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Hush Little Baby

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It was another regular Thursday Morning, eight O’ clock, regulars taking their seats and ordering the usual. The Café was filled pretty well, business was always good in the mornings. With commuters, students and business men coming in for their morning coffee and breakfast before class, it was no surprise that they made good money. Though Makoto was a bit out of it that morning, he felt distracted. His body felt odd and his thoughts raced. He sighed, chin resting in the palm of his hand as he leaned against the counter and stared at the patrons.

It was coming close to mating season and he still hadn’t found a mate since his last doctors’ appointment where he found out he was an Omega. Sure most people had careless sex but nobody had challenged him, not that he wanted to fight. He couldn’t fight, Makoto hated fighting but every time he’d find himself watching two Alphas fight in the streets over an Omega he couldn’t help but feel hot and bothered.

He was frustrated, both sexually and mentally. He wanted to know why he wasn’t chosen yet. Maybe it was because the season hadn’t officially started. It was only a month and half away or so, but that didn’t seem like enough time. Haru had said it was because of his scent, and the fact it just wasn’t time. It was understandable. Makoto was a late bloomer, usually people would show around their last year of high school like Haru did. Makoto showed two years after. That was a pretty big gap… He guessed that might be the reason. But what Makoto hadn’t remembered is what came after their challenge if he were to lose.

A blush spread over his cheeks, turning his body away and cleaning out the coffee machine he continued to think of what Haru had told him of what happens after the Alpha wins. The bite on your neck they give to claim you, your skin starts to smell like pesticide or something toxic to other Alphas who lust for you. Then… He gulped.

The sex.

The incredible sex that Haru told him was like no other feeling you’d ever have. Haru was no stranger to it. He had two mates before and they were both waste of times. It was only when they gave him up to lust over another Omega that Haru had begun to date ‘normally’. He gave up searching for a mate and would just deny any challenges. But Makoto wasn’t a blushing virgin, he had boyfriends before but he never had a mate. He’s never felt the ecstasy only an Alpha could give an Omega. He craved it to the point he was starting to become depressed about it, his last break up wasn’t too long ago but he wasn’t a very strong Alpha, among other things, anyway so he was glad that they broke it off before the season started. Now all that mattered was whether he would find one in time. He sighed. It was better to just keep his mind on work and try to enjoy the rest of his work day.

Eight Fifteen and Sousuke finally got a break since his shift started around six A.M. Why they needed him that early just to do some Fucking paper work, he’ll never know. He skipped breakfast, usually he and Rin would go together for that but since his sharp toothed partner didn’t have a shift till four he was stuck searching for food alone. Not that it bothered him, maybe having some piece and quite for once would be good for him. The chatter was good background sound but he enjoyed the quitter things in life. Sticking his head out the window of his patrol car he squinted his eyes, looking over each and every small shop he could get comfy in for breakfast. Really he just made a bunch of people stare in fear at him, they probably thought he was on the search for someone.

Admitting defeat Sousuke took a sharp turn into a small café. Beige, cozy and looked pretty packed. He grunted as he parked at the front, setting aside the fact it might not be as quite as he hoped. Making his way inside he removed his hat and ventured to the farthest seat in the café. The tables around it were lonely and he had a great view of the park from there.

Makoto had heard the bell ring but the first thing that caught his attention was that scent. That strong scent that filled his nostrils, he perked up and turned around to see a man walk in. A police officer, a big police officer… he shook his head, No. He needed to stay focused, can’t just get flustered every time an Alpha waltzes in for coffee.

“Mako~ He’s huge isn’t he? I thought I’d never be angry at you but I’m pretty jealous.” Great, so his mental note was thrown out the door due to his flirty coworkers.

“Jealous of what...” He retorted with a quite yelp from being ambushed, though he knew exactly what the answer was.

She smirked, grabbing a notepad pen and a menu before handing it over to Makoto and ‘gently’ pushing him forward. It was like she had read his mind, he wanted to be man handled but not by her. He wanted to be man handled by him. And he knew that the second he walked up and noticed those huge… large hands that seemed like they could probably cup his whole ass.

He shivered and shook the thought off before he made to the table. He need to control his body or else he’d have an awful incident in the coffee shop.

“Morning, sir! Can I get you a coffee to start you off?

Sousuke had been staring out the window the entire time, he paid no attention to the person walking up to his table before the menu was set down. God everything looked awful for the grump.

“Just get me a coffee, black with not sugar.” His request made Makoto tilt his head in confusion.

But why would someone want something so bitter so early in the morning? He guessed that not everyone was like him. He gave a nod and jotted it down, though his writing became a bit loopy when he looked towards the patrons handsome face. Tight jaw, droopy eyes and that color… Oh god it looked like the ocean. This man was beautiful, and his body too… He was broad, arms larger than Makoto’s thighs he wouldn’t doubt and god that chest. He could see some muscle popping out of his, obviously too tight uniform. Or did it just look tight to him?

The waiter was standing there a bit too long, with a sigh Sousuke looked up and much to his surprise. Found a very flustered green eyed angel staring at him. He raised an eyebrow before a very amused smirk went over his lips. The guy was cute, he wouldn’t lie. But from the smell of his scent he wasn’t a very strong Omega. But that didn’t matter to Sousuke he wasn’t looking for a mate in the first place.

“Uh, my coffee?” He said, the teasing tone obvious to the brunette.

Makoto had to snap himself out of his daze, he could understand what the officer said but it didn’t process in time for him not to look like a complete idiot .There was a small yelp, followed by a few too many bows of his head.

“Right, right, my apologies, sir. I’ll work right on it now!” His voice was a bit higher than usual and he slurred a bit on his words. It was the typical Makoto move. He didn’t know what to do when an Alpha was around but you couldn’t blame him!

Sousuke didn’t mind, the kid had the most innocent facial expressions. When the barista turned around to prepare his coffee, Sousuke couldn’t help but sneak a few peeks of his ass. Perky, and round, Sousuke wasn’t sure if men’s’ asses were supposed to be that big but he wasn’t going to question something like that.

Makoto couldn’t help but blush when he returned to the counter three pairs of eyes watching him with cheeky smiles.

“What…” He hissed, knowing exactly why they were staring.

“He’s cute, and I can smell him from here. I know you can too!” The small blonde male cheered, it was always him that did this to Makoto but today would be different. He was going to make sure Makoto at least got a number!

Makoto did his best to ignore the teasing and girly squeals that came out of the three, what great friends to try and get their friends laid… Thoughts aside with a coffee in hand, Makoto trotted back to the officer and offered his best smile.

“Is there anything else I could serve you?”

Sousuke merely set the cup of bitter liquid aside and gave Makoto his attention. He hadn’t realized it before but the guy had really nice eyes. He looked like a damn angel if it wasn’t for that tempting body. “Anything you recommend?”

This was Makotos favorite part, he loved talking about food especially since his best friend helped with most of the menu. “I usually order a carrot cake with whip cream, hmm, and some milk tea on the side.” He admitted a small tilt of his head with the same airy smile.

Sousuke raised an eyebrow, who the hell eats sweets early in the morning? He could hardly eat it during the day.

He nodded, “Alright, get a carrot cake for us and a milk tea for you. And, go ahead and get me some too.” He loved the guys’ expressions. They always seemed so innocent and just so damn adorable that it wasn’t even right. He leaned back in his seat and gave Makoto a waiting look, Sousuke didn’t even really consider if he was on break, but he didn’t quite care either.

Makoto eyes went a little wide, “For both of us…” He asked, not being able to control the flare in his cheeks from the invitation. “I guess I’ll get my break a little earlier then...” He said in a soft voice before turning and making his way towards the counter and flinching when his coworker winked at him. They were watching the whole thing and that only made him blush more. With his shoulders slumped he cut a slice of the carrot cake off and placed it on a clean white plate. He wasn’t sure if the man was into sweets so he only put a dollop of whip cream instead of the mountain of fluff he was used to.

“Cute...” Sousuke cooed as he watched the green eyed barista walk away. He hadn’t gotten his name yet, but of course he would ask when he returned. As he walked away Sousuke got a great view of the man’s ass, god he was perfect. He looked like an angel yet had a body you wanted to put your hands all over.

Makoto returned to the table shortly after, his cheeks flushed due to the small remarks his coworkers made on how hot the officer was, and he couldn't help but agree, he was hot and being a police officer would only make him be even hotter. He giggled to himself quietly before sitting down in front of him, his apron was discarded and now he only had his white shirt with the first two buttons opened and his vest, his name tag visible now. "Here is your tea and cake." He hummed softly, handing Sousuke the mug with a little police officer drawn on.

Sousuke smiled when the man came back to the table, he was so cute with that flush of pink over his face. "Thank You." He said taking the mug in his hand, he took a sip and was pleasantly surprised the stuff didn’t taste like utter crap. Most of the time when Sousuke tasted coffee or tea that looked that light it would end up being by far way too sweet for the officer. He looked down and saw the picture of the police officer resembling him and covered his mouth to muffle his chuckles "That's cute." He said smiling, he caught a glimpse of the man’s name tag on his chest. "Makoto?" he said looking up to the angels face and smiled "Nice to meet you Makoto, I'm Sousuke Yamazaki." He said, reaching out his hand for him.

Makoto giggled a little more when he heard his amusement at the mug. "That's actually mine. My little sister got it for me." He admitted coyly. Fuck he was beautiful when he laughed, making him fight the urge to bite his lip. Even his name was sexy, what was it about this man? "Makoto Tachibana, nice to meet you." he answered and took his hand, giving him a firm handshake, as was his custom, but instantly felt his ear heat up when he felt the strength Sousuke had. His head was going somewhere dark and he needed to stop before his face turned bright red, but the idea of having this tall and strong policeman push him against a wall was too much to just push away.

Sousuke looked at Makotos gaze, he furrowed his brows. Wondering what had made his demeanor change so drastically. He stared down at their hands for a moment and gave another firm squeeze to the baristas soft hands before letting go. "I like that name, it fits you." he picked up the mug again, taking a drink from it. His tongue slipped over his lips as he let out a satisfied sigh "Tastes good Tachibana, haven't had a good coffee in a while."

Makoto smiled and him, glad he wasn’t questioned, the look Sousuke gave him both flustered him and scared him. "Ah, thank you." He exclaimed softly as he looked out of the window and noticed the officers’ patrol car in the corner of the window. "I've made coffee for a long time, so I guess it’s good... But the cake is better than my coffee." He admitted humbly and pushed the plate closer to Sousuke. "And you're name suits you as well..." He didn’t know whether that was a compliment or not but he hoped it did.
The large Alpha eyed the cake and gave a few nods "Alright, alright. I think I'll be the judge of that." He teased and picked up a piece of the cake with his fork, it looked and smelled as if it were baked here in the café. He took a bite into his mouth and closed his eyes to savor the taste. He wasn't much of a sweets person but if it was for a cute guy like Makoto he would take one for the team. Sousuke let out a content sigh, and gave Makoto a thumbs up.

The brunette watched in anticipation for the others reaction, he smiled when he got the thumbs up, it was his favorite thing in the entire shop and he couldn’t be more relieved that Sousuke had enjoyed it. "I'm glad, a friend of mine used to bake these for my family when I young." He said softly and reached his hand out to get some of the whipped cream on his finger before innocently licking it off. Makoto enjoyed whipped cream a lot and it was hard to not taste a bit of it when it was so tempting on the cake.

His teal eyes watched Makoto intently, to him that was nothing innocent. It was more erotic than it actually should have been. Sousuke clenched the fork in his hand before getting an idea. "How about..." He eyed at the cake and scooped a piece up. It mostly had whipped cream, and for good reasons. "How about you have some too?" He said, as he put the fork near his lips.

Makoto blushed a little, he couldn't say no to the officer and he didn't understand why. Maybe it was the soft smile or those droopy teal eyes. He bent forward a little and took the fork into his mouth, humming happily at the flavor, yep. Just how Haru always makes them, he gave Sousuke a small smile as he licked his lips, trying to get more of the sweet flavor. "It’s tasty, I was thinking of getting it this morning but a bagel seemed more appetizing.”

“Oh yea, it’s tasty." The cake, no he wasn’t thinking of the cake. He was thinking of those soft lips, he grinned, getting another idea "Oh, you got a bit more whipped cream on your lips, Makoto. You might wanna lick that off." Truthfully he didn't have anything on his face. But that didn't stop Sousuke from trying to see him lick his lips again.

With red cheeks Makoto instantly licked his lower lip slowly, to try and get the nonexistent whipped cream off. "Have I gotten it off?" He asked with a small tilt of his head and a tiny giggle. Secretly he wished that Sousuke would be the one licking it off instead of doing it himself. Oh god his mind was going dark again, he couldn’t do this. He had to stay… strong? It was hard…

Sousuke nearly drooled, his eyes were trailing Makoto’s lips along with his tongue. Teal, bright and fogged orbs watched the spit add a beautiful shine to his plump limps. God this was killing him, getting out of his daze he shook his head "Sorry, you got some on the top lip too.”

Makoto frowned a little, finding it weird and a bit embarrassing that he couldn't feel anything but he licked his upper lip as the other male asked, bitting it after when he was done. "Did… Did I get it now?" He asked, his brows furrowing with worry. Maybe he looked like a slob to the officer, oh god he didn’t want to look sloppy to him!

Alright, he wasn’t going to torture the guy any longer. Sousuke nodded he tried his best to hide the cheeky grin from him. He looked down and chuckled, it wasn’t expected that he’d come in some coffee shop and meet an angel that could make the Alpha drop to his knees. He looked up and gave a smile "I like you Makoto, you're funny." truthfully he wanted say you make me want to fuck you senseless but that would come later. He liked the boy, not just sexually though. Something about him made Sousuke think differently.

Makoto blushed a little at the words and gave him a soft smile. "Thank you... I like you too." He admitted shyly and glanced away. His break was coming to an end and he hated the idea of having to leave his company. "Hey... I have to go, my break is ending. M-maybe I could see you some other time?" He asked with his cheeks darkening each second, not believing he was actually saying this. But he knew he wanted to see more of Sousuke, much more, in fact he wanted to see all of him. His cheeks went the darkest shade they could as a thought came to his head. If the officer was so big and large, how big would his cock be? He tried his best not to whine and bit his lip a little harder, god his mind was betraying him today.

Sousuke nodded, he was glad Makoto actually wanted to see him again. He didn't want to leave the shop, he'd have to be back on duty and he knew he'd be bored out of his mind. And worse with the thoughts of Makoto he'd end up jacking off to him in the patrol car then actually doing his job. "I'd like that." He responded and reached into his wallet, taking a twenty dollar bill and a piece of paper he scribbled something quick on the paper before folding it and passing it towards Makoto. "I'll see you around then, I'll stay a bit longer to finish my coffee, don't be a stranger though." He gave him a wink as he sat back in his seat and brought the coffee to his lips. Not removing eye contact with the green eyed angel.

It was a bit surprising, the bill was less than five bucks, but maybe he didn’t have change. He gasped quietly when he saw him scribble on the paper, was it his number? He really hoped it was. He took both and held them to his chest as if they were precious and gave Sousuke a warm and gentle smile. "I'll bring you your change soon.... And thank you for coming." He said with a small blush spread over his cheeks, hating that he had to go and leave the officer all by himself. He was good company! He should just stay, but he was responsible and he was really hating that about himself today…

Sousuke chuckled "You keep the change for yourself." he said taking another sip of his coffee. He didn't want to leave, it’d just be him sitting in a car all day. But of course he could always get out early anyway. He looked back up at Makoto, a bit of determination in his teal hues "You know, if you don't mind. I'd like to take you out for some drinks tonight. What do you say?" it was a bold move since they barely knew each other but god Damn Sousuke couldn't help it, every cute little thing Makoto would do would just make Sousuke want to ravish him on the table.

Makoto was about to stand when Sousuke asked him for drinks. If he was alone he'd squeal before he could even answer, "I would like that..." He whispered, with a bright smile on his face, eyes shining like a child. Of course the answer was yes, he'd do anything the officer would ask him to, those eyes and that voice were enough to send him over the edge. He wanted Sousuke and there was no lying about that, he wanted him to take him and make him scream. Oh god is this how Omegas thought when they were around an Alpha? He’d need to get used to his, his mind hadn’t trailed to the dark side before.


For a moment he felt he'd be shot down, thinking his work was down for now Sousuke stood, he reached out his hand for Makoto to shake "It was nice meeting you, and call me tonight. I get out at four, takes me less than ten minutes to get ready for you." Sousuke said nicely, of course the second part he changed his voice to something a little sultrier. For a guy like Makoto it wouldn't take him even three minutes to "Get ready" for. Especially not with the ass he saw earlier.

At the last words of the sentence Makoto's cheeks went red and he looked away, reaching out to shake his hand, less firmly than the first time, too embarrassed to do more than just that. The way the officer spoke made him weak in the knees and something in his stomach flipped. He wanted him more than ever before, there was no denying that at all. "I-I'll give you a call then..." He promised and bit his lip as he walked away towards the cash register, he didn't want to let go of the bill so he put some coins he got from tips into the cash register.

Sousuke looked over his shoulder to watch Makoto walk away. He grinned to himself, before turning around and giving Makoto one last wink as he put his cap back on and headed out of the coffee shop. He had to tell Rin about his plans tonight. If he didn't Rin would find out one way or another anyway. And it was only better if he said it himself. The guy acted like a sissy and always needed the “Juicy Details” when his best friend would see anybody. Stepping into his car he started the engine. He took a little longer because he ended up staring at Makoto before he actually started to get out of the parking lot.

Makoto giggled quietly when he saw the wink and gave him a shy smile when he walked out. He couldn't believe he had a date. A date? Was it really? Sousuke hadn't mentioned that it was a date but Makoto felt it was. He was so excited about it that he decided he'd get out of work earlier, seeing as he worked extra time a lot, he could use the break to get ready. A date with an Alpha… A strong Alpha… If faith was on his side, this will be a new chapter for the oldest of the Tachibana siblings.

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At around 5 p.m Makoto walked home, he was basically skipping as he reached his house. Since he wanted to smell fresh and clean, not to mention relax his nerves, he got into the shower and decided a long hot relaxing bubble bath would do his body well. He sighed, letting his body slowly slip into the mountain of bubbles. When he was done he put on dark pants and a light green button down shirt. It was only for drinks so he didn’t want to overdress himself at all, that would look to over done wouldn’t it? After brushing his teeth and fixing his hair more than once, he sat down on the couch with a glass of wine and got his phone out, giving Sousuke a call, biting his lower lip in anticipation as he waited for the other to answer. This would be the first time they would be calling each other, he was nervous… Maybe his own voice sounded high pitched and annoying. Oh god it was no time to be worrying about that.

Sousuke had gotten home earlier, leaving the police car up front his house since he didn’t have to turn it in till tomorrow. He got ready in less than ten minutes (Like promised) and dressed in his usual tight black short sleeve and a pair of dark blue jeans. He wore boot like shoes and got just about everything around his house ready. Sure he said he was gonna take him out for drinks but just in case they came back over to this place he needed it a little more tidy. He leaned over the counter in his kitchen and felt his phone vibrate, tilting his head to the odd number he answer in his usual deep voice "Yamazaki speaking."

Makoto swooned over the sound of his voice, deep, sultry and so dominant. "Hello officer Yamazaki." He said with a small giggle, "It's Makoto Tachibana... From the coffee shop?" Shit, maybe he gave his number to everyone he found interesting, feeling more jealous than angry he took a sip of his wine and hoped for the best. "You told me to call..." He reminded him, swirling his drink in his glass.

Sousuke grinned "Officer Yamazaki huh? I like the way it sounds coming out of your mouth, Ma-ko-to." he chuckled a bit to himself, which sounded pretty kinky he wouldn't lie. Taking a note on that Sousuke ran his fingers threw his hair and closed his eyes "I was afraid you wouldn't call, looking forward to being with you again. I could go pick you up now, there's a bar close to my house."

Makoto blushed at the way he broke his name down into syllables, he hummed in response to it, biting his lower lip, wishing it were Sousuke's instead. "I would like that a lot..." He answered coyly, twirling the drink in his glass. "You could come up for a while... If you'd like that is." He said lowly, wanting him to say yes, "there's a bottle of wine I'd like to finish. And I don’t think I could finish it myself, it could be like our before going out drinks!" He admitted with a small and shy giggle.

Sousuke immediately got his keys from the counter, he whispered lightly "I'd like that Makoto." Come to think of it being at his house would probably be much better. He was a beer man but for some reason wine sounded so much better right now. He got off the counter and headed up stairs "Send me the address and I'll be there in no time. Just wait up for me alright beautiful?" He grabbed a few things he thought he needed, a back pack with clothing just in case and a few other things he was sure the brunette would enjoy. Or was it just him? Who knows, he’d find out exactly what Makoto liked after they spent more time together.

Makoto couldn’t help but blush at the compliment, he bit his lip a little harder. "I'll text you the address then, officer Yamazaki..." He said in a soft and breathy voice, not realizing he made Sousuke nearly stop in his tracks from the sound of his voice trying to seduce him. "I'll text you now... See you soon officer." He hummed and hung up, quickly texting him his address. He got up and walked towards the window, leaning slightly out of it waiting to see if he could see his date arrive, anxious for him to get there. His palms started to sweat and his heart raced, an Alpha… An Alpha was going to be at his house tonight! God this so exciting! He felt like a school girl but that didn’t matter.

Sousuke tossed his phone on the bed and cupped his face "God he turns me on!" He yelled as he threw his body back on his bed. He needed to take a few deep breaths, this is only for drinks, is what he continued to tell himself. He sighed, and stood up, shaking his head and slinging his back pack over his shoulder, he grabbed his wallet, phone, keys and gun. Of course he'd hide the gun under a few things in his backpack and put it on safety. He was young but spent many years in the force to know you'll need one whenever. Sousuke jogged to the car and once inside, immediately drove off, checking his phone for the address he was surprised to see it was close. He drove up to the house, and walked out of his car to the door, knocking a few times when he arrived. He wasn’t sure if he was too early, late or whatever but the sun was already down and the day had died out.

Makoto was biting his lip eagerly, anticipating his arrival. He's never felt this excited to be with someone nor was he ever turned on by the sound of someone's voice, but Sousuke did things to him. When he saw the male come out of his car he nearly squealed, not actually doing it in fear of him hearing. When Sousuke knocked on the door the brunette tried to play it cool and wait a little before opening it, but of course he waited only five seconds out of pure anxiety. When opened he bit his lip and he leaned against the door frame with the glass of wine in his hand. "May I help you, officer?" He asked in a soft hum with a shy smile on his face.

Sousuke smirked, he put his hand on his hip and acted it out "There have been plenty of noise complaints coming from this residence and I was sent over to investigate. May I come in? To get a better look of the situation that is?" he said as he scanned Makoto’s body. The way he bit his lip made Sousuke’s groin heat up. He tried his best not to get hard right then and there but Makoto calling him Officer all the time wasn't helping at all.

Makoto gave a sly smile, happy that he was playing along. He let out a fake gasp and looked down with a small pout, "I'm sorry office, I have to admit, I was being loud..." With that he let out a moan-like sigh, "you may come in but you'll have to hold this, house policies and all." He hummed, handing the glass over and moving away from the door frame. "If you come inside you'll be sure to see that everything's in order, o-ffi-cer." He broke down the words just as he'd said his name. He looked innocent, but those were just looks, when he was teased he teased back.

Sousuke grinned as he watched him, slipping into the sound of Makoto’s moan like sigh. It was like he was already teasing him. He took the glass and as he walked by he purposely brushed his fingers ever so closely on Makoto’s thigh. The house was nice, not surprised it was tidy and spacious. "So you were the one being loud? Hmm, nothing wrong with being a little loud." He walked up to the shorter male with lidded eyes "I like it when it’s loud..." Sousuke teased the man by leaning forward, teal hues looking at his lips and then eyes, only to take a step back and look around the house again. "That's disturbing the peace though."

Makoto closed the door with his lip still between his teeth. The fingers brushing over his thigh made him shudder slightly and the words made his knees weak again. "I tend to be very loud when the time calls for it..." He whispered, turning around and leaned against the door as it closed with a click. "Oh... Well I'm sorry about disturbing the peace, I really am... But you see, my mind has been in a sort of daze since this morning, I haven't been thinking much about the people around..." He hummed and stepped a little close to Sousuke before walking to the couch. "If you come to the couch and join me I'll explain the whole thing..." He said and sat down, grabbing another glass and sipping the last bit of it, licking his lip when he put the cup down.


Sousuke took a slight nip at his own lip. Whether Makoto knew it or not but those fucking lips were killing him. Nodding he walked over to the couch and sat down a bit too close to Makoto. Putting his leg over the other he took a sip of the glass he was given. It was sweeter than he thought. He turned to look at Makoto and put am arm over the couch "Alright, I'm all ears. Tell me about your little problem."

Makoto crossed his legs and leaned closer to Sousuke, almost as if to tell him a secret. "You see, officer... Today at work, this man came in, he was unlike anyone I've ever seen..." He hummed and stopped to sip his drink as if he were in real distress. "And his voice... Oh I can't describe it..." He said and put his hand on Sousuke's knee, rubbing over it lazily. "And I've been thinking about him ever since…" He admitted with a small shrug and a sly smile before biting his lip again.

Sousuke grinned, he looked down to Makoto’s hand before looking at him with lidded eyes. He let out a breathy chuckle, "I see." he said scooting a bit closer and putting his arm over Makoto’s shoulder now. "This man seems to have really left an impression on you." he set his back pack aside and rested his hand over Makoto’s. Squeezing lightly "But don't worry about it, I'm positive you've been on his mind too. In different ways than you think Makoto." He lightly whispered and leaned closer to Makoto.

A small sound escaped Makoto's lips and his cheeks flushed, knowing exactly what Sousuke meant. He also shifted closer, not wanting any space between them, "I honestly think we both need a little more to drink... Officer Yamazaki..." He almost moaned his name out, reaching for his glass and setting it on the table as he severed the glasses, filling them up half way.

"I'd like that." Sousuke whispered as he leaned back in his seat and took in the sweet scent Makoto had. An Omega smelt this way, even out of heat? Shit… He moved his hand to Makoto’s leg and ran it up and down his thigh painfully slow. He was enjoying the night so far but this man was making it hard to control himself. The way he said Officer and the way he almost seduced him with his own last name. It was only making things so much more difficult.

Makoto mewled as Sousuke ran his hand up his thigh, not believing how easily he was breaking. Just the simplest touch was enough to make him go crazy, his hands slightly shook as he poured their glasses, he handed Sousuke his own and leaned back on the seat, resting close against his broad chest. "But you haven't told me something yet... What the punishment..." He moaned out, "sorry, I meant, what's the fine I have to pay for being loud, Mis-ter of-fi-cer?"

Sousuke chuckled, he took a few gulps from the wine before setting it down and turning back to Makoto "Oh, a fine like that could cost so much. Hundreds of dollars." He looked at Makoto’s lips then back at his eyes "But of course we could always work something out. I'm a good cop after all, and I wouldn't want to use these." He said as he reached in the back pack and took out his handcuffs, showing them to Makoto.

"Oh my..." He gasped, reaching over to touch them. "Officer Yamazaki, I've never been handcuffed before." He admitted with a slight glint in his eyes. He let his fingers brush over Sousuke's strong hands, his veins popping out of his hands and arms, something that always made Makoto's pants a little tighter. "You could always show me how these work..." He suggested and shifted closer to him, letting his hand fall to Sousuke's thigh, very close to his shaft, in fact he let a finger run over it gently.

Sousuke grunted a bit as he closed his eyes and took the in the feeling of Makoto’s fingers. Opening them a dark shade went over his teal hues "I could show you." He whispered his voice hoarse and low. Without a moment to even process what was happening Sousuke picked Makoto up and set him on his lap facing him. Sousuke quickly chained the brunette into the cuffs having his hands on back of him and his body completely unprotected

Makoto gasped at everything that happened to him, he didn’t have a second to even think about his next move. He looked down at Sousuke with a bright blush on his face. "Sousuke!" He breathed out heavily as he tugged at his wrists, letting out a small moan when he realized there was no getting out. He squirmed a little in his seat as he felt his pants grow tighter, needing to feel comfort. "I-I'm trapped."

Sousuke with dark eyes looked up at Makoto. He put his hands on the brunettes hips and pressed Makoto down a bit to his groin. "Yea baby, it looks like you're trapped right now, huh?" He pressed his hips up to Makoto again, causing friction to his own groin. Slowly his hands went to the back and gripped Makoto’s ass. "What are you gonna do for me to let you go? Huh Tachi baby?" He teased as he moved his hips up and down on the couch into Makoto. Technically wanted to dry hump the man above him.

Makoto threw his head back with a moan, biting his lip as he started to press down against Sousuke and tugged more at his wrist. He turned his head back to him and whimpered a little before finally finding his words. "I'll let you do... Whatever you want officer..." He moaned out, pressing back against his hands, making the grip on his ass tighter.

Sousuke liked what he felt, and what he was hearing. Makoto’s ass was just so god damn nice and hearing the guy turn into a moaning mess was just what Sousuke wanted from him. Getting a hand off his ass he began to unbutton the males green shirt "Anything?" He cooed, slipping the it off one shoulder and revealing Makoto’s chest. "So I can touch you here?" Sousuke said, tweaking one of his nipples before leaning over and flicking his tongue over it. Never breaking his gaze from Makoto’s green eyes.

Makoto stared at Sousuke's hands, wanting to take his fingers into his mouth and suck them. "Y-yes~ anything!" He said with a gasp as he felt the wet sensation around his nipples, biting his lower lip he looked down into the officer’s dark eyes. He rolled his hips against him, now completely unable to control himself, wanting him to take him right there and then. "F-fuck."

"That's it." He said, sucking on the brunettes’ nipple harder. Sousuke loved Makoto’s god damn voice , he slipped the shirt down farther and exposed his entire torso. It took Sousuke a moment to scan every muscle on his chest as he laid back, rolling his hips into every movement Makoto made. He looked up and began to unbutton Makoto’s pants "Do you want me Tachi? Because I want you, so badly." He whispered taking Makoto’s cock out and stroking him lightly.

Makoto was about to answer him when Sousuke took his cock in his hand, moaning loudly instead, and throwing his head back. "Y-yes, fuck I want you!" he moaned out and pressed harder against his hand, wanting him to take his body completely, wanting to moan Sousuke's name loudly and scratch down his visibly strong back. "Take me... Please…” He begged, he was needy and heated, Makoto couldn’t hold himself back anymore he wanted to be Fucked hard.

Sousuke let out a rough chuckle, "I love seeing you turn into a drooling, moaning fucking mess." He whispered hoarsely "Makes me want to fuck you so hard Makoto." his voice became deeper as his hips practically made Makoto bounce on him. "Let’s go to your room, where is it?" He said, stroking Makoto harder, teasing him to see if he could still even speak anymore.


Makoto squirmed in his lap, just the stroking and dry humping wasn’t doing what his body needed, "d-down the-ahn~ hall.... T-to the l-left mnh~" he moaned out, pressing. His chest against his, wanting to be closer to him. Fuck what was he doing to him? He needed this man and needed him now. "F-fuck me please~"

Sousuke grinned, he got up from the couch with Makoto’s legs wrapped around his waist. Rushing into the room and tossing his back pack aside, he set the brunette down before sinking his jaws into his neck. He savored the taste of his skin, earning a yelp from the man under him. God he even tasted sweet. He wasted no time and ripped his and Makoto’s jeans off, exposing their bodies to each other. It was animalistic lust, his body was amazing. Hips nice and fit, his legs tight and long and Fuck his entire body was perfect. He took in every bit of his body before putting his fingers inside Makoto’s mouth.

Makoto wanted to swing his arms around his back and sink his nails into the strong muscles of his back. It was painfully irritating to be locked up like this. He gladly took Sousuke's fingers in his mouth and sucked on them, letting his tongue slide between them, getting them wet as fast as he could. He sucked a little tighter, wanting him to know what his mouth could do.


"God damn..." Sousuke breathed out watching Makoto devour his fingers whole. Just watching his tongue slicken them so easily made his hips buck forward without even realizing. Sousuke forced his fingers out and got the key from his jean pockets. Releasing Makoto from the cuffs and removing his shirt, he laid down and pulled the man up to his chest, rubbing Makoto’s bare ass "You've got little talents I want you to show me more of."

At the words Makoto smirked, he knew that this was the one time he could have any control over Sousuke. He sat up, arching his back playfully. "Lay down Mr. Officer." He moaned and straddled him, placing hot open mouthed kisses along his neck and shoulders, almost moaning as he licked over his strong broad muscles, he slide down to his chest. "I know what you'll like..."

Sousuke closed his eyes and rested his head back, loving the feeling of his warm kisses down his body "What will I like Tachi? Show me what I like." Sousuke breathed out as his hands trailed down Makoto’s body. Reaching desperately to grip at the ass he spent so long thinking about. Even now Sousuke squirmed a bit under Makoto, he wanted nothing more than to fuck him now but wanted the foreplay just as badly.

Makoto smirked against his skin and started to nip down his body, loving the way Sousuke tasted and reacted under his touch. He let his tongue graze along his skin. "You'll see..." He breathed out and licked over his waist, letting his tongue trail down to his shaft, he sucked and licked up, swirling his tongue gently over the tip and shuddering at the taste of the precum, he took the long rod into his mouth. Only sucking at the tip, he humming softly. "You taste... Amazing..." He moaned out and took him into his mouth again, letting his tongue press against his hard, throbbing cock, sucking hard and bobbing his head up and down.

Sousukes eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head. "Ooh, Fuck!" He groaned out as his hand went down to grip at Makoto’s hair. Licking his dry lips, Sousuke looked down to get a better view of those amazing lips wrapped around his cock. "I taste good Tachi?" He breathed out, taking his finger and running it over the brunettes moist lips. Sousuke rubbed the sides of his cock as Makoto took control of the top "God damn Tachi, look at you go... You love my cock that much already?" He said teasingly as he rolled his hips a bit.

Makoto wanted to chuckle but the fact was he had his mouth delightfully full. Yet he nodded and took more of him down his throat, now deep throating him. He gladly letting his tongue slide over his balls, lapping at them eagerly, wanting to taste all of him, every moment he could. He moaned around Sousuke's cock and wiggled his ass in the air, needing something from him.

Sousuke mouthed the words "Fuck. Holy shit. And God Damn." So many times he couldn't even count them anymore. This was probably the best blow job the Alpha had ever gotten, he felt the vibrations coming from Makoto’s mouth. His eyes widened, he was afraid he'd cum right then and there. Makoto was going hard on him and all he wanted to do was go hard on his ass. "Tachi... Tachi baby you're fucking killing me." He said, pulling on Makoto’s chin a bit. He chuckled " You gotta give my cock a break baby." Sousuke leaned up and gave Makoto’s ass a loud slap.

Makoto yelped as he felt his ass get slapped and he released Sousuke's, quite large, cock. It actually was bigger than he thought, but that just made the police officer all the more appealing. "S-sorry.... I couldn't bring myself to stop..." He admitted shyly and he got up and moved forward to straddle Sousuke, letting his hands trail all over his muscular chest and shoulder. "I've been hard since you walked through the door at the coffee shop today..." He told him truthfully, rolling his hips against his, letting their cocks touch and rub together. "I couldn't stop think about your, visibly big cock...." He started to say in moan like sounds, he bent over so their chests were touching and he licked and sucked on Sousuke's earlobe. "All I've been thinking about..... Is you fucking me.... Making me scream.... Of-fi-cer...."

Sousuke gladly took in everything Makoto was saying in that god damn sexy voice. His hands massaged at his back until they reached his ass, giving them a delightful squeeze as he pressed his hips up into Makoto’s. He let out a small moan when Makoto sucked on his ear, earning him another rough squeeze "You want me to make you scream Tachi?" Sousuke said, pushing Makoto to lay on his stomach under him. As Sousuke hovered over him he pressed their bodies together, pulling Makoto’s ass up higher and pressing his tip teasingly around his entrance. He leaned against his ear and slowly pulled his tip in and out as he whispered "I want you to be loud, scream my name while I fuck you senseless Tachi."

Makoto mewled a he felt his ass being squeezed, wiggling it a bit to tease Sousuke's more. When he was pushed to his stomach he let out a breathy gasp, gladly spreading his legs for Sousuke, giving him space to move between him. The moment he felt the tip of the officers’ cock pressing on his entrance he moaned quietly and gripped the bed sheets, taking heavy breaths. He nodded and bit his lip before nodding again, almost desperately. -Of course he was going to be loud- and pressing himself closer to Sousuke, pushing desperately back against his hard cock, wanting to have him completely inside of him. He let took sharp breaths, the anticipation being too much for him, he needed to be fucked now.

Sousuke chuckled at how needy he was. After giving a few more teases to his hole Sousuke began to push inside, he lifted Makoto’s hips a bit more and groaned at how heavenly he wrapped around his cock. "You're eating me up Tachi." Sousuke teased as he pressed in deeper. He stood on his knees, his hands firm on Makoto’s ass. He gave a few heavy handed slaps to his ass before pulling himself out, only to snap back inside. Sousuke gripped at his ass, he felt his cock being tugged and pulled so tightly his eyes nearly went to the back of his head.

Makoto’s words were broken from the moaning he let of at the filling sensation inside of him. He's never felt anything quite as big before and he knew he'd never grow tired of the feeling. Sousuke was an Alpha and even though this was ‘casual’ sex, he now knew a tiny bit of how mating could feel. He gasped when he felt Sousuke pull out, but the moment he pushed back into him Makoto let out a loud moan, "Sousuke!" He cried and gripped the bed sheets tightly, pulling them off the mattress. "S-so big.... Ahn!~" he moaned, letting his mouth drop open as he pushed back against him, wanting to feel more of Sousuke.

Sousuke steadied Makoto’s body, gripping his ass. Something about the damn thing made Sousuke want to just pound it until it turned red. Then he smirked at the idea, giving Makoto’s ass a loud slap he watched as his hand print faded away. His hips gyrating, wanting to feel every side of his walls until he finally found Makoto’s prostate. He felt the tiny lump and aimed his tip at it, quickening his pace and snapped his hips harder.

Makoto hissed and yelped every time Sousuke spanked him, making him bite his lip harder each time. "F-fuck~" he moaned as the officer thrusted into him, letting his mouth fall open each time more. When Sousuke found and slammed against his prostate Makoto let out a loud cry, "S-Sousuke!" He called out, gripping the sheets tighter and he letting his mouth hang open, unable to say anything else except "fuck" and "Sousuke". He was close to climaxing and he was almost drooling due to the sensation inside him, he could feel the knot in his stomach tighten each second.


Sousuke wasn't a man who liked to only have one position while having sex. He enjoyed variety in his life, so without a word he pulled out of Makoto and turned his body to face him, he chuckled a bit, running his thumb over Makoto’s slit "You got so wet for me Makoto." He teased as he hovered over him and began to press back inside. He let out a small grunt, before putting both hands on the side of Makoto’s face and began to fuck him again.

Makoto watched him for a while, looking at the way his face moved and changed as he was fucked senseless by this man before letting his head fall to the side and biting down on the pillow, drooling all over it. He let his hands find their way to Sousuke's back, digging his nails into the skin and raking them down his back and sides, moaning, withering beneath him, feeling all his control over himself slip away. With a loud cry Makoto threw his head back, screaming out Sousuke's name as he came, the hot jets shooting to his chest and stomach, making him shudder and become a babbling mess.

Sousuke’s face tightened, the sudden pain on his back felt so amazing. He leaned down on his elbows and pressed his chest on top of Makoto’s. He grinned, feeling all Makoto’s cum streak out onto their bodies. Giving his all in the last few thrust Sousuke moaned and groaned as he filled Makoto to the point his cum spilled out of him. His body was sweaty, skin burning and he couldn’t hold himself up, but the thought of watching his cum slip out of Makoto gave him the strength to sit up. Panting he lifted his body up and slipped out of Makoto, grinning when he watched his cum dribble out of his hole.

Makoto panted heavily, letting his arms fall to his sides as he came down from his orgasm, a slight smile on his lips, it was too much for him. He could feel the hot liquid run down his ass and he hummed contently, looking at Sousuke with a great full expression. "That was.... The best sex.... I've ever had...." Makoto mumbled quietly as he closed his eyes, feeling the exhaustion on his body. Sousuke was a hot fuck, the way he managed to make him come undone in such a short period of time was proof that he could do so much more, and Makoto wanted more of this Alpha. The thoughts of mating season disappearing.

Chapter Text

The sight of Makotos pucker dripping with his own cum caused the Officers eyes to darken, it looked delicious. It looked as if it wasn’t finished being abused, he smirked, a small whisper leaving his lips “Fuck yea it was.” Picking up a small amount on his finger Sousuke licked it off, the taste made him go down for more. Gripping the Omegas thighs Sousuke began to lick around his entrance, cleaning the area completely off.

Makoto thought he was done but fuck he had never been more wrong, he gripped the sheets tightly and let a hoarse moan escape his lips, "Fuck! Sou!" He called out and bit his lip, trying his hardest not to look back or else he’d end up wanting more of the officer.

Sousuke grinned, he moved his tongue faster, sliding it over and around his rim, even when the cum was gone he continued. Just loving the taste of Makoto, giving one last kiss and suck Sousuke popped himself off of him and rested back on his knees, he chuckled and gazed over the amazing view, a small sigh left his lips. “He looks so cute when he’s getting wrecked.” He thought to himself, Makotos ass looked like two mountains from this angle. "I think you paid your due, don't you agree?" Sousuke teased, remembering they had been joking about it earlier.

Looking back to the behemoth Alpha, Makoto bit down hard on his lower lip and nodded, "I think so... Officer." He hummed, even though his thoughts of finding a mate vanished both with his energy and clothing. Makoto wouldn’t help but wonder how exactly it felt to make love with a mate, Sousuke was rough yet he felt loved and taken care of the entire time. Casual sex wasn’t this good, it didn’t last this long. He knew that for a fact, yet why did he still feel lonely? Even after finding a potential mate. Setting his thoughts aside, the Omega pulled Sousuke down to lie on the bed, resting his head on the Alphas strong chest, tracing those strong muscles with his finger. "Could... we do this again?" He asked, hopeful to hear a yes, but somewhat expecting a no. I mean, why would someone as gorgeous as Sousuke want to spend more time with a weak Omega like Makoto? And besides, there must've been at least a thousand other Omegas waiting for mating season, to even get a chance to be Fucked by Sousuke.

With Makoto on his chest, Sousuke rested his hands in back on his head. Even in this comfy position he could still see that Makotos ass bulged over his back, the guy had a strong back and it was a great view while he was getting pounded. But even with a large back he could still see those plushy cheeks peeking through. It was hard to keep his teal hues from eye Fucking the man, they trailed over Makotos thighs and hips. All so toned and thick to hold in his large hands, he smirked a bit and answered immediately after he snapped out of his daze “Of course, you’ve got my number and whenever you need me I'll come running to you?" He said contently and closed his eyes, a thought came to mind, followed by a small chuckle before speaking "Does that mean you aren't kicking me out then?" It was the same every time, the Omega would kick Sousuke out after a bit of small talk, he felt a bit degraded after but then again he wasn’t looking for a mate anyway so the only way to fill his libido was exactly this.

