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The Gift of Family

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Nero sat at the desk in Devil May Cry and looked at his grandmother’s picture that had been lovingly framed on the desk. He sighed as he realized what today was, it was Christmas Eve and he was still holding the fort for the older devils, for they were still in hell. He knew that Kyrie and Nico were decorating the orphanage for Christmas.

Knowing Nico she’s killing my cookies!  Nero thought with a groan. And the kids will want a story and nag about presents. Never thought I’d miss that… He picked up his grandmother’s picture and sighed.

If I could have just one wish, He thought. I’d love the chance of having my family….A mother and a father…He replaced the frame and got ready for bed, being tuckered out from the mission earlier that evening. I hope those two idiots aren’t fighting each other down there. I swear they need to wake the fuck up! As Nero made his way to the stairs, a wave of dizziness hit, causing the Younger Devil Hunter to pass out at the bottom of the landing by the doors.


Dante and Vergil were heavy in battle when the Devil Hunter felt pain. The demons hissed and immediately ran down after the red clad devil.

“HOLY SHIT WHATS UP WITH THEM?!?!” Dante called as he shot down a wave of them. Vergil shrugged and sent a barrage of energy swords at the following wave. As soon as all was clear, the elder turned to the red clad devil who was leaning heavily on his namesake sword.

“What is the matter with you? Indigestion?”

“I wish,” Dante gritted through clenched teeth. “This hurts like a bitch and I feel like shit.”

“Well you….”

“Don’t even go there.” Dante warned, shutting the elder up, holding up his hands in silent surrender. Dante groaned but bit into his lower lip. Vergil raised an eyebrow when he heard more hissing.

“Dante, make haste, we can’t remain here, and you are in no shape to fight anymore at the moment.”

“Like hell I’m not.” Dante gritted, shakily getting to his feet. Vergil took a stance and blocked his way.

“You’re in no shape to fight.” He said sternly. Dante looked at the elder and didn’t dare talk back.

“Well, what do we do now genius?!” Dante hissed as he dismissed his namesake sword. Vergil smirked and slashed a portal before hoisting the Devil Hunter over his shoulder effortlessly.

“Simple,” He replied. “We go home. Our mission is done. The Quilopoth is no more, it’s destroyed. We can return home.”

“Verge….I…don’t…feel….so….good.” Dante whispered before passing out. Vergil held the Devil Hunter tighter before walking through the portal.


Snow-flakes, a night sky, and snow-filled streets greeted Vergil’s visage when he walked through the portal and along the street to Devil May Cry. Christmas decorations clued the Dark Slayer as to what time of year it was. Christmas Eve…

As he made his way to the office, he felt something was amiss. He slowly opened the doors and immediately set Dante carefully down on the couch before doing a double take and seeing Nero passed out. He easily picked up his son and set him on the other couch. What is going on here? Vergil thought as he examined both. Their temperatures were normal, but they were sweating as if they had fevers, but something told him to tend to Dante first. Without question, he picked up the older Devil Hunter and immediately took him upstairs to the master bedroom, set him down carefully onto the bed before returning and gathering Nero, placing him into his own room before settling down in the armchair that was next to the door in Nero’s bedroom. He didn’t mean to fall asleep, but he did.


Nero opened his eyes slowly and groaned as he tried to look away from the sunlight. His bed felt huge, and his clothes were baggy. His hair was in his face and he felt small. As he went to rub his eyes, he stopped when he saw that he had smaller hands…a child’s hands! He looked down at himself and shrieked, rousing his father awake.

“WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ME?!?!” Nero cried in a squeaky voice. “I’m a kid!!!”

“What on Earth...? Oh Child….what….how are you….”

“Father! When did you come back?! Is the Old Man with you?”

“We returned not too long ago. Last night in fact.” Vergil said as he rose to his feet. “Now that you've mentioned it Child, let us go check on him, shall we?” Nero nodded and climbed onto his father’s back, hugging his neck firmly as the elder walked on to Dante’s room and eased the door open. The sight before them was a complete shock. There before them, standing at a mirror, was a beautiful woman that was Dante’s height, with long silky white hair, and a strong yet graceful body. Vergil didn’t mean to stare but he couldn’t resist appreciating the beauty before him.

“Father, you’re staring.” Nero whispered. Vergil shook his head clear and cleared his throat. The woman slowly turned and blinked. Both father and son gaped. The woman before them was Dante!

“Ok,” The woman said in a firm but calm voice. “I’m going to ask this once, then I’m going to get wasted. WHY THE HELL AM I A DAME AND NERO’S A KID?!”

“Dante….” Nero began with a gulp. “It was my fault…”

“How so Child?”

“I wished for this.” Nero admitted. “I wanted a Christmas…. with a father and a mother….”

“Kid, you….wished for….” The woman began as she carefully approached and ruffled Nero’s hair. “Oh Kid…really?”

“Yea, but I didn’t expect you to be a stone cold fox….I mean…..” Nero chirped as he blushed. Vergil chuckled but silently agreed with his now 8-year-old son.  The now female Dante was a warrior goddess who was begging to be worshipped. And I am so willing to devote myself to her….Vergil thought with a blush. He looked at the now child version of his son and thought. There are so many questions. I must research this at once.

“Father, it’s Christmas Day, what do we do now?” Nero asked.

“Well, the first thing would be to have decent attire for the both of you.” Vergil said. “And enroll you, into school.”

“SCHOOL?!?” Nero cried out while the now female Devil Hunter giggled. Vergil chuckled.

“Yes Child, you will be attending school. The Monday that happens after winter break.”

“But Father….”

“This is not negotiable Child.”

“Yes Father.” Nero said with a sigh. “But what about Fortuna? What about Devil May Cry?”

“We will handle them.” Vergil said. “Right now, there are bigger matters to tend to.” The now female Devil Hunter grinned and opened a drawer, pulling out a blue and red wrapped present.

“Here Kid, I did pack this away before the whole Tree of Evil fiasco started. I had it custom made for you.” Nero’s eyes widened and he motioned to be put down to accept his present, which he opened excitedly.

“Oh wow! It’s that tablet I’ve been eying!” He cried out as he pulled it out of the box before setting it down carefully and hugging the female Devil Hunter. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Kid.” The female Devil Hunter replied, hugging warmly in return. “Now go play while your father and I talk.”

“Ok!” Nero said as he scampered off to play with his new gift. As soon as he was out of earshot, the older devils looked at each other and the Hunter groaned.

“Verge, this,” The now female Dante said while gesturing to herself and Nero’s kid form.  “Is going to be one hell of an adjustment.”

“Yes, it is my dear,” Vergil agreed as he sat down in his armchair. “But we will prevail on this too.” The now female Dante laughed.

“Well, we can’t cry about it. Let’s do this.”

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Lady and Trish were not ready at what awaited them when they answered a frantic call for help from a kid whose voice sounded vaguely familiar. The voice also said to bring clothes for a woman and an 8-year-old boy and fast.

“Trish, didn’t that voice on the phone sound like Nero?” Lady questioned as she shopped through the kid clothes while Trish shopped the women’s clothes.

“It did.” She said with a soft chuckle. “I wonder who’s the woman?”

“Maybe Vergil?” Lady asked. “He was a bit…. bitchy.” Trish bit back her laugh at this but she had a hunch that Lady chose the wrong twin. She picked out a beautiful wine-red dress and set it aside. If I’m right, Dante would look amazing in this. She continued with the dark reds, black, slate, and smoky gray. Lady blinked at her choices. She watched as Trish went for the makeup and perfume then shoes. Both women had to bite back laughs as they went for the lingerie.

“Oh, did you get the lady razors?” Lady snickered.

“Yes, I got them.” Trish said with a chuckle as she picked up a few naughty lingerie pieces, one in deep red and another in deep blue with small red roses. There were even some 2-piece pajamas with dainty ballet slippers. For the child, blue and red boy pajamas with white tiger slippers. They didn’t forget toys. When all was done the ladies loaded the bags into the car and drove to Devil May Cry.


Nero was playing on his new tablet while the now female Devil Hunter was tending to herself, and Vergil was in the kitchen preparing a brief Christmas dinner as well as making note of what adjustments needed to be done to the place. When the ladies knocked on the door, Nero scampered over and managed to open the doors.

“Hi!” He greeted. “Thanks for coming!” Lady and Trish did a double take before cooing and bringing the bags inside.

“Nero?” Lady asked while blinking.

“Yea?” The child asked as he regarded her. Lady squealed and hugged him, causing him to yelp and having his father investigating.


“Put the Child down, Mary.” Vergil ordered sternly. Lady blinked before glaring at the elder.

“Don’t call me that, Vergil.” She hissed.

“Release my son.” The Demon King commanded coldly. Lady ruffled Nero’s hair before setting him down and showing him the bags that were meant for him. Nero was ready to search through but was stopped by the elder who took them and inspected the contents. He chose a pair of black pants, a blue shirt and the black boots. He also removed the blue and red winter jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat. He also took a pair of kid boxers, T-shirt and socks

“These are acceptable,” Vergil said as he led Nero to his room so he could get dressed but stopped as he remembered something important. “Ah, Trish, would you please assist Dante? She’s in her room and…” He blushed a bit. “She could use…..”

“Of course,” Trish said with a nod as she took the bags and with Lady in tow, went to help the Devil Hunter. Vergil shook his head while Nero giggled and the elder continued to help the child.


“Dante?” Trish called as she knocked on the door. “It’s us,” When they heard the lock click, they opened the door and blinked in awe at the beautiful woman who was in only a deep red robe.

“Thanks for coming girls.” She said as she graced them with a very familiar smile, confirming who it was. “Seems there’s a bit of a problem with my wardrobe.”

“Well, the Hunter gear will take some time, but we managed to get these.” Trish said as she showed the clothes. The female Devil Hunter looked through the undergarments and blinked in confusion.

“Oh right, you’re used to taking these off…” Lady began but stopped when she saw the other woman blush.

“Hey I never….”

“Really?! Not once?!” Lady asked. Dante shook her head and both women were floored.

“Well,” Trish said as she recovered first. “What you hold in your hand is a brasserie. It’s better known as a bra. It’s used to support our top assets.” Dante laughed before nodding and held up matching underwear.

“You know what those are right?” Lady asked with a smirk. Dante rolled her eyes and continued to look through the bags.

“Yea I’m not that far off.” Dante said and gasped when she saw the dress. She picked it up and smiled. “This I like.”

“Go on try it on and I’ll do your hair.” Trish said.

“And I’ll do your makeup.” Lady said. Dante nodded before gathering what she needed to get dressed. “If you need help let us know.”

“No, I won’t.” Dante called from the bathroom which had the ladies laughing.





Nero was done first and was helping his father by setting the table for them. He looked adorable and the women were ready to scoop him up again but stopped when Vergil growled.

“Why are you two here?”

“Dante kicked us out.” Lady said. Vergil chuckled at this before continuing his chore. He was about to say something when they all heard footsteps on the stairs. Nero dashed over and gasped before smiling. Standing on the stairs, dressed in the wine-red dress, with matching wine-red heels, was the female Devil Hunter. Her long white hair was half up and half down, held with a silver and garnet barrette. She looked enchanting.

“Wow….” Nero began. “May I?”

“Yes, you may Kid.” Dante grinned as she allowed Nero to escort her down the stairs and to the kitchen.

“It’s about time you came down,” Vergil began, “I was about to send….Oh my!” He stopped dead when he beheld her. He didn’t mean to stare nor to blush, but he did both and his heart pounded in his ears. His throat went dry, and he was frozen. His now twin sister was beautiful beyond words. I’m falling in love…

“Verge,” Dante whispered softly. This made the elder purr. He was smitten.


“The roast is done.” Dante giggled. The elder yelped and went to save their dinner. Nero laughed and helped his newfound ‘aunt’ into her seat.  He had a feeling that things were never going to be the same.

“So, Nero,” Lady began as Nero was helped into his seat thanks to Dante’s telekinesis. “How did this happen?”

“I made a wish and I ended up like this and Dante…well you can see what happened.”

“Is there a way to reverse it?” Trish asked.

“That will take time to look into.” Vergil said, deep in thought. “All we can do for the time being, is to adjust.”

“Well check it out, you can so pull off an undercover bit.” Lady said. “But Vergil you’ll have to dress in red until all is in the clear.”

“Wait what?” Dante asked.

“Dante, you can’t go as you were.” Trish said. “You’re a woman now. You’re a strong one but demons would be on you quicker than you can blink.” Vergil nodded in agreement. In her new state, Dante would be sought after by every available Alpha. And that didn’t sit well with the Demon King one bit, he already saw her as his.  Soon, you will be my Queen…Vergil thought with a hidden smirk. I will win your heart; you have already won mine…. Nero grinned as he tried to sneak a cookie.

“Nero, you know better than that.” Dante chided. “Dinner first.” Nero blinked then put the cookie back. He hung his head to hide a smile.

Yes Mother….


When Nero finally went to sleep, Dante began to seethe. She wasn’t ready to step down just yet because of the changes in circumstances.

“Dante, you have to understand things have changed…” Trish said.

“Look Trish I am not going to sit pretty just because I’m now a woman.”

“You’re not just a woman.” Lady said. “You’re now Daughter of Sparda. Demons from far and wide would kill for such a prize.”

“Precisely.” Vergil said, now dressed in the Devil Hunter’s gear and putting his hair down. The women were wide eyed at how identical the elder looked to the former younger son. Except two things.

“The amulet…” Trish said.

“Well that he can’t have.” Dante said. “I absorbed both halves when I absorbed the Sparda sword.”

“That may be,” Vergil said but waved his hand and an exact copy appeared. “But no one can really tell the difference.”

“Wow you really can’t.” Trish said. “Until you trigger that is. And your hair.

Lady looked at them and nodded. "Trish is right, Vergil's hair is grey."

“She’s right Verge.” Dante said. While Dante's hair was snow-white Vergil's hair was grey thanks to his split. It was a slight difference. Vergil smirked.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said, easily slipping into the former’s persona. Dante couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s scary.” She said with a shake of her head. “I’m going to check on the baby.” Vergil and the others blinked.

“The ‘baby?’” Trish asked with a chuckle. Dante stopped and blinked.

“The Kid.” She said as she cleared her throat. “You know what I meant!”

“Sure Dante, sure.” Lady teased. The irrate woman rolled her eyes and went up the stairs while Vergil sat at the desk.

“That is another thing that will need to be changed.”

“What?” Lady asked.

“Her name.” Vergil said. “She can’t go around as ‘Dante.’”

“That’s true.” Trish said. “And the alias will have to change a bit.”

“What is Dante’s alias?”

“Anthony ‘Tony’ Redgrave.”

“That’s an easy change.” Vergil said. “Anthony can be easily changed to Antonia. Tony would change by one letter.”

“Right, spelling would be Toni.”

“Correct.” Vergil said. “I’m trying to think of a name….”

“Sorry guys,” Dante said as she came downstairs and looked in the bookshelf, picking up ‘Gift of the Magi’ “Nero wanted a story.”

“May I see that?” Vergil asked, an idea hitting him. Dante nodded and handed the book over. He remembered this book. He flipped it open and nodded.

“Dante, you need a new name.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Della*.” Vergil said. Dante blinked and thought.

“Well, that’s actually not a bad idea.” Dante agreed as she took the book back. “Now excuse me I have to read Nero his story.”

“I’ll be up shortly.” Vergil said. When the phone rang Dante smirked.

“No, you won’t.” She said matter of factly.  “You have work.” Vergil blinked but went to answer the phone, remembering to stick to the proper tonality.

“Devil May Cry?”

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“Mr. Dante?” Kyrie asked in surprise. “Welcome Home and Merry Christmas! Is Nero there?”

“He’s asleep.” Vergil answered carefully. He recalled what was mentioned about her and, in his opinion, he wasn’t too thrilled with her.

“Oh, poor Nero, he probably had too many missions and decided to sleep in. Can you wish him Merry Christmas for us?”

“Of course, I can. Merry Christmas to you as well. Goodnight.” Vergil said before hanging the phone up. He was about sigh when the phone rang again. He immediately picked it up and he immediately regretted it.

“DANTE!!!! YOU HAVE TO COME TO MY PARTY!!!” Patty howled over the loud Christmas music and noise.

“I’m sorry I have to wait for Morrison. He said he had a mission for me.”

“I’m going to give him a piece of my mind!” Patty huffed. “IT’S NOT FAIR YOU CAN’T COME!”

“A pity. Well, I must go. Goodnight.” He hung up the phone and groaned. How did Dante handle that one?  He was about to get to his feet when the phone rang a third time! Oh, by Hell’s Fire!

“Devil May Cry?”

“Dante, my friend, I hate to be calling at this time but there’s no choice…. HEY when did you get back?”

“Last night.” Vergil said, biting back a laugh that even Morrison was fooled.

“So, what’s Hell like?”

“I wouldn’t want a timeshare.” Vergil joked. Morrison laughed.

“I forgot you’re a twin!” Morrison said. “It’s good to hear from you, V.”

“Wait how did you know?” Vergil asked.

“Simple, Dante never fully understood about financial terms.” Morrison said. “Where is he?”

“You mean she.” Vergil corrected. “It’s better for you to see for yourself.”

“Alright, I’ll stop by the office tomorrow. In the meantime, I do have an S rank mission for you. Are you interested?”


“Great, take note because I’m only saying it once.” Morrison said. Vergil chuckled as he pulled out the ledger, flipped to a new page and tapped the pen.

“Begin when ready.” Vergil said.



After taking the details of the mission, Vergil crept upstairs to Nero’s bedroom and smiled at the sight before him. There on the bed were Nero and the female Devil Hunter, fast asleep. Della had her arms around Nero, and he had a peaceful smile on his little face. Vergil knelt down and ruffled Nero’s hair. The child opened sleepy royal blues.

“Father?” Nero whispered. Vergil motioned for silence.

“I have a mission. You two remain here. I should be back before you both wake.” Nero nodded sleepily and curled up. Vergil rose to his feet but was stopped by a sleepy voice.

“Take…Luce…and Ombra….in the safe…behind the desk.” Came the voice. “Combination’s our birthdays….Yours first….” Vergil turned to see crystal blues looking at him through long lashes and a sleepy smile.

“Best watch your ass and come back home in one piece you hear?” Della said with smirk. Vergil chuckled and kissed her on the forehead.

“I will.”

“Then get going and take Cavaliere.” She suggested. Vergil nodded and gently closed the door to his sleeping ones.

As she said, their father’s guns, Luce and Ombra, were in their box in the safe and Vergil admired them. He wasn’t one for guns but since he had to go undercover, he allowed it. He holstered them after checking them over and closed the safe up. He was about to summon the Mirage Edge but went for Alastor, placing it onto his back. He then went outside and climbed onto Cavaliere.


The mission took him to familiar grounds. Vergil looked it over and growled. Even though the Devil Tower was in ruins, he still felt a demonic presence. This cannot be…. Didn’t she kill him? And who are these two I feel? One I can reason with, let me go after him first. Vergil revved up the Devil Bike and rode in, crashing through the heavy doors. As memories flashed through Vergil knew that there was another test to be passed. This time, I will not be foolish… He had made many mistakes, but he wised up in the process, gained a family and the power he sought. His greatest triumph was not the power, but his family and regaining his sense of self.  Now he understood what his father had preached to them when they were younger. He chuckled as he remembered Dante and Nero saying the same. All it took was my being split to really see what I had missed, to understand and to see what I didn’t….


He skidded to a halt when he saw a demon in black and gold, wielding a wicked looking Claymore in his path.

“Who are you?” The demon asked. “You may dress like Dante, may look like him, but your scent and aura are not his.”

“How astute of you.” Vergil smirked as he aimed Ombra at the demon. The demon flapped his wings then lunged. Vergil launched blue violet energy swords and judgement cuts. The demon dodged then took a knee.

“I yield.” He said as he placed his sword down. Vergil lowered Ombra and nodded.

“My name is Asmodeus.” The demon swordsman said. “I was apprenticed alongside my older brother under your father.”

“I’ve heard of you both.” Vergil said as he holstered Ombra. “Why are you here?”

“I came to try and reason with my brother but he’s aiding someone named Arkham.” Vergil groaned and sat back on the Devil Bike. Can’t that fool stay dead?

“I see…then will you assist me?”

“Will you grant me your name first?”

“My name is Vergil.” Vergil answered. Asmodeus gasped and bowed his head.

“My King….” He whispered fearfully. Vergil rolled his eyes and cursed himself for eating the fruit.

“Rise,” He commanded. Asmodeus immediately got to his feet and grabbed his sword. “We don’t have time to waste, and we have to find out what those fools are up to.”

“Yes Sire.” Asmodeus said, taking to the air immediately while Vergil revved up Cavaliere and continued to ride, dark tricking and teleporting when it was needed. He could’ve easily triggered and flew up, but he wanted to try something a bit different. If my hunch is right, this is just going to be worse than two fools trying to break a seal. I have a feeling what they’re doing, is only the beginning….

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Della opened her eyes and gasped as she processed all she saw and heard. Aside from being telekinetic, she was able to see what Vergil saw, hear what he heard. She immediately woke up and tapped Nero on the shoulder.

“Kid, come on, let’s gear up.” Della whispered. “Why should your father have all the fun?”

“But he told us to stay here…”

“Sorry Kid, I’m not like your grandmother.” Della said as she braided her long white hair and dressed in a red close fitting tank top which pushed up and supported her bust and black closing fitting pants with black boots. She armed herself with Ebony and Ivory, Ifrit and Devil Sword Dante.  She also dressed Nero in blue, black and red. When he tried to go for Blue Rose, Della tsked teasingly.

“Can’t have that sweetie.”

“Aww why?!”

“You’re little.”

“But didn’t grandfather train you and father with weapons?”

“Damn it I was hoping you wouldn’t remember that one.” Della laughed.

“Nice try.” Nero giggled as he tried to holster Blue Rose but failed. “Oh, come on!”

“Told you you’re too little.” Della said and holstered Blue Rose onto her thigh as Nero would. “I’ll help you out.” She even took Red Queen and holstered it to her back. Nero grinned then pouted.

“What am I going to hold?”

“Your tablet.” Della answered. “You have a map and all on it. We can even track your father.”

“Really?!?” Nero chirped. “Cool!”

“Hold yer shorts Mama!” Nico hollered as she came through the doors with Lady and Trish. She held two zipper bags.

“Had te rush a bit but luckily Trish had yer measurements.” Nico said. “Wow, look at ye Mama….so purty…”

“Thank you, Nico.” Della said with a grin. “What you got there?”

“Behold te The Crimson Queen gear.” Nico said as she showed deep blood red and black Hunter’s gear. It was like her style as Dante but more elegant, light but durability built in and with two coat tails. Della laughed softly when she noticed the roses. Her boots were black with blood red trim.

“Those lil beauties work like Lucifer’s energy blades.” Nico explained. “And yer gear helps with weather, camouflage and boosts yer power.”

“’Crimson Queen?’” Della asked with a smirk. Nico smiled.

“It’s what yer are Mama.”

“And for Nero?”

“Ah, this is the Midnight Prince gear.” Nico said. Nero giggled and allowed Della to help him with his gear. “It’ll even boost the Devil Bringer’s power and strength.”

“Do you have the Devil Bringer Kid?” Della asked. Nero waited and the Devil Bringer was summoned. “Yep, you got it.”

“Let’s get going before there is nothing left for us.” Nero chittered excitedly. Della laughed, thanked Nico and after helping Nero onto her back, Della Sin Triggered and flew toward the ruins of the Devil Tower.

“What is that thing?” Nero asked.

“That’s the Devil Tower,” Della explained. “It was once a bridge between the Human World and the Demon World. Your grandfather sealed it and a portion of his power long ago.”

“Looks like someone is trying to break in.”

“Yes, but the questions are who and why?”

“Look, I see Father!” Nero pointed. “Who’s that dude with him?” Della looked down and indeed she did see Vergil and a familiar looking demon fighting back-to-back against a wave of reapers.

“Shall we help them?” Della asked. Nero looked at her and grinned before letting go and triggering. Della crooned at the sheer cuteness of the Devil Child.

“Don’t aww me,” Nero huffed. “Come on!” Della laughed but followed the little devil downward into a power-dive.


The demons looked up but didn’t have time to react as red energy swords and blue energy crescents sliced them all down and making a clear path for the Red Sin to land. Asmodeus went on the attack but was stopped by an invisible force.

“What is this?!”

“Hello Modeus.”


“Name’s Della now.” The woman said with a smirk. “Nero, come on down Kid.” Asmodeus blinked when he saw the blue and red Devil Child with long white hair and feathered horns. He couldn’t help but coo. The Devil Child landed in Della’s arms and chittered. Vergil couldn’t help but chuckle, even though he was upset that they had disobeyed him.

“Did we miss the party?”

“Not at all my dear, you’re right on time.”

“So, what’s the story?”

“Same old dance, two fools are trying to break the seal and unleash Hell onto this world.”

“Oh great, asses to kick. Whose asses exactly?”

“My brother’s and some fool named Arkham.”

“Are you serious?”

“Very much so.”

“Oh great,” Della said. “Well, we best get on with it before…. Verge stop staring!”

“Was I staring?” The elder asked with a smirk, taking Nero into his arms. Della laughed and walked on ahead. Unbeknown to her, the two adult demons were looking at her appreciatively. Nero grinned at his father and glared at the other.

“Can you stop looking at her please?” Nero chittered angrily. Asmodeus was about to say something when Vergil growled.

“Forgive me my liege.”

“Let’s continue on.” Vergil said. Nero smiled at his father and stuck his tongue out at the other demon.


“So, this Tower,” Nero said as he climbed onto Della’s shoulders from his father’s. “Grandfather was here?”

“Yes, he was,” Della said. “Kid, are you hungry?”

“A bit.” Nero admitted. Della stopped and showed Nero a lunch bag.

“While you were getting ready, I packed this for you.” She said gently. Nero smiled and began to eat. Della ruffled the child’s hair and Vergil had to smile when he watched Nero split his apple in half and gave her half.

“You eat too.” Nero said firmly. Della smiled, thanked Nero, and ate the half. Asmodeus looked at them and had to smile. They were a family and yet they were unaware of it.

“Sire, what do you plan to do?” He asked the elder, feeling sorry for taking the other’s attention away.

“After this you mean?” Vergil asked.


“I intend to atone for my greatest mistake.” Vergil said as he looked at them. “We all make mistakes but it’s a rare privilege to get that second chance.”

“You are quite right.” Asmodeus said. “Treasure and cherish them my liege. They are more than worth it. I can tell that you love them.”

“Yes, I know that now.” Vergil said. “And I was foolish to not see it sooner.”

“Better late than never my liege.” Asmodeus said as he looked at the woman and child. “Your father knew that.”

“Yes, he did.” Vergil said tenderly as he looked at the two. And I intend to make things right…

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After eating, resting and making sure all were ready to go, the three adult devils and one Devil Child continued their climb up the tower. Nero was excited to be kicking demon ass, but he was getting drowsy. Damned kid body…. He yawned and blinked. A demon tried to get to him, but Della scooped up the Devil Child and shot the demon in the face!

“Damn!” Asmodeus swore. Vergil chuckled and assisted with the other demons that tried to jump the Devil Hunter. Della blinked then grinned.

“Thank you Verge!”

“You’re welcome now keep going!” The elder called. Della nodded and cradled Nero close, making sure no one got to him. They managed to catch a break at the stone room. It didn’t take Vergil and Asmodeus long to catch up with them.

“Verge, the higher we go, the more dangerous it becomes for Nero.” Della explained. “We’re already at the seal.”

“I can take him.” Asmodeus said.

“Modeus I don’t exactly trust you as far I can throw you.” Della said. “I can go.”

“No, my dear you won’t be leaving the tower.” Vergil said as he looked over his slumbering son. “But you are right that from here on out, it will be too dangerous for Nero.” This made Della seethe and she took the sleeping child.

“The HELL I’m not leaving!” She hissed, her eyes glowing red. Asmodeus gulped, and Vergil blinked. “You may not care, but I do. And I say, I’m making sure that NERO STAYS SAFE!” Vergil was floored at this at first then grinned. This display of maternal instinct pleased him.

“Very well my dear.” Vergil said as he rose to his feet. “You are correct of course.” He looked down at his slumbering son and ruffled his hair, emitting a sleepy chirp. Della crooned and held him close. When the two men turned and were about to leave, Della stopped the elder and held the Perfect Amulet.

“You’ll need this.” She said as she put it around his neck. Vergil nodded and hid it under his shirt and held her tight.

“Wait for me.” He whispered. Della smiled and nodded.

“You bet your ass I will. Now get going.” Vergil grinned and with a last look, he and Asmodeus made way to the seal room. As soon as the doors opened the two men went inside.

“Welcome to Hell!” Jester screeched. Vergil rolled his eyes and Asmodeus winced at the nasal voice. He blinked when saw that his brother was waiting on the side like a faithful guard dog.

“Baul! What are you doing?!”

“Brother, you should not be here.” The white clad Demon Lord said. Asmodeus shook his head.

“You shouldn’t be here. This goes against what the Master taught us, and you know it.” Asmodeus said sternly. Baul growled.

“Our Master gave you the power that was supposed to go to me!” Baul growled dangerously. Vergil slowly grew angrier. It was the same dance as he and Dante had. ‘Dad gave you what was meant to be mine!’ He recalled. I better stop this….

“Baul,” Asmodeus said with a groan. “It’s not even for me.” This made the men blink.

“What are you talking about?” Baul asked. “The Master entrusted you his power and me his strength….”

“Which you will have to give up.” Asmodeus said. “It wasn’t ours.”

“Then who does it belong to?” Baul asked. Vergil’s eyes widened when he realized what the younger was saying.  Their father had his apprentices hold onto power that was meant for him! Vergil stepped forward.

“It belongs to me.” Vergil said softly. Asmodeus turned and nodded.

“You’re correct, my liege.”

“Uh, did I miss a memo?”

“Yes, you did,” Asmodeus said. “This is the elder son of our Master.” Baul’s eyes widened, and he grew angrier.

“I’ve heard of you!” He said through clenched teeth. “The upstart who lost to Mundus and became his servant! Your father is rolling in his grave BOY!”

“Baul no!” Asmodeus pleaded. “He’s not that anymore. He’s…..”

“DEAD!!!” Baul roared as he tried to lunge at the elder. But he was stopped! “What is going on?!”

“Did you really think I’d let you kill him?” An amused woman laughed. Vergil grinned and turned to see a very stern Della.

“I thought you had gone my dear.” Vergil chuckled. Della smiled a bit but didn’t drop her focus.

“Oh, we were but Nero woke up and wanted to play. That boy is rambunctious.”

“How are you holding him?”

“Oh, one of my many talents.” Della said casually, waving her hand and having Baul smash into a wall! “Telekinesis.”

“Oh, that’s fun.” Vergil laughed. Della giggled but stopped when she heard a happy chitter.

“Ah, there he is." Della pointed to a happy Devil Child who was tackling a few rogue demons. Vergil chuckled a bit before emitting a low soft growl. The Devil Child looked up and chirped before dashing over, hugging Della tight. Asmodeus laughed.


“He’s yours?” Baul asked. Vergil growled and took a stance, unsheathing Yamato.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Too late…I did.” The Demon Lord cried as he went for the Devil Child. Or tried to….

“Put me down!!!!!” Baul roared as he was held up off the ground. Nero chittered and giggled.

“Do I look stupid?” Della asked. Baul blinked as he recognized the woman….

“DANTE?!?!? YOU WHELP!!!!!” He bellowed. Nero and Vergil glared at the Demon Lord.

“WATCH YOUR TONGUE OR I’LL RIP IT OUT!” Vergil roared, partially triggering. Baul gulped and Nero meeped, hiding in Della’s shoulder.

