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spices and honey

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It's been a few weeks now since Luo Binghe has been marked as Shen Qingqiu’s mate, a rosy pink haze settling over his life as he soaks himself in the bubbling joy it brings him. He could drink every last drop of his master’s affection in and still not have enough.

Many things have remained the same, of course; he still studies and cultivates with his martial brothers and sisters, still cooks every morning and night for his Shizun, still cleans the bamboo house until it's sparkling - though now those household chores he had already enjoyed bring him a deeper satisfaction, revelling in the feeling of being a good little homemaker for his alpha.

Luo Binghe has felt so light and buoyant with joy that he may as well be walking on air, the ground beneath him as soft as fluffy clouds. Maybe dragon's beard candy clouds, something sugary and soft and a little sticky, just as delicate and decadent as the new connection between himself and his master.

He self-consciously raises a hand to rub at the scar on his neck, the spot just above the junction where it meets his shoulder and angled towards his back, the skin raised and still a bit taut. He's both glad and disappointed at his own naturally high ability to heal - that means it had scarred more quickly, giving him something concrete to admire, and yet it also means he no longer gets to press on it just to feel the tender ache of the mating mark.

A dreamy sigh escapes him as he putters around the Qing Jing’s kitchens, preparing breakfast for himself and Shizun - his mate, he thinks shyly. He sighs again and some of the cooks send him scolding looks.

He’d never thought… Him, of all people, getting a mate? It almost sounds unbelievable. Having a permanent mark, a permanent bond, irrefutable proof that he’s wanted and loved by someone. And for that someone to be his Shizun, the Shen Qingqiu, the Xiu Ya Sword?

It’s wilder than any of the spring dreams he’d ever had or the fantasies he’d privately indulged in after learning under the Elder Meng Mo.

After realizing just how kind Shizun is, realizing just how thorough his training had been and how he'd been testing Binghe before finally rewarding him with a bed in his own home, treating him better than anyone else on the Peak, and then especially after he had sacrificed his own cultivation just to protect Binghe… After all of that, it had been all too simple for Luo Binghe to acknowledge in his heart that he'd fallen deeply in love with his master.

It’s a love that sinks deep inside of him, filling his bones with gold, stuffing his heart full of camellias and rosebuds, his entire body and mind all slowly but happily drifting into an orbit around Shen Qingqiu.

Of course, besides his dirty and shameless dreams and the nights where he touched himself deep inside with sinful urges, he'd never planned on doing anything more with those feelings than staying at Shizun's side and being his most faithful and dedicated disciple! Shizun is an Immortal, intelligent and beautiful and skilled, all beyond the reach of someone as lowly as Luo Binghe, but that had been alright.

Simply standing next to him and being given allowance to care for him were dreams come true already.

But then…

He shivers delightedly at the memory of waking in the dead of night to his beautiful master leaning over him, flushed with need, so devastatingly handsome and forward as he'd used Binghe’s body to relieve it. That Shizun would turn to him in the midst of that powerful rut, not Liu-shishu or even one of his omega disciples, makes his stomach quiver heatedly with something powerful and possessive.

If he hadn't already been trained by Meng Mo to recognize dreamscapes already he would have honestly thought it to be one of his more daring spring dreams.

However, that rosy pink haze has a dark edge underneath.

He still hasn't presented yet, waking every morning with anxiety twisting in his gut, praying he won't one day awaken in a rut. They’ve been sharing a bed since then but only to sleep and never any further despite his readiness and desire. In his worst moments, he wonders insecurely if it’s because Shizun wants to maintain reasonable deniability should he ever end up severing their mating bond after all.

Now that Luo Binghe has tasted him, though, can he bear to part with him? It would rend him irreparably he fears, to have someone like Shizun finally accept him, claim him, and then throw him aside.

Unpresented youths all have the same capacity to mature as any of the secondary genders, predisposed by nature and their environment towards one or the other; Binghe knows this. He could easily mature into an alpha, his body already seeming to lean towards that secondary gender.

After all, why would Shizun ever settle for an alpha or beta if he could have a pretty omega to breed instead? An omega like Liu-shishu, he thinks bitterly.

Thankfully, Liu-shishu has been more scarce recently after Shizun's Without a Cure miraculously disappeared from his body and he therefore no longer needed his meridians cleared.

But he's not naive.

His master is… He's wonderful. Perfect. Intelligent and kind and warm. Better than Luo Binghe, better than anyone else he's ever met. Part of him wants to believe wholeheartedly in the wonderful things Shizun had said that first night they'd been together, that he'd 'never regret' Luo Binghe, that he only wanted Luo Binghe’s happiness, but then another part of him thinks about how quickly Shizun had reassured him they could find a way to erase the mating mark he'd left.

Shizun hadn't meant to bite him. Hadn't wanted to. Luo Binghe had seen a chance and grabbed onto it tightly, begging and pleading until his kind master gave in to his whims and claimed him. How could Shizun not have even the slightest shred of regret?

But… Luo Binghe needs to be enough for him. He knows it's incredibly shameless of him to think so, but he needs it.

Even if Liu-shishu would be a better mate for him, even if Shizun could be worshipped by a harem of devoted omega, Luo Binghe wants to be enough. 

All he wants - needs - is to have a womb fertile and healthy enough to take Shizun's seed inside, to be able to bear his children, become a proper wife for his mate. Even if he does awaken as an alpha, or even a beta, he's already decided he'll find a way - a medicine, a charm, something - that will grant him a childbearing body.

Just this once, can't something be easy for him?

Trying to swallow back the bitter taste of vinegar, he fills a tray with congee topped with scallions and some decadent braised chicken along with various side dishes - fish, diced pickled vegetables, some steamed buns - and heads out of the kitchens. Along the way, he manages to pass by Ming Fan.

