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I'll be a Hero

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Hello Everyone ^-^ 🖐

I just want to warn you guys that before reading, the characters in this story might be different from the original Characters. Like example, Hawks is clingi and cheerful, Dabi is like Katsuki who is always annoyed, Katsuki is still Katsuki but a little nicer, and other more character twists.The events happened in the original story might not have the same sequence when it comes to this story. 

This is my first ever Boku No Hero Academia fanfiction

This story also Contains:

*Midoriya Izuku is Depressed (At first)

*Suicidal Thoughts 

*Suicide attempt

*Quirk discrimination

*Izuku is Quirkless

*Cuss words (Especially Katsuki's)

English is not my first language so I sincerely apologized if there are too many grammatical errors and spellings in this story.🙇♂️🙇♂️🙇♂️

I hope that you will understand that I'm not a professional writer nor I would like to be one in the future. I just write stories for fun and entertainment purposes. 

So I sincerely apologized. 🙇♂️🙇♂️🙇♂️

But I hope you still enjoy reading the story ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ 

Thank you for taking your time and effort in reading this message. 🤗🤗❣❣💜💜


By the way, You could also Find me on Wattpad with the same user name. 

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3rd Person's Pov




"Mom!!" Two 3 years old boys said while running to their respective mother. One of them had a blonde spiky hair with red crimson eyes, while the other had messy curly green hair with beautiful emerald eyes. 



"Oh~ Kats, Izu-chan~" Mitsuki said . 



"Me and Zuku would be a Hero together!!!" Katsuki said cheerfully. 



"We will be the bwst hwero duo thwan Awwmight!!" Izuku said cheerfully.



"Ofcourse the two of you can be a Hero, No matter what." Mitsuki said with a smile as she pat her son on the head. 



"Yup, Mitsuki is right, you will be the first Hero Duo that the world would know." Inko said with a smile as she look at her son. 



"Hell yeah we are! Right Zuku?" Katsuki said as he look at Izuku with a smile. 



"Ofcwourse Kaachan!" Izuku said and smile at his childhood bestfriend. 



Their smile was innocent, fill with happiness and Joy. It was supposed to stay like that. But.... In the world where 80% of the people is born with power so-called quirks, and 20% of them is born without one and most of the population of those who doesn't have quirks are decreasing. Izuku at the very young age learn that those who doesn't have quirks are treated less or society is doesn't view them as humans. He learn that in an early age of 5,  because his life changes at that early age.



When they were 4-5 years old, every children in the daycare where getting their quirks. 



"ZUUUKKKUU!!!" Katsuki said as he run to Izuku and hug him from behind. 



"Kaachan! You look so happy?" Izuku said and Katsuki let go of Izuku and stand infront of him. 



"The hag just brought me to a quirk Doctor and I finally have my Qurik!!" Katsuki said cheerfully. 



"That's amazing Kaachan!! " Izuku said excitedly. "So~? What's your qurik?" Izuku asked. 



"Its called explosion! I can make Explosion like fireworks!!" Katsuki said with a smile. 



"Woah~ Thats so cool!! Can you show me?" Izuku said.



"Ofcourse, Here we go!" Katsuki said as he demonstrate his quirk while Izuku view his childhood friend with admiration. 



"WOAH~ That was so Cooll!!" Izuku said. 



"I know right~"Katsuki said proud of himself. 



" You'll be a number one hero in no time!!" Izuku Praised. 



"I know I will. How about you? What's your quirk Zuku?" Katsuki asked and Izuku look down. 



"Mom didn't take me to a quirk doctor yet so... But I wish I could have a quirk like my mom. She can make object float to her. " Izuku said. 



"I'm sure whatever your quirk is, it would helpful and we will be the First Hero Duo that the world would ever know." Katsuki said cheerfully. 



"Yeah!!" Izuku said with a smile. "How about you show me your quirk once more!!" Izuku said. 



"Sure!" Katsuki said happily to comply. With how flashy and loud his quirk is, he gain attention of his other classmate and even the teacher and starts to praised him on how cool his quirk is, and ofcourse for a 5 years old Katsuki, being praised makes him feel Joy and Happiness. 







2 weeks later that day, on Izuku's 5th birthday. His mother take him to the quirk doctor for a check up. He was so excited on that day, excited that he would get his quirk already even though he didn't show any symptoms of possible having a quirk yet. But, his Joyful moment was ruin when the Doctor revealed the result of different test that was done to him that day. 



"I'm sorry Mrs. Midoriya, but your son is quirkless." The Doctor said looking at Inko with Pity. 



"No, No, No, There must be a mistake right?" Inko said. 



"No. His X-Ray revealed that he had an extra toe Joint Indicating that he is quirkless and that he won't develop any Quirks." The Doctor said. 



"I see..." Inko said sadly as she look at her son who look down sadly as well. 



"Co-Could I-I Still be a Hero e-even thou-though I-I do-don't have a quirk?" Izuku asked. 



"I'm sorry Kid, But you should give up that dream." The Doctor said and that was the first time Izuku heard someone that his dream being a Hero is Impossible. 



That day, Izuku and Inko went home with a Gloomy atmosphere. While they are walking to their house Izuku tug his mother's sleeve. His mother look at him. 



"Mom... Do you think I can still be a Hero?"  Izuku said. 



Inko look at him with sadness. "I'm sorry Izuku.... I wish that the situation isn't like this." His mother said and Izuku look down sadly. 



The second Person who told him that his dream is impossible. Though his mother didn't directly told him that his dream is impossible but.... He gets the message that his own mother doesn't believe in him. 



They reach their house. 



"Were home." Inko said as they walk inside their house. 



"Welcome dear~ So.... How was it?" Hishasi asked.



Inko look down sadly. "His quirkless, his had an extra Toe Joint which indicating that he won't develop any quirk." Inko said. 



Hishasi then glare at them. "So your telling me that our son is worthless!? Useless!?" Hishasi yelled at Inko.



"NO!! HIs not useless nor worthless!!  How can you say that to your son!?" Inko said. 



"NO FUCKING WAY THAT I WILL ACCEPT THIS USELESS WASTE OF SPACE AS MY FUCKING SON!!!" Hishah yelled and point at Izuku who look at his dad scared, he hide behind his mother knees. 



"But... He still our Son Hishasi.... His still our beloved Izuku...." Inko said calmly trying to make his husband understand. 



"No Fucking way!! He isn't my son!!" Hishasi said. "I'm out of this fucking house! I can't live in a same house with a Worthless son!" Hishasi said as he run upstairs while Inko chase his husband trying to talk her. 



Izuku didn't know what happened next. All he he knew is that, he heard a lot of yelling from his father and pleading cries from his mother begging his father not to leave. He was sitting in the corner of the living room while hugging his knees. He was confused of what was happening, but one thing is clear that his father is about to leave them and its because of him.



Because he is worthless. 



Because he is useless. 



He saw that his mother is begging for his father, But Hishasi slap his mother away. It was silence at first but Hishasi just glare at Inko. "Don't you ever touch me again. I hope I won't see you again together with your worthless son!" Hishasi said as he turn around and walk away. He look at Izuku and glare at him. 



"I can't believe that I made a mistake like you!" That was his father last's words. The words that is full of hatred and anger. His father walk out of that door with a slam and from that Izuku didn't see his father anymore. 



Izuku look at his mother who was kneeling in the floor while crying. Izuku got worried so he approach his mother try to comfort her and wipe those tears away, but instead his hand got slap away. 



"Get away from me you Worthless brat! Because of you.... Because of you... Hishasi left!! Ugh!" Inko said in anger. He flinch and back away from his mother who glare at him. Inko was blinded by range and she didn't notice that some object around her start to float, and some dangerous things start to float towards Izuku in fast speed enough for him to be hurt. 



And that was the first time, Izuku learn that combining Physical Pain and Emotional Pain is too much to bear. 





and It all happened in his 5th birthday. 






The next day, Izuku woke up with pain on his head and numb on his body due to the hard object thrown to him yesterday and he could see that he have some purple spots on his skin. He use his every strength to get up that day and prepare to go to school. But... That day was different because his mother didn't greeted him, nor make any breakfast for him. He try greeting his mother but all he receive is a glare and he was ignored. He try to get his mother's attention, but his mother just walk out of the house and went away.



The 5 Years old Izuku felt sad at that day. He could feel that his mother hate him, afterall he was the reason why his father walk away by calling him a mistake. That was the first time he walk to school by himself. His mother usually walks with him, but now his mother hates him he guest he would be alone. 



When  he got to School, He sat on the corner and just by himself. He suddenly feel something cold was place on his cheek. He was surprised and look beside him as he saw his bestfriend place a box of cold chocolate mirk on his cheek. 



"I asked Teach to get something like this in the vending machine since I notice you look sad Zuku." Katsuki said and Izuku gave a small smile. 



"Tha-thank You Kaachan." Izuku said as he accept the drink. 



"So? Who do I need to beat up for making my Zuku Sad like this?" Katsuki said as he was readying his fist. 



Izuku look down. "No one Kaachan.... I was just sad because The Doctor said that I wouldn't develop any quirk.... I am Quirkless..." Izuku said looking down. 



"YOUR QUIRKLESS!?" Katsuki said surprised and the other classmates and Teacher heard that. 



Izuku nod sadly. 



"Oh... Zuku...." Katsuki said. 



"His worthless then. " Another kid said. 



"Yeah, I mean what he can do without a Quirk?" Another Extra said. 



"Yup, his useless." Another Extra said. 



"Shut up you shitty Extras!! Zuku Isn't worthless!!!" Katsuki try to argued. 



"Katsuki... What can a Person without a Quirk can even do?" a Teacher approach Katsuki. 



"I-I co-could sti-still b-be a-a He-Hero...I-I co-could... sti-still he-help!!" Izuku try arguing. 



"Oh please~ You'll be nothing specially becoming a Hero would be impossible for you. You don't have a quirk to rely on anyway." The Teacher said. 



and It made Izuku got sad even more. "Lets Go Katsuki... You shouldn't associate with someone like him. Unlike him, you would be a great Hero. You have a promising future with your Cool Quirk you could save the world." The teacher said and Guide Katsuki far away from Izuku. 



For Katsuki, he felt a slight sadness leaving his bestfriend behind. But hearing the praise of the teacher and the praise of the extras makes him feel happy and Joy forgetting the little sadness he felt. Afterall, what could he do? He was just 5 at that time, he didn't understood many things yet. 



Teacher's Job is to teach, and students job is to listen specially when your a Kid. 



So, If the Teacher told that a Quirkless Person is useless to a Child, that Idea would stuck on their heads until someone would correct them. 




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3rd Person's Pov



After some months later, Izuku was know as Worthless Deku by his entire Classmate. Kastsuki start teasing him, to the point calling him weak and pathetic. Katsuki gave him the nickname 'Deku' since its the other way to pronounce the Kanji 'Izuku' and everyone start calling him that because he was useless. 



But, he will prove to anyone that he isn't useless by studying and be on the top of the Class But... 



He was 7 when he was accused of Cheater. 



"Midoriya, How many times I told you that cheating is bad." The Teacher said. 



"Bu-But I-I... Do-did-didn't Cheat." Izuku try to argued. 



"Here you again, Lying. You should Know that Lying and Cheating are bad!" The Teacher said. 



"Bu-But..." Izuku said. 



"No buts, You did 3 bad things today. You Cheat, You Lie and You argue with a Teacher/adult  means you disrespect me. So you'll be punish, now put your hand on the desk." The Teacher said and Izuku put his hand on the Table trembling.



The teacher got a bamboo stick, and start to  hit Izuku's hand until it went red. Izuku just bite his lips to stop his scream because if he did, he would punish more. But, the tears falls from his eyes cannot be stop. 



Though he could do nothing but accept the pain. 






Izuku was around 8 nearly 9 when his classmate start to use their quirks on him. The first one who used their quirks on him is Katsuki. It was one of the moments where Izuku was just sitting on the corner outside of the school and mumbled about Heroes Quirks as he analyzed them and wrote them to his notebook then Katsuki and theExtras walk pass him. But they stop and look at Izuku.



"Shitty Deku! Are you still doing that creepy fucking stalking of Quirks!?" Katsuki said angry as usual. 



"Kaachan... I...I...."Izuku said scared. 



"Tsk, someone Like you still want to be a Hero!? You can't even speak properly!!" Katsuki said . 



"Who wants to be save by a useless like you?" The other extra said.



"Yeah, He would die first than save someone else. " The other said and both of them start laughing and Izuku look down.



"You should Fucking Give up! You can't even defend yourself Fucking Deku!" Katsuki said as he start beating Izuku. 



"Kaachan... Sto-stop... I-it Hu-hurt sto-stop..." Izuku beg but Katsuki didn't listen to Izuku. 



"Don't Fucking Order me Shitty Deku!!" Katsuki said and he used his quirk on Izuku's shoulder. Izuku hiss. 



"Hey! You might not be so useless afterall. We could practice our quirks on you!! Nice." A extra said used his quirk on him which is he can grow a sharp claw on his hand like wolverine. Then the other Extra can make water balls from his hand and throw it to Izuku. Katsuki and the other extras were laughing. 



Izuku was left on the floor completely looking like a mess. The burns, the cuts, the bruises. 



"Maybe they are Right... I should give up..." Izuku said but then but on his mind there is a positive voice saying... 



"No... Everything Would be okay... I'll be okay. I... I just need to work hard... Yeah... " Izuku thought as he struggle to stand up because of the pain but he still can get up. 



But at that time Izuku still keep trying to reach for his dreams.






Izuku was 7 when his mother ignore his existence. Yes, he was free to cook (which he wasn't good) and raid the kitchen whenever his hungry and his mother sometimes left a decent amount of money in the table with a sticky note saying 'Izuku' on it. But, she completely ignore him. She's often at work or at her friends house and left Izuku alone. 



Izuku was 8 when his mother for the first time Talk to him but, It wasn't a Talk that would make Izuku felt happy. They were sitting in the dinning table facing each other and Izuku was looking down nervously. 



"Izuku... I found  Someone I love, He was nice and he treats me great more than Hishasi could ever had. I am happy when I'm with him and his... happy as well and were ready to start a new life. But, with you in my life... I can't do that. I didn't tell him about you because I know he will leave me just like how hishasi leave me because of your worthless existence." His mother said that Felt like a sharp knife to Izuku's heart. 



" So... I decided that starting now, You will leave alone and I'll find an Apartment where you can live and For the rent and expenses don't worry I'll send them to you every month. But, I would asked one thing and that to never show your existence in my existence ever again got it?" His mother said. 



"Ye-yes..." Izuku said as tears falls down from his eyes. He was still hoping that maybe one day, he and his mother would go back to old times where they were happy. Where Inko is taking care of Izuku, showering him with a lots of love. But... That thought was gone, it flew away and he knows that it will never come back. 



He was 8 when his mother abandon him. 



He was 8 when he start to live alone and face the world on his own. 





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3rd Person's Pov



Izuku was 14 when his story begins. It begins when he was running from the bullies again, but in the end they catch him and start beating him and use their quirks on him. 




Your worthless









Waste of Space







"Do you really think you can escape us Deku?" Other kid said as he kick him, and the kick is more painful than a simple kick due to the kid's quirk is he can make his arms and leg turn into metal. 



"Yeah, even if we beat you up over and over again no one would care for a pathetic useless person like you." Another kid said as he use his quirk on him with those long nails that gave Deku cuts all over his neck and arms. 



"Let me have some fun with you~" A boy with bat like wings said. He carry a half dead looking Deku up into the sky, maybe 6 feet high before he let go of Deku.



"Opps, I just Dump a garbage... Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter." The kid said and the bullies start laughing while they left a badly beaten Izuku. Izuku layed on the ground with his dull eyes looking at particularly nothing. He felt so numb, he felt so weak. He doesn't want to get up, because; what's the point on getting up when everyone tries to plays you down again? Right? He wonder why and how he manage to stay alive after all the suffering he endure? He wonder, why he is still trying to live even though Living in cruel world sounds like living in hell and death sound so peaceful with carefree life. 



He sigh and decided to get up groaning in pain, he felt the pain of what his classmate did to him. He decided to endure all the pain after all he was used to this. He was beaten up everyday on his life reminding him how worthless he is, how pathetic, useless and waste of space he is.



Izuku look down and fix his already ruin uniform and decided to head to his classroom. While walking in hall way everyone starts calling him how worthless he is, how he is a quirkless losser and some just told him that he should just kill himself. He just walk in the hallway with his head hung low and his eyes with no sparks on them. 



When he reach his classroom, he walk towards his desk and he saw some articles of those other quirkless people who committed suicide with partner to those are a bunch of spider lilies. Izuku look exhausted seeing all of this. He sat down on his chair and decided to gather all the spider lilies like he usually do and use those papers/articles to bind the flowers together and make it a perfect bouquet. He put them inside his yellow back pack. Whenever he walks home he usually stop near the river bank and just sat there while he throw spider lilies one by one in the river and watch it flows along with current of the river. 



It was a calming to see the flower flow with the river without drowning. The flower seems to feel light and free. He wish his life is also like that, but he knows that would be impossible. 









His teacher came inside and start the lesson. But at the end of the day, their homeroom teacher came and announced something that Izuku wishes that teacher didn't spill to the world.



"I know you Kids still have one year to spend here but then its a requirement that each one of you fill in on what Highschool your going so you can still have a year to change if you want. But I'm sure all of you wanted to be heroes anyway." The Teacher said and all of the student cheerfully cheer. 



"Bakugou Your going to UA right?" The teacher said. 



"Ofcourse I am. Don't compare me to this shitty Extras. I'm the only one who could reach the top and be number one." Katsuki said proudly.



"Hmmm." The teacher look at the paper once more and he look at Izuku. "Midoriya, Your'll applying to UA as well?" The teacher said. 



"Wait What!?" 



"Thats Absurbs" 



"Thats stupid" 



"I'm sure he won't pass." 



"Thats Impossible." 



"FUCKING DEKU! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!?" Katsuki said looking at Izuku with eyes full of range. 



Izuku stayed quiet and look down sadly. 



"Tsk, Settle down. I know Midoriya is delusional but he would be hit by reality if he gets rejected by UA and maybe that time he would realize what he is worth." The Teacher said and the student settle down. 



"Were not done yet Deku." Katsuki said before settling down and Izuku just hung his head low. 



"Why are you still trying when you know that you don't worth anything? Even the teachers was clear about that?" The voice inside of his head told him. He clench his fist together and bite his lips to stop himself from crying. But the tears from his eyes start falling but no one notice. He wipe his tears using his sleeve. 









It was time go home and Izuku is walking in the hallway as he heard heavy foot steps going to him. "DDDEEEKKUUU!!" 



Izuku look behind him and he saw a ranging Katsuki with his hands already have spark of explosion. Katsuki grab Izuku's shoulder and release some spark, Izuku hiss in pain. But, it wasn't new for him because his already used to Katsuki's quirk. 



"Ka-Ka-Kaa-cha-chan..." Izuku said. 



"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING APPLYING TO UA? You know that you will never get accepted! Your never gonna surpass me!!" Katsuki said. 



"I-I wa-wasn't try-trying to su-surpass y-you..." Izuku said. 



"Tsk Whatever nerd! You still have one fucking year!! DON'T YOU DARE APPLY TO UA!" Katsuki said as he shove Izuku away. Izuku let the notebook he as holding. Katsuki look at it and pick it up. 



"Hero Analysis For Future No. 13. What the fuck!? Your still doing this!? Do you think this fucking notes are enough for you get to UA!? Huh!? You always pathetic and worthless!" Katsuki said as he start burning the notebook and Izuku's eyes widden. 



"NO! GIVE IT BACK!" Izuku said trying to get back his notebook but Katsuki just smirk. 



"You know~ If you really want to be a Hero so bad. Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof and pray that you'll have a quirk on your next life." Katsuki said as he throw the notebook that landed on the pond.



Izuku was surprised and hurt to hear such words. He knows that he heard it from everyone that he should just kill hisself because he doesn't have any worth. But, when he heard it from his ex-bestfriend, from the person he once care. It felt like a very sharp knife stab him. He would prepare an actual knife to be stab instead of those words, because the wound of the actual knife can be healed but the wound of those painful words can not be erase. 



Tears started to fall from his eyes as he decided to run and get his notebook. When he got there he look down to the fish who is biting the edge of his notebook. 



"My dream become a fish food I guess...." Izuku said as he pick his notebook. He hug it close to his chest because it was the only thing that he treasure. He walk home with his head hanging low as usual and Katsuki's words echo on his head. 



He didn't notice that a slime/slug evolved from the sewer and start to attack him. "You'll be perfect meat for me to take over... Don't worry, if you don't struggle it would be less painful." The slug monster said and Izuku didn't struggle. Instead he let this slug take over him even though he start to feel like he is drowning, He knows that it was pointless to struggle and the next thing he knew that everything become black. 



He then felt someone was slapping his face to awake and when his consciousness came back he was surprised to see All Might. He quickly sat up and gave a small smile to All Might as he start to Fanboy. All might seems to be pleased when he saw the boy seems to be happy seeing him. But All might was in hurry so he quickly fly off but Izuku grab All might who try to kick him away but Izuku wasn't letting go. 



Soon, they stop on the roof while Izuku look at All might deflated? Izuku was surprised and All might beg him that he should keep this a secret and Izuku swear he won't tell anyone about it when All might told him that he wasn't as strong as like before. Though Izuku asked the question that he wish he never asked. 



"Can A Quirkless person like become a Hero?" 



"No Young man its impossible. I mean, Look at me I have a strong Quirk but I still get hurt to the extend so a Quirkless person could be just burden. You should be realistic with your dream." 



"I see..." 



Izuku look down sadly and All Might flew away and leave him on the roof. All might word's echo on his head.



"I guess its time that I should really give up... I mean... Even the number one Hero told me that my dream is impossible to reach. " Izuku said to himself as he walk near the ledge. He look down and he could see that it was a perfect place to die afterall there is no one in that place. He look at the sky ahead of them, it was actually a beautiful weather. The sun is starting to set as the sky started to turn orange. The wind is brush through his curly hair seeing his dull emerald eyes with no life on them. 



"Whats the point of living? My Father told me I am a Mistake, Mom is now happy with her new family, All of the people said that I am just worthless and Kaachan....Kaachan just said that I should Just kill myself. " Izuku said as he gave a sad laugh to himself. He got his Phone and decided to give  his last Text to his Bestfriend Once upon a time. 



To: Kaachan


Hi Kaachan

I know that this would just bother you or maybe you wouldn't read it anyway. But... I'm just gonna tell you that you would be a great Hero in the Future. You would be the best of the best. I hope that you would pass the UA exam. I mean, what am I kidding? Ofcourse you will pass the exam with how strong you are. I know you will pass because ever since we were kids I always admire you, you know. 

I always thought that your my Hero. I mean All might was my hero but he was my idol as well. I mean I can really put into words that my admiration to All Might and towards you are different. But Yeah, I always look up to you. 

Anyway, This message will be the last message you would be hearing from me. Afterall, after this you wouldn't need to worry about a worthless, useless, waste of space Deku that follows you around. You won't have to worry about me any more because I'll be gone. 

Thank You For Your Advice Kaachan. It was really helpful because it help me open my eyes and made me realize reality. 

Don't blame yourself for my action. This is my decision. 



Goodbye Kaachan. 




After Izuku press the send button he walk to the edge and just stand there watching the sun set. He felt the cooling air brush his curly hair. He sigh and he look down to see that when he will fall down he is sure that he would die quickly and maybe he would be born in his next life with a less suffering life. He was about to take one step when he heard his Phone who is place on the corner ringing. 



Incoming call: Kaachan...

Decline  I   Accept 



He ignore the call and decided to take one step and let his body fall. 




Chapter Text





3rd Person's Pov  



In the dark alley somewhere in Japan, some group of thugs as they were carrying weapons. 

"Should we really continue the transaction now? I heard that there are Heroes in the area. What if we get caught?" Thug 1 said. 

"No, No heroes are gonna come here since this place is clearly abandon. Also, No Heroes had ever in this place so, Lets get this going. The boss is waiting." Thug 2 said. 

"Lets Go then." Thug 3 said and the The 5 Thugs walk away and carry some boxes towards the underground tunnel that connects to the underground Ship that is park there. 


"How much longer is this gonna take?" A woman who is carrying a Fan showed up on the deck of the ship. 

"We have the last 5 last boxes boss." Some men said. 

