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all's well that ends well

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"Last one! Come on, Jaemin, we're celebrating Christmas!" 

That's probably the sixth or eight time someone had told him that with a shot of tequila being handed to him. He accepted all of the shots though, downing them like the champ that he was and sucking the lime wedge and licking the salt  after. Renjun always judged him because of it but that's how he learned to take shots. He also took this one and winked at the senior who handed it to him.

And really, who was he to deny free alcohol and all this? Jaemin felt like he's having the time of his life. 

It's the last day before winter break, the 21st of December, and it's been tradition that seniors (mostly from the council and some school organizations) plan one big Christmas party where everyone from campus is invited to a giant venue owned or rented by one of them. Usually, it's at this time students go back to their hometowns for the holidays, but plenty choose to stay for the party since it was also advertised as a post-exams party.

Most students just hang out for a while since it starts all light and fun in the afternoon, drinking eggnogs, sharing fruit cakes, light chitchats and all that. But once it's dark out, with the moon gracing all of them, that's when it really gets fun

Lights of different neon colors sat heavy and hot, bright atop skin. The music shifted from Christmas carols to party anthems, trap mixes and edm, loudly vibrating in the chest. Roaring bass pounding as it blasts loudly. Exhilarating.

Christmas decors filled the room, there's even a decorated tree beside the dj booth, and hanging mistletoes scattered for everyone to make out on. 

There was a group of people near the kitchen playing the loudest game of beer pong which added to the noise the place emitted. Booze was passed around and every corner of the cleared out make-shift dance floor of a living room had mobile bars set up in them. The dance floor was cramped with a sea of sweaty college students, all intoxicated with alcohol and having the time of their lives.

Jaemin was for sure one of those drunk college students. 

For fun, they made this year's party a costume-required one. As if everyone could even fit looking for a costume to wear in their already tight Finals schedule. There's a lot who dressed up as Santa Claus, elves, Christmas trees, the Grinch, characters from the film Nightmare Before Christmas and some even as slutty gifts. A lot committed to wearing cool costumes, though many just wore a Santa hat or a reindeer headband with just their normal clothes. People who did not celebrate it but still wanted to come were still welcome without wearing costumes though. 

Meanwhile, Jaemin was wearing something over the top. He's one of the many people who couldn't bother to pick up something to wear because he was so busy with Finals that he couldn't even think of it. So he let his roommate, Donghyuck, pick anything for him since the boy knew him well enough to pick anything that would suit Jaemin. 

And now, he's wearing a white bedazzled corset top, white sparkly fishnets, a halo and wings. Donghyuck lent him a pair of white thigh high boots, and said he's a snow angel or something when he tried it on for the first time yesterday. Donghyuck looked very proud of his choice. "If you don't get laid, I'll consider everyone there tasteless." he pointed out. Jaemin liked the outfit since he'd always been keen on showing off his body so he's actually grateful for his friend's effort. 

They'd been here for a few hours now. Dancing and drinking and playing some dumb game of truth or dare and laughing at every stupid thing they witnessed through the night. 

With a red cup, his third, half full of some unknown concoction of alcohol, Jaemin swayed his body left and right. He'd been drinking so much, this and all the shots he lost count of making him quite loopy. He's a little lightheaded as he sang along to a trap remix of Jingle Bell Rock that's playing on full blast as of the moment. 

In front of him were his friends, almost as drunk or even more drunk than him. 

Renjun chugged both bottles of beer in his hands. He's a Christmas tree–an inebriated one. A star headband on his head and a green cape which he painted with ornaments. His boyfriend Donghyuck (dressed in the Santa outfit from Mean Girls) was dancing some sort of erotica right in front of him because as per Donghyuck's words, he's "Letting out every part of a slut there is in him tonight".  

Renjun's pretending he gave zero shit but Jaemin knew that look he'd been giving Donghyuck since earlier and any minute now, he's certain Renjun's going to show all interest

Yangyang's nowhere to be found since a boy wearing an Olaf shirt came by and flirted his way. Shotaro though, he's taking the whole dance floor too seriously. The boy a drunk reindeer popping and krumping in the middle of the crowd with some other people. 

And it's foolish and loud but extremely fun for university students who had all been preoccupied with academic workloads for the past few week or two. They're having fun, and everybody else around them was having fun. Somewhere at the back of Jaemin's mind remembered a somewhat akin to a zombie apocalypse hallway of students just a few hours ago, everyone on campus all dead tired and exhausted because it was just Finals week but lo and behold, alcohol just brought everyone back to life. Like an antidote of some sort. 

Everything would've been perfect for him if he's with someone right now. Tongues deep inside each other's mouths and hands all over the place. Wanting and needy. 

Well, he's wanting and needy but had no one to satisfy him. Jaemin doesn't date, scratch that, he doesn't date for long. 

Nobody had felt right. None had come his way that felt the same as what Renjun and Donghyuck explained in detail. Or even what his brother Mark and his boyfriend Jungwoo had. So he just looked for hot guys and if the sex was good then that's enough to make him sleep at night.

But he badly wants someone right now. 

He scanned the room for what felt like the twentieth time that night to look for a hookup. But he saw the same people he had seen earlier, most of them drunk and the others already eating each other's faces out. Zero in the realm of his type.

Some of them blatantly ogled him but none had the balls to act upon it. Well, there's one who rudely groped his ass which Renjun gave a nasty punch on the nose. 

With a sigh, he resorted to drinking all the remaining alcohol in his cup. Maybe he'd just get overly inebriated and it'd find him a way to get laid for the night.

That was until Lee Jeno, in all his long-legged Greek god sculpted glory, entered the party as if he was on cue. Scanning the room and most probably looking for his brother in this mass of partying college students. 

Jaemin's eyes were immediately drawn by him, staring (checking him out) and waiting for Jeno to look his way with a sly smirk starting to grace his made up face. 

And when Jeno exchanged gaze with Jaemin, the boy returned his smile back. He looked away for a few seconds to talk to the people he came with, then returned his eyes at Jaemin and walked towards his direction without breaking their eye contact. 

"So angels do exist, huh?" Jeno greeted with a proud teasing smile the moment he's face to face with Jaemin. It made Jaemin's smile break into a bigger one. "Hi." he added, all crescent smiled. 

Jaemin scanned him from head to toe to check his fit, but really, it was an excuse for him to take in all of Jeno's hot being.

Jeno was one of the people who decided to come with just his normal clothes. His usual black skinny jeans hugged his twin tower of a pair of legs, a shirt tucked inside and his varsity jacket from the soccer team. He just had a Santa hat. 

"Let me guess, you went for a hot Santa." Jaemin replied, copying the teasing tone of the elder. 

"Wasn't able to buy a last minute costume, okay." 

"Doesn't mean it makes you any less hotter than the others who dressed up as Santa." Jaemin boldly stated, inching a little closer. But Jeno always went along with his flirting, so he just stood in front of him. Untaunted.

"I'm flattered, the hottest person in this room thinks I'm hot when I'm not even remotely near his level." Jeno gave him a once over, pausing a second at his midriff then to his exposed clavicle. When Jeno bit his lip while staring at his leg, Jaemin almost choked. 

Jaemin proceeded in closing their gap more, hooking an arm around Jeno's neck and leaving just a little space in between them that they always never bridge. Jeno wrapped an arm around his waist loosely in response. 

Up close, Jeno was more mesmerized at Jaemin. Black-haired, sparkly makeup surrounding his already bright eyes and lips that gleamed in the dark from its gloss. And up close, Jeno could smell Jaemin's usual peach perfume and he could also predict all sorts of alcohol that had entered Jaemin's system from how strong it wafted and mingled in his scent.

"So you think I'm the hottest here?" Jaemin retained his bold tone, and Jeno would have missed it because of the loud booming music but come on, this was Jaemin. Jeno would hear everything he'd say even from a mile away. 

A hand snaked its way to Jeno's chest, gently caressing the tough muscles there. Jeno let him, he always let him. 

"I believe it's been years since we've established how hot I find you." 

"That's me to you, Jen." Jaemin immediately replied, calling Jeno in a nickname only a few people addressed him.

In all honesty, both of them knew how they felt for one another. And both recognized the existing sexual attraction they both had with the other. The reason why they didn't act upon it until now was because Jeno was Mark's bestfriend and they had promised never to date any of their family members. Ever. It's written on a piece of paper they both signed when they were younger, which they call their bro code. Shitty bro code if you asked Jaemin. 

To test the waters, Jaemin had once asked his brother if there unexpectedly came a day when the two of them fall in love with one another to which Mark just replied, 'Not gonna happen'

Since then, they had resorted to openly flirting and pining. Jaemin didn't recommend it though, with all the frustration that came with it. 

"Did you come here with someone?" Jeno asked, leaning a little bit more for Jaemin to hear. If Mark saw how close they were right now, he'd flip a table. 

Jaemin nodded and pointed his lips at where Donghyuck and Renjun were, only to find Renjun finally showing interest, beer bottles still in his hands as he shoved his tongue down Lee Donghyuck's mouth with his arms wrapped around his neck. And it's happening all too fast, both boys fighting for dominance and stumbling on their feet. It's messy and kind of too much. Jeno chuckled when he looked at his friends. 

"Yang's also hooking up with someone else. Probably Shotaro too." Jaemin explained when Jeno brings back his attention to him. "I'm the only one not getting laid tonight so I've been drowning in alcohol."

"Their loss for not hitting on you. You're too hot for anyone here anyway." Jeno reasoned out, booping his nose with his free hand.

"You're the only one hot enough for me here." Jaemin booped the tip of Jeno's tall nose the same way he did to him. "Wanna hookup?" 

That made Jeno break into a smile, which then made Jaemin's legs go jelly. Eyes crescent and nose scrunched. Fuck this sexy cutie

"I'm dead meat the moment Mark hyung finds out." Jeno said it in a cooing manner, lightly scratching his chin, like what he'd do a cat. Jeno's favorite thing to do.

"We're both dead meat once Hyung finds out." Jaemin advanced closer again, at this point there's only an inch or two between them. "We can be dead meat together. Ah, how romantic." 

There's a dangerous look in Jaemin's eyes when he stated that. And Jeno's were starting to be as vicious. Lustful eyes. Both sets lingering with wanting. It made Jaemin dizzy, head starting to spin from it. Or from all the alcohol he's had. 

While Jaemin was in charge of starting all the flirting, all bold and cunning, it's Jeno's place to be the one with the higher tolerance and put a stop before they close the very fragile gap they couldn't close. 

"You, young man, are entering dangerous territory right now." Jeno chose to reply, warning, widening their gap and inching back in a safer zone. He chuckled when Jaemin's pout unfolded in front of him. He booped his nose for the second time. 

"Mark hyung's not even on sight yet he's cockblocking me." Jaemin complained, speaking with a pout still intact, loosening his hold on Jeno. 

"Very rude of him." Jeno replied from which he earned a glare from Jaemin. 

Jeno suddenly rubbed his thumb where it was placed on Jaemin's exposed skin, the action made Jaemin jolt a little and send an evident shiver all over his body from the surprising action, with goosebumps now forming on his skin. 

Immediately, Jeno sported a concerned look.

"Are you cold?" Jeno asked, voice laced with concern, unknown to him that it was him and not a breeze that caused the shiver to spread all over his body. 

"Consequence I'd take to be pretty, I guess." Jaemin replied, inching closer to Jeno and acting as if he was cold. He's not. Well, earlier he was but the room's quite warm now from being packed with people but he guessed he'd just go along with it. 

Jeno moved away from Jaemin's hold and took off his jacket, handing it to the dark-haired. "This'll ruin your beautiful look but you can use this later if the cold gets too unbearable." 

Jaemin accepted the jacket, looking at the giant number 23 at the back with Jeno's surname above it. 