“MOTHER!!!” He cried, hugging tight. Della looked pointedly at Vergil, who had the grace to grin sheepishly, before turning to the upset Devil Child, crooning softly. Asmodeus smiled but stood in front of the woman and child protectively. Vergil was more than eager to tear Baul limb for limb.

“Why are you trying to break the seal?”

“The power….”

“Same old dance Verge, you called it!”

“And we will raise Master Mundus…..”

“That’s impossible I sealed his ass personally.” Della said.

“That was only one of his many gateways.” Baul said. “His main one, is right here.” The older devils looked at each other. Vergil’s face hardened at this revelation.

“Della,” He began steely. “You and Nero go back,”

“Vergil….” Della pleaded. Vergil saw the terror in her eyes and held her close.

“Don’t worry, I will not make the same mistake.”


“I promise.”

“You break it, I’ll break your ass.” Della growled. Vergil chuckled and before he lost his nerve, kissed her, pouring all he felt, pulling away slowly. Nero chittered and giggled. The two smiled and blushed.



“Deal with your brother but the fool is mine!” Vergil said as he glared at Jester. “Della, go.” Della nodded and climbed onto Cavaliere with Nero.

“Wheeee!” Nero squealed as Della revved up the Devil Bike and rode off, triggering to Sin and riding down.

“Sire, if you don’t marry her….”

“Don’t even think about it…” Vergil smirked, not tearing his gaze off after the departed Devil Hunter. “Let’s begin.”

Chapter Text



 The younger Demon Lord clashed swords with his older brother. Vergil had his own hands full with the power-hungry murderer with a personality issue.

“Something is very different about you.” Jester noted as he dodged another blow from the Demon King. “You’re not exactly the same as you were in your youth….”

“That is none of your concern,” Vergil said coldly, “You will not trick me as you did before.”

“You wanted it as much as I…. you even murdered your own twin….in cold blood.” Jester sneered. “We are the same….”

“Yes, I sinned,” Vergil said as he dodged Jester’s energy orbs. “Yes, I murdered and made many mistakes but unlike you….” He dark tricked and grabbed Jester by the throat. “I’ve learned remorse, I’ve realized the error of my ways. And I am willing….to atone for them.” He slashed a portal to the Underworld and threw Jester in. With a satisfied nod, Vergil ran to assist the younger Demon Lord.


“Why was he granted this?!” Baul bellowed as he clashed swords with Asmodeus. “We served our Master faithfully.”

“Baul it is not for us to question our master’s will.” Asmodeus said as he defended himself. “He knew that one of his children would fall from grace and rise up to become worthy to rule.”

“And HE is?”

“Yes, he is.” Asmodeus said. “And I pledge my sword to him and to his family. I still serve our Master.”

“You are a FOOL!!!” Baul thundered. “We were wrong to serve…..” He groaned when his body was racked with pain before he dropped to the ground. Asmodeus jumped back as his brother’s body seized and shuddered. He watched as purple aura bled out of him and form an orb. Asmodeus saw how frail his brother became after the aura completely left his body. His hair was brittle, and he was ashen. His muscles were near atrophied, and his hands shook violently.

“What happened to me?” Baul asked in a frail voice. Asmodeus was about to answer when Vergil arrived.

“It seems you have the matter under control.” The elder said as he looked at the two. “What happened to him?”

“My liege, what made my brother so strong was the power that your father bestowed on him.”

“But now?”

“Our master, your father didn’t take kind to treachery.” Asmodeus said. “By going against our master’s teachings, the power left him. It wasn’t for us to use the power we were bestowed. It took me a while to understand that.”

“So was I right to…”

“Yes Sire you were.” Asmodeus said. “Another power your late father had was seeing the future.”

“The third eye….”

“Exactly.” Asmodeus said. “He foresaw your fall from grace Sire.”

“And all my mistakes….”

“He wasn’t going to voice them to you.” Asmodeus said, “Some things are best for oneself to learn.”

“And what power did he grant you?”

“My power works with the Sparda sword….”

“That is gone.”

“Gone?” Asmodeus asked. “How?”

“Della, she absorbed it, along with the Rebellion sword into her body….”

“That is a rarity.” Asmodeus said with amazement. “Well, the power I have then is for her. The power that my brother had, belongs to you.” Vergil held a handout, and the orb immediately flew over and was absorbed. Vergil grunted from pain for just a moment, taking a knee before settling down and rising to his feet. Asmodeus already saw the difference. He was taller, broader and there was a hint of blue violet in his eyes.

“My liege,”

“I’m fine Asmodeus.” Vergil said when he regarded the Demon Lord. “We don’t have a lot of time. Our defeating them was too easy.”

“I agree.” Asmodeus said. “Why….” Before he could finish the question, the ground rumbled, and the devils were startled. When they saw the three eyed, both swore. Asmodeus walked over to his now frail brother and grabbed his shoulders.

“WHAT DID YOU DO!?” He yelled. Baul whimpered from pain and Asmodeus released him.

“I….we managed to break the seal before you arrived.” He simpered. “I managed to save some of Dante’s blood while Arkham had some of yours….”

“You….why would you do this?!!”

“To be rewarded for restoring Master Mundus.” Baul said gleefully. “He will rise again!”

“What is wrong with you?!” Asmodeus cried.

“I don’t need Sparda’s power.” Baul said with a scoff. “Master Mundus will grant me power as a reward, and I will destroy….”

“You will do no such thing.” Vergil said icily. “You betrayed my father…”

“So have you,” Baul said with a sneer. “You cannot preach to me.”

“I may not be able to, but Della can.”

“Your upstart of a twin barely defeated me….” Baul began but the words died in his throat when Vergil glared at him and for a moment, he saw his master.

“DON’T YOU DARE…..” Vergil warned. “SPEAK ILL OF HER…..”

“What is she to you?” Baul asked. “She is nothing…..”

“SHE IS EVERYTHING TO ME!” Vergil roared angrily. “Watch what you say, or I will tear you to shreds.”

“And I won’t stop him.” Asmodeus said wryly.

“Answer me correctly and I’ll allow you to live.” Vergil said. “What exactly did you do with the blood?!”

“Oh, you mean aside from breaking the blood sigil?” Baul asked with crazed glee. “Your blood was used in a resurrection ritual.”

“Are you telling me,” Asmodeus began. “You brought the Demon Prince up with the blood of his enemy?”

“Would that work?” Vergil asked.

“If there was enough dark power, yes.” Asmodeus said. “And this tower is full of it.”

“Of course, this was his tower, housed the Seven Sins….” Baul giggled. “So, when the blood moon rises and the sky is red, the Master will rise and walk the Earth!” He giggled manically.

“Asmodeus, take him!” Vergil ordered. The Demon Lord grabbed his brother and bound him. “We have to stop him from rising…..” The trio turned when they heard rumbling laughter and the bells of hell rang.

“It’s too late.” Baul cackled. “The Master is here!” Asmodeus and Vergil looked at the inky, shadowy, grotesque ruined statue like demon. Vergil knew who this was. The very stench was unmistakable.


Chapter Text

While Baul cackled and laughed manically, Mundus continued to rise to his full height and unfurled his white wing. Even though he had served Mundus for almost a decade, he couldn’t understand why the Demon Prince only had one wing.

“Oh, that’s easy,” Asmodeus said trying to keep a straight face. “In the battle, your father cut the other wing off.” Vergil blinked before biting back a laugh. He couldn’t wait to tell this one to Della and Nero. That sounds like something Father would do. Vergil thought with a soft chuckle. Well, I intend to take the other one!

“Again, I live!” Mundus shouted. Baul tried to fight against his bonds to gain his master’s attention. Asmodeus held him fast. Vergil just stood there like Mundus’ coming was a visit from a pesky neighbor. This annoyed the other demon, for he loved being the center of attention.

“Dante,” Mundus hissed as he regarded Vergil. “I swore that I would return…..”

“Dante?” Vergil asked then chuckling as he looked himself over. I completely forgot I’m dressed this way…. Very well I’ll play along. “Yea, I remember and it’s a good thing too, it’ll give me another chance to kick your ass.”

“You’re as insolent as your father!” Mundus rumbled. “I SHALL DESTROY YOU!!!!” When he tried to land a blow of energy javelins, Vergil erected a forcefield and the javelins rebounded back, piercing the Demon Prince. Mundus blinked as he realized who was in red.

“Vergil….” He hissed. “I see that you have managed to restore yourself.” Vergil allowed himself a smirk, hidden by his bangs. Mundus chortled. “This is good, for I will have the pleasure of breaking you again.” Vergil was about to respond when twin bangs of hand-cannons rang and there was a huge hole in the head of the statue. Mundus roared and the two swordsmen blinked and looked up. There sitting cross-legged calmly on the statue’s shoulder, holding a smoking Ivory, was Della!

“I know you are NOT starting the party without me.” Della said with a slight pout. Vergil laughed and Asmodeus smiled.

“Della, my dear where is…?”

“He’s safe at home, even though he is not crazy about it.” Della said as she jumped down and landed gracefully in front of them.

“How did you convince him?”

“Oh, I said that you’d spar him until he drops.” Della said with a laugh. Vergil couldn’t help but join her. Della pulled what their father had! Mundus blinked.

“Who is this?!”  Mundus roared. Della winced then shook her head clear.

“Wow you got screechy in your old age! I heard prunes help a lot.” Della snarked. Vergil yelped and Asmodeus snickered. Mundus grew even more angry.

“There is no way to mistake THAT MOUTH!!!!!” Mundus roared. “But you’re a woman! How is this possible?!”

“That’s my secret.” Della said. Vergil chuckled before composing himself. Mundus launched his tentacles at her, but Della dodged in time.

“Oh, so grabby.” She said with a smirk. “Nothing worse than a perverted demon trying to get a thrill.” Vergil grinned.  Oh, my dear, you are so right…. but you are MINE!!!

“Verge, I think he needs to learn the hard way.” Della said as she held Devil Sword out. Vergil smirked as he unsheathed Yamato and lightly clashed their blades before charging with her. Mundus tried to grab them, but they used Trickster Style and Dark Trick respectively. Energy swords, bullets and slashes were delivered. Mundus tried every trick, but the devils were able to dodge and counter every move. Baul broke away from Asmodeus’s bonds and scurried to the battlefield with the younger after him.

“MASTER GET THE WOMAN!!!!” He yelled. “HE WILL FALL!” Mundus heard this and rounded on Della!

“OH shit!” Della whistled as she dodged his hands then javelins. Mundus even managed to summon up Death Scissors, Blitzes and Reapers. Vergil growled as he saw they went for Della as well. I don’t think so…. He immediately armed Beowulf and waited until Della dashed by him before lunging up.

“HELL ON EARTH!!!!” Vergil roared, as his fist went through the ground and causing an explosion. Della blinked at the crater that was left and whistled.

“Damn…. had to go all out huh Babe?”

“Always my dear.” Vergil said with a grin. Della couldn’t help but laugh.

“Always have to have the flair.”

“Oh ho, look who’s talking.”

“You know you love me.” Della teased, dancing playfully around the elder. Vergil chuckled darkly before catching her by the waist and pulled her close.

“Even when you’re a thorn in my side, yes I do love you.”

“You’re no cake walk either pal!” Della teased as she ruffled his hair, causing him to huff a bit before slicking his hair back.

“Let us finish this and go home. We have a Devil Child to return to.”

“He’s going to be so upset he missed this….”

“No, I’m not!” A voice chirped up from Cavaliere. The two older devils blinked and looked. There, chipper and in Devil Trigger; was Nero!

“Kid, what are you doing here? You were at home….”

“I snuck out.” Nero said. Vergil growled softly.

“You disobeyed your mother?!” He asked, not realizing his slip up in reference. Nero and Della blinked before Nero grinned widely.

“Yep, I did!”

“I will deal with you at home. Right now,” He turned to face the enraged Demon Prince. “We have bigger fish to fry.”

“Had to go there with the fish, didn’t you?” Della groaned. Nero blinked while Vergil chuckled as he remembered.

“Oh, sorry my dear.”

“I’ll get you later Verge.” Della promised. Vergil smiled while Nero giggled and chittered.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

“Speaking of holding…” Della teased as she lightly tapped his arms. Vergil looked down and chuckled before letting go. The three looked at the raging monstrosity then nodded.

“He looks like a big booger.” Nero said with a grimace. Della laughed and pulled Nero away from a tentacle before shooting it.

“Mind the tentacles Kid!” Della warned.

“Look out!” Nero yelped as he pushed Della away as the ground gave way, separating them from Vergil. Vergil turned and growled.

“I see why you did this.”

“I understand you are now the reigning King of the Underworld.” Mundus said. “I intend to take it.”

“This time,” Vergil said as he took a stance. “You will fall.”

Chapter Text



Della and Nero watched as Vergil stood his ground against the ‘Booger King’ (as Nero dubbed him) and both were itching to help. They could have easily flown over the chasm, but something told them to stay put.

“You robbed me of my family.” Vergil growled, his eyes slowly bleeding blue as he slowly slipped into Sin mode. “Tore out my heart, broke me, and imprisoned me for nine years, having me doing your bidding….NOW, THE TIME HAS COME FOR ME TO FINISH WHAT I STARTED!” With that said he spread his wings and roared. “PREPARE TO DIE!”

Della blinked and grabbed an angrily chittering Nero who was still in Devil Trigger and tried to fly over to help his father fight.

“No Kid,”


“No,” Della said sternly. “I want to kick his ass too, but this is not our fight.

“But Father needs help!” Nero urged. Della turned to see Baul trying to land a cheap shot on the elder but breathed a sigh of relief when she also saw Asmodeus grab the frail pain in the ass and thrust his sword into his chest. Baul gurgled on his own blood as he died and crumpled at the Demon Lord’s feet.  Della nodded and Asmodeus bowed his head in respect to her before taking his brother’s body away. Nero blinked then looked at the female Devil Hunter.

“I think we should really help Father.” Nero said again. Della sighed again before smiling. Just like his father….A one track mind! When Nero saw Della unholstered Blue Rose and handed it over to Nero, the Devil Child grinned.

“You’re right Kid,” Della said with a grin as she unholstered Ebony and Ivory. “Since when do we follow the rules? Let’s rock!” Nero chirped and eagerly followed his newfound mother.


Vergil and Mundus were locked in battle and Vergil was winning while Mundus was slowly weakening.

“What, is my power failing?” The Demon Prince hissed. “Those fools!!!”

“Looks like someone’s out of gas.” Della teased. Vergil blinked before chuckling darkly.

“His powers are not as complete as he believed.” Vergil said as he watched Mundus steadily lose his form, becoming more blob-like.

“Ewww!” Nero cried as he clambered onto Della’s shoulder. “Definitely Booger King.”

“I like that Kid.” Della laughed heartily. “It fits! Need a tissue?”

“What am I going to do with you two?” Vergil laughed, despite his disapproval that they had disobeyed him again.

“Just love us Babe.” Della said. “But first, let’s take care of this booger problem.” Before Vergil could ask what she had in mind, Della focused and immediately, Father and Son had to blink. Crimson waves of power crackled and, in her place, in black and red, in a Female version of the Legendary Dark Knight’s armor (Minus the hooves, horns, and insect wings, which were replaced by majestic demonic wings and blood red and black heeled boots) complete with the Perfect Amulet around her neck and a blood red scythe with black which sizzled with crimson red power. She was in Legendary Dark Knight Queen Sin Mode and Vergil couldn’t help but shiver and be in awe. Nero blinked.

“That…is AWESOME!!!” Nero cried. Vergil looked to the eager Devil Child and smirked.

“Shall we assist her?” The Demon King asked with an amused chuckle. Nero grinned toothily.

“Let’s.” The Devil Child chirped. Both Triggered again and flanked either side of her. Mundus’ roar became a scream as the three Devils took him down, rendering him into ash and sealing him again. When all was silent the three de-triggered, Della’s clothes remained the same.

“Um, my dear, your armor is still…”

“Yea, it became my new gear it seems.” Della said with a shrug. “This is such a dead giveaway.”

“It suits you, my queen.” Asmodeus said respectfully. Della blinked. “Don’t look surprised. There is no way to mistake who you are.”

“Obviously I missed a memo.” Della said as she crossed her arms. “Oh man, I don’t want to be walking around in these.”

“Relax my dear,” Vergil instructed. “Your body is still battle ready.” Della nodded and calmed. Almost immediately her clothes changed again into the Crimson Queen Devil Hunter’s gear.

“Ah, much better.” Della sighed as she stretched. “That armor’s a killer.”

“Yes, it can be quite cumbersome.” Vergil agreed as he recalled the Nelo Angelo armor. “And a real pain in the neck.”

“Know what sounds great right now?” Della asked. Vergil grinned lecherously but Della yelped. “Pervert!”

“What?” Vergil asked innocently. Asmodeus snickered before composing himself Nero giggled and hovered between the two older devils before Della held Nero to her and walked to Cavaliere, set him down in front before revving the bike. She smirked at Vergil.

You,” She began teasingly. “Can walk.” Before Vergil could object, Della was off, leaving the men blinking.

“Was I just….” Vergil began and Asmodeus nodded.

“Yes, my liege, you were just left stranded and, in a manner, was ‘flipped the bird’ as the saying goes.”

“That woman is going to be the death of me.” Vergil groaned before triggering, with Asmodeus following suit and both heading back to Devil May Cry.


“Della!” Vergil called as soon as he landed and entered the office while Asmodeus departed after bidding the Demon King a good evening. “Woman! Where are you?”

“Will you shut up?” Della commanded at the top of the stairs. “I just set Nero down to bed.”

“What was the meaning of stranding me like that?” Vergil hissed. Della looked at him not even fazed.

“No one told you to be perverted…” Della teased. Vergil was about to scold but blinked before laughing richly before grabbing her and pulling her close.

“I have offended you.” Vergil said as he rested his head on top of hers. “How can I right this wrong?”

“You have to say it.”

“What? Jackpot?”

“Nope” Della said. “Four little words that hold so much meaning.” Vergil thought before smirking and pulling her close.

“All Hail The Queen.” Vergil proclaimed with a smile. Della smirked and pulled him close.

“You got that right.” Della said before their lips met in a tender kiss.

Chapter Text




The smell of Belgian Waffles and warm syrup had Nero waking up, throwing off his blanket and bounding out of bed, getting ready for the day. His favorite breakfast was about to fall prey to his father when he landed into his seat and ‘saved’ his precious waffles from sudden death.

“MINE!!!!” Nero growled at his father who chuckled and looked at the amused Della.

“You called it my dear.” Vergil chuckled as he watched Nero enjoy his beloved waffles. Della laughed and set down Vergil’s breakfast which to Nero’s surprise, had no waffles at all!

“I told you,” Della said as she set down his tea. “Never get between the Kid and his waffles.”

“So, I see,” Vergil chuckled before his eyes widened at Nero’s table manners as the Devil Child stuffed his mouth with as much waffle as he was able. “Nero, manners Child!”

“Sorry Father.” Nero mumbled around his food. Della laughed and set down a glass of milk for Nero before grabbing her coffee. Both Father and Son saw that she didn’t have a plate at all!

“Where’s your breakfast Mother?” Nero managed to ask.

“Kid I’m fine with this.” Della said. Vergil looked over and went to get a plate and silverware. Nero immediately put a waffle on the plate, with two of his bacon strips while Vergil put some scrambled eggs and some home fries and part of his melon half. Della bit back a sob when she saw the beautiful breakfast before her. “But….”

“Mother, eat.” Nero said firmly. Vergil looked at her and smirked. Della blinked but ate her breakfast. She was deeply touched by their gesture.

“Thank you, boys.” She whispered, hiding her tears. Vergil chuckled and gently wiped away her tears.

“You’re welcome my dear.” Vergil said. Nero got down from his seat and hugged her. Della smiled and hugged him warmly before placing him onto her lap.

“Well after breakfast, what should we do?”

“Well, how about we inspect our childhood home?” Vergil suggested. “Take note of the damages….”

“Verge, I saw the house, I was in it.” Della said sadly as she carded her fingers through Nero’s hair. “It was in ruins…”

“It can always be restored my dear.”

“Vergil, please….” Della pleaded, tears threatening to fall. Vergil saw the fear and horror in her eyes and face.

“Nero, will you give us a moment Child?”

“Yes Father.” Nero said solemnly as he grabbed his plate and milk to finish his breakfast at the desk while the older devils remained in the kitchen. He looked at her and gently took her hands in his.

“My dear, what happened….”

“Vergil, it was torture for me to even step inside that house, the longer I stood there, I heard…. mother’s screams, smelled the smoke, the blood, the burning flesh…..I was in a wardrobe, which she placed me into before going to find you. She died trying to find you…..” At this, Della broke down and Vergil got up from his seat and gathered her into his embrace as she cried. He felt terrible that he suggested they visit their childhood home. He planned to restore it and choose it for his nest with her and Nero. However, after hearing this, Vergil decided against it. So, he decided on the next best thing. The office was not a bad building but there wasn’t that much room. Plus, an office wasn’t exactly a ‘home’. As he inspected the office he did approve of the wards and measures that had been in place. He just wasn’t crazy about the ruined part of the street. He recalled how it became that way.

“Vergil?” Della called softly, running her hands along his back and up into his hair. Vergil looked down at her and raised an eyebrow, gaining a small smile. “Ok, it’s you, for a moment you looked like Father.”

“How is that?”

“You got the same crease where he had,” She lightly tapped between the eyes and Vergil gasped as a memory flashed.


Sparda Manor- Outside of Redgrave City

It began as the sky became red as blood. Vergil was in the playground, his head snapping towards the hisses and guttural growls of the demons. He immediately grabbed Yamato and ran to intercept them, but his eyes widened in horror as he watched as his home was set ablaze. He heard a scream and his name being called.

“MOTHER!!!!!!!” Vergil cried, dropping to his knees as his body went numb for a moment before rage boiled his blood. He cut through the throng of celebrating demons, not caring that blood and guts showered over him. He just wanted them destroyed. He grew even more angry when he didn’t feel Dante’s presence either. He was blinded by blood and rage, but he was grabbed and thrown onto an alter in the cemetery. Yamato was ripped from his grip and he was pinned down.

“Here,” The demon who held Yamato over his head. “Sparda’s lineage, will FALL!” He plunged the blade into Vergil’s chest and pierced his heart. Vergil died immediately. The demons crowed and were abut celebrate further until they heard a deep blood chilling growl, which steadily grew louder. They turned and at the alter was no longer a child’s corpse, but a very pissed off awakened devil!

“Power…...Give me more….POWER!” The devil growled before attacking, soon no one was standing. The new devil looked at the blazing home, gave an angered and anguished cry before leaving, swearing death and revenge with a thirst for power.



“Father?” Nero called. Della held the elder’s shoulders and gently shook him.

“Vergil?” She called in concern. The elder blinked and looked at them before holding them close.

“I am so sorry….” He whispered. Della and Nero blinked before hugging him back. “Forgive me….” Della and Nero crooned and chirped in comfort. This was enough for the Demon King. His heart was warmed and lighter that his family forgave him and loved him unconditionally. He felt safe, loved, and protected for the first time since childhood.

“So, what should we do?” Vergil asked as he rested his head atop of Della’s.

“Kid, do you have an idea?”

“Yea!” Nero perked up. “Let’s go to the aquarium!”

“That’s a great idea, you boys clear up the table and get ready. I’m going to start the car.”

“That death trap?!” Vergil cried as he remembered said car. “No way am I sitting in that….”

“Then we can use a certain heirloom.” Della smiled sweetly as she lightly tapped her nails on Yamato’s hilt. Vergil chuckled and nodded before handing it over to her. Della smiled and waited for father and son to clear up the breakfast dishes before heading out. Nero was almost bouncing from excitement. They were about to leave when the phone rang.

“Oh man!!!!” Nero groaned. Della sighed but answered the phone.

“Devil May Cry?”

“Dante…. sorry Della, you three best come to the ruins of your childhood home.” Trish said. “This is something I can’t say over the phone. Get here quickly.” Before Della could ask, Trish hung up the phone. Della sighed and slowly put Yamato onto the desk as she sank into her chair, face void of color.

“That was Trish,” Della said in a deadpan tone. “We have to go to the house after all.”

“Why my dear?” Vergil asked, concerned for the Huntress. 

“I think they found something….”

Chapter Text


The trio wasted no time in making their way to the ruined manor. Trish met up with them and she looked grim.

“Thank you three for coming.” She said, concern in her eyes. “Della, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’ll stay here with Nero.” Della said, holding Nero’s hand and staying put. Vergil nodded and kissed her softly.

“That’s fine, I’ll go first to see what this is about. If it’s a simple matter, we can leave here.”

“Yeah….” Della said shakily. Nero held her hand again in comfort and nodded to his father.

“Take care of your mother, Child.” Vergil said firmly. Nero nodded firmly and led Della away from the house and toward the park. Trish noticed the look in Vergil’s eyes as he watched them leave and allowed herself a small smile.  He loved them and she saw it.

“Vergil, follow me.” Trish said as she led him to the ruins. Lady, Nico, and Morrison were waiting but Vergil saw something covered behind them. Nico walked up to him, she also looked grim.

“V, ye sure you wanna see this?”

“Nicoletta, what is going on?”

“Is Cowgirl here?”

“Nero took her to the park.” Vergil said. “What is going on? What’s under that?”

“That’s why we called ye.” Nico said. “We just couldn’t say it ova te phone.” Vergil reached a handout and pulled off the sheet. What he saw had him jumping back in disbelief. There in a cryogenic like tank, was Sparda! The Dark Knight was perfectly preserved but he was in a deep coma.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!?” Vergil exploded, his composure out the window, shocking the group at his mannerism. “How….is he….?”

“Oh, he’s alive Demon Daddy.” Nico said as she showed the schematics. “He’s been under ere fer quite a while.”

“What’s quite a while.”

“Thirty-Six years.” Nico said. Vergil looked at the notes and charts. According to the charts and notes, Sparda went under to restore his severely depleted power. He was literally dying, and no one knew. Not even mother…..

“His power reserves were nearly drained completely.” Vergil said. “It almost cost him his life.”

“Vergil he was found under the house!” Lady said. “Seems he had a lab of some kind.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“But the lab is intact.” Trish said. “And his important books and trappings.”

“So that’s why he didn’t go up…..” Nico said. “He protected this place only.

“How do you think Della will take this?” Trish asked in concern. Out of the two, Della was affected the most from Sparda leaving, their mother’s death and the blaze. The reappearance of Sparda and to find out that he was within reach would set the Huntress into a rage.

“Why didn’t he protect the entire house?” Lady asked.

“Simple, he didn’t have the power to do so.” Vergil said as he looked up from the notes.

“Della is not going to like this.” Trish said. “We can’t just leave him out here in the open.”

“I’ll talk to her.” Vergil said. “I’m sure she may have an idea once she’s calmed down.”

“Demon Daddy,” Nico said with a bow of her head. “Good luck.”



Nero and Della were in the park playing when Nero discovered a carving on the green spring horse. He blinked and traced it. It was fine engraving, V and D.

“Mother look.” Nero called. Della came over and Nero showed the carving. Della traced it and smiled.

“I remember this.” She said gently. “Your father carved this, and we were here in the park. He loved this very spring horse. He used a sharp small rock to do this. I didn’t get to see this until the attendant screamed at our parents and Vergil got into trouble for it.”

Nero giggled before he picked up a rock and began to scratch, adding to the carving. An elegant heart around the initials and the letter N under the word ‘and’ was added. Della smiled and kissed Nero on the forehead. The old man attending the park ran over screeching.


Nero blinked and dropped the small rock before grabbing Della’s hand and running away, flipping the bird to the screeching old man while Della giggled and ran with her newfound son.


Vergil looked up when he heard them running up and he immediately covered the tank when he heard Della’s warm crisp laugh. He didn’t want her broken and rage in front of Nero. They stopped in front of Vergil, looking innocent.

“We didn’t do anything.” Della said with a blink. Vergil tilted his head and looked at Nero who had his hands behind his back. He smirked and inspected the child’s hands seeing the green paint and fine metal powder.

“Nero…..” Vergil began. He was stopped when an angry old man appeared.

“You little cretin!” He huffed as he looked at Nero. “You remind me of another little misfit….” Vergil smirked and stepped protectively in front of Nero.

“You have a problem with my son?” Vergil asked steely. The old man looked at Vergil and gulped.

“S…sir, he defaced park property……”

“A certain little green spring horse?”

“Yes sir.”

“The very one that had two initials?”

“Yes sir…..” The old man said with surprise. “How did you…?”

“I was the ‘little misfit’.” Vergil said with a wicked smirk. The old man gulped and ran away.

“And that is that.” The Demon King said with finality. Nero laughed and Della giggled but hugged the elder.

“You are such a Devil.”

“Of course, it’s part of the fun my dear.” Vergil said with a wicked chuckle. Della laughed then saw the covered tank.

“What’s that?” Della asked as she tried to walk over to investigate. Vergil held her close, but he couldn’t get his hands on a very curious Devil Child.

“Nero, no!” Vergil commanded. Nero blinked before daring to peek.

“AHHHHHHH!” Nero screamed. “IT’S A DEAD BODY!!!!!” He triggered and freaked out, the sheet catching onto a wing and falling away, revealing what was underneath. Della gasped as she recognized who was inside.

“Father?” Della asked in a monotone. “Is that our father in that fucking TANK?!” Vergil gulped as he met her volcanic red gaze. She was pissed.

“Yes, my dear, it is.” Vergil said. He couldn’t bring himself to lie to her. It was bad enough that they didn’t tell her from the beginning.

“Vergil….let…me…go….” Della seethed. Vergil knew that this would happen and instead of letting her go, he held her in a firmer grip.


“Vergil…...get off of me…..”

“No, I will not let you go.” Vergil said sternly. “Della, please, I know this is difficult and painful, but this is necessary. I beg of you to remain calm. Don’t look at Father, look at me. Focus on me and focus on Nero. Father and the memories can never harm you again.” Della still struggled against him, but Vergil was as stubborn as she was. He felt her Sin Trigger under her skin. He allowed his own to come to the surface just a bit.

“Della,” He commanded, his voice bordering on demonic. “Don’t force my hand.”

“I WON’T BOW DOWN!” Della roared, gnashing her fangs. Vergil bared his then sank them into her neck, where her neck and shoulder met. Della gasped then sank down to her knees with Vergil following suit, not releasing her, savoring her blood. He waited until she was calm in his arms before slowing withdrawing and looking at her with demonic eyes and stained lips.

“Calmer now?” He asked with a smirk. Della looked at him and smiled smartly.

“Babe, if you needed blood, all you had to do was ask.” Vergil blinked before chuckling and lightly swatting her.

“I had to calm you down somehow.” The elder said. “I…” He was stopped by a soft kiss and a soft tongue that lapped up the lingering blood. With a soft growl he pulled her in close and deepened the kiss. They stopped when they heard Nero giggle.

“Child, what amuses you?”

“It’s about time.” The Devil Child chittered. “So, who’s the stiff?”

“That ‘stiff’ as you so eloquently put it, is your grandfather.” Vergil said as he helped Della to her feet and held her for good measure when he heard her growl. “He was found beneath the house.”

“So he was hiding like a rat…..” Della seethed a bit.

“My dear, he was dying.”

“What?” Della said as she regarded the elder. Vergil showed her the vital charts. Della read through them and the more she read the more she wanted to cry. Sparda had literally wore himself thin, so thin in fact that he had practically nothing left. Della knew that without any energy, there was no way to wake up. But she was still angry that while he was hidden away that their mother died, as did Vergil and she had been left to fend for herself (himself at the time). She gasped when she felt lips on her neck and a tongue on the mark. She couldn’t help but shiver a bit.

“There we are.” A deep voice rumbled in amusement. Della couldn’t help but lightly swat the elder.

“Next time, dinner first.” She teased. Vergil chuckled and held her close.

“Agreed, but we do have a serious matter here as well. Father cannot stay here.”

