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A soft warm feeling on his cheek woke Kakashi from his dreams. His neck hurt and his legs were numb from sleeping in an awkward position all night and he noticed that he had fallen asleep on the desk in his office in the hokage tower. Someone had covered him with his white hokage coat - probably Shizune . A piece of paper clung to his cheek where his mask had rolled off of his face. He quickly stretched his aching limbs, put his mask back up and took a few steps to get his blood flowing into his legs and arms again. A sudden thirst lead him through the tower to the small kitchen area in the back where he put some water in a kettle, placed it on the stove and the took some onigiri from yesterdays's take out, out of the almost empty fridge and ate them while waiting for the water to heat up. Once he heard the kettle's high-pitched whistle he slowly got up and slouched over to the stove to pour himself a nice cup of kotchya. He watched the hot smoke dance on the top of his cup for a moment and blew on it to take a tiny sip that almost burned his entire mouth but relieved him of some of his tiredness. After scanning the lounge room for someone he could offer a cup of tea and found no one - it was probably still too early for Shikamaru and the others - he slouched back towards his office, a quiet yawn escaping his mouth on the way.

As he had reached the doors to the room he had fallen asleep in yesterday he stopped abruptly, almost spilling hot tea all over his hand. There was something off. A lingering presence hiding in the shadows.

He quickly made a shadow clone and hid himself outside the office while the clone went in, pretending like he hadn't noticed anything being off. Suddenly he heard quick footsteps inside running towards the door, then something shattering on the floor, followed by the sounds of people fighting. Without thinking he pulled out his phone and typed a short coded message to Shikamaru and Naruto before he saw his clone flying through the door and hitting a wall.

"That's what you get Hokage-same for -", the intruder couldn't finish his sentence before Kakashi had grabbed him and plunged a kunai into his throat spilling warm blood all over the two of them and then silently dropping him to the floor. 

He didn't know how many there were and what he was fighting against so the odds weren't in his favour and he had to think of something quickly before they would come out to greet him in the hallway. He decided to release the shadow clone and, as the few memories of what the clone saw and felt made his body shake with a short burst of pain, he decided to send in another as a distraction while he would surprise them from behind, coming in through the window. 

But he was too slow as he could suddenly feel a cold, threatening amount of chakra behind him and seconds after a kunai was stroking the fabric of his mask right at his throat. 

Before the man behind him could move any closer to him, Kakashi concentrated a big ball of chakra is his elbow and feet, and first smashed his elbow into the man's stomach so hard he heard him cough and cry in pain. Then grabbed the kunai that had only moments ago been so close to throat and punched the man again, this time hard on the head with both of his hands held together and finished him off by kicking him into the wall with a powerful movement of his chakra-infused right leg.

Two down , he thought as he turned his attention back to the door where it was eerily silent now. He knew from the clone's memories that there were three more hiding in his office. 

"Stop lurking and show yourselves. I know you're there.", Kakashi shouted towards his office, where he could see shadows moving slowly in the morning light.

"Well well, you put up more of a fight than I thought you would, Hatake Kakashi.", the voice was raspy and cold, and Kakashi couldn't ignore the joyful undertone in those words. 

"What do you want?", Kakashi asked with as much power and confidence in his voice as he could put into it.

"What does it look like to you, Hatake Kakashi?", the man was mocking him but Kakashi wasn't one to easily be provoked by an enemy as small and pathetic sounding as that man. So he, the hokage only grunted at the intruder and stabbed the kunai in his hand behind himself into the dark shadow lurking behind him. 

Three down , he counted in his head as he heard a body hit the floor in the background.

"Oh you are better than I thought. I didn't think I'd get to play with you like that.", the man laughed a low amused laugh, which made Kakashi's skin crawl with disgust and he used that moment to create another shadow clone, which he sent stricking towards the two enemies that were left. 

The man behind the apparentt leader of this group jumped out in front to kick the shadow away, but upon impact the shadow clone transformed itself into a ball of lightning and struck the attacker, making him drop to the floor.

One left , Kakashi thought as he prepared his raikiri while also taking out a shuriken and a kunai from his weapons pouch. The man hadn't moved an inch since he first showed himself to the hokage, his short brown hair matching with his dark eyes and dark robe and the playful smile on his face in the half light room made him look as annoying and evil as he sounded. Kakashi cleared his mind, charged the shuriken with his chakra, threw it and then quickly did the handsigns for Shadow Shuriken Jutsu before he charged towards the enemy, raikiri in his right hand and the kunai hidden in his left. But he had been so focused on preparing his attack that he hadn't noticed the man's eyes. 

He cursed himself as he saw them. The two rotating bright red sharingan staring directly at him. They had definitely seen his hand signs and knew about the kunai in his left hand, yet Kakashi didn't stop. He couldn't stop now, still running at full speed towards the enemy hoping that luck was on his side and the man hadn't noticed the chakra he was molding in his forehead as a last resort if everything else would fail.

The hokage had almost caught up with the shuriken he had thrown as he felt something strange. Something burning and it was coming directly for him from his left and all he saw a shadow next to him and then the man who he had charged towards catching his two shuriken with one hand before something hit his chest hard from underneath him. He choked on air as he was thrown backwards with such power he almost blacked out when he hit a wall with a loud thump. He struggled to breath, panting as he felt that power still pushing him into the wall. He groaned in pain and suddenly it stopped and his body fell in on itself. His entire chakra was gone, the kunai lay some distance away on the floor and he felt light-headed and disoriented as he saw two people approaching him. "Ouch that must have hurt.", one of the two said, Kakashi could barely hear them, over the ringing in his ears. Only as one of them grabbed his hair to pull him up did his fighting instincts kick in again and he molded some chakra in his hand to at least produce a chidori . But as he started to concentrate the chakra into his hand his chest started to hurt like something burning and stabbing him at the same time. He let out a pained scream, dispersed the chakra concentration and put his hands over his chest in a protective way. But there was nothing, no thousand hot swords stabbing into his delicate flesh. His body was so tense that even breathing hurt and he was feeling dizzy again, squeezing his eyes shut as his head was still being held up by this disgusting excuse for a human. And that creature just laughed like this was the funniest and most joyful thing in the world.

"You won't be molding any chakra as long as this seal is on you. This is your last task as the Rokudaime: To rot in hell .", he said as he took Kakashi's hitai-ite from his head and smashed his head hard against the wall behind him. It took another two hits until the hokage finally lost consciousness and his vision turned black and all fell silent.

The sound of screaming men and woman awoke him, his head was throbbing with pain as well as the rest of his body. He was laying on the damp floor of one of the cells in Konoha Prison, with many other people he recognized by their voices. A flash of pain coursed through his body as he tried to sit up on the cold stone floor and he instinctively covered the place where it hurt most with his hand, as he felt dried blood in his hair around the wound on the back of his head. He winced as he suddenly felt all the sore and open wounds on his body and he felt like blacking-out again. 

But a voice from his right was keeping him from doing so.


"Didn't I tell you to drop the sama, Shizune.", he grunted as he gave her a pained smile.

The look on her face told him that he indeed looked as bad as he felt. 

"What happened to you?", Shizune asked. Her voice was trembling and Kakashi heard a silent painful sob escape her lips.

"Well, I got attacked and was defeated as you can see.", he didn't mean to sound humiliated but the realisation of his defeat was making his heart ache. He had failed to protect his village that first time and now everyone was probably dead or locked up in a cell like him and poor Shizune. 

"You- j- I-.", Shizune tried to gather her thoughts. "Can you move closer to me then I can heal you as best as I can.", her voice was still trembling with fear and shock at the sight of Kakashi. But Kakashi knew that she was a Iryō Nin and would do anything in her power to heal the people around her. Maybe she had already cared for the others - hopefully.

They were all in solitary cells, which were fortunately only seperated by iron bars, which you could squeeze your hands through, so after he had shuffled over to her, Shizune could immediately start healing him, starting with the big wound on his head. 

"I need to clean this, Kakashi-san. Can you use Suiton to produce some water from this damp floor or did they put the seal on you too?", Shizune asked after she had finished repairing some of the tissue in the wound and closing the parts that were clean.

"I can't, they put that damned prison seal on me.", he grunted angrily and shifted his body into a more comfortable position.

"I suspected as much, I'm sorry. I will heal the rest of your body as best as I can and then try to locate someone that can use Suiton and hasn't been imprinted with the seal.", she said as she started healing his back and shoulders. Kakashi just grunted in understanding and agreement and shifted his focus from his aching body to the Iryō nin's warm chakra flowing through him. 

He didn't know how much time had passed by but it felt like at least a week. His body was almost completely healed, thanks to Shizune and they had even been able to clean his wound with some water the guards distributed around the prisoners. The man to his left even offered to give him his waterbottle after he had noticed who he was, but Kakashi gratefully declined saying the man needed it more than him. After that the man often talked to Kakashi. His name was Haruki and had been locked in here for almost fifteen years for merely stealing a few unimportant items from the the Uchiha that had fled from their country, who used to be the elite police force then. He said they took it as an act of treason against the hokage's police force who protected the citizens day in day out. And so he got locked up for what should have been a year but eventually after Konoha's Uchiha massacred each other everyone had forgotten about him. Even his own family as they suddenly stopped visiting. 

"The newcomers would always tell me what was going on outside and how Konoha had changed while I had been here waiting for my release. And then I heard that Lady Tsunade had died and I was very curious who would be the next Hokage and now I'm sitting here talking to him.", his eyes so full of joy that it made Kakashi fight the tears that were building in his eyes. This man had been abandoned by everyone and yet he was so happy so full of life. 

"I-I-… If I had had known you were in here, I would have had your release arranged immediately, Haruki-san. I'm so sorry for what happened to you and I promise I will get us all out of here.", the hopeful gleam in Kakashi's eyes must have touched the man deeply as he came closer and took Kakashi's hands in his through the iron bars. 

"I know you will.", Haruki said and Kakashi couldn't fight his tears any longer and squeezed his eyes shut to not let the man see his Hokage cry. But as Haruki squeezed his hands tighter around Kakashi's and whispered ever so gently.

It's ok Hokage-sama. I don't mind.

He burst into tears, dropping his head down to his chest as he cried, his hands still in Haruki's hands. He hadn't realised how badly he had needed this. To take all of that frustration from the last few days and set it free. It cleared his mind from all those guilty thoughts and let him relax for the first time in what what had felt like forever.

"Thank you, Hazuki-san.", he said, voice still a little shaky and soft, and freed his hands to wipe away the salty half-dried tears from his eyes. His mask was soaked but he couldn't do much about that right then and there so he just gave Haruki a big smile under his mask. The first genuine and relieved smile since he had woken up in this cell. The man returned him an equally happy smile and they both sighed like a huge stone had been lifted off of their chest.

"Hatake Kakashi.", the voice of a man, who was definitely a chain-smoker disturbed his meditation. He opened his eyes to see a young man with black hair and equally dark eyes opening the door to his cell. 

"What do you want?", Kakashi asked in his usual bored and disinterested tone.

"The Hokage-same wants to see you.", the young man said as grabbed Kakashi by the shoulder and pulled him from his meditating position. 

"I can stand on my own.", Kakashi said and pushed the young man away from him.

"Great then I guess you can walk as well and I don't need to carry you into his office.", the man snarled sarcasticly and pushed Kakashi out of his cell into the hallway. He saw Shizune and Haruki throwing him a worried yet hopeful look as the young guard shoved him upward in the direction of the hokage tower.

He was glad to see his village again, despite the eery aura that hung in the air and the masked shinobi walking through the streets in black and white uniforms with a sword hanging on either side of their body. Very little people were roaming the streets. It seemed that only those who needed to be somewhere dashed past him at a speed that might have been induced by fear.

The black and white stripped flags hung from every important building, danced in the light breeze. Summer was just around the corner. It was already very warm and the sun shone brightly from above with no cloud in sight. What a beautiful day to see someone he loathed with his entire being.

After maybe a ten minute walk they had reached the hokage tower. A frown suddenly appeared underneath Kakashi's mask as he saw that his tower had been painted black and white like the flags that had been hung everywhere in the village.

I'm sorry Sarutobi-san, Minato-Sensei, Tsunade-sama. I let something terrible happen. He thought as he stared at the gloomy looking buikding that once stood out as a bright red tower.

What would Naruto think of me? And where is that goofball. If they killed him…

He couldn't bring himself to finish that thought and he almost choked the feeling it left in his throat. But the guard pushed them forward into the tower and closer to his office. 

A peculiar silence draped the tower like there were secrets hidden in every wall. That silence made him feel even more uneasy than he already was, yet he tried his best not to show it in front of that disrespectful young guard.

Soon enough they had reached the big wooden doors to his office. The guard swung them open without care. He hadn't even bothered to knock. 

" Hokage-sama .", he said with a dull voice and grabbed Kakashi by his arm to drag him in.

"I brought you Hatake Kakashi , as you asked.", the young man said and looked at Kakashi. 

"Yes, thank you, Hidoi.", the man was sitting comfortably at his desk with his feet on his table and the rest of his body leaning into his chair. It was definitely the man that had attacked him that night. The one with the Sharingan. 

Hidoi left the room with a small bow, so Kakashi was standing alone in the middle of the room staring with disgust at the Uchiha sitting in his chair.

"Hey, remember me?", the Uchiha said jokingly as if speaking with a child and waved his hand in a greeting. 

"How could I forget that ugly visage.", Kakashi spat. 

"Ah ts ts ts why are you so mean? Aren't you glab to be out of that cell again?", the Uchiha glared greedily waiting for a response. But Kakashi wasn't going to give him one, wasn't going to give him that satisfaction.

He just put on his usual bored look and stared into the man's dark eyes.

"Aw, you're no fun.", he said as he took his feet of the table and sat up straight in his chair.

"Listen, I have job for you, if you want to leave that prison behind and be part of society again?", he smirked at the change in Kakashi's expression. 

"What does that job entail?", Kakashi asked unsure of what to make of that offer.

"Ah well let me think. Bringing me drinks would be one aspect of that job.", Kakashi didn't like that sinister smile on the man's face. He knew he was hiding something, but Kakashi took the opportunity to make an offer of his own.

"Ok, so I'll play your coffee-bitch, if you release Shizune and Haruki, the man and the woman that are locked up in the cells next to mine. Shizune is an excellent Iryō nin and could work at the hospital and Haruki has a family he needs to return to.", Kakashi put as much friendliness and openess into those two sentences as he could muster. He promised them to get them out of there and this was a way to fullfil that promise, even if he had to become this man's coffee-bitch and possibly more, he didn't even want to think about. 

The Uchiha seemed to think so hard about Kakashi's request that his unnerving smile had vanished and a very thoughtful pose took it's place and Kakashi felt like he could breathe again.

"Deal.", the man said and stood up. The smile had returned and he walked slowly towards Kakashi. As he stood so close to him their noses were almost touching, Kakashi realised that man was almost the same height as him, maybe only a few centimeters taller. Yet  looked like a giant with his broad, muscular shoulders and big hands.

"You're starting today then. In half an hour. Itachi will bring you to your room. Make yourself presentable, Rokudaime . You look like shit.", the Uchiha said so close to Kakashi's face that he could feel the man's breath through his mask. Then the Hokage went back to the chair and as he let himself sink into the big comfortable chair Kakashi had fallen asleep in countless times, someone came in through the door behind him. 

" Hokage-sama .", the man that had just entered the room quickly bowed to the Uchiha and then looked at Kakashi. His long black hair was fixed with a hair-tie at about chest height and his dark eyes that looked like they had seen death themselves were drilling holes into Kakashi's skull. 

Great another Uchiha. He thought and watched the young man come closer to him.

"I'm going to show you your room now, Hatake Kakashi. Please follow me.", he said, bowed again and went for the door. Kakashi quickly followed the young man without even giving the man that sat at his desk another ounce of his attention. 

He followed Itachi, who's demeanour and the way he treated Kakashi was a pleasant surprise, compared to Hidoi or the man that had taken everything from him. Itachi made him somehow feel welcome and his chakra calmed him.

It didn't take long for them to reach one of the guest rooms that had been prepared for Kakashi. Itachi unlocked the door and lead him into his new home. It was a small room with basic furniture, a bed, a cupboard, a table and two chairs. There was also a bathroom that had a somewhat spacescious shower. On the neatly made bed someone had left some clothes and toiletries for Kakashi, but that was about it. He had survived with much less though, so he couldn't really complain.

"Please make yourself representable for the Hokage , Kakashi-san.", the young Uchiha said as he started towards the open door and left.

Once Kakashi heard the door shut, he dropped himself onto bed and let out a long trembling sigh he had been holding in since they had left the hokage's office.

The clothes and boots next to the bed peaked his interest and he carefully unfolded them. It was a standard shinobi uniform not unlike the torn and bloody piece he had been wearing. The only difference was the colour, as it was a mix of grey tones and dark shades with little highlights, reminding him of the flags in the streets. 

"This must be the colors of their organisation then.", he thought out loud and eyed the big shoulder and chest piece that was the replacement for the flak jacket, he presumed. He neatly folded it back together before taking his dirty, bloodstained uniform off, as he noticed that he was still wearing his white hokage cape with the signs for Sixth Hokage printed on it in bright red letters. The once pretty and clean white cape looked anything but white. There were big spots of blood, most likely his own and the rest was covered with dirt-water stains and other substances that had clung to him from the floor in the prison cell. The stench of prison and mold suddenly pierced his nose and he threw the stained cape into a corner before fleeing into the bathroom to wash off all the grime and blood. He took his time showering, just standing there letting the cold water hit his face and run down his body. Enjoying the first minute of freedom in the last week to it's fullest. 

A knock on the door put an end to that feeling of freedom, as Kakashi struggled out of the bathroom and, while quickly drying himself off, he shouted towards the door.

"Just a minute."

As he had managed to squeeze into the tight black trousers that felt uncomfortable on his skin and put on the thick black boots, he heard the door open and in the corner of his eye saw Itachi's head poking around the corner.

"You're going to be late Kakashi-san. The-"

But as Itachi saw Kakashi standing there awkwardly unfolding the black uniform shirt, with his back to the door he stopped and took in the sight before him. How Kakashi's pale skin, marked with scars from old battles, shone in the light of the room and the way his thin waist moved while he stretched his muscular shoulders and arms to fit into the tight black shirt. 

"I-is everything ok, Itachi-san?", Kakashi watched the young Uchiha close his mouth again, almost drooling over himself. 

"Ah, yes Kakashi-san. We need to hurry or the Hokage-sama will be annoyed at your coming in late.", there was a warning message in those words.

Don't make the hokage wait.

So Kakashi pulled up his new black mask, threw on the chest and shoulder piece and found, to his surprise a red band he had completely overlooked the first time he had eyed the clothes. He just grabbed it and fixed it around his left arm while walking to the hokage's office with Itachi next to him setting a fast pace.

Once they had reached the beautiful wooden doors that the new hokage evidently had had repaired after their fight not so long ago, Itachi knocked twice and then without awaiting a response just opened the door and gently pushed Kakashi in. After half entering the room and announcing their arrival Itachi turned away lightly brushing Kakashi's shoulder as he left and closed the door behind him.

"Hey there.", the hokage grinned at him, those dark eyes glowing intensely. 

As Kakashi didn't react, not even moving a muscle the Uchiha leaned further back into the chair and spoke again, this time with a deeper and louder tone. 

"That's not how you greet your hokage and master ."

Kakashi's hands formed into fist at the word master and he reluctantly bowed.

" Hokage-sama ."

You fucking piece of shit.  He wanted to add but decided against doing for the sake of his own well-being.

"That's better, now come here and take a look.", he pointed outside the window and Kakashi slowly slouched over to the Uchiha, staying as far away from the man as possible. But what he saw, looking down onto the street made him forget the man's presence completely. It was Shizune and Haruki standing outside the Hokage Tower, talking and laughing and then they went off out of sight. Kakashi couldn't hide his relieved smile as he watched them disappear from his view. 

"I did what you asked me to do, Kakashi. Now it's your turn to fullfill your part of the deal.", the Uchiha had crept up behind Kakashi, grabbing Kakashi's ass in a tight hold.

He knew what the Uchiha wanted from him, he had known from the moment he made him that job offer, but that didn't help him now that man was massaging his ass, making his entire body up. 

"Take your clothes off.", the Uchiha whispered into Kakashi's ear and he finally eased the grip on his butt, moving over to his chair.

Kakashi didn't move, his fists boring further into the pockets of his tight trousers, he just kept his gaze on the two small clouds floating in the sky.

He wouldn't give the Uchiha the only few things he had left. Only one man was allowed to touch him like the Uchiha would evidently want. 

"I told you to take off your clothes!", the man rose from his chair and pulled Kakashi by his hair, dragging him across the floor away from the window and into the middle of room. Kakashi had a tight grip on the Uchiha's hand but without being able to mold chakra he could do nothing to loosen it's grip on his silver hair. 

"You're really going to disobey your first order from your hokage .", the Uchiha said, still keeping a tight hold of his silver hair, as Kakashi saw a fist flying towards him and was thrown back onto the ground as he tasted blood. His head hit the hard floor and the Uchiha had his big black boot pressing down on his chest.

"Are you going to take your clothes off or not.", the Uchiha gleamed at him from above, storm clouds in his eyes.

He had sworn himself not to do anything that the man commanded him to, but then he realised he wouldn't survive long like this. Without Shizune nearby who could fix him he had to be careful not provoke the Uchiha too much so that he would kill him. 

So even though he hated the thought of what was to come next he did as he was told.

Just this time and never again.  He chanted in his head as he grunted a response towards the Uchiha.


He hated himself for it and even more so when he saw that vicious grin return to the face of the man above him.

Slowly he felt the weight on his chest lift and he took a few long trembling breaths before pulling himself up and taking the shoulder and chest plate off, then his shirt and trouser and eventually only his mask remained, which he wasn't going to take off, for no one except that one man, who he was comfortable showing his face too. 

"Now let me see what's hiding underneath that mask.", the Uchiha said as he suddenly appeared in front of Kakashi and brushed over the light fabric of his mask with his thumb. Kakashi tried to move his head away from the man but the Uchiha had his chin in a tight hold. Two fingers slowly reaching over his nose where they grabbed a hold of the soft fabric on his face. The hand moved so slowly down his face, pulling the fabric off. Kakashi closed his eyes tightly as to escape that dark lecherous look. 

"Fuck, you're hotter than I imaged.", the Uchiha said cupping Kakashi's face into his big hands and studying every milimeter on his pale face. 

"Open your eyes, pet.", the man said and Kakashi slowly opened his eyes to see a more than pleased smile on the other man's face. Kakashi felt nauseous and just sick. All of his senses screaming to run and flee, just get away from here. But the Uchiha didn't leave Kakashi much time to think about running when he suddenly pressed his lips against Kakashi's and forced his mouth open, his tongue exploring every part of his mouth. Kakashi tried to push him away put the Uchiha pushed him onto the wall behind him instead. He took Kakashi's hands that were clawing into the wall and pinned them over his head, while playing with Kakashi's tongue. When he finally pulled out of Kakashi's mouth, licking his lips in anticipation, Kakashi felt light-headed from not being able to breath properly the last minute. So he didn't resist as the Uchiha turned him around and slammed him face first into the wall before wetting his fingers and pushing one digit into Kakashi's tight hole. He jumped away at the feeling of something penetrating him from behind, but the man held him in place and started going deeper, then adding another digit until there were three fingers stroking Kakashi's prostate. He tried desperately not to make a sound, to deny the Uchiha that pleasure, but the man had another plan. 

"I want to hear your dirty screams, Kakashi. Scream my name. Obito.", the Uchiha said into Kakashi's ear and bit his earlope before pulling on his silver hair, which stole a loud moan from Kakashi. It was all over for Kakashi when Obito reached for his half-hard cock and started stroking it slowly, milking every moan and cry out of him that he had tried to hide. 

He had lost control of his body, just wanted to finally cum and get this over with, but as he was so close to reaching that point Obito let go off his cock and pulled his fingers out. It hurt, he just wanted to cum and release that pressure inside of his body. He dug his fingers deep into the wall, blood dripping from his fingernails. 

"I haven't told you to come yet.", the Uchiha said, putting his hands around Kakashi's hip and pushing into him hard, making Kakashi scream in pain. Obito's cock was so big that it stretched Kakashi even more. Kakashi held back tears at the pain streaming through his body and he felt the man behind him slowly picking up the pace until he was pounding Kakashi hard into the wall. His vision went blurry as he felt his orgasm coursing through him, making him shake and moan violently in the Uchiha's arms. 

He felt dirty, used and just wanted roll up into a ball and cry but Obito wasn't finished yet. After the Uchiha proceeded to thrust into him to finally reach his climax and pull out just in time to spread all of his warm cum on Kakashi's bare back, he turned him around and kissed him greedily, again playing with his tongue and robbing his breath. 

"You look so hot like that. Well fucked-out and dirty.", Obito said as he pulled away and grabbed Kakashi's ass once more before pulling up his pants and sauntering back to his desk, leaving Kakashi to slide down the wall. He pulled his knees up and hugged them tightly while hiding his head between them as he started to sob silently. 

A few moments later when Kakashi had calmed down and wiped the rest of the salty tears from eyes, he stood up on shaky legs and went over to the pile of clothes laying in the middle of the room.

"I didn't tell you to dress again. Did I?", the Uchiha snapped at him.

Kakashi took a step back and avoided the Uchiha's gaze. 

"Come here.", Obito commanded and Kakashi slowly walked towards the desk.

"Look at me.", Obito said with the most neutral yet annoyed tone Kakashi had ever heard from the man. So Kakashi lifted his head slightly looking through the strands of his sweaty silver hair at Obito's grim face. He didn't even have time to breath before he felt something smack his face, first to the left then to the right. Only saw Obito lowering his hand as he spoke again.

"You only do as I tell you, pet."

His cheeks and head hurt and he just wanted this to finally be over. He had been humiliated, been robbed of his body and free will. This was worse than sitting in that cell all day. In there he had at least felt somewhat save and collected. 

Have to go now, just go, just say whatever he wants to hear and go.

"Y-yes Hokage-sama . I'm so-rry Hokage-sama .", he muttered between two breaths.

"Good, but you still have a lot to learn. Now you may dress yourself and retreat to your room.", Obito said as he moved some of the strands of silver hair out of Kakashi's face so he could see his pet's pained eyes before returning to the work before him on the table.

Even though his body was still shaking, he had never dressed himself so quickly before in all of his life, shrugging as he felt the wettness on his back. Then he left with a bow and a silent " Hokage-sama .". 

Without even looking where he was going Kakashi paced through the tower towards his room, ignoring all the other shinobi and Akatsuki that were giving him all kinds of looks. 

As he had finally reached his room, he let his body sink into the bed, rolled himself into a human ball and cried again. 

I'm a slut and nothing more than a whore. Just a plaything for this monster. No one would care if I just disappeared. 

Dirty fucking whore. I have nothing and no one. I'm all alone.

"Kakashi-san?", in his state he hadn't even noticed that Itachi was sitting on the floor next to the bed, watching him with a perturbed look in his eyes.

"I brought you some food.", he said, his voice gentle and soft. He pointed at the table across the room where a tray with three bowls of steaming hot food had been placed.

"Here, you need to drink something. Before you dry out from crying.", Itachi pressed a glass of water into his shaking hands and helped him sit up.

"T-thank you, Itachi-san.", Kakashi stuttered, his throat still sore from crying, and emptiedthe glass in one go. 

"Please eat something. I can't stay so you have to promise me that you will at least finish one of the bowls.", Itachi's eyes had a calming effect on Kakashi and he found himself smiling at the young Uchiha.

"I promise.", he said and watched Itachi's face soften even more. Then he stood up and walked towards the door.

"The Hokage-sama wants to see you tomorrow morning. Try to get some sleep, Kakashi-san. You will need it.", Itachi frowned and left. This sudden change on the young Uchiha's face from soft to stern made Kakashi whimper with fear. He really wasn't looking forward to what awaited him tomorrow. So he braced himself to go into the bathroom and wash of the shame he felt all over his body. After twenty minutes of scrubbing his skin was red and burning, but he still didn't feel clean, so he sat in the shower just letting the water wash over him. In this state he felt somewhat save and comfortable, the hot water slowly peeling away at his skin. His hands looked shriveled and burning red, like the rest of his body as he finally turned off the tap and went to dry himself off. Surprisingly there were two new sets of uniforms folded neatly together, sitting on his bed. He examined both and saw that one was a little bigger than the other. 

Had Itachi left these for him?

He gave it no further thought and just put on the wide shirt and trouser that fell nice and loosely around his body. Not wanting to break the promise he had made to Itachi and the chance of getting on the man's bad side, he ate one of the three bowls, which turned out to be three miso soup with different toppings or side dishes. He chose his favourite, miso with eggplant. It filled him well and he even contemplated having one of the other miso soups too, but decided against it as he started to feel a huge wave of fatigue hitting him and throwing him onto the bed. His mind was still racing with guilty and humiliated thoughts but the fatigue got the better of him and let him doze off into a long sleep.

Chapter Text

Kakashi woke quite early in the morning and decided to take a long shower and then have some of the breakfast someone had left for him on the table. He still had a massive headache from the day before but dressed himself and made his way to the hokage's office anyway. 

What could possibly be worse than what happened yesterday. Or the last fucking week actually. I didn't have one second of just happiness. Except with Itachi yesterday, but he is just being nice because the hokage tells him to be.
He got so lost in thought that he almost walked past the Obito's office. Bracing himself as best as he could he knocked once and then went in without thinking. Numbing his mind to help him get through this next day of humiliation.  
"Hokage-sama.", he put on his usual bored attitude and greeted the Uchiha with the tiniest bow.
"Good Morning, pet.", Obito sounded tired and agitated as he threw Kakashi an annoyed look. 
"Here, get me some coffee.", he took the big mug that was on the table and held it up to Kakashi.
So that thing with the bringing hot liquids wasn't some form of mockery after all.
Kakashi literally ripped the mug out of Obito's hand and started for the door as the man behind him put on an amused tone.
"A dash of milk and no sugar. Oh and don't get in trouble on the way, Kakashi-kun."
I swear to kami I will rip those vocal chords right out of your throat if you call me that again. Is what he wanted to say, but all that came out was "Yes Hokage-sama.", as he tried to hide his rage behind his mask. 


With big strides he walked over to the small kitchen he had only just a week ago made himself a nice cup of kotchya in that he never got to enjoy. As he poked around the corner to see if anyone was in the room he saw that it was empty and still looked the same as when he had last left it. He slauched over to the coffee maker, started filling the machine with water and then put three tablespoons of grounded coffee beans into the paper filter. After turning the machine on he went over to get the kettle and heat some water for a delicious cup of kotchya
While he poured the fresh coffee into Obito's cup he heard a group of people chatting that were heading for the kitchen. He didn't pay them another thought and continued to pour a dash of soymilk into the hot coffee. As he went to get a spoon to stir the coffee, properly mixing in the milk, he felt a dark chakra behind him.
"What do you want?", Kakashi snarled, keeping his eyes on the coffee in front him.
"I want to see your pretty face, Hatake.", a man behind him said. He was standing so close that Kakashi could feel the man's breath on his neck and he tried to ignore the shudder that went down his spine.
"We, want to see that pretty face of your's.", another man further in the back said and Kakashi could hear footsteps of about three people coming closer.
"You know I'm not in the mood to show you anything. I'm just here to bring the hokage some coffee.", Kakashi said. The atmosphere in the room was so tense that it felt like he was balancing on a string of yarn over a canyon. 
"Well I don't care what you want.", the man behind him said and forcefully turned Kakashi around. The man was tall and strong, his bald head reflecting the light coming in through the window behind Kakashi. 
His black coat, decorated with puffy red clouds made him look even bigger, blocking the other people behind him from Kakashi's view. As he was about to reach down to grab Kakashi's mask, the kettle's high-pitched whistling pulled his vision away from Kakashi, who took the cup of hot coffee and spilled it's contents right on the man's face. He screamed in pain while Kakashi ducked and escape from the grasp of those big arms. Quickly he swiped the kettle off of the stove and aimed at the three men standing behind him, who were all dressed the same as the giant. Loud screams as a background noise, he sprinted towards the open door, passing the 4 Akatsuki on his way out. Yet as he stepped out of room he felt a hand grab his throat and pull him to a stop.
"Are you the reason behind this awful, loud noise.", said a young man with short red hair and a sun-tanned face, black rings around his eyes made him looking as if he hadn't slept in years. His eyes were dark and clouded like a silent raging storm.
"I-ugh.", Kakashi choked on his words as he tried to break from the young man's grasp.
"Fuck off Gaara, we saw him first.", one of the men shouted from the kitchen.
Gaara looked Kakashi up and down before he threw him back into the kitchen and left without sparing them another look.
Kakashi was thrown against the back of the giant who had slowly gathered himself again. In is rage he took Kakashi by the hair and dragged him towards a wall. Kakashi felt at least one bone in his back breaking as the man slammed him against the wall, making him crumble to his knees. Then the giant took Kakashi's hands and pinned them to the wall while holding his head straight. 
"Rip that fucking mask off!", he shouted at the others who had gathered around Kakashi. 
He started kicking the air with his feet but one of the men quickly got a hold his legs and pinned them to the ground. 
Kakashi couldn't move, couldn't defend himself. He was so close to panicking as one of the shorter men pulled down his mask. He closed his eyes. Didn't want to see the look on their faces, but he couldn't block out their hungry words. 
Fuck he is gorgeous. I want to see his pretty mouth swallowing my cock. Yeah come on let's do it.
Kakashi didn't dare to open his eyes and squeezed them shut as hard as he could, so hard that it hurt. All he heard was shuffling of clothes and sinister laughter from above.
"Open wide.", one of the mrn said and Kakashi could feel something soft and warm stroking his lips, but he wasn't going to give in without resistance and kept his mouth shut tightly. 
"Ah for fucks sake. Big boy pull his head back further.", the man said and the hand on his silver hair pulling him up further. He couldn't resist without his chakra and suddenly he felt tongue in his mouth followed by a huge cock.
His jaw was being forcefully held open by another pair of hands and he heard the man laughing and suddenly the cock in his mouth started moving, hitting the back of his throat with hard a thrust. Again and again. Kakashi gagged and there was a disgusting squelching sound every time it went back into his mouth. The man was thrusting so hard into him that he felt his mouth was going to tear. The hand on his jaw loosend and went for his throat instead, squeezing tight as he gasped for air between the hard thrusts.
I wouldn't mind if this kills me. He thought as he was becoming more and more dizzy, dancing on the edge between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Just kill me already!

