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My idiotic ass accidentally showed my phone lock screen on my last stream so now I have to do the boyfriend tag

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Sorry this took too long to upload you guys, the camera died at the end and we had to charge it overnight lol. Enjoy anyways!


One of the most popular couple’s vlog is the “boyfriend tag” or “girlfriend tag” (depending on if the channel owner has a girlfriend or boyfriend).

In this tag, the girlfriend or boyfriend of the channel owner answers questions about the relationship and their partner to prove how much they really know about them.

#hanitube #pineaipple #aizou #yuujirou #boyfriendtag




The screen opens with a young male with blonde hair tied up in a low ponytail sitting on his usual black-white gaming chair, leaning in and fixing the camera. He lights up for a moment before going back to his chair with a determined smile.

“Hey, gang! PineAipple here,” he starts. “So, today’s going to be a little different. Instead of doing what I usually do, I’m gonna talk about last week’s video,” Aizou cleared his throat. “Apparently, most of you all saw my phone’s lock screen.” he snorts, “Yes, my phone’s lock screen. Anyways, here’s the full view,” the screen transitions to the blonde’s lock screen. A person with short dark blue hair and uneven bangs with the side of their hair pinned was seen smiling with a wink on presumably the camera while holding a chocolate shake. There was no sign of Aizou in the picture so that meant it had been taken in solo.

The video transitioned back to Aizou shortly after. He gave a laugh, “So, yeah. After the video, you guys practically turned into detective mode–actually, I was impressed that some figured who that was,” he chortled. “Anyways, so, I tweeted that if my tweet reaches thirty thousand retweets, I’ll do a reveal. And it did so here we are,” he winks at the camera.

“Pshhh,” comes a response from someone off-camera. Aizou rolled his eyes, “They actually simp for you for winking at the camera. Amazing. You even did a bad job at it.”

Aizou’s brows shot up. “So, it seems that someone’s jealous.”

Look who’s talking,” the person’s voice was sharp but it only made the blonde laugh.

Suddenly, the camera tilts and there showed a boy- the same boy that was shown on Aizou’s lock screen.

“I’m gonna have to tell you that Aizou here panicked the other night and thought I was sleeping with someone else under the blankets,” the blue haired smirked while the other let out a squeak in the background. “Turns out it was just a stuff toy.”


The boy lets out a giggle as Aizou hurriedly took the camera from his hands- the video cuts and it skips to another part. When the screen opens, the blonde was sitting on the couch, this time with–his boyfriend now sitting next to him.

“Hi, you guys,” the blue haired starts with a laugh, “Yuujirou here, Aizou’s ‘issued’ lock screen wallpaper from last time.” Aizou snorts at that. “You may know me as Cygnus, only the best musician in HaniTube,” he winks at the camera. “Check out my channel if you have great tastes in music.”

Aizou scoffs, “Uh-huh, best musician.”

His boyfriend–Yuujirou–elbowed him, and the blonde yelped.


Yuujirou coughed and turned to the camera, “Shout out to those who figured me out, congratulations, honestly, though I doubt it was that hard,” Aizou pinched his nose, Yuujirou jumped. “Hey–!”

Aizou lets go with an exasperated sigh. “You’re lucky I love you, you little shit.”

“I’m actually really unlucky to have a really sappy boyfriend.”

“Says the one who kept whispering sweet nothings to me when he thinks I’m actually sleeping,” Aizou whistled.

–and for that he gets a smack.

The video cuts again.

When the screen opens again, Aizou was looking into his phone. Yuujirou was also looking over his shoulder to see his phone.

“Okay,” Aizou cleared his throat, both their gazes turning to the camera. “Today, we’re going to do the Boyfriend Tag.”

“Yeah, after forcing me so,” Yuujirou crossed his arms.

“I did not force you.”

“You were on your knees with a blueberry cheesecake beggi– HEY!” Yuujirou flinched when Aizou pinched both his cheeks.

“I was not!”

“Shtohohop pincshing me!”

“This is what happens to cheeky little brats like you,” Aizou started snickering as his hand travelled down and to Yuujirou’s side. The other yelped and struggled in his hold, laughing.





1.) When/Where did we meet?


“Oh, we go way back,” Yuujirou chuckles. “We were stubborn, idiotic, chaotic middle school students back then. Remember?”