"Okay, hurry up. Mr _____ Is waiting, one of this boxes had a treasure that he wants to be in possession right away." The woman said as she walks away back to the deck. 

"And Oh? What kind of possession is that?" 

Everyone was alert, they look at the person who spoke to and they saw someone who had scars all over his face, and even in his arms is standing on the corner. 

"Who invite such an ugly being in here?" The woman said in digust. 

"Oh wow, " The scar man said as he roll his eyes. "Your not just an illegal boss who kidnap kids with healing quirks but your also judgmental. Before you just someone you should get a mirror first. " The Scar man said. 

"Shut the fuck Up You!' The woman said as she swing her fan to her direction and a gust of sharp knives was send to the scar man who dodge all of that. 

"Ah~ You want fight?  I'll give you a Fight!' The scar man said as he lit his hand with blue flames and send it to the mens, the place was on fire immediately some mens got burn some dodge and get their weapon and use their different quirk to attack this scar man. Suddenly the wooden boxes that they were transforming one by one get destroyed and different underground heroes merdge up and fight. The woman scoff and attempt to run away but she then saw a red feather fell infront of her. She look up and she saw the number 3 Hero. 


"Oh~ Your running away~" Hawks smirk and the woman smirk and swing her fan to Hawks who flew to avoid the flying knives. The Woman pull out another fan so now she had two fans that she can swing around and flying knives were all over the place. Hawks dodge them all as he decides to just fly to her and got her from the back colar. The woman tries to swing her fan to Hawks and injured him but Hawks got her arm. 

"Don't try anything~ I might let you go and you'll end up falling to your death." Hawks said with a stern voice as he put a cuff suppressant quirks on her arm. 

Soon enough all the villain's were arrested and they head out where the police and reporters started to interview them. Well Hawks was answering the question infront of the Media so he could take the credits of this rescue mission. The villain's were trying to capture those kids with healing quicks and sell them. Since it is very rare to have a healing quirk. Hawks take the credit and it would give the Hero Commissioner a lot of money with this. But Hawks is stubborn, so he mentioned the names of the Underground Heroes who help in this mission like Sir Nighteye, Eraserhead and other underground Heroes but they didn't show their faces in the Camera since they don't like to be put in the spot light. 

That time, Hawks was called by the President of Hero Commissioner and scold him for not taking the credits alone which Hawks just let those words get through his right ear and let it out on his left ear. Honestly, he can't wait to see how the Hero Commissioner is gonna fall down soon enough. 

That afternoon, he was piss off because he got scolded so he flew towards his happy place. He flew not too far from the scene of the event happened and scout the area to look for someone, and finally in one of the abandon roof top stand two figure. 

"Yo! You guys didn't need to wait. Specially you Eraserhead." Hawks said and Eraser roll his eyes. 

"Whatever, Now that your here I can live you kids alone." Eraser said. 

"I'm offended. Were not Kids eraser, were like 5 years younger than you." The scar man said. 

"Exactly your still kid. Your younger than me Dabi, Stupid Bird Brain." Eraser said and Hawks frown.

"Ouch, that hurts. You call Dabi by his name and you call me that nick name?" Hawks said. 

"Its true though you have a stupid brain. No wonder your a Chicken." Dabi said. 

"No! I am not a Chicken! I am a Hawks! Half Hawks and Half Human!!" Hawks argued. 

"Still a Chicken." Dabi said and Hawks pouted. 

"I'll leave the two of you, and Dabi you might be a legal Vigilante because you help most of the underground Heroes. But, your still a Vigilante. Anybody can turn their backs on you and surrender you to the authority to gain popularity. " Eraser said. 

"I know that dad." Dabi teased and Eraser groan in annoyance as he jump away from roof to roof. 

"Dad is just concern for your safety. I mean his right, you might not know when they are gonna surrender you." Hawks said. 

"Tsk, I'll bring the Hero Commissioner down first before 'That' would happened." Dabi declared. 

Hawks smile a bit. " Yeah sure, Did you found any new evidences yet?" Hawks said. 

"Ugh! Lets discuss this at home." Dabi said as he try to walk away. 

"Sure." Hawks said as he got Dabi by the waist and start flying. 

"OI! LET ME FUCKING GO YOU STUPID BIRD BRAIN!! I already told you I hate Flying with you!!" Dabi try to argue. 

"Suuuureee~ You totally don't like me being your private transporter." Hawks said with a hint of sarcastic on his voice. 

Dabi glare at him. "Fucking fine! Just... Your Just a transporter okay? Take this on the other way and I'll turn those red wings of yours to a blue flames!' Dabi warned Hawks. 

"You always said that but you never did it!" Hawks said. 

"Want me todo it?" Dabi said already showing small blue flames in his hand. 

"Don't! Gravity will bring us down without even Knowing how high we are right now. Though, I don't mind if we die together anyway~" Hawks said and gave Dabi a wink. Dabi didn't care if they were flying, but this birdie brain really annoys him so he Smack Hawks Head with force.

" Ouch!" Hawks said his Flying was disturbed a bit, but he manage to propel it right." Are you really trying to kill us!?" Hawks argue to Dabi who just shrug his shoulder.

"I don't know, Maybe. Afterall, Your gonna die with me so I'm not worried." Dabi said.

"Oh? Are you finally admitting that I am Hot birdie that your willing to die for~?" Hawks smirk.

Dabi glare at Him, but if you look clearly you could see his blushing face. "Bullshit! Say something like that again and I promise That Your red Wings will turn Flaming Blue!" Dabi threatened Hawks who just chuckled.

"Yeah, Yeah..." Hawk said as he look up ahead. His eyes then widden when he saw a Kid, standing closely to the edge.

"Dabi... Look at that kid... Do you think he'll do what I think he would!?" Hawks said with a hint of worry on his voice. Dabi look at where Hawks was looking and his eyes widden.

"Fly faster!!" Dabi demanded and Hawks doesn't need to be told twice as he did and fly towards the roof top. The second the kid decided to fall, Hawks throw Dabi to the roof top as he flew down quickly and catch the Kid, seconds before hitting the Ground.

Dabi, didn't appreciate it when Hawks just throw him in the roof top, now his butt hurt. But he knows that Hawks had a reason to do that. He quickly stand up and saw that Hawks land on the rooftop with the kid in his arm.

"Why!?" The Kid said while crying he push Hawks away.

"I know It's your duty to save every citizen because your a Hero! But just Why!? Can't you see I'm trying to end My Life!!?" The Kid yelled while he was broken, tears falling from his eyes.

"We can see that... But, Whatever your going through I'm sure that Suicide isn't the solution." Hawks said with a soft voice. He might be cold to others like he had a blunt voice, but Dabi knows just how Hawks had a soft side inside.

"That's Not What They say!! My Father Told me I was Useless, Worthless, Waste of Space and A Mistake!!" The Kid said and Dabi clench his two hand. He remember his own bastard of a Father who said those words to him when he can't control his own quirk when he was Young." My Mother Started a new family without me because she doesn't want to have a Useless Son!!! All of them told them that I should just kill myself because I have No worth!! Everyday in my life I was reminded that A quirkless Loser like me isn't worth, a waste of Space!! Useless!! Worthless!! I'm so tired hearing those!!. NO! I'm Not  Tired I'm Exhausted!! " The kid yelled as he fall into his knees crying, broken.

" I'm exhausted... Please I... I just want to end everything.... " The kid said while crying as he held his chest.

Dabi and Hawks share the same look. They know that the society is very fuck up, but now seeing how the fuck up society is willing to push a kid, A Kid to the edge of Killing himself is Just... It makes them angry at the same time felt sad.

"Kid... I know... I know... Your exhausted... By ending your life isn't the solution." Dabi said as he kneel down infront of the Kid.

"No! You don't understand! I have no one! I have nothing! I'm Nothing! Why should I stay Alive!? Give me a reason Why I should be living when I have nothing!!?" The kid said.

Dabi and Hawks stay silent. They know that they can't answer the kid question afterall, the kid just yelled at them that he had No father, his mother neglect him, and the others just told him to kill himself. So, what's the reason for the kid to stay? Heck, they don't even know him.

"You might not find a reason right now... But why Can't you find one? I mean, your still young... Like your 10?" Dabi said.

"I-I'm Fo-fourteen...." The kid said.

"His so Small for his age!!" Both Hawks and Dabi Thought concerning.

"... 13, But your still young. You still have many more to explore..." Dabi said.

"Di-didn't Yo-you kno-know Tha-that 80% O-of pie-people no-now are bo-born wi-with Quirks... 20% a- are bo-born wi-without on-one... O-only 5% ou-out o-of 20% Ma-made to-to Adulthood. Qu-quirkless pe-person ei-either Di-die fro-from a-abuse, Po-poverty... O-or the-they kill the-themselves... So... Soo... Wha-what Ma-makes me-me different fro-from them? E-even I-I'll tr-try to li-live pe-people wi-will ju-just up-push me fu-further T-to de-death.... " the kid explained looking down sadly letting his tears fall down.

Dabi and Hawks knows that percentage and its sad that it was true reality. Dabi look at the kid emphatically." Ki-kid ca-can I-I to-touch to-you? " Dabi said and the kid look at him with those dull, broken emerald eyes before looking down and Dabi took this a signal as yes. So he touch the Kid on the cheek wiping those tears away.

"I'm sorry kid... But, You never deserve a life like that. We know that our society is fucking Shit! No one should deserve to be treated like they are a waste of space specially a kid like you!!" Dabi said.

The kid look at Dabi and he saw those blue eyes was staring at him with concern and worry. The kid start to cry again and Dabi had a instinct on hugging the kid. The kid felt a kind warmth that make him feel safe for the the first time since the time he was diagnosed as quirkless. He cry and cry as he mumbled "I'm exhausted, Please... Make everything stop, Please just... Let me rest, Let me Have my peace... Please... I'M exhausted..." The kid said while crying and Dabi just comfort the kid. He hug the small kid close to him. He doesn't know why he felt that he shouldn't let go of the kid, that he should protect this kid. But one thing he knows that is he need to take care of this kid. The kid seems cry to sleep in Dabi's arms.

Dabi felt a tap on his shoulder and he look above. "I guess were having a Child right now huh... I never thought we were having a kid this early..." Hawks said chuckling and Dabi glare at him.

"I'll burn you into crips if you say something like that again." Dabi threatened his Companion. Hawks just smile.

"Let's take this kid back to my place..." Dabi said and Hawks agree. Hawks then look at the edge of the roof top where the kid just try to jump and saw a yellow bag pack and Phone that seems to be dead bat. So he got the things assuming it belong to the kid. He pick up the semi-soak notebook that had a little burn and read the title.

"Hero Analysis for the Future No. 13 - By Midoriya, Izuku (Deku)"

"Oi! Bird Brain! I'll leave you here!" Dabi said as he already parkour towards the next roof while the kid in his arms. Hawks just sigh and got the things and follow Dabi.


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11.   Open Floor Planned Cottage


Picture From ( ) --> nUMBER 11. Open Floor Planned Cottage



(A/N: This is what Dabi's house looks like. But, instead of looking fancy like this, Just imagine its looking a little out of date, and there's no chandelier in the bedroom, Couch and carpets doesn't exist as well,  and glass that is placed beside the bed [On the edge] doesn't exist. Also, just imagine the main door is sliding one. )





3rd Person's pov




Dabi and Hawks are now treating the you G Kid's injuries. He had many Open Cuts, Some Bruises and mostly burns, specially on his shoulder. When Dabi look at this injuries, he swear he would kill whoever did this to the child. Not, only that he was bothered with some old scars and injuries that Literally covers the whole body of the boy.

Well, to check that the boy didn't have other injuries upon from his neck, shoulder, and arms Dabi decided to remove the kid's clothes leaving him on his boxer and he could see the Kid's big bruised in the abdomen and Thighs. Dabi is Surprised that this kid is still alive despite all the injuries he suffered.

"Tsk, Society is really Fuck Up! This kid never deserves to be treated like this..." Dabi said angrily but there is also a hint of worry for the kid.

"I know... This kid might not seek a proper medical attention due to the fact that his quirkless. If you must know, most of the Quirkless persona is deny by the most of the hospitals now a days due to their decreasing population and most people think they are better off dead. No wonder this kid... " Hawks said and took a deep breath feeling a heavy feeling. It must be tough for this kid. The kid is.... Is a survivor of hell life. Though, today he decided to end it because living in this hell world isn't worth it.

Honestly, Hawks and Dabi was there. They were once on the edge where they wanted to end everything. But... They have each other. Hawks knows who 'Dabi' really is and Dabi knows who 'Hawks' really is.  Dabi was blinded by revenge to his father and to the Hero Commission and Hawks... He just want to take the HC down and remove the corrupt people from this society and he knows that together they would do it. The two of them were close friend, way too close.

If Hawks and Dabi didn't have each other then... They might as well ended their life without anyone saving them.

Any who, Dabi dress the kid up with a large sweater that is to big for the kid. Seriously, the kid is small from his age and that isn't surprising considering what they just know about the boy. His father left, his mother neglect him, and the people around him treat him like a trash.

"Watch the kid, I'll make something for us to eat." Dabi said and walk down the stairs as he leave the kid comfortable in bed.

"My eyes would be keen as a Hawks could be." Hawks said as he sat on the edge near the ladder as his two feet swing on the edge.

Dabi roll his eyes and went to the kitchen and Hawks look at the Kid's stuff. He knows it's rude to invade personal things of the kid, but... He needs to know more about the kid. So he got the Kid's yellow bag and he was surprised what was inside. It was a bouquet of Spider Lilies and Hawks was horrified with this. He got the bouquet and he admit that it looks beautiful, but he knows this flower is a bad news.

He notice the paper that is used to bind together, It was an article of The quirkless person who commit suicide as well.

"Fuck!" Hawks said angrily, whoever give this stupid flower to the kid should be the one who die. What kind of sane person would give this kind of thing to a 14 years old boy!?

Dabi heard Hawks cursed from the Kitchen. "You okay their Kei!?" Dabi shouts but continue what he was doing in the Kitchen.

"Fine." Hawks said, but really his still angry at the people who hurt this kid. Hawks sigh as he place the flower on the corner and look at what is inside of the Kid's bag. He then remember the notebook of the Kid, the analysis thingi. So, he stop rampaging the bag and went to get the notebook and read some analysis.

"Hero Analysis For Future No. 13 By Midoriya, Izuku (Deku)" Hawks Read the title of the notebook and he frown when he read the word Deku which literally means Useless. Not only that, when you read 'Izuku' in different form of Japanese Kanji it would be pronounced as 'Deku'. Did his parents really name their son like this? Or its just a coincidence?

Well there are many Japanese people who is name Izuku anyway.

Hawks then open  notebook and read the notes and Wow he is ddaaammnn impressed. The kid had a different analysis of different Heroes, their style and technique of fighting, the strength and weakness of their quirks and general, the information of their patrol route and mostly The kid Suggestions and Theory on how to improve their skills is listed there.

Just wow.

"Dabi! DaB I! DABI!!" Hawks jump to  ground and went to the Kitchen and went to Dabi.

"Look! The kid is a Genius!! Maaann~ honestly this kid can make those Professional Analyzer run down for their Money." Hawks said as he show Dabi the notes who snatch the note and read them. Dabi read the first few 5-9 pages and wow he is impressed.

" We could assassinate different Heroes Using this Analysis with no problem. Man~ This is like A step by step on how to take them down." Dabi said with a smile.

"I know right!" Hawks said excitedly.

"Wait! Are you listed here?" Dabi asked as he flip pages wanting to see if Hawks is there.

"Nope. But I doubt he doesn't have notes on me, I mean look at the Title it stated that it's notebook no. 13. Who knows how many of this notebooks he has." Hawks said.

"Hell yeah, I want to see what he writes about you. Maybe I could finally use it to make your birdbrain function properly for once." Dabi said and Hawks pouted.

"Mean! My brain is perfectly functioning. Thank you very much!" Hawks said claim and Dabi roll his eyes.

"Yeah, Yeah. Last time I check you manage to burn a Juice." Dabi said.

"..." < Hawks.

"Set that Aside this kid is A Genius!!" Hawks said.

"Unlike someone I knew." Dabi said and continue working on the food his preparing. "Go watch the kid and read the notebook further maybe you'll find a great information helping you in your hero Work." Dabi said.

"Right~" Hawks said he walk back to the living room and lift himself up on the bed room as he went back sitting on edge besides the ladder. He notice the boy's phone which is dead bat, so he decided to charge it but didn't open it cause he know how Phones are very personal. Hawks continue reading the notebook and really, he was amazed.







Izuku woke up feeling numb and weak. He open his eyes only to notice that he was in an unknown place. He decided to sat up and look around him, only to notice a man with red wings is sitting not far from him on what seems like an edge? The man, which Izuku Identify the number 3 Hero turn around and greeted him with a smile. 



"Oh~ Your finally awake GreenBean. Have a nice nap?" Hawks said and Izuku nod. He then pinch his arm to confirm if he is dreaming or not, because the number 3 hero is just sitting on the floor not far from him. He was about to fanboy infront of the Hero, but he remember what exactly happened as to why it lead to be here. He look down sadly as tears started to fall from his eyes. Hawks look at the Kid sadly and decided to touch him but as soon as his hand met the Kid's shoulder, the Kid flinch. 



"I'm sorry I shouldn't touch you like that without asking you." Hawks said and Izuku wanted to say that it was okay, that he is always Jumpy... But, the words he wanted to say is stuck on his throat. So he close his mouth and shook his head telling him that it was okay. Hawks got the message and smile a little. 



"Are you hungry? Dabi is preparing some food in the kitchen. Come on..." Hawks said as he extend his hand. Izuku hesitate to grab it, but he did and Hawks smile. Hawks pull the kid close to him as they Jump down to the living room and saw Dabi who was just done cooking. 



"Perfect timing, Come on You must be Hungry. " Dabi said. "Kei, get the table for me will ya?" Dabi said. 



"Okay..." Hawks said as he got a small wooden table like Kotatsu except it doesn't have any heater or blankets around and place on the floor. Hawks help Dabi set the food in the table and soon the three of them are sitting in the floor with food infront of them. 



"I know the food isn't that Fancy, But I can assure its good." Dabi said. 



"Its more than Good if you asked me. Dabi is a perfect Housewife! He can transform those food that isn't fresh well not rotten either, but He can transform those things into one delicate meal!! A perfect Housewife!" Hawks claim happily and Dabi smack his head. 



"If you want to have dinner you  better shut your mouth or I'll burn you to crisp and throw your Ash in the sea where you become fish food." Dabi said. 



"Heh~ You don't want to eat me as your dinner? I'm good when I'm crispy after all I'm still half chicken as you say right~" Hawks smirk and Dabi blush.



"Who the fuck wants to eat you!? And for god damn sake your not half chicken, your half Hawk!! Your 'Hawks' for a reason!" Dabi said annoyed at his 'Friend' . 



"Buuutt~ Thats Not what you say to me all the time~" Hawks said pouting. Dabi sigh tiredly as he massage the bridge of his nose. He is soooo done with this Birdbrain. 



"Tell me why am I friends with you again?" Dabi said. 



"I wonder why as well..." Hawks said and Dabi groan in annoyance. 



Dabi then look at Izuku who gave them a small smile. Izuku was listening to their conversation earlier and well, they look like close friends, maybe more than that. Their friendship seems Fun. It reminds him when he was 4, those times that he and Kaachan would play Heroes and teased each other, made promises that together they would be Heroes. But that was just now a sweet bitter memory, because now... That Kaachan is gone. The Kaachan he knows now is someone who hate him to the point he said those words. 



"Take a Swan dive off the roof and pray for a quirk on your Next Life



Those words echo on his mind. He look down sadly.  



"You okay Kid? Is the food not good?' Dabi said and Izuku shook his head. 



['Its fine... Thank you for the food. But I can eat much...'] Izuku start to sign, he hesitate at first since his still learning and he hope that he sign the words correctly. 



"Thats fine. You don't need to eat everything. But atleast you have eaten." Hawks said and Izuku nod. 



"Hey! He didn't say anything though, he just play with his hand?" Dabi said. 



"Its called Japanese Sign Language. The stupid HC made me learn then since there are times that Villians used them to communicate with each other during an attack. Its like, sending signal or something. But... Judging from the confused expression you just gave, your just learning them aren't you?" Hawks said and Izuku nod. 



"Good." Hawks said as he start eating. 



"I see, Maybe you should teach me some of the basic from time to time." Dabi said. 



"Sure, as long as I got free food. I'm good. " Hawks said and Dabi roll his eyes. 



"You always get free food. Though, I don't understand you. Don't you have like personal servants back on your home? Sure they serve you fancy, delicious meals everyday." Dabi said.



"Nah~ Compare tp your cooking. Those aren't cook without love~ They just taste shit. Your Cooking on the other hand~ Taste wonderful. It must be, because you put your kind, caring, and feeling of love into it and serve it to me~" Hawks said as he gave a wink to Dabi who just facepalm. 



"Kei~ One more, Flirting nonsense come out from your mouth and I swear GOD DAMN IT!" Dabi said as he was sooo done with Hawks. 



"You Just swear though..." Hawks said. 



"Oh~DDaammnn Why am I friends with him?" Dabi said. 



"Cause You'll be lonely when you didn't." Hawks said as he continue eating happily. 



"I'm done with you ugh!" Dabi said as he continue eating as well. 



Izuku gave a small smile as this two interact. He wish that he would a friendship like them as well but he knows that no one wants a quirkless nobody like him as friends. 





Chapter Text






3rd Person's Pov




After dinner, Izuku was just sitting on the corner and staying quiet. Dabi and Hawks doesn't really know what to do with the kid. They don't want to upset him more than he already is. Hawks deal with Jumpers before, but not quite like Izuku because most of them were just seeking attention and wanting to be saved. Izuku, on the other hand seems to give up in life. It was clear in his dull eyes. Not only that, Izuku didn't talk to them (nor sign)  except in the dinner earlier. Izuku isn't demanding anything like money or a house or some stuff. He just sat on the corner and look at the floor with his empty eyes. 

Dabi sigh as he sat beside Izuku, Hawks did the same. 

"Whats on your mind kid? " Dabi said and Izuku look at him. Dabi gave a small smile but deep inside he felt sad, because a Kid's eyes shouldn't look this lifeless, dull, and emotionless. But this Kid, had those eyes like he wasn't even alive. 


['Who are you? Are you a Hero?'] Izuku sign. 

"His not a hero, His my assistant and my Future Hus-" Hawks said but Dabi Smack him in the head. 

"Finish that sentence and Your dead." Dabi threaten Hawks but, if you would look clearly Dabi is blushing. Dabi then look at Izuku "and yes, I am not a hero. I'm a Vigilante and My name is Dabi. Sorry Kid, I don't know Sign Language. " Dabi said. Izuku shook his head and gave an expression saying that 'Its okay'. 

Hawks then sat up and went to get something and when he came back he gave Izuku a pen and notebook. "Since your still learning JSL, I figure that writing would be the best communication we could have." Hawks said. Izuku nod as he start to write. 

[Thank You ;)] - The note said. Though the smily emoji doesn't match the Boy's emotionless expression. 

"Don't mentioned it." Hawks said. 

"So Kid, What's your name and How old are you?" Dabi said. 

Midoriya, Izuku and I am 14.] - Izuku wrote. 

Well, they already know that info. 

"Your parents? Or Guardians?" Dabi said. 

[My Father leave me when I was 5, My Mother left when I was 8. ] -Izuku wrote still he have an emotionless expression.

"So... Your homeless?" Hawks said. 

Izuku shook his head. [My mother have another family without me. She still pay the rent and gave me money in a condition I'll stay out of her new life. She did that until a week ago when she stop sending money without even notifying me. So, basically I'll be homeless soon.]- Izuku wrote. 

Dabi and Hawks look at Izuku sadly. "I'm sorry Kid..." Dabi said and Izuku shook his head as he look down, not writing anything. 

"Tell me what's the name of your mother. She couldn't just neglect her Kid like this. " Hawks said. 

Izuku shook his head and start writing. [Please Don't. Mom is currently happy with her life and I don't want to take that away from her. She already suffer so much from the time My Dad left her because of me, and I understand that it must be hard to have a Kid who is Useless, Quirkless Freak like me. ] -Izuku wrote.

"Don't say that, I mean... Don't think about that. Being Quirkless doesn't mean your useless. No one... should deserve to be called that they are useless and worthless. " Dabi said. He remember when his own father told him those words when he couldn't control his quirk, but atleast he had those people told him that he still have a worth. His mother, his siblings and his birdbrain companion.  But, Izuku doesn't have any of those. Afterall, everyone around him told him that, no one was willing to extend their hands to pick up the broken Kid just because he doesn't have any quirk. 

