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drown me in the water

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The ambassador is drunk again. Jiang isn’t that surprised—it’s a rather common occurrence after Master Katara has dealt with Minister Huang. And today she dealt with him for four straight hours (Master Katara has said that at least three times now). So she got a little tipsy at dinner. Now Jiang is having to escort her to her room. Katara’s arm is looped around her shoulders and Jiang’s arm is around the waterbender’s waist, and Jiang is trying very hard not to think about what the close proximity is doing to her heart rate.

“You know what sounds nice?” Katara drawls, her speech slightly slurred. “A walk in the garden. ’S almost a full moon.”

“That does sound nice, and I think you would enjoy that tomorrow once you’ve sobered up a bit,” Jiang replies as she steers Katara towards her room.

“But the moon won’t be out tomorrow,” she whines, throwing her free hand out wide.

“Respectfully, Master Katara, I think you need some sleep,” Jiang says as politely as she can. “So why don’t we worry about getting you to bed, and I promise I’ll take you out to the gardens tomorrow night to see the moon.”

Suddenly, Katara’s head lolls onto Jiang’s shoulder. Jiang sucks in a sharp breath as the scent of hibiscus and water lilies wash over her. Damn it, she’s not supposed to like her charges!

“You’re the best, Jiang,” Katara remarks gleefully.

“Thank you, Master Katara.”

At last, they arrive outside of the waterbender’s chambers. Jiang brings her inside and guides her to the bed. Katara flops unceremoniously on top of the duvet, her hair spreading out in a fan around her head and shoulders, still fully clothed. Jiang goes about lighting a few oil lamps so that Katara won’t trip or bump into anything in the event that she gets out of bed.

“I’ll get you a glass of water, and call for some tea,” Jiang remarks as she heads toward the waiting pitcher of water on a table.

As soon as she’s rang for the tea, Jiang takes the water over to Katara. The waterbender sits up with some difficulty before she takes the glass and brings it to her lips. Jiang tries not to stare, but it’s nearly impossible. Especially when, in her drunken state, Katara nearly loses her hold on the glass and splashes some on herself. Droplets run down her neck and pool in her collarbone, and Jiang licks her lips, wondering what it might be like to catch the drops on her tongue.

But then Katara draws the water off her skin with a flick of her hand, giggling all the while as she sets the glass down.

“If I’m not careful, I’m going to be very wet,” Katara remarks as she meets Jiang’s gaze.

“Yes, you are,” Jiang replies before she can think better of it. That is definitely not an appropriate thing to say to her charge. What the fuck?

But Katara just looks up at her from beneath her thick, dark eyelashes and—Jiang has seen that look on many pretty girls’ faces, but it’s never looked as good as it does on Katara—she’s definitely giving Jiang flirty eyes.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be careful then,” Katara purrs.

Heat suddenly twinges between Jiang’s legs, and as much as she wants to undress this gorgeous waterbender and have her way with her, she knows that she can’t. Katara is drunk, and Jiang is her bodyguard, and it’ll probably break a dozen codes of conduct and possibly a law if she sleeps with her.

“I…we can’t, Katara,” Jiang says.

She purses her lips in an adorable pout. “Aww, don’t be such a buzzkill.” She reaches for Jiang and catches her by the hips before Jiang can stop her. “If I get wet, will you take care of me?”

Jiang wraps her hands around Katara’s wrists. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Master Katara—”

“Master Katara, hm? Is that what you’d call me in bed?”

“I don’t think this is an appropriate conversation to have when you’re drunk, Master Katara—”

The entire time they’re talking, Katara is groping at her, and Jiang is trying to stop her, but the woman is stronger than she looks. Finally, Jiang locks her hands around Katara’s wrists and pulls her back. With a drunken laugh, Katara falls backwards onto the bed, pulling Jiang with her until she’s laying between Katara’s legs. Jiang catches herself by pinning Katara’s hands above her head, their bodies pressed flush together.

Katara gives her a sultry smirk. “I always wondered what you’d look like on top of me,” she purrs.

All Jiang can think is, fuck. But they can’t—she can’t. At least not tonight. Somehow, she finds the strength to release her hold on Katara’s wrists and push herself to her feet. Katara doesn’t move, but she’s still watching Jiang with that hungry look in her eyes.

Thankfully, the tension between them is broken when the servant interrupts them with the tea. Jiang breathes a silent sigh of relief and moves away from the bed. The servant leaves shortly after, and Jiang realizes that she needs to leave before she finds a reason to stay.

