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The air is still warm as the sun sinks behind the mountains, and Hiromasa climbs the path up the side of Mt. Oe—alone, for once, looking to ask Shuten Douji some questions without the others around. He can feel the little spirits of the mountain nearby, but they don't offer him any hassles. They don't want trouble. They're happy to leave an onmyoji alone.

But then at the next bend in the road, a group of oni step out of the trees. Hiromasa doesn't know any of them by name but he might have seen them in various battles or gatherings on the mountain, taller than men and more muscular, dressed just enough to preserve their modesty but showing off markings and jewelry that adorn their raw-boned frames.

"I'm here to see your leaders," Hiromasa says. "Let me pass."

There's a chorus of low, threatening laughter. "Let you pass, onmyoji? Let you just walk into our home to have an easy shot at attacking our boss? ...Not that it would do you any good."

"I'm not here to attack him," Hiromasa protests.

"If we allowed just anyone who wanted to come marching up the mountain to bother Shuten Douji, our king would have no peace," says a clear, light voice, and Hoshiguma Douji steps into the torchlight between two of the oni. "You'll have to prove yourself if you wish to advance." Hiromasa reaches for his bow and Hoshiguma shakes his head. "That maybe the Minamoto Clan's way of answering challenges, Master Hiromasa, but you've learned other skills, haven't you?"

Hiromasa's cheeks get hot and he hopes his blush isn't visible in the low light. This is is so much like his most embarrassing fantasies, the ones where the monsters are too overwhelming to resist, the ones he's never dared admit to... No, wait. That last banquet on Mt. Oe, he knows he had too much of the demons' sake, and when he woke up he was sure he'd said too much to someone but he couldn't remember it clearly....

He wipes his hands on his hakama. "Speak plainly, Hoshiguma Douji. You know who I am. If you would still have me prove my intent, then tell me how."

Hoshiguma's little foxlike smile grows wider. "Offer up those pretty holes of yours to satisfy oni cock."

The heat plummets to the pit of Hiromasa's stomach and bursts, like the splash of a stone hitting a pond. He's immediately achingly hard, and from the pleased way Hoshiguma rocks on his heels he's almost certain he did admit to this in a drunken moment of indiscretion. The oni are spreading out around him, hemming him in as if he might try to flee.

Like hell he's going to turn tail and run from this. "You'd better be able to show me a good time, then," he says, looking from one oni to another—the fangs, the glowing eyes, the raw power. His heart pounds as he unslings his bow and quiver. "Mount Oe's hospitality should make the boss proud."

"Don't you worry about that," one of the oni says as he steps forward. Blue skinned, with a necklace of bones ringing his throat, and he palms the bulge in his pants as he speaks. "We've got plenty here to keep you happy."

Youkai are created in many ways, but almost all of them share one thing in common: some wish or desire gives them form. When humans become oni, it's the strength of some appetite that drives them: for liquor, for battle... for sex. Hiromasa shivers, looking up to meet the oni's eyes as he sinks to his knees. "Show me."

The oni pulls his cock free, a thick, blunt-headed shaft that he rubs against Hiromasa's lips. "Open up for me, onmyoji."

Hiromasa does, licking the head and then stretching his lips wide around it, fighting the urge to squirm—he shouldn't be doing this, servicing a youkai, an oni no less, bartering with his body to sate those appetites—but that's exactly what makes his heart beat faster and his cock throb. He can taste the oni's spirit force, less powerful than some of the youkai he's encountered but so close, so intensely present, it's dizzying all the same.

"There, he does know what he's doing, doesn't he?" one of the other oni says as Hiromasa works that thick shaft deeper. "Should see if he's trained up so well at the other end too."

Hiromasa makes a sound of outrage that he only half means, so it's just as well that it's muffled by the cock filling his mouth. They're going to take him, use him, fuck him until he's satisfied them all.

"Treat those carefully," Hoshiguma says as rough hands start pulling at Hiromasa's clothes. "That's a fine gift you're unwrapping, and it wouldn't do to tear his expensive robes."

"Course not, Master Hoshiguma," says the oni who's stripping Hiromasa bare, and no matter how needy and hard his grip is on Hiromasa's body, he is perfectly careful disrobing him. Being stripped bare in front of them all is another thing he shouldn't want, so much vulnerability, so much exposure—they can all see now that he's hard for having his mouth fucked and for the promise that his ass will be too.

Broad hands spread Hiromasa's asscheeks, putting him even more on display. "Mmm, look at that cute little hole."