[Thank you for saying those words.... But, I don't know i-if those words would reach me anymore. I've been told that I am worthless for most of my life. ]- Izuku wrote as he look down, tears ready to fall but he was preventing them. 

Dabi and Hawks look at Izuku worriedly. They know that whatever positive things they are gonna say will never reach the Kid. Afterall, all he his life all he heard is negative things and to add it all he is a Kid. When your an adult and you will tell the Kid 'this' and 'that' thats what are they gonna believe in, until they grow up and when they reach teenage or adulthood, changing their belief of what they were told when they were kids would be hard to change. 

"Then... Would you be willing to show us that Your aren't worthless?" Dabi says. 

Izuku eyes widden. [How?] -Izuku wrote. 

"By staying with me. You said yourself, that your gonna be homeless soon and I can't let that happened. And No offense but... I doubt that any Foster system would want you considering how people already treated you. So... please stay with me?" Dabi said. 

Izuku shrug. [Its like I have a choice. I'm happy that your willing to take me. But... won't I be a Burden?] - Izuku wrote. 

"Nope, You'll never be a Burden." Dabi said as he pat Izuku hair. Izuku didn't know why he felt this warm feeling inside of his heart when Dabi do that. But honestly, he doesn't care what would happened to him from now onwards. Afterall, no one cares so why would he care for himself? Hawks and Dabi will soon realize that he was just a burden and a Mistake and well shove him away from their lives and he would be alone again. 

But Dabi is right though. Because, no foster care would want to take a loser, worthless, useless freak like him. He was thankful that atleast Dabi have the heart to take him in. 

[Okay then]- Izuku wrote. 

"Okay, Well... we should call it a night its late. You can climb the ladder and take the bed since its huge enough for the two of us." Dabi said. "Beside your very small." Dabi thought.

Izuku nod then he point at Hawks. "Nah~ I can't stay here Or else the wolves are gonna hunt down my future Forever~ Can't let that happened. " Hawks said and Dabi kick Hawks knees. Hawks groan in pain. 

"Go to bed Kid, I'll send this stupid bird Brain home." Dabi said as he drag Hawks outside of the house. Izuku look at the window and saw how Dabi and Hawks are arguing, but their argue seems to be different, Like its a Good arguing? Izuku shook his head and climb up on the ladder and went to snuggle in the warm blanket of the bed.


Dabi and Hawks on the other hand. 

"I'm happy that your taking in the kid. But, Your Job is dangerous and it would put him in danger." Hawks said. 

"Oh? So what do you suggest smart ass. Take him to a Foster Care system where either he would be put in a Abusive Family that would kill him? or he will kill himself again due to the fact that society is a piss of shit and people in general are a piece of shit. Hmm?" Dabi said. 

"..." < Hawks. 

"Thats what I thought." Dabi said. 


Hawks sigh. "I hope we could bring the kid's smile back. I mean, he already suffer enough." Hawks said. 

"We?" Dabi said.


"I might not live here, but... This is what I consider as home. You are my home, and you know it. So whenever My home needs help, I need to be there specially if my Job is literally means helping others. " Hawks said. 

Dabi gave a smile. " Sure, Sure. I know your a good Hero. But your also a Lapdog for those wolves. " Dabi said sighing. "I wish we could end this and be free." Dabi said as he look up the sky that doesn't have any stars or light at all. 

"Thats my wish as well. But, we will reach that Dream soon. Don't worry." Hawks said with a smile. 

"Go then, Or else the Wolves will hunt you." Dabi said. 

"Right... Take care of the Kid Touya-Chan."  Hawks said as he gave a kiss to Dabi's Cheek before flying away. 

Dabi blush and glare at the Flying Stupid Birdbrain. "YOUFUCKING BASTARD!!" Dabi yelled and Hawks chuckled while he flew happily at that Night. 


Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov



Katsuki, wasn't worried. He meant, why would he be Worried to someone loser like Deku right? Why would he?. Katsuki was confused. He shouldn't care for Deku right? He shouldn't care for the loser, useless person right? But, why is it when he received that text, he receive that message, adrenaline rush took over his body and he begun to run outside of his house(Ignoring his mother's yelled) as he keep calling Deku on the phone who didn't answered. Why was he desperately want to see Deku? Want to see if his okay?


Just why?

He keeps calling Deku not knowing where his two legs would take him, not caring about where he would headed. All in his mind is find Deku, save Deku. He was so lost in thoughts that he didn't notice that a slug/slime was trying to suffocate him. He drop down his phone and activates his explosion quirk trying to get out of the situation.

He was relief when he saw some Heroes on the area and hoping that they would save him. But fuck those fucking heroes were just standing there watching the stupid Villian suffocate him.


"Is this how I fucking die? No, No, No! I can't yet! Not yet!!" Katsuki yelled at his mind, but his out of breath and his vision start to blur, he start seeing black spots.

"No... No... Deku..." Katsuki's last thought before everything went black.


The next he know, he woke up in the Hospital. He sat up groaning as he felt slight headache and his throat felt like there is needle stabbing it.

"Don't talk brat! You just have a suction in your lungs earlier due to the slime you engulfed." His mother said and Katsuki's eyes widden.

"I'm alive...?" Katsuki said in a low voice.

Mitsuki pinch Katsuki's cheek and Katsuki yelled in pain.


"What the Fuck old hag!?" Katsuki said and he regret it because he felt pain on his throat as he start coughing.

"I told not to talk didn't I? Here." His mother said as she gave her son a glass of water. Katsuki quickly took it and drink it in one gulp. But, he still felt like tiny needle stabbing his throat.

"Your throat will be fine after some days of rest. So your forbidden to talk or even yell which you do all the time. If you want to keep your voice, do what I said brat." Mitsuki said and Katsuki just scoff and look away.

"What should I do then if I couldn't talk?" Katsuki talk very low tone.

"Here, you could use this." Mitsuki said as she gave her son a small white board and a pen.

"Tsk I hate this! I fucking hate this! I was weak! I can't even fucking save my pathetic ass in a Villian attack!! Bullshit!" Katsuki thought frustrated as small spark already coming from his hand but Mitsuki held his hand and Katsuki's quirk stop immediately since he quickly calm down.

" You can't used your quirk here in the fucking hospital Brat. So don't. " Mitsuki said and Katsuki scoff and look away again. Mitsuki sigh as she pat Katsuki's hair. "Please don't make me worry like that every again. You just storm out of the house angrily and then next thing I know I received a fucking phone call from the hospital saying your hospitalized and involved in a Villian attacked. You almost have me a Heart Attack brat and Masaru did have a panic attack hearing that. But, his okay now. " Mitsuki said and Katsuki look down feeling guilty that he made his parents worried, though he still have the angry expression he always had.

" Where's the old man? " Katsuki asked.

" His-" Mitsuki said but the door swing open and Masaru walk inside.

"Katsuki!!" Masaru said as he run and gave his son a Hug. Katsuki quickly shove his father away and glare at him.

"What the Fuck!?" Katsuki halfly yelled again causing him to cough, for a minute he forget his throat injury.

"Are you okay?" Masaru asked worriedly.

Katsuki start writing. [ ofcourse I am Old man!! My throat just hurt that's it.] - The note said.

"I'm glad... I'm so glad firecracker that your alive. You could've..." Masaru said not wanting to imagine if his son didn't survive that Villian attack.

Katsuki glare at him. [ Are you saying that I'm weak!? That I could have die because I didn't fought well enough!?] - the note said.

" Of course not Firecracker. Your the most brave kid that we've know. You fought that Villian as much as you can and that's a brave thing to Do." Masaru said.

"Although, that Villian is much stronger than you it doesn't mean your fucking weak. Even if your weak, so what? You should just work hard to prove that you aren't fucking weak. A weak person is someone who give up easily and you didn't because if you did, you won't be awake right now and I'm thankful for that. " Mitsuki said.

" Your mother is right... Were so glad that your safe Katsuki. " Masaru said and Katsuki just scoff and look away but deep down he was thankful that he have such a supportive parents.

[How long I was Asleep?] - Katsuki.

"Since yesterday afternoon. Its currently 8 am in the morning. You engluf too many slug content that it was toxic to your lungs that stops you from getting oxygen to your body, luckily EMT arrive quickly and one of them had a quirk that help your body regain oxygen. If she didn't use it...imagine what would happened to you... " Masaru said and Katsuki nod at understandment.

"Why did you storm away from the house like that anyway? You look like your in a hurry." Misuki said and Katsuki try remembering what happened yesterday and his eyes widden as he remembers what happened.

He quickly start writing. [My Phone? Where is my Fucking Phone?]

" It was destroy in the scene. Why? " Mitsuki said.

[Call Fucking Deku. Now.] - The note said.

"okay I'll inform him that Your awake." Masaru said as he got his phone and call someone.

"That's odd... His Phone is dead." Masaru said and Katsuki paled.

[What do you mean Dead!?] Katsuki said glare at him.

"His phone isn't ringing." Masaru said. 



"Why do you want to see Izu-chan anyway? Didn't you say that you guys already grew distance to each other?" Mitsuki said. 



[Yeah, But I need to talk to him like right now!]- Katsuki show his note while glaring and his eyes showed that it wasn't a request but a demand that he need to see Izuku. 



"We should wait and call him soon." Mitsuki said. 



[Lets visit Deku's house.]- The note stated. 



"We can't. Me and Masaru doesn't have enough money to fly to Kyoto. " Mitsuki said. 



[Why the Fuck would you fly to Kyoto]- Katsuki's Note. 



"Well... Inko move there about 6 years ago together with her new husband." Mitsuki said and Katsuki's eyes widden. 



That can't be right, afterall he still see Deku around heck Deku still go to school so why is Deku still here while his mother is in Kyoto? 



[Are you sure?] 



"I'm certain, she called informing that she would move. I even met her new lover. " Mitsuki said. 



[What about Deku?] 



"Well... I did asked about him... But come to think of it, its odd... Whenever I asked about Izu-chan she always has a way to brush the topic off. I didn't fry to it anymore since I can see that she is happy with her new lover. So I assume that Izuku is okay with it and he went with his mother. " Mitsuki said. 



Katsuki just look away and clench his hand. He was confused because if what his mother did say was true then that means that Izuku is probably living on his own. That made Katsuki wanted to throw up, living alone for 6 years... that means Izuku was 8 and his living alone... Not only that the constant tormening, the constant bullying yet Izuku lives alone. It made his inside flip, yet he was unknown to this kind of feeling. The only emotion he knows is Anger. So this pain feeling like his inside is being twist is unknown to him though he hated this kind of feeling. He start to write again. 



[when can I go back to school?]



"Whenever your ready." Mitsuki said and Katsuki nod, if he want to talk to Izuku he needed answers. Yet there is a thought on the back of his head telling him..



What if his already dead?



Katsuki felt nausea thinking about that thought, afterall its clear that the last message that given to him by the nerd is a suicide message. Katsuki is confused and his  mind is a mess. 





Chapter Text





3rd Person's Pov



Izuku was staring at the food that Dabi made him. He wasn't picky at food really, but he wasn't hungry either. He look at the food with his emotionless eyes. Dabi notice this and sigh. 



"I know I got the ingredients from the dumpster or in the nasty places but I can assure you I clean them properly and cook them well. I mean I'm not like the number 3 hero who is manage to set his own wings on fire while making food." Dabi said. 



Izuku sigh. " Its not that... I'm really grateful that your willing to make food like this to someone as worthless as me... But I don't think I'm hungry." Izuku said. 



"Kid, will you look at me?" Dabi said and Izuku look at Dabi with his green dull eyes. Dabi felt swallow the sadness he felt for the kid, a kid like Izuku should'nt have this eyes, eyes that tells that they were dead inside. "Your not worthless... No one in this world is worthless, specially a kid like you. You still have many things ahead of you. " Dabi said but Izuku just nod, though Dabi knows that his positive words won't reach Izuku anymore, but he hope that one day his words will do reach the kid. 



"Atleast eat just a little... I mean, you didn't eat so much yesterday and your already skinny and small for your age. " Dabi said. 



Izuku nod, "Thank you for the food." Izuku said quietly before he start eating which made Dabi smile a little. But Izuku just used his chop stick 6 times in picking food and after that he stop eating saying he can't finish them all Dabi said that its fine. Though Izuku felt bad for wasting the food, he knows that Dabi is already struggling in his own life yet here he is, being a burden to Dabi. 



Maybe its better if he disappeared, it would be better for the world for a quirkless person like him disappeared. It will benefit the others and he would be less burden to the world. 



"Don't think about you being a burden to me. I offered you to live with me right? So that means I'm ready to take whatever responsibility I have with you." Dabi said as he pat Izuku's head and it felt nice. Izuku look up to Dabi thinking if he had a mind reading quirk or something. 



"Nope, I don't have a mind reading quirk or whatever... its just, that your easy to read and the way you look down and clench your hand your thinking that your wasting the food I made and thinking that your burdening me which isn't the case. I'm telling you that your not a burden and never be okay?" Dabi said and Izuku nod. Izuku wanted to believe those words, but the negative thoughts were much stronger than Dabi's words. Afterall, for 13 years of his life he was always reminded on how he is a burden, a mistake, useless and worthless. 



He wanted to cry again remembering those thoughts, but he shook his head. He can't cry again, not infront of his soon to be guardian. 









Hawks stop by and Izuku just lay on the floor asleep. It seems that sleeping is his new ways to shut those negative thoughts away before it would drive him to something. He admits that it wasn't the first time he did try to kill himself, he have those thoughts countless of times but his dream of becoming a hero is what makes him alive, it what makes him step forward and continue living. Whenever the negative thoughts were too much, he found that shutting them by sleeping and sometimes he took sleeping pills to shut them, and himself as well. 



But now that he heard directly from the number one hero himself that he can't be a hero, and that he needs to be realistic... It felt like he should give up on his dream and give up on living aswell. The negative thoughts were more stronger than before and it lead him to wanting to go and find some roof again and just kill himself. But... Dabi and Hawks are here and he knows that those two won't let it happened, so Izuku went back to sleeping to shut his thoughts away. 



"How can you leave him Sleeping in the floor like this? " Hawks said as he sat on the floor next to Izuku and guided Izuku's head to his lap without waking him up. 



"One, The wooden floor is actually comfortable in sleeping. I tried it million times." Dabi said as he was washing the dishes. 



"Of course you are." Hawks said rolling his eyes as he stroke those soft green hair of Izuku. He was surprised how soft and flappy they were. 



"Beside, I didn't know the kid would sleep. One moment he was just sitting there and next thing I knew he fell asleep just like yesterday. " Dabi said as he sigh and dry his hand and walk near Hawks and sat beside him. 



"He didn't talk to much?" Hawks said and Dabi shook his head. 



"I don't want to asked questions that will let the Kid thinking were forcing him. Yesterday, The kid didn't do anything except sleeping, or just sitting on the corner while looking down. I try talking stuff, but all I get is a nod, or a yes and No." Dabi said.



"Atleast you get him to respond. If it its me, I don't I can do that. Your really are good with kid huh..." Hawks said. 



Dabi roll his eyes. "Oh Shut it. If you become a older brother with 3 younger brothers and a sister you'll know how to take care of the brats. " Dabi said. 



Hawks smile a little. "Do you miss them?" Hawks said and Dabi look down sadly. 



"Sometimes... I wish I was stronger you know... Maybe I could save my Family from my bastard of a Father's desire and obsession and yet... I'm a coward and choose to run away from my problem." Hawks said. 



"Your not running away. Your fighting." Hawks said and Dabi was surprised and look at his childhood friend. 



"Your fighting and looking for a way to save your family in the future. Your looking for something that can take your bastard of a father down and then you can free your family from his hand. So, don't tell yourself that your a coward, you aren't... Your a fighter. " Hawks said with a smile. 



"Ugh! Somehow your stupid words make me feel gildy inside. I hate it." Dabi said and Hawks chuckled. 



"I know you love it~" Hawks teased and Dabi glare at him. 



"Shut your mouth before I turn you to crispy Hawks." Dabi threatened. 



"Don't you think that would be smoky hot~?" Hawks teased again and (blushing) Dabi smack his head. 



"Shut the fuck up!" Dabi said and Hawks pat his own head where Dabi smack him. 



"Yeah... Yeah..." Hawks said. 



Izuku groan in his sleep. He sat up and rub his eyes. " you guys are too loud." Izuku said and a yawn escape from his eyes. 



"Oh~ Sorry Green Bean. Dabi is just in a bad mood." Hawks said and Dabi elbow him on his side, Hawks groan in pain. 



"It was peaceful when a certain bird brain didn't come by." Dabi said mumbled. 



"By the way Green Bean. Starting from now on, You'll be living with Dabi, don't you want to get some things from your previous house?" Hawks said, he doesn't referred whatever Izuku's previous house is a home, because if Izuku did came from 'Home' then he won't ended up on the roof top trying to kill himself. 



"Sure.... Besides... I think there are some decent things I could sell for money to repay Dabi-san for everything." Izuku said emotionless. 



"You don't need to repay me Kid... Though, I appreciate that." Dabi said. 



"Then, Lets go get your things. I fly you both to wherever it is." Hawks said. 



"I don't that isn't safe. I live in the red light district in Musutafu." Izuku said. 



"Oh? You live in that fucking street!?" Dabi said surprised, because he knew that district is one of the dangerous place and worst there's no heroes patrol that area because most Heroes wanted fame attention so if they would patrol in the area where its crowded and reporters are everywhere. But in that street, the only thing you can find from left to right are many thugs, drug addicts or drug dealers, and many dangerous group of criminals. 



"Its the only street where My Mom can find the cheapest apartment to be payed by her. " Izuku said. 



"How long do you live in that street?" Dabi asked. 



"Since I was 8." Izuku said and Dabi was surprised. "Tell me who is your mother and I'll hunt her down. How can she leave you in a dangerous place when your so... Young!?. FUCK!" Dabi said angrily.



Izuku just shrug his shoulder. Hawks was confused, "Why? Whats wrong with that district?" Hawks asked. 






Now the three of them were standing on the red light district and the first thing that met them is what seems to be a couple yelling each other, but they were throwing things at each other brutally, then on the corner you would see some thugs who were drinking alcohol, smoking weeds while they were carrying some weapons like swords and guns, then you could see a group were making negation while holding a white pocket which what Hawks can determine its a drug, illegal ones. 



"Everything." Dabi answered Hawks question earlier. Hawks is currently wearing a black cloak to hide his looks. It might seems shady, but this is a street where shady is normal and Hawks can't believe that he saw a street like this. 



"You really leave in this street!? Really!?" Hawks said and Izuku just nod. 



"lets go and get my stuff." Izuku said. 



"Oh Gooodd~ Your not coming back here you here me!" Hawks said sternly, he can't believe that a mother would abandon a 8 years old kid on a dangerous area such as like this. 



Soon, they reach Izuku's apartment and well Izuku told them that he live in the 3rd floor. Dabi and Hawks doesn't want to use the stairs to enter the building because in the entrance you could see different thugs who is inhaling illegal drugs in the open. Hawks was tempted to catch this bastards, but... he knows that 'that' would make a bigger commotion and who knows what group of Yakuza or mafia would merge from the corner and hunt him down. Dabi and Izuku did wan him about many of those groups were making some building around the area as their base. 



"How do you pass them Green bean?" Hawks asked. 



"I just pass by. I mean I'm too small that they even notice me, besides they are too high to even notice me. But the two of you are adults and even if your good at stealth, your  silhouette would be noticeable specially you Hawks, In mean your cover in black cloak so..." Izuku said. 



"His right... Guess we need to climb huh?..." Dabi said and Izuku shook his head. 



"You just wait here, I'll be back with my stuff. Don't worry, it isn't much." Izuku said and walk towards the entrance. Hawks and Dabi wanted to help the kid, but well... they know that approaching those thugs are dangerous. So, they just watch Izuku slip inside and disappeared. 



"I can't believe that a mother would leave her 8 years old live in this kind of street. FUCK!! I want to kill whoever this bitch is." Hawks said in anger and Dabi chuckled a bit. 



"You rarely cursed heck you rarely get angry, but hearing you right now still amused me. " Dabi said and Hawks glare at him. 



"Oh Shut it~ I can cursed whenever I fucking want. Besides~ The poor green bean doesn't deserve this shitty life. I know both our lives are shitty, but this... is beyond that. " Hawks said. 



"I know... Society really do suck not all people can be a decent Human being, specially those who's sitting on a throne rightnow." Dabi said. 



Hawks sigh. Not long after, the two were surprised that a black van suddenly stop infront of the building where those thugs who is doing drugs. The black Van's door opened and two person step out from the vehicle as the two of them pull out two guns and start shooting those thugs. Hawks gaps and quickly shove his cloak away and quickly try stopping those mens. "Call EMT!" Hawks said as he got his phone and throw it to Dabi who cursed, he knows that it was a mistake bringing Hawks in one of the dangerous part of the City, not only that Hawks is a well known Hero. 



"What the Fuck your doing!?" Hawks as he appeared on the top of the black van. 



"Fuck! No one told us that a Hero would be here!!" One of them said and try shooting Hawks who avoid them. But someone try to shoot him with a electric dart. He saw that one of them had sharp darts on his pocket as he grab them, he could place electricity on them and throw it to Hawks. "Thats his quirk huh.." Hawks thought, as he try dealing with this mens. But The mens quickly went inside the car and drove away and Hawks decided to chase the cars. But then, the people in the area were alerted by his presence so he could see everyone start to shut their doors hide inside the safety of their house like a monster just walk in the street like they were scared of him. 



"Ofcourse they are scared of him, his a hero and probably every people live in this area are Criminals. Fuck! Can't believe that the green survived for 6 years living in this kind of environment." Hawks said as he try to catch those run away criminals. 










Long story short, Hawks manage to catch them and the police came. 



"Hello Hawks its rare to see you in this area, but thank you for your hard work. " Detective Sansa said. 



"Yeah... I was just flying around when I heard a  gun shot thats all." Hawks said and the detective nod. 



"Well thank you for your hard Work. The criminals you just caught are group of illegal drug traffickers that we were investigating. Unfortunately, the mens who were shot is dead. None of them survive the unexpected raining bullets on them. " Sansa said. 



"I see.... Is this often happened in this street?" Hawks said and Sansa eyes curiously look at Hawks. "Yeah... We know that this street is very dangerous. Most of the crimes recorded in our station are from this district. Unfortunately, there's no Hero on patrol during day time in the area and in the night... Eraserhead is the one who is assigned to patrol. Though, we guess his presence were already spread around so they did the crime in broad day light to avoid the erasure hero." Sansa explained. "I'm surprised you actually care, since no one really care." Sansa mumbled. 



"Oh my god, I'm sorry if that sound so disrespectful." Sansa said and Hawks smile a little. "Nah~ Its fine. Its a Hero Job to save everyone anyway. " Hawks said. 



"and thank you for your Hard work Hero." Sansa said an gave a small smile. 



"Well, I'll be off then." Hawks said and Sansa nod. Hawks then flew away. Though he doesn't feel like he just save someone since the Victims were all dead and hearing the fact that this was the daily doings in this district makes his inside twist. There are many heroes in Japan, but all they after are Fame and Money. Well, they are some who wasn't after those things but they are so few of them. Most were just greedy. 



Dabi is right, people now a days doesn't know how to be a decent Human being. Well, he already knows that from the day the HPSC force him to something that he doesn't want to do. He sigh and look for Dabi, he found him standing on the fire escape, and it seems it was connected to a open window. Hawks land next to him. "What are you doing here?" Hawks said. 



"Ugh... I don't know... I'm hiding from the entrance since there are many police and EMT there. Beside, this is the Kid's room see." Dabi said as he pointed the window infront of him and saw that Izuku is almost done putting things on the last bag. He look at Dabi at the window. 



"Here are two bags you can help me carry. " Izuku said and Dabi nod as he accept the bag. 



"Here, Hawks can carry this. " Izuku said as he gave a big bag to Hawks who accept it, Hawks was surprised on how heavy the bag is. 



"What is inside of this thing?" Hawks said. 



"Its an extra comforter, but inside are different books I need to read for the future. Also, my laptop and chargers are inside so don't drop it." Izuku said.



"Okay, I got it. But... why do I need to carry the heavy things?" Hawks said. 