Though he tries to keep his head down and move by quietly, Ming Fan spots him and his mouth twists in distaste, cutting him off on the path. “Hey, you, don’t think that tricking Shizun into mating with you means you can disrespect your shixiongs by not greeting us properly.”

Evenly, he says, “I wouldn’t dare.”

Seemingly unwilling to test Shen Qingqiu’s aggravation that an alpha such as him would naturally feel if his mate were to be injured, Ming Fan just scoffs and leaves him be. Luo Binghe thinks about his words the rest of the way back to the bamboo hut.

Tricking Shizun… So that’s what everyone thinks about him. He can’t help but smile bitterly. It’s not wrong. He had begged and taken advantage of Shizun’s weakness in the midst of a wild rut that was long in the making, but Luo Binghe finds that despite the guilt, he wouldn’t change his actions even if he could. The entire sect - the entire cultivation world - could hate him, revile him, think of him as a slut that tricked his way into his Shizun’s bed, and that would be just fine with him.

Luo Binghe would suffer anything as long as he could stay with Shizun.

By the time he comes back to the bamboo house with the tray, Shizun has finally awoken and put himself together enough to look presentable.

Binghe tries not to show it, but he does feel a slight pang of disappointment. Shizun is gorgeous and jaw-dropping as always, so handsome that it makes him reel a bit at the thought that someone like him could ever be his mate, with trickery or not - but…

Shizun, when he’s still a bit messy and soft with sleep, his visage of being an untouchable and aloof Immortal left aside, makes something deep inside of Luo Binghe warm, his heart stretching at the seams to contain all of the adoration he feels. His Shizun is human down to the very core and he loves seeing that side of him, loves the knowledge he’s now allowed to see him like that.

“Binghe,” Shizun smiles, eyes curving pleasantly into crescents, welcoming him back home.

Home. Luo Binghe’s stomach squirms happily, previous worries washed away, beaming at his master as he sets their low table with the breakfast he’d prepared.

Their conversation flows naturally and easily, discussing the itinerary for the day, Shizun occasionally interrupting them to hum contentedly at the meal or compliment a particular dish. Binghe flushes in pleased pride every time, cataloguing every reaction.

The clear approval gives Binghe just enough courage to bring up the question he’s had silently lingering around him after they’d mated.


“Mm?” Shizun responds, putting down his teacup.

“Tonight, um, this Binghe was wondering if…” He blushes and peeks up at Shen Qingqiu, trying to gauge his master’s willingness past the perfect mask of polite interest that betrays nothing. “If… Shizun would like to dual cultivate with his mate. This mate is ready!”

More than ready. In truth, Binghe wants nothing more. He’s been regularly fingering himself during moments when Shizun is busy and Binghe is not needed for anything, stretching himself until he’s tender and loose with three fingers stuffed into his greedy hole, always ready to take his master’s cock.

Shizun stares down at him, expression flickering so quickly that Luo Binghe can’t quite pinpoint exactly what emotion it is before he smiles gently and pats Binghe’s head. Normally he would quiver in utter joy at being touched this way, so gently and with such care, but Shizun’s words douse him in cold water.

“This master believes we should be patient and wait for Binghe to present. It would not do to be too hasty, after all.”

He blinks his eyes hard and bows his head to hide the wetness in his eyes. What a failure of a mate he is… Shizun can’t even bear to hold him intimately. A brittle piece of his heart deep inside of him trembles hard enough to break, but he swallows it all down.

“Of course, Shizun,” he agrees quietly. “This disciple understands.”

Shizun pets his head again, his touch so gentle that it hurts. “Binghe… This master wants nothing but the best for you. There is no need to rush. This master will wait patiently until Binghe comes into his secondary gender.”

It’s meant to be comforting he knows, but he keeps his head down until Shizun finishes his meal and tea and leaves him in the bamboo house to go attend to his Peak Lord duties, unable to meet his eyes. Washing up gives him some reprieve, feeling useful like this at least, but for how much longer will he be like this? Why can’t he just hurry up and present, rip off the bandage? At least then he would be able to beg forgiveness for becoming an alpha or beta, or in the dream scenario of presenting as an omega, finally be bred full of his alpha’s children.

The day passes, Luo Binghe’s stifled heart only growing tighter and colder when he goes to meet Shizun for their class on calligraphy and sees Liu Qingge standing next to his mate, offering a fan Shizun had left behind somewhere.

He watches Shizun smile and laugh, teasing the stiff but beautiful omega, and he stews in jealousy.

That night, he waits for Shizun in their bed, anxious anticipation making him feel fluttery and warm.

Usually he’d be available to offer tea or help his Shizun dress down for the night, but he’d gone ahead of him, sliding into a robe he’d gotten from some of the girls on Xian Shu Peak. It’s shimmery and sheer, barely covering his private parts, keeping a small amount of decency that makes him look more lewd than anything. He’d been wanting to keep it for a special occasion, but now is better than never if Shizun loses interest in him.

When Shizun finally finishes taking down his hair and changing into his sleeping robes, Binghe shyly pulls back the covers, spreading his legs and displaying his already wet, slick hole that he’s been idly toying with as he’d waited for his mate. Shizun won’t have to prepare him, can slide right inside and take him without any difficulty.


His mate looks down at him with a shade of pink colouring his face. “Binghe, didn’t we discuss this already?”

He tries not to let his lip tremble, his eyes feeling hot. “Please, Shizun. It’s okay - I want it.”

