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I Stop Breathing

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Chapter 1




“Clarke, are you sure about this?” Clarke rolled her eyes, smiling while trees blurred by.

“Mom, when have I ever expressed doubt in wanting this. I just want to be away for a bit. Not forever.” Clarke looked fondly at Abby. “I’ll be back before you know it. You should go on vacation, meet someone, maybe it’ll be good for us.”

Abby sighed, keeping her eyes on the road, “I just want to make sure you’re okay,” She took a breath before speaking again, “I know that what happened to your father will always hurt, but I also know I have to move on. Thank you. For supporting me.”

Clarke grinned at Abby, “No problem mom. And please go find someone. Maybe not immediately, but just try. Who knows? Maybe I’ll make some friends here, while you’re going on a date with your next lover.”

Abby let out a breathy laugh and Clarke reassuringly rubbed her shoulder.




Clarke hopped out of the passenger seat, stretching her legs. Her mom got out and shut the door behind her. Abby opened the trunk and got Clarke’s suitcase and bag while Clarke was looking in awe at her new home for the next 2 or so months.

“Isn’t it beautiful mom!” Clarke beamed. Abby chuckled and smiled at her daughter.

“Do you have everything you need Clarke? Shirts, pants, bathing suits, ibuprofen, tamp-“ Abby was cut off.

“Yes mom! I have everything! I love you.” Clarke walked over to her mom and hugged her tight, “I’ll see you soon, okay?”

Abby breathed in and out squeezing her daughter tight, “I love you honey. Be safe.”

Clarke took a step back and grabbed her stuff while Abby got into the car. Abby waved at Clarke through the window as she drove out of the lot. Breathing in slowly was so refreshing. She could almost feel the cool water of the lake on her porcelain skin.




Stepping into that camp for the first time was like a breath of fresh air. Well, that is until she saw him. Her lungs almost completely stopped working.

Clarke stopped short, gazing at the bronze skin, and dark eyes. He looked as if he were a roman soldier in modern times. Clarke swallowed, her throat suddenly feeling dry. She quickly snapped her gaze to the children playing and smiled fondly.

“Hey New Girl! You lost?” Clarke whipped around to find a brunette with a leg brace smirking at her.

“Um? Kind of? I just got here. Do you know where the camp director is so I can sign in?” Clarke was a bit flustered. This was the first time she was talking to someone her age other than Wells since she graduated.

The girl grinned and pointed at a house, “That house is where you’ll find director Diyoza. I’m Raven by the way.”

“Clarke. It’s nice to meet you. And thank you for the directions.” Clarke waved at her and started making her way towards the house.

“Don’t be a stranger, Clarke!” Raven calls to her grinning from ear to ear.




Clarke is in Augustus cabin. Clarke was happy she paid attention in history or else she would have no idea what the cabin names were. There are 12 cabins, and 6 different camp groups, 6 cabins for boys and girls. Cabin Augustus, cabin Tiberius, cabin Caligula, cabin Claudius, cabin Nero, and cabin Galba. All of the cabins are named after Roman emperors. As Clarke made her way down the steps from the big house, she almost loses her balance multiple times.

‘You would think they would make the steps less wide for the kids.’

When Clarke finally makes it to the last step she’s looking down. Her flip flop gets caught and she stumbles over herself. When she’s falling she goes to put her hands out to stop the blow, waiting for the burning of concrete on her hands. Clarke closes her eyes, tensing, but the sensation never comes. Instead she feels warm hands on her hips, holding her steady.

“You okay there, Princess?” A low voice says in a concerned tone. Her eyes snap open and she looks up. Clarke is in awe, his eyes are even darker up close, though he has freckles scattered across his face and a small scar on his upper lip.

“Yes.” Clarke squeaks out, “Sorry, I guess I’m just a little clumsy. I’m just glad that I didn’t trip farther up the steps. Thank you for catching me.” Her voice feels strained and her face feels flushed.

“No problem.” He stares at her for a second before clearing his throat and taking his hands away. Straightening his posture, “Are you new in camp? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around.” His Adam’s apple bobs and Clarke feels as if her legs will give out again.

“Yes. Um, my names Clarke. I’m in Augustus cabin.” She smiles nervously, her hands fidgeting. His eyes brighten and he smiles at her.

“Bellamy, and so am I, I’m one of your counselors. So, is this your first time at a summer camp?” He questions.

Clarke looks down bashfully, “That obvious, huh?” Bellamy smirks.

“Just a bit.” He says playfully.

Clarke giggles and looks at him, “So um, where is the cabin?”

“Oh! Follow me.” He takes her hand in his and leads her to the cabin. Bellamy looks to her and starts talking, “So there’s 3 other girls in your cabin, Raven, Harper, and Octavia my sister. In the boys cabin there’s me, Miller, Murphy, and Jasper.” Bellamy turns and looks to Clarke. “Well, here we are. Your new home for the next couple weeks.”

Clarke smiles at Bellamy and brushes past him. She turns around and starts walking backwards. “Thanks Bellamy! I owe you one.” She waves as she turns around and walks up to the cabin.

“Make sure not to fall while I’m gone, Princess.” Bellamy let’s out a low chuckle. Clarke whips around to look at him but all she’s met with is his already receding form.

Clarke giggles and shakes her head. She lifts her chin and steps into the threshold of the cabin.

