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Kinktober Day 22 - Guided Mastubation/ Crying 


Bobby usually makes Eddie and Buck with edging, instead they turn the tables on him, guiding him throughout the date with various toys, ending with him getting fucked over the desk, Eddie in his ass, Buck in his mouth and they make him cry with the need to come. 


Captain Robert Nash was usually the one in charge, but sometimes he wasn't. He loved ceding control over to his boys, Evan Buckley and Eddie Diaz. He wakes up, and realizes that today was going to be one of the days, because he had a ball gag in his mouth and Buck was fucking him roughly. His ass red, probably from Eddie's hands, with bruises forming on his hips from where they had been fucking him. 


Bobby tried to move but that had him tied to a spreader bar, so he immediately knew that he was gonna have to do paperwork today during their shift. He wonders how long Buck has been fucking him, the young man had the stamina to abuse his hole, not to mention Eddie must have already fucked him or is waiting. 


He is just ready and open for their taking. He foresees a plug, a jockstrap and a bag full of toys, and possibly the fucking machine they have hidden. They will make him cook for the firehouse with a vibrating plug, or something else. 


Bobby may be older, but he's also fertile as hell, and with Christopher, and their most recent addition, a lovely two year old girl Samantha, whom Eddie carried. Sammy was an oops child, but the three of them didn't care. Eddie was insatiable for most of his pregnancy, and Bobby now wanted to carry their child. 


Apparently today was the day they were gonna try but leave it up to Bobby to do all the hard work. Buck would be next, possibly Eddie again but this was Bobby's one chance of having a kid of his own. He doesn't know how he was lucky enough to have two other male carriers in a relationship with him, but here he is. 


Athena and Elaine were so happy together, but were content with Athena's kids, but Bobby misses his children. Christopher is a great big brother, and loves all three of his dads. Sammy was definitely a mixture of Buck and Eddie, with Buck's hair and eyes but Eddie's complexion. SHe already had all three of them and the entire firehouse wrapped around her finger. 


He feels Buck orgasms inside him, because he hears it. Buck groans, hips going in as deep as they can. "Just so you know, Bobby, you aren't coming at all today. Today is about us, and seeing how good you can be for your boys." Eddie says, rubbing his ass and spanking it again. 


Bobby moans behind his gag, when Buck takes his cock out of Bobby, and Eddie replaces him. "I can't get enough of you, Bobby. You are ours," Eddie says, pressing his fingers to the bruises he made earlier. The thrusts hit his prostate, and tears begin forming in his eyes, because it's obvious that he's been used for awhile. 


He feels the cum and lube in his ass mixing as Eddie pushes it deeper and just rails him, going rough and hard until he cums, moaning. Bobby's cock is hard and leaking, but he always requires more stimulation to come, and he knows that the orgasm at the end will be worth it. Eddie slips out, cum following and the gag muffled the whine he makes. 


A wide and long plug is inserted into him, and the fire captain already knows that it's a vibrating one. They probably won't turn it on until they get to work. Eddie smacks his ass again, when he is left there, hole plugged and spread for the taking. 


Bobby sees they have a few hours until they have to go to work, and he won't be able to clean himself except for washing his front. The plug is turned on low, probably while Buck and Eddie shower, while he waits for them to unlock the restraints. "You be good while we clean ourselves. Don't want to have to spank you again," Eddie says, before exiting the room to the bathroom where Bobby hears the shower running. 


The vibrations go higher, making him groan behind the gag which was making him drool. He realizes that they must have fucked his throat a little because its a little sore. The shower turns off, and he sees the two men kiss and dry each other, before they look at him. He knows he looks debauched, with a plug and a gag, cock leaking onto the towel beneath him. 


Buck sits next to Bobby's head, still naked. "Eddie and I will pack your bag. In a few minutes, we are gonna untie you. That plug will stay in til we get to work. From there, we will replace the plug with another one, while you cook. Then… we are gonna set up the fucking machine. You're going to ride that for a bit. We have a few other surprises too." 


"Before you go to work, you're gonna warm Eddie's and my cocks since Christopher and Sammy are at school and the daycare. No underwear today, it's up to you to keep out cum in." Eddie says, squeezing his ass. "At the end of the day, you will be fucked over desk, one of us in your mouth, and the other in your ass. Also at some point, you will be taking both of us." 


