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a delicious bite

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a delicious bite 🍷


Jeongguk got off the cab and paid the fare to the driver. Nervously, he crossed the road to get to the other side, as the moon shone brightly overhead. He looked up to see the name of the club, Desire, written elegantly in neon red. The club was established in the darkest corner on the other side of downtown Seoul, from prying eyes. It looked shady at first, but it was a respectful establishment. It was for humans and vampires alike, but not all humans knew about it.





The thumps of heavy music echoed through the walls and reached where a crowd of people, humans he believed, waited in line. The bouncer, Minjae, stood on the entrance and showed just a glimpse of his fangs as he let Jeongguk inside, making sure none of the unaware humans saw. He knew Minjae well enough by then, given that he frequented the club at least once a month. He smiled at the vampire gratefully before going in.





As he walked towards the entrance, he saw the staircase that led upstairs that none, except for those who knew about the other aspect of the club, were aware of. Upstairs was strictly for vampires and those humans who knew and desired to be there.





Jeongguk tentatively walked down the stairs. It was not the first time he was here, far from it, but it was definitely the first time he was here without his friends, Jimin and Taehyung. The pair of them were currently on dates (if you know what exactly he means) with their respective vampire boyfriends, Yoongi and Namjoon. Nonetheless, they had been the ones to introduce him to the pleasurable world of consensual vampire bites – until they found handsome and sexy vampires to get bites from themselves (those lucky bitches, he was happy for his friends).





It did not matter much though; Jeongguk knew the do’s and don’ts of the club well enough, not letting his guard down at any time. There were, of course, laws against vampires killing humans unless it was on defence (with evidence), but there were some who broke the laws, just for the fun of it. The humans, of course, weren’t innocent either; they tended to attack a vampire, who was just minding his own goddamn business.





The risk of being killed by a vampire was much higher in clubs like these, where humans consensually offered their blood in exchange for the pleasure of a bite and what followed most times. But Jeongguk knew better than to let his guard down, especially here, and now that he is here alone for the first time. He had always steered clear of the desperate vampires because the lack of control suggested their hunger and that meant that they were likely to lose control if they bite a human. A hungry vampire usually meant that they were less likely to stop once their teeth sunk in. And that was the kind of vampire you steer clear of.





Jeongguk sat on a seat at the bar and gestured to the bartender to take his order. The bartender, a human, slid over to him after getting a blood-infused cocktail for a female vampire a few seats from him.





“Hey, love,” the bartender, Hoseok, says smirking at him. He probably recognised him from his previous visits. “What can I get for you?”





“Gin and tonic, if you have it,” Jeongguk smiles cheekily, at the human. 





Hoseok laughed, showing his heart-shaped smile. “I sure do.” He slid him the glass before moving over to another human.





Jeongguk sat there sipping his drink for a while, watching Hoseok do his thing so gracefully and then again, he was a dancer. He could not imagine himself being on the other side of the counter, given he is awfully clumsy. He chuckled to himself.





“Hello, sweety,” a voice said, cooing at him, as a hand slid on Jeongguk’s thigh. “You look lonely, baby. Want some company?”





He turned his head to the side to study the newcomer; a dishevelled vampire who was salivating at the sight of him. You may call him narcissistic, but he knew he was gorgeous and had the body to go with it and his blood smelled delicious to vampires. But that being said, he was not going to acknowledge this vampire any longer. He quickly removed the vampire’s hand off his thigh and turned away.





“No, thank you,” Jeongguk said, curtly as he solely focused on the glass in front of him. 





The vampire grinned at his dismissal, showing off his fangs, “Don’t be shy, lovely,” he said gruffly, trying to place his hand back on Jeongguk’s thigh and leaning onto his neck, sniffing loudly. “Your scent is delicious, babe; don’t be a prude, not here.”





“I believe that he said no,” a new, much more refined and almost melodic voice said. “Leave. Now.” 





The vampire that was leaning towards his neck, removed himself from Jeongguk and hurried away with a string of apologies. Jeongguk knew quite well about vampire hierarchy, he believed that this new vampire was probably a high-ranking vampire, if the dishevelled vampire’s reaction meant something. 





