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Aizawa honestly had no idea how he ended up in this situation.


Midoryia had come to him earlier asking if he could go to the store because one of the students had forgotten some things on the weekly shopping trip. Aizawa joined him just to make sure he didn't die, and the next thing he knows is that he is running down an alleyway with four legs, an injured kitten in his mouth and two angry villains chasing him. Just his luck.


Midoriya gave pitiful mewls every now and then, whimpering in pain. Aizawa knew he had to find some place safe for him, to treat his kid student and get back to UA and fast. Running out of the alleyway and onto the sidewalk, Aizawa runs towards the general direction of UA, hoping to either find help or a safe place on the way. After a few minutes of running, he sees a café with the door open. Not caring if animals are allowed in or not, Aizawa runs inside and jumps onto the windowsill. The two villains that had been chasing him ran past them, disappearing the further they ran.


Slumping in relief, Aizawa carefully lays Izuku down, looking over the injuries. Small cuts littered his body with a broken right hind leg. The most concerning thought, is how skinny he looks. Aizawa could see the kid's ribs, even through his fur.


"Izuku?" Aizawa carefully nudges the kit on his cheek.


"'Zawa?" Izuku mumbles out, clearly disorientated. 


"Yeah kid, I'm here. Do you think you can hold on until we get to UA?" He asks, an overwhelming feeling of protecting the kit coming over him.


"Y-yeah, I think so" With that, Aizawa carefully picks up the kit again, before running out of the café and towards UA. It took him longer than he would have wanted to, but at least they made it without running into any more trouble. Ignoring everyone that is in the hallways, Aizawa runs towards the infirmary.


When he gets there, he jumps onto one of the beds, laying down Izuku before curling around him. Meowing to get the Recovery girl's attention, he can only hope that she will connect the dots. One black cat with a scar under his eye, and a dark green and black kitten? She got to understand. She looks at him surprised for a moment before narrowing her eyes.


"Aizawa?" Thank god. Meowing in response, he looked towards the injured kit before looking back at her.


"It always has to be you, doesn't it, Midoriya." Recovery Girl sighted before looking over the kitten. Aizawa was sitting right next to him the whole time, feeling uneasy about leaving his kid students alone. After checking over the kit, she gives him a kiss. 


"He's going to be fine. The cuts will be healed while he is asleep, but his right hind leg is going to take the rest of the day." Sighting in relief, Shota lays down behind the kit before curling around him. He starts to like the top of his head, cleaning the dirty and bloodied fur.


"I'm going to go get Nedzu and your husband" With that, Recovery Girl is out the door.


"You doin' ok Izuku?" Aizawa asks. The kit whines, pushing his face further into Aizawa's warm body.


"Tired", Izuku mumbles.


"Then sleep" Aizawa answers. "I'm not going anywhere."






Izuku is asleep not a minute later, soft purrs coming from his small body. Aizawa was lying awake, head lying over the kit, making sure he was ok. Aizawa is pretty sure the quirk did not only transform him and his students into cats, but made his instincts go haywire. For example, him being overly protective over his problem child, or how everything comes so naturally with walking, running, cleaning etc.


Aizawa was pulled out of his thoughts by the door opening. 


Baring his fangs, he pulled his kit closer, hissing at however opened the door. He got up from his lying position, standing protectively over the kid that was still asleep. He had an injured kit to protect, after all.


"Shou?" Hizashi walked through the door, Nedzu and Recovery Girl right behind him. Aizawa stopped hissing, but still stood protectively over his kit.


"Well, this could become a little problem" Nedzu said.


"What do you mean?! Look at them! So cute and fluffy" Hizashi gushed over the two cats. Aizawa rolled his eyes, looking towards the rat/mouse/bear. He had no idea what it was.


"The problem is that they will be staying like this for 1-2 weeks. They can't protect themselves as well as they can in human form. With the league still out there and a class to protect, this is going to complicate things a bit." Recovery Girl stated.


"Well, I will send All Might to take over Aizawa's classes. He can cover for Aizawa the next week or two and also be able to protect the class." Aizawa did not like the idea of All Might teaching his class, but guess he has no other choice here.


"What are we going to do about Midoriya? Him living in his dorm is going to be difficult since he can't really make food and take care of himself like that", Hizashi asked. Aizawa pulled his kit closer again, baring his fangs at Nedzu and Recovery Girl. He was not leaving his kit by himself. He knew Hizashi wanted to keep a close eye on both of them as well, so there were no worries there.


"It looks like Aizawa here will take him in, if that is ok with you, Yamada?" Nedzu asked.


"Of course the little listener is welcome to stay in our dorm!" Hizashi answered enthusiastically. Not a surprise there. 


"Very well! You are welcome to join the classes even though you can't participate in them Aizawa, same with Midoriya. With that, I don't think there is more to discuss. Have a good day!" With that, Nedzu was out the door, Recovery Girl not far behind. Hizashi sat down in a chair next to the infirmary bed.


"This is going to be great!" Hizashi exclaimed, petting the top of Aizawa's head. Aizawa ignored him, lying down and closing his eyes. With Izuku lying protected against him and Hizashi next to them, he could finally rest.


He really needed a nap.




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After half a day in the infirmary, Izuku was healed enough to go back to the teachers' dorms with Shouta and Hizashi. Shouta had not left his side once since his kit fell asleep, just watching as Recovery Girl worked on papers and his napping when his husband sat beside them. Izuku woke up once while he was getting up to drink water, and since then he has not left his side.


"Izuku" Shouta softly nudged the kitten. "C'mon kit, it's time to leave."


Izuku slowly opened his green eyes, blinking a few times before giving the cutest little kitten yawn. Looking around, Izuku's eyes landed on him.


"Morin' Aizawa-Sensei" Izuku mumbled, stretching his little legs.


"It is actually 6PM, but sure" Shouta answered. "You are going to be staying with me and Yamada while we are affected by the quirk, is that ok with you? I also have to carry you to the dorms. You can't walk with your leg still healing"


If cats could blush, Shouta was pretty sure Izuku would be pretty red right now, hiding his face in his paws. "Y-yeah, that's ok."


With that, Shouta picked Izuku up by the scruff. Looking towards his husband, they both stood up before leaving the infirmary. Izuku naturally pulled his small paws towards his body to keep them from dangling, so it made it pretty easy to carry him. Shouta walked beside his husband the whole time, finding it comforting to have extra protection for their kit. 


Yes, it is now their kit. Shouta knew he couldn't keep fighting off his feelings instincts towards the kit. That makes Izuku their kit. He knew Hizashi wouldn't fight him about it anyway.


Since it was getting late, the hallways were empty and no students or teachers were in sight. This made the trip to the dorms both easier and faster, easing Shouta's distress.


The teacher's common-room, however, was not that empty. All Might sat on one of the couches, talking with Vlad. Upon hearing the door open, both turned around and looked at them.


"Yamada-san, good you're here! I heard from Nedzu what happened to Aizawa-san and Young Midoriya, are they ok?" All might asked in his usually high tone. When All might stood from the couch, Shouta put Izuku down on the floor between his front legs, making it easier to attack if someone came near his kit.


"Yes, they are both doing ok. Midoriya was a little hurt, but he is healing". Hizashi dismissed him. Clearly, All might did not understand his husband's dismissal, walking closer to the three.


"That's not good. Will he be back to normal for training on Monday?" Since it was Saturday and it was the day off on Sundays, their classes wouldn't start until Monday. Witch is good, because Izuku's leg will be healed by then.


"No, they will be stuck like this for 1-2 weeks" Hizashi answered in a tense voice. "I think you should step back All might, they are not themselves right now."


"Non sense! Come here My boy, you can join me in the student dorms!" All might said, about to take the last step to the two cats.


All hell broke loose when Izuku whimpered into his chest, clearly trying to get away from All might. Shouta had no idea why Izuku didn't true All might, but he was sure as hell that no one was going to take his kit away from him. Shouta hissed loudly at All might, jumping onto the skeleton of a man. What Shouta didn't notice was that his claws and fangs extended and sharpened, more easily breaking the skin. All might yelped, losing his balance before falling backwards. When the man was down, Shouta jumped back to where Izuku was lying beside Hizashi, standing over his kit, continuing on hissing at All might.


Izuku curled up even more under him, trying to make himself smaller, which made Shouta put his paw more in front of Izuku.


"I told you not to come any closer, All might!" Hizashi hissed, clearly pissed that All might didn't listen. 


"Aizawa attacking people when they come too close is unacceptable! It is a danger for those around him! I think it would be safer for Young Midoriya to stay with me for the time being." All might stuttered. Shouta hissed when All might talk about taking his kit away from him.


"They are cats! This is their instinct! Just, stay away from them" Shouta knew Hizashi was not the person to get irritated often, but All might have gotten into their business way too many times now.


Before he could hear more of what All might have to say, Shouta picked up the whimpering kitten from under him and trotted towards their dorm with Hizashi not far behind. When they got to their dorm, Shouta walked over to the couch, laying down Izuku before curling around him.


He started liking the top of the kittens head, calling Izuku down faster. Hizashi had walked into their storage, probably getting the cat stuff they had in case he brought strays home. Since they always brought the strays to the shelter a day or two later, they just had everything in the storage.


"You okay Izuku?" Shouta asked when Izuku had stopped whimpering.


"D-do you think All might is going to t-take me away from y-you?" Izuku whimpered.


"No, Hizashi and I are not going to let that happen. You are going to be staying with us for the next few weeks", he assured Izuku.


"O-ok, thank you" The kitten answered, pushing his head against his chest.


"Do you want to talk about why you don't want to stay at All might's? You had a pretty bad reaction when you thought he was going to take you away", Shouta asked softly.


Izuku hesitated for a moment before speaking. 


"C-can I ask you a-a question first?" Izuku whispered.


"Of course."


"Y-you train Shinso from 1-C, r-right? To get into t-the hero course?"


"I do" Shouta answered, confused about where this was going.


"D-do you restrict what he e-eats and how much h-he sleeps? Is that n-normal?" Izuku asked. Shouta was really hoping this was not going where he thought it was going.


"No, I do not. While getting enough food and sleep to get through both training and school, restraining food, sleep or other necessities can cause the body to shut down. Our bodies decide how much food and sleep we need." He answered.


"A-and if S-Shinso messes up, d-do you give p-punishments?" Now Shouta was really dreading where this was going.


"I would never punish any of my students for messing up. If the teacher doesn't guide their students through something difficult, they are never going to learn properly", Shouta answered as completely as he could. He swears on everything that is holy, that he is going after All might when he turns back. 


"S-so it's not n-normal when h-he or my mother h-hits me when I mess up?" Izuku whispers in a vulnerable tone. That one sentence both shatters Shouta's heart and almost makes his body shake with anger.


"No, it is absolutely normal. How long has this been going on, Izuku?" Shouta asks, holding his anger back for later.


"Uhm, All M-might has been training me this w-way sense 10 m-months before the entrance exam. I-I thought it was n-normal because my m-mother and all t-the other adults I-in my life always had punishments like that, but t-then I started at UA. You, and Yamada-Sensei a-and everyone else n-never punished me or anyone else l-like that. I-I just didn't want to g-go with All might if I-I could stay here with you", Izuku whispered, distressed mewls and whimpers escaping his small body.


Shouta was fucking fuming. How had he not noticed the way All might have treated his student? He also has to call up Tsukauchi to investigate Izuku's home life and, from the sound of it, previous schools Izuku has been in.


"Neither me nor Hizashi would ever hurt you on purpose. I know that neither would any of the other teachers. You won't be going near All might alone again, and we will get you away from your mother. Abuse is not normal Izuku". Shouta started to lick the top of Izuku's head again, calming his kit down.


"Thank you" The kit whispers, cuddling his small face into his chest.


"Of course. How about we order Hizashi to get us some food, then just relax? It has been a long day", he suggests, knowing that both of them are both hungry and tired.


"That sounds nice" Izuku answered, a small giggle in his answer.




Everyone that has hurt his kit has no idea what is coming for them.




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Shouta woke up Sunday morning to something biting his ear. Confused, he slowly opened his eyes, only to be met by his kit's playful eyes. Izuku titles his head, giving him the most innocent look the kitten could master. Slowly, Izuku bent his legs, getting into a hunting position, ready to bounce. Wiggling his butt, Izuku bounced at him. Shouta, just being woken up, let the kitten bounce at him. Giving playful growls and meows, Izuku attacked his ears before bouncing at his tale.


"Someone is feeling better today" Shouta mumbled, looking down at his kit. Izuku looked up at him, ears perked upwards.


"Yeah! I don't know why I'm so eager, but I feel great!" Izuku beamed, jumping onto Shouta's bigger body.


"Probably has something to do with your instincts. Kittens are playful creatures, guess you're not much of a difference", Shouta explains, getting up to stretch his body. Izuku, still being on top of him, fell onto the couch, getting up just as fast.


"Oh! I didn't think of that. That makes sense though. I wonder if the quirk could transform into other animals? Or just some parts of an animal? I have so many questions!" Izuku rambled.


"I don't know Izuku, but when we find the guy we have to figure out his quirk anyway", Shouta chuckled. 


Shouta turned towards Izuku before picking him up by the scruff. He jumped off the couch before setting Izuku down again. Since he was still healing and so small, Shouta didn't want Izuku to jump from heights like that just yet. Once Izuku was down on the ground, he stalked towards his and Hizashi's bedroom.


"C'mon, if I have to wake up early to you biting by ear, Hizashi has too" Shouta crumpled, Izuku scrambling to follow behind him.


Once they were in the bedroom, Shouta picked up his kit before jumping onto the bed. Setting the kitten down again, Shouta gestured towards his sleeping husband. Izuku, being the adorable little shit he was, took this chance with glee. Butt wiggling in the air, Izuku was ready to bounce. Shouta had to admit, it was adorable. His absolutely loving cats does not help his situation. 


Izuku bounced at his husband, small fangs biting the tip of Hizashi's nose. Hizashi jolted upwards, Izuku slipping down but catching itself in Hizashi's PJ-shirt. Once Hizashi's eyes laid on himself and Izuku, he slumped down, catching his breath.


"Shoutaaaa, not nice!" Hizashi whined, lifting Izuku up again. "You can be a mischief, you know that li' listener?" 


Shouta could see the light in the kittens kitten's eyes, clearly happy with his achievement. He walked up to the pair before pushing himself into his husband. Hizashi looked down at him, petting the top of his head and scratching behind his ear.


"Let's get some breakfast, you must be hungry" Hizashi stated before getting up from bed. He put Izuku down on the ground before walking into the bathroom to get ready. Shouta jumped down from the bed, walking out of the bedroom with the dark green kitten following behind him.


Shouta knew that Hizashi got the cat stuff yesterday, and knowing his husband, he would have brought the cat toys too. Walking into the living room, he found a small ball with a bell in it. Wacking his paw onto the toy, the toy went flying towards the kitten. Izuku attacked it immediately, running around like a mad man. Shouta watched fondly from the couch, glad that even if the situation wasn't optimal, Izuku could finally have some fun and be a kid.


He knew that Izuku was trading hard and overlooking himself. The kid deserved a break, and Shouta would make sure that Izuku would be ok after that. 


Izuku ran around the living room, the ball hitting the table, walls, TV-stand and back to the kitten. Seeing the delight on Izuku's face made the whole situation much better. Izuku's toy went under the couch, the kitten diving right after it. Shouta could hear his small claws hitting the bottom of the couch, back and forth at least three times before Izuku's head stuck out, looking up at Shouta. His eyes were almost completely black, pure joy all over his features.


When Hizashi stepped into the living room, Izuku's head snapped towards the man. Staring for a few seconds, Izuku clearly debating on what to do, he slowly creeped towards Hizashi. Butt wiggling in the air again, Izuku bounced on Hizashi's feet before booking it again. He ran to the couch, claws into the armrest before running again.


Hizashi chuckled at the kitten, clearly enjoying having the ball of energy there.


"I'm going to get you some food, be right back" Hizashi said before walking into the kitchen.


"Having fun Kit?" Shouta asked the kitten. Izuku looked up at him, his eyes lighting up.


"Yeah! That is amazing! I feel like I can do anything!" With that, he was off again.


"Just be careful, ok? I don't want you hurting yourself" Ok, he was a little protective over his Problem Child, but can you blame him? He's called Problem Child for a reason.


Hizashi came back into the living room with two bowls of what looked like tuna. Shouta jumped down from the couch and walked towards the bowls before starting to eat. Izuku joined him not a minute later, his tail swinging back and forth in what Shouta could only presume was delight.


After eating, the two cats joined Hizashi on the couch, both lying in the man's lap. Izuku, having been playing around then eating, was napping, face pushed into Shouta's chest. Shouta himself was napping with his husband slowly stroking his back and head. 


It felt like heaven.



A man with a hood sat in the bar chair, slowly drinking his drink before turning around.


"So, you are telling me that you got them, but let them get away?" The man rasped out, clearly not enjoying the news.


The two villains in front of the man were clearly frightened, but held their calm posture.


"Yes, sir. I'm sorry, but Eraserhead was too fast. They got away into the streets before we could capture them", One of the men said.


The man growled, the glass in his hand becoming dust before he stood up.


"Get out of my sight. Useless, can't even catch two fucking cats" The man grumbled. "Kurogiri, get the plans. We have to make some adjustments."


With that, the man turned around, anger clear in his posture.





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To be completely honest, Izuku didn't think being a cat was that bad. Yes, it was scary around people other than Mr. Yamada, but Mr. Aizawa has been with him this whole time, making him feel a bit better. Having Mr. Aizawa protecting him made him feel very safe and cared for. Every time he is scared and panicking, Mr. Aizawa was there for him. He also enjoyed playing around and being himself without getting questioning stares or people commenting on what he did.


Mr. Aizawa also made him realize that how his mother and All Might have been treating him is wrong. Yes, All might was far more gentle than his mother, mostly a slap or a hit on the back of the head, but it still hurt. When Izuku woke up that morning, he curled up into Mr. Aizawa, he felt a warmth in his entire body. It was one of the best nights of sleep he had gotten in a long time. 


Even when Izuku started to play with Mr. Aizawa's ear, making him wake up, Mr. Aizawa wasn't bad and let him play some more. Mr. Yamada was also very gentle and never made a move to hurt Izuku.


So, being a cat was pretty relaxing and fun this far.


It was right after they had lunch, and Izuku felt pretty relaxed. Mr. Aizawa had told him earlier in the day that they would be going to class tomorrow and that All Might would be caching, but that he would be stying by Mr. Aizawa's side the whole class. Izuku had explained what kind of punishments All Might would be give, and he could see the rage in Mr. Aizawa's eyes. 


Right now though, Izuku had a mission. He had to make sure he knew what the apartment looked like and getting all the new scents. He didn't exactly know why he needed the the scents of the apartment, but it felt important to him just to feel a bit more safe. He could see Mr. Aizawa laying on the couch, keeping an eye on him while he walked around, but it didn't bother Izuku. Everything mostly smelled like coffee, but he could also smell what Izuku could only explain as safety, home, joy and tiredness. He didn't know that feeling could have scents, but guess you learn something knew everyday.


When Izuku was done looking around, he walked back into the living room where Mr. Aizawa was still laying on the couch, Mr. Yamada having left on patrol a few hours earlier.


"Mr. Aizawa, do you think this is going to be affecting us when we turn back to humans" Izuku asked, walking over to the couch the older cat was laying on. Mr. Aizawa looked down at him before answering.


