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It had become a normal occurrence, Korn showing up at Wai's place of work. Most times, Wai was able to have someone else serve him, but there were other times when he was forced to talk to that absolute douche of a man. Tonight is one of those times. But Wai considers himself to be a professional, so he takes a deep breath and puts on a fake smile, walking over to Korn's table.

Before he can even make it all the way over there, Korn is throwing insults in his direction. "Look who it is! My favorite asshole."

Wai wants to counter that with a simple "The feeling's mutual", but instead he clicks his tongue and asks, "What do you want to order?"

Korn chuckles. "I don't even get a 'hello'? How rude."

Wai rolls his eyes. "Can we get this over with so I can go back over to my nice little corner over there to finish fucking your mom?"

Wai notices how this throws Korn for a loop. The look on his face is absolutely priceless.

"Your regular?" Wai continues.

Korn pushes his tongue against the inside of his cheek, eyeing Wai suspiciously. "You know my regular?"

"I'm a good employee," Wai speaks, spitting the words at Korn like poison. "You should take notes. Do you even have a job or do you just mooch off your rich friends like they're your sugar daddies?"

Korn's lips turn up into a smirk. "You would know about those, huh."

Wai's amusement quickly dissipates. "Your regular coming right up." He spins on his heel and marches back into the kitchen. 

It doesn't take much for Korn to annoy Wai. He always likes to teeter on the line of Wai's sanity. Korn knows just the things to rile him up.

He just has to get through tonight then he'll be Korn-free...until their next bullshit encounter, which seems to be becoming more often.

Wai returns to Korn's table with his regular drink, setting it in front of him, perhaps a little more forcefully than allowed. He starts to walk away, but Korn catches him by the arm, pulling him into the seat next to his.

"Let's chat."

Wai blinks, staring Korn directly in the face. They've never been this close without punches being thrown. "Why?"

"I don't like when people walk away from me," Korn speaks, leaning back in his chair. "And I've never known you as one to back down from trash talk."

Wai's face remains unchanging. "This is my job. I don't have time for your antics." He tries to stand up but is dragged right back down into the seat. Wai groans in annoyance. "Korn, seriously. I don't have time for this."

There's a momentary pause and Wai notices the slight fluctuation in Korn's facial expression. 

"How about after you get off work?"

Wai blinks, taken aback. "You want to wait for me to get off work to...throw insults back and forth?"

Korn raises an eyebrow. "Don't you like insulting me? Isn't it more fun when no one else is around?" Korn smirks. "Or do you like that?"

Wai finds himself swallowing thickly without thinking. "This isn't a game..."

Korn chuckles. "Isn't it? Why do we fight?"

And again, Wai finds himself at a loss for words. "Because it's--"

"Fun?" Korn finishes for him.

"I was gonna say because it's just how we are," Wai corrects. "We're enemies."

"Who said we had to be enemies?" Korn asks.

At this, Wai stands up out of his chair. "I don't know what you're trying to imply, Korn, but I need to get back to work." There's that fluctuation again. Wai wonders what he keeps saying to cause that. "I hate you. Nothing's going to change that."

He walks away, but can still feel Korn's eyes on him the entire way back to the kitchen.


Wai closes the place down, throwing chairs onto the tables and turning lights out. He grabs his keys and walks outside, sliding the keys into the door's keyhole and turning it until the door clicks locked.

As soon as he turns around, his body is grabbed and pulled into the nearby alleyway. His back hits the wall and two arms cage him in. Wai looks up into the eyes of a familiar enemy.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Wai tries to push at Korn's chest, but he doesn't budge.

"I told you," Korn speaks lowly. "I don't like when people walk away from me."

"What is your problem?" Wai exclaims, pushing at his shoulders this time as he starts to slightly panic. What is going through Korn's head right now? "Are you trying to start a fight?"

"Do you want to fight me?" Korn asks.

"Stop answering my questions with a question!" Wai shouts. "What has gotten into you today?"

Korn leans in, their noses brushing. Wai can feel Korn's hot breath on his lips, causing him to gulp.

"Punch me," Korn challenges. "If you want to fight me, then just do it. I'm right here, vulnerable, in front of you."

Wai blinks. He doesn't look very vulnerable. Korn is towering over him. He feels so small. If anything, Wai is sure that he's the one that looks vulnerable right now.

"You're drunk," Wai whispers.

Korn lets out an amused breath. Again, it hits Wai's lips harshly. His heart beats faster. "I'm not. I barely drank anything."

"Then why--"

"Hit. Me."

The words come out so harshly, Wai can barely stand. He didn't know standing so close to Korn could zap the confidence right out of him. He knows he's trembling, so in an attempt to hide it, he does as commanded and throws a punch, aiming for Korn's face. Korn immediately grabs Wai's fist with one of his hands and grips it tightly. Wai throws the other one, Korn trapping that one as well.