Shen Qingqiu shakes his head but slides into bed, gathering Binghe into a comforting hug, kissing the crown of his head. It feels nice. It’s sweet and caring despite the lack of want in it, making Binghe’s heart ache with how much he adores his mate.

Once, he would’ve been utterly satisfied with just this much, but Shizun had shown him something better and now he can’t help but find himself craving more.

“Why can’t we?” he asks a bit mulishly. He presses his cheek against Shizun’s chest, trying to listen to his heartbeat through the thin layer of his sleeping robe. “If Shizun is worried that my body is still tired from our last mating, I’ve completely recovered! If Shizun would like, he may check himself that I’m perfectly fine and prepared!”

“This master is simply concerned about what may happen when Binghe presents as an alpha.”

When, not if. Once, perhaps, he would have been happy to present as an alpha. His body has already been developing into one stereotypically fit for an alpha - broader shoulders, a bigger body, and of course his… pillar… But that isn’t what he wants anymore.

“Be calm, Binghe,” Shizun says, petting his hair and voice fading quickly as he begins to fall asleep. “This master will wait.”

Luo Binghe lets Shizun hold him as he sleeps, counting his slow breaths and trying not to feel too upset. It takes a long time before he falls asleep, thoughts racing through his mind incessantly - thoughts on how he can force his presenting, on how he can make himself become the omega he craves being, how he can have Shizun finally love him like he wishes so badly.

With all of the stubbornness learned from a hard life like his own, Luo Binghe will not give in until he gets what he desires.

Hours later, deep in the night, awareness drifts back to him in hot, hazy flashes.

He feels feverish, shivering and hot. His skin itches with some kind of need, feeling too small, his muscles tingling with the same energy he gets when he’s been idle for too long. Even with only the thin, sheer robe on, he can feel it sticking to him with sweat.

He pushes the covers away only to shudder at the night air. It’s still summer, the nights balmy and warm, but it feels bitingly cold so he digs deeper into the nest of sheets on the bed, turning to seek out Shizun’s presence and burying his face into the man’s chest. They’d drifted slightly apart in their sleep and he presses right back in.

As deep in sleep as he is, Shizun’s arms still come up to wrap around him in a soothing embrace. It settles him a bit, his need to have his alpha close sated, but strangely the heat simmering under his skin only boils higher.

Whining, he rubs his cheek into the soft sleeping robes, that anxious energy building.

“Mmn… Binghe?” Shizun sleepily asks, stirring as Binghe whimpers wordlessly, clinging desperately onto him. One of his hands rubs soothing circles into his back, the other tangling in his curls and threading through them gently. “What’s wrong?”

“Shizun,” he whines, curling up and shoving himself tighter into Shizun’s arms.

"There, there-" Shizun goes to soothe before his spine snaps straight, limbs going stiff and nostrils flaring. "Ah… Ah. Binghe - you -"

Then Shizun comes alive. He plants his hands on Binghe’s shoulders, rolling him onto his back and holding him firmly into the bed, crowding him in like he had that first night they’d mated. Luo Binghe had obviously enjoyed it then, but now… Now it feels addictingly good, like he’s meant to be under Shen Qingqiu, pressed down under his body, made to accept him in every way. He moans and parts his legs eagerly, something hot and slick dripping between his thighs making him shudder - 

That thought sticks in his hazy brain, wriggling into it. Wet heat drooling from his hole, his body feeling so empty, needing - needing Shizun - needing him inside.

Shizun pushes his face into the warm skin between his jaw and neck, breathing deeply, panting in his scent like it’s delicious, like he can’t get enough of it. Like he wants Binghe in the same way he desperately wants Shizun.

“Omega…” Shizun groans. “How…?”

Omega. Omega. The word echoes around the inside of his skull, his empty hole pulsing and his mating mark aching. He feels his eyes brim with hot tears, relief flooding through him with such strength that it leaves him dizzy, smiling stupidly as Shizun drinks down his pheromones with eager breaths.

He reaches down between their bodies and gropes blindly for his Shizun’s cock, preening delightedly when he finds it rapidly hardening in response to his omega scent. He’s heard that a fresh, ripe omega in the throes of their first heat is near irresistible to any alpha, more enticing and addicting than any drug, and it seems those rumours were true.

Shizun had been so reluctant, so careful and proper, never reacting to Binghe's advances after that first heated night - but now? Now he's hard and hot and ready to take him.

Luo Binghe shivers.

“Shizun…” he whines, rubbing at the hard cock under Shizun’s robes. “Shizun, take me. Please!”

Shen Qingqiu pulls his face away from Binghe’s neck with a deep groan, pupils blown wide with arousal, humping against Binghe’s hand. He can smell the rut taking root inside of his mate’s body in response to his heat, the soothing smell of spices and bamboo spooling over him like a thick blanket.

“If anyone could do it, it would be you,” Shizun muses nonsensically, looking down at him with a strange expression. “Binghe wants this master? Truly? Binghe wants this master to breed him?”

The very idea of it - his stomach big and swollen, chest filled with milk - makes another hot drip of slick slide down from his hole, and he tilts his neck on instinct, baring his mating scar, arching his body up and spreading his legs as far as he can within the cage of Shizun’s body. “Yes, please, this mate wants nothing more!”

He doesn’t know how Shizun can doubt his sincerity, could ever imagine that Binghe would change his mind about this, but he must have failed in his duties as both a disciple and a mate for it to be so.

Shizun licks his lower lip slowly, eyes dark with desire, and finally nods. Binghe's breathing breaks on a sob of relief and his hands scramble to pull off his sheer sleeping gown as Shen Qingqiu pulls his own robes and pants off in jerky motions, some seams tearing in his impatient hands.