"I don't really know. Hizashi talked to Recovery Girl yesterday, and she had a theory there is a small chance of having after effects, but that we can't know for sure" Mr. Aizawa answered him before jumping off of the couch. He bit into Izuku's scruff before jumping onto the couch again and laying down. "But you don't have to worry. Both Principal Nedzu and RG assured us that the chance off having severely bad side affects are pretty low"


"That does not exactly not make me worry Mr. Aizawa" Izuku whined to his teacher, hitting him weakly with his paw. Mr. Aizawa onto rolled his eyes him, something Izuku was pretty sure was fondly.


"It's the truth. Don't go worrying about something that may not even happen. When the chances of something bad happening are so low as they are, its illogical to go worry" Mr. Aizawa stated.


"Yeah, I guess you're right" Izuku answered. He lowered his head his head onto his front paws, just relaxing his the warm present of his teacher behind him. He couch feel Mr. Aizawa laying his head over Izuku's small body, making Izuku relax even more. They laid there for a few minutes before Izuku spoke up again.


"Are you sure it will be safe to go back to class tomorrow?" He asked in a low voice. To be honest, he was pretty scared of going back to class. Not only because of All Might being there, but also having 19 other students around with him being as small as he is? It was nerve-racking.


"It will be ok, you don't have to worry. I would appreciate though if you didn't go to a place where I can't see you. I know it may be wired, but with my instincts going haywire as they have this far, it would be for the best" Mr. Aizawa answered, sounding hesitant about the last part.


"I wasn't planning on it anyway" Izuku mumbled. "I don't think my instincts would like that very much either" With that, Izuku felt sleep take over him.




Izuku didn't know how to feel about stating to think like both of his favorite teachers and heroes as father figures.




Hizashi came home about 3 hours later, Izuku having been curled up against Shouta the whole time. Not that he was bothered by it. Izuku had a pretty relaxing present. When the front door opened, Shouta immediately opened his eyes towards the door. His husband walked through he felt his muscles relax.

"Hey Shou! Everything went ok while I was gone?" Hizashi asked while he took off his shoes and jacked. His husband walked over to him and their kit, scratching behind his ear before doing the same thing with Izuku. He only gave a weak mew before laying his head over Izuku again.

"That's good! I'm going to make some dinner, and we can watch some movies afterward." Hizashi said before disagreeing into the kitchen. Shouta looked down at the sleeping kitten before nudging it carefully with his nose.

"Time to wake up Izuku." He stated lowly, nudging the kitten again. Tired green eyes peered up at him, blinking a few times before stretching with a small kitten-yawn.

"What time is it?" Izuku asked, slurring his words slightly.

"It's 7:30 PM, Hizashi is making us some dinner." He answered. Izuku perked up at that last bit of information, looking up at him, eyes lighting up with joy.

"Mr. Yamada his home?!" Izuku squeaked before scrabbling off the couch, despairing into the kitchen. He could hear Izuku's little claws trying to get a grip on the floor around the corner to the kitchen, then heard a yelp coming for his husband.

Shouta jumped down from the couch and slowly trotted into the kitchen. The Izuku had ten claws into his husband's leg, hanging from knee height. Shouta chuckled fondly before walking over, taking Izuku by the scruff and putting him down on the ground.

"Glad to see you too Lil' Listener!" Hizashi chuckled before scratching behind the kit's ear. Shouta was glad Izuku liked his husband so much, seeing the light lighting in the kits' eyes brightening his day just a bit more.

They all ate their food in the living room before watching a pre-quirk movie called Venom. Izuku was lying on his husband's lap while Shouta was lying beside his husband's leg, everyone just relaxing into each other. 


Chapter Text

Monday morning came around faster than Shouta would have liked. Izuku was clearly nervous about going to class today and would never walk more than a few feet away from him, not that Shouta complained. He liked having an eye on the kit, making sure the problem child didn't get into trouble in such a fragile form.


Hizashi had googled what type of cat they might be, and from what they read, Izuku and Shouta were Norwegian forest cats. Since Izuku had the body of a kitten, he was more fragile than grown up cats, and that didn't help Shouta ease his nerves either. Yes, Hizashi would be joining them to inform the class about the situation, but the rest of the day would be spent with 19 energetic students and All Might. After Izuku had told Shouta what All Might had been doing to him, he had lost all respect for the number one hero.


Izuku walked in-between his front legs on the way to class, clearly uncomfortable outside of the apartment. Shouta didn't mind, knowing his kit was safe. It felt good to know that Izuku trusted him this much when he couldn't protect himself like usual.


"You ok kit?" Shouta asked the stressed kit, looking down at him. Izuku tilts his head up a little, looking at him with uncertain eyes.


"Just nervous... I don't have my quirk in this form and I am too small to protect myself like this", Izuku whimpered. The tone Izuku spoke in was a tone Shouta had heard from years of underground heroics. The tone of a child not wanting to go through past pain. Shouta knew he had to ask later, but right now his first priority was calling his kit.


"Don't worry. I understand that this is scary, but I will be by your side the entire day". Shouta nudged the kit, Izuku pushing his face against his in return.


When they got to the door, Hizashi walked in first. Shouta could see all the students present with Ass Might standing behind the podium. Izuku bent down, backing up a bit to be more hidden under him.


"Ok, class". Hizashi got the attention of the class. Before she could continue, Iida stood in his seat, ready in a chop motion.


"Sir! Midoriya-kun has yet to arrive for the lesson!" Iida informed, pointing to the empty seat.


"Yes, Iida-kun, that is why I am here. Please sit down and let me explain", Hizashi answered, Iida bowing before sitting down again. "On Saturday Aizawa and Midoriya-kun were hit with a quirk on their way to the market. They are ok, but the quirk turned them into cats. What we believe is a Norwegian forest cat. They think like they do as humans, but their instincts are more on the animal side. Please, do not go near them without permission from them. Aizawa already attacked All Might" pointing to the scratches on All Mights face.


Most of the class was clearly excited about the news, mostly the girls, while Hizashi went under the podium and took out one of Shouta's extra sleeping bags and laid it in the corner of the room.


"Now, please remember that both Aizawa and Izuku will attack if they feel threatened. Nedzu has given them promotion to act on instincts if they feel threatened. They will go back to normal in 1-2 weeks" The word "understood" rang out throughout the class.


With that, Shouta carefully picked Izuku up by the scruff and walked into the classroom. Izuku brought his small paws as close to his small body as possible, the nervous energy seeping out of the kit. When they came into view of the students, the girls squealed about how "cute" they were, leaning over their desks to get a better view. Shouta walked over to the sleeping bag, crawling inside and turning around so his head was outside, but his body inside the sleeping bag. Izuku tucked himself against his stomach, hiding away from pry-full eyes. Those eyes disappeared when All Might cleared his throat to get the student's attention.


"Ok, class. I am going to be your teacher while Aizawa-san is unable to teach". Shouta looked over his students' expressions. He could see a hint of disappointment in some of their eyes, and that surprised him. Todoroki, Kaminari and Tokoyami didn't look too happy about the news, but didn't voice their complaints either.


All Might explained that they were going to start weighing an essay about vigilantism. Shouta, however much it may surprise people, really cared about his students this year. (Everyone except Mineta. He was planning on expelling the brat the next time he tried something, but he couldn't do that while he was a cat.) So, of course, Shouta knows that some of his students have difficulty with some topics. One of these students is Kaminari.


Shouta had helped Kaminari earlier this year because he saw signs of dyslexia and ADHD. Because of this, Kaminari is allowed to use his phone to get help when he has difficulties in class. Every teacher has been informed of this, even All Might, but it looks like the baboon has forgotten.


Kaminari had brought out his phone and Shouta knew it was because Kaminari really wanted to get higher grades, which meant he had to write longer and more difficult words. That is why he is using the app in class when All Might has to open his big fat mouth.


"Young Kaminari! Please put your phone away while in class! You can use it when class is over" All Might stated. Shouta could see a few confused looks from the "Bakusquad". They knew about it. Kaminaris difficulties and why he needed his phone.


"But, All Might-sensei, I need my phone to do work" Kaminari explains hesitantly, clearly uncomfortable with the attention he was getting. 


"Why is that? Can't you work like everyone else?" Now Shouta was getting angry. Calling out someone like that in class is despicable of a teacher. A student does not have to talk about anything personal to students or teachers, and All Might demanding that in front of the class disgusts Shouta.


"Fuck off old man! He doesn't need to explain shit" Bakugou butts in. Kirishima, Mina and Sero nodded in agreement. All Might, clearly not wanting to get on the students' bad side, let it go. The rest of the class went by distantly fast, Izuku napping against him while Shouta had his eyes closed, but still very aware of what was happening around him. Kaminari was a little more silent than usual, clearly embarrassed that he was clawed out, but the small glares Bakugou sent All Might clearly helped cheer him up a little.


The rest of the classes went better than homeroom. The teacher actually respected them when students needed something to help them in subjects.


Then, the part where Shouta was the most concerned about, lunch.


This was going to be a disaster.




Chapter Text

As Shouta expected, when lunch rolled around, the students began to focus on the two cats again. Izuku was lying against his chest now, playing with a loose string he had found in the sleeping bag. Izuku had calmed down a little after his nap, and had been looking at the students or playing with the strings up until now. Shouta could see most of the students looking at them, clearly wanting to come over. He could understand their curiosity, but Shouta did not want anyone near him and his kit at the moment. It was their first day in the classroom and they both needed to adjust to the situation.


Because of this, Shouta nudged Izuku carefully, getting the kitten's attention, before standing up. Izuku looked up at him before standing up, standing closely by his side. He knew Hizashi would be at the teacher's lounge while everyone had lunch, so they would be staying there.


When they walked out of the classroom, Shouta could sense the disappointment of some of his students, but kept walking. They got many weird looks from the other students, making Izuku even more tense. Shouta bent down and picked the kit up, Izuku tucking his legs closely. He could feel Izuku relax a bit in his grip, his tense shoulders slumping slightly. That was enough for Shouta.


The door to the teacher's lounge was open, so Shouta walked in and jumped onto the couch where his husband was sitting, eating his lunch. Putting Izuku down, the kitten immediately jumped onto his husband's lap and started to attack the chop sticks he was using. Hizashi only chuckled, putting the chop sticks down and petted their kit.


"Hello, lil' listener! Having a good day so far?" Hizashi asked, before starting to pet Shouta as well. Izuku looked up at Hizashi and gave a weak, but exited meow. Shouta laid down against Hizashi's leg, enjoying his time to relax. His instincts had kept him from napping all day, having to make sure his kit was ok.


Honestly, it surprises Shouta just how much being a cat has affected them both. Yes, he already knew that this year of students was different, but now, with Izuku, it just felt different. Sure, the cat-instincts are playing a huge part of the protectiveness and fondness he feels over the problem child, but at the same time, it didn't surprise him that much either. Looking at how Hizashi was playing with Izuku while having a beaming smile on his face, Shouta was pretty sure he felt the same way.


Of course, the peace and quiet never lasts as Nemuri busts in through the door. Izuku jumps from the sudden sound, running as fast as his little legs can in-between him and his husband. Shouta could feel Izuku shaking a bit, which made Shouta's instincts flare up.


"Where is the little cats!? I need to see them!" Nemuri stated energetically, before setting her eyes upon them.


"Nemuri! You have to be careful, you know-" Before Hizashi could finish with his warning, Nemuri came too close. Yes, Shouta knew this was one of their best friends, but his instincts were already acting up.


Shouta bent down low over his kit, hissing at the heroine. His tale was fluffing up as his back was curved upwards. A clear warning to stay away. Nemuri stopped in her tracks, realization clear on her face. She walked up slower before bending down a few feet away from them, putting her hand out in a sign of peace.


"Sorry, forgot about that" She stated, looking a little guilty. Shouta sniffed her and, making sure she was safe before sitting down, Izuku was still under him. It was clear Izuku didn't like Nemuri that much, which was highly amusing to watch. She held her and out towards the kit when a low hiss came from the kitten.


"Looks like he's not a fan, Nem" Hizashi stated playfully, giving an amused smile. Nemuri huffed, looking back at the kit.


"Really green bean? Are you betraying me like this?" She stated dramatically, a hand over her forehead. Izuku looked up at him and Shouta looked back, amusement in his eyes.


"Sorry..." Izuku whispered to him almost shamefully.


"Hey, none of that. If you're uncomfortable with someone, they should respect your personal space. She's only being dramatic", Shouta answered, not wanting Izuku to feel ashamed for not wanting to be close to someone he doesn't trust.


"It's j-just that I don't like people I-I don't know that w-well touching me... Is that a b-bad thing?" Izuku asked him, looking up with big green eyes. Nemuri had already started a conversation with Hizashi, taking their attention away from them.


"No, it's not a bad thing. It's pretty normal actually when you have a history of violence in your life. I'm the same way. It took me a long time to be comfortable around the people close to me today, and I still don't like physical touch from those I do not know or have an attachment to", Shouta explains, trying to make the kit feel better.


"So it's not j-just me being w-weird? My m-mother always tells m-me its unnatural" Izuku lent into his chest for comfort, Shouta laying his head over his again.


"No, it's not unnatural. Just say no and whoever tries to touch you should respect your boundaries, whoever they may be" It hurts to think that Izuku never had someone to teach him the basics about human rights, even though it's not by law. Parents are supposed to support and always be behind their children to catch them if they fall. Not break them down and give them doubts about who they are. Shouta can't wait to be normal again so he can start the investigation to get Izuku out of his abusive household.


"Okay" Izuku whispered back, lying down again to gather some energy for the last few hours of school.





Shouta was lying against a tree outside on the training field with Izuku playing around in front of him. They were waiting for students to get to their heroics, their last lesson of the day. All Might stood in front of the entrance, waiting for the students to come out, which seemed to ease Izuku enough to play around to get out some energy.


3 minutes later, the group came out, standing in front of All Might. They have gotten faster, 8 minutes. Not bad.


"Good to see you all ready for some training today! Today we are going to have some one-on-one battle training. The winner stands and the next student will go! Are there any questions? No? Great, stand around the battle field and let's get started!" 


Every student went to stand around the field, some excited and others their usual, monotone facial expression (looking at you Todoroki). It went pretty well, Bakugou having won in the 10th round against Shoji and the last one was now Kaminari.


When Shouta looked closely at the blond, he was clearly more nervous than normal. Shouta suspected it had something to do with what happened in the home-room earlier and All Might being the teacher again, but it was not like he could do much right now either. Kaminari looked towards him, and Shouta could see in his eyes that Kaminari should have stayed out of the training exercise today. But of course, All Might either can't see it, or ignores it, starting the battle.


It ends with Kaminari not being able to control his quirk, short circuiting himself in the process. The class began snickering and Shouta waited for All Might to stop the class, but ended up lecturing Kaminari about having to learn to control his quirk to "become a good hero", but not giving any guidelines. What Shouta did not expect was the smell of distress and fear coming from the disorientated teen. Since he didn't give everything he got, Kaminari was back after about 15 minutes when All Might was done with complementing and explaining what they did wrong, but still didn't give any advice on how to make them better. Now All Might was standing in front of the still out-of-it Kaminari, talking about his short circuiting and what not, causing the smell of distress and fear.


Izuku could clearly smell the distress as well, whimpering at Shouta. Shouta stood up from where he had been watching from the sidelines and trotted over the pair, Izuku not far behind. Shouta got in front of Kaminari and started hissing at the number one hero, making him stable back in surprise. Shouta stood his ground, making the other hero sight.


"We will keep discussing this later, Young Kaminari". And then he walked away. Shouta turned around right as Kaminari fell to his knees. Normally, Kaminari would laugh things off, but Shouta knew from the moment he saw Kaminari that morning that he hadn't been having a good day.


"I-I'm sorry s-sensei! I-I, I really a-am", Kaminari stuttered out. Izuku, being the good hero-in-training he is, climbed onto Kaminari's lap and pushed his head against Kaminari's face, trying to comfort the boy the best he could. Shouta sat beside them, resting a light paw on Kaminari's leg, trying to give the message that it was ok.


Kaminari must have understood, because he looked down at him from where he had his face into Izuku's fur and gave him a small smile.


Shouta stood up after a few minutes to let Kaminari calm down. When he did, he went behind the boy and lightly pushed him forwards with his body. 


"Do you w-want me to f-follow you, sensei?" Kaminari asked in a hesitant voice. When Shouta gave a slight nod, Kaminari nodded back, putting Izuku down again before standing up. Shouta began walking towards the teachers' dorms, Kaminari following behind.


Hizashi could help the boy better than he could right now.




Chapter Text

Shouta didn't expect much when he brought Kaminari to calm down with Hizashi. Hizashi taking Kaminari under his wing to teach him how to control his quirk better and try out techniques to help learn was not on the list of what he expected, but Shouta was glad Kaminari could have a chance to learn with someone like his husband. Kaminari had stayed until lights were out in the dorms, Izuku having spent much of that time playing around with him. Shouta didn't know why, but his instincts didn't go off as they would with others when Izuku was around Kaminari. Which led to the two of them opening times together while Kaminari was training with Hizashi the next few days.


Because of the incident with All Might, Hizashi will have private lessons in the heroics classes, Shouta and Izuku staying on the sidelines watching over the two. Classes have been going ok so far. Hizashi had talked to Nedzu about All Might's teaching, and had apparently decided that if All Might keeps seeking out students like he did with Kaminari, that one of the other teachers would take over.


There haven't been any incidents so far, which Shouta thinks is good. Yes, he wanted All Might away from his students, but if the baboon didn't do anything stupid it wasn't like he could do anything.


Shouta hadn't attacked anyone either, surprising both himself and his husband. Well, that was until today. It was Thursday and both Izuku and Shouta were more comfortable with not being as close as they were in the beginning, but Shouta was still very protective and Izuku would never be away for more than 10 minutes at a time. The only one that was able to touch Izuku, however, was Kaminari, who got a few jealous glances from the so-called "dekusquad".


Shouta was lying on his sleeping bag while the class was out having lunch, Izuku having been with Kaminari. He perked up hoverer when he heard hissing coming from his kit out in the hallway. Jumping up, he ran out to see what was going on.


"Young Midoriya, this is unacceptable behavior! When a teacher needs to speak to you, you will not try and run away!" All Might boomed out, taking Izuku's hind leg and lifting him up. Izuku cried out, his leg still a little sore from his injury. The rest of the students came up behind them. All Might, not noticing the horrified and disgusted looks.


Shouta was running in an instant, his vision red from anger. Because of this, he didn't notice his body growing or his growling becoming louder. He bounced at the other hero, bringing him to the ground. Izuku scrambled away, and Shouta just got angrier when he could see his kit limping and whimpering in pain.


"WHAT?!" All Might screeched in surprise, trying to get the big feline off him.


Shouta dug his claws into All Might's chest, eyes red but not cancelling the other's quirks. Shouta was about to bite All Might's arm when a block of cement pushed him off. Shouta turned fast, his instincts taking over, only thinking about protecting his kit. When he saw his husband, however, he turned towards his kit instead. He ran over to the still whimpering kitten, folding protectively around Izuku before lightly licking the top off his head. It was a way to calm down young felines.


"All Might. Into my office, now". He could hear Nedzu order, but didn't look up. His priority now was kit hurt, whimpering kit.