Korn smirks and everything happens all at once. Wai's hands are being pinned against the wall and Korn's teeth are digging into his neck harshly. Wai yelps, using his shoulder to shove Korn's face out of his neck.

"What the fuck?" Wai exclaims, absolutely horrified, not only with the situation they're in but with the way it sent chills through his entire body. He didn't know he could react that way to something so aggressive.

Korn's smirking face is getting on Wai's nerves.

"Let me go," Wai glares deep into his eyes.

Korn raises an eyebrow. "Beg me."

Wai's eyes widen. "Korn, what--"

Korn's eyes darken. "You say my name a lot."

Wai blinks an irregular amount, taken completely aback by the comment. Wai knows exactly where this is going. He starts to struggle again, trying to get his hands free.

"If you want me to let you go," he speaks slowly, "then you're going to have to beg me."

"Korn, this isn't funny," his name slips easily from his lips again. This time, Wai notices it and his eyes go wide. 

Korn smirks. "You're catching on." Korn steps closer, aligning his lower body with Wai's, one of his legs in between Wai's, grazing against his groin. Wai pushes himself as far back against the wall as possible.

"I hate you," Wai mutters, but he can feel the electricity lighting him up all of a sudden.

Korn growls, lowering his head into Wai's neck again and licking a stripe up the skin there, all the way up to his ear. Wai finds himself tilting his head to the side in pleasure. He's trying his hardest to suppress any and all noises from escaping his lips. Korn bites down on Wai's earlobe.

"Why are you doing this?" Wai manages to get out.

Korn detaches his teeth from Wai's earlobe but remains right where he is. "Because you frustrate me," he whispers into his ear.

Wai shivers.

"And I think you like it," Korn finishes. He pulls back slightly, their nose brushing. Korn eyes Wai's lips, licking his lips. "I love the way you fight me. Your words are always so...dirty."

Wai swallows. "So are yours." He knows this isn't normal, but he's stopped struggling. Something has changed in the way Korn looks at him and it's making Wai go crazy. The dominance Korn is exuding is quickly bringing him to his knees.

"Those kinds of words shouldn't come out of such a pretty mouth," Korn whispers, still eyeing Wai's lips.

Their lips are so close if one of them just leaned in the slightest bit...

But Korn pulls away, dropping Wai's hands and stepping back.

Wai stumbles forward, unknowingly chasing after Korn. Korn smirks. "I knew you liked it."

Wai bites down on his bottom lip, feeling awkward. Korn steps forward, reaching out to press his thumb against his chin, pulling his lip from between his teeth. 

All of a sudden, Korn's lips are on his and he's being pressed against the wall once more. Except this time, he's responding willingly. Wai's hands come up Korn's chest and wrap around his shoulders, one hand gripping onto his hair harshly. Korn groans against his lips. Their lips move together passionately, tongues tangling and teeth clashing.

Korn's hands slide around to the small of Wai's back, tugging him even closer. Wai moans as their lower bodies grind together. Korn moves their bodies slowly, mouth-wateringly slow. Wai drops his head back, disconnecting their lips as pleasure courses through him. Korn takes to opportunity to kiss down Wai's neck.

"Fuck, Korn," Wai moans as their hips collide again.

Korn growls, grazing his teeth against Wai's neck in the same spot where he bit down before.

Wai lets out a shaky breath. He definitely has ammunition against Korn now. His name can be used like a weapon.

Korn sucks a nice, deep hickey onto Wai's neck, making Wai hiss. Their lower bodies grind sensually again and Wai can feel his tipping point arriving very quickly. He lets out a shaky moan, soft enough to be a whisper, but Korn hears it.

"You kill me," he whispers, pulling back and slamming his lips back onto Wai's parted ones.

"That sounds like a--" Korn interrupts him with another kiss, "--personal problem."

Korn bites down on Wai's bottom lip, dragging it down and letting it pop back in place. Wai can barely hold himself together, he's starting to see white. Their bodies collide again. Korn just pulls back and watches Wai's face closely as his mouth opens in ecstasy, his eyes starting to close.

"Look at me, look at me," Korn speaks quickly.

Wai opens his eyes and looks directly into Korn's, their pace picking up as Korn rocks into him even more harshly. Wai squeaks out a few more moans before starting to jerk against Korn's movements. Korn slows down, smiling cheekily.

Wai lets out a shaky breath. "That was..."

Korn shakes his head and shushes him. "Don't ruin what just happened."

Wai rolls his eyes. "You always know how to zap me right out of the moment."

Korn chuckles. "And right into it, too, apparently."

He leans forward, pressing a kiss to Wai's jaw. When he pulls away he whispers, "Call me," then walks away.

That asshole.