The very sight of his Shizun disrobing so eagerly that he'd ruin his own clothing makes Binghe flush with a vicious, bone-deep satisfaction. He's become an omega so desirable to his mate that he's already losing control. Even if Luo Binghe was not worth bedding normally, even if he was useless to Shizun before, now he is worthy.

"God, you smell so…" Shizun groans, snapping his fingers and lighting some candles in the room, bathing them in a warm glow. Binghe's cheeks go hot looking at him, unbelieving once again at how beautiful a man his master is.

Binghe doesn't know what his pheromones are like, is too busy soaking up his mate's warm, encompassing scent to bother with his own, but the want in Shizun's voice is more than enough to make Binghe happily preen. Nothing matters more than being wanted by him.

For a moment, he considers turning over so that Shizun can mount him more easily, take him rough and hard like he had before, but the thought of not being able to see his face while they twine their bodies together causes a physical ache in him. Instead, he squirms backwards until he can draw his legs out from between his master’s, spreading them out wide and arching his hips up to display himself enticingly.

Shizun’s eyes go hooded and dark. He quickly leans down and hooks his hands under Binghe’s knees, pushing them open and back until his back is bent and his hole is clearly exposed. Shizun stares down at it and Binghe flushes as he feels it twitch and more slick leaks out. The fingers grabbing his thighs tighten as Shizun leans his face down to his entrance.

“Shizun,” Binghe whines, trying to grab at him and pull him up so that he can be mounted already, filled in the way his entire body is aching for. It’s like an itch deep inside of him, all of his freshly awakened omega instincts howling inside of his brain, slowly driving him mad the longer his mate doesn’t complete him.

“I just… Just… let me,” Shizun says faintly, again pushing his knees back towards his chest and leaving his oozing hole on full display. It’s shameful and dirty, but Shizun's lust-filled gaze on him only excites Binghe even more. “This master wants to know what his mate tastes like…”

That makes Binghe's entire body shiver in anticipation, rim gently twitching as Shen Qingqiu’s breath gusts over it. He’s already preemptively trembling, the memories of pleasure flooding back into him as he remembers just how good Shizun’s tongue felt inside of him.

His memories somehow pale to the real thing.

Oh, Shizun - Shizun! Ahh, ah, Shizun,” he mewls, pleasure twisting in his core as that hot, long tongue drags firmly over his wet entrance, noisily lapping up the slick. His hole is loose, both from his arousal and from fingering himself earlier, allowing Shizun to wriggle his tongue all the way in until his lips are pressed right up against his skin.

He can’t stop moaning, little ah ah ahs dripping from his mouth as that tongue feels so hot inside of him he thinks he may be melting. Every lick inside of him wrenches his arousal tighter and tighter, his inner walls tingling from the coaxing motions of that tongue. Embarrassingly, he can feel the amount of slick leaking from him only increase, gushing out around Shizun’s tongue.

His legs twitch in the tight hold on them. When Shizun’s lips seal around his entrance in a filthy kiss and suck at his rim, he spasms, kicking out, nearly wailing. His cock is fully hard, taut against his stomach, the tip leaking just as much as his entrance is, and he thinks he may just orgasm just like this - untouched and helpless as Shizun kisses his hole as deeply as lovers would.

After another suck, Shizun pulls back just enough to draw his tongue out, planting some closed-mouth kisses to his rim as he does.

Binghe,” Shizun slurs his name a bit as though drunk. Binghe can see the shine on his red lips and the way it covers down his chin, sloppy and messy. Then, as though unable to bear parting, he eagerly dives back in, licking up all the slick that had dripped down his ass and made a mess of his thighs.

Being swallowed down this eagerly, his body's slick treated like a delicious wine - he feels dizzy and hot, arousal only causing more and more of it to drool out onto Shen Qingqiu’s tongue. He feels a bit like he’s floating, dizzy and light-headed. The only things keeping him in his body are the feeling of Shizun’s hands tight around his thighs and his tongue drawing hot lines on him.

He finds himself talking before he even consciously realizes it. “Shizun, does this disciple taste good? Does it please you? Am I good for you? Your omega is so - nnh - so happy, so, so happy - ahh, ah - Shizun, Shizun, your mate is ready, please -”

Shizun draws away from him again with a slick, wet sound, and then curses, forehead pressed against his inner thigh. “Fuck, Binghe, yes, so good… I am very pleased; your smell, your taste, perfect. Of course, Binghe, so perfect.”

Binghe whimpers, cock twitching in the mess of precome on his stomach at the vulgar praise. “Th… Then, please, please, won’t Shizun mate me properly this time?”

Shizun sucks in a sharp breath. “Binghe, if I start, I don’t know if I can stop. You’re ready?”

Yes,” Binghe sobs. Shizun may be trying to warn him, still so caring and compassionate even as his rut slowly begins to erode at every thought except fucking him into the bed, but Binghe craves nothing else. Even if Shizun takes him until Binghe can’t handle it anymore, if his body gives out and Shizun fucks him even as he’s unconscious and limp, that would be perfectly fine with him. Better than fine. “Shizun… My mate -”

Shizun growls and bites the tender skin of his inner thigh. Binghe nearly orgasms right then, his cock pulsing desperately, spitting precome across his abdomen.

“Shizun, please, now,” Binghe begs, eyes burning with tears and his hands pawing at the sheets with impotent need, unable to lay still. He feels so empty. He needs to have his mate inside of him, needs his alpha to press his body over his and breed him so thoroughly that no one will doubt their relationship anymore.

In a fluid motion, Shizun rises and drags Binghe’s body towards him. Luo Binghe breath catches in his throat as he feels the heated tip of his master’s pillar slide through the wet mess of saliva and slick at the crux of his legs.