“Forgive that idiot, he let the hunger take over,” the vampire says, as Jeongguk felt him walking towards him from behind. “However, I understand his reaction towards you. You are rather alluring, and you smell as delicious as you look.”





Jeongguk turned around to see the vampire behind and his breath hitched immediately.





The vampire was absolutely breathtaking, to say it simply. He was tall, taller than him, and very handsome with sinfully plump, red lips. The eyes were dark, showing that he was in control of his hunger. His hair was dark brown, slicked back to show off his forehead. Jeongguk wanted to run his fingers through his hair to see how soft it would feel. The man looked like he was in his mid twenties, but he could be older than that given that he was a vampire.





The man stood with an air of confidence surrounding him, everything about him screamed power. Jeongguk was sure that the man before him was a high-ranking vampire.





Ever so slowly, he reached out his hand. “I am Jeon Jeongguk.” 





The man grinned, as he took Jeongguk’s hand. “I am Kim Seokjin. Would you mind if I join you?”





Jeongguk shook his head, and Seokjin took the seat next to him gracefully. Hoseok served him straight away (maybe he was a regular?), the drink looked much more red and thick than the red wine Hoseok served someone else a few minutes ago. Jeongguk’s gaze was fixed on Seokjin as he took a sip, watching the way Seokjin’s tongue creeped out to swipe the excess blood from his plump bottom lip.





Seokjin smirked, catching Jeongguk staring at him. Jeongguk knew he was caught, but he just could not help himself. It was something about this vampire that drew him closer; he found himself instantly transfixed. Maybe it was the sheer power he seemed to have, or the confident aura aura surrounding him. Or maybe his good looks. Jeongguk did not know, but he only knew one thing for sure, that he needed to have him.





“I’ve seen you here before; you were with two other guys, one blond-haired and the other dark-haired,” Seokjin hummed as took another sip of the blood. “Boyfriends or…?”





Jeongguk shook his head lightly. “Nope, they are my best friends, we used to come here together occasionally,” he continued. “But they found their own vampire boyfriends so they didn’t come with me today.” He finished, huffing slightly.





“Ah, pity,” Seokjin said, sarcasm present in his voice. He did not mind that Jeongguk was here alone. He definitely did not. He smirked darkly, his hand creeping towards Jeongguk’s thigh and giving a slight squeeze. “But I suppose it’s a good thing I found you then.”





Jeongguk’s mouth went dry as he swallowed heavily. His throat felt parched, but not for water he was sure. Seokjin’s smirk widened as he saw the younger’s reaction. He leaned in towards Jeongguk, as his nose traced the soft skin of the human’s neck. Jeongguk smelled absolutely delicious. His tongue peeked out to lick down Jeongguk’s neck, right at his pulse point. The younger man shivered at the sudden touch, the action igniting the fire down his lower belly. He turned his head towards the vampire to meet his eyes, crimson red with hunger. For him.





“Will you bite me, Seokjin-ssi?”





Jeongguk was not a confident person, not even close. And he was not outwardly shameless either. He always tended to shy away in such situations, but today, no, there wasn’t anything coming in between him and Seokjin. He wanted this vampire and he would have him.





Seokjin smirked again, his long, white fangs perked out. “I’d love nothing more, sweetheart, and call me ‘hyung’. I believe we do not need any formalities between us, not when we are going to be rather... close.” 





Jeongguk blushed to the tips of his ears at the vampire’s insinuation; blood rushed rapidly to the expanse of his cheeks and neck. He could feel Seokjin’s eyes reeking to his neck, probably loving the flush of blood on his body. The vampire reached his hand out and Jeongguk took it without hesitation. 





Seokjin led him through the crowd of people, everyone making a way for the two as they saw them approaching. Not that he was surprised at the action, it just proved that Seokjin was a vampire of a high calibre. Jeongguk relished the coolness of the vampire’s hand on his; he could somehow feel it run through his body, making him shiver. 





Jeongguk found himself being led upstairs again, though he had no idea about this part of the club. He saw many doors having the ‘do not disturb’ sign on them. He and Seokjin walked till the end of the long hallway, stopping in front of a door that was a lot different from the other ones he passed seconds ago. Curious.