Denki was sitting with the Bakusquad and some of the Dekusquad eating lunch when All Might had come in. Izuku was lying on his lap purring, half asleep while he was petting him, but woke up when the door busted open.


"Young Midoriya, could you please come with me? I need to talk to you!" All Might asked Izuku. Izuku curled into a ball, hissing at the hero.


"Uhm, I don't think he wants to go with you, All Might," Denki stated nervously, but All Might just waved his hand dismissively.


"Non-sense! Come on my boy!" All Might went to pick up Izuku.


Izuku, eyes wide in panic, sprinted out the door. All Might went after him, clearly displeased with the fact that Izuku ran. Denki made contact with the other students for a quick second before they followed after them. When they rounded the corner, All Might bends down and hardly grabs Izuku's hind leg, lifting him up in the air. Denki could see Mina cover her mouth with a gasp. Denki was both horrified and disgusted by the fact that All Might could go to such lengths as to hurt a student just to talk to them.


The next thing the class knew, Aizawa-Sensei ran towards All Might, growling in anger. Suddenly, his body grew larger, his growls more violent, before attacking All Might, sending him to the ground. From what Denki could see, Aizawa-sensei had transformed into a Lynx, but darker in color. 


He got a glance of Izuku getting away from the fight, but didn't dare go over to him if Aizawa-sensei was so far gone as to attack whoever went near his kit. Mic-sensei had explained how their instincts worked, so Denki knew that it was not smart to go anywhere near the kitten right now.


Blood started to trickle down All Mights' chest, big claws clearly digging into the flesh. Some of the teachers came to the scene, Cementos-sensei sending a pillar to shove the feral lynx off of All Might. Aizawa-sensei looked around before going over to the whimpering Izuku.


"All Might. Into my office, now" Principal Nedzu said from where he was sitting on Mic-Sensei's shoulder.


"Me?! Aizawa attacked me and I am the one getting into trouble?" All Might asked, light venom in his tone. Bakugou, surprisingly, was the one to answer first.


"Are you fucking kidding me?! You hurt Shitty Deku because you want to "talk" and don't think you will get in trouble for it?!" He sneered. Denki was surprised he defended Izuku, but pleased none the less.


"Then he shouldn't have run. I see no problem in going into action when a student disrespects their teacher." All Might defended himself as if hurting someone for disagreeing with them was the right thing to do.


"My office now, Yagi. I will not repeat myself again" Nedzu answered calmly, but his usually cheery tone was gone. It was unnerving. All Might grumpled before following the mammal. Mic-Sensei walked over to where the two felines were.

Denki looked around at his classmates before deciding to walk over too. He was stopped by someone grabbing onto his arm. Turning around, he was met by Kirishima.


"You sure you want to go over there dude? Aizawa-sensei looked pretty pissed" he asked, concern sliding in between his words.


"I'll be ok, Kiribro! Trust me" Denki answered before he kept walking. He could hear Kirishima whisper 'so manly' before he got to the three. Aizawa-sensei looked up at him when he bent down beside them, before nudging his hand with his, now, much bigger head. Denki petted the top of his head before petting Izuku, who was not asleep. The stress and adrenalin must have tired him out.


Well, this was going to be interesting. 



Chapter Text


Shouta was PISSED, to say the least. Not only had All Might gone after one of his students, but his kit and hurt him. Shouta was lying on a hospital bed in the infirmary, curled around Izuku who was still asleep because of the events at lunch. The kitten was purring, both from stress and comfort. Shouta was going to kill the number one hero if Nedzu didn't get that baboon away from his students. What he did today was going way too far. If this is how All Might treats students, how far does he go with villains or civilians?


Shouta was brought out of his thoughts when the infirmary door opened, Recovery Girl walked in.


"Looks like you are going to be a lynx Aizawa. From what we could gather, your instincts didn't feel like you could protect your kit in a normal cat form and evolved into something bigger and stronger" She said, looking at the both of them.


Great, now he can't lay on his husband's lap and nap anymore. Damn your stupid as mother fucking self All Shite. Well, he could at least protect his kit better now. Even though the first week is almost over and between then and the next week, they could change back whenever.


"Midoriya's hind leg is going to be ok. His muscles are going to be sore because All Might pulled so hard that he stretched a muscle, but nothing is broken or out of its socket fortunately" Shouta let out a protective growl, pulling his kit closer. "Nedzu is talking to All Might now, but no one knows what he is going to do with the situation. The only thing I know is that Nedzu is quite angry himself."


Shouta hopes he gets hit by a bus.


Not very heroic, but he didn't really care right now. 



Keigo's day has been fine so far. Saved a couple of people, got some KFC for lunch, saved some more people. What he didn't expect was to get a call from Nedzu at the end of his patrol, asking if they could have a meeting as soon as possible.


That is why he is standing outside of Nedzu's office right now, still in his hero costume. He knocked on the door, hearing a cheery 'come in' from the other side. He opened the door, walking into the office.


"Hawks, thank you for coming on such short notice! Please sit!" He gestured to one of the empty seats. "tea?"


"It's no problem! My patrol just ended anyway", He answered, sitting down in one of the empty chairs. "And yes, thank you." 


Keigo took the tea cup and sipped it. It was so much better than the one the commission got him.


"I'm sure you're wondering why you are here, so let's get right into it" Nedzu started. "Because of recent events, All Might has been fired from his place as a teacher here at UA. Now we need a new teacher that can take over the heroics training, and who is better at that than the number 3 hero? That's why I would like to ask you if you would take the offer to become a teacher here"


Keigo was stunned, to say the least. All Night had been fired, and they wanted him to take his place. The commission was not going to be happy with that.


"I appreciate the offer, Nedzu, but I don't think the commission would like me to start working here and not focus on my hero work" he answered, hesitantly. He really wanted to work at UA. It's not that. He loved kids, but the commission wouldn't want to loose their perfect hero. He would get punished so hard if he took the job.


"You think too loud, Hawks" Nedzu said with a smile. "The commission will not get to you here. I know what they have been doing to you and have worked hard to fix their ways. You are now looking at the new leader of the commission, and you will not be treated the same way anymore. You're free."


Keigo looked up at him in shock. He had no idea what to think. After years of abuse, he was finally free. Since he was 7 years old, he had been in their grasp. 15 years, and he could finally fo whatever he wanted without getting whipped, his feathers clipped or talons ripped out. He mentally shook his head, looking up at Nedzu again.


"Then I would really like the position" he answered, a smile on his face.


"Delightful! Now, I must inform you that one of the teachers and a student has been hit with a quirk, transforming them into cats. The teacher transformed into a lynx this afternoon after All Might threatened the kit, and that is why he was fired. Until they are back to normal, you will be taking over his classes. You will also get a room in the dorms. That way you don't have to travel as far every day. Any questions?" Nedzu informed.


"Which glasses and how long until I go into a normal schedule?"


"You will be taking over in class 1-A homeroom, PE, and then it is Heroics that will be your normal class. Aizawa Shouta, the teacher that was hit with the quirk, and the student will turn back to normal between Saturday and next week" Nedzu said in a cheery voice. 


"Ok, I can do that!" he answered enthusiastically. He loved working kids, even though they could be a hassle sometimes. The commission had him get his teaching license, so that wouldn't be a problem either.


"Excellent! Now you just have to sign some papers and then you will be starting tomorrow!" Nedzu sliced over a stack of papers to Keigo. He started to read through them and sign wherever it was needed.


Well, this was going to be interesting.




After Shouta and Izuku could leave the infirmary, Hizashi had gotten a next from Nedzu, asking if they could come to the office. Shouta really hoped it was good news about All Might being hit by a bus, but didn't get his hopes up. It wasn't exactly likely.


When they got to the office, however, he did not expect to be greeted by the number 3 hero, Hawks.


"Yamada, Aizawa! I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the staff, Takami Keigo, better known as Hawks!" Nedzu cheerfully introduced.


"Great to meet you guys!" Hawks greeted them enthusiastically.


"Is he replacing All Might?" Hizashi asked. Shouta could see hope in his eyes.


"Yes, I will be replacing him!" Hawks, or Takami, answered. Before anyone could say anything else, Izuku poked his head out of where he had been hiding under Shouta. The kitten's eyes sparkled with excitement before he took off. He ran over to where Hawks was sitting before jumping at one of Takami's feathers, playing with it. Takami looked down in surprise before a teeming smile came onto his face.


"Oh my god, you are the cutest thing I have seen in my entire life!" He looked in awe at Shouta's kit, but didn't go to pet the kit, much to Shouta's surprise. Normally, people would just try to pet Izuku, even though they had gotten a warning (mostly upper classes), but Takami just sent out a feather and started to play with the kitten. Izuku looked up at Takami after a few minutes of playing, everyone watching him with a smile on their faces.


Izuku walked over to Takami before jumping onto him. Since his hind leg still hurt and he was too small, he didn't jump high enough, but Takami was fast enough with his feather to catch the kitten before he hit the floor. Izuku started to cuddle up against the hero's face, purring. Shouta could see a smile on the hero's face, even though it was hidden behind dark green fur.


"So precious!" He could hear Takami whisper. The joy came to an end when Nedzu spoke up again.


"The other reason you are here is because, even though Takami-san is 22 years old, I would like you two to have a kind of guardian role for Takami. I won't go into detail, but I know that he needs a caring family, and that is what we teachers are to each other" Nedzu stated.


Shouta looked at Takami again, studying him closer. That is when he noticed. Scarring around his talons, small scars and a covered bruise on his face, a tattooed brand on his usually covered wrist, new feathers growing even though it was clear he wasn't molting, even small tears in his eyes, smiling while he cuddles with his kit.


He was being abused.


With that, Shouta came to the conclusion that he now had another kit, even though it was technically a bird.


He walked over to Takami and nudged him, laying his head on the younger hero's lap. Takami looked down at him before giving a wet chuckle, scratching behind his ear. He could hear Hizashi walking over, but didn't open his eyes.


"You don't have to worry, Nedzu. Looked like Shouta had already calmed Takami as his" Hizashi chuckled.


Damn right he has.


No one was going to get their hand on his kits if he could do anything about it.



Chapter Text

Shouta wondered how today was going to be. It was Friday and Shouta was ready for the day. Hizashi had a teachers' meeting about Hawks joining the staff, so he left before him and Izuku. Izuku was clearly excited to finally be away from All Might, having been running around like a mad man all last night. Now, with Izuku underneath him, they were walking to class.


A few students were in the hallways, some looking at Shouta with a scared look. Not surprising, seeing as he is a giant lynx with darker fur than normal. Izuku was still limping a bit after stretching his muscles yesterday, but Recovery Girl said he should walk on it frequently so it doesn't get stiff.

Walking into the classroom, most of the students were already there. Shouta and his kit walked over to where his sleeping bag was lying before settling down. He looked over the students at the classroom, and heard most of them whisper about what had happened yesterday with All Might.


A few minutes later, when all the students were in class, the door opened and Takami walked into the class room. When the student saw who it was that had walked in, chaos erupted.


"Ok, ok, settle down everyone!" Takami said calmly, but high enough for everyone to hear.

Everyone settled down and stopped talking, clearly excited to hear why the number 3 hero was in their classroom.


"My name is Takami Keigo, or better known as Hawks! I am going to be your new heroics teacher and be your substitute until Aizawa-san is back to normal!" Takami explained, a smile on his face. Again, the class erupted into chaos.


"Ok, how about you ask a question one at a time. I can't understand you like that" he chuckled. Most of the students raised their hands. "Ok, Ashido, ask away."


"Yay! Ok, first, where is All Might and second, how do you know our names?"


"All Might is not teaching here at UA anymore after the incident that happened yesterday, and to your second question, I practised them yesterday so we didn't have to go over that in class", Takami answered. Shouta had to give it to him. Within two minutes of being there, he was already better than All Might at teacher. All Might couldn't get the students to even sit down without almost breaking the door every time. "Hagakure, your turn."


"Will you be teaching here permanently or is it just until they get a new teacher?"


"I am a permanent member of the staff and will be teaching here for the rest of your school days! Yaoyorozu"


"Are the hero classes going to be different from now on?"


"It depends on how All Might have been teaching. Today, for example, since I don't know how all of you fight, we are going to have one-on-one Quirkless battles first, then one-on-one battles with quirks. Just so I can understand your techniques and how to improve them!" Ok, Takami is 100% better than All Might. He doesn't send students into a battle inside an enclosed area the first time he's teaching. He could see on some of the students' faces that they were surprised, but pleased with the changes. "Kaminari"


"Some of us have difficulties with reading, take longer time understanding study and more. Will those people be able to use their phones and stuff for help?" Poor Kaminari. He is clearly nervous about the whole thing that happened on Monday. All Might didn't let him use his phone since it was pissing Shouta off. If he was human he would just have shoved a sock down his throat and kicked him out the door.


"Of course! If you have a problem, whatever it may be, you can come to me after class and discuss it. You don't have to talk about it in front of the whole class. I know that can be uncomfortable! Until I can sort out whatever you may need, you are allowed to use your phone if that helps! Also, Mineta, you get your ass back into your seat and stay there. If I see you going after anyone in this class again, you will be sent to the principal. Do you understand me?" Takami asked, his whole appearance going from relaxed to dark. Shouta could see the females in the class relaxing. 


"Y-yes, Takami-sensei" Mineta stuttered, scrambling back into his seat.


"Ok, if that was everything, you can work on some homework", Takami instructed. The class started doing their homework, going into small groups to work together. Takami walked over to the two felines, sat down beside them and stretched his wings around them, giving them some extra warmth.


"I don't understand how All Might can be bad at this" Takami chuckled, scratching Izuku behind his ear. Izuku started to purr, leaning into the touch.


From the days Shouta and Izuku had spent as cats, he had noticed how touch-starved the kitten was. He always went out of his way to be close to either him or Hizashi. He leant into the smallest of touch and relaxed into it. From what Izuku explained, the first day they got turned into cats, abuse was in the picture. He knew he didn't have the whole story yet, but he also knew it was smart to get turned back into human so the detective could be involved.


Shouta hated that he could't do anything yet, but also knew that stressing Izuku out right now was a really bad idea. This whole thing has been mostly relaxing, yes, but Shouta knew that Izuku's instincts would go high-wire because of his size. He could protect himself without Shouta right now and the whole progress they had made the last few days would have been gone. They don't know if there will be side effects when they turn back, so he wants Izuku to have a relaxing week.


They would turn back within 1-8 days now, so Shouta just had to be patient.


The rest of the class went by. Takami has been a great teacher so far, helping students that need help and not calling out on something personal.


The heroics went absolutely great. Shouta knew that his class still needed to train their quirkless fighting, but Takami was patient with everyone. Kaminari was in in heroics today because it was their first lesson with Takami.


When Kaminari short-circuited and some of the students started to snicker, Takami put them in their place immediately. He walked over to Kaminari and helped him sit on the ground.


"Hey! Short-circuiting is not something you laugh at. Just like every other quirk drawback, it hurts and they are quite aware of everything happening around them. I know someone with an electric quirk and whenever they short-circuit, you know what we do then? Help them. You are here to become heroes and heroes do not laugh at anyone. You are going to meet so many people who are going to have the same problem and if you keep laughing at your friend's pain, maybe heroics isn't for you", Takami finished. Everyone looked down in shame at that.

Of course, Shouta had explained Quirk drawback to the class before, but it seemed like that little speech gave them the kick in the ass they needed to think straight.


The rest of the day went well. No one even got sent to the infirmary after training. Takami had explained that it was sparring, not fighting they were doing today, and whenever someone got too excited, he stopped the fight.


This, Shouta thought, was a teacher that he could get behind.


Takami can control this class 10x better than All Might ever could.





Keigo's first day went extremely well. Yes, the class had energy and its own personality, but that just made it even better.


It surprised Keigo when he had learnt from one of the students how All Might had been teaching them heroics. Apparently, he just pointed out what they did wrong, but didn't say anything about how to improve on it. The glint of happiness when he had corrected and given compliments on what they did good and bad, twisted his gut. They had explained that Aizawa was a great teacher and he helped everyone learn in PE, but because All Might had heroics, what Keigo was teaching them was not something Aizawa was teaching.


Now he had the rest of the weekend to get everything from his apartment to the dorms. He knew that his room was being prepared for him yesterday and as of today, so he could move in before that. He also has a patrol tomorrow, so some of his day will go to that too.


Nedzu had explained that his room would be the one next to Aizawa and Yamada, seeing that they would be his new guardians. Hizashi had invited him over yesterday to eat dinner and watch a movie. It ended up with Izuku curled up in his lap, Aizawa next to Yamada as they all slept on the big and comfortable couch.


Keigo could really get used to his new life.


Chapter Text

Izuku didn't really know what to think about All Might being fired. Don't get him wrong, Takami is the second best teacher he has ever had, with Dad Mr. Aizawa, and Papa Mr. Yamada, at first, couldn't choose. It's just that Izuku knows that All Might will come back sooner or later. Izuku still has One For All, and he is afraid that All Might will either ask for the quirk back or try to get him out of UA and into another school or something so All Might can train him.


He was planning on talking with Dad Mr. Aizawa about One For All, he just didn't know how to bring it up. He really trusted Mr. Aizawa and Mr.Yamada and the Quirk is something that has been weighing him down lately. That is one thing he really likes about being a cat. He can't feel the pain in his hands. After the sports festival, his hands had been having a constant ache. The pain varies, but it's usually more painful when he is cold.


Now, on Saturday night, they were going to have a movie night with Takami again. Izuku has to say, Takami is awesome. He is like a younger version of Mr.Yamada. It was kinda weird to see how genuinely happy he is here than what Izuku had seen on the news. 


Izuku walked into the living room and over to the couch where Takami was already sitting. Mr.Aizawa came up to him and picked him up before jumping onto the couch. Settling down in the middle of the couch, Izuku cuddled up to his Dad teacher.

"You ok, Izuku?" Mr. Aizawa asked him. Izuku opened his eyes again, looking up at the older cat.


"Yeah, it's just so nice finally having someone that really cares, y-you know? Before UA, I didn't have any friends and my m-mother was always a-away or m-mad, but here I have friends and grown-ups that are there for me. I don't k-know how to explain it, but it's a nice feeling" Izuku tried to explain, stuttering slightly.


"When we are back to normal again, you know that we have to start an investigation about this, right? I didn't want to bring it up if it stressed you out, but I can't let you go back home when I know how your home life is" And Izuku knew that. He knew that Mr. Aizawa was going to investigate after everything is over. That was one of the first things he learned was new about UA. The teachers will always help you, no matter what.


Well, except All Might, but Izuku didn't really count him as a teacher. He doesn't even have a teachers' license!


"Y-yeah, I know. And to be honest, I really hope I d-don't have to go back h-home" Izuku muttered to the others cat fur.


"I will do everything in my power to make sure that won't happen", Mr. Aizawa answered, laying his head over his smaller body.



Izuku didn't know he needed the Aizawa- and Yamada cuddles until a week ago. He hasn't been more relaxed in a very, very long time. He just hoped that things wouldn't change that much when he turned back.


"Ok, listeners! You ready for movie night!" Mr. Yamada went into the living room.


"Ooh, can we watch that pre-quirk movie, Brother Bear? I remember watching it when I was, like, super young and if I remember correctly, it was awesome!" Takami asked. Izuku had to agree. It was one of his favorite child-movies from the pre-quirk area.