"Because you can fly and your strong? It would be hard for Dabi-san to carry those things when he also need to work his two jelly legs." Izuku said and Dabi glare at the kid. 



"Shut up brat! I don't have a Jelly legs." Dabi said, Izuku just nod emotionlessly. 



Hawks laugh a little. " Well, is this all you had?" Hawks said and Izuku nod as he got out of the window jump next to Dabi carrying a All might theme bag pack on his back while carrying another baggage as well. 



"I guess, Thats everything and Hawks can go first so it would be easy. " Izuku said.



"Okay then, see you on the beach Dabi~ Green Bean~" Hawks said, but he gave a kiss on the cheek to Dabi as he flew away. Dabi blush and yelled. 



"BASTARD!!! YOUR DEAD HEAR ME!!" Dabi yelled as Hawks flew away laughing while Izuku just sigh. 


Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov



Izuku currently unpack his things outside of the house of Dabi. Dabi and Hawks saw the different things that Izuku pull out from the bag as he place them on the sand. Once done Hawks and Dabi look at the different Hero merch place in the sand and most of them are All Might Hero merch. Dabi gave a disgust look. 



"So your A hero Fan boy huh..." Dabi said. 

"Used to be... I'm not anymore, I'm gonna sell this stuff and I'm sure I'm gonna make good money for this and its enough to repay you." Izuku said. 


"Again, you don't need to repay me but I'm thankful. " Dabi said, really the kid doesn't need to repay him but he doesn't want to reject the kid's offer as well afterall he doesn't have a stable life as well. 

"You even have several merch of me, and Look... He has a Flushie of me..." Hawks said as he got his medium size flushie and show it to Dabi who roll his eyes. 

"Kid, How much is this? I'll buy this stuff from you and burn it to ashes." Dabi said. 


"NO! do-don't do tha-that! I'd li-like for that Flushie to stay. Beside, that flushie was one of the merch that is hard to get so No..." Izuku said as he got the Hawks Flushie from Hawks hand and held it protectively. Hawks eyes widden as he smile. "Looks like I'm someone's favorite~" Hawks said and Dabi glare at him. 

"I swear I'm gonna burn that Flushie down if you won't hide it properly." Dabi said and Izuku quickly place the Flushie as far away from Dabi while he continue to sord his Hero Merch. 


"With all of this Hero Merch laying around, I think I can say that you'll have enough money to sustain yourself for a year. Most of the items here are expensive you know." Hawks said as he grab a LadyDragon's figurine and he observed that it was a original material which and rare to find. 


"I know... I'll just take some pictures and sell them online. But before I would, I need to sord some stuff that I don't want to sell. Like this." Izuku said as he show them an Eraserhead flushie. 

"Is that... Eraserhead right?" Hawks said and Izuku nod. 

"His one of my favorite Hero..." Izuku said as he look at the Flushie sadly. 

"But I thought he doesn't have any merch since his underground and... well... mostly he avoid the media." Hawks said. 

"Yeah, I made this one." Izuku said.

"You could made a Flushie!?" Hawks said and Izuku shrug and continue his work.

"Can you make one that look like Dabi's? I could really use it whenever I'd Fell lonely..." Hawks said. 

"Sure..."Izuku said.

" Why would you want a Flushie of me? " Dabi said annoyed.

" Why not~? Aren't you my Future wif-" Before Hawks can continue his sentence Dabi kick him away." I don't know wwwhhyy his one of your favorite Hero, but for me His one of my Favorite Hero who I want to burn to crips and send them to hell." Dabi said as he look at Izuku who just shrug in response.




At the end, Izuku manage to pack things up specially those items he wanted to sell and now his currently placing his books and notebook on a nice box since they don't really have a shelf to be placed it. He was making sure that his notebooks and books are well arrange and organized. Right now, Dabi and Hawks are sitting on the floor helping him organized his books. Though, it seems Dabi and Hawks was intrigued with his analysis Notebook.

"Man... I could kill different Heroes using this notebook." Dabi said.

"Please don't... They aren't gonna stand a chance with this information. God... Who taught you this?" Hawks said.

"It's just a Hobby" Izuku said as he shrug.

"WHAT!!? THIS IS JUST A HOBBY!!?" Hawks said surprised.

"Your one genius Kid. This is an amazing." Dabi said and Izuku just ignore them.

"Did you ever show this to anyone?" Hawks said.

"I did and they call it Useless notes just like me." Izuku said.

"They are the ones who's useless and stupid at the same time. I mean, Hell! Look at this information. You basically, know their weakness, strength and their Pros and Cons. This is great." Hawks said.

"Wait!? What page does Hawks have?" Dabi said.

"Ah...his in Hero Analysis No. 10." Izuku said and Dabi quickly take the notebook as he quickly read Hawks information, Hawks sat beside him while reading.

"Oh Dammmn~ Man, How the fuck did you do this shits!? You literally list here Hawks weakness, Pros and Cons and Theory on how to improve himself and well with this Theory your also stating his downfall which I could used if I want to take down a birdie like him. " Dabi said with a smirk and Hawks Gulp down his fear as he snatch the notebook and give it back to Izuku.

" Don't, I repeat don't. Let. Dabi. See this ever again got it!? " Hawks said slightly threatening Izuku who shrug.

" I literally live with him... So, I can hide things from him so...." Izuku said and Hawks paled as he look back at Dabi who's giving an evil smirk.

" Now that I know your weakness, Why don't we play Kei~go~" Dabi said as there is a small fire coming out from his hand.

" Nope! I'm out of here! I don't want to be a Frying Chicken!" Hawks said as he walk quickly to the door but Dabi grab him and stop him.

" Oh come on~ It would be fun~"Dabi said and Hawks paled.

Izuku then watch the two adults run around in circles as one is trying to fry a bird while the bird tries to run away. Izuku'sface still remain emotionaless but in his mind he was somehow a little happy to see that Dabi and Hawks have a good friendship, maybe more than just friendship.


He never had those before except... One.

But when he wasn't born with quirk then... He was shove away and got hurt. Kaachan was the only person who is close to what Izuku can call a friend even though they aren't friends anymore.

"I wonder what Kaachan is doing... I bet his already happy... Without me with his side." Izuku thought.




Chapter Text





3rd Person's Pov



Dabi has a Job today and that's is being a Vigilante. Vigilante is illegal, but when your hired by a Heroes to do the Job then it's not illegal anymore. Honestly, Dabi didn't think that Vigilantism would be legal. At first, he just started to help people as simple muggers, theifs, attempted raped and robbery while Victims offer him some money and food in exchange and ofcourse Dabi who doesn't have anything in return quickly accept the offer.


2 months on living in the street, surviving on those people who gave him money and food for helping them in return. He found the old wreck house in the beach and decide to claim it as his home and well, Hawks found him through his work on being Vigilante and quickly recognized who he is, and Eraserhead doesn't arrest people for helping others as long as Dabi doesn't do anything harsh.


Then the underground Heroes and other Heroes who was starting to see his talent and they decided to hire him to find crimes for them to take down. They pay big amount of money, and take the credit of the crime that Dabi found. He knows that how heroes work now a days. Heroes are selfish, they only do their Job if they take benefits from it. If they didn't, they are just cowards who would run away from danger and saving lives.

So now, he is a legal vigilante for both the police and some Heroes and it gave him benefit for that as well, not only with money but also information. Working underground, can make him gather information specially to a certain someone he despite and ofcourse the HPSC as well. Though, those are just information, they aren't good enough to take down the HPSC and that certain someone. He needs more evidence so he won't stop until he would achieve those goals.

Usually, he doesn't have any problems on doing his job... But right now he somehow adopt a kid and he knows being a Vigilante is a dangerous Job. Dabi doesn't usually like kids, but when he saw kids who suffer his heart usually melt because it reminded him of his younger siblings. His father was a bastard, who would train his kids to death to make sure that they would be powerful and unstoppable. In Dabi's family, your importance is your quirk, if you have a strong quirk and you could control it well then your treated like a God. If you can't control your quirk properly then your nothing but a Trash.

Though, despite the bad treatment. Dabi didn't forget how to be a big brother to all his siblings. Specially to his youngest brother. He was around 18 and his youngest brother is around 8 when he left and maybe died. Dabi run away from his family because he can't take the abuse anymore... But, he wish he could take his siblings and his mother with him as well because his Family meant a lot to him, well except his bastard excuse of a  father.

Any who, Somehow Dabi manage to adopt a kid. Not, only this kid reminds him of his youngest brother because they probably are the same age but also the Kid suicide idea... Is somehow reminded of Dabi. Because once upon a Time, Dabi was also standing on edge ready to end his terrible life, ready to give up... But a certain Hero save him, a certain bestfriend, a certain childhood friend and maybe that's why he fall for him.

(Nope, Nope, Nope, I don't Love Him!!! - Dabi denies when he read the previous statement.)

Dabi felt that he should do the same to the kid, save him and give him a reason to live. Though, he could see it through Izuku's eyes that Izuku already given up and Dabi can't blame the kid. He could only blame the society for making Izuku suffer all of his life for 13 fucking years. Izuku might not talk much, heck he just met the kid like 3 days ago. But, despite that he knows that the kid had no one to embraced with. He had no Father, no friends, no mother and most of all no companion who he could trust. Unlike Dabi, he had Hawks.

Hawks might be annoying (Too much annoyance if you asked Dabi) but, Hawks is always there like a Good (boy)friend he is. His always there, lending a helping hand to Dabi despite Hawks had a own problem of his own to solved. So Dabi had someone he could lean on while Izuku had no one and that because of the Kid is Quirkless.

Dabi sigh. Why did Quirks develop anyway? All it did is place the world chaos and made Humans more greedy than they already are. All they care is power or quirks. That's all they ever cared about, if you don't have a powerful quirk then your not a Human anymore in the society's eyes especially to those who doesn't have a quirk.

Dabi wish that Quirk didn't exist. Maybe Villians and Heroes didn't exist as well and world would be less greedy than what they live right now.

Anyway, Dabi approach Izuku who is looking on the his laptop watching some Hero fighting scene while Hawks is sitting near the Green bean who have an amused smirk. Izuku is muttering/mumbling some jamble words but if you pay attention to those words you could hear the different theories and suggestion about the heroes quirk and fighting style as well and all he got that by just watching the Video.

If the boy didn't say he is quirkless, then Dabi would assume that the boy had an Intelligent/analysis quirk. Dabi catches Hawks gaze and he smirk.

"His amazing isn't he?" Hawks said in a low voice and Dabi nod.

"Hey kid... Can I have your moment?" Dabi said and Izuku look at Dabi with his lazy/bored expression.

"Well, tonight me and Hawks are probably going out on a Job. Hero Job, and... We might not come home until tomorrow." Dabi said and Izuku just nod.

"How about you come with us?" Hawks said.

"Fuck! Are you Crazy Kei!? His a Kid and our Job is dangerous!?" Dabi half yelled at Hawks

"Relax~ I know our Job is dangerous that's why we will keep him, specially me. I'll keep him on the safe distance as much as possible. I just want to test his analization skills in an actual field. What more than good to test his skill in an actual fighting scene right? " Hawks said and Dabi wanted to argue with that, but his also curious as how far can the Kid analization skill could go. So, he look at the kid who just shrug his shoulder.

" I'm fine with anything. " Izuku said.

" Great! But, first and foremost.. Your not allowed to go to the field wearing something that would recognize you. Come on, I saw one of Dabi's hoodie that would help you hide your identy." Hawks said and Dabi grumbled.

" Don't you Fucking Dare use the Gucci one because I'll fucking Kill you if you did. Those Hoodie's are expensive as shit! So Don't! " Dabi said and Hawks frown.

" Buuutt~ All your Hoodie's are all Gucci~ Don't worry, I'll buy you a new one." Hawks said and Dabi glare at him.

" No! Anything you buy for me had shitty brighty neon colors that hurts my fucking eyes so No! Don't you dare!" Dabi threatened.

" But~ We couldn't leave him in the open looking like that. We should cover him up~" Hawks said and Dabi sigh in defeat.

" Fine... But, It's just one Hoodie. Just one, and No! Don't buy me another one unless it had a dark theme color because the last time you bought me a Fucking Shitty baby Pink color hoodie which is comfortable and good but the color is fucking bullshit!" Dabi said.

" It's cute on you though... " Hawks said chuckling.

" Shut the hell up before I'll Fry you. " Dabi threatened.

" Okay, Okay, I'm shutting up. "Hawks said chuckling.

" Tsk. "Dabi said.


Soon enough, Izuku is standing on one of the roof tops wearing a green hoodie, and mask to hide himself. He also tied his hair using a scarf handkerchief so that it won't stick out when he pull the hoodie over since his Green Hair is quite rare and once people see his green color hair, they might quickly recognize him so... Here he is.

"Ready Green Bean?" Hawks said and Izuku nod.

"If he gets hurt, I'll kill you." Dabi said serious as he glare at Hawks.


"Relax~ We will keep him safe." Hawks said and Dabi sigh. Hawks was about to lift Izuku but Izuku shook his head. "I could just do Parkour you know..." Izuku said.

Hawks and Dabi were surprised. "You know how to do Parkour!?" Hawks said.

[Yeah... I was watching a 3mins video of Eraserhead and it was enough for me to study his fighting style and one night, I manage to see him on how he actually fight while I was still living in the Red District. I saw him do Parkour and... I decide to try it and well I can't say I'm an expert... But yeah...] - Izuku write this message on his notebook and show it to the since he doesn't feel like talking.

"Your really Fund with Eraserhead huh..." Hawks said and Izuku nod.

[His one of the Heroes who fought Quirkless...] - Izuku show the note.

" Well your right about that. Many Heroes rely on their quirks to fight. The birdie is one of them." Dabi said and Hawks nod. Hawks rely on his wings, and feathers in fighting though he also do punching and kicking but it's rare since he usually just catch the villain by grabbing them and sending them to the sky as he put a Zipcuff quirk suppresant to the villains.

"Now let's go." Dabi said as he do Parkour and Izuku follow him while Hawks flys beside them. Dabi and Hawks is surprised how skilled Izuku is. Really this kid has a potential.

They soon arrive on the scene where there are thugs who is harrasing a young lady. So Dabi went to action and quickly contact a Hero that he knows that would love to fight those thugs while he keep the criminal busy enough until the Hero arrive and the Victim manage to run away. Hawks stand beside Izuku just watching, while Izuku start to analize them.

Soon enough, The Pro Hero Edgeshot together with Mtlady is on the scene and they quickly fought the thugs thanking Dabi for finding them crimes. Dabi quickly stand behind and let the Pro Hero do their Job as, Dabi grab his Phone and start recording the event well its part of his Job anyway.

Hawks was amused to see just how great Izuku analization skill is especially his theory and suggestions. This kid is one brilliant kid, he wish that those stupid idiotic people who hurt the little green bean could see just how this Kid is very talented.

Once the fought was over, Dabi told the pro  Heroes that he would send their Video as soon as possible and those pros can upload it on the Hero Forum site to gain more popularity and fame. Dabi then leave the Pros and went back to Hawks and Izuku.

"So? How did it go?" Dabi asked and Izuku show his analysis.

"wow~ This is Awsome!!" Dabi said surprised.

"I was thinking you could send those analysis together with the Video for extra money you know..." Izuku said.

"You sure?" Dabi said.

Izuku nod. "Just keep my name out of it." Izuku said.

"Okay then. This is amazing Kid, you'll go far with this. You'll make a great Hero." Dabi said and Izuku look down sadly.

Dabi and Hawks notice this. "What's wrong Green Bean?" Hawks said.

"I don't want... To be a Hero anymore... I think... I already give up on that..." Izuku said.

"Why?" Hawks said.

"Because I'm Quirkless... A Quirkless person can never be a Hero." Izuku said.

"Listen..." Hawks said as he kneel infront of Izuku. "Izuku... Look at me." Hawks said and Izuku look at Hawks with his dull green eyes. "If anyone who is quirkless that can become a Hero. That is you. Your a good kid, you have skills that can get you to be a great Hero. Izuku... Your still young, you can still achieve that dream." Hawks said.

Izuku look down... "I... I... Thank you for the encouragement Hawks... Bu-but... I don't think I could become a Hero anymore. I follow my heart and dream into the fire, got burn and broken by my desire and now that Desire is already turn into ashes it can't be fix anymore." Izuku said as he turn his back on them and quickly run away, we'll Parkour away from them.

Hawks look at the retreating form of Izuku with sadness while Dabi just clench his fist together on his side." Fuck those Fucking People Who hurt Him and shattered his dream!! Kids like him should have a free will to fucking Dream!! And yet there are too many Bastards who shattered those. Ugh!!!" Dabi said frustrated, his hands is burning in anger. He wanted to just release fire out in the open and see those people who hurt the kid burn into the ashes.

" I know... I want to kill those bastards as well. But right now... The kid doesn't need revenge, the kid needs Guidance and emotional support. We might be terrible at that since we don't even know how to handle our own emotions but... We could try and make him feel at ease Dabi. "Hawks said.

" Ugh! I hate it when your always right. " Dabi said.

" Yeah I know... Now let's go and make sure he goes home safely. " Hawks said and Dabi nod as they follow Izuku.

Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov


Its been a 6 days since Izuku met Hawks and Dabi. Currently,  Izuku watch Hawks teaching Dabi sign language since they notice that Izuku doesn't talk that much and prepare to sign most often. He only talk when he would say something small like 'Thank you', 'Sorry', 'Yes', and 'No'.



"So you remember right?" Hawks said and Dabi nod. "How about you try to sign to green bean over there and see if My teaching payed well." Hawks said and Dabi roll his eyes as he walk to Izuku and start signing with a hesitate expression since he wasn't really sure if he is signing right or not.

-How are you doing? - Dabi signed.

-Fine- Izuku signed back and Dabi nod as a respond.

"What did you signed earlier?" Hawks asked.

"I asked him how he was doing and he said he is fine?" Dabi said and Hawks smile as he pat Dabi's back.

"Good your learning fast." Hawks said and Dabi nod.

Izuku start to signed again. - You two have a good friendship-

"Are you saying that me and this stupid bird rain over here are good friends?" Dabi said annoyed a little.

Izuku nod. "Now your learning." Hawks said and Dabi just gave him an annoyed look. "Kid, Me and him are not good Friends. His just a stupid brainbird who stick with me like a Dog he is." Dabi said and Hawks frown.

"M'not a Dog. I'm a Hawks!" Hawks argued.

"Really now? Last time I check, there's no such thing as a Hawk who would follow you around like a lost puppy you are." Dabi argued.

"I don't follow you around." Hawks argued.

"Then why are you here? Shouldn't you be flying up in the sky looking for your pray" Dabi said.

"That's what I do everyday of my life and its boring~ I prepare spending time with you and him. You guys are much better than those bastards and bitches wear suit, tie and dress back in HPSC building." Hawks said.

Dabi elbow Hawks in his side. "Watch your language. We have a kid in here." Dabi said pointing at Izuku who roll his eyes, well his not new to cuss language since he really have a Childhood friend and aunt who have color language spat on him ever since he can remember.

"But you curse every time infront of him. I never Scold you." Hawks said.

"Shut it Birdie." Dabi said and he look at Izuku who start to sign.

-Don't worry, I'm used to hear cuss language since I had childhood friend who cuss all the time- Izuku signed.

"Oh really now." Dabi said, he sat down next to Izuku and Hawks follow behind. Currently they were sitting on the sand outside of their home. They were under a shade of two trees.

"You signed that you used to Had? Is it okay if we asked about that? We're not forcing you to tell us if you don't want to..." Hawks said and Izuku just look down hugging his knees. He is having a debate on his head whether he should tell them or not.

With second pass that Izuku didn't signed or made a sound Hawks signed at Dabi so Izuku won't see nor here. - Is it okay if I tell him about us? - Hawks signed and Dabi was surprised with that but he sigh. The kid will stay with them from now on, and the kid is a genius so he will somehow find out about them eventually. Dabi just gave a thumbs up to Hawks who nod.


"Me and Dabi are actually Childhood friend, well I know you already know that since you said that were close." Hawks said and Dabi scoff. " Anyway, we know each other since we were 5 and I think it was fate and destiny that I'd met my future forever from that day. " Hawks said and Dabi smack his head.

" Don't spur nonsense Keigo! Your just an idiot who land on the wrong place at wrong time. " Dabi scold him.

"Hai, Hai, I'm sorry for that." Hawks said patting his head where Dabi hit him.

"Anyway, what the birdie is trying to say is that he was 5 nearly 6 when practice how to fly and accidentally landed on the HPSC training ground where he interupt my training with my Father at that time. My father is forcing me to master my fire quirk who I just manifest it. He was determined to do everything, even though my Quirk burns me. I'm not resistance to my own quirk yet he did it anyway. " Dabi said as he remember that when he was a child his father force him to master his burning quirk.

"One day we were training and suddenly a Blonde boy with red wings fall from the sky. He landed on top of me that day." Dabi said annoyed and Hawks just smile.

"I told you it's fate and destiny~" Hawks said.

"Kei~ shut it before I'll kill you." Dabi said and Hawks raise his hand in surrender.

"anyway, At that time my father was in range that he nearly fry this birdie. But the people in HPSC stop him and interrogate this birdie. This birdie say that he live close by and he was practicing how to fly and well he was still practicing that time so he fall in wrong place. That time, the HPSC continue to talk to this birdie and turns out they saw his potential and train him to be a Hero. Now... You might think that was good, but No. It wasn't" Dabi said and Hawks sigh as he look up and saw the Clouds gracefully moving in the sky freely.

"They force my family to surrender me to their Care. Ofcourse My family didn't want that, but...  We aren't rich nor poor, but the power that HPSC held was enough to make my Family suffer. So they have no choice but surrender me to the wolves and those wolves train me until death so that I can become a Hero that will give them more money and Fame. " Hawks explained. 'Not Endeavour isn't already enough' Hawks mumbled but he is sure that Izuku heard that.

" Most of the time Kei is trained in the HPSC training ground, where my father would train me to death too. So, when we were younger, we all have each other and we grew closer at the same time. Sometimes the HPSC made us spar together but... When we are holding backs since none of us wanted to hurt each other using our quirks, they punish us and it isn't pretty." Dabi said.

" There are times, we didn't met up for a week or so and when we do Dabi had many burns on his skin due to his quirk and I git many Cuts and Bruises from training too hard. They also control our food intake and I'm telling, you eating the same dish everyday isn't fun. I didn't even know what Chocolate and sweets taste like until I was around 14 where Dabi and I secretly sneak out of the base of the wolves and we try different food and snack, and we'll enjoy the city. " Hawks said chuckling.

" Though, Fun moments didn't last long like that since one day the HPSC found that we're sneaking out so we got punished. Specially, me. My father nearly burn me to death at that time. But, I'd live because my mother protected me. Even though my Father is an Asshole and Bastard, I have a loving family. I have 3 younger siblings and a mother who love us dearly. But our father is a monster who hurt as all. Specially the youngest. " Dabi said and anger took control of him. He imagine how his father would train his younger brother until he can't anymore, Dabi try to fought his father but he was called useless because he didn't have a perfect control, and perfect quirk that can surpass All Might.  But his youngest had the perfect quirk, just need training. But the training is the same as him, he would train his younger brother until he pass out or get hurt from his own quirk.

"He would train him until he pass out, and would gain injuries from his own quirk usage. My mom had enough seeing her kid's got hurt and she can't do anything, she can't even go against Father, she can't even protect her own kids. So she had enough and went insane one day as she pour a boiling hot water to my younger brother when he was 5. We didn't blame her, it was Our bastard father. He was the fucking reason while mom is in the Psychiatric Hospital and my Younger Brother refused to use the fire side of his quirk from that day. " Dabi said as he sigh.

" It was 6 years ago, when I left my family. My father was training my Younger brother and as usual my Younger brother refused to used his fire side and my father would try everything just to make sure he would use it, even if it was burning his own son. So, when he launch and attacked my younger brother using that big ball of fire... I push my younger brother away and got burn instead. That day, family thought that I'd die from the fire and in their eyes I'm already dead. " Dabi said.

" But... Your still alive. " Izuku said as he look at Dabi still have those emotionless expression which susprised Dabi and Hawks that Izuku finally speak. Though, Dabi could see in Izuku's eyes that he show concern to Dabi.