Bobby moans, when they unlock his legs from the spreader bar, when Eddie plays with the plug. Buck takes off the ball gag,and strokes Bobby's face. "Come here," he says softly, pulling Bobby up to him, kissing him deeply. Eddie crowded behind him, nips at his neck when he hands Buck something. 


Strong hand start tweaking his nipples, making them hard and swollen. Bobby realizes what they have are nipple clamps. "If you're gonna have a kid, gotta make sure your nipples can handle the milk." 


The first clamp goes on, then the second, and he sees the love on Buck's face and feels Eddie's. Eddie had produced so much milk that he pumped often, but his nipples could make him come postpartum. 


Bobby warms their cocks with his mouth and his ass, getting hand fed aphrodisiacs. They arrive at work, nipple clamps still on, but not visible. He brings his bag to the locker room, must to his displeasure because they would see the plug and clamps. Truth be told, he's made the boys do the same thing, and he kinda enjoys how he's being claimed. 


"Looks like you have a nice paperwork day ahead of you, Cap," Howard "Chimney" Han says, his gum snapping in the mouth. 


Bobby knows he looks ravished, so he nods, and ties his boot, making the plug sit right on his prostate. Hen wanders in, takes a look at him and smirks. "Boys decide it's pay back time?" 


Bobby sighs and nods. He loves Eddie and Buck, but when they get like this, they are evil. "Good luck, Cap. You need it." 


The two friends walk out, chattering away. As he walks to his office, the plug starts vibrating again so he waddles to his office where Buck and Eddie are waiting on the sofa. Beside them are various toys, and he sits the fucking machine set up, this time in a chair. 


Buck pats his lap, so he takes off his pants, and lays across both of them. Head near Buck's half hard dick, and his torso across Eddie's. Buck unzips his pants, so Bobby takes the cock in his mouth, as Eddie spanks him more, adding to the redness, and playing with the plug. He takes it out and takes out a wider one. 


"Go ahead and make breakfast, and if we get a call, you will have to deal. Otherwise, you're gonna sit on the machine and allow it to fuck you. I want you to be at a point of tears where you'll beg anyone who comes through the door to make you come. But you can't."


Fingers played with his gaping hole, before the wider plug is inserted into him. Eddie spanks his hole a few times, when he's allowed up and dressed. "Ok, Captain, time to cook all of us breakfast." 


He walks with dignity to the kitchen, plug shifting, filling and widening his hole. He takes out ingredients, and cooks well aware of the butt plug in him. When he sit down, he jerks because now sitting that makes the plug sit against his prostate. 


Edde smirks and mouth, ride it slowly before resuming eating. Bobby shifts, and eats, hips having a mind of their own. They clear the table and the bells rings for a medical call, which means Hen and Chimney will take charge. 


The truck hits potholes, making him hard and desperate for a cock. They arrive back at the station, and Bobby runs to the office, Buck and Eddie right after him. They don't lock the door, and smirk. 


"Stroke your cock, baby. For the next few months, we control that. Your pleasure is ours, until you are round with our baby." Bobby takes his dick out, and stroke its at Eddie's command while Buck digs around for another toys. He comes up with anal beads. "Go faster, make you get your head, yes that's it. Keep going and show me how much you want the next toy." 


Bobby strokes his cock, precome making the slide slick, and he thumbs at the frenulum and he moans unabashingly. "Stop."


He stops, cock hard and red, leaking like crazy. "Show us your hole, Captain." 


Bobby leans his forearms on the couch, widening his stance so the plug is visible. "We are gonna fuck you at the same time soon, but you are going to be working out with these.. inside you." 


Eddie removes his plug, his hole gaping. Buck takes the anal beads, and sinks them in one by one. Buck has had them in him, same with Eddie but this is Bobby's first time and it feels amazing. 


The last bead is inserted, so Buck helps him stand up and oh boy, he's full. The beads move inside him as he walks, when Buck takes off his nipple clamps, mouthing at his full and harden nipples. 


They had two calls back to back after the beads go in, and the ride to the calls make it interesting. Bobby walks as straight as he can, and doesn't feel relief when he sits down, the bumps making them move more. 


The three of them were used to public sex acts, and he's barely out of the trunk, when Eddie pushes him face first into his seat of the firetruck, and yanks his turnout pants down, when Buck hands him the lube. 


