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Day 25: On a roof

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“Laurence, please clean the fallen leaves off the roof.”

Laurence was currently loitering on a couch in the Byrgenwerth common room, facing Master Willem once he finished talking.

“Isn't that supposed to be Gehrman's job?”, he asked, well aware that as the son of the groundskeeper Gehrman always got these annoying cleaning duties.

“He's currently out getting groceries and you do nothing but loitering at the moment, you can make yourself useful, Laurence. You don't look sick to me today.”

Damn, there went Laurence' excuse. He certainly wasn't feeling dizzy or sick at all today, shown by his not pale complexion for once, even the dark bags under his eyes had loosened.

“And Micolash?”, Laurence asked, wondering why he should be the only one to clean the roof when there were normally three boys in Byrgenwerth during the vacation.

“He went with Gehrman.”, Master Willem informed Laurence. Laurence made a face, of course his friends would leave him alone with this task.

“Alright alright.”, Laurence got up, spreading his arms in an exaggerated manner, “I am taking care of it.”

“I knew you would come along.”, Master Willem said and handed Laurence a bucket and a rake. “Be careful not to fall.”

“It isn't very windy today, I'll be fine. Besides, I have been on the roof plenty of times.”, Laurence said, accepting the items and then going outside. While it was autumn already, hence the leaves on the roof, it was a sunny day and the beams warmed Laurence once they hit his skin. It was warm enough so that he didn't need to get a jacket, the cape of his uniform would be more than enough to keep him warm.

Laurence went around the building until he found the ladder Gehrman had placed there. He needed to get on the roof all the time in the fall and winter, so he never bothered to remove it. It made the task easier on Laurence, who had trouble carrying a ladder on his own.

Getting both the bucket and the rake up the ladder wasn't an easy task. Laurence actually had to make the trek twice, getting the bucket up first and then fetching the rake, which was a lot more difficult. Laurence was kind of sweating once he and the rake made it onto the roof and he fell on his rear, panting a bit, that had been a tiny bit scary.

After a minute or two, Laurence managed to get back on his feet and accessed the workload. Damn, there were a LOT of leaves lying around. Byrgenwerth wasn't exactly a small building, but it was also surrounded by a lush forest and their leaves had flown everywhere, probably also carried up on the roof by the wind.

Laurence looked at the one bucket he had brought and sighed. He would have to take a few trips for sure. The bucket would never hold all the leaves. He would have to trek between the roof and the compost several times.

With another sigh, Laurence started to get to work, raking up leaves after leaves and putting them into the bucket until it was full, then carefully getting it down the ladder to pour it out into the compost. He repeated this process three times when he started to feel hot and sweaty. Laurence decided to get rid of his cape and left it in the courtyard, right next to the ladder, feeling how the sweat formed on his forehead. The next time he poured out the bucket, he noticed that a glass of water was standing in front of the door leading inside the common room that hadn't been there before.

Master Willem had probably put it there. Laurence wasted no time in emptying the glass and got back to work. The next time he was down, the glass was filled again. Laurence didn't drink it whole this time, only about half, but he finished it off the next time he was down. When he passed the door next time, the glass was still there, but not filled. Master Willem probably was taking his nap. Laurence just shrugged and went back up, so that he could finish the work. It wasn't much anymore. Probably only three bucket loads or such.

While Laurence was working on filling up the bucket with the next load, he shifted from foot to foot, dancing in place when he felt a certain discomfort in his middle. It didn't surprise him that he needed to pee, he hadn't gone before he had come up on the roof and he had drunk two large glasses of water in a relatively short time.

Laurence didn't worry about it though. He could go to the bathroom inside of the Byrgenwerth common room anytime. In fact, he could just stop there the next time he went down and get rid of the pressure. There was no reason to hurry or anything, he could fill up the bucket and take care of his need when he had to go down anyway.

At the moment, he was more annoyed at the wind instead at his bladder. It had suddenly picked up and the leaves were flying around everywhere, but of course they didn't fly off the roof, just into the air and then right down on the roof again. Laurence had to chase the leaves down and it took a lot longer to fill up the bucket this time. The moment Laurence was putting the last leaves into the bucket that filled it up, his need had gotten pretty urgent and he already looked forward to using the bathroom once he had managed to get the bucket down the ladder without losing it. Or falling down. The wind was starting to get concerning.

