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When they were bidding goodbye that morning, Typhoon noticed Pierce was a little warm and asked him if he was okay. The older said he wasn't feeling good, but he needed to go to work as his team was involved in some major project that couldn't be delayed even if it was a holiday.

However a few hours later, Typhoon was surprised to see his boyfriend arriving home earlier than he could imagine. The man was barely keeping himself up in his heels and needed help to get to the bedroom. The fever was severely worse and Typhoon wanted to call the doctor or something, but Pierce said he just needed to rest a little bit.

During all night, Typhoon stayed by Pierce's side, giving him medication in the appropriate hours, checking his temperature and trying to make him comfortable.

"Pqhwslehekwh…", Pierce said after swallowing the medication. He was still feeling a little dizzy and distant. With the fever he didn't feel able to put a coherent sentence, but Typhoon was capable to get the meaning.

"I'll take that as a 'Thank you, my beloved Phoon!'", he giggled softly. It was difficultt to handle the sick Pierce, but he was somehow cute.

"Now, let's get you to the shower! Shall we?", Typhoon said trying to lead the huge body to the bathroom.

"Oahskshejw…", Pierce commented refusing to get off of the bed.

"Ok, I got you, baby! Do you need any help to undress yourself, love?", Typhoon asked.

"Don't… t-touch me!", Pierce managed to say between his heavy breaths.

"What? What do you mean, love?", Typhoon was startled.

"I said you're not allowed to touch me! And stop calling me love!", Pierce said trying to pull away from Typhoon's hug.

"What are you saying, Phi?", Typhoon asked, trying to hold back his tears. He knew Pierce was sick and had a fever, so it wasn't a surprise he could say nonsense but this was too much.

"I said: I. HAVE. A. BOYFRIEND. HIS. NAME. IS. PHOON. DON'T. TOUCH. ME!", Pierce said harshly.

"God, you almost gave me a heart attack, love!", the younger one said crying.

"Shsh, don't cry, dude! I just love my boyfriend so much but I'm sure you'll find someone, ok?", Pierce said after hearing the other crying.

"But I am Typhoon, Phi!", he yelled, awakening the sick guy from his numb state.

"Oh my god! Phoon! I love you, Phoon!!", Pierce said hugging his boyfriend.

"This is madness!", Typhoon muttered, hugging the other and calling him right after "Ok, now that you know who I am, do you want any help to undress yourself, Phi? Phi? Phi?"

It was in vain. The taller man was already sleeping and didn't show any signs of awakening soon. But in the fever dreams of his, he still babbled to himself: "Hey, don't touch me! I have a boyfriend!" and then Phoon just gave up and decided they could switch the regular bath to rushing a wet cloth around Pierce's body.

Luckily, by morning the man was feeling better and found by his side an exhausted Phoon that was awake the whole night taking care of him.

"Thank you, my love", Pierce said after kissing the other's forehead.

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Typhoon was looking at his phone like the device was about to become alive at any minute. The screen was showing a text in the message app, on which he took about an hour to decide if it was decent enough to send to that person asking him out. Still, he couldn't force himself to hit the button.

Typhoon had seen Pierce for the first time on orientation day and the latter seemed to be a little shy and reserved, but also really tall, handsome and too kind for his own good. Apparently, the senior was incapable of denying his juniors their wishes and just agreed to postponed his own lunchtime so the others could eat first. It was way too adorable and that made Phoon's heart ache in adoration for the male.

But here was the thing: Phoon wasn't shy, on the contrary, he was straightforward enough to go to the tent where Pierce was working and hand him a bottle of water and one of his own sandwiches. That way, the senior could eat without leaving the place and would add some life to his pale face. As if he wasn't already fond enough for the guy, Pierce blushed at the treats handed to him, making Phoon fall even hard for him.