Seokjin opened the door and motioned for him to enter first. He entered the room apprehensively, taking in the sheer volume of his surroundings. It was beautifully furnished, a four-poster bed present in the centre of the room. The walls were painted in deep red; like the rest of the club. 





Soon Jeongguk found himself being pushed into the wall and his lips met with Seokjin’s in a brutal kiss. His lips, oh his lips, were so soft, like fucking pillows. He immediately wrapped his legs around the vampire’s waist, kissing him with every ounce of desire in his body. Seokjin’s hands were instantly grabbing at his ass, groping at his flesh without shame. 





The kiss soon came to an end, because Jeongguk is a human and he, unfortunately, needs to breathe. But no matter, Seokjin trailed his nose on the side of his neck (fuck, the boy smelled delicious) before his mouth was on him, sucking deep, red bruises on them. Jeongguk moaned at the vampire’s ministrations, his cock hardening without wasting any time.




Seokjin lowered the human so that he would stand on his feet. He slowly wrapped his fingers around Jeongguk’s wrists and pinned them over his head. He let his canines roam the expanse of Jeongguk neck as he stopped his earlier actions much to the displeasure of the human. He could hear the boy’s heart beating faster as his fangs creeped closer to his pulse point, pumping delicious, delicious blood through his veins. Oh, so he wants to play it like that? 





“Are you scared, little one?” Seokjin asked, tone slightly mocking, looking at the trembling human in his arms.










“Yes, what?”





“Yes, hyung; but I l-like it. I like t-that I’m s-scared.”





Seokjin cooed inwardly at the sight in front of him. The adorable stuttering, it almost made his dead heart beat again. How adorable. How sinfully adorable. “I know you do, little one, I know you do. I can hear your heart pounding. You like that you are the prey here, don’t you? Completely at my mercy.





“F-Fuck, hyung. Yes, yes, I love it.”





“I hope you wouldn’t mind if I take a little bite, would you, darling?” Seokjin murmured now close to ear, sending shivers down his spine.





Jeongguk gasped as Seokjin’s fangs pierced through the skin of his neck, there was a twinge of pain and then nothing as the vampire started to drink from him. He could feel his cock grow harder as waves of pleasure went through his body. Oh, how desperately he wanted to reach down and touch his cock but Seokjin still had his hands pinned over his head.





He let out a cry of pain as Seokjin tore his mouth away from his neck. Jeongguk could feel the excess blood flowing down his neck from the pin-prick wound. Not wanting to waste the delicious liquid, Seokjin licked at the wound, both cleaning the blood as well as healing the wound with his saliva. 





When Seokjin finally pulled back, Jeongguk gasped at the sight of the vampire. His pupils were blown wide, his eyes looked more of a darker shade of red and the blood, Jeongguk’s blood, dripped down his mouth. He swiftly moved to kiss the human again, Jeongguk’s mouth with the taste of his own blood, it was metallic and thick. Gods, that’s hot. Seokjin’s tongue pushed into his mouth but pulled back again, much to Jeongguk’s displeasure.





His gaze landed on Jeongguk’s noticeable bulge in his skinny jeans; Jeongguk noticed Seokjin was sporting a similar predicament in his own trousers. 





“I want to fuck you,” Seokjin growled out, releasing Jeongguk’s wrists so that he could lower the human’s zipper. It was not a question, but a statement but they both knew the answer. “And I know you want it too, little one; you want hyung to fuck you.” It was not even a question.





“Yes, yes, I want it. I want it so bad, I want hyung to fuck me. Hard.” Jeongguk said breathlessly, before hastily removing his shirt and Seokjin tore off the rest of his outfit. Jeongguk was now left bare whereas Seokjin was still clothed. Oh, Gods. It made his erection grow harder, knowing he was completely at the vampire’s mercy. 





Without a word, Seokjin picked the younger man up in his arms and walked to the bed, throwing him on it. The vampire removed his jacket and shirt hastily before joining the almost trembling human on the bed. Settling between Jeongguk spread legs, the vampire fished out a bottle of lube from the bedside table. 