Laurence was carrying the bucket to the ladder when a particular strong wind hit. So strong that he had to stand still and fight against it, while pressing his legs against each other. His need to pee combined with the harsh wind made his bladder impatient and he feared that he might lose a few dribbles if he didn't actively pretend it.

Laurence actually lost a few dribbles when a loud noise startled him and he jumped into the air, making a few leaves fly out of the bucket. He didn't care about chasing them down, he also didn't care too much about his slightly wet underwear, he was full of sweat anyway, but he wanted to know what the noise had been. Hopefully nothing had happened.

Laurence swiftly went into the direction of the ladder, only to see that the ladder wasn't there anymore. In an instance, he knew what the noise had been that he heard. The ladder was currently lying on the ground, spreading over the courtyard. The wind must have knocked it down, which meant... Laurence was now stuck on the roof!

“Well, fuck.”, Laurence hissed, putting the bucket down next to him, sitting himself on the ground. It was upsetting enough that he was stuck up there, but it was worse because he had to pee. If he had known this would happen, he would have used the bathroom the last time he had been down.

Laurence considered his options. Gehrman and Micolash were away, they would only be able to help him once they returned. Master Willem was his best bet. He was probably taking his nap and that meant he was on the lunarium, in his rocking chair. Laurence had a good chance to get his attention from his position on the roof.

Laurence stood up, cursing gravity when suddenly the urine inside of his bladder rushed down and tried to find a way out, and then went to the other end of the roof, where he could look down at the lunarium. In fact, Master Willem was slumbering there in his rocking chair.

“Hey, Master Willem!”, Laurence called out from the roof, trying to get his attention. “Master Willem, please help me, the ladder fell down and I am stuck up here!”, Laurence called out further and when Master Willem still didn't stir, he added: “And I really have to pee, help me down, please!”

Laurence continued calling out to Master Willem for a few minutes to no avail. It then occurred to him that if Master Willem hadn't woken up by the noise of the ladder falling down, he certainly wouldn't wake up because Laurence screamed at him from several feet away. And last, Laurence doubted that Master Willem actually was able to put the ladder back in place, he was an old, frail man, not a young and energetic one like Gehrman.

Laurence looked at the walls that led from the roof to the lunarium. Technically, he would be able to climb it down... it should be possible, there were protrusions and everything, but...

Laurence shook his head. He wasn't doing that. He had been sickly his whole life and never did much sports, he was very thin with no muscles whatsoever and the chance of him falling to his death wasn't worth the chance of getting relief for his bladder. Besides, with the amount of concentration he needed he might end up wetting himself while climbing and even if he made it down there, it wouldn't surprise him when the lunarium door was closed, sometimes Willem closed and locked it behind him so that nobody could disturb his nap. That would mean having to search the key on Master Willem and Laurence could think of several things that were more pleasant than having to search a tiny key on an old man.

“Damn, Gehrman and Micolash better hurry.”, Laurence whined as he sat himself on the roof, back pressed against the wall that housed the Byrgenwerth telescope. Unfortunately he couldn't get inside from there, they hadn't put any windows or doors in that part of the roof. Normally, nobody had to enter out of the roof when they used the telescope and the same was true for people on the roof, they normally didn't have to move inside the room that housed the telescope.

Laurence looked at the sky as he wiggled around, trying to find the most comfortable position, crossing his legs. “This could be worse.”, he said to himself, “At least it doesn't rain.”

While the sky was blue and the few clouds in it where white, the autumnal wind still was present, blowing over the roof and making Laurence shiver, which, in turn, made his bladder protest. Laurence never had liked the cold and now that he wasn't working anymore, he regretted that he left his cape down in the courtyard. He really wanted to wrap it around himself, hoping that it would warm him up a little and that his bladder would calm down and not beg him adamantly to be emptied.

Waiting for Gehrman and Micolash or Master Willem to wake up was boring. Laurence couldn't do anything up here. He hadn't any books with him, he hadn't any paper or pens he could distract himself with and staring in the sky was only entertaining for so long. Of course it also didn't help to distract him from his need to pee. Laurence found himself shifting his position constantly, he was squirming around so much, because it felt like his bladder would leak any given moment if he wasn't moving his legs around.