Sadly the man noticed that his body was coming limp and loosened the chokehold giving him air to breath again. Saliva was dripping all over his mouth drooling onto his stomach. 
"Fuck I'm gonna cum.", the man was panting, still thrusting into Kakashi's sore mouth. 
Kakashi felt tears collecting in his closed eyes and then let them run down his cheeks. His mind was blank. He felt nothing anymore. And as the man thrust into his mouth one last time, making him take all of his cock, Kakashi gagged again trying to pull away but the man held this position for a few seconds before slowly pulling out and splattering his warm cum all over Kakashi's face. 
He wanted to throw up but didn't have enough food in his body so all that left his mouth was spit and a little bit of gastric juice, as he gasped for air.
"Aw look at that pretty face. He does look good like that, all coated in cum and spit.", one of the men said and he heard them move, yet he still didn't dare to open his eyes. His body felt like it didn't belong to him, like he was merely a ghost in a shell. A fuckdoll with a conciousness. 
He gasped for air, the tight lock in his hair was looser than before but still there. He heard the men laughing again and shortly after felt another cock push into his half open mouth and he threw his head back, but the head-lock tightened again and he was forced to take another thick cock pushing down his throat. 
He had distanced his mind from his body. Was merely watching through his closed eyes waiting for something to pull him back into that almost unconscious state. But nothing like that happened, instead he head someone shout with true pure anger and the cock in his mouth stopped moving and then quickly pulled out. The hands holding down his body vanished just like that and he just sat there letting his head dangle and his hands fall limp to his sides. 
Had he died or finally went unconscious?
No he could still faintly feel his body underneath him, his hands twitching slightly. But if he wasn't dead where was he.
What is this place. It's so dark and cold. I just want to go home.
'Tōsan is that you.
Minato-sensei? Can I finally join you and Rin.
It's been so long but I think I'm ready to go home now.
Kakashi, fuck, wake up!
"Kakashi, you little piece of shit wake up."
"Yes open your fucking eyes, Kakashi!", Kakashi saw the hokage standing over him. He had a look in his eyes Kakashi had never thought he would ever see on Obito. Worry and empathy.
"What-?", Kakashi tried to gather his thoughts but a sudden wave of pain made him writhe on the floor, grunting. His throat and mouth were sore and his neck felt stiff with pain. 
"Those idiots don't know when to stop. That's why they never keep a pet longer than a week.", Obito said but Kakashi didn't register any of it, he was too occupied with all that pain and the loud ringing in his ears. 
"Ey, Kakashi do I need to get a medic? Kakas-.", Obito's voice faded away slowly into nothingness and Kakashi's vision blurred and then he saw stars and everything went black.


He woke up in a bright room with a blanket covering his entire body up to his eyes.  
The plane white walls of the hospital reflected the harsh sunlight coming in through the window directly into his eyes, and he flinched as he opened them. Grunting, he tried to move his body into an upward position but a sudden sharp pain in his neck made him freeze on the spot. He cursed at the pain as he tried to make small movements to stretch his aching back. 
"Kakashi-san please stay still.", a nurse came in holding a syringe and some cotton. 
"How are you feeling?", the nurse asked while slowly pulling off the blanket from his face. 
The sudden feel of air and a pair of hands touching his face startled him and he pulled away with a pained groan. That feeling brought back memories in flashes into his mind. 
"No no no please stop!", he shouted and felt his jaw ache with every word he muttered. 
"I'm sorry Kakashi-san, but I have to take a long at your jaw. You dislocated it and almost tore your neck muscles.", the nurse said slightly taken aback by his reaction. 
Memories kept flooding his mind and he squeezed his eyes shut as tightly as possible trying to silence those sounds in his brain.

Rip that fucking mask off!
Rip that fucking mask off!

Be quiet. Just be fucking quiet!

He stretched his hands out as if to reach for someone's throat and started kicking his legs in all directions. 

You fucking pieces of shit. Get away from me!

He started breathing heavily, throwing his hands through the air trying to punch something that wasn't there.
Suddenly someone took his arms and pushed them down onto the bed fixing them there. The same happened with his feet and he struggle in the hold. A second later something cold pierced into the flesh of his left shoulder and his limbs started to feel like jelly. Unable to move, his mind drifted off into even more darkness. The voices stopped and there was nothing just empty dark space and silence.

As he woke up again he saw a figure sitting next to him. 
"I-itachi.", Kakashi heard himself say, not recognizing his own voice.
"Kakashi-san, you're finally awake.", Itachi said as he lifted his head to meet Kakashi's eyes. A genuine, gentle smile stretched across his face and Kakashi felt a strange warmth rising in his chest. 
"What are you doing here?", Kakashi croaked as he touched his face to find a surgical mask covering the lower part of his face. He sighed in relief and turned back towards Itachi.
"I came to visit you after what happened. I'm so sorry. I should have told you about the red band and the pet-system of the Akatsuki.", Itachi's voice was filled with regret and Kakashi wasn't sure how to react.
"What does any of that even mean?", Kakashi asked, watching Itachi pull a red band out of his coat-pocket. 
"This is your's, Kakashi-san. It means you have been claimed by Obito-sama.", Itachi paused to wrap it around Kakashi's arm.
"You have to carry this on you so it's visible to others.", he took the two ends of the band together and made a knot.
"In the Akatsuki there are a lot rules. One of them is the pet-claim-rule. Before Obito-sama became the ShunōUchiha Madara created the pet-system because of all the sexual abuse that came with the Akatsuki's conquest of the Five Great Nations and the smaller villages. The rule basically allows each Akatsuki to choose one of the people from the conquered village to make their pet, marking them with a red ribbon so that no one else is allowed to touch them. If you don't have a red band or ribbon, under Akatsuki rule you're a single pet that may be claimed or used without claiming it.", Itachi stopped to give Kakashi some time to take in all of that information. 
"And since you didn't wear your red band those guys-.", Itachi stopped himself from finishing that sentence to not trigger anything in Kakashi.
"They are ruthless. They haven't kept a single pet for more than a week.", Itachi said instead.
"What happened to their pets?", Kakashi said underneath his breath, scared of the answer that was to come.
"They died, because that's the only way to break free from their master.", Kakashi swallowed hard and they both avoided eye contact, just looking anywhere but each other's eyes.
"Obito degraded and sent them away though. For what they did to you.", Itachi said after a short tense silence that made Kakashi shudder. The young Uchiha gave him a hopeful smile and lifted his arm slowly.
"M-may I pull some of that hair out of your face, Kakashi-san."
Kakashi had been so lost in thought and his reaction to what Itachi had told him that he hadn't noticed the huge strands of hair taking away half of his vision. It probably fell down like that when he moved his head away a moment ago. 
He just nodded silently and watched Itachi's hand slowly get closer. His fingernails were painted black and little scars from small cuts and wounds ran all over his hands. He gently moved one of the big strands and tucked it away somewhere behind his other hair. 
Kakashi's silver hair felt soft and light in Itachi's hand as he moved the last big strand out of the man's half hidden face. Itachi had seen glimpses of Kakashi's face before. The first time was in Kakashi's room when he watched him dress, the second time when the Iryō nin, he had called that morning, were performing first aid on him, and the third time was in the hospital when he came to visit and a nurse was in the process of putting the surgical mask on the silver-haired man. 
"Thank you, Itachi-san.", Kakashi's voice ripped him from his daydreams. His hand was still holding a strand of that silver-hair gently rolling it between two fingers. Itachi quickly removed his hand as he saw how tense Kakashi was, not able to keep eye contact. 
"A-anō, you're welcome and please drop the -san, Kakashi. You don't need to be so formal with me. I'm just the hokage's assistant. Not worth more or less than you are.", Itachi's smile and chakra began calming Kakashi again and he just smiled with his eyes and gave a small nodd in response. 
After another nurse had come and asked Itachi to leave, Kakashi was alone again. Alone with his thoughts for the second time since the attack. He didn't want to go back there, into the hokage tower. Even if it killed him he wouldn't set a foot in that building ever again. Obito would have to drag him in there and lock him up to make him stay. 
But Obito would do that. Drag him in there. He had no choice as a pet. From what he had gathered what Itachi had told him, the master could do anything to their pet, and to escape your master you had to die. 
Kakashi sighed deeply as he thought back to three weeks ago, when all was fine in Konoha. He had been Rokudaime for a year now and they had finally finished rebuilding the village after Pain's attack. Pain had been one of the nine leading Akatsuki before Naruto got him to use Gedo Rinne Tensei which killed the man, but brought back everyone that had died during his attack.

The last few months he had been deeply involved in the peace negotiations with the other four great nation and the smaller villages, to establish a form of union to protect the remaining jinchuuriki from the Akatsuki. 

During that time he had also worked closely with a teacher at the academy, who's company he cherished more than anyone else's. 

I wonder what you are doing right now, if you're still alive.

He found himself lost in the past again and snapped his mind back to the present. Meanwhile a nurse had brought him a tray with food. Lunch. 

So he slowly sat up on the soft hospital bed and placed the tray on his legs.

"At least now, I can relax and finally read some Icha Icha again.", he said to himself, shrugging off every little thought of responsibility just or a few fleeting moments and reached for the chopsticks.

Chapter Text

'Kakashi had been in hospital for two weeks, recovering. He had tried to read one of his favourite Icha Icha novels, but the plot had triggered his anxiety again, giving him flashbacks to that morning. 

Without his books he felt empty and tried to find something to fill the spare time, that he had between his visits from Itachi. He tried reading the newspaper and writing down his favourite things or people, like the therapist had told him. Kakashi didn't really talk to the therapist that the hospital had assigned him to. He didn't want to talk to that man, that knew nothing about him, was a complete stranger. How could someone like that understand what Kakashi had gone through. He also made him talk about his father, which Kakashi would only do with the very few people who he trusted with his life - thus not that therapist.

All he wanted was to be held by the man he loved, but he didn't even know if he was still alive or locked up in Konoha prison. In his current situation he would probably never see him again and just the thought of that tore into his heart, like the tip of a sharp knife. Kakashi had to see him again or, if he was dead, at least be able to place a sunflower on his grave. He felt tears collecting in his eyes and quickly wiped them away. 

"He is fine, probably just having some ramen at Ichiraku's after another failed attempt at cooking.", Kakashi smiled out of the window. A slowly fading, sad smile.

It was almost past midnight and the light of the streetlamps clouded the village in a dim yellow glow. The empty streets forming a path through the endless dark buildings outside of hospital window looked like a labyrinth with no exit. The occasional ANBU would be seen - or rather not seen - jumping over the roof tops and the last wild animals went to sleep. This was as peaceful Konoha had looked like in a long time, at least in Kakashi's eyes. It seemed like nothing had changed. Pain hadn't attacked the village, Lady Tsunade was still alive and Kakashi was in hospital for overestimating his chakra reserves again. It should have been like that, but it wasn't and it felt like some form of surreal genjutsu. Yet this was his reality now even though he would never willingly accept it. Never consent to this ownership or anything else that Obito wanted from him. 

He was a shinobi after all, trained to fight and kill, and Obito was trying to take that away from him. He cursed the prison seal and that he had been too slow to avoid it being put on him. Being a shinobi and then the hokage of his village had filled him with so much joy and happiness that he had been able to fill the darkness that lingered inside of him with the people that he protected and loved. But now. Half of those people were probably either dead or imprisoned and all because he hadn't able to protect them like he should have.

Why did you think I was strong enough, Lady Tsunade. I can barely care for myself. What did you see in me.

He thought back to the Sannin, laying on her deathbed and officially signing over the power to Kakashi, before she died three days later. This was her last act as a hokage and Kakashi hadn't honoured it whatsoever. His weakness was the reason for Konoha's fall and where he was now. Merely the pet of some masochist. No power. No free will. The only choice he had now was either to obey without a fight or get beaten and watch as his body was being used. It wasn't really a choice. The outcome would be the same and he would hate himself regardless. 


That night Kakashi barely slept, as if a bad preminition kept him awake. Unfortunately his preminition came true as two Akatsuki walked into his room while he was on the floor doing push-ups. He had been working out as much as possible the last week to get back into shape and help him pass some time while he was still in the save space of Konoha hospital.

"Hatake Kakashi.", one of the Akatsuki said and stopped a few inches before Kakashi's face.

"Yes, sadly that's me. What do you want?", Kakashi said as he jumped up into a standing position, throwing the Akatsuki his usual dull and bored look. 

"You have been released from hospital. We're here to escort you to the tower." 

Kakashi's eyes shot open in fear and he felt a shudder running down his back. Desperately trying to keep his composure he just looked at the Akatsuki as if he hadn't hear what they had just said. His eye half closed with fake boredom and tiredness and his hands in his pockets, slouching slightly. 

"You're not taking me anywhere.", he said and continued his morning routine with a set of lunges. The Akatsuki first looked at each other than back at him. Kakashi couldn't help but smile at the bewildered looks on their faces. 

Kakashi was now doing squats as one of the caped individuals took something out of their coat pocket. 

"These are the children you taught, right Kakashi-sensei.", the Akatsuki showed him a picture of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke sitting on the floor of a cell in Konoha prison. Their hands were tied behind their back they had the same chakra seal put on them as Kakashi. 

"What do you want from them they are just teenagers.", Kakashi growled and unconsciously took a fighting pose. 

"They are not just teenager. That one…", the other Akatsuki spoke and pointed at Naruto.

"… is the jinchuriki of the kyuubi. Obito-sama has extracted the bijuu from it's host so the blonde boy is dead."

Kakashi swallowed hard.

Naruto is dead?

But before he had time to shed an invisible tear the Akatsuki continued.

"The other two are in Konoha Prison and they will be executed, if you don't go back to the tower.", the cold tone of the Akatsuki's voice scratched at Kakashi's heart. Obito was using Sasuke and Sakura as blackmail, knowing that Kakashi would give his life to save the people close to him. Kakashi's stomach turned at that twisted threat. But couldn't bare the thought of someone else having pay for his failures, so he gave in. Knowing this would hurt. Knowing this could potentially break him. Tear him apart. He had to at least protect the few people he had left. 

"Fine, I'll come with you.", he went back into his slouching pose and lowered his head. 

The Akatsuki let him walk in front, following closely behind, out of the hospital and through the empty streets of Konoha towards the hokage tower. It's black sillouhette stood tall and meanacingly in front of the stone faces of the previous Hokage. Kakashi held his gaze upon them to block out that feeling of disgust and shame that was slowly arising in him. He feared what would happen if his feelings boiled over and so he kept a tight lid on them. 

The stone faces of Hashirama Senju, the founder of Konoha and Tobirama Senju, his brother, stared at him, their eyes drilling into his skull. The pressure on his chest intensified and he had to stop for a few seconds, just trying to calm his breathing. When he eventually continued towards the black building, Minato's stone face was full of worry, as was Sarutobi Hiruzen's. Minato-sensei's sad eyes hurt Kakashi the most. His sensei had become hokage at an even younger age than Kakashi. But unlike Kakashi, he had managed to save the village from the Kyuubi's attack, in turn sacrificing his life.



I should have been better. Stronger. Smarter. I didn't give it my all. I should realised that there was someone else hiding. I should have used that kunai. Why did I not use it. It was right there so close to the shadow figure. I could have averted all of this. I could have saved the village and Naruto. He was too young to die. He was meant to become hokage after me. I couldn't even give him that. Why did I even agree to teach gen-nin when everyone close to me dies. I should have just stayed in the ANBU. Being a faceless killer at least couldn't harm anyone I love. Minato-sensei, Sandaime, Lady Tsunade, I'm so sorry for what I let happen to your home. I can never ever repay this. I might as well be the worst hokage in history. That's the only title I deserve.


"Kakashi-san? Obito-sama's pet? Did you do something to him, Zabuza-san."

"No I didn't, I swear you saw what happened."

Kakashi found himself sitting on floor with his knees up to his chin and his back squeezed against the wall of a building. Judging from the Akatsuki's reaction to seeing him, he thought he must have looked horrible. He didn't only look horrible, he also felt like he was going to be sick. 

"S-sorry, um … let's go.", he stuttered, looking at the two Akatsuki through strands of his silver hair. Using one hand to hold onto the wall for support, he got up and started walking again with shaky legs and the feeling of an oncoming headache. 


The Akatsuki didn't take him to the hokage's office but straight to his room, telling him to prepare for a meeting with the hokage. 

He didn't know how he could prepare for whatever Obito had planned for him but he tried his best to keep himself calm, keep his mind in a state of warmth and comfort by looking back at all of the great and memorable moments he had shared with his friends and the man he loved. Keeping those guilty thoughts and voices at bay was important right now. If he went into that state again where he couldn't control his body or his feelings he would end hurting himself and others even more. Yet that pressure alone almost made him weep. 


Itachi showed up at exactly twelve p.m. to bring him his lunch. With a smile on his face that said glad you're back I have missed you, Itachi put the tray down at the small table and waited for Kakashi to take a seat next to him. 

"How are you, Kakashi? I'm sorry that I didn't get to visit you last week.", Itachi said still waiting patiently for him to join.

"I'm fine I guess… well actually … I think I had another panic attack today on the way to the tower.", Kakashi didn't mind Itachi knowing about his panic attacks. The young Uchiha had always been kind to him since they first met, so why should he not confide in him. 

"Are you alright now? Or can I do something to … help you?", Itachi said, a look of worry had returned to his bright face.

Kakashi opened his eyes, slowly coming out of his state meditation.

"I-I would like … if you want … can I hold you. … like cuddle with you?", he didn't expect himself to crave physical contact and he surely didn't expect himself to ask for it like this. But Kakashi was tired, worn out. He just needed another warm body to hold him and caress his back and shoulders and Itachi was the only one he trusted in this place he couldn't escape from. He heard Itachi stand up and walk over to him. The young Uchiha took off his Akatsuki coat, folded it neatly and hung it over the back of the chair. He wore a black shirt and plain black trousers underneath. Slowly he sat down on the bed and opened his arms to sides.

"Well let me hold you, Kakashi.", Itachi smiled a bright smile, his eyes turning half moon shaped and his nose crinkling slightly. 

Kakashi was overwhelmed by the situation, even though he wanted this. He had been beaten, sexually assaulted and broken, so now the thought of someone touching him gave him goosebumps and the visible part of his face went pale. 

"I-um…", he stuttered as he tried to chanted the same phrase over and over again in his mind.

Itachi won't hurt me.

Itachi won't hurt me.

Itachi won't hurt me.

The Uchiha had noticed the fear in Kakashi, though, and lowered his hands. One of them was slowly moving towards Kakashi's leg, touching it gently and rubbing the thumb on his loose black trouser.

"It's ok, Kakashi. It's ok.", Itachi said, still looking at Kakashi with that warm and calming smile across his face.

They stayed like this for a few moments. Itachi stroking Kakashi's knee, the Uchiha's smile distracting him from his racing thoughts. 

Then Itachi stood and went to take his coat.

"I'm sorry, Kakashi but I have to go now. I'm always here if you are ready though. If you need me."

He headed for the door. Kakashi felt cold and strained without Itachi's touch. The need to be held by someone was overshadowing his panicked thoughts and he jumped up and grabbed Itachi's hand.

They locked eyes on each other and time froze for a second before Kakashi pulled Itachi close, gently pushing his head into the young man's right shoulder. The fabric of the black Akatsuki coat was soft and warm on Kakashi's face. 

"Thank you, Itachi.", he mumbled into the coat and felt Itachi's hands pulling him closer, gently drawing circles on his back.

The young Uchiha softly place his head on Kakashi's right shoulder. Silky silver hair tickled his neck and he took a deep breath, taking in the man's smell. 

Kakashi felt like he was floating. His mind was still and quiet for the first in what felt like forever and he held back a few tears of joy. Itachi made him feel save. The voices had vanished and the only sound he could make out was the young man's breathing. 

He wanted to stay like this forever. Just be held by someone he trusted and who made him feel like he belonged.


They held that embrace for a few more moments, before Itachi slowly lifted his head and put his hands on Kakashi's shoulders. His dark eyes radiated warmth and welcomeness. 

"I really have to get going or I will be late, Kakashi.", his voice was meek and quiet as he slowly let go of Kakashi and grabbed the door handle.

"I'll come back as soon as possible.", Itachi smiled and then left, closing the door behind. 


Not long after Itachi had left Kakashi found himself standing outside the Hokage's office again. And with that familiar disgusted and weak feeling he entered the room, slouching and bored. 

"Hokage-sama.", he said, putting up his dull, bored facade.

"Kakashi! Finally you're back. I thought I had drag you out of that hospital myself. But you're a good boy and came back.", Obito grinned and stood up from his chair.

Kakashi felt a cold shiver run down his spine as he saw Obito standing a few feet away from him, just taking in his view. 

"I didn't come willingly.", Kakashi said spitefully. 

"Ah yes so they showed you the picture.", Obito said, leaning onto the heavy wooden table.

"Well at least you're here now. And don't worry your two cute students are still alive.", Obito grinned at him with one hand under his chin. 

"And they will stay that way, if you do what I tell you to. Because you are mine and you will have accept that sooner or later.", Obito walked closer to Kakashi, whose dull facade was slowly breaking, by the anger he was swallowing down.

"Yes Hokage-same.", was all he said in response, his voice still dull and desinterested. 

Obito grabbed Kakashi's throat with one hand, not squeezing just holding there. Kakashi's eyes shot open and he had to kill the urge to kick the Uchiha in his crotch. He had braced himself as best he could beforehand. To protect his friends he would do anything. Even this. Even sell his body for their safety. The thought of losing anyone would break him easier than this torture could ever. He was the Hokage of the Leaf Village and if this was how he could protect the people from his village, he would do it even if it killed him. That was his Nindo. 


Obito still had a hand on Kakashi's throat as he slowly pulled down the mask. Kakashi hated how much time Obito took to remove his mask - his shield. Obito grinned lustfully and pulled Kakashi, by his throat, into a kiss. Kakashi made up his mind. He wasn't going to resist, just follow whatever the man told him to do. 

So he let Obito's tongue roam freely in his mouth until the Uchiha pulled away.

"Kakashi, this time I want to enjoy it too. So start by kissing me back. I know you know how to do it.", Obito grinned amusedly again, but something in his voice was soft and Kakashi was taken aback at first. He hated the idea of enjoying the time with this man. He had stolen everything from Kakashi and now he expected him to enjoy himself. His face distorted with disgust.

"Think of your students Kakashi. What happens to them if you don't obey me.", Obito had noticed Kakashi's face change and the softness in his voice was gone. 

Kakashi only hummed in response and loosened his face muscles again.

Obito leaned into his right ear and whispered.

"What are you Kakashi?"

He flinched slightly at those words and Obito's breath brushing by his ear.

"I'm your's.", he swallowed and closed his eyes, imagining a different man standing before him. He wasn't Obito's and he never would be. This was an act he had to play, for everyone's sake, including his own. And he would play that act to his best abilities.


Obito looked him in the eyes and his smile brightened even more. 

"Yes, yes you are. Good boy.", he tenderly ruffled Kakashi's hair and let go of him.

"Now take your clothes of and join me on the couch.", the Uchiha said as he walked over to a wide black leather couch. 

That's new, Kakashi thought as he took off his shoulder and chest piece. 

Soon he was completely naked, his thin waist accentuating his muscular chest and abs. Obito had only dropped his shirt and pulled his pants down just enough so his thick cock could rest on his leg. He was sitting on the couch, watching Kakashi, waiting for him to join him. Kakashi walked over to him and waited for an order from the Uchiha. Who only patted his thighs. Kakashi instantly knew what he wanted, yet he struggled to move. He needed a few moments until he lowered himself onto Obito's thigh, legs spread wide. 

The Uchiha put his hands on Kakashi's waist and slowly let them explore every part of the man's upper body. 

"Kiss me, Kakashi.", he said while caressing Kakashi's back. Kakashi had abandoned any thought of running away or resisting. He was too far down that path of carelessness that it didn't matter anymore. He had distanced his true self from the man he had to become to please the Hokage. He wouldn't let this affect the life he had created for himself. This was just a part of him that no one else would ever get to know and that thought gave him strength. So he let go, just for the moment, of everything else. A necessary step if he was to try and to enjoy his time.

To Obito's surprise Kakashi almost threw himself onto him and kissed him violently, pressing the Uchiha into the couch. Kakashi's tongue danced with Obito's and as Obito pushed him away a thick trail of saliva dripped from Kakashi's half open mouth.

"Fuck, you're so hot.", Obito smiled and pulled Kakashi closer. 

"This isn't Obito. Think of anyone else.", Kakashi chanted in his head as he was pulled into another rough kiss. 

Before Obito pulled away again, he bit Kakashi's lower lip, tasting his pet's blood. Kakashi whinced quietly at the pain, which seemed to arouse Obito even more.

The Uchiha pushed three fingers into Kakashi's mouth, which he licked thoroughly. He knew what was coming next and wanted this to be as smooth as possible.

"You're so hungry, you little slut. Maybe I will give you my cock later.", Obito grinned.

Kakashi swallowed hard at that thought and felt his arousal leave him again. But Obito didn't care and started caressing Kakashi's entrance, while pulling him into another kiss. 

His first moan escaped as Obito pushed one finger into his wet hole and started rubbing his walls. He felt his arousal return as Obito pushed another digit in and started scissoring his hole, trying to locate his prostate. Once he found it Kakashi was at his mercy, holding onto the Uchiha's shoulders and throwing his head back. Underneath him he felt Obito's hard cock twitching impatiently. Kakashi took the thick hard cock into his hand and started rubbing it slowly before he pulled away from Obito's fingers and positioned himself on top of his crotch.

Gently he pushed himself onto the thick member and moaned loudly as he let disappeared completely into his wet hole.

"Ah, fuck.", Kakashi groaned as he slowly started moving up and down on Obito's hard cock. His body felt like it was burning from desire. He started to pick up the pace and Obito grabbed his waist and moved him even quicker up and down his cock. He was practically impaling himself on the thick member. But it felt so good and all he wanted was to cum. To release that burning pressure in his own hard cock. So he threw himself onto Obito's lap, panting and sweating. He was getting closer and closer, the sound of wet skin hiting wet skin became louder and he felt Obito' swell a little in his already tight hole. 

"Ugh, I'm going to cum.", Kakashi was panting and gripping Obito's shoulder tightly. 

"Yes cum for me, Kakashi.", Obito was panting as well, pushing Kakashi down harder onto his pulsating cock. 

Kakashi came hard with a long loud moan, splattering his cum on Obito's stomach. His orgasm shook him to his core. His legs were twitching and he threw his head back, arching his back. This took Obito over the edge as well and moaning he came into Kakashi, pushing hard into his pelvis. 

He was panting hard having finally released his load, yet Kakashi still felt his cock hard on his stomach. As Obito saw that it didn't take him even a second to rethink, turning himself and Kakashi. Throwing the silver-haired man onto his back on the couch, his cock still deep in Kakashi's wet hole. 

"Fuck yes, you're such a slut.", Obito pulled him into another violent kiss and started moving his cock again. Kakashi's mind was blank, he only wanted this man's dick deep inside of him. The pace Obito was going at was infuriatingly slow and Kakashi whined, wanting him to speed up.

"Fuck me harder, Obito-sama. Please.", he whispered as he pulled Obito's tongue out if his mouth. The Uchiha just smiled and started pounding him at an ungodly pace. Kakashi had to hold on to the couch to not get pushed off of it. The cum and spit in his stretched hole lubricated it for Obito's thick member. Obito was rentlessly hammering into him and soon he felt his second orgasm getting close. The Uchiha was also reaching his climax, as he started pounding him with short and even harder strokes. Kakashi felt another wave of pleasure course through him as he came again, his pelvis shaking and his hole twitching around Obito's cock that was still filling him up. Kakashi whinced and groaned at the overstimulation.

It didn't take long for Obito to cum as well, burrying his spitting erection in Kakashi's hole, filling him up while cum started to leak out. 

"Ah yes, you're such a good pet. You take my cock so well.", Obito said as he slowly pulled out, trying not to spill any cum out of Kakashi's pink hole. He quickly reached into the back pocket of his trousers and pulled out a small object. Kakashi couldn't make out what it was but he soon found out as he felt something cold penetrate his hole, plugging it.

"I'll keep you filled and stretched for later.", he smirked and got off the couch, cleaning Kakashi's cum off of his stomach with a papertowel, before dressing himself again.

Kakashi just lay there, with a plugged hole, waiting for an order. 

"Put your pants and your mask on and come to me.", Obito sounded pleased and like he was floating in blissful thoughts. 

Kakashi quickly pulled his blue underpants over his ass and walked over to the desk where Obito's was sitting at.

A wave of relief hit him and his body loosened up - he hadn't noticed that he was slightly tense. He had pulled through. It was over. All Kakashi wanted right now was to shower and remove that plug that was stuck in his ass. Just wash off the memories of what that part of him did today and go live his life as that other part of himself. But Obito wasn't finished with him yet.

"On your knees, pet.", he said as Kakashi had reached the desk. Almost instantly he fell to his knees, his legs were still shaking so they wouldn't have held him any longer anyway. Obito's eyes lit up again, seeing how obedient his pet had become, at least for now. 

"I have got a little present for you.", Kakashi watched Obito reach for something that was laying on the table. As it came into view Kakashi tried desperately not to distort his face in shame and disgust. A black leather choker was dangling from Obito's index finger. It had Kakashi's name embroided on it and a hook with a chain attached to it. He flinched as Obito went to put it around his neck, earning him a stern look from the Uchiha. He didn't want to know what would happen if he didn't accept Obito's gift so he reluctantely let him fix the choker around his neck. The cold leather sat tightly around his throat and he had trouble swallowing, but Obito, the masochist that he was, liked what he saw. 

"You will wear this every time you come to see me as well as the buttplug. You need to be stretched and ready to take my cock, my little pet slut.", he ruffled his sweaty silver hair and then let his fingers run over Kakashi's masked jawline. 

"You're so beautiful even with your mask on.", Obito said while exploring every pore on his Kakashi's face with his soft eyes. Kakashi peaked at the Uchiha through strands of his silver hair and unconsciously balled his left hand into a fist. 

"I have got to do some work so you will sit next to the table on your spot and look pretty for me, ok Kakashi?", Obito said fixing the other end of the chain that was attached to Kakashi's collar, to a hook on his belt. 

I'll strangle you with that when I get the chance, Kakashi thought keeping his face as neutral as possible.