“What about Fortuna Castle?” Nero chirped. “The Order is always patrolling now and they’re just bat shit crazy about Grandfather.” The older devils looked at each other then at the Devil Child.

“That….” Vergil began.

“Is….” Della continued. Nero looked at them and giggled. They were doing the twin thing he had heard so much about.

“A perfect idea.” They said at the same time, almost sounding like one voice.

“Well, let’s pack up Ice Man an ship him home.” Nico said as she looked at the lab. “Who wee he’s got a bitchin’ lab.”

“Let’s negotiate a deal Ms. Goldstein.” Vergil said with a smirk. “Guarantee our father’s safe arrival and settlement in Fortuna, and we will personally commission a weapons lab for you.”

“Holy horse feathers!” Nico exclaimed. “You got it Demon Daddy.”

“Then be off and call when you arrive and settle in.”

“Done and done.” Nico said. Vergil and Della, as well as Lady and Trish helped Nico load and secure Sparda into the mobile office and Nico drove off with Lady and Trish riding along leaving the three Spardas alone. Vergil looked at the lab and with a wave, concealed it from prying eyes.

“That is a neat trick.” Della said.

“Thank you my dear, I did pick up a few useful spells during my tenure.” Vergil said as he led his family away from the ruins of their childhood home. “So where are we going now?” When they heard Nero’s stomach rumble they grinned.

“Lunch it is.” Della said. Vergil unsheathed Yamato and slashed a portal for home. Unfortunately, the aquarium would have to wait for another day.

Chapter Text

When the family returned home and after lunch, Lady and Trish took Nero to the zoo while Vergil and Della remained behind at the office, awaiting Nico’s call and to talk. After seeing Sparda and with Della’s rage, it was best for them to talk and fight it out if needed. Vergil found the silent seething beauty in the kitchen preparing dinner to be ready for Nero’s return.


“Verge, don’t even….” Della began pointing a turkey baster at the elder. Vergil blinked and raised his hands.

“Are you going to baste me?” He asked with a smirk. Della blinked then laughed.

“Nah, it’s not big enough.” Della joked but lightly swat the elder’s hand from sneaking the carrots out of her salad. “Stop that before you have no room for dinner!”

“You swat me.” Vergil said in disbelief. “So domestic of you. My was I blessed with such a devoted wife.”

“You…get the fuck out of my kitchen!”

“And fiery too!” Vergil laughed as he dodged an oven mitt. “I love that.”

“Get the hell out!” Della growled halfheartedly. Vergil laughed but got out when the phone rang.

“Devil May Cry.”


“Hey Demon Daddy.” Nico said. “Here in Fortuna an let me tell ye, te Council went goosegirl on yer Daddy.” Vergil blinked then shuddered at the image.

“So it is safe to assume that father is settled in well then?”

“The Council decided to put him into the new Church….”

“The Castle will do; did he not live there?”

“Yes, Sir he did but it was converted into te Council Hall.”

“Oh Della may not like this. I know that I don’t.”

“Della may not like what?” Della asked from the door of the kitchen.

“The Council decided to put Father into the New Church in Fortuna.” Vergil said. He heard Della’s rich hearty laughter.

“Oh man, that is rich!” Della laughed. “I can see it now, even a strand of hair will be sign of the divine….” Vergil laughed at this absurdity. So did Nico.

“One whiff of his gas yer blessed.” Nico said. Della and Vergil laughed again at the image.

“Nico, stop it girlie!” Della giggled from the kitchen. “Or you’re not getting any pecan pie!”

“Oh, that’s cold Demon Mama.” Nico said. “I’ll be a gud gurl promise!”

“You better be!” Della said. Vergil shook his head and propped his feet up onto the desk and sat back.

“Well, leave him there for now. We will come to Fortuna personally to discuss better accommodations. A deal is a deal Ms. Goldstein, do you have a place in mind for your new Weapons Lab?”

“My Nan’s ol’ shop will do Demon Daddy.” Nico said. “Demon Mama knows the place.”

“If it’s within our power it is yours.”

“Thank ye Demon Daddy.”

“You can call me V.” Vergil said. “You’ve earned that and more. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and for Nero.”

“Thank you V. Take care of Nero and Cowgirl ye hear?”

“I will. Good day Ms. Goldstein.” Vergil said before hanging up. Della looked at him and smiled.

“Well, look at you,” She teased as she tapped his feet to perch on the desk. “Comfortable?”

“Admittingly, yes I am.” Vergil said with a smile as he looked at her. “Della, can we, discuss what happened earlier?”

“Verge I…really don’t want to.”

“It would be fair and wise to take this chance since Nero is out.”

“Why do you want to talk about it?

“Why don’t you want to?” Vergil asked. Della’s eyes welled with tears. Vergil cupped her face in his hands gently and looked at her.

“Della, please, talk to me.”

“It’s hard for me to Verge.” She admitted. “Even when I wasn’t alone anymore, I was scared to….”

“Let anyone in?” Vergil asked softly, his gaze unwavering and his voice calm.

“Yea,” Della admitted sadly. Vergil nodded. Despite what she may have thought of him, he did understand what she meant.

“Why don’t you check on dinner, make sure all is well then return here.” Vergil said. “We’re going to try something.” Della nodded and went to check on the food and desserts. Vergil cleared out enough space for both to sit and placed two cushions down across from each other. When Della returned, she blinked and looked at him.

“Come here and pick one seat.”

“What is this?”

“You’ll see.” Vergil said. When Della chose her seat, she gracefully sat down and waited. Vergil sat down facing her. “Give me your hands.”

“Ok,” Della said and did as she was bid. Vergil took them gently in his while keeping eye contact with her.

“In my time as V, I’ve read on what they call ‘Trust Exercises.’” He explained. “In this one, this is more, intimate in nature.”

“Oh god are we gonna….”

“Not on this exercise.” Vergil said with a chuckle. “This exercise is to work on our spiritual intimacy.”

“Spiritual Intimacy?”

“Yes, in the books, it is one of the hardest to achieve and to maintain. It is also one of the more sacred. To achieve this, we both must be clear in heart, mind and body, spirit being the last.”

“So where do we start?”

“Here and now.” Vergil said. “The point is not to break away.”

“Thankfully I have the food on low flame then.”

“Now my dear, I will ask you again. What happened earlier?” Della’s eyes hardened and her grip tightened. Vergil kept calm but didn’t change his grip. “Calm now, you’re safe. You’re with me. It’s just us at the present time. I will not judge you nor will I condescend.”

“I HATE him.” Della admitted, a sob breaking her voice. “I hate him for leaving us…for leaving mother….and he wasn’t even far away, he was under the fucking house!” Vergil saw her tears but didn’t break his grip on her hands. He felt her power spiking up but his remained calm.

“Della, look at me.” Vergil said calmly, soothing her frayed nerves.  “You are safe….”

“Vergil I….” Della panted softly, her power still flaring a bit. This time, Vergil did tighten his grip a bit.

“I have something to confess my dear.”

“What is it?”

“I know I’ve been such a….”

“A dick?”

“That’s putting it mildly.” Vergil said. “But there was a reason I….I committed so many sins I….”


“I wanted it….to protect you…to protect my family…. but I…. Forgive me….” Della cut him off by leaning forward and kissing him softly without breaking their grip. The kiss stayed tender and loving before parting again, sitting back in their seats.

“Verge, I forgave you long ago and I never….I never stopped loving you.” Della admitted. “No matter what shit you pulled…I’ve always loved you and I always will.”


“Vergil…” Della whispered. “I know he’s our father, but I don’t know if I can ever forgive him. I can’t even look at him.

“Until you’re ready, you don’t have to.” Vergil whispered, their lips mere inches apart from each other. “For now, let’s just focus on us.” Della blushed shyly but nodded before her lips were captured again and they kissed again. They were so deep in that they didn’t hear Nero, Lady and Trish walk in and call out to them.

“Um Nero, why don’t we put these away and you can show them what you got at the zoo later?”

“Yea, sounds good.” The Devil Child said as he covered his eyes. “They need total privacy….” His eyes widened when he heard a snapping camera and he and Trish turned to a smug Lady who had her phone out!

“What, this is great blackmail.”

“Come on, leave them alone.” Trish said to her girlfriend. “Although, that is a beautiful picture of them.” Lady nodded before sending it to Nero’s phone.

“You keep it.” Lady said. “The first of many.” Nero nodded and dared a peek before smiling. He could tell that there was a blooming love there. The trio snuck away, giving the couple time alone with each other. Shortly after they left the couple pulled away, reluctantly and smiled when they heard the oven timer.

“Dinner is ready.” Della said with a smile. Vergil held her and kissed her forehead.

“Feel better?”

“Yea. Now let’s get our imp and eat.” Vergil nodded and stood up then gently helped her to her feet. He released one hand only and led her into the kitchen, greeted by a smug trio who were already starting to eat.

“It’s about time.” Lady said. “Wow this food’s delicious.”

“Thanks,” Della said. “Hope there’s some for us.”

“Yes, we made sure.” Trish said as she nodded to two well packed but covered plates. Vergil nodded and released her other hand to sit at the head of the table while Della went to get their food. As he sat down, he kept vigil over her. Through the exercise, he was able to sense that Della had a lot of healing to do before she was even ready to be in the same room with Sparda. He didn’t blame her one bit.  

We have a long way to go.

Chapter Text

Della and Vergil listened attentively as Nero regaled his zoo visit. They were happy that he had a good time but were a bit upset that they couldn’t be there with him. Somehow Nero sensed this.

“It’s ok, we can go next time.”

“Yea Kid you’re right.” Della said as she grabbed another dinner roll, eating thoughtfully. Vergil squeezed her hand under the table, a gentle reminder to keep calm and steady. It turned out that Vergil was more sensitive when it came to feeling power spikes and surges. Especially Della’s. Their gazes met and immediately, he felt the difference as he felt her power settle down. Nero breathed a sigh in relief.  He tapped Della’s free hand and smiled. She held his little hand in hers and smiled back.

“I’ll be ok Kid, I promise.”

“Was it because you saw the stiff?” Nero asked straightforwardly. Della nodded. “Mother, you don’t have to deal with him. He’s dead to the world now. You have nothing to worry about. You have Father and you have me. We will make sure you’re never hurt again.”

“That means a lot to me.” Della choked out. “Thank you.” Vergil nuzzled her and kissed her cheek.

“You’re more than welcome my dear.” He whispered. “Would you like more dessert?”

“I really shouldn’t but yea I’ll take another piece.” Della said as Vergil took her plate and cut another piece of pecan pie.

“Della, my dear, I know this is difficult, but you cannot avoid confronting Father forever.”

“Verge I can’t even….”

“I know, and I’m not asking you to. But I must say that there may come a day where you will have to confront him. You don’t have to hug him and all but at least have that closure.”

“Father’s right, Mother.” Nero said.

“Della,” Lady said. “You have to face him, tell him what’s weighing on you. After that, if you don’t want to see him again, then that’s fine. But it’s healthier for you to let him know how you feel.”

“You make it sound so easy.”

“Della, remember when you went to fight in the tower?” Lady asked. “When you defeated my father, he crashed back into the Human World. I shot him in the head. At first, I was laughing then I began to cry. Laughing that finally he was free and crying because even through he was a cold-blooded murdering, power hungry lunatic, he was still my father and I loved him.”

“I hate him…” Della whispered. “He was so great to those countless others but where it mattered….” She stopped when she felt Vergil and Nero’s hands holding hers. “Can we not talk about him please?”

“Of course.” Vergil soothed. “Ah, Ms. Goldstein had mentioned that she has chosen a place for her Weapon’s Lab. She stated that you knew the place.”

“Nell’s old shop!” Della said with a grin. “I know the building.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s not that far from here. It’s on the border of Redgrave City and Fortuna. Thankfully the demons and the tree didn’t destroy it.”

“Then shall we go?” Vergil asked. Della put a finger to her lips and pointed down to a sleeping Nero who was in her arms. “Ah, let’s get him ready for bed.” Vergil said softly. Della nodded and both devils tended to the little one and put him into bed. Vergil smiled as he watched Della tuck Nero into bed lovingly and kiss him on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams.” She whispered softly before rising to her feet and looked at the elder. “Your turn.” Vergil nodded and gently hugged the boy and carded his fingers through his hair.

“Sleep well Child.” Vergil said before escorting Della out and gently closing the bedroom door behind him.



“So,” Della began as they walked away. “What do we do now?” Vergil looked at her and held her close.

“Shall we continue onto another exercise?”

“Ok, sure.” Della said, as she blushed. Vergil nodded and escorted her to where the cushions were but this time there was a scented candle in the shape of a lotus. The candle was lit, and the office was dark.

“Oh, how romantic.” Della teased. Vergil chuckled and helped her to her seat before taking his own. Wordlessly, he asked for her hands, which she gave and waited.

“In this exercise, we will be working on two, mind and body with mind being first.” Vergil said. “We started on the heart, let us continue.”

“Ok…” Della said.

“Remember, you can not break your grip nor your eye contact with me.” Vergil said gently. “Are you ready?”


“Do you trust me?” Vergil asked steadily. Della didn’t break her gaze as she regarded him and read his eyes. They were genuine and determined.

“Yes.” Della whispered.

“Louder.” Vergil ordered firmly.

“Yes!”  Della responded firmly. Vergil nodded and tightened his grip just a bit on one hand and gently caressed her face with the other.

“I warn you, I will be able to see and feel everything you’ve ever gone through, as you will do for mine. Are you sure my dear? I will be opening our bond to the fullest…”

“Verge, I trust you. I know you won’t hurt me on purpose.”

“I never want to harm you or Nero.” Vergil whispered. “Even with my dying breath, I will protect our family.”

“I know Verge…”

“I love you,” Vergil whispered before he held her hands and both fell into a deep slumber.



Dream State- Vergil’s Memory


Della ‘woke up’ first and recalled the room of the fallen. The tombstones and the reapers. She smirked and was about to fight when everything disappeared, leaving her at the raging waterfall where Vergil took the plunge….

“Vergil?!” Della called as she investigated the darkness, a sob threatening to break free.

“I’m right here my dear.” Vergil said from behind her. Della gasped and hugged him.

“Where are we?” She asked.

“Uh-uh not where, but when.” He corrected her. “This is when I had just plunged in and you returned to the human world. Are you ready to behold what happened next?”

“Are you ready to show me?” Della asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Then so am I.” Della said. Vergil smiled kissed her hands and with a nod, they both jumped in.


When they landed, Della wasn’t prepared for what she saw. She saw the 19-year-old Vergil, wounded and pride was bruised. He growled and shook himself dry. When the sky flared red with the third eyed symbol, he smirked and unsheathed Yamato.

“It should be fun to battle against the Prince of Darkness.” He said with overconfidence. “If my father could do it, then I should be able to do it too.” He gritted his teeth and let out a battle cry, running toward where Mundus was waiting. Della wanted to stop him, but Vergil held her close.

“I was so foolish…” Vergil said, keeping his grip on her. “There’s nothing you can do here my dear. These are just memories. They are for you to see. We cannot change from these. All we can do is observe and learn. This is to show you what you could not see.”

“Vergil….” Della began as she placed a hand onto his cheek. “Let us continue.” Della nodded and they followed the younger Vergil.


They saw a battle between the younger Vergil and Mundus, who seemed amused while the younger man was fighting valiantly. Della watched in horror as she saw the younger Vergil became tired and weakened from his wounds. He was overpowered and Mundus laughed as he imprisoned the younger Vergil and held him in place.

“You are very much like your father.” Mundus said. “Defiant and yet, you seek his approval. Well, you will serve me as he had…”

“I WILL NOT SERVE YOU!” The younger Vergil cried as he strained against his bonds. Mundus saw this and laughed.

"But first I am going to relieve you of one pesky thing.” Mundus said as he held Yamato and dashed it to pieces! Della heard the younger Vergil’s howl of anguish and saw the tears streaming down his face.

“Yes, you will serve me well, but I will make sure that you will remain loyal to me.” With that said, Mundus ripped out the younger Vergil’s heart, having his screams echoing through and tearing into Della. She felt Vergil hold her as she sobbed. Mundus laughed as he encased Vergil in black and blue armor with a purple cloak.  As soon as the helmet was in place, and the eyes glowed Mundus chuckled.

“Rise and serve, Nelo Angelo.”  


Della sobbed as the vison faded into a peaceful black. Vergil held her close to him, comforting her. He knew it was painful for her to see that just as it was painful for him to live it. He held her a moment longer then met her gaze.

“Your turn my dear,”

“Verge I don’t think….”

“Please, open your heart to me.”

“I am…. ashamed….”

“I will not judge, nor condescend.”

“Vergil are you sure you want to….?”

“I love you.” Vergil said firmly. “And nothing will change that.” Della sniffled and nodded.

“Ok….don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Chapter Text

Dream State- Della’s Memory Ruined Sparda Manor Outside Redgrave City


Vergil and Della were greeted to the sight of a blackened Hall, the smell of smoke, flesh and blood, both human and demon alike. The police and CSI were all around.

“Hey, Chief, I think we got something in here.” A police officer said from the ruined wardrobe which was surprisingly intact.

“Alright so get it open!” The chief called.

“It’s warped I can’t get it open!” The officer said.

“Someone bring me an axe over here!” The chief ordered. A fireman came in and used the axe on the doors. An eight-year-old Dante tumbled out, passed out but unharmed!

“Oh wow! A survivor!” The officer said.

“Oh god! Bring a stretcher, let’s get him to Redgrave Memorial!”

“On it Chief!” The paramedic said as they gathered Dante and put him onto the stretcher then loaded up the ambulance.


Della and Vergil watched as the ambulance drove away and Vergil held her close. He felt his heart break and deep regret that he didn’t even think about the wardrobe.

“Della, my dear….I….”

“Verge you didn’t know…..”

“I should have….”

“Can’t change this, remember?” Della asked. Vergil sighed and nodded. He hated that he couldn’t change what he was seeing.


Dante was cleaned and placed into a hospital bed and while other children had family and loved ones around them, Dante was all alone in a private room. Vergil’s heart broke all over again and turned to the saddened and pained Huntress who watched in silence.

“Chief, we have no one coming for him.” The head nurse said gravely. “The poor dear has no one left in the world.”

“Then we’ll have to work something out.” The police chief stated. “I’ll try to find a place for him.”

“We can keep him for a while.” The head nurse said. “Then he will have to brave the path.”

“I have a feeling this boy, is going to do great things.” The police chief said. “I don’t know when or how but he will.”



As the flashback faded into darkness, Vergil looked at Della and held her close.

“He was right you know.” The elder whispered. “You did do great things. And the head nurse was right as well. You faced everything with such bravery my dear.”

“I didn’t see it then.” Della said. “It broke me that I would see others getting swept up and hugged, loved and warm in a loving home….”

“Della, we can have that.” Vergil said softly as he rested his head atop of hers. “We do have that now. You and I and Nero.”

“You’re right, we do.” Della said with a blink of her eyes. “But what if we…” She blushed shyly at her thought and Vergil chuckled.

“I would not object to the notion.” He said gently. “But one thing at a time, yes?”

“Yea, let’s continue on, right?”

“Yes.” Vergil said. “But only if you feel up to it.”

“Not tonight.”

“That’s fine, then let us return, ready?”

“Yes.” Della said as she placed her hand into his and they returned to the land of waking.



“Mother! Father!” Nero called, rousing the two devils. “Gee it’s about time! That was some sleep!” Della laughed softly and ruffled Nero’s hair.

“Mother, come on I just brushed it!” Nero groaned as he fixed it. “You and Father go freshen up, I can smell your breaths and Father, you might want to shave.” Della looked at Vergil and had to giggle. The elder did have signs of a shadow.

“Come on, we best get to it…. ouch my legs!”

“Oh, mine too.” Vergil groaned.

“We actually fell asleep while doing the exercises.” Della said. “Wow that was one hell of an exercise.” Vergil gritted his teeth, got to his feet, and helped her up.

“Oh my god,” Della groaned but crumpled. Vergil swept her off her feet and immediately took her upstairs and drew her a bath. However, he was in for a shock when he turned to address her and was greeted by a very naked Huntress!

“Vergil?” Della asked. Vergil gulped and his cheeks flamed red. He immediately turned his back to her. Even though her long hair covered her parts, Vergil couldn’t deny that she was inflaming his desire. He handed her a robe and she quickly put it on and tied it closed. “Sorry about that. Ok, you can look.”

“Thank you,” Vergil said, clearing his throat. “As I was going to say I drew you a breast…. ugh a bath!” Della giggled but thanked the elder before he left the bathroom quickly. He made a bee line to the wet bar and poured a Scotch and downed it.

“Father?” Nero asked sleepily. “Is everything ok?”

“Oh, it’s fine Child, I just saw your mother naked…. Oh, why did I say that?” Nero giggled.

“It’s the booze, it’s a truth serum for you.” Nero chittered. “Father, do you want Mother?”

“Yes, I do…very much so.”

“Then I say go for it.” Nero said. “Why not?”

“I want to court her, romance her.” 

“If you’re worried about what I’d think I say you’re nuts!” Nero said. “You love her, and she loves you. Why not go ahead?”

“I am not sure how to…”

“Come on, let’s get to work.”

“Where do we start?”

“Father, grab your wallet, our coats, your keys and phone. Follow my lead, ok?”

“Alright Child,”



They made their way to a candy shop and Nero bounced around looking at everything and were about to leave when he saw the plumpest juiciest strawberries!

“Father! Those!!!” Nero cried happily as he pointed to the strawberries. The lady smiled.

“What would you like sweetie?”

“We would like strawberries for my mother please.”  Nero said politely. The lady beamed and arranged the most beautiful arrangement of assorted strawberries. Vergil nodded and after paying and thanking the shop lady, they went to get two dozen volcano grown red roses before returning home.


Della looked up when the door opened and they walked in, Nero carrying the flowers and Vergil brought up the rear carrying the arrangement. Della gasped softly and accepted the flowers and the strawberries.

“Wow, what are these for?” Della asked as they sat next to her, with Nero climbing onto her lap.

“For you, Mother.” Nero said. Della smiled and hugged him. Vergil chuckled and held them both. Della couldn’t help but cry. Vergil held her close, resting his head atop of hers while she cradled Nero. Before long, the three of them fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Vergil slowly woke up to his ears ringing. He groaned but winced when he heard whimpers. He opened his eyes to see Della and Nero still fast asleep. Without a second thought on the matter, Vergil grabbed the phone with his tail and answered it.

“Devil May Cry?” He greeted. Nico chuckled and knew who was on the other end.

“Hey ya V, how’s te family?”

“Oh, we’re making process Nicoletta.” Vergil said. “Della and Nero are still asleep.”

“Well, I got some news fer ye. Yer Daddy’s vitals are improving, meaning he’ll be wakin up, eventually.”

“Well, that is good news.”

“Well, on anotha note, We doin some research, me and this Asmodeus fella. Turns out he’s more than a purtty face.”

“Well, that is good to know.” Vergil said with a chuckle.

“We researchin on te wish.” Nico said. “There may be a way te restore Della back te Dante and Nero back te himself.”

“It would be best to discuss it with them.” Vergil said. “They look happier. I know that I am happier…But this is not just my decision to make.”

“Demon Daddy, I git it.” Nico said. “And yer right. So how about this, we all sit down an discuss it.”

“That would be best.” Vergil said, “Come to the office around lunchtime and we will discuss it then.”

“Discuss what?” Della asked softly as she stirred in his arms. Vergil looked down and gently kissed her forehead.

“There may be a way to restore you and Nero to your former selves….” Vergil began and Della slowly shook her head.

“I…don’t want to….”

“My dear,”

“No Verge.” Della whispered. “I’m happier this way. I can’t speak for Nero though he has a girl….”

“Mhm, Kyrie?”

“She’s not here Kid, but the thing is this, there may be a way to be restored. I don’t want to be restored. But it’s not just my call here. You have a life too; you have a girl and three kids to think about. You don’t have to answer right now, but just think about it.”

“Why did you answer so quickly?” Nero asked. “Your life holds weight too.”

“Yea, but it’s different for me Kid.” Della said. “I’ve done a lot for countless others. I can still do my job in this state. I just bleed once a month and able to have kids…”

“That wasn’t that much of a secret for you my dear.” Vergil said. “That’s never changed.”

“Verge, what are you saying?” Della asked. Nero looked up at them and Vergil held her face in his hands.

“Look here…”


Sparda Manor On the eve of the Twins’ seventh birthday


Sparda found his wife sitting by the balcony of their bedroom. She was worried and puzzled.  Sparda sat down next to her and hugged her.

“Dante is not feeling well and I’m not sure what is going on.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“I set the boys’ breakfast down and I hear a scream from the bathroom. I run in and see Dante looking so scared, blood running down his legs. I help him get undressed and into a shower to clean off. Poor little thing kept crying that he hurt…” Sparda looked thoughtful before rising to his feet and hugging his wife.

“Where is he now?”

“With Vergil in their room.” Eva said softly. Sparda nodded and made his way to the twin’s room. He opened the door to see Vergil look up at him but didn’t move from his place at Dante’s bedside. He kept the younger twin warm and comfortable.

“Father,” Vergil began warningly. Sparda sensed this and held up his hands, showing that he meant no harm.

“Vergil, I will not harm him, but I need to check something. Assist me please.” Vergil was wary but assisted the elder in undressing Dante carefully and Sparda medically examined him. When he checked below the belt, he gasped but not from disgust.

“Well, this is quite unexpected.” Sparda chuckled as he redressed the younger twin. “Vergil you must remain vigilant.”

“Father, what’s going on?”

“Dante is different Child.” Sparda explained. “It is a rarity for devils to have both sexes. Especially when both are fully functional.”

“So Dante…”

“Is both.” Sparda said. “One of his nature, is a prize that all demons would kill to have. You must not allow that to come to pass.”

“Father, is it…forbidden for….” Vergil began. Although only seven, Vergil was older than his age thanks to his thirst of knowledge and constant questions, followed by hours of study.

“In our laws, no it is not.” Sparda said. “But you may wish to choose another someday….”

“No,” Vergil said firmly. “I want no other.”

“Then so be it.” Sparda said with a nod. “Protect your intended.” Sparda’s eyes hardened. “If you cannot, then relinquish your claim.”

“I never will forfeit.” Vergil said stubbornly. Sparda nodded.

“Then do what is in your power to do so. Might is everything and without it, you don’t have the power to protect anything, let alone, yourself.” Sparda said with a hardened glare. Vergil blinked but his father’s words resonated within him. He knew that he had a great task before him. He dared a look to the slumbering figure in bed, sleeping peacefully.  I can not fail….I won’t….


Della woke up with a gasp but calmed down when she felt Vergil’s forehead touch hers. She hugged him tight and settled down, listening to his heartbeat.

“I never knew….” She whispered. “You…”

“I know I failed….” Vergil whispered as he bowed his head. “I should….”

“No,” Della whispered as she held him. “I choose you. I love you and that’s never going to change.”

“Even though I failed?”

“Vergil, you didn’t fail…..”

“I left you in that wardrobe…”

“Vergil you didn’t know I was in there…” Della said. “I don’t want to go back to what we were. Always at each other’s throats…”

“I swear to you, I will love you no matter what you choose.” Vergil reassured. “Anything in my power I will grant.”

“A new beginning.” Della said. “With you, and with our son.” Vergil couldn’t help but cry at her plea. He held her close and kissed her with all he had. They broke away when they heard a pained yelp and looked down at a smug Nero.

“Thank you, you almost killed me.” Nero teased. “Damned sugar shock.” The older devils looked at each other and laughed, hugging the Devil Child gently.

“Besides, we have a lot to think about, don’t we?”

“Yes Child, we do.”

Chapter Text


Nico was there true to her word as soon with Asmodeus and the text with him as the family settled down to eat. Della greeted her warmly and led her inside where Nero and Vergil were waiting.

“Ah Ms. Goldstein,” Vergil said politely. “Thank you for coming.” He turned to the Demon Lord and nodded politely.

“Hey V, it’s a pleasure.” Nico said. “So, here’s the deal, accordin’ to te notes, the wish can be reversed. But there is a catch; It can only be done if the heart is completely in with te wish. An’ there’s more te it.”

“Oh, what’s the ‘more?’” Della asked. Nico sighed. She knew that Della wasn’t going to like this, but Asmodeus confirmed it, as well as the text.

“Yer Daddy has te cast it.” Nico said. “He knows his magic.”

“Wait a minute, can’t Vergil cast it?” Della asked. Nico turned to Asmodeus who opened the book.

“It has to be cast by a Devil who is proficient in all magics and has withstood the tides of time.” Asmodeus read. “My liege you are quite knowledgeable, but you are quite young.”

“I understand, but before we can even consider that, we still need to decide on who is going to be restored.”

“This is true my liege.” Asmodeus said. “Your Lord Father may wake any day now.” Della turned to look at Nero who was surprisingly quiet.

“Nero?” She called gently as she shook his shoulder. “What is on your mind?”

“I decided that you’re right, Mother.” Nero said. “I love Kyrie and the kids, they need me. But I am happy this way too….”

“Nero, you have a lot to think about.” Vergil said as he sat back in ‘his’ armchair. “This is not an easy decision.”

“Mother?” Nero called. “You have a tough decision too.”

“Kid,” Della began. “I’m happy with my choice. I’m staying as I am.”

“I’d love you no matter which form and so will Father, why wouldn’t you want to go back?”

“I still remember what your grandmother said to me before she died.” Della said. “About a new beginning. I was on the right track when I took a new name and started all over again. Now, like this,” The Huntress gestured to her new form. “I can fulfill her wish even more.”

“But you were born a man….” Nero argued.

“There’s more to it than that….” Della countered.

“Bro,” Nico said. “Della’s more than you think….”

“What do you mean?” Nero asked. Nico showed him a DNA test. It was the results of a paternity test!

“I took this from te three of ye.” Nico said. “What I found was…interestin. V is yer father but yer mother….is Della!”

“Wait what?!”

“Della was Dante at te time but te result is there, ye were conceived when they were eighteen….”

“Before the tower….” Vergil said softly. “After Alice….”

“Oh….and that nice hotel…..” Della giggled. Vergil chuckled. “Do you know I still have that?”

“Oh my…”

“Of course, it needs to be altered.”

“I can shred it easily.” Vergil suggested as he flexed his claws. Della giggled and lightly swat him.

“You devil!”

“Wait a minute!” Nero said. “So, you’re telling me, that…”

“That’s right Bro, Cowgirl’s yer Mama.” Nico said. “Ye were born naturally.”

“Oh wow….so either way….”

“Ye got yer mama.”

“So, what do you want to do Nero?” Della asked.

“I’m a dead man….” Nero gulped. “I whupped both my parents!?”

“It’s ok!” Della said.

“We are proud of you Nero.” Vergil said as he held Della’s hand in his. “In fact, this puts us at ease.”

“How so Father?”

“Simple, because by surpassing us, it shows that you are ready to take over as Protector.” Vergil said. “We can assist of course, but now it is your time.”

“What about you and Mother?”

“We will still be here, but it is up to you Child on what you want to do.”

“And we understand that you want to remain a child, to have your chance at a real childhood.  But we will love you and no matter what, big or small, you’re still ours.”

“Mother, are you sure you want to remain a woman?”

“Yea Kid.” Della said with a smile. “Besides I can sit pretty for once.”

“Oh, I see I’ll be doing all the work?” Vergil teased.

“You’ll wait on me hand and foot and cater to my every whim

“Oh no, you are not going to leave me to do everything!”

“Gotcha!” Della giggled. Vergil groaned and lightly swat her. Nero couldn’t help but laugh.

“Why don’t you two get married already?”

“Hm, that’s not a bad idea.” Nico said. “You two match!”

“First things first.” Vergil said. “Nero, what have you decided Child?”