"Some of us want to do more than look," another oni says. "Fuck him or get out of the way, asshole!"

The one holding Hiromasa laughs. He lets go, only to press his slick cock to Hiromasa's hole a moment later. He pushes without any warning, without waiting, and Hiromasa makes a helpless sound of shock and alarm at how big it feels, how much and how fast it stretches his rim open.

Before he can react any more, before he can try to slow them down, the oni using his mouth takes a solid grip on his hair and thrusts deep, taking advantage of the way his moans open his throat to shove that fat cock into it. It's too much, making Hiromasa's throat work reflexively and tears spring to his eyes, but the oni has staked a claim and doesn't pull out and that sense of too much feels good. When the other one fills his ass just as deeply, it takes only a few hard strokes rubbing against his prostate before he can't resist them and comes, spilling onto the ground beneath him.

The other oni cheer and applaud. "Look at that," someone says, "I think we found what the onmyoji came here looking for!"

Hiromasa moans a protest but he knows none of them would listen. The oni behind him has wrapped clawed hands around his hips to fuck steadily into his ass, thick and hot and heavy. The one in front of him is still holding tight to his ponytail, keeping his mouth and throat filled. The ache of oversensitivity fades as he's fucked through it, and his cock never really flags, bouncing between his thighs with every deep thrust pushing into him.

The one using his mouth reaches down with the other hand to wrap around Hiromasa's throat, making him realize just how swollen it is from the thick cock filling it. The oni strokes Hiromasa's throat, steadily, in rhythm with the other one fucking his ass, and groans with pleasure. He's jerking himself off, Hiromasa thinks. Jerking himself off using Hiromasa's throat as a cocksleeve. That shouldn't be so hot but it has Hiromasa's cock dripping, already so ready to go again.

"Missed your calling in life, didn't you, onmyoji?" asks the oni fucking his ass. "Pretty face and greedy holes, could have been a concubine for one of the great youkai."

Hiromasa whines, and the hand around his throat squeezes just slightly. "Yeah, he fucking loves that idea, feel that? Gonna get him off again." That hand speeds up, the oni's breath ragged and quick.

When he comes, all Hiromasa can feel is the pulsing of his cock and then the spreading warmth of his load filling Hiromasa's belly. The spirit force in it makes Hiromasa reel, energized and only more needy.

The oni pulls out of his mouth, leaving him gasping—half relieved to be released and half sorry to have that luscious cock gone. "Please," he manages, his voice raw.

"Not yet," Hoshiguma says when one of the other oni takes a step toward him.

"Why not?" Hiromasa demands.

"So I can get you moved when Kuma's done with you," Hoshiguma says as if it's obvious. "I want a better angle to watch."

Hiromasa swears hoarsely.

"Come on, pretty boy," Kuma growls behind him, "wanna feel you milk the come out of me." He reaches around and squeezes Hiromasa's cock, barely stroking it before he gets what he wants and Hiromasa is clenching down hard around the thickness of his shaft. Again the demons applaud, cheering for him being so undone by their cocks, and he flushes with embarrassed pleasure.

Kuma pumps him full of seed with a snarl of triumph, another hot surge of intoxicating spirit force washing through him. Hiromasa wobbles and slumps to the ground when Kuma pulls out, trying to catch his breath.

But this isn't the end, not by a long shot. The other oni grab him and pull him up, dragging him over to a low, flat rock that Hoshiguma points out. One of them pulls off a pelt he'd been wearing as a cape and spreads it over the rock before they lay Hiromasa out on top of it, on his back, big hands spreading his legs wide and holding his arms down.

Another oni steps up to rub the head of his cock against Hiromasa's come-slick hole. It's a threat and a tease both, for a moment, and then he pushes and Hiromasa groans.

"There, that's much better," Hoshiguma says. He perches on the edge of the rock and reaches out to stroke the bulge that forms as the oni's full length slides in. "Makes it much easier to see if you're up for the challenge of entertaining our lords."

The new oni has set a slow, rolling pace that makes it feel like he plans to fuck Hiromasa all night. "Bring it on," Hiromasa gasps anyway. "I can take this and I can take them too."

"That's what I'm hoping for." Hoshiguma beckons and another oni steps up, pulling Hiromasa's head back so his mouth has to fall open and pushing another fat cock between his lips. Hiromasa moans as it slides over his tongue.

He'll get to Shuten Douji, all right. But he has to admit the detour is exciting.