"Yes, Hokage-same.", he said and crouched over to his spot, leaning his bare back against the cold wooden side of the table. He pulled his knees up to his chest and hugged them tightly, resting his head on the side of the table as well and closing his eyes.


He tried to keep his mind blank, not thinking of anything but the calming memories of Itachi and the man he loved holding him and absorbing his hateful self destructive thoughts. Hours passed by like that and the buttplug in his ass began to hurt, burning the walls of his sore hole. He tried not make a sound that would give Obito a reason to take him again. He wasn't mentally prepared for another round yet. So he shifted moving the chain as much as he could, the rattling overshadowing his low pained grunting. But hadn't needed to go to all of that effort, because suddenly the doors swung open and an Akatsuki entered the room with striding steps. His coat covered most of body, but Kakashi could see that his ripped chest was bare underneath it. The man had a pretty facial structure even though that manic grin made him look less beautiful than he was. His short white hair stood out from his sun-tanned skin. He overall looked like an exhausting person to deal with, Kakashi thought.

"What do you want, Hidan?", Obito said, visible exhaustion clouded his face at the mere sight of the man. 

"I heard that mission in Kiri went well. Does that mean Kakuzu is coming back?", Hidan's voice fitted his character and body perfectly. A bariton that had the potential to be a tenor, that accentuated the madness in his eyes. Kakashi was happy he didn't have to deal with this man, even though he was more patient that most people. 
"No Hidan, Kakuzu is staying in Kiri for now. I need him to take care of a few shinobi.", Obito said.
"Well who is my team partner then. I need someone with me on that mission you gave me.", Hidan sounded agitated.
"Gaara will go with you. He can put you back together with his sand if he needs to.", Obito said plainly.
"No fucking way. I don't want that sand anywhere near me, especially not inside of me. It'll just grind between my flesh. That's so uncomfortable and annoying. Obito, give me someone else.", Hidan was almost shouting, furious, while Kakashi tried desperately to hold in a laugh. But Hidan had noticed his little chuckle and walked over to him with heavy steps.
"Well what do we have here? Obito is this your's.", he crouched down next to Kakashi and looked him dead in the eyes. Kakashi pressed himself harder against the table, wanting to keep as much distance from the man as possible. 
"Yes Hidan, he is mine. Can we get back to your little problem. I have got other things to do too.", Obito's voice was still dull and bored, as if Hidan didn't pose a threat to him or Kakashi. The lunatic grabbed the chain that was hanging from Kakashi's choker and yanked him forward, right into his face. 
"What's your name, pretty?", Hidan growled a low tone in his throat and pulled Kakashi even closer, their noses almost touching.
"That's none of your business.", Kakashi growled back trying to get out of the grip Hidan had on the chain. 
"Hidan if you touch him I promise you I will chop you into pieces and make sure that every piece of your body is thrown into a different hole on this earth.", Obito snarled.
Hidan still had his eyes fixed on Kakashi. He tried to pull himself further away from the madman but the more distance he made, the more the collar choked him. Kakashi just hoped that Obito would actually step in if Hidan touched him in any way.
He felt weak again. Why did he let this happen to himself. Hidan's hungry, powerful look reminded him once more of what he was. 
A plaything. A pet. 
He felt another panic attack rising, but choked it down. This wasn't the time nor the place to lose that last bit of control he had. So he kept the grim look directed to the lunatic in front of him and stopped pulling away. His neck relaxed a bit and he could breath again, taking in slow and steady breaths. Hidan moved close. Too close. His lips almost touched Kakashi's above the mask and then he pushed him back hard into the side of the table. Kakashi grunted as a sharp pain ran down his back and he balled his hands into fits, punching the floor to release some of the pressure in his body. 
"Hidan, I'm not changing your team now. You will go with Gaara or not at all. Now get the fuck out, or do you want me to keep that promise.", Obito growled angrily and Kakashi heard Hidan's big heavy steps moving away from him. 
"I must say, I'm jealous of you Obito. You got yourself a delicious little slut. If you ever get tired of him, I will gladly take him.", Hidan said, the manic smile on his face had broadened, before leaving through the wide open doors. 
Kakashi finally let himself take a long staggered breath. The pain in his back made him dizzy. All the muscles in his back were screaming in pain, at every little move he made. In his attempt to find a somewhat comfortable position to sit in, he felt the plug rubbing against the sore walls of his hole again and hissed as another round of pain coursed through his body. 
"Did he break a bone or something? If not just be quiet, I'm working.", Obito sounded annoyed and slightly angry. Kakashi didn't want the Uchiha to get mad at him again so with one last low grunt he hugged his knees tightly at his chest and placed his forehead on them. His back definitely needed medical attention, especially now that he couldn't stop the pain or what caused that pain without being able to use his chakra. 
He had relied so much on his chakra his whole life that now that he wasn't able to use it he felt lost and weak. Like he wasn't himself anymore.


He sat there for what felt like forever, slowly dozing off into a light sleep. In his dream he was with team 7 on the way to their first mission. Sasuke and Naruto were sparring again with Sakura trying to keep them from hurting each other. Kakashi just watched his young students, smiling underneath his mask. 


"Oi, Kakashi.", Obito's voice woke him from his wholesome dream. 
"Time to go.", the Uchiha said and pulled Kakashi up by the chain on his choker. His eyes were softly running up and down Kakashi's body. Then they meet his sleepy black eyes. Kakashi couldn't sense any anger or bad intentions in Obito's eyes. There was just an overwhelming warm feeling of…
No, that can't be, Kakashi thought as he mouthed the words Are you in love with me? under his mask. He had seen that look before and knew what it meant. 
But he beat me and used me. How can this be love for him.
He staggered back a step and Obito grabbed him by the choker around his neck and pulled him even closer. The Uchiha gently moved a few strands of silver out Kakashi's face. Then he cupped his face into one hand, got a hold of his black mask with his teeth, slowly pulling it down Kakashi's face. And Kakashi saw it, as the Uchiha was looking at his exposed face. That look. That warm feeling surrounding them made Kakashi's knees feel weak. He couldn't form a coherent thought. That look. Only one man was allowed to give Kakashi that look. Suddenly a wave of rage shot through him and he slapped the Uchiha hard. Obito stumbled back a step and put a hand on his cheek. Kakashi was frozen, his hand still in that same position. The warm feeling had vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Why did I do that?, he thought to himself as he saw the Uchiha turn towards him again.
Obito's eyes were bright red, his sharingan was spinning wildly. Kakashi hadn't seen him this angry before and he was scared. Truly scared. A real fear overcame him and he started shaking. 
"I-I'm so-", Kakashi tried to speak but Obito cut him off.
"Kakashi!", his shout sounded more like a bloodthirsty growl. The Uchiha's eyes narrowed and angry lines formed around them. Kakashi shuddered at the sound of Obito's scream, his eyes wide open with fear. He felt a cold air around him and then without giving him a chance to react, Obito slammed him into the wall. Concrete dust surrounded them and entered Kakashi's lungs. Chunks of the wall were scattered on the floor beneath him and as he looked up he saw those mad bright red eyes again. His fear let him forget the pain he was at least for the moment. 
Obito had a tight grip on Kakashi's throat and he tried to speak again but Obito just squeeze his throat tighter. 
"Did I tell you to speak, insolent bitch!", Obito growled and pushed Kakashi deeper into the wall
"How dare you lay a hand on your master. I gave you a place and a purpose and this is how you thank me when I show my affection for you.", Obito was shaking with anger.
So that look was real, Kakashi thought as he had his hands on the one on his throat, desperately trying to get it off. His breaths were shallow and he felt his strength leave him and his body getting numb. But just a second before he lost consciousness Obito let go of him and Kakashi felt a hand in his hair instead, dragging him over the floor into the middle of the room before pressing his face into the hard floor. Kakashi felt his nose break and saw red blood dripping down from his face.
"I hope this will hurt, pet.", Obito snarled and Kakashi only heard the sound of a katana slashing through the air before he screamed in agony. Obito was slowly running the blade down the left side of Kakashi's back, the tip burried deep in his skin. He wished he had just lost consciousness, but the pain was keeping him wide awake. Warm sticky liquid ran down his side and the cold knife only stopped slicing him when it had reached his hips. Obito took it out as violently as he had plunged it in. Now the pain was making him faint and brought him back just seconds later. He felt something moving next to him and tried to stand up. To run away. But his hands slipped on the wet floor underneath him, making him lose his balance and he dropped down to the ground again. His vision was blurry, dark red liquid dripping into his eyes. Suddenly something pulled his head up by his silver hair. Kakashi could barely make out who was standing in front of him. 
"You will learn to appreciate what I've given you.", Kakashi heard Obito's voice, almost inaudible behind the ringing and the sound of his heartbeat in his ears. His head was heavy and as the hand in his hair disappeared he hit the floor and finally blacked-out for good.

Chapter Text

Kakashi woke up to Itachi's soft voice. He was in his room, the young Uchiha crouching next to his bed. The black-haired man was only wearing his black shirt and trousers. The sleeves of the shirt had been pulled up to his elbows and his muscular arms were resting on the edge of the bed. Kakashi blinked a few times to get that blurry film out of his eyes and look at Itachi. The Uchiha smiled as he saw Kakashi's eyes open. 

"Good morning.", Itachi's voice was a soft melody in Kakashi's ears. 

"You're finally awake.", Itachi stretched his arms above his head, as if he was tense from sitting. He groaned and let his hands fall to his sides.

"You slept for so long, I thought you wouldn't wake up again.", his smile faded a little as the words escaped his lips.

Kakashi felt sore all over. As he tried to move into a different position, he felt the wounds from that evening, sending shivers of pain down his weak body. 

Itachi had covered him with blankets that were keeping him warm, their weight pressing him into the mattress.

"Don't move too much or that wound will open again.", Itachi said as he gently held Kakashi by the hips, steadying him. The silver-haired man freed his hands from the weight of the blanket and grabbed Itachi's arm. The Uchiha's skin was soft and warm, the scars of small cuts protruding on his forearms. Kakashi wanted Itachi's warm touch all over him. His body felt so weak and hollow. He needed to hold onto something to keep him from descending further into this state of weakness and powerlessness where the darkness would swallow him. Breaking him at last. 

"Kakashi-", Itachi tried to say something but Kakashi interrupted him.

"Would you hold me, please.", he whined, his voice raspy and trembling.

Itachi's eyes shot open for a second before they formed into bright shining orbs.

"Of course.", the Uchiha's soft and gentle voice danced around Kakashi and he watched as the young man sat down next to him on the bed. 

Itachi slowly lifted the ball of blankets and rolled underneath it to meet Kakashi's shivering body with his. His right leg slid over Kakashi's and held them tightly in a warm embrace. His right hand gently brushed over Kakashi's left arm, stopping at his shoulder. He moved a little closer to put his whole arm around the shivering body next to him and hugged him softly. 

Kakashi felt the tension in his muscles dwindling at the touch of Itachi's hand. He was still shivering but Itachi's warmth calmed him and even though he hurt all over he moved closer, nuzzling up to the young man's chest. Itachi held the back Kakashi's head, softly drawing circles with his fingers on top of the wet silver hair clinging to it. Kakashi hummed with pleasure, forgetting, for a short while, how sick he was and just letting this moment of bliss play out.

"You're burning, Kakashi.", Itachi's worried tone brought him back from his floating state. The Uchiha slowly moved away, but Kakashi grabbed him by the arm again.

"Please… don't leave.", Kakashi sobbed. He hated how pathetic he sounded but he couldn't bare Itachi leaving him. The darkness would get to him if Itachi wasn't there. Protecting him.

The young man looked at him with an understanding smile and rolled back over. Kakashi threw his hands around Itachi and squeezed him tightly. 

"Promise you won't leave again.", Kakashi whined and burried his face into Itachi's chest, not wanting him to see the tears running down his eyes.

Kakashi felt sick. Of himself. Of the world. He was pathetic and weak. Relying on someone else to care for him. Deep down he wished Obito had stabbed that katana right through his heart. 

And as Itachi hummed "I promise." Kakashi couldn't hold that ball of sorrow in his stomach any longer. The fact that Itachi had promised something like that to him overwhelmed him completely. His sobs came in between staggered breath, his tears wetting the black shirt he was crying into. All through his breakdown the Uchiha gentle rubbed his back, careful not to touch the bandaged wound. 

"It's ok, Kakashi. I'm here. I'm not leaving you." 

You're not alone.



He woke up to a cold nothingness next to him. Itachi was gone. He broke the promise.

Kakashi was close to crying again as he heard the door open and the young Uchiha's voice entering. 

"He is in here. I hope you will be able to fix him again."

"I will try my best.", a familiar voice said and he heard two people coming closer.

His head hurt and his eyes were glassy as he tried to make out the face of the figure next to Itachi. Judging by their stature it was a woman with dark hair, dressed in a black kimono.

"Kakashi-san…", her voice was trembling. It sounded so familiar but he couldn't put a name to it. Only when the blurry film had lifted from his eyes and he could see her, he recognized that voice.

"S-Shizune?", he croaked in surprise as a shot of adrenaline helped him sit up on his elbows.

"What are you doing here?", he said watching her dark eyes scanning him.

"Itachi-san asked me to help you. So naturally I came.", she said, her voice was still trembling seeing her Hokage like this. His hair was messier than usual hanging into tired, red eyes on his unmasked face. The bandages that were wrapped all around his body, made him look like a mummy. Blood stains colored those white bandages red as well as the linen and blankets. 

Kakashi looked at her with joy, tainted by the pain he felt in every cells of his body.

"What happened to you?", she asked, frowning, while she placed her medical kit on the foot of the bed. 

Kakashi froze on the spot. He couldn't tell her what really had happened. What would she think of him. Being so weak and powerless. The worst hokage of all. He couldn't tell her but he had to. Shizune had a right to know. She had been there for him after Lady Tsunade had passed away, helping him fit into his role as the Rokudaime. 

"I … it's … I um disobeyed an order from the hokage. He got a little angry and quite literally took out all of his frustration on me.", Kakashi said, smiling through the pain. He wasn't lying, just not telling her the whole truth. 

"B-but he could have killed you!", Shizune looked distraught and shook her head lightly as if you to deny that this had ever happened. 

"I will have to talk some sense into that man, then. That's not how you treat … well anyone.", Shizune said, sounding not even half as confident as she had wanted to. 

"No you wont!", Kakashi hadn't meant to shout but he couldn't let Shizune go anywhere near Obito, let alone tell him to stop abusing his pet. He would kill her. Kakashi knew that. Yet Shizune was taken aback by the sudden rise in his tone and he quickly apologised. 

"I'm sorry, but you really shouldn't do that. It's all quite complicated so it's best for you not to get involved. I don't want you to get hurt, Shizune.", Kakashi tried to hide the sorrow in his voice at the thought of losing anyone else. 

"But if this keeps up, you are going to die before the end of the year, Kakashi-san. I can't fix you every time. Your body won't last that long under these conditions.", Shizune's mind and heart were racing. She had trouble focusing on one thing in the room, her eyes drifting all over the place.

"I'm more durable than you think.", another lie.

He knew he couldn't do this to himself every day. It was going to kill him - eventually. Now there was no other way than to die or to submit. He had brought that upon himself. Had he done what Obito had wanted from the beginning, he wouldn't be in this situation. He cursed himself again and then lay down on his side, letting Shizune start her checkup. 


After not more than an hour Shizune had fixed his broken nose, found that he had a mild concussion and put new bandages on his stab wound, after healing parts of it. 

"You are not going to tell me the whole truth are you?", Shizune asked with a stern yet friendly look. Kakashi only gave her an awkward forced smile before averting his gaze. He heard her sigh and then she stood up, packing her things.

"You need to eat something Kakashi-san or your wounds will take even longer to heal. And you will starve if you don't.", Shizune had picked up on Kakashi's self-distructing behaviour. But Kakashi ignored her, staring at the white wall in front of him. 

"I don't want to lose you too, Kakashi-san.", a soft sob escaped her lips and she quickly turned and left, smashing the door closed behind her. 

I'm sorry, Shizune, Kakashi thought, lowering his head. He felt broken. Felt like a traitor. He had lied to one of his closest friends. An awful feeling spread from his stomach into his mouth. He wanted to throw up but his stomach was emptier than the deserts in the Land of Wind. So all that came up was hot air. 

"Obito-sama wants to see you after lunch.", Itachi said, pointing to a tray of food on the small table in the corner.

Kakashi nodded quietly and continued to stare at the white wall, wishing his mind could be as blank and white as that big piece of concrete. 



Shortly after Itachi had forced him to eat half of his lunch, Kakashi found himself back in the Hokage's office again, the Uchiha staring him down.

"How are you, my pet? Did you have enough time to think about what you did?", Obito asked, his demeaner that of a master talking to his misbehaving pet. 

Kakashi gave him no reply, keeping his head low and his eyes fixed on the black and white Akatsuki flag that hung from the table.

"Do you have anything to say to me, pet.", Obito's stern voice send a shiver down Kakashi's neck but he didn't move nor did he make a sound.

"I thought you had finally accepted what you are.", Obito sighed, a hint of sorrow slid through from behind that scolding tone. 

"But apparently you still need to learn your place, pet.", the Uchiha stood up, leaning on the side of the table. 

"Come here.", he said and pointed to the empty space in front of him. 

"And then take your shirt and chest - and shoulder piece off."

Kakashi moved over to the man, his head still low and his movements slow and tired. He was done believing that he would get out of this. This was his own personal hell that he couldn't escape from. So he decided to make it easier on himself, by finally giving in. Not just for the moment, but truly giving up. The only thing he wanted to do, the only person he wanted to see, before Obito would eventually kill him, was the love of his life. That man had been the only thing on his mind the last few days and he needed to see him. To touch his hands. To kiss his neck. To hug him tightly. To feel his warmth. There was nothing else left in this world for him anymore. Obito had got what he wanted and the scar on Kakashi's back was proof of that. If Obito wanted full submission, Kakashi would give it to him. He was too tired to resist. Too worn out and broken. So without hesitation he had removed half of his clothing and stood in front of Obito with his bare chest facing him. 

The Uchiha grabbed him by the waist and yanked Kakashi forwards, closer to him. 

"I've missed that beautiful body, pet.", Obito hummed and started licking over Kakashi's left shoulder before biting down into the curve of his neck, making the silver-haired man grunt in pain. Obito tasted a warm metallic liquid in his mouth and started sucking on it, drawing more blood from the wound. Kakashi tensed at the sensation but held back the urge to pull away. The Uchiha then let go of the wound and ran his tongue up Kakashi's throat over his chin and then tracing his jawline. Kakashi swallowed down disgust and shame as Obito licked over his cheek, before burrying his tongue in Kakashi's mouth. The wet tongue was hungrily exploring every inch of Kakashi's mouth before Obito pulled away to suck in a staggered breath.

"I'm so looking forward to this. I've been wanting to try something with you for a long time now, pet.", Obito licked his lips, he was shaking with desire as he grabbed Kakashi's trousers and slowly opened the button and unzipping it, while running his tongue over Kakashi's sore lips. 

But then he let go and reached into a drawer on the desk. Kakashi's eyes flew open wide as he saw what Obito had pulled out of the drawer. 

"You're going to look so good in this.", Obito smiled, holding the leather harness and binds up to Kakashi's face. The Uchiha wrapped it around Kakashi's chest and pulled his hands back, tying them there connected to the harness. He didn't resist. He knew that resisting would only make things worse for him. As he was finished the Uchiha looked at him hungrily, licking his lips. Kakashi hated that look on the man's face. It made him feel like a plaything, but he pulled himself together as best as he could and tried to brace himself for whatever perverted thing Obito had in mind for him. 

The Uchiha grabbed him by the hips and pulled him close, so their members were rubbing on each other. Kakashi felt Obito's half hard cock teasing his. His hands were all over Kakashi, gliding over all his sensitive parts and stopping at his jaw. 

"Get on your knees.", Obito said demandingly while his dark eyes drilled holes through Kakashi's mind. As Kakashi forgot to move, due to the heavy stare, Obito slapped him across the face hard.

"I said get on your knees.", he said without raising his voice even a tiny bit. Kakashi snapped out of the trance of Obito's eyes and kneeled down. His cheek hurt from the hard slap and his hands were tied uncomfortably rough behind his back, rubbing against his scar. 

"Good boy.", Obito said and ruffled his silver hair. After unzipping his pants and pulling them down, letting his half erect cock hang in front of Kakashi's face, he tightened the grip on his silver hair. Kakashi knew what was going to happen and felt an almost uncontrollable panic rise in him. He couldn't fall into a panic here, under no cercumstance. But especially not now. Obito would just beat him until he couldn't move and then make him take his cock anyway, which would hurt a lot more than just giving in. Flashes of memories of that day in the Hokage's kitchen flickered through Kakashi's mind and he had trouble breathing.

It's fine. You're fine. Think about him. Just him. No one else. Not those perverts. Not Obito.



"Open your mouth.", Obito commanded. 

Kakashi had barely registered the Uchiha's voice in his crowded and panicked mind. Slowly he opened his mouth a little and immediately felt Obito's thick cock push into him. He gagged at the sudden sensation of the thick member deepthroating him and tried to pull away but Obito had his hand still in a tight lock in Kakashi's hair. He whined and gagged as the Uchiha pushed deeper and deeper every time. He wanted to shove Obito away but his hands were still tied behind his bruised back.

"Ah yes you take my cock so well.", Obito said as he speed up his movements and more squelching and gagging sounds filled the air. Kakashi was desperately sucking in air between thrusts, while Obito was fucking his mouth hard. All thoughts of shame had left his mind, only his core instinct to survive remained as he let himself be used like a slut. Obito pushed his cock in all the way until Kakashi could feel the man's balls touching his lower lip, holding back his gag reflex as best as possible. He held there for a few seconds before pulling out, thin strings of silva hanging from Kakashi's mouth to the thick member. Kakashi could barely take a staggered breath before he felt warm liquid running down his cheek, as Obito released his load on Kakashi's sweaty face. He quickly squeezed his eyes shut before the white fluid could get into them - he knew how much that would hurt. Obito had released the grip on his hair and Kakashi tried to wipe the cum from his eyelids so he could open his eyes again. When the Uchiha saw that he quickly reached for Kakashi's jaw, pulling it up so he could look at his cum-splattered face. 

"You look so hot with my cum all over your face. But I'm still not really satisfied with the view. I think you need some more.", Obito said, smiling mischieviously as he grabbed a hold of the silver hair again and pushed back into Kakashi's mouth. 


Three cum loads later Kakashi could finally open his eyes again after the semen on his eyelids had dried. He had to swallow down the urge to vomit after being spattered on for the forth time, fresh cum dripping down his sharp chin. Obito had covered Kakashi's face, hair, shoulders and chest in the disgusting, sticky white fluid. All he wanted to do was to shower, get the smell of the Uchiha off of his trembling body. His throat and mouth were sore from the constant friction. 

Obito stepped away and eyed him eagerly.

"Ah fuck, you look so good like that. All covered in cum. My dirty little slut", Obito smiled, tracing Kakashi's jawline with his thumb. He couldn't feel his hands anymore in the tight leather straps Obito had put on him. His body ached all over and he just wanted to bury his face in his pillow and cry. Kakashi didn't want to admit it, but Obito had come very close to what he had wanted. To break him. Every small thought of fleeing, running had been killed. Driven solely by the will to protect his friends and himself, Kakashi had abandoned the thoughts of shame and humiliation. This was his life now and he would do everything it took to protect his loved ones. Even to endure this shameful and degrading act. Even to let himself be beat up and stabbed. Even to die. 

The last glimmer of hope had already been squashed as he had entered the Hokage's office. 

The Uchiha was now behind him, untying his hands, but leaving the rest of the harness on Kakashi's chest and shoulders. "You did well, pet. Now let me see the plug in your tight hole.", Obito said, stroking Kakashi's wounded back, running his hand down to his hips. The plug. He had forgotten to put in the plug. He cursed himself for forgetting that damned piece of silicone. Scared of what Obito would do to him if he found out, he took a step forward, turned around and pressed his lips against the Uchiha's. Obito's startled moan caught Kakashi by surprise but he continued pushing up on him until the man opened his mouth and pulled Kakashi's tongue in with his own.

Then he pulled away and put on the cutest most obsequious voice he could.

"Hokage-sama, I'm so sorry, I forgot to use the plug. Please don't punish me too hard. I won't forget it again."

Obito stared at Kakashi's blushed cheeks and his puppy eyes. Thank kami that the little chakra he was able to use, had Obito fooled. A grin formed on his lecherous face and he pulled Kakashi closer. 


"You're so cute, but begging won't work on me, pet.", Obito purred into Kakashi's ear and pushed him down onto his knees. Fear rose in Kakashi, spreading through his body like a fast stream and he couldn't help but keep his eyes on the door - the exit. Obito pulled up his trouser and slid his belt from them, holding it like a whip.


"You will only get one, because you apologised.", he said, his eyes clouded in fire and darkness, before the belt lashed across Kakashi's chest. A loud grunt escaped his mouth as he felt the pain and he almost fell backwards. He squeezed his eyes shut and put his hands on the new wound, his skin red and hot.

Fuck, he thought as he felt the skin beneath his trembling hands pulsating and burning. The pain only lasted a few seconds, that felt like hours to Kakashi, before it disappeared into a tringly feeling. 


"Come on suck me off again, pet.", Obito said as he dragged Kakashi by his sticky silver hair over to the chair. The Uchiha sat down, spread his legs and pulled out his thick cock, looking at him expectantly. It took Kakashi a moment to move over, placing his arms on Obito's thighs for support, before taking the half hard cock into his right hand and slowly beginning to stroke it up and down. Obito watched, moaning once, before Kakashi put it into his mouth. He was somewhat used to the thickness and length of it by now and it felt way less invasive and disgusting as when Obito had held him in a tight lock while pushing hard into his mouth. His head bobbed up and down in a steady rythm and he heard Obito moan quietly above him. Kakashi had given blowjobs before. He knew how to make the other cum fast and hard, if he wanted to. But now all he wanted was this to be over as quick as possible, so he used his tongue to rub the side of the erection in his mouth, while steadily increasing the pace. He felt the cock harden even more, while the moans above him got louder. 


"Ah-hgg fuck.", Obito came hard and Kakashi choked on warm liquid squerting into his throat, making saliva and cum drool from his half open mouth. Just as Kakashi pulled away he heard a knock on the door.

"Just a second...", Obito shouted still high from his climax and looked down at Kakashi sitting between his legs. 

"Fuck yes, you're really good at that, my little slut. Now be a good little pet and stay here until I'm finished with this.", Obito said while pushing Kakashi under the table so he couldn't escape. 

"Come in.", the Uchiha said after putting his pink overstimulated cock back into his pants. 


Kakashi heard the door open and a person enter the room with a "Hokage-sama". He instantly recognized that voice and a shiver went down his spine. 

"What do you want Iruka-sensei.", Obito's voice was flat and bored as he addressed the man in front of him.

"I came to you on behalf of the academy. We have a few issues that need to fixed to ensure the best education for the children of the village.", Iruka's tone was neutral and factual. 

"Iruka! You are alive.", Kakashi thought and smiled, holding back tears. The man he loved was alive and well. Just that made Kakashi feel a thousand times better, despite his current situation. Iruka was alive and that glimmer of hope in Kakashi had been relit. He would do anything to be with again. Just look at him. Touch him. Feel him again. Kakashi had been so lost in his serotonin high that he hadn't noticed Obito pulling him out from under the table.

"Get me some coffee, pet.", his voice was emotionless and bland as if everything that had happened prior to Iruka's intrusion was just a dream. Kakashi was still lost in blissful thoughts of the past though and didn't react. He felt Obito's chakra turn dark and angry and as he was about to take a step away from the Uchiha, he kicked Kakashi towards the door, stumbling over into Iruka's arms instead. The teacher caught his half naked body and held him by the shoulders.

"K-kakashi.", Iruka stuttered. Kakashi quickly felt his blissful feeling vanish as he saw the look on Iruka's face. It was sad and worried, a hint of disgust clouding his big brown eyes. Kakashi couldn't look into those beautiful brown orb. Not like this. Not covered in the bodily fluids of another man. So he tried to get away, despite all of his senses screaming at him to wrap his hands around the man that was holding him steady and to never let go ever again.

"D-don't look at me.", he whispered and kept his head as low as possible. Iruka moved him closer but Kakashi didn't fight him off. He wasn't going to hurt the man he loved, even if he had to sacrifice his dignity for him. The feeling of Iruka holding him made him shake with happiness and he finally gave in and pressed his head onto Iruka's chest, rubbing dried cum all over his chest piece.

"I thought you were d,-dead, I-Iruka. I thought you had left me.", he couldn't hold back his tears any longer and they came down like a waterfall dropping from his sharp chin. 

"I'm right here Kakashi, it's ok.", Iruka tried to keep himself together but soon the first tear escaped his glowing brown eyes. He drew Kakashi even closer and wrapped his arms tightly around his bare back, smelling his soft silver hair and gently strocking the scar on his back. They stood there sobbing into each other for a few minutes until Kakashi heard the chair where Obito had sat in move and he let out a scared whine. 

"Come here pet.", Obito commanded as he moved further away from the table.

Kakashi didn't move, pretending he hadn't heard Obito's clear command. He was shaking again in Iruka's hold who was trying his best to calm him. 

"Do I have to use this again.", Kakashi couldn't see him but he knew what that was and his knees went weak at the thought of that belt hitting him again or that katana cutting open the other side of his back. Yet he still didn't move, as if Iruka's touch had frozen him in time, to be forever held in a warm embrace by the man he loved. Suddenly he heard the belt whip through the air and jumped at the sound, clinging his hands tighter into Iruka's uniform.

"Kakashi, I don't want you to get hurt. Please let go of me.", Iruka muttered, his voice was tense and full of fear, and only now did Kakashi notice that Iruka's hands were no longer running up and down his back in a calming motion but were just hanging beside him not even lightly touching his bare skin anymore. 

"But-", was all Kakashi could say before Iruka started pushing him away.

"I'm sorry Kakashi, but you have to let go I can't-", Kakashi caught a glimpse of Iruka's face as he slowly loosened his grip on the teachers body, who pushed him even further away. His eyes were red from crying and full of fear and he kept his lips tightly shut as if he wanted to say something that he wasn't allowed to. As Kakashi's hands let go of Iruka's he felt empty again. Like a hollow puppet who's strings had been cut and was now just dangling over a dark whole. He needed to fill that emptiness again or he would break right there and then. His hand was still reaching out to Iruka as he felt sharp a pain on his back. His knees bend and he fell to the ground, the aftersound of the belt whipping through the air still rang in his ears. The sound was quickly overshadowed by his own screams as it hit him again sending a horrible pain through his entire body. The second hit had opened the wound on the left side of his back again and he felt warm blood running down his shoulders. Faintly he could hear Obito shout something at him but the pain was too overwhelming for him to listen to anything else than his own screams. He was cowering on the floor panting when it stopped. His eyes half open and blurry he could see Obito crouching down next to him. The hokage ungraciously pushed the silver hair out of Kakashi's pale face and spoke in a low and horrifying voice.

"I told you to get me a fucking coffee, you useless piece of shit!"

Kakashi whined at the harsh tone of his master, pressing his face further into the hard floor in a desperate attempt to get further away from Obito. 

"Now get up and go!", Obito shouted right into his ear and lifted Kakashi up with just one arm. Then the hokage opened the door to his office and kicked Kakashi out into the hallway, where he fell onto his stomach. 

He heard the door shut and slowly using his elbows for support he lifted himself up onto his knees and let out a long trembling breath. 

After a few seconds of just sitting on the floor and calming his breathing he stood up on shaky legs and, holding onto the wall for support, shuffling towards the kitchen. 

It was empty as he had passed by a few Akatsuki and shinobi that gave him strange looks to reach the room. As quickly as he could he poured some water into the coffee machine, then added a few tablespoons of grounded coffee beans into the paper filter and pressed the start button. He sat down on the table to fight the sudden dizziness that had overcome him and waited for the coffee machine to finish it's work.


Meanwhile in the hokage's office Obito had sat back down into his chair and told Iruka to continue.

"I- um," Iruka stuttered trying to gather his thoughts after what had just happened.

"I'm here because we're greatly understaffed in the academy. There's also a shortage of school books after the majority has been reduced to ash by that fire that broke out two weeks ago."

"So you need more teachers and books. Ok I can arrange that but there is something I need to ask you.", Obito said the bored look on his face suddenly turning into a curious glare. 

Iruka was taken aback but only nodded in anticipation of that question.

"How did you get Kakashi to do that?"