“I’ll let you get some sleep, Master Katara,” Jiang says as she backs towards the door.

Katara shifts until she’s laying properly on the bed. Her eyes are heavy-lidded, and she looks so beautiful bathed in the soft orange glow of the oil lamps.

“The garden tomorrow,” Katara hums drowsily.

“Of course,” Jiang says.

A sleepy smile curves her lips. “It’s a date.”

Jiang blinks in surprise, but before she can say anything, Katara is already asleep.

Despite how drunk she was the night before, Katara doesn’t forget about going to the garden. Part of Jiang hopes she would have, but another part (the bigger part, if she’s being honest) is glad that she didn’t.

Jiang and Katara find themselves in the garden shortly after moonrise. It’s full tonight, and Jiang knows how restless the waterbender gets when it is. There’s a sizable koi pond in the garden, and Katara immediately makes her way over to it before she sits on one of the marble benches that ring the water. Jiang hesitates, but she can’t help but admire the way Katara looks painted in the argent moonglow. She’s utterly divine, like a lunar goddess.

Katara looks over at her and beckons for Jiang to sit. “Join me,” she says, her voice sultry and her eyes alluring.

Jiang swallows hard before she sits down beside Katara. Her heart is racing in her chest and she’s trying not to stare, but it’s hard. Katara is just so beautiful.

“You’re staring,” Katara remarks after a few quiet moments.

Jiang flushes. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you staring at me?” she asks.

Jiang swallows hard. “Because you’re just…you’re beautiful, Katara.”

The waterbender looks at her almost as if she’s surprised. Jiang can’t believe that. Katara has to know how gorgeous she is.

“Thank you,” she murmurs after a moment. Her hand scoots across the seat of the bench towards where Jiang’s hand is resting. “You’re beautiful too, Jiang.”

Her heart skips a beat in her chest as Katara brushes her fingertips over Jiang’s knuckles. A shiver runs down her spine. It’s clear what Katara wants, and Jiang is more than willing to give it to her. Desire pools in her belly, and before she can overthink it, Jiang turns her hand over and interlaces their fingers.

Katara meets her gaze, her pupils dilating and her lips slightly parted. She leans towards her, and Jiang meets her halfway, sealing their lips in a kiss. Jiang swears there are sparks, and she reaches up to cradle Katara’s cheek. The waterbender leans into her until she’s nearly in Jiang’s lap, as if she can’t stand for there to be any space between them. Jiang’s hands end up on Katara’s hips, pulling her closer until Katara’s weight is settled on her lap and the smell of hibiscus is flooding her nose.

Somehow, she manages to pull her mouth away from Katara’s. Katara sits back slightly, her arms wrapped around Jiang’s neck. Jiang licks her lips; she can still taste Katara.

“What if someone sees us?” Jiang whispers, as if there’s someone who might hear them now.

Katara just smiles softly and traces the line of Jiang’s jaw with her fingertip. “No one will. And if they do, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the show.” She kisses Jiang again, the tip of her tongue tracing the seam of Jiang’s lips before she withdraws, leaning her forehead against Jiang’s. “I want you.”

A shiver of lust licks at the base of Jiang’s spine and she digs her fingers harder into Katara’s hips. “How do you want me?” she murmurs.

Katara trails kisses along Jiang’s jaw before she sucks her earlobe between her teeth, grazing it softly. Jiang moans quietly, her grip on Katara tightening for a moment. She can feel the wet heat gathered between her legs, and the warmth of Katara above her. She’ll do anything Katara asks her to, as long as Jiang gets to bask in her warmth.

Katara traces her tongue along the shell of Jiang’s ear before she breathes, “I want you on your knees between my thighs. Right here, on this bench, under the full moon.”

Jiang sucks in a sharp breath. “I’ll give you anything you want, Katara.”

Katara shifts off of Jiang’s lap and settles herself on the bench, her legs spread wide. Jiang feels her arousal tick hotter low in her belly, and she moves to kneel between Katara’s knees. The waterbender pulls up the skirts of her robes until gorgeous brown skin is exposed. Jiang takes a moment to admire her before she runs her fingertips from Katara’s ankles to the backs of her knees, pulling her legs apart wider. Katara grips the edge of the bench in her hands, her anticipation evident in the tense lines of her body.

Jiang holds her gaze as she leans in and presses a light kiss against Katara’s inner thigh, just above the knee. Katara watches her, lips slightly parted and chest hitching with each shallow breath. Jiang slowly makes her way towards Katara’s center, her own anticipation coiling tightly in her belly. As she draws nearer to the apex of Katara’s thighs, Jiang can smell her arousal. It’s a heady scent, and Jiang can’t wait to taste it. She wants to get drunk on it.