Aizou smiles, “How could I forget?”

Yuujirou smiles back before turning his gaze to the camera. “Anyways, our first encounter was messy and ridiculous. It’s actually embarrassing to recall sometimes.”

You were embarrassing.”

“And you were a walking buffoon. Still is.”

Aizou raised a brow. “Am I now? Who taught you math again?”

That doesn’t relate to the topic.” Yuujirou huffs, “Alright, so...we met at a convenient store.”

Aizou snickers–and gets elbowed again. “How about you tell the story?” Yuujirou glares.

“Sheesh,” Aizou rolls his eyes and turned to the camera. “Basically, after school, I stopped by the convenient store to get something to eat. And then this dude grabbed my wrist when I was about to take the last stock of ready-to-eat food.”

Yuujirou turned away, the tips of his ears starting to burn red.

“I was really shocked,” Aizou huffs out a laugh. “Like, come on, who does that?”

Yuujirou glares at him.

“He asked me, in a very rude manner, ‘what the hell do you want?’ like he’s the toughest guy in the world.” Yuujirou crossed his arms, “I stood my ground, of course, telling him politely to hand over the last stock.”

“Oh no, you did not,” Aizou spat. “You told me, ‘hand that over or I’m robbing you.’ with a glare.”

“Uh, yeah, you started it first.”

“Uh, no, I didn’t.”

They stared at each other...and then burst out laughing.

“It was a hilarious encounter,” Yuujirou says in between laughs.

“We fought in silence, and then Yuujirou started crying.”

“Because Aizou was ruder than my professor,” Yuujirou shot back.

“It just turned out that he was having a really bad day, so I gave up,” the blonde shrugged.

“After eight minutes of silent arguing, that is. You didn’t even know what to do when I was crying there.”

Babe,” Aizou whined. Yuujirou giggled.




2.) Where was our first date?


“An aquarium.”

“A jungle.”

“A what?” Yuujirou looked over his boyfriend in pure disbelief.

Aizou burst out laughing, putting his hands up in surrender. “Kidding, kidding!”

The blue haired rolled his eyes.

A photo of the two pops on the screen with Aizou beaming and Yuujirou looking over in awe at the fishes in the tank. The blonde had been the one to take the photo.

“I still haven’t gotten that stunt you pulled on me back there though,” Aizou grumbled.

Yuujirou raised a brow, a smirk forming on his lips. “It was your idea, though?”

“What are you talking about?” Aizou squinted at him, “It was the kid’s idea!”

“And you agreed to it.”

“You agreed to it too!”

“Talk about nonsense.

Aizou coughed and turned to the camera. “Yuujirou here is actually a bad boyfriend; he left me when we were both supposed to touch a starfish.”

“Don’t be dramatic.”

“I’m not. I’m actually telling the truth. You’re a gremlin.”

“Say that again and you’re sleeping on the kitchen floor.”

“You love me.”

Yuujirou stared at him for a silent deafening minute and the video cuts.




3.) Which food do I like?


“Soy Milk Hot Pot.”

“Carbonara made by his brother.”

“Yuujirou...!” Aizou whined, his ears burning bright red. He glares at the camera, “I swear to god, Ken, if you’re watching this.”

Yuujirou laughs out loud.

“Awh, babe, there’s no need to be embarrassed. He’s been cooking for you ever since twelve.”

“Stop!” Aizou buries his face in one hand while Yuujirou continues to laugh.

“Actually, I also love the food in the restaurant that the Mochizuki family owns.” the blue haired beams. “You guys should also eat there. Their cuisine is astounding.”

“Oh! Yeah, that one,” Aizou perks up. “The food they serve is heavenly. Especially the pasta,” he makes a chef’s kiss and Yuujirou chuckles. The video skips to a photo of a big restaurant with three people in front of it, wearing bright smiles. Akari, Mochita, and their daughter.

“Their daughter’s all grown up,” Yuujirou giggles. “Pretty much her other friends are too.”

“You’re right~ the last time I saw them they were this size,” Aizou signaled with his hand. Both laughed.




4.) I’m sitting in front of the TV. What’s on the screen?


“Disney, one hundred whole percent certain,” Yuujirou answers confidently.