"Look at you stripping for me already." Jaemin goaded, looking from the jacket to Jeno. The comment had Jeno rolling his eyes at him but with a chuckle.

"You're bad for my heart."

"But I bet I'm amazing for your dick." Jaemin pushed, pulling his leg to the limit and earning a scandalized look from Jeno that made him laugh. 

I'm too sober for all of this, Jeno thought to himself as he looked at the danger of a pretty boy in front of him.

"I'm gonna go find Mark hyung, you're danger." Jeno snickered, giving up with a defeated smile on his lips. Jaemin had always been too bold for him to handle.

"I know where he is." 

"Bet you won't tell me." Jeno countered, taking his phone out and trying to send a quick message to Mark. 

"That's right." a sly smile decorated Jamein's face, trying to irritate Jeno. It doesn't work. 

Jaemin excused himself for a while but not without telling Jeno not to move because he'd be back before he knew it.

Jeno scanned the room in an attempt to find Mark from the jam-packed room but he was unsuccessful. All he saw was a full view of the almost live porn Donghyuck and Renjun were busy at. 

He checked his phone in hopes for Mark or Jungwoo to answer but was unsuccessful with that too. 

A sigh alerted him that Jaemin was already back and now holding two red cups in its rim with his one hand and a beer bottle on the other. 

"I'll tell you where, you look like a lost puppy." Jaemin started, chugging on his beer. "But not without getting you spiked at least." 

He handed both red cups of what smelled like Jack Daniel's and coke. He gladly took them and downed one straight, the taste okay, it was mostly coke and almost just a hint of the alcohol which he understood since they were all broke here, but the feeling of it in his stomach not. 

Jeno sipped on his second cup when he heard Jaemin sigh once more. 

"He's over there with his wasted puppy of a boyfriend." Jaemin pointed his beer bottle holding hand to his right, to a mobile bar.

"I swear you both have shit bro code." Jaemin snarked low, drinking from his bottle again. So what if he got drunk. 

"Your brother made it."

"You're shit for agreeing. We could be banging right now if not for your shit pact." Jaemin sounded much like whining. He's cute. 

Jeno noticed his jacket slung over his shoulder, he thinks that made him a tad cuter than he already was.

"You're petty." Jeno noted, a chuckle under his breath as he drank some more. 

"You forgot the r. I'm pretty." Jeno almost spurted his drink from laughing while in the middle of drinking when he heard Jaemin say that.

Jaemin looked at Jeno through all of it, finding him way hotter as his now exposed veiny arm raised as he drank. Fucking tease. Can't even have him

"Okay, brat." Jeno smirked. That ignited something in Jaemin that he didn't know he had in him. He's just called brat. Mark always called him that. 

And he blamed it on this beer bottle because he just charged at Jeno and almost gave him a kiss. Luckily he's able to stop himself midway and just settled on planting the kiss on his right cheek. Making it linger and transferring most of his tinted gloss on Jeno's face.

"You know, for an angel, you're way too sly and obviously too bratty." Jeno teased when Jaemin pulled away, still a few inches close to Jeno.

"Well, am I on your naughty list, hot Santa?" Jaemin challenged, trying on his flirtiest voice that Jeno was so used to by now, biting his lips and an expression that looked as if he's demanding the answer from the other. 

"Oh angel, you're always on my naughty list."




Jeno arrived at where Mark and Jungwoo were, barely alive and relieved he survived without popping a boner from all the happenings with Jaemin. It's a miracle for him too.

Jungwoo spotted him first, expression changing into a happy and surprised one when Jeno came closer to them. He tapped his boyfriend and pointed to him. 

"Why are you so late, man?" Mark greeted him with the question, reaching a hand out for them to do a shorter version of their handshake. 

"At least say hi first before interrogating me."

"Hi!" Jungwoo greeted in the stead of Mark, handing him a bottle of beer which he gladly accepted. Mark rolled his eyes at Jungwoo which the other just laughed off, used to the pissy attitude Mark had whenever he's had a little too much to drink.

Jeno chugged the alcohol, welcoming the taste of cheap beer flooding his throat and sighing at the familiarity of it. There's the taste of bad decisions, he thought.

He explained that he had to go to his last shift at his part time job for the year before he drives home with Mark and Jungwoo tomorrow, and that he had the closing shift. Every year, all three of them take the long 5-hour drive to their hometown, which wass where they knew each other because they live in the same neighborhood, also how Mark became Jeno's best friend. 

Mark and Jungwoo both had on ugly Christmas sweaters. Initially, Jungwoo wanted them to wear the couple's one where they both have to wear one giant sweater that makes them look like they're conjoined but Jeno vehemently shut down the notion when they were choosing that the other day. So they opted for separate sweaters, Mark's was green with tinsels decorating them as if he was a Christmas tree and fuzz balls as the ornaments. While Jungwoo's was navy blue with a naked Santa lying down, a present to cover his dong and the words 'I have a big package for you' written all across. 

And if you think none of them stopped him, well yeah that's true because Mark didn't give a shit about what his boyfriend wears (he told Jeno once that he thinks nothing can make his boyfriend ugly, nothing) and Jeno was busy with revising a whole 40 page paper that was due that day and he had already said no to the couply one.

When Jeno made fun of their ugly sweaters, the making fun went straight back to him like a boomerang. 

"Dude, you're literally just wearing normal clothes and a Santa hat. You're in no place to shit on us when you arrive just with that." Mark pointed out, eyeing him from head to toe with judging eyes and earning a high five from Jungwoo.

"That's got to run in your blood because Jaemin said almost the same thing." Jeno groaned, now his time to roll his eyes. He's a busy man who was unable to fit it in his schedule that he had to find a costume, you have to understand. 

But what he said gave permission for a frown to make way on Mark's face. 

"So you're telling me you met with Jaemin before us?" he interrogated quite loudly as the beat of the music pounded louder in the room. Jeno thought his heartbeat could top any music from the nervousness that started building up in him. 

Uh oh, wrong move just now, Lee

Jeno first finished what remained in his beer, which was still a third of it, before fishing out an answer from his already wearied brain. 

When he had gulped all his way down to every drop of it, he held the bottle in his hand awkwardly and saw Mark's anticipation spread out all over his face, a brow cocked up in all it's overprotective prowess. 

"Yeah." was what he chose to answer. His vocabulary was drained from all the paperworks he had to do, okay? 

Mark's still unsatisfied with his answer, in fact, his frown dug deeper the moment his eyes landed on what decorated his left cheek. Glistening under neon lights, sparkly.

"I was just going to ask him where you are. He's just right there when I entered the party." Jeno began. "I promise I didn't do anything other than harmlessly flirt with him." he explained in defense. If Jaemin was here, he'd laugh until he's out of breath if he heard that they were just harmlessly flirting

Because there's nothing harmless in what they'd been doing. It's dangerous from every angle. Dangerous because it's breaking a pact he shared with Mark. Dangerous because it built up more of what shouldn't have existed in the first place. 

Though Mark was well aware of it all. The back and forth of the looks Jeno and Jaemin shared, the lingering of a sexual tension when both meet, he knew it all. Mark even knew that Jeno liked his brother but tried his best, was still trying his hardest especially now that Jaemin turned into the literal walking definition of hotness, to suppress every fiber of those feelings for the sake of their deal. 

So Jeno waited for his impending doom, or the scolding he'd get from Mark. He readied himself from the usual 'You know that's my brother, right?' because that's how all of this usually ends. With the reminder of them being related and how Jeno could never lay a finger on his brother. 

But Jungwoo, ever so lovely of him, interrupted their conversation before it reached Nag Town. 

"Come on, Mark, Jaeminnie looked extra hot today. Anyone would be attracted." that made Mark almost immediately whip his head to his boyfriend's direction. Appalled at what just spilled out of his mouth. 

"Care to repeat what you just said, Kim Jungwoo?" Mark provoked under gritted teeth. Eyes spikes and tone taunting.

"I said look at Jaemin over there making out with Hendery." Jungwoo pointed somewhere forward from where they stood behind Jeno, with an awkward smile on his face as he prayed it could be a form of his escape to what he just said. But if he got in trouble, Jungwoo was just being honest and usually, Jungwoo complimented Jaemin anyway. 

Now it's Jeno's time to frown and when he's about to turn around to look, Jungwoo, in panic, grabbed both his shoulders in the means of stopping him. "You wouldn't want a glimpse of that, Jen." he warned but Jeno shook his head and said it'll be fine.

Even Jungwoo was aware of his pining over Jaemin and he sometimes rooted for him, until he's reminded that his boyfriend wouldn't like that. 

Jungwoo loosened his grip and when Jeno turned around to see for himself, the elder was right when he said that he wouldn't want a glimpse of it. 

Jaemin, who's quite far from where they were but still recognizable, was in fact kissing Hendery all the more like what Renjun and Donghyuck was doing earlier.

Jaemin had his hands wrapped around Hendery's neck, like how he always did to him. Eyes closed, eyelashes long and lips moving hungrily. 

And to be frank, Jeno didn't know why he couldn't look away when it echoed loud and clear how his heart shattered in a million pieces repeatedly at the sight. Maybe it's because he's angry that Jaemin was all over him not even some half an hour ago. But then again he had no right to tell Jaemin who he kissed and on what time interval he should be kissing people. 

Maybe it's because that's what he so badly wanted. For years. To just lock lips with Jaemin freely like that and not care if his best friend was Jaemin's brother. 

Maybe it's because Hendery looked like a good match with Jaemin, with his stupid handsome face and how his hands were wrapped around his waist. Both of them looking as if they're enjoying every millisecond of their spit swapping. 

Or maybe, it's because he's mad that amidst all this, there's a giant number 23 with the surname Lee on the back of the jacket Jaemin was wearing as if it's mocking him and telling Jeno 'Sure he's wearing your jacket but is he making out with you?'. 

But whatever it was, it sent a heavy pang somewhere inside him and it twisted his insides. Jeno didn't notice it but his grip on his now empty bottle of beer was so tight, it could shatter in his hold any minute now. 

"Yo, isn't that your varsity jacket?" Jungwoo again pointed out. And he's sure it was harmless and his friend just wanted to ask since Jungwoo was on the soccer team with him too.

But Jeno pretended to not have listened. Turning his back on where Jaemin was and started walking away.

"I'm going to grab some drinks." Jeno informed before making his way to a mobile bar.

Mark, though, didn't miss the expression on his best friend's face when he looked at Jaemin making out with another person. Didn't miss the shifting of expression in his eyes from infuriated to frustrated to just hurt. Didn't miss the tight grip on the bottle that made every vein he had pop out of whatever he's feeling. 

Didn't miss the guilt he felt to be the reason why instead of Jeno, his brother was with that boy from the Dance team. 

And most especially, did not miss the slowly thinning of their pact and maybe him wanting his brother to be with his best friend rather than some random cute dude. 



Jaemin's head was starting to hurt. But he thought he's back to having the time of his life.

He's currently sitting atop Jung Jaehyun's lap, drinking something his brain couldn't figure out (probably tequila) and having the senior caress his thighs. 

They're situated at the furthest corner of this giant house, where all the couches were placed and where most of the seniors decided to lounge in. 

Both of them had hooked up several times at parties before so this wasn't news anymore. In fact, Jaemin's quite comfortable enough with the Jaehyun from all the times they'd been with each other. 

Plus come on, Jung Jaehyun was one of the hottest in the entire campus. Jaemin's really in a royal position right now if you asked anyone else. 

"Do you want another?" Jaehyun asked him when he finished downing a shot, a smile permanent on his lips and his dimples showing. Jaemin shook his head and placed the shot glass in his hands down the table in front of him.

He turned to face the elder, straddling him and standing on his knees. He quite towered over him and cupped his face to look up at him. One of Jaehyun's hands slid down and groped his ass, gently kneading a cheek and the other laid flat on one of his shoulders.  