"Do what-?", Iruka asked obviously confused.

"To do what you tell him to and not get angry or defensive."

Iruka froze on the spot.

"What- I?", he didn't understand what the hokage wanted to hear from him. Why was he asking such a question to someone like Iruka. The look of utter confusion must have stirred something inside the hokage and he stood up, pointing at the red ribbon on Iruka's right arm.

"You're a pet too, so why did you tell him to let go of you."

"Well precisely because I'm a pet and I know what a command from a master means.", that answer was as clear to him as the water of a mountain spring. 

Even though he didn't like what he had said and it shook him to the bone that his master had already had such an effect on him, he couldn't ignore Obito's delighted smile. 

"Good, so how about I let Kakashi teach at the academy three days a week while you teach him some manners during the breaks. I can't have him spending every two days in hospital or recovering because he disobeys my commands.", Obito was seemingly excited, making big gestures with his hands and pacing up and down on the long side of his table. 

"Oh and I will have some new books made for you as well. So what do you say Iruka Umino?"

Iruka wasn't quite sure if the hokage was joking with him or if he meant what he said, but just the thought that he could work so closely with Kakashi sparked something new and warm in his heart and he accepted the deal, leaving with a bow and a cheerful "Hokage-sama". But before he could leave Obito threw a few last words at him.

"The thing about Kakashi stays between us, Iruka-san."

He only gave him a silent nod and finally left, closing the door behind him. 


Kakashi slouched back towards the hokage's office, hot coffee in his right hand and his left hand holding on to the wall to support his weak legs. The image of Iruka's face and his body holding him, was keeping the silver-haired man from fainting. The pain in his body was overwhelming harsh and made him feel like he did on his harder missions. With chakra he could somewhat control that pain, but now that he wasn't able to use it, he felt like shit.

Slowly he stumbled into the office, almost spilling coffee all over the hardwood floor. Obito stared at him curiously. 

"You took so long that Iruka-sensei already left.", the Uchiha stood up, taking the mug out of Kakashi's shaking hand and emptying in one go. 

"You were a bad boy again, throwing yourself onto that sensei.", Obito looked down on him with clouded dark eyes.

Kakashi didn't dare to look at the Uchiha's face, just nodding his head lightly.

"Speak, pet."

"Ye-s, hokage-sama.", Kakashi tensed even more and stuttered.

"Yes what, pet.", he could feel Obito's eyes boring into his skull.

"Yes, I was bad.", Kakashi whispered, hating the way he submitted to Obito's pet-play.

"Say it louder.", Obito pinched his right nipple, making him jerk back in pain with a quiet mewl.

"Hokage-sama, I'm sorry. I-I've been bad.", Kakashi stammered, mentally slapping himself for acting like a weak child in order to escape another violent beating. Like a fucking coward. 

"Yes, pet and you will get your punishment for it.", Obito smirked and pulled Kakashi's head up to meet his eyes. Kakashi wanted to squeeze his eyes shut at the look on Obito's face, but the Uchiha wanted him to hold his gaze. So he did. 

"But I need to finish a few things first, so you will come to my room later.", Obito let go of Kakashi's red nipple and walked back to his chair.

"Get your clothes and leave."

Kakashi didn't think twice before he greedily grabbed his shirt and shoulder- and chest piece, awkwardly shuffling towards the door. Relief was written all over his face as he pushed the door open.

"Oh and Kakashi...", he heard Obito speak behind him.

"You are going to teach at the academy in the mornings, starting tomorrow.", the Uchiha said dully before turning back to his work.

"Y-yes Hokage-sama.", Kakashi's body was shaking again, but this time with joy and exhaustion. 

Working at the academy? 

Together with Iruka?

Kakashi felt butterflies in his stomach at the thought of seeing Iruka every day. Talking to him. Spending time with him.

He had totally forgotten about the pain all over his body. His serotonin high carried him to his room, where he slumped down on his miraculously made bed and drifted off into dreams of the past.

Chapter Text

A knock on the door woke him and he saw an unfamiliar face entering the room. 

"The hokage wants to see you now. Come with me please.", the man said. Kakashi stood up to look at the figure standing at his door. He had hoped that Itachi would escort him over to whatever hell that was awaiting him in Obito's room. 

But instead it was a man that looked similar to Itachi but with short curly black hair and a face that looked too young for his age. 

"Can I just take a quick shower before we go, uh?", Kakashi asked.

"I'm Uchiha Shisui.", the man said, and a small grin formed on his soft face. "You may shower but please hurry, we really don't want to be late."

The Uchiha looked vulnerable all of a sudden, as if he was scared of Obito. Kakashi gave him a compassionate smirk and dashed off into the bathroom.

How does someone like Shisui or Itachi end up with someone like Obito. He asked himself as he quickly scrubbed off the stains from a few hours ago. Barely five minutes later he was scrambling into his clothes while Shisui silently watched him from the door. He felt the Uchiha's stare on his naked body, but it wasn't unpleasant or suffocating like Obito's. It somehow felt warm and curious, tickling his skin. 

After Kakashi had put on his uniform, his red ribbon and the choker - the buttplug was already deep in his ass, he wasn't going to make the same mistake again and earn another beating - he smiled at Shisui through his mask, earning a small pink blush on the Uchiha's soft cheeks that lasted only a few miliseconds. 

They walked into the back of the tower where the store rooms and guest rooms were. There had barely been anyone in the building as they made their way past the last few rooms in the hallway stopping at the last door in the back of the tower.

Shisui knocked twice, waiting one second before opening the door. 

Do the Uchiha communicate on an ultrasonic frequency or am I just getting old and deaf. Perhaps they all just go in without waiting to be let in, not giving a damn, Kakashi thought amusedly as he walked into the dimly lit room behind Shisui.

"Hokage-sama.", Shisui bowed and waited for Kakashi to join him by his side. Obito was sitting on a large dark bed in the middle of the room, moonlight coming in through the big windows on either side on it. There were all kinds of toys and straps and whips hanging on the walls and Kakashi shivered as he recognized a few of them. He knew Obito would eventually use all of these on him, but tried to bury that thought deep in his mind for now. 

The Hokage looked positively evil in this lighting and Kakashi had goosebumps as he stood up and walked towards him. 

"Kakashi", Obito addressed him and he unconsciously lowered his head.

"Yes, Hokage-sama.", Kakashi answered. He wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible to get some sleep and be fresh for his first day at the academy tomorrow. 

"Did you get enough rest, pet?", Obito asked.

"Yes, Hokage-sama.", Kakashi answered, wondering why Obito suddenly cared about his well-being. What disgusting thing would he make him do this time?

"Good.", Obito said. "Thank you for bringing him Shisui. Please stay it's your eighteenth birthday after all.", Obito smiled at Shisui, who couldn't hide his surprise. 

"Thank you Obito-sama.", the young Uchiha said and took off his Akatsuki coat, hanging it on a coat rack on the wall. 

Wait hold on a second... Kakashi wanted to say, but his mouth was sown shut by the sudden heated atmosphere in the room. A bad feeling rose in him. He really didn't want to do this. If Obito made Shisui watch them or even join them - Kakashi quickly tried to kill that thought. He had to keep his mind blank for whatever was going to happen. 

"Kakashi, take your clothes off and kneel.", Obito commanded, pointing a finger to the floor beneath him. Kakashi grunted at the harsh tone and phrasing, but did as he was told, kneeling naked before the Uchiha.

"Good boy.", Obito ruffled Kakashi's hair lightly. "Look at me.", the Uchiha continued, waiting for Kakashi's grey eyes to meet his. 

The look on Obito's face was full of excitement and lust, and Kakashi shuddered under the pressure of his dark eyes. 

"Seems like we all have something to celebrate.", the Hokage smiled.

"You are going make Shisui and me feel good, aren't you Kakashi.", Obito leaned down to run a finger over Kakashi's lips. He resisted the urge to pull away from the Uchiha, clenching his hands into fists to let out some of his anger and frustration. 

"Yes, Hokage-sama.", he whispered, avoiding Obito's gaze.

"Look at me, Kakashi.", Obito pulled his head up again, making Kakashi look him in the eyes. The Uchiha leaned closer, their lips almost touching.

"Remember what happens when you disobey me, pet. You'd better keep your word, Kakashi.", Obito growled into his ear, making Kakashi shiver under him. His body couldn't take another beating. He was still hurting all over, doubting that all of his wounds would fully heal. The risk of earning more was too great, so he would submit, for the third time, to his Hokage. Even if the thought made him sick, he had to get Obito - and Shisui - to orgasm as much and as fast as possible to get out of this sex dungeon.

"Yes, Hokage-sama.", he replied.


"Good, now show us what a good little pet you are and get yourself hard and open.", Obito said motioning towards the bed. Kakashi stood up and walked over to the large bed, positioning himself on it so Obito and Shisui could watch him closely. He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a few long slow breaths before he grabbed his cock and started rubbing it, while licking his fingers. As he opened his eyes again the two Uchiha were standing at the foot of the bed, Obito watching with a lascivious smile on his face that almost made Kakashi loose his arousal again. He felt his cock getting hard and grabbed the handle of the buttplug that was stuck in his hole. He slowly pulled it out, groaning as it brushed his prostate. Obito was licking lips, his hard cock twitching as he watched his pet pull the long plug out of his ass. Another groan left his mouth as the plug slipped out with a squelch. Shisui's member was also hard and twitching at the sight in front of him. Kakashi threw the plug to the side and finally pushed a finger into his tight pink hole, stretching it open even more. Adding another digit and then another, until four of his fingers where pushing in and out of his wet hole. 

"Stop, Kakashi.", Obito said. Kakashi was blushing with the heat inside him, his cheeks colored a pretty pink contrasting his pale skin. 

"Shisui, fuck him open for me.", Obito said, keeping his eyes on Kakashi's hot body. 

Shisui crawled slowly onto the bed, placing himself between Kakashi's legs. 

He was surprisingly - or rather unsurprisingly - less tense with Shisui than with Obito. The young Uchiha leaned over him, running a warm hand over his chest towards his throat and then around his jaw. Two fingers gently traced his jaw, while hungry dark eyes took in every milimeter of Kakashi's blushing face. 

"You're so beautiful, Kakashi-san.", Shisui said softly while brushing his index finger over Kakashi's lower lip. Kakashi felt a genuine warmth rise in him and his hands moved on their own accord, touching the Uchiha's muscular shoulders. 

"I-", he wanted to say something but totally forgot what it was as Shisui pushed his lips onto Kakashi's. 

The Uchiha slipped his tongue in and brushed along the rough walls of the older man's mouth. They both moaned with pleasure as their tongues started dancing with each other. Shisui took Kakashi's hands and put them together above his head, pressing into the mattress. 

"Stay like this.", Shisui said softly as he pulled away from their wet kiss. 

Kakashi nodded in response looking into glowing wanton eyes. 

Shisui was so much more gentle than Obito and Kakashi was suddenly glad that he had him staying. 

The young Uchiha placed kisses along his sternum and then his hips. His tongue licked over Kakashi's cock, making him twitch and moan. Then Shisui kissed his inner thighs slowly making his way down to his wet slick hole. Once he had reached it he pressed his tongue in, stealing a soft groan from Kakashi. After two more licks he pulled away and adjusted himself around the wet entrance. He pushed in slowly, the muscles around his hole opening up and Kakashi felt his it being stretched by Shisui's length, another soft moan escaping his wet lips. 

Shisui groaned softly as his cock was fully enveloped in Kakashi's heat, reaching forward to pull him into another wet kiss. Kakashi had trouble resisting the urge to hold and touch Shisui, after all he had been told to keep his hands pinned over his head. 

The young Uchiha pinched one of Kakashi's nipples, earning a few whines from him that Shisui caught in his mouth. Then he suddenly tweaked Kakashi's oversensitive nipple so hard he writhed under him, pushing himself off and then back onto the cock inside of him. Shisui seemed to like all those dirty wet noises Kakashi made, milking more moans out of him by tweaking his other nipple as well. After both his sensitive buds looked like small ripe cherries he started to move his cock in and out Kakashi's gaping wet hole. Starting slow but steadily increasing the pace until he pounded Kakashi into the mattress. Loud moaning, squelching and smaking noises filled the air and Kakashi was glad they were in the back of the tower, secluded from the rest of the people. If anyone else he knew would have heard the dirty moans Shisui was pushing out of him he might have died of embarressed. The young Uchiha pounded Kakashi so well, not too rough and not too soft. The perfect balance between both. Something that Obito didn't care about. He would take him as roughly as possible. 

The sex with Shisui was a welcome surprise, reminding him of the sex he had with Iruka, which was way better than what any Uchiha or Akatsuki could give him, because he loved Iruka. He would do anything for him. He was Kakashi's sun and he was Iruka's moon. No one else could give him what Iruka had given him. His beautiful long brown hair and big joyful eyes -


Shisui's tongue breaching his mouth snapped him back into the moment, the Uchiha still thrusting into him hard. He could feel his orgasm approaching. Shisui was also getting close, increasing the pace and strength of the thrusts so he was almost tearing Kakashi apart, not giving him a break from the moaning and whining to let him catch a breath. It didn't take much more to make Kakashi cum, his legs twitching and shaking. His cock released his load onto his stomach while he arched his back screaming and moaning in pleasure. He hadn't orgasmed this hard in a long time and felt utterly worn out and tired. Shisui kept fucking into him, his overstimulated hole clenching around the Uchiha, milking his orgasm out of him. He came with a hard thrust and a loud groan into Kakashi, releasing his load deep inside of the pet's hole. Shisui slumped down on Kakashi's chest, panting from exhaustion. 

"Fuck, you're the best birthday present I have ever got.", the young Uchiha smiled, his face wet with sweat. Kakashi chuckled and gently ran a hand through the Uchiha's hair. They stayed like this for less than a second before Obito pulled Shisui away.

"You're welcome, Shisui. Now let me fuck that hole while it's still stretched.", Obito didn't give time to gather himself again, pushing his thick cock into Kakashi's gaping wet hole. Kakashi screamed at the overstimulation of his prostate and tried wriggle away, but Obito held him by his hips pushing him further onto the Uchiha's thick member. 

"You did get some sweet moans out of him, Shisui. But I like it more when he screams.", Obito growled amusedly while fucking Kakashi mercilessly into the mattress. A mix of screams and moans echoed through the room. Kakashi felt so fucked out already he didn't even feel his second orgasm approaching. It rushed through him with such an intensity that he thought he was going to black out, not even registering his loud screams anymore.

"Ah fuck yes.", Obito yelled as he came into Kakashi pumping him full with his cum. He pulled out, letting Kakashi's limp legs fall down on the bed before slapping his ass hard leaving a red mark.

"Oi, Kakashi, stroke us hard again.", Obito said as he pulled him up by his sweaty silver hair. He dragged him up to the head of the bed, leaving a trail of cum behind on the dark bed sheets. Kakashi leaned his worn out body onto the cold wall watching the two Uchiha take a seat next to him. 

"Come on Kakashi, start strocking.", Obito unceremoniously took Kakashi's limp hand and guided it towards his deflated cock. Kakashi started stroking it, still high from his orgasms. His other hand crept over to Shisui, strocking as he found the young man's flaccid cock. He compared the two, Obito's being thick and long while Shisui's was of average thickness but longer than Obito's. 

While strocking the two cocks back to life to ride him again Kakashi tried to come down again from his high. Suddenly he felt a hand from his left turning his head gently. Shisui looked him into his fucked out face, smiling like a child that got to open his first christmas present. He pulled Kakashi into a wet sloppy kiss and all the control and composure Kakashi had managed to gather left him, making his limbs feel weak again. He moaned into Shisui's mouth and increased the pace of his strokes. Shisui's kiss was soft and gentle, dancing with his tongue in Kakashi's mouth. He felt his own cock coming back to life untouched at the heat building up in his mouth. Suddenly Obito jerked him away from Shisui and forced him into an violent kiss, sucking the air out of Kakashi's mouth. He trembled under the force of it and almost stopped strocking the two hard members. 

"Ngh, get on your hands and knees, Kakashi.",Obito grunted as he pulled away. Kakashi got up and shuffled forwards on shaky hand and knees. A hand glided over his back down to the crack of his ass and he felt someone behind him opening his butt cheeks and spreading his legs further. Someone moved closer to him on the bed and he saw Shisui taking place in front of him, his long erection dangerously close to his face. 

"Take him as rough as you can. He likes it.", Obito chuckled a low mischievious tone before entering Kakashi hard from behind. He grunted at the thick cock stretching his sore cum-slick hole. 

No I don't, you bastard!, is what he wanted to say but didn't, too scared - yes he had to admit that he was actually scared, Obito had installed a deep fear inside of him that he couldn't shake - of what punishment he would get for it. So all he could do was hope that Shisui, the young gentle boy wouldn't tear his mouth apart. 

The young Uchiha adjusted himself in front of Kakashi, gently pulling his head up higher so he could watch his fingers disappear in the silver-haired man's mouth. Obito didn't move inside of him, waiting for Shisui to finally fill Kakashi's mouth. But the young Uchiha was gentle, taking his time to get Kakashi's mouth wet with his fingers and the pulling them out, leaving trails of silva to drop down Kakashi's chin. He looked at Shisui through strands of wet silver hair and wondered again how someone like him had ended up with the man who had his cock deep inside of Kakashi right now. 

Shisui was gentle, soft and caring unlike any of the other Akatsuki members he had encountered - except Itachi of course. Was there a flicker of good in the new generation of Akatsuki or was Kakashi just desperately looking for anything to make his current life seem less humiliating for himself? He sighed and watched as Shisui's long cock targeted his mouth. He opened it halfway and the young Uchiha pushed into him hard, his gag reflex surprising him, making him choke some more. It was so long it went down his throat and he couldn't breathe with it's length stuck deep in his esophagus. He couldn't stop choking and gagging when it moved in and out so fast he had tears running down his face, accompanied by the disgusting squelching and gagging noises coming from his mouth. But suddenly it was gone and he was gasping for breath, silva drooling from his mouth.

"I-I'm sorry, Kakashi-san.", he heard Shisui's worried voice above him. 

Did he just apologise to me? , Kakashi thought looking utterly perplexed at the Uchiha's kindness. He tried to say something, anything to comfort the young man, reasure him that he was fine, but nothing came out of his mouth. Like his words had been stolen from him while he was still panting, gasping for air.

"Don't apologise. He is a pet. You don't have to apologise to a pet, Shisui. Agh your still too soft, just like Itachi. That's why you will never have a pet like him.", Obito growled in frustration. "Now start fucking his mouth, I don't want to wait any longer."

Kakashi saw Shisui swallow hard, a frown appeared on the young man's soft face followed by a sudden burst of determination. He had no time take another breath before Shisui pushed into hard, even harder than before and Kakashi felt like his throat had been torn in half. His eyes shot open wide and his gag reflex made another appearance. This time Shisui was relentless, holding Kakashi in a tight lock around his silver hair while using his mouth like it was just a deep hole for him to fuck into. Kakashi couldn't breath, couldn't scream. All that he heard was the filfthy squelching and the gagging and choking coming from his mouth. He had honestly thought that deepthroating Obito's thick cock was the worst, the most disgusting thing he had ever done, but this was way worse than Obito's. Shisui put all of his anger into those thrusts and Kakashi could feel it, the heat burning down his throat almost catching his insides on fire. 

After a few deep hard thrusts he could barely feel his throat anymore, it became just an afterthought as the cock the plunged into him with killing intend and drew back out again. 

Meanwhile Obito had started moving too, hammering into Kakashi mercilessly. They were spitroasting him as if he was made of plastic, as if they could tear right through him with their violent thrusts and Kakashi wished he would black out from the pain. 

Obito was hitting his prostate dead-on every time and Kakashi tried to moan but the cock in his mouth wouldn't allow him that, still keeping up the same relentless pace as before pushing deeper than into Kakashi's mouth making him swallow his fat balls too. Kakashi's nose was deep inti the skin of Shisui's pelvis while the choking became almost unbearable. His face was wet with tears and floods of silva dripping down his chin. Shisui released his load into Kakashi's throat. He choked on it and spat it all out while desperately gasping for air with his eyes closed. Behind him Obito came, moaning into Kakashi with a hard deep thrust that made him jerk forward. 

He only half registered Shisui tilt his head up to meet his angry black eyes, that made Kakashi shiver.

"Take what I give you, pet. Lick it all off and don't forget to swallow.", Shisui pointed at the puddle of cum and saliva underneath Kakashi. He tensed at the harsh tone of the young man and his command. No matter how fucked the situation was, Kakashi wouldn't - not even to save his own life - lick up someone else's cum like some animal, so he just stared at Shisui with a blank face.

The Uchiha really didn't appreciate that, smashing Kakashi's face right into the disgusting puddle. 

"Start licking, bitch.", Shisui shouted and smacked the back of Kakashi's head. 

Fuck, I take it back, all of the Akatsuki are assholes.

The cum and silva stung in his eyes and he tried to wipe the disgusting mush of off his face, but Shisui grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up harshly.

"Obito-sama, I think he needs a little punishment.", Shisui gleamed and then pinned his head to the bed. 

Kakashi felt another wave of fear shaking through him and deperately tried to get out of the hold on his neck. His eyes shot open wide as, despite the gruesome burn, when he heard the katana again. The one that sliced open the flesh on the left side of his back. His body went limp, whimpering in Shisui's hold.

"No no no please. I will do anything ... but please don't stab me again, Hokage-sama please.", Kakashi cried keeping his head low and his body in a submissive posture as Shisui let go of him to face his punishment. 

"You're so cute when you beg. I think-", Obito was cut off by Kakashi's loud cries.

"Please I'll lick it off, I will do anything. Just put the Katana away. I-"

"Be quiet when I address you, pet!", Obito shouted with an angry low grown that made Kakashi whine, making himself as small as possible crawling up into himself. 

"I-I'm sorr-y Hokage-sama.", Kakashi whispered and heard, instead of the katana, the belt whipping through the air. 

"You will get four, pet.", Obito said and pulled Kakashi closer by his silver hair, laying on his side. 


"One for ruining the mood."


"One for disobeying Shisui."


"One for interrupting me."


"And one for not cumming earlier."



"Was that worth it, Kakashi? Ugh for a genius you're pretty fucking stupid.", Obito laughed and dropped the belt on the floor before getting back onto the bed. 

"I will give you ten seconds before we continue, Kakashi.", Obito added and watched him writhe in pain, still rolled up into a human ball. He felt a burn all over his body even though Obito had repeatedly whipped the same place, his hips and ass. He was too weak to move, just clinging onto his own body with the  last of his strength. 

Just give in, it's not worth all that pain. He already broke you. So why are you still fighting? 

Just give in, it'll hurt less.

With those words in his  he let his body fall loose. They could do whatever they wanted with him. He didn't care. All he wanted was to see Iruka again and to able to do that he would have to survive this. So no more fighting. No more free will. This was Kakashi's personal hell and there was nothing he could do to change that, just simply live through it. 

"Lick up that cum now, pet.", Obito commanded and Kakashi crawled towards the puddle. He started licking the filthy mixture of saliva and cum, distorting his face at the taste but not stopping until he was only tasting the fabric of the bed sheet in his mouth, desperately trying not to be gag or throw up. 

"Yes, good boy. See that wasn't so bad.", Obito made fun of him and Kakashi swallowed the urge to spit the Uchiha in the face. He just kept his head low, waiting for another command. 

"Shisui, he ruined your birthday present. You can do whatever you want with him. I have to check up on someone.", Obito said while putting on his clothes.

"Thank you Obito-sama. Um may I use some of the toys?", Shisui asked with a wanton glow in his eyes.

"Of course you can. Use him however you want. Just bring him back in one piece.", Obito winked at Shisui and opened the door.

"And Kakashi..."

"Ye-s, Hokage-sama.", Kakashi's voice was trembling.

"You will submit to Shisui, or I will punish you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week.", and with that and an evil smile directed towards Kakashi he was gone.


The air in the room shifted, became lighter and Kakashi could finally breathe, taking a few long staggered breaths.

Shisui was quietly looking at him, while Kakashi kept his gaze fixed on the shallow white dried stain on the bed sheet under him. 

Just do whatever he says. For Iruka. Just a few more hours. You can get through this shit. 

"Kakashi-san, Could you relax a little bit, please. I-I don't like seeing you like this. It's making me uncomfortable.", Shisui said shyly as if he was talking to a scared animal and Kakashi felt a frown form on the young man's face. 

Kakashi tried to readjust himself into a more comfortable position while being utterly confused at the sudden change in the Uchiha's demeanour. He looked a little similar to Kakashi, awkwardly avoiding his gaze and nervously tapping his fingers on his thigh. 

I don't understand you. Why can't I read you like everyone else? 

Kakashi felt himself relax, untensing his muscles and unclenching his jaw - it was already hurting again from that violent blow job. He still didn't dare to look at Shisui. The Uchiha had humiliated him even more, making Kakashi lick his cum while Obito had laughed devilishly. 

How could one go from being as evil as Obito to a shy ball of feelings in just a few seconds? 

"Can we just talk? I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do.", Shisui forced a smile through his frown. 

"I- yes ok, Shisui-san.", Kakashi stuttered, glad that he was getting a break for once from playing the slut for the Uchihas.  

"Please drop the -san, you're almost double my age. You don't have to address me like that.", Shisui said softly.

Kakashi gave him a silent nod, still boring his eyes into the bed sheets. 

What did the Uchiha want from him? He was just the pet slut for their masochist leader. Was this some new form of psychological torture to break his spirit? 

If so, Shisui was playing his role to perfection. 

"May I ask you some personal question, Kakashi-san.", Shisui asked softly.

Kakashi took a peak at the Uchiha through strands of wet silver hair. Shisui was sitting at the edge of the bed, giving him a soft reasuring smile. 

"Um yes that's fine I guess.", Kakashi's voice was still quiet, trembling a little. 

"You're Hatake Kakashi, right.", Shisui asked, pausing for a second before he spoke again, not waiting for Kakashi's reply.

"And you were like the leader of this village. The Sixth Hokage, right.", Shisui said, curiousity building up in his dark eyes.

Kakashi couldn't hide the sorrow in his eyes and the pained frown on his face. 

Yes, he had been the hokage. The worst hokage of all. 

He swallowed down his misery and regret and let out a shaking sigh. All he could do in reply was nod again, a silent whine escaping his mouth that he hoped the Uchiha hadn't heard.

"Great, 'cuz then you know a lot people from your village.", Shisui paused again, the excitement and curiousity were fully controlling his movements now.

"Then could you help me find a pet. I'm eighteen so I'm allowed to have a pet now.", he was glowing with excitement, shuffling closer to Kakashi. 

A deep dark anger suddenly rushed over Kakashi, his face distorting in fury, his eyes narrow and eyebrows low, the lines between them creating a w-shape. 

He looked up through strands of silver with eyes glowing wild with almost killing intend, his sharp teeth - not unlike those of the Inuzuka clan - showing as he growled into Shisui's face.

"How dare you! I will kill you before you can lay so much as a finger on any of my people.", his bloodthirsty eyes were fixed on the Uchiha's, sitting only milimeters away as his hand slowly reached for Shisui's throat.

A burst of fear flashed through the Uchiha's eyes and Kakashi revelled in the moment with pride. 

He wouldn't let anyone else go through the same hell as him. That's what he could do right now as the hokage, to protect the people from being pets for the Uchiha and the Akatsuki. 

Shisui scrambled off of the bed before Kakashi could reach his throat and threw him a bewildered, scared look.

"But-", Shisui tried to speak but Kakashi cut him off.

"Shut the fuck up! You people think you can just take whatever you want. You are disgusting and I'd rather kill myself than help you.", Kakashi snarled, gripping the bed sheets until his knuckles turned white on his pale skin. 

"Come here, I will show you what it's like being one of your pets.", Kakashi commanded harshly, but Shisui didn't move, looking at him with his eyes wide open taking in a defensive position. 

Kakashi jumped out of the bed with a low grunt and started for Shisui, pushing him down onto the ground. His face looked like that of a rabid hound as he growled into the Uchiha's face, eyes dark and burning with anger. 

"It told you to come, pet.", he snarled and slapped Shisui hard on his face, making the Uchiha fall to the floor. 

"Kakashi stop, I don't want to hurt you-", Shisui said, his eyes glowing bright red. 

"I didn't allow you to speak, bitch." Kakashi was lost in his anger. He wanted to tear Shisui apart. To break the man like Obito had broken him. All sane thoughts had left his mind, the fury and desperation controlling him now. 

He didn't care for the bright red sharingan glowing at him or the hands coming for his throat, as he pressed his knee onto Shisui's crotch, pressing down as hard as he could. The Uchiha screamed and squeezed his eyes shut in pain. 

"Yes pet, scream for me.", Kakashi forced Shisui's legs further apart, replacing his knee with his right hand on the Uchiha's cock, while his left hand grabbed his throat. A sharp fingernail scratched over Shisui's cock drawing out another pained scream while the Uchiha tried to loosen the hold Kakashi had on his throat. 

He looked wild, nothing like himself, as he prushed the tip of his cock against Shisui's dry entrance.

"You don't deserve preperation, slut.", his devilish growl made Shisui whine with fear in the tight hold around his throat. 

Kakashi squeezed Shisui's cock hard before spitting in his hand and rubbing his own hard thick cock. A dark obsessive smile formed on Kakashi's face as he pushed into Shisui. The Uchiha screamed loud and desperate screams as Kakashi burried his cock deep in Shisui's unprepared dry hole. 

"Mmm yes you're so tight, pet.", he half growled half moaned into Shisui's ear before fucking into him hard, like he wanted to tear him apart with his violent thrusts. Both of his hands were pinning the young man to the floor, one squeezing his cock hard, the other holding a tight grip around his throat. 

"You're going to be so full of my cum when I'm done with you.", Kakashi chuckled while he pounded into Shisui, who was busy getting the screams of pain out of his throat while Kakashi kept squeezing it. He didn't care what pain the Uchiha was in. He had to get all that anger and disgust out of his mind. Fucking into the dry hole until he came, releasing his cum into Shisui. The Uchiha was barely conscious anymore under him as Kakashi let go and turned his limp body around, watching the cum oozing out the tight hole, running down his thighs. A great sense of power overcame Kakashi and he reached for Shisui's hard cock.

"Aw, you're so hard for me, my dirty little slut.", he smiled devilishly and pushed Shisui's head into the floor while squeezing his cock tightly before rubbing in at a quick rythm.

"Come for me, bitch.", Kakashi whispered into Shisui's ear, listening to the Uchiha's grunts and whines with a bright smile on his face. A few hard strokes later the cock in his hand twitched and spurted sticky white fluid over the floor. 

"Yes good boy, did that feel good, pet?", Kakashi growled, licking Shisui's warm back.

"That's quite enough, Kakashi.", Obito's voice made him snap back from his fury-high and he shivered as the pain in his body returned. 

"O-Obito-sama.", Kakashi whined as the Uchiha pulled him up by his hair. 

"I leave you alone with my subordinate for a few minutes and this is what you do?", Obito said as he slowly dragged Kakashi behind him across the floor.

How long had Obito been watching? How much had he seen?

"You really are a handful, Kakashi.", the Uchiha said stopping in the middle of the room. 

"Don't beg this time. It won't help you.", Obito said and left Kakashi on the floor. He swallowed hard, his breathing staggered and his mind racing. Shisui was sitting, leaning on the wall, looking at him with an indifferent expression on his face. His heart was pounding loud and fast in his chest, feeling like it wanted to jump out and run away. 

Without a warning he felt another burst of pain rush through him as Obito lashed at him with the whip, again and again. He couldn't even hear his owns screams of agony anymore as the Uchiha stopped. The wound on his back had been whipped open again and he felt warm blood running down his hip and shoulders. His arms and legs wouldn't support his weight anymore so he was laying on his stomach with his hands around his head as protection. 

It was awfully quiet, only the loud ringing in his ears was audible to him as someone picked him up by the shoulders, dragging his limp body across the floor onto the bed.

"Get on your hands and knees.", Obito said from behind him. Kakashi suddenly heard metall clanking and sheets being moved away as he tried to get up on all fours. His weak trembling limbs could barely hold his body up and he couldn't imagine what punishment Obito had in store for him, but it would surely leave him broken again. With dread rising in his chest he waited on bed, pressing his head into the cold sheets. 

Everything hurts. Everything hurts. 