The two exchanged phone contacts and texted each other whenever it was possible. Phoon was each day more enchanted by the man and already did his research to know if he was single. The good part was that, apparently, no one on the Campus ever saw Pierce dating or even hitting on anyone. The bad part was: for some reason, Phoon's nerves and self-confidence decided to abandon him for a while exactly when he was trying to decide if he should or not send the message asking the senior to go out on a date.

He even tried to post a poll on his Twitter account to see people's reaction about the task in hand, but with each new comment he got more and more confused, with his insecurities growing exponentially. At the same time, his stomach decided to growl in hunger, recalling him that he had skipped lunch that day.

"I think there is still some pizza on the fridge, let me--", he said standing up from the bed to go to the kitchen but his foot got entangled on the sheets and he ended up tripping. As his phone was still on his hand, the device split from his grip and hit the floor with a loud thud. "Please, be ok! Please, be ok! I don't have money this month to pay for a repair!", he prayed looking at the phone that until real confirmation could either be with its screen cracked or not.

Typhoon sighed and crouched to retrieve the device. He counted to three and turned it to see the screen. "Thank God, you're okay!", he muttered in relief.

But the man's peace was short-lived. After checking if the phone was okay, he unlocked the screen and was presented with the face of fear: the message was sent to Pierce. Probably during his struggle a minute before he hit the button without noticing this and now it was too late to cry about it because apparently the other had already read it and was typing something.

Typhoon has heard his whole life that when a person is dying, they can see some of their favorite memories playing in their mind, but this was probably a lie as he could confirm this now. His mind was completely blank just like a cartoon character that goes to the doctor to check their brain and the exam results show only a big hole inside their heads. With echo and all.

But soon he was snapped out of his illusions by the sound of a new message arriving.

I'll pick you up at 8pm.

Phoon wanted to yell, to run and laugh, all at the same time. He's long-time crush had said "yes" to his invitation! Of course, there was a long way before they became official as a couple, but that was a problem to his future self. The only thing that mattered now was that his beloved P'Pierce said "yes" to him.

He was filled with joy, but apparently his stomach wanted something more solid, so he went to grab that pizza afterall. However, this time he tried to be a little less clumsy.

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Pierce was staring at the cards for a while now. He was on his way home when passed by a store and decided to come in and buy something for Typhoon.

Even after his boyfriend saying he forgives him, he was still unsure. The truth is that he really knows how bad he have hurt Typhoon and that he should make it up for him. The important now was showing the younger how much he cares and truly loves him. And that's the reason why after buy a scarf as a gift, he decided to pick up a card and write on it something meaningful. But the task proved to be harder than it seemed at first sight.

"I know you like blue, but there are literally 5 different shades of blue in these cards! How should I know which one you're gonna like better?!", Pierce muttered with a sigh.

"Pardon?", a guy asked rising an eyebrow in his direction."I'm sorry! I'm just talking by myself!", Pierce answered.

"Oh, okay!", the guy said and turned his attention to the cards again.

Pierce was observing the stranger in the corner of his eye because he seemed as lost as him trying to choose a card.

"It's hard than it seems!",the guy said with a grimace.

"It does! I'm trying to find something that matches my faen, but I can't decide!", Pierce mirroed the stranger's conflict.

"Uh, I'm trying to find something to give to my boyfriend, but none of these are good enough to him!", the guy said lowering his head in defeat.

Pierce couldn't avoid to chuckle at the other's openness. Not long time ago he was the type of person who will never in his conscious self say to a complete stranger that he dates a guy. Not because he's ashamed of Typhoon, but he knows the world isn't a pretty place.

Looking carefully at the stranger, he didn't seem to be a lot younger than him, probably a senior in his graduation year.

"Well, this looks nice! A guy like this must be something else!", Pierce teased the younger.

"He's not only the best boyfriend in the world, but the most wonderful person you'll ever meet in this life!", the guy said with sparkling eyes.

"How's your faen like? Maybe I could help you with the card!", the student offered.

"Phoon? Phoon is hot tempered and clingy. He likes attention and never get used to my absence. He drives me insane and I could never picture myself being happy if not by his side. I love him very much!", Pierce confessed.

