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In the morning, Pick brought him breakfast in bed. Not only was the older man able to pull himself away from the cozy mattress before Rome, which never happened, but he woke early enough to cook a full meal–all without waking his smaller counterpart.

It caught Rome so off guard he wondered if he was actually still dreaming.

In the afternoon, they went for a walk, chatting as they strolled. Wandering, hand-in-hand, they shared an ice cream between them, happy in their private bubble. 

Rome laughed until he cried and his stomach ached–Pick’s work stories were the best.

In the evening, they went to dinner at a place they’d been meaning to go. Great food and a relaxed atmosphere set the mood. Pick made the meal memorable by sitting beside Rome, rather than across from him, and attending to his needs–serving him, refilling his water, and occasionally feeding him small bites from his own plate.

Rome felt so full and spoiled from the experience he couldn’t help but smile until his face hurt.

At night, they lay together under the stars, comfortable on a blanket in a grassy park, listening to a mellow playlist on Pick’s phone. Glancing to his lover, the elder grinned. The awkward feeling that started in the afternoon with every smile and every laugh from his partner blossomed into something warm and satisfying. Rolling to face his lover, the taller propped his head in his hand and just stared at Rome’s profile.

“What?” Rome asked, pulling Pick from his reverie.

“Hmm?” Pick blinked a few times before shifting his gaze.

“Is there something on my face?” The young man felt his cheeks, searching for a bug or blemish.

“What?” Pick was confused.

“Why are you staring at me?” Rome knit his brow equally confused.

“Are you happy?” Pick asked sincerely. “In this moment, are you happy?”

A blush. “I am. Today was…”

“...everything you wanted?”

Nodding slowly, Rome eyed Pick suspiciously. “How…how did you…”

Pick sat up, folding his legs beneath him. “I heard you,” a gesture, ”last night. When you saw the shooting star. I saw it too.” He looked away. “I was late meeting you. I’m sorry, Rome. I didn’t know you felt so…lonely. With me,”

An awkward silence hung between them. Pick sighed and fell back, once more staring at the sky.

Rome shifted uncomfortably. “P’Pick…”

“It’s okay, you know. I understand–I didn’t before, but I do now.” Pick turned his head and smiled softly at his companion. “I want to make you happy, Rome. I want to change myself for you. Just you.”

Rome blinked back tears prickling the corners of his eyes. His frustrations and jealousy of other couples, how they acted and loved, were replaced by softness and affection for the man beside him.

Pick reached out and wiped a tear from his cheek with his thumb. “Can I make you happy?”

Rome smiled brightly and nodded, his dimples appearing.