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The Adventures of Mario and Sonic: The Secrets Awaken

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It was cold and dark. Everything was ruined and destroyed. Deep down in the ruins stood a dark, evil hedgehog who once contained the power of a spirit called Iblis. A blue, speedy hedgehog name Sonic, though, destroyed his power. There was also a black hedgehog named Shadow and a white hedgehog named Silver who helped Sonic defeat him.

This hedgehog was accidentally formed during the Solaris Project. There was a Sun god called Solaris, and Solaris was split into two parts; Solaris's raw power is known as Iblis, and its cunning mind is known as Mephiles. The part called Mephiles was sealed into a special sceptor, the Sceptor of Darkness, by Shadow the Hedgehog. One day, though, Shadow, the evil genius Dr. Eggman, and a greedy bat named Rouge had been in a struggle, breaking the Sceptor into pieces and allowing Mephiles to escape.

Silver the Hedgehog was once the evil hedgehog's ally. There was also a purple, female cat name Blaze who was once his ally. Both had betrayed him.

This evil hedgehog had the power to travel through time, similar to Shadow's ability of Chaos Control. He had once sent himself and his allies back in time to destroy the thought-to-be Iblis trigger, Sonic the Hedgehog. Some people often couldn't tell the evil hedgehog apart from Shadow the Hedgehog, according to their shape and color. The dark hedgehog is said to have taken Shadow's form by absorbing Shadow's shade and a few of Shadow's powers.

There was a girl named Princess Elise of Soleanna, a beautiful City of Water. Legend has it that when she cried, the seal to Iblis would be broken, causing the "Flames of Disaster". One day, this evil hedgehog killed Sonic the Hedgehog. This made Elise cry, which allowed him to receive Iblis's power and transform into the Sun God Solaris. Sonic was brought back to life, though, by the seven Chaos Emeralds that are said to transform your thoughts into power, and all seven together create a miracle. At that moment, Sonic and his friends defeated Solaris. After that, Sonic and Princess Elise were taken back to the time where Solaris was just a tiny flame. Elise blew out the flame, causing the two parts, Mephiles and Iblis, to never exist, and also causing the evil hedgehog to never exist.

But then, something powerful, something dark, something very evil happened, just a twinkle from another dimension, and yet Solaris still exists, along with this mysterious hedgehog...

Years and years have passed, though, and the dark hedgehog has grown stronger, gaining his powers again. Once this hedgehog comes out of resting, he will be as powerful as ever.

The hedgehog had traveled back in time to 2,000 years ago. There was a tribe of echidnas. This tribe had a princess named Tikal who could see images inside this Master Emerald. There she was, kneeling down and seeing images like she does every so often.

"What is this? Solaris? Is this some god?" Tikal said. This echidna must not worship Solaris, the hedgehog thought.

"Half of Solaris... Iblis... Mephiles... Sonic... Silver... Blaze... Tails... the Dark Star... Mario... MARIO??? Where in the world is there someone named MARIO???" Tikal kept observing the colossal Master Emerald, gaining more information.

"I see... Bowser... One of his two daughters... Bowser Jr... Tails..." Her jaw dropped.

"I understand now! I see what you're trying to tell me, Master Emerald!" She paused. Then she grinned and said,

"Iblis has chosen." Tikal closed her eyes. "Two, sisters of brothers, shall bring light to the cunning darkness...

"But why do I need to know of this?" Tikal questioned, then paused as if the Master Emerald were 'talking to her'. Then she 'replied',

"Yes. I understand." There was an even longer pause before Tikal blurted out, "One thousand years into the future? Master Emerald, is it important that I must be there?" The echidna princess must have been worried about how her appearance in the future would affect it.

Tikal then sighed and commanded, "Okay, then, I will do as you command."

The dark hedgehog's eyebrows raised.

"No," he growled, "this mustn't happen. The prophecy must never be fulfilled!

"I will not be resting any longer!" the hedgehog shouted, his deep, dark voice echoing through the ruins.

"Once the exact time passes, my powers will be greater than ever! Then, once I find another way to break the seal of Iblis, I will be unstoppable! Then, the prophecy shall never be fulfilled!"

The hedgehog traveled back in time to these games called the Olympics. There he spied on Sonic and his friends. He saw Silver and Blaze, also.

"Traitors!" he thought.

"Who's this?" The hedgehog saw a man with a red shirt, overalls, and a mustache. This guy also had a hat with "M" on it.

"Hey Mario," Sonic called.

"So this guy must be Mario," the hedgehog thought. Was this Bowser his enemy?

Later, Dr. Eggman and a huge, monstrous turtle arrived. Dr Eggman had just captured a fox with pumpkin-orange fur and two tails, and the monstrous turtle had just arrived.

"That must be Bowser," the hedgehog thought. What has he done? What do his minions look like? Does he make robots too? So many questions appeared the hedgehog's head.

"His daughter must be part of the prophecy, wherever she stands now," the hedgehog thought.

"I must follow him and Dr. Eggman," he thought. "That fox must be a part of the prophecy, also. I see Tails down on that track." This evil, treacherous, sly hedgehog was up to no good.