on the side table so that he could scoot over to his boyfriend. He finally settled on Christmas At the Plaza. He pressed play before adjusting and laying down comfortably on his very warm boyfriend.

Jaehyun chuckled as he watched his boyfriend’s smaller frame snuggle close to him, his hand running up and down the other’s arm. He knew the smaller man to be easily cold and he’s happy to give the other some warmth. He wasn’t really a fan of Hallmark movies, they’re crap in his opinion but he’s so happy to see his very cute boyfriend react to the silliness of it. As long as he can see Renjun laughing, regardless of how stupid he thinks it is, he’s happy to oblige.

“That’s it babe!” Renjun exclaimed, pulling him out of his reverie. His boyfriend was now seated, and facing him. He snapped his fingers in the air, almost like he had a eureka moment. “I just noticed, you don’t have any Christmas decorations put up!”

Eh? Jaehyun thought.

“Oh,” the older man paused. “I really don’t put up Christmas decorations babe.”

Renjun couldn’t suppress the loud gasp that escaped him. He had to blink a couple of times, just to see if his boyfriend was pulling his leg. He wasn’t. Jaehyun reached for the younger man’s hands. As he found out, Renjun was in love with Christmas and everything about it. It was very fascinating for him to see how the smaller man would be filled with joy talking about Christmas, decorations, gifts, and spending quality time together.

“My parents were never into Christmas, as I have told you before,” he could see Renjun as he crossed his legs and nodded in agreement. “But it’s actually more than that. It was to a point that we’ve never put up Christmas decorations. When I was younger I actually did beg them to put up even just a Christmas tree. They never relented. So it went on like that until I grew up and moved out. I never really thought of doing it when I had my own place.”

He could see the smaller man’s face forming a frown.

“That’s so sad!” Renjun blurted out. He threw himself to his boyfriend but the other immediately and expertly caught him. The smaller circled his arms around his neck and he snaked his hands around the tiny waist of his boyfriend.

“But why didn’t you tell me babe?” Jaehyun saw how the younger man’s eyebrows met in indignation. He was easily distracted by how his boyfriend looked so adorable, despite the evident sulky mood he was in. He reeled in the chuckle that almost left his lips. Renjun was serious when it comes to Christmas as he has learned the hard way before.

“I’m sorry, hmm?” He caressed the younger’s back. He placed a chaste kiss on the other’s furrowed forehead.

“How about this,” Jaehyun pulled away slightly to peer down on his boyfriend, tucking away some loose strands on his face.

“I'll let you decorate my place.” He watched his boyfriend’s face lit up.

“Really?” was the excited reply of the younger man. It always amazed him how his boyfriend could be so expressive. He learned how he never held back his feelings and it was one of the things he loves about him.

He placed a soft kiss on the other’s lips then nodded. “Really.”


Renjun wasn't lying when he all went out with the Christmas decorations. Jaehyun is now seated at his sofa, dumbfounded at the vast amount of shining and shimmering ornaments. He thought Renjun was overreacting when he called him thirty minutes earlier, demanding to be helped with the stuff he bought.

Babe, come meet me at the lobby. I have so much stuff.

“Isn’t this a lot babe?” was the overwhelmed remark of Jaehyun as he scanned the bags and boxes on the floor.

Renjun was busy unpacking and setting down things to get started.

“Oh please!” Renjun waved his hand in dismissal. He paused to look at his boyfriend that was still seated. “You said last night I could decorate your place. Why don’t you get up and help me instead?”

He shook his head as he reluctantly got up. He watched his boyfriend connect his phone to the speakers. The very familiar Mariah Carey song intro started to blast.

Renjun danced to the beat as he immersed himself in preparing the decors. He went with blush pink, gold, and white as the palette. 


I don't want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need (and I)

Don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree


He watched the younger man shake his butt, twirl, and lip synched to the lyrics, definitely high in Christmas spirits. He laughed at the silliness of it, but he was enjoying it nonetheless. It was the first time for him to give time to small things such as right now. It was the first time for him to put up Christmas decorations and he was just glad that he was doing it with Renjun.


Oh, I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true


He watched the smaller man dance his way to him, with a Christmas tree ornament as a mic substitute in one hand. 


Oh, baby, all I want for Christmas is you

You, baby


Renjun pointed to him as what the lyrics just said. 

“All I want for Christmas is you, baby,” Renjun sang along. 

Jaehyun peered down at his boyfriend; he was sure that he was smiling as the other smiled with his eyes. He circled his arms around the other’s waist, and he rocked them into a slow dance.

“I love you,” he said as he gazed at his boyfriend who now has a tinge of pink cheeks from blushing. “I love you too,” was the shy reply of the younger man.

He raised the other’s chin and he tenderly kissed him–letting him know that it was true. 

All he wants for Christmas is him and he was so glad to be spending this year’s Christmas with him.