They take the beads out one by one, and but the time the last one pops out, he's shaking with need. A cock breaches him, and Eddie takes him in the middle of the floor roughly. He comes, and catches his breath. Buck is next and the blonde holds him down while he adds to Eddie's cum inside him. 


Buck empties into him, and slips from his hole, putting the cum back inside, when the anal beads make the appearance again, and they slip them in him. A smack on his ass signals they are done, so Bobby dresses himself, not even caring his crew see him get claimed by his boyfriends. Hell half of them knew they were trying for another kid. 


It's lunch time, so he prepared lunch for his team. Buck and Eddie look at each other, gathering their plates and Bobby's heading to his office. They get there, and place the food on his desk. "Strip. Time to sit at your desk." 


Buck commanded his attention so he stripped, when they stop him. "First though, we want you to pleasure yourself. Take the beads out one by one." 


He has been hard all morning, and the beads weren't helping his need for an orgasm. He grab the string and starts pulling them out slowly, one by one. "Stroke your cock, baby. Show us how badly you want to come."


The two men were evil, and somehow Bobby thinks them being in charge was going to be a regular occurence. Not that he minded, everyone knew they were together. He stroked his cock, and continued to pull out the beads, the pleasure mind numbing. 


"Don't come. Make yourself stop," Buck commands, when Bobby squeezed the base of his dick, holding off his impending orgasm. He almost sobs with the need to come, when he's starting to get to the bigger beads, eyes rolling back in pleasure. "Such a good captain, listening to men who are breeding him." 


The last bead pops out, and his body is wired to come. He has no idea how he is going to last on the fucking machine and concentrate on the paperwork he needs to do. The cum is trickling out of him, so he shows his hole to his partners, who hum in agreement. "You need to be filled, go ahead and sit on the machine, baby." 


Eddie was the more evil of the two, so Bobby walks over and straddles the chair, sinking down on the big dildo, his hole more than stretched to accommodate it. "We know you have some phone conferences, so just sit there and enjoy it fucking the cum back into you." 


The boys leave, as Bobby takes out the paperwork, looking at the computer. There are cameras in his office, only for their eyes, one at his hole, the other on his face. The fucking machine starts off slow, just a gentle grind just to remind him what he's sitting on. 


His phone rings and he answers it, "Captain Bobby Nash." 


"Well, Captain, it seems that you need to ride the dildo a little more, and while you do that, stroke yourself. Then hold off on your orgasm." Buck says, in his ear a little breathy. Grunts are heard, and Eddie moans, signally Buck is fucking him. "Remember we can see you." 


Bobby does exactly what Buck says, because if he doesn't, the machine will ramp up and he will come. When Bobby is fully seated on the chair, Buck tells him to stop, and the machine ramps up a bit, making him moan when Buck hangs up. He looks at the time and realizes that he has a phone call with public affairs, and realizes why Buck did this. 


His phone buzzes with text - Your hole is so stretched around it baby. You'll be ready to take both of us in no time. 


Suddenly someone knocks, and he tries to school his face in something that isn't horny and a fire marshal enters. Bobby coughs when the speed ramps up in his ass, covering it with his hand when the Fire Marshal Hanja stops at the doorway. 


"Sorry, I'm feeling a little under the weather. You might want to come back another day," Bobby says, making himself sound stuffy. And when I'm not getting fucked within an inch of my life 


"Yeah, I'll just email you what we need," Hanja says, turning and shutting the door quickly. He sighs in relief, when it becomes a slow and steady pace inside him. His phone rings, and his conference call begins, when his phone vibrates again, this time a photo of his hole stretched around Buck's cock earlier that day. 


Bobby is leaking, and he just wants to come but he wants to come on his boy's dicks when the machine just starts pounding him. Buck and Eddie enter, belts undone, dicks peeking out the top. He whimpers from the stimulation, tears gathering in his eyes as he wishes to come. 


"Please… oh God, please fuck me so I can come!" Bobby cries, hands gripping his desk hard as the dildo continues to assail his prostate. Eddie moves the chair with Bobby on it, so he can kneel, feeling how loose Bobby is. 


The older man resists the urge to cry with desperation, his own bladder making itself known, spreading his legs so they see his red and puffy hole. "I was being good, please fuck me and fill me up. Please?" 