“I’ll go back to what I was.” Nero said firmly. “But I will miss this.”

“We’ll miss it too.” Della said. “But we will have the memories and maybe someday…”

“Nero, are you certain Child?” Vergil asked.

“Father, as much as I’d like to remain this way, I can’t. Mother’s right, I love Kyrie and the kids we’re fostering. I miss doing my job.” Della nodded, smiling warmly and Vergil, although his face was serious, Nero saw the pride in the elder’s eyes.

“Very well, so when your grandfather finally wakes, after we debrief him, you will return to your former state.”

“Thank you, Father.”

“We are proud of you, Nero.” Vergil said as Della placed a hand onto his shoulder. “And we will miss you in this state when all is over. But in the meantime, let us enjoy the time we have left to us.” Nero nodded and walked with the two older devils while Nico and Asmodeus took up the rear. Nico saw that Della was deep in thought and knew that the Huntress was thinking. Even though she knew that the other woman had made her decision, she knew that the Huntress was taking Nero’s words into mind.

Della knew that deep down that Nero was right. She couldn’t deny who she was. She was the Legendary Devil Hunter and the Legendary Dark Knight Dante.  She was the smart mouthing, brash and flamboyant Anthony Tony Redgrave. She built up Devil May Cry and had run it since its founding. Was she ready to give all that up? Would she have to? She still had her powers and then some. Either way, she was Nero’s birth mother, and she was loved no matter what form she chose. Her thoughts were broken when she felt Vergil’s hand and Nero’s.

“Come on Mother, we’re here.” Nero said happily as he got out of the car. Della looked up and saw that they were in front of the aquarium. She smiled and followed her family out. Even though she had her thoughts still in her mind, Della didn’t allow them to weigh her too much. Even though Nero made his choice, Della decided to enjoy the time they had left with hm while he was still a child.

What will my choice be? Della thought. What does my heart want?

Chapter Text

Nero had the time of his life and his heart swelled with joy as he scampered ahead of the adults. After the aquarium, they walked to the amusement park and while Nero and Della went on every roller coaster, Nico, Vergil and Asmodeus watched in horror, with Vergil having his heart in his throat as Della and Nero howled and screamed excitedly.

“Are ye sure ye sure ya’ll related?” Nico asked as she watched the coaster twist and turn and even loop. Vergil nodded and gulped. Even though he wasn’t on it, he couldn’t fathom getting on such a death trap. “Guess ye the sensible one V.”

“To a point.” The elder agreed. “Those two, I question.”

“Nero’s pretty sensible too.” Nico said. “But rememba, he’s got Cowgirl as his Mama.”

“This is true my liege, the Princeling has a blend of you both.” Asmodeus said as he gulped as the roller coaster jumped off track and landed on another. “Oh, that is….”

“Too much.” Nico whistled as they watched it finally coast to a stop. “Come on fellas it’s finished.”

“Thank Hells.” Vergil said as he followed them. “That was too much even for me.”


“Wow! That was AWESOME!!!!” Nero crowed as they got off the ride. “Wasn’t it Mother?”

“That was GREAT Kid!” Della grinned. “Great choice in ride!”

“Only you two would favor such a…travesty.” Vergil said as he glared at it. Nero and Della snickered as the elder approached them. “But I am glad that you two had fun.”

“Father, next ride you’re coming with.” Nero grinned. Vergil looked at his son and blinked. Something told him that he wasn’t going to like this.


“CHILD ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!” The Demon King thundered as he looked at the ‘crown jewel’ of the roller coasters called Hades’ Wrath. It was twisted and looped more than five times and went really, really, fast! It even went backwards, forwards, and even upside down!

“Oh, come on Father,” Nero teased. “Don’t tell me you’re nothing but a big blue…” Della gasped while Vergil glared.

“Child, don’t you dare say it!”


“Oh boy….” Della groaned. “He said it!”

“Boy, let me make it very clear.” Vergil growled. “No one calls me ‘chicken!’”

“Prove it!” Nero challenged. Nico and Della giggled while Asmodeus snickered. Vergil swept his hair back and led Nero to the ride and shot Della a look, who smiled and waved.

“Enjoy the ride….” She said with a grin. When they were out of earshot she smirked. “Fifty bucks says Vergil will be screaming like a girl in less than ten minutes.”

“I got ye covered Mama,” Nico said with a grin of her own. “Hundred duckies sayin’ Demon Daddy’s got nerves of steel.”

“I have five hundred to back up you, my Queen.” Asmodeus said. “That ride is…. diabolical.”


Nero and Vergil waited for the ride to move. Already some other fathers were begging to get off and Nero cackled with devilish glee while his father softly chuckled, despite his nervousness. When the ride finally moved, at first it was nothing. Vergil blinked when he saw Della pull a timer out of her purse. She is timing this?! What is she up to?? Before he could say something, the ride dipped sharply!

“HOLYYYY SHIITTTT!!!!” Vergil howled as Nero threw back his head laughing. A lot of fathers and mothers were screaming and some of them were cursing. Vergil was praying!

“Oh my god!” Della cried as the ride descended closely to them before heading up in a sharp curve and twisting. Asmodeus fainted while Nico gulped. Vergil was dying to get off the ride and pay homage to solid ground.

“Child, this is too much!!!!”

“Oh, come on Father, or should I call you Clucky?”

“DON’T YOU DARE!!!” Vergil roared but it died in his throat as the ride twisted and looped. He felt a bit green. With a scream that was close to shattering glass, Vergil ordered the ride to stop, which it did.


The trio ran over to meet the father and son and while Nero was happy and chipper, Vergil shuddered and shook his head clear.

“That ride…..” He began with a shuddering breath. “Needs to be destroyed.”


The group settled down to eat and Della comforted the elder whenever he jump-started at the sound of a roller coaster. Nero felt a bit bad that he managed to shake his father, but he found it a little bit funny. Vergil jumped, battle ready when Della’s cellphone rang. She giggled a bit but patted his hand in comfort as she answered.

“Devil May Cry?”

“Mr. Dante…. oh! Sorry Ms. Della.” Kyrie said apologetically. “I’m calling to let you know that Lord Sparda…has awakened.” Della dropped the phone, but Vergil caught it and took up the call.

“Are you absolutely certain girl?” He asked firmly as Nero and Nico comforted a shocked Della. Kyrie spoke to someone on the side before the phone changed hands and the Demon King’s blood ran cold before boiling.

“Hello Child,” The deep smooth aristocratic voice of his father said over the phone. “It is good to hear your voice again.”

“Father…...” Vergil began. “When did you…. how did you….?”

“It would be safer to discuss this in private. Where should I meet you?”

“No, Father, I would recommend that you wait for me.” Vergil said. “I will come fetch you.”

“I am not an invalid.”

“Father, please listen. These are not the times you knew anymore,” Vergil argued. “Just wait for me.” Vergil heard Sparda growl, but he wasn’t relenting.

“Very well Child.” The awakened elder said haughtily. “Don’t keep me waiting.” With that Sparda hung up and Vergil took a breath before facing them. Della looked ready to fight and about to trigger.

“Let’s us return home.” Vergil said. “Father is awake, and I don’t believe these people would appreciate a bloodbath.” Della nodded stiffly and allowed Asmodeus to help her to her feet while Vergil slashed a portal for home.

This is going to be quite a family reunion. Vergil thought as he gently took Delia’s hand in his and escorted her through. Father best not push her buttons, or he will answer to me.

Chapter Text

Della’s fists were clenched so tight that her nails cut into her palms and drew blood. She didn’t want to confront their father. White hot tears streamed down her face, and she ran to her bedroom, sobbing. Nico, Asmodeus and Nero looked at the Demon King.

“Nero, Child, stay with your mother.” He commanded as he unsheathed Yamato. “Asmodeus, come with me.”

“Yes, my liege.” The Demon Lord said as he fell in step beside Vergil. Nico nodded and manned the phone while Vergil and Asmodeus walked through the portal.



Sparda was waiting for them, drumming his fingers impatiently while remaining calm. Asmodeus bowed politely to his former master before taking his leave, leaving the father and son alone.

“My, what a fine Devil you have become.” Sparda praised as he beheld his firstborn. “I don’t see your brother with you. Is this how he pays his respects to me?”

“Father,” Vergil began as he regarded his father with a cool gaze. “Before we go there are a few matters that must be discussed.”

“Ugh, we have to stay here even further?” Sparda said with a scoff. “The younglings I don’t mind but that young woman is another matter….”

“Not another word.” Vergil warned. “That young woman is your grandson’s chosen. You will treat her with the proper respect.” Sparda tightened his jaw but nodded stiffly, allowing Vergil to continue. “More importantly, the reason that Dante is not with me, is because he is now a she.”

“I beg your pardon?!” The elder asked, checking his monocle. “I think I may need one of those hearing things….”

“No, you heard me correctly.” Vergil said. “Dante is now a female, going by the name of Della and Nero, your grandson, was in his twenties but is now a child thanks to a Christmas Wish.”

“Foolishness!” Sparda said with hardened eyes. “Who made this ridiculous wish?”

“Your grandson.”


“He was not given the chance to live out his childhood. And we were robbed of our chance for being there for him.”

“Is he yours?”

“Yes, he is.” Vergil said. “I am his sire. Della, who was Dante at the time, is his mother.”

“Well, at least that part I believe.” Sparda said with a scoff. “This wish business is absurd.”

“Come and see for yourself.” Vergil said, “But I warn you, if you upset either of them you will deal with me.”

“Child you are not too old for me put across my knee.”

“I am not a Child anymore Father.” Vergil declared. “I am a Devil powerful in my own right.”

“We will see Child.” Sparda said dismissively. “Let us be off. That girl’s voice is grating on my nerves.” Vergil counted to ten before thanking Kyrie for her hospitality and for calling him.

“Mr. Vergil,” Kyrie said. “Will everything be all right?”

“We’re hoping so,” Vergil said. “Do not mind my father, he is not well.”

“I thought as much,” Kyrie said. “I just hope he doesn’t go after Ms. Della.”

“If he dares, I will be ready, as will Nero.” Vergil said. “We will keep you informed. Good day Miss Kyrie.” With that and Asmodeus bringing up the rear, they returned to Devil May Cry.


”Oh, this is an office?” Sparda criticized as he observed the office. “So poorly organized….”

“If you don’t like it Pops you can just get the fuck out of here and don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out ye hear?”

“Such vulgar language for a lady.” Sparda tsked as he regarded the angered yet beautiful woman with an 8-year-old boy with her at the top of the stairs. “And in front of a youngling….”

“I may look like a kid but I’m far from that you old fashioned mother fucker.” The child sneered. Sparda was taken aback for a moment before smirking.

“This child has spirit.” He chuckled. “Very well Vergil I will remain here and assist on this matter…”

“Not so fast you wretched old geezer.” Della said firmly. “It is not just Vergil’s decision.”

“You be silent…”

“FUCK OFF!” Della thundered. “This is MY office!”

“You lost that title when you lost your…..”

“OH, THAT’S IT!” Della seethed angrily, hurt and insulted at his words. She took pride in her business and here comes their holier than thou father, ripping and critisizing, disrespecting her. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! I DON’T NEED YOU HERE! YOU WEREN'T AROUND WHEN WE NEEDED YOU, WHY ARE YOU HERE NOW?!”

“Della, my dear he can restore….”

“I DON’T WANT TO BE RESTORED VERGE! HE CAN REMAIN CLOSE BY FOR NERO’S SAKE BUT HE CAN STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!” With a growl and flashing eyes, Della turned on her heel and stormed into her bedroom, slamming the door.

“Must be her time of the month.” Sparda snarked as he peeled an apple with his claws. Vergil and Nero glared at the smug elder, but everyone’s jaw dropped at what happened next. Vergil calmly handed Yamato over to Nero, faced his father and cracked him in the jaw, dropping him with one punch!

“Don’t you ever disrespect her again.” Vergil growled, his eyes glowing, and his fangs bared. “For the next time you do, I will END you.” With a final growl, Vergil made his way upstairs, going to Della’s room and stopping at the door. He heard soft sobs and sniffles and it broke him. He knew she needed him. Vergil careful opened the door and walked in. He found her in the middle of the bed, the moonlight making her look even more alluring and ethereal. Della looked up and immediately went to wipe her tears away, but her wrists were held in a gentle firm grip.

“My dear, I am so sorry…”

“Verge, it’s ok, you don’t have apologize for that asshole.” Della said with a sharp breath. “It’s not your fault he’s like this. I’m shocked Mother stayed with him…”

“Della, he had no right to speak to you in such a callous manner.” Vergil said tightly, clenching his fists and hissing from pain. Della blinked but gasped when she saw his hurt hand.

“Verge, what did you do to yourself?”

“I cracked Father in the jaw.” The Demon King said wryly. Della blinked before laughing richly.

“Oh my god I would have loved to have seen that.” She laughed as she tended to his hand which was cleaned, salved, and dressed. Vergil held her carefully and both sat down on the bed. Della looked away shyly, a soft blush on her face. “Why did you do that?”

“I was not going to listen to him verbally abusing the woman I love.” The Demon King said with affirmation. “And in our home.” Della sobbed softly before she hugged gently and as they kissed, they both laid back on the bed, neither one breaking away, their only focus, on each other.

Chapter Text

Vergil was the first to reluctantly break away from their kiss and he looked down on the beauty in his arms. He couldn’t explain it, but he knew that he would go to ends of the earth for her. Just to see her smile, just for me…He graced Della with a warm loving smile, and she held him to her. He rested his head atop of hers and sighed in content as they just relaxed in bed. They had gone no further from kisses and gentle caresses. To them both, sex was the farthest thing from their minds now.

“Why does he hate me?" Della whispered brokenly as she rested her head on the Demon King’s chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. Vergil held her and caressed her back and her hair.

“My dear, it’s not your fault, do not think that it is. It’s his problem that he must live with. Let us gather Nero and we can leave for a while. Nicoletta is here as well as Asmodeus, they can keep an eye on Father.”

“That sounds good.” Della agreed, slowly getting to her feet and off the bed, going to the closet to pick something warm to wear. Vergil didn’t move, just watching and admiring her. He was already dressed in a blue grey turtleneck, black pants, and black boots. He grinned broadly as he saw her pull out a wine-red turtleneck, black pants, black boots with smoky grey fur on the boots and a deep wine sweater vest with a furred collar. Della felt him watching and blushed, going to the bathroom and locking the door. Vergil groaned half-heartedly but waited. A soft knock at the door tore his attention away.

“Enter,” Vergil said. The door opened and Nero came in grinning and dressed to go out. Vergil nodded and Nero clambered onto the bed.

“Father, it’s snowing!” He said cheerfully.

“Is it?” Vergil asked before turning to confirm Nero’s observation. He went to the bathroom door and knocked.

“I’m not done you pervert!” Della teased. Vergil chuckled and shook his head.

“Not that my dear, but it is snowing outside.”

“Oh it just started?” Della asked. “Damn I wanted to rock these new boots. Oh well, would you be a darling and get my smoky gray boots by the door, please?” Vergil looked to see that Nero already found the boots and set them down next to the elder, grinning.

“You can get her coat.” The Devil child said cheekily. “It’s that peak coat over there.”

“Cheeky brat.” Vergil chuckled as he ruffled Nero’s hair, who huffed and fixed it hurriedly.

“Father! Not the hair!”


“Where are ye going?” Nico teased as she saw the trio come down the stairs.

“We are going out to enjoy ourselves.” Vergil said as he escorted Della out and helped Nero to get his sled. “Can you and Asmodeus handle Father for a spell?”

“Ye got it V.” Nico said. “Ye and te family have fun.”

“Thank you, Ms. Goldstein.” Vergil said as he led Nero outside to join a very happy Della. When they left, Sparda looked at who was left.

Another human and my apprentice.” He said as he looked at them. “Well, at least one I can tolerate.”

“What is yer deal?” Nico asked, she was irked by the elder’s attitude. “You married a human woman.”

“True, but my Eva was special…

“What made ‘er so special?” Nico asked. Sparda looked at her and arched an eyebrow.

“You are an odd one.” He said with fascination. “To address me in such a manner.”

“Look ere,” Nico said, “Ye te father of two of te most powerful Devils on te planet an’ grandpa to anotha, they’re my friends an they got my respect. Ye actin like a grade A asshole.”

“Knowing who I am and all you still speak to me this way?”

“Hell yea,” Nico said. “From all the shit I’ve seen, you ain’t shit. Ye wake up wit a huge bug up yer ass an instead of gettin to know yer family, ye bash em. An yer especially hard on Della.”


“Ye know her as Dante.” Nico said. “Ye basically said she was useless cause she ain’t a man. Guess yer wife was useless too.” Sparda growled and eyes glowed red. Nico wasn’t fazed. She had her experience with Devils. “Don’t get hissy, I’m just showin ye what ye’re doing ‘ere. That’s why V cracked ye one. The way ye acted when I called yer wife useless, V did the same thing. Lemme tell ye, Demon Daddy’s more like ye than ye realize.”

“She is right Master.” Asmodeus said. “And all three of them have been through a lot. ‘Della’ especially.”

“Which is why Demon Daddy’s very protective. He loves Nero, that’s his lil boy, but Della’s got his heart.”

“Master, you have to make this right.” Asmodeus said. “You need to right this with your family. These are not the times as we went through. We are in their time now and we must change and adapt.”

“Ye have a lot te think about.” Nico said. “Do ye really want te lose a chance to get te know your family as they are? I’m sure ye wife would roll in ‘er grave.” Sparda looked outside of the window to see the two older devils and the devil child playing in the freshly fallen snow. They looked happy and while Nero was doing a snow angel, Della lightly brushed the snow out of Vergil’s hair and hugged him. They both held each other and exchanged a soft loving kiss. Sparda couldn’t help but smile as he remembered how he was with Eva almost a lifetime ago. He looked at his now daughter and had to gasp softly. Aside from the long white hair that had soft curls and some of his features, it was close to his Eva.

“They truly love each other, don’t they?” Sparda asked as he continued to observe them. Asmodeus and Nico looked as well and had to smile as they watched Vergil lifted the Huntress into his arms and kissed her again. Nero grinned and threw a snowball at the couple, getting them in the face.

“Sugar shock!!!” Nero crowed. The older devils grinned and after setting her down, Vergil made a few snowballs and handed Della one.

“It’s War now Kid!” Della cried as she launched her snowball, getting the child on the body.

“Oh shit!” Nero cried, scurrying away to dodge the next snowballs. Laughter and snow flew everywhere as the family wore themselves out.

Chapter Text

It was nearly sunset when the doors to Devil May Cry opened and the trio came in, chilled, rosy cheeked and jovial. Nero happily shed his coat, scarf, gloves, and boots and scurried off to the couch. The older devils blinked but straightened up everything. Once done, Vergil gently helped Della out of her coat, hanging it up. He was surprised that she waited to remove his.

“My dear you didn’t have to…”

“I wanted to.” Della replied. “I’ll get Nero into warm clothes.”

“I’ll make us warm beverages….”

“Hot Chocolate, extra marshmallows please!” Nero called. Vergil chuckled and nodded. Della was about to open her mouth, but Vergil quieted her with a soft kiss.

“I remember how you like yours.” The Demon King said gently. “Now go tend to our son.”

“As you command.” Della said with a curtsy before leaving. As she passed by she smiled warmly to Asmodeus and Nico before glaring at Sparda. Sparda looked away, not showing that he was hurt. He couldn’t blame her. Since he walked in, he was a jerk to her. He watched as Della gently escorted Nero upstairs to gather new clothes and into a warm bath.  With a sigh, Sparda headed to the kitchen, where his firstborn was preparing their beverages.

“I have missed so much.” The elder said with dismay.

“Well, I don’t feel sorry for you.” Vergil said without stopping his task. “You just disappeared and stayed away for this long. A mission I can forgive, but you were under the house. You didn’t save us, or Mother. I am the last to preach, for I haven’t been there for Nero as I should have. But I had been in your scenario, I would have made sure to protect my family. That is what I intend to do now. The way you treated Della is inexcusable.”

“’Della’, it is hard to see my youngest in ‘her’ present state.” Sparda said. “She was born a boy…both sexes aside.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that possibly, she has made her choice?” Vergil countered. “We respect and support her decision. Why can’t you do the same?”

“Because it’s not who she is….”

“No Father,” Vergil said firmly. “It’s her choice. Now, you have a choice of your own to make, you can try to fight it, losing your family in the process, or you can make peace with what your child has chosen to be. But that is all that is up to you.” With that, Vergil took the beverages upstairs and Sparda’s heart clenched when he heard Nero’s happy laugh and Della’s warm one. Her laugh is very much like her mother’s… With a heavy heart, he turned to the desk and picked up Eva’s picture. He traced it lovingly and remembered the first time he realized he was in love with her…




Outside Redgrave City


It was at a festival that was occurring, and Eva wanted to go. At first Sparda was not with it, but as he saw her smile and the joy in her eyes, the Dark Knight was enchanted.

“Let’s go on the carousel.” Eva said with a bright smile and Sparda couldn’t refuse her. He was about to pick a horse when Eva giggled and pulled him into a bench.

“Here, silly.” She said with the most brilliant smile. Sparda chuckled and held her close. Eva nuzzled him gently, blushing shyly. Sparda smiled and gently captured her lips with his own. Time seemed to stop at that moment, frozen in time…


“Grandfather,” An annoyed child’s voice called. Sparda looked down and saw an impatient Nero who reminded the elder of the boy’s own sire when he was young. Sparda nodded and Nero showed him a book.

“Bedtime story please?”

“If your father and mother are alright with it.” Sparda said. Vergil’s eyebrow raised at what was said before relaxing his stance, nodding slowly. Nero led Sparda to his room and happily jumped into bed.

“Someone is ready.” Sparda chuckled as he took a seat in the armchair. “What shall we read tonight?”

“Can we read about Moby Dick?” Nero asked wistfully.  Sparda blinked and looked shocked at the child’s language and the book title. He checked his monocle but saw there was no mistaking the title.

“I beg your pardon. Moby what?!” Sparda asked in shock. Vergil chuckled and Della came running in.

“Everything ok?”

“This is a child’s book?” Sparda asked as he showed the book. Della looked at it then sighed in annoyance.

“Yes, it is. It’s about a whale and a vengeful captain. Sailing the high seas and adventure.”

“Oh, ok.” Sparda said as he sat down, and Nero laughed.

“Grandfather’s got a dirty mind.”

“Nonsense Child,” Sparda said as he opened the book. Vergil and Della snickered but composed themselves. They silently agreed with the Devil Child. They slowly walked out into the hall and looked at each other.

“I’m still not comfortable with him here Verge.” Della admitted as she kept watch on Nero with Sparda. Vergil nodded but held her in his arms.

“I know, I am a little skeptical as well.”

“What should we do?”

“We could at least try.” The Demon King suggested. “It may not be as it was before he left, but we could try, just like he can. The question is: do you want to?”

“Do you?”

“I would like us to rise above it.” Vergil said. “We didn’t have Father; Nero didn’t have us. We should try, at least for Nero’s sake.”

“You’re right,” Della agreed. “For Nero’s sake and for yours, I’ll try to be civil to the old man.”

“Thank you my dear.” Vergil whispered before he kissed her again. “That’s all I ask.”


Nero was allowing his grandfather to tuck him into bed after the story. He knew that the elder and the older devils were not in good standing.


“Yes Child?”

“Why are you so against my mother choosing to be a woman?”

“Child, your mother, despite the form I see, was not the one ‘she’ was born with.”

“Yea, but Grandmother’s last wish was for mother to start over, to have a new beginning. Why would you take that away?”

“I…” Sparda began but had to stop and think. His grandson was right. For years, he and his family had to remain hidden for safety. They were constantly sought after thanks to Sparda’s reputation and his mark of treachery. Although they had nothing to do with it, both of his children, his wife and his grandson had paid the price. And it’s not fair to either of them. Sparda thought. Now, through the choices and efforts of his children and grandson, that was no longer an issue. Mundus was dead, as were the other lunatics, Vergil was on the throne and both Nero and Della/Dante were the Protectors. For the first time, they were able to live how they wanted.

“Is your mother, happy with her decision?”

“Yea she is.” Nero said with a yawn. “Both her and Father are very happy.

“And what of you?”

“I’m happy but I do miss Kyrie, I miss our kids and my job.” Nero said. “I’m happy to return back to what I was. I only ask this: leave my mother as she is now. Let her live as she wants. Father and I will make sure nothing will happen to her. In fact, I know that Father would kill anyone who dares her harm. I would too.”

“You’ve given this a lot of thought didn’t you Lad?”

“I see how happy they are.” Nero said. “I see the love they have for each other. They deserve this and more. Who are we to not let them go after it?” With that, Nero wished his grandfather goodnight and fell asleep. The elder walked out of the bedroom, without noticing the older devils and went outside, Triggered and took to the night sky. He had a lot to think about.

Chapter Text




Sparda perched near the ruins of his home and sighed. He felt his heart clench as he inspected the ruins of the home, he had built for himself and his Eva. It was their nest. It was where their children were born. And to his horror, he had learned from his children, that this was where his wife died, brutally murdered. It was also where Della (who was Dante at the time), was in a wardrobe, alone and had been left to chance. Knowing all of this had Sparda realizing why Dante wanted to remain as Della.

“It’s quite a sight, isn’t it?” A voice from behind him asked. He slowly turned and blinked when he saw Della.

“I…. I didn’t…. I could have….”

“Yea, but you didn’t.” Della said wryly. “You protected so many other and yet when we needed you, you weren’t there.” Sparda couldn’t help but wince at her words. They were like lemon juice in a wound. He couldn’t scold her. She was completely right.

“I am so sorry….”

“I can see that.” Della said as she settled close by. “Vergil and Nero had their say, now it’s my turn. You have a lot of nerve coming off the way you did. I worked my ass off to build my business. It may not be glamorous, but you know what, it’s mine. I earned it. I have been cleaning your messes and Vergil’s for decades. If I want to live out the rest of my life as a woman then that’s my decision.”

“You weren’t born a woman….”

“Look, I had Nero, thanks to below the belt.” Della said. “I went through life, confused on what I wanted. Confused on who I was to be. This is a clear path for me and I’m very happy.”


“Della, Father.” Della corrected him. “I know it’s hard for you to get, but Vergil named me this and I like it.”

“It suits you.” Sparda said with a small shrug. “You do look more pleasing as a woman, the daughter I’ve always wanted.”

“Yea, thanks Pop.”

“But you have my attitude.” Sparda groaned half-heartedly. “I suppose to keep Vergil and Nero on their toes.”

“Someone has to.”

“Well, Nero had me thinking, as did Vergil.” Sparda said. “They were right. I have no right to take your happiness away. I must respect your decision.”

“I’m glad you see that.” Della said.

“But here’s a question for you, are you wanting this truly or are you running away from your past?”

“I’m not running from anything Pops.” Della said. “I want to live.

“Well, what are you doing now?”

“Father, for the first time in a long time, I’m happy, Vergil is happy, and Nero is happy.” Della said. “The only one who isn’t happy is you.”

“Well Nero already expressed his wish to be restored. I will grant that. It’s you I worry about.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I’m not too sure on that one.” Sparda said. “You always did things on an impulse.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Who are you trying to kid?” Sparda asked. Della looked at him and Sparda's words died in his throat. He could see that she wasn’t running. He saw that she was tired and wanted to be at peace. He sighed and held his arms open.

“I guess I should get used to the idea of having a daughter.” Sparda said with smile. Della was surprised and was a bit skittish around the elder.

“Sorry Pop, too soon.” Della said as she shook her head. Sparda sighed and dropped his arms.

“I understand,” The Dark Knight said. “We have much ground to cover….”

“Yes, we do.” Della said as she slowly stood up. “But right now, we have two devils wondering what’s happened to us.”

“Yes, let us return home.” Sparda said. Della noded and both returned to Devil May Cry where Vergil was waiting, arms crossed and looking serious.

“I had wondered what became of you two.” He stated as Della ran into his arms. “Are you all right my dear?”

“Yea Babe I’m fine. Where’s Nero?”


“I’ll go check on him, you two can talk. Excuse me.” With a polite nod, Della went upstairs, and Vergil waited until she was out of sight and hearing before he turned to face Sparda.

“What happened?” Vergil asked, his eyes hardening and his Sin Trigger just below the skin.

“She found me at the ruins of our old home, and we talked a while.”

“What about?”

“If her intention to remain a female were pure or was it an escape.”

“How dare you say that…..”

“I have my answer.” Sparda said, ceasing Vergil from wringing his neck. “I will respect her decision and I will restore Nero only.”

“Father, something else is bothering you….”

“I tried to hug her….”

“She didn’t let you.” Vergil said. “Not that I am surprised.”

“She said it was too soon.”

“I agree with her,” Vergil said, “You ripped her to shreds and called her useless.”


“Even if you apologized to her, it is not enough.” Vergil explained. “She is forgiving, it’s just going to take some time.”

“What if she doesn’t forgive me?”

“Then that will a lesson for you to live with.” Vergil said as he sat back in his armchair. “There’s nothing you can do about that, Father. That’s up to Della.”

“Why did you name her Della anyway?”

“After the woman in Nero’s favorite book, Gift the Magi.

“Ah, that was your favorite book as well.” Sparda grinned. Vergil chuckled and kept quiet. He wasn’t going to allow the others to know that he was an inner sap. He was about to say something when Della came down the stairs.

“He’s dreaming sweet dreams.” Della said as she sat on Vergil’s lap. “I’m going to call it a night too.”

“I’ll be up for a spell.” Vergil said. “I’ll man the phone.”

“Thanks Babe.” Della whispered before kissing him softly. “Sweet dreams.”

“Goodnight my dear.” Vergil whispered softly. Della smiled and after nodding to Sparda, she made her way to her room, closing the door. Sparda sighed heavily, saddened by his newfound daughter’s distance. Vergil looked at his father and sighed. “Father, remember what I said. Allow her some time.”

“I…should find another place to stay…”

“Father don’t be foolish, there is a guest room. Stay there for tonight and if you feel the same way in the morning then we will figure it out.”

“Very well,” Sparda said. “I will abide by what you say. Goodnight, Son,” As Sparda went upstairs, Vergil watched as he went up to his room, sadness, pain and despair clear on his face and in his eyes. The Legendary Dark Knight was defeated.

Della my dear, I know you can do this. Vergil thought. You both need to heal before we can move forward….

Chapter Text

Della slowly woke up and smiled softly when she saw that she wasn’t alone in bed. There, sleeping peacefully next to her, holding her in a gentle grip, was Vergil. Della gently reached a hand and lightly carded her fingers through his grey hair. A hand caught hers in a gentle grip and amused green blues opened to meet her gaze.

“Good morning my dear.” The elder chuckled.

“I can’t pass anything by you huh?” Della asked with another smile. Vergil laid back against the headboard and chuckled.

“No, you can’t.”

“Where’s our Old Man?” Della asked. Vergil looked at her, not releasing her from his embrace.

“He stayed in the guest room.” Vergil said. “He wanted to leave in the middle of the night. I told him that he was being foolish and to spend the night. I also said that if still feels the way he does, that we will figure it out.”

“Well, that’s sensible.” Della said with a nod. “Honestly, I don’t feel right with him here.”

“I know my dear,” Vergil said with an understanding nod. “So where do you suggest?”

“Maybe in Fortuna.” Della said. “Or maybe the old house, when it’s fixed?”

“Both are good suggestions.” Sparda said from the doorway, causing the older devils to look up. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, Nero woke up a while ago and when he didn’t see you, he came to me.”

“Thank you, Father,” Vergil said. “Will you be so kind to inform Nero that we are awake and will be downstairs shortly?”

“Of course,” Sparda said before nodding politely, closing the door behind him. The devils looked at each other. Della still looked a little upset, but Vergil kissed her forehead gently before getting up. Della couldn’t help but smile.


