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A New Star Is Born

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After avoiding them for so long he had thought he had a chance. That came before the fall, and it was a looong fall. Chica should have been distracted by the soda gator mix stuff whatever-it-was. She was supposed to be crushed by that damn garbage press, but no. Oh no he just had to mess that up. Somehow. For whatever reason the pipe above it caught the hydraulic press just long enough for Chica to turn around, chase him through the kitchen, and then into said useless piece of garbage disposal equipment. Except, now it worked. 

He hid in that pipe, miraculously surviving the crushing, but that meant his tumble down was so much worse. His hiding pipe hit a support beam, then another, and finally it ripped through a bunch of cables to dive into darkness. 

The last thing Gregory saw was a faint red light that reminded him of a few dancing pixels. Then everything was just snuffed out into nothingness.


Meanwhile, the head of Glamrock Freddy was buzzing with emotions that no animatronic should ever have the ability to feel. There was another name that he swore was his, but he couldn't remember. It was as if those memories were Polaroids underwater. They existed, surely, but they were both damaged and far out of reach. Too far.

He hoped the child was alright. Gregory had not answered his calls for a while, and Freddy didn't like how the other animatronics had vanished as well. He hated being all alone. He hated the dark, and the stupid static in his mind. He hated not knowing what was going on. He hated how he had failed his top priority... how he knew that, he wasn't sure. He just knew deep down that Gregory was in danger, and he was standing there like an idiot. 

He wasn't supposed to be able to access security systems, or even the plex's attractions and appliances. That was more then just abnormal, he knew. Which was the reason why none of the human staff members knew about his abilities and strange extracurricular activities. He liked his head and processors where they were, thank you very much. However, now was a good time to use these abilities and check the cameras to find his new friend. No matter what his programming said the security guard rubbed him the wrong way. There was something about her that he didn't like. An aura, perhaps? Or was it just a feeling that came from all of his glitches?


Surfing through the camera feeds came to him with a unsettling familiarity. Had he done so before? Impossible. He was made to rock and sing, not to watch over this place. No... not even if it felt so god damn right to do it. 

There was a strange limp heap of something near the fountain in the main hub. It was dark brown, and definitely didn't belong there. That alone had Freddy curious as a cucumber and moving towards it before he could even think about it. There was a pull of important, important, here, here, here that had him almost sprint. Almost. 

Better not draw attention to yourself. He knew the rules. 

On his way around the corner and down the escalator he saw Roxy growl and bark into a photo booth. Maybe running once wouldn't be so bad. He could make that exception.



At the fountain, someone was slowly waking up. The cameras had not lied, this someone was a miserable heap of something with a sprinkle of fear and confusion on top. Still, as scared, hurt and confused as this someone was: fear meant sentience. Fear meant life.


The voice was unmistakably Gregory's, but it was rough. The tone wasn't clear and organic any longer. Static covered it, and an almost auto-tuned echo had the boy jump up in fright. However, his limbs felt heavy and stiff. This shift in weight threw him off balance and down on his face with a shrill plastic crack. This could not be. This wasn't true. This was a coma dream, or something, but he was not- no.Oh this was wrong on so many levels. 


Looking down, Gregory saw brown plastic paws shine back at him, mocking him silently just by existing. He could look into the fountain water to see his reflection, but seeing was believing, and he was not ready to believe and accept just now. All he could do was wait and try to deal with everything. He existed. He wasn't dead yet, which was good, but he was also not quite alive anymore, which was bad. He was at a stalemate with fate and he couldn't even cry to vent out some of this stress. All he could do was stare at these hands that were not his. 

What happened? Last time he was conscious he remembered falling down inside a pipe into the deepest darkness below the Pizza Plex. Then he woke up there beside the fountain, but anything in between those two events just didn't exist. Only a thought about the time opened a clock somewhere in the right corner of his vision. 5:03. Only an hour... He just needed one more hour and he could have been free. Coming here was a terrible idea. He should have known better. No matter how inviting the place looked to a homeless street rat like him, this wasn't worth it. 

And all of this just because he wanted a dry spot to sleep in.


"Hey, you!" 

Before him stood Glamrock Freddy again, looking just a little shorter this time. Gregory knew right away he wouldn't fit into that cake hatch again. Not the way he was now. He shook his head, hearing a small jingle of an earring rattle as he did so. The sound cleared his head somewhat though, and focusing on it helped the child to ground himself. 

"Who may you be? A new friend?" 

Of course Freddy wouldn't recognize him like this. Hell, even his own parents would not be able to recognize him! If he still had those that was. There was a reason why he hid in a Pizza Plex of all places after all... He looked up to see his guardian bear stare at him almost gently. Well, maybe he wasn't completely alone anymore.