Katara’s skirts are hiked up nearly to her waist, and Jiang realizes she’s not wearing any wrappings, as if she had expected this outcome. Maybe she has. Either way, Jiang isn’t going to complain.

In the light of the moon, Jiang can see her arousal glittering on her dark curls like diamonds. She can’t wait anymore, and Jiang dives in, licking a stripe up Katara’s slit to catch the sweet droplets. The waterbender moans above her, startling under Jiang’s touch, and encourages her. Jiang presses a kiss just above Katara’s folds before she flicks her tongue through them, grazing her pearl.

The taste of her is like the best elixir Jiang has ever had, and she swirls her tongue over the sensitive bud eagerly. Katara whimpers and moans above her, one hand coming to cup the back of Jiang’s head. Jiang, encouraged by Katara, moves lower to trace her dripping opening with the tip of her tongue.

“Yes,” Katara breathes, her voice keening with want. “You feel so good, Jiang. Fuck me with your tongue.”

Jiang hums against Katara’s folds before pressing her tongue into Katara’s center. It’s wet and warm, slick with her desire. She laps at the waterbender’s walls, desperate to bring her to release. One hand trails up Katara’s stomach to palm at her breast, and Katara hurries to pull her clothes away. Her nipples pebble in the cool air, and Jiang greedily plucks at one. Katara’s whimpers grow more fervent, her hips bucking lightly against Jiang’s mouth, chasing her pleasure.

As Katara’s pleasure increases, so does Jiang’s. Her center is absolutely throbbing, and she can feel her wetness dripping out of her. She rubs her thighs together, needing relief of her own. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Katara, who slips her hand under Jiang’s chin and lifts her head.

Katara’s eyes are dark with lust, heavy lidded and carnal. She swipes her thumb across Jiang’s bottom lip, soaked with Katara’s arousal. “Touch yourself,” she commands breathlessly.

“Whatever you want,” Jiang readily agrees as she tugs her pants down.

“Master,” Katara says as she brushes her hands over her exposed breasts. “Call me Master.”

Jiang shivers, although she’s not sure if it’s from the cool air or from Katara’s command. She settles herself back between Katara’s thighs with one hand between her own legs as she looks up at her.

“Yes, Master,” Jiang purrs before she buries herself in Katara’s pussy once more.

With her fingers feverishly working at her clit, Jiang alternates between swirling her tongue over Katara’s hard bud and dipping into her entrance. She uses her free hand to tweak Katara’s nipples and palm her heavy breasts. She could spend all night between Katara’s thighs, tasting her, bringing her to climax again and again.

Jiang can feel her own orgasm building low in her belly from a combination of her own ministrations and the pleasure she’s giving Katara, but she won’t come until Katara has. She pulls her fingers away from herself and slips two into Katara’s center, curling them against her walls. Katara lets out a keening sound as Jiang pumps her fingers into her.

“Jiang,” Katara gasps out. “I want—I want you to feel good too. Let me help with that.”

Jiang moans against Katara’s pearl before she pulls back, her fingers still thrusting into her. “Whatever you want, Master,” she manages to say. “I just want to get you off.”

“Watching you come will help me,” Katara murmurs. “Let me take care of you too. Use your talented tongue on me, darling. Just focus on my pussy.”

“Yes, Master.”

Jiang obeys, flicking her tongue over Katara’s bud. Her eyes are closed and she doesn’t know what Katara is planning, but she’ll let her do whatever she wants. All Jiang wants is to please her.

Suddenly, something cool and wet brushes over the back of Jiang’s neck, startling her. She wants to lift her head and see what it is, but Katara’s pleasure is more important. A shiver runs through her as the cold, wet thing traces down her spine.

“Just focus on me,” Katara breathes. “And let me take care of you.”

“Of course, Master,” Jiang murmurs into Katara’s folds as whatever it is grazes over her ass cheeks.

It’s water; it has to be. Katara must know what she’s doing as well, as the tentacle slips effortlessly between Jiang’s cheeks and laps teasingly at her pussy. It’s harder to focus on Katara now, but Jiang forces herself to, suckling the hard nub. She can’t help but moan as the tentacle gives the lightest swirl over her own clit. The coolness of the water sends a jolt through her, and her pussy clenches around nothing, empty and aching.

“Please, Master,” Jiang whimpers.