"Sure can! I also brought some snacks-yes, I brought some tuna for you two as well!" Mr.Yamada explained excitedly. Both Izuku and Mr. Aizawa perked up at the mention of tuna. In the week they had been cats, tuna had been the best snack.  They all started eating and watching the movie.


The rest of the night was spent like that before Takami had to leave and Mr. Yamada went to bed. Izuku fell asleep against his Dad teacher.




Shouta woke up on Sunday feeling a bit off. He slowly opened his eyes, looking around the living room. Looking down, he saw Izuku asleep against his chest, hand holding onto his shirt.








Shouta looked down at his body. It was normal again. Well, that was what he thought until a felt a cat ear brush against his chin and a tail swing from being him. He sighted before carefully shaking Izuku awake.


"Izuku, wake up. I think we need to go see RG", he whispered to the asleep teen.


Izuku slowly opened his eyes, trying to wipe away sleep from his eyes with a tiny fist.


"Dad?" Izuku whispered before Shouta felt him freeze up against him. Shouta stilled himself, not expecting to be called Dad by his now chosen kid.


"I-I didn't mean to say that!" Izuku scrawled up from where he had been lying. "I am so sorry! I-it's just that you have been s-so kind and I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to call you dad! Sorry if I made you uncomfortable-" Shouta cut him off before he could continue his ramble. He sat up and took one of Izuku's hands.


"Izuku, it's ok. Just calm down, try and take a deep breath. I don't mind you calling me that, ok?" Shouta tried to reassure the teen. Izuku looked at him with teary eyes, shuddering, small breaths coming from his lungs.


"R-r-really?" He whispered in an oh-so vulnerable tone.


"Yes, I understand. I also think both 'Zashi and I won't let you go after we get you out of that home", Shouta explained, slight fondness slipping into his words.


Before he knew it, it had an armful of a sobbing teenager. He looked up when he saw movement in the corner of his eyes, seeing Hizashi walking into the room. You could see the surprise on his face about the fact that they were back to normal, or mostly at least, but he held it in as he saw the sobbing kit.


"You ok there, Zuku?" Hizashi asked in a careful tone, putting his hand in the fluffy green hair.


"He's just a little overwhelmed right now, but he will be ok. Right now I think we should get to RG, seeing as we still have cat ears and tails", Shouta answered back. Hizashi nodded, but didn't pull away.


They stood in the living room, comforting the kid in their arms, knowing that bottled-up emotions were finally being let out.


When Izuku calmed down after about 15 minutes of crying, he pulled away, looking up at him and Hizashi with a shy smile.


"Thank you... I r-really needed that" he muttered. Both adults smiled down at him, Shouta ruffling his hair.


"Of course, kit. Now go get ready. We have to go to Recovery Girl". Shouta ushered the teen to the bathroom. Izuku nodded, giving them a beaming smile before running off. Hizashi turned to him, a serious expression on his face.


"Don't worry, that kid is ours now!" He stated, Shouta only chuckling in response.


Yeah, that kid is theirs now.


They were going to fight to get Izuku into a loving home.



Chapter Text

Shouta and Izuku were sitting, again, in the infirmary waiting on RG to get back with the results on why they still had ears and tails. Having a tail with normal pants doesn't work either, so they had to get pants that have holes in them. When RG walked through the door again, Nedzu came in behind her. She cleared her throat before she started talking.


"Well, it looks like the quirk had some lasting side effects. The ears and tail won't disappear, same with your instincts. You can look at it as a second quirk, seeing as you also will be more agile, faster and more stealthy. But, like every quirk, it has pros and cons. You have to watch what you eat and what cats are allergic to, because so are you. Aizawa, you will keep the ears and tail of a lynx while Midoriya-kun's ears will keep growing, seeing as he is still considered a kitten, but will eventually grow lynx ears as well, because your instincts see Aizawa as your parent" Izuku blushes a deep red at that.


"Midoriya, because you were, and still are, touch-starved when you were hit with the quirk, you will have a little more difficulty with this whole situation. You are going to need more physical interaction with the people you love. The longer you are in contact with said people, the longer you can go without it. If you go too long without it, you will become very sick. Not only a depressed sick, but your body will shut down. Because of this, try and get as much physical interaction as possible. Friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend, everything works" Shouta didn't like the sound of that.


It won't be a problem while Izuku is in the dorms. He is surrounded by friends and family at UA, but when internships start, does he have to be away from the people able to keep Izuku from getting sick? It is going to become a problem.


"We can figure something out for that" Shouta spoke up, seeing the nervousness in his kit's eyes. "It won't be a problem while you are in the dorms, and we can work on that from there."


"Aizawa is quite right!" Nedzu spoke up. "I will also get a new dorm room in order, so both Midoriya-kun and Takami-san can move in with you, seeing as Midoriya is going to need more than the interactions that he has gotten until today. Don't worry, there is a penthouse on top of the teachers' dorms! It is more like a big apartment than a room", he


"That could work. Are you ok with that little listener?" Hizashi asked.


"Y-yeah, if that i-is ok with you of c-course! I d-don't want to i-intrude or b-be more of a b-burden", Izuku was fast to add.


"Kit, you are not a burden", Shouta said in a stern voice. "It is no problem for either of us to have you move in with us. It would be illogical to keep you out when you need us more than before right now."


"T-thank you" the kid mumbled,  looking up at him with tears in his eyes. Recovery girl spoke up after a moment of silence.


"Ok, now that that is taken care of, Midoriya, try and get small interactions every day. About 30min should be enough for a little over 24 hours. If you get about 2 hours a day, it will last up to 4 days. That should cover everything" She stated, looking at Nedzu for confirmation.


"Ah, I think you forgot one thing! Try and keep away from catnip. You will both be affected, but Midoriya-kun will be affected longer because he is still a kit" Nedzu stated, a knowing look on his face.


"'Zashi, please keep Nemuri away from any sort of catnip" Shouta groaned, knowing Nemuri would try it out immediately. Hizashi chuckled and Izuku gave a small giggle in response.


They ended the conversation not long after that, walking back into the dorms. All three sat on the couch, the TV going on in the background.


"U-uhm, while w-we talk about t-the future and s-stuff, I think t-there is something y-you need to k-know" Izuku whispered out.


"What's up, listener?" his husband asked.


"Uhm, It's about my q-quirk" That was not something Shouta was expecting, but perked up at the information anyway. "OK, so, I w-was actually born Quirkless."


"What?" Hizashi asked, clearly confused about the new information. And then Izuku spoke up, looking sad.


"When I was 4, my Quirk never came in. Me and my mother went to the doctor, hoping it was just late, but it turns out that I was Quirkless. When my father figured out when we came home, he beat me. He screamed about how I was worthless and no one was ever going to love me.  He left for America after a few days of beatings. I haven't seen him since. My mother blames me for my father leaving, becoming more distant over the years. On top of everything, school became worse as the days went by.


I was 7 when I got my first spider lily on my desk at school. I was 8 the first time I got a third degree burn. When I started middle school, my life became a personal hell. Teachers joined in on the torment, beatings came daily, the hospital didn't take me in for my injuries anymore, suicidal baiting, my mother stopped giving me food. It was a bit much, to say the least. I think the worst thing about it all was my h-homeroom teacher. Because I was Quirkless, I was supposed to be dumber than everyone else, but my teacher took that to his advantage. He would keep me back a-after school, s-saying if I-I wanted a h-higher grade, I n-needed to d-do work for i-it", Izuku dissolved into sobs, not being able to talk anymore.


"Oh, little listener" Hizashi whispered brokenly, moving over to where Izuku was sitting and pulled him into his lap, rubbing his back. Shouta took one of Izuku's hands, giving it a squeeze.


"Kit, I need you to earth for me, ok? I promise you that you are safe here and that he will never get to you here", Shouta said softly, heart broken for his child. It took some time, but when Izuku finally calmed down, he continued.


"U-uhm, it was a-about 10 months before the entrance exam when I first met All Might. I was on my way home from school when this Sludge Villain attacked me. All Might saved me, but he jumped away when he had caught the villain. What he didn't notice was the rope around both of our legs, making me fly with him. He landed on a roof nearby, scolding me about how irresponsible and dangerous that was. Before he could fly away again, I asked him if someone Quirkless could become a hero, and he told me no before jumping away.


I-I was o-on the edge w-when I heard K-Kacchan's explosions. He was attacked by the same Sludge Villain that All Might had 'caught'. I ran in before I could think, hitting the villain in the eyes before doing my best to give him more air. The heroes on the scene didn't do anything and I couldn't just watch! Anyway, All Might came in and saved the day again. I was scolded for my stupidity before they let me go. All Might found me again after that, telling me about his quirk called One For All. A stockpiling quirk, able to give it away to a new successor. He said I could become a hero, just that I needed his quirk to do it. I cleaned Dagobah Beach for the next 10 months and got the quirk on the entrance exam", Izuku finished explaining, still holding onto Shouta's hand while sitting on her husband's lap.


They sat there for the rest of the day, giving reassuring words and watching movies, both Shouta and Hizashi knowing they were going to give their kid the childhood he never had.


And, most importantly, Aldera was going to burn.




Chapter Text

Izuku woke up the day after, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Talking to his now new Dad and Papa about his past was something Izuku didn't know he needed. Izuku slowly stood up from his bed, having been sleeping in an extra bed all teachers had in case they needed to watch over a student. Walking into the bathroom, he did his morning routine before walking out, still in his PJ's. He walked into the kitchen where the men stood, Papa making breakfast while Dad was drinking his coffee.


"Hey, P-papa?" Izuku stuttered slightly, it being the first time he had called Mr. Yamada Papa.


"Morning, kiddo! What can I help you with?" Papa beamed, clearly liking his new name. Izuku relaxed at that.


"I-I wanted to know I-if you, maybe could h-help me get a s-s-skirt instead of pants for the u-uniform? Because m-my tail and everything, I think it will be more comfortable and I know that some may find it weird, but I have always wanted to try and-" Papa cut him off before he could ramble more.


"Of course I can help you, Izu! If you want, we can go shopping for more this week?" 


"Really?!" Izuku beamed, almost jumping in place from excitement.


"Of course! I can go fetch a uniform after breakfast, ok?" Papa walked up and hugged him. Izuku nodded excitedly before walking to the dining table.


"Morning dad!" Izuku greeted him excitedly. 


"Morning kit. Sleep well?" Dad asked, looking up from his phone.


"Mhm! I'm excited about going back to class today!" Izuku answered.


"Good. By the way, on Wednesday, I'm going to train a Gen-ed student that is going to transfer after the exams in 2 weeks. Do you want to join in on training?" Dad asked.


"Sure! Is it Shinso Hitoshi? I know he wanted to get into the hero course through the sports festival, and because he came into round 3 it just makes sense", Izuku asked. He really hoped it would be Shinso joining the class. He will be an amazing hero and, because of his quirk, Izuku knows he won't judge people, whatever quirk they have or not. Izuku also wanted to make friends with the purplete. 


"Yes, it is Shinso. He would join the training camp, but because of how much he would miss until the exams, he would have to wait until after" Izuku nodded, excited that Shinso would be joining their class.


They ate breakfast together and, as promised, Papa went to get his new uniform afterwards. Izuku changed before all three started their way into the school building. Izuku would be joining Dad and Papa in the teachers' lounge before class, not wanting to go to class too early.


Opening the door, they were met with most of the teachers already there. Izuku saw Takami out of the corner of his eye, sitting on one of the couches, making him run before he could stop himself.


"Takami!" Izuku squealed before jumping onto the hero, wrapping his arms around the winged hero. Takami chuckled at him, but wrapped his arms around him none the less. 


"Looks like you are back to normal fledgling, or mostly at least" Takami stated, scratching behind his right ear. Izuku leant into the touch, a purr making its way through his throat. " You are the cutest fledgling out there, you know that?" Takami stated, a content smile on his face. Dad and Papa walked over, sitting beside them.


"He is going to be a cuddle-bug from now on. The quirk messed up our genetics and Izuku here needs more physical interaction to not get sick" Dad said, having got yet another cup of coffee.


"Better for me!" Takami stated before tightening his grip around Izuku. Izuku giggled in response, happy to have another person in his life. "Also, Fledgling, Baby Bird, Zu, my beloved future baby brother, I love the skirt! You look amazing." 


"You really think so?" Izuku asked shyly, a blush creeping onto his cheeks.


"Absolutely!" Takami chuckled, ruffling his messy hair.


"Takami, you can join me in homeroom if you want? I know you don't exactly have much to do right now, you're welcome to join." Dad stated.


"Sure! Get to know my students better too", The younger hero agreed, still scratching behind Izuku's ear.


After 5 minutes, the four of them stood up, ready to walk to class. Pops walked the other way, having different classes than the three others. When they got to class, Izuku walked in, excited about seeing his friends. Yes, he has seen them all week, but hasn't been able to talk to them. 


"Deku!" Ochaco squealed. Izuku smiled at the group, walking up to them.


"Hey guys!" Izuku greeted them, sitting down on his seat.


"Midoriya! Good to see your back!" Iida stated with his usual chopping hands.


"Hey, why do you still have ears and tail?" Ochaco asked, reaching over to touch his ear. That made Izuku's instincts flare up, not wanting anyone but his family to touch his ears or tail. Izuku put his hands over his ears, ducking his head slightly.


"Uhm, the quirk me and Aizawa-sensei were hit with had some lasting side affects. The ears and tail won't go away", Izuku answered. Todoroki studied him for a moment, eyes narrowing slightly. Izuku looked at him, slightly worried.


"Does that make you Aizawa's secret love child?" Todoroki asked in his usual monotone voice. Izuku spluttered, cheeks flaring up in a deep shade of red. The rest of the group laughed, clearly happy to get the whole group together again. They talked until class started, laughing and joking around.


"Everybody, get to your seats" Dad spoke up, or Aizawa-sensei in class. Everybody went to their seats, but still muttered about why they had their ears and tail. "The quirk Midoriya and I were hit with had some lasting side affects, making our cat traits stay. Now, let's start class", Dad stated with a straight face. 


Class went as normal, just with Takami walking around helping where it was needed, same with the classes afterwards. Heroics training went much better now that they had a good teacher, and Izuku was glad Nedzu brought in Takami. He was perfect for teaching the class. He was kinda a mix of Dad and Pops, smiling and enthusiastic, but strict if needed. Because of his new "quirk" too, it was easier to dodge, hear and see through the whole training.


Izuku really liked how everything turned out in the end.




"Kurogiri, do you know if everyone is ready for the attack in a few weeks?" A hooded man with light blue hair asked.


"Everything should be ready, young master", a man made out of fog answered.


"Don't worry Tomura, we are going to get them" A man with purple scars patted his back sympathetically.


"I don't need any pity, I just need to get what Master needs" The hooded man growled, hand automatically going over the fading bruise on his cheek.




Chapter Text

Shouta watched as Izuku played with one of Keigo's feathers, playfully growling with a big smile on his face. Takami was on the couch beside him, smiling just as big. It's Tuesday night, Keigo is coming over to dinner again. The younger hero told them to just call him Keigo, which just made Shouta's instincts go wild. Shouta could see the difference between Izuku before and after he got the quirk they call 'Neko', because Izuku thought it was cute. Izuku was more playful and a huge cuddle-bug.


Shouta and Hizashi went to bed yesterday and woke up with Izuku cuddled up between them that morning. They also found out that in the 3 days they transformed back to normal, that 30 minutes with physical contact was the bare minimum to keep Izuku going through the day. He was more touch-starved than they anticipated. So far, it hasn't been a problem. If Shouta or Hizashi were occupied when Izuku wanted cuddles, he would just go to Keigo's dorm room. It was clear Keigo didn't mind.


Seeing the difference between Keigo now and how he was on the field was also a big difference. Keigo started to have more bird traits in the last few days, such as cooing, chirping, eating meat, and he even built a nest in their living room. Him and Hizashi didn't mind, seeing how happy it made their eldest son happy.


Shouta was brought out by his kit, who jumped into his lap and got comfortable.


"You gonna sit here the rest of the night?" Shouta asked, looking down at his kit.


"Wanna cuddle" Izuku mumbled, arms sneaking around Shouta's waist. Shouta only sighted fondly, petting his kit's hair.


Both Izuku and Shouta were uncomfortable with anyone except Hizashi and Keigo touching or touching close to their ears and tail. Shouta could allow Nemuri if he was in the right mood, but otherwise it was just family. Not that it hurts or something, it is just too personal. Shouta had noticed that if him and Hizashi were having a make-out session, touching his ears or tail just turned him on more. The family wasn't like that at all, but it was still personal and they were very sensitive.


Keigo cuddled up onto his right side and Hizashi sat down and cuddled onto his left. How did he end up with 3 huge cuddle-bugs again?


They watched movies and ate snacks the rest of the night and ended up in a make-shift nest where they slept the rest of the night. 


Shouta had to admit, the best sleep was in a cuddle pile with his small family.





It was the next day after school and Izuku was waiting with his dad for Shinso outside on the P.E Grounds. Dad had explained that Shinso needed help with some quirkless sparring and Izuku needed the same, so that is what they are going to do today.


Izuku jumped on his toes, excited to finally be able to talk with Shinso. Even better, they were going to be able to spar together! When Shinso walked out on the field in his gym clothes, he eyed Izuku with a watchful eye, clearly suspicious of him being there.


"Shinso, you remember Midoriya Izuku from the sports festival? He is going to help train you today. You can start with some warm up", His dad explained. Shinso nodded before he started to warm up.




Hitoshi stretched, getting ready to spar with Midoriya. The other student sat a few feet away from him, stretching as well.


"So, why do you guys have cat ears and tails?" Hitoshi asked, trying to get rid of the awkward silence. He wasn't going to lie, Midoriya looked quite cute with the ears and tail, but he guessed it was just because he really loved cats.


"Oh! Dad and I were hit with a quirk a little over a week ago that transformed us into cats! When we turned back, we still had some of the cat traits and they wouldn't ever go away", Midoriya explained, a smile on his face.


"Dad?" Hitoshi questioned, one eyebrow raised. Midoriya's eyes widened before his face turned into a deep red.


"I-I-I, u-uhm, A-Aizawa-sensei! I-I meant A-Aizawa-sensei", The other teen stuttered out, before looking down in embarrassment. Hitoshi could only chuckle at how Midoriya reacted, looking at him with teasing eyes.


"Sure you did" he answered teasingly, and Izuku looked up at him again with a shy smile, face still beet red. Aizawa-Sensei walked over to them, stopping their short conversation. 


"Ok, get into a good fighting stand and let's start the sparring. No quirks. Once the other gives up or you manage to keep the other down for 5 seconds, you win". Hitoshi and Midoriya nodded, getting into a fighting stand.


They sparred for about 45 minutes before they were done with training. Hitoshi had to admit, Midoriya was good. Not that he expected less from a 1-A student, but people with strong quirks usually focus on that instead of how to actually fight.


They went into the changing room and showered before changing into normal clothes. When they were done, they walked back together to the dorms.


" Thank you for the spar today, Shinso! It was super fun! I can't wait to get you into class" Midoriya beamed at him. Hitoshi looked at him in surprise.


"You don't think my quirk is too villainous or something?" He asked. Midoriya looked at him, confusion written all over his face.


"Of course not! Your quirk is perfect for heroics! If you want, we can meet up after school some time and I can help you with analyzing it?" The green-haired teen asked, looking at him with what Hitoshi could only describe as hope in his eyes.


