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a winged villain.

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Tommyinnit is the best villain in all of l’manburg.

The only problem is that his father and brothers are the top three hero’s In l’manburg.

And currently they have no clue they are chasing there little brother and not just some villain named Theseus.

"Just come here Theseus and give up!" the "blade" yells.

"Like hell I am you guys would lock me up." he says with the voice changer working it's magic.

"You know your a clever kid. So be smart and come here." Siren says walking closer.

Tommy pulls out his knife and takes a step back.

"I'm not a kid. I'm a god damn adult. You guys are so God damn childish sometimes I wouldnt be surprised if you were like.." he trails off for a second before laughing.

"Hm maybe 18 or 19? Something like that." he chuckles at the looks the two give him.

Wilburs real age is 19 and Technos is 18. Tommy himself is 16.

Techno looks like he snaps. Before Tommy can react throws a knife. It hits the inner part of Tommys wing and he falls down. "FUCK!" he manages to yell.

"Blade I think you went a little far" siren whispers.

"He knows our ages." techno states.

Wilbur seems to think for a second before turning to Tommy. "How the fuck-" he began before ender popped up.

Tommy quickly stands seemingly fine but the small flinch giving it away.

"Oh looks like my rides here! Got to go great seeing you!" he says grabbing Enders arm and disappears into purple particles.

There is an uncomfortable silents between techno and Wilbur.

"How the fuck does he know are ages.." techno mutters.

"This kids dangerous. We need to get him soon." Wilbur states.

"Your damn right we do! He obviously wasn’t just guessing!” techno yells.

"I know techno. I know." Wilbur grumbles.


"What the hell where you thinking Tommy!" tubbo screams.

Okay so maybe saying their ages was a bit of a stretch but it was cause they called him a kid! He had reason.

"Tubs i-"

"No! I don't wanna here it. No work for a week." he states.


" That's finale." tubbo says.

Tommy sighs knowing if he doesn't listen to tubbo then it'll be two weeks. (This is sadly not the first time this has happened)

Tubbo looks at him for a second before talking. "Come here let me see your wounds."

Tommy trys to say he doesn't have any but in the end sits in front of tubbo to let him see.

Tubbo lightly pulls up Tommy shirt enough to see a massive scratch that's bleeding.

"Holy shit Tommy." ranboo says breath lessly.

"It's not that bad boob boy." Tommy rolls his eyes.

"Nope what ranboo says pretty much sums it fucking up. What the fuck Tom's." tubbo picks up a cloth putting it up to the wound.

Tommy flinches.

"God dammit Tommy. Ranboo check his wings for anything." tubbo states.

The 3 great things about Tommy is 1 he is Tommy. 2 he is the greatest Villain. And lastly-

3 he has massive wings. Everyone in lmanburg are hybrids. Like tubbo is a goat hybrid and ranboo is a enderman hybrid.

Tommy is an avian. Those in its self aren't extremely rare but Tommys powers are.

Most avains can't fly but he can. (He gets it from his father.)

" hey come on 'm fine." Tommy mumbles.

"Warning I'm going to touch them okay?" ranboo says softly.

Tommy sighs but says nothing.

Ranboo begans to look for some kind of wound. And tubbo continues to clean the scratch on Tommys chest.

He's fine! Really. He totally is not scared for how they will react when the find the massive bleeding scratch on Tommys wings. Not one bit.

Tommy trys to just relax as tubbo raps up the wound with a bandage. Tubbo finally ends and Tommy let's out a sigh of relief.

But then ranboo finds the wound. Welp he's fucking dead.

Tommy flinches as ranboo just stares at Tommy in disbelief.

"How the hell are you even awake Tommy.." ranboo says.

That catches tubbos attention. "What the hell did you find ranboo." he asks coldly.

"Tubbo promise you'll be calm?" ranboo mutters.

"I promise. Now what the fuck did you find." tubbo says carefully.

"I'm fine really-" Tommy starts before he is quickly quieted with a light touch on the wound.

He smacks his hands over his mouth to muffle his whine.