“What’s that? Do you want more?” Katara purrs above her, running her free hand over Jiang’s short-cropped hair.

“Yes, Master, please,” Jiang begs. “I need more.”

“Mm, you’ve been such a good girl for me,” she hums. “I think you deserve it.”

With that, Katara pushes her tentacle into Jiang’s throbbing center. Jiang cries out as she feels the tendril fill her. The cold is a shock to her senses, but it feels so fucking good.

“Oh fuck,” she chokes out as her hips rut against the tentacle. “Master, it feels so good inside of me.”

“I know it does, sweet girl,” Katara croons. “Can you take more?”

Jiang shudders pleasurably. “Please, Master. I need more.”

She presses her face into Katara’s folds, anticipating a loud cry. The sound is muffled as more water is pushed inside of her, stretching her as Katara thickens the tentacle. She can feel the water inside of her, lapping at her walls, searching for the place that will make her come undone. The water can reach places that her fingers never can, and white-hot pleasure sparks in her veins.

“Fuck, oh fuck, that feels amazing,” Jiang chokes out as Katara starts to move the water inside of her. “Master, please, please, I’m going to come. Let me make you come first. Want to make you come.”

Katara brushes her fingertips over Jiang’s cheek. “Such a good girl for me. Do you want me to fuck myself with my tentacle too? We can both feel so good. Would you like that?”

Jiang lifts her head from between Katara’s thighs, her pussy fluttering around the tentacle. Katara looks absolutely gorgeous, sexy, a hungry look in her eyes and a victorious smirk curving her lips. She knew exactly what she was doing bringing Jiang out here.

“Yes, Master, I want to see you fuck yourself with your tentacle,” Jiang says, her voice high and needy with want.

Katara holds Jiang’s gaze, one hand moving to manipulate the water. She doesn’t take any from Jiang but seems to pull more from the pond behind them—Jiang can hear the water slosh. Suddenly, there’s more water between her legs, adding to the tendril. A fresh tentacle passes through her folds, grazing over her clit as Katara draws the water between their bodies. Jiang moans as her eyes flutter shut; Katara keeps the new tentacle gliding over her bud.

“Watch me take my tentacle, just for you,” Katara purrs, and Jiang opens her eyes. “You’ve got me so wet, so close to coming. You did so well with your mouth and fingers, baby.”

“I want to please you, Master,” Jiang whimpers.

“You’ve done such a good job.”

Jiang preens under the praises. Katara hasn’t wavered from thrusting the tentacle inside of Jiang, and now she watches Katara draw the other end of the tentacle up between their bodies. Jiang’s breath scrapes against her throat as Katara teases the narrow tip down Jiang’s shirt, drawing it over her breasts. The cold water seeps into the wraps over her chest until her nipples feel it and harden. Jiang whines, her hips rutting against the tentacle inside of her.

“Please,” she says, her voice barely above a whisper.

A smirk curves Katara’s lips as she lets out a soft hum. She retracts the tentacle from Jiang’s shirt before she draws it between her thighs. Jiang watches through heavy-lidded eyes as Katara swirls the tip over her pearl and presses downwards towards her glistening opening. They moan at the same time as the tentacle enters Katara; the moonlight glows on the water and Jiang is able to see it spread Katara’s entrance as it begins to fill her.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” Jiang murmurs. She puts her hands on Katara’s thighs and spreads her legs wider. “You take it so well.”

“You took me so well too, sweet girl,” Katara praises her as she pushes more of the tentacle inside of her, thickening it as she does. “Oh fuck, it feels so good, baby. Wanna see me full, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master, wanna watch your pussy stretch as it’s getting filled with your tentacle,” Jiang says earnestly. “Want you to fuck yourself with it as you fuck me with it too. Please, Katara, I need it.”

Katara lets out a throaty moan as she pushes more water inside of her. Jiang shudders as she watches the tentacle stretch Katara further. She leans down and drags her tongue over Katara’s clit. Katara keens, her hips stuttering. The tentacle moves inside both of them in smooth thrusts as Jiang sucks on Katara’s sensitive bud. Jiang is so close, her climax winding tighter and tighter in her belly, and if the desperate sounds Katara is making are any indication, she is too.

Jiang never even thought about waterbending like this, but Katara clearly has. She wonders how many times Katara has pleasured herself just like this, with a tentacle in her pussy and maybe one in her ass, two more tendrils teasing at her nipples. Maybe she’d even let one wrap around her throat… The mental images are almost too much for Jiang, and she ruts harder against the tentacle.