"Uhm, sure? If you want", Izuku beamed at him, an almost blinding smile, hopping on his toes and clapping his hands.


"Perfect! I can't wait!" Hitoshi chuckled at the others' childish behavior, finding it kind of adorable.


"Me neither. See you later, Midoriya"


"Please, call me Izuku! O-Only if you want to, of course", Izuku rushed out, suddenly looking nervous.


"Then you can call me Hitoshi. See you later Izuku", Hitoshi waved at him.


"Bye, Hitoshi!" Izuku waved enthusiastically back before running towards the teacher's dorms.


Huh, Hitoshi thought, I think I just made a friend.





Shouta had just finished in the shower and sat down on the couch with Hizashi and Keigo when Izuku busted in, a huge smile on his face. 


"I have just made a new friend! Hitoshi and I even talked about meeting up after school so we could work on his quirk together! And how much fun it was going to be when he starts in 1-A with us! He even said I could call him Hitoshi! His quirk is so cool as well! Perfect for heroics!" Izuku kept rambling about Shinso, ending up on the couch with the rest of them.


Hizashi, Keigo and Shouta shared a knowing look, listening to Izuku ramble about his new friend.


Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to introduce the two, Shouta thought, now I have an energetic teen with a crush on my hands.


Shouta could only sight fondly as he started to pet Izuku's hair, listening as Izuku started to trail off into other things than he started with.


The rest of the night was spent with Izuku playing with Keigo, while Hizashi and Shouta made dinner and spent some time together on the couch, watching their kids have fun together.




Chapter Text

Shouta walked into class a week and a half after the training session with Shinso, looking around his class. He cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the students.


"Before I start class, Mineta?" Shouta watched as Mineta froze in his steps on his way to one of the girls. "To the principal's office. I am done with you tearing your classmates the way you do. You are now expelled from UA" 


Happiness came onto the girls' faces, together with relief. Mineta, on the other hand, started crying and whining about how he hadn't done anything wrong. It took Shouta 5 minutes to get him out of the classroom. Shouta was glad to finally get rid of Mineta. It pissed him off when someone didn't respect others and the way he treated his classmates, especially the girls, was disgusting.


"Now, on the main news, exams start on Monday. You will have the written exams from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday off to collect yourselves before the practical Exam on Friday. Fail in your exams and you will not be joining the training camp in two weeks", Shouta informed. Some shocked gasps came from some of the students. "You are allowed to study in classes today, and it is a good idea to study at the weekend. I'm going to take a nap, don't wake me", Shouta finished. He pulled out his sleeping bag before falling into the corner.


It took about 3 minutes before he felt a familiar body crawl into his sleeping back and cuddled up agains him. Shouta could only sight fondly, wrapping his arm around Izuku. Purrs came from the kit, lulling Shouta into a deep nap.


Hizashi, Keigo and himself helped Izuku study for the most part after school all week and would help him this weekend, but Izuku was one of the top students, so napping right now wouldn't hurt anyone anyway.




Exams came faster than Izuku would have liked. Yes, he had been studying until his dads' forced him to sleep all weekend, but he was still stressed about the exams. So far, he thought he had done well. It was on Tuesday after he was done with the day's exams that he got the consequences of being too into his studying and exams.


He was so occupied with school that he had a drop for the first time. He had been light-headed through the math exam, but didn't think too much of it. He had been studying a lot and he thought he just needed some food and water. He started breathing heavily towards the end, making Ectoplasm-Sensei look at him worriedly. When he slumped down onto his desk, breathing heavily, face pail and sweat coming from his forehead, that Ectoplasm-Sensei called Dad.


His dad burst through the door not long after, walking over to where he was still slumped over his desk.


"Izuku, can you look at me?" Dad asked him softly, not wanting to disturb class even more, not like the whole class wasn't distracted already. Izuku looked up at his Dad and Izuku saw realization in his eyes. "Ok, C'mon. You're having a drop"


His dad picked him up bridal style and Izuku leaned into the touch immediately, feeling relief of his headache.


"The 'xam" Izuku mumbled against the older neck.


"We can talk to Nedzu about that later. You need some contact before this gets worse. Ectoplasm, Izuku won't be doing the rest of the exams, please collect his paper" Dad whispered as they walked past his teacher.


Izuku got carried into the teachers' lounge where Keigo was sitting. Izuku was settled between the two and they sat there for the rest of the day. It took almost an hour and a half before Izuku felt like himself again. He looked around with more clearance in his eyes.


"Next time, please think about yourself, problem child. You know you need more contact with people than you have gotten in the last few days" Dad said, brushing his curls out of his face.


"Sorry I worried you guys. I promise that I won't let study come in the way of my health again". Izuku looked down at his hands, fidgeting nervously.


"It's ok, fledgling, you just worried us" Keigo said softly. Izuku just nodded in response, leaning into his family.


Dad talked to Nedzu that afternoon about what they should do about the rest of the exam, but Nedzu explained that it wouldn't affect his performance because of quirk drawback. Izuku really appreciated that Nedzu was understanding of the situation, even though he had difficulty understanding human emotions.




Through the whole Thursday, Shouta made sure to keep Izuku close, both because he hadn't had a drop like that before and they didn't know if it would affect him later, and because both Hizashi, Keigo and Shouta wanted to make sure Izuku would make it through Fridays physical exam. 


On Friday morning, Shouta woke up to Izuku lying between him and his husband, purring softly as he slept. Izuku had a tendency to sneak into their room on days where he felt more touch-starved than others. Shouta and Hizashi didn't mind, of course, they usually slept even better together.


They made breakfast together and sat down to eat like they normally did.


"You feel like you're ready for today, Izu?" Hizashi asked before taking another bite out of his breakfast.


"I feel pretty good! I have more energy than I had when I got the drop on Tuesday, so I think I'm ready!" he exclaimed excitedly, a beaming smile on his face.


"Good! Remember, if you feel like you're going to have a drop, come to me, Sho or Kei and we will help you, ok?" Hizashi asked. His husband had been pretty concerned after Izuku's drop on Tuesday. That was a low drop, meaning the effects weren't as bad as they could have been. Izuku could go higher, wither to a middle- or high drop. They really didn't want to figure out how they affected Izuku.


"Promise!" Izuku answered, nodding fast.


"And Problem Child, please try not to break any bones" Shouta teased. Izuku blushed, bright red, stuttering before nodding, embarrassed. Hizashi and Shouta chuckled at their kid before they kept eating their breakfast.


After they ate and were ready for the last day of exams, Shouta and Hizashi walked to the teacher's lounge to meet with the other teachers. The students were going to fight against the teachers, so they were going to meet up at the lounge to get their weight restraints.


After they were done getting the weight restraints, they walked out and waved in front of ground beta where the exams were going to take place. When all the students showed up, Nedzu started to explain the exorcise.


He called up the groups and who they were fighting against before sending them off to warm up.


(The same groups except that Katsuki and Izuku fight against Hawks)


Mostly, everyone did well. Some students failed, but surprising his peers, Kaminari did not in fact fail. Shouta could see the difference in the boy after he started training with Hizashi and Hawks becoming their Heroics teacher.


The most surprising round in Shouta's opinion was Izuku's and Bakugou's. They paired the two because they needed to start working together, and after Izuku seemed to have a serious talk with the blond teen before they were up, they worked together almost perfectly and were able to escape.


All together, Shouta was proud of his class. He would never admit that out loud, of course, at least not any time soon, but he was proud.


Izuku got to choose dinner and a movie that night, celebrating that he passed all his exams.


It was Katsudon and a Pre-Quirk super hero movie with a lot of cuddles that Friday night.




Chapter Text

Izuku walked into class on Monday morning, the week after all the exams were done. He was super excited about today's class because Hitoshi was going to join him! Him and Hitoshi had gotten together this weekend to explore the limits of the purplette's quirk, but they ended up in Izuku's room watching movies and joking around. He had learned that Hitoshi was actually a really funny guy, you just had to get past the built-up walls.


Izuku could understand that, of course, having been building those same walls since he was 4. The best part was when Hitoshi petted his hair. He was really nice about not touching his ears though. Usually, Izuku wouldn't let anyone get that close to his ears, but Hitoshi was different for some reason. Dad and Papa (Papa was cuter than Pops, don't come at me please:)) kept dancing at him with a glint in their eyes when Hitoshi had left and they were eating dinner, so Izuku guessed they were happy that he was making more friends.


Izuku walked through the door to his homeroom and walked over to his group, a beaming smile on his face.


"Hey guys!" Izuku greeted them enthusiastically. 


"Hello Midoriya" "Hi, Deku!" "Good to see you in class early, Midoriya-kun!" "Hello, kero." Everyone greeted. Izuku sat down in his own seat, settling his back beside his table.


"So, how do you think your exams went?" Uraraka asked.


"Ok", Todoroki answered with his usual monotone voice.


"I hope it went well! Nedzu-san said that my math exam should be ok even though I didn't get to finish it", Izuku explains, a nervous edge in his tone.


"What happened exactly? You looked really sick, kero", Asui asked like her usually bold questions.


"I had something called a drop... If I don't get enough physical interaction, I can get really sick. I didn't get enough physical interaction last week and dropped. I'm better now though!" Izuku explained, smiling at the end of his explanation.


He was hesitant to actually explain how a drop worked to his friends, seeing as his cat side didn't see them as close enough to work as the physical interactions he needed. He didn't want to offend anyone, but it was smart that they knew. If anyone was close to work with his needy cuddles, it would be Todoroki, but only because he sees him almost like a brother.


"That's awful Midorya-kun! You should make sure to keep healthy from now on!" Iida stated, his arm chopping in the air. Before they could talk more, Dad walked into the classroom with his usual word expression.


"Ok class, settle down. As you all know, Mineta was expelled from UA. Shinso Hitoshi will be replacing Mineta, even though he was meant to change courses anyway. Do whatever you want for the rest of class, I'm going to sleep" Dad informed them, before getting his sleeping bag out and lying down in the corner.


Hitoshi walked into the class room a few minutes later, looking around before meeting Izuku's eyes. Izuku beamed at him as Hitoshi sat down at Mineta's old desk.


"Hi, Hitoshi!" Izuku greeted the tired teen, his tail flickering behind him in excitement without him noticing.


"Izuku" Hitoshi greeted him back with a nod. The rest of the squad introduced themselves and got to know each other better. Izuku thought that Hitoshi fitted right into the squad, and looking at Hitoshi's relaxed expression, Izuku thought he felt the same way.


It was 15 minutes left of homeroom when dad came out of his sleeping bag, clearing his throat to gain the attention of the class.


"I have some information about the exams and training camp before class is dismissed. All of you passed your written exam and because of that you all did well" The class cheered over the fact that they got a compliment from The Aizawa-sensei, the most strict teacher at UA, and Izuku could see his dad trying to hide his fond smile in his scarf.


Whatever people may say about his dad, Izuku knew that he cared a lot for his class. He may be strict, but that is only because they want to be a good hero one day. Fooling around and not taking something like the hero course seriously could get you killed in the field. Izuku knew that was why Aizawa was strict. It was his way of showing "affection".


"However", the class immediately went silent. "Satou, Ashido, Kirishima and Sero, you failed the practical exam."


"Does that mean we don't get to go?!"  Mina shrieked, distress clear on her face. Dad smiled one of his 'logical rouse' smiles.


"No, everyone will be joining the camp" they sighed in relief. Izuku understood the fear of not being allowed onto a field trip. This was going to be his first ever field trip actually. "Everyone will be joining the training camp, but the four of you will be spending extra time on what you failed in the exams." And then they all groaned in annoyance.


Izuku had to hold back a giggle when he saw the amusement in his dad's eyes, knowing the man had some exhausting plans for the four teens.


"Last thing before you are dismissed. Remember to get everything you need at the mall when you are allowed to leave in 2 days. If you miss something, get it then. You won't be able to buy anything at the camp. You will get food and water at the camp, as well as a place to sleep. Everything else you need, bring it. You are dismissed" 


With that, the class filed out of the room, taking a break before the next class. Today was only going to be a relaxed day, seeing as they will start their vacation tomorrow.


The rest of the day went by slowly, but Izuku didn't mind seeing it as every class was more fun than they usually were.




Shouta was sitting on the couch with his husband and son, watching the TV before bed. Shouta looked over at his kit thoughtfully before speaking up.


"Izu" Izuku hummed in response, looking up at him. "Detective Tsukauchi will be coming over tomorrow to ask some questions about your whole home situation. We need to get you out of that home as fast as possible to not risk you being sent home under any circumstances. Is that ok?" He asked softly, scratching the kits ear.


"W-will you s-stay w-with me?" Izuku asked shakily, looking up at them with glossy eyes.


"Of course, we will stay with you lil' listener" Hizashi answered, embracing their son in a warm hug. 


"T-then that should b-be ok" The kitten answered, looking up at them with determination.


"That's good kit. Just say the word and we can be done or take a break", Shouta said, fondness leaking in through his words.


Shouta joined the cuddle pile, a low purr escaping his throat while Izuku's purrs were much louder.




Chapter Text

Shouta sat on the couch with Izuku in the middle and Hizashi on Izuku's right side. Detective Tsukauchi was sitting in a chair on the other side of them, papers ready to take notes on Izuku's background. Keigo wanted to be there, but because he had a patrol, he didn't have time.


"Ok, Izuku. Do you want me to ask questions or do you want to just talk about everything and if I have any questions I will ask when you're done?" Detective Tsukauchi asked, keeping his voice calm, for his clearly distressed kit.


"I would l-like to just t-talk about everything and then you can ask questions" Izuku said, fidgeting with a stress ball Hizashi gave him before the meeting.


"Ok, if you need to stop any time, just say it and we will take a break" Izuku nodded, taking a deep breath before starting his explanation. Even Shouta and Hizashi hadn’t gotten the full story yet, knowing they had only gotten a piece of the whole truth.


"It all started when I was three. My father was never the best man, being a drunk and having an abusive relationship with my mother. My father never touched me, always talking about how great I am going to become one day with a quirk like his. Fire breath was a destructive quirk, not something I ever wanted. I learned that when I turned four, and was diagnosed quirkless. 


Me being quirkless brought out the worst in my father. He beat me, kicked me, burned me and starved me for the next week. Me, being the clueless four year old I was, thought everything he said about me being worthless and a waste of everything was true. He left me and my mother after a week of beating me. My mother turned on me after that, blaming me for him leaving.


School wasn’t exactly any better. When everyone found out I was quirkless, they turned on me pretty quickly. And I want to say this, because it is really important to the story, Kacchan is not as bad as he will sound as I explained, so just hear me out" Everyone in the room nodded, but Shouta really didn’t like the sound of that.


"Good. My teachers began to tell me how worthless I was. Every time someone did something to me like push me to the ground or kick me, the teachers always blamed it on me. It has been like that since the day I came back and was known as quirkless Deku.


Kacchan has always been hotheaded, and he always wanted to be approved by others. Kacchan's mother never really saw everything great he did, only seeing the perfect little Izu, always helping out at home. When Kacchan got his quirk and I didn’t, he turned on me too. And I know it wasn’t because he hated me specifically, but because he finally got approval from those around him.


It has been pretty bad over the years. When they started to use quirks with everything, it was the time I came back with my first visible scar. My mother brushed me off, and when I pushed too hard, she stabbed me with a knife in my thigh. I was only 8 years old, and I was stabbed by my mother because I was hurt and wanted comfort.


Spider lilies, insults and beatings became weekly. It was only when my old homeroom teacher stated that if I didn’t get my grades up, he would fail me and I would never get into UA. I knew that he drew my grades down, but I couldn’t exactly go to the principal, he was in on it.


He told me that he would make my grades better if I helped him. At first, I didn’t§t understand what he meant, but when he pushed me to my knees and shoved himself down my throat, I, I just didn’t know what to do anymore. The next few weeks went by like that. Every Friday I would have to stay behind and pleasure him, and after 2 months of that, he finally snapped and raped me.


I didn’t understand until I got into UA what had happened to me. I thought only girls could be harassed in that way, but I was clearly wrong."


Both Izuku and Hizashi had tears streaming down their faces, Izuku sobbing quietly. Shouta had his arms wrapped around both of them, seething with anger.


"It was 10 months before the entrance exam when the worst day of my life happened. The glory Kacchan had gotten through the years, the support for his bullying and no one telling him he was in the wrong had gotten to his head. My teacher told my whole class how I wanted to get into UA, and Kacchan snapped and told me to kill myself and hope for a quirk in my next life.


I would never, of course. Even though my life was shit and I really wish I was dead some times, but I still wanted to be a hero and help those like me!


On my way home from school, I met the sludge villain. All Might saved me, signed my notebook and was about to fly away. He didn’t notice the rope around our legs and I was brought with him. After yelling at me about how irresponsible I was, I asked if someone quirkless like me could become a hero like him, and he told me no. I got down from the roof eventually, and as you guys know, I saved Kacchan from the sludge villain that had escaped earlier. 


All Might found me after that and said I could become a hero, just with his quirk. I cleaned the beach for the next 10 months before getting the quirk" Izuku had silent tears streaming down his face, an empty look in his eyes. Shouta hated that look, and he would do anything to get his son back from the hole he had been dug into. After a few moments of silence, Detective Tsukauchi spoke up.


"Everything was true… We will start an investigation on Aldera and Inko Midoriya. Eraserhead, Mic, I assume you will get your emergency foster licenses to use?" Shouta and Hizashi both nodded and Shouta could feel Izuku sighing in relief against his chest.


"Ok, Izuku, I only have one question before we’re done here, ok?" Izuku just nodded, clearly exhausted from his earlier explanation. "Ok, have you ever tried to go to the police or maybe a hero to get help?" Detective Tsukauchi asked.


"Uhm, yes, I tried to go to the police, but when quirkless left my mouth they just told me to either stop lying or stop trying to get attention", Izuku sniffed, looking down at the stress ball in his hands. Detective Tsukauchi nodded, taking a few more notes before taking his leave. Shouta spoke up before they left the couch.


"I hope you know we can’t just let this thing with Bakugo go, right?"


"Please don’t expel Kacchan! He has gotten much better since he got into UA!"


"I can see what I can do, but something has to be done" Shouta ruffled his hair before standing up, stretching.


That day was filled with much needed Izuku cuddles. When Keigo got back from patrol, he attacked the kit with tickles and raspberries, making Izuku giggle brightly and try to wiggle out of the younger hero’s hold.


Even despite the long conversation with Detective Tsukauchi at the start of the day, Izuku was back to his giggling self at dinner, running around with his unofficial brother.


Even though they still had a long way to go, Shouta could see Izuku getting happier by the day.



Chapter Text

"It's not even that bad, Toshi!"


"Yes it is Izu! It hurts like hell!"


"No it does not! I have taken this mask a thousand times before!"


"Yes, and you break your bones every other week!"


"Not fair! Just ask any other girl in this dorm and you will understand that it is not that bad!"


"I don't care what others think, just get it off of me!"


"Then sit still for one minute!"


How did Izuku end up here, might you be asking? Well, Izuku wanted to spend some time with Hitoshi before the camp next week, but because they are going shopping tomorrow and Izuku, Dad, Papa and Keigo will be moving into the new dorm in 3 days, today would be the best day to hang out.


Izuku had brought some face masks and snacks so they could watch a movie and just chill together, but Hitoshi was being weak about it!


Hitoshi sighted before closing his eyes.