 As both devils got ready, Nero was with his grandfather, making breakfast. He saw that the elder looked heartbroken and Nero couldn’t feel bad for him. The Dark Knight had been an asshole to his mother. But maybe she can be better than him…

“Child, mind the food.” Sparda chided gently as he set the coffee and tea and pointed to the waffles, eggs, and breakfast ham. There were even scones, strawberry for Della, blueberry for Vergil and mixed berry for Nero. When Sparda was done, he relieved Nero of his food guarding and set up their plates. He remembered who liked what. Della always went for waffles, while Vergil went for a healthier route. Nero was a blend of the two. Nero tilted his head when he noticed that there was no fourth plate.

“Grandfather, what about you?”

“I am not hungry Child,” Sparda said. “This is for you and you parents.”

“But you need your strength too.” Nero reasoned. Sparda sighed as Nero gave him some food and poured some coffee.

“You know that he is right Father.” Vergil said as he entered the kitchen, with Della next to him. The Devil Huntress went to assist Nero with a rather heavy milk and gave him a kiss on the forehead before ruffling his hair.

“Good morning, Kid.”

“Good morning, Mother, good morning, Father.”

“Good morning, Nero.” Vergil said as he settled Della into her seat before taking his own at the head of the table. Sparda took the other end of the table, and they ate in silence. Della stopped after two bites and left the table. Sparda bowed his head and Nero left to go after his mother. He found her crying at her desk. His heart went to her, and he climbed into her lap, gently wiped her tears.

“Mother, please don’t cry.” He soothed. “You’re safe.”

“Oh, Nero I….”

“After today, you don’t have to deal with Grandfather again if you don’t want to.” Nero soothed. “Father and I will make sure of that.”

“Are you sure this is what you want Nero?”

“Mother, you were right.” Nero said as he patted her hand. “I love Kyrie and the kids. Plus, I miss my job. Of course, this was a blast, but I can honestly say, I miss being an adult.”

“School was a bit much?”

“No, but I had to bring a water spritzer to keep the girls away.” Nero said wryly. Della laughed and hugged him.

“That’s cause you’re such a little cutie!” Della teased. Nero yelped and playfully struggled, trying to dodge Della’s kisses.

“Eh, Mother, come on not you too!” He laughed. “Father! Help!”

“Here now what’s this?” Vergil chuckled. “Della, release the boy.”

“Not until I get my good morning kiss.” Della smirked.

“You heard her boy.” Vergil smirked. Nero’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“Father don’t make me do it.” The Devil Child groaned.

“One kiss then you’re free Kid.” Della laughed. Nero groaned but turned and kissed Della on the cheek. The Huntress laughed warmly and kissed Nero’s cheek in return before letting him go.

“Oh man I got lipstick on me.” Nero grumbled as he returned to his breakfast. “Mom cooties!” The older devils laughed and held each other.

“So dramatic.” Vergil said with a shake of his head.

“He is so your son.” Della teased.

“He was more like you my dear.” Vergil laughed. “Remember when Mother held you that way.”

“Oh yea…” Della giggled. “But she still managed to land five kisses on me before I escaped. And what about you? Didn’t Mother get you?”

“She tried but I kept teleporting away.”

“Slick move.” Della said. “Now, you get a kiss too.”

“From you?” Vergil asked with a smile. “I would not mind in the least.”

“Well then come here.” Della purred. Vergil pulled her close and kissed her. Della purred softly while Vergil crooned.

“Father, Mother your breakfasts are getting cold…...oh yuck!!!!” Nero cried as he covered his eyes. “Sugar Cooties!!”

“Child, leave them be.” Sparda chuckled as he collected Nero, leaving the parents alone.

“I know I shouldn’t be like ew and all but just seeing them….

“I completely understand Child,” Sparda said with a smile that reminded Nero of his mother. “I was there once. Your mother would always say ‘ew so gross!’ and would complain to your father.”

“I’m willing to bet Father wasn’t keen on the complaining.”

“No, he wasn’t. In fact, I remember him telling me off.” Sparda laughed. “Of course, at the time I was younger, and I was furious at how a child of mine was trying to tell me how to behave with my wife. I punished him with a whole day of sparring and studies.”

“Ouch.” Nero winced. “I hope he doesn’t do that with me….”

“Don’t worry boy, if it comes to that, I’ll bail you out.”

“Thank you, Grandfather.”



“Nero,” Vergil called out later before lunch. “I’d like a word with you.”

“Uh oh!” Nero cried, “I’m outta here!”

“Boy, get back here!!!” Vergil yelled as he ran after Nero, who was running as fast as he could go. Della blinked while Sparda laughed.

“Did I miss something?”

“Oh, the child is trying to dodge punishment from his father.”

“Oh, like when Verge told you off.” Della smirked. “I remember that. You were so pissed.”

“Seems that history has repeated.” Sparda chuckled. Della looked at the two and had to laugh as she remembered….


Sparda Manor- Outside Redgrave City


Vergil was deep into his book when the bang of their bedroom door startled him, causing him to fall off of his bed.

“Dante what’s the matter with you?” Vergil snapped as he picked himself up, glaring at his twin who looked shaken. His anger turned to worry. “What happened?”

“I saw…. Oh, ew ew ew!” Dante began, terror on his face. “Mother and Father…. oh man it was horrible!”

“What were they doing?”

“They were…. sucking face.” Dante shuddered. “Father was practically eating her face!” Vergil blinked as he processed what his twin was telling him and then he cleared his throat to hide a laugh.

“Dante, they were kissing.” Vergil chuckled. “It’s what couples do.”

“You are such a NERD! How are you so calm about that?!”

“It’s normal. But since I see you’re upset; I’ll take care of it.” Dante hid under his pillow while Vergil sighed and went downstairs to confront their parents.


At first, he deemed it foolishness but when he heard soft moans and smelled blood, his anger flared, and disgust ran through his veins like lava. He entered the living room in frosty fury as he saw his parents on the loveseat, half dressed, and his father’s fangs were in his mother’s neck.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?! YOU TWO SHOULD BE ASHAMED BEHAVING SO FOOLISHLY!” Sparda removed his fangs while Eva gasped and blushed from embarrassment, quickly redressing herself. Sparda didn’t even bother to replace his shirt. With blood-stained lips and eyes still red, he regarded his firstborn.

“What did you say BOY?” Sparda snarled. Vergil just quirked an eyebrow.

“You heard me.” Vergil countered. “You two are behaving like animals! Show some class!” Sparda’s aura rose, and his claws were visible.

“You DARE TELL ME HOW TO BEHAVE WITH MY WIFE?!” He thundered. Vergil just stood his ground and lifted his chin.

“Yes, I do.” Vergil stated evenly. “You shook Dante with your behavior and repulsed me. I will NOT stand for it!” Sparda roared and spread his wings while Vergil just sighed and looked bored.

“Are you done?” Vergil asked. Sparda smirked evilly.

“I’m just beginning….”




“Wow, Vergil really told you.” Della giggled.  Sparda smiled a bit as he continued to watch Vergil pursue Nero. Della laughed a moment before she waved Nero over to run to her. Nero saw this and ran for home base, getting scooped up and Vergil skidded to a halt.

“Verge, it’s ok,” Della said with another laugh. “Nero just pulled a ‘you’. Remember when you told our parents off?” This had the elder think before laughing.

“Yes, I do.”

“I told you that Nero’s more like you on some things.”

“I can see that.” Vergil said as he looked at the devil child in Della’s arms. “Very well Child, you are as they say, ‘off the hook.’”

“Yes!” Nero crowed.

“But if you ever pull a stunt like that again…. you will answer to me.” Vergil said with a smirk so wicked that Nero gulped.

“Yes, Father.” Nero said. Vergil nodded and ruffled his hair.

“Very well, let us enjoy this day, for at sunset, you will be restored to your former state.”

Chapter Text

Nero decided for the family to go to the zoo for the last day of his ‘childhood’. Vergil and Della were intrigued by the big cats, Nico like the monkeys, Trish and Lady were at the birds Even Morrison had a good time. Asmodeus was with Sparda, looking at the wolves.

“Any luck with Lady Della?”

“No, she’s still distant from me….”

“Didn’t Lord Vergil tell you that it will take time?” Asmodeus asked. “It may take even years.”

“I wasn’t expecting this….”

“Well, you came off pretty harsh to her.” Asmodeus pointed out. “She had to adjust without you, Lord Vergil and her lady mother for a good bit of her life. Then she became Lord Vergil’s mate, bore their nestling, then having to clean up after you both and finally reuniting with her son, then the mess with the tree of evil, going into Hell to aid a newly restored Lord Vergil, who became King of the Underworld in the process, to seal off the portal that the tree left, now womanhood…. I’ll say that is a lot to handle.”

“When you put it that way, yes, it is.” Sparda said as he ‘felt’ the weight of what his apprentice pointed out. Della was stronger than he thought and took what was thrown at her in stride. He couldn’t blame her for choosing to remain a woman.

“They truly love each other, don’t they?” Sparda asked.

“Yes, they do.” Asmodeus said. “And I agree with her decision. She is still Lord Nero’s mother, and she is still Lord Vergil’s mate, his Queen. They deserve to be together.” Sparda sighed and bowed his head in thought. After a moment, he reached into his right coat pocket and pulled out a royal purple velvet ring box. Asmodeus’ eyes widened.

“This was their mother’s.” Sparda whispered sadly. “This was her wedding ring.”

“Why do you have it?”

“We had a fight.” Sparda admitted. “She didn’t want me to go on the mission. She begged me not to. I argued that I was bound by duty. She argued that my duty was to my family. She was right but at the time I didn’t see it that way. She didn’t agree with me. She said I didn’t love her and our children. She removed this ring and threw it at me.” He tenderly caressed the ring box.  “I think Eva would have wanted Vergil to have this….”

“I don’t think Lady Della will want that. Didn’t you make that for Lady Eva?”

“I did. I proposed to her with this very ring.”

“I strongly suggest you allow that ring to be with their mother….” Asmodeus said. “They want a new beginning, let them have it.”

“I’ll leave it to them,” Sparda said. “Come, let’s catch up with them.



“Hey! You’re a greedy one!” Nero laughed as he fed an eager sea lion another fish. “That’s your second fish!”

“Tipper gets hungry a lot.” The trainer said with a laugh. “It’s ok.”

“Then he’ll get too fat!” Nero said. The trainer and his parents laughed.

“Would you like to feed a pup?” The trainer asked. Nero looked at his parents eagerly who nodded, and the trainer led them to where the seal lion pups were.

“Oh wow! These are awesome!” Nero cried out excitedly. The trainer smiled and gave him a bottle and a small seal lion pup. “This little guy needs a little extra tender loving care.”

“Why is he so small?”

“He was born earlier than other pups.” The trainer explained. “His name’s Daze.”

“Hi, Daze, I’m Nero.” Nero smiled while Daze gave him a smooch. “Hey, I’m taken. But, are you hungry?” Daze yelped and took the bottle. Della smiled and took a picture with her phone. Vergil smiled and held Della close as they watched him

“I’m so going to miss him like this Verge,” Della said wistfully. Vergil lightly kissed her forehead.

“We can always have another my dear.” Vergil said reassuringly. “While on the subject, what are your plans for the next century or two?”

“I don’t know maybe still try to claw out of debt…..” Della said before blinking as she realized what Vergil asked. She looked at him and smiled brightly. “Verge…are you…. Asking me…?”

“I know this is not what you expected….” Vergil began. “But I have fallen deeply in love with you. You have my heart always. I love you and I love our son. You are my everything. Will you become my wife?”

“I…Yes, I will. I love you too. Verge, all I ever wanted, was you to come home, to be with us. I don’t regret us, or our son. I want us to be happy.”

“As do I my dear,” Vergil said with a smile as he held her hands in his. “Forgive me for not having a ring….”

“I think I can help with that.” Sparda said with a small smile as he held the ring box out. “This was your mother’s….”

“Why is it not with Mother?” Vergil asked as he looked in the box and recognized the ring that lay within. Della silently went to play with the seal pup and Nero, the sadness and grief were clear in her eyes. Sparda sighed and looked down.

“Your mother and I had a fight the night I had to leave on my last mission. She removed it from her finger and threw it at me. I kept it since.”

“I will not use this.” Vergil declared firmly as he took the ring and engulfed it in blue black flames. Sparda cried in dismay as the ring disappeared.  Vergil opened his hand, and the box was gone.

“Mother’s ring is now where it should have been.” Vergil stated firmly. Sparda blinked and was about to ask why but Vergil beat him to the quick. “I know for sure that Della would agree with me on this.”

“You got that right!” Della called. Vergil looked at Sparda evenly before he closed his hand again, summoned up blue black with violet flames, which flared for a moment before disappearing, revealing an even more elegant ring box in the form of a blue rose. Sparda blinked and Vergil smirked.

“My dear can you come here for a moment?”

“What’s wrong Babe…. oh wow….” Della said in amazement as she saw the ring box. “For me?”

Only for you.” Vergil said with a smile, opening it and showing the beautiful ring that had lay in the heart of the rose. It was a platinum ring with tanzanite, the deepest red ruby with black and white diamond. A ring fit for a Queen…Vergil thought. Della gasped as Vergil slipped it onto her left ring finger. It was a perfect fit!

"It's beautiful...." Della whispered in amazement. Vergil held her close and kissed her lovingly. Nero grinned and for the first time, he didn’t mind his parents kissing one bit.


When they reached Devil May Cry, Nero sighed before looking at his parents then gave them a hug.

“Thank you for this.” Nero said. “But I will miss being able to get away with things cause I’m a kid.”

“That’s because we let you.” Della teased. “Remember your father and I were pros at this.”

“Yea I remember.” Nero said. Sparda finished the diagram and waited patiently. Nero nodded and walked to the center of it and waited.

“Della, this is your last chance Child.” Sparda warned. “Are you sure you wish to remain as you are?”

“Yes,” Della said firmly. “I’m very sure.” Sparda nodded and activated the blood runes. As soon as the sun set, the runes shimmered, flared, and faded. Where a child was, was the adult Nero.

“Wow,” Nero whistled as he looked himself over. “What a rush.”

“Welcome back Kid.” Della said warmly, holding out Blue Rose and Red Queen. Nero grinned as he took his weapons back, set them into place and hugged his mother.

“Thank you, Mother.” He said softly. “It’s good to be back.

Chapter Text

Della sat at her desk, sitting back in her chair, propping her feet up. She closed her eyes and recalled her former self sitting this way. She was about to drift off to sleep when she felt someone playfully swat her legs and heard them tsk.

“Is that anyway for a lady to sit?” Della heard a dark chuckle. Della didn’t have to open her eyes to know who was there. She already knew it to be Vergil.

“It’s my office Babe.” She said firmly. Again, Vergil laughed then had her gasping and eyes popping open when she felt her legs lifted then replaced onto something muscular and warmer. She gasped further when her boots and socks were removed.  “Verge what are you…. oh my God!!!” Della moaned as Vergil began to rub and massage her feet. She collapsed back into her seat and moaned in pleasure. Again, she heard the dark, amused chuckle of her future husband.

“Enjoy that my dear?” He crooned. Della looked at him with half lidded eyes and purred.

“Oh, yea Babe, don’t stop….”

“I don’t intend to.” Vergil crooned. “You need this.”

“How’d I ever get so lucky?” Della purred then gasped when Vergil hit a tense point. “Ah Babe ow!”

“You’re quite tense. Forgive me my dear.” Vergil said. “Now I know there is much in mind, care to tell me?”

“It’s just….”

“Hey lovebirds,” Nero teased from the top of the stairs. “Is it safe to come in?”

“Yea Kid, it’s safe.” Della laughed. “Your father has great hands.”

“I’ll bet.” Nero teased as he came down, fully geared up. “Father, I believe I owe you a rematch.”

“Ah, that’s correct Child, you do.” Vergil said with a smirk, not releasing Della’s feet. “Are you ready to be taught a lesson so soon?”

“I’m eager to kick your ass into the dust again.” Nero said cheekily. Della grinned while Vergil grinned evilly.

“We will see Child, for last time, luck was in your favor.” Vergil lightly caressed Della’s feet, causing her to shiver and whimper. “Care to referee us my dear?”

“Mmm, yea ok, but I got to get my boots and all back on. You two go on ahead I’ll catch up.”

“Very well, we will be near our old home.” Vergil said. Della nodded and Vergil kissed her goodbye before setting her feet down gently and rose to his feet, slashing a portal with Yamato.

“Um Father, can you wash your hands first?” Nero teased. Della mock gasped.

“Kid my feet don’t stink!”

“Sure, Mother!” Nero called. Vergil laughed and lightly whapped their son upside the head before walking through the portal. “Ow! Father mind the hair!” Nero cried before dashing after his father.

Della laughed as she replaced her socks and boots onto her feet and stood up. Her smile fell when she saw Sparda coming from the kitchen, holding a cup of tea.

“I was hoping to accompany you…”

“No,” Della said shortly as she gathered Ebony and Ivory and Ifrit. “But you can catch up, Vergil and Nero will be fighting near our old home.” With that she went outside and climbed onto Cavaliere, revving off. Asmodeus came down the stairs and tilted his head questioningly.

“Still nothing,” Sparda said with a deep sigh. “She will not open her heart to me.”

“Let us go after them.” Asmodeus said. “Maybe you can talk to her.”

“It’s worth a try.”


Della made it just in time to see Vergil and Nero about to start. The combatants saw her and smiled before circling each other. Della watched them and was awed. Both Father and son were skilled and able to hold their own. She knew that although Vergil was a powerhouse, that Nero was honing on his skills, like herself.  She was so interested in the fight that she didn’t see when Sparda and Asmodeus arrived at first. Asmodeus nodded and continued to watch the fight while Sparda sat next to her.

“Della, I was very wrong with all I said, and the way I’ve treated you….”

“If this is an apology, it’s a piss poor one.” Della said shortly, not tearing her eyes away. “You have no idea what I’ve been through. You have some nerve to say the fucked up shit you did.”

“Asmodeus explained it to me, and you have every right to be angry with me.” Sparda said, ashamed. “You dealt with so much….”

“Look here Old Man,” Della said, finally looking at him, eyes battle steel grey. “You were under the house, while demons came and turned our world inside out and upside down. Mother put me in that wardrobe and went to get Vergil. My heart tore when I heard her scream before she died. I knew something happened to Vergil too. I felt it. You have such a courageous and righteous heart…where the FUCK were you? You were under the goddamned house like a goddamned cockroach!”

“I was dying Della.” Sparda said firmly. “My energy and my power were dangerously low, and I couldn’t help.”

“So you chose to save your own ass.” Della said with a biting voice. “You could rescue countless others, but you couldn’t save your fucking family!”

“Della I couldn’t….”

“Look here, I have survived a lot of shit, I even died but you know what, my drive kept me going. I was not going to allow anything to get between me and what is right. Vergil made his mistakes, but I forgive him, he’s trying to atone. You come out of the woodwork and pull shit…”


“No!” Della cried, her power flaring, her Sin Trigger nearing the surface. “You can stay the fuck away from me!” With that, she exploded into Sin Devil Trigger and flew back home, crying in anguish and anger. Vergil and Nero ceased their fight, declaring it a draw and confronted Sparda.

“What happened?” Vergil asked icily.

“I tried to reach out to Della.” Sparda said. “To get her to understand why I couldn’t help….”

“Father, I think you should leave her alone.” Vergil said firmly. “You upset her. Out of us, she was mostly affected by your leaving.”

“And what of you Son?”

“I am also angry, but I am the last to preach, for I also left her to the elements and chance. Just as I had done the same with Nero. However, I realized my mistakes and I am working on mine. Della is forgiving but Father, you are not respecting her wish.”

“Father, where’s Mother?”

“She returned to our nest.” Vergil said firmly. “Nero, can you ride that Devil Arm back home?”

“Hell yea.” Nero said as he climbed onto Cavaliere. “And kick ass with it along the way. But Father, what about you?”

“I will tend to your mother. Father, you and Asmodeus can accompany Nero and assist him.”

“Of course.” Sparda said. Asmodeus nodded and bowed before Vergil slashed a portal back to Devil May Cry and sought out his future bride. He found her crying heartbrokenly in the master bedroom, on the bed. He removed Yamato from his belt, setting it aside Ebony and Ivory, shed his coat, removed his boots, and gathered her into his arms. She turned and held him tight, sobbing loudly. Vergil held her, whispering soothingly, and kissing her tears away.

Oh, my dear, He thought as he held her close, allowing her to cry as much as she needed. You deserve to be happy and at peace. I will make sure of that. Della cried herself to sleep in the Demon King’s arms. Vergil kissed her softly, gently settling her into bed and curling behind her, holding her protectively before allowing sleep to take him too.

Chapter Text

Della slowly stirred and tried to open her eyes, hissing sharply in pain. Her hissing startled her bedmate, and she was about to freak out and attack when she caught his scent. She breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, although she couldn’t see.

“Verge?” Della called softly reaching a handout, smiling when the elder gently took it into his own. “My eyes….”

“They’re sore from all the crying my dear.” Vergil explained calmly. “Don’t fret, we’re in our room and not disturbed.”

“Oh my god, what time is it?” Della asked as she groped around for her phone. Vergil lightly tapped her hand away and took up the phone himself.

“It’s after five my dear.” Vergil stated. “It’s dinner time.”

“Oh no, I wanted to cook….” Della said in dismay, almost falling off the bed. Vergil immediately caught her and eased her back onto the bed.

“Be calm my dear, I’m certain that Nero has already placed an order for our dinner for tonight.”

“But Verge…”

“My dear,” Vergil said as he lightly caressed her face. “There will be other nights where you will cook. But tonight, right now, you can’t see. Give your eyes time to heal.”

“Wow I cried that much?”

“Luckily there isn’t a flood.” Vergil joked as he set her wine-red flats down and lightly tapped her feet. Della giggled but allowed the elder to help her, blushing softly. Vergil smiled a bit as he slipped each shoe on, lightly caressing each ankle.

“Babe! Don’t tease!” Della giggled. Vergil chuckled richly and rested his head on her lap. Della laughed and gently carded her fingers through his gray silken locks. This caused the Demon King to croon and massage her thighs. Della smiled and kissed him softly. “I love you Verge.”

“I love you too my sweet Della.” The Demon King said with a croon. “Now, let us get something to eat, I hunger.”

“Yea,” Della said as she carefully got to her feet. Vergil tsked then swept her into his arms, causing her to squeal and wrap her arms around his neck.

“Allow me to escort you downstairs my Queen.”

“As my King commands.” Della giggled. Vergil chuckled and carried her downstairs.





Nero looked up, his smile melting into concern as he saw that his father was very careful with his mother.


“I’ll be ok Nero.” Della reassured, sensing his worry. “I cried my eyes out.”

“Wow, I thought that was just a figure of speech.” Nero whistled as he watched his father gently set his mother down into a seat in the kitchen.

“Our Old Man?” Della asked after noticing that she didn’t sense Sparda or Asmodeus around in the office.

“He’s still here.” Vergil said. “Nero sent him and Asmodeus on the food run.”

“I figured it was best for him not to be here when you woke up Mother.” Nero said. Della smiled and reached a handout to their son. Nero lightly held her hand and kissed her palm.  Vergil made sure all was set by the time the two older devils returned with pizzas, pasta dishes, and wine.

“Ah, finally, the food is here.”

“I can’t see….” Della said in dismay. Vergil set up her plate and his own and pulled her chair close to his.

“Don’t worry my dear, I will help you.”

“Oh Babe, I’m sorry…”

“There is nothing to apologize for.” Vergil soothed. “You did nothing wrong.”

“It’s a bit fuzzy.” Della said as she tried to look around. All around her was completely blurred.

“Your eyes are slowly regaining their sight.” Vergil explained softly as he held her hand in his. “We have pizza, lasagna, bread sticks and salad. For the wine, we have red, rose and Moscato.”

“Oh Moscato please.” Della said. Vergil nodded in thanks as Nero passed him a glass of Moscato. Sparda blinked as he observed how Della felt the glass and handled it. What is wrong with her?

“Della, Child what is wrong?”

“I can’t see Pops.” Della seethed as she carefully took a sip before Vergil took the glass away. “My eyes are fucked up.”

“It’s temporary.” Sparda explained. Della sighed and tried to reach for some food but came up empty. Vergil tended to her and Sparda couldn’t help but smile as he watched the elder tend to his love.

“So, Father, what are your plans?” Vergil asked as he assisted Della to eat by guiding her hands to where they had to go.

“Well, I have decided to return to the Underworld. It will need a protector. I am not needed here, for there are three protectors here.” Della growled and tightly squeezed Vergil’s hand. She knew that Sparda wasn’t telling the entire truth.

“Father,” Vergil warned as he soothed his angered bride to be. “What is the entire reason for your decision?”

“I also decided to respect Della’s wish.” Sparda admitted. “We have so many wounds that need healing and that will take time and space on my part.”

“I think it’s best.” Nero said. “Maybe someday you guys can finally work it out.”

“That is not entirely up to me Child.” Sparda said as he looked at the Huntress. Della blindly glared at Sparda.

“Old man, get this clear right now!” She seethed. “I will never forgive you. You are so lucky I can’t see right now; I’d knock your block off.”

“That would be funny.” Nero said. “The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda gets block knocked off by blind lady.” Vergil laughed behind his wine glass at that image. Even Asmodeus and Della snickered.

“So, we will journey to Fortuna and from there, we will return to the Underworld.” Asmodeus said once he recovered.

“And when do you plan to embark on this?” Vergil asked.

“We will accompany the Princeling.” Asmodeus said. “When he is ready to go.”

“Well, there’s one more thing that needs me here before I go back.” Nero said with a smile.

“What’s that Kid?”

“Your wedding day Mother.” Nero said gently. “Have you and Father decided?”

“Well, no, we didn’t discuss it….”

“Why not get married this Spring?” Nero suggested. “It is the season for new beginnings.”

“That is an excellent idea Child.” Vergil said with approval. “But who is going to walk your mother down the aisle?”

“Um, isn’t that my job?” Sparda asked. “I am her father….” Della’s hand tightened around Vergil’s who tapped hers in comfort.

“Lord Nero, why don’t you walk your Lady Mother?” Asmodeus said. Della smiled and Vergil nodded. Sparda sighed and looked away in defeat. Another tradition and another chance to mend with his daughter was gone.

“Then it’s settled.” Nero said. “When the flowers first bloom, you and Father will wed.” Della looked at Vergil and smiled. Her vision was clear, and her eyes healed.

“A Spring Wedding,” Della said with a warm smile. “Are you ready for this Babe?” Vergil chuckled and kissed both her hands and met her gaze.

“I am.”

Chapter Text

Sparda watched as the family chatted happily about the upcoming wedding. He saw Della’s warm smile and his heart ached. He messed up so much that he would never walk her down the aisle, dance with her on her wedding day…It was hard for him to bear. He looked away to hide the tears.

“Grandfather,” Nero called, rousing the elder and quickly wiping his tears away but Nero saw them. He felt a bit bad for the elder, but he knew that his mother would not hear of it. At least not now.

“Yes Child?”

“I was wondering if I could have a word with you.”

“Of course, you can.” Sparda said warmly. “What is on your mind?”

“Well, I know Mother is not in your corner right now, but don’t worry, she’ll come around.”

“Child I’m trying so hard….”

“Want my advice?”

“Yes, I’m welcome to it.”

“It’s this: don’t.” Nero said. “Let her make the first move.”

“You’re siding with your father on this.”

“Well, he has a point. Mother has been hurt a lot and it’s going to take her a bit longer. What else is bothering you? You keep looking at Father, but you’re puzzled…”

“If memory serves, Vergil’s hair was white…. And his eyes were blue. Also, he’s rather tall and broad….

“Oh, those he can’t change.” Nero said with certainty. “His height and build he got as reminders from his service under that slimeball Mundus.” This made Sparda’s blood boil. He had no idea that Vergil had been in servitude. “He was serving as Nelo Angelo, the Commander of Hell’s Legion.”

“And…his hair and eyes?”

“Reminders of his split.” Nero explained. “With the whole Tree of Hell thing. He managed to split himself into two entities: Urizen the Demon King and V the Mysterious One, he was a Devil Summoner….” Sparda gasped at this. Vergil had indeed followed him. “V managed to reunite with Urizen, both merging and restoring Father to his present state.” Sparda sat and sobbed in remorse. Both of my children….suffered….my grandson also suffered….

“Grandfather, we are still here,” Nero said. “And since Father’s been on the throne, it’s been quiet.”

“But the Demon Throne….”

“Is not in jeopardy.” Vergil said. Della looked at Nero then at Sparda briefly before looking at Vergil. “Nero, child, would you please take a stroll with your mother?”

“Yes Father, come on Mother, we can talk about a few things.” Della nodded and kissed Vergil goodbye before leaving with their son. Sparda sighed and waited. Vergil looked at his father and Sparda was surprised that Vergil towered over him. It wasn’t a whole foot, but it was almost 5 inches over him.

“Shall we sit down?” Sparda suggested, not too keen on feeling ‘short’. Vergil nodded and both sat down.

“Vergil…. I…had no idea….” Sparda said softly. “The lad told me what happened to you… How come you’re not….”

“Exploding from rage?” Vergil finished. Sparda nodded and Vergil chuckled. “Simple, it wasn’t Della’s fault, nor yours. It was all my poor judgements and choices. I fought to intercept the demon horde that attacked us and lost my life at eight, I sired Nero and left his mother at dawn, I rose the Devil Tower, I murdered my twin in cold blood, I plunged into the Underworld, I decided to challenge Mundus despite my weakened state. I tore off my own son’s arm and left him for dead. I grew the Tree of Evil and ate the fruit. All of these were my doing. I have no one to blame but myself. I admit that and I all I can do and have been doing, is prove to Della and Nero that I can be the father and husband they deserve. I too am angry with you for leaving but I can’t rage because I understand when it comes to duty. However, where we differ, if I had used better judgement, things would have been different. Unfortunately, no one can change the past. All we can do, is learn to prevent the mistakes from repeating.” Sparda was impressed with his firstborn’s insight and nodded.

“Then why can’t Della….” He began but Vergil held up his hand for the elder to cease, his eyes hardening.

“As I stated to you earlier, Della was affected the most. She was left alone for a very long time to fend for herself. She pleaded with me to stay with her. I didn’t listen. When I was in Mundus’ service, I saw her anguish when she realized that it was me in the Nelo Angelo armor. I broke her heart when I left her side after we had conceived our son. I saw the heartbreak in her face when I murdered her. It took her quite a while to forgive me. I’m still ‘in the hot seat’ as the saying goes, with Nero. Father, you and I are not so different. The difference between us is this, I don’t have a holier than thou attitude.”

“But I….”

“Father, are you actually going to sit there and tell me that you don’t have that?” Vergil asked evenly as he steepled his hands. Sparda’s response died in his throat. He bowed his head and sighed. He knew that Vergil was right. “There is nothing wrong with being humble.”

“But I ….”

“Father, stop.” Vergil said firmly. “It is time for you to realize and accept your mistakes.”

“But Son I….”

“And this why Della is the way she is with you.” Vergil said. “You can’t even do the simplest thing. I understand, it was a bitter pill for me to swallow as well.”

“You really have wizened up.” Sparda said.

“I had a choice to make.” Vergil said. “And so do you. What will you choose, your pride or your family?” Sparda sat and thought. Vergil rose to his feet and looked at him. “Father, this is not an easy question to answer so readily. Think about it. I’ll leave you to your thoughts. Excuse me.” With that, the Demon King left to collect his wayward family and Asmodeus walked out of the kitchen with two cups of tea.

“I heard everything,” He admitted as he handed Sparda his cup. “You understand that His Majesty is right.”

“Please don’t call him that.” Sparda said as he choked on a sip. “It’s hard to even accept that my own son is now King of the Underworld….”

