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Villain SSundee (On Hold)

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Frost had no plans before coming to Henwy’s place. The others had plans of their own. All but Ian and Jerome.

Jerome was busy away from Sky Factory. Ian had no plans anymore. He was bored. He had nothing to do.

Ian called person after person, a couple who couldn’t answer and the rest busy doing something of their own.


“Da-Dammit! Why can't anyone get rid of my boredom?!” He screeched at himself as he had been annoyed by this. “Or maybe they don’t want to talk about it! They didn’t want me around...” he looked down. “And they didn’t want to hurt me.”


Why did he deal with this? Why couldn't no one could see his pain?

A few hours later


Henwy noticed there was a missed call from Ian. Henry didn't have the time to talk with him earlier but he called Ian to see what he wanted. When he called, however, SSundee didn't pick up.


“Huh? Why didn't...” he trailed off confused. He tried again. No answer.

Ian? Why aren't you answering me? What happened to you? Did you get hurt?! Did you try to tell me you were going to die!? What happened!!


Suspicions about what happened to him shut his reason with tension. He texted the group discussion.



Sky Fac!




Henwy: Haha! Nice Jerome.

Florian: We'll see you in 5 days!

Jerome: I'll contact you soon! See ya!

SSundee: See you soon Jerome.




Henwy: Hey, Ian?

Henwy: You okay?

Raffy: Hen? What do you mean?

Biffle: Yea? What happened to him? I got a call from him earlier.

Henwy: I did too. He didn't answer me after I tried to call him.

Frost: Really?! Why would that happen?

Raffy: Now that you mention it, I got a call from him too.

Florian: ^

Sigils: ^

Henwy: That's... Weird. Maybe we should go to his island to see if he's okay.

Florian: I could go check.

Henwy: Okay. Thanks!







That didn't help with the fact that something bothered his mind. Henry could tell that Ian saw the messages. When they talk about him, he immediately responds, though, this time it said ‘Read by all’. Jerome read it, as he just got back. Ian read it too, but that meant- Another text from Florian’s private chat with him says “He’s fine. Just a little bit annoyed.” Well, at least he's alright.

Ian was distant away from his island as possible. He didn't want anyone to locate him. Especially after his chat with Florian. He felt hostility toward it. It felt like he was scolding him. He made an island where he didn't deal with them. Nonetheless, there was one who stood there with him.


“And as I come back, you vacate your island. What appears to be wrong?”, Jerome said, unimpressed by what had arisen before. SSundee was stunned, diverted about why and how Jerome was here. As Ian whirled around, there was this nervous discomfort. He clasped his shirt.


“Wha-...what do YOU want?!” Jerome didn't let out anything to that. He stayed calm, almost like he invariably achieved. But he was a little paranoid. “Answering a question with a question. That's not you. Is it Villain Derp SSundee? Is he trying to control you?” Ian stayed quiet when he heard that. “How about I answer your question first. I want to know what happened to you.”


“And my answer is no one notices that I’m trying to help out or something. It feels like I’m forgotten!”, SSundee replied, turning away from him. “So leave me alone!”.


“Welp, I tried. At the very least, could you promise me?” Stapleton looked at home. “If you remember this, will you at least change and come back?” A tear fell on the hybrid’s face before turning around. “I’ll try.”


Jerome started  to sing a song.

“Ya know one day, we’ll leave the world behind, so we’ll live a life we will remember! These are the nights that never die..!


“I will see you soon, SSun.”

“See you soon Jerome. I promise you I will try to remember this. Bye..”