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Lives That Make The Years Shine

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The Distant Future*  


"So be safe...make sure you don't talk to strangers! Everyone is a stranger! Don't talk to much to Uncle Mineta! Keep away From Nemuri! Oh an-" "MOM!!!" A girl whined in annoyance. The mom flinched back and sighed, she is the Pro Hero Uravity also known as Ochako Uraraka.

The Number 7 Hero in Japan. She had changed from the girl she was back in High School. As an adult she looked more Curvy, her boobs had swollen to be very big same with her ass.  While her daughter was a spitting image of her husband and herself. The little girl named Nori, had hair that greatly resembled Ochako's only difference was that its green, she also had freckles, and emerald green eyes.

The other thing she had that resembled her mother was her permanent pink blush on her cheeks and pink padded finger tips. Also she's ten years old making her the oldest of her siblings.  "Guh...just be quite and let your mommy talk!" The brown haired beauty said as she grabbed and lightly pinched her daughters cheek. "Ahhh...stooooppp~" the little girl whined.

"Even though I'm not as overprotective as Ochako, I agree with everything she just said, Kero." Tsu said as she looked at her little son.   "Mom I'm a tough kid I can take care of myself, kero!" Another child whose name is Gama said as he flexed his little arms to show his 'muscles'. Gama had unsurprisingly inherited his mother and fathers green hair and eyes. Gama also had freckles while also having a frog like face. With his mouth being abnormally big, it looked somewhat freakish but, who cares? Gama is loved by both his parents and siblings. Gama is 7 years old.  "Also as the only boy going, make sure you protect your sisters, kero." Tsu whispered into her sons ear.

"Of course!" Gama said flexing his arm again.  Tsu smiled at her little tadpole, Froppy aka Tsuyu Asui is a pro hero in the top 20 heroes in Japan. She had also grown to be very curvy, thick, with wide hips and large ass and boobs. Also she is pretty short she only reached her husband's chest.  

"So are you, mommy Mei, and Mai sure you've done all the calculations and sure this won't go wrong?" A young girl said walking in with another beautiful woman. The brilliant scientist Melissa Shield, the woman had gained a lot of love from heroes since she had taken over Detnerat and gave good support items.  Melissa had actually cut her long hair and now it reached her shoulders. She wore contacts now but every now and then she would switch back to glasses cause she knew her husband found her very cute in glasses. Her boobs had swollen to be somehow bigger and her ass could make any guy fall to his feet.  

"Yes sweetie I'm sure." Melissa said as she crouched down to her daughters height. Her daughter is named Nana, she's a spitting image of her mom. Having glasses long blonde hair, with green end tips, Nana also had freckles on her face and emerald green eyes. Also she wore glasses, she is also ten years old. Being born only 3 months after Yori.   "Awww come on Sis have some faith on me at least! We've tested this out with fruits and they make the trip safely. As well as some mice and they make it over just fine." Another kid said as said little girl wrapped an arm around Nana's neck. "*sigh* ok sure Mai." Nana said lightly giggling at her little sister's enthusiasm. "Mainly have some faith in me!" An older woman said.  

Her name is Hatsume Mei, a woman with long pink dreadlocks, her eyes being very unique due to her Quirk. She had unique shaped cross hairs in her eyes. Her body had also grown to be very mature, and you can already guess her boobs being very big and her ass the same.  "Yeah...I think I'd rather have some faith in Mai" Nana said as she sweatdropped. "Ugh...Melissa you gotta show you're kid some manners!" Mei said and Melissa simply giggled. "Whyd you laugh I'm serious" Mei yelled.

She huffed but shook her head as she went back to work on her mission.  "Ok were almost ready, now we just need Yori!" Mai said as she checked her notes. Mai looks exactly like her mother having pink dreadlocks with green end tips. Her cheeks also had freckles and her eyes had green crosshairs instead of yellow ones.  "Sorry sorry! We're so late!" Everyone turned to see their husband and smiled seeing that he was carrying the youngest one out of them. That being thier little sister Yori, meanwhile from behind came a woman with insanely messy hair. Himiko, the former villeness looked very mature, she wore her favorite sweater.  Her boobs had also swelled pretty big and her large ass as well. "Daddy!" All four of the siblings yelled and ran to their father. Izuku Midoriya the Number 1 hero had long green curly hair with green eyes and freckles. While his youngest daughter had the same messy hair as her mother, but out of her siblings she looked the most interesting.

Due to her Quirk mutating she had yellow cat ears, and a long tail, with her hands and feet having abnormally long laws.