“I’m sorry Master but that is who he is.” Asmodeus said. “You have to really accept that things are not all through rose colored glass. That’s what Lady Della was trying to pound into you. Forgive my saying so, but this is not your time anymore. It’s theirs.” Sparda sighed and set down his cup, reluctantly listening to his apprentice. Between them both, Sparda was pinned down by reality. He had to see the world and his children, with new eyes. They were no longer the little imps that hung on his every word. They were full grown Sins and had a grown Devil of their own. And his eldest, his first born, was a King. He managed to surpass his father. As did Della. Sparda sighed and massaged his temples. Dante….no…her name is Della…. His youngest, his baby, had chosen to remain a woman. Instead of two sons, he now had one son and one daughter….and they are together…. with a nestling of their own…They’re a family…Sparda was not against them being together, in fact, if they had grown up in the Underworld, they would have been paired up since the beginning.

“Yes,” Sparda said after a moment. “You and Vergil are correct. It is for the best that we go, Asmodeus. Once my children wed, we will take our leave.”

“Yes Master,” Asmodeus said, slightly shaking his head. He’s as stubborn as Lady Della. Like Father Like Daughter….

Chapter Text

Nero noticed that his mother looked thoughtful as they walked through the streets. He knew that she was dealing with a lot, even before he made that wish. However, Nero saw that she was bottling it all in.


“Yea Kid?”

“I think we should talk.”

“I’m all ears.” Della said as she looked at him. She knew that he was worried. Della sighed and sat at a bench near a park, inviting him to sit next to her, which he accepted without question.

“Mother, I know this is hard to see Grandfather again after all that’s happened.”

“It’s like a slap in the face.” Della admitted. “To know that he was….and he didn’t….”

“Mother, I understand completely.” Nero said as he held her hands. “For the most of my life as I watched others with their families, I felt this way. Even when Kyrie and Credo’s parents took me in, I couldn’t stop feeling hurt and bitter.”

“Bitter….” Della repeated as she thought on it. “Yea, I am ‘bitter,’ and ‘hurt’. Knowing that he was so close but didn’t do anything…. Just thinking about it gets me so…”

“I know but Mother, you have to get over it.” Nero said. “We can’t change what happened. I can’t change what’s happened to me, just like you can’t change what happened to you. Just like Father can’t change what’s happened to him. It’s time to close the chapter and look ahead. You have me, you have Father and even Grandfather is back. We have our family again. It’s what we’ve always wished for.

“Nero I can’t forgive him……”

“No Mother,” Nero said. “It’s not that you can’t. It’s you won’t.” Della looked at him and blinked. “Tell me, why did you forgive Father?”

“I love him, what happened to him…wasn’t his fault…not entirely….”

“Ok, I get that. But if you can forgive the one who murdered you, then why can’t you forgive Grandfather?”

“He willingly left his family….”

“So did Father.”

“He was there for many but not for us.”

“Father killed countless people. Mother, you’re sounding like a hypocrite.”

“Am I?”

“Think about it.” Nero said. “Father has pulled some serious shit and you forgave him. I know you’re feeling hurt, and Grandfather was practically a deadbeat…”

“He didn’t save the woman he loved!” Della sobbed. Nero dropped her hands and hugged her.

“I’m here Mother,” Nero whispered as Della cried. “I love you and Father loves you too. We will make sure what happened to Grandmother will never happen to you.” He looked up when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder.


“I heard everything Child.” Vergil said softly. He leaned down and stroked Della’s hair. She looked up and Vergil held her as soon as Nero released her.

“It is alright my dear,” Vergil said as he processed what he heard. Now, he understood the why to Della’s rage. She was traumatized because of the attack, the blaze and their mother’s death. She fears that she will share our mother’s fate…. He swept her into his arms and with Nero following, they returned to office.


Sparda and Asmodeus looked up when Nero opened the doors and helped his father with his mother. Sparda tried to make his way over, but Nero stopped him with a shaking of his head.

“Grandfather, no, let Father tend to Mother. We should talk.”

“But I….”

“Master, listen to him.” Asmodeus urged. Sparda nodded and watched as Vergil carried Della upstairs, speaking softly to her. Sparda overhead what was said, he was reassuring her that she was safe, that he and Nero loved her and that he would always be with her. Sparda blinked in confusion and Nero picked up the cue.

“Take a seat.” He said firmly. The older Demon Lords sat down, and Nero nodded.

“We finally found out why Mother so pissed at you.” Nero said. “You didn’t save Grandmother, as well as them. Seeing you again, brings that all pent-up rage.”

“I wanted….”

“You may have wanted to but you didn’t even try.” Nero said. “That’s why she is so mad at you.”

“I failed…..”

“Yes, you did.” Nero said. “So that’s something that you will have to live with. Mother may forgive you, or she may not. But it is up to her. You can’t force her.

“And if she doesn’t?”

“Then you have no choice but to make peace with it and wish her well.” Nero said. “There’s nothing that can be done at that point.”

The Demon Lords sat back while Nero excused himself to check on his parents. After getting an ‘enter’ from his father, he slowly walked into the room to see his mother fast asleep on the bed, tear stains clear on her face, and his father was lightly stroking her hair, laying down beside her.

“This explains so much.” Vergil said softly. “Where’s your grandfather?”

“He’s downstairs.”

“It’s best to keep him away from your mother.” Vergil said. “Her wounds are too fresh, and his presence presents more of a problem. At least for now.”

“I agree, so what do we do until Springtime?” Nero asked. “We can’t put them in the same room, it’ll be a bloodbath!”

“True,” Asmodeus said from behind Nero, standing in the doorway. “Maybe I can help, keep the Master away from Lady Della.”

“That’s it!” Nero said as he went to the desk and pulled out the ledger. Vergil tilted his head and followed his son.

“What do you have in mind Child?”

“When a long mission comes up, Grandfather and Asmodeus can take it.” Nero said. “That way, Mother won’t see him, and it’ll give her time to think about all that was talked about. It’ll give Grandfather some time too.”

“An Excellent idea Child.” Vergil said with approval. “Let’s bring this solution to your mother. I feel that she will be in full agreement.”

“I think so.” Nero said. “What do you think Asmodeus?”

“I think the Master will agree as well and it’s a sensible solution.” The Demon Lord said. “Your Majesty, why don’t you tend to your queen, and we will tell your father.”

“I thought he was with you.” Nero said.

“He is downstairs making another tea.” Asmodeus said. “I was more concerned for your Lady Mother.”

“We appreciate that.” Nero said. “Come on, let’s leave them alone and talk to Grandfather.” Asmodeus nodded and quietly walked out, with Nero closing the door behind them. Vergil gently settled back down next to his future bride and held her close.

“I love you my dear,” He whispered. “I swear, I will do all I can to make sure that you will be safe, always.”

Chapter Text

Sparda looked up from his seat as Nero and Asmodeus came down the stairs.  He noticed that Vergil and Della were not with them.

“Where are….”

“They are asleep in their room.” Asmodeus said. “But young Nero had come up with a solution that was sensible.”

“Really?” Sparda asked, interested. “May I ask….”

“I think while the winter is still here, that it may be best for you to partake the long missions.” Nero said. “That way you and mother would have time to reflect on what was said and to heal.”

“It is sensible…” Sparda reluctantly agreed. “But while in wait for them, I will need to find a place to stay. This is their nest.”

“This is true.” Asmodeus said. Nero thought for a moment then nodded.

“I have a home in Fortuna, you are both welcome to stay.”

“We appreciate that very much, Youngling.” Sparda said with a grateful smile. Nero nodded and stood up. Sparda blinked and was about to ask when Nero beat him to it.

“I’m going to see if Father will let me borrow Yamato.” Nero said. Sparda blinked and shook his head.

“I don’t think he will…”

“That was then,” Nero said. “This is now.” Nero said as he climbed the stairs and knocked on the door.


Vergil opened his eyes at the sound of the knock on the door and stood up carefully as to not awaken Della. He opened the door carefully before allowing Nero inside.

“Father, sorry for waking you,” He stated softly. “May I borrow Yamato?”

“For what purpose Child?”

“I’m escorting Grandfather and Asmodeus to Fortuna.” Nero said. “I think it would be better for them to stay there rather than here.”

“That is a sensible reason.” Vergil agreed as he picked up the sword and held it out to the Younger Devil Hunter. “Do you remember how I did it?”

“Yes Father. two slashes.”

“Correct.” Vergil said with a nod. Nero carefully approached the elder and took hold of the blade that had been ripped from him so long ago. Vergil was calm and nodded.

“Go and we will see you on your return.”

“Thank you, Father.” Nero said respectfully before leaving again. Vergil nodded and jumped a bit when he heard a soft laugh from the bed.

“Wow, you actually upped Yamato.” Della said with a teasing tone. “Will wonders ever cease?”

“Oh hush.” Vergil chuckled as he leaned down and kissed her softly. “He did ask.”

“Yes, I saw that.” Della said with a smile. “What surprised me is that you gave it to him.”

“Well times do change my dear.”

“Yes, they sure do.” Della agreed. “So, why did he ask for it?”

“Ah, yes, you were asleep. Well simply put Nero came up with a solution; that while Father is here, he would partake on missions that were required for him to be on the field. Nero even offered to allow Father and Asmodeus to remain in his home in Fortuna.”

“Thankfully we took care of the lunatics.” Della said. “It is a great idea.”

“Feel a bit better my dear?”

“Yes,” Della said. “I’m sorry to be such a pain….”

“My dear you are not a pain and there is nothing to apologize for.” Vergil soothed as he kissed her. “Now that we are alone, would you like to cook?”

“Yea, that’s a good idea. And you can help.”

“Aww do I have to?” Vergil asked with a sigh. Della laughed.

“Yes, you do.”

“Well, if you insist.” Vergil said with an exaggerated sigh before helping her up to her feet. Della smiled and allowed the elder to escort her to the kitchen and brought down a cookbook.

“What do you feel like cooking my dear?”

“Hmm, something traditional yet easy.” Della said as she flipped through the book. “Oh, that looks good a lasagna.” Vergil looked up and grinned. He loved Italian food!

“And for dessert, a decadent….”

“Don’t you dare say it….” Vergil teased.

“Creamy…. Devil’s Food cake….” Della purred. Vergil groaned and kissed her.

“I would propose but I already have.” Vergil chuckled. Della giggled and got the ingredients ready. They both prepped up and began to cook. They worked in tandem and soon a three-tiered lasagna was placed into the oven to cook, a salad chopped and set, and fresh breadsticks.

“So, what shall we do now?” Vergil asked as he set down the silverware. Della grinned as she took down a bowl, eggs, milk, cocoa, flour, butter and shortening. 

“Let’s get to work on the cake.”

“Ooo, that sounds like fun.” The elder purred. “Let us begin…” Della giggled and put the ingredients together and made the batter. She was about to put it into a cake pan when Vergil smeared some on her neck, biting lightly.

“AH!!! Della gasped. “Oh you devil!”

“So delicious....” Vergil purred as he looked at her, his eyes red. “May I…?”

“Babe, that’s for the cake….”

“Oh, come now, nothing wrong with having a treat before dinner.” Vergil grinned as he lifted her off her feet and onto the kitchen counter, ripping her blouse open, causing her to gasp. He admired the wine red and black satin and lace bra.

“Oh my, is this for me?” He asked with a smirk. He lifted the whisk and allowed some of the batter to fall onto her skin. “I like this, much better…”

“My bra!”

“Don’t fret.” The elder said with a growl. “I’ll take care of this….” He leaned in and smirked evilly. “Right …now.” Before she could respond, she felt the elder’s lips and tongue slowly lapping away the batter. Della gripped his hair, pulling lightly and moaned, arching her back and widening her legs. She gasped and shivered when she felt the bra moved away, freeing her breasts and the elder began to explore further. When she felt his lips capture a nipple and began to suck Della screamed out in pleasure and closed her eyes. She heard him grunt and croon and both would have gone further if a throat hadn’t cleared, revealing a deeply blushing but smug Nero, with a wide-eyed Lady, Trish, and Nico at the doorway, holding out two bottles of wine.

“White or Red?” 

Chapter Text

Della blushed and tapped Vergil on the shoulder, who quickly stood in front of her while she redressed. Nero had the decency to not look upon his mother’s undressed state, but the women jeered.

“That was hot. “Nico said.

“Della, what would your mother say?” Trish asked. Lady looked at the Devil Huntress and grinned.

“You slut!” She teased. Della flipped Lady the bird and climbed off the counter to fix herself.

“Uh V,” Nico said. “Ye got a lil batta on the side of…” Before she could finish, the elder licked away the last of the batter from his lips and smirked. “Oh, ye dog…” Vergil just chuckled but didn’t move until Della tapped his shoulder a second time, letting him know that it was safe before going to check on their dinner.

“So, how’s the Old Man settling in Kid?”

“Pretty well Mother.” Nero admitted. “Of course, he wasn’t thrilled about the mess from the Savior Incident.”

“I’ll bet.” Della said with an eye roll. “I wonder if he wiped his own ass or was it done for him.”

“Della.” Vergil said firmly. Della turned and saw that Vergil struggled a bit to compose himself. She giggled and hugged him.

“Maybe he had the three seashells.” She snarked. Vergil snickered before hiding it with a clearing of his throat. Nero laughed and hugged his mother.

“Something smells great Mother….”

“Ah, no sneaks! You're as bad as your father!” Della cried as she tried to protect the lasagna from being sampled. “Sorry, there’s no dessert.”

“I thought of that too Mother.” Nero said as he looked at the women. Trish held up a cake box. “Devil’s food.”

“Thank you, Nero.” Della said with a smile. “Now we can eat.”


“So have ye two lovebirds decided where ye’ll tie te knot?” Nico asked as she took a breadstick. Della and Vergil exchanged looks with each other before looking at the group.

“No, we have not.” Vergil answered.

“I think I know the problem.” Nero said as he poured out another glass of wine for his mother. “You two need a special place. One that has nothing but good memories for you both.”

“He has a point Babe.” Della said. Vergil nodded but kept his silence. Nero looked at his father and saw the thoughtful look on his face, recognizing it from his father’s time as V.

“Father, these things take time,” He reassured the elder. “You and Mother have plenty of time. Just use this time for….”

“Bow chika wow wow.” Nico teased, making Vergil and Nero blush. Nero groaned and facepalmed.

“NOT that!” He groaned. “For romance.”

“Romance?” Della asked wistfully. “I like that!” Vergil grinned before nodding in agreement. He was all in for romance and the thing the Weapon’s Artisan implied. Della’s cries of pleasure replayed in the Demon King’s head, and he growled softly.

“What’s on your mind Babe?” Della asked. Vergil just held her hand and shook his head.

“Ask me later my dear.”

“Oh, ok.” Della giggled before taking a sip of her wine, blushing a bit. She didn’t have to ask. She knew.

“Well Vergil isn’t exactly the King of Romance…” Lady said.

“Mary, that’s enough!” Vergil said firmly, causing her to growl.

“What did I tell you about calling me that?!” Lady shouted, pulling out her guns. Vergil raised an eyebrow but didn’t move.

“Do you really think that’ll prove useful against me? Foolish girl.”

“You two can duke it out later.” Della said as she stepped in between them. “Right now, there’s more to think on. Like our old man for instance. We don’t need another old fart like Sanctus getting wind that dear ol dad is alive and kickin it in Fortuna.”

“Mother’s right.” Nero said with a shudder. “Father, I hope you have a plan.”

“I might have a few.” Vergil said. “If your mother will be so kind to assist me?”

“What’s up?”

“That island Father found aside from Fortuna, the one you had a mission….”

“Oh, Vie de Marli.” Della supplied. “What about it?”

“Is the lunatic still on the rise there?”

“Nope, he was dealt with.”

“Father may be able to reside there.” Vergil said. “Do you have any contacts?”

“There is Lucia and her mother.” Della said. “Oh shit….”


“Lucia had a slight crush on me.” Della said. “The former me, that is.”

“Well, forget it, you’re taken, and you always were.” Vergil said firmly. Nero had to snicker at his father’s possessive tone. “So, we will bring Father and Asmodeus here and brief them.”

“I don’t want him here Verge.” Della warned. “Not in OUR nest!

“Duly noted my dear.” Vergil said soothingly. “Very well, Nero, Child, you will go brief your grandfather and his mate….”

“Whoa wait a minute did I miss something??” Della blinked. Nero looked at his father with the same question on his face. Vergil chuckled.

“Oh, come now, it was obvious.

“Since when?”

“And how did you know about this, Father?”

“Simple,” Vergil said. “I asked.”

“No way, when?”

“When you went after Father.”


Devil May Cry office shortly after setting Nero to sleep-


Vergil and Della watched as Sparda left Nero’s bedroom, deep in thought and walked by them, down the stairs and out the office.

“Where do you think he’s going Babe?”

“Possibly to think my dear.” Vergil answered. “He did seem to have a lot on his mind.”

“Yea, I think I’ll tail him.” Della said. Vergil tilted his head at this.

“Are you certain? I can easily go…”

“I know but I can tell you have questions of your own, plus someone has to watch the baby.”

“The ‘Baby?’” Vergil teased. Della chittered at him and blew a kiss before holstering Ebony and Ivory and following their father. She had an idea of where he went. Vergil nodded then went to seek out Asmodeus. The Demon Lord wasn’t far, he was in the library.

“Oh, my liege….” Asmodeus began as he dropped his book and made to bow but Vergil calmly held up a hand.

“At ease.” The Demon King chuckled. “It is just us at the present time. My son is asleep, and his mother went to retrieve our father.” Asmodeus nodded and eased up. “I do have a question for you.”

“Please ask.”

“What is your relationship to my father?” Vergil asked. Asmodeus blushed a bit before pulling down his collar and Vergil’s eyes widened. There, clear as day, was a mating mark!

“You and Father?” He asked. “When?”

“When my brother and I graduated.” Asmodeus said shyly. “He was my first….and my last.”

“Then how did he end up with our mother?”

“I was in the Underworld and your father was on Earth due to his battle with Mundus. He was so weak and injured he couldn’t return. His memory also suffered.” Vergil understood that a little too well, remembering his tenure with Mundus. Not only did Mundus rip out Vergil’s heart, and corrupted him, but he made sure that Vergil’s memories were blocked (The ones that Mundus was able to sense). However, as the years passed, Mundus’ power on Vergil’s mind laxed. Vergil made sure to keep Dante and Nero ‘hidden’.  The things we do to protect our loved ones…. Vergil thought as he looked at the Demon Lord.

“So, what are your plans with my father?”

“To live in peace with him.” Asmodeus said. “And as a part of this family.”

“I’m certain that Della and Nero will welcome you as well.” Vergil said. “You are welcome here.”

“Thank you.”


“Wow, that’s a hell of a secret.” Della whistled. Nero nodded and had to sit and think.

“I think the island would be a good pick too.” He said thoughtfully. “That way they have options. The Underworld is probably not the best idea, for Grandfather especially.”

“You are correct Child.” Vergil said. “So, with that being said, let us go brief them.” Vergil said before rising to his feet, pulling Della to him, and kissing her. “We will be back shortly my dear.”

“Ok Babe, the both of you, be careful.” Della said before Vergil nodded and slashed a portal, allowing Nero to go before him before walking through. Della sighed as the portal closed and took a seat.

Good Luck…

Chapter Text

Sparda looked over the home they were in, and he couldn’t help but feel bad for his grandson and well as his children. They had all suffered while he had been hidden away, oblivious to their pain. He kept replaying his newfound daughter’s rage and contempt for him. He couldn’t blame her one bit. He had not been there when they needed him most. His despair wasn’t hidden away from his mate.

“My love,” Amsodeus softly called. “Give her time. She is hurting….”

“I failed them.” Sparda whispered raggedly, biting back heated tears. “Della was right and I….I failed as a father, and as a husband…”

“Yes, you did fail.” Vergil’s voice cut in, both he and Nero walking through a portal that was close to the door. “Now that you have realized, the question is now; what do you want to do to make amends?”

“I am not sure.” Sparda admitted. “Della wouldn’t give me a chance…”

“Father, Della is as stubborn as you.” Vergil said with a chuckle. “You must give her time to sort things out. “

“Mother’s cool once you get to know her.” Nero said with a smile of his own. “Has a caring heart and is very protective.”

“I made a lousy first impression.”

“No Grandfather, you bombed on the first impression.” Nero said looking stern. “You called her ‘useless’. Why did you think that?”


“Women aren’t useless.” Nero said, his blue eyes hardening and causing him to look even more like his father. “Mother has been through hell and back, endured and survived so much.”

“You always told us to not make assumptions.” Vergil added. “And this is another failure in which you must learn from.”

“Vergil, I have failed you too….”

“Yes, you did Father.” Vergil said heavily. “I died trying to protect our family that night. It was our eighth birthday.” Sparda nodded but waited for his firstborn to continue. “Mundus’ demons attacked us and set our home ablaze. They killed Mother but Della was hidden in a wardrobe by her and given a last wish, which was to have a new beginning. We are honoring her wish.” Sparda bowed his head to hide his crying as he mourned Eva, overwhelmed by the knowledge that he had failed on the deepest level. He wished that he could take it away but he knew that it was not meant to be.

“Father,” Vergil said softly, having his father look at him. “You and I are not so different.”

“What makes you say that Child?”

“Well, I practically did the same thing.” Vergil said. “I sired Nero and I left the following dawn. I was obsessed with my mission and thirst for power. I didn’t think of my family. I didn’t think that I was needed. Nero ended up in an orphanage and Della was left to chance. My sins only grew as time passed. My damning one, was ripping my son’s arm off and leaving him for dead.” At this Sparda’s mouth dropped and his eyes hardened. He was pissed at this. Vergil nodded. “I deserve that and more. Nero punished me, although I stated that we will have a rematch.”

“I’ll be glad to kick your ass again Father.” Nero said smugly. Vergil blinked then chuckled.

“You were lucky last time Child.”

“Still sore huh?”

“Yes, but I am proud of you Nero.” Vergil said. Nero smiled warmly before regarding his grandfather.

“Look Grandfather, it’s simply this, you must give Mother time and if she doesn’t forgive, you have to deal with that. Yea, it’ll hurt, and you’ll miss out on a lot but at least you’ll know where you stand.”

“I want my family….”

“Father, it will not be as it was.” Vergil said. “That is nothing but wishful thinking.”

“We can return to the Underworld….”

“And what will that prove?” Vergil asked sternly. “Even though there is nothing chaotic in hell at the present time or I would know about it.” Sparda tilted his head but then remembered.

“Ah yes, you are the reining Ruler of the Underworld…. How did that happen?”

“Simple I grew the Tree of Evil and ate the fruit.” Vergil said. “Of course, I was split at the time, my demon half ate it.”

“Yea that was a ugly mo….” Nero began but stopped at the look his father gave him, believing himself in trouble. “Sorry Father.”

“It’s fine Child,” Vergil chuckled. “I wasn’t exactly appealing to the eyes.”

“And you stunk.” Nero added. “I’m surprised you didn’t kill us from that.”

“If your mother was here, she would laugh at that.”

“She’d bust a gut!” Nero said. “And she would agree with me.”

“What, every demon has a smell….”

“No Father, you had biochemical warfare.” Nero said, wincing as he remembered. “I’m sure humans would’ve died.” Sparda bit back a laugh. Although what Vergil said was true, what Nero said was also true as well as funny.

“There is a reason that you are here….”

“Ah yes,” Vergil said, disregarding his smirking son. “The reason is this, we believe that it would be better for you to remain on Vie de Marli. That way you are here on Earth, and you can live in peace.”

“Fortuna is another option,” Nero said. “But I’m sure you don’t want goose girl fanatics.” Sparda winced at that. He really didn’t want to deal with the constant gaggles.

“Plus, if you stay here, maybe it’ll show Mother that you want to try to be there.” Nero added. “If you go into the Underworld, she will think you’re trying to hide again and call you a fucking cockroach again.” Vergil bite back a laugh at this. He knew that Nero was correct, right down to the wording. Della would say and think this way and he couldn’t blame his wife to be. He would think along the same lines only his would be crueler.

“Father, you know that we are correct here.” Vergil said. “And while running away from this may sound appealing, I implore you not to.”  Sparda turned to the window to hide his tears. He couldn’t help but feel shame.

“Come Nero,” Vergil said as he gracefully rose to his feet and unsheathed Yamato. “Let us return to your mother and give your grandfather time to think.”

“Yea, it’s getting late.” Nero agreed. Vergil slashed a portal and Nero walked through first. Vergil turned to the ailing Dark Knight.

“Father, we can not change our pasts.” Vergil said. “But it’s our choices that will affect our futures. No one can help you here. What path will you choose now?” With that and a graceful bout face, Vergil walked through the portal, having it close behind him. Sparda turned and Asmodeus saw the tears. He rose to his feet and hugged the elder.

“Whatever you decide my love, I will be here, by your side.”

Chapter Text


Della looked up from her writing as Nero and Vergil came through the portal that appeared, closing the file and sitting back in her seat. She didn’t have to ask how it went. The look on Vergil and Nero’s faces told her what she needed to know.

“I see he’s a stubborn old goat.” Della said. “He even has the horns and hooves to match.”

“Then how come you don’t have them Mother?” Nero teased. Vergil lightly whapped Nero on the back of the head while Della laughed warmly.

“Because Kid I am too awesome!” Della said with a grin. “But your father has the tail.”

“I’d rather the horns.” Vergil said. “Tails can be such a pain.”

“I don’t have a tail.” Nero said. Della smiled.

“But you are such a handsome young devil.” She said warmly. “You even look angelic.”

“And with hair.” Vergil chuckled. “A devil with charm.”

“Hm, I wonder where he got that from.” Della teased as she looked at Vergil. “It can’t be from you.”

“My dear, I can be quite charming,” Vergil said with a soft chuckle, handing her a rose. Della laughed softly and lightly kissed him.

“I know.” She whispered. “You are full of surprises Babe.”

“Well, sugar shock aside,” Nero said with a grin. “What do you think Grandfather will decide Father?”

“I can not answer that one Child.” Vergil said with a shake of his head. “He knows that he has done wrong, and he wants to make amends.”

“Mother, won’t you give him a chance?”

“Nero,” Della sighed. “I don’t know if I can….”

“Won’t you at least try?” Nero asked. “I know he hurt you, he hurt Father. He hurt Grandmother. But that was then. What are you going to do now?” Della sat back in her seat and thought a while. She knew that Nero was right.

“Mother, I know it will take time, but at least think about it.”

“Nero, why don’t you give your mother and I some time alone?”

“Sure Father.” Nero said. “I’ll go spar a bit.”

“We’ll catch up.” Della said with a smile. Nero nodded and as soon as they were left alone, Vergil pulled Della into his arms and held her close.

“Della, please talk to me.”

“This is difficult for me to do Verge.” Della admitted. “I know that Nero’s right….”

“But…” Vergil promptes. Della couldn’t help but smile at the elder. Even though he was uptight, even he had his moments. She rolled her eyes playfully.

“But I just want to smash his face in….” Della admitted as she cracked her knuckles. Vergil blinked then laughed.

“I understand my dear but what will that prove?” Vergil asked. “Although it would be satisfying, momentarily.” Della shook her head and opened her hands.

“I hate it when you’re right.” Della pouted a bit. Vergil smirked and kissed her softly.

“I can get used to that.” The elder chuckled darkly. Della groaned and lightly punched him on the arm.

“Sometimes you can be such a….”

“Watch it my dear.” Vergil warned lightly. “You know I can counter it.”

“Damnit!” Della said, causing Vergil to laugh again, kissing her cheek gently before letting her go.


“A bit.”

“Excellent, now let us educate our son.” Vergil said as he picked up Yamato. “I do owe the Child a rematch.”

“Ten bucks says he’s handing you your ass again.”

“Wow, such loyalty.” Vergil teased. “I thought you loved me.

“I do.” Della said softly. “But I’m calling it as I see it.” With a grin, Della holstered Ebony and Ivory before going to where Nero was sparring. Vergil blinked before his mouth fell.

Did she just call me old? He thought. As if she read his thoughts Della laughed warmly and picked up her pace. Vergil chuckled darkly and smirked before following her out.

I’ll show her ‘old’.


“Vergil darling, pay up.” Della crooned as she held her hand. “You lost again.”

“Wait what?” Nero laughed as he watched them.  Della was perched on her desk while his father sat down heavily, clearly beaten. “Aw you two made a bet?”

“Yep, and I won!” Della crowed. Vergil grumbled but handed the money over. Della giggled but kissed the elder. “Thank you.”

“The Child was lucky.” Vergil said. Nero and Della smirked.

“Father, what was that about losing with dignity?”

“Oh, hush it.” Vergil growled lightly. Nero laughed and excused himself to get their dinners. Della slid off the desk and into the elder’s lap, which he didn’t mind, despite his aching limbs.

“Oh, Babe looks like you went through war.” Della said. “Looks like you need a nurse.”

“Oh, I am not that old!” Vergil said. Della grinned as she got off his lap and led him upstairs, stopping at the bathroom.

“Time for your sponge bath.” Della said with a smirk. Vergil’s blue green eyes widened before darkening to green, growling lowly and leading her inside with Della laughing.


Nero returned after a bit, but not alone. Kyrie giggled as she watched Nero look around the office and didn't see his parents. As Kyire set down the food that she helped Nero carry she watched as he was about to search out his parents but when he heard a pleasured groan thank to his enhanced hearing, from the main bedroom, he immediately blushed. He may have won their match, but his father was getting lucky! Nero smirked then made his way back downstairs. He may have been an adult but hell, he wasn’t going to stand around and hear them go at it.

"Nero, is everything alright?" Kyrie asked. Nero blushed but motioned for softer voices.

"Kyrie, let's take our food up to my room, but let's be quiet, ok?"

"Ok," Kyrie giggled as she followed her boyfriend carefully and quietly upstairs to his room.


“Oh God,” Vergil groaned as Della’s hands worked his sore muscles. If I wasn’t a gentleman, I’d ravish her here and now! He thought lustfully. After his shower, Della wasted no time in laying him down onto the bed and giving him a full body massage! The moment she started, Vergil melted and submitted completely to her ministrations. The Huntress had a firm yet gentle grip, and her massages were on point, hitting every sore point. Of course, the massage also affected other areas…. Vergil growled lowly and when he felt his tail he smirked. Time to have a little fun…. He wasted no time in lightly caressing one of her thighs with said appendage. What he didn’t expect, was her lightly massaging his tail too! With a loud cry, Vergil collapsed boneless onto the bed, blushing scarlet.

“Verge, what happened?”

“My dear um…I think another shower is in order…and a change in bed linen.” Vergil said, blush still on his cheeks and his lightly passed his hand across his nose. Della blinked then laughed softly.  When embarrassed this way, Vergil was endearingly cute! Nero does that too. Looks like I know where it came from.

“It’s ok Babe, you go into the shower I can straighten this up.” Della reassured him. Vergil nodded, whispering a soft apology before doing so. Della shook her head gently then blushed at the mess. Wow he was pent up…. Poor baby….Della changed the bed linen and put the others to wash before seeking the elder out, kissing him deeply. When they pulled away, Vergil blinked before he growled as he watched her undress.

“Would you like some company?” Della asked, her long white hair falling free. Vergil smiled and gently helped her under the spray, kissing and lightly biting her neck. Della moaned and leaned into him. Vergil felt his blood boil and his body heated up. He wanted her.

“My dear…. please…..” Vergil panted. Della held him close, kissed him again before whispering, her eyes half lidded red and yellow and demonic.

“Take me.”  Della whispered. Vergil growled, kissed her harder and lifted her off her feet, triggered to Sin and laid her down on the bed. Della moaned and panted as she felt Vergil’s claws, mouth, tongue, and tail teasing her. She felt her own trigger under her skin. Vergil pulled her under him and with another growl, entered her.