Jaemin bit his lip as he started to leave gentle strokes down Jaehyun's nape, their eyes staring at each other's, both lust-filled. 

And then Jaemin dove in for a kiss. Closing his eyes and molding his lips with the other. It felt nice, Jaemin had been looking forward to having an amazing make out session with literally anyone since earlier. 

This kiss felt a lot more sensual than the one he had with Hendery earlier which was just for a dare Hender had to execute so it was just fast and meh. This kiss felt a lot more like what he preferred. Slow, needy and almost sexual. 

Jaemin nibbled Jaehyun's lip so he could insert his tongue inside the elder's mouth, sucking on his tongue for a while then going back in for a needy kiss. His hands started to travel from Jaehyun's nape up to his hair to grab some strands, his fingers landing on the Santa hat that sat steady atop his head.

Jaehyun was just wearing his simple clothes, well he had his basketball varsity jacket on with nothing but his exposed torso underneath, abdominal muscles in full view, and a Santa hat. Even Hendery was just wearing some normal clothes and Santa hat, though his was covered in glitter. 

You see there's an obvious pattern there, right? Jaemin had been hit on by multiple people after the whole Jeno fiasco earlier but he chose to accept Hendery's invitation to do his dare because somehow, he resembled a bit of Jeno. Even with Jaehyun he just accepted because if he squinted extremely hard, there's a bit of Jeno there.

It's bad, he knew it was, but he wanted to forget all of Jeno tonight by replacing him with anyone who'd closely resemble him. 

He didn't even know why, of all days, he wanted Jeno badly today. It couldn't be the alcohol because they've been at parties together and none of the past ones had made him want Jeno as terribly as right now.

Jaehyun pulled away from their kiss, panting and catching his breath, looking at Jaemin with his desireful eyes then turning his attention to the younger's long neck. Jaemin closed his eyes as the kisses trail down to his clavicle. 

The feeling of it tickled yet ecstatic at the same, his mouth left agape as he savored the feeling of it. Jaemin opened his eyes to look around as Jaehyun mapped kisses all over him, eyes swarmed in the blinding lights and dizzy from all the moving bodies. 

Until his eyes caught Jeno. Who's now in a group of people and laughing his heart out.

Who cares about him? Jaemin internally thought and attempted to focus back on Jaehyun, cradling the elder's face which was now leaving kisses all over the expanse of his chest and pulled him up to share another kiss. 

This time, Jaemin tried to kiss hungrier. Faster and sloppier. Tongue on tongue and teeth sometimes clashing. Jaehyun's hands were now both situated on his waist, pressing him down to sit exactly on top of his hard on. 

It's escalating too quickly now and he's even starting to grind his ass down to create more friction for the both of them. 

But Jaemin could not seem to focus as something was screaming in his brain, chanting Jeno Jeno Jeno. It even urged him to look back in Jeno's direction and so he did. 

As he's kissing Jaehyun, he opened his eyes to spare another look at the boy just to check on him. What he saw, though, shattered something inside him. 

There, a few meters away from him, Jeno's licking what he supposed was salt on a girl's shoulder who's sitting at the pool table in front of him, bit off the lime in between her lips then went to drink the shot of tequila placed in between her breasts. He witnessed Jeno smile at the girl after and proceeded to kiss her then and there for everyone to see. 

Everyone cheered loudly for them, the girl wrapping her legs on Jeno's waist and Jeno lifting her off of the table as they continued to make out.

It's leaving a bad, almost putrid taste in his mouth and something's starting to churn inside him. He's getting pissed. 

Jaemin didn't notice that he stopped kissing Jaehyun back and that he just sat there, with his fist balled up and grip tight on Jaehyun's jacket. 

"Jaemin?" Jaehyun's call snapped Jaemin out of his bubble and looked back. "Is everything okay, baby?" Jaehyun asked in his deep voice. 

The look on his eyes were worried but the same lustful ones. Jaemin then felt that he had his brows furrowed and he's now frowning. It made him feel guilty as he was just looking at someone else while he's with Jaehyun. 

And that the tower of pleasure he's been building up had all shattered down because of Lee fucking Jeno. 

"I…" Jaemin started. He decided it's better to get off of Jaehyun's lap and sit beside him. Jaehyun looked directly at where his attention was earlier and an unreadable smile graced Jaehyun's lips. 

"It's Jeno, isn't it?" he asked, almost knowingly. Jaemin's heart skipped a beat for no reason at all and he felt a blush taint his cheeks out of embarrassment of being caught. 

Jaemin felt his blush grow and turn a deeper crimson at that, looking at the elder as if asking how?

"Come on, you're walking around wearing a varsity jacket with his name on it." 

"I'm sorry, hyung." Jaemin mumbled. Jaehyun moved in his seat to get closer to Jaemin and gave him a pat on the back.

"That's okay." Jaehyun assured, Jaemin checked his expression and saw Jaehyun looking at where Jeno was, so he followed and looked there too. 

Jeno and the girl weren't making out anymore but the girl was still attached and sticking to Jeno which irked him. It pushed his buttons more as he watched Jeno reciprocate the girl's awful flirting. "But you have to go and get him before the girl beats you to his pants." 

There's no sign of hurt in Jaehyun's face and as a matter of fact, he kind of looked as if he's even rooting for Jaemin. Not even when Jaehyun knew he'd have blue balls because of this. 

Jaehyun inched closer and gave Jaemin a peck on his cheek. "Happy Christmas, Jaem. If you don't get him, contact me." then the elder winked, making him laugh. 

"Happy Christmas, Jaehyun hyung. I think Doyoung hyung's out here somewhere." it was Jaemin's time to wink at Jaehyun who chuckled and shook his head in reply. 

"Hope we finally make a move on the people we're pining over, Jaem." Jaehyun looked genuine at his statement, reaching for a shot from the array of alcohol in front of him. 

"I hope so too, Hyung." 

Jaemin stood up from his seat and strutted directly straight to where Jeno was. 




First thing Jaemin felt when he was on his feet was deep regret. He regretted drinking all the alcohol he consumed in the entire time he's been here. His steps were light and the room spun around as he tried his very best to walk straight. He bumped into a few people on the short distance he crossed to reach Jeno, some faces familiar who even greeted him but he had no time to process who they were.

None of his drunken state could stop him from taking Jeno away from the girl who had been very close to the other for his liking. Sure, she’s pretty and she looks good with him, but it kind of built an amount of jealousy that was uncalled for in him and Jaemin didn't like that one bit. 

Jaemin hated everything he had been feeling because of Jeno tonight. This ends tonight. He's getting Jeno tonight

He weaved and slipped among jostling bodies of each and every person having the time of their lives. Jaemin felt sorry for everyone who got smacked by his wings on his way. But everything was worthwhile when finally, he reached where Jeno was. 

Through all the slip and sliding Jaemin did to get here, Jeno moved to the post just behind the crowd he had been, pinning the girl there and talking (flirting) in what seemed to Jaemin just an inch distance. 

Jaemin staggered his way to him and charged to where they stood as fast as he could, internally cursing himself at the dizzying feeling it caused him. 

"Jeno." he called, tapping at Jeno's shoulder who's back faced him. 

Jeno turned to him almost instantly, probably recognizing his voice, with a questioning look on his face. "Jaemin?" 

"You have to come with me." Jaemin blurted in a serious tone and a straight face. He had to do stuff faster or else he's going to black out soon. Or barf. Maybe both. And the girl might take Jeno away from him. 

Jeno looked confused, looking at Jaemin then back to the girl (Jaemin recognizes her, he just didn't give a shit). 

"I'm busy?" 

"You don't sound so sure." Jaemin clapped back. It made the confused look on Jeno a frown now. 

"We're kinda in the middle of something right now, Jaemin?" the girl interrupted, holding onto Jeno's arm which he bore lasers at. And Jaemin wished the girl didn't do that because you best know that fueled more of the nasty cocktail of emotions that had been building up in him. 

He eyed Jeno while raising a brow, as if asking him something. Jeno still frowned and Jaemin thought he looked like an adorable constipated baby. 

Focus, Na Jaemin. Focus.

Jaemin did not miss the once over the girl gave him and the pause she did when she realized he's wearing Jeno's varsity jacket. She was now sporting an irritated look which diminished Jaemin's plan on giving her a judging look back. Why would he exert effort when he's winning in a way. 

He reached for Jeno's other arm, the one the girl wasn't holding, and yanked Jeno a little close to him. "Well, play time's over. I'm taking him away now." 

Jaemin lightly tapped at the girl's hand on Jeno to let go of him and when she did, without any sort of notice or prompting, Jaemin immediately held one of Jeno's hands and pulled him away. They both went in the same direction Jaemin passed through earlier.

Under the booming music, he could hear Jeno complain and ask what this was for. If he answered, Jeno wouldn't hear shit so he decided, with the very last energy of his drunken stupor, to take Jeno outdoors to the poolside. 

"What the fuck was that for, Jaemin?" Jeno let go of Jaemin's hand (he held it back when Jaemin did) and folded his arms in front of him. "That was so rude of you to interrupt me with someone, what the hell?"

"I hated you with her, okay?" Jaemin answered back and Jeno made a face at him that looked like he's unbelieving the words Jaemin just spurted out. 

"Oh, really? You were in no place to do that anyway?" Jeno continued to scold him. 

The truth hurt, did it not? He really was in no place to do what he had done. But was Jaemin in the wrong to let his feelings decide for him even once? Well, yeah. It's petty and uncalled for but to be fair, he didn't know why he'd been acting this certain way tonight. 

His mind just kept screaming Jeno's name on loop and his body just did what it wanted as if on autopilot to get to Jeno. 

All the thinking and the loud music and Jeno's continuous scolding suddenly made his gut churn weirdly and he could feel it turning upside down. The alcohol seeped deeper in him and it gave a heavy drop in his head.

But he ignored the pain and decided to just take a seat at the chair that surrounded the newly abandoned table beside the pool. 

"Did I ever say a word whenever I saw you eating faces with anyone? No. Because at the end of the day, no matter what we've been doing–"

"I like you." Jaemin blurted out. He just didn't want to hear any more of what Jeno was scolding him for.

He didn't want to hear any more of them not being together. No more of that. Also, the tone Jeno used made him badly nauseated. "I like you a lot." 


"Come on, you know I like you." Jeno just stood there, stunned, not uttering a single word which made him nervous that he just bluntly confessed. Fuck, that added to the evil concoction of nastiness in his gut. 

Jaemin met Jeno's eyes, clearly shocked and confused.

"Look, Jaemin, you're drunk." Jeno rationalized, followed by an awkward laugh.

"I know I am, I'm not denying that, but that's beside the point Jeno. I like you." Jaemin repeated, serious. 

"And… And I don't think I can fathom another day of aimless, hopeless flirting. I don't want any more of this ugly jealousy because it," Jaemin sighed out of frustration."This feels awful. I want you, Jeno." Jaemin looked up at Jeno, he's still in front of him with his baffled eyes steady on Jaemin.

Jeno's eyebrows were in a frown, he's thinking deeply. Jeno's eyes fell heavy on him, scanning him and stopping at his now fiddling fingers. 

"Jaemin, you're just saying this because you're drunk. Let's get you home." Jeno reached out a hand to help Jaemin stand up from his seat, to which he just looked at and did not take. 

"No, I'm serious Jeno. Besides, don't you like me too?" 

Maybe it's not cool how Jaemin kind of sounded overconfident when he said that. But at this point, he was quite dizzy to think harder. Also he's a stubborn bitch who wanted this over. 

"Let's not say things we're going to regret tomorrow, yeah? We're drunk. Oh, I know. Why don't we talk about this when alcohol's not pushing you to do this?" Jeno was clearly straining himself, pulling himself together and keeping his head straight. He's looking at Jaemin, with a flood of seriousness in his eyes, but now his tone played softer. 