Shizun looks so handsome above him like this, long hair draping over his shoulders with some strands sticking to his skin, green eyes dark and flooded with desire, chest flushed and pretty.

Binghe privately wonders, with a dirty jerk of arousal, how much more handsome he may look if he were tied up in red as Binghe rode him. After all, as the disciple, isn’t it only right that he do the work and spare his master the effort?

He shudders at that image painted in his mind’s eye as more molten drips of precome and slick ooze out of him. Perhaps another time he can fuck himself on his alpha’s cock and breed himself up, but right now he’s utterly contented with the way his mate readies himself to slide into Binghe’s ready hole.

In a quick, sharp motion, Shizun moves his hips forward, piercing into Binghe’s body. He’s been loosened enough that the stretch doesn’t burn at all, his body happily accepting his master’s cock all the way in to the root. It doesn’t hurt like the first time, almost disappointingly so. He worries if he’s too loose, if he doesn’t feel as good and as tight, not so virginal anymore, and purposefully clenches his inner walls.

Shizun huffs a breath, eyes fluttering at the tightness. Then he draws his hips back and roughly thrusts back in, burying himself as deep as he can go. Binghe claws his hands into the sheets and tosses his head back, overcome with bliss.

Yes, this is what he needed. Every inch of him, from the crown of his head to the tips of his toes, feels hot and tingling, his omega instincts kittenishly clawing at him in approval. The thick weight settles snugly inside of him, gently throbbing with his master’s heartbeat.

Shizun fucks him like that, kneeled between his legs and hips snapping in a quick, deep pace, only drawing out halfway before sheathing himself again, balls slapping against Binghe’s ass.

Dazed and with his legs still tightly pressed down, removing his ability to do anything but accept whatever his mate gives him, all he can do is gaze up at Shen Qingqiu and engrave the sight of him into himself. He can see a sheen of sweat building on Shizun’s lily skin, some of it beading and tracing down the flexing muscles of his abdomen. Binghe whimpers, mouth feeling dry, wanting desperately to lap it up, clean Shizun’s body with his tongue.

When his eyes rise up to his master’s face, he shivers bodily as their gazes meet. It’s erotic to know that this entire time Shizun has been watching him, and Binghe flushes as Shizun’s lips part just enough to bare a small slip of pearly teeth.

His breath punches out of him and he turns his head, pressing his arms into the bed so he can arch his back up and display his neck and beg, “Shizun, will you bite this disciple? Shizun, please, again, let me feel you claim me again.”

Shizun’s lips pull back more and he stops fucking into Binghe long enough to shuffle forwards and bend Binghe even further in half, leaning down until his breath is puffing against the delicate skin of his neck, right above a pulse point. Taking the opportunity, Binghe wraps his arms around Shen Qingqiu’s neck, cradling him close.

“In bed,” Shizun says slowly, lips close enough to brush against him as he speaks, “you are not my disciple. You are my mate.

And he bites down before Binghe can digest the near-frightening burst of love those words cause inside of him, teeth harshly sinking in over his biting mark and skin splitting once again.

Binghe’s eyes roll back as he comes, mouth dropping open as his pathetic, incessant moans slowly morph into a keening wail of pleasure, only spurred on when Shizun releases one of his legs to wrap a hand around Binghe’s pillar and strokes rapidly, urging him further and further into delirious pleasure.

Against his control his inner walls clamp in reflexive motions as he orgasms, milking his master’s cock in helpless little motions.

“Shizun, please,” he sobs, twitching and writhing, wanting to escape from the painful pleasure but unable to as thoroughly pinned down as he is. “Shizun, too - too much - ahh, ah ah -”

Shizun growls, hand still jerking at Binghe’s overstimulated cock as he pulls his mouth away from Binghe’s neck and roughly slots their mouths together, effectively silencing his pleas.

Binghe sobs wetly into his mate’s mouth, stomach contracting as he’s driven into an unceasing, rolling orgasm.

Their kisses had been kept mostly chaste despite Binghe’s best efforts until now, so having Shizun slot their mouths together and shove his tongue inside just as filthy and hot as he’d kissed Binghe’s rim is a shocking pleasure. He can taste something sweet under the copper tang of blood, and realizes with a hot shiver down his spine that he’s tasting his slick on Shizun’s tongue.

Sharing his own taste between them, mixing themselves together as they melt into one person, makes Binghe throb harder, semen still spitting across his chest. This - all of this - Shizun in him, around him, loving him, filling him, everything is just as it should be. Just as he wants. Just as he needs.

When Shizun finally lets go of his wrecked cock and refocuses on harshly fucking him into the bed, he feels utterly overwhelmed in the best way possible, spine melting with pleasure and his brain lost in a blissful haze, unable to craft a single coherent thought besides wanting to keep himself tight and hot for his mate to fuck into.

As the knot at the base of Shizun’s cock starts to fill, his master finally breaks their mouths away, panting raggedly. “Binghe, we need to turn you over before I knot you. Let go; I’ll pull out.”

He tightens his grip around Shizun’s neck, only hearing him saying to pull out, whining pathetically.

“Binghe, like this will be uncomfortable for you,” Shizun murmurs, kissing over his face, trying to hold back from rutting into him. The lack of sensation as his mate’s cock only sits heavily inside of his well-fucked hole makes him whine again, tightening encouragingly, and Shizun grinds into him in response. “Ah - fuck… Fine, as you wish.”

The finishing pace is brutal, the wet, sloppy sounds of their mating loud in his ears. He feels the slowly rising knot catch at his rim once, twice, and then it pushes in painfully big a last time and Shizun ties them together, finally coming inside of him. It’s hot; Binghe moans as he feels the long spurts of seed pouring into him.