 The man smiled as he crouched down and accepted his kids warm and loving hugs. "Ahh it's OK....remember you'll be able to come back whenever you want." He said as small tears come from his eyes, "Dad dont start cause if you do I'll start" Nori said as tears welled up. "And if you start I'll start..." Gama said as the Midoriya's eyes water.

"Guess being a big baby runs in the family~" Ochako said as she pinched her husband's cheek "Stop~" Izuku whined playfully as he put Yori on the ground and then looked at his kids and sighed. "Ok guys, I'm only gonna say this once, stay safe." Izuku said as he put his two hands on Gama and Yori's heads.

"Dad you don't have to worry we'll be fine!" Nori said "Yeah dad! We'll be just fine." Mai said as she crossed her arms and had a very cocky grin on her face. That grin scared Izuku, Mai isn't like her mother in terms of personality. Mai is a lot more careful and responsible, in fact in comparison to her mother's Mai has only caused 1 explosion in her life. 

While Hatsume had caused about 50 when she was Mai's age. Izuku was worried about 1 thing and that 1 thing is that each of these kids was exactly the same as he was. Always putting themselves last when it came to saving or helping someone. Izuku never paid it much thought when it was him, but now that he had kids of his own he understood just the amount of fear and anxiety his own mother probably had when he would head into battle.

"Dad...we'll be fine." Izuku looked down to see Nana grab his scared hand. Izuku looked at her surprised and crouched to her level, Nana then traced her fathers scars softly. Izuku smiled seeing this as Nana looked up at his "Dont worry Dad. We're gonna make sure everyone has a bright future." Nana said and Izuku gave her a caring smile "I dont doubt you will." Izuku said patting his daughters head.

"Ok kiddies~ give momma Toga a kiss~" Toga said as Yori ran to her and kissed her mom on the cheek, the other four weren't really that sure. They do see Toga as a mom but ever since getting older they definitely find it a bit awkward.

But that's a story for another time right now it was time to go. "Be save my little astro girl." Ochako said as she kissed her Nori on the cheek. "I will mom." Nori said kissing her back. 

"Kero, take care of each other..ok?" Tsu said as tears began to we'll up in her eyes. Gama then quickly cleaned her mom's tears. "Dont worry Mommy, I'll be able to come back whenever I want to." Gama said as he showed her the bracelet that would be a tracker and a way home. Relief washed over the frog woman as she kissed her son on the forehead.

"Ok you little run, you stay safe.." Hatsume told her daughter and Mai saluted in a playful manner "Yes Mam!" Mai said and Hatsume went ahead and hugged her little girl. "But are you sure younger you is gonna believe me?" Mai asked. "Oh For Sure! I mean you look like a younger me. I'd have to be pretty stupid if I didn't and you know I'm not dumb, my little baby!" Hatsume said and Mai smiled.

"Nana do you have everything?" Melissa asked and Nana nodded as she showed her mom a box of little chips as well as her bracelet which looked a bit different from her siblings. This one looked a it more futuristic. The box had different chips with different colors mainly green but there were 2 which were a orange and the other had a white and red color scheme. "Uncle Katsuki and Shoto are gonna love these." Nana said. Melissa smiled as she got on her knees and kissed her girls forehead. "Now remember once you guys make it over you're first objective is to find your father." Melissa said and Nana nodded.

"Ok kiddies it's time!" Hatsume called out as she went ahead and began to type on her mission. The kids were about to step on only for their dad to grab them all and hug them tightly "Stay safe..." He said "Dad....can't breathe..." Mai said "Y-Yeah....God?" Gama asked as Izuku let them go so they could catch their breath. "S-Sorry..." Izuku said laughing a bit. The kids regained their breath and hugged their dad in a bid old hug pile. "We'll be back before you know it daddy." Yori said as she nuzzled her father chest. 

Izuku's wives smiled at this and soon the kids stepped on the machine. With a deep breath they looked at their parents one last time "We'll make sure that Everyone sees a bright future!" Nana and Nori called out.

Izuku smiled at them and gave them a thumbs up and soon the light enveloped them and they were off.

"Mei?" Ochako asked "Yup! They're safe. They made it through!" Hatsume said and the parents sighed in relief. " do you think the younger us' are gonna react?" Toga asked genuinely curious. "I won't be surprised that my smart future baby would figure out time travel!" Mei said. "Ochako and Melissa will probably pass out...kero" Tsu said "T-T-Tsu!" Ochako and Melissa yelled.

Tsu simply shrugged as she hugged Izukus arm "Hahaha..I'll probably be the same." Izuku said rubbing the back of his head. "Well whatever happens it'll be great cause they're your kids..." Izuku said making the girls blush and look at the machine and gave off a little smile.