Makoto let a small giggle escape his lips as he shook his head, snuggling closer to Sousuke. "God no... I want you to stay... All night long." He hummed and bit his lip, turning up to look at the Alpha in his bed, he was so handsome, he had chiseled features and those eyes… They were completely gorgeous and even more so when they were fogged with lust. "I'd like to see you much more Yamazaki-San..." He hummed softly and trailed a hand over his chest.

Sousuke eyes bulged a bit, he looked down to Makoto, "More of me?" with a smile on his face to hide the fact he was actually pretty confused. He was positive Makoto only wanted him for sex, so Sousuke said what he thought he wanted hear. Talk about sex he guessed? "But you've already seen so much of me Tachi." He grabbed the Omegas hand gently and trailed it down his own body, teasingly running it over his entire torso. "You've seen my chest, my abs, and you got especially comfortable with this." He put Makoto’s hand on his cock and brushed over it before bringing it to his lips and kissing it.

Makoto gasped a little as he felt every crook and dent of Sousukes muscles, he was so fit. So strong and it was no wonder that Haru would tell him that the stronger Alphas naturally had larger and fit bodies. "N-no...." He whispered pulling his hand away, and resting it on Sousukes shoulder. "I mean... See you more often... Go out, get a cup of coffee... Just be with you." Makoto said, with a slight tinge of pink spreading on his cheeks. "Not just for sex." He added at the end and nuzzled Sousuke, hiding his face in the crook of his neck, placing a gentle kiss on the skin. If this were happening, if he really was about to be shot down by an Alpha for wanting to be committed, he wouldn’t know how to handle it. The life of an Omega was filled with so many emotions when the superior partner was around. Why did Alphas do this to Omegas who truly could be perfect for them? For the sex? When you choose a mate and spend the season together, that’s when the real amazing sex happens. So why bother sleeping around?! He couldn’t get this out of his head, he wanted to cry, this would be the first time he would feel a heart break as an Omega.

"You want me to be your boyfriend Tachi?" Sousuke tilted his head, he was a bit surprised. Then again, Makoto was really sweet, even though he was a completely different person in bed. But it still made Sousuke smile. He pulled the Omega into a tender kiss, Makoto was something new, but this new was feeling pretty cozy so far. They had good conversation, well… The times when they aren’t trying to get into each other’s pants, that starting a relationship with him is something he actually wanted.

Makoto's cheeks darkened instantly, he couldn't believe what he had just heard, but yes, for not only an Alpha, but a man like Sousuke, it would always be yes.. "O-only if you want to...." He replied shyly, looking away embarrassed by the situation. He couldn't believe how easy it was for him to get flustered by Sousuke, even these small words played with his mind. "I'd like that a lot..." He hummed quietly and buried his face in Sousuke's chest.

Sousuke had the brightest smile on his face, well, as bright as a smile on Sousuke could get. He chuckled and lifted Makoto’s head up so there eyes could meet. "Don't have to be so shy Makoto, I'm your boyfriend now after all." he chuckled a bit more before planting small kisses on Makoto’s lips and cheeks.


Makoto giggled at his words and at the small kisses Sousuke placed on him, surprisingly enough the male could be sweet and gentle, not just sexy and rough. "So I can call you Sousuke?" He asked as he bit down on his lip, excited about the idea of calling him by his first name, it was a nice name after all, it should be used as often as possible.

"You can call me whatever you want Tachi, I already have your nickname." He smiled, not remembering when he started calling Makoto Tachi in the first place. It might have been when he found out his last name. Sousuke pulled Makoto up more so he could rest his cheek on his head. He placed his hand on Makotos ass and lightly began to massage it. Nothing sexual, it was mostly a soothing touch.

Makoto blushed, did Sousuke really love his ass so much? It was embarrassing but he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy it. "I'll think of a cute name for you... But for now you'll have to be Sousuke." He teased and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. There was a bit of silence before Makoto began to squirm in his place, there was already something bothering him and they had barely gotten together. He needed to speak up about it. "We're together but I don't know anything about you besides your name and what you do for a living." Makoto said with a small pout. "Tell me about you, officer..." He teased again, knowing that the name, even though other people called him by that, would always have a different meaning for him, just thinking about it managed to make him hot and bothered again.

Sousuke smirked, "Well, when you call me officer it's kind of hard to keep myself composed." He teased and looked up at the ceiling before giving a sigh. "Well, what’s there to say about me? I used to swim with my best friend in high school and middle school. We gave that up and became police officers. I live alone, no siblings. I have both parents, don't talk to them at all. I fell in love with a guy at a cafe today. His name is Makoto Tachibana, he has brown hair, an amazing ass, and I mean amazing! Shit, what else?" He chuckled a bit before turning to Makoto and raising an eyebrow "What about you? Tell me a bit about the green eyed angel."

Makoto giggled and wiggled his ass a little for Sousuke, "you think I have a great ass?" He hummed and gave him a quick kiss. "My best friend and I also swam together, he's a chef now, and he’s even starting up a restaurant soon... I want to be a fireman. I talk to my parents a lot, I have two younger siblings, and they’re twins. And I met the hottest guy today who just happens to be my boyfriend, I think you know him, Sousuke Yamazaki... Really tall, pretty tanned, super buff... Massive cock." Makoto whispered the last part and hid his face in the Alphas neck.

Sousuke chuckled and nodded his head "The notorious Yamazaki huh?" he said, staring towards the ceiling. "Fireman though? Good career, sexy outfit, I dig it. I could even hook you up with shorter classes, the Police Station and Fire Station work together anyway." Sousuke yawned and turned his body to face Makotos. The man really did look like he belonged with wings behind his back. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of him, a hand cupped the side of his face “How did I get so lucky to find a green eyed angel?" he whispered and gave Makoto a long kiss.

He was actually willing to help, that means Sousuke was supportive of Makotos dreams! That made him smile, he needed support but also wanted to be an adult and do it on his own. "Thank you, but I'd rather do it normally so I could learn more. Even if that means more time." A small blush spread over Makoto’s cheeks as he looked up, getting lost in the teal sea of his loves eyes. "the same way I found the blue eyes demon..." He hummed, the outcome was way different than he had thought. Sousuke had attracted him from only his looks, scent and body. But after they had connected he couldn’t even imagine being away from him for too long. This is what Haru had warned him about, if an Omega truly wanted a mate it would show in his emotions and health.

Sousuke raised an eyebrow and grinned "Blue eyed demon? A demon and an angel rocking in the sheets, sounds like a really good porno, maybe we should tape it the next time Tachi." Sousuke teased, knowing it would make Makoto blush. He turned on his side and pulled him closer. "I was thinking tomorrow you could meet a friend of mine. His name is Rin, he has red hair and fucking sharp ass teeth. You won't miss him, we’re thinking about getting tattoos . Wanna come?"

Makoto did blush at the words. It was fascinating how Sousuke managed to always make him blush, something only very little people managed to do. It may have been the fact he was an Omega now, but he didn’t care for the little details. "T-that... Maybe..." He said in almost a whisper, he wouldn't mind having a tape with Sousuke, he knew if they actually did he'd watch it countless times. At the mention of his friend Makoto perked up, other Alphas? A date? NO. It was not a date, well they were dating… But still! "you're thinking of getting a tattoo? Where?" Makoto asked, interested. Sousukes body was after all the perfect canvas, all muscle, he could imagine a few places he'd love to see a tattoo on him.

"I want a portrait, waves and cherry blossoms going down my chest to my legs. I couldn't get um when I joined the force, now it's more acceptable. So we’re taking advantage of it." Sousuke cupped Makoto’s ass, slowly kneading it in his large hand. The memories of not nearly an hour ago came back, You couldn’t blame the Alpha for having it on his mind so much. Giving his ass a loud slap Sousuke stood from the bed and stretched. "What do you think about it?"

Makoto was about to answer him about the tattoo when he felt Sousukes hand slap his ass, he let out a yelpish gasp, "Sousuke!" He cried and buried his face in the pillow, cheeks burning red. Sousuke was getting very comfortable with that, if he were to do that in public did it mean he was slowly beginning the claim him? No, stop that Makoto! Do not scare the man off just yet! He slowly peeked up from the pillow and looked at Sousukes body, biting his lip, Fuck, no wonder an Omega can become obsessed. "It'll look fucking hot..." He said slowly, feeling his stomach clench. Makoto got onto his knees and crawled over to him, he sat up, resting his hands on Sousukes strong shoulders and placing soft kisses on his neck. "Really hot...." He mewled.

A sly grin spread over the Alphas lips, he looked over his shoulder at Makoto and chuckled. This guy really can’t get enough, he thought as he turned his body around and cupped Makotos plump ass again "You think so?” He whispered before leaning down and giving his chest a few wet kisses. He massages Makotos ass and suddenly had an idea. "We should go shower together, to get all this filth off of our bodies. Don't you think, Tachi?" he swayed their bodies from side to side, purposely brushing his cock over Makotos.

Makoto hummed happily at the kisses and let a small gasp when he felt the massive cock against his. "I think that would be a wonderful idea Sou..." He hummed and pulled him up for a kiss. "I'd love to see your body all wet..."

Sousuke chuckled and began to tease Makoto "Oh? And here I just wanted to get clean for my boyfriend.” He picked the Omega up and wrapping his legs around his own waist. Walking to the nearest bathroom Sousuke had begun to kiss Makotos neck, he lazily reached and turned on the water to a warm temperature before stepping inside.

He had never been picked up before and it was actually really soothing not being the tallest or broadest person of the group. He was used to being the biggest and now that he had found a man who not only is a strong Alpha but is behemoth sized compared to him, Makoto couldn’t have been more grateful. "You're really strong Sou..." He hummed softly and tilted his head as his neck was kissed, enjoying the touch. "And you know you didn't just want to bathe babe..." Makoto said softly and moved to give him a kiss as the water heated up.

"No, I think we know which one of us is the more innocent. I just wanna clean my boyfriend and I think you Tachi just wants to be fucked." Sousuke whispered the last part before walking under the shower head. He locked lips with Makoto, letting his tongue graze over his plump, pink lips for permission.

Though he never really needed permission, Makoto would always happily part his lips for him, he sucked on Sousukes tongue the moment it slipped in, letting a happy sound escape his throat, enjoying the feel of their tongues sliding and twisting together. "You know.... You want to...” Makoto said between the kiss and started to grind against him, rubbing their cocks together.

Sousuke furrowed his brows, he continued to jam his tongue inside Makotos mouth. Makoto was surprisingly very light, so Sousuke pulled Makotos body up and down, rubbing their lengths together. He wanted to tease him and say he was always horny. But couldn’t do so, his mouth was too busy devouring his lover. Groans left his lips, nearly moaning was the Alpha.

The Omega couldn’t handle it, he sounded so… Amazing, he didn’t know Sousuke could sound like that, he let out a whimper, pulling their bodies closer as he dug his nails into his shoulders, raking them down his arms. He broke the kiss and gave Sousuke a look, one that came with the new change in his body, one that he prayed would break him; his eyes were half lidded, his lips swollen, pink and slightly parted, and his cheeks were flushed pink, his skin was dewy, it was a look that begged for more of Sousuke, begging for his need to be dominated to be filled once again. He let out a small moan, "please..."

Sousukes eyes widened, seconds away from fainting till he shook his head and spoke "God fuckin' damn Makoto, don't do this to me..." He said before locking their lips again. His large tongue dominating the kiss immediately. Sousuke pulled Makoto higher and pushed him to the wall. Almost aggressively he rubbed his tip against Makotos entrance, trying his best not to buck his hips up. Sousuke could feel Makoto opening up to him, he roughly slid inside. His eyes nearly rolled back at how hungrily the Omegas tight pucker would wrap around his cock.

Makoto let out a shaky moan, digging his nails into Sousukes broad shoulders. He tangled their tongues together and groaned, a sly smile curved over the side of his lips. It had worked, was this really what Omegas talents were? He was both grateful and offended, but also Makoto was eager, he wanted to take him in deep, all the way to the hilt, "S-Sou...." He moaned quietly between their kisses, whimpering at the desperate need to feel more of his boyfriend.

Sousuke broke the kiss and bit into Makotos neck. He pushed the brunette down on his cock till he was fully inside. Panting and without warning he began to pound into Makoto, harder as he felt the sharp nails dig into his skin. He smirked, the sound of wet skin slapping against each other. "Come on Tachi…. come on Tachi, take it!" Sousuke would growl into Makoto’s ear as his own nails dug into the Omegas thighs.

A loud cry escaped Makoto's lips when he felt Sousukes teeth sink deep into his skin. "Ah~! My!... God!" He moaned and dug his nails into the strong back, taking the claws down the Alphas sides. "Sou~ ahn.." He couldn't stop moaning, the feeling of his boyfriend being so deep inside him left him with his mouth hanging open, he was on a high. His body was reacting perfectly with Sousukes every move.

God this man was like a Fucking cat, he’d have more scratches then the time an actual cat tried to maul him. He bit into Makotos neck again in return and stuck a few digits into his mouth. Fuck the sight before him was something he’d never want to forget, he shook his head and moaned lightly "Look at you Makoto, so wet, so good, you little a slut." He breathed and threw his head back, Sousuke swirled his fingers in Makotos tongue, playing with his needy tongue “My slut, you're mine Tachibana!" Sousuke nearly yelled as he felt his release coming. Stomach tightening, and body shuddering the Alpha male kept his composure as he came inside the whimpering Omega “Take it! Eat all my Fucking cum!”

Makoto gladly took Sousuke's fingers in his mouth, happily getting them wetter each time between loud moans. He had never been spoken to like this before, why did it make him feel so good? Why did he want Sousuke to continue calling him that? It was vulgar and rude but when this Alpha would say it he believed it, he was a slut, he was Sousukes slut and he loved it. He nodded his head desperately as he sucked on the long fingers, moans escaping his lips when he felt his lover's release there was no way he could hold back, he moaned Sousukes name loudly and sank his teeth into the digits, just as the hot liquid shot out onto both their stomachs and chests.

"Arrgh!" Sousuke grunted as gave one last hard thrust into Makoto. He felt Makotos hot liquid run down his chest and neck as his own liquid filled him up. Fuck that hurt, his fingers throbbed, ‘I bet he doesn’t even realize he Fuckin’ bit me…’ he bitterly thought before holding himself up by propping his hand on the wall. Slowly he slid down to his knees panting. "Fuck... Fuck Tachi." He breathed out, leaving small kisses on the other neck. "We made a mess again..."

Makoto could hardly form a sentence properly, he just nodded against Sousukes lips and tangled his fingers in the dark locks of his hair, caressing him softly. "W-we.... D-did..." He hummed, giggling when he heard his own voice. It was pretty bad, he’d probably lose it by tomorrow. Makoto could feel his legs shaking, his thighs burned and god his ass... "Y-you make m-me a m-mess S-Sou...."

Sousuke chuckled as he looked over to Makoto. He shook his head and kissed his cheeks, nose, and forehead. "I like it when you're a mess, I mean look at you. You drool, you moan, you make it hard for a man like me not to pound you." After a few more kisses to his face Sousuke pulled out and began to clean the second load of cum with a much more innocent technique.

He was so exhausted; he knew he’d be sore tomorrow but the thought of why only made him giggle like a horny school girl. His legs trembled, his inner thighs ached and not to mention the sting that was coming from his ass. "You really are a demon Sou..." Makoto hummed as he looked up at Sousuke, a small smirk on his lips as he bit them. Makoto was more than tired so he really needed to get up, he sighed and forced his trembling legs to lift his weight up so he could wash off his cum.

Though it took Sousuke a moment to finally get to his feet, he leaned back against the tile on the wall and crossed his arms. Taking in every, and all crevices of Makotos muscles. "How did I get so god damn lucky." he whispered to himself before going towards Makoto and giving the back of his neck a small kiss. He leaned over and let the water hit his face, they were big guys. So it was a bit hard for Sousuke to move around. "Wash me babe?" Sousuke asked innocently before wrapping his arms around Makotos waist.

Makoto's blushed a little, Sousuke was being incredibly sweet. "Of course... But you need to let go of me first." He answered with a little giggle. When he felt his boyfriend pull away he grabbed the soap bottle and dabbed some on his hands, rubbing them together to warm the liquid. He started on Sousuke's chest, rubbing the soap in the skin softly, admiring his naked body as he did.

Sousuke closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of his boyfriends soft hands. So this is what a domestic relationship feels like? Not even ten minutes ago he was scared shitless Makoto was going to kick him out. Now he's washing his body, awesome. After a few moments Sousuke put his hands on Makotos hips, and pulled him a bit closer. Right now all he wanted to do was cuddle with him. But of course he had to wait until the shower was finished. Wait what?... Cuddle? ‘I’m a god Damn Alpha! I shouldn’t want to cuddle, this isn’t even my mate?!’ Shit… His thoughts were taking a different turn, he couldn’t continue so he merely closed his eyes and thought of something else.

Makoto smiled softly at him as a soft shade of pink spread across his cheeks. "Do you want to wash me off? That way I can clean myself up and then we can go to bed..." He hummed and kissed his cheek softly. Sousuke was wonderful to look at and touch, the tattoo would look amazing on him, no doubt. "Sou... What's your favourite animal?" He asked a bit after, with a curious hum.

Sousuke nodded, before stepping into the water, and let it rinse off all the suds, he raised an eyebrow before answering and turning to Makoto "Don't laugh, alright? I got this thing for Whale Sharks. Those huge fucking sharks? My coworkers say I look like one, big mouth and shit."

Makoto tried his best not to laugh, but it was a bit hard not to. "A whale shark... Yeah I see it." He teased playfully and shifted closer to Sousuke as he put the bottle of soap down. "So that's your favorite animal huh?" He hummed and kissed his cheek softly. "Mine are cats and orcas... I love Orcas." He told him.

Sousuke chuckled when he heard Makoto teasing. But of course wouldn't let him get away with it. So Sousuke slyly gave a slap to Makotos ass, happy it was wet because of the louder sound and he knew that would sting. But before he could get yelled at he began to speak "An Orca? I could understand the cats, maybe now I have an idea for a present. What does a stuffed toy Orca and a kitten sound for you?"

Makoto was obviously going to squeal and yell at him for slapping him but what Sousuke said made his eye go wide."l-like a real kitten?" He asked biting his lip trying to hide the smile that was spreading the on his face. "I'd love the orca b-but you don't need to get me a really kitten." He said shaking his head, cats were expensive now a days and he didn't want Sousuke wasting money on him, though… A cat did sound nice.

"Nonsense, first presents in a relationship are the most important. And I want it to last, what else last longer than a kitten? And I mean a REAL kitten, not a stuffed toy like the Orca." Sousuke said before running his hands over Makotos thighs, he wanted to wash his legs too, but mostly because he wanted to touch his wet body. God, did this guy work out a lot or what? From the looks of it he took leg and ass day really seriously.

"Sou...." He hummed softly and let his head fall back when he felt Sousukes hands on his thighs. "Please don't get me a real kitten... Not now. I don't make much and I won't be able to take care of it.... And I also don't want you to waste money on cat stuff... Not only are they expensive but taking care of them is also expensive...." He said sounding somewhat sad, he had to be strong, he couldn’t give in just yet. Makoto still couldn't believe how gentle Sousukes touch was though, he could almost melt.

Sousuke gave Makoto very small kisses to his lower back. He smiled at how much Makoto thought of others and the well being of the kitten. "Don't worry about it Tachi, I'll pay for everything. I make enough money to take care of the kitten and to buy it. You just sit back and relax and enjoy me spoiling you." he stood up again and kissed Makotos neck. "Because you know what, I really just want to spoil you rotten Makoto."

Makoto's cheeks went bright pink at the words, why was Sousuke doing all of this for someone he just met today? Even worse, a person who he isn’t looking into being his mate. "Sou... Please don't..." He begged even though he wanted a cat, he's wanted a cat for so long now. "I'll buy one myself when I get the money... Please don't waste yours on me..." He said softly, turning back to look at Sousuke with pleading eyes. "Or not now at least... We just met and you might come to hate me..."

Sousuke lifted Makotos chin and looked into his eyes "Don't say that, I'll never hate you. In such a short amount of time I already love everything about you. And yea, I said love. Not like." He leaned down and gave Makoto a few pecks to his face. Sousuke wasn't one for love, he wasn’t looking to spend mating season with anyone either but Makoto was a lot different. "And I'm getting you the kitten tomorrow after work, I get out at four so I can pick you up after you're done with work. I'll bring my friend over too and he could meet yours."

Makoto frowned at all he said, wasn't 'love' a little too much to be using now? Oh no… He was one of ‘those’ Alphas Haru had warned him about. They’d Fuck for weeks and he’d tell him how much he loved him till the season hits. That’s when he’ll leave Makoto… He shook the thought away and tried to seem happy about it all, giving Sousuke a small smile. "Yeah..." He mumbled and turned the water off, grabbing two towels and handing one to his boyfriend as he wrapped the other around his waist and walked out of the bathroom. He felt uneasy, so he just wanted to sleep. Makoto walked to his drawer and put on a pair of boxers and an old t-shirt whose collar was stretched down a little too much.

Sousuke raised an eyebrow at the way Makoto reacted to his love confession. He thought Omegas loved that? His teal eyes looked down before heading towards the stairs, maybe he was scaring him off with all that love shit? I mean, he did mean it… He'd have to call Rin and ask about it. Maybe he shouldn't sleep over tonight, what if Makoto tries to push him away because he's being too clingy. Fuck, no he likes Makoto too much not to stay. Once down stairs he grabbed his duffle bag and took out his clothing. He brought it back up stairs and set it on the floor. Sousuke didn't wear much to sleep so he merely put on some briefs set the towel back in the bathroom before getting into bed.

All the while the brunette was feeling a little bed about the way he reacted to Sousukes confession, Ha ru specifically told him that Alphas and Omegas do attract each other quickly but the second part doesn’t come as quickly for the Alphas as it did for Omegas. He squirmed a bit in bed, he had his back turned to Sousuke. "Sou..." He called out, "it's not that I don't feel the same way about you... I honestly think I do but I just don't think I'm ready to say it..." He told said, his voice full of honesty, when he heard nothing from the Alpha Makoto felt a tear almost spilling form his eye. This can’t happen on the same night, declaring to be his boyfriend and fighting… He turned his body around and rested a leg over the behemoths waist. "I guess I'm afraid to jinx it..." he explained, wanting something, any type of reaction from the Alpha since he wasn’t speaking, but he needed to make these things clear, "and about the cat. Please don't Sou... Not yet at least.. Please."

Sousuke was still in a bit of shock, he had been rejected and he couldn’t see why. Nothing other than that stupid shit about Alphas being sex hungry Fucks. He wasn’t like that… Well, ok so he was but Makoto was different and he really thought they could be something. He furrowed his brows at the things he was saying. He loved Makoto, he really did and so early in the relationship but it just happened. Sousuke rested a hand on Makotos thigh and massages it lightly. Even with the situation he still gave a smile and rested his free hand under his head "Don't worry about it, I'm not gonna force you to say it. But if you don't want me saying it either I won't, whatever makes you comfortable... And about the cat, whenever you're ready for that too. I'll still bring the stuffed Orca though."

Makoto giggled softly and kissed Sousuke's chest gently. At least he wasn’t angry at him "You can say it as much as you want Sou... I like hearing it... I just don't want you to expect me to say it so soon... It's a bit scary for me." He explained and smiled up at his blue eyed boyfriend. "Thank you for the orca... I’ll make a call to Haru to meet us at the coffee shop tomorrow then."

Sousuke nodded, he turned his body and hugged Makoto close. Ok so he didn't fuck everything up, he just needs to watch his words a little more. He reached over for his phone and called Rin. He needed to tell him to go to the coffee shop before he buzzed in for work. He knew the asshole would want some type of explanation but he just explained it would be better in person. As Sousuke explained the situation for tomorrow, he gave small kisses to his lovers’ neck.

Makoto blushed, this felt right, it really did. But he needed to tell Haru! Grabbing his phone he sent a text to Haruka, telling him to be there and at what time. He traced patterns on Sousukes chest after, sloppily tracing a whale shark and an orca, giggling to himself.

Sousuke smiled as he watched Makoto, how adorable... Once he hung up the phone Sousuke set it aside and out on his alarm. He was hoping they'd wake up around the same time so he wouldn’t have to wake the angel up too early.

"Ready for bed, Tachi?”

Chapter Text

So far the day had gone by faster than intended, Sousuke sat in his patrol car waiting for his red headed partner outside the office. He had just gotten off the phone with Rin and was expecting to pick him up since the two Alphas shifts were located in different areas of the city. Why was it that he always hoped that there would be some type of crimes going on? The most he had done today was catch an asshole running away with some stolen items. He was sent to jail and Sousuke didn’t even have to lift a damn finger.

Hit thoughts were cut short when a smidge of red went into sight, Sousuke scowled. Rin had that stupid Fucking grin on his face again, he always did when he wanted to piss Sousuke off. Once he was seated the sharp toothed Alpha leaned against his seat and smirked. "So... This guy you JUST met... He sounds... Cute." Sousuke rolled his eyes, he didn’t say much about the night he spent with the Omega. He actually liked Makoto and he wasn’t going to give details, but from the looks of it Rin already knew what they did. "I'm just saying Sou, the guy sounds like the complete opposite from you. I don’t get what’s making you see him again, he doesn’t seem that special." He continued when no reaction was given as he buckled himself in.

With a sigh Sousuke drove off and into the streets, it was around lunch time and the two got their break a little earlier. "Yea I know, but he's amazing and you'll get to see him soon, so shut the hell up."


Rin sighed like a little child and crossed his arms. He sat back in the seat and looked out the window. "I don't see how you could find a hot guy at a coffee shop so quickly. It's a Fucking coffee shop for Christ sakes! Who finds nice ass there?"

Sousuke just smirked "Well, it looks like I did. And trust me, he’s so much better than just nice ass. I got the whole deal, he's amazing as a person and…” He paused for just a moment, from the way Rin looked over and his pearly sharp teeth pocked out, he knew what Sousuke was about to admit. Well, maybe not all of it. “In bed..... He’s so Fucking good in bed, Rin. He’s a weak Omega I can smell it but Fuck, I haven’t had that before…..I uh….. I told him I loved him too..." Fuck here it goes…

Rin’s eyes shot open, he leaned over and hit his friend over the back of the head, causing the larger Alpha to slightly swerve on the streets "Are you INSANE?! You two barely know each other! You bought him a stuffed Orca AND said I love you?! God you’re a Fuckin’ idiot... You aren’t looking for a mate, asshole. WE, us as Alphas don’t do that shit! That’s why neither of us is dating!"


Halfway through Makotos shift Haruka made a visit to the shop, they had been best friends since the infant years and Makoto couldn’t have been more grateful to have him there. The two were both Omegas, even though Haru matured earlier he still thought of Makoto as any other Omega. Not weak, not broken but normal. With Haru he always had someone to talk to that wasn't just interested in his romantic life, but at the same time he was the only person he would really care to tell it to. And now that Sousuke was a real person and not just his deepest fantasy he could finally open up to Haru about him, though he won’t be too happy of the fact they had just met… As he prepared them both warm cups of coffee, Makotos mouth launched off with every detail of the date he went on the night before, well, he kept quiet about to hand cuffs.

Haru honestly wasn’t too keen on this Alpha, he was an experienced Omega and knew exactly how things went. They talked sweet to you only long enough to use your body and then leave you when it was most important. And the fact it was only a month and a half till mating season was pretty damn suspicious. Not to mention Makoto was a sucker for large Alpha men, he couldn’t blame him but that only meant he had to watch over him so much closer. "Makoto... Are you sure it's not just his body you're interested in? Because I don't see how you two could possibly work out."

Makoto pouted at the words and let out a small whine, "But Haru, he's not just hot, he's funny, he’s playful and he's so good to me! I think we could honestly work out." Makoto chimed a small hum in his voice before he let out a dreamy sigh. Just the thought of Sousuke made the Omega want to be held by those strong arms. But from the looks of his best friend, he could tell he was not amused... As he pouted a thought came to mind, Haru wasn’t dating or looking for a mate at the moment, he gave a sly smile and set down the other Omegas cup of coffee. "Plus I hear his friend is really cute… We’ll meet him today.”

Haru rolled his eyes, he wasn’t in the mood to be hooked up with another deceiving Alpha. As he sipped his coffee Makoto pouted and looked down, he wanted to say something else. But he didn’t know what his reaction would be. So he spat it out, whether Haruka liked it or not “He told me he loved me and asked me to be his boyfriend last night.”

"He said what?!" Haru exclaimed, nearly choking on his coffee as his eye widened at Makotos confession.

The brunette went red and giggled happily, "He said it! And he promised me a stuffed Orca... And he's thinking of getting a tattoo... Oh and Haru his eyes!" Makoto hummed, his voice sounding almost musical as he described his boyfriend.

"Makoto... I'm really happy you got laid, but Alphas are not to be played around with… please be careful..." Haruka warned calming himself from the aftershock with a sip of his coffee, even with his words of wisdom he could still Makoto grinning and almost floating around the coffee shop.

"Oh, Haru! You'll love him when you meet him, promise."Makoto said with a wave as he slipped away to serve another costumer.


Sousuke grunted as he was hit, he sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "I... Just had to... Because I do! I swear I do, and I'm not taking it back so fuck off."

Rin rolled his eyes "Alright, I warned you. Go ahead and get fucked over sweet heart, let's just get there already I’m starving and your break is almost over. Dick." Rin was more than bitter to the idea, only a month and a few weeks till the season and this idiot wants to start dating? Fucking idiot, it’s like he wants to settle down already. He won’t be able to control himself when the season starts, that Omega will catch Sousuke in his scent and they’ll end up mating and he’ll be stuck with a weak Omega.

Sousuke only nodded as he drove up to the coffee shop, once parked he could see the Omega floating around, it brought a smile to his lips. Makoto had such a happy aura, it made the Alphas day so much brighter, especially having woken up with that beauty this morning. Grabbing the giant Orca plushy from the back he and Rin walked into the shop. Earning a few turn of the heads and growls from other Alphas, they were both strong Alpha males, so their scent was pretty powerful.
Both Haru and Makoto perked up, the strong scent of the Alphas hit them hard. Even an Omega like Haru couldn’t help but be reeled into the smell, though he would never admit it did anything to him beside make him woozy.
Immediately Sousuke smiled at Makoto, walking up to the counter he proudly presented the plushy gift "Morning, like it baby?"

Rin just stood behind, staring at the other direction. Sousuke was right, Makoto really was a weaker Omega. His scent barely hit him, though from the looks of it he could see now why Sousuke was attracted to him. But he respected his Alpha brother and gave the two their privacy.

Makoto blushed and giggled when he saw the Orca, like a child he took the stuffed Marine into his arms and hugged it tightly against his chest, "I love it Sou..." He hummed happily, "Sit down, what get can I get you boys?" He asked with shining green eyes as he looked at his large boyfriend, biting his lip when he remembered the events of the previous night. "How about a slice of carrot cake?" He asked playfully, "With a hint of whipped cream?" He hummed the words, knowing exactly that they'd lead into Sousuke's thoughts.

The larger Alpha looked up at Makoto a grin slowly curving over his lips, he took a seat and nodded his head before answering Makoto "Yea, I'll take that. And put extra whipped cream on top." with that he gave Makoto a wink.

It was getting a bit awkward for the other Alpha since his best friend was too busy eye Fucking his boyfriend. Though, Makoto did smell sweet from over there. Nudging Sousukes shoulder he cleared his throat, Sousuke looked up, nearly forgetting Rin. "Oh! This is Matsuoka Rin, we work together. Rin this is Makoto, my boyfriend and..." he looked over to Haru and held out his hand "You must be Haru, I'm Sousuke."

"Oh, it’s nice to meet you Matsouka-san." Makoto hummed softly, "Is there anything I could get you?" He asked as he started to make Sousuke's coffee.

Haruka looked at Sousuke for a while before shaking his hand, "Nice to meet the both of you." Their scents were really strong… He looked over to Rin who had nudged his way a bit closer before it finally hit him. He was the one whose scent was stronger, well. To Haru it was, he blushed and gave a nod before turning back in his seat. He still found this entire relationship a little too strange for his liking, so he wasn’t going to let two meat head Alphas stop him from his mission to care for Makoto. "Could I get a refill on mine Makoto?" He asked, trying to get his mind off.


Rin smiled and gave a nod to Makoto, so the guy was really kind hearted after all. Plus he was good looking. But.... Rin’s attention was on someone else. He had continued to stare at Haru as he and Sousuke shook hands "Um... Just c-coffee..." he said nervously as he looked over his large friends back to catch another glimpse of Haru. Shit, his eyes, he barely got a glimpse of them before the guy turned away.

Sousuke noticed this and grinned. He stood from his seat and offered it to his friend "You sit here, I wanna be closer to Makoto anyway." Rin gulped before they switched seats. He gave Haru a nervous smile before looking away. Fuck, this guy smelled good. His policy was no dating while mating season was so close. So he had to stay strong.

Haruka looked at Rin a couple of times, so this was Sousuke's friend, not bad at all. "Hi..." He finally said, hoping it would make the Alpha feel more comfortable, "So you're a cop..." he said as he looked over the males features, Haru was a serious person, not all of the time especially of course, especially with Makoto but his demeanor at the moment was not helping Rin’s nervousness.

The red head got a little stiff when Haru spoke, but did his best to answer without looking like an idiot. "Yea... I work with Sousuke and I’m… We’re I mean, kinda like partners." he only glanced every now and then, his eyes darting away every time he’d catch those deep blue’s locked onto him.

When Makoto turned around and saw the two interacting he giggled a little, he knew they’d hit it off one way or another. At least it took Haru’s attention off he and Sousuke.

Taking his lovers drink and cake, he set them down on the table "Don't touch the cake." Makoto warned as he refilled Haruka's coffee and made one for Rin, handing the two steaming cups over to them as discretely as possible, not wanting to break their conversation, but he had an idea, "Haru, Rin is also thinking of getting a tattoo." He told his friend before returning to Sousuke's side and smiling happily.

Sousuke smirked as he watched them but turned to Makoto "How come I can't have any of my cake?" he asked innocently, puckering his lips to get a kiss.

"Because I want the whipped cream..." Makoto replied, giving Sousuke a soft kiss on his lips before pulling away and passing his finger over the whipped cream, taking the digits into in his mouth, he sucked them off, never breaking eye contact with his boyfriend.


Sousuke lips parted slightly, his eyes lidded at the tempting sight before him. "What did I tell you about taking responsibility for your actions..." he whispered, reminding his lover of how things had gone the first time.

Makoto bit his lip a little at the thought, he blushed but decided to tease Sousuke about it. "I think I have to be reminded, officer Yamazaki..." He almost moaned out teasingly, costing his finger in the cream again, licking it off slowly.

Sousuke raised an eyebrow as his eyes followed the tempting pink tongue. He slowly bit his lip and grinned "Don't make me take out my cuffs Makoto..." Sousuke warned before grabbing his coffee.

“I wouldn't mind if you did..." Makoto hummed and smirked at him before he stood to tend another customer, letting his hips sway in hopes Sousuke would stare.


"What tattoo do you want to get? I have one too." Haruka admitted, swirling his spoon in the steaming liquid, he gave a small smile to Rin. Alright, he’d admit it, he was cute.

Rin perked up, he loved talking about these types of things, he gave a wide tooth smile "I want to get a Great White Shark and some cherry blossoms around it. Kinda’ like Sou except he wants a Whale Shark to match his big ass mouth... What do you have?"

Haruka smiled at the idea of his tattoo, he could see it. It did fit him "You two really are best friends, getting similar tattoos and all... I have a tribal style Dolphin on my right inner thigh." He said with a smile, though he was caught off guard. Those… Were different, he smirked a little at the sight of the Alphas teeth. "A shark..." He mumbled to himself.


Rin nodded his head "Sounds badass, I'd like to see I-... I mean, if you have pictures or stencils of it… I'd like to see it." Rin wanted to slap himself, but only gave a nervous smile. His sharp teeth showing even more.

Haru's cheeks went a little pink at the words, yet he wished Rin hadn't corrected himself. "You could see the tattoo.... If you'd like." He said shyly, voice barely above a whisper.


Sousuke stared, Sousuke stared hard at Makoto. God damn him for getting worked up at a fucking coffee shop! He put his cup down, nearly spilling it for not paying attention.

Rin looked over at Haru a little shocked, but extremely happy. "A-alright, maybe when I go over to Sousukes place tonight, will you and Mako be going? Friday’s the brute and I usually have a beer."

Haru wanted to decline, this was nothing but trouble and so were both those Alphas, but he just couldn’t say no. “I… Yea, I'll go." Haruka hummed, his voice a little more chipper than intended, maybe Makotos relationship wasn't so bad after all. "Oh... Could I come see you get your tattoo?" He asked, for some odd reason he wanted to spend more time with the Alpha, he was just so handsome. Not as big an Alpha as Sousuke but was just as buff and his scent was just so tantalizing, it was hard to keep the wall he put up for Alphas up.
The red headed males face lit up when Haru asked to join, he quickly nodded "Definitely! We can pick you up after my shift, I get out super early today so I'll…. I mean! We'll pick you up at six?"


Makoto kept looking back at Sousuke, sometimes bending over a little too much, he wanted him again, he didn't know what it was about this Alpha that made him act that way or need Sousuke this much but he loved every second of it.


Sousukes eyes were locked on Makoto, everything he did, every little god damn tease he did was fucking him up. The Alpha picked up his cup of coffee, eyes glued to the Omegas ass. Fumbling he dropped the cup of steaming liquid when Makoto bent over at just the right angle. His chest and groin burned, he could feel his skin sizzling from the scorching coffee. "God dam it!" he yelled as he stood up and tried to clean the steaming liquid off his groin. Rin snapped his head over Haru and began to point and laugh at his partner, he’s never seen the man be so clumsy and it was actually kind of pleasurable to see the usual stoic Alpha Fuck up.

Makoto smirked a little when he saw Sousuke, grabbing a rag he walked over to him with a sly, apologetic smile, "Coffee stains... You should probably come into the back and I'll help you clean it off, Officer." He hummed and grabbed his boyfriends’ hand, pulling him into the back room.


Sousuke grinned, it was like Makoto could hardly control himself, even in places like this. When the two were out of sight Sousuke gave a loud slap to Makotos ass "You gonna clean me up then?" he asked teasingly.


Haru sighed, why is it that nobody but him can see right through Makotos innocent expressions. "I can't wait then. And those two are going to fuck in there aren't they?" Haru asked, not sounding too amused at the whole idea but not surprised.


Rin merely nodded his head and sighed "Yep, leave it to them to fuck in a coffee shop." he chuckled a bit before turning back to Haru "So what do you do for a living?"

Haruka shook his head and sighed, "They’re insane, and that where they store their coffee too." He ranted before answering his question, giving a smile, "I'm a chef for a restaurant not too far from here...I want to open my own one day."

At the feeling of Sousuke's strong hand on his ass Makoto let out a small yelp, "I'll clean you up nicely..." He hummed as he rested against a wall, pulling Sousuke close by his collar "Now you get to pick what you want..." He whispered, pressing hot kisses to the Alphas neck. "I could let you Fuck my tight little ass... Or I could suck you really hard~" he moaned out, sliding his flat tongue over the Alphas neck.


Sousukes hissed at Makotos words as his hands trailed down to grasp his large perky ass. "Now that's not fair, they both sound so Fucking tempting...." He leaned down and growled into his ear before sucking on his neck. "I want to Fuck you so hard and loud, but I don't want anybody but our Fucking neighbors to hear me tearing you apart." Sousuke said as he pulled Makotos leg over his waist. "Suck me off, let me jam my cock in between those pretty little lips Makoto."


Rin grinned as he listened, so the guy could even cook. Not only was he good looking but he was also successful, not an Omega who expects the Alpha to provide for them "That's awesome, I kinda suck at it though.” He said with a shrug, “Sou cooks most of the time but if it isn’t something that’s in a cook book he’ll make a disaster till he memorizes it. He could burn a Fucking hot pocket at times. But I'd love to learn some recipes from you."

Haru gave a small chuckle "Makoto is pretty good, he burns things here and there but he's a real home style cooker, he might even get Yamazaki a little fat so I suggest you watch him. And I'd be happy to teach you anything you’d like to learn." Haruka told Rin with a small smile on his lip, unable to break his gaze from Rin's lips. Not only were his teeth weird, but they were so… Hot. Shit he was starting to sound like Makoto, it was embarrassing but this Alphas scent was amazing, he couldn’t help but breathe in every bit of it.

Rin began snickering when the thought of Sousuke gaining weight popped up. "Sou? Get fatter than he already is?" he covered his mouth and muffled his laughter. "The guy is like two hundred something pounds already, I'd love to see him get fatter. And..." Rin thought for a moment before speaking. "How about we cook something together than, I know tonight might be busy... but tomorrow?”

“We could cook today, we could just keep the two out of the kitchen, and they’ll probably fuck anyway." He said with a small laugh. "But I'd love to cook with you tomorrow." The thought was a bit domestic, he liked it. That home like feeling.

"That'd be fun, cooking while hearing our best friends fucking upstairs." he said sarcastically, before looking up from his cup to Haru. He smiled his sharp toothed smile before looking away out of embarrassment. "Even though we'll be at Sous tonight, and they'll be busy, I don't really mind it. It'll be fun hanging out with you, you're fun to talk to."

Haruka smiled, a blush spreading over his cheeks as he moved a strand of hair behind his ear "I have to agree, talking to you is fun... And we could always put some music on." He suggested shyly, shifting to sit a little closer to Rin. Maybe trying to be close to the Alpha was wrong, he was the one who told Makoto not to take the two seriously. He didn’t want to be a hypocrite but it was honestly getting so hard the more he spent being engulfed by the males scent "I like your teeth." He told him, eyes mostly glued to his lips, thought the teeth were really intriguing him.

The red head blushed a little before smiling, no one really asked or brought up his teeth anymore. But he was really proud of them and enjoyed talking about the pearly whites. "Like the teeth?" he said before opening his mouth wide to reveal his jaws in all their beauty "I got them from my dad, his were sharper though. I'm old, but as the years go by they'll look even more like shark teeth, kinda why my spirit animal is a shark."

Haruka could see why, since he didn’t know much of his personality, he could only say Rin did really resemble a shark. He gasped when the sharp jaws were revealed. His face instantly went bright red, he had to look away, the thought of those teeth sinking into his flesh sent shivers down his spine. This was bad, he wasn’t even going to go into heat till another three weeks yet he couldn’t keep those thoughts aside.

