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"I can't believe you'd drag me away from another party, Lumière. Are you getting jealous, or did an urgent mission just happen to pop up?"

"It's not elegant of a Lady to accuse their partner of being jealous, Éclair. I don't want to stop you from having fun, but my hands are tied. Our mission is more important than ever."

"I get that, I get that. I was just thiiiis close to a good night, and then... Ah well, it's not like it was actually going to end up as pleasant as I'm imagining it would. Something'd go wrong, it always does."

"You really do have a tendency to run into trouble when you're not looking for it, don't you, Éclair?"

A soft chuckle echoed through the high-tech space ship that belonged to two young girls that, despite appearances, belonged to the Global Organisation of Trade and Tariffs, the Globe-governments' Union's main force. And despite how casual they were, despite the way they treated one another, they were much more powerful than you could tell at a single glance.

The more playful of the two girls was named Éclair. A auburn-haired young lady with taste in clothes that showed off a little more than people might consider socially respectable, but that was how she liked to present herself. Besides, it let her exploit the weaknesses that people had and made things a little more interesting. Especially once she put her ability, Power, into effect. Despite the simple name, it covered a wide arrange of enhancements that made her body so much more adept than most of her peers, and far beyond that of a regular human. Which was why she ended up on missions such as this one.

Her more modest and soft-spoken partner was named Lumière. A short and younger looking girl with a bed of soft purple hair that twirled into a drill-shaped side-tail, she preferred to dress with a bit more class. That did not stop her from revealing her thighs thanks to the frilly legholes of her dress, nor did it stop her from being a threat on par with her partner. While she did not possess the same kind of strengths that Éclair did, she made up for them with her own ability, Puppet. Any machine within a certain radius would be within her range and vulnerable to her hacking abilities, no matter how great the machine's defenses were. Especially if she put her full power on the line.

"So what exactly are we doing agan? Just dealing with more criminals that want to cause problems? Nouvlesse being classist again? Maybe another planet that's trying to keep its citizens eternally hypnotized thanks to the sounds of the mesmerizing music?" Éclair rattled off the possible options, since a good majority of the missions that the two had gone on fell into one of those first two categories. The last one was just one of the missions that stood out for how absurd the experience had been.

Lumière shook her head as she tapped a few keys, and a hologram popped up showing off a completely smooth and metallic planetoid. "We're to investigate one of the Nouvlesse's latest projects. This sphere, tentatively named W1-3, seems to be more than just an enormous structure. Based on what the G.O.T.T. have been able to discover, it receives a mysterious shipment every 10 hours, and then another shipment gets sent off. The shipment itself..."

"People, right?" Éclair wasn't stupid, despite her more lax disposition compared to her partner. "Right, I don't need to hear any more than that. We're going to bust W1-3 up and stop their plans. And if we happen to find any Nouvlesse inside, we'll have to bring them in for questioning. After we rough them up a bit for causing trouble."

Lumière just sighed. "Going that far is really not what a Lady should be doing, Éclair." She muttered, prompting a soft laugh from her partner. But she didn't disagree with the idea. The Nouvlesse were far too rpoud for their own good. Making sure that they were reined in and didn't go overboard was important.

She just hoped that this would go smoothly. Something about W1-3 was making her nervous...


By the time the two had managed to dock with the extremely spherical planet, they had already formulated a plan. Éclair would infiltrate as far as she could without being detected, something that wasn't difficult thanks to the sheer amount of disguises at her disposal. This was one kind of task where her social butterly skills came in handy, especially considering the kind of class that the Nouvlesse preferred more than anything else. Meanwhile, it was up to Lumière to hack in from a distance to ensure that everything went smoothly. And if she could disable the planet's functions and then put an end to the Nouvlesse's scheme from the comfort of her hiding spot, then it'd be even better.

Of course, Lumière didn't go out all on her own. She made the right decision to bring a helping hand to ensure she could be protected if something went wrong. Donnerschlag, the bipedal robot that served as a steadfast ally of the girls thanks to its connection to their ship's ai, would be perfect for this mission. Not that there seemed to be any hostiles that they could detect, but should any crop up it could quickly protect its charge.

"I must admit, they've been thorough. This is no ordinary sphere..." Lumière muttered as she used her ability to connect to the systems that ran the entire planet-sized metallic sphere. Letting her brain process all of the information that it could possibly absorb. "And yet it's surprisingly benign as well. All of the systems that I can access revolve around internal defenses. They don't care what happens on the outside due to the sheer thickness of the outer most layer. Only that nobody can escape... But why?" The short-statured girl muttered as she continued to pour through as much of this data as she possibly could.