"Just, please rip it off" he said, clearly bracing himself. Izuku grinned before pulling the whole mask off his one piece. Hitoshi yelped and fell backwards, making Izuku burst out laughing.


"It's not even that bad, you big baby", Izuku said before bursting out laughing again.


"Ha, ha, very funny. I will get you back for this, you know", Hitoshi grumbled jokingly, a small smile on his face.


"Sure, sure" Izuku answered sarcastically. Hitoshi looked at him and smirked before jumping onto him. Izuku shrieked and tried to get away, but it was too late. Hitoshi had found out that he was very ticklish and now he used it against Izuku every time Hitoshi wanted to win.


"N-n-not f-fair!" Izuku giggled out, his breath becoming short from laughing.


"You started all this off! I warned you", Hitoshi answered before tickling him again. It was about two whole minutes before Hitoshi stopped tickle-torturing Izuku. A few giggles and breaths escaped Izuku while he tried to catch his breath.


"Movie and snacks?" Izuku asked, looking up at Hitoshi.


"Movie and snacks" Hitoshi answered, nodding to himself.


Izuku smiled up at the purple-haired teen before settling down onto Hitoshi's bed. He bade himself comfortable before Hitoshi joined him. They watched movies and joked around the rest of the day.





Izuku was standing in the middle of the mall with his friends, looking around at all the shops. Dad and Papa had given him some money to use both to get some new skirts, tops and decorations for his new room, but also for the shopping trip next week.


Everyone made plans on where they wanted or needed to go, and before he knew it, it was just him and Uraraka left. Uraraka stuttered out what she needed before blushing a light pink and ran off.


Izuku sighted, a little bummed that he didn't get to go with any of his friends. Izuku shopped for everything he wanted and needed, walking around for almost 2 hours. He even changed to one of his new outfits while he was at it.















(This is like my first ever fan art, not the best but you get the idea:) I started drawing in October)


He was walking through one of the more empty parts of the mall when he suddenly felt a large hand wrap around his forearm.


"Young Midoriya! Just the person I wanted to see!" Izuku spun around, heart beating fast in his chest, and was met with the face of All Might in his smaller form.


"S-s-sorry All M-might, b-but I really h-have to g-go" Izuku stuttered out, tears stinging the corners of his eyes. He was super scared right now. No one was around to help him!


"Non-sense! Now, come with me."


All Might started dragging Izuku along with him before they got in-between two shops where no one would see them.


"Now!" All Might extended one hand. "One For All must be returned because I can not have a successor that I can not teach!" All Might stated, that sickening smile on his face.


Izuku looked at him wide-eyed, a few tears slipping from his eyes. All Might wanted his quirk back. One of the things Izuku was the most worried about with all of this. Izuku thought back to the talks he had with his dad. Dad told him that it was his quirk. That meant that he could do whatever he wanted with it, right? All Might didn't really have anything with this quirk anymore. Izuku's quirk at that.


"No", Izuku looked up at All Might, tears still running down his face.


"Excuse me?" All Might's face darkened. Izuku was scared now, ears drooping back, tail wrapping around his waist protectively.


"N-no. This is m-my quirk n-now", Izuku said with the most confidence he had against the number one hero. All Might tightened his hand around Izuku's arm, Izuku whimpering from the pain. Before All Might could speak his next words, Izuku's phone began ringing.


"This is not over, Young Midoriya. I will get back my quirk one way or another. It was a mistake giving it to you in the first place", All Might said before letting go of him, walking away. Izuku dropped to the floor, sobbing quietly. He took his phone out to see who was calling him. It was his Papa. He answered the call, curling in on himself.


"Izu, what's wrong?!" Papa's voice came franticly from the other side.


"A-a-all M-Mig-ght" was the only thing Izuku got out in-between his sobbing.


"It's ok Izu, we're on our way, ok? Just try and keep calm, breathe with me". Izuku started breathing exercises while his family was on their way.


20 minutes later, his Dad, Papa and Keigo ran up to him before wrapping their arms around him. They whispered comforting words while rubbing his back and head. They took him home, Keigo sitting in the back seat with him while comforting him.


It was only when they sat down on the couch with a cup of calming tea in their hands that they asked what happened. Izuku explained how All Might had cornered him at the mall and asked for the quirk back. Izuku could feel the seething rage coming from all of his family members.


"I'm really glad you stood up for yourself fledgling. That is a very hard thing to do in a situation like that". Keigo praised him, rubbing the top of Izuku's head.


"I agree with Keigo, you did a very good job today, problem child. I will talk to Nedzu about the situation with All Might and see what I can do, because going as far as to hurt you, again might I add, is far from ok" Dad spoke up.


"Yeah lil' listener, you are supposed to feel safe around heroes, not be harassed and scared" Papa said before kissing the top of Izuku's head. Izuku just nodded, feeling tired from all the adrenaline leaving his body on top of all the crying.


"Sleep fledgling, we will wake you up when dinner's ready" Keigo mumbled against his hair, wrapping his warm wings around his smaller body. Izuku sighed in delight, leaning against his older brother's chest. 


He was out just a couple of minutes later, snoring slightly.


Chapter Text

It was 3 days before the training camp, Shouta was on his way to the student dorms to talk with Bakugou. He had talked with Nedzu about the consequences Bakugou has to face for his actions, and that is what he is going to be talking about with Bakugou right now. Izuku had agreed to the consequences as well, so Shouta was not worried about that either.


He walked into the common room where the Bakusquad, Uraraka, Iida and Hakagure were. When he walked in, some of the students looked over, but didn't seem to mind.


"Bakugou, could you come here? We need to talk" Bakugou nodded, walking up to him. They walked into one of the conference rooms they had in all the dorms in case they needed to talk, and sat down.


"So, what do you want?" Bakugou asked, his usual scowl on his face.


"We need to talk about your behavior in earlier years before you came into UA". Bakugou seemed nervous, but determined at the same time. It was clear to Shouta that Bakugou wanted to right his wrongs, and Shouta was going to give him that chance. "Midoriya came clean earlier about his quirk and how he was treated throughout his childhood. I will not go into detail about anything that does not concern you, but he talked about bullying throughout those years. I want you to explain your side of the story before giving out the consequences", Shouta explained to the blond teen. Bakugou looked at him for a few moments before speaking up.


"All though my childhood, I have always been told that my quirk wad fucking amazing. That I was going to be the best fucking hero and everyone started to follow me. When Deku didn't get his quirk, everyone told me that the Quirkless were useless, worthless. My teachers, my peers, even Auntie Inko. I didn't fucking understand that what I did was wrong because of those shitty Extras. It wasn't until I started at UA that I understood the shitty stuff I did to Deku, and I will take the punishments you have decided. I fucking deserve it", Bakugou explained, looking down at his hands.


Shouta looked at Bakugou, studying the student before him. This society clearly failed both Bakugou and Izuku, and it angered Shouta to no end. What makes Shouta want to ease Bakugou's consequences is the fact that he clearly regrets what he has done. So many people don't regret hurting their peers because of what quirk they may or may have, but Bakugou clearly wants to do the right thing. That brings pride to Shouta's chest, even though he will, and would never admit that to anyone.


He sighted before speaking up.


"Principal Nedzu, Izuku and I have come to an agreement about your punishments. Because this society clearly failed both of you severely, and the fact that Izuku does not want you to be punished severely, you will still be allowed on the hero course" Shouta could see the teens' tense shoulders lower in relief. "However, you will have to take both weekly anger management and therapy with Hound Dog until he sees it safe for both you and those around you. You will also be under close watch, one wrong move and you will be sent to another class. If that is 1-B or another class is not yet decided, but you will be moved. If you fail to go to your weekly sessions with Hound Dog, you will also be moved to another class. This will start after break. Do you agree with the terms?" Shouta finished.


"Yeah, sure. I won't skip the sessions. Thank you for giving me another chance, even though I don't fucking deserve it", Bakugou answered. He clearly felt bad about his actions.


"You know the terms. Don't do anything stupid and you will become great some day, Bakugou. You are dismissed" Bakugou nodded, standing up before bowing. He walked out of the room, and Shouta sighted.


It went better than he expected it to go.





Hitoshi sat in front of Izuku, both of them having an intense staring contest. They were both in Izuku's room, having been packing for the training camp tomorrow. Hitoshi had been a regal visit since their first spar, and Hitoshi couldn't remember the last time someone actually accepted him for him. Yes, his parents were amazing, having adopted him 4 years ago after they found out about his treatment in foster care, but they didn't count.


Izuku's adorable ears twitched, tail flickering behind him.


"Hitoshi" Izuku spoke up.


"No" he answered without hesitance.


"But it would be completely gold!" Izuku exclaimed, eyes shining with mischief. 


"It will get us killed" Hitoshi answered back.


"Don't be silly, we could do it! I promise I will take the blame if anything goes wrong!" Izuku practically begged.


"Izuku! Stealing Aizawa's sleeping bag would go completely wrong!" Hitoshi exclaimed. Izuku, the little rat he is, wants to steal Aizawa's sleeping bag to the camp tomorrow. It's a fucking death wish. Yes, Hitoshi knew that after Izuku's change, he felt safer with some of the people he trusted and felt close to, hence why he had 5 of Hitoshi's hoodies in his bag and another 7 hidden in his closet.


"But I will give it back after the camp though!" Izuku wined. 


"Can't you just steal a hoodie from him too or something?" Hitoshi asked. Izuku's eyes lit up.


"Oh my god! You're a genius! Thank you!" Izuku exclaimed excitedly before jumping onto his feet. What Hitoshi did not expect was for Izuku to run up to him, kiss him on the cheek before running out of the room and into his dads. Hitoshi's face and ears burned dark red, eyes wide.


It didn't even look like Izuku registered what he did! Damnit, he was in this deep right now. That damn adorable, kind, smart fucking cat.





Izuku had his face in one of his dad's hoodies, his face burning a deep crimson red. How could he do that?! He literally just kissed Hitoshi on the cheek!


But they were just friends, right? 


Or maybe this feeling was something else?


What if he had a crush on Hitoshi?!


God, Izuku was SO embarrassed that he hadn't figured that out before now. 


But how could he have known! He had never had a crush before!


Damn Hitoshi with his beautiful smile and kind personality. 



Chapter Text

"Daaaad! C'mon, we have to go! We are going to be late". Izuku came running into the room where Shouta was currently searching for his missing sleeping bag. He had it when he went to bed last night, but now it is gone.


"Izuku, you know I can leave without my sleeping bag". Looking under the couch for a third time.


"You can take your old one, though! We have to get to the bus now!" Shouta looked up at his kid before sighting. He went into his bedroom to get his old sleeping bag. It wasn't as comfortable as his current one, but guess he has to make do with what he has. He packed his sleeping bag and walked back into the living room where Izuku was bouncing on the tip of his toes with a big smile on his face. It warmed Shouta's heart to see a real smile on the kitten's face. He never would have thought Izuku's smile could get even brighter than before.


"Well c'mon Problem Child, let's get going". Shouta opened the front door to their new dorm, having gotten to move in a few days earlier, Izuku ran out the door in seconds. Shouta chuckled, shaking his head fondly, before closing the door. His husband and eldest son had already left because they still had classes, but not before making sure they had everything for the summer camp. Keigo had some trouble with Izuku leaving, his bird instincts telling him to protect his flock, but he managed to leave eventually.


"Dad, you know where we are going, right?" Izuku asked, eyes shining with excitement. Shouta ruffled the kit's hair, making Izuku shove his hand playfully.


"Yes, I do, but you know I can't tell you where we're going kit" Shouta answered, making Izuku pout.


"But I want to know!" Izuku whined, before looking up at him again, grinning playfully. Then he suddenly ran off, not saying anything else. Shouta shook his head, but kept walking towards the meeting spot.


Shinso, surprisingly, was earlier than most of the class, even though he looked dead on his feet. Izuku and Shinso talked about everything and nothing, or Izuku did, at least, the few minutes it took for the rest of the class to meet up. When everyone was there, Shouta cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.


"Before you get the bus, I want to inform you that after about an hour and a half we will stop for a bathroom break. If you really have to go, go now. C'mon, on you get" Shouta informed. No one seemed to have to go to the bathroom and the whole class stepped onto the bus. Shouta sat down in front of the bus and sighed, leaning back into his seat. The class was talking excitedly amongst themselves, while Shouta closed his eyes, wanting to relax before they got to camp.


God, Shouta really wished he could drink some coffee right now.




One hour and fifteen minutes later, the bus stopped. 


"Alright, everyone off the bus", Shouta shooed everyone out the door. The class seemed to be a little confused, seeing there was no restroom outside of the bus, but kept quiet about it. Just as The Pussycats made an entrance and started to explain, Shouta noticed a green haired kitten missing from the group. He sighted before walking onto the bus again. 


"God damn it" Shouta grumbled, displeased. There, under two seats in the middle of the bus, was the kitten, sleeping in his missing sleeping bag. Shouta would never admit that it made his heart melt, seeing his kit so comfortable surrounded by his scent, a pleased kitten scenting the whole bus. Shouta didn't have the heart to wake up the sleeping teen. When he felt the ground rumble, he knew the training camp had begun.  The Pussycats and a small boy walked onto the bus a few minutes later. When Mandalay laid eyes upon his kit, she squealed.


"Oh my god! So cute!" they exclaimed quietly, but somehow loud at the same time. They kept their distance from his kit, but talked and gossiped about him anyway.


"Eraser! Who is the kitten?! And why aren't they with the rest of the class?" Pixie Bob asked, eyes shining as she looked at the kitten.


"This is Midoriya Izuku, and that is all you need to know about him" Shouta grumbled. 


"Oh, c'mon!" Pixie Bob, whined.


"Why do both of you have cat ears and a tail? Related or something?" The kid that was with the Pussycats asked. That made everyone's head snap towards him. They clearly hadn't noticed the traits earlier.


"When did you get those?!" They shouted excitedly at the same time, clearly forgetting about the sleeping kitten. Shouta gave them a quirked glare, shutting them up immediately. Shouta looked towards the kitten, hoping they wouldn't wake him up, but it looked like he was out of luck.


Izuku blinked tiredly, licking his lips tiredly before yawing. Honestly, it is the cutest thing Shouta has seen his whole life. The kitten creeped out of the sleeping bag before slowly walking towards him and settling down on his lap, laying his head against his chest. Shouta wrapped his arms around his kit, one on the small of his back and the other behind his head, playing with the wild green curls.


"Dad, if you don't get'em to shut up and stop starin', I am going to keep your hoodies" Izuku crumpled, which made Shouta chuckle and The Pussycats giggle. Still, they looked away and started to talk among themselves.


Izuku fell back asleep again, snuggling more into Shouta's chest. That was one thing Shouta was not excited about with this camp. He was afraid Izuku would drop.


Yes, Izuku was going to meet him an hour or so before bed-time to make sure he would have enough contact for the next day, but with how much exercise they were going to be doing, it wouldn't last as long as usual. Shouta knew that it was just going to last throughout the day before Izuku would start to deal with the effects, but not enough to make him sick. If Izuku went longer than those 24 hours without contact, however, Izuku's Drop would start. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that.


Shouta leaned back into the chair, slowly massaging the kit's scalp, which earned pleased purrs from his kit. 


Shouta smiled, glad that even though things may have been hard throughout Izuku's childhood, he could be himself and happy with a caring family now.




Chapter Text

Izuku slowly opened his eyes, plinking away the sleep. He was lying on something warm with a pair of arms wrapped around him. He instantly knew that it was his dad, the protective and safe warmth surrounding his entire body.


"You awake?" His dad asked, brushing the hair that had fallen over his face while he slept behind his ear.


"Mhm" Izuku hummed, snuggling impossibly closer into his dad's chest. His mother never would have let him do something like that. Never did either.


"The bus is almost at the camp. Maybe you should try to wake up a little before we're there?" His dad asked softly, petting his head.


"Yeah", Izuku yawned, stretching his arms in front of him. He looked around, expecting to see his classmates, but was met by The Wild Wild Pussycats and a child instead. "Where's the rest of the class?" He asked, suddenly more awake then before.


"They are out in the woods fighting dirt monsters! Probably won't be at the camp before sundown", one of the Pussycats answered, clearly excited about the whole situation.


"Oh, well, thanks for letting me sleep instead" Izuku muttered, laying his head against his dad's chest again. He only chuckled in response, flicking Izuku softly on the forehead. Izuku only scrunched his nose in response, looking up at his dad betrayed.


It took 5 minutes before they got to camp. They started taking their bags off of the bus and put them into the rooms they were going to stay in. About 1 hour later, both him and his dad were finished and sat down together on one of the couches that were in the camp building. Izuku sat leaning into his dad's side, both of them just relaxing while they could.


"Hey dad?" Izuku spoke up after a while of silence. 


"Yeah?" His dad opened one eye, looking down at him.


"Do you think it was meant to be? Like, now we have a family of two cats and two birds! You have to admit papa looks kinda like a cockatoo", Izuku numbered the last sentence, blushing in embarrassment. Dad chuckled at him fondly, ruffling his curls.


"Yeah, I guess he does" he answered, closing his eyes again.





The sun was about almost set when the rest of the class walked out of the forest, all of them looking exhausted. Izuku looked at them all, suddenly glad that his dad had a soft spot for him. Hitoshi walked up to him, looking more dead than usual.


"Betrayed. That is how I feel right now. How could you do this to me, Izuku", Hitoshi all but whined. Izuku burst out laughing at his crush friend's expression. Hitoshi looked even more betrayed at that. Before either one of them could speak again, his dad spoke up.


"Go eat before you take a bath in the hot springs. It is going to be a long week" he said. Everyone ran to get some food, clearly hungry after the exercise they had just done.


"C'mon Zuku, I'm starving", Hitoshi dragged Izuku towards the food, seemingly oblivious to the deep blush on his cheeks from the new nickname.


"C-coming!" Izuku stuttered slightly, jogging to catch up with the purple-haired teen. They ate together with the rest of the Deku-squad, talking casually together about whatever came to mind. 


When they were done eating, they walked to the hot springs to take a bath. Izuku was glad that Mineta wasn't in this class anymore, the short teen reminding him so much of his old homeroom teacher. Still, Izuku couldn't stop the light blush that came onto his cheeks when he saw his crush. Izuku could hear the girls on the other side because of his now better hearing, but ignored it in favor of giving the girls privacy.


Nothing interesting happened while they bathed. Kacchan and Todoroki measured who had the best abs, Sero cannon bombing into the water, Kirishima and Kaminari making Iida make bubbles with his quirk. Nothing surprising, really.


Izuku walked out a little earlier than the others so he could make it to his daily cuddle session with his dad. Plus, he didn't like water all that much after becoming part cat.. Because he hadn't done anything special today and got some cuddles from his dad, he almost didn't feel off, just the usual tiredness from a long day. He walked into his dad's room, walked over to the bed and cuddled onto the older side.


"Hey, Kit. How're you feeling?" Dad asked him, petting his curls.


"Just a little sleepy" Izuku muttered, melting into the cuddle. His dad hummed, pulling him a little closer.


They lay there for an hour, just relaxing in each others presence, before Izuku walked back to get ready for bed. According to his dad, they had to wake up early tomorrow.





They got woken up at 05:30am the next morning. Izuku tried to rub the sleep out of his eyes as he yawed, spacing out as his dad explained what they were going to do today.