After a while Laurence was convinced that he already must have waited for an hour or so and started to count the seconds, to get a feeling for the time he had to spend while being stuck on this roof. After he counted to three hundred seconds, he realized that he probably only had spent around fifteen minutes on this roof. And he had no clue when Micolash or Gehrman would come back for their trip. Or if Master Willem would wake up soon.

Laurence shifted around a bit more, shivering, but not from the cold this time. It probably only felt like time didn't pass because he had to pee so bad. Sure, it was boring up here and he would even like to work more instead of waiting here, having to hold back a bladder brimming with urine, probably rivaling the moon side lake. At least it felt like this for Laurence.

The problem was, he couldn't work, because the bucket was full and he wasn't able to pour it out because the ladder was not in place. Wait, the bucket!

Laurence was on his feet even before he had finished the thought. He felt so dumb, why hadn't he thought about this before? He just needed to pour the leaves out and then could pee into the bucket! Sure, he would have to clean it out and then later rake the leaves together again, but at least he wouldn't be dying for a piss anymore. Now where had he left the bucket?

Oh yes, near the ladder, or more, at the position where the ladder had leaned before it fell down. Laurence quickly went to the side of the roof where the bucket was located. Well, he wanted to, but because of him holding for quite some time already, he actually more crept forwards. Just in case, he put his hands between his crotch, taking tiny steps, because he could feel the urine inside of him trying to find a way out and every movement that wasn't used to hold it back made his bladder feel invited to release a few drops.

What should have been a few seconds top turned into a full minute or so, this time Laurence didn't count and his bladder already jumped in joy when he could see the bucket still in place. Only a few steps more and...

A sudden gust hid Laurence and he bent his knees and shook, digging his hands deeper into his crotch. That had been cold and sudden and he lost a few drops... Laurence had closed his eyes on instinct and only opened them when he heard a metallic sound.

With horror, he realized that that wind had knocked the bucket over! However, it hadn't fallen off the roof, because the wind had come from the front, the bucket was currently rolling towards Laurence. He just had to grab it, put it near the wall and then could have his craved relief.

Laurence removed his left hand to grab the handle of the bucket when another gust hit and the bucket changed directions, so quickly that Laurence was stunned for one second before taking chase, one hand buried in his crotch, the other outstretched to catch the bucket, which... now rolled away so fast, because the wind didn't settle. Laurence saw it rolling closer and closer to the edge and... if he still wanted to catch it, he had to jump.

So Laurence jumped, crying out in pain when he collided with the stone floor of the roof, only being able to see how the bucket rolled down.

“Fuck.”, Laurence hissed as he sat on the cold roof, waiting for his body to not be inflamed with pain anymore. His knees felt scraped and he had a cut on his left hand which bled a little. The worst thing though was that he still needed to pee really badly and during the impact he had peed a little and now his bladder didn't understand why he was holding the rest back.

After a good while, Laurence managed to get back on his feet. His knees hurt and he got a bit of blood on his clothes. Luckily, he always had a handkerchief with him, thanks to frequent nosebleeds, so he wrapped it around his hand.

Laurence decided to check if Master Willem had woken up, so he shuffled over to look at the lunarium, but once glance told him that his teacher was still dead asleep. Laurence limped back to the wall and sat himself down, asking himself if he should cry about his situation. It might get a bit of the liquid out of his body...

He really didn't have any other choice anymore than to wait for Gehrman and Micolash. Laurence looked at the sky and started counting again. He just needed to distract himself somehow...

After Laurence had reached six hundred, ten minutes, he knew that he wouldn't make it. His need was so bad, he was in pain, he could feel himself constantly leaking. Even if someone would arrive and save him from the roof, he probably wouldn't have enough time to climb down the ladder and rush to the bathroom. He either would have to wet himself or... go elsewhere.

Laurence very much didn't want to go on the roof, that would be gross and he would have to smell it and he would have to clean it up later. So, if he wanted to pee, he needed to pee off the roof. Preferably into the lake, so that nothing would have to be cleaned up. It would just be a bit complicated to get his urine into the lake, because the courtyard was all around the building on which roof he was constantly stuck.

So, Laurence decided to let the wind help him. He got to his feet and winced, both because his knees didn't like that decision and because gravity rushed down and made his urine press against his tip.

He took a few shaky steps and determined from where the wind was coming. Luckily, it wasn't blowing towards the lunarium, that would be so awkward if Master Willem would wake up and see Laurence pee down the roof...