"You know, I actually wanted to fuck you through the night, but I guess we will have to do that another time. Seems like you need yet another lesson in obedience, Kakashi.", Obito appeared behind him. The Uchiha grabbed Kakashi's legs and pulled them further apart until it hurt so much Kakashi almost blacked-out from all the pain in his body. Then he put cuffs on his ankles, pulled Kakashi's hands down guiding them between his legs and made them grab a metall pole, tying his hands there. The pole was attached to the cuffs on his ankles keeping his legs spread far apart. He was completely at Obito's mercy now, his ass spread wide open and weak limbs held in place by the spreader between his legs. 

"Why did you do that to Shisui.", Obito asked standing behind him.

"I-I don't know.", Kakashi whispered with tears in his eyes.

"Wrong.", Obito said as he lashed Kakashi's back and ass hard with the leader whip again, making him scream and writhe in pain, pressing his face into the bed sheets.

"You are a disobedient slut. That's why. Right, Kakashi.", Obito hovered the leather strands of the whip over Kakashi's bleeding back.

"Yes, Obito-sama.", Kakashi stuttered while his vision became increasingly more blurry as tears ran down his face like a flooding river.

"Yes what, Kakashi.", Obito said as he pressed the hard end of the handle of the whip into Kakashi's hole.

"Yes, I'm a disobedient slut, Obito-sama.", he grunted silently and whined at the hard leather pole pushing into his dry hole. 

"I'm curious how many cocks my little slut can take at the same time.", Obito said wantonly and suddenly a bunch of Kagebunshin appeared around them. Kakashi sighed in fear and pain. 

"Let's start with one.", Obito growled and Kakashi felt a thick cock pushing into his dry hole and couldn't hold back another agonized scream. 

"Wait, stop please Obito-sama.", Kakashi barely heard Shisui's voice over his own screams.

"What do you want?", Obito snarled at the young man.

"I've got a better punishment for him.", everything stopped at Shisui's words.

"And you could also repay me for what your pet did. As a sort of birthday present.", Shisui's dark smile seemed to affect even Obito, as he pulled out of Kakashi and turned towards the young man.

"Tell me more.", Obito said, his voice cold and curious. 

"I want him to help me find a pet in this village.", Shisui said, proud of his idea.

"Uh, so where is the punishment though.", Obito said boredly.

"Well, that's why he attacked me in the first place.", Shisui paused solely for the dramatic effect.

"He was furious when I told him that I want to choose one of his people as my pet. Remember he was the Hokage before we took back our land.", Shishu said, his eyes glowing with passion.

"This isn't your land.", Kakashi spat despite the agonizing pain that dominated his body, furious again at the way the Uchiha talked about him and his home.

"Did I allow you to speak, pet?", Obito snarled at Kakashi from the foot of the bed. 

"Fuck you!", Kakashi snarled back, clenching his teeth in rage. 

"Oh, seems like you hit a nerve, Shisui.", Obito said trying to hide his pleasantly surprised tone.

"I will leave his punishment to you then. Unfortunately he has become a little numb to my methods anyway, but his screams are still as beautiful as the first day.", Obito said smiling gleefully before walking over to Kakashi, running a hand down his bleeding hot back, over his pulsating entrance and then cupping his balls into his bloodstained palm. 

"You're going help Shisui find a pet. No attacking or begging or crying or running away. If you disobey I will know, so don't try anything.", he whispered into Kakashi's ear, squeezing his balls firmly once before letting go. Kakashi just wanted to die right then and there. Unfortunately the excrusciating pain was still not enough to make him black out. So he was left breathing heavily while whining at every little move Obito made behind him.

"Listen Kakashi, tomorrow morning you will go to teach at the academy, then in the afternoon you will meet with Shisui in my office and show him the village. After that, in the evening you will come back here, preparing yourself for me.", Obito explained. 

"Yes, Obito-sama.", Kakashi whined back and pressed his head deeper into bed sheets, trying to make himself black-out to escape the pain that was slowly making him go insane.

"Now that I got you in that spreader I think I'll have some fun with you, pet. The night is still young.", the Uchiha chuckled and Kakashi felt two wet fingers pushing into him.

A long night of humiliation awaited him.


Chapter Text

He was on his way outside the village, silently jumping over rooftops in the shadows. It was one of the more easy ANBU missions the Sandaime had assigned him with. Monitoring a small village where suspicious activities had taken place.
The chakra in his feet propelled him forward with each step, jumping over Konoha's buildings as if it was the most natural thing to him like breathing or blinking. Or killing.
Passing over the jinchuuriki's house and then past the academy he caught sight of a figure moving in a building, through the window of the only lit room in the entire apartment block. Unconsciously he changed his directory and went towards the light that was drawing him in, taking off his kitsune mask.
The figure had golden skin that was glowing warm like the sun, while his long brown hair fell down to his shoulders like soft silk. Kakashi almost forgot to jump as he ran off another building, falling a few meters before landing on an empty balcony. As he jumped up again the figure was gone and the apartment building was as dark as the night sky.

That was the day he fell in love, even though he wouldn't realise it until a year later when he walked past the academy teacher with his soft brown hair tied into a pony tail. The man gave him a small bright smile and Kakashi was grateful for the mask covering the blush on his face.
He felt the wall, he had built around his heart after all that had happened in his life, break a little as that smile warmed his body and soul.
As they passed each other Kakashi felt a light breeze on his face, filling his nose with the teacher's scent. His cologne mixed with his natural odor engulfing Kakashi in a warm forest surrounded by clear rivers on a bright sunny day. He felt like he was floating for a second, before the feeling stopped and he was frozen in the middle of the street, the sound of footsteps receding behind him.
He wanted to turn around, to run after the man to get back that warm feeling that made him forget everything else for a short peaceful moment, even that omnipresent pain in his chest.
But he didn't. Didn't want to bother the young teacher. He probably had things to do, children to teach, essays to read and paperwork to get done.

From that day on he used to check up on the teacher after every mission. Like a silent bodyguard he moved in the shadows, following him to his apartment before going home. It was a welcome detour for him and he kept it up for a few weeks until one day the teacher didn't appear at the academy doors at his usual hour. Kakashi was worried so he sneaked into the school building. The sun had already set and all the lights in the building were off as he walked through the dark hallways guided by the dim moonlight.
A cloud covered the light of the moon and it went almost completely black.
"So you're the one following me around.", a chakra signature appeared behind him and his ANBU training kicked in, grabbing the dark figure by the throat before sweeping their feet off of the ground. With a loud disgruntled sound the figure fell to their knees while Kakashi still had his hands around their throat.
"Ngh, please ... stop. I ... don't mean you any ... harm.", the man croaked, trying to pry Kakashi's hand off of him. At that moment the cloud that was covering the light of the moon was blown away, letting the dim blue light illuminate the hallway again. Kakashi almost choked on air as he saw who he was slowly suffocating and immediately let go of the man.
"I-I'm sorry.", he said, eyes wide open with shock and despair.
"It's fine.", the man's voice was still raspy and choked out as he got up, rubbing his sore throat.
"So why are you following me.", the man's voice was stern and cold, making Kakashi shiver. He didn't like the teacher's tone whatsoever. His face reflected his mood as well with a deep frown.
"I-", Kakashi had troubling forming a coherent thought.
"I just ... I like you.", he couldn't hide the deep blush that painted his cheeks dark pink, reaching even over the masked part of his face. He still didn't know why. Why he felt like this. Why he felt so safe and comfortable around this man. The pain in his chest was merely an afterthought as he looked at him. How did this stranger manage to make Kakashi feel this way, after he had not allowed himself to feel anything for so long. The teacher's face softened and the glow in his dark brown eyes had returned.
"Eeh, I guess I should introduce myself then.", the teacher laughed, blushing and awkwardly put a hand on his head. A strange warmth rose in Kakashi's belly as he saw the other man smile.
"I'm Umino Iruka.", he said reaching his hand out to Kakashi.
"Hatake Kakashi.", he shakily introduced himself and shook the teacher's hand. His blush darkend at the warm touch of Iruka's hand and the wonderful smell of forest and warm weather filled his nose again.
"Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?", the words escaped Kakashi's lips without a thought, like he was on autopilot, controlled by his feelings and he cursed himself for his bad first impression and uncharacteristic impulsivity.
Iruka's blush deepened though and he let go of Kakashi's hand to flusteredly scratch his head.
"Eeh, yes I would like that.", Iruka smiled brightly, the scar on his nose distorted with the movement of the corners of his mouth.
Kakashi smiled an equally bright smile under his mask and put his hands into the pockets of his ANBU uniform trousers, wishing he had just done this sooner.


They decided to go to Ichiraku's for a bowl of ramen. Iruka was pleasantly surprised with how the encounter with his stalker had went. He certainly had not expected that and Hatake Kakashi was somewhat known for his ruthlessness in battle and his stern attitude as an ANBU captain, so seeing him this way actually gave Iruka butterflies in his stomach. The man that had murdered countless enemies had asked him out to dinner. Iruka was slightly worried that he was developing a type, but Kakashi seemed positively harmless compared to what he had heard of the man. He seemed quiet, nervous even shy around Iruka, like he was hiding a part of himself. Iruka frowned at that thought.

They both ordered the same, Naruto Chasu Ramen and after saying Itadakimasu in unison they started eating. Iruka didn't even see Kakashi finish his bowl. It was like he had swallowed the entire portion of ramen in one go, while Iruka had only slurped up a handful of noodles and toppings.
Is it because he doesn't want to show his face?, Iruka thought with a mouth full of delicious ramen and suddenly he wanted to see what hid underneath that black mask. He didn't recall the jounin ever not wearing that piece of cloth.
"Do you always eat that fast?", Iruka chuckled before he put the bowl to his lips and drank the last few drops of broth. Kakashi seemed a little taken aback by the question, looking up from his bowl.
"I guess I'm a fast eater.", he said, smiling with his eyes.
"You're a captain in the ANBU, right?", Iruka asked to break the awkward silence that had fallen between them.
"Yeah, but I can't really talk about my work, you know.", Kakashi said and gave Iruka a tiny little wink.
"But how is it being a teacher?", he asked, curiousity burning in his grey eyes.
"It's great and challenging. You know there are all kinds of students - good and bad ones - but I love them all. I love seeing their little surprised smiles when they successfully pull off a new jutsu.", Iruka smiled. He really did love those little brats.


They spent another hour talking about Iruka's students, their favourites books and movies and their time at the academy. Iruka hadn't had such a lovely evening in a long time and he was glad he could spent it with Kakashi. Even though the ANBU captain still hadn't told him much about himself. He was hiding something, deep down in his chest. Iruka could practically hear it screaming, but Kakashi wasn't going to let any of it leaves his masked lips.
He knew that ANBU had difficult lives and most of the time a few painful past experiences. They were trained to not show any unnecessary emotions though, to become what any ordinary shinobi could never be. A ruthless faceless killing machine. But for some reason Kakashi seemed different. He had more sadness about him than anything else and Iruka wanted to help him, to comfort him like he was one of his academy students.

"Soooo, tomorrow, same time?", Kakashi smirked at the teacher.
"Yeah see you tomorrow.", he gave Kakashi a wave of hand and smiled, wondering what the other would do when he got to his apartment. Then they parted and went home, both smiling and blushing until they had reached their homes.
Iruka let himself fall onto his cold bed, butterflies in his stomach, still feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
"I think I like you too, Kakashi.", he said to himself, smiling and closed his eyes. He knew he was in for a wild ride.


They meet up every evening, unless Kakashi had a mission or Iruka was working late, at Ichiraku's and talked about their days and their habits, their likes and dislikes, and their hopes and dreams. Kakashi's walls seemed to slowly come down with each meet-up, telling Iruka more and more about himself, little by little.
One day, when the evening had been especially pleasant Iruka invited Kakashi over to his apartment for some dessert.

Kakashi allowed himself to feel again, when he was with Iruka. Though he still had trouble holding down that ball of guilt and self-loathing when he let his emotions roam free.

"Do you want to hold hands, Iruka?", Kakashi asked as they walked next to each other towards Iruka's apartment not far from the academy.
"Yeah.", Iruka hummed and Kakashi felt the teacher's warm hand in his, fingers interlacing. He caught himself blushing again but didn't mind when Iruka made him feel so warm and content after another long day.
The last few weeks had made Kakashi feel like he belonged when he was with the teacher, like Iruka was breaking that barrier he had built around himself to protect his heart. It had been such a long time since he had felt this way - before his father had killed himself. It did terrify him though. There was a bad aura around Kakashi. People that got too close to him died and he knew that. He feared for Iruka but he couldn't let him go. In a sick narcissistic way he wanted to be with him, to hold him close enough so that it killed them both.

He sometimes even found himself daydreaming about the teacher while writing mission reports. His heart belonged to Iruka now and he was so relieved he could be drop his ANBU captain persona around him, after all that hard mission work.

Soon they had reached the teacher's apartment and Kakashi was a little nervous what Iruka had meant by "having dessert". They took off their shoes and Iruka lead Kakashi to the couch.
"Do you want some tea or ... uh sake maybe?", Iruka asked shyly.
"Uh I'll take some tea, thank you.", Kakashi answered and tried to make himself comfortable on the small clover colored leather couch. Iruka's minimalistic flat was meticulously tidy and clean. There was no piece of decoration that didn't have a purpose, except the ten little cacti that stood on his window sill. Kakashi smiled behind his mask as he saw how randomly they had placed on the white wooden plane and went to gently stroke the little plants.
"They are from my students.", Iruka suddenly stood behind Kakashi holding a black mug out to him. Kakashi gave him a smile and took it from his hand.
"Do you want to sit down?", the teacher asked while motioning towards the couch. A dish with two mochi had been placed on the small wooden table in front of it. So he actually meant dessert, Kakashi chuckled to himself. Since he had started reading the Icha Icha books, he had started interpreting ordinary things a little more ... equivocally.
"Huh, what?", Iruka said, frowning.
"It's nothing.", Kakashi said, putting a hand on the teachers shoulder. He twitched as he felt Iruka's warmth under his touch.
Soon they were seated on the couch eating their singular mochi. He watched Iruka take a bite of his and then use his tongue to suck out more of the red bean paste of the other half. The mochi Kakashi was holding nearly dropped from his hand as he stared at Iruka's pink tongue moving in and out of the halved mochi. A great feeling of warmth was gathering at his pelvis and he quickly looked down, finally dropping his mochi this time. He tried to reach for it with his other hand, spilling warm tea all over his lab.
"Oh fuck.", he groaned and covered the now wet bulge in his pants with his gloved hands.
"Uh, Kakashi...", Iruka said, watching him with a slightly amused look. Kakashi's blush reached over his mask towards his ears as he stuttered, trying to think of something to say.
"Oopsie.", was all he got out and chuckled at his own silliness. He saw Iruka desperately trying to hold in a burst of laughter and blushed even more. So much for his usual stoic and dull appearance.
"Can I get you a towel or something -", Iruka tried to speak over his swallowed down laughter, but couldn't hold it back any longer. His hand swung down to hold his stomach as he laughed hysterically, while Kakashi sat and watched before joining him.
"Ahh, how did that even happen?", Iruka was slowly coming down from. Kakashi tensed for a second, still covering his groin with both hands.
"I- ... Well what do you expect when you eat mochi like that in front of me?", Kakashi chuckled embarressedly. Iruka froze, blinking when he looked from Kakashi's face down to his pants. He saw a big dark brush forming on the teacher's face before he spoke again.
"Wait, did you get hard from me eating mochi?", Iruka said softly with a hint of amusement in his tone. Kakashi blushed even more, pressing his hand further onto his groin. He wanted to say something in embarressed protest but Iruka cut him off before he could open his mouth.
"That's really cute.", he brunette said, smiling and scratching his neck. Kakashi felt like his entire face was covered in a reddish blush as he almost choked on air. Iruka moved closer and put an arm on his thigh, making his half-hard cock twitch under his hands.
"Do you want to-", Iruka stopped and looked down avoiding Kakashi's warm gaze. "C-can I kiss you?", he finally croaked out like he had just choked up a giant candy that was stuck in his throat.
Kakashi nodded, on autopilot again. He wanted this so bad and he didn't even know why anymore. Just wanted to taste the rest of the red bean paste that was still on Iruka's tongue and hold his warm body close. But a part of him was scared to let Iruka close. Scared for Iruka's sake.

"Kakashi-", Iruka's voice woke him from his thoughts. "Uh, may I remove your mask?", Iruka said softly, sitting close enough that their thighs were touching. Kakashi froze again. His mask. He hadn't taken it off for anyone, except for a handful of Iryō-nin, to let them treat his injuries. It was his protective shield, covering up his vulnerability. He tensed at the thought of exposing his face to anyone. But Iruka wasn't just anyone for him. He grounded him and made him feel whole. So why should he be afraid to remove his mask in front this gentle, loving man.
"Mhm.", he hummed slightly uncertain. Iruka's hand slowly came up to his face, gently brushing over Kakashi's masked cheek. He tensed again as he felt Iruka's index finger slip under the mask, touching the skin on his nose.
"Do you want me to close my eyes, Kakashi.", Iruka offered softly, like he had picked up how uncomfortably tense Kakashi was. He nodded lightly, a sense of relief overflowing him. Iruka gave him a compassionate smile before closing his eyes, his hand still unmoving on Kakashi's mask. Kakashi took a few deep breaths before lifting his hand to softly grab Iruka's, slowly guiding it down his face while it held onto the edge of Kakashi's mask. He felt the warm air brushing his cheeks and tickling his nose as Iruka's hand let go, making the cloth drop below his chin. His mask was off but he didn't feel exposed or helpless with Iruka's hand touching his naked chin and slowly moving up to slide a thumb over his lips as if to feel out his face instead of looking at it. Iruka's gentle touches comforted Kakashi in a way that was new to him and his hand moved up Iruka on it's own, gently feeling over his chest and then his throat before stopping over his lips. He mimicked Iruka's movements with his hand, tracing over his cheek and rubbing circle over his golden skin with his pale thumb. Then Iruka moved up to the bridge of his nose, letting his fingers dance down over Kakashi's nasal bone.
"You're beautiful, Kakashi.", Iruka said softly while letting his fingers glid off of Kakashi's nose and away. Kakashi couldn't help but blush at the sincerety in Iruka's tone. No one has ever called him beautiful before. No one has ever been so gentle with him before and he felt a single tear running down cheek as he kept his overwhelmed mind at bay just gazing upon Iruka's pink lips and golden cheeks.
"Please open your eyes, Iruka.", Kakashi whispered.
He wanted Iruka, only Iruka to look at him. The teacher opened his eyes slowly, the beautiful big brown lenses coming into view. He saw Iruka's pupils expand as he looked up to him. A bright smile formed on Iruka's golden face, shining light and warm like the sun. But then it disappeared again and turned into a frown. Kakashi suddenly felt cold and on edge like he had just been ambushed by an enemy.
"Are you alright, Kakashi?", Iruka's voice soothed him a little but he was too tense to answer, just staring at him with his Sharingan spinning wildly. Even though he couldn't sense any danger in Iruka his body wouldn't relax, his hands balled tightly into fist.
"K-Kakashi, it's ok. I- just ... I just saw a tear ... W-why are you crying?", he was crying again?
Iruka slowly placed his hand on Kakashi's cheek. A trembling sigh escaped his lips and his body and mind relaxed again, almost falling onto the teacher, like somone had removed all of the needles holding him in place.
Iruka caught his slumped over body and drew him closer to his chest. The warmth of Iruka's body made him melt into the touch and he felt another tear rolling down his cheek, pressing his head tightly again Iruka's chest.
"I'm fine, just so ... so happy. Thank you, Iruka.", Kakashi mumbled against Iruka's shirt, reaching his hands around the teacher's back and holding them there. Iruka hummed softly and held him tighter, running a hand down Kakashi's back in soothing circles and strocking the back if his head.
He felt like he was floating, like Iruka had pulled his lifeless body out of the water that had been slowly choking him to death. He hadn't felt such joy and peace in a long, long time, back when his father was still alive, teaching him how to cook and trained him in Taijutsu and the use of ninja weapons. These were few of his memories that weren't tainted by tragedy and pain and he cherished them, just like this moment, being tightly wrapped up in Iruka's warm embrace. Safe from everything and everyone else in this world. Utterly at peace. A peace that he had forgotten was so sweet and calming.

Iruka's soft warmth and gentle hands sent him into sleep. His first sleep in forever without nightmares.


After slowly untangling them, Iruka had carried the sleeping ANBU captain into his bed. He had never seen Kakashi this peaceful and knew that his suspicions had been right. Kakashi carried a lot of pain with him, but he probably felt overwhelmed to let his emotions reign free so he hid everything from everyone. Covering his body in clothes, showing as little skin as possible. Most of the time only his toes and eyes were visible, the latter still covered up almost completely by strands of silver hair when he wasn't wearing his hitai-ate.

Iruka sat down next to Kakashi , holding his pale warm hand in his. He hadn't expected the night to go like this but Kakashi was more broken and delicate than he had thought.
"I'm sorry for what you had to go through.", he whispered partly to himself.
After a few minutes of silence while he looked out of the window and gently rubbed his thumb over Kakashi's hand he stood up, slowly not to wake the jounin sleeping in his bed.
He took a quick shower, brushed his teeth and changed into a new pair of uniform trousers and a new top. The mugs and the dish went into the sink, but for the love of kami he couldn't find the mochi Kakashi had dropped earlier. He smiled again at the memory and quietly gathered his spare pillow and blanket from his closet before he made himself comfortable on the couch. He didn't know if Kakashi wanted to sleep with him in the same bed and he was frankly scared what the jounin would do if he woke up to find an academy teacher next to him.
He wouldn't attack me, right?
Iruka quickly dispersed of the thought and tugged himself in.
He thought back to how Kakashi's slender warm body had felt against his. How his soft face had felt under his hands. Kakashi really was beautiful, despite how broken he was. The memory of his big bright smile made his stomach flutter with butterflies. And he realised that he was really fucking stupidly in love.
A long sigh escaped his mouth, still formed into a smile and he let his body fall in on itself, finally relaxing and falling asleep as well.


Iruka woke up to the sound of his alarm in his bedroom. He stretched his aching back and then the alarm suddenly stop.
He had forgotten about the jounin in his bed. Quickly he got up, almost stubbling over the couch table as he didn't see it and stepping into something soft and gooey. The mochi. He peeled the squashed soft ball off of his foot and tossed it into the sink where it almost broke a mug. Iruka froze momentarily as he heard the mug tipping over with a loud clank - ugh shit - before he kept walking on tiptoes towards his bedroom.

He peaked inside to see the ANBU captain laying on his back looking up at the ceiling.
"Good morning.", Iruka said, his voice still quiet and low. Kakashi moved his head to look at him and he saw his eyes turning half moon shaped into a smile.
"Good morning.", his voice was still raspy and warm with sleep as he slid out of the covers to sit on the side of the bed. Iruka found Kakashi's hitai-ate, his overtop and the flak jacket on the floor next to the bed. He must have taken them off at night. The sole reason that Iruka hadn't undressed him was that he wasn't comfortable taking off his clothes without him knowing, but he was glad that Kakashi had made himself comfortable in his bedroom at least.
"Sorry about yesterday. I kind of ruined the evening.", Kakashi said, ruffling his flattened silver hair back into it's usual chaotic fluffiness. Iruka smiled at the sight in front of him and he really wanted to touch that beautiful mess of glowing silver again.
"Nah, it's fine. You looked like you needed sleep so I didn't want to wake you.", you also looked so peaceful and pretty, Iruka wanted to add. Kakashi gave him a silent smile again and stood up, stretching his limbs. Iruka watched how Kakashi's muscles flexed on his toned body in the tight sleeveless undershirt and almost caught himself drooling over the floor.
"D-do you want some tea? I'm making some kotchya.", Iruka quickly vanished into the kitchen to clear his mind and hide the bulge that was growing in his loose pants.
He heard a noise of approval and started pouring water into the kettle before turning on the stove and letting it sit there, heating.
"Yo.", Kakashi suddenly appeared in the doorway waving his hand and Iruka almost jumped backwards. These jounin really know how to sneak up on you. Iruka forced a smile through his shock and tended to the whistling kettle, pouring two mugs of water after putting a tablespoon of tea leaves each into two tea strainers and placing them on the mugs. He handed Kakashi his mug who noded in thanks and leaned onto the wall next to the door, like cool fucking bastard that he is. He seemed completely different from the man who had cried in Iruka's arms last evening and Iruka shuddered at how good the jounin was at hide his emotions when he wanted to. Or maybe he is exactly not doing that, not hiding his emotions. Iruka remembers Kakashi saying he was happy while he cradled him in his arms. Was this the same Kakashi or was he pretending or neither. Ugh, this was man is going to drive me insane. Insane with love.
"Iruka, are you alright?", Kakashi's low soothing voice snapped him out of his thought chaos.
"You look a little lost.", Kakashi giggled. He giggled?! Did Kakashi just giggle?
Iruka couldn't hold back his own giggle at the noise that seemed almost randy coming from the jounin's mouth. They both laughed and giggled for a solid thirty seconds about literally nothing and then Iruka spoke.
"I have never heard you giggle before.", Iruka stated still trying to catch his breath from laughing. Kakashi did the same and put his mug on the counter next to him.
"Me neither.", he said blankly "Does it sound weird?", he cocked his head almost like a dog and looked at Iruka expectantly.
"No, it's ... uh it's adorable actually, just a little weird hearing it from you.", Iruka said softly blushing slightly as he took a sip of his kotchya, almost burning his tongue on the hot liquid.
"You find it ... adorable?", Kakashi froze again but this time with a blush on his face and his eyes open in shock. Iruka nodded in response. Please don't cry again, please don't cry again. He chanted in his head. It seems like Hatake Kakashi, the copy ninja and ANBU captain who is feared by nations can't handle compliments.
Iruka sighed in relief as Kakashi did in fact not start to cry. He was just staring at Iruka like a needy puppy.
"Are you sure you are not related to an Inuzuka? 'Cuz you behave very similarly to one and you have your ninken as well.", Iruka blabbered and took another sip of his tea, blowing on it this time, which didn't really help though as he burned his tongue again. Ah shit, for fuck's sake.
"Guess how many people have asked me that question before.", Kakashi said jokingly and before Iruka could answer smugly: Apparently at least once, he continued.
"But I do have small fangs.", he said, stepping closer and pulled his mask down to reveal two small fangs between his normal teeth, not unlike those of the Inuzuka yet a little smaller and sharper. He was so close to Iruka that he could feel the jounin's breath on his cheek as they locked eyes. Kakashi's mismatched eyes looked soft and bright into his and he found his hands on Kakashi's hips. The jounin didn't protest letting them rest there, letting them pull him even closer to Iruka.
They spoke at the same time, their voices overlapping each other and both smiled.
"Shall we try again?", Iruka said wantonly putting his index finger over Kakashi's soft lips. The jounin hummed and gently cupped Iruka's face in his thin white hands. He licked his lips before pushing them against Kakashi's. The silver-haired man was a little taller than Iruka so he stood on tiptoes to match his height. Kakashi opened his mouth for Iruka's tongue to glide in and meet his. The warm touch of the other's tongue on his made him twitch and he felt the bulge in his pants growing again, pressed tightly again Kakashi's thigh. Their kiss was soft and gentle as they took their time to explore each other's mouths. Only when Iruka felt like he needed to breathe or he would suffocate any second, did he pull away, panting and gasping for air.
The second kiss a little more sloppy and rough. Iruka dragged his tongue over every inch of Kakashi's mouths while rutting his hips against his thigh. Kakashi got a hold of Iruka's lip and gently bit it with his fangs, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to make him moan in pain. In return he licked over Kakashi's chin and mouth before pulling his mask further down so he could leave a hickey under Kakashi's ear right where his sharp jaw ended. Iruka's hands were all over Kakashi, tugging under his tight shirt to place a hand on his toned abs, despite the annoying stretch of the shirt. He felt Kakashi's hands slide down his back underneath his loose top while they were still tasting each other.
"Fuck, I want you, Kakashi.", Iruka whispered as he pulled away from another rough kiss. Kakashi looked at him wantonly and licked his swollen lips again.
"Where, Iruka?", Kakashi lightly touched Iruka's lips with his own, teasing him.
"Where do you want me, Iruka?"
At that he grabbed Kakashi's slim waist again and guided him backwards into the bedroom while kissing him lovingly.
"Right here.", Iruka said before pushing them both down onto his bed, so that Kakashi was laying underneath him. Iruka scrambled out of his shirt and then helped Kakashi out of his tight undershirt, freeing his toned body. He ran his hand over the soft warm skin on his hard abs and chest that were covered in all kinds of scars. Kakashi looked so beautiful under him Iruka had to explore every inch of his soft milky skin.
"You're gorgeous.", he mumbled against Kakashi's sternum while placing soft kisses there. Kakashi hummed and moaned under him and started thumbling with Iruka's hairtie. Once he got it off Iruka's hair fell down to his shoulders and into his face. Kakashi played with it while pulling Iruka into another wet kiss. His hand slid into Kakashi trousers like it was on a mission to discover the eight wonder of the world. He grabbed gently when he had found it, earning a soft moan from Kakashi, catching it in his mouth. They pulled apart again and Kakashi went for Iruka's trousers, pulling them down to his knees. Iruka did the same with Kakashi's and they both kicked their trousers off onto the floor before Iruka fell down on Kakashi again, smacking their lips together. He couldn't even remember how they had lost their boxers but suddenly he was on top of a completely naked Kakashi, rubbing his cock against the jounin's.
"Kakashi-", Iruka said in one the few moments their mouths weren't all over each other. "This isn't your first time, right?" If it was he had a real fucking talent for kissing.
"No, Iruka.", Kakashi smiled softly, running his hands down Iruka's back.
"What about you?", Kakashi said, placing gentle kisses all over Iruka's face.
"No, but what I meant is-", he paused to swallow. "Have you ever had sex with another man?"
Kakashi's expression didn't change, still smiling at him, eyes glowing with desire.
"Yes I have, but-", he cut himself off. "I'm usual on top.", he winked at Iruka. His pelvis was on fire with all the heat and desire in the air.
"But I kind of want find out if I can take your cock, Iruka.", he grinned wantonly, licking his lips, which made Iruka feel like he was on fire both inside and outside.
"F-fuck, Kakashi. If you keep looking at me like that I'm going cum before I can even put a finger in.", Kakashi really was driving him mad, making his cock twitch uncontrollably when he licked his lips or looked at him with those beautiful wanton mismatched eyes.
"Oh.", Kakashi giggled. Again. Then just to tease Iruka even more the jounin put one hand in his damp hair and three fingers of the other into his mouth.
"Aw, then why are you staling sensei?", Kakashi purred, licking Iruka's fingers and pulling them closer together.
"Just fuck me already.", he hummed into Iruka's ear. His cock twitched again at the words and he pulled himself away from Kakashi to get the tube of lube that was neatly hidden under the bed, not breaking eye contact with his lover.
"Spread them.", Iruka brushed over Kakashi's thighs who immediately spread his legs, anticipation and arousal dancing in his eyes. He drizzled the lube onto Kakashi's stomach, who twitched a litte as the cold liquid spread over his heated skin. Holding onto one of Kakashi's thighs, he ran his fingers through the puddle and rubbed the jounin's stomach to heat up the cold liquid a little. Once he thought it was warm enough he traced one wet finger in a straight line over Kakashi's hard pink cock down to his entrance, drawing circles around it in a teasing motion.
Kakashi looked so beautifully helpless as he teased and pushed a finger into him, rubbing his walls. His patience was waning so he quickly pushed in another and then another, fingering Kakashi with three digits. The older man moaned and grabbed the bedsheets in an iron grip. Every little moan from Kakashi went straight down to Iruka's cock and he knew he wouldn't last any longer. Iruka sped up his movements, earning more wet noises from the man and he smiled, knowing he had found his prostate. He rubbed it a few times, making Kakashi throw his head back, his hands gripping the sheets so tightly that his knuckles went white, as he moaned and gasped for air.
"F-fuck, Iruka I'm not going to last long like that.", he wailed with his eyes closed and mouth wide open. He took the hint and pulled his three fingers out again, wiping them on Kakashi's ass cheeks to clean off the residual lube. Then he positioned himself in front of Kakashi's entrance. The jounin watched him with burning eyes as Iruka grabbed his slim waist and pushed into him slowly. He knew that Kakashi's hole needed more stretching but he couldn't care less when all he wanted was to fuck him hard and good, just as Kakashi wanted it.
The older man moaned as Iruka pushed deeper and deeper into him until he was fully seated in him. He waited for Kakashi to adjust, loving how his cock was fully engulfed by his tight warmth. When Kakashi pushed his hips back again him, he pulled out again once more before bottoming out again, skin slapping against skin. A high pitched breathy scream escaped Kakashi's mouth and Iruka finally started to fuck him in earnest.
"Ah yes, Iruka. Fuck fuck fuck.", Kakashi lulled as his head was being pushed closer to the wall as Iruka pounded him at an ungodly pace.
Iruka was panting, his climax was approaching rapidly and he thrust into him harder. Kakashi felt so good under him, like his body was made for Iruka to fuck until they were both too exhausted to move. All Iruka could hear was Kakashi's panted mumbling and moaning, skin slapping and the squelching in Kakashi's hole as he pushed all the lube he had carefully coated his tight walls with out with each hard thrust. As he felt his orgasm getting dangerously close he quickly grabbed Kakashi's poor neglected twitching cock and started strocking it to the rythm of his thrusts. A few strockes later Kakashi came on Iruka's hand with a loud scream, his whole body shaking and skin burning as his back arched up into the air. Kakashi's tight walls were milking Iruka so well that his orgasm caught him completely off guard as he fucked through it, riding the afterglow, before he couldn't hold himself up any longer and collapsed into the mess on Kakashi's stomach. They both lay there panting and catching their breath for a few minutes. Iruka's mind was blank, only the feeling of Kakashi's body and his voice surrounded him in this blissful moment.
He didn't know sex could feel this good, but Kakashi definitely gave him his best orgasm yet.