"It's okay Tom I'm just touching it with a rag." ranboo says kindly. He turns to tubbo. "Come look."

Tubbo wastes no time walking to behind Tommy to see it.

There is a silence that fills the room.

"Which one did it." tubbo demands.

"Their my brothers tub-"

"" he ask coldly.

"..... Techno." Tommy mumbles.

Tubbo walks in front of Tommy.

He suddenly lightly hugs Tommy. Somehow avoiding Tommys wounds. "Tubs i-"

"You could have died Tommy. Died." tubbo says through the sudden burst of tears.

"Sorry but I'm about to disinfectant it." ranboo says quitely from behind them.

"Shit" Tommy mumbles.

Tubbo gets up quitely and sits in front of Tommy.

He grabs his hands tight. "Breathe with me okay?" he says and Tommy nods.

Ranboo lightly puts the disinfectant on it.

Tommy slabs his hand over his mouth to muffle his whines.

Tommy sits like that for maybe 5 minutes before he starts to lose consciousness.

"I think Im going to pass out." he says sluggishly.

Tubbo leans closer Placing Tommy’s head on his shoulder.

"We gotta finish I'm sorry Tom's." tubbo says kindly.

That's the last thing Tommy hears before he loses his battle with sleep.

"Shhh it's okay." tubbo whispers.

"How much do you bet hes going to sneak out to fight before the week ends?" ranboo chuckles.

"If he trys I'm going to fucking lock him in his room till two weeks."

"Your moving it up to two?" ranboo asks.

"Hmmm. Three." tubbo states.

"Tommys going to flip." ranboo sighs.

Chapter Text

Tommy wakes up with an ack In his back.

He opens his eyes to find himself I'm tubbos living room?

Wait why is he-


It all comes rushing back.

Fuck his dad's gonna kill him.

Tommy goes to get up before he is pulled back down.

" go back to sleep." tubbo says sluggishly.

"But tubs my dad's gonna be freaking out I have to go home." he complains.

"Tubbo let him up" ranboo Announces from the kitchen.

Tubbo yawns and pulls Tommy closer.

"I'm coming with then. Your Injured one of us will have to be there to keep an eye on it. " tubbo states.

"I can try to call my dad and see if I can stay for a bit?" Tommy says knowing his father will say no.

(This Isn’t the first time this situation has happened sadly)

“Fine by me” ranboo chuckles.

Tommy takes a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

He pulls out his phone and like he expected he had been spam called.

"Here we gooo." Tommy sighs hitting the call button.

"Good luck" the other two whisper.

It rings twice before someone answers.

"Ummm hey dad." Tommy says shyly.

A moment of silence happeneds before-


"Calm down! Dad I was at tubbo and ranboos. I fell asleep on Accident! I'm sorry. " tommy states.

"Okay okay fine at least your okay. But we need to pick you up because we have to go to a meeting in a about 6 hours"

"I can stay here? It's the most safe option? " Tommy trys.

A beat passes.

"Fine. But. Your grounded for a week when you get back." Phil states.

"Aw come on. Fine. Love you dad bye." Tommy rolls his eyes.

"We will talk more about telling me where you are when you get home. Love you Tom's." phil hangs up the phone.

Tommy let's out a relieved breath.

"Holy shit your dad is always so horrifying!" tubbo whines.

Tommy sadly nods.

"That's true your dad is scaryyyyy." ranboo says Exaggerating the y.

Tommy sighs as tubbo yanks him back down.

"Ranboo get your ass over here!" Tommy yells.

"I'm making Spaghetti though?" ranboo complaind.

"Ew just come here." Tommy says.

Tommy throws tubbo a sly grin.

Tubbo nods.

"What do you guys want?" ranboo sighs walking up to them.

Tubbo grabs ranbood arm and pulls him into the pile.

With a Huff ranboo had been added to the couch that they were laying on.

"Well.... If this isn't the consequences of my own actions-"

"SHHHH" the other two yell.

"Go back to sleep 'm tired and Tommy is severely injured." tubbo whispers.

"Fine." ranboo gives up.