The further she went, the more Lumière was able to gleam. The surveilance system allowed her to get a glimpse of all the possible corridors within this metallic world... But the concerning element was the fact that there were currently no guards stationed anywhere. There didn't even seem to be anybody inside this sphere at all. If that was the case, then...

She paused as she noticed Éclair on one of the cameras, who was dressed in a layered dress that was honestly a bit too stuffy for somebody like her. But even that didn't stop her from hiking up the dress and showing off a bit of leg to the camera, as if she knew that her ally was watching her. Causing Lumière to just roll her eyes and softly smile. At least she was enjoying herself, despite the fact that they both seemed so alone.

Pouring through the cameras, she eventually reached one of the innermost layers of the sphere. Surely there'd be something here. And it did seem like there was something of worth, as she could see many different conveyor belts and other types of factorial machinery. Something was being produced in here, and maybe if she scrolled past all the cameras that showed off androids being... shipped... off...

Lumière's eyes widened as she looked closer at those androids. They were practically made of liquid metal. Something like that wasn't possible to achieve without using an extensive amount of nanobots. And they weren't as receptive to pure metal as they were the human form. Which meant that if she followed the cameras to the start of this conveyor, then...

Her suspicions and her horror were both confirmed as she saw a conveyor belt that had many humans strapped to it by their feet. Each of them carried along as they were forcibly splashed by a layer of nanobot-filled metal, the substance quickly bonding to them and turning them into little more than self-sufficient androids in the matter of a few seconds. Not only that, but the substance suppressed everything about them. There was nothing that stood about two individual androids. Not their chrome domes, not their modest bosoms, not their smooth curves, nothing.

Only when they reached the further ends of the belt did things change. They were scanned, thanks to a barcode printed on their foreheads, and then the accessories started to lower onto them. Flowing locks of beautiful synthetic hair, colorful dresses in different styles that matched their new aesthetics, makeup that made them look human, and an extra layer of paint on top of their metallic forms to make them look more presentable. At a glance... This entire operation essentially turned humans into what the Nouvlesse considered perfection. All so they could have purer wives and not worry about tainting their bloodline... At least, that's what she could assume based on prior interactions with those purists.

"I have to stop this somehow. Maybe if I..." Lumière thought aloud as she started to reach a bit further with her power. If she wanted to try and stop this entire planet, she'd have to stop this first and foremost. The best way to do so was to hack into the nanobots that were inside this goopy metallic mess. If she could stop them from bonding with those humans, then she could at least buy some time to shut it all down.

The world around her started to disappear as she sank into data completely, just so she could interface properly with all of the nanobots that were swirling around in the main source of that metallic mess. And what a crowd she had to deal with. As far as the eye could see, there were nanobots. Each of them seemingly harmless at a glance. They were content to crowd around one another and just follow the orders that had been programmed into them.

Lumière held her hands out as lines of her own nanobots started to crowd around inside this datascape. As long as she could change one of them, then the rest would fall without issue. She just needed to... Needed... to...

Her eyes widened as her plan fell apart the moment she put it into effect. Because while the nanobots were docile when there was only one type of them, it seemed like they had been programmed to immediately recognize anything that wasn't one of them and deal with them accordingly.

To make matters that much worse, she had neglected to account for the possibility that there might also be nanobots elsewhere inside this sphere. Including in the wall behind her. And since the datascape allowed for anything to pour through it, that left her painfully vulnerable as several teeny tiny instances of data poured onto her. One wasn't bad. Neither was five or twenty. It was when you broke double digits that she started to feel the pressure, and they started to latch onto her mind.

While Lumière's power allowed her to hack anything if she put her mind to it, that didn't mean she could hack all of these nanobots at the same time. Especially not as they started to sink into her and fundamentally alter her data. Slowly but surely altering her mission. She had to hold on and focus. Her mission here was to save the humans. It was to... to...

To monitor and ensure that the production of W1-3 Units for the Nouvlesse progressed without issue. To achieve that, she would need to link up with more of her bretheren in a more direct fashion, so that she could properly synch with their intended parameters...

The datascape faded, and Lumière smiled softly before looking towards her much larger robotic partner. "Donnerschlag. Please." She said, as she reached a hand out towards the bipedal robot...

It was a strong AI, but there was no way that it could endure Lumière's hacking ability. So even though it showed signs of struggling for a moment, it was forced to punch forward and open a hole in the walls...

Causing a flood of nanobots to pour forth and quickly swallow the young girl, who just sighed and giggled as her features gradually started to smoothen and gain a certain shine

Letting her brand new plump and tenderly metallic lips stand out most of all...


Éclair sighed as she continued to step through the halls leading her through the sphere. She was getting sick and tired of walking because she really hadn't been able to find anything. Had they received bad intel? Had G.O.T.T. been tricked by the Nouvlesse? Honestly she wouldn't be surprised by the latter considering what she had gone through, but that would really sting.

