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Little Stars

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That wasn't how Aizawa expected his patrol to go, he expected low-class villains or petty criminals. Or helping homeless people or directing lost children to their homes. He didn't expect to stumble upon the second most wanted villain in the whole of Japan, making his way to God knows where— maybe it was the league hideout?

What really drew Aizawa's attention to the scarred villain was the way he was sneaking around with his face covered at 2 a.m. — going from one alley to another, places that Aizawa didn't know they existed. And maybe it has something to do with his sixth sense? (Yeah, that's what Hizashi called it) 

Always sense the trouble.

Anyway, the reason that Aizawa didn't fight Dabi was to let the scarred villain lead him (hopefully) to the league hideout. He knew that he can't take them down alone. So, he texted Hizashi quickly to let the hero know where he was if something happened to him.

Of course, he wouldn't attack them alone, but it would be great to know their hideout. Then they could prepare for a raid — and they finally would get rid of them and if he has some other motive like taking revenge for hurting his students—well nobody needed to know.

Aizawa tried to not make any sound and followed the villain silently— Thankfully the scarred villain didn't notice him or it seemed he didn't care about his surroundings, not afraid of being caught because Heroes usually don't patrol this area because there are not many criminal acts committed in this area, but it was Aizawa's luck that he was the one patrolling it tonight.

Who knew the league hideout would be located here?

Aizawa watched as Dabi entered a dark alley from the roof of the building. He couldn't see much clearly at night, but he could see the outline of the person that was waiting for Dabi in the alley.

"Late, as usual, hot stuff" the number two hero; Hawks, said. 

And if anyone saw Aizawa right now, they would be laughing at how flabbergasted he looked — eyes wide open at the scene in front of him—  it was very late and very dark that he doubted without his goggles he wouldn't recognize a lot of things, it was bad enough that even with the goggles the place was pitch- black except for the soft moon-light. That didn't do much, either.

That however, didn't mean he was blind to not recognize Dabi's other companion or even recognize him from his annoying voice.

What the fuck Hawks is doing here? Talking casually and grinning at Dabi like it was a usual thing — like they were friends or —

Why is he calling him Hot stuff?

Now Aizawa was pissed. So, Hawks is a traitor? Is he working for the league? Unbelievable.

And Aizawa trusted him with Tokoyami?

Aizawa had never suspected something like that because of Hawk's personality. He knows that the 22 years old hero likes to help people and likes his hero work — so, what is he doing with Dabi of all people?

Aizawa wanted to attack, but he held himself from doing something stupid like that. Hizashi would be very disappointed when he hears what Aizawa would tell him.

Dabi and Hawks were still standing in the alley — Hawks was flirting while Dabi grunted at him or glared, but the supposed hero kept doing what he was doing.

"Maybe these assholes had chickened out to meet you," Hawks said. "The bad guy Dabi," he said in a teasing tone.

"Shut up, birdbrain. You are the chicken here," Dabi snapped.

Hawks gasped as if he was hurt. "I am a hawk — H.A.W.K,"

Aizawa wanted to bury himself and die from watching these two interact.

"Whatever. You are giving me a headache," Dabi grumbled.

"And I thought that we were getting somewhere, Dabs." 

But Dabi didn't say anything back, he just glared at Hawks as if the glare would kill him, but of course, Hawks didn't fear for his life, he continued talking.

He talked about how his day was tiring and then Dabi sent him a message about their meeting which led him to leave his apartment again — the supposed hero was complaining. 

"There is a bucket of KFC waiting for me at home. How about you and me go to my apartment?" Hawks continued rambling. "It seems that the recruiters are not coming."

So, the league is recruiting new members and they already have Hawks on their side? Aizawa thought.

"Isn't this cannibalism?"

"I told you a million times, I am a hawk. And Hawks eat birds and definitely chickens." Hawks huffed. "We are—" then he stopped. 

Aizawa could see from the spot he was in that three people were coming toward the alley

of course, Dabi and specifically Hawks could hear them — the hero thought.

"You are late." Dabi said in an emotionless voice — not the same one he used with Hawks, and Aizawa didn't really want to focus on  this— when The three of them entered the alley.

"We were busy," one of them said — He was probably their leader. His focus solely was on Dabi while the other two focused on Hawks, who appeared to be non-dangerous with his wings tucked beneath his jacket. 