"Hey I'm not injured!" Tommy complains.

They both give him a knowing look.

"Fine. But can I go take a shower I feel gross." Tommy asks.

Ranboo and tubbo nod.

Tommy gets up and heads to there bathroom.

He quickly removes the baggy sweatshirt to see how bad his wings are.

They are bandaged and wrapped tightly around his chest.

He lightly begans to unwrap it to reveal the damage.

His once black Wings are colored with a more mutted brownish red splotches.


He could recognize the color from anywhere.

It's not like he is surprised it's there. It's just weird seeing it.

He sighs and moves to see the wound.

There is a rather large Gash mark. His feathers cover it somewhat but not as much as he wished they would.

It's not like it went through his wing. It just sliced it pretty bad. Not to mention it's right by the start of his wing.

Even more painful.

He decides to stop inspecting before he throws up.

He quickly takes his shower the water being right between luke warm and cold.

He gets dressed in his famous get up.

A white sweater under his red tee. A pear of jeans and a black belt.

He wears them almost every day so it's no surprise their his favorite.

He let's his wings go through the slots.

He makes sure to bandage up to wound on his chest and wing before doing so.

He leaves the bathroom an heads to the kitchen/living room.

Ranboo and tubbo seem to have woken up. Ranboo continuing his Spaghetti and Tubbo cleaning his hoves.

"Hey Tommy." ranboo chuckles. "Good shower?" he asks.

Tommy let's out a small peep.

That seems to work for ranboo as he turns back around and continues cooking.

Tommy nods and turns to tubbo.

He nearly falls back as now tubbo is about an inch from Tommy.

"You would look reallyyyy good with a bridge piercing." tubbo thinks out loud.


Eh tubbo practically embodies the word by now.

"That seems painful no." Tommy states.

"Hm. Says the one who got stabbed twice and acted okay for at least an hour." tubbo says raising an eyebrow.

Well tubbos got him there.

"Tubbo stop your scaring Tommy." ranboo sighs.

"Am not!" they yell in unison.

Ranboo chuckles.

"Lunch is ready!" he yells setting down three plates.

Tommy and tubbo pause the argument for later because right now is lunch time.

And ranboos one rule is-

"No fighting okay?" ranboo asks.

They both nod.

Tommy goes down and sits in his spot.

"Thanks boob boy." Tommy states.

Ranboo kindly nods.

"Eat up!" ranboo says brightly.

The other two began to eat.

Tommy goes to get a piece and just then a sudden noise turns on the TV.

He flicks around to find the TV's not on.


Meh. He turns to look at the other two who don't seem very bothered so he shrugs it off.

He begans to eat like the other two before he becomes slightly dizzy.

"Hey you okay Tom's?" ranboo asks.

"Yeah I'm just a little tired." he says sluggishly.

The sound gets louder and louder till Tommy can't help but feel he might throw up.

"Is the food bad?" ranboo asks.

"No it's not that-"

The sound gets louder again.


"Tommy.... What noise?"

Chapter Text

Tommy can't help the headache that begins to form.

Ranboo seems to listen very closely and his ear twitches.

"Wait.... No no I can kinda hear it? It's not very loud though." ranboo mumbles.

"Tommy has avain hearing! That's why!" tubbo connects.

"Well great you all hear it! Now what the fuck is it!" tommy yells holding his hands to his ears.

Tubbo and ranboo nod.

They both get up from eating to check around the apartment only to come up empty handed.

"It's getting really annoying we can't find this." tubbo complains.

The other two look at him.

"Dude you can't even hear it!" tommy yells.

"WELL SORRY I GOT HEARING ISSUES!!" tubbo screams back.

"Guess listen."

Ranboo pauses seemingly happy. Tommy smiles brightly. "Thank fuck!" he says.

"I don't know how it stopped but it did!" ranboo says cheerfully.


Two people sit outside of the apartment building.

"Please.. Someone." George chokes out.

"Nobody can hear you." A man says.

George looks up at him.

Suddenly a noise begins. A tv static.