“And yours is Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t have a doubt about it,” Aizou smirks.

Yuujirou stuck his tongue out at him. “Grey’s Anatomy is far more superior to whatever you watch.”

“Excuse you?! Disney is the best, baby!” Aizou narrowed his eyes.

“Uh-huh. Keep telling me that.” Yuujirou leaned back on the couch.

“We are so gonna watch Tangled later.”

“Oh no, you don’t–”




5.) What’s my favorite band/musician?


“Ricky Montgomery,” Yuujirou put a hand to his chin, reconsidering his answer, “Unless it changed...? You were just blasting ‘Line without a Hook’ the other day.”

“Nope. And, good to hear that you heard one of his best songs,” Aizou winked as he sling a hand over his boyfriend’s waist. Yuujirou rolled his eyes but smiled at him. “And yours is definitely Nirvana. I remember you ranting in high school about an ‘annoying blonde haired girl’ challenging you into a rock-paper-scissors competition right after you took the last stock of her favorite CD on the shelf.” Then comes a pop-up on the screen that said: They’re talking about mona.

Yuujirou huffs out a laugh. “Wow, thanks for remembering that. She still is.”

“Well, I am your bestest boyfriend,” Aizou winked at the camera.

“If that’s true, you better prepare a high value meal later.” Yuujirou snorted.

“But it’s your turn to cook–”




6.) When/Where did you meet my parents?


“Let’s see,” the blue haired makes a long ‘hmm’ sound before perking up. “Around high school, if I remember?”

“Yeah, I also met your mom around that time,” Aizou hums, recalling the memory. “Tae-san was really sweet! And I’m telling you- Yuujirou looks just like her.”

A picture pops on the screen where Aizou’s family and Yuujirou’s mom were all shown. They all looked younger. On the side, Ken had an arm around his girlfriend, Arisa, and they were both smiling at the camera. In the middle, Aizou’s dad was ruffling the blonde’s hair who was whining while Yuujirou who was beside him seemed to be laughing at the scene. Tae and Yuuko were on the other end with the blonde slinging an arm around the other’s arm, smiling widely, while Tae only smiled, though gentle and fond.

“Yuuko-san was really lively,” Yuujirou clasped his hands, beaming. “She and Ken actually loved embarrassing Aizou in front of me back then by showing his baby pictures. His dad was also amazing in playing the guitar.”

“Oh my god, no,” Aizou groaned. Yuujirou laughed.

“I actually have some of them saved here if you wanna see.”





7.) What am I good at?


“Dancing, sports,” Yuujirou answeres immediately. Aizou whistled and the blue haired pinched him slightly, earning a yelp from the blonde. “Well, what about me then?”

“You’re actually really good at burning the kitchen.”

Yuujirou pinched him on his side, earning a loud yelp from the other right before the video cuts.

The video opens again, both having regained their composure. The background music fades and changed into something else. It starts with a single strum of what seemed to be a guitar, and then comes Yuujirou’s voice after. It’s a sweet and slow song.

“Singing, and Kabuki,” Aizou grins. “He did Kabuki in his early years and I even attended one of his practices!”

“Yeah, when you were stalking me,” Yuujirou deadpans.

Aizou stammers.

“I was not!”


Aizou sighs, exasperated, “I just happened to be in the area, okay? When are you ever going to believe me?”

Yuujirou crossed his arms, “Definitely suspicious.”





8.) What am I okay at?


“Cooking,” Aizou says. “Though, you aren’t as bad as you were in high school. You almost burned the whole room down.”

Yuujirou smacks his arm lightly. Aizou laughed.

“I’d say you’re 50/50 on keeping your temper,” Yuujirou stuck his tongue out.

I’d say I’m perfectly fine on keeping my temper at bay.”

“You almost punched the screen when it loaded for a few seconds in the middle of whatever it is you’re watching.”

“Okay, so maybe I’m a little bit short tempered.”

A little?




9.) What am I really bad at?


“Waking up in the mornings,” Yuujirou crossed his arms. “His alarm would ring for a really long time and I’m the one who has to get up to turn it off. And he’d still be sleeping. His alarm tone also sucks.”

“Yeah?” Aizou raised a brow, “You can’t drink coffee to save your life.”

“Coffee is shit. You’re shit.”

