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Some Shifting Fun

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"The things I do for you, Mirabel," Camilo had teased at the start of this.

It had been an unusual request, he thought as he thrusted into his moaning cousin. He and Mirabel had done plenty of naughty things together in the past. The fact that they had sex at all would scandalize their family - not that it was that weird; cousins could get married, after all, and someday he'd finally get up the courage to ask Abuela for Mirabel's hand - but the details would surely make both of their parents faint. Always hidden within the secure walls of Camilo's room, they'd done it traditionally, doggy style, sixty-nine, gone down on one another, etc. Hell, one time Camilo had turned into Mirabel herself and they'd tried it out like that! He still wasn't sure if he liked getting eaten out better than blowjobs, heehee.

But surely nothing could beat the request Mirabel had had for him tonight: To please have sex with her while transformed into their Uncle Bruno.

So Camilo had. He'd laughed about it, of course, because it was weird, but he did it. Mirabel had giggled nervously in response, agreeing that it was weird but what she wanted.

All her anxiety slipped away, though, when Camilo put on their uncle's voice and started flirting with her. It was so funny. He called her sweet pet names and his favorite niece. He told her how pleased he was that she'd grown into such a beautiful, young woman. Got close to her ear and whispered her name in the most seductive, neediest way he could. Mirabel had practically melted under Camilo in their uncle's form. She didn't even seem to notice that he'd made his cock smaller just to mess with her. He wasn't sure she noticed when he let it grow up back once inside her either, because she was too busy moaning and gasping at the sweet words he left in her ears. Wow, his cousin had it bad for Uncle Bruno. Who would have guessed?

Honestly, Camilo almost had half a mind to be jealous. He and Mirabel were the ones who'd had a secret, special connection all their lives. He and Mirabel were the ones who had experimented and played around with each other since hitting their teen years. He was the one who had told Mirabel he'd marry her someday and she was the one who had hugged him so happily in response. Yet here she was, wanting their uncle! And not only wanting him, but asking Camilo to pretend to be him while they had sex! For shame, for shame. Imagine what their mothers would say.

Ah, but he couldn't be jealous. How could he be? For one, he was too much of a troll and this was way too fun; two, it wasn't really Bruno fucking her, but himself, so who cared; and three, it wasn't like Mirabel had bad taste in their family - Camilo could see the appeal of their uncle. Bruno was surprisingly attractive for an old guy. If he was Mirabel, he'd take advantage of his shapeshifting cousin, too! It was kind of kinky, haha.

Besides, how could he deny that his climax was building up right alongside hers? There was something very hot about this. Watching his Mirabel get off to their uncle while on Camilo's own cock; listening to attractive, Uncle Bruno's voice rasping in both of their ears as they fucked; and of course, feeling Mirabel's tightness around him. Camilo was being stimulated on all sides! Honestly, a better question was: how could he resist any of this?

Heat pooled quickly in his lower belly as he thrusted harder into Mirabel, who cried out. It wouldn't be long now before either of them came.

"Mira, Mira, Mira," he sighed in Uncle Bruno's voice, and bit his lip at the sound. "Mira, you're so good. Ah! So tight, my favorite sobrina. Do you always do this with Camilo, my favorite sobrino?"

Okay, that last part was terribly self indulgent. But Camilo couldn't help himself. To tell the truth, this request of hers was starting to awaken some things within him as well.

Regardless, the words got Mirabel crying out louder and more sporadically. (He was glad Casita had made all the bedrooms soundproof so a certain gossip wouldn't hear.) She clutched at his arms, longer, skinnier, and more frail in their older age, and gasped their uncle's name under her breath.

"What was that, mi vida?" Camilo teased. He loved how the endearment sounded on Bruno's lips.

"Bruno," Mirabel's voice came to life. She squeezed her eyes shut. "Camilo, please! Bruno. Bruno!"

"Camilo? Who? We don't talk about him," Camilo half-sang. He choked back a laugh at his wit; the irony there.

Mirabel's response was to clamp down on him like a vice.

Camilo briefly lost his impression and groaned in his own voice.

"Faster," Mirabel begged. "Bruno!"

Camilo did his best to comply. He rocked his hips harder, setting a more brutal pace.

By the sound of Mirabel's scream, she was getting close.

To be fair, so was he.

It wasn't long after that Mirabel's orgasm finally crashed down on her. She jerked, screamed, and thrashed, yelling their uncle's name until she collapsed beneath him.

Camilo slowed his pace, despite the hair trigger his orgasm was poised on.

Mirabel lay listless under him, struggling to catch her breath.

Like that, she wasn't going to be able to help. He needed something else to get him off, to give him that final shove, and push him over the edge.

With nothing better, Camilo's thoughts wandered until they found his uncle. He was still transformed into him.

On a whim, he imagined himself under their uncle, being drilled into on his own bed by his mother's brother. It wasn't hard; he and Mirabel sort of looked alike. He imagined Bruno's hands trailing down his front, feather light touches, and cock inside him. Thrusting, hitting that sweet spot in his ass, huffing and puffing in his ear. Telling him all those sweet things he'd told Mirabel and more.

Camilo moaned; that did the trick, egging him on. But he still needed an extra something to send his orgasm off, something else -

Camilo, Bruno's husky voice suddenly sounded in his head, innocent as always, won't you come in your beloved cousin for your dear uncle? I want to see it.

That did it. That did it.

Camilo yelled. He bit his lip hard as his hips stilled, painting Mirabel's insides white.

When he was done, he pulled out, turned back into himself, and collapsed beside Mirabel.

They laid there for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow.

Eventually, Mirabel rolled over with a giggle and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Thank you, Camilo. That was so much fun."

He smiled tiredly up at her. "Wasn't it? Heh, you know, I think we both learned something tonight."

"Oh?" Mirabel asked, sitting up. "What's that?"

"That someday we need to convince Uncle Bruno to join us for real," he joked. "I never realized how sexy he is until now!"

Mirabel rolled her eyes. "You're something else." With that said, she climbed up on his lap.

Camilo raised his eyebrows, not unpleased. "So," he shifted back into Bruno and put on his voice, teasing, "round two, my love?"

Mirabel chuckled and knocked his chest. "Turn back into yourself for round two, Camilo. I want to enjoy you next."

At that, Camilo grinned. God, he loved her.

Quickly, he undid the transformation and sat up. He grabbed her hips with a laugh.

"If you say so, mi vida," he said, and kissed her mouth.

Mirabel giggled into the kiss before pushing him flat on his back; she was going for a ride this time.

Camilo grinned.

The things he did for his beloved cousin indeed. But hey, in the end he always got rewarded for it.