Rin chuckled and nudged his arm a bit, though he was embarrassed he still wanted to make Haru more comfortable around him "Wanna touch them? They're really shape but I promise I won't bite." He said jokingly, it was a bit of an honor. He never allowed any one to touch his teeth.
"I'd rather you did." Haru mumbled eyes staying glued to his cup of coffee, his hands clutching the cup in his hands almost to the point of his fingers turning white. The words slipped out without he even realizing it, he ruined it, he made a terrible impression Rin probably thought he was just like any other cock hungry Omega….


Makoto hummed, happily turning the two bodies around so Sousuke was against the wall, "I hope you can handle it~" he whispered teasingly into his ear before dropping to his knees and pulling the officers pants down, dropping it along with his briefs. "You're so fucking big..." he moaned, taking his cock into his hand and beginning to lick around the head and shaft before fully taking it into his mouth.


"You work my cock so well Makoto." He groaned, head falling to the side as his teal eyes closed, concentrating on nothing but the sound of Makotos mouth moistening his cock.

The Omega smirked against Sousuke's cock, he put both hands on the Alphas ass starting to massage his cheeks as he took his manhood deeper down his throat, keeping his tongue pressed in the slit of his tip.


Sousuke opened his eyes and looked down, he gave a devilish chuckle "I knew you loved my ass, now... Let me just...." Sousuke said as he was placed a hand on the back of Makotos head. Slowly he started moving his hips, Fucking Makoto’s face.

The Omega let out a whimper, moaning at the feeling of being throat fucked with such a large cock, his hold on the ass grew tighter to steady himself. Sousuke was a bit rough, he probably didn’t realize it.


"You like this? Huh." Sousuke said in the mix of pants and grunts, Makotos mouth was just so wet and warm that Sousuke he could hardly hold himself up on the shelves.

The Omega moaned against the thick cock, drool falling over the side of his lips. He whimpered, feeling his manhood go down his thorat further. Looking up with watery eyes Makoto began to lick over the bottom of his shaft, nearly lapping at his balls if it weren’t for the lack of room.


Sousuke groaned loudly, if there weren't so many people in the restaurant he would have fucked Makoto right then and there. But he didn't want anybody hearing the sounds only Sousuke deserved to enjoy. He hit his head against the wall repeatedly. His climax approaching faster than hoped and it was all Makotos fault. "S-suck a bit harder baby, a-lmost there!"

Makoto gladly obeyed his ordered and squeezed the cock in his mouth, moaning around him as he did, taking it deep down his tight throat, tongue grazing around his shaft. His neck was completely soaked but for Sousuke he would do anything. The Alpha had his soul and body even if they weren’t mates. He would be there for him hand and foot, devoted to the man Fucking his face like it were his puckered entrance.

To the Alpha, his cum was precious, and expected Makoto to drink it all up. If not, he'd make him. It was not only a kink of his but it was also a sign of dominance. The cum of an Alpha was essential in its life. So as the shudder crept over his spine he held Makotos head and clamped his mouth shut. He moaned loudly as his cum spurt out of his tip and into the others mouth.
The brunettes eyes widened, he wouldn’t pull away. He couldn’t pull away from Sousuke, he wanted his cum, he wanted Sousuke to be satisfied. Gladly he drank everything that was being rewarded to him, pulling away he licked he softening cock clean so the Alpha wouldn’t be troubled. He rested back on his knees and looking up at him shyly. "You taste... So good... Do you feel as good as I do?" Makoto hummed, and licked over his own lips to taste the last bit of the lingering white liquid.

Rin blinked a few times before realizing what he had actually said. He blushed and looked down, letting out a nervous laugh. "T-that so?.... I wouldn't mind doing it..." He whispered the last part, gulping, he didn’t say that… He denied his advances like all the other Omegas around this time… Right?...


Haruka blushed a bit more at the words and let out a small sound. "Please do..." He whispered, finally looking up but only to gaze at the Alphas lips, his teeth poking through.


Rin let out a nervous laughter as he rubbed the back of his head. He cleared his throat "Well... Uh... Heh, I... Um.." he didn't know how to respond to that. This guy was so good looking and those piercing blue eyes were getting him off guard.

Haruka gulped a little ‘I have self control. I have self control. I’ve had it for years, I have self control.’ He continued to chant in his mind, he had control. He denied all Alphas since he vowed to himself he wouldn’t fall for another like he had before. But this time his instincts kicked in, all rationality leaving his mind as it fogged with thoughts of Rin. He pressed their lips together, face turning bright red, almost the same color as Rin’s hair.

The Alphas eyes widened, he was caught completely off guard. Was he dreaming this? From the feel of his soft lips on his own, Rin knew he had probably gotten the Omega on a good day. His cheeks flushed and his hands shook before he closed his eyes and leaned into the kiss. It was innocent, it was loving and he could hardly think of anything else besides the fresh, almost youthful feeling the kiss was giving him.
The Alpha grinned, as he looked down to Makoto with one eye open. His chest heaved up and down. "You like it?" he said grinning. "I'll make you lick the sheets of my cum tonight Makoto." Sousuke said, watching as Makoto pulled his pants up, he fixed them himself before he pressed their together softly. “I love you, and thank you for this.” He said, one final kiss to his lips.


"Hm... I can't wait Sou, and you’re welcome. I’ll do anything to make you happy." He said with a small tilt of his head to match his smile. Grabbing a cloth and a spray bottle to clean the coffee stains, Makoto gave a few sprays and began to lightly rub it off. He didn’t want to hurt his lovers member after all. "There, just as new! Now nobody will know.” He said chipperly.

"Nobody except us." he said, giving the Omegas ass a rough spank, earning a loud squeak from his Omega lover. With the smaller male under his arm, Sousuke walked the two out, only to find both their best friends sneaking a kiss behind their back. He smirked and nudged Makoto to look.

Makoto nearly squealed when he saw them and leaned into Sousuke's touch happily. "Oh! They're so cute." He whispered happily and clapped quietly. "Now Haru will stop annoying me about you."


"Bugging you about me? Why?" Sousuke asked before clapping loudly "Well ain't that the cute sort of shit?"

Rin gasped and broke the kiss, he looked over to Sousuke and blushed before averting his eyes.

"Don't let me stop you." Sousuke teased.

"He kept saying we were crazy... You especially for saying those three little words." Makoto explained and pulled Sousuke to his seat as he stood behind the counter. "Now didn't I say you'd have fun?" He teased, making the other Omega blush brightly and turn his gaze away from the three. He didn’t have any excuse for his actions, he’d just have to deal with the consequences.


Sousuke rolled his eyes "That's what Rin said about me too, told me I was an idiot. Now look at him, making out with your best friend in a coffee shop."

Rin blushed and turned to Sousuke "It was a peck!!" he explained, only earning another roll of Sousukes eyes.

"Yea sure, and me and Makoto were only making out right now."

Makoto giggled and hit Sousuke on his arm lightly, "Shut up. My shift ends in 30 minutes, that okay Sou?" He asked softly, leaning over the counter and puckering his lips for a kiss.

Haruka stayed quite, he was both embarrassed and ashamed, here he was givin advice to Makoto and he couldn’t even keep his own. He bit his lip and kept his head down as he toyed with his spoon and the full cup of coffee he held.


Sousuke leaned over the counter and pressed his lips gently over Makotos as he stood "Yea, we just gotta punch out real quick." He patted Rin’s back roughly, "How about you give Nanase another peck before we leave?"

Rin flinched and growled at Sousukes treatment, he laughed nervously before standing up "Um, I'll see you later then? Haru... It was nice meeting you..."

Makoto smiled brightly as he looked between the two, he nudged and gave a small wink to his blushing friend. "Say bye to Rin, Haru..." He hummed and nudged his arm another time.


Haru pressed his lips together before looking up, cheeks bright red to match the embarrassed smile he wore. “I’ll see you later then…”


Sousuke gave a wink and a nod to Makoto and Haru before leaving. Rin blushed, the expression Haruka wore was just so cute… "See you.." he said before both Alphas stepped out of the shop, slipping on the caps as they seated themselves into the vehicle. Sousuke in the driver’s seat as Rin returned to his spot in the passengers.


In sync the Omegas stared as both of the strongest Alphas they have ever met slipped out of the shop, the two matched in blushes, Harus a little darker in color. After a few moments Makoto squealed, "I told you!" He mocked and ruffled his best friends hair playfully, walking away to tend a costumer.

"Yeah....." Haruka mumbled as he kept looking out the window at Rin, biting his lip.


The red headed Alpha stayed quite as they drove off, looking back at the coffee shop until it disappeared. Sousuke smirked, he nudged the other shoulder "So, I guess you took a liking to his friend."

Rin blushed and got stiff. "Do you... Think I could get his number tonight?" He asked, blush darkening.

Sousuke nodded, if not I'll ask Makoto for it."

"I'm giving him my number Makoto!" Haruka said, determined as he slammed his fist on the counter.

Makoto only giggled in response, "I think you should, he'll do you good... And those teeth." He teased his friend and winked, making him blush and look away.
"Shut up, it isn’t like that… I want to get to know him but I’m staying away from him during the season. Hurry up and let's go... I want to change clothes." He told Makoto, who giggled and bounced a little, excited that they were both going on dates. Though Haru would not admit it was ever a date.

Once Sousuke and Rin punched out the two pondered how the night would go. "Should we take the Patrol car?" Sousuke asked leaning against it.

Rin crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow "I'm pretty sure you're planning to get laid tonight. So you won't have time to pick it up. So yes." Sousuke only smirked as he unlocked the car and stepped inside.

Once Makoto had hung up his apron and the two made it safely to his best friend’s apartment, they had changed showered and finished any small preparations for the night. 'Sou come pick me up at Haru's? Here's the address.' Makoto made sure to text Sousuke that he was not home. They hadn’t been over to Haru’s so he needed to attach the address to his message. Luckily he always had some clothes at Haru's so he changed into tight jeans and a simple blue shirt while his friend wore slightly loose jeans and a green shirt. The clothing style they chose earned a few giggles between the Alphas, the colors matched each other's eyes. "So, you're not getting laid tonight, or at least don't plan on it... But what if he wants to?" Makoto asked a little curiously.

"We'll see how the night goes Makoto."

Chapter Text

The Alphas were hopeful for the night, after showering and a small set of pushups to let their scents flow to the Omegas, the two dressed themselves in what they hoped looked good. Sousuke in the usual tight black t shirt and baggy jeans, all accompanied with his red kicks. And Rin who wore a black button up, first three undone to show a bit of his strong chest, tight jeans and dress shoes, which, in Sousukes mind, was a bit much just so they could have some drinks. After arguing in the liquor store for nearly an hour on what type of booze they should purchase, the two decided on Sousukes favorite, Whiskey and Scotch. While Rin, being the romantic, bought a few bottles of wine and other fruity drinks in case the ones Sousuke chose were a bit strong to enjoy. Checking his phone Sousuke followed the directions sent by Makoto and managed to arrive to the apartment at a decent amount of time. "Ready for your date?" Sousuke asked teasingly before he honked the horn twice, Rin just grumbled and looked out the window. Truthfully he was just as giddy as Makoto and Haru were.

At the sound of the horn Makoto squealed and pulled Haruka down the stairs and into the patrol car. It was an odd ride for their date, luckily their department allowed them to take it home. "Hey Sou, Rin." Makoto hummed and sat back, playing with the ends of Sousuke's hair.

"Hey baby." Sousuke said as he drove out, Rin peeked an eye at Haru through the rear view mirror, he looked cute tonight, and he looked really good in color too…
"Hello." Haruka said, eyes trailing over to the pair of red hues staring at him. It made the Omega blush and hide his face under his bangs. Being caught in the act caused Rin to look away before his face turned to a darker shade of red.

"Baby, drive fast." Makoto whined with a small smile, "Haru wants to make out with Rin." He teased which earned him a smack upside the head from a very flustered Haruka.
"Really? So does Rin! Kept talking about Harus tongue the entire time w-..." The Alpha got the same fate, a fist to the back of the head.

"Did not!" If his face wasn’t red before it was now, he looked away the rest of the drive. Rin tried his best not to peek back at the mirror, though, he did notice that Sousuke and Makoto could easily make conversation with one another. Makoto giggling like a school girl while Sousuke made bad jokes the Omega couldn’t get enough of. It made him smile, he peeked at the mirror. Haru, he was looking at him. His heart skipped a beat before he looked away, maybe they could become like that as well…

Once they had arrived to Sousukes house, the two Alphas played the gentleman’s card. It wasn’t to impress the Omegas but Sousuke and Rin were men who didn’t like to be rude. They opened the doors for both of their dates, Sousuke reached into the trunk and took out the bags of booze. Immediately pulling Makoto in for a kiss once the four had settled outside, though Haru thought they could have at least waited for the bedroom.

Makoto wrapped his arms around Sousuke's neck and kissed him back, their lips pressing a little harder out of pure excitement. Sousuke smelt good tonight, his scent was strong. Haru looked over to the couple and pretended to gag, "You two are fucking gross." He spat out and shook his head before snatching a bottle of wine from the bags and taking Rin’s hand, pulling him into the kitchen.

With no choice, Rin followed behind, the tint of red on his cheeks evident. He looked back at Sousuke who gave him a wink before continuing to kiss Makoto. Once the other two were out of sight and out of mind, Sousuke grabbed Makotos ass, who gave a small groan. He bit the side of his lovers’ neck and smirked "I think they're gonna bang in my house tonight."

“I hope so, the boy hasn't fucked in ages..." He hummed and pulled Sousuke back into their kiss. The two didn’t care whether Haru was uncomfortable, they were only doing what couples do. Plus, it didn’t seem like he was JUST being a good guest with Rin. It was obvious they had something, there was no denying it.

Sousuke continued to squeeze Makotos ass, his tongue slipped in his mouth but only to tease him. He feathered it over his lips and gave him a spank before chuckling and walking away towards the door "We gotta drink with everybody else!" he gave a wink before joining the other couple in the house, closing the door behind him he set the rest of the bottles down on the coffee table.

Makoto whined a little when he pulled away, he gave a pout before following right behind, he made himself comfortable on the couch and tapped the seat beside him as an invitation for Sousuke to join him. "Pour me one of those and join me here." He hummed softly. Nodding Sousuke made his way over to the kitchen, earning a glare from both Rin and Haru

“Did I interrupt something?” He asked, accompanied by a suggestive wink. All he did was earn himself harder and darker glares, huffing he grabbed a tall glass for himself and a smaller one for Makoto. Since he was sure he didn’t drink much, especially the strong stuff.


Once the behemoth of an Alpha left Haru rolled his eyes and turned his body to grab the bottle of wine on the counter "Sorry I just can't watch that boy suck someone's face." Haru explained as he opened the bottle of wine expertly. "Makoto used to be an angle but now it's like he's obsessed with sex." He cringed a little at the thought, “Ever since he became an Omega, it’s all he thinks about and that scares me. He curses in every other sentence when before he couldn’t even say “damn” before, and now every joke he says involves an Alphas body part.”

Rin raised an eyebrow, Makoto does look pretty innocent, but he didn’t think he would be THAT innocent. Well, they did meet him after he matured. "Sou was ok, he matured super early so you know how that goes.” He shrugged, “He never really talked about sex, especially when he first matured, but I knew he had it." He gave an amused chuckled, that was impressive. He was an Omega, yet he could open a wine bottle with only his hands, wicked. "You a drinker? I am, not too big though. Sou is a big drinker, he takes care of himself and doesn't go too crazy though."


"I drink...” Haru finally said, setting the bottle down. He sniffed the air, Rin… His scent, both their scents were pungent in the air, but it was Rin’s that made the Omega shiver. “I handle it better than Makoto” He finally said with a clear of his throat, “But I can still go a few rounds." Giving a small smile he pointed to the bottle of wine. "Do you drink wine or whatever it is Sousuke opened? I'm guessing whiskey?"

Rin grinned, "I'll take what you have, I don't like the strong shit like he does.” The Alpha explained as he leaned against the counter, a few questions moving around in his mind. It wasn’t like Omegas wouldn’t get challenged right away, Haru had a pretty good scent. It was strong for an Omega, so he didn’t doubt he hasn’t mated before. But it didn’t stop the Alpha from poking around the idea. He cleared his throat, eyes glued to the floor, “So... you guys… We’re innocent once?"

Sousuke wondered what the Hell was up their asses, might have been due to the sexual frustration, he smirked. Walking over with the glasses and bottles Sousuke sat down close to Makoto and poured them both, making sure to give a little less to the Omega. Handing the small glass over with three cubes of ice, he laid back in his seat and wrapped an arm around Makotos shoulder. He took a long drink of his own, letting out a hiss from the bitter taste.


Haru's eyes widened a little, "I-I'm not saying that I wasn't... But Makoto was just so innocent... A perfect angel." The thought of how pure Makoto was before made his heart ache a little, but it didn’t matter. He loved him the way he was, but he would never admit that it worried him. One day Makoto would regret not controlling his urges and feelings. That would be the only time he would ever be held back from helping his long time friend. The thought was making the Omega depressed, he just wanted to spend a nice evening with Rin that’s all! He sucked it up and blurred it out of his mind, finding the glasses and pouring them each their own, Haru stood beside Rin, sipping on his drink as he handed the Alpha own glass.

Shit, he was actually really hoping he’d hear what he wanted. It was pretty shallow considering the amount of partners Rin had before. Sure he never had a mate, he had never been challenged either, usually the person he dated ended up being swooned by a stronger Alpha. And since Rin wasn’t looking for a mate, losing that person meant nothing to him. Though it may have stung him a bit, he put on a strong face and snickered as he took the glass, taking a small sip he looked back to Haru "I can hardly see him as an angel anymore. Was he a virgin before he met Sou?"

Haruka let out a laugh, "Nope, he'd been with this other guy before, but it just went bad from there." He told Rin with a sigh as he took a sip.

Why was it that Haru looked so sad after he said that, Rins brows furrowed and he frowned, there was more he wasn’t telling him, but he wasn’t going to push, he just wanted to know. "How did that relationship go?" Suddenly he realized that might have been too personal "If that's not too much to ask!" He exclaimed, a little flustered, shit he didn’t want to seem too nosy after all.
The blue eyes Rin was falling for gave him an apologetic smile, shit… It was too personal.

Makoto leaned into Sousuke, taking a small sip from the glass, making a displeased face. "Ah... Sou that's going to get me drunk really, really fast..." He said with a small pout. "Not fair." He huffed and sniffed the bitter liquid.

Sousuke chuckled "It’s ok Mako, I'll take care of you tonight. If you don't wanna drink you don't have to. I'll drink though, I'm not a light weight so you won't need to pick me off the floor or anything." He joked and took another gulp.

"I want to drink though..." Makoto huffed, "I just didn't expect to be getting completely hammered..." He sighed, staring at his small glass before taking another sip. Another displeased expression, nuzzling his boyfriend he pouted "But if you take care of me, I guess that's okay."

Sousuke frowned and set his drink on the table "I can go see what else I bought, I got some fruity drinks that have a bit of alcohol in them. You could drink those, they taste sweet and won’t give you a huge buzz.” Sousuke explained with a kiss to his cheek. He didn’t want to ruin the Omegas night just because of booze.

Makoto shook his head and pulled Sousuke back to him, "I'll drink slowly baby... I promise." He hummed with a small smile and nuzzles him sweetly, turning his head up and puckering his lips.

Haruka shook his head and smiled, "It was okay for a while but then Makoto got hurt...None of us saw it coming, not his parents, not his friends. Not even me…" He told Rin and leaned against the counter. Makoto, he looked so happy now. But that was how it started, the Alpha was so sweet to him. At least that’s what Makoto said he was, but no one could know for sure. It wasn’t like Makoto talked to anybody while they dated. God, why Makoto? He was weak, but he has a heart of gold no one should ever try and melt.

Rin darted his eyes away, maybe he had asked too much, no. Makoto and Sousuke looked happy, even if Haru didn’t believe in their relationship, Rin did! They could make it and whatever Haru was talking about were things Sou would never do. He swirled his finger in the wine "Hurt huh?” His eyes slowly went back to Haru, his expression hadn’t changed. He was still thinking about it… “Who would hurt a sweet guy like Makoto? He may be a sex freak now, but he’s sweet and caring from what I could see. Do… you think whatever happened to him before made him go for guys like Sou?"

Haru took a moment to answer, he heard the giggles coming from the other room. "Just some jerk... He was very… Physical with Makoto, but anyway, that's why he looks for strong, protective guys. Especially now that he became an Omega, he’s been attracted to the larger ones. Hence why he chose Sousuke, but I don’t know, he hasn’t really spoken about mating season since he met Sousuke either, I don’t want him to be having flings…I don't say anything to him about it because he'd get upset but it's true... I think he needs to feel protected and Sousuke makes him feel that way... But there are things to think about, when mating season arrives he’ll see if Sousuke even wants to mate him, you know? What if he just wants the temporary? I care for Makoto too much to let that happen, Rin." Haruka turned his body to look at Rin, he had a bitter sweet smile the Alpha couldn’t put his hands on. But what he could understand, was the pain in the deep blues.


Sousuke cupped the Omegas face, gently pressin small kisses to his lips and cheeks "I don't want you getting hammered if you don't want to Mako. I brought other drinks just in case, you'll be more comfortable taking those instead." Sousuke said in a comforting voice, he didn’t want Makoto to think he was trying to get him drunk. He didn’t have any other motives besides wanting to spend time with him.

Makoto’s expression stayed almost dumbfounded, he… Cared for his well being? Makoto knew that some Alphas were insensitive but Sousuke was treating him like an actual human being and not some maid or cook for his disposal. He smiled, eyes glistening with small tears of joy "If you think it's for the best Sou... I can't say no to you."
Sousuke wanted to ask about the sudden bright eyes, but from the looks of Makotos smile it was nothing to worry about. He flashed a smile before pouring the rest of Makotos whiskey in his own glass. He didn’t bother to wash it, he guessed Makoto might actually want some of the taste left over. So he poured the red fruity drink inside and handed it back to his lover. "Thank you baby..." Makoto hummed and leaned into Sousuke's chest, sipping his drink and making a pleased sound. He put his leg over one of Sousuke's and smiled shyly, his cheeks flushing slightly. "I hope you don't mind..." He asked with a soft voice

Sousuke kissed his head "I don't mind at all." he said as he took a large gulp of his own drink and setting it aside. His hand rubbed at Makotos back, and the other on his thigh. So far the night was going pretty well, he hoped the same went for Rin since not much but mumbling has been heard from the living room. He crossed his fingers in hopes for a good night for his friend, he needed the change anyway. Last person Rin dated was a drag not only for him but for the both of them.

Rin was feeling like shit, he felt bad for what Makoto must have gone through, he wished he hadn’t but there was the future to look up to. He rubbed the back of his head and looked down to his drink. He couldn’t stand seeing Haru so sad, "Well, Sou looks like he's really protective so far. He dated some small dude that kinda fucked him over too, we went to high school with him. They broke up and he hadn't dated anyone since, well until Makoto." His gaze went towards the living room, Makotos small giggles were heard once again, he smiled. "I think he looks happy, don't you?" he asked turning back to Haru’s gaze.

The Omega smiled, the sound of Makotos laughter was something that cured all his problems. He nodded, and leaned close to Rin, almost leaning on his actual chest. "I think they do... I hope they stay that way." Taking a sip of his wine he sighed "What about you?" the question was a bit vague, but he wanted to know more about THE Alpha.

Rin blinked a few times at the question "Well, I don't have any bad stories. Mine never felt like I was in them though.”He never had a mate before, he never wanted one for the plain fact Sou never had one either. “We'd meet up, but never talked about important things. They were all pretty plain, and ended the same. So my love life has been pretty ok." he said looking down at his glass. "You?"

Haruka laughed a little and nodded, "I guess we had the same experience when it comes to love." He hummed at Rin and shrugged, "guess I just have to keep trying." He didn’t want to talk about the Alphas he had before, he didn’t want to hide anything but the fact the Alphas hurt him so badly made the blue eyed Omega want to erase it completely, just like the bite marks on his neck that faded so easily.

Makoto blushed a little at the touch and he shifted closer to Sousuke, "That feels really nice, Sou..." He hummed and laid his head on his shoulder as he took another sip of his drink, feeling very happy with himself.

"That feels nice? You like when I make you feel nice Mako?" Sousuke said teasingly, maybe it was the alcohol that was making Makoto frisky.
A blush spread over his cheeks, he wanted nothing more than to be touched by Sousuke. Even if their friends were only steps away. He smiled shyly, "I love it when you make me feel nice Sou..." He told him and rested his free hand on the Alphas stomach, getting a good feel of his abs.

Sousuke kissed his forehead and closed his eyes “I like making you feel good Tachi." he said before grabbing his glass and talking a long gulp from it.
Makoto smiled brightly and he nuzzled his chest, he had placed his drink on the counter a bit ago. Honestly drinking was not his thing, he likes it and all. But the fact he could still taste the awful brown stuff made it less enjoyable. "You're the best boyfriend ever Sou.".

Sousuke smiled and kissed his forehead, alright he was being really damn cute. Maybe the buzz gave it to him but Makoto was being very clingy, it didn’t matter. He liked it, he enjoyed this kind of treatment. He wants to be around him and that just makes Sousuke believe Makoto might actually want to be with him "I love you, that's why I am." he said, chugging down the rest of his drink to set it aside, he let out a bitter hiss before he set the glass down and pulled Makoto onto his lap "You like the stuffed Orca I got you?" he asked, trailing small kisses down his neck.

Makoto nodded as he bit his lip, "I loved it Sou... J-just like I love you..." He mumbled the last part, his eyes darted away as a blush spread over his cheeks. That was the first time he had returned Sousukes ‘I love you’ and he wasn’t sure if Sousuke would think he was lying or he really meant it. Either way he wanted to hide and chug down the entire bottle of the rancid whiskey.

Sousukes eyes widened, he looked down to Makoto and stared at him before quickly lifting his chin up to face him "What did you say to me?...." he whispered.


Rin blushed, he looked down to the floor and rubbed the back of his head, so he’s looking for someone, huh..."Y-yea... I gotta keep looking too. You know, I don't go out much... I'm clean, I cook..... I think I’m a good boyfriend..." he said nervously.

Haruka giggled a little, a small blush spreading on his face. He was trying to be smooth, Rin really sucked at being smooth but the fact he tried made Haru smile. "Well... I'm also kind of the same. Plus I make good desserts, I think I’d make a really good boyfriend.” He admitted shyly, taking a small sip of his whine for encouragement, taking a deep breath Haru set his cup down on the table and stepped closer to Rin, he brushed their lips together in a small kiss, mumbling, "I could change your love life..."

It was more than a surprise, he couldn’t and he wouldn’t stop Haru from doing anything. He wanted this and he couldn’t hold it back anymore. His eyes lidded, small blush over his cheeks as he relaxed and stepped closer. "I want you to change it... “ he whispered before leaning in closer.

"I'll change it then..." Haruka promised and locked an arm around Rin's neck, pressing closer as the Omega and Alpha shared another kiss. Rin wrapped his arms around Haru’s waist, he allowed their bodies to come closer as their lips pressed over one another. The kiss wasn’t like the one in the coffee shop, no. The kiss was beginning to get more intimate. It was beginning to make more sound, showing the passion they held for each other. Rin lightly bit into his lip with his jaws, he snuck his tongue inside as he gave his hips a playful squeeze. Haruka's cheeks were red as they kissed, his mind was clouding over the way Rin tasted. It had been a long time since he last taste an Alpha, now he remembers why he missed it so much.


Sousuke looked around to the kitchen, he could hear small wet noises and narrowed his eyes. But that was not of his concern, what was, were the words that escaped his lovers lips.
The Omega was too embarrassed to say another word, and even more now that he could hear other sounds coming from the kitchen. Turning his teal eyes back to lock with green, Sousuke lifted Makoto chin up higher “Makoto.” He whispered. “What did you say to me?”

Makoto's face went darker as he looked up at Sousuke. "I-I said I-I love you....." His voice grew a little louder, it was now or never.

Sousukes eyes stayed wide, he slowly started to smile "Oh my god..." He whispered, before cupping Makotos face and giving a long kiss. He felt so happy he couldn't help it! His feelings were returned, he wasn’t left in the dark like he had before. Makoto let out a relived sigh, he gladly kissed back, his face bright red as he pressed closer to Sousuke, wrapping his arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. He was relived, relieved Sousuke wasn’t scared or even wanting to leave. He knew he said it first but Makoto had to see if he really trusted Sousuke. Especially after having Haru warn him nonstop. The Alpha ran his thumb over Makotos cheek, his kisses weren't like before, they were hungry or wet. They were never loving and sweet, not like the way Makoto kissed him.

Haruka let out a small noise a she felt the teeth against his lip, another when he felt Rin's tongue against his own, his body shifted closer, letting his hand move to the back of his head and tangling his fingers in his hair. The small sounds he let out gave the Alpha joy. He peeked an eye open to look at Haru expression, a smirk. To his pleasure he found Haru blushing and trembling under his kisses. Closing them he slid his tongue inside, feathering it around before tangling it against Haru’s. He stepped back to lean on the counter, the shift caused the Omega to let his weight fall over the Alpha, he rested both hands on Rin's chest, slightly gripping at his top as he tangled their tongues together, whimpering slightly as the kiss became more heated. Large hands trailed up under the Omegas shirt, fingers feathering over his skin and up to his back.

Makoto hummed, loving the way the kiss felt, the way Sousuke was being gentle with him made him melt in his arms. He pulled away slightly, just enough to talk, "I do... I love you, Sousuke."

Sousuke smiled and kissed his cheek "I love you too Makoto, so much. I'm so happy you finally said it." he said, a slight of his head. He couldn’t believe it, saying those three words mean a lot. They mean so damn much to the Alpha that it hurt, it would hurt even more if Makoto didn’t really mean it. "I didn't force you did I?"

Makoto shook his head and smiled, "No baby... I wanted to say it." He hummed and bit his lower lip, a flush still visible on his cheeks.

Sousuke chuckled "You make the cutest faces, I remember that lip biting shit made me crazy over you at the coffee shop."

"I thought it was the whipped cream..." Makoto said in a small hum, letting his hand run across Sousuke's chest.
Sousuke chuckled and shook his head "The whip cream made me crazy in a different way." he said kissing his forehead.

Makoto giggled and nodded, smiling as he received his kiss. "You're making me blush Sou, stop." He mumbled playfully.

"I make you blush? I love making you blush Mako, you look adorable with that faint little color on your face." Sousuke teased as he began to tickle his sides.

The tickling caused Makoto to panic, he hated being tickled because his giggling was almost uncontrollable, swatting Sousuke in the chest playfully he tried to move away and escape his death grip, "S-stop Sou!" He said between laughs, unable to handle being tickled.

God he really did sound like an angel, even when he was heaving for air. Sousuke chuckled, he stopped his tickling and kissed Makotos cheeks. "I want you to meet someone, now don't get pissed at me or anything, alright?" Makoto narrowed his eyes, Sousuke was being suspicious. Oh god if it was another Omega he’d cry right there right now and wouldn’t stop until he’d pass out.

Haru gasped as he felt the slim fingers on his back, he pulled away slightly and rested their forehead together, still playing with Rin's hair. "We should cook...." He mumbled with a little giggle.

Rin blushed lightly and averted his eyes before moving his hands down back to his hips. "Uh, right! S-sorry..." he said, a small smile as he looked into Haru’s eyes.

Giggling he shook his head, "Please don't... I'm having too much fun." He hummed and pecked Rin's lips softly, leaning into his touch. “Plus, I could tell you did too.” He said slyly, going on his tip toes to press another kiss to his lips before letting go and walking over to the fridge. It was like he was trying to make the Alpha juts pounce on him, Rin let out a heated sigh as he watched him. It’d really take a lot for him not to just walk over and talk dirty in his ear. Shit… Walking over he began to take out some pans, he knew Sousukes place better than he did and by the looks of the ingredients Haru was taking out, it looked like they would be having steak tonight.


“Alright….” Makoto said, observing his boyfriends actions.

Sousuke chuckled, alright, even when he tried acting menacing he was still cute. Standing he made his way over to the one of the back rooms, moments later he returned with something behind his back. Standing before his brunette boyfriend, Sousuke leaned down and kissed his nose before revealing a small white kitten with a pink bow around its neck "Don't get pissed! I'm keeping it at my place... I get lonely and I think you'll like seeing her when you come over…"He was lying, he had other motives.
The Omegas heart began to race, his eyes widened and he couldn’t help but let out a loud squeal of excitement. "Sou!! She's so beautiful!" He exclaimed and took her from his hands, resting her on his chest and petting her fur softly, "I've never seen one this cute!"

Sousuke let out a relieved sigh, he sat back down next to Makoto and smiled "Like her? You can name her, got her yesterday and she already doesn't leave me alone. She cried when I left this morning." Sousuke said as he pet the small kitten and watched her nibble on his finger with her small teeth.

"I love her Sou! I can name her? Really?!" Makoto asked, excited about everything that was happening. "I want to name her Bella..." He hummed as he continued to pet the cat, looking at Sousuke with a large smile on his face. "She's so cute..." He mumbled, along deeply in love with the cat.

Rin heard the squeal, causing him to almost drop a whole steak in the sizzling oil. Haru took care of it and set it aside before they both ran out to see if they were ok, he chuckled when he saw the kitten "So I take it he liked her?" he said crossing his arms and watching the two. Sousuke chuckled and nodded his head.

Haruka followed Rin but the moment he saw the scene he smiled, leaning against the Alpha, "he actually got him the cat..." He hummed and kissed Rin's cheek before going back into the kitchen. Rin blushed at the sudden kiss and ran over with Haru, grinning he chuckled before hugging him from behind as they walked in the room. Haruka giggled at the arms around him and turned his head up, placing a gentle kiss on his lips before turning his attention back to the food.


Sousuke smiled, he gave Rin a wink of accomplishment before leaning over and petting the kitten again. "Ow!" he growled as he watched the kitten teeth on his finger "She's kind of a jerk, she bites me every time she gets the chance." Sousuke said before getting bitten again.

Makoto shook his head and took Sousuke's hand, "come here, I'll help..." He hummed and stretched Sousuke's hand out in front of the kitten, she came closer, slowly and started to sniff him before licking his fingers. Makoto giggled and smiled brightly, "She's like our little baby..." He mumbled quietly.

Sousuke smiled "Yea, my little girl is already causing me pain and choosing you over Me." he commented before kissing Makotos cheek. He rested his chin on the Omegas shoulder and watched as the small kitten finally accepted him.

Makoto noticed the kitten was a bit thin. "You have to give her skim milk, and it has to be warm..." He told Sousuke, smiling as she started to fall asleep on his chest.

"Skim Milk? I just bought her cat food..." He said and pointed to a bag hidden behind the couch. He didn't know much about babies or baby animals so he bought her grown cat food not realizing it was bad for their health.

The Omega gave a sigh and a pout, he was an Alpha. There was no use in thinking he would have some type of maternal instincts. "She can't eat that either until she grows... You have to get the milk and food for kittens. That one has excess of nutrients and she could get sick." He explained to Sousuke and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Sousuke looked down and rubbed the back of his neck "Well, I think I have some milk in the fridge. I'm not sure if its skim though... I don't know how to take care of a baby Mako." he finally admitted.

"Hm.. I'll teach you then Sou..." Makoto promised and kissed him softly, "there's not much to know... You just need a lot of patience and lots of love..." He said chipperly, petting the small kitten with his finger.

Sousuke nodded, he really just got the cat hoping that meant Makoto would come over more often. But didn't really think much about how to take care of it, he had no siblings so he was never taught how to take care of another person so he didn’t know what to do.


Rin could hear the two talking in the living room, he smirked and set the steamy rice aside, "Sousuke sucks with kids, he'll suck parenting a baby kitten." He spat out, walking over to Haru and wrapping his arms around his waist.

The Omega giggled and wrapped his arms around Rin's neck, "Luckily he has an Omega, and we have natural Maternal instincts. They’ll be fine.”

"Good, I'll have to come over even more than usual. I was planning on moving in with the guy anyway. The lease on my apartment is due in a week."

He knew why that hurt him, but Haru wouldn’t say it. He frowned a little, hoping it wouldn't show. "That's pretty cool, moving in with your best friend sounds fun."
Rin tilted his head slightly, he gave Haru a small kiss "What's wrong?"

"Hm? Oh nothing..." Haruka lied, letting the Alpha go to pour them both a second glass of wine.

Rin continued to press it on, he hugged Haru tighter and pulled him back into their hug "No, I can tell something is wrong.... Can you please tell me?"


Makoto smiled a little and kisses him again, "You'll be a really good owner, I promise." He hummed softly and nuzzled Sousuke.

"Thanks" Sousuke whispered, he turned to Makoto and nuzzles his neck "I know you told me not to get her, but I saw how much you wanted her. She's yours Mako, I'll keep her here and buy all her things. But you're the owner, and are more than welcomed to come over."

Makoto's cheeks when a light shade of pink, "O-okay... I'll come here a lot then Sou... I'll always be here." He said and bit his lower lip reaching a hand up to caress Sousuke's dark hair.

Sousuke chuckled "Cute..." he cooed before kissing Makotos lips softly.

Makoto gladly kissed him back, smiling against his lips, loving the Alpha taste. "Baby... Go get us more alcohol.." he asked with a small smile.

Sousuke raised an eyebrow and chuckled "More booze? Someone trying to get me drunk?" he teased before standing and grabbing the bottles, he poured them both their drinks and handed Makoto his "Do you think I should put Bella away? I don't wanna spill beer on her or anything." Sousuke said still standing.

Makoto giggled and mumbled a small 'thanks' he looked down to Bella and kissed her head, "That's a great idea, put her in your bedroom." He hummed softly, she just looked so cute when she slept, it would be hard not to pick her up when they sleep. Sousuke took the tiny kitten, trying his best not to wake her as he walked up stairs. He could hear her small purrs when he set her down in his covers. Once the kitten was set he went back down stairs and sat with Makoto, taking his own drink and taking a few gulps. He hissed at the horrid taste but took another drink.


"I just... Makoto's going to be here a lot, they'll be together a lot... W-wouldn't it be easier I-if Makoto moved in here and you moved in with me?"


Rins eyes widened, his mouth slightly parted. He had no idea how to respond to that. He wanted to, he really did. But he felt like he was being played or something. Snapping back into reality he nodded his head "I... I... I'd love to!..." he managed to smile under all his shock. He hugged Haru tighter and picked him up, kissing his cheek repeatedly.

Haruka laughed quietly and wrapped his arms around him, hugging him back happily with his feet in the air, “Really? That doesn’t freak you out? Because I swear to god I thought you'd say no." He admitted, his voice a little shaky. "I mean... I know he just met but why not? Our relationships have been boring before, maybe now it's time to change it."


"I kinda thought you were fucking with me, but you're right. Sick and tired of the same old shit happening with everyone I date. I wanna start fresh with you." Rin said as he put Haru down and rested their foreheads together. Maybe they could, now that they found people they can actually enjoying being with.

Makoto giggled when he heard the hiss and shook his head, "Why do you even drink it if you don't like the taste?" he asked curiously and took a sip of his own drink, resting back against Sousuke happily and tilting his head up to place a small kiss on his neck.

Sousuke looked up and thought about it for a moment "Hmm, I don't really know. It sooths me I guess, my dad was a big drinker and when I was young I'd always sneak a sip or two from the bottles he'd leave around the house. It burned at first but now it just feels really good." Sousuke explained, his brows furrowing a bit at the memories but otherwise looked down to Makoto and smiled.

Makoto frowned a little as he heard the words, wishing he could have met Sousuke earlier in his life. "That was a little silly of you as a child..." He hummed as he began to chew on his lower lip, it was awful to think that Sousuke's dad was a strong drinker and that a little boy like him used to steal sips. It isn’t healthy, and he wondered how it might have been with a father who did drink a lot.

Sousuke smiled bitterly "Yea, I know. But I wanted to see how it tasted. And why dad kept so many bottles around." he stared at the wall, remembering a few less than pleasant memories. Shrugging them off he looked down to Makoto and kissed his head "But I don't drink a shit ton, and when I do I hold my liquor."

Makoto nodded as he listened, he nuzzled his neck, taking in the Alphas scent. "I believe you Sou..." He didn't really know what else to say in a situation like that, he just wanted to comfort his boyfriend, maybe that’s why he always looked so cold. Because of his past.


Haruka smiled brightly and kissed his cheek, "I wasn't even sure I'd be able to say it, but I really want to be with you, I want to make things amazing for the both of us.” Haruka said, looking down and playing with the top of Rin’s shirt.


"You already have, since the moment I met you, you’ve made me feel so damn nervous. I blushed at least ten times the first five minutes." Rin said chuckling a bit.
Haruka giggled, “I could tell, you kept staring at me.”

Rin huffed “And you didn’t? Couldn’t keep your eyes of my beauty, right?” He said playfully, "We can start this week then. It's Friday anyway, I'll make Sou take me for me things. I don't have much."

"No." Haruka protested, "If anyone is taking you for your things it's going to be me..." He hummed and kissed him once again.


Chugging the rest of his glass Sousuke set it down and began to kiss at Makotos ear. "Do you think those two are getting along? Haven't heard shit from them in a while."
"I think they better be cooking my dinner." Makoto said jokingly, looking at his glass and frowning. "Could you pour me another glass, Sou?"

Sousuke chuckled, that sounded like something he would say, not angel boy. Nodding he took the glass and poured his lover a little more, not to the top of the glad though. "Might wanna cut back, I'm cutting back already."

The Omega pouted, "It's just this one and then only after or during dinner." He promised and took a small sip of his drink and turning to ask Sousuke for a small kiss.


Rin chuckled and gave Haru a teasing smile "Someone's a little possessive, want me all to yourself Haru?" he said returning his kiss.
"Damn right I want you all to myself." Haruka replied, licking over his lower lip softly before kissing him again.

Rin grinned before returning the kiss, Haru was so demanding and possessive. He honestly liked it, the two shared another deep kiss. Again, they didn’t seem to share hungry or sexual kisses. The two just wanted to share each other’s warmth. Rin probably would have said it was stupid to be lovey dovey in the kitchen but now that it was with Haru he didn’t care.


Sousuke gladly gave Makoto his kiss, he pinched both his cheeks "Do a fishy face and I'll give you another kiss." he said teasingly, turning his head away but looking back to see if he’d actually do it.

Makoto giggled and poked Sousuke's side before doing a fishy face, he felt like a child but he was having fun, he enjoyed getting special attention from his boyfriend. He hadn’t had this before, he was used before. He knew Alphas were no good but to breed. But he always seemed to fall for them, Sousuke was different though. He knew he was.

Sousuke gave a teasing smile "Aww, look at that." he said before giving Makoto a quick kiss, he pulled his lover onto his lap and kissed his cheek. "You're too fucking cute for your own good, you know?"

Makoto blushed a little and curled up in Sousuke's lap, feeling warm and protected in his arms, a feeling he always looked for, one he finally found. He let out a small and happy sigh and he clutched on to him, never wanting to let go.


Haruka pulled away after a while, giving him a smile, "we can continue this later, no? Now can we just stay like this?" He asked and rested his head on Rin's shoulder.