“You’re gonna get it, you little brat.” before Yuujirou could jump away, Aizou had already trapped him and the video cuts.




10.) What sport do I like the most?


“Ball games, especially basketball, I’m right.”

Aizou laughs loudly. “Swimming, aka the only sport you seem to know.

“Which is laughable because you didn’t know how to swim back then,” a smug look crosses Yuujirou’s face, “Coincidence? I think not.”

“Keep talking.”

“I’m going to stab you with a rusty fork.”

“Hey! This was supposed to be family friendly–!”

Yuujirou laughs. “And for your information, I joined the relay race in high school, remember? The three of us.” an arrow pops on the screen pointing at Yuujirou and on the other end it says: Talking about Hiyori from the Triune Reacts channel.

“You actually remembered that,” Aizou says, surprised.

Yuujirou shrugged, “I think that time was hilarious. Hiyori was chased around by half of the class for a while after high fiving the both of us.”

“She’s gonna kill us once she sees this.”

At that, they both laughed.




11.) What’s my favorite song?


“Wednesday’s Promise by Hamanaka-san,” Yuujirou grins. Said song played momentarily played in the background. “The song’s about a couple who’re in a secret relationship. One who’s living an average life and the other a celebrity, it talks about the struggles of the relationship and how both overcome them. It’s actually a really cute song! You guys should definitely check it out.”

“Yuujirou’s is Samishigariya. An original by me and Ken,” Aizou says with a wide smile. The song plays in the background, starting out with Ken’s part on the pre-chorus of the second verse.

“Correct. Well, currently correct, that is.”

Aizou laughs and pinched his cheek while the other whined.




12.) What film always makes me cry?


“Oh, I know this one,” Aizou puts a fist to his palm, “Your name!”

Yuujirou giggles, “Yours is Serizawa-san’s movies.”

Aizou grins widely and they high-fived. “His movies are the best! But,” he narrowed his eyes at the camera. “You better apologize with tears in your eyes for making me cry!” he then laughs, followed by Yuujirou’s own. “I heard that his first ever international movie was written for his wife back in high school.”

“Really?” Yuujirou asks, sounding surprised. “That’s actually so sweet.”

“I know right?”

“That meteorite fall scene in Your Name was absolutely beautiful,” Yuujirou nods to himself, “Aizou cried for the whole duration of that one movie directed by Serizawa-san, though.”

“Sweets, your eyes were red after watching that with me.”

“Shut up.”




13.) What drink do I always order?


“Coffee,” Yuujirou narrowed his eyes at his partner. “It’s not Shibasaki Aizou if you don’t see him holding at least one small cup of caffeine.”

“I’m not that addicted to it!”

“Keep talking,” Yuujirou repeated his boyfriend’s words from earlier.

Aizou stares at him while Yuujirou innocently looks at the camera. The video cuts.

“Chocolate milk,” Aizou says when the video open, crossing his arms. “We have a whole stash of it here.”

Yuujirou raised his brow. “Don’t act like you don’t keep a whole stock of canned coffee, Aizou.”

“It’s affordable...!”

“So is my chocolate milk.”

“It’s cheaper!”

“Exactly how is it cheaper?”

“I’m going to drink your whole box, you ass.”

Try me.”




14.) If I was collecting something, what would it be?


“Yuujirou’s already collecting CDs so,” Aizou shrugged. Yuujirou snorted.

“I don’t actually know what you’d collect.”

“I’d collect your heart pieces.”

“My what–?




15.) What is something you wish I didn’t do?


“Tried to matchmake me with my asexual best friend in high school,” Yuujirou clicked his tongue.

“You two were a very good match.”

“Excuse me?!” Yuujirou wheezes. “Mona’s going to kill you.”

Aizou snickers, then with a sigh, he says: “I wish you hadn’t taken both the house keys on accident and left me to wait outside for two hours.”

“Sorry, I’ll do it again.”


Both burst out laughing.




16.) Where would I love to travel to?



“I don’t actually know, I’ve never thought about it before,” Yuujirou chuckles.

“Well, anywhere as long as I’m with you,” Aizou smiles, his tone fond.

A slight blush formed on the other’s cheeks and he looked away, “Ah, yes, the king of saps.”