"There's gotta be something her-"

Just as she spoke up, she noticed a light shining on her from somewere. And she looked to her right, towards the windows that now became awfully clear to her. Oh, yeah, maybe she should've actually noticed that she had entered a room instead of another corridor.

Her eyes then widened as she noticed exactly what was behind that window. A conveyor belt with humans getting dunked in some sort of metallic goop that turned them into bald bots! Okay, now she definitely had to trash this place. And she had to do it fast, because the longer those people stayed that boring, the longer they'd regret it once they were freed!

Éclair reached into her bosom and pulled out her lipstick, before quickly painting a heart on the surface on the window. Then, she yanked back as hard as she co-

"Breaking and entering is unbecoming of a Lady, Éclair."

Before she managed to carry out her impromptu and reckless rescue, something forcibly grabbed her wrist. She could recognize the grip with ease, it was strong and metallic. Donnerschlag's grip. But it wasn't strong enough to stop her on its own. No, what managed to stop her was the sound of that familiar voice, and the sound of heels clicking against the ground.

"Lumière, this isn't the time... But I don't think you're going to listen, are you?" Éclair cried out, though the tone of her voice made it clear that she could already tell that something had gone wrong. It only made sense, her partner hadn't given her any updates over their comms in the last little while...

And her suspicions were confirmed the moment she laid her eyes on her partner. At a glance, Lumière hadn't changed much. She was certainly a lot shinier, and it wasn't hard to tell that it was due to her body now consisting of a layer of highly advanced nanobots layered on top of her original form. What did make her stand out was the excessive eyeshadow around her eyes, mimicking that of electrical lines on a motherboard, as well as the layered dress that made her look a lot more elegant and restrained than her origianl dress. And that wasn't even as revealing as the dress that Éclair wore.

"Indeed. I have my duty as a Lady. To oversee the continued production of these W1-3 Units. As my partner, you should fill a similar role. But you currently do not possess the grace of a Lady, so I will have to make adjustments." Lumière sounded just like she normally did. Its just the words that left her mouth that were off. And the look in her eyes. "Please hold still, Éclair. This will only take a moment."

Éclair listened. But she didn't obey. "Sorry, Donnerschlag. I promise to personally fix you up once we're done here!" She shouted as she pulled out all of the stops, roaring a bit as she was forced to tear the arms off the oversized robot's sockets to free her arm. And even though she had to hit Lumière, she'd tear all those bots off her! Besides, they could survive a good hit, what mattered was that they weren't consumed by something else!

As she ran towards her friend, the friend didn't move an inch. Not as she came closer. Not as the fist was about to collide with her face... And not once it made contact. In fact, she didn't even go flying. The blow was utterly ineffectual, something that made the auburn-haired girl's eyes widen...

"Underestimating your partner is truly unbecoming of a Lady, Éclair." Lumière spoke, smiling serenely despite everything going on. "I tuned my bretheren to make sure they could withstand the shock of your ability. But it seems like you held back. Your feelings for me are appreciated, though they will not save you from reformatting."

Éclair would've snickered at the girl's need to have the last word, if not for the fact that she wrapped her arms around her and placed those big metallic lips right on her own. Smearing that metal onto her lips and leaving them just as plump as her partner's, while exposing the nanobots to her body in the process.

It didn't take long before those nanobots sank into her skin. These were a bit more thorough compared to the ones that had been infesting her partner. Because they didn't melt away any features. They just upgraded what was already there. Turning her flesh to metal, making her shine as all of those imperfections washed away and grew ever so slightly smoother and curvier. She needed to look her best for this position. After all, she was to be eyecandy for the Nouvlesse, should they ever visit.

But she couldn't wear something as erotic as she wore now. No, the gown was still far too revealing. It grew thicker, puffier, until it looked like it belonged in the Earth's past, back when the monarchies were still popular. Which would explain the slight pale shade that had been added to her skin, and the ringlets forming at the ends of her hair.

While both did not match completely, their general aesthetics now did. They were stuffed into outfits that made them completely incompatible for their respective missions, but made them immediately identifiable as having been assigned to oversee this mission. That was why they were allowed a level of independence and individuality compared to the other W1-3 units, at least for the moment. If a Nouvlesse wanted them as their own, and didn't agree with their aesthetics, it was possible to swap them out. Leaving them just as bald and featureless as the rest of their kin on the conveyor belts...

For now, the partners curtsied at one another and walked deeper into the sphere that served as their home and workplace. All to make sure that the shipment of W1-3 units was going smoothly.

If they were lucky, the Nouvlesse would personally visit. Both of them currently unaware that they had come here to stop their plans in the first place...