"It's not alcohol pushing me to do this. I'm pushing myself to do this. To say this." 

"This, whatever the fuck it is that we have going on, it's frustrating. I just want to be able to do things with you and be with you without an invisible shit holding us back. You just, I don't know why, but you just feel right."

And then silence.

In response, if it even counted as one, Jeno just stared blankly, remaining rooted where he stood and just looking at him. Thinking deeply and still frowning. His face obviously told how he's searching for the right words he wanted to say. 

Jaemin felt stupid that Jeno's not saying anything at all as he catched his breath from saying all that. 

Awkwardness started to linger all across and the booming sound of the music inside the house resonated and was making beating sounds in sync with his nervous, anticipating heart. 

Truthfully speaking, he did not want a rejection. Because he's sure about Jeno's feelings for him. Yet the confidence he had about this was vanishing through thin air as Jeno prolonged his silence. And at this point, he just wants Jeno to say something. Anything. 

With a deep sigh, Jaemin's the first to break their stare fest. He shifted his eyes at the pool beside them and started gnawing his bottom lip out of uneasiness. Jaemin also started to feel cold from the air outside creeping up his exposed legs. 

But then he heard a deep sigh and felt a hand on his chin that directed his gaze to face Jeno once again, a little closer to him now. 

"I do like you." Jeno started softly. Let's give a round of applause to Lee Jeno who has now finally sorted his shit out. "Very much." he added. 

If Jeno could hear the frenzy his heart was on during that moment, he would have been bombarded by the loudest beat. Maybe Jeno could feel it through the fingertips that held Jaemin's chin. 

"And I do want an end to all of this that we have right now for something more real. To be able to just, I don't know, be with you and all that jazz." Jeno removed his hold on his chin and as his hand fell to his side, Jaemin caught and held it. Both their hands cold. 

Jeno's gaze moved to their now holding hands. "Mark hyung… You know we made a pact about this." he gripped harder when he said the last word, as if emphasizing.

Jaemin had always adored how close Mark and Jeno were to the point that they even have a bro code. They treat each other like real brothers and would hang out at each other's houses when they were little. This was cute at first, they looked like two peas in a pond and they both had similar interests. But years passed and it started to become this stupid thing. What he hated about it was that he's somehow involved. That it's limiting him with something when he was not even a part of this. 

"Do you not like me enough to break it?"


"Wait, you know what, you're right. I'm probably way  too drunk that I'm even saying this." Jaemin countered, breaking his eye contact with Jeno once again because he couldn't believe himself for suggesting Jeno to shit on their bro code. "I respect your bro code and all that. I'm just too frustrated, you know?" 

How much of an idiot was he to have stooped so low and suggested that? Stupid Na Jaemin thinking without using your brain. Note to self: Don't ever get drunk around Jeno.

Both of them went silent again for a swift moment. Jaemin out of the fact that he felt like an absolute ass for what he said and Jeno, well he's always been quiet. 

"Why don't we talk to Mark hyung about it?" Jeno suggested out of the blue. "About us." 

Oh, Jeno's drunk, Jaemin concluded, surprised with his statement. Because he never had the guts to initiate this type of shit. 

Jaemin intertwined their fingers, rubbing his thumb on Jeno's hand and noticing how amazing their hands fit together. 

See, this felt right. Jeno felt right. Holding his hand felt so right. 

"If hyung allows us, would that be okay with you?" Jaemin glanced up at Jeno with hope in his eyes, all shiny and sparkly under the light illuminated by the lamp post outside. 

That produced a smile from Jeno, adoring the look on Jaemin's face and the slight pout he had. Jeno nodded, his smile growing when Jaemin smiled in return. 

"Would you kiss me senseless and fuck into me until I'm a moaning mess if he allowed this?" that made Jeno chuckle and the sound felt so light and beautiful in Jaemin's ears. He's definitely drunk. 

Of course, Jaemin would ask that. Jeno thought to himself. 

Jeno reached to pat the top of Jaemin's charcoal locks with his free hand. "Only if you want me to, yeah." he replied with fondness in his eyes. 

Jaemin bit his lip to prevent any more of the widening of his grin when Jeno answered with that. It's nice, for some reason, whatever this was. There's something bubbling inside Jaemin's stomach and he wondered if that was the feeling of having butterflies in his stomach or if it was acid reflux. Either way, he felt refreshed and relieved at the same time. 

Earlier lost confidence flooded back to Jaemin and he's just looking at Jeno with a stupid smile plastered on his face. 

"Is this you telling me you like me enough to break your shit of a bro code?" he's trying to push it, and he really wanted the answer because he's, again, a stubborn bitch. And it's not wrong to milk a definitive answer from Jeno, now that they're finally coming to terms with their situation. 

He heard Jeno sigh, but the look on his face didn't have any sign that it was out of frustration. Moreso, it's a sigh of relief. 

"To be fair, I like you way more than that. But yeah, sure." Jeno responded while he ran his fingers through Jaemin's hair like his fingers were made to do exactly just that. 

Jaemin suddenly jerked up and stood on both feet, making Jeno retract his hand that was on his hair. "All right, let's ask him now." there's a sudden fire in Jaemin's eyes and he's motivated again. 

Jeno chuckled at this sudden burst of enthusiasm, letting Jaemin drag him when the younger started walking back inside. 

Neon lights and loud music once again welcome their senses. The number of people inside decreased as the night got deeper and it's easier to pass through bodies now than earlier.

All of the throbbing in his head and his nausea were still there, the pungent smell of the alcohol inside not helping him get better. In fact, it made Jaemin a little dizzier with his steps. Luckily Jeno's there to support him. 

He's thrilled and giddy. And highly nervous. Thrilled because after this, he might end up with Jeno and it excited him since he's wanted this for years. Nervous because, well, Mark.

When he spotted Jungwoo first (for some reason, he stands out even without doing anything, he's very eye-catching), Jaemin immediately went in his direction. They're now situated near the staircase probably because Mark felt suffocated in the middle of the crowd. There were still people there, still as wild and letting loose at the heart of the dance floor. College students after exams are a different breed of people. 

It's Jungwoo who saw them coming. First with his always smiley expression, which then switched into a questioning yet amused one when he sees their holding hands. There's a grin on his face that reflected all the cunning in him, nodding his head as he understood the situation and visibly showing his amusement on how things will unfold once Mark sees them. 

"Hyung." Jaemin stopped in front of Mark. "I have something to tell you."

Mark would never not hear Jaemin in whatever situation so he turned his attention to them when he heard his brother. He's about to ask what Jaemin had to say but his eyes land on their holding hands and it switches on his overprotective brother button. 

"Why are you–" 

"Okay shush your ass first and listen to me." Jaemin interrupted Mark. His brows raised and there's still a glare in his eyes but he looked at Jaemin and gave him a nod for his brother to continue, all the while trying his best to listen. 

Jaemin took a deep breath. He felt a squeeze on his hand from Jeno and weirdly enough, that boosted him a bit.

"I like Jeno a lot." he confessed. Jaemin heard Jungwoo's breathy chuckle beside his brother but he ignored him. "Like I really, really do." Jaemin emphasized for his brother to understand clearly. 

"And I'm so sorry if this will break your pact but I have genuine feelings for him and I want to act upon them." Jaemin looked intently at his brother and hoped that his brother would catch his sincerity. 

Mark looked constipated when he's thinking hard. It's what he's sporting at the moment. 

"What about Jeno?" was what Mark replied with. All three of them put their attention to Jeno, who's now shocked at the sudden mention of him. 

"Dude, you know what I feel about him." Jeno answered but it just made Mark raise a brow higher, if it was even possible. 

Mark also just gave his best friend an intriguing look, and waited for him to bluntly and honestly say that he liked his brother. They both looked like they were talking with their eyes, years of friendship made them understand each other through different eye motions. 

"I like Jaemin. You know that already." Jeno amitted with a sigh. He's been sighing all night. 

"Okay." Mark said while rolling his eyes. 

It was now Jaemin who frowned. 

"Okay? What okay?" the youngest of them asked. He could hear his heart beating loudly in his ears. From nervousness, from anticipation, he didn't know. 

Mark took large gulps from his cup and after emptying it, he looked at the two in front of him and released a sigh. Everyone's apparently sighing tonight.

"Okay meaning go on and date or something." Mark casually said, shifting his eyes away from them.

His statement gathered three (3) different reactions. 

First one was Kim Jungwoo spurting his drink all over his boyfriend which received a very angry "Dude, what the fuck?" from a now drenched Mark. He did not expect Mark to agree as easily as he did, who would've when all his life Mark made sure Jaemin was guarded from Jeno for years. 

Mark wiped his face with the back of his hand, looking incredibly unamused at his boyfriend. Jungwoo looked panicked as he helped his boyfriend clean the alcohol stains on him, busy trying his hardest. It almost looked comical, Jungwoo's hands flailing around, looking for a tissue or a towel of some sort. 

"You're fucking lucky you're cute." Mark commented as he dabbed his sleeves to dry himself up, pinching Jungwoo's cheek who was a few inches close to him, using his sweater to meticulously pat Mark dry too. 

The second one was Jaemin smiling so widely and turning around to give Jeno a tight embrace. 

And the third, was a loud "What the fuck?!" from Jeno whose eyes almost bulged out of his eye sockets from shock. Though he immediately wrapped an arm around Jaemin's lower back who jumped him. Jaemin's waist has an immense magnetic force that just attracted Jeno's arms to wrap around it. 

"So I can kiss you now, right?" Jaemin asked excitedly, with his marble doe eyes and a shit eating grin, arms wrapped around Jeno and their noses bumping. 

If Jeno wasn't in utter shock he would have not wasted any more second and kissed Jaemin then and there, like how he's always wanted. But when Jaemin leaned closer, Jeno raised a hand to block the kiss. The action earned an offended look from Jaemin and a slap on the face by the imaginary demon on his left shoulder. Jeno promised he'd give him a lot of kisses later. There's just something he needed clarification on. 

"Wait, I mean, what do, I, uhm." Jeno stuttered. The boy's at a loss, okay? "Come again, Mark hyung?" 

Jaemin pouted but he understood where Jeno's shock was coming from. With Mark casually dropping that statement, anyone who knew him would react the same way. 

He's shocked too, don't get Jaemin wrong, but kissing Jeno, and being able to do so, outbalanced everything in his alcohol-fuelled brain. 

"I mean, I really don't give a flying fuck if you two date. And you're both old enough to know your shit. That'd even be cute you know, my best friend and my brother together." Mark said, all nonchalant and more focused on his drenched self, as Jungwoo wiped his face with his sweater, his sleeve all wet now so he resorted by lifting the hem and revealing his abdominal muscles for everyone to see. Of course Na Mark was enjoying it the most, but he told Jungwoo he was fine now. 

Jeno still felt lost, "You have to expound that, man." was all he could say. He's suddenly sobered up because of this. 

"It's exactly what I just said, Jen. Well, I was very worried if you two were serious, you know? I thought that maybe you were all just sexual attraction and that you just find each other hot. If one of you just told me it was this serious, I wouldn't have forbidden you two. Besides, we can always update the code, you know?" through all of what Mark explained, Jaemin had been leaving kisses all over his face and his neck. It's greatly distracting but Jeno's way too invested in what Mark was saying. 

"So basically, you mean to say that if I told you before that I like like Jaemin, we could've been dating by now?" Jeno asked defeatedly, tilting his head on one side to expose his neck for Jaemin to mark. 

Mark nodded and it pissed off Jeno, making him roll his eyes so hard it physically made his head hurt. 

"Hyung, you're such a piece of shit." Jaemin commented, voice sending all its vibrations to Jeno's body. Mark heard but chose to ignore it. 

"You're both important people to me, dude. I wouldn't have been in between you guys if I knew."