He gave a nod, his hand rubbing the Omegas back softly. He rested his head on his lovers "Promise about continuing this later?"
Haru smiled and nodded, "I promise we'll continue this later, my dear."

Chapter Text

The meal had taken longer than Rin expected, but as it turns out, American food was a lot more difficult than he had expected. Haru had created an amazing meal that only a chef could create. There was steak, mashed potatoes, cooked veggies and a salad on the side. He knew Sousuke had a lot of food in his house, but not this much…
When the meal was finished Rin was asked to get their friends, but the poor alpha walked back into the kitchen empty handed. He wore a disgusted expression over his face, "they're upstairs and I'm pretty sure they're about to have sex. As an alpha, I will go nowhere near that." He rose his hands in defeat.

Haruka was glad that all this food was here, he was sure, knowing his friend's appetite, that it would be just enough for all of them. But when he noticed Rin come back in the room he couldn't help but sigh and shrug. "Well... I can't say I didn't expect it, they haven't taken their hands off each other the whole night... It's fine though, it leaves more time for us." He wanted to take advantage of Mikoto’s sex drive and spend some alone time with the alpha, getting to know Rin above all and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that. "But I also suggest we eat because knowing them they won't be coming down anytime soon..." And he definitely wasn’t going to wait for them.

Rin couldn't help but grin, the fact that Haru didn't seem to mind even after he made such an amazing dinner was a big change from his ex's making a big deal out of everything. He liked it even more that Haru was even able to express that he wanted to spend time with him. It was something he wasn’t used to, usually the omegas he dated expected something in return for their time. With Haru, all he wanted was Rin… Not sexually, either, but all of him. "Alright, everything looks really good, Haru." He chimed, rubbing his hands together as he stepped up to the table. Rin pulled out Haru’s chair from the table, hoping that his gentlemanly gestures would impress the omega. He wasn't the best at it, but a man could only learn after just hooking up the past few years. "And thanks, I really appreciate you making this for us." He said softly by his ear, he leaned down and gently kissed Haru’s cheek as a token of his gratitude, he would have to take him out on a date for this, too…

Humming he smiled a little shyly at the compliments, it wasn't often that an omega like him got complimented for doing work they were ‘supposed’ to be doing but he definitely appreciated all of this, especially coming from someone like Rin. When the chair was pulled out his sapphire eyes went a little wide and he hid a smile as he took his seat, cheeks turning a bright flush of pink. "Don't thank me... I'm just happy you wanted to show up." He muttered, his crystal-clear, blue eyes watched the alpha take his seat. The omega in Haru noticed Rin’s strong build, not only as something sexually arousing but also maternally. He would make a great pack leader... "I hope you like the food..." He finally said after having been lost in his own thoughts. Haru had high hopes for the taste, he enjoyed cooking, he was a chef after all, so he really did hope it wouldn't scare Rin off and end this somewhat exciting new relationship they were having. "So... Tell me more about you?" he asked softly, wondering if it was a good question to ask, he knew it was since they were still getting to know one another, but at this point so close to the season, he felt like anything he does could possibly scare the alpha off. His anxiety seemed to be hitting him harder this year...

"Nah, you deserve it," Rin waived, "this is a full course meal! Not something everybody can enjoy, so I'm grateful." Rin took a long whiff of his meal and sighed contently, the steam from his steak made his mouth salivate. Just as he was cutting his steak he looked up to Haru and thought for a moment. "Well, I guess there's not much to know about me. Unless ya wanna get pretty personal." He gave a toothy grin and decided to just go for it, what did he have to lose? "I've been living alone since after high school. Sousuke moved out of his house, too, but he only stayed with me for a few months. I've never had pets before, I don't like picking up after them." Finally, he took a slice of the steak into his mouth, humming gently at the taste and soon he looked to Haru with the tiniest blush over his lips and eyes slightly widened. "Whoa..." He whispered, "this is fucking delicious!"

He wasn’t surprised that the alphas were so close, it was nice, but he guessed it was easier for the same types to share homes, "I never shared this house with anyone but my family and it was them that moved to another town, I ended up always staying alone, which was terrifying at first but then I got used to it." he muttered with a small smile as his gentle hands sliced through his meal. He'd always been taught to be independent no matter what. Honestly, he didn’t have a choice most of his life. "Oh... Thanks." he muttered with a small, shy smile, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes down at the plate in front of him, taking another small bite to try and distract himself. He wasn't too used to compliments or anything of the sort, so he'd take a while to act more naturally when receiving them from Rin.

"That’s scary..." Rin sort of felt as though that was pretty much abandoning your child... It didn't seem right, but he also wasn't part of the family, so he wasn't about to put his two cents into it. "Yea, no problem. I'm seriously gonna dig eating with you if we make this sort of stuff every night." As Rin ate a thought came to mind, one that sort of made him blush. He didn't want to talk about this now, it seemed too early, but their entire relationship was pretty much rushed! So why was he scared to talk about kids? Then again, it did insinuate they'd spend mating season together.


Rin decided to be an alpha and just be straightforward with Haru. "Um, yea... living alone is sort of lonely sometimes. So, I always did like the idea of having a baby..." He muttered, rubbing the back of his head, he looked to Haru to see his reaction, though he was visibly tense.

Haruka’s soft smile continued as they ate in comfortable silence, it was nice not feeling uncomfortable and it had been a long time since he'd found someone where silence wasn't completely horrible. Though as he was swallowing Rin spoke about children and the raven-haired man choked a little on his food, coughing before reaching for his glass of wine and taking a small sip to help push the food down, though when he was breathing alright all he could do was laugh. Causing Rin’s eyes to widen, he immediately got up to get Haru some water. When the other seemed fine, Rin sighed and sat back down. "That was horrible timing." Haru said playfully and reached a hand out to hold Rin's, wanting to comfort the alpha, he knew talking about children was difficult this early in the relationship, but knowing that Rin wanted him to know what he wanted instead of having to guess it himself was nice. "Kids are cute. I like kids. Makoto has two younger siblings and I spent a lot of time with them when they were growing up... so, I’d like a kid someday too."

Rin squeezed Haru’s hand in return and smiled gently, "really?" He breathed out; Rin knew damn well that if Sousuke found out they were talking about babies he'd never let it go. Both Sousuke and Rin hadn't brought up mating season and he definitely wasn't planning on it soon, but this felt nice... Casually talking about it. Rather than saying anything else, Rin gently kissed Haru’s hand allowed the two to sit in silence while they enjoyed their dinner....

Well, not in complete silence.

Sousuke was a dominant alpha, so even with Makoto straddling his hips he still managed to hold him tight enough that he was able to thrust his hips up into him. "Look at me while I fuck you, omega." It wasn't even mating season and Sousuke was already acting like he was in heat. He was even speaking to Makoto as if he were. With Sousuke's growls and the bed creaking, the two were definitely weren’t going to let the others have a quiet dinner.

After Haru’s approval the two seemed to go back to their quiet dinner, but of course, that didn’t last long. Rin treasured the few seconds of silence they had. As he chewed on his food his brows furrowed and the sound of Makoto screaming, the bed creaking and skin slapping against skin finally got to him as it did Haru. The sounds drowned out any thoughts they had and after a moment the two busted out into a fit of laughter. Usually Rin would be pissed if he even heard one creak coming from Sousuke's room, but now that he had someone to suffer with him he didn’t think it was too bad. “Can you turn on some music?” Wiping a tear from his eye, the omega did his best to muffle his quiet laughter.

“Gladly.” Rin spat as he stood up and set his phone up on a tiny Bluetooth speaker Sousuke kept in the living room. When he returned to his seat the alpha sighed in disapproval. "I swear, I feel like they're both already in heat. I can smell Sousuke and Makoto from down here." He coughed in disgust, even being an alpha, he could reject certain smells. Especially Sousuke's, but right now he was drowned in it.


The omega nodded his head, though he had an amused smile over his lips. "How about we leave when we finish eating?" Haru didn’t want to stay here, either, especially knowing Makoto was getting fucked. He could smell him, but he hated that he could also smell Sousuke, too. His scent was intense, and he was trying to push it away. He didn't care, but it was a constant reminder of what was happening upstairs. "I know a great ice cream place we can get some dessert, and it's open till pretty late." It would give them both a good amount of privacy and the way Rin grinned at him he was sure it would also give them no distractions.


There was something about Sousuke that could make Makoto weak, it was that intense stare he gave him with those perfect teal eyes, looking at him as if he were just a toy, his plaything and he loved it. Makoto kept his hands on Sousuke's chest for balance, bouncing rapidly on his member, moaning loudly at the spanks. At the words his teary eyes looked deep into his lovers, feeling so completely dominated by him, wanting to be taken and ravished by the alpha. His cheeks were aflame, and his eyes were clouded with desire and tears, adoring the feeling of Sousuke pushing deeper and deeper into him as he bounced on him, nails digging deep into his skin, clawing and leaving the most wonderful marks. "Harder! Please!" He begged.

Sousuke watched as poor Makoto's body jolted up with every powerful thrust. "You want it harder?" He asked with a grin, Sousuke stopped and stood up, he laid Makoto down on his back and lifted both his legs, so they could rest over his shoulders. Sousuke bent down further and further until Makoto was bent completely in half. His cock was so deep he shivered and sighed, "Fuck, you feel so good..." He whispered before he continued to pound into the omega. "You smell so fucking good, too. I swear to god if another alpha comes near my house because of it I'll fucking kill them." He growled in Makoto's ear; his scent wasn't as strong as other omegas to attract alphas, but it was sweet and driving Sousuke insane.

Makoto whined when Sousuke pulled away but flushed as he noticed what was happening, the change in position allowed Sousuke to go much deeper into him, he could feel his member all the way inside of him, stretching him more and more each second. His nails dug into the sheets, pulling them off the bed as he felt his lover's body pressed so close to his. Those words... the words Sousuke spoke made him shiver, made him breathe slightly heavier and made him feel so special, no one had ever made him feel that way. It was a lot, having an alpha state that, state that they'd hurt or kill someone because of you. There were laws that allowed it, it wasn't unheard of and it happened every now and again, and, if anything, it was merely protecting property. Makoto loved it. "You would? Just for me?" he asked in a shaky breath, rolling his hips back and moaning at the cock deep in his ass.

"I would, " he panted, "I would because you're mine." Though Sousuke hadn't brought up mating season, he definitely made sure Makoto knew he was his. As Sousuke pounded the poor omega he gripped his chin and forced Makoto to look up at him as he was fucked. Sousuke wanted complete control over Makoto in bed, it was in his instincts, even out of the season.

Makoto moaned at just the words, he was his and no one else's and that was perfect for him. He wanted nothing more than to be Sousuke's. He looked up at him, loving how roughly he was being treated, his body bent in half and his face being held tightly by Sousuke as he felt that massive cock thrust deeper and deeper into him, his back arching in pleasure as broken moans and pants left his lips. "You're so big~!" He moaned each time as he felt him hit that sweet spot.

"I fill you up real nice, though, don't I?" He growled in his ear, a grin over his lips. Sousuke was so close to cumming, his thrust were becoming sloppy and erratic. "Your alpha is about to cum." He whispered, gently clenching his chin a little harder, "are you going to let your alpha cum on his own?"

The words made Makoto whine a little, he wanted Sousuke to cum but not without him, he shook his head as much as Sousuke’s grip would allow, "no, I'll help. I wanna help." He gasped, with bright green eyes, shining with lust, desire, desperation and with another long moan he began to roll his hips, pushing back against the other to try and give him a bigger sense of pleasure, he wanted to show Sousuke he could be the best omega out there.


Sousuke grinned as he watched Makoto try and fuck himself on his cock. He was such an obedient omega, it was driving Sousuke crazy to the point his scent was forcing any alpha in the neighborhood to flee in fear they'd get caught by the alpha. Sousuke pounded into the man, he stroked his cock and when he was about to cum he pounded into him harder until he finally came. His seed filled Makoto once more, but his knot stayed small for now.


Makoto moaned louder and louder, back arching in pure pleasure as he felt him start to fill him up, eyes going wide in pleasure. "Sousuke!!" he screamed in pleasure, nails digging into the skin on his back, raking down his sides as he felt his own orgasm. Sousuke managed to make him feel so good all the time, he wanted to thank him for it. So he would by allowing the alpha to fill him with his thick seed, give him all of his body and more.


Their meal was short-lived, but Rin wasn't complaining. Once they finished, the two left the house, and with a little encouragement, Rin held his arm out for Haru to hold onto. The omega gladly took it, squeezing it gently, and without realizing it, he let Rin take a long whiff of his scent.

It was Rin's idea to walk to the ice cream shop, it was close and the two were able to get a nice view of the beach as they passed by it. Rin's eyes would sneak peeks every now and then to Haru’s way, his eyes just seemed so much more intense than they usually were. One thing kept bothering him, though... Haru smelled so fucking good... and being outside meant he was unknowingly letting out his scent more than before. Rin was afraid it would attract an alpha... So, without much of a warning, he turned to stand in front of Haru and began to nuzzle him. Forcing his scent on his neck so no other Alpha would come near him.


Haru was more than mesmerized by the sea, the whole ‘date’ was romantic and something new to him, though the next moment when he felt Rin nuzzle against him, his cheeks went warm and he stopped walking. Haru hadn’t expected Rin to do this, they weren’t together… Either way, he wrapped his arms around the alphas neck and pressed himself close, ducking his head against the redhead's neck and snuggling as close as he possibly could to the warmth. He knew exactly why Rin was doing this and he wanted to smell like him, he wanted to keep all other alphas and omegas away from the both of them. In that moment, the only thing that mattered was him and Rin under the stars, by the beach. Honestly, nothing seemed perfect to him other than this exact moment. "Rin..." He whispered softly, fingers gently squeezing his shoulders, he wanted to stay in his arms like this for the rest of the night…

Rin had his brows furrowed as he scented Haru. He nuzzled into his neck and even pecked his cheek to leave some of his spit. "Sorry..." Came his soft whisper, "I didn't want anybody coming near you tonight..." He had wrapped his arms around the Omega, pressing him closer to his chest. His warmth would stay with the omega as long as Rin stayed close by his side. "I'm sorry if this is pushing it, but I can't handle knowing you can get picked up right under me... Let me just do this a little longer before we go..."

Haruka merely hummed, if only the alpha knew how much he wanted this. "It's okay." He whispered softly and held on to him a little tighter, he didn't want Rin thinking he was opposed to this. "I like it... You um... smell great," the omega wanted nothing more than for the alpha to continue this, he just wanted to smell like Rin to keep the alphas away from him, to be marked... he needed it. But he wouldn’t push his luck.

Rin let out a small chuckle, "I smell great? Well, that's good. It's sort of my point." He tried to lighten up the mood, doing this with Haru meant he'd have omegas looking at him a little more, but that didn't bother him. Rin pulled back a moment, his ruby, red eyes seemed to glisten in the moonlight, as did Haru’s. He pursed his lips in thought as he gazed at Haru, he was thinking of their future, he never really did with others, but it was beginning to bug him. Rin wasn't going to ruin this for himself, so as a distraction he looked over to the moon and let out a sigh. "It's pretty tonight," he smiled to the other, "wanna go get that ice cream now?"


Haruka smiled at Rin, his plump bottom lip between his teeth as he gazed back at him. He felt so embarrassed to have Rin looking at him like that, but it made him so happy that he was getting such an intense look from an alpha, especially from Rin. He couldn't help but feel a little odd, he never felt this way about any other person before, nor did he ever think he was going to feel this way in the first place. When Rin spoke, the blue eyes looked up to see the moon as well. "Yeah... it is." He whispered, his hands moving to Rin’s chest, he gently began to pull the alpha by his collar as he walked backwards, earning a chuckle from the alpha as they began to walk together.



Sousuke looked proud as he gazed at the mess he left Makoto in, he looked as though he was drooling, close to passing out and probably a little bit dead. He chuckled at the thought and pulled his now flaccid cock out of him before he picked the panting omega up princess style, laying him down at the top of the bed. "You ok?" He asked him softly, gently nuzzling him in hopes his scent would wake him up despite Makoto being exhausted. "I need to feed you," Sousuke continued, his alpha instincts kicked in, he had to make sure Makoto was nurtured after their 'mating', even though they hadn't actually bred yet. It seemed like the two were creating a bond that was not merely a scent bond, but Sousuke didn't understand it just yet.


Makoto was left in a complete mess, covered in his own release as well as filled up with Sousuke's, he loved it. Nodding weakly, he held on to him tighter before whining a little, biting his lip. "Don't wanna leave." he stated, he wanted to stay in bed, in Sousuke's arms like a child protected and enveloped in warmth. Though, he wondered if all relationships with alphas were like this, if they were all so caring and gentle and if they all fucked like wild beasts, but it was a quick thought, quickly replaced by Sousuke's scent. "Smell so good..." he whispered with an innocent, tired giggle.

"I know you don't want to leave, but you haven't eaten dinner and you'll get weak if you lay here without eating something." Sousuke warned, he could have easily forced Makoto up, but seeing as how Makoto was genuinely tired, he didn't want to. He continued to nuzzle Makoto, whispering soft nothings into his ear. For an alpha so large, living the single life, Sousuke was pretty gentle with Makoto, even if he wasn't his mate. "Please? I'll scent you before bed if you eat with me, and I'll run you a bath, too."

Makoto hummed in thought, nodding. "If you'll eat, too, then I'll go." He bit his lip, looking up at Sousuke's intense, teal eyes, more than ready to do anything with him, so compliant and submissive to the alpha. "Will you take a bath with me?" He asked softly, shyly. A part of him didn't ever want to leave Sousuke's side so he didn't want to part ways with him, even if they were in the same house.

"Of course, I will." Sousuke kissed Makoto's forehead, he had no clothes for him since they hadn't planned on him staying over, so he grabbed his own black, long robe and handed it to him. "We'll take a bath after dinner." He merely slipped on some briefs, not bothering to cover his own marked up back, which he did notice stung a little. He hissed as he pressed his fingers against a particular scratch down his shoulder, "damn, for an omega you're pretty territorial." He muttered as he rolled his shoulder, he wore a sweet smile over his lips, though. It was cute that Makoto did it.

Chapter Text

The walk to the parlor was quiet, not that Rin minded. He was just content that he was able to hold Haru like he was; his arm was wrapped tightly around his waist and Haru was pressed against him, close enough that he was able to maintain his scent on Haru’s skin.

Entering the shop, Rin sniffed the air, there was a mixture of betas, omegas and alphas here, it didn't bother him much. Rin browsed the flavors, deciding on a cherry flavored ice cream for himself. "What do you wanna try?" He asked cheerily, unaware of the small group of alphas about to walk into the shop. They were as tall as he was, similarly built and their scents as strong as an alphas should. He wasn't sure what took their scents so long to reach them, but when the bell rang to signal a customer and their scents hit his nose, Rin tensed. He looked back, eyes narrowing and his hold on Haru tightening. The alphas stared one another down, but after the others sniffed the air they rose their hands in defense. Not submitting to Rin completely, but enough to show they didn't want any trouble. Especially so close to mating season.

Haruka smiled when he got in the ice cream shop, he loved this place and he loved all of the different toppings he could choose from to build the perfect ice cream, but he didn't want too much today, he merely browsed through the flavors, pressed against Rin, he hadn't even realized the other's walk in until Rin moved. His first instinct was to press closer to Rin and hide his face on his chest, he didn't want to see whatever happened if this broke out into a fight, he didn't want that, he didn't want to see Rin getting hurt because of him so he was glad when the other's backed away and he peaked up at Rin with a small smile on his lips, almost as if to say he was proud he was with him. "I want bubble gum flavor with sprinkles." He said with a small smile.

Rin rose a brow at his choice of flavor but chuckled to the other before he ordered them both their cones. Rin was quick to pay and get the fuck out of there, he didn't want to smell their fucking scents any longer, he just felt bad for the omegas working there. They were probably scared shitless having to serve hungry alphas. Once outside the two-walked side by side back towards the beach, "didn't think you'd ever have that sort of taste in ice cream." Rin muttered as he snacked on his own. "You seem more like a vanilla or chocolate type of person." Truthfully, Haru seemed so disinterested in so many things that seeing him excited over bubble gum ice cream was cute.

Haruka was more than happy to leave, Rin had been too tense in the small amount of time they were there, so he was more than glad to have left as long as it meant Rin was comfortable. When they left he looked up at him and smiled, "I like ice cream a lot." True, he wasn't too excited about much, but this was something he really liked and was passionate about, more than most things. "I've always been very quiet as a kid, carried on till now...Just few things get me all excited..." He explained with a small smile on his lips. "My favorite flavor is strawberry... What about you?"

It wasn’t surprising that Haru was always a serious kid, it definitely showed now that he was an adult. Not that it bothered Rin. "I like Cherry." He chimed, his lips actually beginning to tint a light red from the ice cream. It looked as if Rin decided to suddenly start wearing makeup. He picked some of his own up and gently offered some to the other. This all felt so... Weird. But a nice weird, it felt domestic.

Haruka hummed, he liked cherry, he'd make sure to remember that for the future. He flushed at that, about thinking about the future with the other but it wasn't at all unpleasant, he didn't want to ruin it, though. With a smile Haruka leaned over and took a bite of what was offered to him, flushing lightly he hummed in approval. "It tastes nice." he said softly as he lead them over to a small bench on the beach.

"Doesn't it? My sister was always really big on sweets, so when we were younger she learned how to make ice cream. She used to always make me some." Reminiscing about his sister did make Rin miss his old Iwatobi home, but here in this city, he found something else... Sitting down beside the other he scooted as close as he could and looked out to the beach. The night so far was perfect besides the whole alphas storming into the shop and Sousuke and Makoto fucking like god damn animals in heat. "I gotta be honest," he said suddenly, "I never thought I'd be in this situation..." He paused for a moment, just to collect his thoughts and not say the wrong thing. “When I first heard of Sousuke hooking up with Makoto I thought it was just gonna be another one of his flings. We're alphas who weren't looking for mates, so when he told me he told Makoto he loved him I hit him. It just sounded so unlike Sousuke..."

Haruka smiled, registering the fact that Rin and his sister went to the same school, that she cooked and made pastries, that was good information for him to remember about the redhead. Haru leaned his head against his alphas shoulder with a smile, eating the rest of his ice cream as he heard him talk about Sousuke’s confession. It brought about a laugh from him and he hummed. "Well, Makoto just recently found out he was an omega.... He's dated people before but never been in a real relationship like this, never had an alpha want him that much so he must be on cloud nine right now. I just hope it doesn't turn around to bite him in the ass."

"Recently?!" Rin exclaimed as he looked down at the other, "how the living fuck did it take him so long to show? I showed right when I turned eighteen, Sousuke showed before he was even eighteen." Though Rin was shocked, he could see why Makoto fell in love so quickly. Sousuke on the other hand... that was a mystery... "I can see how, too. Not to be an asshole, but if he barely presented as an omega, doesn't that mean he's a super weak omega? That means he can be easily manipulated by alphas..." The thought scared Rin, but he made sure to shrug it off, he trusted Sousuke. "Sousuke isn't like that, though. He never dated before but seeing how he treats Makoto makes it seem like they're already mated."

Haruka hummed as he heard Rin's worries. "Yeah I know, it scares me too but I hope nothing happens before they mate. Honestly, I feel like it'll happen soon but until it does I can't help but worry about him... Luckily he works at a café and there's not much happening in there, and when he's not working he's with Sousuke who will protect him." He stated with a small smile in his lips, he had faith in their relationship and that it would go well, but if Sousuke doesn't treat his friend right...

"You think they're gonna stay together for mating season?"

Haruka shrugged, it was too much to be wondering or hoping for at the moment but he honestly felt it would be best for his friend. Makoto had only begun to show and being thrown into that world in his first heat with so many alphas looking for mates made him nervous and left him thinking it would honestly be best if he at least stayed with him for his first mating season because at least he'd be safe, at least he'd be with someone who actually seems to care about him. "It's a lot to hope for but just for Makoto's safety… But enough about them...I want to get to know you better." His gaze shifted to the alpha, expecting that cute confused expression Rin abused so often when they were together.

His brow quirked, that would be a huge commitment... Something he wasn't even sure he wanted with Haru. Sure, they were pretty much perfect for one another, but Rin wasn't sure if he was ready to spend the rest of his life with someone... Haru would be the perfect mate, though, he was caring of Rin and would treat him like the alpha he was. Then again, his lifestyle was about to change completely if he chose to mate Haru. Not only that but if they broke up Haru would be affected a lot worse than he would since he's an omega and they attach themselves to their alphas. Pulled out of his thoughts he looked at Haru and chuckled, his infamous blush returning but quickly calming down, "still?" He teased, "you're that curious about me?" Rin pressed a soft kiss to Haru’s lips, they tasted sweet from his ice cream. "Well," he whispered, pressing another kiss. "even though Sousuke and I tried to stay single I always sort of craved having an omega with me. Being an alpha and all sorta made me want to be taken care of. I don't mean, like, food or a clean house. I mean someone who I could talk to about things I can't with Sousuke. Or someone who would wanna workout with me or read next to me. Someone that could take care of me as a person and not just their provider." He shrugged, looking down the sandy floors beneath their shoes. He crossed his leg over the other, eyes downcast. "Maybe that's sorta stupid, but an alpha isn't just someone who wants a housewife... And I know omegas just don't want someone to take care of them like that, either."

Honestly, Haruka wasn't expecting any of that. "You're not the typical alpha," he said with a small smile on his lip, it was different to hear someone like Rin, an alpha, talk about wanting something more than a simple mate, wanting someone to share things with and experience life in so many different ways with. "I don't know if you know many omegas but we all have this fear... That we're going to end up with an alpha that's going to just use us whenever he needs to get off and to cook for them, to be nothing more sex toys and maids.... So just hearing that you want more than that, that there might be others like you makes me feel a little relieved for all of us." Haruka didn't want to risk and ruin this by saying something that would scare him off, so he left it at that, but in all honesty, he could feel himself falling more and more for the other.

"That's rough..." He guessed most people believed the stereotypes of omegas and alphas than the actual people. Though, if he had to be honest, most alphas were pretty obvious with what they wanted. At least to other alphas. "I guess I can understand, alphas think omegas try and tie them down before mating season. Usually, Sou and I get hit on a lot during this time of the year, omegas get desperate before the season. I would too, shit. Alphas are scary and some alphas bite omegas without their permission, so they end up stuck with each other until the alpha lets them go or they escape." It was the harsh reality for omegas, they couldn't easily hold an alpha hostage like that, and getting out of a dangerous relationship like that only had a few options. "But nah, even if they don't end up together during the season I could always ask my sister to take Makoto for a bit. She's an omega, her and my mom. They usually hide out in a different town, they stay at a pretty nice hideout. So, if an alphas got his eyes on Makoto he won't be able to find his scent, they've got some scent repellent with them or something, too. Makes you invisible to alphas in heat."

"Yeah... I'll talk to him about it too, maybe it'll be a good idea if he hides out." He said softly and leaned closer to the other. It was nice to know that Rin was concerned about his friend and was willing to send him off to his family to keep safe. Luckily Haruka didn't need it, he was a pretty strong omega and he always stayed in his house during the mating season, which he appreciated because he could simply enjoy his home and read a few books, his home was still his family home and there was hardly anybody living in that area who wasn't mated already, it was a very home-y neighborhood and he was more than glad that he didn't have to worry about it.

"Thank you." Makoto whispered as he wrapped himself in the black robe that smelt so strongly of Sousuke. The words made him laugh and look down a little shyly. "I'm sorry... I just couldn't help myself." he admitted, looking at Sousuke's back and flushing as he noticed the damage he had done. "Let me treat those for you after?" He asked softly.

"It's fine, I don't mind it." He definitely didn't. The scratches made Sousuke feel like a 'bigger' alpha, a stronger one since he had such a submissive omega by his side. "If you wanna take care of me, I don't mind. But we gotta get you some food before any of that." Being the alpha that he was, he enjoyed being pampered by his omega, but he also had to make sure Makoto had everything that he needed, that included a nice meal after sex. Helping his lover up he checked if he was able to walk properly. "Anything hurt?”

Makoto nodded and stood up from the bed, sighing a little as his muscles stretched. "yeah um... legs hurt a little, but I'll be okay." he said with a small smile on his lips, leaning against Sousuke for support, afraid to stumble over himself and fall. Making their way down he laughed when he realized they were alone. "I think we scared our friends off."

Sousuke didn't like watching Makoto have to walk in the state that he was in. He had caused it, so it was only fair for him to help Makoto. Without a warning, he picked him up bridal style and carried him off to the kitchen. He smirked at seeing their friends had gone missing. "Looks like they needed some privacy, too." Sousuke sat Makoto down on one of the chairs and noticed that Haru had served them both plates, the food was still being warmed up under some foil, so it hadn't gone cold. "Whoa, omegas really are motherly..." He muttered as he sat down and looked at the food. It wasn't that surprising Haru hadn't left without packing their food, though.

Makoto let out a small squeal as he was carried but wrapped his arms around his lover and leaned close to him, loving how Sousuke could pick him up like he weighed nothing at all. He sighed contently as he was sat down, "Instincts kick in hard when caring for other people..." He explained about them being motherly, it was their basic instinct and they couldn't change it at all. Makoto reached for Sousuke's plate and unwrapped it so that his alpha could start eating. "I hope you enjoy it."

Sousuke immediately dug into their meal. The meat was juicy, the veggies crunchy and pretty much everything about the meal was fucking fantastic. He looked like the happiest alpha there could be with his small smile, relaxed muscles and cheeks full of food. He was so into his meal he wasn't even speaking to Makoto, but just as Rin and Haru, he felt relaxed with Makoto in their silence.

Makoto was happily enjoying how his alpha looked as he ate, he looked so content with every bite, it was cute... When Sousuke was about done he reached for his lover’s plate and refilled it, wanting him to be properly fed. "Enjoy it, love."

Sousuke was in a bit of shock, when he finished his plate he couldn't even touch it before Makoto had taken it and served him again. He looked to Makoto in confusion before he began to eat once more. Usually, he'd have to do everything for himself, he didn't mind that life, but the only person who had ever taken care of him like this was his mother. It was nice... knowing that Makoto worried about him like this. His plate was cleaned fully and Sousuke looked to his lover with droopy eyes, "that was really, really good. I gotta give my props to Nanase for feeding us like this... Also, thanks for serving me again. I got pretty full." It was odd that such tiny gestures had made the alpha emotional, he guessed it was what came with dating an omega. They made you feel like you're their everything even if you hadn't mated them yet.

"I'm glad you like it... I'll be sure to tell him when I meet him for work again." He said with a small smile as he started to pick things up, standing up he was much more stable than before. "How about you go draw that bath, I'll wash up?" He asked softly, wanting to still be useful despite his shaky legs. Makoto had always been very homey, he loved taking care of people, especially his younger siblings and he'd even been called their mum at some point by friends and family and he loved it, he loved being caring and loved caring for people he cared about and he felt himself care more and more about Sousuke every time he was with him and now he wanted to show he could be a good partner, show him he could be sweet and gentle and cook and take care of him, his instincts were kicking in... Makoto began to take the empty plates to the sink, setting them in the washing machine before putting food into containers for whenever Sousuke got hungry.

Sousuke's brows furrowed as he watched him clean up, he hadn't even mated Makoto yet and he was already taking care of him hand and foot. Deciding not to press the matter he stood up and nodded, once he was back upstairs he grabbed Bella from the guest room and walked to the bathroom with her in his arms. As expected she nibbled at his fingers with her tiny, razor-sharp teeth, but he did his best not to complain too much. The water was becoming warm as he filled the tub, "this is for your momma, Bella." He muttered, letting the kitten lick tiny drops of water from his finger. "You like the warm water, huh? You really want some milk, huh? Fuck..." Sousuke worried for the kitten, so he got up and grabbed his phone to call Rin.

The redhead took a moment to answer, but when he did he sighed at his friend’s request. "What?" Rin spat, "huh? Kitten milk? Dude, you should have bought that when you got her!" He exclaimed but gave in and sighed and hung up, "fine, you useless alpha." He muttered and shoved his phone back into his pocket. "Welp, looks like we got an adventure to go on; Sousuke wants me to pick up some kitten formula so Bella doesn't starve tonight."

“You do realize that our friends have a child, don't you?" Haruka hummed and stood up. "Come on, I know exactly where we can get that." He said, holding out his hand for his lover.

"I honestly rather trust Sousuke with the fucking cat than an actual child." He chuckled and tossed the little cup he had ice cream in in the trash. He wrapped his arm around Haru’s shoulders and allowed him to lead the way. "You don't have any pets, right? I don't mind them, I'm not really into animals unless they belong to other people. I can't seem to take care of them well. I try, though." He shrugged, looking out to the sea before it finally vanished behind a neighborhood.

A laugh came about to Haruka's lips when he heard that and a part of him could understand why, Sousuke was, for all effects and purposes, a muscle head. He was a nice guy, caring but he was too young to have an actual child and actually take care of it. Makoto on the other hand was practically made for that. "No, don't have pets... There are a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood, though. I live in one of those old people cul-de-sacs. My family's home so it's quite calm and peaceful, the cats like it there. Everyone has a bowl of milk outside their door though, no one wants them to starve."

"So, my new home will be filled with cats, huh?" Rin hummed, he didn't mind it, he actually liked cats, though he preferred dogs since he liked how much more playful they could get. "Sounds like the perfect place to settle down in for an omega. Quiet, no alphas to annoy the shit out of you and a bunch of furry kids to call your own." He chimed and though it was not his home, yet, he sort of felt like it was a nice place to also spend mating season in. He still wasn't sure if he was going to spend it with Haru, it was a huge commitment, but if he did choose to stay with Haru during it he would want to spend it at Haru’s house where he wouldn't have to worry about another alpha coming near their nest. "I'll make sure to feed the cats, too. I bet there's a bunch of tiny ones running around there, too. Let's hope Makoto and Sousuke don't find them or else they'll wanna take them home."

Haruka laughed a little at the words, Rin was calling it 'his new home' and it was amazing, he actually loved the idea that he was thinking about it so comfortably like that. "Oh, a lot of people have dogs there, I think they're quite sweet, too." He hummed softly as he lead the redhead to a pet shop down the road they were walking. "I never had any pets of my own growing up, but I'd honestly like to, a dog would be great too." He liked pets of all kind and he really didn't mind, but he just knew that if he ever found a good mate he'd want to own a lovely pet with them to make their home much more perfect than it was before. "Makoto would own every single cat in the world if he could... Here's the shop, by the way."

Rin was imaging something similar, of him and Haru with their own dog and cat. It was something only alphas who really wanted to mate thought of, but Rin couldn't help but let the thought slip into his mind. "I always pictured you more of a cat person, you sorta act like one. Especially with that attitude you gave Sou the first time you met." He grinned, sharp teeth peeking through his smile.

Arriving at the shop Rin looked around and hummed, he had no idea where the milk could be, but he guessed in the cat section. So, he walked his lover to the kittens' section and was quick to pick out the kitten formula, "what the fuck? Kittens get fed just like human babies?" He muttered as he stared at the can of kitten formula.

"Picking out food for your little kitten?" Came the voice of a young woman, she was tall with short, brown hair and big eyes. "It's always good to get a kitten together before mating season." Rin rose a brow, about to question the woman. "That way when it officially starts your kitten has grown big enough that it won't need as much care as it does now."

That's when it hit him. Rin's eyes widened, and he pulled his arm off of Haru, "wait!" He called out, "he and I aren't mates." He chuckled, nervously before wrapping his arm back around Haru’s shoulders, he was gently rubbing the back of his neck as he spoke. "We're dating, um, we wanna purchase this..."

The woman's eyes narrowed, to her, Rin just looked like another alpha trying to get laid before the season starts. She felt bad for Haru, humming she took the baby formula and a little bottle to the register.

Haruka wanted to tell Rin to shut up before he got stared at but it was too late, he had already told the clerk that they weren't mates and he sighed as he leaned against him. "Shouldn't have said anything..." He whispered and pressed a kiss to the bottom of his jaw. "You really don't know what people think of you guys..." he sighed and closed his eyes as he waited for the clerk to return, “she had started off nice but the moment she found out we aren’t mated her first instinct was to probably feel bad for me and think you’re only trying to keep me around for a quick fuck. But you don't need to worry... I don't think that way about you.”

Rin wasn't sure where the hostility was coming from, he had just told the truth! So as Haru spoke he rose a brow and whispered back, "what? I didn't do anything, it's just that- oh...." He frowned and looked down before he moved both arms to wrap around Haru's waist. "You know I would never..." He whispered, smiling when Haru reassured him, "I'm sorry, I forgot about that... I really don't want strangers thinking you're being used..."

As they spoke the clerk returned and handed Rin a bag with his goods. "$7.50, please go up to the register." Since Rin didn't want to continue being on her bad side he quickly nodded and made his way to the counter where a male alpha checked him out. The woman stayed behind with Haru, she turned to face the other omega and gave a sad smile. "I have a sanctuary for omegas, we take in anybody before, during and after the season if you need a place to stay." She was just trying to be nice, omegas had to work together in these hard times.

"I appreciate it, maybe I can send my friend instead? My neighborhood is pretty safe, no alpha's and the only ones are married happily for many more years than I've been alive." Haruka said with a small smile, "would you tell me where it is? My friend recently showed so I'm worried and I want to give him safe options." There was no way he was going to reject such an offer, he wanted options for Makoto, to keep him safe if he and Sousuke didn't mate.

"Of course, here's my card." She offered him, smiling as the other took the card. "We take calls all hours of the night, so if anything happens to you or your friend, please contact us. We deal with alpha and omega related circumstances.” She offered another smile before Rin returned, her smile fell, and she left the two. Leaving Rin with more than a salty taste in his mouth.

"Yea, she hates me." He muttered, taking Haru’s hand so they could leave. On their way out he looked at the card given to Haru and muttered a small, "what's that? It's not those cards that give you tips on how to reject an alpha, is it?" He wouldn't be surprised if that's what she gave him, she fucking hates Rin and he could see why, sort of.

Haru laughed softly and shook his head, "No... she's one of those ladies that have those sanctuaries for omega's during the mating season, so they keep safe... I don't know, just giving Makoto some more options, really." He said with a small smile as he slipped the card in his pocket.

"Don't show Sousuke, though. I feel like he'll get offended since the big guy is kind of trying to get with Makoto. I seriously think that dumb alpha is trying to get shacked up. I always knew he would, but not so early." Rin was starting to accept and realize that maybe he was alone in trying to stay as a single alpha, that maybe Sousuke was a bit weaker than he was when it came to mates. Then again... He gave Haru a sideways glance, his cheeks seemed to heat up a bit at the sight of those beautiful, crystal clear eyes and soft skin.

OK, maybe he was just as weak to an omegas pheromone as Sousuke was.

When Makoto was done cleaning up and setting the food in the fridge he slowly walked upstairs and saw Sousuke with the kitten, it was so small it fit in the palm of Sousuke's hand. "Hey..." he said softly and walked up to them, bringing his hands up to grab the beautiful little kitten, she didn't nibble him, instead just licked at his fingers and hand. "She seems to be getting more comfortable around you." He hummed and slowly set her down, so he could start getting in the tub.

"Yea, she is, but she keeps biting me. I think she's holding a grudge on me. I kinda accidentally crushed her under my jacket when I first adopted her. She was in her small bed in the passenger's seat and I forgot she was there, so I tossed my jacket over her. I didn't realize I did it until I heard meowing." He chuckled as he shut off the water, he didn't have bubbles to pour in or anything fancy since he only ever used his shower, so he was sort of disappointed he could only give Makoto a boring bath. "Waters ready, we can put Bella’s little bed in here so she won't be alone if you want to."

Makoto laughed a little at the story, "it's revenge." He teased his lover before shaking his head, "let her explore..." he said softly as he watched the little kitten walk around the bathroom and slip out into Sousuke's bedroom. Makoto began to slip off the robe he was wearing, his hips having two large bruises caused by Sousuke's incredibly harsh grip on him, not that he minded, quite the opposite, he loved it beyond compare. As he got in the tub a small, happy sigh left his lips and he closed his eyes to enjoy the warmth enveloping his sore muscles. Makoto opened his bright, green eyes and looked at the large, tanned male in front of him, putting a hand out for him, "come..."

"Cruel revenge, honestly." He muttered as he watched the little kitten walk off. The kitten seemed to scent a few things before she left, probably to her little bed or the piles of clothes they left on the floor. Sousuke's eyes flickered to Makoto as he slipped into the tub, he watched every muscle in his lover's body tense and then relax as he sunk deeper into the tub. It was tantalizing, and Sousuke couldn't have stood up any quicker. He removed the boxers he wore and slipped in behind Makoto so that his lover was laying on his lap. Both of his strong arms wrapped securely around Makoto's waist. Soft, gentle kisses were pressed against his skin and Sousuke honestly couldn't see how the night could get any better. "How are you feeling? Anything still hurt?"

“No, Sou. I feel good… Really good.” He cooed, reminiscing of only a few hours ago. "Sou... I have to go to work tomorrow," he said with a small pout, he wasn't looking forward to leaving the warmth and comfort of Sousuke's arms, but he also knew that Sousuke had work to go to as well. "Spending time with you has been so perfect." He said softly and turned his head slightly, just so he could kiss his collarbone a little.

Sousuke hummed sadly, he closed his eyes and rested his chin on Makoto's shoulder. "I know... Do you wanna see me tomorrow? After work? I get out at seven." Sousuke was even planning on going to the coffee shop for lunch just to see Makoto, too. He didn't want to risk not seeing him a whole day, he had become attached even if they hadn't 'been together' very long. It was rare for an alpha who doesn't want to spend the season with anybody, but now Sousuke was realizing he didn't want to spend it alone, fate was choosing his mate for him and he was pretty damn happy about it. He wouldn't bring it up to Makoto, though. He wanted to surprise him, maybe he'd tell him a week before the season, or maybe the day before! He wasn't sure, but he was excited.

Makoto smiled a little and bit his lip, nodding softly. "That would be a good idea... I get out at seven thirty so you wanna swing by there and get me?" he asked softly, not ready to spend a whole day away from Sousuke's scent and warmth, he was hooked on him. "You're so sweet to me, Sou, you make me so happy." The tall man purred and snuggled closer and closer to him, closing his eyes as he took deep breaths of the man's hot, intense scent. "You smell amazing..." he whispered and put a hand on Sousuke's much larger ones, smiling at the difference. Even if he was pretty tall himself he wasn't as big as Sousuke, he doubted anyone could be.

"It's a date, I'll take you out to dinner if you want." Sousuke hummed and twined their fingers together. He closed his eyes and smiled at his lover's words, "you deserve it. What kind of alpha would I be if I didn't treat an omega like this?" What he meant by an omega 'like this' was really saying, how could he treat Makoto like anything less than a king? "I love you," he whispered after a moment. Sousuke was already planning on how to ask Makoto to spend the season with him, he had so many ideas, but they still had a while until they should start worrying, but he was just so excited... He had never spent the season with anybody before.