Shizun grinds against him a bit more, ensuring he’s securely as deep inside as he can go. Once he’s satisfied and he’s regained his breath, Shizun slides his arms under Binghe’s slick, sweaty back and carefully turns them over. He drags Binghe until he’s on top of him and Shizun is resting on his back.

Laying on top of him, legs spread over his waist and his mate’s cock snug inside of him as it fills him up, Binghe feels his heat abate just slightly. Soon, it will be back in full force just as Shizun’s rut will be, but for now he can think and breathe again.

Shizun pets through his curls, tilting his head and kissing him softly, sweetly. His neck is pulsing softly from the pain of the bite and his cock, pressed between them, aches from how thoroughly it had been milked earlier. His whole body feels strung thin, only held together in his mate’s arms.

In between kisses, desperate for approval, Binghe asks, “Did Shizun feel good…? Did Binghe provide properly?”

Shen Qingqiu peppers little pecks over his cheeks and forehead, each one reassuringly tucking a small piece of his insecurity away. “Silly Binghe. Do you not feel how satisfied this mate is? Of course I’m satisfied. This is all for Binghe right now, anyways. I should be asking you how you feel.”

Binghe blushes and rubs his cheek against Shizun’s bare chest. Shyly, he says, “I feel like… I need Shizun to hold me more.”

Shizun laughs shortly. “Omega or not, still an insatiable stallion aren’t you?”


“No, nothing.” And Shizun presses their mouths together again.

When Shen Qingqiu’s knot finally starts to shrink, Luo Binghe feels happily full and warm, but he still craves more. He wants to be pushed down and bred to the point of breaking, until his stomach has grown round and swollen with seed and Shizun’s baby is sure to have taken root in his womb.


The knot slips out of his hole and Shizun rolls them over, kissing him again firmly, his lips delightfully sore. The taste of himself has faded but he sucks happily at Shizun’s tongue anyways, sighing into the kiss.

One of Shizun’s hands pet over his belly, lingering over the flat planes of it as though he’s thinking the exact same thing, picturing the way Binghe will look when he’s fat with child. Then it slides down further, bypassing his half-hard pillar and dipping between his legs. His hole is slack and messy with semen and slick, two of Shizun’s fingers easily pressing into him.

“So soft,” Shizun marvels in between kisses, face flush, eyes trailing down Binghe’s body with clear desire. He crooks his fingers, stretching them almost playfully, testing just how loose his hole has become. “How is Binghe feeling here?”

It’s unfair of him to ask while toying with him like this. Although the dense haze of his heat has faded somewhat, he knows it won’t be long before it returns and he still struggles to piece a thought together, let alone a sentence. “B-Binghe is doing - ahhn - doing well, Shizun.”

“Mm… Let us take a small break.”

Before Binghe can complain, perhaps roll over and present himself and beg until Shizun sees fit to fuck him again, Shizun slides backwards down the bed and parts his thighs, lowering his head down to lap at his lax rim again. His complaints die in a strangled groan, thighs snapping shut and his legs crossing over to keep Shizun’s head there.

If he’d thought Shizun’s hot tongue against him had felt good earlier, it’s nothing compared to now. His rim is tender and soft, parting even easier around his long tongue, and the knowledge Shizun is eating up both Binghe’s slick and his own seed is… Binghe hardens up again so quickly it leaves him lightheaded.

With those fingers and that tongue, Shizun easily works Binghe into another messy orgasm, his balls beginning to ache with how empty they are, drained out over his stomach.

Shizun,” Binghe cries wetly, body trembling faintly as he’s turned over and pressed down under Shen Qingqiu’s body. Part of him sulks at not being face to face again, but when Shizun slides in and it presses firmly and insistently against the small bud of pleasure that makes it feel as though Shizun’s tip is fucking right into the base of his pillar, his complaints vanish into whorish moans.

“Good boy, Binghe,” Shizun praises roughly, and fucks him until he’s mewling and brainless with pleasure.

The night passes and the sun rises in a heady haze of sex and burning arousal, only interrupted by the brief stints of time when Shizun’s knot ties him up and they’re left either front to back, Shizun’s teeth dug into his neck and hand fondling Binghe’s sensitive and aching cock, or front to front, kissing until their mouths are slick and aching.

Binghe passes out around the fourth time Shizun penetrates him, sliding in so easily he can barely manage to make himself tight at all, stretched completely out of shape by his master’s thick knot.

He wakes, after a short dreamless period because he’s simply too exhausted to craft a dreamspace just now, to Shizun fucking roughly into his limp body, his face pressed into the pillows and his hips held up by Shizun’s hands. A hot rush of arousal so intense it knocks his brain completely out of place, melting it into a puddle that drips out his ears, crashes into him. His skin prickles at the intensity of it, scalp tingling and guts writhing as he sobs brokenly into the soft pillow under his face.

He orgasms dry, cock pulsing uselessly, hanging heavily between his legs. It's painful and pleasurable all at once, his head stirred up with the mixture of sensations.

Shen Qingqiu tightens his hands on Binghe’s hips hard enough to press bruises into him as his cock is massaged by Binghe’s spasming hole. He tries to push himself up on his arms and rock back, make it feel even better for his Shizun, but his body trembles weakly and he drops back down, simply allowing Shizun to take his own pleasure.

He drifts into a blur of ecstasy, dreamy and drooling into the pillow, melting into the sensations. He doesn’t know how long Shizun uses him just like that, hips wetly snapping together as semen and slick messily drip down his thighs.

Binghe feels spoiled, utterly stuffed with his master’s presence in a way he could not have even dreamed of. His master’s hands all over his body, their skin pressed together, bred until full - he feels undeserving and yet he wouldn’t give it up for anything.