In addition, Mark pointed out how he was Jaemin's older brother and he was inclined to be overprotective of him, even if it was sometimes a bit too much, that's why he would shit on Jeno flirting with his brother before. Big brother duties, he said. "But I trust you to care for him, man. Just don't go breaking my brother's heart." 

"Of course I won't. It's your neck I'm going to fucking break." Jeno threatened after hearing everything Mark explained but really it had no bite to it.

All this time there had just been a misunderstanding between all of them. And it's so fucking frustrating to know that everything would've been different if they knew better. 

Mark reassured both of them that it really was okay if the bro code was broken. They were too young to really know the consequences of it when they made it anyway. He's also glad that the two considered how he'd feel and all he really wished was their happiness or whatever. 

And to be very honest, this conversation would've been clearer and less mindfucking if they were all sober. Such a bummer that none of them were and Jeno just hoped and prayed that everyone remembered this tomorrow. 

"We're having a long discussion about this tomorrow, Na." Jeno told Mark, deflating and feeling defeated and overwhelmed with everything.

"I'm sure we will." Mark replied with a note of sarcasm that Jeno ignored for his sanity. "Just take good care of my brother." 

Jeno nodded in reply, attention finally shifting to the angel that had been lapping on his neck earlier. Jaemin now just had his head on his shoulder, looking tired and wasted.

"Had fun with my neck?" Jeno questioned, pressing a kiss on top of Jaemin's head. He nodded in response, and Jeno's sure he's going to have a thousand hickeys there tomorrow but he could care less. 

Jaemin started to sway left and right to the music. Festive songs have now been replaced and everyone's already hooking up and all chilling, that's why the music changed into slower beats. Redbone resonated through the four walls. 

He started mumbling along with the song. "You make it hard for a boy like that to go wrong. I'm wishing I could make this mine."

Cute. Jeno thought. He always did.

Eyes taking everything in, Jaemin looked up at Jeno with his own shiny eyes blinking heavy. Jeno assisted his head up, because laying it down might make his head spin. 

"Can I kiss you now?" Jaemin asked gently, pouting at Jeno like he did earlier. This time, Jeno's going to cave in. And it was weird but exhilarating knowing that they don't have a barrier now. 

"You're such a brat." Jeno murmured as he inched closer. 

"Dude, if I wasn't we wouldn't be in this state of almost kissing so shut your mouth." Jaemin calmly nagged with a sprinkle of drunken confidence, raising a proud brow. 

"Make me." Jeno challenged, looking intently at him and almost getting high off of just the feeling of staring at Jaemin's almost lustful tired eyes. 

But Jaemin deflected the challenging look back at Jeno and just stared back at his lips while licking and biting his own. Taunting. 

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Jeno snarled and held both sides of Jaemin's face gently, pulling him in for a kiss. 

If the world was spinning, going in circles and wobbly earlier caused by the copious amount of alcohol running through their system, now it stopped. 

The whole world stopped the moment they molded their lips to one another. 

Jaemin placed his hands atop Jeno's chest, one of them moved north to sensually caress Jeno's nape. 

It just felt nice. Right. Jaemin didn't want it to stop so he tried his utmost best to kiss the best way he could. Their tongues made contact and a shiver traveled its way to his spine. 

Jeno tried pulling away, but Jaemin had a sealed grip on his nape that prevented the kiss from stopping. He couldn't help himself from laughing in the kiss when he opened his eyes and saw how eager Jaemin was. 

When Jeno successfully pulled away, Jaemin pouted at him, wrapping his arms around his neck and sulkily asking, "More?" 

And if you knew Jeno at all, sparkly-eyed and pouty Na Jaemin looking up at him was always on the lead in the chart of his weaknesses. So with a smile on his face, his thoughts filled with the absurdity of everything and Jaemin's quite literal angelic self, he nodded in agreement. 

Jaemin bit his lip, preventing himself from grinning too broad because he was given what he wanted. He then proceeded to kiss Jeno, immediately inserting his tongue inside the elder's mouth. 

This time, Jaemin kissed greedier. He wanted to let himself have a taste of Jeno, everything of him. It felt like he's ravenous this time, like this was what he had been wanting for and now that he could have it, he'd exploit every moment. Jeno just allowed him. 

Exchange of heavy breathing filled the atmosphere. Their hands began moving all sorts of places and their minds were filled with desire to explore every nook and cranny. Jaemin hooked one of his legs on Jeno's side, which the latter replied to by cupping his ass, groping whatever fits his large palm. Jaemin mewled in the kiss when he felt Jeno do so and it sent a jolt straight to Jeno's dick. 

None of them gave absolute fucks on their surroundings anymore, and Mark probably left with Jungwoobecause he would not want to witness his brother and bestfriend going ballistic on one another. Besides, everyone's busy hooking up on their own to care.

Jeno's suddenly being pushed by Jaemin towards one direction, their lips still intact and Jaemin continued kissing him with absolute fervor. His back landed quite harshly on a wall beside the staircase.

"Mistletoe." Jaemin pointed out in between kisses. Jeno looked above them to see what he mentioned and there really was the green plant hanging. 

Jaemin slid a leg in between Jeno's, his thighs in contact with Jeno's semi-hard dick and started moving it to create friction. Jeno groaned lowly, somehow shocked at the sudden action but aroused at the sudden spur of pleasure. He opened his eyes to look at Jaemin only to find him looking at him, his eyes lust tinted and a smirk forming on his lips. 

But then, Jeno flipped them over, a careful hand on the back of Jaemin's head to protect him from the impact. 

Jeno pulled away from the kiss, foreheads pressed, and a string of saliva forming a link in between their lips. They breathed heavier than earlier, panting as they stared into each other's obsidian pools of desire. 

"Is this fun? Getting what you want?" Jeno asked in between catching breaths. Jaemin nodded. 

"Do you know how bratty that is?" Jaemin replied with another nod.

"I want you Jeno." in a low voice, Jaemin muttered, making sure what he's feeling is conveyed in his eyes. 

Maybe it worked because Jeno just went in for a kiss. Now he's the greedy one. 

Jeno's hands traveled south, cupping both his ass cheeks with an amount of force that felt as if it could raise him up. In response, Jaemin held tightly on both Jeno's shoulders and put force on them to lift himself up and wrap his legs around Jeno's waist. 

"You want me?" Jeno asserted, inching towards Jaemin's left ear and nibbling on his earlobe. 

In addition to the pleasure he's receiving from his ass getting groped and his ears being bitten, Jeno starts to grind on Jaemin. Pressing him harder on the wall, his wings smooshed. Their clothed dicks were in friction and Jaemin's a moaning mess. 

"Not answering this time?" Jeno questioned with a hint of authority, lightly gnawing his ear. Jaemin's mind was in a cloud of mess from all this pleasure but he's able to let out an answer. 

"Everything. I want your everything." Jaemin answered in between pants and moans. "Please fuck me." he pleaded as coherently as he could. 

Jeno reckoned Jaemin looked glorious like this, almost all angel-like. There's sweat forming on his forehead and his face was tinted a scarlet hue. Jaemin's pleas and panting and moaning sounded like daydream and if Jeno's just semi-hard earlier, he's now completely rock hard down there. 

Suddenly, Jeno stopped his movements and Jaemin didn't know if he's relieved or pissed off that it ended. He chased Jeno's lips to pepper it with small kisses to calm himself down.

"You're sure you like me and you want this." Jeno stated even though he's asking, in between pecks. Jaemin nodded vigorously.

"I may be drunk."

"Very drunk." Jeno interrupted.

"I may be very drunk, happy now?" Jeno replied with an eye smile that made Jaemin want to smack his handsome face.

Jaemin rolled his eyes. "But I'm not a sloppy drunk. I am very aware of what I'm saying and what I'm doing. I won't regret this nor forget any of this tomorrow." 

"You should try thinking with your dick sometimes." Jaemin adds, to which Jeno chuckled at. 

"Now, are you sure you like me and you want this?" it was Jaemin's turn to ask now. "You seemed a bit out of it when I confessed and when we were talking to Mark hyung. I would not want to force anything on you." 

It didn't take Jeno a long time thinking to answer. He's probably as drunk as Jaemin but his tolerance was somehow above average so he's okay still. 

"Of course I want this." that earned Jeno a kiss on the nose. "It's just that I'm still in shock, and a lot has happened since I went to this party."

Jeno gently cupped Jaemin's face, brushing his thumb on his cheek ever so lightly. "I'm sorry if I made you feel that way.  I'm genuinely certain that I want this. Everything." 

Jaemin leaned in for another kiss, just a slow one this time, just a response to their indirect declaration of liking each other. 

"Fuck, I want you so bad." the black-haired uttered, his voice dripping with absolute wanting. 

Jeno really, really felt the same way. 

"My apartment's closer here than yours." Jeno suggested.

And Jaemin, with a blush creeping under his skin, immediately understood what he meant by that. 



One might think that Jaemin would be the more eager one between the two of them, that he'd be the one who wouldn't be able to keep his hands to himself, and that's a valid point. 

But he had shame, he had decency. And as much as he wanted to let themselves have their way around each other's body, he'd prefer not to do anything remotely sexual on their short uber ride to Jeno's apartment. Well, especially when they had a stranger for an uber driver. 

It was Lee Jeno who decided to be a brazen motherfucker.

They were both seated at the backseat, Jeno told the driver his address and they both somehow were trying to suppress their arousal. 

All was well until Jeno's hand, which was casually wrapped around his waist, started to go south and stopped just atop his crotch. Jaemin whipped his head all too fast to give Jeno a glare because what the fuck?

Jaemin bit his bottom lip hard and his eyes grew larger out of shock when Jeno started to palm his clothed erection slowly. By instinct, he closed his legs to hide whatever this is that Jeno was up to. Thank goodness the jacket he was wearing was long enough to be able to hide Jeno's hand. 

Oh good god that feels good. 

"Do you want me to stop?" Jeno whispered, inching a little close to Jaemin with a stupid grin on his lips and acting all innocent. He watched intently as Jaemin closed his eyes and tried his best to restrain himself from moaning. 

"Stop and I'd chop your hand." Jaemin replied along heavy breathing and Jeno's grin broadened.

Jaemin tried his very best to look like he wasn't being touched all the most amorously and painfully slow by Jeno's fingers. He tried to look outside the window and bit the inside of his mouth to conceal his reactions. 

Fuck what he said earlier about having decency, this felt like heaven. 

When they arrived at Jeno's apartment building, they were both almost too fast on their feet, hand in hand. They casually passed the reception but when they reached the elevator, all concealment they had vanished through thin air. 

After Jeno pressed the buttons to his floor, Jaemin wrapped himself around Jeno, pushing him on the elevator door and started kissing him slowly. 

He pulled away to look into Jeno's eyes. Dark pools of wanting–lust-filled. Jeno smiled at him sweetly and the juxtaposition of it and his dangerously lusted eyes somehow ignited something in Jaemin. 

Next thing he knew he was the one pressed on the elevator wall quite hard from all their hurried actions, his angel wings shedding feathers on the floor. 

One of Jeno's hands went behind Jaemin to pull at the string that tied his corset, loosening the garment and hand traveling through exposed skin which sent shivers all over his spine. 

Strong arms carried Jaemin when the elevator door opened. They were sucking on each other's tongues as Jeno made his way to the door of his unit, spit dripping off their chin. 

Tracks stopped upon reaching a familiar door to which Jaemin was once again pushed against, his wings gathering all impact. Jeno moved to spread butterfly kisses down Jaemin's neck, stopping at his adam's apple to suck there and leave bruises that'd bloom a deep color tomorrow. 

While at it, Jeno reached for the keys in his pocket to open the locked door of his apartment. 

Once inside, Jaemin was put back on his feet as Jeno locked the door behind him and opened a few lights. 

But when he turned around to Jaemin, it was him that was again pushed against the door. Though this time, Jaemin went down on his knees and started unbuckling Jeno's belt. 