At the other's words his cheeks turned a dark shade of red and he let out a soft, innocent giggle, "You're so sweet Sou~" he whined and giggled, looking up at him and biting his lip for a second, "I love you too, Sousuke..." he hummed and broke the short distance between them, kissing the alpha lovingly.

Sousuke returned the kiss sweetly and then allowed Makoto to relax his muscles. Sousuke was falling asleep in the bath and wanted to get to bed. He realized he'd have to stay up to make sure Rin comes home safe, but he was pretty much dying at this point. He yawned and nuzzled Makoto's shoulder, "did you want me to take you home? Or can you stay the night? I'll wake up extra early, so you can get home and change, I'll even take you to work."

Makoto bit his lip a little, he didn't want to impose. "I mean... I don't want to leave you, but I can go home... That way I take Bella and let her play around more freely." He said, thinking it wouldn't be too bad considering the kitten would probably be more comfortable at his house, it was more cat-friendly and Sousuke wouldn't feel too odd about taking care of her.

Sousuke's brows furrowed and he squeezed his arms around Makoto's waist. "But I don't want you to leave..." He whined, "just for tonight I'll keep you both hostage. Tomorrow I'll take you to your place, so Bella can get to know your house better." At this point, Sousuke didn't care about being selfish, in his mind, Makoto was already his mate, he just didn't make it official. So, keeping him close was important to the alpha.

Makoto's cheeks went red at the embrace and the small confession, making him giggle lightly. "Yeah... I'll stay with you tonight." He promised him and snuggled a little closer to him. "You just have to get me to work on time..." He hummed softly and looked up, pressing a kiss to his jaw. "And give me something to sleep in..." He said with a shy smile, excited at the thought of wearing Sousuke's clothes.

"I'll keep you nice and warm." After a little longer in the tub the alpha had had enough. He got out with Makoto in tow and dried himself off with a towel as he picked and chose what clothes his lover would wear. He chose his favorite teal sweats and black shirt, one that was extremely soft. He handed it to Makoto and offered one of his boxers, but they'd definitely be too big for the poor boy.

Makoto didn’t have much trouble walking now that he had sat in a warm tub. He dried himself off and walked to the bedroom, grabbing the clothes from his lover and smiling, slowly putting them on his cheeks went pink, the shirt smelt so much like Sousuke, he never wanted to take it off. When he was dressed he walked up to the large man and wrapped his arms around his waist, "thank you so much tonight... For Bella... For everything." He said softly, wanting Sousuke to know how grateful he was.

Sousuke wrapped his arms around Makoto and kissed the top of his head. "Don't mention it, I'm happy Makoto. I want you to be happy, too." He cooed before he perked up at the sound of Rin getting home. He didn't bother replying, he merely kissed Makoto's cheek. "Looks like we're not alone anymore. Let's go to bed." He asked, pulling away to pick up the tiny kitten that had been waddling by their feet. Bella was so small Sousuke picked her up with one hand. He set her on the bed and almost immediately the kitten went to Sousuke's pillow and plopped down on it.

Haruka knew not to show it to the alpha, he wasn't even sure he'd give it to Makoto yet, he just wanted to know that he wouldn't be making any mistakes at this time, that maybe he'd be smart enough to make the right decision. He knew Makoto really liked Sousuke, he wouldn't shut up about him at work or when they were together, and he understood, having an alpha treat you the way Sousuke treated him was exciting for omegas. "Let him be, if it's what makes him happy." He found himself saying, not wanting to upset Rin but wanting him to understand that sometimes things didn't go as planned. "I wonder how you'd feel if you were really into someone and Sousuke said these things about you." He said with a playful smirk, now just teasing the redhead.

Rin pouted at Haru’s teasing, "whatever." He grumbled but smiled and kissed the top of Haru’s head. "Anyway, enough of that big loser. Did you enjoy yourself tonight? Kinda wished we had more time, but yea." He shrugged as they continue to make their way to the house. When they passed the sea once more Rin couldn't help but feel closer to Haru. The sea just made him feel a certain way that he didn't understand. It had never happened before until he started to hang out with Haru.

Haruka chuckled at the reply, walking with him happily next to the sea. His eyes would dart between the two. Both the water and Rin made Haru’s skin warm… They called to him, Rin’s touch and the way the water would envelope his skin… He wanted to swim with Rin. "I had a great time." He said honestly, a small flush covering his cheeks and a smile on his lips. "I'd invite you over to my place, but I think my neighbors would freak out once they realized I brought an alpha who wasn't my mate to the neighborhood." He chuckled and shrugged, he also didn't want to leave his side, not just yet.

“They like your parents or something?" He teased, but completely understood that hooking up with alphas wasn't always looked at with an open mind. He did say he lived in a community that was a lot more mature than most neighborhoods. "We can sleep at my place, well, Sousuke's place for tonight. He won't mind. I'm sure they're done fucking." He said bitterly as he unlocked the front door and allowed Haru in first. "I'm home, asshole!" He shouted, shutting the door behind him. "My room is this way." Rin’s room was downstairs, it was rather small, but he chose the smaller guest room since he didn't have much. Upon entering it could be seen that Rin was rather clean, his clothes were folded neatly in his drawers, his bed was made, and everything seemed to be in place. Except for a very obvious bottle of lube on his bedside, one he didn't realize he had forgotten to put away…

Makoto couldn't believe how nice Sousuke was to him, everyone had always been so negative about alpha's that he had his doubts, now if they really were as horrible as they said they were, Sou and Rin seemed to be nice enough to help break that stereotype. "Oh, they're back..." He hummed softly as he walked over to the bed, laughing as the adorable kitten went to Sousuke's pillow. "I think she really likes your scent, Sou." He hummed, knowing he did and anyone would be crazy not to fall for that intense scent. "How is Sousuke supposed to sleep, Bella?" he asked as he laid down and pet her softly, looking up at Sousuke and feeling his heart pound.

"About time. They probably fucked while they were out." He muttered as he got to bed and laid himself beside his lover. He looked to the kitten and smirked slightly, "can't let daddy lay down, huh? Can I have my pillow, little girl?" He cooed deeply to the kitty who meowed cutely to him. "Looks like we're gonna have to share, Makoto." He smirked to his lover.

"Oh don't say that, they probably didn't." Makoto said with a smile and looked at Sousuke, chuckling a little and shifting so that Sousuke could lay on his pillow. Makoto laid his head on his lovers shoulder, "there we go... this way we're all comfortable." He said with a smile, flushing a little as Sousuke called himself Bella's daddy. "My alarm will wake us up..."

Sousuke moved to Makoto's pillow, he laid on it and kissed the top of his head. "Alright, I hope you sleep well." He whispered, nuzzling into his head as he looked over to the kitten who had fallen asleep easier than Sousuke could ever fall asleep.

Makoto smiled brightly as he snuggled closer to the large man, sighing happily and putting a hand on Sousuke's chest, wanting to feel more of the warmth that the alpha emitted. "Good night, Sou..." He whispered and closed his eyes, easily falling asleep with all the warmth and sense of safety Sousuke emitted.

Haruka laughed a little at the words, he didn't mind it because that's what it felt like, the community he grew up in was very close and tight-knit, they all helped raise one another which was part of the reason he liked kids so much. When they arrived at the other's home again he smiled and walked in, thanking him as he allowed Rin to lead him to his bedroom, feeling quite surprised at how neat it was. "I see you're very organized." He hummed and tilted his head a little at noticing the bottle of lube, "been busy lately?" He asked playfully, wondering how long it would take the other to notice what exactly he was talking about.

"Huh, busy with what?" Rin asked, who was picking out clothes for himself and Haru. He wanted to shower, but he definitely didn't want to do it with Haru. He knew that temptation would get the better of him and alphas weren't strong at saying no to an omega who smelled as sweet as Haru. After gathering his clothes, he set Haru’s down on his bed and looked to where he was looking. When he spotted the bottle, his eyes widened, and his face flushed drastically. "Fuck!" He shouted and grabbed the bottle, tossing it inside his closet as if it were a rabid animal he was trying to hide away from them.

Haruka let out a laugh as he saw the strength and force that Rin used to throw the bottle of lube. "I mean... You realize that that’s probably opened and is now spilling all over your clothes and shoes, right?" He asked sassily as he sat on the bed, watching Rin panic a little. "And it's okay... You're a human being that has sexual desires and needs, and an alpha to top it off, so it's normal that you have sex and have lube here. It won't scare me off." He said gently as he took his shoes off and crossed his feet on the bed, eyes never leaving the redhead, loving how cute he acted when nervous.

Rin stuttered as he tried to explain that he wasn't having sex, but then again, if Haru wanted to think he was having sex and not just masturbating then so be it. Rin sighed and rubbed the back of his head as he searched through his closet and took out the bottle. It did, indeed, fucking spill everywhere. He sighed, "still... Sorry." He muttered as he took out the clothes and set them all in the dirty laundry.

Haruka shook his head anyway, "it's okay, no need to apologize." He hummed, eyes following Rin as he set the clothes away.

"Well, make yourself at home. I'm gonna go take a shower if you don't mind."

"Go ahead.” Haru merely said and as Rin was about to step into the bathroom he shouted “wait!”

Rin had never heard his voice go up so high, so when he swirled around to look back at Haru the alpha had a confused, almost afraid expression.

“Do you have a bath tub?”

At that, Rin sighed and smirked.

“I do, baby.”

Chapter Text

Usually, when Sousuke woke up with someone beside him, it meant he had fucked someone he didn't know, and they were about to leave his house without even saying goodbye. This morning was different, though. This morning, Sousuke woke up to the softest kisses to his cheeks and lips and the cutest mews beside his ear. It was like waking up and realizing he was still dreaming.

Their morning consisted of a warm shower where the two finally seemed to make love in a slower, more sensual pace. There was no screaming and pounding, but soft, intense moans under the hot jets of water. The two had coffee, ate a quick breakfast on the way to work and outside the café, Sousuke was pouting. "So what time do you get out?" He muttered, resting his forehead on Makoto's shoulder as if he were a stubborn child not wanting to let their parent go out for the day. Sousuke was still early for his own shift, so it was no surprise he was stalling to let his lover go.

"I get out at around seven, maybe seven thirty." He explained with a gentle smile on his lips. Makoto was more than smitten at the fact that Sousuke was being so needy, no longer was he the one wanting affection, but the Alpha… "You'll come after I clock out? Like we talked about yesterday?" He asked gently as he snuggled closer to the large, overbearing Alpha with their bodies pressed against the car.

Sousuke only seemed to whine more, but as he was hugged he returned the gesture and decided not to be selfish with his new lover. "Yeah, I'll be here by seven. So, if you get out late, I'll hang out here." Sousuke was surprised that Makoto seemed to take more hours than he did, he felt bad that his lover had to work so much, but he knew Makoto would be bored without a job. Pulling back, the Alpha kissed his lips gently and nuzzled into his neck, marking him for the day. "I love you, I'll see you soo-" Sousuke perked up immediately at the scent of another Alpha. He turned around, a head of fiery orange hair caught his sight and Sousuke calmed. "Sei." He cooed, wrapping an arm around Makoto's waist.

The redhead walked up to the two, all smiles and plenty of height to match Sousuke. He was an Alpha, a strong one, too. His scent was as overpowering as Sousuke's. It was sort of weird that Sousuke felt threatened by it just seconds ago. That had never happened before. "Sousuke! Bro, what's up? I thought you were at work." The redhead asked chipperly, his bright eyes seemed to shift to Makoto as they greeted one another.

"I'm dropping off Makoto. Makoto, this is Sei. We work together." Sousuke introduced the two, unaware that Sei was seemingly letting out more of a scent than usual. At work he was always drowned in Alpha scents, so it being this strong to him out in the open wasn't too surprising.

Makoto nodded and sighed, he also didn't want to leave him, but he had to work to pay bills. He had left his family's home in search of his own independence and as much as he didn't want to admit it, he was struggling a little, and so he took a few extra hours at work to try and make some extra cash. He was even thinking of moving a little further from the center of the city just because of it. As he was snuggled close to Sousuke, hearing him say how he'd come back, a strong scent hit him and even if Sousuke pulled him closer Makoto was trying to see where it was coming from, though it was getting closer and closer until he heard the voice. Cheeks turning a darker shade than normal and his breathing quickening a little. It was stronger than Sousuke's. He could barely smell Sou now, only the new man.


"H-hi..." He said in a voice barely above a whisper, trembling and seemingly breathless. He was still incredibly new to this, dealing with scents, especially strong ones such as those of these two, so they always affected him much more than they should. He could barely bring himself to speak so he just looked at Sousuke apologetically and made a small, uncomfortable face. "Uhm, I gotta... work..." He muttered and turned around, walking straight into the shop.

"Huh, Tachi?" Sousuke questioned as he watched his lover run off. He rose a brow but didn't bother questioning him. He guessed he had kept him out too long. Deciding not to question further he turned back to Sei, "headed to work soon?"

"Yea, just gonna grab some breakfast and get to the station. Rin kept saying this place was good, especially the workers." He winked, "I'm gonna try and find myself someone for the season. I'm a little late, it’s always easy to tell if an Omega will make good mate, though. Real easy." He muttered the last part as he looked passed Sousuke to the shop.

"Good luck, I got pretty lucky myself." Sousuke smirked as he slipped his hat on and said his goodbyes to Sei.

“Good luck to you, too....” Came a soft whisper as Sei made his way inside. His scent was being let out more and more as his eyes searched for Makoto. The day Sousuke walked in smelling like him had caused Sei to feel a way he had never felt before.

He wanted what Sousuke had...

Upon finding the Omega he smiled rather widely and walked up to the front desk. "Good morning! What's good here?" He asked kindly as he took a seat at the bar.

Once Makoto ran inside he changed into his uniform, taking deep breaths and washing his face several times. There was no way it was possible for someone's scent to overpower Sousuke's, was there? Was there a real limit to how strong a scent could be? His head was foggy, and he needed to think straight. He headed back to the front desk where his main station was, but since they were only two people working today he'd also have to tend tables, those closest to the desk as well so it meant that when Sei walked in the shop and came towards him his heart sped up. It felt much more intense now, much more than it had been, and this was when he wished Haruka had work in the mornings, he would know what to say to him.

Clearing his throat, he picked up a menu reluctantly and set it down in front of the Alpha. He still had a job he was being paid to do no matter what, so he would just have to suck it up and deal with it. "H-hi... again." he mumbled and kept his head down, not wanting to look him in the eye, but mostly because there was something about Sei that told him not to, not until he was told to at least. "We uhm... Banana bread and the uh... muffins are pretty good..." he tried to do his job like he would normally, but the scent was throwing him off his game.

Sei was taking note of everything. They way Makoto spoke, walked and his overall demeanor. He was submissive, very fucking submissive. The Alpha in Sei screamed for him to grab Makoto and bite his neck. But he wouldn't, not yet, at least. "Hm, a muffin sounds good. I'll have a coffee with that, too." Sei’s eyes seemed to narrow as he gazed at Makoto, and as the male took down his order his low voice seemed to boom as he demanded, "look at me." He was testing Makoto. Sure, he smelled like the perfect Omega, but Sei wanted a mate that wouldn't give him any trouble. At this point he was sure Sousuke probably did too since he had chosen this Omega right before the season.

Makoto stood taller than most Omega’s but at this point, he felt just as small as every other Omega out there. He could feel himself shake, his hands tremble as he took the order, jolting down muffin and coffee in the sloppiest handwriting ever, especially considering he always seemed to have a pretty feminine handwriting. At the order, his heart jumped, and he bit his bottom lip, slowly looking up with glistening green eyes. "H-how would you like your coffee?" He asked him, wanting to be sure he got it right for the Alpha, terrified of ever getting an Alpha's order wrong.

Sei stared at Makoto rather menacingly, but when he spoke to him in such a quiet tone he smiled. "Make it how you like it, Makoto. That's a pretty name, by the way. It's nice to finally meet you. Sousuke has spoken about you here and there, not as much as I thought he would, though." He lied, knowing damn well that Sousuke would never shut up about the Omega. He shrugged and picked up a napkin just to fold it neatly, "I've been meaning to meet you, but Sousuke never wanted to bring you around. I thought that was weird since most of us Alphas like showing off our potential mates."

Makoto's eyes seemed to soften when he saw the other smile, a quick blush following as he heard Sei compliment his name, he rather liked it and was glad other people did as well. He was about to speak back but he had nothing to say, he had only just met Sei and didn't want to seem too forward, though he now regretted not speaking. Maybe then he wouldn’t have heard this... "O-oh..." he said, sounding rather disappointed that it seemed like Sousuke didn't want to show him off like most Alphas would. "Uh... Well, I'm glad to have met you then." Makoto replied, trying to sound as chipper as always though there was now some sadness in his eyes. "I'll be right back with your order."

"Same here, Makoto." Sei cooed as he watched Makoto walk off. The Omega wore his heart on his sleeve, it was cute, and a lot easier for this Alpha.

Makoto’s mind wasn't right as he worked at the coffee station, he even let the boiling liquid overflow a little and burn his hand, making him hiss out in pain silently. Right before he returned to Sei he passed his hand through cold water and wrapped it up in some gauze to keep it from burning. He cleaned the cup and made it look as if nothing had happened before grabbing the muffin, taking it to the table. "Your order." He smiled with his hand behind his back.

Though Makoto tried to hide his injury, the Alpha had been watching him. When Makoto came back he acted as if he didn't know and looked over his food, "whoa, it looks delicious! Thanks, Makoto." He chimed happily before he rose a brow and stood up, towering over Makoto. "Are you hurt? Your arm." He whispered and gently took Makoto's hand whether he wanted it or not. Looking over the injury his gaze shifted to Makoto and Sei leaned down, beginning to nuzzle and scent Makoto’s neck. "I'm just trying to make you feel good, so you don't feel the pain." He whispered, his scent aiding in making the pain in Makoto's hand go away.

The scent of an Omega calmed Alphas and the scents of Alphas aided the Omegas emotionally and physically. It was a cure to them, that was why so many Omegas needed Alphas, not just wanted them.

Makoto felt his eyes soften a little more with every small compliment Sei gave him, he didn't know why that had such a big effect on him, but he knew he was weak to pretty much anything the large Alpha could say to him. He was about to go back to work when the other suddenly stood, making even Makoto need to look up at him, his eyes almost sparkling when he took his arm, hissing a little as he touched his hand, "I... got burnt." He explained and bit his lip, he thought that was it but suddenly Sei was nuzzling him and his heart felt like it was pounding out of his chest, cheeks a dark red as his pupils dilated. His scent drowned the pain, "I-it's uh.... yeah, working." He forgot how to speak, Sei smelt so good, so intense and strong that he felt himself slightly lean into him. "T-thank y-you."

Sei was gazing at Makoto as he nuzzled him, when he pulled away, he gently kissed Makoto's injury. "You're welcome." He whispered, winking to Makoto. The Alpha let go of his arm and turned around to pick up his food, his gaze never left Makoto's, though. "Well, I think I should be taking my leave and pay my bill. Would you mind if I came back for lunch, Makoto?" Sei seemed like a whole other person, he was charming, no longer menacing and it was obvious his feelings for Makoto.

Even the other workers could tell.

Makoto felt his knees go weak for a second and he shook his head with a small, very shy smile. "N-no, it's uh... fine." He said with a small smile and bit his lip, looking over at the food, "It's um... on the house." He blurted out, cheeks warm without realizing his actions, he didn't know why he did that, but he spoke faster than he could think and that was going to get him in trouble. "I'll uh... see you for lunch." He said and gave him a small smile before walking over to another table that had just arrived, he couldn't stop from doing his job.

Sei rose a brow and gave an amused smile, "on the house?" He asked softly before nodding to Makoto. Watching the male leave, Sei took the opportunity to gaze over his ass. Makoto had a nice shape, good hips and a strong back. He liked his Omegas a little lankier, but they'd work on that. Sei grabbed a pen and napkin, setting it on the table after he scribbled down his name and number. He set a twenty-dollar tip for Makoto and after looking over to him once more he slipped his hat back on and left the shop.

The little silver haired male worker seemed to worry, he had seen Makoto look at an Alpha like that before and he was sure he had just recently given that same Alpha the same treatment as this one. He and Makoto weren't close enough for him to say anything, though. So, he merely continued his own workload. Though, a bit jealous he wasn’t getting big tips from Alphas like Makoto.

The blonde behind the counter was a little less quiet than the other workers. So, when Sei left he ran to Makoto and nudged him on his side gingerly. "Wow, options for the season, huh? Both look like they'll be great mates!" The blonde giggled and moved to clean up the table besides Makoto’s.

Makoto was quick with the other table's order now that there wasn't any distraction being created by Sei. He took his tip and smiled a little to himself when he saw the number, biting his lip, pondering if he should keep it or not. He slipped it in his pocket though, trying to hide the smile on his face. When the blond came to him his cheeks went red and he shook his head, "n-no don't... Don't talk about it like that." He muttered. It was the first time Makoto would spend a season after blooming and he was already nervous enough. "Hey... uh... can I ask you something? Haru isn't here and I feel like he'd kill me if I spoke to him about this..."

Nagisa rose a brow when the other spoke and his eyes shined, "sure! I feel so special~ like Haru-chan’s replacement for the moment." He teased as he waited for the other to speak.

Behind the counter the silver haired boy stared at the two, almost eavesdropping on their conversation to see if Makoto was going to bring up the Alpha that came in. He groaned to himself, still able to smell that Alphas scent. To him both Alphas had scents that were far too strong. He was a weak Omega, too, but not like Makoto.

"I... Sei." Makoto sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, "I just met him, he's Sou's friend. It's... wrong, right? I shouldn’t. I should tell Sousuke." He really had no idea what to do, he'd never been in a situation like this or similar and he didn't know what the right thing to do was. He didn't even know how he felt about all of this, everything was so confusing and now he kind of wished he hadn't found out he was an Omega.

The blonde rose a brow, he tilted his head to the side and thought for moment. " Ehhh, I don't think so. I mean, you're not his mate." He muttered, "and he hasn't asked you about being his mate or even spending the season together. So why would you tell him? You're not his mate and he's not taking any steps to make sure you're his besides scenting you before work. Which is something all Alphas do to Omegas they're fucking. Sorry to be harsh." He winked and stuck out his tongue to Makoto, "don't sweat it. Just enjoy being an Omega for now. Alphas are good at sex, just have fun!"

Makoto nodded and bit his lip a little as he went on to do his job for the rest of the morning, constantly looking up to see if Sousuke might show up unexpectedly but it was to no avail. He wasn't coming until later today and that made him a little nervous, though when it got closer and closer to lunch he felt his stomach tickle a little, like he had butterflies in his stomach and it made his cheeks pink. Sei was supposed to show up around now and he wanted to be the one to take his order.

Both Alphas had a busy day, but Sousuke was determined to get his lunch with Makoto. He had gotten to work earlier than Sei, so when it was lunch time he was out of the door before the other Alpha.

Sousuke was all smiles when he walked into the cafe. "Hey, miss me?" He cooed to Makoto as he took a seat at the bar. "Sorry I'm late, I won't be able to stay long. Today is just packed with paperwork. Do you have lunch soon? I can take you out."

The silver haired mess boy seemed to fume at how Makoto was so easily messing with both Alphas. Sure, he hadn't fucked the other Alpha, but he still felt like it wasn't right to have one after the other come over.

Seeing Sousuke surprised Makoto, but made him much happier than he expected, "I do... I have about an hour and a half for lunch." He admitted and bit his lip, feeling so incredibly guilty, he wanted to tell him. "But uh... Can I talk to you about something?" He asked and tucked some hair behind his ear with his injured hand, he wanted Sousuke to know because even if what Sei said was true, that Sousuke didn't speak much about him, he cared about him and wanted to be with him. Makoto took off his apron and set it away, taking the napkin from his pocket and biting his lip. "Sei, uh... Sei sat here for a long time and we talked a little... He gave me his number." He really was a weak Omega, he didn't want to upset Sousuke if he found out any other way other than from him, besides, Sei seemed to be a nice guy and he was sure he didn't mean any harm.

Sousuke went quiet when Makoto suddenly got serious. His brows furrowed at the injury and even as Makoto took out the napkin he reached out and gently held Makoto's hand to inspect it. He rose a brow at the paper, taking it in his free hand to open it up, "his number?" He muttered under his breath, Sousuke was sure Sei was just being nice. He had never done anything to make Sei hate him and they'd been friends since preschool. The thing was, he had never had to fight an Alpha over an Omega before, he knew things could get ugly, but didn't expect it in this situation. "That's nice." He finally said, shocking the little silver haired boy behind the counter as he served a client some tea. "Seems like he likes you, I'm glad. We've been friends so long I sort of hoped he would accept you." It was important for Sousuke's friends to like Makoto. "But what happened to your hand? Nanase is gonna blame this on me, ya know?" He teased as he stood up. "Get some ice and change, I'm taking you to get some food, so you can rest your legs."

A small sigh left his lips when Sousuke wasn't upset about it and he suddenly felt so relaxed and happy that the entire situation didn’t bother him anymore. "Oh, my hand's fine... I already put some cold water on it, it'll be fine by this evening." He promised him and bit his lip before going out back to change out of his uniform, a happy sigh leaving his lips as he realized he was okay, Sousuke wasn't angry. When he changed he told his manager he was going to lunch and waved at the others as he walked out with Sousuke. "How's work going for you?" He asked with a small smile on his lips and hands already groping Sousuke’s bicep.

The silver haired boy seemed to glare at Makoto as he ran off so carelessly. He was close to telling the Alpha, but he felt so light headed from just being around him that he let out a sigh and walked off to deliver more tea. His eyes glared as Sousuke took Makoto out of the shop, the two seemed so happy... But it wasn't far. That Omega was a scam, a whore.


The boy yelped and looked to his side to see the other blonde Omega. "Ai Ai, you ok? You're kinda lookin' funny." Said the blonde who helped pick up some cups.

Ai sighed and lied to the other, "No, Nagisa. I'm fine. It's just- that Alpha makes me feel funny. His scent is strong."

“Ehhhhh, well yea! It’s the hormones gettin’ to ya!” Nagisa winked as he walked off as if he hadn’t just turned Ai’s face into a tomato. “Is not!”

"So much paperwork, but it's been going by quickly. I just wish I could spend more time with you." Sousuke muttered, grasping Makoto’s hand in his own as he drove.

"We can be together at night and in the morning... It kinda sucks, though." He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck a little sadly, he wanted to spend more time with Sousuke as well, almost all the time in the world if he could. "So... where are we going for lunch?"

"I was thinking some place small, so we can get quick service and eat in my car. I don't wanna have to deal with getting out and being with other people." He muttered, kissing the back of his hand lovingly, smiling over Makoto's skin. "Burgers sound good? I'll order and park near the beach."

Makoto wasn't too thrilled about eating in a car, being hidden away from people, but he just wanted to spend time with Sousuke, so he just smiled and nodded, "yeah that sounds good... Haven't had a burger in a while, actually, so junk food sounds pretty good." Makoto looked over to Sousuke, taking in that familiar scent he had missed. It was almost blocking Sei’s very existence.

After ordering their food, Sousuke parked close by the sea, a perfect view of the water, kids running in the sand and dogs out free. It always calmed him to be out here, even more with Makoto by his side. As they ate in silence his phone chimed, warning him of a text. When he read it, he sighed and shoved his cell phone away into his pocket. He didn't explain the text immediately, he didn't look too thrilled. But finally, he spoke, "so, my company is having a party tomorrow, wanna go?

Makoto was a little uneasy being near the sea, but he wasn't in it and it actually looked beautiful from here. He happily ate his burger and looked at Sousuke when he heard him sigh in irritation. When he heard why he bit his lip and he hummed softly in thought, Sei's words ringing in his ears. "I mean... Is it okay? I wouldn't want to impose or anything." He said softly, not wanting to sound too eager to go in case Sousuke didn’t really want him to go like Sei had made him believe.

"You're not imposing, Makoto." He cooed and kissed the back of his hand once more. "Pretty sure Rin is taking Nanase. It'll be early, but we don't have to stay late. We can go home." He cooed, “I like spending time with you alone, anyways."

Makoto smiled gently and bit his lip, "in that case, I'd very much like to go with you." Makoto answered and turned his hand, so their fingers were laced together. "We don't need to leave too early... I’m sure you need to make your presence known as the big, bad cop you are." He teased playfully. If Sousuke wanted to be seen with him amongst other Alpha's he was sure it was because he wanted people to know about them, right?

"I'm a big boy, baby. I'm sure I'll make my presence known immediately." He smirked and gently nipped at Makoto’s finger flirtatiously.

"You are a big boy." Makoto cooed back with red cheeks, unable to believe he was saying those words aloud, but it was Sousuke, he trusted him more than he trusted a lot of people he knew for much longer.

"I like how you call me that." Sousuke growled gently to tease Makoto further.

Makoto giggled, gently hitting Sousuke on his chest. “You’re so embarrassing, Sou.”

"You ready to go back? I gotta get back to work so I can leave on time." Sousuke seemed a lot more tired today, he was usually awake during the day, but the day was asking of lot of him and the poor Alpha was doing his best to give Makoto all the attention he deserves.

"Oh okay... you'll pick me up tonight, right?" Though they had only been able to hangout for less time than Makoto wanted, he was grateful for tonight.

"Yea, I'll pick you up tonight, we'll make dinner at home again." Which was a sure sign he'd end up fucking Makoto the second they got home while Rin and Haru cooked. "I'll try and be here before you get out of work. I don't want you waiting," he hummed as they approached the cafe. Sousuke parked his car and turned to Makoto, kissing his hand once more. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too... I'll see you after work." He said and gave the others hand a small squeeze, deciding to lean in and press a kiss to his cheek just to say goodbye properly. Leaving Sousuke felt horrible, he wanted to stay here all the time, by his side. With a small sigh he left the car and walked back into the cafe, he had to work even if his hand was burnt.

"Have a good day at work, baby." Sousuke muttered softly as he watched Makoto leave. His eyes didn't leave the Omega until he was sure he had gotten into the small cafe safely, even if it was just a mere few steps away.

Once back at the café Makoto walked to the back and put his apron back on, sighing a little as he walked to his station, a little upset that he had to get back to work, he just wanted to spend some more time with Sousuke. Not being besides Sousuke was sort of making him feel ill, was this part of being an Omega?

When Sousuke left, the silver haired boy took the opportunity to try and befriend the other Omega in hopes of figuring out whether he and that large, black haired Alpha were mates. He knew he was being rather nosy, but it just amazed him how Makoto would get two Alphas gawking over him when he had such a weak scent. It made him fear he was being used.

"Good afternoon, Tachibana-san. Was that your Alpha friend? How come he didn't eat here today?" He asked sweetly, even wiping down Makoto's' counter.

"Ah, hello Nitori-san." Makoto hummed and flushed a little at the question, smiling a little as he thought about what he and Sousuke were. "Uh... I wouldn't call us friends... I think we're in a relationship. We haven't talked about it, though." He explained as he dried glasses in the back of the counter. "He had to work... He's friends with the other one that came in today, Sei, the redhead. I met him today, though," he explained, not thinking anything of the questions, Makoto generally thought the best of people.

Nitori’s eyes narrowed slightly, so Makoto thought they were dating? That was reasonable, honestly. But what about the other guy? "I see, I'm happy for you, Tachibana-san. It's hard to get good Alphas these days. Are you planning on spending the season with him?" He asked kindly before he perked up at the smell of another Alpha.

One that had been there before.

Makoto's cheeks flushed at the thought of spending the season with Sousuke and he couldn't deny he thought it would be the perfect way to do it, but he couldn't say just yet. "Oh... We haven't talked about it, I might just go to a retreat or-"

"Or that one?" Nitori whispered and left Makoto to tend to the other Alpha. Ai watched from the other side of the cafe, cleaning any spots he had missed, but at this point he was using it as an excuse to watch the male.

Makoto was cut off by the scent and he looked back, Ai's words ringing in his ear as he walked off. Standing a little smaller than usual as he saw the large Alpha walk up to him.

"Afternoon." Sei said, his charming smile back once more over his lips. "I made sure to come back for our little date on time. Traffic was sort of crazy down near the station." He hummed, taking a seat in front of Makoto at the counter.

"Hi, um... Hi." He cleared his throat and smiled, "Yeah, I uh... I'm working now so I can't really... Um." He could barely formulate a sentence, why was he so intimidating? "I'll bring you something to eat, grab a seat." He managed to say in a coherent sentence before collecting his senses and rushed to the kitchen to prepare something for the other.

Sei didn't offer a response, he merely patted the seat he was already in with a grin as Makoto moved about. His eyes took note of every little thing Makoto did. When he'd shrink just at the smell of Sei, or how he'd avert his eyes to look at anything but him. It made him feel good, powerful, even. It was what attracted an Alpha to an Omega. Sei didn't get up from his seat at the counter, he wanted to be at Makoto’s station to be able to be as close to him as possible. The season was near, so he had to work fast when it came to wooing Makoto into joining him in it. "It's sort of quiet here, isn't it?" He called out, eyes scanning the cafe to only see the little silver haired Omega cleaning another table. "I'm glad, Makoto. That means you and I can talk more."

Makoto tried to stare at anything but the redhead as he prepared his meal, nothing too special but a simple chicken sandwich with a drink to go with, hoping this would be okay considering Sei didn't order anything, he just had to assume. Alphas were so difficult to handle at times. At the question Makoto's eyes raised up to meet Sei's but instantly darted away, he couldn't look him in the eye properly. "It doesn't get too crowded at this time, most people are working, some are at school, so..." Makoto figured out that it was easier to talk to Sei if he wasn't looking directly at him, which was good. It meant he didn't have to look at him all the time and have his body feel weird. When he managed to prepare the food, he set it up nicely on a plate and placed it on the counter with a small, shy smile, waiting for Sei to taste it. An Omega waiting for approval, a praise of some sort, all these instincts in most Omegas that would have decreased over time were just beginning to kick in with Makoto, blooming late made him feel so awkward.

"Then I'll make sure to come around the same time every day." When his food was brought over Sei looked over it, almost as if he were inspecting it. It seemed that all the Omegas in the cafe were watching. Nitori from his side of the cafe, Nagisa from the kitchen, it was nerve wracking when such a big Alpha came in and ordered their food. They always made the Omegas feel like they’d end up making a huge scene if their food didn’t come out how they liked it. When Sei finally took a bite, he closed his eyes and hummed softly. The Omegas tensed, and when Sei opened his eyes he smiled to Makoto, "delicious. I think I'll order this from now on as long as you're making it for me." He took another bite, his eyes still on Makoto. The other two Omegas let out their breaths in relief and went on with their day. It honestly never got easier with these Alphas, they were so picky and always came in acting like the Omegas were their wives and had to tend to them as such. "So, you're really good at cooking, Makoto?" He asked, taking a sip of his drink.

Makoto watched intensely, though it was a mix of keeping his eyes focused on him and nervously looking around the room but when he was complimented his cheeks went a dark red and he smiled softly, looking back down, "I'll make it just as good then." He promised silently like any Omega would in this situation. The question made him hum and bite his lip for a second in thought before shrugging a little. "I guess so, I have two younger siblings and our parents travel a lot for work, so I raised them a good deal of their lives... Had to learn to cook to make sure they were eating well." He explained and smiled a little, looking up as another customer came into the shop, "excuse me for a second..." he said and walked to the register, collecting the order and money before preparing it; it was good to get away from Sei for a while, gave him some space to breathe.

"Good with kids, good at cooking..." Sei hummed as Makoto walked off to tend to another customer. Was there really anybody who was more perfect than Makoto? He looked like an angel and was the perfect Omega for an Alpha like Sei.

While Makoto pressed a panini in the kitchen Nagisa walked over and stood beside the other Omega. "Need help?" He asked kindly as he looked at the order and began to make the beverage. "So, this is the Alpha you were talking about?" He whispered, not wanting the Sei to hear them. "He keeps looking over here, I've heard about him. Everybody says he's a super sweet guy, was an athlete in high school." Nagisa knew most of the towns gossip, so nobody was really a stranger to him. Sei wasn't an exception, so he knew plenty about him.

Makoto thanked Nagisa for the help and continued to prepare the other half of the order while they spoke, humming a little at the information that he was given. He was trying to act like it didn't matter that Sei was looking over at him, although, it made him incredibly nervous just to think about it. He just had to be careful not to burn his hand or cut himself this time. "Yeah? He does look like the jock type... Why don't you go over and talk to him for a bit?" He asked with a small smile, considering Nagisa was a friend he wouldn't care about them meeting, maybe even getting together, it would be nice for the young man. "There's a work break coming up, so the register is going to be full for a while," Makoto said as he looked at the time, noticing that the office above their shop was coming down for their coffee break and he didn't want to leave Sei alone for too long while they worked, and Ai also needed a break. But mostly, he just wanted to get away from that intensity for a while, it was driving him weak and he couldn't let that happen.

"No thanks," he waved as he slipped a lid onto the beverage. "Let's leave Ai to do the register. Plus, I don't wanna take your little Alpha from you. He's got his eyes on you, Makoto." Nagisa looked over to the Alpha, smirking when he noticed Sei wasn't just looking at Makoto’s body but his face. It was cute... "I don't think this guy is looking for a quick fuck. Honestly, if he did want sex I feel like he would have had you in bed by now. Not saying you're easy, but with an Alpha that has a scent and a body like that, I'd spread my legs for him." At this point Nagisa cared more about gossiping than working.

Makoto's cheeks went bright red, "what the heck, Nagisa!" He hissed and nudged him a little. "Don't say it like that! He's Sousuke's friend... And he's seen us together, I'm sure that's not what he's thinking about, stop it." He was way more defensive than he should be, he knew that Nagisa was probably right but the fact that he had real feelings for Sousuke made him not want to believe it. But at the same time, Sei was hot. Very hot. He smelled wonderful and it was driving him slowly insane. He looked up quickly at Sei and his cheeks felt so hot so quickly, the man was looking right at him and it made him oh so nervous.

"Alphas fight each other when they want the same Omega, Mako. What if he ends up fighting Sousuke because you don't know who to choose?" Nagisa whispered back after he was nudged. He looked at the two who were sharing a gaze, his cheeks puffed up and he grabbed the food that Makoto was making and packed it up before he handed it to Nitori to give to the customer. "Come again!" He chimed happily, grabbing Makoto's arm. "Ai, man the register! Sorry, we'll be back, won't take long!" He called out as he pulled Makoto to the back room. "Wanna see videos of Alphas fighting for an Omega?" Wiggling his brow Nagisa pulled out his phone and began to show Makoto a video. "These guys are from the town over. See that little guy over there? He's the Omega. He's holding his hands over his crotch like that because the scents the Alphas let out when they fight makes us super horny. So, whoever wins has to take the Omega to a love hotel or something before they start riding the Alpha or something from how bad they want it." Nagisa didn't admit he kept this in his phone to masturbate, but honestly from how long they've known each other it should have been obvious to Makoto.

Makoto knew that was true but he couldn't see it happening, he didn't want to see it happening because he believed real friends wouldn't do that to each other, though his thoughts were cut short as the small blond suddenly took him to the back room and showed him the video, his eyes widening and suddenly he wasn't so sure any more about the loyalty between Alpha's when it came to selecting mates. Honestly, the video was horrid, he didn't see the need of such violence, but then again, he wasn't an Alpha. "I don't want them to fight over me..." He said before biting his lip, "I think..." He muttered though he knew he didn't have a say in it at all, it was all up to the Alpha's and there was nothing he could do, especially as such a weak Omega.

"You think?" Nagisa teased, "you've got some time till the season starts. But who knows, maybe one of them will ask you to be with them first?" He shrugged and shoved his phone back into his pocket. "Anyways, we should go ba-" Nagisa stopped, perking up at the scent that Sei was letting out.

In came Nitori who looked flustered, his head was down until he finally spotted the two. "Um, that man... I think he wants you out there Tachibana-san..." He whispered, looking over his shoulder. "His scent is strong... I wish we had a mated Omega working here so they could deal with Alphas like that."

Sei was at the counter, he finished his meal and set the money down for it. He decided he'd take Makoto outside for a chat instead of waiting for him inside.

Makoto looked back the moment his scent hit his nose and his breathing instantly became a little heavier. He cleared his throat and nodded, the whole conversation he had with Nagisa was pushed back as he walked out to meet Sei, cheeks getting brighter and brighter the closer he got to the man. Stepping out from the back room he smiled nervously, looking at the ground though, his scent was just too intimidating now. "Hi... Nitori, um... Nitori said you wanted to speak with me?" He hated himself for being so weak, but he couldn't help himself, that scent was seeping into his brain, making a mark on him that he knew would be very difficult to get away from.

Sei stood up when Makoto walked out, he ignored the other two Omegas who walked out just as the coffee rush began. Neither Nagisa nor Nitori said anything as they watched Sei take the Omegas hand into his own. "Come outside with me really quick." The Alpha took Makoto out of the store to his car, he leaned back on it and pulled Makoto gently by his wrists to press against his chest. "I was wondering something, I know you're busy, but are you by any chance going to the party tomorrow? It's pretty much an office party, but fancier, I'll be there, I was hoping I could see you." His large hands held Makoto gently, his thumbs caressed the back of the Omegas hands as he gazed down to him.

Makoto's cheeks went pink as his hand was taken so gently, watching as Sei leaned on the car and giggling a little as he was pulled close. Like a scene in those crappy teen, romance films he watched so much, but it was nice. He smiled at the words and nodded, "yeah... Sousuke invited me today..." He admitted, wanting Sei to believe that Sousuke didn’t mind bringing Makoto around his co-workers. "He didn't seem too keen on spending a lot of time there, though..." Makoto said and looked down to their hands, why did Sei seem so romantic? It made him feel so special to be treated this way by a large, strong Alpha.

Sei didn't let the sound of Sousuke's name bring him down. He was on a mission, after all. "Really? That's no fair, what if I want you to stay longer?" He cooed and pulled Makoto even closer until he had his arms wrapped around the Omegas waist. "I'll just tell him I'll take you home instead, so you can stay longer."

Makoto's green eyes were almost sparkling at the way he was being held by the Alpha, so close and so secure. His hands laid flat against his chest and he couldn't help but breathe in more of that thick scent, making his mind go blank for a second. "I um... could try to talk to him." he said with a flush on his cheeks, he'd never gotten this much attention by Alphas before in his whole life, mostly because no one knew what he was, and people always kept away from those who hadn’t bloomed, all expect Beta's, those didn't care.

In the café, Nagisa starred at the two as he took orders. He pursed his lips, knowing damn well that the other Alpha might smell Sei on Makoto once they were together. He knew he told Makoto to be free since he wasn't technically in a relationship, but he wasn't being safe enough! Nagisa quickly finished the orders and walked out, he had his head down, the usual for an Omega in the presence of an Alpha that had shown he demanded the respect. "I need your help, Tachi! Sorry, sir!" He called out to be nice, but really, he wanted Makoto as far away from him for now. He ran back inside, immediately helping Nitori in handing out orders. He'd have a few words for Makoto when he got back inside…

When Nagisa came out Makoto gave a dopey, tired smile and bit his lip, he looked drugged, honestly. "I have to go... Back to work." Makoto said breathily, as he kept his eyes fixed on his hands, not daring to look up at Sei. "I'll see you tomorrow." He whispered and slowly started to pull away from the other with wobbly feet. The further he got from that scent the more he was glad that Nagisa had called him back inside.