“Baby please, come here,” Katara cries out, her free hand clutching desperately at Jiang. “I need you closer. Let me fuck you with my tentacle.”

“Yes, Master,” Jiang moans as she pulls away from Katara’s pussy.

“Come here.”

With some effort, Jiang pulls herself into Katara’s lap. Her whole body is trembling, so sensitive. The tentacle stays snugly inside of her as she settles her knees on either side of Katara’s hips. Katara pushes more water into her until Jiang is so full that she doesn’t think she can take anymore. Katara whimpers as she takes more herself. Then she pulls up her skirts more until Jiang’s bare skin is pressed against hers.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Katara whines as she cups Jiang’s ass, guiding her hips to thrust against the tentacle. “How do you feel with my tentacle inside of you? Does it feel good?”

Jiang whimpers as her clit drags over Katara’s pelvis. “So good, Master, you make me feel so fucking good. Gonna come for you, wanna be your good girl. Wanna make you come.”

“I’m so close, sweetheart. I have so much water inside of my pussy. It feels so fucking amazing. I’m gonna come for you too, sweet girl, I promise. Can you feel how much water I have inside of me?”

With that, Katara takes Jiang’s wrist and puts her hand under her skirt. Jiang presses her palm against Katara’s toned stomach. She moans as she feels the slight bulge there. It moves with every thrust of the tentacle inside of her.

“Oh fuck,” Jiang mewls, her hips rutting against Katara. “That’s so hot, Master. I love seeing how full you are.”

“I’ve filled you up too, sweet girl,” Katara says as she guides Jiang’s hand to her own stomach. “Can you feel it?”

Jiang keens as she feels the way her own stomach has bulged from the water inside of her. It shifts in time with Katara’s thrusts. Jiang meets Katara’s gaze. There’s wanton lust in her eyes, her lips parted and looking desperately to be kissed. Jiang leans down and seals their lips in a desperate kiss as her fingers pinch Katara’s nipples. Katara moans into her mouth and Jiang swallows the sound, so close to the edge that she already sees white spots bursting in her vision.

Together, their hips move against the tentacle, chasing their orgasms. Katara’s fingers are digging hard enough into Jiang’s ass to leave bruises, and she expertly pounds the tentacle inside of them. It’s like they’re the only two people in the world, just the two of them and the tentacle bringing them to bliss. All Jiang knows is Katara: the smell of hibiscus, the heat of her skin, the taste of her lust and sweat on Jiang’s lips.

She’s close, she’s so fucking close, but she holds out. Katara will come first, she’ll make damn sure of it. Her master’s pleasure is more important than her own, although Jiang thinks that part of what Katara gets off on is taking care of Jiang.

“Come for me, Master,” Jiang breathes into Katara’s ear. “I wanna hear you scream my name.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Katara mewls as she guides the tentacle faster, deeper, harder. “Oh, Jiang, I’m so close—gonna come for you. It feels so good, it all feels so fucking good. You fucked me so well with your fingers and your tongue. You’re so full of my tentacle and I wanna make you come—”

“I’m right behind you, Master,” Jiang tells her. “I’m holding on just for you. Be a good girl and come for me so I can come too.”

Katara works the tentacle even faster, and Jiang bites down on the junction of her neck and shoulder. Katara tumbles over the edge with a scream, Jiang’s name leaving her mouth over and over again as her body writhes beneath her. Seeing Katara come undone is too much, and before Jiang even knows it’s happening, her climax is ripping through her. Her spine arches as wave after wave of pleasure crashes over her, again and again. She thinks she screams Katara’s name, but the syllables are too broken to tell. The tentacle pulls her orgasm from her with ease, touching all of the right places until she’s a breathless, spent mess.

The two of them collapse bonelessly together, their harsh breath filling the quiet garden. Katara slowly withdraws the tentacle until they’re both empty and discards the water. Jiang hums as she feels her center throb with the last traces of her orgasm.

Katara wraps her arms around Jiang’s waist and presses a kiss to her sweat-dampened temple. All Jiang can do is hold Katara close and listen to the erratic beating of her heart.

“I can take care of you too,” Katara murmurs. “You keep me safe, and I can do this.”

A spark of heat ticks in her belly, like an ember in a hearth. Jiang finds the strength to lift her head so that she can kiss Katara. It’s soft, full of slow passion. It’s perfect.

“I’d like that,” Jiang says after she breaks the kiss.

Katara’s eyes glimmer in the moonlight. “I was hoping you would.”