“You love me,” Aizou snickers and Yuujirou turns redder. The video cuts.




17.) I’m ordering a pizza. What toppings does it have?


“Pineapple,” Yuujirou says bluntly.

“The best,” Aizou says proudly. “And you, good sir, will definitely have extra cheese.”

“Yes, and no, pineapple sucks,” Yuujirou stuck his tongue out. “Aizou’s tastes in everything actually sucks.”

“So you suck.”

There was a long, huge silence, and the video cuts.




18.) I’m making a sandwich. What’s on it?


“Tuna mayo.” both says in unison. The two laughed.

“I remember in middle school, we were fighting over it,” Yuujirou snickers.

Aizou rolled his eyes. “I still don’t know why, there are other tuna mayo’s on the bento.”

“You picked the best one,” Yuujirou glared.

“How exactly did I pick the best one? They’re literally all identical!”

“Uh, what? The one you picked was practically glowing.”





19.) If I could, what candy could I eat all day long?


“Usually, this walking bag of sugar would eat any sweets, but–” the blonde gets smacked and cackled. “Okay, um, sugar coated gummy worms.”

A correct sound effect was heard.

“Aizou doesn’t like sweets,” Yuujirou says forwardly. “He’s bitter just like that.”

“I’m not bitter!” Aizou whined.




20.) If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I live?


“I prefer quieter places, where the sun doesn’t shine.”

“I’m the one who’s supposed to answer that...!”

“Well, can you though?” Yuujirou turns to the blonde, a tiny smirk forming on his lips.

Aizou scowled.

“Fine. Well, I’d live anywhere as long as it’s with you.”

“You are an absolute sap.”

“I know, and that’s exactly why you fell for me.”

Yuujirou groaned, burying his face in his hands, but to no avail, his reddening ears say otherwise.




21.) What am I deathly afraid of?


“Heights,” Yuujirou answers. “Just heights. No more comments.”

“Yuujirou’s greatest fear is insects,” Aizou answers next, “Once, in high school, a bee–”

“Oh, no,” Yuujirou hisses, “No. No.



“There was a bee and he–”

Aizou’s eyes widened when Yuujirou’s lips suddenly met his. The video immediately cuts.




22.) What’s my nickname?


“Ahem.” Aizou coughs, ignoring the fact that his neck was tinted red. Yuujirou, on the other hand, was turned away, his face red.

“Anyways,” Aizou turns to the camera, his face seeming more sober(?), “Moving on.”

“Right…” Yuujirou mutters, slowly turning his gaze towards the camera.

“This one should be easy,” Aizou puts his phone to the side. He huffs, “Asshole.”

Yuujirou gasps, offended. He glares at the other.


“Little shit.”





“You–” Yuujirou chokes. “Asshat!


A pause.


Both laughed. Aizou buries his face in his boyfriend’s neck, “I love you so much.”

Yuujirou giggles.

“Dork. I love you too.”




23.) Complete this sentence: “My boyfriend is ______”


“A woman’s greatest enemy in life and the next.”

“A what?!” Aizou spluttered. Yuujirou bursts out laughing.

“You’re a douche.” the blonde pinches the other’s cheek.

“Yeah, well, yhou lovshe me!

Aizou pinches him harder. The other wailed.




24.) What’s my best friend’s name?


“That would be Kanata and Asuka from the ASCANA showroom, am I right?” Yuujirou rests his cheek on the palm of his hand.


A picture pops out on the screen and it shows the three on what seemed to be a hotpot place. Asuka has a small smile directed at the camera, and Aizou seemed like he was about to take meat from the grill but took notice of the camera. Kanata, who had been the one to take the picture, was grinning widely while holding a peace sign.

Aizou chuckles, “Clever as ever, my moon prince,” Yuujirou grumbles something unintelligible and turns away–but whatever it was, it made the blonde laugh. “Also, do check them out! They make the most wholesome contents.” he then turns to his boyfriend, “Yours is none other than Mona, literally.”


Another picture pops out and this time, Mona was seen asleep on the couch, hugging a pillow. Her face was drawn all over and Yuujirou, who was beside her, was looking at the camera, marker in hand, winking while making a ‘shush’ sign. The smug expression was clear on his face.

“Correct. Since high school,” Yuujirou huffs out a laugh. “I believe I told you how unpleasant she was on our first encounter.