"Please? For me?" Sei had worked hard on making his scent fog an Omegas mind. It was what Alphas used to get mates, but that fucking Blondie had to come out and ruin it. When Makoto began to pull away Sei frowned but tried to not look too pissed, "I'll come around the same time. You've got my number." He called out and watched Makoto disappear into the cafe.

Makoto waved at the other and quickly walked into the store, apologizing to his co-workers before rushing to the back and leaning against the door, breathing heavily. It was odd, when he was away from Sei he could think clearly but the moment he was close to him his mind was so foggy and weak.

Sei’s brows furrowed and smile fell when he finally drove out of the parking lot, "fuck." He cursed under his breath, smacking his fist against the wheel, "so close..." He could have easily bitten his neck. It was wide open for him and Makoto was falling for his scent so easily...

When Makoto came back in Nagisa gave his friend time to cool down. He and Nitori were holding down the café rather easily, so he didn't bother calling out for him again. When the rush passed, at least most of it, Nagisa went to the back to find Makoto still clearing his mind. He had a sad smile over his lips. "Mako? You ok?"

Makoto shook his head and breathed heavily, it made him so nervous, scared, he felt like he was doing something horrible to Sousuke, but he didn't even know what it was he was doing exactly. Makoto wasn’t one to cheat, even with other boyfriends, this should have been no different. "I feel like I'm going to throw up..." he muttered and covered his mouth as he looked at the blond, giving him a weak smile. "I can think a little more now. Around him... I can't. I just lose control of everything. I really am weak, aren't I? I can't stop this on my own..." he mumbled and closed his eyes, resting his head back against the wall.

Nagisa frowned and grabbed a water bottle from the shelf behind himself, he handed it to the other and wrapped his arms around his broad shoulders to try and comfort the Omega with his own scent. "It's ok, Mako..." He whispered, "maybe you should take the day off? Your shift is almost over, anyway." Plus, he didn't look good to go out there and tend to the customers. "I think that he's trying to trick you into being with him. Alphas can do that, ya know? They do this thing where they make their scent make us loopy and not know what's happening. It’s technically illegal now." He suddenly didn't like the idea of supporting Makoto with having two Alphas, this new Alpha was sort of dangerous... At least to Makoto he was. "Also, your scent. You smell like him, a lot. What will Sousuke think? If you need it, I'll tell him that an Alpha came in and stunk up the place. So, we all smell like Alpha."

Makoto smiled very weakly at the other, he didn't really know what to say, he still wasn't in a clear state of mind and he just wanted to go home, be with Bella. Actually, maybe, that's what he'd do. "I think I'll go home, tell Sousuke to meet me there instead. I’m gonna take a hot shower and get his scent off me." He knew it wasn't that easy but there were products you could get for to remove Alpha scents and he had a lot of them because of working in such a public place. "Besides, Sousuke knows the scent, he'd know it was him... but I think I'll just... tell him." He knew it wasn't a good idea, but he'd rather be honest and up front, maybe it would wreck their relationship, but maybe it could help. "Thank you, Nagisa..." He said softly and took a sip from the bottle, he really did look nauseous, strong scents would do that to a weak Omega.

Nagisa pursed his lips in fear. He didn't want Makoto to be honest with Sousuke, not in this situation. But he guessed he had to have some faith in his friend. "Alright, I'll tell him you got sick or something and had to go home. Let me make you something for you and him before you go. After you clock out go to the counter, I'll call a cab for you." Nagisa would do anything for his friend, and if that meant he'd only be able to help him get home safely, then so be it. For now, he left Makoto to get his thoughts together. At the counter he told Nitori to keep Makoto leaving a secret for now, so he wouldn't get into trouble. They were lucky Nagisa was manager today…

Makoto wished Haru were here today, he would know exactly what to do. Hell, he would have even told Sei to fuck off if he were here. Sighing he finished the water and walked out to the counter "I'll text Sousuke, instead... Thanks." Walking to the cab was difficult, it felt like his legs were jelly. He sent Sousuke a text, letting him know he was going home earlier and asking him to meet him there. The food Nagisa prepared smelled nice but he still felt so sick. The moment he got home Makoto ran up to the bathroom and turned on the shower, hot water to help push the scent away. He didn't know how long he was in there for, but he only really stepped out once the water started to go cold and the bottle of his scent repellent had gone empty.

Back in the cafe Nitori felt it in his stomach that something bad was going to happen. He didn't know what, but he felt that there was something that was going to happen. For now, the two Omegas decided to continue their work and just hope that Makoto got better.

Sousuke finished work at exactly seven, from the text he got he knew that he'd go straight to Makoto's house. The Alpha was walking to his locker when he noticed Sei looking to him, he smiled lazily and waved. "See you tomorrow." He called out, to which Sei gave his usual bright, chipper smile.

"See ya!"

When Sousuke had his back to Sei, the Alphas smile fell, and his scent became rather menacing. Sousuke stopped in his tracks and slowly turned around to see Sei still looking at him. His brows furrowed, and he turned around fully, the two Alphas seemed to be challenging one another. "Something wrong?" Sousuke asked deeply, his eyes dark and narrow.

Sei glared back at the man, but just as quickly as he had hidden his animosity towards Sousuke he smiled and acted as if nothing had just happened. "Sorry, promise it was nothing. I turned around and was sure you were the asshole I’m wanting to challenge. He has an Omega I've been trying to mate for a year now. He's playing dirty though, doesn't even let me talk to him." He lied through his teeth as Sousuke's own scent went down.

"Oh shit. I'm sorry, man. It's tough out there, the season is coming. Us Alphas gotta do what we gotta do. Kids aren't easy to get without an Omega." He teased and gave the other Alpha another wave, "anyway, gotta go to my own Omega. See you tomorrow!" He shouted as he turned back around to leave.

Sei sighed and leaned against his own locker, whispering "yea, us Alphas really gotta do what we gotta do for an Omega. Glad you understand..."

Chapter Text

"Tachi! I'm home!"

Sousuke had gotten rather comfortable with Makoto, so immediately after entering the Omegas home he began to strip himself of his uniform. Tossing his shirt and belt lazily over his arm as he jogged up the stairs. Immediately the stench of another Alpha stopped the brunette where he stood, his heart felt as though it dropped into his stomach. Since Makoto did so well with getting rid of the smell Sousuke couldn't tell who’s it was, but he could still get a hint of it. Enough to make the Alpha hostile, "Makoto...?" He called out once more, slowly making his way to the bedroom he let out his own scent in return, strong and menacing to bring out any Alpha that was hidden away.

Makoto had gotten dressed in a sweater and some sweatpants and he was so preoccupied with petting Bella in bed that he hadn't noticed Sousuke walk in. Though that menacing scent made him shudder, "please don't do that... It's just us." He said softly, not looking up from the kitten who seemed afraid of Sousuke with the way she reacted at first, but after realizing it was Sousuke Bella’s tail went down and she mewed at him. "I, um... I want to talk to you about something." He finally sat up, pulling his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them as his lover walked in.

Sousuke sighed in relief when he heard Makoto's voice. "Sorry, I jus-" he stopped talking and just sat down on the bed to hear what Makoto had to say. He was worried, and for good reasons…

When Sousuke took a seat next to him Makoto instantly broke and told him everything. He felt so nauseous still and hoped Sou would help it go away. "I know he's your friend, Sou, but... There's always a possibility isn't there?" He asked softly, feeling guilty, Makoto was very weak and it showed at times like this, he could barely stand on his own two feet next to Sei when he radiated that scent, so what would happen if he challenged Sousuke and won?

Sousuke stared at the floor was an expression of disbelief. No wonder that fuck face had been so hostile towards him after work. He went to go see Makoto at lunch. Fuck... "What do you mean a possibility?" Sousuke muttered and finally looked up to Makoto. "You think I'd let him just take you from me? You're a weak Omega, Makoto. I'm never going to use that against you like he is, but I won't let that be the reason you and I break up." He said with determination, "look..." He took hold of Makoto's hand and gently lifted his chin so he could look to him. "I haven't made you my mate because I'm waiting for the season to start. I wanted to do this the right way, the traditional way. I wanted you to feel how it feels to be loved like people used to do it. A way your parents can be proud of. But things are changing right now. I didn't know he wanted you, he lied to me and went behind my back knowing I chose you. If he fights me at any time before the season starts... I'm going to fight back."

Makoto felt so sick, he hated that he had to admit this and hearing Sousuke confirm how weak he was as an Omega hurt a little more than he thought it would, it drove him mad because if he were a strong Omega he could have told Sei to fuck off. But at the same time, he'd never been wanted, much less by two men and his brain was so fuzzy. He was having a hard time thinking straight now. "I.... Sousuke..." He whispered, eyes watering at the realization of how sweet and how much of a gentleman Sousuke wanted to be with this, he never felt loved by someone else this way. "I just... I just wanted you to know because it feels like I'm doing something terrible to you." He explained as he moved to wrap his arms around Sousuke. Everyone said Sei was using him but it didn't feel that way, Sei was being so nice to him, being so sweet and gentle and he was being so caring and kind and he just couldn't see past that at this point so even if he was happy to be with Sousuke he was still a little upset about everyone saying that the other was taking advantage of him. "Um... Nagisa made us some food so... No need to worry about that." He sniffled and gave a shy shrug of his shoulders, his cheeks were tinted red and eyes watery, but Sousuke knew that smile anywhere. He was happy...

It seemed like Makoto wanted to try and avoid finishing the conversation. He was too afraid of the outcome, even if Sousuke had already shown he wasn’t angry at the Omega.

"You're not anything terrible to me. I understand what he's doing and I don't blame him." Sousuke whispered, continuing the conversation as he picked Makoto up and placed him over his lap.

Being picked up made Makoto's eyes widen for a second and a flush cover his face, he couldn't help but be so weak to these displays of strength these Alpha's gave out and Sousuke just added so much sweetness to them.

"I would do the same if another Alpha was courting you, unlike him I'd actually tell you my fucking intentions, though. That's the difference between he and I, Makoto." Sousuke wasn't happy about the situation at all, this was exactly why he never wanted a mate or to even date right before the season. But it was different with Makoto, he wasn't like the other Omegas and he was becoming something so much more important to him than just an Omega that could give him children. Sousuke nuzzled Makoto kindly, scenting him with a gentle musk so that he could relax. "You know that I love you, right?" He ignored the invite for food, he had to make it clear to Makoto what his own intentions were. "I want you to know that, and I want you to know that I don't want to spend the season with anybody but you." He hid his face in Makoto's neck and pressed a gentle kiss to his scent gland, "I want you to be my mate, Makoto. Nobody else."

There it was. Makoto had been waiting for this and now that he had it he wasn’t even sure how to react. Usually he’d wear his heart on his sleeve, but right now he wasn’t sure if his heart could anymore.

The words ran all through his body and made him start to feel better, plus that sweet musk of Sousuke's was enough to almost completely push away Sei's now, he was finally able to breathe again. Makoto smiled softly as he looked up at the large man, he wanted to say it back to him, that he loved him too but his body felt too weak for words and his mind still fuzzy, though Bella climbed on Makoto's lap, making him chuckle a little. "I think she's jealous, wants some of your love too." He said softly and let his head rest on Sousuke's shoulder, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he loved the smell of Sousuke. "Happy thoughts now... we're together." He said softly as he watched Bella play with Sousuke's hand. “No more talk of Sei, just talk of the season. Which we’ll have to prepare for.” He added, "oh, what's the dress code for tomorrow?"

What Sousuke liked about Omegas was that he could tell if Makoto was doing well or not just by his scent and by the smell of it he could easily say Makoto was happy. He smiled and looked down to Bella, she had that smug little smile over her lips that Sousuke was getting used to. That little kitten really did run the house. "We are together." He reassured him, his thumb gently caressing the kitten's ear. "It's casual, I think. Nothing special." He shrugged and thought for a moment... He wanted Makoto to be all over him, he wanted Makoto to look good so that Sei could see them together. "Actually, I think I'm going to wear a suit. A black one I have with a teal undershirt, what do you think?" He asked, hiding the fact he wanted to show off to Sei since the man didn't know they were officially together. "We can get you a nice suit."

Makoto nodded and snuggled closer, giggling a little as the kitten started nibbling softly on Sousuke's hand, she definitely was his daughter and loved him no matter how mean she acted. "I think you'd look very handsome...The teal would match your eyes." He said gently as he shifted closer and closed his eyes. "I have a suit, too, what man doesn't have one in their closet?" He teased with a chuckle and looked over. "It's nothing special, though... Maybe I can get a teal tie to go with your shirt or something." He suggested with a small giggle on his lips.

"You want to match with me?" He teased and kissed Makoto's cheek, how he fucking loved this man... He wasn't even in on the damn plan and he was helping him. "We can go to the store and buy one before the party. I think I'll eat some of that food that Nagisa made for us, though." He hadn't eaten since lunch since he spent so much time with Makoto earlier that day. So his appetite was pretty heavy at the moment. He kissed his lovers lips softly, pulling back only to gaze into his eyes. "Try and relax for now, I won't let him get to you, ok?"

Makoto flushed, "I think it's cute if we match." He mumbled under his breath shyly and looked up when he was spoken to. "I wanna go with you... Don't know if I'll eat much but just a little..." He explained and smiled at him, just wanting to spend more time with Sousuke now that all of this was cleared, he wanted to just focus on him, on his lover and nothing else. "Nagisa's a really, really good cook." He said with a small hum and bit his lip for a second. "Do you know anyone else? Nice guy, I mean... Nagisa's always looking for a mate but no luck. I can only assume that a police station is full of incredibly horny Alphas."

"You need something in your stomach anyway, I'm just happy you'll eat something." He muttered and stood up carrying Makoto in his arms before he set him down on his feet. "You're not wrong." He grinned, "there's this one Alpha there. He's sorta quiet, though. He's worked with mostly Rin since Rin doesn't use self control during arrests. His name is Rei, ask Nagisa to come to the party and I'll introduce them."

Rei was an Alpha that didn't do much to get a mate, he always said that love would come to him, but he wasn't getting any younger and all the other Alphas could tell that he wasn't doing so well now that the season was coming up.

Makoto nodded with a small smile and took Sousuke's hand, leading him to the kitchen, looking back as Bella jumped down from the bed and followed behind them. "Will do. Oh, do you know if Haru is going?" He asked softly, Rin probably said something about it and it would be great for him if all of them were together out of work, it didn't happen often because they rarely got breaks on the same day. "I warn you, Nagisa is a little... uh... He's a lot." He said softly and made Sousuke sit at the table in the kitchen as he heated up the food.

"Pretty sure they're both going. Rin always goes every year, don't think he wouldn't invite Haru." Plus, as much as Rin wanted to hide it, Sousuke knew that his Alpha friend had finally found his Omega. He just needed to be more accepting of it, the idea of starting a family with someone so quickly was scary, but an Alpha always knows when they've found the right Omega. "Is he? A lot how?" Sousuke asked as he took a seat at the little island table, "is he the Blondie you work with? Not the little guy with silver hair, right?" Sousuke was so bad at names that nobody would be surprised if he’d forget his own name one day.

Smiling Makoto grabbed some plates and cutlery and set them at the table before grabbing a beer for his lover and a water for himself, he kissed Sousukes cheek softly as he waited for the food to heat up. "Yeah, the blonde one." he said with a chuckle. "Nagisa is a very horny, little thing is what I meant." He admitted and shrugged, pulling away when the microwave beeped and serving them some of the food before sitting down. "But he's a sweet guy, really nice and sensitive but well... He's really horny. Like all the time."

"Thank you, baby." Sousuke cooed when he was kissed, he took a swig of his beer, eyes still on his lover as he moved about and spoke of the blonde. He seemed funny, most Omegas weren't openly sexual like that, so he kind of earned some of Sousuke's respect knowing that Nagisa didn't care what others thought about him. "I don't blame him, sex is nice." He teased and winked to his lover as he took another gulp. "Rei is a lot more conservative, everybody at the station thinks he's never had sex before. So maybe your friend will change that tomorrow." When the food was served he thanked his lover once more before beginning to dig in, "not my mates cooking, but it's good." He cooed, smiling to Makoto. The food was good, but once an Alpha tasted a loving, home cooked meal from an Omega that loves them then food never tastes the same.

Makoto smiled a little and shrugged, he hoped that Nagisa would find someone to satiate that incredible sexual desire of his and keep him calm for once in his life, maybe he'd even turn this Rei guy into a sex maniac who lives only to please him, that would be great. Probably also one of Nagisa's fantasies, too. They'd both be happy. Flushing a little at Sousuke's words he began to eat with a smile on his lips, it wasn't his cooking but Nagisa wasn't a bad cook so he ate happily. "I hope tomorrow turns out to be fun." He said softly, trying to stray away from the topic of sex. He was still so very new to a lot of this and he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

"It will, I'm sure it will." Sousuke was saying this more to himself, honestly. Sei would be there and if he even let out any type of hostile scent then Sousuke would have no choice but to fight. He was ready for it, he'd be damned if he'd have Makoto taken from him like that.

As the two ate, Rin and Haru walked in from the front door, much to Makoto's surprise. "I was just saying, an Alpha is fucking lazy once they find a mate, you guys spoil Alphas too much." Rin and Haru had been debating whether an Omega should let their instincts out or not, they're naturally nurturing but to Rin they were more like mothers who spoil their mates. Both had bags of take out, Rin was still in his uniform since he got out later than Sousuke.

Makoto rose a brow as the two just walked into his house, he knew Haru had the keys but he never expected him to just walk in there without saying anything. "Um... Hello?" He asked not even caring what argument they were having, this was pretty close to home invasion. "You two that comfortable that you just waltz in here like nothing?" He asked with a curious giggle, but obviously amused by this situation still.

Sousuke looked back at the two, amused at how Rin grinned at Makoto. "Rin does this at my place, too. Don't be surprised if he comes in the middle of the night."

"I just wanted you two to be the first to know that I've officially moved out of Sousuke's apartment! I'm living with Haru now. What do you think?" He asked as he set the take out down on the table. "I brought food to celebrate, it's Italian. Want some? We got cheese cake, too. So there's your dessert." Sousuke wasn't surprised that Rin didn't even care that he technically broke into Makoto's house, Rin used to always break the lock on the bathroom door when Sousuke was using it, so he didn't find it difficult to think that Rin might've stolen the key from Haru.

"You, what? You've known each other like two days?" Makoto asked and looked at his friend thought he had a large grin on his lips, just happy that Haru had found someone who seemed to care about him and seemed to be able to look at him as more than just a sexual object. He was even happy they had these debates together. Not many Alphas could, it would hurt their ego, at least that’s what Haru always told him.

Haruka smiled and handed the couple new plates for the food that was brought and reached for a bit of the food Nagisa made. "Nagisa's food is always good..." He hummed and sat next to Makoto as he watched Rin sit in front of him, next to his best friend. "I know, but... Logically speaking, it was the right move... We get along and we talk about a lot of things I know I couldn't with other Alpha's, no offense." Haruka said to Sousuke with a smile.

"None taken." Sousuke waved his hand, he turned to Rin and smirked gently to the other male who gently glared at him.

"Don't look at me like that. You and Makoto are pretty much living together. When's the last time you've been to your apartment, Sousuke?" Rin spat out as he served himself food from both Nagisa's and the take out.

Sousuke chuckled softly as he took a drink of his beer, "it's cool, I get it. I'm doing the same, not ashamed, though." He hummed, "so you're both going to the party tomorrow?"

"Yea, Haru doesn't wanna go too long. But he said he'd go with me for like an hour at the least."

Makoto took a bite of the Italian and hummed at the taste. "Yeah, Haru isn't much into the social gathering scene." He chuckled, looking at his friend who seemed to be really pleased with himself.

Haruka really liked this, all of them together enjoying a meal. It happened yesterday and again today, honestly, he could do this every day… He felt like they were an actual pack...

"I think we found someone for Nagisa..." Makoto said with a small smirk on his lips. “ An Alpha named Rei.”

"Not surprised, he doesn't seem like the type. Rin is, though." He warned, knowing well that Rin was a nightlife sort of guy.

"I can live with it." Rin shrugged, not really bothered by Haru being a homebody. He then rose a brow at Makoto, he remembered Nagisa. But Reis name being brought up made the Alpha's eyes widen. "Wait, what?" He asked Sousuke who nodded.

"I'm thinking about introducing Rei to Nagisa. The poor guy hasn't had a mate, let alone a boyfriend. So I was thinking they compliment each other."

"So we thought, ‘why not?’ Maybe Nagisa will get what he wants." Makoto chuckled and focused on the food, unsure if Haruka knew about everything that had happened today between him and Sei, Nagisa was pretty quick to tell these things to his friends.

"Good,” Haru hummed, “Maybe the two of them actually get together so they can join our little group... It would be nice, we're all so different." He said with a small smile as he looked at Rin, it was a pretty good idea in his mind.

Rin smiled to Haru, it was cute how in love they looked, but Sousuke wondered how they did it when they didn't even have sex or kiss… Or anything, really. He guessed Rin was trying to do the right thing and save all of that for the season.

"Yea, Rei's a cool guy, so you guys will feel like you've known him for years, trust me." Rin said, gently reaching over to hold Harus hand. "So, what'd you guys do today? Haru and I have mostly been moving my shit into his place. The neighborhood is cool, Sousuke. You should look for property there. It's quiet, good place to retire and raise a family." He winked to Makoto, knowing damn well the two were heading in that direction

So Haruka didn't know. Makoto smiled a little and looked around nervously, trying to avoid that question as best he could, he didn't want to tell Rin what happened, sure, maybe Sousuke would but they weren't that comfortable around one another yet. "It wasn't the best day..." He left it at that, maybe when the two cops were done eating and while he and Haru went to clean up they'd talk, for now he’d just let it slide. "Maybe one day, but for now I think we're okay here..." He said with a smile on his lips, looking at Sousuke, wanting to show him he didn't want or need to rush into anything, he knew his lover's intentions and he wanted to make sure he was heard.

Haruka rose a brow and nodded, instantly realising that Makoto had something to talk about but he wouldn't push it, he'd wait for that opportunity. "Working at the café can be annoying sometimes, I get it." He played it off, not wanting Rin to question him further.

"Just tell me when and I'll look for a place for you two." Rin said, finishing off his meal.
Sousuke was sure Haru and Rin didn't realize it, but the more they spoke about where they lived the more it seemed like they were already mates. So to tease him he stood up and stretched, "hmm, I guess once you two have your cubs you can tell us whether it's a nice place to raise them or not." He said before he grabbed his empty plate to set it in the sink. Leaving Rin with a red face and jaw dropped.

"I-I never said that!" He shouted and grabbed his own empty plate to follow Sousuke. The larger Alpha laughed at the male, Rin was so easy to make fun of.

Makoto laughed at the teasing and looked at his best friend who seemed to be flushing, but then again, Omegas were always more than accepting of the idea than Alphas, it was pure genetics. "Can we talk?" He whispered to Haru with a small smile as he got up and walked over to the sink and began washing the dishes, he just needed to talk to Haruka about all of this, he was his best friend and if he could use him to get out of the party sooner, it would be great.

Rin walked with Sousuke and lead him into the small balcony outside the apartment, he smoked occasionally and he needed one after what his friend just made him go through. "Don't need ya talking about that kind of stuff just yet, okay? I know you think it's funny but... And I know we're moving fast I just... Don't do it." He asked and cleared his throat, letting off a stronger scent than usual just to let his friend know he was serious. "I don't want to fuck this up..." He explained.

"I get it, I know you don't wanna fuck it up but we've been friends our entire lives. At least tell me you're trying to make a future for yourself with that Omega. I told you about Makoto." Sousuke had always worried that Rin hadn't looked for a mate because of him, but now that he's seen how he and Haru are together he couldn't help but try and push the idea of them spending the season together. "I'll cool it, but just tell me how you're doing, man. I feel left out." He paused, sighing deeply. "Sei is trying to challenge me for Makoto." He blurted out, unable to hold the information in much longer.

Rin sighed, he knew Sousuke was just worried about him and just wanted his happiness. Honestly, it was really appreciated because not a lot of people did and having his best friend of all people caring so much made him feel good. "Yeah, no, I know... I'm sorry, I've just been trying to sort things out but..Maybe. I think so, yeah." He confirmed as he lit his cigarette but coughed while inhaling because of what Sousuke said. "Sei is trying to do what?!" He asked almost in complete disbelief. "You're serious? Like actually serious? How do you know?" He was astounded, they had been friends for years and never have they had to fight one another, especially for an Omega.

Sousuke sort of smiled, he was happy for Rin. He had finally found someone... But the two couldn't even celebrate because of Sei. He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. "Makoto told me today, he even came home smelling like him. After work Sei challenged me and when I confronted him he lied and said it was because he was thinking of another rival." He looked out into the city, his scent becoming stronger. "He's trying to trick Makoto into mating him with his scent, I could smell it on Makoto. He couldn't even think straight with how fogged his mind was. He's dangerous. But I can't bite Makoto yet, I want to wait until the season starts. If he challenges me again... I'm fighting him. I'm not going to back down."



Haru watched as the Alphas left the room, he still felt his cheeks flush as Rin passed by him. It was a nervous feeling thinking about an Alpha actually wanting to take him seriously. While they cleaned the dishes, Haru looked to Makoto in worry, "what was it that you wanted to talk about?" He asked softly, letting out his own calming scent to aid his friend into relaxing. He could tell Makoto wasn't doing well, he could feel it.

Makoto sighed and started to wash the dishes, happy that scent was filling the room, it really did help him calm down a bit. "Sei... He wants to challenge Sousuke." He said with a small and sad smile on his lips as he looked at Haruka, "It's weird.. His scent is so strong, it makes my head go foggy, can't think straight but when it goes away I feel so nauseous." He explained, hoping he could understand what he was saying, though it was a lot to take in all of a sudden.

Harus eyes widened and he looked to Makoto in silent shock. He didn't know who this Sei person was, but he was incredibly familiar with an Alpha using their scent to trick Omegas. "Makoto." He whispered and looked down to the plate in his hands. "I've had mates before," he began, "and I know what you're going through. The one who left me after the season, after I didn't get pregnant... He used his scent to make me his mate. Since I didn't get pregnant the first time he just used me for sex the rest of the season. I don't want the same thing happening to you."

Everyone saying the same thing was something, but having Haruka share a personal experience like this scared him. "Yeah... Yeah, I'll be careful. I just don't know what to do if he comes back to the café. He does things to me, Haru, I can't push it away. I can't say no and it's terrifying. I don't know if I'll be able to stay there while he's there for too long, it scares me." He sighed and moved a hand over his stomach, it really did frighten him. He was starting to think about all of the possibilities… what if they fought and Sei won? What if Sei wanted to get him pregnant before Sousuke could? It was way too much and it scared him.

"I know, but none of us will let you get hurt by him. We just have to keep Sousuke and Rin close to you. I'll talk to Nagisa, I'll ask him if he can take care of Sei whenever he goes into the cafe. You can't continue working there if he follows you. But I know you need the job." Haru owned his own bakery, so immediately he thought of giving Makoto a job there, but that'll mean he and Nagisa wouldn't be as close and he knew he loved his friend. "We'll start there, if things get worse I'll make you work at my shop."

Friends like Haru were incredibly difficult to come by and Makoto was greatful. "Thank you, I appreciate it a lot... Maybe some good will come out of this, you know? I hope so at least." He sighed, knowing he liked his job at the cafe but right now he knew that maybe working for Haru was a better idea, besides, he was his friend and cared about him so he couldn't help but feel glad that this was happening.

Haru washed and dried the last dish and when they were cleaning off the counters he perked up at a certain smell, "is that him?" He whispered softly, he moved closer to Makoto, almost protecting him. He had never smelled Sousuke's hostile scent, so this wasn't familiar to him. "We should find Sousuke and Rin..."

", that... That's Sou. He's probably just talking to Rin, it's okay." He knew his lover's scent, he knew when it was hostile, sweet or protective because it had that slight oceany twist mixed with the thick musk. "They're probably talking about this, too..." He said with a sad smile as he dried his hands and grabbed some milk for Bella, pouring some into a small bowl he had, he really would need to buy more kitten milk for her.

"He smells... Frightening." Haru muttered as he followed Makoto to the kitten. He watched the two interact, smiling softly despite his instincts telling him to run and hide from Sousuke. He knew better, though. Sousuke wouldn't hurt either of them, Sei on the other hand... This guy's scent just showed he'd have no mercy on that Alpha.


"What a dickhead... Thought he was our friend, I used to train his younger brother for fuck's sake." Rin said and closed his eyes as he took another drag, taking out his pack and offering one to Sousuke, "I know you need one right now... Just go ahead." He handed him the lighter as well. "You need to train... I know you're a big guy and all and you hit the gym a lot but skill beats strength and Sei trains a lot.

Sousuke sighed and took a cigarette, he knew Makoto might not be happy but he needed this. Taking a long drag from the cigarette he let it out gently. "I don't know, man... Alphas, we're scary. We've known him for so long, we've all been close our entire lives and the second an Omega comes in the picture this happens. I'm not blaming Makoto, I wouldn't do that. All I'm saying is that we'll do anything for them. But Sei is being selfish, his scent on Makoto... It smelled.... it smelled like rotten fucking eggs. He tried to scent Makoto enough that I wouldn't want him. What kind of bullshit is that!?" He shouted, gripping the bars.

Rin could tell Sousuke was furious, "dude... Call down, your scent is killing me." He said softly and looked away to the city while he took a long drag of the cigarette, trying to distract himself from that menacing scent so he wouldn't retaliate. "How about we go down to the gym? I know there's one in the building next door, you won't be far from Makoto, he can still smell you, because the way you're going the whole fucking town will, too... Just blow off some steam." It was probably the best for everybody that Sousuke gets tired out for the night.

Sousuke sighed and took another long drag of the bud, holding it in longer to try and relax himself. "You're right." He sighed, the smoke going past his lips. "We should go, I'll get my gear from home and bring some clothes so I can stay the night. I don't want Makoto alone anymore until the season. I don't want Sei figuring out his fuckin’ address, either." Sousuke took one last drag of his smoke and tossed it on the ground before he stepped on it. "You smell that?"

It was Harus scent, the Omega was frightened and was trying to show Rin that he was by calling out to him with his scent.

"Haru…” Rin whispered, immediately recognizing that scent. His brows furrowed and he tossed the bud over the balcony before beginning to walk off towards the house. “Your scent got to him, too. Just calm down until we get to the gym, okay?" He asked his friend and patted him on the back with a small smile on his lips, trying to be comforting. Once back to the Omegas Rin immediately walked up to Haru, the two exchanged a ‘look’ before they shared soft smiles. "Listen, I suggested Sousuke and I hit the gym for a while, the big guy needs to blow off some steam... Haru, stay here with Makoto, yeah? Have some wine and watch some films, we won't be long." He promised, winking to Makoto to make sure he knew his Alpha was in good hands.

"Oh, sure, of course, that's fine..." Makoto said as he set Bella on the floor and walked up to Sousuke, wrapping his arms around his neck. "Please take it easy, okay? We'll be okay… We’ll keep all the doors locked and the windows shut. Promise." He cooed, giving his lover his trademark doe eyes.

Sousuke wrapped his arms around Makoto and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, "we won't be long. Thank you, message me if there's anything you need. I'll be here in less than a minute." He was big, but if he needed to sprint, he would. He smiled to his lover, resting his forehead against Makoto's. "Stay safe..." Sousuke was just so paranoid that Sei would get to Makoto before he could, it was a tough competition between Alphas…

Haru nodded to the Alpha, his gaze moving down to the floor between them, "be careful." Was all he offered, acting rather bashful towards the other. "Text me when you're heading back."

Rin bit his lip a little, sharp teeth grazing his bottom lip as he gazed over Haruka, god, he loved it when Haru acted like this. It made him want to ravish him. "Course... I'll come get you or something." He said with a small smile and rubbed the back of his neck before clearing his throat and keeping his eyes on Haruka, he couldn't help it. Haru was beautiful and the more time he spent with him made him realise that he wanted this a lot more. "We'll be back soon... Come on, big guy." He said softly and turned to walk to the door but his eyes seemed to be glued to Harus soft cheeks and pouty lips.

Harus cheeks were rather pink as the Alphas left. Watching the Alpha walk off was difficult. Though he didn't show it too often, but Haru was a pretty clingy Omega when he wasn't trying to hide it. "Be safe..." He said once more before he walked off to the kitten who finished her milk. He picked her up, smiling softly at how she mewed at him.

Makoto nodded softly and looked up at those bright teal eyes. "We will, I promise... Go on... And calm down, you're scaring Haru... And me a little." As much as he didn't want to admit it, that hostile scent did freak him out a little, he never wanted to see Sousuke get violent and this was just a reminder that he could if things got in his way, but it was natural, natural for Alpha's to get like this once threatened but it still managed to scare Omega's no matter what or how many times. " Don't push yourself too hard." He said and kissed his lips before pulling away, not wanting to stop him from going with Rin, “we'll either be here or in my bedroom when you guys get back." Makoto spoke with Sousuke walking to the door, giving Sousuke his keys. "Here, you can lock it on your way out, that way you know we're safe... We won't get out of here until you guys get back." He promised, wanting Sousuke to know they were going to be okay.

"Sorry about that." Sousuke muttered, rubbing the back of his head. "I'll try not to, just make sure you keep in contact." He repeated, taking the keys. He nodded and returned the kiss to his lover. "Alright, I love you. I'm locking up, text me." He insisted before finally closing the door and locking it behind him. He sighed behind the door and turned to Rin, "Let's go."

Makoto smiled, "I love you too..." He whispered when the door was closed, he still couldn't say it to his face and it hurt so much, he wanted to but there was still a part of his mind that was so foggy, not letting him say it. "How about we get a bottle of wine and go watch reality tv on my bed with Bella and popcorn?" He asked his best friend, just wanting to let the night slip through his fingers.


Rins gaze was on the floor, he felt like his fingertips were burning and chest aching. It really was the first time Rin ever felt this way so he actually took a minute to compose himself before walking with the other Alpha, "does... leaving Makoto always hurt? Even if it's just for a couple hours, like now?" He asked, wanting to be sure that it wasn't just him, maybe he was being overdramatic with this whole situation.

Sousuke rose a brow at his friend, "hurt?" He asked and looked down as they walked. "Yea, yea it hurts a lot..." Muttering under his breath Sousuke got into his car and started it. "It hurts every time, I don't know why. I've dated people before and not even in the beginning of the relationship it happened. Actually, I never felt even close to how I feel when leave Makoto. I don't ever want to leave him and I don't want to be away from him but I have to. I don't think this feeling will go away until I mark and mate him." Driving off Sousuke put his window down, almost as if watching out for Sei.

Rin hummed as he heard the other and nodded, he guessed he felt that same way now. He had never mated with someone or marked them. He had only dated in high school and started to do one night stands in college, but now he was actually feeling some sort of way for another person and it made him feel so afraid. He needed to protect Haruka, especially with what was happening to Sousuke and Makoto. "Hey... he doesn't know where Makoto lives, it's okay." He said softly, but then again they were cops, they had information like addresses at their disposal. Though, they couldn’t look into that information unless necessary.

"I can't trust it, you know that." Sousuke muttered, but they were close to his apartment so it wasn't that big of a deal.


It was quiet between the two Omegas, they were rather calm, but Haru was distracted. "With Sousuke... You feel safe, right?" He asked softly as he put a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

Makoto was opening a bottle of wine, looking back when he heard the question and nodded. "Yeah, I do. It's like my worries go away..." He said softly, biting his lip. "But around Sei, it's different... Today, I met him while I was still with Sousuke and they were practically both emitting really strong scents and I just felt overwhelmed..." Makoto muttered as he filled up two glasses. "Do you feel safe with Rin?"

Haru was pretty glad he wasn't in Makoto's position, he was stronger but not as much as he needed to be to avoid that situation. "Yea, I do... When we walk together he's always pressed against me and he holds me when other Alphas are near. Even if they're a mile away he protects me as if I'm already his mate." He cooed softly, pouring the popcorn into a bowl. "I think we got lucky, Makoto. I feel good about these two." Which said a lot considering he didn't fully trust Sousuke, or anybody with Makoto.

“That's really sweet, I think he likes you a lot. He gets nervous around you and it's adorable..." He teased as the two made their way to the bedroom.

"I get nervous around him." Haru mumbled.

Once they were both in the room he got into bed while Makoto turned the television on and leaned back comfortably on the headboard, handing Haruka his glass of wine when his friend sat.

He hummed at the taste and offered Makoto some popcorn. "About Sei..." He brought up the Alpha just because he wanted to know what made Makoto like him in the first place. "You met him at the cafe, right? I feel like he must have known you from somewhere else. He knew about you, what if he chose you from the scent you left on Sousuke when he went to work?"

Makoto hummed a little and bit his lip. "I don't know... I have a really weak scent, maybe he smelled me on his uniform. He is a really strong Alpha and they have a good sense of smell..." He said but shrugged, "Maybe Sou talked about me? Though... Sei said he didn't talk anout us much, so I really don't know.” Makoto was really naive to all of this, how things worked and how easy Alphas found it to manipulate Omegas the weaker they were. He stopped talking when he got a text and smiled, telling Sousuke that they were fine and that they were in bed watching tv with wine and popcorn just to let him know they were comfortable and safe. "The thing is... He's really nice to me. Intimidating as hell, but sweet... I burnt my hand today and he helped... Told me to stay at the party longer tomorrow but I doubt I will... He just seems like a nice guy, Haru." Maybe it was that fogged part of his mind speaking but he couldn't stop himself.

Haru worried for his best friend, he seemed so broken with the situation. Haru sighed, "I don't trust him, Makoto. He's doing everything he can to get you to be his mate, but he's not doing it the right way. His scent was menacing, I don't feel safe around just his scent. I wanna see him for myself tomorrow."

“I know, I know... Everyone says that." Makoto said and just kept his head down, almost ashamed to think differently of this man, but the truth was that what all he knew of the Alpha was that he was kind and actually gave a damn about Makoto, at least he thought. "Anything else you want to know?" He asked curiously, wanting to get everything out in the open.

Haru stayed silent as he thought for a moment, "do you want to spend the season with Sousuke?" He asked, looking over to his best friend. "If you do... Are you going to start a family?" It was Harus dream to have a family, but his past with Alphas wasn't very lucky. He never got pregnant, but he was sure it was because he and the Alphas weren't meant for each other.


Makoto's face went red at the questions, he knew he should expect them, being an Omega meant these questions were asked a lot but it really was the first time anyone had asked him either of those. "Uh.. yeah, I do want to spend the season with him, I would love that... But a family... I haven't thought about it. It's the first time I'll be going into heat and we never spoke about it... I... I don't know." Makoto answered nervously and bit his lip, "But maybe, I wouldn't be opposed to it with Sousuke. He's a very ‘Alpha Male’ Alpha. Alphas have to be big, bad and bossy but... he's a sweetheart and I think he'd make a really good dad."

Haru looked down to the bowl of popcorn as he listened, he guessed it was true that Makoto wasn't prepared for this. The poor guy had all of this thrown on him and he had barely figured out what he was. Haru wished it could be easier for his best friend, but life just wasn't like that. Haru smiled softly to himself, "I think he'll be a good father, too. I can smell it on him." Since the first meet Haru was able to smell Sousukes fatherly instincts and it sort of pushed him towards the Alpha, but Haru fought it. He didn't like Sousuke and he wanted Makoto to be with him, sort of. Plus... Rin came into the picture. "If you don't want babies I can get you some birth control, it'll last you all season if you take it the first day."

Makoto hummed and smiled a little at the thought of Sousuke caring for kids, his heart melted at the image in his head, he loved it. The mention of birth control made him hum a little and he shrugged. "I don't think it's necessary... I think that if it does happen then it'll be fine, we'll be together, happy with our kids." He said with a gentle smile, wanting Haruka to know that he'd love to have Sousuke's children, raise a family with him. As long as Haru understood that then Makoto would be happy. "Thank you, I appreciate it. But um, what about you and Rin?" He asked with a small smile on his lips, wanting to know what their intentions were.

Harus cheeks reddened immediately, but he tried to make it seem like he wasn’t bothered. "We... We haven't talked about anything like that. I don't know if Rin wants to spend it with me, but... But if he asks me, I'll say yes." Makoto knew Haru had always wanted to have a family, he was an Omega who loved babies and loved them more than he loved himself. So it was no surprise it still hurt him that the other Alphas couldn't get him pregnant. "It didn't work out the first two times, but I have a good feeling about Rin. I can smell it on him, he's potent and he has good fatherly instincts." It's what made Haru want him even more.

Makoto smiled a little, he knew Haruka wanted this and now he was sure he found someone that could make him happy, give his friend all that he ever wanted. "I'm sure it'll be great, Haru." He said softly and took some of the popcorn, leaning into his friend a little as he turned his attention on the television. It was nice to just do this with Haru, to rest together and talk about these things. Finally, he could participate in them because before while most Omega's talked about these topics he was often left quiet in the corner. "I know that if you and Rin do get together you'll both be really happy together.”

“I hope you’re right, Makoto...”

Chapter Text

Sousuke had been rather shaky all throughout work. He and Sei didn't work in the same building that day, but he could still smell him. So, he was very aware of his presence. It bothered him to no extent. But he had to stay focused. Today he would face him, though it wasn't officially.

At home after work, Sousuke was in the shower with Makoto. He was scenting him, rubbing his body against the Omega. He had scented his clothes laid across their bed before entering the shower. He was just taking as many precautions as physically possible. "Are you excited?" He asked, hands massaging the back of Makoto's thighs as he nuzzled his scent gland.

Makoto had taken the day off, he had refused to go to work after all that had happened to him yesterday and his manager didn't mind him taking a day or two after he explained the situation.

The water was nice and hot, steaming the bathroom up and being this close to Sousuke was all he could dream of. Makoto was in heaven. Loving how Sousuke was touching him, getting all of his scent on him like that and he could feel it grow on him, he could feel how protective and almost hostile Sou felt. "A little nervous... But yes." He admitted honestly and bit his lips a little, looking up at his lover, hands rested perfectly on his strong chest.


Sousuke hummed as he continued, "there's nothing to worry about. I'll be here with you, don't worry." He whispered as his hands now began to spread Makoto's ass apart. His rather thick fingers toyed with his entrance, massaging over it before they pressed some pressure to the ring of muscle. "Remember, as long as you're with me, nothing bad will ever happen to you."

Sousuke wanted so badly to mark Makoto, to bite into his neck, but he couldn't, not yet. His lover deserved to be marked and mated during the season. Not because Sousuke was rushing it.