" I'm here talking about my shitty life to you am I? So, Means I am much alive. But... After I run away from my family, I learn how to live in the street. At first, being a Vigilante wasn't the career I'd think off... But, When your homeless, and start living in the shitty Street. You could see crimes everywhere, so like a decent Human being I'd help those people ineed. Its start a simple robbery, attempted rape, and small crimes. The Victims give me Cash and food aswell. It felt good to save others, so I become a Vigilante. Though, like you I was once in edge. I try to Jump, but this idiot catch me and save my life. He gave me reason live and so... Here we are. " Dabi said.

" I was devastated when I heard that To-Dabi was dead. I didn't believe it, I can't believe it. There was no body found so I told myself that Dabi is still alive. I just need to find him. It was after two months after his declair death when I found him. At first I was just flying in the sky and then I saw a man cover with nasty burns and scars jump off the building. So, I save that man and he yelled at me. He yelled his problems, his thoughts and when I heard his voice it hit me, That he is my childhood bestfriend. Long story short, I told him that I don't wanna loss him because he is everything I had. He was the only friend, my only family, he is the only person who could understand me and losing him is like Losing half of my self as well. " Hawks said.

" when I heard those words... I realize... That I want to stay, keep fighting and keeping his birdbrain In check. You already know that, he would be nothing without me. "Dabi said.

Izuku nod." Hawks would probably become more idiot than he already is without you. " Izuku said and Dabi start laughing while Hawks pouted.

" Traitor. " Hawks look at Izuku with a fake hurt expression. Izuku just shrug his shoulder and Dabi continue laughing.

When Dabi was done, he pat Izuku's head and smile." You know it's not too late yet. We're here for you Kid, we will always give you the shoulder to lean on if you need us." Dabi said and Izuku nod.

"Thank you." Izuku said.

"Your welcome Green Bean" Hawks said and smile.

-You two are really good friends. I wish k. a. a. c. h. a. n. and me Can be like this as well. - Izuku signed .

"Kaachan? Now thats a cute nickname, it must be a cute girl." Hawks said chuckling a Little. "Maybe I should call Dabi To-chan as well." Hawks said and Dabi smack his head.

"Call me that and Your dead" Dabi threatened Hawks while his hand start to show some blue fire. Hawks surrender and they saw Izuku who chuckled bitterly, now that was new. Ever since they met this kid the only expression they can get out of him is the dull, empty emotionless ones.

-K. a. a. c. h. a. n. isn't a girl, his a Boy same age as mine and his Violent, abrasive and curss all the time. - Izuku signed, he spell the name 'Kaachan'.

"ookkaay~? Why would you name someone as abrasive as cute nick name as Kaachan?" Hawks asked.


-He wasn't always Agreesive. We were really close to each other before. We were inseparable, were like brothers really since my mom is friends with his mom. We used to dream to be Heroes together, we would be the first Hero Duo that would exist in Japan and together we will aim for the top. But it all change one day when he develop such a perfect quirk and I didn't have one. - Izuku signed as he look down sadly. He remembers the beautiful memories he and Kaachan have when they were kids, how they used to dream, how that dream makes them smile and worry about nothing at all.

It Hurts that their friendship change just because of a quirk.

"What change?" Hawks said softly. Dabi and him can feel the sadness of Izuku by just looking at his expression like he is ready to cry anytime soon.

-He... Start calling me Deku means useless. He start calling me worthless and a losser and soon my other classmates said the same thing. At that time, I was so confused as to why they were calling me that. I mean, I don't have a quirk but that doesn't mean I'm useless right? But... K. a. a. c. h. a. n started to punch and kick me. I didn't notice that it was bullying at first, but when he used his quirk on me then that's where I thought that I was being bullied. Soon, my other classmate did the same. They will used their quirks on me and make me as a practice target. The teacher knows that I was being bullied but they did nothing to stop them instead they encouraged them not directly, but... They did and they often refer me as an 'it' not a 'he' or 'Him'- Izuku signed.

Anger clashes with sadness are the emotions that took over Dabi and Hawks. They were angry at those people who hurt the kid. Especially those who are blind who can't see that they were hurting a child, not an 'it' or an object. His a Human being for god sake, he have feelings and emotions. But they also felt sadness for the Kid who suffer so much in such an early age. They thought that they suffer already but turns out there is someone out there who suffer worst than they did.

and all of that just happened in elementary school. I wish I can tell you that middle school is better but it got worst. k.a.a.c.h.a.n. got more aggressive so thus my classmates as they freely used their quirks on me to the point that I pass out or left bleeding, badly bruised and have a nasty burn marks in some alley way. Teacher's didn't care and my mom stop caring when I was 5. The day you found me, k.a.a.c.h.a.n told me that I should take a swan dive off the roof and pray for a quirk in my next life. I didn't consider at first until.... I met a certain pro. I asked him if a quirkless such as me can become a Hero and he said No. I guess that was the last straw and k.a.a.c.h.a.n words echo my head so... I just did it. Afterall no one would care. They were probably be happy that worthless, waste of space, losser, useless like me will be out of their lives. Specially k.a.a.c.h.a.n. - Izuku signed, he didn't notice tears start to fall down from his eyes. All he Izuku notice are the internal pain that cause by the words that spat to him like venom. 



Dabi wanted to cry as well but, he control his emotions and swallow the pain he felt for the kid. Hawks on the other hand, just grab Izuku and let him cry over him. He comfort the Kid silently. He was can't help but hear the voice inside of his head that he need to do everything he can to protect this child, make him feel safe. Dabi and Hawks thought the same thing that whoever this Kaachan is, is someone they need to add on the list to torture. How could he hurt someone as precious as the Green Bean like this? To think they were once friends, they used to dream together yet... He manage to say those hurtful words to Izuku who already had a shitty life. 



"I'm just tired... I'm so... Tired. I'm sick of being alive because every move I make is just pain... I'm exhausted... I just want to end it all..." Izuku said as as he let hisself broke down on Hawks chest. Hawks held him closer. 



"Please don't... Your still a kid. Your still 13, you still have many things that awaits for you and not all of them are full of pain. You won't be alone starting from now, you have me, you have Dabi. We might be not be a good person but were gonna try our best to be a better person for you. " Hawks reassure the kid who was surprised to hear those words. Izuku just broke down and cry silently as he let out his emotions. 



Dabi just watch his bestfriend held the kid with an blank expression. Though if Hawks look through his bestfriend's eyes he could see Dabi's emotions that mirrored him. They have mix of emotions of anger, sadness, and protectiveness. They were angry at the world, to the people who hurt the kid like this, who make him suffer in such an early age. They were sad that the poor kid had suffer in such an early age, and worst no one was there for him, no one held him, no one help him. Thats why they are here, they would protect the kid no matter what. 



They would keep him safe from the world no matter what it takes.


Chapter Text





3rd Person's Pov



Dabi sigh as he watch Hawks stroke those green locks gently. Izuku is currently sleeping peacefully on Hawks's thighs while Hawks is scrolling through his phone looking for any entertainment and his other hand play with Izuku's hair gently. It's been a week since they met Izuku and somehow they were fund of the Kid despite the Kid doesn't smile or he doesn't really do anything at all.

Izuku only eat once a day, and mostly he sleep or do analysis by watching the Hero videos . Dabi and Hawks brought Izuku 3 times on their mission to analyze villains and Hero as well and they were always impressed by the Kid's analysis. Dabi get extra Payment from Heroes who he work with, with the extra analysis he sends. They didn't know that Dabi had a Friend who is good at Doing Analysis.

Dabi agreed that they should bring Izuku on the mission once. But when Hawks talk to him through, that bringing Izuku to a mission might bring his passion on becoming a Hero, might bring back his shattered dream, then Dabi agreed to bring Izuku again. Though, Hawks make sure that Izuku is safe and in the distance while doing his analysis.

But then... Even though they did that, Izuku still have this emotionless expression, an expression where they could see that his already dead from the inside. Dabi knows that bringing that Passion back, won't be as easy as snapping your finger they know that it would take some time and all they need to do is be patience.


Katsuki on the other hand is feeling restless. He is confused but he knows that he is worried for the Nerd though he doesn't know why he should be worried, but he is. He wanted to see the nerd, talk to him, and make sure he is safe. Whenever he open his phone, he was always reminded by the last message that the Nerd send him.

It's been a week since he didn't see the nerd, a week since Deku stop coming to school and the Teachers and Students didn't care, no one care and he shouldn't too. But here he is, thinking about the nerd all the time, specially the message that Deku send him.

"What if his already Dead? It would be your fault you know... You kill him with those words." a Voice from Katsuki's head said and Katsuki paled at those thought. He felt? Scared? No, he isn't supposed to be scared. He isn't a coward or weak. Yet, he is scared of the thought that.... That... If Izuku is already dead.

No! The Nerd can't die! He can't. There is no news about someone Jump of the Building so the nerd is still alive." Katsuki thought to himself. Today, is the day he would visit Deku's old house. Though he wasn't surprised when he got there, different family was already staying there.

Now he is walking in the street, thinking as to where Deku might be. If what his mother told him was right, then Deku might be living alone somewhere near here. But... Why would he live alone? Why didn't he move with Aunty Inko? Why stay here and leave alone?. Katsuki's thoughts are a mess, he shouldn't be thinking about Deku so much but he did.

"FFFUUCCKK I HATE THIS!!!" Katsuki yelled out frustration and slam his fist with explosion on the building wall that now has a big crack and cover with black Ash and smoke. He quickly walk away frustrated not knowing that in the corner a unknown man smirk.

Katsuki is walking back to his house to cool off his head, but then he felt someone grab his shoulder from behind and that man quickly press a cloth on his mouth and nose. Katsuki quickly elbow whoever the man is and jump away. He turn around and glare at the man.

"Fucking Bullshit! Who the Fuck are you!?" Katsuki said as his palm start to show spark ready to attack the man who just try to kidnap him.

"I'm no one. I just need you since your perfect for our experiment~" the man said and his feet suddenly turn into a chainsaw and quickly attack Katsuki who dodge but his hand had now a large cut, but it wasn't deep enough for it to scar though its start to bleed.

The man twist again and try Kicking Katsuki who attack and use his quirk to blow the villain away. It succeed and Katsuki quickly attack and beat the villain, but it was a huge mistake. The Killan grab his hand, twist it and now he is on his back and the Villian quickly press a Cloth in Katsuki's mouth and nose blocking his air way passage. Katsuki try to fight back as he could, but whatever he inhale is a very strong substance that make him feel weak and Numb.

"Fuck! First the slug/slime and now this. FUCK!" Katsuki last thought before his eyes close.




Dabi and Hawks were arguing whether they should bring Izuku with them tonight since Izuku's breakdown yesterday. But their arguments stop when Izuku was the one who said that he wanted to go since he didn't trust himself being alone tonight since he might do something stupid such as self-harming. Atleast, when his around Dabi and Hawks they could keep eyes on him and make sure that his safe and with that Dabi and Hawks start to patrol the shitty street of Red Light District. 



They encounter some small crime at first and Dabi called the Pros who he knows on patrol at that night while Hawks and Izuku make sure that they were in the safe distance to observed the fights that happening. In the mean time Dabi film the Hero in action and making sure to send those footage to the Pros themselves. Once done, Dabi would met the two of them and walk around once more and find some crimes to take. 



It was almost midnight when they three of them were walking in between buildings as Dabi and Hawks argue as how Hawks had a useless birdbrain and Hawks makes a filrty comment and Izuku just walk small step ahead of them not caring that the two adults act like a Child. He stop walking when he heard mens talking about a certain drug that his familiar with. He heard this drug before because while he was still living in his shitty apartment, his neighbors often talks about this drug. He didn't have many information as to where this drug came from but based from the 'words' spread from his neighborhood, the drug is called Trigger. This drug can enhance someone's quirk. But its dangerous to the user because it makes them turn into a wild beast. 



Dabi bump into the kid and he look at him curiously. "Whats wrong?" Dabi said and Izuku put his finger on his lips signaling that they should be quiet. He peak his head as the three of them hide in the corner of the building. They saw a fancy car is parked on one of the old, close store thingi. One old man, who is wearing a fancy suit is talking to some mens who wear old, casual clothes. 



"You already have those drugs?" The man with suit said as he slightly glare at the mens. 



"We do, but were just testing it right now to complete the research." The mens said. 



"Good, I'm sure Madam President would be delight to hear if the result is good. She would suggest this kind of Drug to Endeavour and Hawks to make them stronger." The men with suit said with a smirk. 







"Huh... They will drug you?" Dabi look up to Hawks who shiver. 



"I don't want to get injected by a unknown Drug. Thank you very much." Hawks said. 



"Its not just an ordinary drug. The drug is called 'Trigger' and according to the word I heard from my shitty neighborhood whoever take it can enhance their quirks. It might be an awesome drug, but I don't think it would do any better to the person's health. " Izuku said. 



"Right~ I don't want the stupid HPSC to inject me that kind of Drug. I would run away and hide from them if needed." Hawks said. 



"And judging from the look. That person who is wearing a suit is probably working with the HPSC. So Dabi-san, you better ready your Camera to take a video. You could used this chance to take them down." Izuku said. 



"Right." Dabi said as he ready his Camera as he start to record their conversation. 







"Madam President won't be disappointed of this. " The mens said. 



"She won't like it if you disappoint her." The man in suit said. 



"Shall we go inside and take a look of what their research is?" The mens said and the man smirk. 



"Lets go then." The man in suit said as those mens lead him to inside of the close store. 






"What are we gonna do now? they went inside and I'm sure they have many information we can obtain, but we can't sneak inside." Dabi said and Izuku walk near the store and look around, he found an opening on the vents. 



"I can go inside. " Izuku said as he point the Vent, that is too small for Dabi or Hawks to crawl inside but its enough for Izuku. 



"No, Absolutely not. We came here to observed, not you becoming a Spy." Hawks argued. 



"But I want to help. Beside, this is a one rare chance for you guys gain information. Would you really let it slip when you have a chance?" Izuku said. 



"If this chance is getting you killed, then no thanks." Dabi said. 



"I won't get killed, I'll be careful and if I ever get caught I'll contact you two and you can just go inside and kick some Criminals asses. Beside, Dabi-san had a contact to many Heroes who are in the are, so you could quickly call for Back up right?" Izuku argued. 



Dabi and Hawks look at each other silently debating before Dabi sigh. "Fine... But you would call us as soon as your introuble okay?" Dabi said and Izuku nod. Dabi gave his mini Camera that he used to film the Heroes in action to Izuku. 



"Lift me up Hawks-san." Izuku said and Hawks nod as he guide Izuku to the vents. " Be careful green bean." Hawks said and Izuku gave a thumbs up before he start to crawl inside of the dark vents, though he grab his phone and start to used the flashlight to lit up in the dark. 



Soon, he manage to take a peak on the experiments that the mens were doing as he start filming. His eyes widden when he saw that one of them inject a 5cc white serum or what he coud guess is that 'trigger' to a kid that is same age as him. The Kid start screaming in pain, his eyes turn red, his muscle start to become bulky, more bulkier than Allmight and you could see the growing Veins that ready to pop out anytime soon and the Kid's quirk is uncontrollable. It seems that the Kid's quirk is Flaming Poison. He could produce red mixture of Black Flames that whitin contact it would poison you, Izuku theorize that the poison would cause internal bleeding and internal organs shutting down since thats what most poisons do. The kid aims his flames to the man tied up in the chair and the man start to cough blood instead of burning. The kid attcaked the Man and break tear off his head from the body as they kid scream wildly. He heard the mens says that the Kid's quirk enhances together with his Physical strength. 



Izuku watch that in horror. He quickly got his Phone and send a Text to Hawks and Dabi since calling them would cause problems to his stealth mode. 






Dabi and Hawks were waiting outside. Hawks is walking from left to right then right to left, he was  deadly worried about the Kid and Dabi is too so he was looking at his Phone ready if Izuku message them. They then got startled when Erasehead suddenly Jump down out of nowhere. 



"Fancy seeing you here Hawks. I understand if Dabi is here doing his usual works, but I never thought that a limelight Hero would be here." Eraserhead said. 



"Oh Shut it~ I'm here with a Date with him." Hawks said as he pointed at Dabi who kick him hard. 



"WE. ARE. NOT. DATING." Dabi said glaring at Hawks. 



"Can't fool me Kid." Eraserhead said. 



"Excuse you, I'm 23. I'm not a kid." Dabi said glaring at Eraserhead. 



"Your younger than me so Your a Kid. " Eraserhead said. 



"Tsk, Fuck off Old Ma-" Dabi said but he was cut off by the vibration on his Phone. His eyes widden. 



"FUCK!" Dabi cursed. 



"What!? Is the message came from  the green bean?" Hawks said, Dabi nod and let Hawks read the message and Eraserhead manage to read it as well.



From: Green Bean


Dabi-san, Hawks-san you won't like this but the mens inject a 5cc of Trigger drug to the kid that looks like 13 years old. I hear his quirk is called Flame Poison. He can make red with mix of black flames. But if you get contact with those flames, instead of burning you will feel pain and in my theory, within contact you will have an internal bleeding and your Internal Organs will shut down since that mostly how Poisons works. Since they inject the 'trigger' drug, it enhance the Kid's quirk as it also change his Physical form to a Bulky one, more Bulkier one. So, if you encounter a Beast going outside then I suggest to stay away from its flame.




As if that was the Cue, the side of the store just exploded and standing there is a beast looking creature with red eyes. The creature look at the two Pros and Dabi as he set the floor in flames of Red with mix flames and quickly Hawks grab Dabi and Eraserhead as he flew them away from the beats, they landed on one of the roof top. 



"So~ Thats what Trigger do. Now, I'm 100% sure that I Don't want that drug anywhere near me!!! Hawks said. 



"No kidding!" Dabi said. 



"So~ That beast is a Kid with trigger right? Then obviously we can't defeat it with close combat since we don't know how lethal his flames is and the way he is destroying things around him like an insane person that lost his mind, isn't gonna help." Eraserhead as he ready his capture weapon to fight.



"Can't you erase it? I mean isn't that your quirk?" Dabi said. 



"This isn't my first encounter with someone who is a Victim of Trigger. This would be my second time, and I'd find one thing that I can't erase their quirks once Trigger is in their system." Eraserhead said. 



"Great~ Now were in troubled." Dabi said. 



"You call as many Heroes in patrol tonight and back us up here while Hawks and I'll deal this as were Pros." Eraserhead said. 



"Right." Dabi said as he step away and saw Hawks ready to take the beast down, but then other explosion is mad in  the store and Dabi eyes widden, he quickly text the green bean. 




From: Dabi-San

Kid, there is another Explosion. 

Are you okay? 





From: Green Bean

 I'm fine. 

I'll see you back at home.

Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov



Izuku is filming everything from the vent, he also theorized that everything happening is somehow the HPSC is involved, though he wasn't sure how. He would research it on laterwhen he got home. He heard a familiar explosion on corner and the mens were panicking saying that one of the kids they kidnapped manage to escaped and now in rampage. Well, they didn't give this kid a 'trigger' yet but he acts like he had one. 



"You Fucking bastard think you can keep me like that!!?" 



It was faint, but Izuku heard that voice and his eyes widden. He decides to crawl further inside the vents and find the room where that voice came from. He did find it, and he saw his childhood friend is outnumber and soon he would be caught specially those mens have a gun. Well its not an ordinary gun, he saw some police carry them. Its called a Quirk Suppressant Guns. There's a drug inside of that gun and when it shoot to the victim, their quirk will temporary suppress, and according to his research he did before the effect last 5-8 minutes depending on what type of Quirk suppressant drug was used. 



The man then drew out his gun and he was about to shoot the blonde, but Izuku kick the window vent and Jump infront of the blonde and took the bullet instead. He felt a slight sting on his neck but after that he didn't feel anything, maybe its because he doesn't have any quirk to suppressant with. 



"What the-Who the Fuck!?" The mens said and Izuku look at Blonde. 



"Aim your quirk to the wall behind you quick!" Izuku said and Blonde gave an angry look and did what he was told. The wall is now have a heavy cracked, and a heavy wall, the room was pull of smoke and fire. Izuku grab the blonde and used the cracked wall to get out and run. The mens were shouting from behind them to follow them but as soon as Izuku was pass through the smoke, he could see his environment and he know exactly where to head. He pull the blonde boy and start running. 



"Wait! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" The blonde said angrily but he didn't pull away from the stranger, somehow he knows this stranger. 



"Shut up Kaachan, just follow me and don't make a sound unless you would like to go back with those mens." Izuku said and Katsuki's eyes widden. 



"Deku..." Katsuki said surprised. 



"Yeah now just keep running." Izuku said. They stop in between buildings and Izuku fire escape ladder. "Climb up fast." Izuku said and Katsuki hated the fact that Izuku is ordering him, but with tons of criminals were after them, he had no choice but to obey so he climb up and Izuku follow them behind. Once they were on the roof, Izuku peak his head down together with Katsuki and they saw the mens were shouting and determine to scout the area to look for them. 



"What the Fuck Just happened!?" Katsuki said. 



"Those mens who kidnap you are bad guys who is somehow had a Drug called 'Trigger' " Izuku said. 



"And that is?" Katsuki said and Izuku got the Camera that he used to film the event earlier. He replay the video and let Katsuki see the video.



"FUCK!!" Katsuki said, he felt like something twist on his stomach, he wants to vomit. To think that those mothers fuckers are gonna do the same to him  if he didn't escaped. When he woke up earlier, he was trap in some kind of wooden box. He kick the wooden box opened and saw that there are 7-10 wooden box lays there, like they were coffins. They were put in one dark room. Katsuki didn't think twice before blowing the door opened and went out of the fucking room and start fighting the guards who was surprised that he is awake since, the drug that was given to him should make him stay asleep, but he woke up and he manage to escape. 



"and What the fuck are you doing in this kind of Place?" Katsuki said. 



"I was helping someone. The plan is just to take a video for evidence and since I'm small enough to fit in the vents they decided that I'd go inside and film it. They never thought that this would happened. Hawks and the rest of the Heroes are now fighting that beast that escape and those mens who were after you is still looking for you, so its not safe to go down yet." Izuku said. 



"I could just beat those mother fuckers and blow them away." Katsuki said ready to beat those mens. 



"No, your out number. You don't know what are their quirks and worst they were carrying a Quirk Suppressant Guns. One of them try to shoot you with it, but it hit me instead." Izuku said and Katsuki eyes widden. 



"Wait are you okay?" Katsuki said and Izuku eyes widden, he didn't expect those words will come out from his bully. 



"Yeah... I'm fine. I just feel slight headache. I don't have a quirk to suppress, so I guest the drug doesn't affect me that much. Just giving me headaches." Izuku said. 



"We can't just do nothing. Those mens have many kids like me held captive." Katsuki said and Izuku's eyes widden. 



"Explain." Izuku said and Katsuki explained to him how he wake up in the wooden box, and the room filled with the wooden box. Izuku quickly got his phone and call Dabi. 



📞" Oh Thank god your safe!! Your safe right? " Dabi said from the other line. 



📞" yeah... I'm in one of the rooftops right now and I'm safe. But you need to know that those mens kidnap kids around my aged and I'm guessing that they are still inside the burning store on the basement or so... You need to contact heroes that can help them." Izuku said. 



📞" The police arrived and they are doing there best in raiding the said store. The group manage to escape somehow and I'm currently hiding so my ass won't get arrested. " Dabi said.



📞" Thats good." Izuku said. 



📞" I'll see you back home. You better be there or else Keigo is gonna flip." Dabi said. 



 📞"I'll see if I can get out. Bye." Izuku said. 



📞" Wait what do you mean by tha-" Dabi was cut off by Izuku hang up on him. 



"Who the fuck is that!?" Katsuki asked. 



"My new Guardian. " Izuku said. 



"Your new Guardian!?" Katsuki said and Izuku knows how Katsuki doesn't like when he doesn't have answers. He wouldn't leave Izuku alone until he gets answers. Izuku sigh. 



"Yeah... he found me a week ago and decides to keep me. " Izuku said. 



"How about Auntie Inko?" Katsuki said. 



"She left me when I was 8. She said that she would like to start a new Family without me in the picture. So me and her made an agreement that I would stay out of her life in exchange that she would give me an apartment to stay and provide me money. But 3 weeks ago, she stop sending me money without notifying me so basically I would become homeless soon but my new Guardian found me and Thats it." Izuku said with a dull tone on his voice. 



"What The Fuck!?" Katsuki said, he was beyond surprised. He didn't think that Auntie Inko would do such a thing, since she's one of the nicest person that Katsuki's met. There are times he wishes that the old hag and auntie inko would exchange since the old hag gets to his nerve all the time. Yet, when he heard from his mother that Inko is in Kyoto with her new lover and they already having a kid while Izuku is here suffering alone. "Why the Fuck you didn't tell me that!?" Katsuki said frustrated. 



