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It was nice while it lasted.

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I was once a kid, like you.



"Would you like me to stay?"


"I can read you a bedtime story." 

"She doesn't need a bedtime story, Opia."


"She doesn't need a story to put her to sleep, just put her in her room."

"She can at least sleep out here." 




  Adder yawned, small fangs poking out when she closed her mouth again. Opia stood up, tail gently flopping over Adder's head, as the small kitten tried to catch it, embracing it, and biting the fur on the other cat's tail. Opia laughed, and bent down to pet Adder. 

  "I'll see you in the morning." Opia purred, ruffling the kitten's hair one last time, then walking over, curling up in a farther corner, near the fire. Adder whined, Opia promised her a bedtime story didn't she? She small cat looked around, scanning the room. Opia laid down at the fire, the candles glowing slightly behind her, though it was just dark enough you could see her stripes glow. Glowvines dotted the room, just as their berries seems to grow on them. Hanging down, producing a small glow like Opia's stripes. Just- yellow. 

  Arrow was pressed against the far wall, near the lever that activated the door. He pressed his back to the wall, laying back his head, and closing his eyes under his mask. At least, she hoped. His legs were thrown across the floor it seemed, his left one tucked slightly under his extended right leg, his back paws twisted slightly in an awkward way, pressing, and scraping the ground. At the bottom of the strange skull mask, you could see a small scowl plastered on his face. 

  So he wasn't asleep.

  Arrow brought his head up from the wall, tilting it down and matching the small kitten's gaze. Adder hopped a little, and rushed to to the fire. Away from Arrow, who just scoffed, and laid his head back down, pulling down his mask to cover his whole face. 

  Adder approached Opia, and laid down on the other side of the fire. Laying there, scraping at the stone underneath her. It was lonely now. 

  She couldn't sleep, she really wanted a story, and maybe to be close to someone. Adder brought herself to her paws, walking forward, gently setting her paws on the ground, to be sure she didn't wake anyone. Opia looked dead asleep, if it wasn't for her deep breathes, Adder would be worried. Adder frowned, there was no way she could possibly get all the way over to Opia without getting hurt, the fire was almost raging, and the stone looked sharp.

  The small cat turned her head to find Arrow. He wouldn't like it, but she didn't want to be so alone. And plus, he wouldn't know till he woke up, maybe she'd wake up before him? She spotted him, and approached the man, he didn't seem to have moved much, if he moved at all. Unlike Opia his breathes were sharp and short, like he was hesitant to breathe at all. Like he thought of each breathe before it happened. 

  He scared her. 

  Adder silently walked towards him, once she reached the hybrid, she looked at his right hand, which was rested on the ground with his forearm, while his left hand was rested on his right leg. How could someone sleep like this? She crouched down and pressed her nose to the clawed hand, throwing herself back, and into a crouch, ready to sprint to Opia. Arrow didn't move, didn't even flinch. Adder blinked and approached it again, bringing one paw over his hand, into a gap between his arm, and his body. She brought another paw in, and turned her body, so she sat comfortably in the gap. She then let herself shift her weight, to lay on the taller man. Adder yawned, the sound coming out shrill, and louder than she intended, she was too tired to care. The kitten snuggled to the hybrid's side, laying down slightly on him. 

 Arrow opened one eye, lifting his left hand, and tilting up his mask to get a clearer view of the creature pressing to his side. Adder was still awake, eyes pried open a smudge. Her breathes coming in different paces. He brought his right hand up, causing the small cat to flinch and stand up. He rested the clawed paw on her back gingerly, letting her relax again. 



  "Do you have any stories?"

  "Only real ones."

  "Can I hear them?"

  "If you want to." 

  "I do!"

  "Fine, don't wake Opia."

  Adder rested her head on his side, shutting her eyes as his hand rested on her head. Arrow didn't change the way he sat, or how he breathed. 

  "When I was a kid-"

  "Once upon a time?"

  Arrow sighed, "Once upon a time," he looked down as Adder who smiled, and shifted to be closer to him. "Once upon a time, there were two kids, they grew up together, staying side by side. One a spirited young boy, one a more mellow young one- -and I ended up here, with Opia and you. Good enough of a story?" Arrow flicked his tail, looking at the kitten. She was dead asleep, he suspected she fell asleep at the first few words. He scoffed, taking off his mask, and setting it gently on her head, the skull was much bigger than her, and might give Opia a fright, but Arrow smiled a little. 

  Sweet dreams.