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Chapter 2


“Clarke! Oh thank god it’s finally a normal person that we have.” Raven huffs in relief. She stands up and grins. “I am the female counselor for Augustus cabin. The male counselor is working around camp right now, but-“


“Bellamy right? I just met him, he walked me here.” Clarke smiles sweetly and her face grows hot remembering their interaction.


“You okay girl? Your face is a little red.”  Raven’s concerned gaze passes over Clarke’s face, “Are you not used to warmer weather?”


“O-Oh, well New England does tend to have cooler weather, but our summers are hot. I’m probably just sunburnt, that tends to happen to me a lot. You know being very pale I need to apply like SPF 50.” Clarke stammers out. Raven chuckles and rolls her eyes.


“This doesn’t have to do with our resident play boy does it?” Raven inquires. Clarke’s eyes snap to hers.


“Resident playboy?” Her brows knit and dread swirls in her chest. Raven bristles and sighs.


“Blake, well, Bellamy. He tends to get around the camp. Not shaming him or anything, he can do what he wants. I just don’t want you getting hurt.” She puts a hand on Clarke’s shoulder, “Don’t let it get to you. He’s a natural charmer.”


Clarke bites her bottom lip and walks to the bunk that is open. She flops down on the mattress and it squeaks beneath her, “Thanks for the heads up Raven.” She closes her eyes and all she can see is his dark eyes gazing back at her. She snaps up, and sets her eyes in resolve, “Don’t you worry. I won’t let him hurt me.” She hops up, a new type of giddiness in her form.


“Hey Reyes, the games are starting soon! Get your ass- Oh. Are you the new girl?” A girl with fierce crystalline eyes and ebony hair makes her way into the cabin, the screen door slamming shut behind her.


Clarke smiles and nods, “Hi! I’m Clarke, it’s nice to meet you!” The girl smiles back and tips her head to her.


“Octavia. Nice to meet you too.” She turns to Raven and nods her head to the door, “Let’s go before my brother starts to mother hen us.” Raven rolls her eyes and gestures for Clarke to come on.


“Let’s go, Harper is most likely already out there with her boyfriend. You can meet her out there.”


Clarke nods, she shouldn’t even care if Bellamy gets around the camp. She just met him less than 10 minutes ago. She just won’t let herself get too close. Clarke lifts her head, chin raised.


“Let’s go then.”







The three girls make their way out of the cabin and towards the center of the camp. There people seem to be grouping together in order of their cabins. At the center of it Bellamy, an athletic built blonde girl, a slim and lanky Asian kid, and a lanky kid with goggles are talking. The kid with goggles seems to be explaining something very animatedly, with his arms swinging around.


“-kay, but we need to think of a plan- Monty! What are you still doing here? We have very important business to discuss and as much as I love you, you are the enemy. Shoo!” The kid with goggles gestures for the Asian kid; Monty to leave.


“What’s up guys? We almost ready to go?” Raven inquires, ready to get on with the games. Bellamy’s gaze passes over Clarke and he smiles. Clarke keeps her eyes to Raven and waits for the conversation to continue.


“Well I was just saying we needed a game plan, but someone is too busy making goo goo eyes to actually pay attention.” Bellamy flinches, but the goggle kid is staring incredulously at Monty.


Raven steps up and gestures to Clarke, “This is Clarke, the newest member of Augustus.” Clarke waves slightly, smiling shyly. Bellamy beams at Clarke his dark eyes lighting up.


“Clarke and I met earlier, but these delinquents are Monty and Jasper, and then this is Harper.” Clarke nods, her smile dimming, but she waves politely at her acquaintances. She wishes she didn’t feel a pang when Bellamy smiles at her. She can’t let some guy she just met hurt her. It won’t happen. Not again.


She snaps out of her thoughts when Octavia’s arm slings around her shoulders, “Alright, since you’ve never been in the games before it’s basically capture the flag and a water balloon fight all in one. Capture the other teams flag while trying to not get pelted by water balloons, if you do get hit, you’re out.” Octavia explains nonchalantly, “The games determine who gets cabin points, whoever wins the first game gets a head start on points. By the end of the summer whoever has the most points shins the cabin trophy until they lose in another summer. There will be different games throughout the summer so be ready for anything.” Octavia beams at her and claps her on the back. “You’re gonna do great!”


Clarke takes a deep breath and sighs out, “Yeah, no pressure at all.” She says sarcastically.


Monty eventually leaves and is replaced by a man with dark skin, and someone who is pale and slim looking. Bellamy nods to the guys, “This is Miller,” the dark skinned man, “-and this is Murphy.” The skinnier, pale, almost vampire like guy. “Miller, Murphy, this is Clarke, the new girl in Augustus.”


Miller nods to her and offers a small smile, “Nice to meet you Clarke.” Murphy smirks and observes Clarke, “You’re not afraid to get a little wet are you Blondie?” Clarke’s eyebrows shoot up and she puffs out air.


“Murphy!” Bellamy scolds. Clarke looks to Bellamy.


“I can handle myself,” His eyes widen and lips part, “First of all I don’t scare easy, second of all I don’t think I’ll be getting wet too easily with you around.” She shoots to Murphy, every bit of heat as he shot her.


Murphy whistles, “Pleasure to meet you Blondie, I’m sure we’ll be great friends.” His hand sticks out for her to shake. Clarke smirks at him and starts walking to where the camp is about to get rules announced.


“I’m sure we will be.” She shoots over her shoulder with a smirk. Raven looks impressed at her new cabin mate who is very quickly becoming one of her favorite people.


“Let the games begin.”