After a few minutes Iruka rolled off of Kakashi and lay down next to him.
"Shit, I love you.", he whispered, voice raspy and warm.
"I love you too.", Kakashi answered softly still panting.

Chapter Text

In that moment he noticed that he couldn't let Iruka go. No matter what happened he would protect him with everything he had.
Everything else seemed like a blur, like it was someone else's life when Iruka was with him, holding him, filling him up, claiming him. He was Iruka's and that gave him strength. The knowledge that someone was waiting for him after he got home from a mission, to comfort him and kiss his pain away filled him with a beautiful warmth that he wouldn't trade for anything. Knowing that with Iruka he was safe.

But he only realised how dependant he was on Iruka - how much he needed his praise and warm embrace - when one day a few years later his partner was on a two week long educational camping trip with his students, leaving him to cope with his post-mission trauma alone.


Kakashi closed the door behind him and let out a long trembling sigh. Leaning against the door he crumbled down to the floor as the memories of his latest mission came back to him, shaking his slender figure. He took off his hitai-ate and mindlessly throwing it somewhere into his living room. The metal piece made a clanking sound as it hit something hard in the dark apartment, triggering a memory in his mind.
Flashes of dark blood splattering over him while his hand was submerged in a warmth that was slowly becoming cold. Memories of what he had done as the Hound making him writhe and squirm, crawling up into himself as the reality of his actions hit him like a brick to the chest. Killing never got easy. No amount of ruthless and harsh training could make it so. Not for Kakashi. He had been surrounded by death ever since he was a child, yet it still gnawed at him, at his sanity, at his heart and soul. It had left him wounded beyond repair and he had accepted that.
Time heals all wounds, except Kakashi's. They clung to his heart like mold, slowly feeding away at his memories and thoughts. Leaving him in nothing but darkness, where he felt loneliness crushing his body with slimey cold hands.
Not even ANBU training could adequately prepare a shinobi to become a soulless killer. No one would throw his soul away like that, unless it's already broken. And Kakashi, despite everything, still had his. It was scratched and ripped open but it was still there, deep inside of him waiting to be released, to be restored.
He cried silently that night, like the other nights before, waiting for Iruka to return. To hold and pet him and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. After some time he finally drifted off into a restless sleep.

He woke up to a loud frantic knocking on his door. Slowly he got up to his feet, body feeling numb from the awkward position he had fallen asleep in. And as he stretched his aching limbs he felt it. Tenzou's chakra outside of his door. Why was the ANBU, his friend here, in front of his door? Kakashi unconsciously took a step back.
"Kakashi.", Tenzou shouted from the other side of the door. How did the brunette always manage to pick the worst time to visit Kakashi? It was a very annoying skill of his that had helped the ANBU on a few occasions to stop Kakashi from doing something reckless or desperate.
"Kakashi, open up I know you are in there.", Tenzou commanded and Kakashi shivered at his tone.
"What do you want?", he croaked, unceremoniously falling down onto his small dark couch. He didn't need Tenzou in that moment, he needed Iruka - more than anything.
"I haven't seen you in days and then I heard about your last mission ... Kakashi are you alone in there ... you are isolating yourself again, aren't you?", Tenzou said, his voice thick with worry. Kakashi didn't know what to say, his mouth was dry and his body ached all over. All he wanted was to curl up into a ball and drift away again so that he would wake in Iruka's arms.
"I'm fine.", his voice was raspy and choked as he lied to Tenzou. His kohai worried to much about him, cared to much. Kakashi wasn't worth his worry and neither was he worth Iruka's warmth and care. He didn't deserve it after all he had done, though he desperately needed it, longed for it like it was the glue that kept the pieces of broken body together.
"Don't lie to me, Senpai. You're in that headspace again. That shitty guilt-driven headspace of your's.", Tenzou sighed loud enough for Kakashi to be able to hear it through the door. "Please let me in ... let me help you.", the ANBU sounded desperate and Kakashi couldn't stop the frown forming on his face.
Fuck it.
"You can come in Tenzou.", he slurred the words as he unsealed the wards on his door with a flick of his wrist. Tenzou slowly opened the door and stepped in. The look on his face almost made Kakashi's heart break. Tenzou's big brown eyes were narrowed and brows deep with sorrow while his mouth was half open in shock.
Did he really look that bad?
"K-Kakashi ... fuck.", he said as he started towards the kitchen, leaving Kakashi a little confused and anxious in the living room. Shortly after Tenzou returned with a glass of what looked to be water and a wet towel.
"Drink.", he said plainly and gently pressed the edge of the glass to Kakashi's lips. The silver-haired jounin wriggled away with a low groan earning a stern glare from Tenzou.
"No, I'm not thristy.", he squabbled like a child and pulled his knees to his chest before hugging them tightly with his arms and averting Tenzou's glare.
"When was the last time you drank or ate something, then?", Tenzou asked seemingly annoyed with Kakashi's stubbornness.
"I don't know, don't remember.... Probably a few days ago.", he said, his voice muffled from his head pressing into his thighs in a desperate attempt to make Tenzou disappear from his vision and mind.
"Kakashi...", Tenzou started and gently put his hand on Kakashi's knee, making him twitch in surprise.
"... you need to take care of yourself. I'm not letting you fall back into that space again. I will help you out of there.", he starting strocking Kakashi's thigh with slow, gentle movements.
"I'm not- ... anywhere right now. I- just ... I'm waiting for Iruka, ok. I- can't do anything if he ... is not here.", Kakashi sobbed, feeling warm tears gathering in his eyes and wetting his trousers.
"K-Kakashi I- ... that's not-", he heard Tenzou swallow and take a breath before he spoke again.
"Why can't you do anything if he is not here, Kakashi?", the brunette said softly, his voice heavy with worry. A soft whine escaped the silver-haired jounin's mouth as suddenly the thought of Iruka not returning made him feel dizzy and cold.
"I just can't ... I'm not allowed to.", Kakashi cried silently, while Tenzou was still petting his thigh with loving, gentle strockes.
"Why not? ... Who isn't allowing you to eat, Kakashi?", Tenzou's hand made it's way over to Kakashi's masked cheek, softly brushing over it like he was made of fine porcelain. Kakashi leaned into the touch, raising his head. His watery eyes and red face must have looked pathetic - he must have looked pathetic and weak. And he tried to flee, tried to run from this, not wanting to let Tenzou see this display of fear and guilt on his face. Despite all of his efforts his body didn't move, like it was not his anymore, like he had lost control - again - as his mouth opened and he spoke those haunting words.
"The Hound."

Tenzou's hand stopped as the name pierced his ears, his soft features twitching slightly as if he was trying to suppress a growl or a whine. Kakashi was staring at him his masked face dark with fear and wet with salty half-dried tears.
"Do you remember that stress relief excercise we used to do after rough missions?", the young ANBU's face had softened again, but a hint of desperation and anger still clouded his umber eyes. Kakashi's mind stilled for a moment, making him recall that time again.

After a few moments he gave Tenzou a silent nod, letting some of the tension leave his aching muscles.
His kohai gave him an affectioned smile and continued drawing circles over Kakashi's cheek.
"We can try it if you want? Maybe it will help until Iruka comes back.", Tenzou smiled brightly.
Kakashi was reluctant. He doubted it's effectiveness as he hadn't needed it since he had been with Iruka. But he wanted the pain, longed for it as in that moment it was so tempting, making him dizzy and confused. If this was the only hope he had to pass the time before his man came back, then he would take it over sulking and crying any day.
"Ye-s, let's do it.", he answered weakly, not recognizing his own voice.
Tenzo smiled and cupped Kakashi's teary-eyed red face in his hands.
"Well, then get in position, Senpai.", Tenzou chuckled lightly and moved away from the sobbing, sniffling mass before him.

He wanted this to hurt, wanted to feel low for what he had done on his last mission. Even though he longed for Iruka's warmth and care, a part of him wanted to be punished.
Tenzou was waiting at the door while Kakashi took off the dirty bloodstained uniform, that he was still wearing, leaving on only the tight grey trousers.
In a slow motion he fell down to his knees and put his hands on his thighs, palms up.
"Safeword?", Tenzou said, still standing at the door behind him.
"Red is stop, green is more.", Kakashi answered sheepishly and let his mind go blank, let the Hound take his place.
"Good, are you ready?", he could feel Tenzou behind, molding chakra and heard the creaking of wood. Kakashi shook his head silently and braced himself for the first hit, but nothing happened. Instead the brunette appeared in front of him, holding a long smooth wooden cane. Kakashi kept his head low, waiting for an order or a command from the role-playing Tenzou. It usual always went the same way, Tenzou playing a higher ranking shinobi and Kakashi playing himself or that other part of himself, the Hound or Wolf. But this time it felt different, Tenzou felt different. The air was much too shallow, too peaceful for this kind of punishment.
"Hound.", Tenzou interrupted his thoughts.
"Yes, Kinoe-sama.", Kakashi said quietly. They always used his ANBU name in these situations to distance themselves from their real selves and let the scene unfold more naturally.
"How did you fail me this time?", Kinoe said and stomped the cane on the floor once. Kakashi swallowed and tried to gather his thoughts, the underlying fact that he was going to get punished no matter what he said hung heavily in the back of his mind.
"I killed five innocent children today, Kinoe-sama.", he said almost in a whisper.
"And do you know what you deserve for killing those innocent young lives?", Kinoe said, his voice full of anticipation and anger. Kakashi gave him a tiny nod as an answer which didn't seem to satisfy the other though.
"Say it.", he commanded, pressing the cane under Kakashi's chin, lifting his head up so they made eye-contact. The silver-haired jounin trembled under Kinoe's meanacing gaze and tried to speak with a mouth drier than the deserts of Suna.
"Punishment. I deserve punishment.", he gasped and watched Kinoe's grimace turn into a smirk. Tenzou was playing his role so well, Kakashi couldn't find even a hint of the real Tenzou in Kinoe and he was thankful for it. Knowing that only Kinoe was allowed to hurt him like that.
"Yes and punishment you will get.", the other said and started circling Kakashi, the tip of the cane tracing around his neck, making him breath heavily for a few seconds as the tension in his body kept growing in anticipation of the first hit. There was a warm, tingly feeling in his groin but he ignored it.
He would usually get hard from the teasing and build-up but getting off wasn't the main goal in that scene, at least for him it was merely a side-effect that occurred occasionally.
Suddenly Kinoe stopped behind him, the tip of the cane resting between his shoulder blades. For a brief moment the cold smooth touch of the cane disappeared before he felt it turn accompanied by a sharp stinging pain across his left shoulder blade.
"Shit.", he whispered as he tried his best no to stumble forward.
"Count for me, Hound.", Kinoe said, grabbing a few strands of Kakashi's dirty silver hair and pulling his head back so far it hurt.
"One.", he croaked, forcing his eyes open despite the pain.
"Good, you will get two for each child you killed.", Kinoe said and hit him again. This time on the right shoulder blade.
"Two.", Kakashi whispered and let himself be taken over by the pain that was drowning out everything else, even his guilt and shame.


The sounds of his students laughing and playing with kunai filled the air around Iruka as he finished storing all of their camping equipment in storage scrolls. He had managed to cramp everything that the twenty children and him had needed on their little trip, into five scrolls that he put into the pockets of his flak jacket.
It had been a fun, yet exhausting little adventure. Iruka had taught the kids how to set up a camp and place wards to keep them undetected. They had also learned how to prepare food without a fire and how to clean dirty water with an easy Suiton jutsu. It was basic survival training they would eventually need on missions, but it was for kids after all so they had played hide and seek and tag or competitive kunai throwing in addition to the more serious exercises.
After all that work - that felt more like babysitting six year-olds - Iruka just wanted to go home and cuddle with Kakashi until he fell asleep.

After the students had cleaned the campsite they made their way home, jumping through the trees. It was probably a ten minute jump through the thick oak trees, covered in lush green leaves.
When they had reached the main gate to the village, Iruka gave them all a short feedback on how they had done on their first mission camping trip and then let them leave with the wave of his hand and a soft smile on his face. They scattered in different directions, laughing and talking, and Iruka let out a long tired sigh. Finally.
Even though he was quite exhausted he still ran home, jumping over rooftops and hastily greeting his fellow Konoha shinobi that crossed his path with a smile. He stopped on the rooftop of his apartment building. Something was off. A bad feeling rose in his stomach which he could even taste in his mouth. He jumped down landing directly in front of his and Kakashi's apartment door. Muffled groaning and panting noises came from within their flat and suddenly he heard a thrashing sound followed by a low scream. Fear and anger arose in him and he almost punched the door open.


"K-Kakashi-", Iruka growled as he saw his boyfriend, pressed onto the wall with his hands bound over his low hanging head, blood running down his pale thin chest like thick red paint on a blank canvas. Next to Kakashi, the ANBU, Tenzou was slowly backing away from him with his eyes wide open and a bloody wooden cane in his hand.

"I-Iruka, it's ok. We- ... it's just a scene. It's just stress relief, ok. ... He is fine. Kakashi is fine.", he barely registered Tenzou's pleading voice over his own heart beating loud and angry into his ears. Faster than he could think Iruka was pining Tenzou to the ground, delivering a hard punch to the brunette's tanned face.
"How dare you ... Why would you do that to him.", the last part sounded more like a choked whining growl.
"I'm sorry, Iruka, but he gave me consent. This is something we used to do after really bad missions ... as a form of stress relief.... I-I'm sorry.", Tenzou tried to explain, but Iruka punched him again.
"What kind of sick shit did you to do!", he growled, tears filling his eyes and dropping down on the ANBU.
"Iruka, please listen to me. Kakashi is fine, he is alive. If you calm down I can release him from the ties and I will leave.", Tenzou argued softly and made no move to get Iruka off of him.
He tried to gather his thoughts, calm his mind and body. After taking a few long breaths he got off the ANBU and leaned into the corner of the room, avoiding to look at Kakashi.
"I'm sorry that I punched you, Tenzou.", Iruka apologised. He was too exhausted to think, to voice his desperation at the sight in front of him. In Iruka's mind Kakashi looked half-dead and he almost broke down as he, after gathering enough courage, walked over and gently touched Kakashi's face - it was so hot and red - to stroke his cheek. What sick form of stress relief did the ANBU participate in? They had done this before, probably multiple times. How was Kakashi ok with this? Did he want this? To hang unconscious like a bleeding corpse from the wall in a display of utter failure. Was this punishment he had needed? Even if he had wanted to be beat up like this, Iruka could never do that to him. He hated seeing him like this. Hated the thought of losing him.
"Kakashi?", he whined silently. How could something like this take place in his apartment - their apartment.
"He can't hear you, Iruka.... He is in subspace.", Tenzou said, standing again, his standard shinobi uniform covered in little blood splatters - most likely Kakashi's.
"Well how do I get him back, Tenzou.", Iruka sobbed. He couldn't hold back his tears anymore as they ran down his sun-tanned cheeks and over his scar.
Tenzou put on a forced smile and let the cane melt back into his hand.
"He will come back on his own, Iruka.", Tenzou carefully laid a hand on the teacher's shoulder in an act of reasurance. Iruka's arm twitched at the contact but let Tenzou stay.
"When does he usually come back?", Iruka asked, voice heavy with worry.
Tenzou shrugged.
"Sometimes it's just a few minutes, sometimes hours.", Iruka swallowed hard. Hours? He could stay like this for hours, he would bleed out and die.
As if Tenzou had read his thoughts he rubbed Iruka's back in a soothing motion and spoke.
"He needs you now. Aftercare is very important and I don't think you want me to touch him - judging by those punches earlier.", Tenzou gave him an understanding smile and went on to explain Kakashi's aftercare routine in great detail after they had untied his hands and laid his limp body down onto the bed.
"Please don't be mad at him for it, Iruka. I found him in a really bad mental state and I think he just wanted some relief from his pain until you came back.", Tenzou said as he slowly walked towards the door. "If you need to be mad at someone, let that person be me. I suggested it after all.", Tenzou gave him another forced smile and left.

He took a few long deep breaths in and out to calm himself a little. In truth he wasn't mad at anyone, he didn't know what he felt. Was it worry? Guilt of leaving him alone and coming back late? Shame of not knowing or understanding his partner's methods to relief his pain? Or was it self-loathing for being an awful boyfriend?
Quickly he stopped his racing thoughts that were choking him. Kakashi needed him right now, needed his care and sweet words to ease him back into reality - as Tenzou had said.
With a swift movement he stood up from the bed and paced into the kitchen.
"Firstly, water.", he read aloud from the notes he had written on Kakashi's aftercare that Tenzou had explained to him. It filled an entire small page and he quickly read the second task before folding and putting it into his pocket.
"Secondly, wash him and clean his wounds.", with a tall glass of water in hand he ran into the bathroom to turn the tap on and fill the tub with warm water. While the tub was slowly being filled he went to Kakashi and sat back down next to him on the bed, gently stroking his cheek.
"Here, drink, Kakashi.", Tenzou had told him that it was important to give Kakashi clear commands and use his name to make him feel safe and make his subdrop as soft as possible.
Kakashi hummed softly and let Iruka put the glass to his lips. After he had emptied the entire thing without a word, Iruka took off his pants that were already down by his knees and then his underwear, leaving his alabaster body completely naked, painted with red lines of blood that Iruka had trouble looking at. But he would do it. He would do anything for Kakashi.
So after gently caressing his body for a few minutes, Iruka picked him up - Kakashi nuzzled himself into Iruka's chest - and carried him into the bathroom where the bathtub was already overflowing. He silently cursed and turned off the tap then sat Kakashi down into the tub while the jounin made a few soft noises as he was lowered down into the warm water.
"Good boy, Kakashi.", he praised him, - that was also important according to Tenzou - which he loved doing anyway.
The water quickly turned a redish shade as Kakashi's blood mixed in with it. Iruka settled down in the tub behind him and started washing his hair. It took four rounds of shampoo to get the blood, sweat and grime - most likely from his last mission - out of his silver locks. After that he cleaned the wounds on his back and chest, drawing soft groans from Kakashi as he slowly eased back into reality again. Iruka showered him with praise while rubbing the last specks of blood from his pale skin.
"You did so well Kakashi, can you step out of the tub for me, sweetheart?", Iruka slowly helped him stand and let him test his balance. Kakashi's eyes were open but still narrowed and tired as he held onto Iruka for support to step out of the tub. Iruka wrapped a big clean warm towel around his lover and rubbed him dry, smiling at the soft humming noises coming from Kakashi. He gently ran his hand down his boyfriends pale back over his new and old wounds. Iruka knew that the latest injuries wouldn't leave scars and a part of him was grateful for that. Scars were obtained in battle and came with being a shinobi, but those scars would remind Iruka of how he had failed Kakashi, how he had not been able to be there for him when Kakashi had needed him most. He quickly pushed that thought away and brought his attention back to his love.
After he had put ointment on the wounds and bandaged them in the bathroom he placed a few gentle kisses on Kakashi's back and neck, earning soft hums and moans from his lover.
"Let's get you into some clothes, sweetheart.", Iruka said softly, Kakashi's back resting against his chest.
"Mhm.", Kakashi hummed and slowly turned around, nuzzling into Iruka's chest.
"Do you want me to carry you to the bedroom, Kakashi?", Iruka pulled him closer until he felt the other's cheek on his shoulder and his slow, steady breath on his neck. He had never seen Kakashi like this before, so vulnerable and needy - more than when he was with Iruka and he wanted to take care of him, keep him safe and close.
Kakashi hummed a happy tune in response and wrapped his still weak hands around Iruka's neck. He smiled and placed a few soft kisses on Kakashi's cheek and neck, before reaching under him and lifting him up by his butt. Kakashi wrapped his legs around Iruka as if he was holding on for dear life and let himself be carried over to the bedroom, where Iruka gently dropped him onto the bed. He dressed his partner and dried his damp silver hair with a towel, making it look even messier than usual. He smiled and chuckled at the sight of the silver strands standing up like spikes. Kakashi made a confused noise and looked at him through curtains of silver.
"Oh, honey it's nothing. You just like so cute, like a big silver hedgehog.", Iruka smiled affectionately watching Kakashi's face contort into a lovely smirk.
"Now, my lovely little hedgehog, please lift your legs so I can dress you.", Iruka said in a sing-song while unfolding Kakashi's underwear.
After he had dressed Kakashi in a fresh pair of pyjamas he laid him down on the bed and tucked him in, before dressing himself and rolling under the blankets himself. He put an arm around Kakashi, who nestled closer into Iruka's hold, letting him stroke his soft silver hair.
"Are you comfortable, sweetheart?", Iruka said against a forest of silver.
"Mhm, Iruka...", Kakashi murmured into his chest. "Please don't leave me again.", the jounin said, a hint of desperation in his tone that made Iruka shiver for a second. He knew that Kakashi needed him like a bycicle needed wheels or a story needed a beginning and an end.
"I promise I won't leave you again.", he said, placing a soft kiss on Kakashi's forehead, even though he knew that he wouldn't be able to keep that promise though he desperately wanted to.


A few hours later Kakashi woke up to the smell of burned food. Iruka was cooking again. He heard the teacher curse and hiss before a loud thump echoed through the apartment followed by more cursing.
A long tired sigh escaped his lips as he stretched his sore limbs, to find that his back and chest hurt a lot more than usual. He pulled his shirt up to reveal a pattern of bandages wrapped around his upper body and with that came back the memories from that morning, sending a shiver down his spine. Iruka had seen him while he was in subspace, hadn't he? He had done the aftercare, cleaned him, washed him, bandaged him up and brought him to bed. Iruka had definitely seen him in that state. Kakashi swallowed hard. The thought of possibly having traumatised his mate sent shivers down his spine. He couldn't recall everything that had happened - a side effect of his subspace experience - but the sound of the cane hitting his chest while Tenzou's muffled voice echoed in the background and the splashing of water while Iruka whispered something to him.

He cursed himself for his impatience and weak state of mind. How could he let himself sink into that void again? Just because Iruka wasn't there? Just because he was alone and broken? Iruka would always come back for him, always.

But he would lie if he said that Tenzou hadn't helped him, hadn't put him back together like all the other times before he had met Iruka. He had been so deep in that dark place that he had desperately longed for punishment to take away the pain that was gnawing at his heart and soul and to direct it elsewhere. It had helped, a lot, but he could never ask Iruka to do that to him and frankly he didn't want to. Iruka's way of fixing him was the polar of Tenzou's. He showered him with love and affection that he didn't think he deserved, but that made him feel safe. His partner had, in his warm embrace given him a place to cry and vent to and it felt like that was all he had ever needed.

He stood up on weak legs and with a growling stomach. He really hadn't eating anything in a long time. He took a few trembling steps and suddenly his vision turned black, his hands desperately searching for something to hold on to, before he fell down onto his knees.
"Iruka-", he wanted to shout but it came out as nothing but a whisper.
'Ruka help me, his mind was fuzzy and he couldn't feel his legs anymore, while his hand held onto the bed with the last of his strength. He didn't know if his eyes were open but all he saw was black and stars dancing around his vision. He was so cold all over, couldn't feel himself breathing or his heart beating anymore.
He registered a faint noise other than the ringing in his ears and suddenly he was laying on the floor while something sweet and powdery filled his mouth and his mind came back just enough to swallow it down.
"Kakashi - ... -an you hear me- Kakashi."
Slowly his vision came back, though a little blurry he could see Iruka standing over him, could feel him holding his hand.
"Drink, sweatheart.", he heard Iruka say as his head was gently moved and he felt a glass press against his dry lips. Slowly he opened his mouth and greedily drank the cold water that was given to him.
"Well done, Kakashi. Now you need to eat something.", Iruka said softly as he moved a ration bar towards his mouth. Kakashi hungrily ate four bars before Iruka helped him sit up, leaning against the bed.
"Welcome home.", Kakashi said weakly, a soft smile forming on his face.
"Yeah- I have missed you so much, Kakashi-", Iruka sobbed before pulling Kakashi into a hug. "Don't you ever do this again.", he cried into Kakashi's shoulder. "I thought you had died ... twice, today.", Kakashi felt warm tears soaking his shirt and put his hands around the teacher, gently rubbing his neck.
"It's ok, I'm fine, Iruka. I'm fine ...", Kakashi whispered into his ear, too weak to cry or to move.
He was home. Finally he was back at home.


A few years passed while their relationship flourished. They spent almost every free minute of their day together, talking, cuddling, cooking (well until Iruka would eventually burn or break something; he really couldn't navigate a kitchen). Kakashi had been reasigned, leaving the ANBU and managing a team of gen-nin, which he was reluctant about at first but at his third try it worked out and team seven was created - Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruna. Naruto was the son of his former sensei and a hyperactive kid with something to prove to everyone. Sasuke was one of the Uchiha that had come to Konoha to escape the civil war that had split the big Land of Ome (Eyes) in two, in possession of a Doujutsu just like the one Kakashi had ... acquired. Sakura was an average girl with a real talent for chakra control and medical ninjutsu. Somehow the Sandaime had thought that they would make a great team and while they did missions together Kakashi slowly began to understand why.

When his young teammates were twelve years old the three sanin took interest in their abilities and took them in as their students, leaving Kakashi without a team, again. After a few months of B-class missions that bored him more than not having a mission at all, the Sandaime assigned him an escort mission to the Land of Ome. It was rated as a S-class because the hokage had secret documents for him to deliver. So to cover his true mission he was to escort a pair of farmers to the infamous Land of Ome, where those with Doujutsu reigned over ordinary folk like dictators or monarchs. The document Kakashi was to deliver contained a collaboration agreement between the Hyuga clan, the biggest clan after the Uchiha in the Land of Ome, and Konoha. This was to ensure a military relationship between the two for the Hyuga clan's upcoming war against the Uchiha, who had taken control over most of the land, which violated the peace agreement the clans of Ome had signed ten years ago. The Hyuga had, at that point, convinced most of the clans of their land to join their cause, like the Chinoike, the Shion and the Yome clan.(*1) War was only months away and Kakashi was to ensure that the Hyuga clan had Konoha's support.


He meet up with the farmers at the main gate to the village. They were a pair elderly accompanied by three goats and an old dog. Kakashi sighed under his mask as he mentally prepared himself for a very long and slow walk towards Ome.
He introduced himself and gave the old dog a head rub - he reminded him a little of bull. Their names were Haruki und Yuro and from the tone of their voices and the way they talked, Kakashi guessed them to be at least eighty years old.
It was late morning when they started their journey to Ome and Kakashi figured that it would take them at least two days to reach the southern border of the Land of Fire and then another half a day to reach their village.
He took out his favourite book, Icha Icha Violence and read while they walked down the stone path towards the southern border. Yuro, the old woman tried to talk to him, asking him all kinds of questions, like how much money does a shinobi make or why do you cover almost your entire face. Kakashi wasn't in the mood to talk though so he gave her short answer, mostly just a yes or no or sometimes a shrug.
"Are you reading one of those porn books.", Yuro asked, throwing Kakashi off a little and he looked up from his book for the first time in three hours, blushing under his mask.
"It's a romance novel, Yuro-san.", he tried to hide the awkwardness in his voice.
"Is that Icha Icha Violence?", Haruki, the old man had joined in on their conversation. It sounded more like of a rhetorical question so Kakashi didn't give him an answer, keeping nose deep in the book.
"What page are you at, Kakashi-kun.", the old man moved closer, smirking, trying to sneak a peak at the page number. He couldn't hide his blush as it now reached over the masked part of his face.
"Leave him be, Haruki. I don't mind him reading porn as long as he is quiet, unlike you when you read those novels.",  Yuro threw her husband a stern glare and Kakashi almost choked on air.
"Jeez Yuro, you are oversharing again.", the old man said and threw her an equally as stern glare.
"At least he doesn't get hard from reading that filfth.", the old woman spat and Kakashi was full on sweating now, his face red as a tomato and the hand that was holding his favourite book was shaking a little.
"Maybe he just has a nifty little ninja technique to hide his erection.", Haruki spat back and Kakashi choked on his own silva. After a few loud coughs he closed his book, whiped the tears and sweat off of the small unmasked part of his face and put the old, used copy of his favourite book back into his hip-pouch.
"Look you have ruined his mood, Yuro. Just let the boy read his porn.", the old man said and patted Kakashi on the shoulder, who gave him a very forced smile, his face still red.
"It's fine, Haruki-san. I've already read it a hundred times." and I'm definitely not going to finish my hundred and first time with you two around, he sighed and put his hands back into his pockets, listening to the pair arguing about how much of a pervert him and Haruki apparently were, while the goats had their own fight going on and the old dog walked silently besides them.
This is going to be a long two days, he thought and put on his most relaxed and bored face.


After two nights of camping and a half day foot march over a small mountain they had finally reached the village. He wished them good luck with their farm and hoped that the war would spare their poor little village as he made himself on his way to the rendezvous point. It was an abandoned hut in the middle of nowhere, enclosed by forests and lakes. He entered it with caution, using his hightened sense of smell to sniff out any traps or enemies. He really didn't like the ominous feeling that surrounded the hut, but went in further until he met a pair of glowing white eyes and, out of reflex moved his hitai-ate up to expose his sharingan.
"Are you Hyuga Neji?", he said loudly, watching every move of the dark figure.
"If you are Hatake Kakashi, then yes.", the young man said, judging from his voice he could not be older than fifthteen. Kakashi gave him a nod and performed the handsign combination for a henge without activating it - that was the identification code the villages had agreed upon. The young Hyuga stepped into the light and mimicked him, pretending to perform a henge no jutsu.
"Do you have the document.", the teenage boy said, his tone as flat as Sakura's chest. Kakashi shook his head and reached into one of the smaller pockets on his flak jacket. He handed the Hyuga the scrolls and watched as the young shinobi examined it with his Byakugan. The teenager bowed in approval and stored the scroll away in his shozoku.
"If that's all, then I will be on my way, Hatake-san.", the young Hyuga said.
"Yes and I hope for a good cooperation between our countries and a very short war if there has to be one.", Kakashi announced and put his hands back into his pockets.
"Yes I hope so too.", the Hyuga replied and bowed. Kakashi returned the gesture and turned around to leave.
"Hatake-san, if that Sharingan should compromise you in any way, know that I will rip it out of your skull without hesitation.", the young Hyuga declared sternly, shouting after him and Kakashi felt a cold shiver running down his spine.
"I know, Neji-kun.", he replied and jumped up into the trees, heading north.

A month later the war broke out and almost every shinobi in Konoha was sent to aid the Hyuga and the smaller clans in their fight against the biggest clan in all of the six great nations, the Uchiha.