They were both still barely inside the apartment, on the entryway with all of Mark and Jeno's shoes and it was dusty.

"Jaemin, the floor's dirty we should–oh shit." Jeno didn't get to finish his sentence because for someone who had a hazy, drunken mind, Jaemin was able to take his cock out of his pants and underwear in record time.

He's hard, very much so. They were grinding and touching and kissing since earlier at the party that of course it'd bring his cock to life. There's precum oozing out and Jaemin made sure to catch it with a finger, then licked it off as if he's having a taste. 

God fucking damn it, can Na Jaemin get even hotter?

"Oh and of course you're big." Jaemin commented, almost admiring, and salivating over, his fully erect cock with an unfathomable glint on his eyes before opening his mouth wide and taking the tip. 

Jaemin could hear Jeno cursing. He looked up to see his face only to find Jeno with his eyes closed, beautiful and head thrown back from the pleasure of Jaemin's hot mouth. 

To elicit more reaction from him, Jaemin licked the entirety of his shaft and swirled his tongue on the tip. He saw Jeno scrunched his face from the gesture. Jaemin then proceeded on taking all that was able to fit in his mouth, slowly bobbing his head up and down.

His movements started to become bolder, hollowing his cheeks and even closing his eyes to focus. Jaemin took in everything that he could and used his hands to compensate for the remaining few inches that couldn't fit in his mouth.

"Fuck, Jaemin, you're so hot–ah shit. Just like that. Your mouth feels so good. Fuck." 

A hand found its way on the back of Jaemin's head and grabbed a handful of his dark hair. 

All control was snatched from him when an unanticipated rapid intrusion of Jeno's thrusting commenced.

Jaemin tightly shut his eyes from the sudden action and almost gagged. But he didn't. He had to take all of it. He had pride and it's telling him to take all there was to Jeno's cock. So he relaxed his throat as Jeno fucked his mouth. 

Tears started falling from his eyes, a valid response from all this. His throat burned and it's getting difficult to breathe but he unknowingly felt inclined to take it. It's just a giant dick on the back of his throat. Na Jaemin's a bad bitch who could take that. 

Jeno's moans traveled straight to Jaemin's cock and he felt it twitch inside his shorts. He reached for it with one hand and felt how sticky it had become down there from precum. Jaemin pumped his cock inside his shorts as he gave permission for Jeno to use his mouth.

He felt Jeno's other hand on his cheek, caressing it gently and catching tears that strayed from his eyes.

Jaemin opened his eyes to look at Jeno and when their eyes met, somehow it switched something on Jeno. 

In the Jeno's defense, Jaemin looked fucked out already. His hair a mess, eyes glistening with tears. His loosened corset was barely covering anything, showing his nipples and marked clavicle. Jeno also didn't miss how Jaemin was masturbating in front of him with his mouth taking all of his cock. 

And Na Jaemin looked sinful with his angel wings and erotic glory. 

"Shit. Jaemin–ah fuck that feels good." Jeno moaned, both hands a strong grip on Jaemin's hair to assure that he's firmly in place and Jeno began to thrust mercilessly. 

Jaemin just tightly shut his eyes. He felt tears falling once more from his eyes as Jeno's pace was rougher this time.

Now, he gagged slightly. Almost coughing but he persevered and just let Jeno do his fucking. 

"Jaemin. I'm close. Fuck–I'm very close." Jaemin thought Jeno would climax first, but he did. Maybe it's because he'd lost quite some of his senses that he didn't feel himself at the highest peak of his release. Jaemin just knew he wanted to cum and so he did, inside his shorts. 

Shortly after, Jeno's strings of curses fastened along with the ramming on his mouth. After a few more, Jeno almost pulled out to cum but Jaemin stopped him from doing so, making him release all of his load inside Jaemin's mouth. 

Jeno slowly pulled Jaemin off his cock but not without Jaemin sucking on his tip, making sure he got every drop of Jeno's cum. It made Jeno moan through gritted teeth. 

Both of them breathed heavy, catching lost air. Jeno, with his legs weakened, dropped on the floor in front of Jaemin and put his dick back inside his pants. Jaemin, on the other hand, lost balance from his knees and sat on the floor too. He's dazed and busy catching his breath with his mouth open, showing Jeno the cum on his tongue. He's drooling spit and semen from his mouth but he still looked at Jeno as if waiting to be praised. 

Jeno reached for Jaemin's cheek, thumb gently brushing calming strokes below Jaemin's eye. 

"Good job." Jeno stated. Jaemin swallowed. 

Jaemin really was bad for Jeno's heart, looking all daydream-like. 

But Jaemin was right when he said he's amazing for his dick. 

Jeno leaned in to catch Jaemin's lips for a soft kiss that contrasted all his hasty actions earlier. He could very much taste cum when Jaemin slipped his tongue in his mouth in the kiss but Jeno didn't even care. 

He let his hand travel down to Jaemin's crotch. Wet. 

"Did you dirty yourself, baby?" Jeno asked in between kisses, he put his hands inside Jaemin's shorts and immediately felt the sticky substance. Jaemin moaned at the contact of Jeno's hand on his still quite sensitive member and nodded. 

"You felt good with me using your mouth like that and fucking your throat?" Jeno traced Jaemin's neck excruciatingly slow, earning a groan from Jaemin. 


"Filthy angel." Jeno murmured as he proceeded to kiss him. Jaemin blushed a peach hue from Jeno's nicknames but he didn't hate it at all.

When they pulled away, Jaemin looked him straight in the eyes, determined and glazed.


"Hmm?" Jeno replied, landing another kiss on Jaemin but just on his cheek this time. 

Jaemin leaned closer to leave a peck on Jeno's lip and with a serious expression, he said "Fuck me."

Jeno cocked an eyebrow and smiled. 

It was now Jaemin who pulled him in for a kiss. 

"Please fuck me. I want your cock in me." Jaemin muttered in between kisses. "You have to fuck me. Please. Now." Whether it be a plea or a demand, Jeno just smiled as they kissed. 

"You even know how to ask nicely, what an angel." Jeno teased, pressing a peck on Jaemin's nose before going back to kiss. 

Jaemin was suddenly pulled by his leg, Jeno guiding it to wrap around his waist. Jeno looped his arms beneath Jaemin's ass and hoisted himself up with the younger securely in his arms and walked to his room. 

On the way there, Jaemin cupped Jeno's face and  planted repeated soft pecks on his lips, a happy smirk while doing so. 

He also noted how Jeno's strong. Jaemin had been carried by him quite a lot tonight and never did he feel unsafe or that he's going to fall. And that's fucking hot.

Jaemin couldn't see where they were going but he heard a door opening and being closed behind him and then he was gently put down on the soft bed. 

It was his first time inside Jeno's room because it was restricted zone when he visited before. He wanted to look around but his thoughts stopped when he saw Jeno remove his shirt as if he was putting on a show for Jaemin. 

"Now look at you stripping for me." Jaemin commented as Jeno threw his shirt straight into his laundry bin without even looking. 

Jeno rolled his eyes at the comment and immediately went to bed to sit next to Jaemin. 

They kissed, for who knows how many times that night, while Jeno helped Jaemin take all the articles of clothing he had on.

His angel wings were the first to go, then Jeno's varsity jacket. It was quite a fumble unlacing his corset and when it was successfully taken off, Jeno pushed him down the mattress and trailed kisses all over his exposed torso. Jeno took his time on his chest, sucking on his nipples and nibbling on both. 

Jaemin didn't want to just lay there so he moved his hands to feel the expanse of Jeno's toned back, drawing circles and sometimes digging his nails every time Jeno would suck on his skin. 

Their pacing was painstakingly slow, probably because they were savoring the feeling of one another. And none of them could be blamed for doing so, really, they've wanted this so much but they were just kissing again and Jaemin just somehow felt impatient. 

He slid his hands down Jeno, giving every of the toned body a feel then stopped just above his waistband. Jaemin was about to put his hand in his pants when Jeno cursed in their kiss. 

"Oh shit." Jeno grunted into their lips. 

"What is it?" Jaemin worriedly asked, kissing him still. 

Jeno moved his lips slowly, kissing Jaemin all fond. He broke off the kiss but stayed close that their lips were still touching. 

"I don't have lube and condoms." Jeno presented his problem, their lips brushing with every movement. 

Jaemin left pecks on his lips, still enamored at the feeling of the other's. 

"I'm clean, are you?" Jaemin asked in a whisper, unable to detach himself from Jeno. 

Jeno replied, "Yeah."

"Then that's okay" Jaemin started, eyes turning what felt like darker than his already black eyes as he stared directly at Jeno's eyes. "You can do me raw." 

If Jeno was going to pinpoint what Jaemin was consistent in doing, it would be his power to turn Jeno on in a snap of a finger. His semi-hard cock immediately rose to life and now he's rock hard again. He even felt himself twitch inside his pants. 

Na Jaemin is very bad for my heart, he thought.

"You're something else, Jaemin." Jeno stated, capturing Jaemin's lips after for a heated one. 

His hands removed Jaemin's remaining clothes, his shorts, underwear and tights, with hurried motion. He was still wearing his boots so he attempted on removing them but Jaemin volunteered because Donghyuck would kill him if by chance Jeno ruined them from his careless actions. 

Jaemin was now stripped down naked. Jeno hovered above him like a vicious animal as he took in all of the entirety of him. His supple skin, intricate curve, toned abs, his arousal that stood proud with the tip shining from precum.  

Jeno salivates. 

He traced his fingers along tall pair of legs and opened them wide. Jaemin gasped as the air hit his body in every of his inner corners.  

There's an iron grip on Jaemin's thighs as Jeno spread them wide, it wouldn't be a shocker if it left bruises and hand prints from how strong he was holding there. 

Jeno trailed kisses all over the insides of Jaemin's thighs. Each bite and drag on his skin felt like a pleasure-induced burn, his breath tickling Jaemin's skin and it felt like several sensations in one. 

"Oh my god–Jeno that tickles." Jaemin said as he felt Jeno's breathing fan over his cock. 

Jeno's fingers were inching closer inside Jaemin, itching to touch deep, but Jeno was contemplating whether he'd really do Jaemin raw. There's still spit to use but still.

It kind of made him feel guilty because Jeno remembered the many times Mark complained how much work raw sex was when he unnecessarily overshared stories of his love life. 

Not until he thought of an idea.

Jeno stopped all his tracks, moving away from in between Jaemin's legs and giving him a kiss on his nose before standing up. "Wait here." he said then he left the room.

Obviously, Jaemin was appalled. They were making progress and Jeno just went out. The fuck?

Jaemin just looked at the door left ajar and aimlessly stared for a couple of seconds before deciding to close his legs and look around. He swore that if Lee Jeno spent too long with whatever he decided to do, he'd chop his dick off. 

There wasn't much in the room. There's a study table with a computer at the corner, some shelves and a cabinet. Really, it looked like a normal room you'd see anywhere else, save from the bike that was hanging in the wall. Though he noted that Jeno was a very tidy person.

Jeno popped back in the room, much to Jaemin's delight, closing the door behind him and showing what looked like a bottle of lube and condoms. 

"Where did you get those?" Jaemin curiously questioned, chuckling at how Jeno looked like a kid that was given what he wanted. 

He couldn't have run down to purchase some. Who else in this house would even–oh. Oh. Jaemin somehow felt nauseated when realization hit him and his face immediately fell.

"Those are Mark's, aren't they?" when Jeno nodded, Jaemin winced in disgust. 

"What? Dude, I am not fucking you without lube!" Jeno argued, standing in the middle of his room as he stared at the half empty bottle.

And out of all the things they had done, that's what made Jaemin sober up. 

He internally facepalmed but what choice did he have? Mark still bit his butt even in this situation. The lube was also half empty, meaning… No, ew. 