"You brought company." the leader said, his gaze flickered to Hawks then returned back to Dabi.

"Not any of your business." And if Dabi edged closer to Hawks, nobody seemed to notice but Aizawa

The leader glared at Dabi and took a deep breath. "We are here to join the league and benefit the League," the guy said and he continued to list his members' quirks and gloating about how they benefit the league and the resources they would the league have access to.

Dabi through all of this looked bored as if they were talking about the weather. Aizawa held himself from attacking because of the crimes that this group had committed—most of them were child trafficking. And it seemed that Hawks was doing the same from the way he was clenching his hands at his side.

"That was delighted — from your quirks and your resources," Dabi said nonchalantly and then he looked at Hawks. "but we don't accept child traffickers in the league." A hint of anger was in Dabi's voice, but other than that, his voice didn't show any emotion.

"Now you have wasted our time," Dabi lit up his palms as in a warning — blue flames coated his fingers. "Boss wouldn't be pleased."

"Dabi—" Hawks said in a warning tone, taking a step back.

"We are leaving now—" Dabi said sharply to Hawks, but —

"I don't think so, Dabi." A nasty smirk appeared on the leader's face and Aizawa knew that shit would happen right now.

"Step away, pretty bird."

Then all hell breaks loose.

Dabi's fire roared, clashing with the ice from one of the villains' quirk — Hawks was trying to reach a bag that he hid, then his full red wings became attached to him.

"Pro hero Hawks," the leader said, a grin stretched on his face as he dodged Dabi's fire. 

"I told you to run," Dabi snapped.

"And leave you, hot stuff?" 

Then Hawks attacked.

Aizawa didn't want to intervene, he didn't want to help either side even if Hawks was a fellow hero, he had proved that he was a traitor.

The smell of burned flesh wafted in the air, two of the villains were dead which left the leader. Dabi cornered him and he grinned —

"That was all fun, but —" Dabi said. "I am sorry, your time is out —" but before Dabi lit the villain on fire, another one of the groups who weren't in the scene before, through what seemed like an explosion — Aizawa didn't know what was its quirk— hitting Dabi and Hawks.

Aizawa was on alert as he heard their bodies hit the ground hard, but he couldn't see anything as smoke filled the place.

He heard a high pitched cry, but then—

"I will grab Dabi and you grab Hawks. We could use them," he heard the gruff voice of the leader and he didn't know why, but he jumped and used his capture weapon to grab anyone from the villains— he aimed in the direction of the other villain, the poor light didn't help much, but guess what? Aizawa lives for this shit.

"Eraserhead," the leader hissed as he noticed Aizawa and he dropped what he was carrying — probably Dabi's body. Aizawa caught sight of Dabi's body, but it looked smaller then he  noticed red hair, and it took him a moment to understand because—

What the fuck?

He didn't have time to dwell on that as the leader used his quirk, but Aizawa was faster as the hero activated his own — nullifying the villain quirk. And from the shape of the villain, Aizawa suspected that the villain could fight hand in hand. 

The villain, as Aizawa suspected, tried to flee, but Aizawa grabbed him and kicked him — the villain pathetically fell to the ground. 

Aizawa handcuffed him with a quirk-cancelling handcuff and then he punched him in the head hard enough to knock  him unconscious. Then Aizawa looked at the other villain and found her unconscious.

He dragged the leader to the other villain and wrapped them tightly with his capture weapon, then he heard sniffling— someone trying desperately to not make any sound as they cried, but failed. Miserably. The sobs were really small and high pitched and pathetic

Aizawa frowned, really thrown — Is Dabi or Hawks really crying?

(There was a small body with red hair— Aizawa hoped that his vision or the poor light, did he mention the poor light? had deceived him at this moment.)

He was so busy securing the villains that he forgot the other two. But when he turned, instead of finding Dabi or Hawks — he found the same child with red hair lying unconscious on the ground  with another child, bright red wings clutching the first child. The crying was coming from the winged one and—

"Please, don't hurt us." The kid with red wings wailed — he looked suspiciously like Hawks (blonde hair, bushy eyebrows and those red wings, Jesus.)