“OH GOD!!!!” Della screamed, triggering immediately, wrapping her wings with his. Vergil wasted no time, pulling out of her almost completely before slamming back into her, making her scream with pleasure.  Vergil groaned as he felt Della’s claws down his back and along his tail. Della crooned and moaned as the blue devil continued to pound into her. She moaned and eased him down onto the bed, straddling him and leaned over him as he pounded into her.

“My dear….I…..” Vergil groaned as he felt his release mounting. “Please…..” Della moaned and kissed him again.

“It’s fine Babe, give it to me.” Della panted. “Mark me…” With a deafening roar, Vergil her tightly, switching their positions again and biting down on her neck, marking her as his. Della screeched shrilly and bit down on him. As soon as she bit down, Vergil released and bit down harder, having her moan and her body releasing in time with his as they both collapsed boneless on the bed, their triggers released, and both cuddled, still intimately joined. Both had the same thought as they drifted to sleep.



Nero groaned and blushed as and Kyrie heard the older devils and after hurried kisses goodnight, both went to sleep.

Chapter Text


Nero was deep in his music, feet propped up on the desk and was reading a gun magazine when he felt a hand tap his leg. He was about to curse whoever dared to touch him when his gaze met amused violet blues.

“Well Child, it seems you inherited your father’s temper as well.” Sparda chuckled. Nero looked at his grandfather and laughed.

“Yea, seems so.” Nero said. Sparda nodded and looked around, noting that Nero was manning the office alone.

“Where are your parents Child?”

“Oh, they’re upstairs.” Nero said with a chuckle. “I wouldn’t go up there if I were you, they’re busy.”

“I can tell from here Child.” Sparda said with a soft chuckle. “They consummated their marriage I see.”

“What are you doing here Grandfather, you are taking a huge risk…”

“I know, but I made my decision. Asmodeus is at home packing our things.”

“What have you decided?”

“We will remain on Vidi de Marli. You were right. I must try.”

“That’s great to know that you’re not hiding like a cockroach.” A firm voice from the stairs said. They both looked up and saw Della dressed in a red turtleneck, black flair slacks, and flats. Her hair was in an elegant braid and standing next to her in a blue business shirt and black slacks with black oxfords and feathered bangs, was his father.

“Had a good rest?”  Nero teased. Della looked at him and smiled.

“You bet Kid!” Della said with a smile. “So, when did you get here?”

“Just a few minutes ago.” Sparda said. “I’m so happy that you are speaking to me….”

“Doesn’t mean I’m going to hug you and call you ‘Daddy’.” Della said as she went towards the kitchen, but Nero stopped her.

“Mother, I bought dinner remember?”

“Oh, right…I forgot….”

“Why don’t you and Father go back upstairs, and I can handle this….”

“No, cause then I’m no better than him with the hiding.” Della said as she looked at Sparda. Vergil looked at them and held her hand, pulling her close.

“Do not upset yourself. It’s not good for you, nor for Nero or I, nor for our nestling.” Nero and Sparda’s eyes widened at this.

“How?” Nero asked. “I mean…that’s kind of….fast…”

“Well, you would sense the nestling’s presence first.” Sparda explained. “Even if you consummated hours prior.”

“Wow, that’s fast.” Nero said. “I best think twice.”

“That’s right Kid, no grandkids just yet.” Della teased. “Although I’d be an awesome grandma.”

“Eh, don’t you dare rush it.” Vergil teased, lightly smacking her rear, causing the Huntress to yelp. Nero snickered while his mother blushed and Sparda cleared his throat. Both parents looked at him.

“Enough of that.” Sparda chuckled before regarding his firstborn. “Vergil if you would be kind to portal me back home?”

“Of course, Father,” Vergil said with a nod as he unsheathed Yamato. “Nero,” The elder said as he held Yamato out. “It’s your turn Child.” Nero blinked and looked at his father as if he grew another head. Vergil met his gaze steadily and nodded, waiting for the former Holy Knight to take the blade, which he did and slashed a portal before returning it to his father. Sparda nodded in approval and walked towards it, stopping short to face the family.

“Until we meet again.” The Dark Knight said with a smile, pride clear in his eyes. With a nod from Vergil, Sparda stepped through, and the portal closed behind him. Vergil sheathed the blade and sat down, pulling Della into his lap.

“Father,” Nero said, breaking the silence. “Do you think Grandfather will be alright?” To their surprise, Della answered.

“Yea Kid, he’s a stubborn old goat.” Della said with a smirk, holding one of Vergil’s hands in hers. “A lot’s happened but we can manage.”

“Yea, and soon another Devil will be running around.” Nero said with a grin. His parents looked at him and he gaped.

Not me.” Nero said, blushing red and pointing to his mother. “You Mother.”

“Oh yea,” Della giggled, and Vergil chuckled. “What can I say, your father’s a beast….”

“Oh man I don’t need to hear this!” Nero groaned as he covered his ears. “I’m going to bed, good night!” He kissed and hugged his mother goodnight and nodded to his father before retiring to his room. Vergil silently counted down and Della blinked.

“Oh yea, try not to break through the ceiling, will you?” Nero shouted smartly. Della blushed while Vergil smirked.

“You two are horrid.” Della said as she lightly punched Vergil on the arm. Vergil laughed but stopped when the phone rang. Vergil released his grip on her and answered the phone.

“Devil May Cry,” The elder greeted. He listened to the details and his eyes widened. He quickly thanked the caller and hung up. Della was about to ask when Vergil answered.

“We have to get word to Father and Asmodeus.”

“What happened?”

“They cannot go to Vidi de Marli,” Vergil said. “There’s a demon horde down there. They are being led by the Demon of Despair, ArgoSax.”

“Man, I put that bitch down.” Della snarled. “Can’t peeps stay dead?”

“I didn’t.” Vergil pointed out. Della nodded in agreement.

“Thank God you didn’t.”

“See, some good, some bad.” Vergil said with a chuckle. “Rouse our firstborn we must make haste.”

“On it.” Della said as she grabbed her guns while Vergil geared up as well. It didn’t take him long. The Dark Slayer was a weapon.

“Kid,” Della called, forgetting to knock, and strolling in. “Come on we have get….HOLY SHIT! VERGIL!!!! GET UP HERE NOW!!!” Della didn’t have to wait long; she heard the elder’s steps on the stairs.

“My dear, what on earth happened….oh I see…” Vergil said with a dark chuckle as he saw Nero and his girlfriend in bed, both blushing deep red. “Well, well,” While he was amused at his son, his eyes hardened a bit as he looked at the 'girl' next to him. She is NOT human! 

“Father, do you mind?” Nero asked, covering his girlfriend from his parents’ gaze. “Mother?”

“Oh, of course,” Vergil said, easing his gaze as to not give himself away as he cleared his throat and gently escorted Della out. “You have five minutes to compose yourselves. We will be downstairs. Do NOT make us wait.”

“Yes Father.”



Five minutes later, Nero and Kyrie made their way downstairs to the awaiting parents. Vergil was sitting at the desk with his hands steepled, and Della was standing next to him. The young lovers gulped. They knew from many teachers that they were in for a good lecture.

"Ah, I'm glad that you did not disappoint." Vergil began as he acknowledged them calmly. "Please, be seated, both of you." Nero and Kyrie nodded silently and sat down quickly. Della looked away to hide her laugh.

"Care to explain what happened?" Vergil asked calmly, his face and voice betraying nothing. "And be quick about it."

"Father we..."

"First off," Della cut in, "How did you get here Missy?"

"When Nero went to get dinner, he came to Fortuna, and we came back by a shiny portal." Kyrie said honestly. The older devils exchanged looks with each other before regarding the younger couple. 

"Young lady," Vergil continued. "Do you understand the dangers of what would have happened if you two had been successful in copulating?"


"You would have been rendered with child and it would not be human, you are aware of this are you not?"

"I love Nero and he loves me...."

"I admire and respect that, however, we cannot afford to be foolish. Before you throw me and your mother into this Child," Vergil said, cutting Nero to the quick. "Your mother and I are Devils, true only by half but your mother is not as fragile as your chosen. On the contrary, female Devil are more vicious and will protect their nestlings, viciously if necessary."

"But Mother is...."

"Yes, she is, but she will be able to hold her ground and be at full strength until second and third trimesters." Vergil said. "After that, it will fall to me to protect her and the nestling, as I should've done for you and for her." Nero nodded. "And it would also fall to you to assist me in protecting your mother. Now, at a later time you wish to ...copulate then you have our blessing. But right now, it is not the best time, I need you focused. Your grandfather will need all of us."

"What happened?"

"As we speak, he and Asmodeus are about to walk into a demon trap." Vergil said. "We will have to fight once again against an old enemy."

"Which one?"


"Aw Shit..."

Chapter Text

Vergil raised an eyebrow at his son’s use of language before chuckling a bit. He is very much like his mother. Vergil thought with a slight chuckle. That’s fine with me.

“Yes, crude way to put it, although quite correct.” Vergil said. Kyrie blinked before trying not to cry. Even though she was not familiar with the name that was mentioned, she knew that Nero was leaving again.

“Kyrie,” Nero began as he hugged her. The former songstress looked at him and smiled sadly.

“I understand Nero,” Kyrie said softly. “Just be careful.”

“I will.” Nero said with another hug and a soft kiss to her forehead. The older devils watched and while Della softly cooed, Vergil just nodded and waited patiently. He wasn’t as ‘soft’ as his new wife but his time as V reconnected him to his emotions and humanity. Vergil cleared his throat and held up Yamato.

“Send her home Child.” The elder ordered firmly without the bite. Nero nodded and unsheathed the blade.

“Time to go home Kyrie,” Nero said. “I will come back home as soon as I can.”

“I know you will.” Kyrie said with a soft smile as Nero slashed a portal. “You know where I’ll be.” With a last look and a hug, the young lovers parted ways and Kyrie walked through alone. Della blinked at how ‘easily’ Kyrie walked through. Something stinks, Missy’s a human…they’re not familiar with portals and all….She looked to Vergil who surprisingly thought the same thing, He held up a hand and dialed a number.


“Devil May Cry, Nico speakin’” Nico greeted. Vergil chuckled.

“Ms. Goldstein,” Vergil greeted. “We need your insight on a matter.”

“Lay it on me Demon Daddy.” Nico said. Where humans were concerned, Nico was the only one Vergil ‘warmed up’ to. Nico in turn, respected the elder.

“The songstress who is my son’s paramour,”

“Oh Kyrie?”

“Yes,” Vergil nodded. “Is there something we should know about her?”

“Well, yea, but it may be betta I go ova te the office.”

“What’s up Nico?” Della asked, listening in as well.

“Is Nero wit ye?”

“Yes he is.”

“Did he…um….do te nasty?”

“No, his mother....” Vergil said, at a loss for words for a moment turning to his wife for help.

“I busted them.” Della supplied. Vergil bit back a laugh at that one.  It was true after all even though Vergil knew he would have used another term cockblocked. Nico breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good goin’ Cowgir!” Nico said. “Cause what I haveta say will knock yer socks off.”

“How far are you?”

“Not far at all.” Nico said. The older devils were about to ask how far when they heard the van pull up and park. Della laughed and went to get the doors while Vergil shook his head in amusement. At least she didn’t crash through the office. I think Della would have her head if she had…His thought process was cut off with Nico loudly greeting his wife and the women hugging warmly. Vergil gracefully got to his feet and made his way over with Nero in tow. When seeing Nico, Nero grinned.

“What brings you here, cigarette run?” Nero teased. Nico laughed and hugged him.

“You’re such a dick. Yer like yer Daddy…. oh, sorry Demon Daddy.”

“It’s ok Nico, thank you for pointing that out.” Della laughed. Vergil softly growled at Della who chittered in response, causing the elder to mock gasp. Nero snickered.

“She cursed you out?” Nero asked smugly. Vergil was amused even though a bit surprised.

“Yes, she did.”

“Ha!” Nero barked. Vergil chuckled.

“Fine, side with your mother,” Vergil said, mock-hurt. “You always do.”

“Damn straight.” Nero said, not falling for it. “Mother smells better.” At this Della laughed while Vergil blinked and gaped. He was surprised at Nero’s sass, but only for a moment. He knew exactly where he got it from.

“So Nico what was it you wanted to tell us?”

“Kyrie ain’t exactly human.” Nico said. Nero blinked. “Luckily ye didn’t dip yer wick in her Bro.”

“Dip his…OH THAT IS CRUDE!” Vergil barked, blushing red violet. Della giggled and laughed at the use of words. She knew exactly what Nico meant.

"NICO!!!” Nero cried, just as embarrassed as his father. “You got to say it like that you bitch?”

“Yep and watch the ‘b’ word Bro, yer mama is a girl now too!” Nero gulped and Della hugged him.

“It’s ok Kid.” The Devil Huntress reassured gently. “So what’s the deal Nico?”

“With that whole Savior incident.” Nico said. “I found somethin’ extra in my Daddy’s notes. If Nero didn’t fall in line, he was to be destroyed.”

“Wow that sounds about right.” Nero said bitterly. “They hated when I did things my way.”

“Dude, they brought Kyrie and Credo in….” Nico said. Nero’s eyes widened at the thought process. So did Della.

“So you’re saying that Missy….”

“Kyrie was given something else.” Nico said as she showed the notes. “My daddy was cookin up hybrids of a succubus an some other shit, one that was deadly in poison.”

“But I kissed her more than once.”

“The big bang would’ve happened if ye did the nasty Bro.”

“Wait how come we didn’t sense it?” Della asked. “We can pick up on demon auras….”

“Cause ye weren’t suspectin Kyrie to have that.” Nico said. “I’m sure Demon Daddy had his suspicions.” At this Vergil nodded.

“When I saw them, yes.” Vergil admitted. “My dear, you saved our son by bursting in.”

“I did?”

“She did?”

“Yes she did.” Vergil said. “What was in bed with you Child was NOT a human girl, she’s a bastard offshoot of Succubi, Lilim with Archane venom.”

“Ew nasty.” Della shuddered. “Serious Demon probs.”

“But I’ve….I don’t….”

“She was te kill ye Bro.” Nico said.

“How come she didn’t kill us with her cooking or killed the kids?”

“Her M.O. is to kill you with love Bro.” Nico said. “And I neva touched her cookin. As for the kids….it’s possible she turned them.”

“Damn we got two missions.” Della said. “What now?”

“We take them both.” Vergil said. “You will assist Father and Asmodeus and I will accompany Nero.”

“Wait what?!” Della cried. “I’m helping HIM?!?!?”

“Yes, you are.”

“But why?”

“Consider it a test.” Vergil said. “A matter of trust.”

“Verge, you SO OWE ME!”

“For eternity my dear.” Vergil whispered before kissing her deeply and lovingly. When they broke away Della smirked.

“You bet your ass you do.” Della whispered with a purr. Vergil chuckled and after slashing a portal for her, Della kissed them both and hugged Nico.

“Have my usual waiting for me!”

“You got it.”

“Be careful Mother!”

“I got this Kid!” Della said with a wink before stepping through the portal. Vergil nodded and slashed another for Fortuna.

“Let us begin.” Vergil said, eyes battle hardened and voice demonic, the Demon King in full swing. Nero’s eyes went red with gold with cat like slits and fangs bared. They had a battle to win and a family to save.

Chapter Text

Della was immediately greeted with a demon wave as soon as she walked through the portal. She blasted them with red energy swords, Ebony and Ivory and smirked. My what a welcome. She smirked. This might prove to be fun! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. She walked along the stoned path and knew that she had to make her way down to the beach. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she traveled this very path as Dante. Now here I go again. She thought as she shot down more demons that tried to nip at her heels.

As soon as Della heard the familiar gunshots from Luce and Ombra she grinned. Stubborn old goat! I knew you were still alive! Della wasted no time in getting down to the ruined plaza where four Blood Goats were battling Sparda and Asmodeus. Both swordsmen were holding it down, but Della saw they could use a little help. She aimed her energy swords at the goats, turning them into bloody sushi and showering the swordsmen in blood.

“What the….” Sparda coughed, looking up and then smiling. “Della…”

“Seem you old geezers needed a little help.” Della snarked as she holstered her guns. Sparda barked and aimed Luce and Ombra at her. Della yelped and hit the deck and Sparda fired, downing an Abyss Goat. Della turned and blinked.

“Overconfidence can be a downfall my girl.” Sparda chided as he holstered Luce and Ombra. “What brings you here?”

“We were going to warn you about the demon horde, but I say that plan is moot. Ah, this I can say, Argosax is back too.” Sparda sighing heavily.

“Well, then we will handle it.” The Dark Knight said. “You may return home Della dear. Vergil will have my hide if you were….”

“He is the one who said I should come to help you.” Della said. This pissed Sparda off.

“He said what?!”

“You heard me.” Della said.

“And while you’re rendered with a nestling….is he insane?”

“Old Man it’s pretty early still….”

“That is NOT THE POINT!!!” Sparda said waspishly. “You are returning home, now!

“I can still fight!”

“NOT IN YOUR CONDITION!” Sparda barked. Della watched as Sparda removed his broach and slashed. Her eyes widened when she saw a portal! What?! “In you go, we will follow.”  Della didn’t argue. Sparda’s eyes were red, and he was clearly angry. She quickly walked through and good as his word, Sparda and Asmodeus walked through behind her. As soon as they entered the office, Sparda put the phone in front of her.

“Call him,” The Dark Knight said firmly. “Now.” Della blinked but dialed.


“Father,” Nero said as he pulled his phone out. “It’s Mother….” Vergil immediately slashed the scarecrows down and snatched the phone.

“Della?” Vergil asked, as he put the call on speaker phone as he aided Nero with energy swords.

“Verge, you’re in deep shit.”

“Where are you?”

“Home.” Della said. “But not alone.” Vergil was about to ask but he heard the phone change hands and he couldn’t help but gulp. He knew who came back with her.


How dare you send your pregnant wife alone.” Sparda snarled. “I expected better judgement from MY FIRSTBORN!”

“Father, Della is more than capable of….”

“You listen to me you arrogant little shit!” Sparda snarled. Nero’s eyes widened and he snickered at hearing his grandfather cursing. “You are to get your head out of your ass and get the fuck home RIGHT NOW!” Nero clasped his hands over his mouth, his eyes sparkling with amusement. Nico couldn’t help but do the same. Vergil gulped but agreed before hanging up.

“We have to regroup.” Vergil said as he unsheathed Yamato and slashed a portal. “Let’s retreat for now.”

“Smooth move Father.” Nero teased, biting back a laugh. Vergil lightly whacked the younger Hunter upside the head.

“Hush it Child.” Vergil growled as he waited for Nero and Nico to go first. The younger two snickered but hurried through the portal with Vergil glumly following after them. It wasn’t every day that he got into trouble with his father, but when he did, it was not light.


Sparda nodded to the younger people that came through the portal first, hugging Nero warmly before allowing the younger Hunter to greet his mother. Nico was shocked to see the elder but she was polite.

“Oh wow….um…I’m not sure what te call ye.”

“Child, you may address me by my name.” Sparda said warmly. “You have more than earned that.”

“Thank ye sir.”

“Thank you for taking care of my grandson.” Sparda said. Nico smiled.

“Anytime Sir,” Nico said. As soon as Vergil appeared, Sparda’s gaze hardened a bit before the warmth for her returned.

“Excuse me my dear, I need to speak with my son.”

“Yes of course, it’s an honor to meet you Sir.”

“It was a pleasure as well my dear,” Sparda said before taking his leave and confronting his eldest. Sparda’s eyes narrowed before he threw a punch, sending Vergil flying.


“Father….” Vergil warned. “Back away….”

“I WILL NOT!” Sparda roared. Vergil growled before he allowed his Sin Trigger to take over. Sparda immediately Triggered and both hissed and snarled. Della was held back by Nero and Nico was stunned. Both Devils were terrifying yet magnificent to behold. Sparda was of legend, but Vergil was of regal cruelty. Where Sparda had fires from hell, Vergil had icy fire. Della was afraid that they would bring down the house.

“NOT IN HERE!!!!!” She cried. “YOU’LL KILL US ALL!” The Blue Sin turned to her and crooned softly, caressing her with his tail. She looked at him, unafraid of the intimidating figure he cut. “Vergil, please….” Della pleaded. The Demon King nodded and summoned up Yamato, immediately slashing a portal and both Devils bounded in. Della sank down but Nero helped her up.

“Those assholes….”

“It’s a cock fight.” Nico said. Both mother and son looked at her blushing. “Oh, git yer minds out te gutter. Even though ye ain’t far off.”

“What do you mean Nico?”

“Bro think will ye?” Nico said. “Ye went through it wit Demon Daddy rememba?”

“You mean when we fought on top of the tree?”

“And when yer fought Dante fir te first time in Fortuna?” Nico reminded. “Even though technically ye were fightin’ yer Mama.” At this Nero gulped.

“Kid I’m not mad. That’s how it’s supposed to go.” Della explained. “It’s a rite of passage.”

“For what?”

“A passage of power.” Della said. “Basically, to see if you can hold your own when your parent passes on.”

“Oh….” Nero said. “Then I got 50 on Father.” Della grinned.

“I got you covered.”

Chapter Text

Both Devils exited the portal and wasted no time in circling each other, wanting to rip each other apart for different reasons. Vergil dodged his father’s claws and Sparda jumped out of the way in time from Vergil’s tail reaching his heart. Sparda perched on a jagged cliff and glared down at the Demon King.

“HOW DARE YOU SEND YOUR PREGNANT WIFE TO FIGHT!” Sparda thundered. Vergil snarled and launched energy swords at the cliff, breaking it and causing Sparda to take flight.

“YOU HAVE SOME NERVE PREACHING TO ME!” Vergil snarled, preparing another wave of swords. “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE DEMONS ATTACKED OUR HOME? OH YES, YOU WERE UNDER IT!” Sparda winced at this. At the time, he had believed what he had done was wise. But the more he thought on it, the more he realized how cowardly it was. Yes, he was dying due to low energy reserves, but he put himself above his family! With a gasp he realized his newfound daughter’s rage. And his son’s. Although Vergil hadn’t been as open with his as Della was with hers, his rage was present. Now, in the arena of hell, he was letting it out.

“YOU’RE RIGHT, BUT YOU DID THE SAME THING, DIDN’T YOU BOY?” Sparda hissed. Vergil stopped for a moment before launching another wave.

“YES, I DID,” The Demon King admitted. “HOWEVER, UNLIKE YOU I DIDN’T HIDE IT OR TRY TO PASS OFF AS RIGHTEOUS. I AM ATTONING FOR MY MISTAKES. YOU WILL NOT EVEN TRY!” With a roar, Vergil launched the new wave of swords and Sparda dodged them all, well most of them. The last sword clipped one of his wings! With an agonizing cry, Sparda dropped and hit the ground. Vergil knew that the battle was now in his favor. Yes, he was able to fly now but he was used to traveling on foot, having had been grounded for practically his entire adult life. He had been in the Angelo armor for almost a decade, then wandered around broken, and half-dead. He remembered finding Nero and ripping his Devil Arm off, leaving him for dead. He remembered stabbing Yamato through his own body, splitting himself into two halves. His demon half unleashed hell on earth while his human half fought alongside his family. Even when he was restored, he did not forget. The blood of many on his hands and the death toll was near infinite. All he ever wanted, was to be like his father….


“FATHER, TELL ME, WHY DID YOU PUT COUNTLESS OTHERS BEFORE US?” Vergil asked, his tail waving in agitation. Sparda thought on this and sighed.




“I WANTED POWER.” Vergil said. “SINCE I WAS KILLED AS A CHILD AND MY DEVIL AWAKENED. I DIED DOING WHAT WAS YOUR DUTY TO DO: PROTECT THE FAMILY!” With that, Vergil summoned up the Mirage Edge and took a stance. Sparda’s eyes widened.

“WHAT ON EARTH?!” He asked as he looked at the blade. “IT LOOKS LIKE MINE…..”


“WELL DONE!” Sparda said, quite impressed. “BUT NOW,” He said as he pulled two familiar looking guns from his coat. “LET US BEGIN, SHALL WE?” Vergil looked at the guns and read ‘Luce’ and ‘Ombra’. Didn’t Trish have those?






“DELLA ABSORBED IT.” Vergil said matter-of-factly, remembering what Griffon had shown him. “WHILE STABBING REBELLION….”



“BRAVO.” Sparda said as he nodded in approval. “FOR WITHOUT FAMILY, YOU DON’T HAVE TRUE STRENGTH.”

“THEN ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN WORDS, YOU HAVE NO POWER.” Vergil said evenly. Sparda glared at his firstborn.

“I’M POWERFUL ENOUGH TO TAKE YOU OUT!” Sparda roared, launching into a full assault change but both combatants blinked when Sparda was halted in mid-charge.

“WHAT?” Sparda said as he struggled to move but was unsuccessful. “HOW AM I….?” Vergil smirked.

“IT WAS NOT ME.” The Demon King said smugly, turning towards the shadows where only crimson and gold demon eyes glowed. “THIS IS NO LONGER OUR FIGHT….” Sparda shook his head but growled in anger when he saw Della, dressed in her Crimson Queen gear. Vergil crooned and his tail waved. He loved his wife’s gear. I cannot wait to rip if off of her…. bury myself into her again…

“He’s right Old Man.” Della said with absolution, her voice bordering on demonic and sending shivers of wicked pleasure down Vergil’s spine. “It’s my turn.” Vergil dismissed the Mirage Edge and released his trigger with a chuckle. Della smiled but didn’t relinquish her hold on Sparda. Even when Vergil kissed her and caressed her still flat abdomen to inspect their growing nestling. He chuckled softly but said nothing. He sensed not one nestling but two.

“You wish to battle him my dear?” Vergil asked softly, gently caressing her face. The determined look in her eyes gave him the answer. Vergil nodded slowly and walked to a safe distance before he summoned a shadow throne for himself, sitting slowly and regarding her with careful judgement. “Then have at him but be mindful of your condition. If for any reason you may need assistance…”

“I’ll tag you in Babe don’t worry.” Della said with a smile. “Until then, enjoy the show.”

“I intend to,” Vergil chuckled. “Whenever you are ready my dear, you may begin.” Sparda’s eyes widened and his anger was back in full swing before he blanched to bone white.

“It’s time Old Man,” Della stated. “For Closure.”

Chapter Text

Sparda blinked then looked to his firstborn for assistance on countering Della’s decision. When he didn’t see one, he felt his anger rise again. Della just tilted her head, not even releasing him.

“Babe, he’s getting another titty attack.” Della teased. Vergil looked up from his book and blinked.

“I beg your pardon my dear, he’s getting another what?”

“Oh, I keep forgetting!” Della laughed softly. “He’s getting pissed again.”

“Ah,” Vergil said with an understanding nod. “Well, it seems that he’s ready to battle my dear, why not oblige him?” Della smirked and with a wave of her hand, she released the enraged elder, teleporting immediately to dodge away from the heavy charge attempt. Vergil remained in his seat, but he watched with rapt interest and was ready at any moment to defend his wife and their unborn children.

Father and Daughter exchanged blows, while Sparda’s were heavy on the offense, Della’s were defensive and countering. She made sure that Sparda didn’t touch her abdomen. However, when she saw a crazed fury in his eyes she knew.

“Vergil!” Della called and immediately Vergil countered a heavy blow from the elder, which would have harmed Della and the children if he hadn’t.

“That’s ENOUGH!!!” The Demon King roared, nearly Triggering again. Sparda halted. Vergil stood in front of his wife and wouldn’t move. Vergil turned to face her and saw the look on her face. There was no way to miss that she was uneasy, even though she was trying to mask it.

“My dear, a rematch may be in order.” Vergil said firmly. “With the way he is at this moment, it is not wise for you to fight right now. Allow me.”

“He’s yours.” Della said as she sat down on his throne. Vergil nodded then glared down at his father. Thanks to his tenure as Nelo Angelo, Vergil was taller and broader than Sparda. He towered over him.


“Vergil, let me teach her….”


“Three?” Sparda and Della asked in surprise. Vergil tossed their father away without breaking a sweat and having him tumbling through the back. Vergil followed him out, battle ready and blocking his way back into the office.

“Yes three.” Vergil said. “Not only my wife, but our twins.” Della squealed at this and ran to tell Nero. There was no way their firstborn was missing this news. Vergil blinked at what happened next. A blur of navy blue and red appeared behind Sparda and tapped his shoulder. As soon as the elder turned, the elder got a fist in the face!

“ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY YOU OLD BASTARD?!” Nero roared, his eyes full on demonic and skin turning blue. “YOU ALMOST…OH GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!!” Vergil cleared his throat and after sheathing Yamato, walked calmly back inside to search for his wife. He found her sitting thoughtfully at her desk, looking at their mother’s picture. Vergil gently took it out of her hands and held her.

“I miss her so much Verge…” Della whispered thickly. Vergil nodded and held her, whispering soothing words to calm his upset wife. Both looked up when they heard a yowl and a roar, followed by gunfire.

“Is our son….”

“Beating the crap out of his grandfather?” Vergil finished with a chuckle. “Yes, he is and from the sounds I hear, I would say Nero is winning.”

“That’s our boy.” Della purred. Vergil held her again and chuckled richly. He wouldn’t say it openly, but he was proud of Nero. The boy had grown into a fine Devil and was quite a Devil Hunter. He was glad that Nero had more than proved himself ready to take up the mantle of Devil Hunter and Protector. Vergil wanted Della to retire, and he knew that she wanted the same. Only on her terms though. Vergil thought. Maybe after these missions…

Vergil was about to speak when Sparda was hauled in and tossed onto the couch. He was clearly beaten and taken down a few pegs. Nero growled lowly before dusting his hands and regarding his amused parents.

“What?” Nero asked innocently as he looked at them.  “He pissed me off, how are you feeling Mother?”

“I’m ok Kid. We’re all ok.”

“Good, do me a favor,”

“Name it,”

“DON’T EVER PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN OR YOU’LL ANSWER TO ME, GOT IT?” Nero said, looking deadly serious. Vergil was about to chuckle when Nero turned on him.


“Good, who’s hungry?” Nero asked, calmly before heading into the kitchen. “I’m starved.” Vergil and Della looked at each other before looking at Sparda who groaned and winced.

“That Child,” He groaned painfully. “Is a hellion!” Vergil and Della chuckled before Della pulled the phone over and called Asmodeus to debrief him.


It was early evening when Sparda heard a knock on the door to his room. He was checking his gear as was Asmodeus before he looked up.

“Enter,” Sparda said. Della entered but stood in the doorway.

“Wow, serious déjà vu.” Della said as she watched the elder holster his guns. “So, you’re out again?”

“Well, my dear girl, someone has to deal with Argosax and the horde.” Sparda said evenly. “You have your mission and I have mine.”

“What?” Della asked. Sparda turned to look at her. He saw his beloved Eva in her and he smiled.

“Your place is with your family.” Sparda said. “Vergil and Nero will not let you out of their sights, the child especially.” Della nodded and had to laugh softly as she remembered Nero’s onslaught on his grandfather. And I thought Verge was bad… “The boy is quite a bruiser.”

“Yes, he is, he learned from the best.” Della said with a smirk. Sparda chuckled and looked at her.

“Yes, he did.” Sparda said. “And Vergil has as well. Both are thanks to you.

“And what of you Old Man?” Della asked. Sparda nodded.

“I am so glad that I was proven wrong.” Sparda said. “You have grown into a powerful, beautiful Devil woman and a fine Queen I dare say. I know that your mother is very proud of you, as am I.” Della bit back a sob and Sparda hugged her, being mindful of his growing grandchildren. He grinned and chuckled.

“Oh, and tell Vergil, he’s off by one.” Sparda said with smirk. “There are triplets in there.” Della gasped and Sparda kissed her forehead.

