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Glory at Hogwarts

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Rosie smiles as their lunch is placed down at the table, immediately moving to pull her plate closer as she sits up. She had woken up on the set Hogsmeade Saturday of the month to a sunny autumn day and she couldn’t wait to spend it catching up with her best friend. Her eyes flicker up to look at Jisoo and Jinyoung who are sitting across the table from her. 

They had elected to start their day at the Three Broomsticks for lunch before making their way around the town but now she wishes she had grabbed Joy this morning, taking up on that girls day Saturday she has offered. 

She really doesn’t want to spend the entire day third wheeling - Jisoo or not. 

“If you two want,” she says, gathering up her silverware before cutting into the fish in front of her, “you can have a day without me.” She takes a bite, watching them share a look, Rosie pausing as it seems like they debate silently if they want a day without her or not. “Really, I can catch up with Joy, who’s around here somewhere, and you two can have a lovey dovey day around Hogsmeade together.” 



Rosie arches an eyebrow up slowly, “you two haven’t seen each other for more than thirty minutes - and that’s being generous - for the past month. I’m fine dipping after lunch.”

Jisoo turns to look at Jinyoung who shakes his head, “we’re good.” Jisoo turns back to her, smiling awkwardly. “I wanna spend time with the both of you, really Rosie, this is fine.”

“If you say so,” Rosie shrugs, taking another bite out of her lunch. She watches them for a moment, the two of them beginning to eat and brushes aside the odd feeling that forms in her chest. 


Mark pulls out a sweater from the clothes rack, holding up the large piece of clothing, playing with the edge of the sleeve. He turns in a small circle, heading towards the mirror and holds it up in front of him. He nods to himself, hanging it over his arm and moves through the store. They had come to shop - either for Christmas presents or for themselves - and Mark and Irene are beginning to regret it. 

He heads towards where Irene stands, debating over two bags and he cringes when the bickering reaches his ears. He looks over his shoulder when he gets next to the black haired Slytherin girl and turns away before they spot him. 

“It’s just a shirt, Jackson.” Jennie’s voice reaches them, people in the store pausing at the loudness of it. “It’s just -”


“Why are you giving me a problem because I said I didn’t like it? There’s a lot of things you wear that I don’t like but -”

“You do?!” 

They both share a look - this bickering hasn’t stopped since breakfast but seemingly since the night of the first task really set something off between the two of them. 

Mark turns to look at the bags when Irene holds them up more for him to see, “which one?” She asks, the two of them tuning out the bickering. “I want to get it for the girl I like.”

“Hmm…” Mark points to the brown bag with the long strap, “that’s one is nice. She’s a Hufflepuff right?” Irene nods, putting the other bag back. “I think that one would be nice for her.”  

“Thanks,” Irene says, hugging it close. She turns, laughing slightly when she spots the armful of large sweaters. “Cold?”

“I figure I’m staying here all break,” Mark shrugs, “so I thought I would buy some more… plus my mom wouldn’t buy me the ones I wanted over the summer. So, I’ll get this.”

“It’s probably because you have so many,” Irene laughs, the two of them wandering around the store as the bickering continues in the background. 


The warmth of the bookstore washes over them as they step inside, Seulgi leading Lisa further into the store with a wave to the owner. They head up a small green painted staircase, taking in a turn down an aisle towards a back corner of the shop. Lisa jumps up a bit, reading the titles on the spines of the books and smiles.

“They’re here!” She calls, Seulgi turns around and the two friends scan the shelves. “There are so many cookbooks.”

“There really are…” Seulgi moves around her, crouching down and begins looking through a lower shelf. “I can’t believe you’re getting your Christmas presents already… it’s only the beginning of November.”

“Yeah and I have the next month filled with another task to prepare for,” Lisa pulls down a book and begins flipping through it. “I’m also probably not going home, so if It’s all done and wrapped, I can send it back early so it gets home in time.”

“That’s fair…” Seulgi passes her a book, Lisa giggling at the cover. “Do you think this task is going to be as hard as the first one?”