Laurence went as close as he could to the edge of the roof, feeling the wind in his back, looking at the distance he needed to reach the lake. It looked doable actually... Especially with how high up he was.

His bladder spasmed and told him that he shouldn't wait a second longer. Laurence pulled himself out in record timing, trying his damn hardest to not start to piss before he had aimed. Once he finally had himself situated, he took a deep breath and gave his body the permission to go.

Pee shot out of him with an intense force, in a practically straight line. Laurence watched as the line went on for a while, worrying that it would arch down too soon, but, as he had hoped, the wind helped, and it carried his stream a little further before it arched down. He could see how his pee hit the lake. It was really tight, but he managed to not water the courtyard.

Once Laurence had the assurance that he was hitting the lake just fine, a sigh escaped his lips as he noticed how immensely good this felt. He was finally able to drain his bladder after waiting for so long, the stream pouring out of him was feeling nothing short of amazing and he started to get a bit fascinated at the pressure that was behind it. His bladder was so eager to get rid of his urine that it just straight up shot out of him, managing to reach an impressive length. He would have been proud of it if the situation hadn't been born from such desperate measures.

As Laurence stood there and continued to pee out what felt like the entirety of the lake, two things happened. The first was that the wind was suddenly weakening and couldn't help carrying his stream all the way to the lake anymore. The second was that, as his bladder drained, the pressure decreased and his stream was arching down a lot sooner, very much hitting the courtyard instead of the water.

“Shit.”, Laurence said to himself, trying to get the pressure back, giving his damn hardest to not water the courtyard, there was still quite a bit left in him. And if the universe was playing some kind of cruel prank on him, he heard Gehrman's voice shouting up to the roof.

“Laurence, are you pissing down the roof?!”

Laurence looked to the left to see Gehrman and Micolash standing there, carrying several bags. Instead of explaining himself or doing anything to defuse the situation, he simply screamed back: “There you are finally! I wouldn't have to do this if you wouldn't have taken your sweet time!”

“We just go... stand somewhere else while you finish this.”, Gehrman said, ushering Micolash along while Laurence started to blush. He didn't want to be caught in this situation... and he knew that Gehrman would make him clean up his own mess.

His bladder continued to drain for a while longer and once it was done, only letting out a few little spurts before it was completely emptied, Laurence shook off and made himself decent again.

Then, he sat himself against the wall and sighed. He had to explain this to Gehrman and Micolash now, how embarrassing. He buried his face in his hands and only looked up when he heard a sound. The ladder was in place again, but he didn't feel like coming down.

It only took a few minutes before Gehrman, and shortly after him Micolash, climbed it up.

“Laurence, you could have told us you were stuck up here.”, Gehrman said.

“You wouldn't have been in trouble if you would have a piss bottle with you.”, Micolash added.

“Shut up, Micolash.”, Laurence said, still ashamed of having been caught.

“You didn't have another choice, right? I found the bucket you must have had up here down in the courtyard. How long were you stuck?”, Gehrman said, sitting himself next to Laurence.

“I don't know.”, Laurence said, “I just know that I needed to pee and then the ladder fell and I couldn't get down and Master Willem wouldn't wake up and you two would take your sweet time and then the bucket fell and I tried to wait, but I had to go so bad, so I tried to pee into the lake and it worked at first, but then it didn't and then you guys turned up and I really would prefer if we never talk about this again.”

“You managed to pee into the lake from here?”, Micolash said, eyes wide, “Impressive.”

“I said I didn't want to talk about it anymore.”, Laurence snarled.

“Don't worry, Laurence, we won't tell anyone.”, Gehrman said, “And I am taking care of your mess. It wouldn't be the first time.” Laurence gave Gehrman a nudge for that, he really didn't want to be reminded of his other pee disasters. “And then we put away the groceries and then we three can finish cleaning the leaves off the roof, alright?”

“What, me too?”, Micolash said, seeming a bit miffed about it.

“Yes, you too.”, Gehrman said, “So what do you say, Laurence? Are you coming down?”

“Well, alright.”, Laurence said, getting on his feet, “Let's finish the work together.”

“See, that's the spirit.”, Gehrman smiled, “Then let's go now. And Micolash, don't try to sneak away.”

“Don't worry, I won't.”, Micolash said. “Just let me stop by my room. I will make sure to bring a piss bottle. Just in case the ladder falls again.”