"Why should I tell someone who told me that I should take a sawn dive off the roof and pray to have a quirk in my next life? Come to think of it... Why do you even care!?" Izuku said half yelled at Katsuki who stood there looking at Izuku. He look down sadly.



"I don't know... I don't know Why I fucking care!! I shouldn't care! But, the moment you send me that message I fucking run out in the house to find you! I don't know why I fucking did that, But My body just act on its own wanting find you, To see you and I'm fucking confused!! and I hate this. " Katsuki said. 



"Isn't it because you care but you don't realize it because you denying it." Dabi said as he Jump on the roof where they were standing.



"And Who the Fuck are you?" Katsuki said glaring at Dabi. 



"His my new Guardian Kaachan, and Dabi this is Kaachan. His one of the kid who got Kidnap and I save him from those mens who is currently looking for him. " Izuku said. 



"Shut The Fuck DEKU, I didn't need saving from a loser like you." Katsuki said. 



"So... This is Kaachan, Why would this kid name him something so cute yet with a terrible personality?" Dabi thought, the moment, Izuku hang up on him, he got worried so he decided to look for him, he knows that Izuku is in one of the rooftop around the area and thank god he found him... but he heard the Kid talking to someone so he hide his presence in the ladder beside the building where Izuku and Katsuki is, as he listen to their conversation and when the time he needs to snop around and interupt them, he jump to the roof and announce his presence.  "Yeah? Do you think you could get out from those mens if he didn't helped?" Dabi said. 



"Ofcourse I can, I could Just blow them away!" Katsuki said. 



"Those fucking bastards have Guns that can suppress quirks, Do you think you could fight them without your Quirk?" Dabi said and Katsuki didn't utter a word. 



"Thought so... Shouldn't you be thankful that he helped you instead of you calling him a loser and worthless? Because if his truly worthless and a Loser then he might not succeed on saving  your sorry ass and you might not be alive right now." Dabi said and Katsuki didn't utter a word because he was damn confused and frustrated at his own words, action and thoughts. 



He just scream his frustration and shove his hand up in air to cause a massive explosion/fire thrust to the air from his hand. "Oh! SHit!" Dabi cursed as he knows that massive explosion will sure draw attention from the Heroes, police and worst from the mens that were after them. Dabi quickly grab Katsuki and parkour out of the roof, he knows Izuku is following him behind. 



"What the fuck you think your doing you Fucking Scar Face!?" Katsuki said as he try to wiggle out on Dabi's grips. 



"Stop moving or we will gonna fall out. You fucking know that your massive explosion earlier will cause an attractive scene so we need to escape!" Dabi scold Katsuki who stop fighting. 



"And Deku! " Katsuki said. 



"His fine, He is far more capable than you think he is. " Dabi said. 



"Tsk." Katsuki said. 



"For now we will head to a safe place." Dabi said. 


Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov

"Why are we in this Fucking Garbage Beach!?" Katsuki said.

"Because this is one of Safest place that we can hide. We can't go back to that place once more until it would cool down." Dabi said.

"and what the fuck supposed are you? A hero?" Katsuki said and Dabi glare at him.

"I'm no Hero Kid and as to what am I is not Fucking your business. So, you better fuck off and go home to you family." Dabi said.

"No! I'm not going home just yet! I need to talk to Deku-" Katsuki said but he was cut off by Izuku.

"You should go home, we can talk tomorrow in this place. Auntie Mitsuki and Uncle Masaru would be worried and you won't like it if Auntie Mitsuki would bring the Police Station down just to file a missing report about you." Izuku said and Katsuki wanted to argue with that but, he look at the time and it was almost midnight. Fuck, his mother is gonna kill him.

" You will meet me tomorrow Deku, or I'll Fucking Kill you hear me!? " Katsuki said and Izuku roll his eyes.

"Yeah... Yeah.." Izuku said and Katsuki scoff before he storm out of the place and walk away. Izuku walk to the opposite direction as Dabi follow him behind.

"I don't know why would you name someone like him as cute as 'Kaachan' when his far from Cute, Heck his far, very far from that." Dabi said and Izuku just shrug his shoulder. It's not his fault that 'that' name is stuck on his mouth. Dabi sigh and just follow Izuku to their new home.

This would get more trouble than already is and I didn't sign up for this. " Dabi thought.


The next morning, Izuku and Dabi while having breakfast are watching the news from Dabi's phone. It's said that, a few underground Heroes and Hawks were fighting a Beast Creature and capture it. Hawks did the interview as usual and tell told the media that in information about the beast creature is highly Classified. Ofcourse the HPSC don't want to say anything about the Trigger case considering they are somehow involved with it.

"I hope that kid is okay." Izuku said looking down as he finish his meal, since Dabi prepare a small amount of food that he could stomach for him.

"I think he would be fine... The heroes captured the beast right? And they sure will find some ways to bring back the kid.... Well, hope so..." Dabi said and Izuku nod.

After that, Izuku offer Dabi that he would wash the dishes and Dabi wanted to argue but... He knows if he reject Izuku's offer, Izuku would think that he is a burden again. So Dabi, sigh and let Izuku do that work while he send some Videos to those Heroes he film last night together with Izuku's analysis and they were delighted to pay Dabi a great amount of Money.

Not long after, the door burst open and Hawks walk inside exhausted. He nearly collapse if it wasn't Dabi who caught him and guided him to the corner and rest. "What happened to you!? You look like Shit!" Dabi said.

"Oh wow~ Thanks." Hawks said sarcastically and Dabi just glare at him. "It's just I didn't sleep last night. After the event, I need to explain to the HPSC as to why am I in that district in the first place and I had to come up with a Perfect Lie so that they won't have any suspicion, then they scold me for not following my schedule right so they force me to training calling it disciplining me I mean What the Fuck!? I'm already 23, I'm not a kid that needs disciplining and so... They force me to work on paperworks and when I told them I need to rest, they just said that 'A hero doesn' T rest' and then throw me back to my shift. Ah... I'm so tired... And hungry, I need my Chicken. " Hawks said with his fake Anime tears falling from his eyes. Dabi roll his eyes in annoyance.

"Fuck HSCP, can't they see your not perfect? Your a person too God Damn It!. Ugh! Why do they always think that Heroes are always perfect!? They are Humans as well that need rest. Though, I agree with them of you being a child. You don't usually act like your 23 you know... " Dabi said.

" Dabi~ why are you soo Mean? " Hawks said with fake Anime tears and Dabi just roll hsi eyes. Dabi then look at corner of and he saw Izuku pull out a Fluffy warm comforter and got a pillow as he lay it on the floor in the living room.

"What are you doing?" Dabi asked.

"I'm preparing a comforter where Hawks could sleep. He looks like he needs rest you know." Izuku said and Hawks quickly launch himself to Izuku and hug him.

"Your an angel Green Bean~ Ah~ I'm thankful that your here." Hawks said happily and Izuku just sigh tiredly.

"You should rest a bit Hawks-San. Dabi-san will prepare you some food when you'd wake up." Izuku said.

"Hah!? Who said I would fucking do that!?" Dabi yelled on the corner.

"I want some Chicken Dabi~" Hawks said.

"Shut Up!!" Dabi said.

"But... Isn't that Cann-" Izuku said but Hawks put his hand on Izuku's mouth and glare at him. "Don't. Ever. Finish. That. Sentence." Hawks threatened him and Izuku nod in understandment.

"What's wrong with that? It's true though, you eating your own kind is something amusing." Dabi said with a smirk and Hawks glare at him.

"I'm too tired for this shit." Hawks said as he crawl to the comforter that Izuku prepared for him. "I'm tired, I'm going to sleep." Hawks said.

"Sleep Well Hawks-San." Izuku said and Hawks gave a small smile as he pat Izuju's head.

"Call me Keigo Kid. Just Keigo." Hawks said.

"Okay, Keigo-nii." Izuku said and Hawks chuckled a bit. "That would do too."

Soon, When Hawks took some rest. Dabi is sitting on the corner of the room as he scroll through his phone and Izuku is doing the same. "Where would I get a Chicken anyway? They expensive as hell." Dabi sigh.

"hmm... I have a customer that brought some of the merch that I'm selling and I'm planning to get the payment today. Wanna come along? We could used the money to buy some chicken for Keigo-nii. Beside, I feel bad for what he experience last night." Izuku said and Dabi pat Izuku's head.

"You don't need to do that. That money is yours, spend it on your own needs and wants." Dabi said.

"But I want to help Keigo-nii and you As well. Its a simple Thanks for... Keeping me here even though I'm worthless and a burden." Izuku said looking down.

"Izuku... We talk about this. Your not a Burden or Worthless." Dabi said and Izuku just shrug those words and Dabi sigh. He knows that positive words won't reach Izuku like magic since he was told by everybody for his 13 years of life by those words. But he just hope, one day that those words would reach him and believe in them.

"Anyway, Let's get those money hmm... I'm sure Kei will be happy when he wake up with a Food greeting him." Dabi said and Izuku nod.



Dabi left a note incase Hawks would wake up. He and Izuku then walk to this house to deliver the merch he just sell and the buyer payed him well.

Currently Izuku and Dabi  just walk away from the house of the buyer and Izuku gave the brown envelope with money to Dabi. "It's your money kid, you should spend it on your own." Dabi said.

"Your the adult between us, so you should take a hold of it. Beside, I don't know where should I spend them since I don't need anything really. But, with this, it would help us buy our needs and since your the adult one, you should budget them." Izuku said.

" But its your money. " Dabi argue.

"But your the adult and from now on, I'll be under your care." Izuku said.

"But still it feels wrong..." Dabi said.

"I trust you." Izuku said and that Surprised Dabi. He look at Izuku who gave him a small smile, it was a very small smile that lasted like two second and Izuku's expression went back to emotionless one. Dabi sigh and pat Izuku's hair as he smile.

"Okay then, Thank you for trusting me." Dabi said and Izuku place the brown envelope on his hand. "Take it." Izuku said and Dabi did take it.

"Want something you like? Since this is your money, Don't worry I'll cook for you." Dabi said and Izuku shook his head.

"I'm not picky, Any thing is fine though I kinda want to eat some Chickens as well." Izuku said.

"okay then. Let's go stop by the market and buy some then we'll head home." Dabi said and Izuku just follow him.



Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov

After buying some ingredients, Dabi and Izuku walk back to the Garbage beach to go home. But, on the way Izuku look at the familiar blonde boy who is sitting down glaring at the sand. Izuku sigh and Dabi place his hand on his shoulder. "Want me to shove him away?" Dabi said and Izuku shook his head as he step forward and walk to Katsuki.

"Kaachan." Izuku said, Katsuki turn his head to that voice.

"Deku. Your fucking Finally here. I've been waiting for your dumbass to show up." Katsuki said.

"Yeah, Yeah... What do you want to talk about anyway? I already told you about what happened to me last night. What else do you want?" Izuku said and Katsuki scof and mumble cursed words before he look at Izuku once again.

"I'm gonna say this just once so Listen properly." Katsuki said, he took a deep breath and exhale. "I want your help To realize this Stupid fucking Emotions I had with you. I'm damn confused There still voices in my head that I shouldn't care about your useless existence, but I don't want to loss you. I can't, I don't... I-I-I just-" Katsuki was cut off by Izuku placing his two hand on Katsuki's shoulder and Katsuki look at Izuku.

" Your mind Is a mess. Mine as well, Our emotions are pretty much a mess up right now and I can't help you fixing that. But... We could always have a fresh start right?". Izuku said and Katsuki was surprised with that. He didn't expect that Izuku would say those words after what he done to him, after he tormented him for years, hurt him.

" Fuck, Why the hell are you so Nice!? Damn!! " Katsuki growl as he thrust a good amount of explosion towards the pile of trash surround them. Good thing that those pile are made of metal, if not Katsuki would start a wild Fire on the beach.

"Calm down You brat! That's what exactly wrong with you. You have a serious anger problem. You should consult a therapist." Dabi said.

"Shut the Fuck Up Scar Face! I'm not crazy!!" Katsuki argued.

Dabi roll his eyes. "Yes your not. But, you need therapy. An anger management Therapy to help you control your anger." Dabi said and Katsuki looks like he want to argue back but he thought about it, and if he really wants to understand his emotions he would consider the therapy. Katsuki just Scoft and look away.

"tsk Fine." Katsuki said.

"Well Then Kaachan-" Dabi said but Katsuki glare at him and interrupt him.

"Don't fucking call me that." Katsuki said.

"What am I fucking supposed to call you? Izuku introduce you to me as Kaachan which I still question why did he gave you such a Cute Nickname when your this." Dabi said pointing out to Katsuki who glare at him.

"What the Fuck suppose to mean You scar Face!?" Katsuki said.

"Exactly what I mean." Dabi said. "Anyway, you should introduce yourself before I'll start calling you Kaachan once more." Dabi said and Katsuki scof.

"Bakugou, Katsuki." Katsuki said.

"Bakago? That's suit you well. The name is Dabi." Dabi said.

"The fuck did you just said Scar Face!?" Katsuki said as he look like his ready to charge at Dabi with his  sparks that start to pop out from his palm.

"See? Why the hell did you name this explodey brat 'Kaachan'. Its still questionable." Dabi said as he look at Izuku ignoring Katsuki.

"I can't pronounced his name right when we were younger and its not my fault that 'that' name is stuck just like how 'Deku' is stuck on his mouth. I doubt that our name callings to each other will change anytime soon." Izuku said bluntly.

"That's suck. I mean you gave him a cute nickname and he gave you an insult instead. " Dabi said and Izuku just shrug. 



"Can Kaachan come with us? I mean if we want to start from the start he would atleast hang out with me right?" Izuku said and Dabi glare at Katsuki. 



"Sure, But you can never tell anyone about the place or I'll burn you to ashes got it?" Dabi said threatening Katsuki which glare at him. 



"Not if I turn you first. " Katsuki said. 



"Then your not welcome, so you can go now." Dabi said. 



"Hell No way, I'm coming whether you like it or not and you can't stop me." Katsuki said and Dabi sigh. 



"I didn't sign for this." Dabi said as he start walking to his home with two Kids (well one Brat) following him behind as he carry the groceries. 






When they got to the house Katsuki look around and he could see that the place isn't that bad for a place to stay even though the house looks old. "Kaachan, you should keep your voice down since Keigo-nii is sleeping." Izuku said as he signal Katsuki to sat beside him, they sat on the corner since the house isn't that spacious. 



"and who the fuck is that?" Katsuki said and Izuku point at the white comforter where someone who has a blonde hair sleeping. 



"Thats Keigo-Nii, his Dabi-nii's lover." Izuku said and Dabi shot a glare at them. 



"His not my Fucking Lover!!" Dabi half yelled, but Hawks didn't stir he continue to sleep.



Izuku nod. "His not his lover then, but they will be soon." Izuku said and Dabi just glare at them and continue on making food. 



"anndd~ What are you doing?" Katsuki said as he stand up and walk to the Kitchen and saw Dabi who is arranging things. 



"I'm preparing to cook something." Dabi said. 



"Kaachan, you should help him before he set the kitchen on fire." Izuku said. 



Dabi fake gaps. "What the- I cook for you everytime and I never set the kitchen on fire!... Well, maybe once but I was young back then. But now, I'm completely master the art of cooking simple food. Unlike Kei, I didn't manage to burn a Juice." Dabi said. 



"How the fuck you burn a Juice?" Katsuki said. 



"You should asked Kei,when his done with his beauty sleep." Dabi said. 



"But still, Kaachan can help you. Beside, his a great cook and I'm horrible at it. Though, I know how to bake sweets. " Izuku said. 



"A piece of Advice, if you don't want your small kitchen to suffer in disaster, don't let him cook. He could bake, but cooking would a different level for him." Katsuki said as he point to Izuku. 



"Noted. Though, if you don't know how to cook, how did you prepare your food for the pass 6 years your living alone?" Dabi said. 



"Granola bars, and Cup noodles exist for a reason." Izuku said. 



Dabi and Katsuki look at him surprised. "Nerd, Your not gonna eat those toxic food ever again." Katsuki said. 



"But they are good you know. I also manage to live with eating just that once." Dabi said. 



Katsuki glare at him. "Thats it, out of the way and I'll make you a fucking proper food to digest." Katsuki said as he shove Dabi. 



"Can you really cook? Or~ Your gonna explode my small kitchen?" Dabi said. 



"Watch me and You'll be fucking impressed." Katsuki said proudly. 



"I'll help you since I don't trust you." Dabi said. 



"Fine, Do you even know how to hold a knife?" Katsuki said. 



"Ofcourse I do. What do you take me for?" Dabi said. 



"An idiot scar face." Katsuki said and Dabi glare at him, Katsuki glare back. 



Izuku on the other hand went to the corner and went to his things, that is inside the box. He got his Present Mic noise cancelling headphone and place it to a sleeping Keigo's ears gently since Dabi and Katsuki start to yell and argue in a simple things while cooking. He then lay beside Keigo and decides to sleep as well. 







Hawks woke up around 1 in the afternoon. He sat up as he rub his eyes, and look around only to notice that he is in Dabi's place. He then felt that he have something over his ears, so he remove the headphones and look at it confused. He look to his side and saw Izuku is sleeping beside him peacefully and Hawks chuckled seeing a cute and peaceful sleeping Green Boy beside him. He mess with izuku's hair gently before he was surprised to hear yelling, he shot his gaze to the kitchen only to see Dabi is yelling with a blonde Hair kid who yells back. 



Hawks stretch his hand and wings. Dabi notice that his friend is awake. "Oi, If your gonna leave some fucking feather mess I promise you won't get out of here alive." Dabi said. 



Hawks look at him pouting. "Why are you mean~? Can I get a Good Morning instead of you yelling?" Hawks said.



Dabi roll his eyes. "If you want that, then don't sleep in someone house." Dabi said. 



"Yeah, Yeah..." Hawks said and Ignore Dabi as he stand up. Katsuki gaps, his eyes widden when he saw Hawks. 



"Aren't you Hawks the Number three Hero?" Katsuki said. 



"Well, Thats me and Who might be you?" Hawks said. 



"His Kaachan." Dabi said and Katsuki kick his knee. 



"Shut the Fuck up and Don't call me that bastard Scar Face!" Katsuki said. 



Hawks is surprised, now he knows why Izuku describe him as violent and abrasive. Though, how did Izuku manage to come up with a cute name such as 'Kaachan' to a person who is completely had a opposite attitude. "Oh~ So your Izuku's bully," Hawks said as he look at Katsuki with a serious look. Katsuki look away and scoff. 



"His here for redemption thats why his helping me making food." Dabi said. 



"No. Its the other way around you Scar Face." Katsuki argued and Dabi roll his eyes. 



"I see. " Hawks said. 



"Go set the Table Kei, This is almost finish and Wake Izuku up." Dabi said and Hawks did what he was told. 









"Dabi's Cooking is great, But Hell! This is the best Chicken I'd ever tasted!!" Hawks said happily eat. 



"Wait! Isn't that... a Fucking Cannibalism?" Katsuki said and Hawks glare at him. 



"No! I'm not a an entire bird in the first place so Shut up!" Hawks argued. 



"Tsk, Whatever you say birdbrain." Katsuki said and Hawks fake gaps. 



"Dabi! How dare you influenced him?" Hawks argue pouting. 



"I didn't teach him to call you that, Its not my fault that 'that' his impression of you." Dabi argued. 



"Why in hell are you so Mean~ Can't you be nice for me for once?" Hawks said. 



"Not in your million dreams." Dabi said bluntly as he start to eat. 



"In my dreams, your a lot nicer and your my wife. " Hawks said and Dabi nearly chocked in his food. "You whenever I got home you always greeted me with a smile as you say 'Welcome Home Honey~' In a cute way," Hawks said day dreaming. 



Dabi got annoyed and smack Hawks head on the table. Dabi continue eating like nothing just happened. 



"Are they always like this?" Katsuki said as he asked Izuku who nod. "Both of them are stupid then." Katsuki said. 



"What the fuck did you just said!?" Dabi said as he glare at Katsuki. 



"Not my Fault your acting like a fucking teenager inlove." Katsuki said. 



"Fuck you! I'm 23 and I don't act like that." Dabi argued. 



"No thanks, Go fuck the Birdie instead. I'm sure he love it." Katsuki said. 



"I don't mind~" Hawks said smirking and Dabi smack him again. Poor Hawks. 



"How about you shut the fuck up and eat silently because your ruining the greatness of the food." Dabi said. 



"My cooking is always great,You two are just idiots." Katsuki said. 



"The Fuck did you just say stupid Brat!?" Dabi said. 



"Wanna burn to crips Fuck Scar Face!?" Katsuki yelled. 



and The two ended up arguing as Izuku just sigh. "This is gonna be my New Normal huh...







Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov



Katsuki is currently sitting beside Izuku who is writing an analysis about Hero once more while Katsuki is reading what Izuku wrote. "No wonder your a Nerd. Your, really are a Nerd." Katsuki said and Izuku just roll his eyes. It's been 2 days since he and Izuku are in the good terms, though Katsuki felt heavy on his chest when he observed Izuku.


The Izuku he used to know is someone with bright blinding smile, he always mumbled non stop about the quirks even the weaker ones he still find it fascinating, he is also shy, timid, a cry baby and nervous all the time. But, now Izuku had a emotionless expression, he seems more quite and rarely talks, and what made Katsuki chest tighten is that Izuku's emerald eyes are now dull. There is no light, or shine on them. It's like Izuku gave up, and Katsuki can't help to feel that his the reason for that.


"Do-do you still want to be a Hero?" Katsuki asked and Izuku stop writing Dabi and Hawks who were arguing about something on the corner stop and look at Katsuki and Izuku.


Izuku sigh. "Honestly I don't know... I me-mean... All Might is Right. Even with a powerful Quirk, heroes can get severe injured... What more if... Someone quirkless like me?... His right in many ways, I should just be realistic with my dreams you know." Izuku said sadly.


" Yo-you met All might? " Katsuki said and Izuku nod.


" I met him the day I met Dabi-nii and Keigo-nii. I was attack by the slug monster, he save me then I asked him a Question if... If... Someone like me can be a Hero and he said No. Because, someone like him with powerful quirk can get server injured, what more with someone who doesn't have a quirk. He told me to be realistic with my dream. " Izuku said.


" Tsk, Fuck all Might then. " Dabi said.


" What the Scar Face said. " Katsuki said.


" Izuku, being a Hero is dangerous not gonna lie.  But, That doesn't mean that a quirkless person can't be a Hero. I think that anyone can be a Hero if they have the determination and willpower to do it." Hawks said.


" Wow, I didn't thought that you have a Functional brain. " Dabi said and Hawks ignore him and kneel down infront of Izuku.


" Do you still want to be a Hero Izuku? " Hawks said and Izuku just look down.


" I don't know... Its ju-just... All Might... I-I Idolize him ever since I'm a kid you know. I always look up to him. I always want to be a Hero just like him that will save everyone with a smile. With his smile, he made everyone feel okay, feel that they are safe. I didn't care if his the number one Hero, all I care is that how he help others with a smile.... In whole my life... I look up to him, But whe-when he said tho-those words... A-and I-I realize Tha-that those words a-are reality... It was just... " Izuku said as he look down and clench his two hand on his lap. The words of All Might just hurt him, the words of someone he Idolized, and not only that. He said that he should be realistic.




That was what hurt him rather than All Might saying 'No' when he asked the question. It made Izuku realize what a Hero work is truly is, specially when the time he saw All Might deflated because of his Severe injury he got from the Fight against Toxic Chainsaw to think All Might had a Powerful Quirk yet he still get severe Injured.


What more can a Quirkless Person like him can do? His just gonna be a liability.

But deep inside, he still want to become a Hero.


"Again, Fuck All Might. Who cares of what the fuck he says. You can be whoever you want, it's not his life to decide of whatever you wanted to become. It's yours Deku." Katsuki said.


"I agree with the explodey. Its your life to decide, not fucking All Might's. So, if you wanted to become a Hero, then you would become a Hero. And... I think you would be a better Hero than this birdie, and All Might himself." Dabi said.


"I... I do-don't know... In whole my life everyone told me that its impossible..." Izuku said as he close his eyes and saw how everyone told him that his dream is impossible. A memory where everyone told him that his just useless, Loser, Worthless, and waste of space. His a mistake, his Nothing. He open his eyes and not Noticing the tears start to fall down but, he quickly wipe them away.