He already knew what they were doing, his dad having explained this before the camp already. He was woken up, however, by Bakugou's scream that followed loud explosions. His dad started to divide the class into what they were supposed to be doing, Izuku being paired with Tiger. They walked into the forest, where they were going to train for the next few hours.


Working on strength, reflexes and endurance for the next two hours was exhausting. Finally, after long hours of working out, he finally got a 15 minus water break. He sat down in the grass, breaking from his bottle of water as he closed his eyes and took in the sun. His ears twitched at the sound of the stick breaking from the forest line.


"You can come out if you want. I don't bite", Izuku spoke up softly, knowing the little footsteps could only be one person. Out walked Kota, the little kid that had been following the Pussycats around. He had a scowl on his face as he walked over, sitting down a few feet away from Izuku.


"How did you know I was there?" Kota grumbled, looking slightly embarrassed by the fact that he had been caught.


"My cat ears let me hear better than a normal person", Izuku answered. Kota scoffed, crossing his arms.


"Of course it's a stupid quirk" Kota mumbled.


"I've noticed that you don't seem to like both quirks and heroes. Want to talk about it?" Izuku offered, not wanting to step over the line.


"Its just that everything is about quirks and improving them! Everything is in black and white, heroes and villains. Heroes go out there and risk their lives, but don't see that they leave those who love them behind. They die, and leave behind those they forgot". Izuku could see Kota's eyes glisten with tears. Izuku's heart hurt for the kid.


"You know, my parents are heroes. Every time they go out on patrol or on a mission, I think about the dangers out there. The chance that they won't come home again. But then I think about everyone they save, and those who get to go home to their family again. And I know that they love me even though they go out and risk their own lives to save others. I know first hand how important it is to have heroes in this world. Not only to save others, but to give hope. My dads saved me from an abusive household not long ago, and to think that they save others in a spot like I had? That is what drives me to become a hero. To save those who can't save themselves. I can't understand how it is to loose someone you love in the way you have expressed it, but know that your parents loved you, even though they sacrificed their lives to save hundreds of others", Izuku finished explaining. 


Kota looked up at him with tears streaming down his face, pain clear in his eyes.


"Why does it have to hurt so much?" He asked brokenly. Izuku waited no time in bringing Kota into his lap, cradling the child. Kota cried heavily into Izuku's shoulder, broken sobs escaping his mouth. Kota gripped his shirt tightly, his tiny fists turning white from the grip strength.


"It's going to be ok" Izuku whispers softly, running his hand through Kota's hair. "It hurts now, and will for a long time. But just like an open wound, it heals. Yes, it will leave a scar, one that will be with you for the rest of your life, but the pain will go away", Izuku assured the child in his arms, hugging him close. They sat there until it was time for lunch. Kota had calmed down a while ago, but hadn't let go of Izuku. Izuku had seen Tiger show up a while ago, but had just given Izuku a knowing look before he walked away again.


Now, Kota was lying against his shoulder, completely drained from the crying he had done earlier.


"C'mon, let's go get some food, yeah?" Izuku said, standing up. He didn't let go of Kota, letting him rest in his arms as he walked back to camp. When they got there, Izuku was surprised to see 1-B there as well, everyone working on cooking some curry. Dad walked over to where the two stood, giving both of them a soft look.


"Tiger explained to me what happened. Why don't you bring Kota to his aunt and go help with the rest of the curry?" His dad asked. Izuku nodded, walking over to the Pussycats and giving them Kota before he helped with the rest of the curry. When they finished eating, they lounged around for a while. 


Izuku was just talking with his friends, resting his head against Hitoshi's shoulder, when his dad walked over.





"What do you mean they are going into the woods?!" Shouta all but demanded. The Pussycats had just talked to Vlad before they came over to Shouta, informing him about a change in their plans.


"Instead of theoretics, they are going to do tomorrow's training in the woods with class and take the theoretics tomorrow" Pixie Bob explains. Shouta sighed before he walked off, now having to find his son.


They were originally going to do the scare training in the woods tomorrow, but if that had changed to today, Izuku would run out of energy fast. Yes, he would be able to get through the exercise, but that is just barley. When Shouta saw his kit with the rest of his friends, he walked up to the group.


"Izuku, could you come with me for a second?" Shouta asked. Izuku nodded, following behind him.


" What's up?" Izuku asked, looking up at him.


"Apparently the others have changed plans. You are going into the woods today instead of tomorrow", Shouta sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.


"Oh... well, I think I should have enough energy to get through the exercise. I could just spend a little more time with you afterwards, right?" Izuku asked, looking up at him with hopeful eyes. Shouta hesitated for a moment before answering.


"Ok, only if you promise to turn around if you start to feel off. I can not have you drop in the woods and not be able to get to you", Shouta explains. Izuku nodded before his face lighted up.


"Maybe if I went with Hitoshi, I could hold his hand through the exercise! That way I will be at a constant level", Izuku said.


"Good idea, you can go now" Shouta ruffled Izuku's curls before letting the teen run off.


When it is sunset, Shouta explains the exercise before letting the first group go into the forest.


Just as he was about to send Izuku and Hitoshi, 3 people Shouta had heard of from his underground hero job jumped them from above. Magne, Spinner and Toga attacked them, clearly trying to split them up to get an easy attack. Izuku ran over to him, Hitoshi moved into the forest to warn the class that was in the forest.


"The two targets are at the start!" Shouta heard Spinner say, most likely into an earpiece. 


"Stay by me!" Shouta ordered Izuku. His kit nodded in response, joining in on the fight.


After 5 minutes of back and forth fighting, Shouta saw a black cape from the corner of his eye before everything went black, Izuku disappearing right in front of his eyes, the last thing he saw.



Chapter Text

Izuku slowly came back into consciousness, trying to blink away the sleepiness in his eyes. He tried to move his hands to rub his eyes, only to be stopped by what felt like cuffs. Confused, Izuku opened his eyes completely, only to be met with the sight of his dad chained to a chair in front of him. Their eyes met and Izuku could see the panic in his eyes. Izuku tried to get his hands free, pulling against the restraints. Panic began to set in when he couldn't summon his quirk.


Seeing his son panic, Shouta immediately spoke up.


"Izuku, try and keep calm, okay? You need to breathe, Kit", Shouta spoke softly. He could not afford to panic right now, knowing it would just set off the distressed kitten even more.


"D-dad! Dad, I-I" Izuku couldn't form a whole sentence, breaking Shouta's heart. Tears began to stream down Izuku's face, still trying to get free.


"Izuku, cal-" Shouta began, but was cut off by a deep chuckle, making Shouta stiffen and Izuku flinch. Looking towards the door, Shouta saw Shigaraki, Kurogiri, Dabi and a white-haired man. The older man was smirking, clearly the one that laughed at his kit's distress. What took Shouta by surprise, however, was how tense Shigaraki looked. He couldn't read Kurogiri, but by how he laid a, what Shouta assumed was a comforting hand on Shigaraki's shoulder, he assumed he was in a similar state. His thoughts were cut off by the white-haired man.


"That won't work, Izuku. Those are quirk-canceling cuffs, you won't be able to break through them" he said in a teasing tone.


Izuku watched as the man walked towards him, tensing more and more with each step. He looked towards his dad, tears still streaming down his face. When he stood in front of Izuku, the white-haired man grabbed his face, making Izuku look up at the man in fear.


"Let go of him!" Shouta growled, pulling on his restraints. The man looked up at him, a glint of amusement in his eyes.


"Is Mama-cat getting protective?" The man teased. "What if I do this?"


Tomura stood by the bar, watching as his Sensei walked behind the scared child, smirking. He watched tensely as Sensei began to track down Midoriya's chest, making the kid sob in despair. Tomura looked towards Eraserhead. His eyes were split, growling more furiously. Dabi laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, not even remotely into this plan either.


"Hm, I can have more fun later", the white-haired man whispered into Izuku's ear, making him flinch and whimper.


"What do you want?" Shouta growled at the man. 


"I want many things actually, but the reason why you two are here is simple. First, I need you, Eraserhead, as a new test subject to a Nomu to keep everyone here in check. You see, Kurogiri here is still too human. His emotions can get the better of him, and I am afraid that it can cause more problems than it's worth", the man explains. That made Shouta feel sick. Not only did this indicate that Kurogiri did not have any choice in what he did, but it was also the fact that Kurogiri was an experiment. A real human being was still in there somewhere.


"This little one, however", The white-haired man spoke up again, making Shouta look up at where the man stood behind Izuku. The man grinned a sick grin Shouta recognized as one of a predator.


Izuku felt sick as the man behind him brought a hand over his throat. He didn't choke him, but started to run a thumb up and down his jaw.


"He is going to have a more pleasurable role". The white-haired man chuckled. Izuku tensed at the words, knowing exactly what he meant. He had experienced this before, after all. "You see, Eraserhead, I need an heir. And I thought, instead of taking One For All back, I could make a stronger child and make sure the legacy lives on! I got lucky with the looks too". The man tightened his hold around Izuku's throat. Quiet sobs ripped through him, shaking in fear.


Shouta was about to talk, but before he could even open his mouth, a hesitant voice spoke up from beside them.


"Sensei, maybe this is a little t-too far?" Shigaraki said. This surprised Shouta. The super villain, Shigaraki Tomura, tries to help them out?


"What did you just say?" 'Sensei', as Shouta figured out, growled towards the young adult. Before he could even blink, a smack sounded through the room. Shouta watched wide-eyed as Shigaraki was slapped, hard, making him fall to the floor with a yelp. Dabi was on his way to kneeling down to the blue-haired male, but was stopped when 'Sensei' gripped his face, making the stitches in his face rip in a few places. "You know what happens if you help him up Dabi. I won't hesitate to kill them"


Shouta watched in horror as Dabi nodded tensely, before falling to the floor as the man let go of his face. 


"Sit up, now" the man growled. Izuku watched as the two on the floor sat up, but still looked at the floor. "Since you want to talk back, how about you get to watch instead. As a punishment"


Izuku watched in horror as the man snapped his head towards him, grinning madly. He heard his dad growl in the background, but could only watch as the man walked back over to him.


"N-no, p-p-please!" Izuku tried to plead as the man behind him slipped a hand into his shirt. 


Shouta pulled harder on the restraint, trying with all his might to get to his kit. Suddenly, a pained scream came from Izuku, making Shouta look at him in horror.


"What are you doing?!" Shouta screamed. He could see Shigaraki and Dabi covering their mouths, Dabi holding a protective arm over the younger's shoulder.


"I said I would breed him. How am I supposed to do that without giving him a quirk that makes it possible?" The man deadpanned, as if it was obvious why his son was screaming in pain.


"S-stop! Please!" Izuku screamed, sobbing and trashing in despair. This pain was worse than breaking his bones. His stomach felt like it was ripping in half, then grew back together.


Finally, this man let go of Izuku, making him slump in relief, still sobbing.


"Tomura, Dabi and Kurogiri. You have to watch them while I go to the lab. If anything happens here, you know what is coming", Sensei ordered before walking out the door. Tomura slumped into Dabi's side, a single tear running down his stinging, red cheek.


"I'm s-sorry" Tomura whispered, closing his eyes in shame.


Chapter Text

It was silent in the bar. Izuku was still breathing a little heavily, but other than that he looked ok. Shouta looked over to the pair who were still on the ground, Dabi holding Shigaraki while the blue-haired man had his eyes squeezed shut. Everything was moving so fast it was hard to keep up with everything that had happened in the last 30 minutes. Shouta studied the pair a little while longer before he decided to speak up.


" You're not really with him, are you?" Shouta asked. Dabi looked up at him, pain clear in his eyes.


"No, we're not" Dabi answered quietly, looking back down at Shigaraki. It was clear they were close. Dabi looked at Shigaraki the same way Keigo looked at Izuku. In a protective older brother way.


"T-then why are y-you here?" Izuku asked, clearly hesitant to speak up. Shigaraki shifted to looked down at his hands.


"I lived in an abusive household until my quirk came in. I killed my family because I couldn't control it, making me an orphan. No heroes came to save me, so I lived in an alleyway for a few weeks. Sensei found me and took me in. He erased all my memories of my time before that, but Dabi and Kurogiri have helped me to remember my time before. Sensei started his abusive behavior when I turned 16, and we wanted to see if I had a family to go back to. But..." Shigaraki trailed off, a few tears slipping down his face. Shouta couldn't imagine how Shigaraki felt. This also explains his childish behavior. He never really got to grow up and have a normal childhood.


"Y-you know it wasn't your fault, r-right?" Izuku asked, looking close to tears himself. It didn't surprise Shouta, seeing that Izuku had a past of abuse himself.


"Of course it was my fault. I killed them", Shigaraki snapped, but Shouta could hear there was no venom in his voice. Dabi opened his mouth to speak up, but Izuku beat him to it.


"Quirk accidents happen when they come in all the time. And because you are in that kind of environment, it is only normal for your quirk to lash out like that" Izuku stated, looking more confident than before.


"He's right. You know that wasn't your fault, Young Master", Kurogiri spoke up, putting a hand on the blue-haired male shoulder. Shigaraki looked up at him before playfully glaring at the bartender.


"What have I told you? was Shigaraki or Tomura". Kurogiri put his hands up in a mocking surrender, making Dabi chuckle. Shouta hated to break the moment, but spoke up.


"What about you?" Shouta asked Dabi. Dabi looked at him for a moment, like he was trying to decide something. He took a deep breath before he spoke up.


"All For One is a powerful man. He has eyes and ears everywhere, including in my family. I couldn't care less about my old man, but I have two little brothers and a little sister that I can't lose. AFO is threatening my youngest brother if I don't follow his orders. I can't lose him. Even though I haven't seen him in years, he still means so much to me", Dabi said. 


"Who are they? When we get out of here, we can keep them under UA protection", Shouta stated. Dabi looked at him for a moment before he spoke up in a soft tone.


"It's Shoto. Todoroki Shoto" Shouta looked at him stunned, while he could see Izuku gaping across from him.


"Y-your Touya?" Izuku asked, disbelief laced in his tone. Dabi looked surprised.


"Yeah, how do you know who I am?" Dabi asked, clearly confused.


"Shoto talks about you almost all the time! He misses you". Izuku gave Dabi a soft smile. Dabi smiled softly back. 


This was not how Shouta thought the League of Villains was going to be. They are not actually villains, just misguided and hurt. Shouta had already decided that when they got out of here, because they would, they were going to come with them. He was not going to leave the two here knowing they were being abused and blackmailed. 


He looked at the last of the three, Kurogiri.


"What about Kurogiri? I know AFO said something about him earlier", Shouta asked. Shigaraki was the one to answer.


"Kurogiri is a Nomu, but still has a human in there somewhere. He was one of the first Nomu's to be created. Because he was one of the first, he still has his memories somewhere, they are just hard to get to" He stated.


"I do not remember my real name, but I do know I have known it before. Master has erased those memories every time I remember them though, so I only know Kurogiri" Kurogiri spoke up. Izuku looked at them for a moment, before realization coated his face.


"So, every Nomu we have in cantered has been a human... Does that mean that Dad is going to turn into one of those things?!" Izuku streaked, looking at him with tears in his eyes.


"We are going to get out of here before that can happen, ok?" Shouta spoke up in a soft tone. He knew he couldn't promise anything, but he could at least try and ease his son's worries.


"No, no! I c-can't lose you! What if we can't get out of here?! What, w-what... w-w-what", Izuku suddenly trailed off. Shouta looked at him alarmed.


"Izuku?" He called. The three others in the room turned their attention to his son as well, worry in their eyes.


"I-I don' f-feel so good" Izuku slurred, his eyes glazing over, becoming unfocused.


"Izuku! Hey, look at me kit", Shouta said, trying to gain his son's attention. His tail started to trash, his ears pinned back in worry.


"What? What is happening to him?" Shigaraki asked, now standing up with Dabi at his side.


"His dropping!" Shouta trashed, his eyes becoming slit and his instincts coming out to the surface.





Tomura watched in horror as the kids' hands started to shake, his breathing becoming uneven and his forehead beginning to become sweaty. Eraser was trashing in his restraints, trying to free himself. Tomura made quick eye contact with Dabi, getting an urgent not in return.


He was just about to hurry over to decay the restraints when the door opened, Sensei walking in.


"I see that my plan has worked" Sensei chuckled, and walked over to the dissociated teen.


"What are you talking about?!" Dabi demanded. Sensei looked up at them, a cruel smirk on his face.


"In about 1 hour, this little green bean will be ready for the next step. Meanwhile, let's start with you, shall we?" Sensei chuckled, and walked over to the trashing Eraserhead.


"Get the fuck away from me, asshole!" Eraser hissed, trashing harder. "I will not let my family loose one more!"




In all the chaos, no one noticed the black fog starting to act out behind them.



Chapter Text

Tomura could only watch in horror as his sensei dragged Eraserhead out of the bar and towards the labs. He knew he couldn't do anything by himself, and Kurogiri could be controlled so easily. He turned around and was met by a racially horrified Dabi and Kurogiri, who was out of control.


"Kurogiri! What are you doing?!" Tomura screeched, taking a step back in shock. Dabi turned around too, shock evident on his face.


"I don't know!" Kurogiri answered, his voice different from before. It was like it was two voices in one. They watched as Kurogiri calmed down after a few minutes.


"Are you okay?" Dabi asked, walking over to the other man.


"Yeah, everything just triggered something" he answered, his voice back to normal. " But our first priority right now is to take care of him" Kurogiri stated, jerking his head towards the still shaking teen. Tomura walked over and bent down in front of the shaking teen. 


"Izuku, can you tell me what's wrong so we can help?" Tomura asked, using Midoriya's first name to try and calm the greenette.


"D-d-dorp" Izuku whispered, fear seeping through his tone. Tomura turned towards the two others, confused.


"Do you know what he is talking about?" He asked. Dabi could only shake his head, but Kurogiri seemed to understand.


"The guy we hired to try and capture them. His quirk had side-effects and it seemed that Midoriya-kun had been affected by one of these side-effects. He needs physical contact", Kurogiri stated.


Tomura turned back around. He was silent for a moment before he let out a nervous breath.


"What if I use my quirk on the restraints. If we can get Izuku out first, we can focus on Eraser if- when he comes back", Tomura explained. Dabi looked hesitant, but nodded his head anyway.


Tomura hated what he had become after his Sensei that night all those years ago, and he knew that forgiveness was not anywhere in his future, but he could still not let this innocent teen come between the villains and heroes.


He let out a breath before he touched the restraints. They crumbled under his touch before the dust hit the floor.


"I'm going to get you down on the ground, ok?" He asked the teen in front of him. Izuku gave a weak nod in response.


Tomura lifted the teen carefully up from the chair and sat down near the bar. He placed Izuku down on his lap and held his small hand.


Izuku looked awful, to say the least. His face was white as a sheet, sweat covering his forehead and neck. His breath was uneven and raspy, coming out in small huffs. His entire body was shaking, weak and burning up. His cat ears were lying flat on top of his head in discomfort as his tail swayed lazily behind him.


"You're going to be okay, I've got you" Tomura whispered, cradling his hand through the messy hair. Dabi walked over to them and sat down, holding Izuku's other hand in an attempt to help the teen a bit more.


"We need to get them out of here" Dabi mumbled, looking at Tomura. Tomura knew that this was extra hard on Dabi, seeing as he had a brother the same age as Izuku. His big brother instincts were kicking in and he could see it in Dabi's eyes.


"I know. Do you have an idea?" The younger of the two asked. Dabi turned towards Kurogiri.


