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"You two are so different, how can you even get along ?
- It's called friendship, I reply, shrugging. Partnership, even."

That's love, I think to myself. And the thought of it makes me smile.

"It works like magic, I add.
- Magic, right..."

I can tell they're mocking me, but as we all look at her I can't help myself but grinning. I can't blame them for not understanding the bond she and I share. I know, and that's all that matters to me.

It's in the way she burst in laughter, shamelessly. The way she cares, so very deeply. The way her eyes speak so many words in silence. The way her dimples hold so many stories for those who dare to look closely.

It's in her inquisitive looks and the warning in her tone. It's the softness of her touch and the force of her embrace. The way she is both the storm and the quiet.

It's in the way she takes me out of my comfort zone at any occasions, making me a better person even when I'd rather sit back and stay the way I am.

It's in the way she loves, effortlessly and yet with all her heart and will. It's in the way she won't take any of my bullshit, but forgive every one of my mistakes.

It's in the way she takes my breath away, just by being herself, that I know I'm in love with her.