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Theuden awoke with a grunt to the sound of sweet voiced birds outside of the window and a warm weight right beside him in bed. He smiled a little before turning to face Isran, but in place of Isran's cute sleeping face were dark chestnut eyes staring right into his soul.

“Good morning darling,” Isran murmured softly.

“Lord! Isran, you scared me,” Theuden whispered, clasping a dramatic hand to his chest.

Isran let out a pfft and a small smile that was somehow brighter than any sun made an appearance. “Sorry, I woke up a while ago, but the back of your head was too cute so I had to stare. I couldn’t help myself.”

Theuden pouted before snuggling closer. “That's not true at all.”

“It so is.”

“Is not.” Theuden huffed, trying to look annoyed. But soon he gave in and planted a soft kiss on Isran’s cheek, which promptly darkened. “Do you want breakfast?” Theuden asked, making a move to get out of bed.

“Mrmph…” was Isran’s muted reply, and his arm reached out to pull Theuden’s back onto his chest. “Five more minutes,” he muttered into Theuden’s shoulder.

Theuden sighed, but secretly he was more pleased than he let on. “Alright then. Just five.”

Five minutes ended up turning to sixty, as Isran and Theuden dozed off to the sound of sweet voiced birds outside of the window and the warmth of each other.