"Exactly. Yet, you didn't give up that Dream Nerd. You always continue your life, believing on your dreams, even if the world around you is fucking you off." Katsuki said as he look at Izuku. "Nerd, Deku, Izuku listen to me. If the world Fucks you off, you should Fuck off the world back. You should show them what your capable of, show them that anyone can be a Fucking Hero." Katsuki said.

"Though Katsuki, did used too many cursed words. I agree to them. If the world Fucks you off, you fuck off the world as well." Hawks said and gave a smile.

"Now thats a quote that I want to keep. Maaann~ you sure do have your own way of encouragement huh... Kaachan." Dabi said and Katsuki glare at him.


"Don't fucking call me that Stupid Scar Face!!" Katsuki argued.

"Then you should learn that 'that' isn't my name." Dabi said.


"Hah!? What do you mean that isn't you!? Your stupid, and You have a scarface!! That's totally you." Katsuki argued.

"Damn it brat! I now wonder how did you your fucking parents raise someone as Bratty as you. It must be hard for them... Poor them.." Dabi said.


"The Fuck did you just said!?" Katsuki said.

With that, Dabi and Katsuki continue arguing and their palms are already igniting. Katsuki have small sparks on his palm, while Dabi has a small blue flames ready to burst.


Hawks sigh. "This two will someday gonna burn the house down don't you think?" Hawks said and Izuku nod. Hawks chuckled a little before patting Izuku's head.

"If anyone can be a Quirkless Hero. It would be you Izuku. You already have a Hero in heart. You just need to put it in action, get a Lisenced and make it official." Hawks said and Izuku sigh.

"I wish, I'd met you before All Might. I wish, I... Heard those words before All Might's. Because, even if you guys said that... I still can't help but think how can a Hero Work would be dangerous to someone like me who doesn't have a Quirk, how Hero work isn't realistic for someone like me. I tend to think about the negative side rather than the positive side. Though, I appreciate your words Keigo-nii.... Thank you for believing in me. " Izuku said.

" Anytime kid. Though, I wish that I met you earlier and tell you this Words so that it would reach you. But right now, I know positive words won't reach you but we hope someday it would. You'll make a great Hero kid. " Hawks said and Izuku nod as he lean his head on Hawks's arms and Hawks smile as he hug Izuku close to him.



Soon. Izuku falls asleep and Hawks just brought Izuku to bed and let him rest. Hawks look down and saw Katsuki storm out of the House and Dabi follows him.

"It's my fucking fault isn't it? It's my fucking fault why Deku quit his dream because I said those words right!?" Katsuki said and Dabi sigh.

"Your part of it yes... But, You realize your mistake, Well somehow you realize it and now your trying to change and that's good." Dabi said.

"It is. Bu-but... I still fucking broke him. The nerd used to smile you know... He used to have this blinding big bright smile as a fucking sun could be, he always mumbles about quirks a lot and fan boy with them, even the weaker quirks one, his eyes used to shine despite that fact that his been tormented and bullied. Yet, now... When I look at him his a completely different person. His not the same nerd I used to know, and Its fault!! Ugh!! " Katsuki said frustrated.


" I'm not good at dealing with Problems like this. I'm no therapist, but, I can assure you that right now what your doing is good. You realize your mistake and your trying to make it right. Izuku, might not be the same person you used to know, but it's not too late to bring back the Izuku you used to know. His still alive isn't he? His still there breathing. It's not too late for second Chances Katsuki. "Dabi said Katsuki just scoff and look away.

" You should really consult this to a Therapist. I know it would helped. " Dabi said.


"I know... But, what should I tell the old hag? I'm sure she would asked me as to why I do need to see a Fucking therapist." Katsuki said.


"Whoever this Old Hag is, you should tell them the truth if you trust them that is..." Dabi said.


"Of course I fucking trust her, she's mother! Though... I think I wouldn't survived once she finds out the truth." Katsuki said.


"Your not safe at home?" Dabi said.


"I'm fucking safe... Its just... Ugh! Fine! I'll tell her. But I need to bring Deku with me because it's fucking complicated if I explain things alone." Katsuki said.


"As long as Izuku is okay with that. I can see no problem." Dabi said Katsuki just sigh.






It was around 3 in the afternoon that Izuku woke up. They have a small snack at first before Katsuki brought up the fact that he should tell the old hag about what happened and Izuku ready to helped though, he told Katsuki that they shouldn't bring up about Izuku's mother and Katsuki agreed that's why Izuku divert a plan.

So now, Katsuki, Izuku and Dabi are standing infront of the Bakugou's household.

"Why Do I need to be here?" Dabi said.


"Because your a Family Friend from my Dad side and I'm temporarily staying with you." Izuku said and Dabi grumbled. He then look to the side and he can see Hawks hiding in the side yard. Dabi signal Hawks to flew away, but Hawks just shook his head and pout.


" Come on, Let's go inside. " Katsuki said and burst the door open." Hag! I'm fucking home and I brought guest." Katsuki said as he went inside and Dabi was slightly surprised how Katsuki just announced his presence to his family.


"Fucking Brat! How many times I told to watch your Fucking Language!?" A woman who looks like Katsuki just walk up to them.


"Hah!? Your fucking Cursing, So Why can't I?" Katsuki argued back.


"I could curse wherever I want Brat! And I'm your fucking Mother so show some fucking Respect!!" Argued.


"Tsk, Your still a fucking Old hag who keeps nagging and Yelling!!" Katsuki argued.


"What The Fuck did you just say!?" Mitsuki said and The Duo start to argue non stop.

"I was thinking that Katsuki may got his attitude and colorful language from School, but I... Thought too soon." Dabi mumbled but Izuku heard him.


"Auntie Mitsuki is nice. She just yell and cursed a Lot." Izuku said.


Mitsuki smack Katsuki's head before she smile when she saw Izuku. " Izu-chan~ is that you? Oh~ It's been a while since the time I saw you?" Mitsuki said as she went to Izuku and hug him and Dabi was surprised as how can a woman with anger issue suddenly change to a sweet loving one.


"the hell." Dabi thought


"Hello Auntie Mitsuki, It's been a while." Izuku said as he hug back.

"It's been A while really." Mitsuki said as she broke the hug. "How are you? How about Inko and your new siblings?" Mitsuki said and Izuku stiffened when he heard about that.

"They are... Fine..." Izuku said.

"Okay, Who is this Man then?" Mitsuki said as she eyed Dabi.

"His Keibi Toukami... His a Family friend from my Father side. I'm currently staying with him Temporarily since uh... Mom wants to spend time with her new lover." Izuku said and Dabi mentally choked at that name because he knows where Izuku get that name. He knows that Izuku is smart, so the moment Hawks told him about their past, Izuku has a hint to who he really is.

(Keibi Toukami : it's a combination of the name Keigo+Dabi= Keibi and Touya+Takami= Toukami ;)

"Why the fuck did I even brought him home!?" Dabi thought annoyed.

"Oh~ It's nice to meet you. I'm Mitsuki, I'm Inko's childhood bestfriend which is Izu-chan's mother." Mitsuki said.

"Nice to meet you Bakugou-San." Dabi said politely.

"Nah~ Don't be formal call me Mitsuki." She said and smile.

"Call me... Keibi." Dabi said as he hide his hateful for that name.

"Well, How about you guys come inside. Its been a while since I saw Izu-chan" Mistuki said happily and she slightly glare at her son. "Since your already here, why don't you help me prepare snack brat!" Mitsuki's tone changes.

"Shut the fuck up old hag!" Katsuki yelled as he walk to the Kitchen.

"Watch your fucking language brat! How many time do I tell you not to call me Hag!?" Mistuki said.

"But your a fucking Hag!!" Katsuki said.

And Mistuki and Katsuki argue in the kitchen while they prepare snacks.

"They always like this?" Dabi said and Izuku nod. Dabi groan in annoyance.

Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov

Dabi and Izuku are currently sitting on the couch as Snacks were presented infront of them. "You really Bake good Auntie. I miss this." Izuku said as he take a bite of the Cookies.

"You can say that again." Dabi said with a smile as he too, take a bite.

"Oh~ Thank you. I'm always happy to share them with you Izu-chan. Though, Katsuki is terrible at baking." Mitsuki said.

"Shut up Hag!" Katsuki yelled.

"You Shut up brat!" Mitsuki hit Katsuki again.

"Tsk, Don't fucking hit me!" Katsuki yelled and Mitsuki roll his eyes.

"It's really been a While Izu-chan. I thought, I would never saw you again considering Katsuki told me that you two grow apart." Mitsuki said.

Izuku stiffened and look at Katsuki who sigh. "Actually Hag, they have a Fucking reason why they are here." Katsuki said.

"And what is that?" Mitsuki said and Katsuki look at Izuku who nod and Izuku start to tell  her how he was treated badly the day he was diagnosed as Quirkless, and one of his maid bully is Katsuki. Katsuki who call him Deku, Useless, Loser, worthless and many more, it went like that until it got to the point that Katsuki used his quirk on Izuku until middle school. The moment Izuku mentioned that Katsuki used his quirk on him Mitsuki yelled "HE DID FUCKING WHAT!?"  and Izuku continue his story. (leaving the suicide baiting words of Katsuki). Once it ended, Izuku can see rage and anger into those red Ruby eyes of Mitsuki glaring deadly at her son who just avoid her gazed.

"So... You fucking did all of that to Poor Izu-chan!? I always know your violent, but I never would have Thought your gonna do all of Those to Poor Izu-chan... Ohm Fucking God!!!" Mitsuki said as she slam her hand on her face and start to massage the bridge of her nose.

" I'm Fucking Sorry Izuku... I-I didn't know he did that to you. If I did, Fuck I should've do something about it sooner. I'm sorry Izuku for I become a terrible mother." Mitsuki said as she bow infront of Izuku who shook his head and wave his hand.

" It's okay Auntie. You didn't know, and it's not Kaachan's fault. Most People praised him because he had a powerful quirk, my classmate worship him, and the teachers never told him that what he was doing is wrong. We were just Kids at that time, and adults never corrected his actions, and sometimes they encouraged him. That's why, he thought that what he was doing is right. Until a week ago when he start to realize that what he did was actually wrong. " Izuku said and gave a small smile." Honestly, if me and Kaachan would exchange lives, I'll do the same. I'll bully someone who I see weak and Pathetic because the praise and glory that I received is too good to let go and No one is correcting me. I'm happy that Kaachan least realize that what he did is wrong on his own, and that he needs to help to fully realize it. " Izuku explained.

Mitsuki smiled." Your too nice for this World Izuku. I'm glad that Inko raise you well. " Mitsuki said with a smile and Izuku gave a fake one.

Dabi and Katsuki internally scoff since they know that Izuku probably raise himself. Because, there would be no Mother who is in their right mind to abandon a child just because they are quirkless and go and start a new Family.

"Though, Honestly I don't blame Katsuki either. I know that his violent and God~ he had an anger Problem. But, that's the legacy that is pass down from my family's blood." Mitsuki said and Izuku look at her confused.

"The anger Problem one?" Dabi said.

"Yes. Unfortunately, Katsuki inherits this traits from me and my Family. I remember my mom had an anger issue problem as well as my grandfather. I also have it when I was younger. During Middle school me and Inko were once walking home and some perverts start to mess with us on the way so... I kick their Fucking ass and send them to the hospital. 3 of them went to coma for atleast a month and 1 is fatal. He died after 2 weeks laying in the hospital and Honestly I didn't fucking care because they deserve that. They almost try to rape Inko and I anyway so... " Mitsuki explained and Izuku, as well as Dabi and Katsuki were surprised with that.

" So... You Fucking Murder someone!? " Katsuki said surprised.

" Yeah I guess. I was Violent and aggressive. I start going to attend therapy after that. Specially Anger Manage Therapy and I ended  Therapy when I got married. Afterall, Your father knows how to cool me down, and how to control my Anger and even you. But, now it's clear to me that you need Therapy as well. " Mitsuki said.

" That's why Izuku and Katsuki came here in the first place. Katsuki needs help, and Izuku wants to help and maybe their long lost friendship can be rebuild once more." Dabi said.

" Then I'm proud of Katsuki. Its brave of you to fucking asked for Help. " Mitsuki said and Katsuki eyes widen." However, I'm still upset with you about this. So, you me and Masaru are gonna talk about this later when your Father comes home. Understand?" Mitsuki said sternly and Katsuki nod.

" Yeah... " Katsuki said.

"I'm soo sorry Izuku about him, I know this apology won't bring the days back. But, I wish you had told me this sooner." Mitsuki said and Izuku shook his head.

"It's fine Aunty Mitsuki. I'm happy that Kaachan Finally learns his mistake." Izuku said.

"Do you want me to Sue The school? Clearly what they fucking did is not right. So, I'm gonna talk to Inko about this and we will sue the school." Mitsuki said. Izuku, Dabi and Katsuki's eyes widden.

"No! You didn't need to do that." Izuku protest. "It's be-because if your gonna sue the school then it would Shut down... And Kaachan would stop his schooling or Possibly transfer to another environment. With his anger issue that isn't solved yet, I don't think he would be ready, or rather the new people he would met would be ready for another explodey." Izuku said.

"The Fuck that Is supposed to mean you Nerd!!" Katsuki said angrily and Mitsuki hit him again.

"Sit the Fuck down and be quiet Katsuki!" Mitsuki said and Katsuki just scoff and did what his mother told him.

"Well... Izuku, your right. But, It's still not right, are you still going to that school?" Mitsuki said and Izuku shook his head.

"Since My mother and I move, I move school as well." Izuku said.

"I need to talk to Inko about this. I should call her." Mitsuki said and Izuku nod. Mitsuki stand up and walk upstairs probably to get her phone.

"Oi, Nerd Are you sure that 'that's a good idea?" Katsuki said.

"She won't reach her. Since Mom move, she  disconnect all her connection to me and probably Aunty Mitsuki. You' ll see." "Izuku said. Soon, Mitsuki came and have a confused look on her with her Phone set aside on the table.

" It's odd... I can't contact her. Well, it's been years since my last contact to her... " Mitsuki said." Can't you call her? " Mitsuki said and Izuku shook his head.

"No... I left my Phone at home and Da-I mean Keibi-san doesn't have my Mom's number." Izuku said.

"Now that's unfortunate. You should call. Me next time if ever you'll got intouched with Inko okay?" Mitsuki said and Izuku nod.

"and You. Take Care of Izu-chan cause I ain't gonna sit down and do fucking nothing if ever he would get hurt again." Mitsuki said sternly at Dabi who nod.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him." Dabi said as he pat Izuku's flappy hair and Izuku seems to be fund of that.

"Good!" Mitsuki said.



Soon enough, Dabi and Izuku said goodbye to the Bakugou's family and walk home, while walking Hawks showed up.

"So~ How's the talk? I could see that Katsuki's mother look furious, but I didn't really heard what you guys saying." Hawks said.

And Dabi start telling Hawks, but as soon as he let his supposed name slip, Hawks start to laugh. "Hahaha, Keibi Touyami. That's a great name for our future kids don't you think~?" Hawks said and Dabi kick his knee.

"Shut the fuck Up Stupid Fucking Bird Brain idiot!!" Dabi said and keep beating Hawks. Izuku just sigh and continue walking home leaving Dabi who is beating Hawks in the background.



Chapter Text






3rd Person's Pov




(Katsuki and Deku texting)



📱 Kaachan



📱 Deku



Nerd, I won't see you in a Month or so....

But don't you fucking dare disappear




 ( ・◇・)?

Heh? Why? 




The hag grounded be for a 6 month. 

From now on, I can only go out when there is school days and even with that I still have to be home exactly 4:30 pm since school ends at 4. 

The hag also said that she won't gave me any allowance and I need to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them. 

Serves as a Punishment and honestly I'm not complaining. 

I thought my punishment would be worst. 




I feel bad. ( ._.)

Isn't it too much for a punishment?





Nerd, compare to all the years I've done. 

This is nothing. 

I'm surprise that despite with everything I've done I thought hag and old man will disown me. 




They would never disown you. 

Your their son, they love you no matter what. 

Sigh  Σ( ̄Д ̄  )

I wish my parents are like that as well.





Forget about those fucking bitch and bastards. 

They didn't know what they fucking leave behind. 





What are you doing? 




Cleaning the house.




Thats a good start. 

I should clean this house as well since Dabi-nii is busy with his night Job





( ◔_◔ ) 

Fuck his shitty Illegal Job. 

I'm fucking surprise why he isn't in Jail 

stupid Scar face. 




The Emoji looks cute, but....

It doesn't suit you. 

I can't imagine you being adorable. 

Your always an Angry Pomeranian to me. 







Fuck You!




Now thats 'Kaachan' 

( ●‿● )



Whatever Nerd. 








Izuku is just walking around the Dagobah Beach, he look at the pile of Junk that was thrown in the beach that make it pollute and dirty. Truly, humans doesn't care about the environment anymore. The only thing that they care is there self and how they would survived. They would do anything, Anything, Just to survived even if it means to get their hands and their environment dirty. 



Izuku sigh. He then stop walking when he heard a faint vibrating sound not far from where he is. He slowly follow the sound and it lead him to what looks like a white ball, with black screen. Its still vibrating, and the screen is glitching. Curious, Izuku remove his Jacket (since he has a T-shirt inside) and used the Jacket as a Glove to touch the White ball thingi, since he didn't know that it might shock him considering that its still vibrating. Izuku smack the ball, but the screen still in glitch and the vibration continue. Izuku then read the small notes behind the white ball and it seems that, this thing is supposed to be a voice command search engine. 



Since its malfunctioning, People just throw it. Izuku then think, what if he could fix it. Afterall, this pile of Junk has many things thats still useful. So, Izuku decides to Fic the White thingi thing, but first he need to find some materials. 






Its been 3 days since Dabi and Hawks saw Izuku works outside of the house fixing a White ball thingi and his using any materials that he would found from the Junk. They were happy that Izuku somehow have a hobby to do rather than just sitting on the corner, watching Hero watch and analyze their quirks. Don't get them wrong, Its amusing to see Izuku analized them by just watching Videos from the news and to think that he is a 14 years old kid. They already know that this kid is Genius and Intelligent. 



Now, They saw Izuku smile a little though, it vwas quickly replaced with emotionless expression as he was looking at the White Ball he just fix. 



"What do you have there Green Bean?" Hawks asked. 



"Hmm... This is Shiro, his my technical Assistant I guess? Like it works like Siri? " Izuku said. 



"Siri from the phone?" Hawks said and Izuku nod. 



"Its shitty then. As if Siri isn't shitty enough." Dabi said. 



"Oh Come on~ Dabi, atleast he made something. You and I both know that we can't make something like that." Hawks said. 



Dabi just roll his eyes. "Then?  How does it work?" Dabi said. 



"You just command Shiro. " Izuku said. 



"So~ If I just saidShiro who do you think is the best Hero in Japan? He would answer?" Dabi said. 



According to the Ranking that Made by Japanese Government. The Symbol of Peace: All Might is currently the number one Hero and the best Hero existing in today's era in Japan. Would you like me to take you to the different sites and surveys made by different organization in Japan?" Shiro said in a robotic monotone voice. The screen had two green eyes at first, but then when Shiro asked a question, the screen went to the list of different sites. 



[A/N: Just Imagine Eve's Head from the Movie Wall-E though, its round instead of oblong-shaped and instead of blue eyes, its like light green and that would be Shiro.]



Okay Wow, Thats great. Can it play a movie?" Dabi said. 



"Hmm... Shiro, can you play Rise of the Guardian Movie?" Izuku said. 



"I found a site where you could watch it for free, would you like to open it?" Shiro said. 



"Yes please." Izuku said. 



"Very well." Shiro said. 



and soon enough the screen changes the movie start to play. 



"Cool!! This is great then. You did a great Job with this Izuku." Dabi said as he pat Izuku's hair. 



"Yeah... and to think I only get the things I need to fix Shiro from the Junk around. I wonder what else I could make with lost of this materials around." Izuku said. 



"You could make an Oven, I mean... Katsuki said that you know how to bake and an Oven is important in baking. Besides, we want to try your sweets but you can't really do that since Dabi doesn't have an oven. He only had an electric stove which he also got from this pule of Junk laying around." Hawks said. 



"Hey! Stupid electronics now a days are expensive you know. " Dabi said. 



"Dabi-nii, Is your electricity connection illegal?" Izuku said. 



"What do you think?" Dabi said and Izuku nod at understandment since he knows that its probably Illegal. 



"I'll make a Oven and A machine that can convert heat into energy/Electricity. So that we won't be dealing with illegal electricity anymore. Its bad if we get caught and especially your not a Legal person as well." Izuku said. 



"Can you do that?" Dabi said. 



"With the help of Science, why not?" Izuku said.



"Well, If you can... Then that would great help." Dabi said. 



"Ofcourse we can help you with the  things you need as well. " Hawks said and Izuku nod. 



"Then lets start searching for those materials then." Izuku said. 



and both Hawks and Dabi nod. 





The first 3 weeks was Izuku with the help of Dabi and Hawks they arrange things that those are useful and those that aren't. Izuku didn't do the Job everyday since Dabi and Hawks can't help him everyday because they have their own work to do and they got tired from time to time so they need rest. Izuku understand that and he argue to Dabi and Hawks that he could do the Job here at the beach alone, but the two won't let him considering how clumsy he is. 



The first time they work in the beach, Izuku trip out of nowhere 9 times a day that resulted in small bruises and cuts and thats, just happened in the first day. The next day, Izuku nearly got crushed by a old rusty car engine if it wasn't for Hawks who catch it on time and it didn't happened just once, Izuku was nearly crush by heavy objects that piled on the top if Hawks or Dabi didn't shove him away.



So... They forbid him to work alone in the beach. 



The next week, Katsuki was still grounded but one day he is laying on the couch and Mitsuki caught her son texting Izuku so she gave her a permission to go out and hang out with him, He can't hang out with other friends except if it Izuku and Katsuki is more than happy to comply. So when he visit Izuku,Izuku told Katsuki about his plan and Katsuki was happy to help, it would also consider for Training since he wanted to be a hero. The 4 of them then continue arranging stuff without realizing that they slowly cleaning the beach. 



After another week, Izuku manage to found a Old Oven and an Old Fridge. So he decides to fix it for another week with his friends help ofcourse and now they have a Fridge and an oven. But Izuku didn't place this inside of the house since they would be a cramp in the Kitchen. So he place them outside of the house and build a small mini kitchen outside. The mini kitchen has a walls of old a little rusty metal roof with some Metal pipe and some woods that they pick up as a support, and a metal roof so that his newly made appliances won't get wet from the rain. 



After that, they stop their work in the beach since they did need a break and Izuku offers to create some sweets for them during they break. 



So now, Izuku and Katsuki were walking back to Dagobah beach while carrying the ingridents he needs in baking. Izuku used his own money he get from selling his merch while Katsuki did brought some stuff as well helping Izuku with his own money saying that the hag doesn't mind Katsuki spending all his allowance if its for Izuku. If Katsuki would tell his mother his doing this,the hag will surely give some extras money as well just to support Izuku. But Izuku being Izuku, he argued that he didn't want to burden Aunty Mitsuki and says that he doesn't need those extra money. 



"Do you think that Keigo-Nii and Dabi-Nii would love my baking?" Izuku said. 



"I love how you made those cake with that bitch (Inko) back then. Man, that was fucking delicious. During the times we aren't in a Good Terms, the bitch always brought cake to hag saying you mad them. I taste some of those from time to time so they were good." Katsuki said and Izuku nod as a respond with his emotionless expression. 



"Usually, when I made those she just stole all of it saying that it was her money that I manage to bake one. " Izuku said bluntly. 



"Tsk, That Bitch. I swear I'm gonna blow her fucking up." Katsuki said. 



"Well, you won't see her again after. Besides, she already start her new family and I don't want to ruin that. She is happy and I'm contented." Izuku said. 



"But You aren't happy." Katsuki said and Izuku stop walking as he look down. Katsuki on the other hand look back at Izuku. 



"I'm not... I already Give up Kaachan. I'm just... Right now, I will just go with the flow. See what fate lead my life into. But if your gonna asked me if I want to live? The answer is No. The reason I didn't kill myself yet is that Dabi-nii, Keigo-nii and... You. Its like I believe in you guys... But I'm not sure... if I believe in myself anymore." Izuku said. 