George trys his best to keep it steady.

"What the hell are you doing?!" the man screams.

George/404 the number 6 hero. His power is to control devices and things of the sort. He can even text people without picking up a phone.

"Being.. Heard." he states.

The man kicks him in the gut.

He let's out a cry.

The man begins to kick him in the stomach.

The sound stays.

The man does this for a minute before the sound suddenly stops.

"Finally! Now come on." the man says grabbing Georges shoulder only to see George not responding.

"Aww I liked that one. Oh well." the man states letting go of George.

He grabs a note out of his pocket and places it beside George.

He walks away.


Dream hears a beep from his phone so he picks it up.

There's two notifications.

First ones from the group-

The GANG...

He clicks it.

(The GANG)

11:42 am.

George: I'm sorry. I love you all.

Sapnap: what do you mean?

-3 people typing.


Dream stares at the message for a moment before quick hitting the one from George.


George: I not the only one.


Okay now he's freaking out.

He flips back to the group chat.


(The GANG)

11:42 am.

George: I'm sorry. I love you all.

Sapnap: what do you mean?

Wilbur: Um wtf?

Techno: Cringeeee

Phil: are you alright George?

Dream: guys George just sent me "I'm not the only one." ? I don't know what the fuck it means but I'm freaking out.

Wilbur: wait wasn't he supposed to be on patrol?

Dream: Shit yeah he is on patrol!

Sapnap: I'm on my way to his location now

Techno: me too

Dream: I'm leaving now.


He throws his phone in his pocket and puts his mask on.

He runs to the door of his office and runs through the hallway.

"What's wrong dream?"puffy asks as dream runs by.

"George!" Is all he says before he gets outside the building.

Puffy rolls her eyes lightly. "Kids and there love."

He runs the whole way there. It's only two Miles but it feels like 40 with how time slows.

He gets to the street when he sees techno standing by an apartment. There are 5 cop cars sitting there and you can hear someone crying.

Dream runs over before he is stoked by techno.

"Dream. I'm telling you right now your gonna regret looking." techno informs him.

"What the hell do you mean..?" dream asks.

"He-" he pauses to think. "Just look if you want. If not then you can ask. Im so fucking sorry." is all he can say before dream runs to where sapnap is.

He looks at sapnap and sees he's crying. But he also looking at something. Dream follows where his eyes are. He realizes it's not something.. It's someone.

Specifically George.

And well he's not breathing...

Chapter Text

About 30 minutes later tommy, ranboo, and tubbo get a knock at the door.

Tommy gets up and answers to find Philza standing there.

"Dad?" tommy asks.

Phil looks.. Sad?

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"Um you know George right?" Phil asks.

Tubbo and ranboo look over at the words.

"Wait, wait, wait did something happened to George?" Tommy asks.

Phil takes a deep breath. "He passed away. He was murdered right outside of this apartment." he states.

Tubbo and ranboo both gasp.

"Holy shit." he mutters.

Now tommy wasn't close with George but he was close friends with Wilbur and Techno so he saw him sometimes.

"Wait do you think that static noise was George trying to get are attention? He knows we live here." tubbo mutters.

"No no it couldn't have been!" ranboo says with a hint of doubt.

"Did it sound like tv static?" Phil asks.

They both nod.

Phil let's out a sigh. "It was. Hey tommy I think you should come home we don't know where the person who did is. I think you two should come too." he says pointing to ranboo and tubbo.

"O-Okay." tommy says walking up to Phil.

"Alright." the other two agree. They also walk up to Phil.

Before they know it they are all pulled into a hug.

"I've practically raised you three and I know how you are. Your going to blame yourselfs for it. And I'm saying now it's not your fault okay? You didn't know." Phil states.

Tubbo sniffles a bit. Tommy hiccups.

Ranboo trys his best not to cry but can't help it and also starts to slightly cry.

Phil sighs and walks into the apartment still holding the three.

"It's okay" he says.

A few moments of silence rolls by.

"Tubbo stop crying. Your making me cry." tommy State's.

They all chuckle.