“I love you my dear girl.” The Dark Knight whispered. “And I am so sorry for all the hell I put you and our family through. Maybe one day, I will be forgiven. Now, I must go.” Sparda walked to the balcony and looked at the family, somehow Vergil and Nero managed to sneak into the room without his knowledge. Nero stood next to his mother while Vergil held her from behind, resting his head on top of hers and his arms around her.

“Until we meet again.” Sparda said fondly. Vergil nodded and Nero waved. Sparda and Asmodus triggered and took flight, leaving the family to prepare for their own mission in Fortuna

Chapter Text

As soon as Sparda left, Nero’s face broke into a grin, and he looked at his mother. Vergil was pleasantly surprised.

“So, Mother…. triplets?” Nero asked. “Father, is that common?”

“No, it is not.” Vergil said. “Your mother will need our protection more than ever.”

“Guys I am not that fragile….”

“True, but with carrying triple Devils is not an easy pregnancy my dear.” Vergil said firmly. “I may have to have one of the women`go with Nero on this one.”

“But…” Nero began.

“Nero, your mother cannot go on this mission.” Vergil stated. “It’s a risk, to herself and to the children. She will need me here.”

“So let the girls take it.” Nero said. “I’m staying too.”

“Guys, we can go and take the girls for backup.” Della said. “And if anything, I can stay with Nico….” Both Father and Son’s eyes widened.

“Out of the question!” They both cried. Della had to laugh. It was obvious she missed something.

“And why not?”

“She smokes like a chimney for one.” Nero said.

“And her driving skills are questionable.” Vergil added with a wince. He may have warmed up to the Weapon’s Artisan but there was no way he was entrusting his pregnant wife to her.

“Fine, I’ll take Caveliere.”

“No, you will not!” Vergil cried. “Della, my dear, you are pregnant…”

“Still early….” Della stated but Vergil was firm, and his eyes were deep but glowing emerald.

“PREGNANT!” The Demon King stated in a firmer tone. “No more recklessness from you, do I make myself clear?”

“And what are you going to do?”

“Don’t make me tie you down to our bed.”

“Oh, Verge, you’re a kink, who knew!” Della giggled. Vergil blushed and Nero groaned.

“Oh ew, mental image!” The younger Devil Hunter bemoaned while his father chuckled darkly.

“Don’t tempt me.” The Demon King growled softly. Della sighed and shook her head.

“Fine, call the girls, tell them to meet us in five.”

“I already did Mother.” Nero said with a smirk as he hung up his phone. “They’re on their way.”

“Great,” Della said with sigh. “Babysitters.”

“So how many buns in te oven?” Nico asked, blinking in surprise as she and Nero loaded up the van. Nero grinned. It was decided that Nero would go with Nico along with Lady while Vergil remained with Della, and they had Trish accompanying them. Although it was a done deal and they were civil, both Vergil and Lady would never see eye to eye.

“Three of them.”

“Damn! Yer Daddy was loaded.” Nico cackled while Nero winced and said ew again. “Ye know that is super rare right?”

“There aren’t any recordings on triple births?”

“Nah,” Nico said. “Cause usually they don’t survive. But wit yer Mama, anything is possible.”

“What do you mean ‘they usually don’t survive?’” Nero asked. Nico sighed.

“Usually, te two stronger ones absorb te third one, which is usually smaller.” Nico said. “Survival of te fittest.”

“I don’t think that’s the case here.” Nero said. “Don’t ask me how I know I just do.”

“That may be but eitha way, yer a big bro now.” Nico grinned. “So, how’s it feel?”

“It’s a shocker but it’s all good.” Nero admitted with another grin. “I’m just worried….”

“Bro, V’s got her.” Nico said. “Do ye honestly think that he will let anythin’ happen to her?”

“If you would have asked me before the wish, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.” Nero said. “But now, I can easily tell you hell no. In fact, I kind of feel sorry for our enemies.”

Almost.” Nico cackled. “Demon Daddy will have their livers with some beans and a nice chianti.”

“Oh my god, did you just do a reference to Silence of the Lambs?”

“It was a good fuckin’ movie.”

“Man, I’ll never look at it the same way again. Thanks, a fucking lot!”

“Yer welcome.”



“Della, I agree with Vergil on this.” Trish said as she looked at the Huntress. “Triplets are even rarer than twins and it will take more energy out of you.”

“Trish, I understand your concern, just as I understand Vergil’s but this is my job….”

“I get that too, but you have to do what’s right, and you know that.” Trish said. Della looked at the She-Devil, who was very concerned, and she sighed as she rubbed her still flat abdomen.  Wow not twins but triplets…I can’t and won’t do the same mistake…. We didn’t get a chance to be a family with Nero. We owe him and ourselves this…

“Trish, where’s Vergil?”

“He’s scouting ahead, he should be back shortly.” Trish said. As if he heard them, Vergil touched down and de-triggered. Della looked at him and leaned into him.

“Verge, take me home. Nero and the girls can take this one.” Della said. Vergil hugged her and nodded. He breathed a sigh of relief and Trish smiled. She knew it wasn’t easy for the Devil Huntress to stand down, but she knew that she was doing the right thing.

“Vergil, go with her.” Trish suggested. “We can send Nero home afterwards.” Vergil looked at the She-Devil as if he was reading her and paused for a moment. He nodded slowly and triggered, gathering his wife carefully into his arms and flew back to Devil May Cry.


As soon as he set her down to her feet onto their balcony Vergil de-triggered and held her close. Della sighed softly before looking up. When Della leaned on him heavily, Vergil immediately swept her off her feet and laid her down onto their bed.

“Wow, why am I feeling tired?” Della asked as Vergil set up a nest of pillows for her, settling her into place.

“The more children, the more power and energy needed.” Vergil explained gently as he lightly massaged her feet once her boots were off. Della looked at him and purred, enjoying the massage. “Our mother was lucky to have been able to carry the both of us to term. She was strong…”

“Yea she was.” Della said softly and lightly caressed his arm. “I miss her too.”

“My dear, I…” Vergil whispered softly. Della quieted him by kissing him and laying back on the bed, giving him more room. Vergil carefully leaned over her and deepened their kiss before pulling away, smiling darkly before pulling off his coat and setting it down.

“Hm, we are a bit overdressed.

“Oh, you’re right.” Della purred as she knelt in the middle of the bed and lightly tugged at his vest. “Let me help you.” Vergil chuckled and allowed his wife to slowly undress him. He shivered with pleasure as he felt her hands on his skin. With a soft growl, Vergil lightly swat her hands away and laid her back onto the bed and kissing her again. She lightly ran her hands along his spine and lightly scratched, emitting another growl from him, having her pulled roughly under him and his fangs into her neck.

“Ah, so not fair!” She gasped as he drank from her. As he continued to drink, Della grinned and lightly squeezed his rear.

“OH!” The elder yelped, releasing her and looking down. “What the….?” Della looked up and giggled.

“I just groped you.” The Huntress said cheekily. “Nice buns….”

“Oh, aren’t you looking for trouble.” Vergil chuckled darkly as he leaned over her again and allowed his claws to come out. “Don’t move.”

“Wha…?” Della began, eyes widening when she heard ripping fabric and felt the cool air on her now bare skin! “Verge! I liked that corset!”

“Ah, looks like it will need to be replaced my dear.” Vergil chuckled before lightly caressing her now bare breasts with his claws, causing her to moan and gasp. The elder wasted no time in lavishing her skin and capturing a nipple into his mouth while continuing to tease her. Both came to an abrupt halt when a throat cleared.

“Wow…I’m going to need either therapy or bleach.” Nero said as he turned his back to his parents. Della gasped and Vergil immediately put his robe around her shoulders.

“Child, weren’t you ever taught to knock before entering?

“I did, you guys didn’t hear….”

“So, you should have known better.” Vergil chided. “What brings you here?”

“The girls sent me home, since Kyrie is after me, it wasn’t the best idea for me to be around.”

“That makes sense.” Della said, dressed in Vergil’s robe and resting on her nest of pillows, her long white hair falling free. “So, what are they planning to do?”

“Capture and Interrogate.” Nero said. The older devils nodded in agreement.

“Whose idea was this?” Della asked. Vergil knew it was Nero’s, but he wanted to hear it from the boy’s mouth.

“It was mine.” Nero said. “I hope you don’t mind…. making the call without you Mother, Father….”

“It’s fine with us Child.” Vergil said as he rested against the headboard of the bed and gathered his wife into his arms. “It shows us that you are ready.”

“And you made a great call Kid.” Della said with a bright smile that put Nero at ease. “When is the party set to happen?”

“Trish said she’ll call when they got her.” Nero answered. Della nodded.

“Ok, so when the call happens, we will get to work. Great job!”

“Thank you, Mother,” Nero said with a grin. “I think I’ll call it a day. I’ll order dinner?”

“Thank you, Nero.” Della said gratefully. “I can use the rest.”

“I’m sure Father can tend to that.” Nero teased. “I’ll knock when it’s here.”

“Thank you, Child.” Vergil said with a nod of approval. Nero nodded in return and closed the door behind him. As soon as it was completely closed and Nero was out of earshot, Vergil smirked wickedly.

“Now my dear,” The Demon King crooned as he pulled his wife in for a kiss, “Where were we?”

“Mm, right about here,” Della whispered seductively before kissing him and both of them fell back onto the bed.

Chapter Text


Nero shook his head fondly as he heard his mother’s soft happy moans and kissing noises before walking away. He felt bad that they didn’t have time to have a formal wedding, even though they originally planned it for the spring. I’m almost sure that Mother would either be too big or close to due date before that….

Nero looked at a calendar on the desk and thought back. He had made the wish on Christmas Eve and even though it seemed like longer, for so much has happened with the missions, his grandfather making his debut, his parents getting together and now three babies on the way…. It’s already early summer…. There is no way a Spring wedding will happen unless…. His thoughts were cut short by a knock on the door. He shook his head and went to answer it. It was their food. Nero paid the delivery boy, thanked him, and closed the door, setting the food down in the kitchen. With a deep breath he braved the stairs to rouse his parents.

At the doorway, Nero prayed he wouldn’t be scarred for life. The worst thing to ever see, would be seeing his parents going at it. I’ll blind myself on that one. Nero thought with a shudder. He knocked on the door and blinked when he didn’t hear anything. Oh God, don’t tell me they’re doing it on the roof! With a gulp, he eased the door open and investigated the room. He was surprised to see that his parents were fully dressed and were peacefully asleep! His father was lovingly holding his mother in his arms and his mother’s head was resting over his father’s heart. Nero smiled fondly and after making sure his camera was silent and flash-free, he took a quick picture before pocketing his phone. After a moment, he went to reach a handout to his mother’s shoulder, but he was greeted by a dark chuckle.

“I gather our food is here?” Vergil asked, his eyes dark green, cat slitted, and glowing eerily. Nero jumped a bit and Vergil looked at him coolly.

“Yes Father.”

“Very well, let me rouse your mother and we will join you.”

“Yes Father.” Nero said as he turned and went back down the stairs. Vergil gently nuzzled his sleeping wife, who turned and blinked sleepily.


“Our dinner is here my dear. Are you rested enough, or shall I bring it to you?”

“I’m ok for now Babe.” Della whispered. “Our children are hungry and so am I.”

“Then we have to remedy that.” Vergil said as he rose from bed and gently picked her up into his arms. “Let us go and see what the Child has ordered.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Della said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around the elder’s neck as he carried her downstairs. She had the energy to walk but she didn’t mind being carried. It was sweet of the elder that he wanted to do this.




“Nero, what’s on your mind?” Della asked as they sat at dinner. “Aside from the mission and the million of questions on your mind that you plan to ask Missy.”

“Well Mother, I feel a bit bad that you and Father won’t have the wedding you planned…”

“Oh, you mean for Spring?” Della asked. Nero nodded and she looked to Vergil who was listening thoughtfully before setting down his wine glass.

“Child, I gather you weren’t taught demon anatomy?”

“Not in-depth Father.” Nero admitted. “The Order stuck to the basics on that topic.”

“But they detailed the other things huh?” Della asked. At Nero’s nod she rolled her eyes. “Typical.”

“Well, this is another easy fix.” Vergil said. “There are three types; male, female, and Omega.”

“Three types?” Nero asked. “How is that?”

“It’s just how it is.” Vergil said. “It has been this way since the beginning, from what I’ve read. Your grandfather is the closest one to validate or counter this.”

“How so?”

“Because he’s been alive for a few millennia.” Vergil said, leaving Nero wide eyed.

“Damn he is old!” Nero exclaimed and causing his mother to cough up from a laughing fit. Vergil immediately went to help her but he also chuckled.

“Devils live a long time Child.” Vergil said. “So, your mother and I, as well as you, have quite some time to go.”

“And the little ones.” Della added as she gently caressed her abdomen. Vergil nodded fondly.

“As well as your siblings.” Vergil added.

“I’m wonder how Kyrie….”

“Those who become demons, they don’t last.” Vergil said. “In time, the soul, the body and the mind deteriorate.

“Any reasons as to why Father?”

“I believe it to be that when a human becomes a demon, they become corrupt.” Vergil said. “It happened with Mary’s father.”


“She insists on being called Lady.” Vergil said. “But back to the topic, her father murdered his wife in cold blood and sold his soul, he was obsessed with the powers of Sparda….”

“Sounds familiar.” Della teased. Vergil lightly swat his wife’s thigh, having her giggle.

“The difference in this aspect, is that when Arkham became a devil, his personality spilt. Now take me for instance, right now I have both Devil and Human. When I split myself by stabbing myself with Yamato, I broke into two.” Nero’s eyes widened in realization. He had fought alongside his own father and had fought against him!

“Yes Child,” Vergil nodded as Nero followed along. “I was both V and Urizen.”

“So, when both halves….”

“You saw me.” Vergil finished.  “That’s why your mother ran to try to stop me.”

“Mother, you knew…”

“Yea but it hit me late.” Della said. “But your father’s right.”

“Then how come when I became a Devil, I didn’t go psycho?”

“Because you weren’t born human.” Della said. “You were led to believe that you were just human.

“And you’re not Child.” Vergil said. “When that stuttering fool killed you, your devil, awakened.”

“Awakened?” Nero asked.

“Nero, we were the same your father and I.” Della explained. “We started off as human but when we died, our Devils, which were asleep inside of us, woke up.” Vergil nodded as he listened. Nero nodded in understanding. The more he learned, the more he realized that there may be no way to save the woman he grew up with and fell in love with.

“Father, is there no way to save…her?” Nero asked as he choked back a sob. Vergil looked at his firstborn and sighed.

“I am uncertain of the answer Child.” The Demon King said earnestly. “We will try but if we cannot, are you willing to let her go?”

“Father, I don’t want her to suffer. I love her too much. If….” Nero bowed his head and Della hugged him.

“We will try Kid, I promise.” Della whispered as she held Nero lovingly. Nero held her and sobbed. With his father he didn’t dare cry. But with his mother, he could open his heart and let his guard down. Even when she was Dante, he felt a deep bond. Now he knew what that bond was. It was one of family. He felt it with his father as well when he was V. Thankfully when both halves joined, the bond remained and even strengthened. Nero gasped softly when he felt his father’s hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw the empathy.

“We will try Child.” The Demon King reassured. “And if we cannot, we will make sure that she goes in peace.”

“Thank you, Father.” Nero whispered. Vergil nodded and the family had a moment of silence before the phone rang. They looked at each other for a moment before Vergil rose to answer it. He listened for a moment, nodded grimly, and looked at them as he hung up the phone.

“It’s time.”

Chapter Text

Nero felt as if it was his own execution rather than Kyrie’s as they geared up to go. Della looked at Nero worriedly and looked to Vergil. The Demon King knew this was harder on Nero. As he picked up Yamato, securing it to his belt, he thought about his own split. There were two halves: the human and the devil. He even thought of their father’s spilt. When he battled Mundus, Sparda had been split. He sealed his Devil in the tower, to keep the tower locked. Their father had been split all this time! What would happen if Father’s halves rejoined? Which would we get?

“Vergil?” Della called as she placed a hand onto his shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“Oh, my dear, forgive me I had a few thoughts.”

“I know, I smelled your brain burning.” Della teased. “What’s up?”

“I may have a way to save the girl.” Vergil said. “But it must be done to the letter.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I thought about the different splits, Father’s, Arkham’s, and my own.”

“What about them?”

“I could do the same for the girl.” Vergil said. “But instead of tossing the demon half into the Underworld….”

“We kill it.” Della finished. “Hell yea.”

“But we are not sure on what will be left. What if the split renders the girl insane?”

“This is true, so what do we do?”

“We promised the Child that we would try.” Vergil said. “So, we will.”

“Yea we will.” Della agreed. Vergil nodded and slashed a portal for Fortuna.


Nico was the first to greet them outside the home Nero and Kyrie shared and hugged Nero. She was happy to see the family. She hugged Della next then nodded to Vergil.

“V, please save her.” Nico said. “I’ve neva seen Kyrie like this…. Bro you should stay here wit me an yer Mama.”

“But….” Nero protested but stopped when Vergil held up a hand.

“Ms. Goldstein is right Child.” The Demon King said. “You do not want to remember her as she is now. Remain with your mother, I will handle this.”

“Father….” Nero began, looking at Vergil, his eyes pleading. Vergil nodded.

“I will do as I promised.” The Demon King said gently. “Do not disobey me, remain here with your mother.” Nero nodded and Vergil went ahead into the house. He saw that the captured She Devil was trying to break free, but Trish and Lady held things in place.

“Vergil.” Trish greeted. “Where…”

“They are safely out of harms way.” Vergil answered firmly. “How did you capture her?”

“She was about to snack on the very kids she and Nero were fostering.” Lady said. “Luckily, we got to them in time. The kids are unharmed.”

“This is good, but I do smell blood….”

“Unfortunately, she got to some others.” Lady said. “We buried them.” Again, Vergil nodded solemnly. Things were not exactly looking up for the former songstress. He was no saint either, having had eaten the fruit from the Tree of Evil. He also tasted human blood (for that was how the tree and the fruit had grown). The only pure ones; were Della and Nero. They never tasted human blood and Vergil prayed that they never will. He also prayed that his unborn children never would either.

“Let me see her.” Vergil stated. Trish nodded and removed the cloth from the demon’s face. She was serpentine, her face was light purple, and her eyes were slit like a snake’s and looked crazed. Oh, dear girl, it may be that death to be the solution. I hope this will work.  He unsheathed Yamato and faced her before plunging the blade into her. The demon screeched and on the side of her was a very unclothed and passed out songstress.

“Pick her up.” Vergil commanded, immediately triggering to Sin as the demon half of the songstress laughed manically and fought against her bonds.  Her claws were blood red, her tail tried to get at Vergil, but he was able to dodge. Without a second thought he summoned up the Mirage Edge and pierced her heart. The demoness screamed and crumpled. Trish and Lady watched, while holding the unconscious human half of Kyrie. Vergil knew that this was far from over.

“This is only the beginning,” Vergil said as he watched the husk melt into the shadows and disappear. “She will be back.”

“And what of her?” Lady asked. Vergil looked down at the unconscious girl in Trish’s arms. He placed a clawed hand over her forehead gently and waited a bit, as if reading her. He nodded before removing his hand.

“She is completely human.” Vergil hissed gently. “She is as she was before she was corrupted. However, she will need to out of sight. The demon half may try to kill her.”

“So, what will happen now?”

“That will be up to Nero.” Vergil said. “She is his chosen.”

“Nero will do the right thing.” Trish said. “He is not the selfish type.”

“No, he’s like his mother in this regard.” Vergil said. “Let us go.” He released his Sin trigger and gently took the unconscious girl into his arms and walked out of the house and met up with a waiting Nero and Della, who were waiting in the plaza.




“Kyrie!” Nero cried as he saw the form in his father’s arms. “Father….”

“This is her human half.” Vergil explained. “Her Devil half tried to kill me but that did not happen.”

“Babe, what are you thinking?”

“The women can monitor her, and when Father returns, he can inspect her thoroughly.” Vergil said. “I can not afford for her to be in our nest and endanger your or our children.”

“Lady and I can watch her, as well as Nico.” Trish said. “We can call you once she wakes up, like we did before.”

“Very well,” Vergil said as he handed the songstress back to the She Devil. He was still a bit unnerved that she had their mother’s face, but he knew that she was her own person. “Della, Nero let us return home.”

“Yes Father.” Nero agreed and with his father’s permission, slashed the air with Yamato, creating a portal for home. Della allowed Vergil to escort her through while Nero brought up the rear, each of them worried for their own reasons for the sleeping form they left behind.


“Father, I can’t believe….” Nero said as he handed Yamato over and sat down slowly on the couch in the office. “How did you….”

“I took a chance Child, and I thought about how I explained things to you. I decided to take a chance when I encountered her. Child, it’s better this way.”

“Father, what did she look like?”

“Child, no.” Vergil said firmly. “Some things are just best to be left alone.” Della nodded. It wasn’t every day that Vergil said that. It must’ve been bad. Della thought.

“So, what happens now?” Nero asked. Della placed a hand onto his shoulder.

“All we can do Kid,” Della said soothingly. “We wait.”

“Mother, I’m scared.”

“I’d be worried if you weren’t.” Della said as she hugged him. “Let’s get some rest, it’s been quite a day.” Nero was about to say something when Della pitched forward. Nero immediately reached up and caught her, being careful of her abdomen.

“Father!” Nero called, immediately bringing Vergil to his side, and taking his mother into his embrace, sweeping her into his arms.

“Child, your mother is right,” Vergil said. “All we can do is wait. In the meantime, there is much to think about. We’ll see you in the morning. Good night, Nero.”

“Goodnight Father and thank you.” Nero said. Vergil nodded and carried his wife to their room and retired for the night.

Chapter Text

Sparda and Asmodeus were battling Argosax and even thought they were holding their own, Asmodeus couldn’t bear the thought of his former master falling prey to the demon who was confused.  He immediately opened a portal and with a final kiss threw him into it.


Della woke up with a start when she heard a crash in her office and a scream. Who in their fucking mind is in my office? Not caring on how she was dressed, (she was in lingerie), and her hair was loose. She immediately grabbed Ebony and Ivory, left her husband who was still fast asleep in their bedroom. She slowly made her way downstairs, guns at the ready and pointed them at the shadowed figure who was dusting themselves off.

“What the fuck are you doing in my office?”

“My what language,” Sparda chided before blinking seeing the guns in his face. “Della my dear girl, kindly remove your guns out of my face!” Della blinked and holstered her guns.

“Father what are you doing back here? Where’s Asmodeus?”

“He opened a portal and threw me in. He decided to take on Argosax alone.”

“Is he crazy?” Della asked sharply. “And you let him?”

“Um, didn’t you forget I said he threw me in?” Sparda asked irritability. Della nodded grimly.

“What are his chances of survival? I know he’s pretty strong…”

“Asme won’t last.” Sparda said sadly. “That demon is too crazed and ruthless.”

“Then what are we doing here discussing the matter?” A voice from the stairs cut in. Both turned to see Vergil dressed and ready to go.

“Babe how much did you….”

“I heard everything my dear.” Vergil said gently as he handed her a robe. “I’m sure you’re cold.” He growled softly as he admired his barely dressed wife. Della looked down and screeched, immediately dressing in the robe blushing like crazy. Sparda cleared his throat and nodded.

“Much better.”

“Father, you didn’t say anything….”

“To be polite,” Sparda said before looking at his firstborn. “What are you going to do?”

“What do you think?” Vergil asked as he unsheathed Yamato and slashed a portal, stepping though immediately.  There was no time to waste.




Asmodeus coughed up blood as he dragged himself over to a rock formation to catch his breath. He wanted his mate safe, but he knew that he didn’t think things through. He was no match for the crazed demon and he was hurt badly. If I’m meant to die…. then I shall. He turned and saw that he was spotted and the demon walked slowly toward him, as if knowing that this was the end for the Demon Lord. Asmodeus closed his eyes and braced himself for the blow that never came. Instead, he heard a sharp gasp and a burst. He dared to open his eyes and saw a blue black scaled clawed hand through Argosax’s chest, through its heart! He looked up at the Blue Sin that was responsible.

“Although your intentions were good,” The Blue Sin said as he tossed the carcass away. “Your actions were reckless. Thankfully I arrived in the nick of time.” Asmodeus didn’t have to ask who it was. He was able to recognize the aura.

“Thank you, my liege.” Asmodeus said gratefully despite his injuries. The Blue Sin de triggered and the Demon King helped him up.

“Let us get out of here, shall we?” Vergil asked as he opened another portal and walked through.


Della was up waiting for them, having had sent Sparda to the guest room to rest. The elder was dismayed and distraught at the fact that once again, his mate was supposedly gone. She was able to relate, having had suffered through loneliness and depression while Vergil was gone and lost to her, (even though she was Dante at the time). It seems like so long ago. She looked up when a portal opened and Vergil stepped through, supporting a badly hurt Asmodeus.

“Oh my god what happened?” Della asked as she helped Vergil set the Demon Lord down onto the couch and tending to his wounds.

“Argosax was about to kill him. I managed to get there just in time to save him.”

“Good going Babe.” Della praised as she continued to inspect and dress the worse of the wounds. “Modeus, you took quite a beating. Luckily Verge showed up when he did.”

“Where is your father?”

“He’s in the guest room, very upset.” Della said. “He thought you were gone.”

“I just wanted him safe…”

“But to sacrifice yourself like that?” Della asked. “What good will that do?”

“What if it was Lord Vergil….” Asmodeus began but stopped at the glare he got from her.

Let me tell you something….” Della began angrily. “When Vergil took that plunge, I died. I tried to save him, and he refused me. I watched him fall until he disappeared into that darkness….” She choked back a heart wrenching sob and Vergil immediately hugged her while glaring at the Demon Lord who bowed his head in shame.

“Don’t you ever make that comparison again.” Vergil warned. “Father is in that state right now. It would be wise for you to tend to him. Upstairs second door to the left.” Asmodeus gulped and painfully got to his feet and did as he was commanded.

For the first time since his youth, Sparda cried. He cried for his Eva, his children, his grandson and for his mate. He cried out of anger and anguish and beat himself up for another failure. He clutched onto the pillow, drowning it in his tears. He didn’t even have a chance to object as Asmodeus threw him into the portal. He knew that the younger demon was no match for Argosax and once again, Sparda was spared. He cried so violently that he didn’t notice the door open, and someone had walked in until a gentle hand stroked his hair.

“My love,” A soft voice whispered gently. “I’m right here.” Sparda looked up with tear filled eyes and sobbed when he saw Asmodeus who was hurt but very much alive.

“Asme!” The Dark Knight sobbed, hugging him tight. Asmodeus hugged the elder back and they both cried themselves to sleep.

Chapter Text

Vergil held his wife who was nestled beside him in their bed and even though she was sleeping peacefully, he had a lot to think about. This latest thing with their father and his mate and Della’s confession, put things into perspective for the Demon King.  He had wronged his family and even though he had a second chance, he knew that he had a lot of ground to cover with them. He loved his wife and his family and would die for them if necessary. He blinked when he sensed the triplets. He gently caressed his wife’s abdomen, although sill flat, he was able to feel them.

Stand down little ones, all is well. The Demon King thought as he calmed them down. Della sighed softly and slept on. Vergil couldn’t help but smile and kissed her forehead before he slipped out of bed, making a nest of pillows to keep her warm and heading downstairs, stopping short when seeing his father, deep in thought and in Vergil’s favorite armchair.

“Seems like I’m not the only one who can’t sleep.” Vergil said drawing the elder’s attention.

“Ah, forgive me I just had a lot in mind….”

“Don’t have to explain Father.” Vergil said as he sat behind the desk. “I have a lot on my mind as well.”

“You have a lot on your plate Child.” Sparda said. “You have quite a burden to bear.”

“And I do so, gladly.” Vergil said.  “Father what troubles you?”

“I feel like a constant failure.” Sparda said. “I have failed more than once.”

“Yes, you did, but I state again, what are you going to do to change that?” Vergil asked. “The choice is yours. You said that you would try…”

“Yes, I did, and I intend to.” Sparda said. “But Della….”

“She will manage with time.” Vergil reassured. “But I warn you Father, do not upset her.” Sparda opened his mouth to rebut his firstborn but immediately closed it when they met gazes. Vergil’s was deadly serious.

“Very well, as you wish.” Sparda said humbly. Vergil nodded and steepled his hands.

“So, what happens now?”

“Aside from keeping our guard on that rogue demoness, what more can we do?” Sparda asked. “Other than live?”

“That is manageable, but I meant what will you do?”

“Ah, well Asme and I can not remain here.” Sparda said. “And as you all pointed out, this is not my time anymore. So, I will step down.”

“Doesn’t mean to lay down and die, that is not what we meant.” Vergil said. “Father, just be there.”

“What if Della doesn’t want me to….”

“Della is very much like you.” Vergil said with a chuckle. “She is stubborn, but she will see it in the end, you’ll see.”

“And what of you and Nero?”

“I also hold resentment and as for Nero, he is not shocked and awed but he will be civil.”  Vergil stood up and walked to the window and sighed heavily. “What happened before can never be changed Father. All we can do is learn and move forward.” Sparda nodded thoughtfully and sighed.

“Father, I’m asking you, to leave.” Vergil said firmly. “And to live.”

“How would I do that Child?” Sparda asked. Vergil closed his eyes as he remembered when he asked Dante that same question during one of their spars in the Underworld.


In The Underworld After Cutting Down the Tree of Evil Shortly before the Wish-


Vergil dodged another barrage of bullets that were fired and tossed them back towards the Devil Hunter who sliced them with the Devil Sword.

“So, what are you going to do now?” Dante asked. “The tree is dead, Mundus is gone, so what are you going to do?”

“I may just stay here.” Vergil said. Dante groaned in annoyance.

“Seriously?” Vergil asked. “What the fuck for?”

“Because I….”

“Listen here, we’ve busted our asses and we finally have our family back. You got a son waiting for you, why would you want to stay here?! It’s best to leave and to live.”

“Dante this is all I know…”

“Why stay with it…There’s so much to …. Aw shit!”

“What’s the matter with you? I know that little slap didn’t hurt you.”

“Do I look like a fucking doctor?” Dante growled through clenched teeth.

“No but you look like….”








“Vergil?” Sparda called out in concern. Vergil turned to him and nodded. The elder knew that the Devil in Red was right.

“I stand by what I stated earlier Father.” Vergil said as he walked up the stairs. “Leave and Live.” He left Sparda with that thought and returned to his bedroom where his wife was sleeping peacefully. He admired her for a moment before he slipped into bed and held her close, kissing the side of her head.

“Mmm, not that I mind,” Della whispered as she held his arms. “But what’s that for?” Vergil turned her in his arms, being gentle of their growing nestlings.

“For being right once again.” Vergil said with a soft smile. Della grinned and snuggled.

“Feels so good to be right.”

“Don’t push it.” Vergil teased. Della laughed softly and after a last kiss, both went to sleep.


The next morning, Della and Vergil were surprised to wake up to a note in their father’s elegant handwriting on the desk.



I have given this a lot of thought and we have decided to take your advice. It is time for us to live the lives we deserve, and I encourage you to do the same. We have fought for this, why not take it? I am so proud of you both and of Nero. We also await the arrival of the little ones. Please send word when it’s close to time so we may be of some assistance.

We love you and we will see you by the shore, the little ones may enjoy the treasures of the sea.

With All My Love,



“Wow he didn’t even tell us where they went.” Della said with smirk. Vergil gently took the note away and inspected the paper. Della may have been the Legendary Devil Hunter, but she missed this little clue.

“My dear, the paper and the ink, and by the shore, treasures by the sea…all of these are clues.” Vergil chided gently.

“Are they?”

“Yes, this paper is only for nobility and the watermark should be very familiar.” Vergil said. Della blinked and took the paper, holding it to the light and recognized the mark.

“That slick son of a bitch,” she said with a laugh. “He returned to Fortuna.”