"Hum... I see, that's difficult, indeed! But 'Phoon'? Is it his name?", the guy asked.

"Haha, no, his name is Typhoon!", Pierce explained.

"Oh! Then this is the perfect card!", the younger said pointing to a card with a little mouse in the front. The cute animal was dressed with the 70's clothes and around it was written "You rock my world!" in red letters.

"You're right!! This is perfect for him!! Thanks!", Pierce said heartily.

"In that case, if I can suggest you something too, I guess this one could be nice to your boyfriend!"

"That's true!! Thanks, Phi!"

Both men said goodbye and took their own way home and to the arms of their beloved boyfriends.

One of them got lucky and his faen made the neighbours understand how much they love each other because the whole floor could hear them through the walls.

The other almost had a heart attack when his boyfriend read the card and started to cry after hugging him tightly while whining "P'Deeeean~" in a soft tone. In the end, the four men spent a nice evening with the one they love the most.

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"Stay still, P'Pierce!", Typhoon asked for the fourth time since he started straightening his boyfriend's tie.

"I can't help it, I hate wearing this, Phoon!", Pierce frowned and pouted.

"I promise to give you a reward if you let me finish, okay?", Phoon negotiated with an insinuating wink that promised a nice prize, making the taller one become interested.

"In that case, I can make an effort!", he replied with a smile on his face and circling his arms around the narrow waist. Even though Typhoon was wearing a suit, he still had an elegant and glorious silhouette under all that fabric and that took the elder's thoughts far away from there. Or maybe, too close, as their bed was only a few steps away.

A few moments later, Phoon finished his job and smiled brightly at his boyfriend. "I'm done! Now you're more than perfect!", he said standing on his tiptoes to peck the other.

"Don't even think about saying this is my reward!", Pierce said, but at the same time licking his lips, tasting the lip gloss that his boyfriend had passed on to him with the kiss.

"What are you going to do if I say so?", Phoon teased holding the other man's nape.

Pierce gave a mischievous smile and started to tickle his boyfriend's sides and soon he was laughing in his arms. The taller one sighed. "I'm sorry to have to spend Valentine's Day at a business dinner with my boss, love…"

"It's alright, Phi! I know how important this is to you and it's not like you're going to leave me behind! I'm coming along and this can still turn into an amazing night after we say goodbye to your boss!", he gave Pierce another peck, but the taller one couldn't resist deepening the contact. He had an addiction to his boyfriend's mouth and liked to take his time enjoying that gift of nature that only he had access to taste.

"Hmmm… hmmm…", Phoon muttered pulling away from the kiss. "Let's go or we're going to be late, handsome!", he said intertwining his fingers with the other and leading him towards the exit of the apartment. He was sure that if he gave in to Pierce's caresses they would miss the dinner and that wouldn't be a good thing.

After the argument they had once Pierce started working at the record label, they sat down and talked about trying to manage their time better. Now, Phoon was proud to say that his Phi has returned to spoiling him like they did in college. They had less time than when they were both students, but they learned to make the best out of it.

At the same time, Typhoon had seen how excited Pierce had been to learn that his boss had invited him to dinner. Apparently, they would talk about him staying at the company, extending his contract, which would change from temporary partner to a regular employee.

"If I stop being a freelancer, we can even change these rings for another kind, you know?", Pierce hinted at a marriage proposal and with a glowing in his eyes that made Typhoon blush from head to toe, when he excitedly shared the news.

So they both knew that a lot depended on that night's dinner.


Pierce and Typhoon had been waiting in front of the restaurant for about 30 minutes and the first was getting impatient.

"I swear if he doesn't show up within 10 minutes, I… I...", Pierce inflated his lungs trying to think of a credible and serious threat he could make to his own boss who might or might not promote him that night, but let out the air out in a blurt. "Ok, I won't do anything, but I'm going to be really upset!", he finished puckering his lips in a pout so cute Typhoon couldn't resist kissing.