With a sigh, he just repeated in his head that lube is lube. 

"Well, Mark and I shared a womb. It wouldn't hurt to share a bottle of lube now." Jaemin whined, following Jeno's movements towards him with quite an amount of unamusement in his eyes.

"You're both overdramatic." Jeno replied leaning in for a kiss and gently crawling back to bed and pushing Jaemin to lay down below him. 

"Just please fuck me now, come on." he probably sounded quite desperate but well, he was. He just wanted to get dicked down and turned into a mess.

Jeno smirked at him, "You like me this much that you're practically begging?" he questioned, nibbling lightly on Jaemin's cheek. 

"I like you way more than what you think, dumbass. I'm letting you fuck me with my brother's lube." 

"He didn't even use what's left in the bottle, Jaem!" Jeno countered, almost laughing at the absurdity of this. 

"Well, just the thought of it! Like, gross!" he fake gagged when he replied, wincing as he remembered who owned the lube Jeno was holding. Jeno just shook his head with a smile, finding Jaemin way too adorable.

Jeno pressed a peck on Jaemin's cheek, flicking his forehead lightly. "We just have to think of it as some random lube. I just didn't want it to hurt on your end." 

"You are so lucky you're cute." Jaemin wrapped his arms around Jeno's neck to pull him down for a chaste kiss. 

When Jaemin pulled away, his eyes went straight to Jeno's and with a dead serious expression he said under his breath, "Now please fuck me. My hole's waited enough."

And Jeno, fucking finally, went all over Jaemin’s body as swiftly as he could. Mapping bites and kisses all the way down. Enough with taking time and admiring, more action. It’s been dragged on for so long. 

"Ahhh. Shit." Jaemin moaned as Jeno kissed inside his thighs, continuing the interrupted business he was doing there earlier. He sucked on almost every space of his skin, blooming new love bites as he inched close to his ass. 

Jaemin took a sharp breath when Jeno brushed his finger on his rim, biting his lip in anticipation of what's to come. 

He felt Jeno's stable breathing hit his hole and it sent a shiver all throughout his body. Jeno grabbed both his globes and spread them. Jaemin couldn't see what expression Jeno had in his face, only the top of his head. 

But his brain short circuited when Jeno spat inside. A slick, lubed finger followed suit and Jaemin almost yelped. He bit on his lips harder. 

"You're soft inside, Jaemin. Did you?" Jeno questioned, raising himself up enough for Jaemin to meet his eyes. 

They're back to that one that has an animalistic glint on them. But there's something mischievous that sat heavy on his gaze. 

"I did." Jaemin answered in between heavy breaths. He wasn't even aware that he had been holding his breath. "Wanted to get laid." he added. Jeno nodded in acknowledgement but his eyes were unmoving, just vivid ebony. Shining. 

Jeno brought his attention back down there, Jaemin felt another finger going inside him. It didn't hurt or anything, it was uncomfortable, but the finger went quite easily as he had already done some of the work there.

It was when Jeno started spreading his fingers inside that Jaemin felt some sting.

"Mmmh, Jeno." Jaemin whimpered, toes curling up. 

He was caught off guard when Jeno, aside from having fingers in, lowered his head and licked a stripe from his rim up to his aching cock and took the whole tip inside his mouth. 

"Ah!" Jaemin let out a rather loud and extremely embarrassing moan. By instinct, he clamped both his hands on his mouth because even himself was surprised at the sound that he made. 

He's never made that sound before. Mortified, he wondered if this was because of all the alcohol he's had or maybe of Jeno. Both? 

"Don't do that." Jeno said, taking Jaemin off his mouth, looking up at him with dangerous eyes. Fingers moved in and out his hole and the squelching sounds rang in his ears as Jeno's eyes pierced daggers on his. "I want to hear you." 

Jaemin was not obligated to do what the older said, but for some reason he just did, he removed his hands that covered his mouth. Jeno gave him a smile for obeying then went back to sucking him off.

Jeno took his sweet time from licking the tip of his cock to giving his shaft attention, catching all the precum that proceeded to leak. He pushed another finger inside in the middle of blowing Jaemin. Jeno's slender and thick fingers did him amazing inside that the sting of the third finger even felt rewarding.

Fuck, it feels too good. Jaemin thought, frustrated at the once again turtle-slow pace but elated at the ecstasy. 

Jeno's mouth was wet and hot, his tongue doing all the wonders of the universe on his cock. Jaemin realized that he's good at this. He swirled his tongue on his tip, the action made Jaemin unconsciously jerk his hips up. He also realized that Jeno had fast reflexes because he was fast enough to pin him back down on the bed with his free hand.

Jaemin moaned, hands fisting the sheets below him tight. He looked down at Jeno to watch what he was doing. Jeno had his eyes closed as he bobbed his head up and down Jaemin's length. His arm was busy as his fingers spread him out. 

He noticed Jeno's long lashes falling over his cheek. Noticed his right hand gently caressing his thighs. Noticed how fucking hot Jeno looked. 

Noticed how Jeno was looking back at him and the grin that spread on his lips.

Shit. Shit. 

"Fuck Jeno! Ah! Shit, Oh my f–Hnng!" Jeno's slender fingers pressed on his sweet spot while his tongue dipped on his slit all the same time. 

Jaemin felt heat forming in his gut and his cock twitching inside Jeno's mouth. His back arched and he now had a vice grip on the sheets below him.

He started to buck his hips, well, he attempted. Jeno's hand kept him firm and steady down the bed. Hand. One. He's strong enough to securely pin Jaemin down with one hand.

Jaemin writhed and flailed, wanting to fuck into the warmth of the mouth but also wanting to get fucked by Jeno as he basked in the pleasure of his prostate being rammed by just his fingertips. He wants Jeno bad.

"There–there. F-fuh–" Jaemin's a mess at this point. 

Jeno took his mouth off of Jaemin's hard on with a popping sound, replacing the lost warmth with the strong grip of his right hand.

He took in the view of Jaemin being a writhing mess below him. Jaemin was somehow now sucking on his own fingers and one hand playing with his perky nipple. His chest bobbed up and down from heavy breathing. 

Really, Jaemin looked heavenly. He sounded it too. 

Their eyes met, Jeno's that looked like it could burn and Jaemin's that was glazed and swimming in tears. 

"God, Jaemin, you're so fucking pretty." Jeno almost growled, pulling his fingers out without warning. Jaemin dragged a whine at the feeling of sudden emptiness. 

"Look how desperate you are." Jeno cooed, raking all of Jaemin and moving up to give him an open mouth kiss. 

Swiftly, Jaemin was flipped to lay on his stomach. Jeno pulled his hip up to raise his ass in the air.

Again, Jeno dipped three lubed fingers inside Jaemin all at once. He spread them to stretch some more while he trailed up butterfly kisses on his back up to his nape. 

Jaemin stifled moans, the noise muffled by the pillow where his head was pressed against. The fingers opening him up burn from pain, but he liked it. He rocked his hips backwards to get some sort of rhythm going. More. Jaemin wants more. 

"You okay?" Jeno checked, earning the slightest nod from Jaemin. "I'm putting it in." he added, whispering right next to Jaemin's ear and nibbling at his lobe. 

"Please do." Jaemin replied in a murmur. 

The sound of a condom wrapper echoed in the room and Jaemin was eagerly joyous. 

Jaemin turned to look over his shoulder, catching the view of Jeno sliding the condom on and lathering an amount of lubricant. 

He felt a strong hand grip his cock, jerking him off. It made him move his hips in sync with Jeno's hand movements. Jaemin then felt Jeno aligning his cock on his entrance, the tip poking on his rim.

"Jen–O-oh! Fuck!" Jaemin wailed as Jeno pushed inside him. 

Jeno was big, right? He felt very much too. Jaemin felt like all the preparation was not enough for that.

There was numbing pain as Jeno pushed inside gradually. It was only a few inches in and Jaemin already felt full. He could almost feel the air getting knocked off him and he suffocated at the weight of it inside him. 

"Jaemin, shit, you're still so tight." Jeno hissed. His hands were now both on Jaemin's waist, focusing more on getting all of him inside the tight walls. Jeno asked if he was doing alright.

"All of it. In." Jaemin growled, demanding through gritted teeth. 

When Jeno bottomed out, Jaemin heard him breathily curse. Jeno snaked a hand on his waist to hug him from behind, chest on Jaemin's back, nuzzling his nape. 

"You feel great, baby. You're like squeezing my cock. Fuck." Jeno moaned as Jaemin continued to clench on his hard on. He stayed like that for quite a bit, letting Jaemin adjust to his size and lapping on the long neck in front of him. 

Jaemin told Jeno that he's fine already so he can move. 

Jeno thrusted in and out experimentally at first, finding a good rhythm. Slow and steady. 

It still hurt, there's the sting still but it was short lived when Jeno hit the spot. Jaemin's eyes shut tight at the feeling, stars surrounding his line of vision. 

He hit it again with another thrust but with a substantial amount of force this time and Jaemin screamed. More embarrassingly than he had earlier. 

"There! Jeno!" he chanted as Jeno picked up a faster pace. 

Jeno pinned him firmly in place, plowing into him forcefully, fucking him in the best way he could ever wish for. 

Jaemin threw his head back on Jeno's shoulder, revealing his flushed neckline that Jeno generously gave attention to. He branded him with more love bites and just bites there, ones that would probably stay there for a few days. 

"Kiss me." Jaemin choked out along with a moan. He twisted his neck to the side so he's face to face with Jeno, leaning in for a kiss but the other moved away from him. Jaemin knitted his brows at the denial. 

"Jeno, ki-ah, fu...fuck." Jeno took that moment to pull out and harshly thrusted in. 

"What'd you say?"

"Kiss...Ah. Kiss me. Oh shit right there!" Jaemin managed to say as Jeno continued on thrusting inside him, pulling almost all the way out and plunging in roughly to hit his prostate repeatedly. 

"You got dicked down and you forget to ask nicely now, angel?" Jeno teased.

Jaemin wondered how the fuck Jeno even thought of teasing at this moment and if he weren't so cock desperate he'd have flicked him on the forehead. But that's not the situation he was in right now. He was at Jeno's mercy and if he had to beg for a fucking kiss, he would. 

"Please. Please kiss… Please kiss me." Jaemin quite coherently said in between whines and 'fuck Jeno that feels so good's. 

"See? You can ask nicely." Jeno muttered, crashing their lips for a sloppy kiss.

It felt like such a rush, everything that's going on. Jaemin swam in the ecstasy of Jeno wrecking his senses. Jaemin mewled loudly at every contact of Jeno's thick cock on his prostate.

Good heavens this feels good.

He felt as if melting. And if it wasn't for Jeno's strong hold on his waist he'd be flat on the bed now. 

Jeno's still so close to him, trying to kiss him but Jaemin couldn't reciprocate them because he's so high off of all the heated sensation and he's just a moaning mess. 

Suddenly, he's being flipped again while still connected to Jeno. Now his back landed on the bed with Jeno above him. Unamused and pausing his movements.  

Jeno lowered himself to be just a few inches away from Jaemin's face, watching in full view his reactions as Jeno continued to thrust inside. 

He cupped Jaemin's face with one hand, tilting it up so their eyes were on the same level. "Weren't you the one begging for a kiss?" Jeno started, brows cocked and voice low. Jaemin nodded. 

"Then kiss properly, princess." Jaemin's cock twitched at the nickname then pulled Jeno for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around his neck, deepening it. 

Somehow, Jeno had placed Jaemin's legs on his shoulders. Jaemin's hip raised a bit as Jeno continued on.

His movements, as if it was possible still, were rougher. He snapped his hips faster, thrusting deeper, more relentless and more erratic. Hips on overdrive, ramming on his pleasure spot. His prostate was probably overjoyed as attention was focused on it. 