"I actually believe you tommy are making me cry." ranboo says.

"Hm boo I say your making me cry sooo" tubbo grins.

"So we've decided your both mushy." tommy informs.

"What's that even mean?!" tubbo and ranboo ask at the sam time.

Phil decideds that if he doesn't move he will be involved.


Tommy, Tubbo and Ranboo all end up at the Craft residents.

"Hurry up slow pokes." tubbo complains.

"Dude we are literally carrying you!" tommy protests.

"Exactly so go faster." he chuckles.

Tommy rolls his eyes. Ranboo chuckles at there little fight.

They keep walking till there up to the door of the home.

"Hello I'm home." tommy whisper yells.

And promptly walks in holding tubbo with ranboos assistance.

"Oh hey Tom's." someon- wilbur says.

Tommy throws tubbo on the couch with the help of ranboo.

He looks at the two before they both nod and he runs up to wilbur.

He takes one look at wilbur before he sees the dark eye bags, the messy hair, and the puffy eyes. He quickly hugs his brother tightly.

Wilbur let's out a huff before he also hugs back.

"I'm fine tommy. Really." he insist.

"Hm? for some reason I don't believe you." Tommy state's rolling his eyes.

Ranboo and tubbo chuckle from the couch. "We are going to watch some movies if thats okay?" ranboo asks.

"Yeah that's fine." Phil says from the door way.

Tommy finally let's go of Wilbur. Wilbur chuckles and goes to sit on the couch tommy following close behind.

"What movie?" tommy asks ploping down on the couch.

"Hmm..." tubbo stops to think.

"The bee movie?" he suggests.

"NO!" everyone yells in unison.

"How about up?!" tommy suggests.

They all think for a second.

Then a stream of-

"Yeah okay."

"That's fine"

"Well it's not the bee movie but alright.."

The last one may or may not have been tubbo.

Chapter Text

By the end of the movie everyone had fallen asleep.

The next morning had hit and three people had woke up.

Techno had come down and is sitting between tommy and Wilbur.

Tubbos sprawled out over ranboo. Tommys curled up in technos side. Phil is sitting at the other side of Wilbur. And Wilburs curled into the side of Phil.

"Welp.. I'm stuck." ranboo mumbles gaining a chuckle from Phil and techno.

"I can second that." techno states looking down at tommy. "If I move this kids going to tear me up. Gremlin child." he chuckles.

"I third that if I move now Wilburs going to just yank me back down." Phil sighs.

"Yeah Phil if he does that then you might get more back pain-" techno begins.

"Hey! I'm not that old!" Phil pops in.

"Shh.." Tommy whispers.

They all go silent and glance over at tommy.

He curls slightly more into techno.

"Aww" ranboo says quitely. Thankfully it's not heard by tommy seeing as he's not flying up defending himself.

"Shh your going too fully wake him." tubbo whispers. Everyone flicks to tubbo. "When did he wake up?!" Phil whisper yells.

Everyone just shrugs.

Tommy yawns. Techno just stares seeming like he doesn't know what to do.

Phil can't help but let out a quite laugh at his misery. Tubbo face turns to a creepy smile.

Ranboo take one look at tubbo before he puts him on the couch by himself and makes a Run for it.

Tubbo chuckles to himself before pushing tommy lightly. He falls on to techno lap.

Techno turns slowly to tubbo. "You fucking menace to society.." he whispers staring at tubbo. "When he wakes up I'm getting revenge on you" he informs.

"I-" he begins before tommy curls more on to techno. "Aww" Phil this time says.

"Oh fuck off Phil. Don't test me I will wake Wilbur up on you. And you know he's a bitch when he wakes up." techno informs.

Phil let's out a sad sigh. "He needs to wake up soon so I can make breakfast." he states.

"Just wake him up." tubbo says slyly.

Phil gives tubbo a deadpan look.

Wilbur yawns.

"Thank fucking god." he whispers.

The other three burst out laughing.

Doing that they fully wake up Wilbur and tommy.

-tommys perspective now-

He wakes up abruptly to the sound of laughter.