His inner walls sting tenderly as Shizun’s knot presses him open again, feeling a bit bruised from the thorough use. Breathing heavily, Shizun slumps over his back, sweaty and hot against him.

“Binghe,” Shizun slurs, sounding drunk, his rut still running deep and hot. He licks over the mating mark on Binghe’s neck, nuzzles into his hair, panting. “Binghe, you smell so good… I need to - need more…”

Luo Binghe smiles, adoring warmth filling him from head to toe, feeling truly wanted. “Anything you want, Shizun, this mate will provide. Take me all you need.”

Fuck…” Shizun hisses, vulgar and erotic.

As Shizun roughly begins fucking him again before his knot has even fully deflated, the thickest part of it stretching him to the point of bright, brittle pain, it makes him come again so hard his stomach inverts, guts twisting up as a clear liquid spits out of the engorged tip. For the second time, he passes out, vision blackening and body going limp as a doll.

He awakens into the evening on the second day, stomach swollen with the amount of come that’s been fucked into him, his innards tender and hot from how thoroughly they’ve been fucked up, his rim slack and drooling out semen.


He feels dreamy and light as he looks beside him at his master, Shizun lounging naked and flush beside him. He must have just finished mating Binghe’s body again, cock still wet with his own seed. Binghe looks down at himself again, petting over his belly and whimpering happily.

Stirring from his rest, Shizun rolls over him and kisses down his body, eyes dark with desire as he breathes in the smell of them mixing together. Disappointingly he pulls away before he’s overwhelmed with the need to bend him over and breed him again. “Let this master prepare a bath for you. Then, we can eat. I sent for someone to bring us food while you slept.”

That rubs him the wrong way, irritable that he’s not allowed to provide for his mate. He should be the one cooking a meal for them to share, be the one preparing a warm bath so he can tend to his master’s needs, wash him up and massage his body.

Shizun quirks a brow at his pout, and presses another deep kiss to his mouth, wiping away that small moue of discontent.

“But Shizun…”

“Silly boy,” Shizun scolds, voice honey warm, “let this master take care of his mate for once.”

His irritation vanishes like mist at being called ‘mate’ so simply and easily, his body warming happily like a flower blooming under the gentle face of the sun. He feels a little shy, undeserving of being doted on like this. But… if this is what Shizun wants.

He settles back onto the bed and Shizun nods approvingly, tying some inner robes around himself as he leaves to the side room where their tub is.

Shizun is still preparing the water when there’s a short knock at the front door to their home.

Luo Binghe looks at the room where Shizun is preparing the bath, summarily decides he’s imposed far too much on his mate already and throws some robes on. If they’re all of Shizun’s discarded robes, drowning him in his scent, and if some fat pearls of Shizun’s seed are dripping hotly down his bare legs in an obvious display to whoever is outside, well… Shizun’s forgiven him for being too forward before, surely he would again.

The door opens to Ning-shijie’s pinched face.

She shoves a tray of food at him, turning her nose to breathe fresh air rather than the thick smell of sex and pheromones that must be drifting from the inside of the bamboo house. When he gratefully takes the tray with a deferential bow of his head, she takes a peek at him from the corner of her eyes and she softens. “A-Luo…”

He wonders what she sees in his face that makes her look so gently happy for him, if she can see the pure joy filling his heart to the very brim with a golden flush.

“Congratulations on presenting, A-Luo,” she says, smiling at him warmly. Then, with a quick peek over his shoulder, she asks quietly, “Shizun is treating you well? A-Luo is happy?”

Binghe smiles shyly and nods, utterly content.

Ning-shijie nods, looking much lighter now, less concerned and happier for him. “Good. Eat well! Yingying is cheering for you!”

He waits until she bounds away from the door to close it and head inside with the simple meal.

Shizun appears in the doorway to the bath, eyebrows twitching up as he takes in Binghe's appearance. "Binghe answered the door like this?"

He dips his head to hide his smile. "Begging Shizun’s forgiveness."

Shizun sighs, eyes tracking a thick drop of seed making its way down his leg and waving dismissively at him. "... Come over here and undress, the water is ready."

He does so despite the anxious realization that bathing means cleaning, and cleaning means having the precious semen inside his womb being washed out. The robes drop away from his body easily, but he stops, hesitating next to the bath. "Shizun, can't we stopper me with something and keep it all inside?"

Shizun arches a brow and takes the tray away from him, nodding at the wooden tub. "You seemed perfectly content to let it drip all over the floor just now."

Binghe blushes, but still refuses to step in. "This disciple apologizes, Shizun, I simply felt the desire to show everyone that I am yours. If we clean me out, how will I get pregnant?"

Shizun nearly chokes, coughing a bit before gaining control of himself, scolding, "I told you that you are not my disciple -"

"In bed," Binghe concludes smartly. "However, Shizun, we are not in bed."

Shizun gives him a sharp look and sighs again. With a small red flush high in his cheeks, eyes avoiding Binghe’s in a show of shyness that endears him very much to Binghe's heart, he slowly says, "Binghe can be sure… that no matter if he gets clean now, this mate will fully provide for him again before the heat breaks."

Luo Binghe flutters happily at the promise to be bred up again. It still irks him a bit that his swollen stomach will be emptied out, but he can accept it if Shizun will take responsibility to fill him up again. Finally with that thought in mind, he steps into the warm water.

Shizun settles the tray on a small table next to the bath, gently nudging aside the bottles of oil and soap. As Binghe luxuriates in the scented water, Shizun feeds him small mouthfuls of food until their meal is done, and then gently helps wash him, massaging him and washing his hair.