Aizou snorted. “Mona, if you see this- just know that your most trusted best friend is slandering you.”

“Mona, you love me.”

They burst into a fit of laughter.

“Also, if you don’t know who she is- actually, it’s better if you don’t.”


Yuujirou cackles. “Kidding,” he put his hands up in surrender. “Go check her channel out, she plays games, mostly horror, and she also sings. We also had a few collabs,” Yuujirou winked at the camera before it cuts.




25.) Where was our first trip together?


A sound effect was heard, immediately followed by a picture popping on the screen–there on the screen shows the two couple in an airplane, with the blue haired sitting by the window and the other beside him. Both held peace signs.

“Pray tell, do you remember where that was?” Aizou says in a voice-over, his tone held a bit of teasing.

Yuujirou huffs also in a voice-over. “Did you really think I’d forget something like that? You literally threw a snowball at me when my mouth was open. You’ll absolutely pay for that when we go to Canada again.” the picture fades away from view and the two were seen again on the couch.

“And there you have it. It was a good memory.”

“Aside from the fact I ate a whole snowball? Definitely.”

Aizou shakes with laughter. Yuujirou deadpans.

“Haha. Very funny. Moving on.”

The blonde laughs louder.




26.) How do I drink my coffee/tea?


“Best when served hot,” Yuujirou says in a serious tone, then giggles, “Kidding. Usually he bases it on the weather, so I have no idea.”

Aizou snorted. “You definitely like your tea warm–like, really warm. You’ll throw the Tea Maker the moment it’s not the exact temperature.”


Yuujirou rolls his eyes, “O-kay, Mr. I-accidentally-destroyed-the-coffee-machine-after-it-burned-my-hand-and-blamed-it-on-everyone-in-the-room.”

The video cuts.




27.) What’s my favorite video game?


“Dare try to take away Yuujirou’s pokemon game and he’ll kill you without any traces of evidence left,” Aizou says dully. Yuujirou laughs.

“I’m not that heartless, but,” Yuujirou shrugs, but the smile on his face says otherwise. “And as you all may know, literally, this dork is addicted to minecraft.”

“I wouldn’t know what to do if you were wrong.”

“I was wrong. He actually loves horror mystery games.”

Babe,” Aizou wailed. Yuujirou stuck his tongue out at him.




28.) What was my first job?


“Math teacher.”



Two picture pops on the screen: The first one was Aizou sitting beside a child with brown hair and golden eyes, Arisa and Ken’s daughter. He was holding a book and pointing at something in it while the child looked over in curiosity. The second one was Yuujirou carrying a box and his mouth slightly opened as he looked at the camera off-guard.

Aizou chuckles, tucking a strand of Yuujirou’s hair behind the boy’s ear, “You were so adorable back then. Still is.”

Yuujirou pouted. “I’m cool, not adorable.”

“Sure, sure.”

“You’re mocking me!”

“Am I now?”

Yuujirou pinches his partner’s back and the other gasps- the video cuts.




29.) What was/is my least favorite subject in school?


“For Aizou, he definitely hates history class.” Yuujirou laughs. “One time he tried imitating the teacher’s way of discussing and got caught.”

Aizou huffs, crossing his arms. “He’s still terrible at teaching.”

Really now.”

“Shut up already.” Aizou flicks his forehead, earning a small yelp from the other. “You did worse, you know?”



“I have a reputation to uphold, Shibasaki,” Yuujirou glared at Aizou snickered.

“In our second year of high school, Yuujirou wrote ‘I’m going to show up in your dreams while holding a spoon’ and got suspended.”

“Stoppppppp,” Yuujirou whined, burying his face in Aizou’s lap. “You’re the worst.”

Aizou chuckles and pat his boyfriend’s head. “It’s actually the opposite.”

I’m going to show up in your dreams taller than you by fifteen centimeters.”

“We’ll see about that.” Aizou smirked and Yuujirou groaned.




30.) What is one thing I love doing but most people don’t?


“Lying in the snow,” Aizou shivered, “Honestly, why?

Yuujirou gave him a judgmental look. “You literally like cold showers, just what are you?




31.) What did you learn from me?


The background music changes into something softer.

“Honestly? More than you think,” Yuujirou smiles fondly.