“What the hell man!" tommy complains. "I was sleepin." he informs.

"I was already awake so sucks to suck Tom's." Wilbur chuckles.

"Oy fuck off!" tommy says curling more into the pillow he's laying on.


This pillows a little to warm. He sits still a to see if it'll move on its own.


Aw fuck it moved.

Tommy flings up and turns to see techno.

He turns to everyone else who where looking at him trying not to laugh.

"Not.a.word!" he yells standing up face red.

Techno quickly looks at tubbo.

Tubbo seems to think for a second before he realizes and he books it.

Techno follows quickly after.

"Run for it tubbo!" Wilbur yells. He turns to ranboo. "What the fuck did he do to get chased by techno?" he asks.

"Oh he pushed tommy into technos lap." he informs.

Tommy looks reder then a tomato. "That fucker!" tommy yells getting up and joining the chase after tubbo.

"There he goes-" the sound of ranboos voice cuts off as tommy runs towards tubbo.

"That motherfucker!" he yells puffing out his wings.

He stops running and remembers that-

Oh yeah he got fucking wings.

He flutters lightly his wings before taking off after tubbo.

Hes slightly hovering above the ground.

The room goes silent.

"You can fly?!" Phil finally yells.

Tommy turns towards him and looks down at his own feet. Oh fuck. He forgot they don't know.

The thing is, is that having wings themselves aren't rare.

Fuck maybe even commen!

But being able to fly? That's fucking rare.

About 1/1,000 people can fly who have wings.

To sum it up being able to fly is rare as fuck.

Tommy quickly falls. Hopefully they think it was just a small thing and not that he can actually fly.

That could connect him with Thesus.

Now tubbo and techno have paused their chase to look at tommy.

"Holy shit I was flying there for a second huh?"he breathes out. Time to put his acting skills to the test.

He gets up and flutters his wings but he fails to fly(though they don't know that if he wanted he could touch the ceiling).

Tubbo and ranboo seem to relax at the action. "Tommy you we're flying for a second." Phil states.

"I don't wanna talk about it! It was a fuck up obviously so I don't wanna hear it!" tommy says running up to his room.

Tubbo and ranboo nod at each other and follow him. "We've got it." ranboo states.

The both run into his room. "Holy shit." tubbo mumbles closing the door.

"That was so fucking close!" Tommy whisper yells.

"You think!? But your acting was pretty good though." ranboo says.

"Of course it was. I'm tommy danger innit craft!" tommy states with a large smile.

Chapter Text

Tommy feels like shit.

His family is making him stay with in a arms length because of Georges death.

Tubbo an Ranboo have already been sent home and he was almost caught flying!

So he just lost someone, his family are making him stay with them (he would never admit that he sort of enjoyed that part), his two friends he can’t visit,

AND he was caught flying almost revealing his secret!

If he tried to go do villain work with tubbo and ranboo then they would both send him back. Plus the worry his family will find out.


He is currently laying in his bed waiting for Phil to yell-

“Come down for breakfast!” Phil yells from the floor below Tommy.

“Well speak of the devil huh?” Tommy chuckles under his breath.

He sits up on his bed and stretch’s out his wings with a yawn.

He blinks away sleep from his eyes.

He sighs looking down at the desk beside his bed. He slightly smiles seeing a photo.

On the farthest to the right wilbur stands there hands in his jean pockets smiling at the scene. Next to him stands ranboo throwing a hand full of snow at tubbo.

And tubbo stands next to techno who has a massive grin on his face. Tubbos falling over from Tommy tackling him. And speaking of Tommy well hes on top of tubbo.

And lastly Phil and Kristen. They both stand there. Kristen laughing loudly and phil just sighing.

Personally to Tommy this is his favorite photo. The little things like techno before he grew his hair out (techno was 14 in the picture and is now 18).

And how Tommy's wings were nothing but little black fluffs of feathers (Tommy was 12 an is now 16).

How Wilbur's didn't have his iconic beanie he doesn't leave the house without.

Also the fact that tubbos scar was new and at least semi fresh. How ranboos color change was only begining in the photo.