"What if we try and make you remember? Because of earlier today's experiences, you won't be under All For One's command if we can get you to remember the past. Maybe we can get out of here that way?" Dabi asked.


"That's a risky plan, Dabi. Even if you do get me to remember, it's not certain I will be able to use my Quirk anymore", Kurogiri explains.


"But could it work? We have to try something!" Dabi answered. "Eraser has already started the experiments and if we don't get the two out of here as soon as possible, we will lose them both." 


"You are right", Kurogiri bowed. "How do you think we should do this?"


"It seemed like the human part of you reacted to Eraser and his panic. Maybe you knew each other before you were turned into a Nomu? We could start there?" Tomura said, looking thoughtful.


"Yes, indeed" Kurogiri confirmed. "When Eraserhead said that his family had lost someone, an image of a pair of broken goggles showed up in my memories. Same with the group name 'The Rooftop Squad'", he explained.


"That's a start!" Dabi exclaimed. "Okay, if we start with the goggles. What kind of goggles were they?" 


Kurogiri looked thoughtful for a moment before answering.


"Uhm, they were kind of like Eraserhead's goggles, but smaller" he answered.


"Do you have a connection or a feeling when you think about them?" Tomura asked. He had no idea if this was going to work, but at least they were onto something.


"I have a feeling of happiness, a type that does not come from family or friends. The feeling of the need to protect," Kurogiri answered. 


"Ok, what about The Rooftop Squad?" Dabi asked.


"I can see a blurry memory of two people. They were someone that meant a lot to me", he answered. Tomura thought for a moment, trying to wrap his head around the information.


"Ok, so the possibility that the goggles and this Squad are connected is high then" he thought out loud, still cradling the teen who now seemed to be calmer, but still un-verbal.


"Yes, I have a feeling that they are connected." 


"Ok, can you try and remember if Eraser was one of those two people? You reacted badly earlier when he was taken", Tomura asked.


"I think so. It seemed like it was him and another. A blond, maybe?" Kurogiri numbered the last sentence.


"Blond... It's not All Might, is it?" Tomura grunted. If Kurogiri was friends with All Might, he wouldn't want Kurogiri to remember.


"No, no, not All Might. He was the same age as me, I think. He had green eyes", Kurogiri reassured. Tomura let out a breath of relief.


"Y-you're n-n-name is Oboro". A shaky voice spoke up. Green eyes looked up at the tree, unfocused but determined "Oboro Shirakumo"



Just like that, the fog around Kurogiri exploded into chaos.


Chapter Text

Keigo was on his way back home after yet another patrol to look for his little brother and father. It had been almost three days since they were kidnapped at the camp and both him and Hizashi slowly started to loose their minds. He had looked all over the city with no luck. Other heroes have been out looking for their two missing family-members, but still no luck. 


When the dorms came into view, Keigo breathed a sigh of relief. He had been out patrolling for nearly 4 hours and just wanted to go home and take a nice shower. He landed on their balcony and shuffled into the living room where Hizashi and Shinso were currently sitting, the teen finally asleep in the older blond's arms. Shinso had been staying with the two since the training camp, not willing to leave in case there was a new clue about Izuku and Shouta. Hizashi looked up at him when he entered his view of vision, careful not to wake up the sleeping teen in his arms.


"Any luck?" He asked the winged hero, hopeful. Keigo only shook his head sadly, looking away from the other blond.


"I have looked everywhere but there is still no sign of them." He explained, giving a frustrated sigh.


"Detective Tsukauchi called earlier. He thinks they have a lead on them, but told me to not get any hopes up," Hizashi explains, looking defeated.


"What was the lead?" Keigo asked, perking up at the news.


"Someone had reported screaming in an abandoned bar in Kamino a few hours ago, but the chances of it being the League was slim", Hizashi explains.


"But there is a chance that it's them?" Keigo asked, hope suddenly filling him again.


"Yeah, but like I said. Don't get your hopes up just yet. It's a good chance it's just some small time villain", Hizashi explains. Keigo sighs in defeat, sitting down beside the older blond.


"I just want my flock back" Keigo whispered, his voice thick with tears. Hizashi brought him closer, kissing the younger's forehead.


"Me too, Kei. Me too", Hizashi whispered back.





The smoke was lashing out, breaking glasses and bottles behind the bar. Tomura hid the teen in his arms with his body, everything in him telling him that he needed to protect the teen. Dabi was behind him again, covering both of them. Everything around them was chaos and Tomura was afraid that someone would end up hurt. Izuku was whimpering into his neck, holding onto him tightly as if asking Tomura to not let go. Tomura only brought Izuku closer, trying to shush the distressed teen.


It felt like minutes had past, but in reality it had only been about half a minute before everything around them started to calm down. Tomura slowly let his grip on Izuku lessen, looking behind him to see what had happened. Dabi did the same, but didn't let go of the two.


"What the hell" Dabi whispered, both of the young males looking wide-eyed at the sight.


There, lying on the ground, was a male looking to be in his late twenties- early thirties. The male had smooth, tan skin with light blue hair. His hair looked light and fluffy, but at the same time kinda like Dabi's flames. He looked to be about average height and looked slim, but still had some muscle. He was wearing what looked to be a grey hospital-gown.


Shirakumo Oboro, Tomura's thought, looking in awe that they actually did it. Dabi carefully let go of the two he was holding and walked over to the unconscious man. He shook Shirakumo's shoulder slightly in hope of waking up the older.


"Shirakumo. Hey, Oboro, wake up" Dabi said, shaking his shoulder again.


A low groan escaped through the man's lips, eyes fluttering open slowly. Pastel-blue eyes met dark-blue before seaming to scan the area.


"What happened?" He whispered, reaching up to his head in confusion.





The first thing Oboro noticed when he came to was someone shaking his shoulder. Confusion hit him with a groan, slowly opening his eyes. Bright-blue eyes stared down at him, both concern and awe in his features. He looked around, trying to remember where he was.


"What happened?" He whispered out, bringing his hand up to his forehead.


"We brought you back" Tomura answered, sounding awed. Just like that, everything came back to him. The falling building, his years as Kurogiri, Izuku and Shouta.


Izuku and Shouta!


Oboro sat up fast, looking over where Tomura was holding Izuku. He stood up and hurried over to the two, looking over Izuku for any injuries.


"Are you ok?" Oboro asked the teen, taking his face in his hands and looking at him once more.


"I'm ok" Izuku whispered, smiling up at him. Oboro smiled back before turning to the other two in the room.


"What about you two? Anything injured?" He asked. Both Tomura and Dabi smiled at him, shaking their heads.


"No, we're ok. Just happy that we were able to bring you back" Dabi answered, walking over to them. Oboro smiled at them before bringing them down and into a hug.


"Wait, since you're back to normal, can you still create a portal?" Izuku asked, a glint of both hope and fear in his eyes.


"I don't know. I could try" Oboro answered, looking around to see if there was a safe place to try and open one. When he found a place in the corner of the bar, he tried to open a little portal to teleport one of the chairs from one side of the room to another.


A light blue portal opened under the chair before another light blue portal opened on the other side of the room, the chair falling through.


"Awesome!" Izuku squealed with the little energy he had gained, looking like it was Christmas morning.


"I can get us out of here" Oboro breathed in relief, a smile growing on his face. Dabi smirked, looking at him.


"Let's get out of here"





They waited for All For One to bring Shouta back to escape, none of them willing to leave without him. They waited for another hour, carefully planing their escape. If they get caught, the consequences could become severe.


Izuku hoped that his dad hadn't been hurt too severely by the time they brought him back, but knew not to dwell on something he couldn't control. 


When the door opened after an eternity of waiting, his dad was finally brought back. Oboro had taken Izuku to the backroom so they didn't blow up the plan. Izuku was shaking slightly in Oboro's hold, whimpering into his neck. He was scared for his dad and everyone else in the room. Oboro was rubbing his back soothingly, holding him tightly.


Izuku heard a new voice asking where him and 'Kurogiri' were, and Tomura explains that 'Kurogiri' had brought him into one of All For One's rooms to make him ready. Tomura was good at hiding it, but Izuku could still hear the underlaying tone of disgust in his voice at the words 'Making him ready'.


Apparently, the new voice bought it and Izuku could hear a door close in the other room. Izuku looked up at Oboro, the older nodding at him before slowly opening the door. Whoever was in there had left, leaving the five of them alone.


Izuku could see his dad, but he was unconscious. Giving out a shaky breath, Izuku left the room with Oboro, ready for the next step.



Chapter Text

Shouta woke up to someone shaking his shoulder. He groaned, slowly opening his eyes. He was met with the concerned eyes of his kit, green bangs slightly covering them. He was lying on the floor in front of the chair he was on when he first woke up. 


"Dad?" Izuku asked, looking at him.


"Yeah, I'm ok" Shouta whispered back, slowly taking his son's smaller hand. Izuku smiled wildly, gripping Shouta's hand a little tighter. He smiled weakly back before taking a deep breath. Shouta looked around, noticing the mess in the bar. Shigaraki was standing a few feet away from them, Dabi having a protective arm around the younger's shoulder. His eyes kept roaming the room before landing on a familiar figure. 


Bright, familiar blue hair and that damn smile.


"Hey, Shouta", Said, who Shouta was pretty sure was Oboro.


"O-Oboro?" Shouta whispered, pushing himself up into a sitting position. Oboro smiled down at him before kneeling down, taking his hands.


"Sho" Oboro whispered back, his voice thick with tears. Before Shouta even knew what he was doing, he threw himself into the familiar arms of his childhood friend. Strong arms wrapped around his shaking form, slowly and carefully petting his head. It made Shouta's ears twitch a little. Not in discomfort, but the sheer relief of having Oboro back.


"You never stop giving me gray hairs, do you kit?" Shouta muttered, taking Izuku's hand again. Izuku giggled before joining the hug.


Shouta looked towards Shigaraki and Dabi. Both of them had small smiles on their faces, but Shouta could regencies the longing look in their eyes.


He sighed, opening his arms.


"C'mon, you two" Shouta said, making both of them smile. The next few minutes, there were the five of them hugging on the ground, both in relief and happiness.


"We should probably get out of here before they come back," Dabi said, breaking the silence.


"Do you have a plan?" Shouta asked, looking at the four of them.


"Yeah! Even though Oboro is back in his body, he still has the Quirk of Kurogiri. We can portal out of here" Izuku explained, eyes shining with hope.


"You guys should hurry. We don't know when Sensei is going to be back", Shigaraki said. He looked happy, but his eyes shined with sadness.


"What do you mean? You two are coming with us as well", Shouta answered, a stern look on his face.


"W-what?" Shigaraki answered, looking at a loss about what to think.


"Did you really think we were going to leave you two here?" Izuku asked, looking at both of them with wide eyes.


"Izuku, we're villains. We can't just walk out in public" Dabi answered, looking at Izuku in petty.


"We're going to solve that later. I won't let you get punished for something you can't control", Shouta answered, his instincts screaming at him to protect his new litter.


The thought of arresting someone abused and broken for something they didn't do doesn't sit right with Shouta.


"You can't possibly mean that! We've attacked your class and set your students'lives in danger!" Shigaraki whisper-shouted, clearly confused and angry that he didn't understand. Shouta couldn't imagine how hard it is to understand kindness after years of being beaten down and told he's worth nothing.


"We can talk about this later, but right now we have to get out of here, and you two are coming with us", Shouta said, leaving no room for discussion. Both Shigaraki and Dabi looked like they wanted to complain, but kept quiet.


" Ok" Dabi whispered, giving an incurring smile to the younger. Shigaraki nodded, smiling back.


"Ok, let's go" Oboro said, smiling down at them.





Hizashi sat on the couch with Hitoshi on his left and Keigo on his right. He was running his hands through Hitoshi's wild purple hair and Keigo's silky, red wings. It was the third night since Shouta and Izuku were kidnapped and the three of them had begun to spiral down and lose hope of finding their loved ones. Every vacant hero in the area has been out looking for them the last 72 hours with no luck.


Keigo had been out none stop the entire day and Hizashi had to force him home after almost 7 hours straight. 


Hitoshi hadn't been out of the house if there was news about Izuku, and hadn't slept since the training camp. Hizashi had talked to the teen and had figured out that Hitoshi had been feeling guilty and felt like he could have done more when the camp was attacked.  Hizashi had done everything in his power to comfort the teen, but he knew that the only thing that could help right now was getting Izuku and Shouta back.


Right now, the three of them were watching TV and soaking in the comfort of each other.


"Do you think we will find them?" Hitoshi spoke up, looking towards the two heroes.


"Yeah, I do. You never know, suddenly a clue will fall out of nowhere", Keigo joked, trying to lift the sour mood. Just as he finished the sentence, a familiar portal opened in the middle of the living room, only a light blue instead of a dark purple.


The three of them jumped to their feet, Hizashi shielding Hitoshi behind him. A second later, five bodies fell out of the portal and onto the living room floor.


There was Izuku, Shouta, Shigaraki, Dabi and someone shielded by the four other bodies, making it hard to see the last person. The three were standing in shock for a moment before they were tackled by two bodies. Izuku and Shouta tackled them into a hug, breaking them out of their shocked state. Soon, the reunited family were hugging each other tightly, Hizashi, Keigo and Hitoshi having tears streaming down their faces.




Izuku was held tightly by his family for minutes before they broke apart. His dad, papa and Keigo all hugged each other while Izuku almost ran over to Hitoshi and hugged the ladder. Hitoshi hugged him back tightly, petting his ear in comfort. Before he even knew what he was doing, Izuku felt Hitoshi's lips on his. The kiss was soft and gentle, both of them soaking in the feeling of being in each others embrace again. Izuku could feel Hitoshi's hands on his hips, his thumps stroking his hips carefully. It felt like forever and not long enough before they parted, foreheads together.


"I'm so glad you're ok" Hitoshi whispered, a single tear running down his cheek.


"I'm ok, I'm right here" Izuku whispered back, stoking his thumb over Hitoshi's cheek and carefully wiping the stray tear.


The moment was broken by Keigo, his wings puffing up protectively.


"What are you doing here?" Keigo growled towards Dabi, Tomura and Oboro.


"Hey, it's ok. They helped us escape" Dad hurried out, stopping Keigo from doing something stupid.


"O-Oboro?!" Papa screeched, looking wide-eyed.


"Hey, Zashi" Oboro smiled, walking over and bringing Hizashi into a tight hug.


"I don't mean to break the moment or anything, but I think we should get you Izuku and Shouta to the hospital", Tomura said, gaining the attention of the room.


"Are you hurt?!" Hizashi, Keigo and Hitoshi all called out in alarm.


"I think we all need a trip to the hospital right now" Izuku answered, giving a tired smile.



Chapter Text

To say it was hard to convince the hospital to let Dabi and Shigaraki inn would be an understatement. It wasn't until Tsukauchi came to confirm their story that they were able to get a room. Shouta was glad everyone got to be in the same room considering there was no telling if All For One would go after them as soon as he discovered that they had disappeared, if he hadn't already. Shouta looked over to his husband. Hizashi were sitting on the couch with Keigo under one arm and Hitoshi under the other. The purple haired teen almost had a panic attack when the Aizawa-Yamada family were on their way out the door, afraid to loose Izuku again.


He turn his head to the right where Dabi and Shigaraki were laying, Izuku being on his left. The two young adults looked exhausted, barley able to keep their eyes open after being looked over by nurses and doctors. Izuku wasn't much better, still drained from the drop he had only hours earlier.


They were waiting on the doctors to come and have an Ultra-Sound on Izuku, seeing as nobody completely knew the extent on what All For One did to Izuku under the influence of his quirk. 


Shouta was brought out of his thoughts When Shigaraki hesitantly spoke up.


"E-Eraserhead?" Shigaraki whimpered out, as if scared of speaking up.


"Hmm?" Shouta hummed in response, Turing to the young adult on his right.


"W-what did sensei d-do to you? W-while you were gone?" Shigaraki asked, looking down at his hand. Hizashi and Keigo looked over at Shouta as well, clearly wanting answers. Shouta sighed, leaning back into the bedrest.


"He didn't do much, as I could tell. He took some blood-samples, did a body-exam and gave me a shot of some blue liquid. Have no idea what it was, but I guess we should have some answered after the bloodworms come back" Shouta answered, remembering being strapped down to the metal table, almost going feral at the thought of leaving his Kit alone in a drop.


Shigaraki hummed in response, still looking at his hands. Before anyone could say anything else, the door into their room opened and a doctor and two nurses came in to the room.


"Good afternoon. My name is Dr. Hirohito and I am here to do an Ultra Sound on Midoriya-Kun"  The young man smiled softly. The man was maybe in his late twenties and soft spoken, something Shouta had a feeling would help Izuku trust the person a little better.


The three walked over to where Izuku was laying on the hospital bed, keeping their movement slow to make sure Izuku wouldn't feel threatened. It was something Shouta knew they did because of their instincts and how on edge they all were. They started setting up the masking before Dr. Hirohito sat down beside Izuku.


"Ok, I'm going to put some gel on your stomach and it may feel a bit cold" Izuku nodded, his eyes shining with fear. Dr. Hirohito seemed to see the fear as well, and gave Izuku a reassuring smile. "I don't think you have to worry too much. In my experience and research, a quirk that can change a body like making it possible for a male to get pregnant is extremely rare. And if you were to get a womb, we are going to do everything in out power to make sure that everything will go smoothly in the future"


Shouta was a little reassured at the statement, happy that the changes of Izuku's body changing that drastically were low.


The doctor but the gel onto Izuku's stomach, Izuku wishing just slightly when the gel came in though with his skin. Shouta assumed it was because of the cold, seeing as Izuku didn't react more than the small winch.


Dr. Hirohito started the ultrasound, making everybody turn to look at the screen on the wall. It was about a minute into the examination that the Doctor seemed to freeze, stopping over a small spot on the screen.


"W-what?" Izuku asked, seeming too tense as well. Dr. Hirohito cleared his throat, Turing to the small family.


"It seems that the small possibility has come true. Unfortunately, it seems as though Midoriya-Kun did not just grow a womb, but a fetus as well. We would have to look at the bloodworms that was done earlier to make sure everything is ok, but from the ultrasound everything seemed to be fine. However, it seems as though the fetus is growing at an alarming rate" Dr. Hirohito explains, looking at Izuku was sorrow in his eyes.


Everyone in the room was frozen, Izuku having silent tears streaming down his face, his entire being shaking. 



Well, fuck.



Chapter Text

Izuku bolted upwards in his bed, breathing heavily as he felt his heart beat fast in his chest. Tears were streaming down his face as he sobbed. He could hear a voice through his panic, but couldn’t hold on to what they were saying.


“-Zuku! Izuku! You have to breath with me baby” he heard the voice of his papa. He opened his eyes and was met with his dad and papa, both looking at him in concern.


“Izuku, you safe, ok? They didn’t see anything on the ultrasound, and they believe nothing will develop either. It was just a nightmare” Dad explained, holding tightly onto his shaking hands.


“M-mhm” Izuku hummed, tears still streaming down his face. Dad and Papa smiled at him sadly, slowly rubbing over his knuckles with their thumb.


“You have nothing to worry about, kit” His dad said, raising a hand to rub Izuku ears. Izuku leant into the touch. Closing his eyes.


“P-promise?” Izuku asked, looking up at his fathers with big, green eyes.


“Promise” Dad said, nuzzling his face into his hair.