"You're the cutest in this world, my love!", he pinched the taller's cheeks and pressed their foreheads together in a gesture of adoration for the man who was tall and stubborn, but also kind and the most loving hearted that he had ever met.

"Pierce!", a strange voice called the man who got startled, causing his short boyfriend to pull away from him as well. "Sorry I'm late, I was…", the man was panting and sweating a lot, despite having gotten out of a taxi that was still maneuvering to return to traffic. "I was…", he tried again, but was interrupted by a grimace of disgust.

When the couple waiting for the executive followed his gaze to try to identify what had caused such a transformation in his face, their gazes came across a couple at the sidewalk, two men, kissing and exchanging caresses in the same way -- just seconds before -- they were also doing.

"These people don't have any respect!", he said with disgust, cleared his throat and got back to their little conversation. "Let's not delay this even more and go inside to eat, okay? Who's this?", he asked, pointing to Typhoon, who until then had not been introduced to him.

"This is my boy--," Pierce started to say, but got a nudge from Typhoon who hoped the movement wasn't too suspicious. The taller one stared at him confused and even more surprised when his boyfriend introduced himself.

"I'm Phi Pierce's Nong, my name is Typhoon!", he gave one of his signature smiles that were capable of melting the coldest hearts.

"Ah, hello, Typhoon! Nice to meet you! But let's go inside now because we've already wasted a lot of time here on the sidewalk!", the man said and turned around entering the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the two young men stayed a little further back, which favored Pierce because he gave his boyfriend's sleeve a slight tug and with an inquisitive look was spared vocalizing his confusion.

"You saw his reaction, Phi… don't bother too much and let's focus on your promotion, ok?", Typhoon said with another one of his smiles that should have served to calm the elder, but at this point it only gathered more antipathy in him towards his boss.

In fact, Pierce didn't know anything about his boss because he had only recently been transferred and had little contact with him. So, maybe, everyone was aware of this weird behavior of his, but him. However, he knew and loved Typhoon well enough to know that his lover was not happy with the situation. Who would be?! Certainly not himself.

If there had ever been a time when Pierce could have referred to Typhoon as a simple Nong to avoid office gossip, it had changed. These days he felt uncomfortable hiding their relationship. However, before they sat down at the table the restaurant employee had indicated them, Typhoon cast another warning look at Pierce, silently urging him to keep up with the plan he had started, to what he decided to indulge against his better judgment.

Dinner dragged on as if in slow motion. The food had no flavor, the atmosphere felt unpleasant, and Pierce's boss' voice was the exact definition of horror in human form. But what made Pierce feel like it was the last straw was seeing Typhoon cringing in his seat at a new possibly homophobic demonstration coming from his boss.

The couple who had kissed at the restaurant's door also happened to have entered just before them and taken a table not far from where they were sitting now. For that reason, it was easy to notice when one of the guys got up from his seat and went to kneel in front of his boyfriend. Out of nowhere a person appeared playing the violin and the declaration of love couldn't have been more beautiful. They were engaged now. Everyone in the restaurant was thrilled and applauding, with the exception of Pierce's boss.

"So shameless to do it that way! Don't they think about other people?!", the man commented while taking a sip of his drink.

Typhoon shrank back in his chair and Pierce knew the boy was close to tears because he himself was walking the same path. They had never faced anyone like that directly, coming from families that respected and understood their sexual orientation and supported their relationship.

"That's enough!", Pierce said, getting up and tossing his napkin on the table.

The movement made the plates and glasses dance on the surface and the cutlery tinkle. Typhoon was startled by his boyfriend's outburst, but soon identified the problem and grabbed his sleeve to stop him from going any further.

"Phi…", he muttered with pleading eyes.

"Phoon… I love you too much to see you suffering like this in silence…", Pierce said, bringing a hand to his chubby cheek and squeezing the soft skin. He loved the texture, he was absolutely insane for every and each opportunity of feeling Typhoon between his hands.