A sob wracked through the kid's (— Hawks?)body followed by other sobs. He was trembling and tried to get away when Aizawa took a step forward, arms holding the red head kid. Hawks let out small whimpers as Aizawa approached him and the sounds was so young it hurts

"Kid, I am not going to hurt you," Aizawa said, but Hawks was pleading between his muffled wails to please, I will be good. I will follow orders. 

"Hawks—" Aizawa said and that made the kid stop pulling Dabi's body (if the winged boy was Hawks then the other one was definitely Dabi.) 

Aizawa could see a frown appear on the kid's face. "A-Are y-you my new han-ndler?" He said between hiccups, but it was in a hopeful tone, like Aizwa could give mercy— he was officially freaked out.

And Handler? What the hell is he talking about? Aizawa thought.

"No—" the kid shrank and he grabbed Dabi's body, again — trying to drag it. "But I am pro-hero Eraserhead and I will help you," 

Taking both of you to the police station —  Aizawa thought, but he didn't say it.

"A pro-hero?" The kid said in awe and big, wet golden eyes and Aizawa felt worried that kid Hawks would easily trust. "You will take me to the commission?" 

(He didn't say his parents– Aizawa frowned.)

"Not the commission, but—" 

"No, they will punish me,"Hawks said in a panicked voice. "I am not supposed to be here, please" the boy's voice was small, and cracked and pleading and Jesus Christ, the boy is what? Two?  The words went straight to Aizawa's heart and he felt his chest tightened.

Aizawa's heart clenched at the look of fear on the kid's face, no child should wear this look. Not this young. Not ever. (even if he was Hawks; the traitor, but looking now into those young, scared eyes filled with tears, he can't help but feel compromised.) He suspected that this punishment wasn't supposed to be for children, any fucking punishment in general . He was pretty sure it was physical too.And why was Hawks with the commission at this young age for Fuck's sake? Where are his bloody parents?

"I am not taking you there." Aizawa said. 

"And they won't find you." He added to assure the kid when he felt the poor thing would faint in panic, or loss of air.

"I—" Hawks tensed and stopped talking as the sound of a car approached the alley. Small delicate wings brought against his back in a defensive poster, it was so damn sad, looking at this small boy expecting the worst. Making Aizawa wonder what the ever living fuck happened?

"Stay here," Aizawa ordered sternly, not loudly, making sure to see the boy nod, then he turned to make his way to the car, but Hizashi beat him to it. 

"Shouta, are you okay?" He said while running to Aizawa, eyes worried and face pale. He grabbed him to inspect any visible injuries, but fortunately found none.

"Yes," Aizawa sighed, he was so tired and on top of that he had two children to deal with (who appeared to have no memories of what happened. It was like their memories were erased.) "You are here alone?" 

On cue, Midnight and Tsukauchi approached them, each sighed in relief when they saw Aizawa was in one piece

"What happened here?" Midnight asked, eyeing the two villains— but then her eyes landed on Hawks and Dabi. "Are those children?" She asked incredulously and then she rushed to them, examining their bodies with worried eyes.

"Don't come near us!" Hawks' voice shook with so much fear — he was shielding Dabi's body, but he himself was so afraid that Midnight had to take a few steps back in fear of overwhelming him.

"This kid looks like Hawks." she said, not taking her eyes off of the kid.

"Kid, she is a hero too." Aizawa sighed and approached them. On instant Hawks edged towards him, refusing to meet Midnight's eyes and refusing to take her hand. "Let's take you out of here." 

"What about him?" Hawks asked softly when he grabbed Aizawa's hand — he was looking at Dabi worriedly. 

"I will lift him," Hizashi tried to smile, but confusion clouded his expression.

Who are these two? And what are they doing here?

More importantly, where is Dabi?

"No!" Hawks shook his head furiously as he left Aizawa's hand, ready to reach for small Dabi again 

Aizawa sighed, he didn't know what he did in his life to make him suffer like that. "I will lift him, kid." He said and Hawks nodded vigorously in satisfaction.

Then Aizawa lifted Dabi — the boy was light as a feather and he appeared to be malnourished. He extended his hands for Hawks and the kid took it immediately.

Shit, what happened to these two when they were younger? —Aizawa thought as he made his way to Hizashi's car while Midnight and Tsukauchi hauled the villains and took them to the other car.

Then they made their way to the police station followed by other police cars.