"What... happened?" He finally asked, ignoring Freddy's question on purpose.

"How strange. You sound like- may I ask for your name, rookie?" 

Gregory huffed, "you already know that. It's me, Gregory. What happened to me? Why am I like this?" 

"Gregory... Oh. Oh... Not again." 

That made a shiver as cold as ice crawl down his metaphorical spine. The fear moved steadily, yet it lingered long enough to make even this metallic frame shiver.


Freddy's eyes snapped away. He stood up too fast and stepped back a bit to get a good look at his changed charge. He was no technician, but overall it seemed that his charge was okay.


"Later, Superstar. First we have to figure out how to reverse this. I can access the Faz watch your original body is wearing. It shows me that your heart is still beating, so we have a chance to return you to it. Can you get up?" 

Gregory tried. Oh, he tried. The relief that came from hearing that his humanity may not be as lost as he had thought at first calmed his adrenaline flooded mind down. Now that he wasn't in panic freakout mode anymore, he was tired. Really, really tired. He tried to stand one more time, but collapsed right into a waiting pair of strong hands. 



Freddy knew his little superstar needed to live. He almost failed his task once, and he would make sure not to mess up again. This time he would end all of it. Gregory was a game changer. He gave his existence a meaning and a purpose besides being just a oversized toy to entertain children. Those were guests. Gregory however... was his. His superstar, his very own. He would rather let himself be ripped apart than to lose him. 

The body his mind was stuck in wasn't unpleasant to look at. For an animatronic he was adorable. Whoever made it, him, used parts of the very first Glamrock concept designs, which were much more glam than rock. His body was brown. Fazbear brown. Freddy noted that bit with delight. Gregory had a similar pattern of darker blue on his face that made them match some more. The stripe of his shirt got transferred to his chest plate, and turned into a little bolt on his left shoulder. Thankfully he was smaller than the performer model animatronics, which meant he could...

"He huff!" 

Throw the child onto his back to piggyback him backstage. Since the boy's systems were still quietly humming, Freddy assumed his superstar just needed a power nap. New animatronics were rarely brought out and turned on with full power charge. Safety reasons, apparently. It was to protect staff in case one of them got a few bolts loose in the mainframe. Looking around at the carnage Monty made, he quietly laughed. 


With Gregory asleep on his back now the world wasn't ending anymore. He still flinched when Roxy approached him. His first reaction was to hide his charge from her, but then he remembered. The child was one of them now. There was no reason for Roxy to hurt him. 

"Freddy, what are you up to now?" She playfully mocked him. 

The wolf danced around the bear and let out a gasp, "you didn't. Oh you did not!" 

"I do not know what you are talking about." 

"You broke into cold storage and got yourself a mini-you. Ha! And they say I'm the narcissist. So, what are you going to do with him now?" 

Freddy was both equally as relieved as he was annoyed. 

"Well," he started but hesitated afterwards, "he is low on battery. I'm taking him to one of the charging stations." 

"You think he'll turn on?" She asked with genuine curiosity.

As a reply, Freddy just nodded.

"They usually don't have all the chips. Prototypes aren't like us, Fred." 

"I have a feeling this one is different." 

"Well then. Good luck to you. I've got a kid to catch and it will be me who gets the brat. Got it? I'll be the winner here." 

Roxanne sped off in a flurry of fake fur and sparks. As her form disappeared into the shadows, Freddy let out a sigh of relief. Or an imitation of one. He tried. 


He stepped into one of the stations with Gregory in his arms and let his system drift. This wouldn't take long. However, they only had a few hours before staff returned. Once more time was against them, but now it was reversed. Would they take away the little guy in his arms once they saw he was not supposed to be where he was now? Or... maybe he could just act out this once. If Monty could get away with destroying property, and if Chica could steal food, then maybe he could keep Gregory with him even during daylight hours. Until they found out what was going on that was. He promised to protect him. He would not let some stupid daylight get in his way. Freddy would keep him close, introduce him as a rookie member of their group, and make it clear to the staff that Gregory was staying.

Yes. That sounded like a good plan. The hand gripping his for comfort only sealed the deal and steeled his resolve so much more. Gregory was his superstar, and nobody would take him away. 


With a soft bing the station finished it's job and let them out. Freddy put Gregory back on his back and made the trip to his room. There they had some privacy and could try to get this sorted out. He could answer some questions, ask some of his own, and make some sense of this mess.  

"Mhm... five more minutes..." 

"You're awake!" The joy was tangible in his voice.

"No. I'm not. Just five more, please." 

Freddy chuckled and let the child be. He would get his five minutes. Or, well, 6.38 minutes. That's how long it would take them to get to his room. At least if nobody decided to bump into them. 


Was that a flash of green or pink that he just saw around the next corner?