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Something to Write About

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It started when, of all people, Helisma approached the Inquisitor with a complaint ready on her lips. Shocking though that event was already, her normally stoic face was slightly pinched at the corners of her eyes; her mouth dipped downward. More so than her even wanting to complain about something, it was the sight of her being displeased at all that was so startling. Inquisitor Trevelyan found himself at a loss for words, and hardly able to pay attention to what she was saying until he came across the words, "cats" and "Dorian," following each other and he knew he had to back up.

"Wait..." he put up his hands, shaking his head. "I'm sorry. I wasn't listening. Say that again?"

Helisma sighed. It amazed him how patient she was, as she then very carefully restated it all. "There are five cats roaming around the library, and they are interfering with my research. I think you should consult Dorian about them."

Ruen Trevelyan stared at her for the span of two minutes. "...cats," he slowly said.

"Yes. Cats, Inquisitor. That is what I said."

"Yes, I know, but..." ...cats? He looked at her for a moment more. Cats?

Helisma sighed again, the same sigh as before. "They are small, furry creatures pertaining to the mammal family. Their diet consists of-"

"-yes, yes, thank you. I'm aware of what a cat is. It's just..." Ruen shook his head, still baffled. "How did we get them...?"

"That is why I think you should consult Dorian."

Ruen wasn't exactly sure he wanted to know where the cats came from. It's not as if the small things could just wander inside Skyhold. It was a fortified fortress, for Andraste's sake-practically out in the middle of nowhere. And yes, while they had quite good trade and many carts leaving to and from them every day, he highly doubts that five cats would just be stowing away in one of them to hop out as soon as they got there. Devilish beasts he knew they could be, they weren't organized like that.

"Dorian...?" Ruen called as he walked up the stairs to the library. He peeked out of the stairway, but the mage was nowhere to be seen.

He came up to the landing and peered around. Hm.

There came a clatter from the rookery above, and a shout, and shit—he had a feeling he knew where Dorian was, then. Cats. The library. The rookery. Of course. That couldn't bode well. He raced up the next pair of stairs, trying not to swear too much under his breath—Andraste forgive him—and when he reached the rookery he looked up just in time to duck under a crow that was wildly seeking escape.

"Dorian Pavus, you take care of those little monsters right this instant!"

Oh, shit.

Ruen looked up and saw the Tevinter mage cradling three little furballs—one tucked in the elbow of his right arm, the other in his left, and the third clawing onto his shoulder, mewing with fear as he held it in place with his hand. "They're—they're not monsters, Leliana—!"

"They're about to make dinner out of my crows!" The spymaster shouted, waving a hand. "That makes them monstrous enough! Now, go on! Get them out of here!"

"But—but I have nowhere else to put them—they're supposed to be wonderful for libraries—"

Just as Leliana's mouth opened to retort, Ruen decided to skip inbetween them quickly, grinning nervously. "Friends! Hello! Yes, um—let's just—calm down, and…talk this over nice and civilly..."

Both parties looked entirely too relieved to see their Inquisitor. Leliana sighed, closing her eyes briefly. All the tension in her face wiped away instantly and Dorian, on the other hand, lit up, immediately blurting out before either of them could say another word, "Inquisitor! So good to see you—you see, I was going to come talk to you about this. I seem to have—er—I may have accidentally, sort of adopted five cats."

Leliana rubbed at her forehead, sighing softly. Ruen felt like doing much the same. "Yes, okay, about that…Dorian, can I ask why—"


One of the scouts shouted out in warning, and all three persons turned to watch a small calico tabby pawing curiously towards the floorless circle in the center of the room. Ruen's heart nearly leaped out of his chest and he darted forward for the small thing, quickly swiping it up before it could fall over the edge and cause other disastrous harm—to itself and others.

He held the kitten curled towards his chest, and felt its small ribs under his fingers. It was so soft and so delicate, and once he heard the mewing, small paws clawing at the front of his shirt, in one instant he knew why Dorian had somehow, "accidentally" adopted five of them.

There was something…adorable about them. He walked back up to the other two, curious. "That's…four. Where's the fifth one?"

Dorian chuckled. "Probably crawling up the back of my left leg. He tends to do that, for some odd reason. He probably thinks I'm wearing curtains instead of actual clothes. Ha!"

Leliana and Ruen shared a look that read, I won't tell him if you don't.

"Anyway, regardless," Dorian spoke up, clearing his throat. "We have five cats, now. Evidently, the library is not a fit place for them, so we need to find another place where they can stay where they won't be a danger to anyone—or themselves."

Leliana crossed her arms over her chest. Ruen sighed softly. "Dorian, Skyhold isn't a place for pets. I don't know where you think we can keep them, but—"

"We can find somewhere…" Dorian muttered, nearly pouting. "Come now, Inquisitor. Haven't you always wanted a pet?"

Ruen wasn't about to say "yes" even though the answer to that question was most definitely a "yes." He baited his breath, trying not to be drawn into the trap. He better go around it, just to be safe.


Leliana's eyes snapped to his and Ruen began to sweat nervously. Fortunately, he was saved from having to say a word when a small poof sounded behind them, and there was a quiet, softspoken voice saying, "…I know where they can stay."

"Cole!" Ruen spun around, relief coloring his voice, his face. Gosh, but he had never been happier to see the spirit. "That's great! Where did you have in mind?"

The mages in the tower at first were uncertain of what to think. But soon, however, the cats became a delight and a welcome addition to their study quarters, despite the new fur the mage robes quickly became decorated with. They were spoiled, did not go without love, and the mages who were so far from home quickly enjoyed the comfort a purring companion could give.

They were also quickly named. Sparky for his love of watching young mages practice lightning spells, Pillow for her tendency to sleep on the mages', well, pillows, Scoundrel for getting into troubling positions relentlessly such as climbing up the back of people's legs, Kittenquisitor because one of the mages thought they were being particularly clever and Dorian Jr. for…other obvious reasons (namely a certain Tevinter mage believed since he was the reason they have the kittens, one should be named in his honor).

Quickly, the kittens enfolded themselves in the daily business of Skyhold. They made a home for themselves, making a space in the hearts of the Inquisition, and all was well.

For a time.