Chapter Text

Kakashi woke up, finding himself in the hold of two strong arms and looked up to see Itachi smiling at his tired worn out face.
Memories of last night flashed through his mind. Obito and Shisui fucking him, again and again, before he completely lost control and assaulted the young Uchiha, resulting in a whipping session by Obito. Then Obito had fixed him onto a spreader and used him all night, fucking him open with his Kagebunshin. Kakashi barely remembered being fisted and then the feeling of two cocks inside him, stretching until it felt like he was going to tear apart. They had used his mouth as well and he suddenly felt the soreness in his throat again. Little by little all the pain returned and he had trouble breathing in Itachi's gentle hold.
The Uchiha had wrapped a blanket around his naked body and was carrying him bridal style towards his room.
"Why do you keep helping me, Itachi.", Kakashi mumbled, his voice raspy and heavy with exhaustion. The young Uchiha seemed taken aback by the question, avoiding eye contact.
"I- just like couldn't leave you in that room like that and Obito-sama said he wanted you to be fit for your first day at the academy tomorrow.", the young Uchiha said, giving Kakashi another compassionate smile. Kakashi felt a burst of warmth run through him as he remembered that he was going to see Iruka soon. The torture was over. He had survived and his reward was waiting only a few hours away. He almost felt tears gathering in his eyes at the thought of seeing his partner again. He needed the teacher to ground him after having felt lost and alone for so long. Kakashi closed his eyes again to daydream about his lover holding, comforting him.

He woke from his daydreams as Itachi slowly laid him down on his bed. Kakashi grunted as his body sank into the cold sheets.
"Thank you, Itachi.", he stuttered and smiled at the Uchiha. Itachi smiled back and put another blanket over his shivering body.
"I have had Shizune bandage you up and heal your wounds so you should feel better tomorrow, Kakashi.", Itachi said, his voice soft as silk, as his hand gently stroked Kakashi's side.
He didn't mind the affection Itachi was showing towards him. Just hoped that Obito would never find out and possibly beat both of them to a pulp. Itachi's gentle touch was a welcome change for Kakashi. He had become so used to being beaten and taken roughly that the soft and caring strokes on his thighs made him feel like he was floating, like it was something illegal. He had forgotten how good it felt to be cared for like that and couldn't wait for Iruka to shower him love like he had always done.

With pictures of Iruka's soft smile and gentle features in his mind he drifted off into sleep. His first one without nightmares since he had been locked up.


The first thing he did the next morning was to report to the hokage, as he had been told to do. Obito was emersed in a big pile of documents and Kakashi wondered if he had looked the same way when working on that desk, day in day out, reading special mission reports, stamping the hokage seal of approval on every second page or rethinking the entire economical structure of Konoha. He didn't envy him, it was a tediously boring job, but still miles better than what he currently did in the hokage tower.
"Are you still sore from yesterday, Kakashi.", Obito greeted him without looking up from the desk.
"As if you cared.", Kakashi spat, anger coiling in his stomach.
"Oh but I do, if I didn't you'd be tied up naked next to me all day and night. So don't disrespect me.", Obito looked up and shot a stern glare at him, that made Kakashi tense up.
"I'm sorry.", he swallowed.
"Good boy, you apologised.", Obito smiled and leaned back into his chair. Kakashi felt the air becoming lighter again and took a long breath.
"Why did you have me report to you, Obito-sama.", Kakashi asked, impatience gnawing at his thoughts.
"To make you understand the situation you are in, Kakashi.", Obito said intertwining his hands in front of his chest. "You still don't seem to grasp the extend of my kindness towards you."
Kakashi looked at him in confusion. Kindness? So rape was considered an act of kindness now.
"You talk about kindness, yet you rape me every day.", Kakashi said bluntly, interrupting Obito's flow of speech.
"It's your duty as my pet to obey, if you see that any other way than that's your opinion.", Obito growled, while Kakashi just stared in utter disbelieve, unable to say anything.
"I have been so much kinder to you than all of my previous pets, yet all you do is complain. If you can't take what I give you then you will choke on it, Kakashi.", Obito was standing now, leaning forward with his hands pressed onto the desk and an angry glow in his eyes.
"I will allow you to go to the academy to teach and meet your cute little boyfriend, but I'm not giving this to you for free. You will accept your place beside me and obey or I will crush that little piece of freedom I'm granting you and will drag you with me like a dog. Do you understand.", Obito's voice grew louder with each word until he shouted in a low growl that made Kakashi's knees weak.
This was blackmail, harsh unkind blackmail and Kakashi .
knew that he needed to agree to those terms or he would regret it more than anything that had happened in the last few weeks.
"Yes I understand, Obito-sama.", he croaked, pushing his hands deep into his pockets, almost tearing the fabric.
"Good, I'm glad we made a deal, Kakashi.", Obito smirked and sat back down, watching Kakashi intendly.
"Oh and don't worry, I don't care what you and that sensei do together. You are both pets after all and if your little relationship with him doesn't affect our relationship then I couldn't care less.", he said, picking up his pen again. Kakashi had resulted to staring blankly at the Uchiha again.
Their relationship? Obito thought of him as a partner?
He looked frozen and felt like it too. He is insane, he is completely mad. Thinks rape is a form of relationship.

He swallowed hard and tried to think of anything else than Obito using him like a whore. Trying to focus his mind on Iruka, only him, holding Kakashi and caressing his body.
I can actually be with Iruka again, he thought and wanted to jump with new found euphoria as the realisation hit him.
"Are you done staring? You are going to be late on your first day.", Obito woke him from his frozen state.
"Ah - yes ... um thank you, Obito-sama.", he stuttered and dashed out, throwing the door shut behind himself.
"Don't get in trouble-", Obito shouted after him but he was too far gone to hear, already hugging Iruka in his mind's eye.

Stepping out of the tower, he felt a huge amount of pressure release from his body, felt like he could breath again after drowning for three weeks. Chakra in his feet - the little amount he could mold without triggering the seal - he jumped over the roof tops of his village. The eerily silent streets from three weeks ago were more lively and warm and the big groups of Akatsuki patrolling the area had been reduced to a few shinobi in the standard black and white uniform, the same he was wearing. He was glad that the village looked somewhat normal and peaceful again. If he hadn't known about the Akatsuki's and the Uchiha's attack and his defeat, then he would have probably thought it was a prospering young village with a bright future. That's he wanted for Konoha. No more wars and children becoming soldiers for their country. If he had still been hokage, if he had managed to stop Obito that day, he would do anything right now to ensure that no child had to die for their country ever again.

On his way to the academy he got lost in thought, hoping he could find a way to end the Uchiha's rule and banish the clan back to the Land of Ome. The last time the Uchiha seaked refuge was during the third shinobi war, when groups of civilians fled the Land of Ome and asked Konoha for a place to stay. They had built their seperate little village on the edge of Konoha and became the first police force of the village. But no one trusted them, their reputation precedent them and they were being pushed into a corner by the other clans. Uchiha and Senjuu never stood eye to eye. There had always been differences and conflicts between the two, but after everything that had happened in the war and the bullying they had recieved from the village there was an uncomfortable unrest in the small outer part of Konoha where the Uchiha had resided. Everyone knew that they were planning something. Wether it was world domination or a peace offering, no one could have known. But a dark night in september sealed their fates forever, as from one minute to the next they had started slaughtering each other. Like wild animals they had erased their own clan from the map of Konoha in just a few minutes before a dreery silence had fallen over the once so lively Uchiha district. No one knew why it had happened and to this day everywhere ne suspected an inner conflict or a rebellion, but Kakashi thought otherwise, thought of it as a big experimental mind control technique that he knew the elders of Ome had been working on for years.
He had acquired one of their doujutsu, though it had been implanted in him to give Konoha a resource to counter the Uchiha's long feared attack - which thankfully had never come - he hoped he would never have to use it in this way. But now the had lost it there was nothing he could do to counter the Uchiha's Sharingan, especially when transformed into a Mangekyou Sharingan. He was helpless to watch them take everything he had from him - watch Obito tear him apart.

After a few minutes he had reached the academy and jumped down to the front entrance. He was fidgeting on the spot as he waited for Iruka to appear - he was to collect Kakashi at the front entrance every morning. Inside the building he felt all kinds of chakra swirling around and, gradually coming closer, Iruka's warm orange chakra stood out from the rest. As the door opened to reveal Iruka standing, smiling at him he almost crumbled to the floor.
"I-Iruka.-", he whispered and wrapped his hands around the teachers chest. He looked the same as he had done before - beautiful, warm, bright like the sun - just the uniform was new.
"Welcome to the academy, Kakashi.", Iruka said softly and pulled him closer, putting his head on the jounin's shoulder, while Kakashi whined and sobbed into him. The grip he hand on Iruka's shirt threatened to tear the flexible dark fabric as choked sobbs escaped Kakashi's lips. They just stood there, at the threshold releasing all of the stress, sorrow and guilt that had managed to built up in the last few weeks. Nothing matter to Kakashi in that moment. A stranger's stare or low mumble. Nothing. All he felt, heared, smelled and saw was Iruka. The warmth of his body around his. His heartbeat. The intoxicating smell of a lush green forest filling his nose. The wet grey of Iruka's chest plate where his face had been just a second ago, his eyes still blurry and glazed with tears. The chuunin was carefully strocking down Kakashi's back, drawing circles over his shoulder blades and running his fingers down his spine. Kakashi was panting from his outburst of emotion and the sensation of Iruka's hands around his body, melting into the touch as for the first time in what felt like forever Kakashi was letting himself relax, letting himself be held, wanting to be touched and cradled like a child.
"We should go inside, sweetheart.", Iruka gently lifted Kakashi's chin up, making their eyes meet, dark grey glowing onto umber brown. Kakashi couldn't speak, only nod as if he was too tired to think, just drifting in the smell and touch of his partner that he had been deprived of for so long - especially when he had needed him most.
Iruka took Kakashi by the hand guided him inside the academy. It was fairly quiet as they strolled down the halls of the big building towards Iruka's small office. The brunette lead them inside and closed the door behind him.
"We have two hours.", he said bluntly, impatience and anxiety tainting his silky voice. Kakashi was pushed against the wall before hands started running up and down his sides. A sudden coldness overcame him and he froze, despite Iruka's soft heated glare and warm hands on his hips. He couldn't move, couldn't breath. His hands hung limply by his side as his eyes shot open wide, memories flooding his mind like an overflowing dam. Iruka's soft features formed into the Uchiha's and his body tensed up, so much he thought he might turn to stone.
"K-Kakashi", he heard Iruka's voice somewhere in the back of his mind as Obito kept staring at him, smiling, licking his lips. "Kakashi... what's wrong?", Iruka's voice was nothing but a whisper in his ears as he only heard Obito growling in his mind.

"Come on, Kakashi take your clothes off. Be a good boy and obey. Let me take you real good. I will fuck you so hard you will feel my cock in throat, pet."

He shut his eyes squeezed them down until it hurt and turned his head to the side, whining quietly in suppressed fear. A part of him knew that it was not real, just a fabrication of his tormented mind, but that didn't make it any less terrifying.
"Hey, Kakashi can you hear me?", Iruka's voice was clearer now, more vibrant and close, and he could hear the worry and affection in his tone. Kakashi shook his head ever so slightly and tried to squeeze his eyes shut even more.
"What's your colour, Kakashi.", Iruka said softly having let go of his partner.
Kakashi shivered, his fists clenching and unclenching in a steady rhythm, fingernails digging into his palms.
"R-red.", he croaked, his voice quiet and ragged. "Please stop-", he cried quietly and pressed his back further onto the cold wall.

"You're so cute when you beg, pet."

"Kakashi, hey please look at me.", there was concern in Iruka's voice and Kakashi wanted to open his eyes, to do as Iruka asked him to, to make Iruka happy so they could both relax their tense bodies and collapse into each other in a tight hug, but he couldn't, fear was controlling  him, held him in a tight lock and he didn't dare to move against it.
"I ... can't.", a raspy, weak voice so unlike his own sounded from his mouth.

"Why can't you ... take us both, pet. Hm, we have stretched you enough, Kakashi."

"Why can't you look at me, sweetheart.", Iruka almost whinced and Kakashi felt something break inside him at the picture of Iruka's troubled, desperate look.
"No... not you... him", Kakashi whispered.
There was a sharp minute of silence before Iruka gently brushed Kakashi's hand, making him jump a little, but then opening his fist to open his hand to Iruka's.
"It's ok, sweetheart. He is not here. It's just you and me.", he felt Iruka take his hand in his.
"You can let go."
"I will catch you."
He will catch me. Iruka will catch me if I fall. He always does.
Slowly Kakashi took a few long deep breaths, concentrating on the way Iruka's thumb was stroking his wrist in soothing motions. He let himself sink that touch, forgetting everything else. The voices in his head went silent and eventually his eyes opened on their own accord, yearning for light. After blinking the pain and tears away he saw Iruka, only Iruka, looking at him with such beautiful big brown eyes, Kakashi thought he could get lost in their sincerity and kindness. "Iruka-", he stuttered weakly before letting go of the teachers hands to run his over Iruka's arms up to his partners shoulders. "I'm here for you Kakashi.", Iruka said and Kakashi finally let the last bit of tension leave his body, falling down into Iruka's arms with a low exhausted moan. 

After Iruka had held him for a few minutes Kakashi finally felt like himself again and he loosened his grip on the teacher. With a long sigh he parted from his partner and stretched his arms over his head.  "Thank you, Iruka ... for catching me.", he smiled softly under his mask while scratching the back of his head. "I told you, I will always catch you, Kakashi.", Iruka smiled back and led Kakashi by the hand over to the small couch that was standing in the darkest corner of the room - for quiet reading hours obviously. They had spent a lot of time on that couch before, reading, talking, laughing and occasionally love-making, but today it felt like the first time he had discovered it, laughing at Iruka for having such a tiny couch in his office, where two adults could barely fit. 
"Are you feeling better now?", Iruka asked as he sat down on the small couch, claiming Kakashi's right thigh. Kakashi shook his head, smiling through his mask. He really did feel better. After everything that had happened, all the emotions he had kept locked up inside, it felt liberating to have Iruka care for him and let those emotions bubble up and dissolve into nothing but blurs of the past.
"I love you, Iruka. I love you so much-", he felt his voice breaking again. "I don't know what I would have done, if they had-", he couldn't bring himself to finish that thought. Iruka took Kakashi's chin into his hand, tilting his head to lay it on the teachers shoulder.
"I love you too, Kakashi.", Iruka hummed, running his thumb over Kakashi's cheek. "When they attacked the academy and I couldn't feel your chakra anymore ... we just surrendered Kakashi. They would have killed the kids ... I couldn't ... I had to protect them.", there was so much pain in Iruka's voice, so much guilt that Kakashi thought it could crush them both.
"Don't blame yourself, Iruka. You did what you had to do protect your students and yourself. I'm the one who failed. I fell into a stupid trap. I should have been better than that.", guilt still loomed over his beaten form as he leaned further into Iruka's touch. It was his fault, all of it and every time he had tried to reason with himself, he came to that same conclusion again. He had failed everyone who believed in him, every single man, woman and child in Konoha. He had failed them all. Frankly he was too scared to be seen, wanted everyone to think he was dead and not some concubine for the mad Uchiha tyrant. Every Hokage before him had sacrificed himself to save the village, but him, what had he become. A silent echo of a shadow and he wished he had never taken that position. Wished Lady Tsunade had chosen someone more suitable to be worthy of that title. He should have died somewhere, on some dirty, bloody battlefield protecting the people he loved.
"Kakashi, sweatheart, look at me.", Iruka said firmly, lifting Kakashi's head up to meet his eyes. "None of this is your fault. No one blames you. They know you have done everything you could to protect the village.", the look on Iruka's face was hopeful, determined and Kakashi was lost for words.
"But I didn't, I-", he wanted to argue but Iruka cut him off.
"Yes, Kakashi you did and you are still doing it now.", Iruka reassuringly placed his hands Kakashi's shoulders.
"You are keeping that Uchiha in check, aren't you?", Kakashi was left staring as Iruka squeezed his shoulders gently.
"The first week was awful, the things they did... the people they k-", Iruka stopped to take a deep breath. "But the second week, when you got released from prison, it got better. The killing and everything stopped. That was because of you, you got him to spare us all, Kakashi.", Iruka gleamed at him with a bright smile on his face. Kakashi was frozen in place. Did he really have that much influence on the Uchiha? Or was he just his punching bag, a new form stress relief.
As long as Obito let the people of Konoha, his friends and family be he would endure it as best as his fractured mind and soul would let him. But now he needed Iruka, needed him as an outlet for his feelings, his shame and sorrow.
"He ... he makes me do things and ...", he took a deep staggering breath.",when I refuse ... he just beats me.", he felt his lungs constrict and his throat clench before a long sob erupted from his core. Fuck that bastard, he thought, grimacing as tears started streaming down his face.
"It's ok Kakashi, you are safe here.", Iruka held him close, murmuring soothing nonsense as he cried hot tears, cursing the Uchiha under his breath.

They stayed like this for a while, Iruka soothing his partner as he let his emotions roam freely, threatening to swallow him up. But it was enough, Iruka's touch and gentle voice was enough to keep him steady while the emotional turmoil from the last few weeks wrecked his body.


His arms were starting to ache, but he didn't want to wake Kakashi, who had finally after a solid thirty minutes of venting into Iruka's chest, fallen asleep in his hold. Whatever that Uchiha was doing to him was definitely worse than what Iruka was going through. His master even seemed kind compared to how Kakashi had described Obito. His blood was still boiling with rage towards that Uchiha, who had left his partner so broken, so lost. How dare this monster treat such a beautiful, loving man like Kakashi so cruelly, use him and discard him like a stained piece of cloth. Iruka wanted to kill him, make him experience the same pain he had inflicted on Kakashi, wanted to plunge his hand right through his chest and squash that little stone cold heart of his. Unconsciously he gripped Kakashi tighter, knuckles turning white as he stared at the tree outside the window, imagining that Uchiha's body hanging from it by his neck, blood dripping down into a dark puddle beneath him while his skin turned blue and then grey-
"Iruka?", Kakashi's soft wimper snapped him back into the moment. The silver-haired jounin was looking up at him, eyes still red from crying and a concerned thrown darkening his soft features (for a thirty-three year old he really did look awfully young even with most of his face covered by a black mask). Suddenly all the anger that had been building up in Iruka's chest disappeared and that well know and welcome feeling of soft warmth took it's place.
"I'm fine, Kakashi.", he said, answering the unspoken question lingering in the air.
"Just a little riled up after hearing everything that you have to go through.", he spoke absent-mindedly staring at the tree again. I will see that bastard hanging there and if it's the last thing I do.


Kakashi wasn't in the right state of mind to teach a class of pre-genin so Iruka let him get some much needed, curled up on the couch, covered in Iruka's blankets.
After getting lunch lunch with Iruka, slowly but surely feeling like himself again they reluctantly parted with a kiss, both feeling exhausted by this morning's events.

He made his way to the Hokage tower, through the streets this time, as his body felt tired and worn from the past few weeks. Passing familiar and new shops he watched how a new sense of normality had returned to the village. People were buying vegetables and fish at little stalls while kids played catch in the street and no one seemed to notice or look at him. It was like three years ago when his teammates had started training under the three sanin, leaving him to roam the streets alone, unseen. Despite his flashy appearance, wild silver hair, slender tall figure, no one would have noticed if he had removed his mask or even his shirt in the middle of the street. Everyone was busy with themselves and Kakashi felt content, knowing that everything seemed to go well, that maybe Iruka was right about his role in all of this.

Shisui was fidgeting like an excited child behind the desk next to Obito as Kakashi entered the Hokage's office with tiny bow and a reluctant Hokage-same.
"So how was the teaching, Kakashi?", Obito asked looking way to invested in the topic.
"I didn't get to it yet... there were a lot of organizational aspects to discuss, plus Iruka gave me the curriculum so I can come up with some jutsu excercise and training methods fitted for their age.", Kakashi said matter-of-factly and was thankful for Iruka having handed him some scrolls and the curriculum so he could actually work on his first lesson tomorrow.
"I see, that's a shame. .", Obito said leaning down into his chair and stretching his arms above his head.
"Now, Shisui.", he said pointedly at the young Uchiha next to him and suddenly Kakashi was reminded of the taste of cum and bedsheets as Shisui gave him a sideways look. Quickly he swallowed it down and let out a silent sigh, looking everywhere but at the handsome young Uchiha.
"You're going to take good care of Kakashi, while he shows you the village. I don't want you two to get into any trouble and for this you may touch him, but only if it's absolutely necessary to protect his life or your own. Understood?", Obito spoke, voice dull yet firm.
"Yes, Obito-sama. I will watch out for Kakashi-san.", Shisui bowed and slowly walked over to the slouching silver-haired jounin, hands in his pockets and face duller than usual as if he had just accepted a D-Rank mission - to escort a young horny idiot through his village.

They left the Hokage tower in silence. Only when they had walked about a hundred meters Shisui glanced at him and spoke.
"I'm sorry, Kakashi-san.", he was startled by Shisui's sudden need to apologise, keeping his eyes on the street beneath him.
"About last night-", Shisui started, but Kakashi cut him off almost immediately.
"Can we just get this over with.", he kept his eyes locked on the road while his hands forced themselves deeper into the pockets of his trousers.
"Ok, ... I just don't want you to hate me. I didn't know-", Shisui argued pleadingly but Kakashi stopped and grabbed him by the collar.
"Listen to me. I hate you and Obito and every single Akatsuki and Uchiha there is. So shut up and let's get over with this. I hate myself enough for helping you with this. I don't want to have to argue about last night too.", Kakashi said, his low voice sounding quite soothing if it weren't for the almost killing intent that lingered in his tone. He watched Shisui's eyes widen and turn red for a second before Kakashi let go of him and averted his gaze. The young Uchiha nodded and started walking again, occasionally throwing handsome young men looks. They walked in silence for a while, Kakashi leading Shisui through the main streets and a few smaller alleys before reaching the Naka river that flowed through the eastern part of Konoha. Fond memories returned to Kakashi as he watched the quiet waters flowing cleanly through the village, small fisher boats riding along the stream. This is where he had spent a few summer evenings with Iruka, holding hands while watching the sunset colour the sky in all shades of red and yellow. A quiet sigh escaped his masked lips and he felt Shisui leaning in closer.
"I heard you have a partner.", Shisui glanced over innocently.
"Could you tell me what it's like?", he asked and Kakashi frowned. He didn't want to tell him about Iruka. Didn't want to put Iruka in danger.
"What do you mean?", he spoke dully, still watching the steady stream of the river.
"I want to know what it's like to be in a relationship with someone.", Shisui paused, staring at his feet for a moment.
"Because I heard that before Madara-sama introduced the pet rules to the Land of Ome, people got married out of love and were in relationships where both parties were happy, but now everyone just gets pets and uses them however they want. I don't want that, what Obito-sama and you have. He loves you but you don't love him back. I want to bond with someone. I want to know what it feels like to love someone and be loved. There has to be-"

'Obito loves me?', he thought to himself, silently mouthing the question under his mask in distraught. Kakashi was frozen on the spot. Everything around him seemed like a blur. Shisui's voice, the groups of people around them, the chatter and laughter of children.
He hated how his suspicions had come true, how the looks Obito gave him weren't a fabrication of his broken, tired mind. The mad Uchiha leader apparently loved him.
"Kakashi?", Shisui tapped his shoulder, snapping him back into the moment. He staggered back a step before regaining his balance and shaking the dread and nausea from his body.
"I'm fine, Shisui.", Kakashi forced his eyes into soft crinkles, giving the Uchiha the best false smile that he could.
A small awkward smile formed on the young man's face before it turned back into a sagging frown while they continued walking.
"It's ok, if you're uncomfortable helping me. I know it's too much to ask-", Shisui cut himself off, lips shut tightly in a thin line on his smooth young face.

The look on Shisui's face made Kakashi stop and he regarded him for a second, his cold dark eyes glowing so softly all of a sudden. Despite his instincts telling him to keep away from the Uchiha and just finish this tedious task, he walked closer and slowly put his arms around the young man. Shisui didn't fight him and soon Kakashi was holding him in a warm embrace, letting his chakra go soft and gentle for a moment. For whatever reason he knew that Shisui had needed this and even though he hated the brat for what he had done to him, Kakashi couldn't suppress the compassion rising in his chest. The boy had probably never been hugged before, judging by how tense and startled he felt in Kakashi's arms. He didn't even move and if it weren't for the movement of his chest and the sound of his breathing in Kakashi's ear then one could have thought he had turned to stone. They stayed like this for a few seconds before Kakashi let go of Shisui and pulled away.
"I- why did you do that?", the young Uchiha looked flustered, his cheek painted in a faint pink.
He didn't know why. Was it just plain compassion or some weird fatherly instinct or something else entirely. He really was lost for an explanation so he said what in his mind sounded the most logical.
"You looked like you needed it.", he said and cursed himself for being so soft towards the young Uchiha. But Shisui's blush deepened and he seemed less tense than he had been a minute ago.
"Thank you, Kakashi.", Shisui said, clearing his throat.
"I think I have seen enough for today. Let's walk back to the tower.", he gave Kakashi a soft smile before taking him by the hand and the starting back north towards the Hokage tower, while Kakashi wondered if he had developed stockholm syndrom or been put under a genjutsu on their way home.


"Ah fuck yesss.", Obito moaned as he came onto Kakashi's bruised back.
Judging by the feeling of warm semen running down his spine, making him gag, he definitely didn't have stockholm syndrom and neither was this a genjutsu.
"You're still so stretched from yesterday. You feels so good.", the Uchiha slapped Kakashi's already sore ass and yanked him up.
"Now come and suck me off.", Obito turned Kakashi around and guided his head towards his flaccid cock.
The cum running down Kakashi's back made him want to be sick onto Obito's lentgh but he swallowed down the urge to throw up and started strocking the length with his hand before sliding it into his mouth.
Obito had taken him four times already that evening. The first time he hadn't even waited until Kakashi had taken off all of his clothes, pining him to the wall and fucking him almost dry. Then he had watched Kakashi slick up his abused hole for easier entry on the floor before using him again. The third time he had made Kakashi ride him while Obito was strocking Kakashi's cock making him cum wordlessly all over himself. The fourth time he had taken him from behind, as rough as ever.
And now Kakashi was sucking him off again. He doubted Shisui was right with what he had sound about him and Obito. How did this display of mere forced prostitution, qualify as love to anyone. No matter how sick in the head you had to be, this was not an act of love, at least not to Kakashi.
"You are getting really good at this, pet.", Obito praised, his hand fisted softly in Kakashi's hair, watching him take the length into his mouth.
"How many times have you cum for me tonight?", Obito pulled Kakashi's head back, the wet cock sliding out of his mouth as saliva dripped down Kakashi's chin.
"Four times, Obito-sama.", Kakashi said brokenly and was shoved back onto Obito's cock. He was not going to fight it anymore. They had made a deal and he would do anything to able to spend at least a few hours a day with Iruka. To take the Uchiha's anger and love upon himself to protect the village.
"Let's make it five then. Lay down on your back.", Obito said with a wanton smirk on his face. Kakashi tried to ignore the grimace and positioned himself on weak limbs on the bed, ready for Obito to use and fuck him again.
The Uchiha crawled up onto the bed and moved into his favourite spot - the warmth between Kakashi's legs. He leaned forward to pull Kakashi into a rough kiss before entering him in one smooth motion. He set a steady slow rhythm, nothing like his usual rough pounding and practically laid down on Kakashi, claiming every patch of skin on his body with his. Kakashi looked away, eyes staring at a white wall to avoid the Uchiha's possessive gaze.
"You like it when I go slow, right Kakashi?", Obito grabbed his chin, forcing him to look up at the Uchiha.
"Yes, Obito-sama.", he replied trying to hide his discomfort as best as he could.
"You're so beautiful, so obedient today. I'm so glad you're mine.", Obito kissed him again, softer this time but still possessive and leaving Kakashi no air to breath. When Obito pulled away again to leave rough kisses on his neck, Kakashi felt a short sense of relief as those dark eyes were no longer pining him down.
"Do you like having my cock inside you? Do you like it when I fuck you, Kakashi?", Obito whispered into Kakashi's ear and he froze momentarily at the question. Did he want Kakashi to like it? Was this how Obito assured himself that he actually loved him? After having already taken everything Kakashi had, his pride, his willpower, his body. What kind of sick game was he playing?
No, I don't like it when you rape me over and over again, is what he wanted to say, what he wanted to shout into this disgusting visage. But he knew better than to provoke or displease the Uchiha after every wound he had earned for disobedience or annoying the man. So he kept his act up and his mind blank, like that plane white ceiling above him and said what the Uchiha wanted to hear.
"Yes, Obito-sama.", he murmured between choked down moans.
"Touch me, Kakashi. Show me how much you want me.", Obito burried himself to the hilt inside him, waiting for Kakashi to give him what he wanted - full and utter obedience and possibly even a hint of love. This is a test, he thought. A test to see if I will still be his even when he let's me be with Iruka. To see if I keep my word.
He wouldn't ruin what he had already accomplished and deny the Uchiha what he wanted now. Obito had let him be with Iruka again, who could fix his broken soul after every night with that monster. He could put his broken pieces back together so why should he fight it now. Giving himself to Obito had become nothing more than work, like the very few honeypot missions he had done during his time in the ANBU. Iruka had helped him through it in the past so he could do it again.
It's just a mission. Just a mission. He will fix you again.
It took nearly all of his courage and willpower to give in and obey, the thought of Obito loving him still lingering in the back of his mind. His hands, trembling still, made their way up to Obito's shoulder, pulling him even closer, before he took a long shaky breath and started kissing the Uchiha's neck like he had been doing it to Kakashi. Obito hummed in appreciation and started moving his hips again, slowly thrusting in and out. Surprisingly he felt himself get hard again, but just longed for this to be over. His body was so overly sensitive to any form of touch after his fourtj orgasm he didn't even believe he could cum a fifth time, his exhaustion making his body feel like jelly. Yet he tried his best to run his hands over Obito's back and chest to satisfy the Uchiha. Maybe he will let him go after this one. Maybe he will let him return to his room so he could fall asleep and have Iruka comfort him the next day.
His hands clawed into Obito's shoulders as the Uchiha's thrusts gradually became faster and harder as he was reaching his climax. Kakashi's entire body was shaking, as he was being pounded into the mattress, to the noises of pleasure. He was burning up under the heat of Obito, couldn't keep his legs steady, just holding on to the Uchiha's shoulders for dear life as his fifth orgasm rushed through him like a bolt of lightning - he even barely felt himself release a little bit of lightning chakra through his hands.
"Fuuckkk-", his body went limp, limbs shaking uncontrollably as he blacked-out from the force of his release and the exhaustion.


The sight of Kakashi's hard orgasm sent him over the edge as well, the tight hole milking him as he released his load into the hot twitching mess under him. He had never fucked anyone into unconsciousness before, taking in the beautiful view in front him with a great sense of pride. It was in moments like that, that he really cherished the, in his opinion, greatest feature of the Sharingan. The possibility to record anything and play it back any time he wanted. It could even record noises and smell or to an extend his feelings in that moment. This new recording would get a special place in his mind with easy access.

He revelled in the heat of his unconscious partner a little longer before pulling out and laying down beside him. Obito scanned his slim sweaty alabaster body. Kakashi's damp silver hair stuck to his beautiful flushed face. His neck was riddled with Obito's marks, a few hickeys, a handprint and a few scratches. He watched Kakashi's chest rise and fall slowly with his breathing, with a slightly faded handprint directly over his heart, making Obito smile. Kakashi was his. He loved him. If the marks on his chest, slim waist and thighs weren't prove enough of that then the choker around Kakashi's throat with his name embroided on it would be a clear indicator.
His pet had been so obedient, so good tonight, he felt like a reward was due, but then he remembered their deal and thought it was enough reward in itself. He was skeptical at first about giving Kakashi this much freedom, but it had worked out far better than he could have ever imagined.
It seemed that Iruka-sensei had been right, Kakashi was stubborn and feisty, but when you took your time with him and offered him things in return, he came around pretty quickly. He really was self-less when it came to protecting the people close to him, so Obito would always have an advantage over him. He could always get him back if he tried to run or disobey. Even though a part inside of him was reluctant on using such methods, that part of himself really did love Kakashi in a way he had not loved any of his pets before. Frankly that feeling scared him, made him uncomfortable, because it demanded to spend more time with Kakashi, demanded to know more about him, to treat him well and show a closeness and care, that Obito was reluctant on giving to anyone.
Maybe he really had been poisened by the words of his grandfather.