He truly has been utterly spoiled, hasn't he?

Though he's undeserving and a bit useless, the least he can do is make it up for his body, the spicy hint in Shen Qingqiu’s scent already indicating that his mate will be ready to go again very soon.

"Shizun should bathe too," he entreats, gesturing to the space behind him.

The hands in his hair tighten almost imperceptibly, the strands tugging just a bit. Shen Qingqiu’s eyes are hooded and the green of them is stormy and dark. "Binghe… should rest more."

"I simply wish to share a bath bath my mate," Binghe says with an air of innocence, blinking up at him with wide eyes.

Of course though, the moment Shizun sheds his robes and indulgently gets in, Binghe quickly and happily settles himself on Shizun’s lap in the bath, grinding his ass down onto his mate’s cock, purring as it fattens up between their bodies.

"Binghe…" his mate warns.

"It's alright, Shizun," Binghe soothes, bending forwards so his ass is properly on display, rocking back against him enticingly. "This disciple is very ready to continue. Please, take your pleasure from me, as much as you like."

Shizun’s rut answers for him, cock sliding in easily.

By the time they finish and he's been knotted, the bath water is cool and dirtied. Shizun slides his arms under Binghe's knees and carefully stands, balancing them both, Binghe sinking somehow further down onto his swollen knot and making his eyes roll back.

Every step back towards the bed bounces him on Shizun's cock, rim tensing and toes curling in pleasure. He feels so speared open, forced to accept every last scant inch of Shizun inside of him.

They settle back on the bed, Binghe with his legs spread and back pressed to Shen Qingqiu’s front. And again, he finds his pillar being fondled and massaged into stiffness, played with even though he's already come so much that it still tingles with exhaustion. He's been stroked by Shizun more thoroughly than he's ever touched himself, and he melts into the touch.

"Shizun likes this part of me?"

Shizun hums, long fingers trying and failing to touch as they coax him fully into hardness. "I like all parts of you." It's said so simply that Binghe almost cries, chest stuffed tight with emotion. "But this part… How should I put it? I find it fascinating. So big, so thick, and yet you want me inside of you. It feels… a bit good."

It doesn't even cross his mind to feel embarrassed about it, blooming happily at being told his eagerness to take Shizun's knot makes him feel good, despite it having taken him presenting to prove it.

As long as Shizun likes it, approves of it, that's all he wishes for.

He idly clenches and massages around his mate's knot as he's toyed with. The jade pale fingers stand out starkly against his flushed, reddened cock, palms soft as they drag over him. He sighs happily at the heavy petting, moaning in approval as heat slowly mounts in his gut, his impending orgasm tingling at the base of his spine. But… he can't seem to quite crest it with the way his master touches him.

Every inch of it is explored, playfully guiding him to the edge and keeping him there until he's writhing in Shen Qingqiu’s lap, unable to escape as their bodies are tied together.

Just when he thinks Shizun may finally allow him to finish, his touch goes feather-soft, grip turning loose and lazy. Then, as he relaxes and the tension coiling inside of him begins to unspool, Shizun's hand tightens again, both of them wrapping around and jerking him off tightly.

At times coy and at times demanding, Shen Qingqiu’s hands pluck at his strings and his body reacts exactly as desired.

He feels unable to get enough breath, head swimming through the painful waves of arousal building and building with no escape inside of him. His thighs shake with how tense they are, his hole clamped trembling and tight, every muscle in his body taut with the urge to finally come.

In a second of weakness, he reaches down the finish himself, hands quickly and sharply slapped away.

"P… Please," he chokes, turning his face to rub his cheek against his master’s chest, impotent energy surging through him and needing some kind of outlet lest he simply break.

Shizun hums and continues to draw him tighter and tighter, brain empty of everything except the feeling of hands on him.

It's the moment when blunt nails lightly scrape over the thick vein on the underside of it, pressing just hard enough to make his overstimulated pillar hurt, that finally pushes him over that excruciating edge.

"There we are, Binghe," Shizun murmurs, kissing his already sweaty, tear-stained cheeks.

Binghe sobs through his release, spilling over Shizun's pretty hands just as the knot inside of him begins to fade. Shizun doesn't bother wiping his hands, spreading Binghe's own seed over his hips as he's eased down onto his front to be mounted again.

Fed, washed, and delightfully overstimulated and sore, Binghe pliantly goes down and melts happily into the sheets as Shizun sheathes himself again.

They spend another long, heated day together, fucking until Binghe is turned into an utter mess all over, as promised, before his heat finally breaks.

When he comes fully back to his senses and they return to their normal lives - though now with the added benefit of being able to have Shizun’s willing cock inside of him whenever he begs cutely enough for it - he spends the next few weeks obsessively checking his belly for any changes.

It doesn't take very long before he notices the way his body has grown softer, belly plumping up.

A quick visit to Mu-shishu on Qian Cao confirms it - Binghe is pregnant. Shizun looks terrified when Binghe starts bawling at the news, completely against his usual aloof expression, but he’s quickly soothed as Binghe throws himself into his arms, kissing him hard.

"Binghe - mm - Binghe is - truly happy?" Shizun asks a touch incredulously between kisses.

How can he still doubt it? Truly, Binghe does not understand. It seems words do not work with his master, so Binghe drags him back to their shared home and shows him instead, gratefully riding him into the bed until they're both happy messes.

And when he's done, Shizun gently cups his cheek and guides him to his own neck, urging him to bite and claim him back, wedding himself just as fully to Binghe. He bites down before Shizun can change his mind, crying like a child with how full and happy he is.

Finally, for the first time, Binghe really feels truly, honestly wanted. And, he knows, so will be their child.