Aizou’s eyes widened for a moment, a blush forming on his cheeks before he turned away, coughing. “Wow, okay, um, that was the sappiest thing you’ve said today.”

“Feel my embarrassment.” Yuujirou laughs.

A pout was almost(almost) seen on the other’s face but it had gone as soon as it appeared. “I actually learned a lot from you, too.”


Aizou scowled, his entire face turning red. Yuujirou cackles. The blonde sighs. “Okay, fine. Uhh,” the slightest crack on his voice was heard. Aizou took the blue haired’s hand on his, “Well...because of you, my beautiful moon, I learned what love is. You taught me a lot of things, but especially that. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“And you said I was sappy.”

“Don’t ruin the moment, you gremlin.”

Yuujirou giggles. “Okay, well, because of you, my beloved, I learned how to sneak the coffee jelly you left in the kitchen and into my room.”

“So it was you!” Aizou shrieks. Yuujirou stood up and ran before Aizou could even react. “You little shit, get back here!

“You’ll never catch me, weakling!”

“Oh, you’re done–




32.) What’s our song?


The two exchanged knowing looks.

“What do you think it is?” Yuujirou asks first.

Aizou grins and turned to the camera, “Actually...this was supposed to be shown in Yuujirou’s next video, but, since you guys are special, here’s a peak.”

“How special?”

“Shut up.”

The video fades and another one chimes in, the song starts with Yuujirou’s part, and then followed by Aizou’s. After the intro, the instrumental comes in and there on the screen in a stylish font appears: “Indispensable.”

“Usually, I sing songs from the perspectives of a prince,” Yuujirou says in a voice-over. “But, I got special permission from my manager to sing about two soul mates instead. Lucky, isn’t it?”

“Sure,” Aizou says in the voice-over.

“You’re mocking me.”

“Hmm, am I?”

“You’re done. You’re done.”




33.) Who is the organized one in the relationship?


“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Aizou grumbled. “Yuujirou.”

Yuujirou smirks, and then slumped on Aizou’s shoulder. “Wow, we’ve only been sitting here and I’m tired.”

Aizou snorted, running his hand through the boy’s hair. “Don’t worry, we’re almost done. Two more questions left.”

“Nooooo...I can’t make it…”

“Don’t be dramatic.”

“I’m not being dramatic I could die at any given moment right now.”

Suddenly, the blonde pulled out a box of chocolate milk from out of nowhere.





34.) Who is more jealous?



“Yuujirou. I’ll make pigs fly to prove it.”

They blinked at each other.

“Remember the week before our first anniversary?” Aizou crossed his arms. Yuujirou rolled his eyes. “You were sulking because Mona and I were meeting up.”

Yuujirou groaned. “No, stop. This is harassment!”

Aizou smirked and turned towards the camera. “So, Mona and I were meeting up every day. Yuujirou got real pissed and decided to spy on me–”

Stop this right now.”

“–with Hiyori. But in truth, I was just asking her various questions about Yuujirou for my surprise.”

Yuujirou furrowed his brows. “Okay, well, do you remember the girl who took the princess role in high school for our play?”

Aizou narrowed his eyes. “Where are you going with this?”

Yuujirou snickered and looked at the camera. “On the actual play when we were getting ready, Hiyori got really scared that she tripped on her feet.”


“–and when I looked over, Aizou didn’t even notice her on the ground. He was just deadass staring into my soul.”

Yuujirou,” Aizou wailed.

“Well, or so I thought- it turns out that he was glaring at the girl talking to me.”

“Oh my god,” Aizou sinks in the couch.

“It was really funny.”

“After giving you chocolate milk, this is how you repay me?”

Yuujirou laughed, patting his head.

A pop up appears on the screen that says: It’s a tie.




35.) Who’s my favorite YouTuber?


“Meowmi,” Yuujirou grins. “Aizou likes his gaming tactics. Check him out if you’re interested, Minami mostly plays on Nintendo Switch.”

“Way to expose me,” Aizou deadpans. “You love watching Cloverisa, am I right?” a text pops on the screen that says: Check her out! Takamizawa-san makes the best documentary and clothing tips!



“Finally,” Yuujirou falls to the floor and Aizou burst out laughing before the video cuts.