Skin slapping against skin resonated. Lewd, wet and squelching. 

Jaemin's entire body clenched and he moaned continuously in Jeno's mouth. He felt his legs shake and his senses numbing. His nails dug deep on Jeno's back and his other hand tugged Jeno's hair.

He screamed Jeno's name, pulling away from the kiss and losing his mind.

It's so good. There's lightheadedness conquering his mind. From pleasure, from his abused prostate, from the alcohol. From Jeno.

"I'm close, Jeno. Fuck." Jaemin managed to choke out. Shiver ran down his spine and he's covered in goosebumps when Jeno touched down there, a trail of precum oozing out. 

"Go on." Jeno coaxed, jerking his cock in the same fast pace as his thrusts. "Cum." 

Jaemin flailed in his position, head a concoction of pleasure and wanting, letting Jeno do his thing on him. 

"Jeno! Ah–Cumming!" Jaemin mindlessly moaned. There were other things he said but he could not recall them as he threw his head back and his eyes rolled. All he knew was he was humiliatingly loud. And he pulled Jeno down for yet another kiss. 

Everything turned white, a hot sensation coiled from the pit of his stomach then down to his cock. Then he released, spilling cum all over his stomach, on Jeno's hands, and everywhere else. 

"Well done, baby." Jeno whispered, kissing his cheek as he came down from his high. 

Jaemin's chest heaved violently as he tried to catch his breath. He relaxed on the mattress which was quite difficult to do so because Jeno was still busy chasing his own high. 

He heard Jeno grunting, muttering how tight Jaemin had become from clenching through his orgasm. 

Jeno's thrusts were still harsh, they still pound on his prostate and Jaemin felt so full of him still. The sensation made him shudder but he was still in daze from his release. But Jeno was sloppier now, probably reaching his edge. 

"Fuck." Jeno cursed under his breath. Jaemin watched as Jeno bit his lower lip, how his nose scrunched, how his abs flexed at every thrust and how dark his eyes looked. Jeno's sweaty and his hair falls just above his eyes.

He's pretty hot. Pretty and hot.

And trust me, Jaemin was enjoying a show. 

"Fuck, I'm cumming." Jeno exclaimed loudly. He grasped on both Jaemin's legs with a blistering grip to plow for the last few times. 

Jaemin thought to himself to give Jeno some sort of prompting so with his remaining energy, he clenched tightly around Jeno's cock. 

"Shit. Shit, Jaemin. Fuck." he could hear Jeno  groaning louder as his thrusts become less calculated–careless.  

With a dragged moan, Jeno threw his head back with both his eyes closed, a final thrust and then he spilled his load into the condom. 

Jeno plopped himself on top of Jaemin, catching his breathing, and nuzzled on the side of Jaemin's neck. Jaemin wrapped his arms around him and pressed butterfly kisses on his jaw.

"How are you?" Jeno asked in between breaths. Jaemin's series of light pecks now moved to his lips. It's nice and gentle. Greatly opposite from their actions just minutes ago.

"I'm okay." Jaemin replied, humming when he felt Jeno rub circles on his sides. 

Jeno captured Jaemin's lips for a slow chaste kiss. Adoring the feeling. "You feel amazing." Jeno commented when they pulled away, bringing up a hand to cup Jaemin's cheek and lightly ran his thumb on his sore eyes.

"You were okay, I guess." Jaemin shrugged, a mischievous grin on his lips when Jeno frowned at him. "I'm just kidding, monster cock. You were great." Jaemin said with a chuckle, attacking Jeno's lips once again with small pecks.

Speaking of cock, Jeno was still inside Jaemin. He pulled out which earned a whine from the younger, suddenly feeling open and empty at the loss of the thick cock inside him. 

Jeno took the dirty condom off and tied it tight, tossing it somewhere on the floor. He could clean that tomorrow. 

After that, Jeno went back to giving light kisses on Jaemin's lips. Oh god, he liked him so much.

"Finally got to be with you." Jaemin muttered in between. 

"Mmhm." Jeno replied, he's wallowing in the feeling of Jaemin's lips. "l like you." he confessed. 

"I like you." Jaemin replied after giving a long peck on Jeno's lips. 

"I'm gonna kill Mark hyung for depriving me of this ." there wasn't a bite on Jaemin's words, really. He just wanted to blame his brother for this prolonged pining. 

Jeno smiled at him, eyes turning into crescents. "Give him a break." 

They both kissed a few more and, well, made use of that one remaining condom and the lube they still had as the night was still kind of long. 



The next morning, Jaemin was awoken by loud banging on the door and a phone ringing loudly. 

He patted the bed to look for the phone with his eyes still closed, movements limited as his limbs were bound. 

When he finally found it, he answered without looking at the caller. The knocking on the door stopped.

"Hello?" Jaemin said groggily, his voice was hoarse and his throat stung. Well, that's a given now from all that they did last night.

"Oh, Nana, you're awake. I'm coming in." the caller said, hanging up. Jaemin opened one eye to see that it was Mark. 

When he attempted to open both his eyes to look at the figure that was now on the foot of the bed, Jaemin felt a heavy pang on his head and the world spun halfway. 

Fucking hangover. 

Because of it, Jaemin just chose to shift his head back in bed, nuzzling the neck in front of him. 

"Yo, wake up! We're going home today, it's already noontime." Mark said, shaking his foot at the end of the bed to wake him up.

"Go away, hyung." Jaemin replied, shooing him away with his hands. 

"What do you mean go away, we're gonna be late! And there's already so much traffic–"

"Na Mark, I love you, but you have to not scream." Jaemin said, interrupting his brother's nagging. 

He was being too loud and it was not, in any sort of way, making his hangover get better. 

"I'm not screaming." his brother replied, tone now gentler and understanding Jaemin's situation. 

But then, his wonderful boyfriend came in and Jungwoo had always been a very lively fellow. 

"Rise and shine, peop–" 

"Shh!" both Na brothers shushed him down. Jaemin heard Mark whispering to Jungwoo that he had a hangover and being grumpy about it. 

In the midst of all that, Jaemin felt the sleeping figure beside him move. His arms around him tightened and Jaemin was being pulled in a hug.

"Why is it so loud?" Jeno whispered. Eyes still closed and barely awake. Jaemin found it adorable. 

He leaned in to give a short kiss on Jeno's lips. "Good morning." he greeted with a smile when Jeno opened his eyes.

"Morning baby." Jeno mumbled, kissing Jaemin lazily.

"Quit making out and wake up." Mark said, gripping the end of the blanket that covered them and pulling on it to wake them up fully, just like what he always did before when he was asked to wake Jaemin up. 

But when Jaemin felt it slipping off his body, both him and Jeno grabbed the blanket to prevent it from uncovering them in a panic. They were wide awake all of a sudden. 

"You do not want to see what's underneath, Hyung." Jeno said, lifting the material up to cover them more. 

Mark grimaced when he realized what could have unfolded right in front of him. He even fake gagged.

"Ew, get dressed!" Mark exclaimed, giving both of them a judging look. 

"What's going on here to begin with?" Jeno asked, about to sit up but then remembering that he can't

"We drive home today, remember?" Jungwoo said, an arm slung across Mark and a smirk on his face. He wiggled his brows while looking back and forth at Jeno and Jaemin, teasing. 

"Yeah, and Nana needs to drop by his apartment to get his things. It's already 10:30 and we leave at 1. Y'all have to get ready." Mark explained, even adding that they couldn't leave later than that because of traffic.

Jungwoo and Mark left the room after that, saying they'd wait in the living room so they had to really get ready.

They both didn't move from bed to get ready though, in fact they even cuddled some more. 

"Hey." Jaemin said in an almost whisper.

"Hi." Jeno replied, planting a kiss on his nose.

"Looks like someone didn't pull out last night." Jaemin said with a smirk, pointing out that Jeno was still inside his ass. 

Last night was, well, let's just say the last condom they had was barely enough for all the pent up sexual tension they've had bottled up for years.

Jeno raised a finger, booping Jaemin's nose and pinching it. "Okay, you told me you were going to castrate me and make a dildo out of my cock if I ever pulled out last night. Do you think I'd pull out after that?" Jeno remarked in defense, raising his hands up mid air. "Who would've thought you'd love to cockwarm." Jeno teased, earning a light smack on the head.

Jaemin chuckled now that he's hearing his stupidity. It made his head hurt more but who cares. 

"That does sound like something I said." Jaemin admitted, leaning in to kiss Jeno softly. 

It felt nice, waking up to kiss someone. More when that someone is Jeno. 

When they pulled away from the kiss, Jaemin stared at Jeno, fixing unruly hair and just looking at him. 

"Pretty." Jeno unconsciously commented as he allowed Jaemin to look at him and stared back. 

Jaemin broke into a chuckle. "I look gross." 

"No, you don't." Jeno countered, looking at Jaemin all endearingly that somehow made Jaemin's heart feel giddy. He felt his face heat up. 

"You're so in love with me already, huh?" he joked, masking his embarrassment with it. Jeno laughed at it and said "No comment." 

They wasted a few minutes more staying close in bed like that and laughing at random things as if Mark didn't ask them to hurry the fuck up. 

"Ah, I'm hungover I just wanna stay like this and not be with Mark and Jungwoo's loud mouths." Jaemin whined, nuzzling on Jeno's chest and thinking how nauseated he'd get if he went ahead and drove with his brother. It's at times like this when he wonders why he didn't drive. 

"Well, you can go on a ride home with me then. I won't mind." Jeno proposed. Jaemin almost immediately whipped his head from where it was nuzzled on Jeno's chest from excitement which he gravely regrets because now he felt dizzy. Jeno had to massage his temple to ease some of the pain while being called a dumbass.

"I mean, I drive alone so it'd be a quiet ride. Plus I'm just always behind your brother's car. Though we can take a detour if you want, we can watch the lights and visit the Christmas bazaar for some hot chocolate or something." 

Jaemin smiled up at Jeno in amusement, shaking his head. Jeno raised a brow at him and asked why he's smiling like that.

"Is this your way of asking me out on a date?" Jaemin grinned mischievously. 

"I'm more saving you from third wheeling and possibly attempting to relieve your hangover but if you want to go on a drive date with me, that's okay too." Jeno said quite matter-of-factly. But he mirrored Jaemin's mischievous grin. 

"You down for it?" Jeno questioned, pinching Jaemin's cheek and then kissing it. Jaemin leaned into his touch, loving every of it. 

"Did you really think I'm declining? Especially now that your cock is still inside me and I'm full of your cum?" Jaemin giggled as he replied to Jeno.

"You could just say yes, Jaem." 

With that settled, Jeno grabbed his phone and texted Mark of their plan. Sure, Mark was just outside but they were lazy and he didn't want to stand up yet. 

Mark agreed and even told him he's relieved to know that because he's not waiting for Jaemin's slow ass. 

A little bit later, they did move to get ready. Jaemin almost begged for Jeno not to pull out but for some magical reason, he was able to convince him that they should move.

Jaemin went to take a shower to clean himself up but not without teasing Jeno with the view of his ass that was dripping with all of Jeno's cum. Good thing Jeno had amazing patience. 

"So, now that you're out here asking me on dates, what are we now?" Jaemin casually asked, drying his hair off, sitting idly on bed.

Jeno took some clothes from his closet to lend Jaemin some for his short trip to his apartment. Jaemin vehemently noted that he was not wearing a corset and angel wings back to his place.

They'd both come to an agreement that Jeno would just pick him up there since he had to get his stuff and do some errands still before leaving for the holidays. 

"Well, we're a thing." Jeno said, handing Jaemin a hoodie that'd cover his neck enough to hide all his marks there. 

Jaemin snorted, looking up at Jeno as if he said something hilarious. 

"A thing? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" 

"I don't know." Jeno started, leaning down to capture Jaemin's lips for a short kiss. "We can be whatever you want."