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The setting sun casts scattered shards of gold and orange light through the living room window. 

It’s peaceful, neither of them had felt the need to turn on any of the indoor lights yet, simply enjoying the warm light as they sat together on a worn leather couch, surrounded by the many plants Ashley enjoyed taking care of. 

They had been sitting together anyways, Milo insisted on detangling himself from Ashley’s arms to go make him some tea before he had to go run his route that night, saying that he should at least drink something warm before going out into the cold night. He’d simply pressed a light kiss against the loose curls atop Milo’s head,before removing his arms from where they were around his torso and shifting so that he was sitting up instead of laying halfy-way beneath Milo. 

It was something that Milo did for him often, one of the little things he could count as routine and normal in his life. God knows that’s something he needs more of, though if he’s being literal, there’s a slim chance that that’ll happen, being a carrier for the night post and all.

He usually wouldn’t be up this early (He almost wants to laugh at the fact that he considers this time of evening early, but really he’s seen and done much weirder, more supernatural things than sleep during the day. People with normal jobs often have to sleep during the day when they work night shifts as well, he reasons to himself.) but a loud crashing of glass had woken him about half an hour ago. He’d thought it was some sort of intruder at first, it’s not that unreasonable to think so, the possibility of it being some sort of weird ghost that had followed him home from work was probably more likely than a normal, human intruder who simply wanted to steal something to pawn it though. 

The sound had come from the kitchen, right by the front door, so no chance of going to grab a knife from in there. He’d picked up the nearest sharp object instead -A knife that was kept in their bedside drawer, one that he’d had since he was little, when he used to carve little wood figurines with it- and silently stalked towards the kitchen, tucking a few locs that had slipped loose from his ponytail behind his ear. 

Only to find his husband standing in the kitchen, looking vaguely annoyed as he swept up the remnants of what seemed to be a broken ceramic mug. 
He craned his head to look at where Ashley had approached from. 

“Did I wake you up? Sorry, I didn't mean- Oh, are you holding a knife?” It’s less of a question and more of an observation, one of mild confusion. 
“..Yes?” It comes out as more of a question, and he internally sighed at himself.

“Oh, why?” 

He shrugged, stepping by Milo to set the knife down on the counter. 

“I thought someone might’ve broken in” 

At this, Milo snorts in laughter as he finishes sweeping up the rest of the ceramic and empties it into the trash can beside the sink. 

“Sorry, again, for waking you up” 

He makes a hum of acknowledgement, and moves to rest his head against the crook between Milo’s neck and shoulder. “S’okay” He says through a yawn, still a bit disoriented from waking up so suddenly, and early. 

Milo runs a hand through his locs, undoing the messy ponytail and brushing his fingers through until all of it was even, careful not to let his ring catch on his hair. 

“Still, I know being a carrier is.. A lot of work. Do you think you can go back to sleep?” 

He shook his head against Milo’s shoulder. Once he woke up, he could rarely go back to sleep until it was the end of his shift again. Naps weren’t an option either, he couldn’t find himself able to sleep anytime during his route, either too paranoid or unable to sleep in his mail truck. Probably both. 

He shifted to look out the window above the kitchen sink. “The sunset looks like it’ll be nice, we should watch it” He suggests.
“On the couch? It’s too cold to go out now” 


And so they’ve ended up here; Ashley on the couch, now picking up a formerly abandoned knitting project to pass the time while Milo stands in the kitchen just a room away, making them tea. 

The project was simple, a pair of green mittens in a moss stitch pattern, meant to resemble, well, moss. It had been awhile, but he got back into the swing of knitting easily, weaving the yarn between the needles. 

Milo comes back after a few minutes, two mugs in his hand filled with warm tea, creating wisps of steam above them. Despite preferring the cold, sugary taste of sweet tea, Ashley found he didn’t mind the warm and mild taste of the orange tea Milo liked. 

He set one down on the table beside Ashley, then sat beside him with his own mug in hand. Ashley let himself a soft smile, amused at the novelty mugs Milo had picked out for the two of them; One with a slim, painted dragon on the handle and the other ceramic, with eyes carved into it and a cheesy pun scrawled across it in white paint. 

He took a sip of the tea, leaning over into Milo’s side as he did, closing his eyes.

His route could wait a few minutes extra while he rested with his husband.