(If you didn't know ranboo wasn't born half black half white. He doesn't like to talk about it but experiments preformed slowly turned him from black hair, black skin, and purple eyes. To half white half black hair and skin, and one eye Green, and the other red.)

Tommy doesn't know he spaced out till something touches his cheek. He turns around ready to yell before seeing wilbur.

Tommy instead opts to ask "what are y-"

Before he is rudely interrupted.

"We called you down to eat like 10 minutes ago. I think you zoned out again huh?" wilbur asks with a chuckle.

Tommy sighs but nothing more. He finally makes eye contact with wilbur. They hold it for a moment.

With a sigh wilbur blinks and tommy wins. "Now will you come eat?" wilbur asks.

An evil grin pops up on tommys face.


"Nope no funny Business kid. Both of you guys come eat food getting cold." techno interrupts.

They turn and see techno in the door way.

With a sigh tommy, wilbur, and techno make their way down stairs to Phil.

Tommy looks at the couch and walks over ignoring whatever conversation was started and plops down.

He can’t help but feel relaxed.

He closes his eyes for a moment before his shoulder is shaken.

And the relax is gone. He sighs and opens his eyes and looks at the persons hand on his shoulder.

The hand is calloused and covered in scars. He recognizes it as Technos.

He hears a grunt and looks up.yeah definitely techno.

“Come on already kid.” Techno says.

He stands up and makes his way to the table. He flops himself in his spot.

Tommy lays his head down on his hands and lets his eye lids meet. God why is he so tired today?!

He sighs and without even realizing he falls asleep.

Phil sets a plate infront of Tommy. He realizes that he’s fast asleep?

“Is he okay?” Phil asks his other two boys.

“Yeah this is the third time so far this morning he fell back asleep..” Wilbur states. Techno simply nods.

With a sigh Phil moves away the plate from his youngest. He picks up Tommy making sure to avoid his wings.

With a be right back Phil heads up stars. He hold Tommy close and opens Tommy’s door.

Phil walks over to Tommy’s bed and try’s to lay him down on it. Tommy chirps a bit in distress.

Tommy claws at Phil’s shirt so he doesn’t fall.

“Hey, hey calm down your okay.. " Phil says as calming as he can.

Tommy looks up finally and stops struggling but still holds a tight grip on Phil's shirt.

"I'm fine you can let me go now.." tommy finally says with a breath.

Phil sets tommy down and cups his face with his palms. "Techno, wilbur or me?" Phil asks.

Tommy doesn't need to ask what he means. It's a way of saying 'who do you want to help you right now? '.

Tommy thinks for a second. ".. Techno.." he mumbles.

Phil swiftly nods and walks out of Tommy's room. Not a minute later techno comes in.

Techno walks slowly into Tommy's room and closes the door softly behind him. He walks once again slowly to tommy and sits beside him.

Tommy doesn't dare look at him and instead at his own hands.

"What do you need right now tommy?" techno asks as nice as he can. But nice on techno isn't the same as normal so the words make tommy chuckle.

"Im..." tommy thinks about how he should answer. "I'm fine" he decideds to go with.

Techno raises a brow. "Come on thesus you need something even if its just a hug"

Tommy turns to look at techno. Oh he wants to play the childhood nickname now huh?

Techno went through a Greek nerd phase and used to call tommy thesus. Though it's rarely ever used an kinda turned into a personal thing.

Tommy sits for moment looking at techno before he breaks. "Fucking hell! Fine." he whisper yells with a nod at the end.

"Fine to what thesus? You gotta use your words kid." techno states once again.

Tommy turns red. "..a hug.. That's it.. "

Not a moment later tommy feels arms incircle him. "See not so hard to just say what you want hm?" techno says teasingly.

Tommy huffs but accepts the hug anyways. He says a line of curse words but they get muffled by the cloth of technos shirt.

Tommy once again for the last time of the day feels his eyes droop. His shoulders get heavy and he relaxes.

Maybe just maybe staying with them for a bit wont be so bad..