Makoto flushed darkly as he felt the hands play with him like that, to feel that thick finger push slowly inside of him. His knees were weak and he practically melted into Sou, his nails digging into his chest a little. "I know... I know, I feel so safe with you." He moaned softly and looked up at the teal eyes with his glossy green ones. Makoto was already so wet for Sousuke, he made him so wet so easily as if all of his body belonged to him. "S-sou... Don't tease~." The man whined, squirming in his arms.

Sousuke smirked down at his lover, his fingers were pressing in further until he could feel his prostate. He wanted to make Makoto weaker to him, especially knowing they'd be meeting with the other Alpha. "I'm not teasing you." He lied, pressing his fingers over the Omegas prostate to make his knees buckle under him. "Does it feel good?" He whispered, gently dragging his teeth other Makoto's scent gland on his neck.

Makoto whined some more and rolled his hips, knees giving out as he buckled under his own weight, pressing closer to Sousuke and letting him support his weight. "Yes... Feels so good, Sou~." He moaned and closed his eyes, loving how the water made his body feel hot and how Sousuke's touch made him almost delirious already.

Sousuke Immediately caught Makoto when his knees buckled, he kissed his scent gland and continued to nuzzle him while his fingers abused his prostate. Even though Sousuke knew Makoto would choose him if he were to ask if he wanted to join him for the season, he still worried and was doing his best to show the man that he was being serious. He wanted to convince him further, anything to get the Omega drooling and weak over him. "I got you, Makoto. I'll always be there to catch you." He whispered, a third finger pressed past the ring of muscle. "Just think of me. Only me." Sousuke was using the same technique Sei used on the Omega, only this time, Makoto knew the Alphas intentions.


Makoto could feel his whole body press closer into the warmth that Sousuke was providing, into that tight and secure embrace, he knew he wouldn't fall, he knew he wouldn't have to worry about himself around Sousuke because Sousuke loved him. Sou cared for him and wanted to be there for him. Makoto knew all of this which only made falling for him easier. The third finger brought out a loud, desperate moan from the Omega and made his cheeks go pink, eyes lidded as he looked up at the strong man, wanting to look at his beautiful face as he played with him, toyed with his body in the best of ways. "Sou... I want you... I want you so bad..." His words were hushed, embarrassed but full of meaning. His nails dug deeper into the Alpha's chest, raking down his body slowly as his mouth opened wider and wider at the pleasure he was being given. "You're... You're so good to me." He mewled, ducking his head into the others shoulder, taking a deep breath so his lungs would be filled with his intoxicating scent, allowing himself to be controlled by someone he trusted so much.

Sousuke growled into his lover’s ear, forcing him to submit further as his lover scratched his nails down his broad chest. Fuck, it hurt. He loved it when Makoto brought him this type of pain, it made him feel amazing, animalistic and powerful. Sousuke picked his lover up, pressing him flush against the wall with his hands moving to hold his ass. He held Makoto's gaze as he began to press his cock inside, spreading his ass further. His own half lidded eyes were fogged with lust.

Makoto was weak, but fuck did he smell good.


Makoto gasped at the sound of the growl, he loved it when Sousuke got like this, when he was so strong and so animalistic with him out of pure pleasure and lust, it made him feel so good. As he was picked up he pressed his back against the wall and put his hands on his lover's shoulders, looking at him with clouded eyes filled with desire, desire to be ravished by him, to be fucked brutally like he knew Sousuke would. The deeper he felt Sousuke's cock go inside of him the more he moaned, the further his back arched and the deeper his nails sank into him, he could feel Sousuke all the way inside of him, filling him up so perfectly that it made his mouth open slower as he pressed deeper. "S-so big~"

The blood over Sousuke's shoulder washed away with the warm water. Makoto was like a kitten with claws he didn't know how to use. But in this case, Sousuke loved how he used them, the pain always sent a jolt of pleasure down his spine right to the tip of his cock. He had been scratched before, but the difference was who was doing the scratching. Sousuke let out a warm breath over Makoto's neck, his tongue went over his scent gland, he knew it would make Makoto feel good, but he had to play it safe so he wouldn't end up biting him. Sousuke's hips began to slowly rock back and forth, letting Makoto get used to his size since they hadn't had sex a few days now.


The young Omega flushed darkly as his scent gland was licked, he wanted to feel Sousuke's teeth so badly, wanted to be bitten and made into Sousuke's property, but he'd be patient. He'd wait for Sousuke to decide it was time and when the time comes he knew it would feel amazing. Makoto rolled his hips back instinctively and moaned softly, rolling his hips down against the other to try and get more of him inside. It hurt, but it felt so good to be stretched out like that by Sousuke. His breath was already ragged and he could feel his heartbeat racing a little, he could feel his toes already curling in pleasure. Moans left his lips like soft pleas for more, more of that mind-numbing feeling Sousuke was so expertly making him feel.

Makoto’s sweet voice aided Sousuke to fuck him harder. He began to thrust deeper, pushing his cock all the way inside of his soon-to-be mate till the outline of his cock could be seen in the Omegas belly. "Look at me." Sousuke growled, gripping Makoto’s chin lightly so he could gaze at the Alpha who was dominating him, fucking him into a moaning mess. "Who's going to be your Alpha, Makoto?" He growled, dragging his tongue back over his lovers scent gland. This was perfect, Makoto would go to the party smelling of him, tasting him. Sousuke would cum in his ass just to add a little touch to his trophy for the night. That way Sei could see just how much Makoto was his.


Makoto's deep breaths and pants continued, he gazed at his lover with submission in his eyes. Sousuke was frightening, dominant and made Makoto's asshole throb. He could feel himself stretch further and further, he could feel his lover so deep inside of him and he wanted to feel that way forever. It was so good and so big that it almost made him drool. "You~" Makoto's voice was breathy and lustful, "you are... You're going to be my Alpha~" His words were like honey, sweet but desperate, loving and wanting. Sousuke made him feel ways he never imagined and made him want to feel much more, his body begging to be ruined by him, his mind with just the thought of Sousuke, nothing else. "Sousuke... please~" He moaned, hips pushing down on the big cock that was pressing against his prostate, making his thighs tremble.

"That's right." Sousuke was pounding into Makoto, poor Omega was going to have to limp his way to the party at this point. Sousuke was making sure that Makoto was smothered by his scent, completely enveloped in it so no other Alpha would even approach him. The sound of Makoto’s moans and skin slapping against skin filled the bathroom. Every inch was fogged, only leaving the two able to see each other's faces. "Fuck!" Sousuke cursed into Makoto’s neck, his teeth were so close to sinking into him. He wanted to mark him, Sousuke was losing all self-control but he had to stay focused.

Makoto's moans got louder, his breathing ragged and completely shaken, his legs trembled uncontrollably and he could feel himself being pushed to the limit, he couldn't last much longer this way. Sousuke's big hands all over his body, holding him tightly in place, it would likely leave a bruise and he loved the idea, he loved that he'd be marked in a different way like this, a small reminder for until the season starts. "S-Sou! I ca-hah! I think I-mm gunna-!" He couldn't even finish his sentence before he came completely undone, his cock spurting soft stings of cum on his lover's broad chest, his legs tightening around him and his ass squeezing around Sousuke's cock as a long and pleased moan left the young Omega's lips.


Sousuke almost felt as though it was a blessing that Makoto came at the time that he did, because if he didn't he would have definitely bitten him. The Alpha let out a long and deep groan at how tightly Makoto squeezed his cock, the Omega truly was greedy when it came time to cum. "You're squeezing me really tight, baby." Sousuke teased him as he continued to pound into the Omega. When it came time for Sousuke to cum, he held Makoto in place and unleashed every last drop of cum into him. He had his face hidden between his neck, holding Makoto down to force him to drink his cum. Not that he really had to. "Drink it up. Every last drop." He whispered into his ear, pressing soft kisses to the back of it.

Makoto let out a lazy giggle at the words, he knew he was tight right now, but he wanted Sousuke to feel just how good he felt, wanted him to feel just how much he loved having him inside. But mostly what he wanted was to be able to feel all of Sousuke's cum fill him up when the time came and not lose a single drop. When he was held down the way Sousuke liked to he knew what was to come and his arms wrapped around his lover, keeping him steady as he felt the hot cum shoot inside of him, making him moan softly. He had to concentrate to keep his entrance nice and tight, it was difficult only because Sousuke’s mammoth cock always left his entrance stretched. He was going to smell like him for days, he was sure no other Alpha would approach him unless they wanted to fight. "You came so much..." He said lazily as he nuzzled into Sousuke's neck, his mind foggy and dazed in such a beautiful way.


"It's your fault." Sousuke teased as he loosened his grip on Makoto’s thighs. Sousuke was panting rather heavily as he held Makoto in his arms, embracing him so his lover wouldn’t fall. "Are you ok?" Sousuke knew to scent Makoto after fucking heavily, he wanted his lover to relax. "Make sure to keep it inside of you." He wanted his cum to help keep Sei away, he knew that the other Alphas might not like how he smelled, but Sousuke didn't care. He'd just tell them he didn't want a certain Alpha to come near his mate. He was sure they'd understand an Alpha trying to keep his mate safe. "Wanna get out now? Rin and Haru are gonna meet us at the party."

Makoto hummed and nodded with a happy smile on his lips, looking so damn pleased with himself. "I'm fine..." he promised and kissed his cheek softly, as a small ‘thank you’ for the wonderful moment they just shared. Makoto nodded lazily as he aided in Sousuke pulling his cock out. Once he was left to walk on his own he wobbled to grab a towel and wrapped it over himself to stay warm. "You'll have to hold me up all night..." He laughed a little as he noticed how his legs were still shaking.

Sousuke felt a bit of pride seeing Makoto have a bit of trouble trying to walk. He grabbed a towel, drying himself off as he passed Bella who mewed at the two in the bedroom. "I won't mind, it means we'll be close all night." Sousuke teased as he grabbed some briefs out of his overnight bag. He was so ready to move his shit into this place, he hated living out of his duffle bag.

As they walked into the room Makoto sat on the bed, doing his best to keep all of the cum in like he was asked to, "can we just... lay down a little first?" He asked lazily, he knew they shouldn’t be too late for something so special, but he just wanted to rest for a second after all that they done. Just to catch his breath properly.

"Alright, baby." The Alpha slipped his briefs on rather quickly before he made his way to the bed, but Sousuke wasn't even able to actually get on it before Bella was squeezing her way between the two. He rose a brow to the kitten and laid beside Makoto anyway. "She's selfish, isn't she?" He asked as he wrapped an arm around the Omega, purposefully squishing the kitten between them who was mewling in return.

Makoto grabbed some briefs for himself and pulled them on, smiling as Sousuke laid down. He laughed at his kitten, noticing how she almost glared at Sousuke. "She just likes the attention, too..." he stated and laid his head on Sousuke's chest, petting the lovely, white kitten between them. Laying here was so good, he could lay there all night and not go to the party if it meant just spending time with Sousuke, but they had plans. They needed to meet their friends and introduce Nagisa to Rei so that they could all hang out together like a huge, happy family. "I love this..." He hummed, looking up at the tanned man with a smile, "I love being so close to you... being able to smell you on me." Makoto said shyly, looking away to try and hide the flush on his cheeks.

"Yea, but I'm the man of the house. I need more attention than she does." He muttered and let out a sigh, body relaxing as he closed his eyes and caressed the side of his lover’s thigh and back. He smiled at how cutely Makoto confessed, he was such a sweetheart, he honestly wished he hadn't promised Rei he'd introduce him to an Omega because he could have easily stayed in bed all night. "Get comfy with it, you'll get me so much more when the season finally comes." Sousuke sighed happily at the thought, "I know I haven't said it officially, but I want you to be my mate, and I want us to make it official on the first day of the season. I wanna go out for breakfast, nice and early, hangout with Rin and Haru and go out to buy what we need for the season. Once it hits five, I wanna come back home and make a nest for us. It'll be big and we'll spend it here the rest of the season with Bella."

Makoto heard Sousuke's plan with a growing smile on his lips. That sounded wonderful, it sounded so perfect that he could barely wrap his mind around the idea of it actually happening. He did notice Sousuke was getting too excited, though. He probably forgot he had already asked Makoto to be his mate. Oh well, it was cute. "That sounds lovely, Sou... I can't wait." He hummed with a small, content sigh as he snuggled into the other, not realizing that it was making him smell more and more like his lover. "As much as I'm loving this... we should get going..." He mumbled and frowned a little, really not wanting to leave but he knew they'd have fun there, too. He placed a kiss on his lover's chest before pushing himself up and looking at their clothes. "Come on, we need to go." He cooed, gently pinching Sousuke's side as he looked down to him.

Sousuke almost whined, he hated to admit it, but it was getting late and he was sure Rin would get pissed if they had to wait for them. "Alright, princess. Let's get out of here." Sousuke grunted and swatted at Mikoto’s hand as he got out of bed. He loved how he smelled at the moment and even more knowing other Alphas will be able to smell his Omega, too. Sure, Makoto was a weak Omega, but Sousuke still had a lot of pride at knowing he was pretty much taken.

The Alpha dressed himself in black slacks, shoes, coat and a teal tie. He looked good for never wearing suits, but it was obvious he was uncomfortable with how he was tugging at his collar.

Makoto dressed in a similar black suit, but he actually looked comfortable. The Omega walked up to his lover with a small smirk, gently he removed the tie and opened up the two top buttons before pulling a small teal handkerchief from his own pocket, folding it and putting it inside Sousuke's breast pocket. "There... much more like you." He said with a small smile, he knew Sousuke would go insane if he had to wear a tie for the whole night, this way he still looked incredibly formal and very sexy. "We only need to get my tie now..." He said softly and got on his tiptoes, pressing a kiss to the other's tanned cheek with a smile. "You look so handsome."

Sousuke smiled softly as he was fixed up, he looked at the tie and hummed before he took it and began to tie it around Makoto’s neck. "This way we can match." Which he knew Rin would make fun of him for, but he didn't care. Sousuke took a step back and whistled as he looked Makoto up and down, "look at you, baby." He cooed, "I should take you out to fancy restaurants from now on if it means you'll dress this good." Bella on the floor mewed in agreement. She pawed at the Omega to be picked up. The kitten was obviously tired, but she wanted to say her goodnight’s before they left. Sousuke gently tapped the kittens bum with the tip of his foot, earning another happy mew, "stay out of trouble, Bella. Don't get into my shit again."


Makoto flushed as the tie was put on him, smiling at his words. "I'd like that... I'll dress nicer." He promised and picked up the little kitten, kissing the top of her head. "Goodnight, my little princess... sleep well." He said as he laid her down on her little bed and walked up to Sousuke, taking his hand into his own. "We should get going before our friends decide to murder us." He said with a small laugh, though he was pretty serious, he knew they'd end up getting mad if they took any longer to get to the party. Besides, Nagisa was waiting to meet Rei. The Omega handed his lover the key to his car and started heading out, looking back, not wanting to be too far from his Alpha. Even while holding hands Makoto was very aware of how far Sousuke was from him. After such an intense scenting session, Omegas usually needed to be incredibly close to their Alphas.

"Rin and Haru or just Nagisa?" He teased as he made his way out the door with Makoto. He knew that an Omega who knew he was getting set up with an Alpha would be nervous and excited. Rei was mostly his friend, so they'd mostly be expecting Sousuke.




Sousuke was nervous as they drove. He didn't want Sei to be the first person he saw, but if he was he also wanted him to be the first to smell Makoto on him and smell how much Makoto had been scented by Sousuke. The party was at a rather fancy hotel, so when the two arrived Sousuke parked outside. He immediately spotted Rin and Haru at the entrance. Rin who was flirting with the Omega and didn't even realize they had arrived. Their flirting only ceased when Nagisa jumped on Rin, hugging him as hard as he could from behind. "Rin Rin!! You must be Haru’s Alpha!" Sousuke could hear Nagisa's voice all the way in the parking lot.

Makoto was excited, it was the first time Sousuke and he went out like this, on an actual date and not just sitting at home and fucking, not that that was bad, he actually loved that but this was so nice too. He felt like he was going to be shown off, like Sousuke was going to make sure everyone knew he was his and it made him so happy. It would prove Sei wrong, not that Sei said Sousuke didn’t actually like showing Makoto off… But the Omega felt like he had implied it and that frightened him. Once they got to the hotel he slowly got out of the car and looked up at it with wide eyes, it was beautiful and massive, something he could never afford to visit. His attention was caught by the sound of Nagisa's high pitched voice and he laughed a little, walking up to the group as he held on to his Alpha's hand. "This is Nagisa..." He added, letting both Rin and Sousuke know, formally, who he was. "Nagisa... Rin." He introduced them, laughing at the redhead’s reaction.

Rin let out a small yelp as he was suddenly hugged but laughed a little when he was told who this was, "Makoto, Sousuke, Nagisa." He greeted them all, holding on to Haruka's hand still even if he had a much smaller Omega clinging on to him. He smelt nice, just not as nice as Haruka. "Fuck's sake, Sousuke... I could smell Makoto since you two were half way here... the fuck you do to the poor thing?" It was awful, he didn't like the scent but at the same time he was much more focused on Haruka's scent and he knew Sousuke's scent so well because of how often they were together that to him, this was almost numbing.

Sousuke merely waved to the little Omega who smiled brightly at the Alpha.

"Whoa, both of these Alphas are huge! And you guys smell super good!" He chimed happily before jumping off of Rin. "Nice to meet you guys!"

Sousuke could already tell Rei would definitely like this one. He smelled sweet, like candy and he could tell other Alphas here had their eyes on him already. But he'd make sure to keep Nagisa close just in case.


"I didn't do anything to him he didn't want." He smirked to Rin as they all began to walk inside.
Haru smelled like Rin as well, but not as intensely. They hadn't had sex yet despite them living together, but Rin did work on scenting him just in case since there would be so many Alphas here.

Haru looked to Makoto as they walked in and gave him a knowing look. He knew his best friend probably got fucked before coming. He wasn't surprised.


Makoto flushed a little at the look his best friend gave him, he definitely knew and he didn't mind, the small flush on his cheeks just showed how happy he was… And a little embarrassment. But walking inside the hotel made him feel a little uneasy, all of the Alpha's were looking at him because he smelt so much like Sousuke, it was unpleasant but for some reason having Nagisa there was good, it distracted them from him.

"Ah, there he is!" Rin said with a grin as they walked over to the bar, Rei was sitting on a stool having what looked to be an apple martini, not really an Alpha's choice, but Rei wasn’t typical. "Rei!” Rin called out, “hey, this is Haru, Makoto and Nagisa." He hummed softly and wrapped his arm around Haruka's waist as he pointed to the three Omegas, pulling him a little closer to his side, wanting to show off to everyone that Haruka was taken, well as taken as he could be without actually having had sex.... He wanted to take things slow. "What do you want to drink?"

Haru nodded to Rin and muttered that he'd drink anything Rin would. He was pressed close to Rin, his face almost hidden in his neck and hands pressed flush against his chest. "There are so many Alphas here... are only Alphas allowed to be police officers?" He whispered, keeping his eyes down so that he wouldn't make any contact with another Alpha.

"Nagisa, this is the Alpha we said we'd introduce you to..." Makoto said and leaned against Sousuke as his eyes nervously looked over Rei who was a lot handsomer than he thought he would. He also looked like someone who’d be a book worm.

Nagisa was sniffing the air. All these Alphas, most were taken but the ones who weren't seemed to be taking the party as an opportunity to find a mate. All of their scents were so strong and enticing, but when Nagisa was finally able to meet the other Alpha his eyes widened and his knees seemed to go a little weak. He stared at the Alpha with twinkling eyes and lips parted. Nagisa waited for him to be allowed to step forward, something the Omega never really did. For some reason he submitted almost immediately to Rei.


Sousuke watched the two with curiosity, he hadn't seen the Omega so close to the season try to get an Alphas attention but the little Omega was letting out his sweet scent so that Rei could even just notice him. It was sort of trippy seeing how even the stronger scented Omegas seemed to go weak for Alphas.

Rei looked up the moment he heard Rin's voice and smiled at the two Alpha's, they'd been friends for a very long time now so he trusted them a lot, more than anyone else here so when they said they had found a potential mate for him he believed them but he surely wasn't expecting this. He looked down at the blond, so short and petite with gigantic magenta eyes. The Omega let out the sweetest scent he'd ever smelled. It caused the Alphas body to shiver slightly, but he wasn’t someone to give into his instincts so easily. "Hello, Nagisa..." He said softly with a gentle smile as he fixed his glasses. Rei gently held out a hand for the other to step closer, “come, don't be afraid." His voice was low, soft, as if he were getting a newborn cub to come to him for the first time.

Makoto watched the two with a bright smile on his lips, he could tell that this was love at first sight and they were meant for each other. At least that’s what his romantic side wanted him to think. He tore his attention away from them, giving the two some privacy and space to get to know one another, and looked up at the giant Alpha with teal eyes, "get me something to drink? A glass of wine if that's fine." Makoto didn't like strong drinks but at the same time, he also didn't like drinks that were too sweet.

Sousuke nodded and handed Makoto his glass after he quickly ordered it, "you sure you'll be ok? We can get a table and get some food, too." He didn't want Makoto drunk, it only took a little bit of alcohol. Sousuke’s eyes were half lidded and dark as he glared at any Alpha that looked Makoto’s way. He wouldn't fight any of them, but none of them really wanted to fight. They were all just curious, but they knew their places when it came to a marked Omega.

Makoto nodded, "I'm sure." He didn't plan on drinking too much and he would drink water in between, he knew he was a lightweight so he didn't want to make a fool of himself. "That's a good idea... Let's go sit, and we'll all eat together." He suggested before taking Sousuke's hand after getting his drink and looking for a table for all of them.

Rin rose a brow at the question but smiled, looking down at him for a second before ordering them a drink, he chose champagne for them and he slowly handed the other a glass with a smile on his lips, "You're cute and you're curious..." He hummed softly before nodding. "That's right, all of the police force is made up of Alphas. Some Beta's to do more of the paperwork... Usually, that's how it works in most fields, even in the FBI, for example... Field agents tend to be Alphas and when there are Beta agent's they're those that only go to the field for a very specific reason." He explained. "But for example, most profilers are Beta's... A more neutral way of thinking, judges, and stuff too."


Haru blushed at Rin's compliments, he gently hit his chest, "I didn't even do anything for you to say that." He cooed and nuzzled into his broad chest as he listened. Haru hummed and nodded, taking a small sip from his glass. "I see, no wonder I never see any Alphas or Betas in stores. Only in government buildings." He thought it sorta wasn't fair, but then again, he was pretty content not having to deal with Alphas and Omegas mixing in the workplace.

Nagisa continued to stare at Rei and when he was told to get closer he took a few steps and lifted his head to look up at the Alpha. "Hi..." He whispered, almost completely in a trance. "Hi, Rei." He repeated, unsure of what to do or say since he wasn't the type to try and get mated. Usually during this time he'd try and keep his distance from Alphas, but this Alpha really did catch his eye.


Rei smiled a little at how cute the other was, like it was the first time he was doing this and he loved that. ‘This’ as in being courted by an Alpha. "It's very lovely to meet such a cute little thing like you." He hummed softly and stood up, towering over the Omega. "How about we all go grab a table together? You guys already have drinks, how about you get a table and we'll meet you soon?" He suggested before smiling at the young blonde, "what will you drink? Something sweet, I assume?" Nagisa looked like the type of person who likes sweet things.

Rin nodded and smirked at Rei, he seemed to be smitten with the blonde and he liked it, his friend deserved this. Then again, Rei was acting super suave for someone who was usually a huge nerd. "Yeah, let's go...There's a buffet here so there'll always be food, anyway." He said as he proudly took Haru’s hand, walking past the crowd of Alphas, Betas and Omegas. Alpha's looked away from Makoto and Haruka, they smelt like Alphas and it was keeping them away respectfully. Besides, the mated Alpha's had no worries, they were just dancing away with their mates and having fun. At the next policeman's ball, they'd be doing the same, no worries about anything.

Nagisa had merely nodded, he hadn't said anything to the Alpha besides greet him since they arrived. Sousuke didn't think of Nagisa as a very submissive Omega since he had a very loud personality, but he was showing it now. Nagisa blushed at the compliment and moved closer to Rei, almost wanting to press against him.

Rei chuckled, Nagisa really was cute. He ordered himself a glass of wine and ordered a fruity cocktail for Nagisa, thanking the bartender after handing Nagisa his glass. "It's okay to speak to me, you know?” At that moment Rei realized he needed to test that waters with this Omega, Sousuke had always told him to do so when meeting one. So, he began to flirt…. “I won't bite..." He hummed, adding a rather mischievous smirk, something that Rei wasn’t very comfortable with, but if it meant he might make Nagisa like him, then he’d do it! There was just something about Nagisa that made him go crazy. "Not just yet, at least..." He added and wrapped his arm around Nagisa's waist, pulling him closer, curious as to how the young man would react.

"Thank you." He whispered and took his drink, he took a sip, humming at the taste before Rei made the comment. The Omega flushed deeply and pursed his lips. "I just- I'm nervous. I haven't been around an Alpha like you. And I didn't expect to, ya know, be intimidated." He muttered as they walked off, "you smell really nice..."

Rei chuckled at the words, "I wasn't expecting to meet an Omega like you, either... I guess tonight will be full of surprises..." he hummed softly and looked down at him, "no need to be nervous, though. It's okay..." He said and pulled a chair out for him, leaving his glass on the seat next to Nagisa, leaning to whisper in his ear just before going to serve them some food, "You smell absolutely delicious, by the way..." He stated and walked over to the buffet. Leaving Nagisa blushing and squirming in his seat.

As the two other Alphas escorted their mates to the table Sousuke looked around. He couldn't smell Sei, but for some reason he knew he was there... He had to be. When they arrived to the round table he pulled out a chair for Makoto. "want me to go make you a plate?" He asked his lover, nuzzling him softly. "I'll make sure to get dessert, too."

Makoto looked up and sat down with a smile on his lips, thanking Sousuke and humming, nodding a little. "I'd like that, thank you." He said softly and bit his lip, he was a little reluctant to let him go. Mostly because he was weak and he was sure his scent was already fading from Sousuke, but he knew that if he were approached he'd reject all Omegas. "Be back quick okay?" He asked softly, insecurity showing in his voice.


When Haru heard Sousuke wanted to get their food he was sure Rin would go, too. So he set his glass down and grabbed the collar of Rin’s shirt. He pulled him down and began to scent him by rubbing his face against his neck and cheek, making sure no other Omega would try and get to him, even though most Omegas here were already taken by Alphas. Finishing off, Haru dragged his tongue over Rin’s scent gland over his neck. He pulled back, clearing his throat as he sat back down casually, acting as if he hadn't just forced his scent on Rin.

"I'll be quick, promise." Sousuke said, kissing Makoto’s lips softly. When he was about to leave he watched Haru pretty much mark Rin. He gave an amused smirk to his friend before he leaned down and scented Makoto just in case.

Rin's eyes went wide and suddenly his cheeks were as red as his hair, he never expected Haruka to do that, but was he glad he did. "That... Um... Yeah, I'll go um... food." He stuttered, he had no idea Haru would scent him like that, everyone noticed and he was so happy that it had happened, he knew for sure that the other really did want him just as much as he did. "I'll... go." He said and let out a soft, nervous chuckle before walking backwards, bumping into one of the waiters on his way back, stumbling like a nervous schoolboy.


Sousuke followed Rin, pushing him and wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "C'mon, lover boy." He teased as they moved towards the buffet. Once alone Sousuke decided to ask what he had been curious of. "So, Haru... He's pretty territorial for an Omega, huh? Did you dick him down hard enough to make him like that? Or is it your charming smile?" He teased as he served Makoto a feast at the buffet, usually Makoto would do this for him so he wanted to return the gesture.


"H-hey! Shut up!" He muttered and bit his lip, looking to the other Alpha he cleared his throat a little, "I didn't... we haven't had sex. I'm waiting for the season to start, you know? I mean... Fuck, I know I was usually the one speaking up against getting a mate but I think... I think Haru's it." He said and sighed, glad that he had noticed Rei at the buffet so he could change the topic. "Rei! He’s over there already smitten with the little guy, huh?"

Sousuke smiled softly and nodded, "I guess it was about time for us, huh? I don't see how you can control yourself, though. Makoto's scent isn’t very strong, but at night I can't handle it. I end up being all over him." He admitted and when Rei came over he patted the man on his back. "So, ready for the season, Ryugazaki? Or are you ready for tonight?" He teased him further.

Rei rolled his eyes and teased them both back, "you two are the ones who are ready from what I can tell… I could barely be around that Omega of yours, Sousuke... You sure did a number on him." He hummed and started to prepare a plate for Nagisa, he wasn't sure what he liked so he did try to plate as best he could from the little information he had gathered. Rin did the same, preparing a plate for himself and his soon-to-be mate, talking and teasing Sousuke here and there.

Makoto was definitely going to have fun tonight. "Getting a little territorial there, aren't you, Haru chan?" He asked playfully and took a sip of his drink. Not only was he going to have fun teasing Haru, but it looked like Nagisa was having fun, too. "Well... You two seem to be getting along already." He teased and bit his lip, loving how the usually extroverted Omega was acting so shy.

Rei was already making him feel special. It was obvious the two were attracted to one another, but this Alpha looked like he'd be a bit of a nerd. But in reality, he was smooth, suave, and making Nagisa fall quick. "I think I'm in love~" Nagisa hummed and turned back to the two after having been watching the Alpha. "I wanna be like Haru-chan and mark my Alpha with my tongue." He teased, sticking it out to him. Earning himself a role of the eyes from the blue-eyed Omega.

While the Alphas were away Sei creeped out from the shadows. He had so much scent diffuser on that he was pretty much invisible to Sousuke and any other Alpha. He walked up behind Makoto, whispering into his ear. "So, you made it." Immediately Nagisa and Haru tensed, Haru looked back to Rin, hoping they'd be coming back soon. But when he noticed they were still talking he turned back to Makoto and Sei. "I was worried you wouldn't come, Makoto. I've been waiting to hang out with you."

Makoto was about to tease Haruka and Nagisa once more when all of a sudden, he heard Sei's voice, causing him to jump a little. Makoto sighed when he noticed who it was. "You startled me," he mumbled under his breath and turned back to the table, clearing his throat a little. Sei didn't have his usual strong scent... he was using a diffuser and it was good because it meant Makoto could just push him away a little easier, just not as much as he thought. "It's... nice to see you." He was nervous, everything everyone had said to him about the man was making being around the Alpha a little unnerving.

Sousuke merely shrugged, "I have to make sure the other Alphas know. Makoto isn't the strongest Omega but he's beautiful. If his scent won't bring them in then his looks will." To try and not be too serious, he continued to tease Rei. "But seriously, if you need a place tonight you can use my house. That little Omega might make the place smell like marshmallows for days, though. If his scent smells like that I wonder what his slick might taste like." He smirked, finishing off his plate. "We can talk about your night over drinks some other day."

"N-no kidding." Rei said with a nervous, broken laugh, eyes widening a little at the thought, a shiver ran down his spine and he gulped, already thinking of what mating would feel like. "P-please, don't... Fuck." he muttered, looking back to see Nagisa but he rose a brow. "Isn't that Mikoshiba?" He asked curiously, he looked like he was standing a little too close to Makoto. Usually Sei came with dates to these types of events.

"You miss out a lot when you're not with an Omega, isn't that right, Rin?" He nudged his best friend as he continued to tease, but when Seis name was brought up Sousuke turned around immediately, his eyes widened and fist clenched at his sides. He thought for a moment of what his next moves would be. He couldn't fight Sei for nothing and his scent was so diffused that Sousuke wouldn't even know if he was trying to fight or not. He sighed softly and turned around, picking up his plates, warning the two before turning to make his way to the table.

"Watch your Omegas."

Chapter Text

"It's nice to see you, too, Makoto. But..." Seis eyes were watering from how strong Sousuke made him smell. "You smell sort of like you're sick. I can take you home and give you some medicine." He said kindly, "I'll get you a plate of food and we can leave."

"Uh... No, that's Sousuke. And it's fine, I'm here with him. I feel perfectly fine." Makoto said with a small smile. A small part of his brain warned him then and there that something bad was going to happen. Sei said he smelt sick because of Sousuke. Usually when that happened it meant Sousuke's scent was trying to repel the other Alpha away. It didn’t make Rin or Rei sick, though...

It was weird, he needed to be careful.

"Really? His scent doesn't smell too good on you." Sei muttered, sitting down beside Makoto. "It's just that I'm so surprised he'd even take you out here since he never spoke of you at the station." He was lying again. His scent couldn't be used so he had to use his words to try and convince Makoto to come with him. "There's a few things I actually wanted to talk about, do you mind joining me for a drink, so we can talk about it?"

Makoto bit the inside of his cheek and looked down at his lap, his words hurt because he had no way of knowing if it was true or not. "Well... I'm here." He chuckled sadly and looked away from the redhead. "Uh... I'm actually waiting for Sousuke to come back." he mumbled, he didn't want to be in this situation, not in front of so many people.

Haru smelled Sousuke’s hostile scent immediately as the Alpha approached. Haru was the first to stand up and go to Rin, he pressed his hands to Rins chest and whispered, "can Nagisa and I sit between you and the other guy?" The Omegas needed to feel safe and between two Alphas was the only way to do it.

Rin already knew what was happening, so he nodded and walked back to their table. Rei was still out of the loop, so he didn't understand why Sousuke smelt so hostile. When they arrived to the table the redheads gaze fell to Haruka. He pursed his lips and gave a firm nod. " ’Course, go ahead and take a seat." He said softly, pressing a kiss to the top of his forehead before setting their plates down. "Sei. Hi." His words were curt and rude, and he didn't care. Sei betrayed their friendship and was being so disrespectful to not only Sousuke but also other Alphas. "Talking to a marked Omega without the marker being present is incredibly disrespectful. Don’t ya think?" He spat, brows furrowed with a prominent glare as he took his seat roughly.

After listening to the sharp toothed Alpha, Rei understood everything. His brows furrowed, and he sat beside Nagisa, keeping him and Haruka between he and Rin. Even pulling Nagisa's chair a little closer to his own. "I didn't know what you liked so I got this..." He whispered, letting off a little hostile scent to back Sousuke up, he hated people who were disrespectful.

"He won't mind you coming with me-" Sei said, ignoring the other two before he perked up at the scent. He looked up to Sousuke, the Alphas pale, green eyes darkening. "Hey, Sou." He cooed as Sousuke stepped closer, forcing a chair between Sei and Makoto so that he could sit between them. Sei finally looked to Rin, his brows furrowing slightly. "I didn't know that Makoto was marked... I don't see a bite on his neck." He spat back, to which Sousuke slammed his fist on the table.

"But you smell it. You smell.... Me." He growled under his breath, "you're not stupid."

Seijuro glared at the Alpha, both emanating their hostile scents. Because of the diffuser, the redheads wasn't as strong - the Alpha was actually backing down. Sei stood up though and so did Sousuke, two Alphas now towering over the table.

"Get up, Makoto. Go to Rin." Sousuke growled under his breath.

Haruka stood up and grabbed Makoto by his arm, pulling him to sit between the other two Alphas, with him, and Nagisa.

The room was suddenly quieter, around them other Alphas pulled their Omegas closer and the Betas began to circle around the two as a protective barrier for the Omegas.

Rin and Rei stood up as well; Rin stood in front of Haruka, close enough so that the Omega could still hold his friend close, but also hold on to him as well. "I'm here for you both, okay? Just don't be afraid, don't let that scent out or else all the Alpha's go haywire..." He whispered and looked back to Makoto who was about ready to burst into tears.

The scents Omegas let out while in fear caused Alphas to tick. A need to protect and mate them would envelope the Alphas. Something Rin and Rei did not want to deal with.

Rei instantly wrapped his arms around Nagisa and forced him to hide behind his back, the cute and small Omega didn't need to see so much violence; Rei knew just how aggressive these two Alpha's were and Sousuke smelt like he was about ready to kill.

Haruka trusted Rin, but it was hard for him to control his scent when Makoto was letting out something of a worried scent as well. He pursed his lips and pulled Makoto closer, protecting his best friend.
Nagisa didn't expect the night to come out like this, so he wasn't prepared. He pressed himself closer to Rei, hiding behind him.

Sousuke didn't want to have to fight, he worked for this company and if he got fired both he and Makoto would be fucked. His scent was stronger than the Alphas around him; it engulfed the room and Seijuro couldn't keep up. He shouldn't have used that fucking diffuser, but he was sure the night wasn’t going to turn out like this.

"You're being really dramatic, Sousuke. I'm your friend, we work together." The redhead coed, trying to convince the Alpha.

"You've been lying to me!" Voice booming in the large ballroom, "I know what the fuck you've been doing. You're tricking Makoto, you're using your scent the wrong way, Sei. It's frowned upon and you can be charged for doing that to him. It's not like old times, Omegas aren't your fucking property."

Seijoru took a step back, his brows furrowing, "you're one to talk. You treated Omegas like sex objects before you met Makoto." His scent was doing all it could to defend Sei, but with the diffuser he couldn't even scare Sousuke. He took another step back. "How many Omegas have you fucked in here? Huh, Sousuke? How many of these Omegas have you slept with?"

Sousuke growled, his green eyes seemed to glow brightly.

There was nothing pleasant about this for anyone that was there. Rei had just met the Omega's and was already witnessing something so close to a territorial battle over one of them. He was thrilled it wasn’t over Nagisa, but he understood, all Alpha's here understood and they all wanted to protect their mates. The unmated Omega's at the party, here on dates like them, clung on to their dates for dear life. All afraid of what was to come if they even moved. "It's okay... I'm right here." Rei whispered to Nagisa and held him flush against his back, he wouldn't let any harm come to him.

Rin was just as protective of Haruka, but he needed to keep Makoto safe, as well. His eyes were glued to the two Alpha's, glaring daggers at Sei, telling him to back off before he gets hurt. It was odd to him that he didn't smell much, Sei wasn't this weak but maybe that was good because if they actually fought it was obvious who would win tonight.

Makoto stood next to Haruka, a hand on his shirt, tightly gripping it over his heart, eyes tearing up at the thought of this fight happening. He didn't want it to, he wanted Sousuke to stop and just take him home. He was beginning to hyperventilate and the more they argued the worse it got. It was obvious how weak he was, but he couldn't stop it.

Rei glanced at Makoto and noticed the sheer look of terror in his face and he couldn't let this go on, so many bad things could happen if the fight actually broke out. "Sousuke! Enough! Breathe! Look at him!" He commanded, emitting a strong scent too, much to the surprise of everyone. No one ever thought Rei to be that strong of an Alpha. Most of the police force thought of him as the nerd that never got violent.

"Why are you making me the bad guy? You haven't even marked him..." Sei whispered, trying to make the Alpha angrier. "He's not marked!" He called out to the other Alphas, but the way the Omega smelled showed them that Sousuke must have been waiting for the season till he marked him. “He’s not marked!” He shouted once more.

Sousuke’s growls depended and he stepped forward. He didn't know what to say, he felt sort of guilty now. He understood that the more traditional way wasn't done as often, but Sousuke wanted it for Makoto. But he also didn't want Sei to ruin his name as an Alpha, he'd be damned if Makoto didn't want him anymore just because the other was using his tricks to make Sousuke look bad. "You have no idea what you're talking about." He growled, and his fist clenched at his sides. He lifted one up, his scent fogging Sei’s mind to the point the Alpha was temporarily blind. Seijuro stepped back frantically and fell to the floor, his eyes blinked furiously to try and blink away the fog, but to no avail.

"Sousuke! For goodness sake!" Rei's voice boomed in the room, echoing all around and resonating strongly. Everyone's attention was momentarily diverted to the nerdy looking Alpha whose scent started to fill the room, almost as much as Sousuke's. "Look at Makoto! Look at him..." He started to calm down once he realized he had gotten the other's attention, he just wanted him to do the right thing. While doing all of this he held onto Nagisa a little tighter, showing him that he wasn't yelling at him and it was just to stop the fight.

Nagisa whimpered at how Rei shouted, he stared up at him with wide eyes and his scent showed how afraid he was but when Rei pulled him closer, he hid his face in his back and closed his eyes. Fuck, he really wished this would just end already. Both he and Haru were afraid, but Haru kept himself close to Makoto. He was a rather strong Omega, so he didn't show he was afraid, though his face was pale.

Rin quickly turned his head to see Rei, surprised and impressed by his strength before turning to look at Makoto who had tears running down his face and was shaking in place. Making the Alpha frown, "Sou... Brother, please stop... I know you want to bash his head in but look at Makoto. He's terrified... take him home." he said calmly, his heart aching for Makoto. He held onto Haru a little tighter as well, a little because of the new spike of scent coming from Rei but also because he knew Haruka was hurting to see Makoto in that state.

The Omega stood in place, trembling furiously, tears streaming down his face and chin, frozen in fear of the sight in front of his Alpha. This was nothing like the video Nagisa had shown him. He wasn't horny, he wasn’t eager to be touched. He was just scared shitless and he was sure that he'd wet himself if he continued to stay there. His breathing was shaking and nervous, his heart pounding so loudly and his scent was going haywire. It was obvious how scared he was. When Sousuke looked at him he instantly looked away, he had never seen him in that state.

Sousuke looked back when Rei shouted, his voice echoed throughout the ball room as the Alphas arm fell to his side. Sousuke's eyes widened when Makoto looked away from him. He stepped forward, arm falling to his side. "Makoto..." He whispered, "Makoto, I-"

"Alright, get Mikoshiba some water and take him outside. Yamazaki, I need you to go home. The party will go on!" The head of police Chief had been watching the entire time. He was allowing it only because he knew Alphas got this way at times and there was no way to fight it. He walked up to Makoto and wrapped him in a blanket. "Ryugazaki, Matsuoka. Take this man home. He'll need time around only Omegas. Give him an hour in a closed room with just these two before you let Yamazaki near him. He won, it's over." He told Makoto before both Haru and Nagisa moved away from their Alphas to embrace Makoto and began to lead him outside.

"Rin..." Haru called out, requesting for the Alpha to follow them outside. Everything seemed to go back to normal as people continued to mingle, eat and act as if the situation had never happened.

Sousuke starred as his lover was taken from him, his scent went from hostile to fearful. "Makoto, WAIT! Wait, when can I see him?" He asked his boss who began to push him away.

“You have to calm down, Yamazaki!"

Makoto heard Sousuke's voice as he was dragged away by his two friends and as much as he wanted to look back at Sousuke his body didn't allow him to. The only reason he was moving in the first place was that he was being dragged out of there. His fingers curled around the blanket though and he held it so tightly that his knuckles were going white. He couldn't believe this happened, he didn't want to be here anymore, he wanted to go home.

Rin let go of Haruka, knowing he was strong and followed behind them, glancing back at Sousuke. "Walk home, asshole. By the time you get there you can see him." He said, knowing it would be the perfect way for Sousuke to calm down. "Come on, Rei... Let's go to Sousuke's place. It's pretty big and we all fit there. Haru, do you think we should stop to get the kitten?" He asked, wondering if it would help.