A few minutes passed while he let his fingers dance over his pet's arms and chest, dipping it into the puddle of semen on his stomach and using it to draw lines on his still flushed and pink chest. His marks and the blush contrasted so beautifully with the alabaster white of his scarred skin.
After he had convinced himself that Kakashi really was sound asleep, he got up and stumbled over to the bathroom. Having five orgasms after another left him in a slightly weakened state too, but he didn't mind as he was still floating in the blissful memories of pleasuring his partner. After a quick shower he poked his head out of the bathroom to check if Kakashi was still there and couldn't help but smile as he saw him laying in that same position, hands to either side, legs still spread and his head turned to the left. He hummed to himself, went to dry off and put on a pair of fresh pyjamas. While dressing he contemplated leaving Kakashi like this, filled to the brim with his cum and coated in a layer of salty sweat, but he was in the mood to cuddle - had he really become this soft, but it was only normal to long for contact with a person one liked, right?
He got out two small fresh towels and let one soak in the sink for a few seconds, before walking over to the bed, where his lover slept peacefully. Forming the tiger handsign he created a shadow clone who lifted Kakashi up into a sitting position and held him there, while the real Obito used the wet towel to wipe his body, cleaning the sweat and cum off of his chest, back and face. Then he dried him with the other towel and repeated the same task on his legs and ass. The bedsheets looked positively disgusting where Kakashi had lain so he picked up his sleeping beauty while the clone replaced them. He was trembling in Obito's hands so he told the clone to get one of his spare shirts. It looked like a dress on Kakashi's lean figure, making Obito chuckle a little as he tucked him in before getting under the sheets himself. The clone was still there, watching the real Obito snuggle up behind Kakashi, spooning with him, before he was silently dispersed in a puff of smoke.
Obito hummed into Kakashi's neck, running his hands down his clothed chest and abs and suddenly realised that he knew little to nothing about this beautiful man who he was sharing his bed with. He had never had much of an interest in his pets but Kakashi was different. This man had been a Hokage and his body and face showed it. He was feistier than his previous pets and cared so deeply for his friends that Obito sometimes found jealousy rising in his chest - especially at the thought of that teacher spending more time than him with his love. In the next few days he would have someone check the pet registration files to find Umino Iruka's master. A talk needed to be held regarding rules and boundaries.
Kakashi had started moving again, taking Obito's hand in his and shuffling closer. Obito was practically glowing with affection, nuzzling him even more. He was overjoyed how Kakashi had turned his attitude towards him around so quickly.
"Mmm, I have missed you Iruka.", Kakashi hummed and Obito could barely hold back the anger from making his chakra flare wildly - he had killed countless of enemies with his rage-endused chakra, but now was hardly the moment for a battle, at least not one fought with jutsu and weapons.
"No, it's Obito, my love.", he put on a soothing voice as he gently squeezed Kakashi's hand and rubbed his back with his other hand. All of a sudden he felt Kakashi's muscles contract and tense up at his touch, making him frown - his previous pets really had been a lot less difficult to sway. The former hokage whinced at every little gentle touch, even though Obito tried his best to soothe him and make him feel good - which was way harder than he had expected, especially on his part. The curse of grandfather still gnawed at his soul and kept a part of him hidden, but in moments like these that part surface and breath again.
"Shhh, it's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, my love.", he spoke softly into his partner's neck, awaiting a response.
"Who are you.", Kakashi felt frozen but more relaxed than before and Obito chuckled lightly.
"I'm Obito, silly.", he hummed joyfully rubbing the back of Kakashi's hand with his thumb.
"But your-", Kakashi stuttered but Obito cut him off. He was exhausted and just wanted to rest with his partner in wrapped up in his arms.
"Shh Kakashi, it's fine. Let's just go to sleep.", he spoke softly nuzzling into Kakashi's neck again.
"Good night, Kakashi."
"Good night, Obito."
Slowly he drifted off into sleep with the calming smell of his lover in his nose.

Maybe he really was getting soft.

Chapter Text


Kakashi felt odd waking up in Obito's arms. It felt different than all those other times before. The air was clearer and Obito's touch was gentle and soft. It was so unlike the Uchiha leader that Kakashi wondered if it was actually him, who was almost lying atop of him right now. The Uchiha's chakra felt new, like it was from a completely different person. Obito's chakra always used to be dark and red, like a wildfire, but yesterday it was glowing ivory and bright like a lush green field after rainfall. Due to the chakra seal Kakashi wasn't able to feel the intensity or power of other people's chakra flow as well as he used to, but he was sure that he hadn't imagined the shift in the Uchiha's aura and demeanour, following his chakra transformation. He was unsure what to think of this new development.

The Uchiha was still pressing him into the mattress with half of his sleeping body as Kakashi decided that this was a great moment to leave and get himself ready to actually teach the young shinobi of Konoha - with Iruka on his side. He was lying prone and Obito had his right hand and leg draped over Kakashi's shoulders and thighs, effectively pinning him to the bed. As quietly as a former ANBU-turned-sensei-turned-hokage-turned-cocubine was able to, he removed himself from the bed and Obito to slowly walk towards the door, staying in the shadows of the morning sun.
Where did his clothes go? He checked the room but couldn't locate his uniform tights, underwear or chest-piece anywhere - especially his red ribbon had decided to disappear into nothingness, which would probably end badly for him again. He sighed in annoyance and defeat and after checking the door to find it locked - obviously with no key in sight - went to one of the windows to check the time. The sun hadn't quite crossed the line of buildings yet, so factoring in the month and season, he guessed it to be around six am. Another sigh escaped him as he sat down under the tall rectangular glass, leaning his head against the wall. The shirt he was wearing - presumably Obito's, because it was way too big for him - was warm against his skin as the cold morning breeze drifted in through the open windows, brushing past his naked legs. Could he escape now his captor was not vigilant - he could probably open the window, if there were no seals on it, and leap outside. But where would he go. Iruka had a master and his old flat was probably the home of an Uchiha or Akatsuki now. Worst of all, his body and mind were slowly getting used to his new position in life and he hated it for it. How could he ever be able to see this as just a daily routine. A cold shiver ran down his spine at the thought of retiring into Obito's bedroom. Would his body just not mind the rough sex anymore at some point while his mind either went insane or accepted or god forbid enjoyed it?
He hadn't felt this weak in a long time, even his arms - he had never seen himself as being quite muscular, despite how strong he was - looked thinner than before, his legs were not any better either. He eyed his hands for a little while, long pale fingers dancing in the warm early light throwing thin shadows onto the wall. With every passing day his body slowly started to slip away from him, feeling less and less like it belonged to him. He blamed it on his low chakra levels caused by the seal but knew that it real cause was right in this room. He had always known about the changes in his mental state and how it affected him, but it was one of the few things in his life that he had never had enough control over. He had always unconsciously relied on others to keep himself from drowning in a puddle of his own blood and tears. Every tragic incident or failure in his life only sunk him deeper and deeper into that puddle until at one point he had thought that the only way out was to actually drown, to silence the screams and voices in his head, to let the water muffle and drown them out. But Gai had found him in time and pulled him out, both mentally and physically - he had used black market chakra suppressants and cheap weights. The day after he had caught sight of Iruka for the first time. Iruka, who became the sun to his moon and who brought an end to his self-distructing behaviour caused by the angry voices of the past.
"You're so beautiful.", he snapped out of his thoughts as he saw Obito looking at him, propped up on the bed on his elbows. Kakashi hadn't noticed that he still had his hands raised in front of his chest, fingers suddenly twitching slightly. All he did was listen to his own breathing bringing him back into the present as Obito was suddenly sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Come here.", the Uchiha said patting his lap invitingly, his dark eyes glowing with something that Kakashi had trouble deciphering. He sighed silently and got up ungracefully. He hoped the Uchiha wouldn't want to have morning sex or make Kakashi suck him off. The soreness of last night still lingered in his body like a harsh tense memory.
"Should I get the lube, Obito-sama.", Kakashi said dully. If he was going to have to live through another coupling session with the Uchiha, he at least wanted to prepare himself thoroughly this time.
"No, we won't need that right now.", Obito smiled - and was that a genuine smile?
A weight fell off of Kakashi's shoulders and he let Obito guide him onto his lap. The Uchiha moved Kakashi's hands so they were wrapped around his neck, while pulling him closer. Kakashi intertwined his fingers behind Obito's back and kept his expression dull and bored. If the Uchiha leader wanted to touch him he wouldn't fight it. In the end it wasn't worth the scars. Obito let his hands glide up Kakashi's thighs and onto his hips, caressing his pale skin. Kakashi kept his gaze averted, fixing his eyes on the view through the window of Konoha's buildings in the morning sun. A strong breeze made the clothing racks on top of the roof of a small building shake and the white linen wave like flags of surrender. The shirt he was wearing was almost falling off of his shoulders as Obito moved a hand around Kakashi's chest while the other came up to rest on the back of his neck.
"You're getting thinner every day, Kakashi.", the Uchiha said, looking his body up and down. Kakashi tensed at the surprisingly strange comment coming from Obito. Why did he care all of a sudden?
He didn't reply or move, just kept his eyes on the buildings outside. Was he reading too much into Obito's sudden change in character? Maybe the Uchiha was getting tired of treating him like a dog? Just maybe there was a little flicker of kindness in those cold dark eyes.
A warm hand brushed over Kakashi's naked cheek and his head was turned around to come face to face with Obito's. Fingers trailed the line of his jaw and cheek bones before a thumb was placed on his lips. The Uchiha hummed as he traced the thin pink line of Kakashi's lower lip. He kept his eyes down, eyeing Obito's adam's apple, not daring to look into those dark orbs. No matter how gentle and caring the Uchiha was in rare moments like this, he had beaten and raped Kakashi multiple times. He was always expecting to be slapped, punched or manhandled harshly, even now that his master was treating him like a fine piece of porcelain, he wouldn't let his guard down. Not for this man, not ever.
"Look at me, Kakashi.", the Uchiha's voice was soft but he could hear the stern undertone in those words. Slowly, breath stopping and body tensing up, he let his eyes meet those of the Uchiha leader. There was a cold aura around the otherwise warm darkness of his pupils and his chakra was a mixture of green and red. Kakashi could feel the two different chakra signatures fighting for dominance inside of the Uchiha. A fire trying to burn down a rainforest.
Obito cupped Kakashi's face, hands moving slowly like he was a scared animal, and led him into a kiss. Thin pink lips met skightly fuller darker ones. It was short unspectacular and even kind, no harsh tongue breaching his mouth and dominating it. It felt so much like a lover's first kiss that Kakashi's mind went totally blank for a moment as it tried to put together the pieces that made up the man who could change his character as quickly as Kakashi ate his food.
"I'm not going to let you starve yourself. We will have lunch together today.", Obito said after breaking the kiss. Kakashi almost whinced at the idea of going out with the Uchiha as his pet on a metal leash.
"You can show me the village like you did with my subordinate.", said the Uchiha while running his hand through Kakashi's silver hair, letting the soft strands glide through his fingertips. Kakashi nodded quickly as he noticed that the Uchiha was awaiting a response. Obito hummed again, pulling Kakashi closer until their foreheads were touching.
"You're not like them. I didn't need them, but I need you.", Obito whispered, his eyes closed, facial features relaxed and the radiant green chakra suddenly sparkling around him like a feathery cloak. Kakashi swallowed hard, using what little chakra he could conjure up to try and mask his tension and ease the clump in his throat. Despite the soothing chakra that was radiating from Obito, he was so on edge, expecting the Uchiha to strike him at any moment that he could barely contain a loud whimper as those three words left the other's mouth.
I need you.
I need you.
Why in that moment did Obito remind Kakashi so much of himself when he had first felt the need to be with Iruka. That only Iruka would be able to understand him and the bags of guilt and sorrow he had carried with him all the time.
No this was different. Obito was nothing like him. He was a brutal masochist pervert that had shown almost no compassion or love towards anyone - except for Kakashi, in this very moment.
He thought he might be going insane. This is just a dream, he told himself. Just a dream.
But did he prefer it to be a dream. Did he prefer to wake up in his tiny room with Itachi tending to his wounds, readying him for another battle he had no intention of fighting.
This was better, healthier and calmer, but why did it unnerve him so much. Why couldn't he let the Uchiha give him a hint of love and care, even just a for a moment.
"Kakashi...", the Uchiha began, snapping him back into reality. "Before I go I need you to know that I didn't mean to hurt you. I. Don't. Want to hurt you."
"What?", Kakashi stuttered, unconsciously putting his hands on the other's shoulders and pushing him away.
"What the fuck d-", a choked sobbed erupted from his mouth as he tried to speak. He scrambled off of the Uchiha and stepped back until he hit the wall, creating as much distance between Obito and him as he could. The brunette didn't move, his elbows resting on top of his knees while he watched Kakashi carefully, his face contorted into a sad frown.
"I'm sorry, Kakashi.", the air around him became heavy as his breathing faultered and his eyes shot open wide. In a desperate attempt to get out of this genjutsu or dream or whatever the hell he was trapped in he formed the tiger handsign and tried to dispell it, tried to flee. "Kai.", he whispered over and over again until it seemed to blend into a single letter.
"I understand how you must feel but I-", Obito stopped and Kakashi felt his chakra change again, his eyes turning darker. Suddenly the Uchiha leapt forward, punching his fists into the wall to either side of Kakashi's face. He was shaking, felt his limbs go weak as the man in front of him pinned him with those dark eyes. Slowly the fury and coldness was returning to those black retina and Kakashi's urge to flee grew by every passing seconds. He had no time to think before a hand came down on his face. The power of the slap threw his head into the wall and made his vision blurry.
"Wake up, you need to go, pet.", Obito's voice had changed into the dark growl he had gotten so used to over the last few weeks.
"I-I'm s-sorry, Obito-sama.", why did he apologise? Kakashi was shaking all over as he let his head drop down.
"What are you apologising for?", Obito's tone faultered a little and he drew his hands back folding them in front of his chest.
"I just ... If I did anything- Ngh I-I don't know, Obito-sama.", he stuttered, but it was all his last few functioning braincells could come up with. Nothing mattered anymore. He just wanted to leave to be save somewhere that wasn't with the Uchiha. All rational thoughts left his mind, leaving the broken pieces of his current life behind.
Obey. Please him so you can go. It is just a missions. Iruka will put you back together.
"What's wrong, pet?", Obito frowned at him from a distance and Kakashi's head shot up, his hands waving around in a dismissive motion.
"Nothing. Nothing is wrong, Obito-sama. Um may I leave please."
Kakashi felt his heart beating into his ears, his face feeling puffy and hot while the rest of his body was cold and shivering. He grit his teeth and kept his head low again staring down at the Uchiha's bare feet that were walking closer, his hands hanging uselessly by his side. But a hand grabbed his hair and forced his head back up before his mouth was caught in a hungry kiss. The Uchiha literally sucked the air of his lungs and left him breathless and sore.
"Yeah, you can leave.", he smirked and Kakashi practically jumped towards the door, where his clothes laid neatly folded on a chair. He had his uniform on in mere seconds, finishing with tying the red ribbon around his left arm. There was movement behind him, but he didn't pay it any thought - there was nothing he hadn't already done or seen. As quick as the wind he was in the dark hallway, closing the door behind him and taking a long steadying breath, before heading towards his room. He had students waiting for him after all - and his beautiful boyfriend

Chapter Text

"Obito-kun, come Ojijan wants to speak with you.", his father said as he pushed him into the dimly-lit throne room. The red and white symbol of their Land painted on big pieces of cloth that were hanging from the ceiling, forming a path towards the big ominous throne that was clouded in darkness. He heard the door close behind him and a shudder ran down his back at the cold feeling that clouded the air all of a sudden.

"M-Madara-sama?",  he shivered and took a few tiny steps forward. 

"Grandson, you have grown.", a deep low voice echoed through the big room - the walls were higher than the highest tree, even the ceiling wasn't visible from the floor. He shuddered again as suddenly two glowing purple orbs were staring at him through the darkness. 
"Come, I have something to tell you.", the voice sounded like it was coming from his own mind, as he followed, his feet walking on their own towards the ever growing darkness with only those purple orbs guiding him. 
"Yes, Ojijan.", Obito said, his legs still moving on its own accord. He wasn't scared of the old man, he just had a lot of respect for how powerful his grandfather was. The sound of his footsteps stopped and he was only a few meters away from the menacing figure, his dark red armour now standing out from the blackness of the room and his old wrinkled pale face and body looking so lifeless slumped into that big chair.
"How old are you now, Obito-kun.", the old man shifted in his seat, his long grey hair waving with the motion.
"Sixteen, Madara-sama.", Obito put on a proud face as the old man studied him with his purple eyes, the lines on them spinning wildly.
"Seems like you are finally ready.", Madara said his gaze still fixed on Obito's young but muscular body, his arms littered with scars from all the battles he had won already. 
"Ready for what, Madara-sama?", Obito said, trying to hide his confused yet excited frown - though he knew the old man could literally see through him.
"For your final test.", the lord of the Uchiha clan stated, a gruesome smile forming on his grey wrinkled face. The lines on his forehead and under his eyes looked unnatural almost like streaks of paint as they moved with the rest.
"You will lead our clan after my eventual demise which draws sooner with every passing day, my son.", Obito was torn between feeling joy and pride or fear and dread as the old man continued. He knew this position wasn't easy to attain and even less so to maintain.
"There's one more condition you have to fullfill though.", the elder paused, eyeing Obito intensely, making his heart almost beat out of his chest and his legs nearly give way.
"Bring me the heart of the one you love.", Obito froze, biting his tongue and blood slowly filling his mouth. The irony taste lingered even after he had swallowed most of it down, his body still straight and unmoving.
How could he ever murder her?
"Why do I have to kill her, Madara-sama.", Obito finally asked, hands clenched into fists by his side. He watched his grandfather stand, looking so much more menacing and tall than he had when sitting down. The old man walked towards him out of the darkness, his two rinnegan glowing even in the light. Slowly he put the palm of his right hand onto Obito's chest, right above his heart.
"It's still too big Obito-kun. Your heart.", the old man stared at his wrinkled hand placed on Obito's chest, while the young Uchiha tried to suppress his fear with his chakra.
"There's not enough space to fit the responsibilities and darkness of this clan in there. It would feed on your love and destroy you from the inside. Bring me her heart and in exchange you will earn the soul of this clan.", Obito felt a drop of the old man's chakra enter his heart and before he could take another breath, a pain so harsh and unforgiving coursed through his body that he tumbled over, kneeling and clutching his chest while his screams of anguish echoed through the throne room. The pain felt like a snake eating away at his heart while a thousand ants bit his flesh, so that he was being eating from both the inside and the outside. His eyes were shut tightly but he still faintly felt tears running down his face wetting his pants besides the pain which engulfed his entire being.
After a few seconds that had felt like hours it suddenly stopped and took a few shaky breaths before standing again.
"This was just a sample, a hint of what awaits you if you come back empty-handed or try to fool me. Darkness means pain and suffering, but also power and strength.", the old man spoke hovering over Obito's panting form.
"Don't disappoint me, Obito-kun.", and with that he found himself outside, staring at the big doors to the throne room. His head spun and suddenly everything was upside down before his vision went black.

He awoke in his bed and judging by the position of the sun only an hour or so had passed. Slowly the memories of today's visit to the throne room started to bubble up and his body cramped as the aftershock of the pain cursed through, accompanied by a dreadful feeling of guilt and sorrow. He couldn't kill Rin for this. She was worth so much more than the throne.
He pulled himself together, determined to not accept the offer his grandfather had given him if it meant the death of his love, and he left his room heading towards the kitchen. There in the corner of the room, seated on the floor drinking tea was his mother, dressing in a casual yukata.
"Obito-kun, you're alright again. Thank kami.", she jumped up to pull him into a tight hug, her loose long black hair falling around them like a soft curtain.
"Okasan, I need to talk to you about something.", Obito splurted out. He had to get it off his chest, had to tell her what his grandfather wanted him to do. She released her hold of him and put her hands on his broad shoulders.
"What's wrong, Obito-kun?", her fibrant smile turned into a light frown.
Obito took a deep breath, hands fidgeting by his sides, before he spoke.
"Jijan wants me to take his place ... and ... but I have to kill Rin ...", he almost choked on that thought but kept his eyes stoicly on her's all the while.
"I can't murder her.", he held back a whine and watched his mother's face contort into something soft and compassionate.
"It's ok Obito. I know that it's hard but you're last child of the main family. Only you can awaken the Rinnegan.", she paused and Obito was lost for words. Did his mother actually believe that Rin was nothing more than a sacrifice for their clan? Was this all there was to it. At this rate the pain and suffering would never end.
"If your father were still alive, he wouldn't hesitate-", he cut her off.
"Not hesitate to kill you, Okasan!?", he shouted, his hands clawing at his mother's yukata.
"Why are you fine with this? How can just accept it like that? I-", his knuckles on his hands turned white as the grip he had on his mother's yukata threatened to tear the dark piece of cloth into two.
"I would have done it for you, Obito. For the new generation to get a chance at righting the wrongs of our generation and the ones before. It's a small price to pay to ensure the future of our entire clan in this cursed shinobi world we live in.", her eyes were glowing bright red but her soft features hadn't change. Obito saw the determination and authority in them and finally let go of her yukata. She was right. This land desperately needed change after everything his grandfather had done. Many were suffering from the ongoing conflicts between the clans and the great four elementar nations were keeping a close eye on everything that transpired in the Land of Ome. They all wanted the Uchiha gone, wanted to erase the Sharingan from this earth. Obito still didn't understand why their clan deserved such hatred and spite, when all the other nations did was watch. No one had ever come to visit them, to engage with the people of the Land of Ome. Most of them were ordinary, peaceful villagers and lovely people to be around. Obito even frequently found himself helping out the elderly with their shopping or assist them at work, in exchange for baked goods or a light lunch.

This land needed change, but Obito was unsure about his role in all of this.

"No one will judge you for it Obito-kun.", his mother broke their intellectual silence.
"She will understand. She will accept her vital role in this just like I would have done.", his mother pulled him closer, her long dark falling around them again as she rested her head on his shoulder.
"You can do it, Obito. I believe in you."
Sacrifice her for the Land of Ome.


A few weeks passed as Obito spent as much time with Rin as he could. He knew that he would have to kill her before his grandfather took it upon himself to force Obito into that position. He had no choice really. Madara would only take him as the heir to their dubious thrown.
So once he realised that he needed to act, before he would fall for his love any further - adore her too much as to not be able to end her life - his plan stood. He was going to disguise himself as a raider and attack her during a mission, effectively killing her - and ripping her heart out to show it to Madara, but he didn't want to think about that part of his mission yet. So on a silent night in mid november he stalked her quietly as she made her way to one of the small villages at the border of the Land of Ome. Every cell in his body shivered at the thought of what he was going to do, but with the help of a little chakra he dulled down his emotions to be able to concentrate on the task. He didn't want to fail or even leave her alive but crippled.
Once she had stopped to set up Obito's mission began and readied his katana to strike.

Quickly with no mind to the messy footprints he was leaving on the path, he sprinted towards the thrown room. His left hand was holding the warm bleeding heart of his dead love and his right one gripping the katana that had cut it out of her limp body. His mind was blank. All he saw red through his endlessly spinning Sharingan and the new shape it had changed into.

He didn't look down at the cold flesh in his hand when he offered it to his grandfather. Didn't flinch when Madara squeeze it's red thick liquid into his palm. There was nothing. Just like he had been told, his heart was empty while the Uchiha leader drew thick red lines along his arms and a single one straight down his face.
"You did well.", the old man said and formed a series of handsigns that was too fast for Obito to see.
"You have earned this. Take good care of our clan and finish what I started, Uchiha Obito.", and with that he pressed his palms together in front of his chest, igniting a bright red light around him, wind streaming out from the floor as his Rinnegan lit up and a red glow formed a halo around him. Obito watched with wide open eyes and trembling limbs as a crimson glowing hand reached for his heart while two purple glowing fingers aimed for his forehead. He tried to breath, but there was no air in the room and as his grandfather's hands were on him, time seemed to stop and he didn't need to breathe anymore.
A second stretched into eternity and before he could blink he was falling, fast and into nothingness as his entire being was rebuilding itself a thousand times over. Names he had never heard before seemed strangely familiar echoing from every corner of the darkness. Memories that were not his burned themselves into his mind until it was so full he thought his head might explode. Then there was pain and only pain, bending his back backwards and throwing his arms up to his sides as he knelt on the floor while coldness, nothingness and darkness filled his heart until it turned black. He gasped and screamed, at least he thought he did and maybe he convulsed on the floor or started bleeding out of his eyes, mouth and nose, but maybe he didn't. He couldn't tell when every second there was a new sort of pain and new kind of ache that he had forgotten what the last second had felt like. The thought of death didn't cross his mind, because to him he was already dead, wherever he was at this point.
Then he did throw up and squeeze his eyes shut to force the tears back down. The feeling of the floor under his fingertips seemed familiar and his breathing had jump started again. After another wave of nausea he opened his eyes. There was a bright light shining through the ceiling of the thrown room, blinding him momentarily. He had been so used to the darkness that all of a sudden that light made him squirm. Then his vision cleared and his eyes fell upon the last remains of his grandfather, a wrinkled frail body lying in front of him, covered in the green glowing liquid that had left Obito's body. He looked pathetic, defeated and Obito didn't spare him another look. There was a nagging urge to fix that whole in his room and make an announcement. But the roof came first, that light was giving him a headache.

Everyone had seemed to have taken it well. His inauguration had been a big celebration across the Land, festivals and other attractions had been organised for the biggest party in the last one hundred years. He liked how they all cheered and applauded him for simply being. His old bullies and traitors cowered at his feet, pleading and begging, but he basked in those sounds just for a moment before he raised his hand and their heads were rolling down the street - food for the animals.
In a matter of hours he had become more powerful than all of those puny Kage and the heads of the lower clans. Ome was his land now and he could do with it how he pleased.
Until the council of elders chimed in and he was finding himself, more than once a week, sitting at the long table listening to proposals or hearing disapproval at his own suggestions.
This was not what his grandfather would have wanted.
Additionally the fighting between the clans had started to affect the national economy and politics. Everyone was taking about a war and rumours were spreading far beyond their borders. So after his scouts had discovered that two of the other bigger clans in Ome were gearing up, he had his army prepare for war. Two days later a spy from the Hyuga was discovered in their closest ranks and Obito had him executed in front of his tower, the Uchiha tower.
Mere hours later their katana clashed together on the battlefield in a wild wirlwind mess of Katon Jutsu and Taijutsu blows.
Two weeks into the war the Hyuga had been reduced to tiny division that had been supported by the smaller clans and shinobi from the five great nations.
Obito snarled as he saw the hitai-ate on their heads. He was going to burn each one of them on a big fire once they had secured their victory.
His shinobi army was still mostly intact. He had witnessed Izanagi being used a few times by his people but they were still standing, still fighting for their Land.
The fighting stretched through many parts of the Land of Ome. He was leading his battalion to where the third Hokage had been spotted when he came across a battelfield. There were scorch marks everywhere on the trees and floor and the faint sounds of fighting nearby. Wanting see his shinobi striking down the enemy he took a little detour through the trees.
There were five of his shinobi fighting three Konoha-nin. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until one of the enemies sported a glowing red Sharingan. Obito was furious at how Konoha had stolen from them. How dare they take what's theirs and use it against them. That silver-haired shinobi was brave to fight an Uchiha with their own weapons.
He watched for a while, analysing the shinobi's strengths and weaknesses. His chakra reserves seemed to be his downfall so the Konoha-nin was panting and exhausted he told two of his shinobi that had been patiently waiting behind him, to take him alive, because Obito might have had found his new pet in him.
The weeks went by and finally the the clans surrendered. War was over and Obito, for the first in what had felt forever, had slept through the night.
The weakened clans signed all of their lands over to the Uchiha. He had succeeded in what his grandfather had been failing to do for a hundred years and the voices that had plagued him had finally stopped.

It had taken two years to rebuild what had been destroyed during the war period. He had closed off the borders as his hate for the Five Great Nations still burned deeply inside of him. Not a single Leaf or Mist or Sand shinobi had been allowed entry while he planned his revenge, his takeover of those weak nations.
One day a group of missing-nin had approached him. They called themselves the Akatsuki and seemed very invested in helping him succeed with his plan to take over. Like him they had wanted the Five Great Nations gone, to erase the borders and make it a single Nation, without betrayal and conflict as long as Obito would be in power.
Another two years had passed and he felt the watchful eyes of the elders burning into his skull. He hadn't needed them, ever. They were a council of old, wrinkled stone faces that should have been twice over now. But for some reason they wouldn't die. Obito put up with them as best as he could though the constant stress took a toll on his mood and energy resources. More than he had wanted to he found himself sitting in the thrown room in complete darkness meditating, trying to clear his mind. On a particularly bad day he had decided that he was going to make use of his grandfather's pet law. So he walked the streets of his village looking for someone that could take his edge off, could serve him and obey his orders - things that elders never seemed to quite understand. He came home frustrated for five nights in a row. There just was not a woman or man that he had liked. No matter how many brothels he had visited and how many whores he made his pets, none seemed to be able to ease his mind. Usually he ended up beating them to death after they disrespected him and his orders, one or two had ended their own lives - but he hadn't practically cared for them anyway. After six months the slowly decaying bodies of his previous outside of his mansion had become an eyesore and he had had them burried in a big whole in a burned down forest. They had been at times a lovely distraction, but he had had to turn his attention back to his plan, back to his Nation and his revenge.

Another six months later his plan had stood and the Akatsuki were his ace in the silent battle that was to come. They would use an old techique of chakra binding and sealing to make the five Kage powerless and in turn take over, sealing everyone's powers who would refuse to fight for them.
His first objective was the Land of Fire's capital, Konohagakure.


The night was cold and dark, but he felt a great warmth all around him. The big chair in the Hokage's office was a lot more comfortable than he had imagined. Just as the Hokage himself had been a lot easier to defeat than he had thought. The second he had laid eyes on that messy silver hair he had known, had recognized the figure. But it had been quite disappointing to see the shinobi had lost the Sharingan he had stolen. Obito would have loved to face off against a thief wielding his own power. But he had other plans for the old Hokage. Finally he had found the first man he had wanted to make his pet, wanted to own. His grandfather would be proud.

That night he fell asleep in the chair in his new office, guarded by two of the Akatsuki and two of his strongest shinobi, Itachi and Fugaku. The morning sun felt warm and soft on his face, which was odd considering his aversion to light that had developed after his last meeting with his grandfather. Maybe this was a sign that he had done well, had fullfilled their ancestors wishes and hopes and dreams. His other forces had most likely already killed or thrown the other Kage into prison, just like he had locked the Hokage away - for now. His limbs ached as he stood up, stretching his arms over his head. The view from the office was beautiful as the morning light grazed over the buildings like a fine knife, leaving harsh shadows on the streets. Konoha was a very pretty village, at least less gloomy than the Uchiha capital, Oagu.
In a weeks time he had transformed the streets. The new flags of their joined Nations hung from every important building. He had even given the Hokage tower, his tower a make-over as well. The black and white stripes made the big round building even more menacing which he absolutely loved.
The shinobi that had agreed to work for him - which had been very few - had been granted excess to weapons and were allowed to have their chakra. Obito had them watched though. He had to sure they wouldn't just turn on him.
The rest had had their chakra sealed, some completely, others still had access to a tiny bit - the teachers had to be able to teach the children Jutsu after all, though he employed many of his own shinobi in that field.
The Akatsuki had made quick work of the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. They had wanted the Biju for some unknown reason and Obito would have killed him anyway - he had reminded him too much of his past, which was unnerving.
The ANBU had been the biggest problem though, as they had not been allowed to betray their village and the ones who had agreed to his terms had found a quick death by a secret seal that had placed in their back teeth. After that the ANBU had been erased in a matter of seconds. There was no point in employing a ticking time bomb.

The first week had passed quickly and on the first day of his second week in power, Hidoi, the prison guard reported Hatake Kakashi's status to him.
"He is meditating all day and the woman in the cell next to him has healed his wounds.", Hidoi said, like the bored, fed up young man that he was. Obito considered for a moment, if it would be wise to move the silverette to his quarters so soon, but he had already been waiting for over four years so his patience was ... well minimal.
"If he can walk and talk then bring him to me.", he ordered and watched Hidoi saunter outside through the big new door with a quick bow. That boy really was hopelessly useless anyway outside of a prison - at least in there he could let out his violent nature.
Obito smirked to himself, leaning back into his chair. Somehow he felt lighter, like a weight had lifted from his heart. 
His representatives in each village were doing great work at keeping the people in check and the economy running, giving the villagers new jobs or expanding in different fields. Everything was going perfectly and now he would finally after such a long wait, be able to claim the pet of his dreams.
Of course he would have to be harsh and brutal to break him, he had been a Hokage after all. But the anticipation of seeing and feeling him made shivers run down his spine and his fingers tingle. All of that trouble had been worth it in the end and his reward was being escorted to his office right this moment.

He would be sure to enjoy him thoroughly.