"What are you talking about, boy?", his boss finally had the mood to ask.

"I've seen you making homophobic comments the whole night, but I have news: I'm gay and I'm very, very proud of this, Sir. I'm also the happiest person in the world to be able to be with my boyfriend Typhoon…", he said holding up the small hand in his. Typhoon trembled, but his eyes sparkled. "And I intend to marry him one day! But if I have to work for someone like you to get our dreams coming true, I'd rather quit right here because this behavior of yours is hurting both of us! I can find another job!", Pierce said determinedly.

To the couple's surprise, the boss began to giggle. The laugh grew and turned into a hearty laugh that made the man redden and almost gasp for breath.

"Sorry, sorry! Please sit down, boy!", the man said, wiping a tear that ran from his eye. "I need to explain the misunderstanding, right?", he said with a funny expression that made the other two curious.

"I'm glad for you and your boyfriend, boy! But please don't make an accusation like that!", the man said, getting more serious, but without losing his composure.

"But you…", Pierce started only to be interrupted by the man who raised a hand.

"I'm gay, Pierce.", the man said taking a sip of his drink and waiting for the information to settle in the two young men's brains in front of him.

"But… you…", it was the first time Typhoon had dared to address the man since they had greeted each other at the entrance of the restaurant.

"I'm gay and happily married, thank you.", he said and added with a wink "With a man, if there's any doubt left!"

Pierce's boss then unlocked his phone and showed some pictures from the gallery to the couple. In them appeared a man and a child beside the man who was in front of them at that moment.

"I had to leave my husband at home with our son because I had this business dinner on Valentine's Day! Our dinner!", the man sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"But then…", Pierce tried to connect the dots.

"It's horrible to see people, especially couples, being happy on Valentine's Day when you can't be with the one you love, don't you think?", Pierce's boss finally asked them.

"No doubt about it!", Typhoon was the one who answered first, his hand squeezing lightly Pierce's who snapped back to reality after feeling the signal summoning his participation in the conversation. The taller one couldn't do more than nodding in agreement, still too shocked at the revelation.

After that, dinner flowed well and fast. Pierce's boss thought it was great that the young man had enough initiative to passionately defend something he believed in and confirmed his suspicions about the contract's extension. Now, freed from that super strange meeting, the couple were wandering down the street, having preferred to walk rather than getting a taxi. They wanted to enjoy the evening between them.

"Phi…", the shorter one called softly.

"Hm?", the other asked looking at him.

"You were very brave back there! I felt very special… and worried too, you know?", Phoon tried to explain his emotions.

Pierce stopped and approached Typhoon. Cupping with his hands the other's round cheeks, he sprinkled kisses down his face and gave a deeper kiss on his luscious lips.

"I love you, Phoon…", he whispered.

"I love you too, Phi!", the smaller male replied and hugged the other man who happily welcomed him into his arms.

Pierce started to laugh and that got Typhoon's attention.

"What's it?"

"I want to scream for the whole city to hear. I. LOVE. TYPHOON!", he yelled, still not releasing the boy from his arms.

"Phi! People are looking at us!", Phoon said blushing a lot and hiding his face in the other's chest.

"I don't care! Let them look! I. LOVE. PHOON. SO. MUCH!", Pierce repeated proudly.

Typhoon was embarrassed by the attention people passing by on the street paid them, but inside he felt very happy with the gesture. He also loved his Phi in the same way.

"Alright, let's go now!", Phoon linked his arm with Pierce's and began to lead the way back home at a tighter pace.

"Oh, why to hurry that much?", Pierce asked confused.

"If you have that much energy to scream that you love me, I think it's good to give you an incentive to do so, P'Pierce! I owe you a reward, remember?", he said and then started running ahead of his lover.

When the words finally sank in the taller one's mind, he picked up his lover bridal style and said: "So it's better for us to go faster, my love!", which got sweet laughs from the boy in his arms.

They still had the rest of the night to celebrate Valentine's Day after all!