He smirked, popping open the bottle and taking a generous amount in his fingers. He slid his hand across the soft skin of Jeongguk’s thigh, going higher until his fingers found his dark red, puckered hole. A slick finger breached the ring of muscles until it was a knuckle-deep. After giving the human a few moments of adjustment, soon another followed the first. 





Seokjin bent down to seal their lips together in a bruising kiss, all the while his fingers fucked Jeongguk open. His tongue tracing the expanse of the human’s mouth, as if he was memorising him, as if he was leaving his mark on him. Maybe both. He soon ended the kiss to give the human below a chance to breathe; much to the dismay of the said human, but added a third finger, making Jeongguk whine at the pleasure. How responsive. Seokjin left tiny kisses on Jeongguk’s soft cheeks, his sharp jaw and oh so delicious neck before biting down again. He drank much slower, much less this time, not wanting to exert the human.




“Please, hyung,” Jeongguk whined, as Seokjin pushed in the fourth finger and started thrusting in and out. He was really fucking him open. “Please— fuck me, hyung. I promise I can take it.”





“I know you can, darling,” Seokjin crooned, removing his canines from his neck. “But the question remains, what is it that you truly want? The euphoria of my bite or the pleasure of my cock?”





“Both, hyungie. I want both, please hyung.”





“Greedy boy,” the vampire said, mocking before removing his fingers from the younger man’s now gaping hole. “All open for me, aren’t you? By the time I’ll be done with you, you’ll be ruined for other men. That— I promise you, darling.”





Seokjin unbuttoned his trousers, maintaining eye contact with Jeongguk, freeing his erection, and Jeongguk was drooling at the sight of the massive cock. The vampire positioned the blunt head of his cock at the entrance, and pushed in, all in one go. The rim of his ass burned at the intrusion but the pleasure of fullness of Seokjin’s cock clouded the pain.





The vampire fucked him without mercy, giving the human below him, no time to adjust to his girth. He pounded in and out of Jeongguk at a ferocious pace, hitting his prostate each time. He lost all coherency as the vampire tortured his overstimulated pleasure point. The loss of blood made him plaint and docile in the vampire’s hold, lust overriding all his senses. He was more than happy to let Seokjin use him as nothing more than a sloppy hole to fuck and a warm body to feed from.





And then, Jeongguk came with a scream of pleasure, untouched.





The intensity of the orgasm sent Jeongguk’s body trembling and he almost passed out from the sheer ferocity of it. He never came so hard before. His entire body went slack on the bed as Seokjin thrusted in and out until his own orgasm hit, spilling his cum deep inside Jeongguk.





With a growl, Seokjin took one final drink from Jeongguk before his mouth descended on Jeongguk for a kiss.





Seokjin moved out of the bed to the en suite bathroom, to clean himself and brought a warm, wet towel to clean the blood, sweat and cum of off Jeongguk’s body. The human laid there, letting the older clean him off, as his body felt weightless. He felt lightheaded, but in a good way and wouldn’t hate to do this again. 





“I believe I drank more than you’re used to, darling,” Seokjin murmured, helping him off the bed and handing him his clothes. The vampire was dressed himself and Jeongguk didn’t have the strength to think of how he had done that so fast. “You may want to rest tomorrow, just in case. We don’t want you to be passing out because of blood loss now, do we?”





Jeongguk chuckled, putting the last of his clothes on. “You were right, y’know,” he said, softly, catching the older’s questioning gaze. “You’ve ruined me for other men.”






Seokjin didn’t respond to him, instead trailed his fingers over Jeongguk’s bottom lip. “Would you like to be like me, little one? Have this kind of pleasure for all of eternity?”





“No, not yet. I’d miss my family terribly.” Then again, it wasn’t such a bad idea. Being immortal. “Maybe on my next birthday when I’m twenty-five? I want to look in my mid-twenties for eternity, at least.” 





“Very well, Jeongguk,” he purred, bringing their mouths to a chaste kiss. Jeongguk could have melted in a puddle of goo just for the way Seokjin said his name. “I look forward to eternity with you.”





And for Seokjin and Jeongguk, it was indeed a glorious eternity to look forward to...