God, he needed a drink.

"Let's go in my car... it's big enough." Rei happened to drive a very fancy, very unlike him, 4x4 that had enough space for the three Omega's in the back to sit comfortably. While he drove, Rin gave him proper instructions to Makoto's house, just to get the cat. Rin knew damn well the cat would be the most helpful right now.

Sousuke starred as his lovers was taken from him. He guessed it would be fair to walk this off, he turned around and watched Sei be taken to the other side of the ballroom. Sousuke sighed and started his journey home once he noticed Rei had pulled out of the parking lot. He had fucked up so badly, but what happened back there had to be done. Sousuke won, Sei would no longer be trying to steal his Omega from him and they would be able to spend the season together with no other obstacles. Yet... He still couldn't get that look Makoto gave him out of his head.

"Would anyone want to explain what we just witnessed? Please?" Rei asked with a sigh, looking at Haruka through the rearview mirror because he obviously knew the most. Rei also glanced back at Nagisa, he just wanted to hold him tightly and never let go, he wanted to protect him from anything of that sort.


After having got the kitten, Haru placed it over his best friends lap and cleaned off his face with soft wipes to clean off the tears. "Sei has been trying to steal Makoto from Sousuke. He's used his scent to confuse Makoto and trick him into thinking Sei was already his mate. You can't legally do that anymore. It's against the Omegas will." He muttered, now gently running his fingers through Makoto’s soft hair.

"He kept pushing Makoto into spending time with him and even used his scent to control me and Nitori from the coffee shop." Nagisa added who was holding Makoto’s arm tightly. "He's dangerous..."

Makoto was so sad, so broken about this that he didn't know what to do. He just wrapped Bella in the blanket as well and held her close as she licked off the tears from his face. He couldn't bring himself to speak so he just leaned into Haruka a little and accepted all the comfort his best friends were giving him.

"Fucking prick." Rin muttered under his breath and kept his eyes on Haruka and Makoto in the rearview mirror.

"Are you certain? What an asshole... I mean, I understand that we'd do anything for an Omega we want but... that's too much... He could be sent to prison for that." Rei said and looked at Nagisa, worried about him now, he didn't want him working there anymore.

"He's acts like we're nothing but toys." Nagisa whispered, he was so conflicted with the situation. The way Sei acted made him afraid of being with an Alpha. What if he ended up with an Alpha that made him feel happy at first but then treat him the way Sei was to Makoto? Nagisa looked up to the rearview mirror and frowned at Rei before he looked down to his hands. He didn't know if he liked the idea of being with anybody anymore... Especially so close to the season.

"I want to press charges, but I don't think it's a good idea right now." Haru said, looking to Makoto knowing it would only cause him more stress if the authorities got involved. "It's ok, Makoto. It's over now. Sei lost."

Once the group arrived to Sousuke’s house Rin let everybody inside. He watched as Haru took Makoto to the couch as he prepared the Omega a cup of tea. "Makoto. Do you want to go to Sousuke’s bed? It probably smells like him." Haru knew the Alphas scent usually helped Omegas, but he wasn't sure if it would with Makoto right now.

Nagisa was keeping his distance from both Alphas, he kept his head down. At this point he wanted to lay with just the Omegas, so he tried to convince Makoto. "Yea, let's go. Plus, that guy said you needed to be with just Omegas for at least an hour."

"That's a good idea, you boys take him up to Sousuke's room... I know the scent will throw him off for a second, but he'll calm down soon. It helps even if he's a little scared. It's not the scent that frightens him, it's the hostility in it and in the bedroom, it smells pretty calm." Rin said and walked into the kitchen, "go on... I'll make tea for all three of you and I'll take it up... Just go ahead and keep your friend safe." He told Haru as he began to prepare the tea.

Makoto nodded, he really wanted to go there and lay down with his friends and the cat, he just wanted to feel safe. He slowly stood up and started to make his way to the other's bedroom. The moment he stepped inside he walked to the bed and laid down, head rested on Sousuke's pillow. He took a deep breath of the scent and closed his eyes tightly, tearing up a little more as the images played again in his head. Bella rolled herself against his side, trying to cheer him up.

Rei hated this. He had noticed immediately the change in the tiny Omegas demeanor. He didn’t want Nagisa to be afraid of Alphas… especially him. Before Nagisa could retreat into the bedroom the Alpha walked up to him with a soft smile, gently leaning against the couch. "Hey..." He said, knowing the Omega was probably eager to leave he quickly got to his point. "I know a lot happened tonight and I can tell you're nervous and I'm pretty sure I know what about... So, it's okay." He said and averted his gaze for a second. "I just need to be sure you'll spend the season somewhere safe... is that ok?" Rei wanted him to know he cared about him and wouldn't push Nagisa into doing anything he didn’t want to do. But now with these feelings for him growing, he couldn’t help but fear for the little Omegas safety.

Nagisa shrunk into himself when Rei walked over, he looked away from him and hugged his knees to his chest as he listened. Poor little Nagisa was conflicted, he was afraid of Rei, but there was no reason to. Nagisa looked to Rei with furrowed brows when he showed just how worried he was. His lips parted and Nagisa’s eyes began to water, he nodded, promising he'd tell him where he'd eventually choose to spend the season. "I'm just not ready to say where I want to be this season." He finally told him as he got up and left with Haru and Makoto. Haru stayed behind a moment and frowned at Rei.

"Give him time, Ryugazaki. I think he's chosen you, but he's just frightened." He told him before he turned to Rin, "don't come in unless you knock." He warned before going to the two Omegas. Haru closed the door and locked it, placing a shirt under it so that their scents wouldn’t get out. Once he secured the room he cuddled between Makoto and Nagisa.

The blond was sniffling as he hugged the larger Omega. "I don't understand... Why are Alphas so scary…?” He cried, hiding his face in Haru’s lap.

Makoto snuggled closer to Nagisa as he began to cry, doing the same just because it was a lot to process and he was still so overwhelmed. "Because they're idiots... stupid, stupid idiots who don't think." Makoto muttered over soft sniffs. It was difficult to think that the Alphas you loved were so aggressive and violent, but he understood that it was to keep them safe... but these were modern times, the old ways were gone, there were rules and yet they couldn't stop fighting.

Nagisa sniffled and nodded, "stupid, stupid!" He cried out.

Haru sighed as he watched the two, he was pretty much on watch of the Omegas. He was gently caressing both their heads, letting his fingers go through their hair. "Shhh, it's ok. We won't have to worry about this anymore. Just rest your eyes." Haru was acting like the mother of the two Omegas, it was the dynamic these omegas had. They always needed a mother figure to take care of them after an incident with an Alpha.

Makoto had never been in this situation before and he didn't want to ever again, he could tell Nagisa felt the same way. He looked up at Haruka, his mind calming down a little." Thank you, Haru..." He whispered, appreciating the comfort.

Sousuke soon arrived, he shut the door behind him and tossed his jacket on the couch. "Where is he?" He asked, locking the door behind him. "Is he ok? He hasn't eaten since breakfast; did you give him any food?" He was worried, he had calmed down a good deal and thought about the whole ordeal, now all he wanted was to hold Makoto.

Rei sighed at seeing Nagisa's reaction, he guessed it was to be expected so he didn't say anything, just nodded at Haru and walked into the kitchen to pour himself a drink of whiskey, doing the same for Rin because they all needed something strong.

Rin nodded at Haru, he'd be careful, he didn't want to startle the Omega's any more than they already were, so he'd be gentle. When he heard the door open, he rose a brow and looked at his friend. "I said walk, motherfucker. Not sprint here like a deranged fool." He said softly and shook his head. "We literally just got here, okay? I'm making tea for them, he can't eat yet, he's terrified. When he calms down, he will. Just sit your ass down." Rin spat as he began to prepare the tea properly, adding the amounts of sugar he thought the Omega's would each appreciate.

Rei walked over to Sousuke and handed him a shot of whiskey, too. “Just take a breather. It's all over, just let him calm down."

Sousuke sighed, he began to unbutton his shirt to remove it as he spoke. "I thought I had taken longer, I was sure I took a good hour." But it was really because he had so much on his mind that the trip felt so long to him. He took the shot from Rei and downed it. "Thanks." And just as he was about to sit, he quirked a brow at Rei, "what's up with you?" Sousuke plopped down on the sofa, noticing by the Alphas scent that he too was feeling off. "Is it because of everything that happened?" He wasn't here to see Nagisa’s cower from the Alphas, but he could sort of smell it.

Rei looked at him and shrugged, handing Sousuke the bottle as he took a sip of his own. "Nagisa is terrified... he doesn't know when he'll want to do this again." It wasn't Sousuke's fault. It was a messed-up situation and they all knew it so they had to deal with it all together because they were friends and practically a family, so they'd support each other.

"Everything is going to be okay now, Sousuke. You won, he’s yours now." Rin said as he took the tray with the tea and walked passed the two to Sousuke's room, knocking on the door and waiting for Haruka to open. "Hey... I got some tea for you guys." He said softly, not wanting to startle them.

"This? As in... See you?" Sousuke asked as he took a sip of the water bottle. He frowned, already blaming himself for what happened. "Look man, I'm s-" Sousuke looked to Rin, he nodded, eyes downcast as he listened. When Rin left Sousuke turned back to Rei to apologize. "I'm sorry, man. I bet he's fucking terrified right now. If you want, I'll talk to him, tell him you're not like me or Sei." He wanted to make this better, it wasn't Reis fault that Nagisa had seen what he did, it was Sousuke’s fault. "I'll ask Nanase to talk to him."

Though Haru wanted to be the strongest for them, when Rin knocked Haru jumped slightly and gripped both Omegas in his arms. At hearing his Alphas voice his scent came out to calm the other two. He stood up and opened the door only enough for Rin to just see half his face. The Omegas blue eyes looked down to the teas before back at the Alpha. "Thank you." He muttered, Haru got out of the room after looking back at the two. He closed the door behind him and began to whisper to the Alpha. "They aren't doing very well. Can you order some food? Neither of them have eaten and they'll get weak if I just let them lay there." Haru gently took the tray, he wanted to be embraced by his Alpha, but he couldn't go back in there smelling like Alpha or else Makoto and Nagisa will freak out.

At seeing Haruka the redheads heart pounded. He wanted to hold him in his arms and take care of him just as he was doing for his friends. " Of course, I'll order some Chinese... I'll be the one to bring it, too." He promised and gave him a sad smile, he really wanted to just pamper Haruka. "You're doing really great, you know? I know it's difficult, but you've been doing so well." he praised, so incredibly proud of him for being so strong.

Haru smiled softly, his eyes averting the Alpha out of bashfulness. "Thank you, I guess I'm really good at playing the mother role." He muttered, almost hinting to the Alpha. It was a bit bold for the Omega, so Haru tried to make a quick get-away. He cleared his throat softly and started to turn back. "I need to get back to them. They'll need this tea if they want to calm down. Um, thank you. Just knock when the food comes." He said softly before beginning to disappear into the bedroom.

Rei shook his head and looked at the other, "it's okay... What he's feeling is natural, best thing would be to let him calm down and just let him make his own decision." Rei said with a small sigh. "But hey, it'll go away in a while, just focus on the big picture." He comforted Sousuke, not wanting his friend to blame himself for anything.

Sousuke sighed and nodded, but he knew the Alpha had a little bit of resentment. He didn't blame him. Rei had found an amazing Omega and now the Omega doesn't even want to be around him. "Right..." He muttered and stood up. Sousuke scavenged through Rin’s things and took out the packet of cigarettes they had been sharing earlier. "Come on." He told the other Alpha, walking out of the house.

Rei smiled softly and stood up, looking at the pack and humming. He refilled both their glasses and took them outside with him, sitting on the ledge once he was outside, he handed one of the glasses back to Sousuke before taking a cigarette from him. "Hey... I'm serious, this happens... Some Omega's react differently to situations depending on how strong they are... Makoto's a weak Omega so he reacted the way that he did... Nagisa is somewhere in between, he smells strong but he's still so small, so it's normal that he acts that way too. Nanase is the one taking care of them, he's something…” The Alpha paused, “he’s someone Rin should be proud of." He said, trying to get the Alpha's mind off the negative. "My suggestion, Yamazaki. Is to wait until everything has settled. Then take a bath with Makoto... And an actual bath, trust me."

Rin was still in a daze by the door. The Omegas could sort of sense him and the only thing that snapped him out of his lovers’ daze was the scent of the Omegas getting nervous in the room. “Shit…” He muttered before stepping away from the door and to the kitchen. He had no doubts in his mind that Haruka was motherly and just seeing it play out in front of him made him feel so happy… so secure... When he was done ordering their food, he joined the other two Alpha's in the patio with his drink and sat down next to Sousuke. "Dude, how do you live in such a nice house? It's not an apartment like most single Alpha's. You actually have a damned house." He was just making small talk. He didn’t want to make it obvious that he was blushing redder than his tie because of Haru.

"A bath, huh?" He hummed as he let out some smoke between his teeth. "You sure know a lot about Omegas. Have you really never slept with one?" Sousuke asked before he noticed Rin come back out. He looked back out into the street and shrugged. "I used to do a lot of jobs on the side before I became a police officer. So, I had a lot of money saved up. Bought myself a house since I'm a big guy." In his mind he had actually gotten the house because one day he actually hoped he would get an Omega to live with him. But he wouldn't tell Rin that.

Rei chuckled and shrugged. "I know a lot of Omega's." He admitted and sighed, looking at Rin as they came back. He was actually thankful that he was changing the topic to something much friendlier. "You have good taste, Yamazaki. You're just missing a grill set... Actually, you get one of those then I suggest we come here every Saturday and have an actual barbeque." He smiled to the two. "You know, after the season, mates and all." Rei said, wanting to comfort both Alpha’s about their Omega's. If they'd be together for that long, maybe he'd even join in.

Rin laughed a little as he took a cigarette and light it, taking a long drag. "Hm... I can see that... There's enough space, Sousuke. You can build a pool here for your cubs." Rin teased and winked at him, he knew Sousuke was a big softy and he'd actually think about building one.

Sousuke smirked softly, keeping his eyes down on his cigarette. The teasing was actually making him a lot happier. "A pool, huh?" He hummed and took a drag of his own cigarette. He was sure that Makoto would enjoy that. Even if Sousuke felt bad about this whole situation, he still had hope Makoto would take him back. "Makoto seems like too much of a scaredy cat to let the cubs swim." He shrugged, "but I guess it'll be good for all of our cubs. Huh, Ryugazaki?" He teased the man back, "Blondie seems pretty fertile."

Rin rolled his eyes and laughed, "Don't say that about Makoto, he probably isn’t, and you'll end up being surprised." Rin said and hummed in thought for a while between a long drag. "How well do you know him, Sousuke? Like... Actually, know him? What do you know about him?" He asked curiously. Whenever they spoke about Makoto it always ended up going to someplace sexual one way or another and all of this, this whole situation, made him wonder if his friend wasn't taking this too fast.

Rei was about to answer the teasing when he heard Rin's question which made him raise a brow curiously. "That's a good point..."

"Probably, he surprises me a lot." Sousuke couldn't help but smile at the thought of Makoto with their little cubs. He hoped they would come out with Makoto's' eyes, they were beautiful... At the question he rose a brow and looked at Rin with a scowl. Pale, teal eyes burning into the redhead.

The Omega's looked up at the smell of the tea and made themselves sit up on the bed, leaning against one another for comfort. Makoto was much calmer, almost as if he was turning back to his normal self, he was calmer. He was sure the only reason he was calmer was because this proved Sousuke truly wanted him…. But every time the thought of the fight came to his mind, he felt a little sick and his eyes watered again so he tried to focus on anything but that.

Nagisa peeked his head out when Haru came back. He sniffed the air, knowing Rin must have still been out there. "Who made that?"

"Rin." Haru said, handing them both their cups. "Be careful, it's still hot." Haru sat down and began to sip on his own, eyes scanning both Omegas. "How are you both feeling?" He could smell that they were both calmer, but he still had to make sure.

Makoto hummed, taking a small sip and sighing. "It's really nice." He admitted as he blew over it so that it could cool down a little more. "Sousuke's back... isn't he?" He eventually asked, wanting to know if he really was back or if it was just his imagination playing tricks on him. He could smell him… that beautiful, heavy musk that made his knees weak and stomach churn with both excitement and fear.

"He is. I can smell him." Haru said softly, "you don't have to go out there. I want you to eat first and then go to bed." Haru truly was acting like the mother of the two Omegas. “Maybe in the morning you can talk to him."

"But Makoto might get sick if he doesn't see Sousuke." Nagisa added, "he's pretty much marked."

Haru’s brows furrowed, he looked down slightly and thought for a moment. "We'll see how you feel after eating..."

Makoto bit his lip and looked down a little. "I... Shouldn't I be the one to make that decision for myself?" He asked softly. He appreciated Haruka's mothering and caring but this wasn't something they could decide, he wanted to make this choice on his own. It was scary, Sousuke was scary and he didn't know how he'd react to seeing him, but he wanted to at least be able to choose this for himself since everything else in his life had been chosen by Alphas so far. "But yeah… Eating first sounds like a good idea." He then went silent… realizing he had allowed Alphas to rule over his every move ever since he first matured…

Makoto wasn’t strong, he wasn’t as attractive and dainty like other Omegas… But he was easy. And that realization had fucked him up more than he ever thought it would.

Tears pooled in his eyes.

‘Whore…’ He thought to himself.

‘This happened because I was an easy whore…’

Chapter Text

Sousuke’s glare only grew stronger as he spoke.

"Of course I know a lot about him, I-" he stopped, deciding to think it over after he felt a headache coming.

He knew of Makoto's siblings, what he likes to eat, his favorite animal... Mostly, he knew what Makoto liked to have done to him in bed. "I- he has two siblings. A brother and a sister." He started, unsure of his replies. "His parents worked a lot... So he had to take care of them, so that's why he's a good cook. Mmm..." Sousuke frowned deeply. "Fuck." He tossed his cigarette on the floor, resting his face in his hands. "No. I don't really remember the things he's even told me."

Rin hummed, he knew it would end up coming to this.

"Listen..I have no doubt in my mind you like Makoto, and I know he likes you too, it's obvious he does... But you gotta make it count, dude." He added, wanting this relationship to work out, and he didn't want Sousuke to just treat Makoto like a sex toy, though he could tell they both enjoyed it. It was just that there was so much more for relationships to work other than sex. "You won. He knows you want him, but you have to pay more attention to him, you know? You've always been with Omega's for sex but now this is serious, you can't just-” he sighed heavily, “you have to make him feel like everything he says is a big deal." Rin had noticed the change when he had been with others he didn't care about. He just cared about sex but the moment he started speaking to Haruka he became the most interesting person he had ever met. He wanted to know everything about him and he wanted Sousuke to understand that things from now on would be much more than just sex.

Rei smiled at the two, who knew that they'd be giving each other romantic advise. It made him laugh internally. He took a drag of his cigarette and watched the other two interact. Doing his best not to cough his lungs out at the terribly tasting cigarette. He didn’t know why they bothered with that shit…

Sousuke nodded his head as he listened. Makoto had told him so much about himself, yet Sousuke didn't remember most of it. "I know, I feel like an asshole." He sighed and looked out into the sky. "This guy doesn't deserve someone like me. But I'm too selfish to let him go." Since Makoto was a weak Omega, if he really wanted to leave Sousuke he probably wouldn't, so Sousuke had to make sure Makoto was living the best life he could. "I don't even think Makoto realizes that I don't remember most of what he's said. I don't know if that makes me an even bigger asshole." He groaned and let himself fall back onto the porch. "I didn't think being with an Omega would be so fucking difficult."

Rin sighed a little and rolled his eyes. "Don't be so dramatic... You have time to get to know him." Rin stated and nudged his friend playfully with his shoe. He didn't want him to worry but he wanted to warn him, make sure he was aware of this. "It's not an Omega thing, it's a relationship thing, asshole... How would you feel if Makoto didn't remember much about you? Just show as much interest in his stuff as he does in yours... Then you'll be fine." He said and stood up once he noticed their food had arrived. "You boys stay here, I'll go give them the food and then I'll bring ours out here." He said as he took out his wallet from the back pocket of his dress pants.

Sousuke wanted to kill himself, he really was like Sei. Just some macho Alpha who took sex more seriously than relationships. "Uh huh, thanks for making me feel like an asshole, Rin." Sousuke mumbled as he laid on the porch.


"Haruka-chan is just worried about you!" Nagisa cooed, nuzzling the other Omega. "I think Mako-chan should see Sou-chan when he finishes eating. I don't know if I wanna see Rei-chan yet... He doesn't look too happy... I'm just a little scared." The little omega cooed as he stared into his cup.

Nagisa usually never spoke about Alphas this way. To him they were more like sex objects than anything else, so it was frightening to see him in distress because of one.

Haru frowned, his delicate hands set his cup down and he moved to sit behind Nagisa. The motherly Omega wrapped his arms around the other and began to scent him to calm him further, hopefully aiding him in making the decision. "Don't stress about it, they know to stay away unless we approach them."

Nagisa nodded, a gentle smile went over his lips but he said no more. The little Omega decided he’d think it over for now. Play it safe.

"I know he is... And I appreciate it..." Makoto said and looked at his best friend with an almost apologetic look. He didn't like being so weak, he wanted to be strong like Haruka was, he wanted to be there for his friends too but he wasn't able to do that and it frustrated him. He hated this... Hated that he had to be so weak. Makoto kept his head down, a little ashamed of having talked like that to his friend and just sipped his tea, looking at the Kitten with watery eyes. "I just.... I wish I wasn't so weak...." he said aloud, voice cracking as he did. His mind was still filled with taunts, blaming his sexuality for what had happened.

"It's not your fault, Makoto." Haru scolded as he held onto the smallest Omega. "You showed late, but now you have an Alpha that's strong. He'll take care of you and you'll take care of him. You did fine without him, too."

"He's right!" Nagisa chimed, "Mako-chan should be happy! You got a super strong Alpha, one that all of us Omegas want! Well, we've got pretty good Alphas, too. Huh, Haru-chan?" He winked to the Omega who gave him a soft smile and nod.

Makoto shrugged, he knew it wasn't his fault but it still sucked, it was something he had no control over and was now suffering because of it, and so were his friends. Nagisa was scared because Sousuke and Seijuro fought over him and there was nothing he could do to stop it because of how weak he was. "I did fine because I wasn't anything... I wasn't an Omega, I was just... No one even looked at me back then, it was like I didn't exist." It was tough for those that didn't show until late, almost everyone ignored them because it was like they weren't there, there was no impact when you walked in a room, no one noticed so of course he did fine, it was limbo.

Haru said no more. He decided to allow Makoto some time to think about what he said.


At their door stood the red head, bags in hand and fear in his heart. “Dinner…” Rin said as softly as possible so that he wouldn’t startle the Omegas, but from the smell of it he guessed he scared them anyway.

The Omegas jumped when a low but deep voice was heard outside their door. But worry they did not, their Omega mother was quick on his feet and soon stood as their shield at the door.

Haruka gazed at the Alpha through a small crack in the door before finally emerging from the dark room. Rin could tell by his smell that his Omega was in “mother bear” mode. Especially with how his eyes glowed in the dimly lit hallway.

Rin gulped.


Rei sighed and watched the red head disappear into the hallway from the porch. He could smell Nagisa... He was a little upset he couldn't be with Nagisa again but he was here with his friends and he wouldn't push the young Omega into anything. "I might leave after I eat... Give Nagisa some space.” He stated, fixing his glasses as he took a drag of the cigarette that had almost burnt out.

The Alpha looked to the other when he spoke, he frowned softly and sighed. "Don't leave before saying something to him. Omegas don't like it when their chosen Alphas leave them." He whispered, closing his eyes as he thought of how he and Makoto didn't even say their goodbyes at the party.

Rei nodded, "I'll let him know before I go... give him my number in case he decides to speak to me or see each other... I just don't want him to feel pressured.” He explained, he had actually really liked Nagisa and didn't want this to come to an abrupt stop. He wanted to do things right for the Omega. "And hey... Sousuke, that Omega loves you from what I've been able to observe, he's just shaken up... and I'm sure he doesn't notice you don't remember much but you'd always been a hard head. Bad memory." He teased his friend, trying to cheer him up.

Sousuke nodded, he was sure Nagisa would want to be with Rei, he was acting really clingy at the party and it seemed like he really enjoyed his scent. The Alpha chuckled and sat up, "yea, you would know, working with me." Sousuke sighed softly, "you know what's worse than me figuring out that I'm not a good boyfriend?" He looked to the other Alpha, brows furrowed slightly. "All I've been thinking about is fucking him since Rin left." Sousuke wanted to blame himself and say he was a terrible person, but truthfully it was because Makoto was a rather fertile Omega. And an Alpha like Sousuke who was pretty potent couldn’t help himself, so to anybody who had a brain it was obvious why Sousuke wanted to have sex so often.

"Listen, don't think about it like that, just think of this as a chance to make this work out perfectly now." Rei said with a smile, wanting him to understand that this could make their whole relationship that much stronger. "Just promise you'll pay more attention, I know you don't do it in a harmful way but just try to remember the small things." He said with a smile and stood up, taking the last sip of his drink.

“Omegas are fuckin’ hard, man.”

The two shared a laugh. Sousuke, earning a nudge from the blue haired Alpha.


Rin's eyes went wide at seeing Haruka.

Damn, Haru looked hot when he was in mother bear mode.

"H-hey.... calm down.” Rin chuckled, “It's okay, I ordered food for us too, we'll eat now. Don't worry, okay? I'm just the delivery boy..." He said softly as he handed him the bags of food. Rin held his soft gaze on the Omega. He really wanted to just hold him, pamper him. "I think Rei is going to leave after we eat... He wants to say bye to Nagisa, though. Maybe give him a ride home, so just... mention it, ok?" Rin asked with that gentle tone of his before clearing his throat, they shouldn't be out here too long. The other Omegas would worry if Haru spent any more time out of the room. "Text me... when you're done."

Haru nodded softly, but he made no move to go back into the room. He pursed his lips, holding the bags to his chest as he looked to the ground. "Rin." He whispered, closing the door behind him so Makoto and Nagisa wouldn't hear. "When we go home tonight... I want to-” He averted his gaze once more. “I want to try and touch you, but... I still want to save our first time for the season." Haru hadn't been apart from Rin this long since they met, so the Omega was feeling rather lonely and clingy.

Needy almost.

Rin's eyes went wide. His face flushed redder than the hair on his head and he couldn’t help but feel his cock twitch. "I-um... Y-yeah. I'll be sure to not let things go too far…” He paused, “I just want to take care of you tonight... that okay?" He asked with a small smile, wanting Haruka to understand that he also wanted to wait, let things happen in their own time and be together properly during the season. Even if his body was screaming to cum inside the Omega. "Go eat now, okay?" He said softly as a small bye for now, wanting Haruka fed and healthy.

Haru nodded and smiled to the Alpha as he went back inside the room without another word. Once inside, Haru could see Nagisa grinning at him. Harus scent became a little submissive and Nagisa could tell. Haru huffed to the other Omegas who giggled at him. "Eat." Haru muttered, handing them both their meals and drinks. "Try and finish all of it." He needed them both to have enough energy for the night. He couldn't stay with them much longer, especially Makoto. He'd grow weaker the longer he was apart from Sousuke. "Nagisa," the little blonde looked up with cheeks full of food. "Rin said that Rei wants to talk to you once you finish. I think he wants to take you home."
The little Omega gulped and looked down to his food. “Mmm, should I?"

Makoto smiled a little at seeing Haruka come back in the room with that smile on his lips it meant that things between he and Rin were still fine besides what happened earlier. Haru was strong and he knew that his friend didn't get as affected by that as he or Nagisa did. At Nagisa's question Makoto looked at him and gently shrugged, taking the food and starting to eat some. "I think... at least talk to him... Even if you don't want him to take you home, just at least hear him out... He looks like a good guy." He said honestly and looked back at Haru, "and um... you and Rin going back to your place?"


Deciding to go inside Sousuke downed the water bottle given to him before he got back into his house. Rei followed behind. Upon entering all he could smell was Harus scent, he guessed the Omega was trying to hide the other scents with his own so the two Alphas wouldn't find Makoto and Nagisa. He sighed and at the table began to devour the meal bought for him. His own scent was rather weak since he didn't want Makoto to know he was inside.

As Rin got back to the table he had a smirk on his lips, quite proud and happy with himself. He could tell Haruka needed comfort but at the same time he did need some sort of demonstration of love and Rin was more than ready to give that to him so close to the season while still keeping his head straight and waiting until the season actually began to mate. When he sat down he avoided the knowing looks Rei was giving him due to his scent, he tried to cool it off though because of the other two Omegas.

Even Sousuke was smirking at Rin, the Alphas scent said it all and the Alpha wasn't too good at hiding it. Sousuke looked to Rei and smirked before he looked back to Rin. "So, losing your virginity tonight, or did Haru just say something that made you blush?" He teased his best friend, giving him a smug look as he ate his dinner.

"Shut the fuck up." Rin barked at his friend but smiled a little. It was silly, incredibly silly and he wasn't offended or anything he just wanted to make this thing with Haruka work. "Don't say it like that, it's not like that." He muttered and began to eat. Rei laughed at the exchange and rolled his eyes at the both of them, continuing to eat happily. He didn't have much on his mind except the fact that he wanted to at least say goodbye to Nagisa, talk to him, nothing special.

"Then what is it? Your face was red." He lied, knowing Rin was one to blush often. "You two are pretty strong for sticking it out till the season. I thought you two were just being stubborn, but I can see you're serious about it now." Sousuke was proud of his friend, but he was also worried for him. He knew Rin wasn't a virgin, but the season was coming and even on the days before it Alphas always seem to lose control and end up wanting to fuck when they had planned not to.

"I just want to do it right for him." Rin stated and sighed a little, he really liked Haruka. "It drives me crazy... sleeping next to him, you know? He smells amazing all the time and- fuck it... he'd be a great parent. His instincts are through the roof. Look at him taking care of those two? It's amazing... I just- I really want this." He knew he'd always been teasing Sousuke about Makoto but he didn't mind it anymore. This felt right now and instead of making fun of it he wanted to embrace it. "And you better up your game because the both of you will most probably be uncles at the end of this." He muttered to himself, looking at his food, trying to sound like he was scolding his friend while in fact he was just sharing the idea that he wanted to have kids with Haruka.

Sousuke was surprised to hear Rin speak like this, he never seemed like one to want to have children, but it looked good on him so far. "Making me an uncle already?" Sousuke smirked and let out a happy sigh as he sat back in his chair. "Guess the family is growing, let's hope you can get us some blonde haired cubs, Ryugazaki." Sousuke nudged the other Alpha playfully under the table. Sousuke knew he wanted babies, but it was really hitting him now that he and Makoto would go through with this. He wasn't going to take anything back, but he had to realize that after those four months are done he'd have to go back to work and provide for his cubs and Makoto.

Rei laughed and rubbed the back of his neck, "to obtain little blonde cubs, that adorable little, blonde Omega needs to talk to me first." He said softly, pointing to the hallway where that certain little Omega was shouting. He really just wanted to at least give him his number so they could talk later if he wasn't up for it yet. Though from the sounds coming from the bedrooms all of the Omegas seemed to be in much better spirits. "You'll need to redecorate the place, you know? You've got a home but bachelor furniture... I think we all need to, expect Rin, he moved into Nanases home, yes?"

Rin clicked his tongue but didn't mind it at all, they were all planning something big here, even if it wasn't so certain for Rei. He knew that the Alpha wanted cubs eventually so it was fine to talk and tease. "You'll have to learn to change diapers, you could hold one kid in each arm. How many do you think you'll have? Big guy like you? Probably twins first try." It was his turn to scare his friend a little, make him think about stuff like this.


Nagisa hummed as he stood up and began to skip around the room with his food. "Maybe I'll let him take me home. Plus! I really wanna kiss. I haven't kissed anybody in months!" He whined and jumped on the bed, "I won't let it go any further because if I do I'll end up letting him bite me and I wanna wait till the season like you, Haru-chan!"

Haru smiled softly and patted Nagisa’s head, "Rin lives with me now. I want to talk to him tonight. It's getting really hard to control myself. We still have some time till the season starts so my body is already asking for an Alpha." He admitted rather bashfully, he had never really had a time where he wanted sex as much as he did now. So it was making him both confused and impatient.

Makoto smiled a little at seeing Nagisa back to his normal self, it was cute to see how excited he was about being with an Alpha, potentially for the season that is. He looked back at Haruka and took another bite of is food. "You two have been waiting for the season to start... it must be taking a toll on you guys... but I'm sure you'll do the right thing." He smiled softly, slowly eating his food, wanting to be happier for Haru but even if he was feeling better he still felt a little down. "I want you to be happy, Haru... you deserve it, after taking care of us especially!" He added with a small smile, wanting him to know how much he appreciated his best friend.

"It's been hard." Haru finally admitted, "he has this scent that when we're sleeping in the same bed I have to move to a different room so I don't end up giving myself up. The upcoming season hasn't been very good to me." Haru hadn't told Makoto, but he had a few secrets he needed to tell someone, but he was afraid of what Makto would think. "I've been going to an Omega pediatrician. I wanted to see if I was fertile enough for the season. He said I was, but my Alpha had to be fertile, too. I don't want to ask Rin to go with me, I feel like I'm just choosing our future on my own... But I think I want Rin to be my Alpha. I don't want to cover his mark like the others." He whispered as he pressed his hand to his neck where two other Alphas had bitten. Haru had used creams and skin repair surgery to remove them and blur them from his skin. He was embarrassed of his blurred marks, but he had hope for this year.

Makoto looked at his friend with a soft expression before smiling. "I know you've been through a lot with other Alpha's but I think you've found the one, you know? I think Rin really cares about you. He's waiting, I know it's killing him to but he wants to do it right with you and I'm sure that if you'd ask, he'd go with you... I'm sure that the idea itself would scare him but he'd love it... he seems like he'd be a great dad, a really great dad." Makoto disliked that there were secrets but he understood, it was a pretty big deal so he was sure Haruka didn't do it with ill intention. "I want nephews and nieces so you two better get busy this season!" He teased, laughing a little to try and cheer him up.

Haru smiled down at his food as he listened to Makoto. The sweetheart always knew the right thing to say. He nodded to the other and decided he would bring it up with Rin tonight. "What about you?" He asked finally, letting his flushed cheeks cool down as he ate. "I think you and Sousuke are gonna have Alphas. That's kind of scary, those come out being really big."

"Imagine carrying an Alpha baby in my body!" Nagisa chimed, "he'd way me down!" Giggling the Omega set down his empty carton and gulped down the rest of his water. He let out a happy sigh, "I think I want three babies. No, one! No- I think I want four. One Alpha and three Omegas."

"You need an Alpha for that." Haru added, reminding him he needed to speak to Rei.

Nagisa blushed and pouted, "I know, I'll do it now. But what should I say to him?"

“Start with telling him if you’re comfortable with going home with him.” Haru patted the little Omega on his head who giggled and looked to Makoto, eager to hear what he’d say about babies.

Makoto laughed a little and bit his lip, "like I said, we never talked about it.... but I guess I'd like to have kids with him. He seems like he'd be a real good dad... I can see him raise an Alpha to be just like him, big and strong... but I think if we have a Beta or an Omega he'll be incredibly sweet to them." Makoto admitted with pink cheeks as he finished his food, looking at Nagisa and laughing. "Hmmm, I think you'll be able to have as many as you want, Nagisa.... and Haru... how many do you want? I can see you with one or two... so you can just spoil them so much." Makoto teased with a small chuckle leaving his lips.

"I want four! Done and done!" Nagisa chimed happily before finally getting the courage to stand up. "I think I'm gonna go." He whispered, "but I'm scared. So keep your phones close!! I'll text you!" Nagisa hugged both Omegas tightly before turning back. “Don’t get pregnant tonight without me!”

The two Omegas rolled their eyes.


"Give it time, he was drooling over you." Sousuke said as he cleaned of his mouth with a napkin. "My house needs more than redecorating. It needs to get baby proofed, I need to close it off so Makoto’s scent doesn't go off when he's in heat." He sighed and rubbed his face, "All worth it, though." Sousuke then grinned, "twins? Do I smell that potent to you, Rin?" He asked and rubbed the back of his neck. "Wouldn't mind it, got two big arms to hold both babies while momma rests. Makoto would love that."

Sousuke was the first to notice Nagisa’s scent, he looked over to the other Alphas and smirked. "I think that ones yours, Ryugazaki." He muttered, pointing to the hallway where a small, blonde head of hair peaked out to stare at the Alphas.

Rin laughed a little and nodded, "trust me, you do, everyone can smell it on you. But you're an oaf so you probably wouldn't know what you were doing to get twins out of that." He teased his friend, perking up at the scent and grinning at Rei. "Go on, little guy seems like he wants something."

Rei hummed and cleaned himself up as he stood up. "Excuse me, gentlemen, I have a cute little Omega waiting for me and I’d much rather be with him than you two idiots." He teased before turning and walking over to where Nagisa was, a small smile on his lips. "I'm glad to see you're feeling better, Nagisa..." He said softly, keeping his scent low so as he wouldn’t alert the Omega. "Do you want to go outside? Get some fresh air?" He asked, still worried about him and wondering if he wanted to go somewhere where others couldn't hear them.

The two Alphas smirked as Rei walked the little Omega out.

“He’s getting laid tonight.”


Rin sighed back into his chair, ruby colored eyes staring at the ceiling. "I want two kids, you know? A couple, it'll be great. What about you, big guy? What do you want?" He asked curiously, they'd never had this type of conversation before because during this time they'd usually go out hunting for Omega's.

"Try and save it for the season, Ryugazaki. You smell pretty potent, too." He called out to the Alpha to tease him further. "Losers like us brought you an Omega like him." When Rei left Sousuke looked back to his friend. "Well, I think I want twins, too. Or maybe just a girl." He mostly wanted a girl because she'd definitely come out as an Omega with an Alpha father. "It'll teach me a lot with a girl, ya know? Plus, Makoto's soft enough to have one."

Rin laughed and nodded, "I think you'd do good with a girl. I know, for a fact, you'd spoil the shit out of her and ruin her for any mate that comes her way... not only will she be a soft Omega but she'll also know how to use a can of pepper spray and get self defence classes, knowing you." He said with a laugh before humming, "Makoto would be great with a girl, he really does seem like the kind to be good with girls... oh, maybe you get girl twins." He chuckled, teasing Sousuke.”

"Omegas deserve to be spoiled. They go through a lot of shit. Plus, that's how they'll get a good Alpha. Look at Makoto, he's spoiled." He teased his lover, but Makoto was a ‘cute’ spoiled to Sousuke. Then again everything he did was cute to him.


Makoto turned to Haru with a smirk on his lips. "That boy is going home with Ryugazaki tonight." He told Haruka before humming. "Anyway, twins would be nice... reminds me of my siblings." He admitted with a small chuckle, "I'd love if my niece and nephew were twins, I'd take care of them whenever you had to work, Haru." He promised, wanting him to know he could always count on him. "I don't know what I want for sure, though... I just... want them, you know? One or more... I just want to build a family with Sousuke." He said with a smile, he was sure he wanted this now. Now more than ever, but fear and doubt didn’t leave the back of his mind.

"It'll be a miracle if he ends up saving himself for the season. They'll either do it tonight or save themselves for the first day. There's no in-between with that boy." He muttered, "I think you'll get what you want, Makoto. But I don't see you with just one. You like kids too much." Haru began to clean up the room, picking up the trash and water bottles. "Rin will be good with twins..." He whispered, smiling to himself.

Makoto's cheeks went pink, "Ryugazaki looks like the perfect type for Nagisa... strong but he still seems so gentle. I hope that whenever they decide to go there, it goes like Nagisa's dreams." He said softly and smiled, looking at Haruka with droopy eyes, "Haru-chan, he will... you don't have to worry about it." He said before sitting up on the bed and pulling Bella to his lap. "Um... Haru... could you call Sousuke in here?" He asked softly, a little afraid still but he really needed to see is Alpha.

Haru perked up, looking to Makoto with slightly wide eyes.


Nagisa shrunk into himself as the two walked out. Once outside he looked out, eyes moving to the sky before moving back to the Alpha. "Rei..." He whispered, Nagisa moved slowly and gently rested his little hands over Reis broad chest. He looked down to them as they moved down his button up to play with one of the buttons. "I'm sorry I got so scared earlier... I just hadn't seen two Alphas nearly fight like that. I got scared." He muttered, hiding his face in Reis chest he began to gently take in his scent. "Are you mad at me?"

When the Omega held his chest he could feel his heartbeat a little louder, he missed his touch so much already that this felt like a heavy dosage of drugs. He shook his head and put his hands gently over Nagisa's arms, rubbing up and down them softly as he heard his apology. “Nagisa…” Once he was done he wrapped his arms around him and hugged the other close, "of course I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Yamazaki and Seijuro for scaring you like that." He admitted and moved a hand to his cheek, tilting his head up so he could look into those large, shining magenta eyes. "I'm just glad you're okay and that you want to talk to me again..." he admitted honestly, letting his thumb rub over the others soft cheek.

Nagisa looked up to the Alpha, his bright, magenta eyes shining as he listened. "Really?" He cooed, the Alphas touches were making him feel safe once more and Nagisa felt himself melt at the touch. The little Omegas hands clenched over the Alphas dress shirt and he leaned his face into the touch. "I really wanted to talk to you. I really like you, Rei-chan. You're almost too good to be true." His little arms wrapped tightly around the broader males waist and Nagisa got onto his tip toes. "Kiss?" He puckered his lips, "just a little one?"

Rei smiled softly as he heard him speak, "yes, really... I know that it's scary to see us like that." He said as he started to rub his back softly as well, wanting to soothe him. When he heard the others request his eyes widened. He hadn't thought they’d kiss any time soon. Rei had never kissed anybody! But… this little Omega had him wrapped tightly around his little finger. It was almost impressive how the roles changed with the two. Alphas were supposed to be the ones making the moves, but here Nagisa was. Rei relaxed as best as he could and smiled, nodding to the tiny Omega. "I can't say no to such a cute face." The taller man said before leaning down and pressing his lips against the other, humming at the taste of what seemed like honey. He tasted incredibly sweet. Was this what the other Alphas meant when they said ‘an Omega can only be tasted by their lips before….?’ Something about knotting them, but Rei didn’t want to think about their terrible sayings right now. Reis hold on Nagisa tightened a little, pulling him closer to his chest.

Haru nodded, he knew Makoto needed an Alpha's touch at the moment too. So when he got out of the room he walked up to Sousuke and poked his shoulder.

Sousuke rose a brow at the Omega but understood soon after. Sousuke nodded and stood up, as soon as he got to the door of his room he smelled the Omega. His pupils dilated, and soon found themselves on Makoto.

"Hey... Can I come in?"