"He always tells us we beg so pretty, but so does he. We should make sure this happens more often," Eddie muses, stopping the machines, but leaving Bobby impaled on the dildo. "Think others would like to fuck him? Show them how much they appreciate him and his leadership?" 


"Hmmm, I think they might. But after he's pregnant." Buck agrees, pulling down his pants, cock springing free. "I didn't come in Eddie, I'm saving it for you." 


They pull out his cot, and put some blankets on it, when Buck lays back, long legs on either side. Eddie helps Bobby off the dildo, and he is empty for the first time since he went to bed last night. "Once we come, you can come. Then you will have the plug in for the rest of the shift." 


"Anal beads were fun. We need to do those again," Bobby mentioned, as he's being directed to straddle Buck, and sinks down on the large cock. They sigh in relief, when Eddie is behind him, entering his slack hole along Buck. 


It has been awhile since he had taken both of them, but it felt like heaven when he was seated on both of them, splitting him open. They thrust in opposite of each other, creating double the sensation when Eddie starts fucking him hard, while Buck goes slow. It drives him crazy, when Buck joins in on the hard and fast fucking. All he can do is moan loudly, when Eddie wraps his hand around his neck, shushing him. In unison, Buck and Eddie come deep inside him. Buck wraps his hand around his cock and he comes in three strokes all over Buck's abdomen. 


Eddie slips out first, fingers pushing the insane amount of cum back in him. "Clean your mess up off Buck, Bobby." 


Bobby moves, wobbly and licks his own come from Buck's chest and abs before cleaning his cock. Eddie moves to the side, and he cleans his cock too. "Buck is gonna cook dinner, and you're gonna warm my cock." 


Bobby nods, when the big plug from earlier is put into him, when Buck gets dressed. "I'll make sure no one disturbs you. Make sure he's dressed when you come out to the loft," Buck says, before kissing Bobby and Eddie. "He can warm your cock on your lap at dinner. He deserves a reward for being so good for us today." 


Eddie sits on the sofa, legs wide allowing Bobby to fit his cock in his mouth, and lay his head against his thigh. He zones out when Buck comes back, and tell them dinner is ready. Eddie dresses him, with nothing under his pants and the plug removed, cum flowing, staining his trousers. 


He is unzipped and pants pulled down as they get to the table, sitting down on Eddie's half hard cock, while Buck feeds him. No one blinks an eye at them, going about their business. He switches from Eddie to Buck, who bounces him a little, but grows hard inside Bobby's sloppy hole. 


The bell rings and he's forced to go out on a call, cum running down his thighs. They get back to the station, and he's getting face fucked by his two boys. 


Suddenly it's time to go home, and Christopher is with Athena and Elaine, a sleepover with Harry, so Bobby is naked, getting fucked twice more before they shower. Buck is the one who sheathes his cock in Bobby's hole for the night. 


Bobby is pregnant two months later, results of the day of sex toys. After that shift, Bobby was strapped to the bed, and just fucked all day by the two men or the bigger fucking machine. 10 months later, they have a son with Buck's blue eyes and Bobby's nose, named Justin. 


Bobby takes 6 months off, complications from the birth keeping him out longer, so he spends time with his son, daughter and step son. Because of the complications, he's not able to have any more kids, but Eddie and Buck were discussing who would carry next. 


That didn't mean that family took their kids for playdates, and his husbands would do the same things to him. Bobby learned he loves being taken apart by them and they made all the decisions for him, which he loved. He finally went to back to work when Justin was 7 months old, Captain Cooper wishing him good luck and they settled into a routine. 


He loves fucking his men, but mostly he loves their dicks. He also admitted that he didn't want to father another kid, Justin being enough for him, so Buck got pregnant next with Eddie's child 2 years after Justin was born, giving birth to another girl, Jasmina, who was a miniature of Eddie. 


He retires after their fifth kid, not being able to be away from all of them, so he becomes the stay at home dad, and takes care of Eddie when he gets pregnant again. Out of all of them, Eddie had the easiest pregnancies, and they added another girl to the bunch, Hope. They were officially done after Hope, but that didn't stop them from fucking like bunnies, with Bobby usually the one who was tied up and used. 


After all, he may have been the captain but Eddie and Buck now run that ship. His ass definitely knows it and so does his heart.