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A Little Snow(balling)

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Advent Calendar Day 16 - Frost/Winter Storm

Los Angeles really didn't get cold enough for snow or frost, but there were always anomalies and today was one of them. Their highs were below twenty degrees and the sky was gray like it would rain. Eddie Diaz was cuddled inside with his partners Bobby Nash and Evan Buckley, their fireplace roaring to keep their place warm. Christopher was bundled up at Abuela's who had a generator just in case, when suddenly their emergency alerts went off on their phones, signaling a winter storm warning as the wind picked up.

Bobby had gotten out sherpa throws and down comforters, placing them in front of the fire, and all three of them were cuddled under the covers. Bobby was squished in the middle, Buck and Eddie cuddled on his chest, legs over his hips. Eddie had called Abuela and Christopher, who had Pepa and Michael staying with them, which lessened their concern.

But that meant they had the house to themselves and no chance of getting called in because there was no way they could drive in this. Buck was already naked under the covers, his hands wandering along Bobby, while Eddie humped his side, whining. Buck had fingered Eddie open, and placed a long plug in him, and it was vibrating right now, not that Bobby was much better. He had the thrusting dildo in his hole, hitting his prostate on every thrust.

The wind howls outside, snow falling but the men didn't care. Eddie was on his hands and knees, Buck's cock in his ass and Bobby's in his mouth, as they fucked stimultaneously into Eddie. Bobby comes first, then Buck does, staying deep in Eddie while Buck pointed to their fucking machine.

"Go ahead and get on it, Bobby. That's the only cock you are getting," Buck demands, before pulling out and putting a bigger plug in. Bobby is sitting on the machine, getting fucked deep while he directs Eddie over to the Bobby, and sits Eddie on his lap, taking the plug out.

"While I make some hot chocolate, Eddie is here to be fucked while you are. Then he will take both of us then me again, while you remain there," Buck says, as Bobby knows he won't get Buck's cock no matter how much he begs. He had done a reckless maneuver and Buck wasn't happy. He would either get Eddie's cock or this machine.

Buck disappeared in the kitchen, while Bobby fucked into Eddie as the machine rocked into him. Eddie moans, cock leaking against Bobby's chest, when he's thrown into an orgasm, emptying into Eddie when Buck comes back.

"Thought you could hold out longer, Bobby but I guess I don't have you trained that much yet," There is a knock at the door and Buck goes to answer it, only to reveal Lou Ransone, in his winter gear. "I got stuck, mind if I come in?"

"Absolutely," Buck says, unashamed of his nakedness. "We were taking advantage of the empty house and Bobby is being punished. He's on the machine but you can paddle him."

Lou strips and pulls Buck into a kiss, getting a smile from Eddie. They loved playing with the tall, dominant man, and he and Buck pulled the most intense orgasms out of Bobby and Eddie.

"Can you put this on the table? You can watch Eddie take both Bobby and me, then he can take you and me," Lou nods, placing the mugs on the table, watching as Buck lubes his cock and slides in beside Bobby.

Bobby shakes with another orgasm, and Lou grins, because he is going to be very stimulated in a minute. Bobby is still shuddering through his orgasm when Buck comes, pulling Eddie off Bobby, cock still hard Eddie. Bobby is crying, the machine still going.

They lay in front of the fireplace, Buck reclined with Eddie on his lap, when Lou entered Eddie with Buck. They bounce him on their dicks, then whisper "Come." and Eddie does, shaking apart as they continue to use him.

Buck and Lou come together, Lou slipping out first leaving just Buck and Eddie, who rearrange on their side, Buck still in Eddie.

Lou tugs on Bobby's hair and sticks his softened dick in his mouth, "Get me hard again, Captain," so Bobby does every trick in the book and feels Lou getting hard in his mouth. Lou stops the machine and tugs Bobby off his cock, then off the dildo. He brings him to the nest, tying him so he can paddle with a dildo in him.

Lou milks every drop out of Bobby, and when the taller man fucks him, Bobby passes out from pleasure while Lou comes in his ass, and staying there just like Buck is doing with Eddie. The four of them fall asleep to the snow piling up, the fire becoming embers. In the middle of the night, Lou paddles Bobby again, this time making him stay on the machine on low until the others get up.

Lou wants Eddie's mouth so he and Buck tag team Eddie, who ends up with a facial and more cum in his ass. They do this until the storm stops, and Lou leaves promising more playtime, when Bobby cuddles up to the two other men.

When they go into work the next day, everyone knows why Bobby and Eddie are limping, and so Buck takes them to the office and fills them up with cum.

The rest of the day they limp more, and ride the plugs, then Buck who allows them to come. Another round of snow is to come, and now they are stuck at the station.

It doesn't matter because Bobby and Eddie's ass are his. Even the snow storm couldn't keep them from him. Or his come in them, either way snow just makes it easier to have his partners.

They do need some warming up after all.