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“Who’s the most likely to cheer you up on a bad day?”

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“Who’s the most likely to cheer you up on a bad day?” was the question.


Ethan thought of the night when Thomas called Victoria and lied about having a migraine so she should go out without him. Ethan didn’t ask him to cancel his plans. He never even said that anything was wrong. Thomas didn’t even say he was staying the night, he just never left. Normally that sort of thing bothered Ethan, he liked to have things planned ahead of time. But everything was a mess— he was a mess— and too overwhelmed to even feel bad that Thomas canceled his night plans for him, he was just relieved to not be alone.

They switched their usual roles, with Ethan doing most of the talking and Thomas did most of the listening. Ethan sometimes caught himself watching the way Thomas played with his hair, the way he did when he was frequently checking out. It didn’t bother him as much as it might have normally, it was more important that he was here, and he wasn’t trying to counter every negative thing Ethan said with any kind of denial or reassurance. He just let him say what a shitty person he was, how he was letting everyone down, he was falling behind, he was the weak link, until he exhausted himself. And it all felt silly. Then Thomas edged him until the only worry he could focus on was the growing pressure, the only thing he could voice was to beg him to come. Afterwards, Thomas let him pick the movie.

Ethan pointed to Thomas.


Victoria had a lot of things over the years come to mind. She had a great band, and they’d gotten through a lot together. But really, what she thought of was Thomas. He didn’t always know how to solve a problem, and he didn’t always try to find a solution. But he was always the one to try to make her feel better. He’d be a distraction, or a sounding board, and on days when Vic needed some special stress relief, he’d be the outlet.

Thomas didn’t hate being tied up, but he didn’t love it.Not until he was tied up, that is. But he liked to shift around, fidget. He liked to mess with things, his hair or clothes, bits of paper, his rings, his nails. It wouldn’t be his choice for a night in, but when Vic had a particularly rough day, he’d invite himself over, and it became their de facto activity. Something about tying down a man who was so much taller than her, and one who liked to move around as much as Thomas did, and make him still did wonders to make all the anxious thoughts and world’s problems seem so small. No matter what was out of her control in the outside world, she’d always have control of him once she had him tied down.

Vic pointed to Thomas.


A part of Damiano hoped that one of the others would point to him, since tried so hard to take care of them. But he was not exactly innocent in regards to fights or adding stress. And he also knew they were all going to choose the same person. He saw how Thomas took care of them. He noticed that he’d have this desperate look, that he tried to hide, whenever one of his friends seemed down. Thomas wanted so badly for everyone to be happy he was ready to move heaven and earth to try to make someone feel better about a paper cut.

But it was when Thomas stopped hiding it, stopped hiding everything that was weighing on him, that was what Damiano thought about when the question was asked. Damiano wondered if Thomas came to him for support on purpose, or at least subconsciously, when Damiano was feeling his weakest. Sometimes Thomas just needed someone to listen, and Damiano could do that. Sometimes Thomas needed to be held, and Damiano could do that. Taking care of him was easy enough, no matter how he was feeling about himself, he could always do that much. And a “bro-moment”, as they sometimes called them, often ended with Thomas wanting to fuck Damiano, with him begging for Damiano to let him. And no one else could give him Damiano’s ass, and that’s when Damiano felt like the most powerful person on earth.

Damiano pointed to Thomas.