“I think it’s going to be harder,” Lisa pulls down a few more, sliding to sit on the floor and flicks through them. “Someone is getting eliminated this time… I just don’t want it to be me.”

“It won’t be,” Lisa looks over at her friend, “because you’re going to win.” They giggle together, Seulgi placing a few books down next to her. “Um,” she crouches down, smiling shyly, “could we go to the clothing store? I wanna get someone something.”

“For that girl?” Lisa teases, Seulgi’s face turning a bright pink. “Of course,” She smiles, chewing on her lip as she gathers the books up, hiking them up in her arms and the two of them head downstairs. 


Bambam snorts as he holds open the door, Ten bouncing into the pet shop and he follows behind. Ten instantly grabs his wrist, pulling him to the front, leading him towards the stand with all the cat toys and Bambam laughs hard as Ten plops down onto the ground. 

“Sit,” Ten pats the floor next to him, Bambam sitting down instantly. He turns his attention to the toys in front of him, picking up a mouse made out of sparkly material and pouts. “I wanna find Louis a few new toys, are you gonna be pouty about not having a cat the entire time?”

“Yeah...” Ten sighs, Bambam dropping his head down onto his shoulder. He holds up the mouse, the red material catching the light and Ten takes it. “That’s really cute, he’ll like that.”

“I think so too.” Ten takes it, placing it down onto his lap. “We have to pick up the bed I bought…” He laughs when Bambam curls into him, “you’ll get a cat, don’t worry.”

“My mom won’t buy me one.”


“I don’t know. I keep asking, I tell her how I help you with Louis at school,” Bambam pouts, sitting up and picks up a toy, studying it. “Ten, buy me a cat.”

“Yeah, I don’t have the money for that right now.” He laughs softly, “but let’s grab some toys today before you end up stealing a cat.” Bambam’s face lights up, “no, you aren’t doing that.”

“Ten,” Bambam whines. 

“How about this?” Ten pulls out a lacy collar, holding it up. “Do you think he would be cute in this?” Bambam nods, “great, I’m buying two.” He gets up, Bambam pulling himself up and follows him around the store, coo-ing at the cat sweaters they come across. 


Jinyoung and Jisoo wander down the main path of Hogsmeade, their hands joined loosely together and Jisoo swings their hands. Jinyoung sends her a shy smile before they turn back to looking at the windows of the stores. Rosie had left them immediately after lunch, the trio bumping into Joy and Rosie sent them a wave before dragging the brunette Ravenclaw away and disappearing into a shop.

They stop outside the bookstore, laughing softly together as they point out different things in the window when the doors are pushed open harshly and Jennie steps out with Jackson right on her heels.

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.”

“I told you that I made us reservations at the tea shop for -”

“When have we ever gone -”

Jennie turns around instantly, Jackson tripping on the last stair of the small staircase, “ you took me to the tea shop on a date last year. Or did you forget?” They pause when Jinyoung clears his throat, the two of them turning to look at Jisoo and Jinyoung. “Oh, hi, Jisoo.”

“Hi, Jennie.”

“Hey, Jinyoung.” Jackson says, clearing his throat, “sorry about that…”

“It’s alright,” Jinyoung says awkwardly, squeezing Jisoo’s hand. “Um, we were just heading in there actually…”

“Oh,” Jennie nods, moving away and Jackson follows after her. “Sorry…” 

They wave goodbye, watching the door swing shut behind them before they turn to look at each other. Irene and Mark had paid for their finds at the clothing store before coming up to them, waving goodbye before darting out the door without allowing them to say a word. They have no idea where they are - probably back at the castle by now. 

“Listen, I remember taking you to the tea shop.”

“Do you?” Jennie says before turning on her heel and heading towards the Three Broomsticks. “Because if I remember correctly, you made it a huge deal that you had gotten us a table at the tea shop for a date.” She sends him a glare, “I want to eat dinner now because we didn’t get lunch.”

“I’m sorry!” The door swings shut behind them and Jennie’s eyes land immediately on two people sliding down in their booth to make sure they aren’t seen.