Katsuki had a mix of angry(To himself because he knows that Izuku felt like this because of what he did in the pass) and worried. He didn't know what to say because he knows that Positive words won't reach Izuku because as he just stated that he give up on believing on himself.  Katsuki took a deep breath. " Thats fine Nerd... Atleast there is one reason why your staying alive. Who knows, that one day in the future 'that' reason would turn to a reason why you want to keep living and one day, you would believe in yourself that  you can do it. Because Izuku, your more than extraordinary." Katsuki said.



Izuku eyes widden, he place his hand on Katsuki's forehead and neck. "Kaachan are you catching a Fever? Did you hit by a unknown quirk on the way? Or your not Kaachan? Who are you? and what did you did to Explodey, angry Pomeranian Bakugou, Katsuki?" Izuku said. 



Katsuki got annoyed. "Nerd! What the fuck!? Why would you think something as Fuck up just that!?" Katsuki said. 



"Cause, You suddenly become Nice. And Bakugou, Katsuki and the word 'nice' doesn't come together." Izuku said. 



"Fuck You Nerd! I could be nice. So shut the fuck up and lets go and bake this fucking cake!!" Katsuki said and walk ahead of Izuku as he turn his back on him. He was embarass as what Izuku just said, and when he realized that earlier he was saying things that he would never say... "Ugh! Fuck, why did I even say those!?" Katsuki thought. 



Izuku sigh and follow his bestfriend. 









When Izuku and Katsuki got to Dabi's home. They aren't surprised that the house is loud once again. Dabi and Hawks were having a one side argument of something, well Dabi mostly the one who argued while Hawks try to calm Dabi down with a little teasing and Flirting. 



"This two, Why don't they just Fucking Married each other!?" Katsuki mumbled in annoyance and Izuku who heard it just sigh. 



"Lets go outside and bake this cake since I doubt this two would be done anytime soon." Izuku said. 



"They already act Like Old Hag and Old Man fucking stupid adults." Katsuki said as he follow Izuku outside of the house and went to Mini Kitchen. 



"You know that we will be adults one day." Izuku said. 



"And when that times comes I'll be the Number one Hero" Katsuki said proudly.



"Yeah~ Yeah~ Now stir this egg for me will you?" Izuku said. 



"Sure." Katsuki said.



and they start baking. 






When they were done. 



"This look amazing Nerd." Katsuki said eyeing the cake with a smile. 



"You did help me made it. Now lets share it with Dabi-nii and Keigo-Nii." Izuku said. 



"Do we need to? Those idiots doesn't deserved this master Piece since they are Idiots." Katsuki said and Izuku just ignore him and got the cake and bring it inside. 



Now, The cake that is on top of the plate is now place on the wooden floor and Dabi and Hawks were amazed. "You. Made . This?" Dabi said and Izuku just shrug. "Kaachan helped." 



"THIS. LOOK SO ADORABLE !! I need to take a picture and send it to Rumi, maaan~ She gonna Flip!" Hawks said as he already starting taking picture of the cake using his phone. 



"Stop that Would you! Anywho, Izuku. It does look great, but taste is more important than the look. So... lets cut it into 4 and have a piece each." Dabi said and Izuku nod. 



Soon, they were enjoying the delightful taste of the cake. 



"Maaan~ I hadn't eaten cake for decades, and if ever... This would be the best Cake that I did ever taste. " Dabi said. 



"Bake me this everyday!! HPSC always control and have me on a strict diet so I don't get to eat any heavy sweet Like this. But this cake took me to heaven~" Hawks said. 



"I think that it taste just right like normal Strawberry Cake." Izuku said. 



"Nerd! Something is wrong with your Fucking taste Bud. " Katsuki said.



"I agree with the explodey." Dabi said. 



"Shut the fuck up Stupid Scar Face!!" Katsuki argued. 



"Please don't ruin our heaven moments with your unholy words" Hawks said. 



"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Dabi and Katsuki said. Hawks raise his two hand in surrendering and Izuku just eat in silent. 





Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov

Izuku leave Dabi rest on the bed as he treat his burn injury in the hand. Dabi came home from his Vigilante work and he have some nasty burn on his hand, and his clothes are a burned as well. He also have nasty bruises and cuts, and they can really seek a proper medical attention considering Dabi's position so Izuku is the one who treat Dabi's injuries.

"I'm surprised you know how to treat them, specially the burns." Dabi said as he is sitting on the bed as he let Izuku treat him. He does feel guilty that he let a 14 years old kid treat him, but then again he can't really seek a proper medical help.

" I've been through worst. People used their quirks on me and the result it isn't pretty. My mom doesn't care, so I need to find way to treat them. The Doctors doesn't want to spend their time and materials to a burden quirkless thing. As for the burns, you forget that Kaachan and I didn't have a happy history. So, I'm used to treat burns. " Izuku said bluntly.

Dabi just look at Izuku with mix emotions of Angry and sad. He is angry to the people who have hurt this kind hearted 14 years old kid, if ever he knows every name of those people who hurt Izuku, he won' t hesitate to burn them to ashes. Afterall, his already a criminal. But, he is sad that Izuku suffer so much in his life just because of something he can't control. Izuku didn't asked to be born quirkless, it wasn't his fault that he was born to this cruel world without a quirk. Yet, people can't see that. Instead they label him as a 'thing' rather than a person which anger Dabi more.

If Katsuki isn't trying to redemp himself, Dabi won't hesitate to burn that explodey pomeranian to ashes because of the things he did to Izuku. If Dabi is in Izukh's place, he would never forgive Katsuki that easily, he would even hate him to the point that he would like revenge and make sure that Katsuki will suffer as how Izuku suffer. But, Good thing Dabi isn't Izuku though his situation isn't any different.

Dabi's father treat him as a shit as well and even until now he knows that 'that' bastard would never change, would never understand the word redemption. He would never be like Katsuki who would realize his mistake and treat his family right. Even if he did one day (Which Dabi knows impossible), Dabi won't be like Izuku who can forgive, forget and reset. No, Dabi can't forget, can't reset and mostly he can't forgive. His hated for his father is beyond repair already. After all, it was his father fault while his true identy is dead.

"Tsk, This world is Damn Cruel and it gets more Cruel as it revolved. Fuck! When would this cruelty will end!? And when would this stupid Heroes do their Job properly!?" Dabi cursed.

"This cruelty won't end unless you plan to wipe out every Human Being. Humans can be kind and Caring, but that can change if they were offer a power that can make them feel that they are God or something and with that Power they become greedy.  Greedy enough that they won't realize that what they were doing is hurting someone else. " Izuku said as he was done treating Dabi's injuries. Dabi is surprised with those words, though he agree with Izuku's words. Humans are greedy and Selfish, even though he is human himself, he admit that there are times that he didn't care what he was doing is either right or wrong as long as he survived. Heck, if he was given a God's power he would use the power for revenge specially to his old man.

" You should take a rest today. I know I can't cook but I'll try asking Kaachan to cook something for you." Izuku said as he start to fix thing on the First Aid Kit.

"Thank You Izuku." Dabi said as he pat Izuku's head.

"Your welcome, you should rest. I doubt you can get full rest if Kaachan and Keigo-nii would arrived." Izuku said and Dabi nod. He knows that Hawks would pester him, and annoyed him. And as soon as Katsuki would open his mouth, it would be terrible noise. Its already 2 in the morning when he got home from his Night work and Hawks as always get held by the HPSC since he isn't supposed to work during nightime since Hawks is a Limelight/daytime hero. Yet, the HPSC caught Hawks within this couple of months working at Night with some Underground Heroes as well and the HPSC isn't happy about that because they can't film Hawks action which is very important for a Heroes Fame which can get a lot of cash.

Hawks is tired with his life and wanted to get a magic scissors where he could cut the string that connect him to the HPSC. Yet, his too powerless to do that which is frustrating and Dabi understand that. Someday he knows that Hawks wanted to be a Free bird just, what a True Hawk can be.

That Morning, Dabi took his rest and Izuku sleept beside him since it was still early in the Morning.



It was around 8 am Izuku slowly woke up. He got out of the bed as stealthy he could be since he didn't want to wake Dabi up. He decides to get freshen up and watch some Hero News using Shiro. He saw that there is another Human Quirk Trafficking once again. The raid was partially successful last night since they manage to rescued the Victims but caught less Criminals. This kind of case isn't usually reported in the media or broadcast. Any night time activity isn't really broadcast. But since Hawks was spotted during the mission. Some Citizen are eager to film/capture the hero on action. Hawks is really a Flashy Hero, since his wings is too attractive so thus his hero costume and general appearance.

If you would see a Red and Yellow Big bird (too big for a bird) fly either in the night Sky or Day time, you already know who would it be.

Anyway, Izuku watch the news and he start to analyze the situation which he quickly grab his laptop and start to do his research and attempt to solve the mystery by just using what resources he could find in the Internet.

Katsuki on the other hand visited around 8:45 and he isn't surprised to see the nerd is sitting on the floor with a laptop on his lap as he also have different notes and a pen scattered around the area.

"Nerd? What the hell are you doing!?" Katsuki said.

"Trying to solve this Problem, Can you make something for Dabi-nii for breakfast? His not in his  best when he got home around 2 this morning. His currently resting, and I know I will just set the Kitchen on fire if I attempt to cook." Izuku said.

"Tsk, Kitchen Disaster." Katsuki said as he proceed to the small Kitchen and start to make anything for breakfast. He knows he prepared one earlier for his parents back home but he didn't have any of it. Somehow, he likes eating here in this small house with the nerd and the others rather eating back home. Don't get him wrong, he still eat with his parents... But, somehow he prepare eating here. He can't explain his feelings about it, but that's all he knew.

Once Katsuki is done he called Izuku so that they could eat together. Izuku went to woke Dabi up, who went down still looking half asleep. He didn't utter a word and ignore Katsuki's asking (yelling) question about how he look screwed than he already is.

The door then burst open and Hawks walk inside looking dead as Dabi. He just walk and sat beside Dabi, and Izuku gave him a small bowl and a chopstick which he gladly accept without uttering a word and start eating.

"They look Dead! What happened to them!?" Katsuki said and Izuku slid his notebook with theories about the last night event and Katsuki start reading them.

"This two were involved in this mission last night. Dabi-nii came home with nasty burn possibly from his quirk since whenever he used it, he would burn his own hands and clothes. Keigo-nii on the other hand, is a Limelight Hero yet he was in the scene last night which he shouldn't be so The HPSC probably gave him hell of a punishment that's why both of them look dead. " Izuku said.

"So~ They are in a Fuck up situation." Katsuki said and Izuku nod. "Fuck!"

"We should just let them rest. They need it." Izuku said and Katsuki agree with that.

After breakfast, Dabi and Hawks went up the ladder  and collapse on the bed and they were instant cold. Izuku sigh, as he make sure that they were comfortable and place a Blanket over them before he went down and help Katsuki do the dishes. Once done Izuku is having an internal Debate whether he should have his analysis and theories to the heroes or not, Katsuki sat beside him on the floor.

"Whats on your mind Nerd?" Katsuki said.

"Should I send this To Eraserhead or not? I mean this is just a Theory right? It wouldn't be bad sending this right?" Izuku said.

"Eraserhead? Who is that?" Katsuki said.

"His a Underground Pro Hero. The erasure Hero: Eraserhead. His quirk can erase another quirk temporarily. He doesn't really like spot light and try to avoid the media as possible, so he isn't well known." Izuku said..

"Then Just send the analysis. Afterall, it's just a theory. It's up to him if he would fucking make used of it or not." Katsuki said.

"Your right." Izuku said.

"Where are you gonna send it anyway? Do you have his email address?" Katsuki said.

"I... Might did some hacking and cheat Codes to find his email..." Izuku said and Katsuki is surprised.

"You Can Fucking Hack!?" Katsuki halfly yelled and Izuku signal him to be quiet since Hawks and Dabi are resting and the small house is far from sound proof.

"Yeah..." Izuku said.

"But isn't it illegal?" Katsuki said.

"it is. But, it won't be consider as illegal if no one knows right?" Izuku said.

"This might be the First fucking Crime you'd ever committed. I knew it, The scar Face isn't a good influenced to you." Katsuki mumbled angrily since he knows that Izuku is too nice to even commit such as small crime like this but a Vigilante and Fucking childish hero is influencing Izuku.

" Your also a bad influence Kaachan. Your colorful words is really... Influencial, you've been talking like that ever since we were 4? 5?6? And your lucky that I don't cursed often." Izuku said.

"oh Shut the Fuck up!" Katsuki said. "Anyway, are you gonna send that Fucking analysis or not?" Katsuki said.

"I think I will." Izuku said.

To: <insert Email> ;Eraserhead
From: <Insert Email> ;Deku

Hello Eraserhead-san, I hope your having a wonderful day. I'm emailing you this Theory and Analysis that I made by myself and I think that it would help your Investigation. Feel free to Ignore this message if this would make you uncomfortable.

<Fileattachement. Dox>

I'm sorry if I took your precious time in reading this letter and I'm sorry if my words seems to be a bother. I'm not very good at proper communication. But I'm hoping that I would somehow get a respond from you.

Thank you for always working hard as a Pro-Hero and keeping the World Safe.

"You really use Deku as your username?" Katsuki said.

"I can't think of another name." Izuku argued.

"Right~" Katsuki said and roll his eyes. Izuku then soon close his laptop and decides to explore the Beach with Katsuki trailing behind. Maybe he could find something to make and invent.



Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov

Izuku and Katsuki started to scramble on the different metals piled in the beach. Izuku did promise the two adults that he would never work alone, but his not technically alone. He is with Katsuki who is helping him carry heavy metal objects. Izuku then find things that would be useful and he start to mumble what possible things he could build with every object he could find, and Katsuki just roll his eyes listening to Izuku's mumbling. But soon, while they were gathering some materials a flying object that looks like a drone, but it had a face like Shiro and it stop moving, but it's still in the air.

"Self Destruct Activated." The Drone stated. Izuku and Katsuki's eyes widden and quickly run for cover. The Drone exploded and the place was cover in thick black smoke.


"Nooo... My baby~" They heard a girl's voice as she started to cough as well. Katsuki and Izuku manage to hide behind a broken, rusty car for covers. But as soon as the smoke was cleared they saw a girl with Pink hair who is picking up the broken parts of the drown and quickly look around.

"I wonder what else Can I make to repair my baby!!" She said excitedly. She eyed, Shiro that is placed on the ground gently. "Perfect!!" She said as she try to get Shiro but Izuku snatch it.


"This is mine, His name is Shiro." Izuku said.



"Oh!? Did you found it in this Pile of Trash as well?" The girl said.

"Yeah. How about you? What's with the explosion!?" Izuku said.



"Ah~ I was trying to create something when it Explode!! But don't worry, Explosion is always the start to succeed!!" The girl said excitedly.


"Uh... I don't think that's right?" Izuku said.


"The fuck did you just created!? It's dangerous!!" Katsuki said.

"Danger is one key to success!! You see I'm trying to gather as much potential materials as I can to make the best Babies in the world!!" The girl said excited.

"Babies?" Izuku said.


"Yup! My inventions. I made them, so they are my Babies!! I'll be the greatest Engineer out there that would build many More Support Items!! My name is Hatsune, Mei. I'll be the greatest and the Future CEO of Hatsune industry!!" Mei said cheerfully.

" Oh? So you make support Items. That's Cool!. I'm Midoriya, Izuku and this Bakugou, Katsuki. We might see each other everyday since we're here the same reason as you are. We gather potential Materials that would help me create a machine that can produced energy by just using heat. " Izuku said.

" That's A Cool Baby to have!! From now on you'll be my Business Partner! Broccoli-kun!! " Mei declared and Izuku was surprised and Katsuki laugh a little hearing the nick name.

" Broccoli? "Izuku said.

" Yeah... Your hair looks like a Broccoli. It's messy and green! Now, let's make more babies together!! " Mei said and Izuku nearly choked on that claim and Katsuki pull Izuku close to him.

"Are you Fucking Nuts!? Deku is too young to make Babies and Your fucking insane Bitch!! We are not gonna follow you!" Katsuki said.

"Nope!" Mei said as she pull Izuku near her. "First, My babies, My Invention and we (pointing at herself and Izuku) are gonna make the best Babies out there whether you like it or not Stupid Hot Headed Explodey!" Mei argued.

"The Fuck did you just say you Bitch!?" Katsuki said as sparks start to form in his hand.

"Your deaf or something!? Because If I recall right? I did said those words loud and clear." Mei said.

"That's is!" Katsuki said as he attacked Mei with explosion.

"Kaachan No!" Izuku warned but he was too late, Katsuki attacked Mei who suddenly pull a metal/ leather shield? Thingi to block the Explosion.

"Woah~ That's so cool Hatsune-san!! The shield didn't get damaged or burned." Izuku said.

"It's Foldable too, watch~" Mei said as she press a button and the big Shield start to fold slowly until its small enough to be put in the pocket. "That's amazing!!" Izuku said.

"Ofcourse It is!! It's made by me." Mei said proudly. "Also, Call Mei since from today on wards we will be business Partners!!" Mei said happily.

"okay." Izuku said.

"And you! Your gonna be my new test subjects. Ahh (>ㅂ<) I can't to make more babies and test it with you! In fact I just have a perfect Baby come on." Mei said as she grab those two and drag them somewhere.

"Let me go you Bitch!! This is Kidnaping I tell you!!" Katsuki yelled but for someone like Mei, she sure have a strong grip.

Soon though, Izuku and Mei were slowly planning to what supports items they could do to help Katsuki and Honestly, Katsuki didn't care. He just sit there and watch the two talk about nerd stuff, until to the point where Mei suggested that she will make a powerful support Item that would let Katsuki blast someone with strong shit of power.

"Mei No! Thats murder!" Izuku argued.

"That's awesome!! He could blast Buildings and destroy them, killing and burning tons of Villians and most of all destruction!! And all because of our Babies~" Mei declaired.

"Mei, Context. And No! We will not create such a thing Mou..."Izuku argued.

" I'm not gonna wear whatever shinenigans are you gonna make. Though, blasting Villians at once sounds Cool. " Katsuki said and gave a sinister smirk.

" Kaachan No. "Izuku said.

" Kaachan Yes. " Katsuki said and Izuku just give a tired sigh.

Soon though, Izuku and Mei start working with something and well it ended up exploding due to the fact Mei put extreme stuff in the project and Mei said that Explosion is normal in making Babies which Izuku still doesn't know how can it be normal. Katsuki just said that the Pink Mad Scientist is Crazy 100%.



The sun start to set, the once cloudy blue/white sky is now turning orange.

"We should go home before it gets Fucking dark." Katsuki said.


"Yeah... It was nice meeting you Mei-chan, though I'll try to bring Dabi-Nii here next time so you could make him some support  Items that can help him in his work." Izuku said.

"Okay, It's nice meeting you too Broccoli-kun. See you tomorrow." Mei said as she wave goodbye and run away.

Izuku sigh. "She's not gonna stop calling me that isn't she?" Izuku said and Katsuki gave a smirk.

"Nope. Come on, we should get home before those two idiots will worry." Katsuki said and Izuku nod as he follow Katsuki and walk back home.


When Izuku got back he saw Dabi and Hawks were having one side Argument again Apparently, Dabi is pissed when he woke up this afternoon, Hawks is laying beside him and worst cuddling him while Hawks told him that he was bless to cuddle Dabi to sleep. Izuku just sigh and walk inside while Katsuki just walk him in the front house before saying Goodbye and going back to his own home.

"Oh? Welcome Back Green Bean. Where have you been?" Hawks said.

"Hmm... Kaachan and I just hang out in beach and we made a new friend. You should met her, she's good at building support items." Izuku said.

"Hmm... Its great that your starting to make friends." Hawks said and Izuku sigh as he look down. "She's just crazy that's all." Izuku said as he walk and sat down beside Dabi and lean his head on Dabi's arm. Dabi pat his head gently and Izuku like the warm feeling he felt when Dabi does that.

"Must be tiring day?" Dabi said and Izuku nod as he start to close his eyes.

"You should take a bath, while I'll make you dinner and after that you could take a rest." Dabi said.

"Hmm..." Izuku said as he stand up and went to the bathroom, but he stop in the door way. "I'd asked Mei-chan to create a support Items that would help you not to burn your own skin specially your arm while you used your Quirk  and she agree. All she need to do is see you and all. So make sure that You don't get extremely Hurt in tonight mission okay? " Izuku said as he step inside the bathroom and slid the door close.

" That's great Then!! You can Finally used your quirk without hurting yourself. " Hawks said happily and Dabi roll his eyes as he walk to the small kitchen.

" Oh Shut up Kei. Though, it would be nice to have a support Items like that." Dabi said.

" Of course It would!i have a few support Items on my own, Like this glasses to protect my eyes." Hawks said.

"Yeah, Yeah." Dabi said as he proceed making dinner.

Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov

The next day, Dabi and Hawks meets this Mei-chan. But suddenly, they heard a massive explosion, and they decide to run to the area. When they got there, the area was on fire and a pink Girl suddenly pull out  a green gun? Turns out it was a water Gun that can shoot a huge amount of water despite its medium sized. The water Gun shoots water like the host of a Fire Truck.

"Woah~ That's a great water Gun Mei-chan!!" Izuku said.

"Of course It is. This baby can only store 1liter of water, but as fired there is a device I set there that each 8 onze of water pass through here (Mei points the visible tube inside the gun) would be converted 100 times if it pass through the machine that I'd inserted inside of this baby. So to summarise it, this baby can shoot water many as it can!! Not only that, you can adjust as what speed and what power would you want the water to shoot. Because with the right amount of speed and power you could technically drown a person in just one Shot!! Isn't it exciting~? " Mei said cheerfully and gave a sinister smirk.

"Mei, yo-your not gonna drown someone are you?" Izuku said as he got scared a little.

"Who knows~ I might drown the stupid Explodey and! I could always put him on the Metal Coffin and let that Coffin sink in the deepest ocean near here. No one would suspect that a missing person's body is place on the metal coffin as that Coffin sink in the bottom bed of the Ocean. No authorities are gonna look at the bottom of the ocean. So, It's  perfect, No body, No murder, No crime. " Mei said cheerfully.

Izuku and the rest just look at Mei scared.

" Deku, I'm telling you. This bitch craazy~ " Katsuki said.

" Maybe I am, Or not. I just like creating babies!! " Mei said as she held her water gun. She then look at Hawks and Dabi. "Heh? Why is it that number 3 hero In here, and who is this Zombie?" Mei said and Dabi roll his eyes in annoyance.

"Oh! That's Dabi-nii. The one that I'm talking about and Hawks just come to thug along." Izuku said.

"So~ your the one that I need to make babies With." Mei said.

Dabi eyes widden in horror and Hawks mind just stop hearing what Mei just said. He unconsciously pull Dabi near him and glare at Mei. "Your too Young to make Babies with him, go find someone who is your own age. This, guy is already taken." Hawks said protectively.

Dabi blush at those words but he  got annoyed as well so he elbow Hawks who groan in pain as he held his stomach. "Who the Fuck Says I'm Fucking taken!! And You (Point at Mei) you shouldn't say that!! Your still so Young to even say that!!" Dabi argued.

"So? You don't want me to make some Babies for you?" Mei said.

"Fuxking No!! What the fuck are parents teaching their Kids this days? FUCK! " Dabi said.

With the Commotion, Katsuki just laugh at the scene while Izuku sigh. "Dabi-nii, she called her inventions babies because she made them. When she said she's gonna make you some babies, she meant her inventions." Izuku said.


"You should've said that Earlier!!" Dabi argued.

"Daaamn~ Your reaction was hilarious. Specially when you fucking blush like a girl earlier. " Katsuki said.

"Fuck You Katsuki!!" Dabi said with Venom.

"No thanks, You should go and Fuck the Pigeon instead." Katsuki said.

"Hey! I'm No Pigeon!! I'm a Hawks!! You guys are blind!!" Hawks argued.

"I'm surprised you didn't poop on people while your flying in the sky." Dabi said and Hawks look at him frowning and Dabi just roll his eyes.

"Any who, What 'Inventions' are you gonna make me today?" Dabi said.

"Hmm... I'm gonna make you a Leather arm band since Broccoli-kun said that you create fire using your hand, and I'm also gonna create a Chain gloves to make sure that your palm won't burn if you produced fire from it!!" Mei said as she already start measuring Dabi's arms and body." I'm also gonna make you some perfect vigilante outfit that is fire resistant!! " Mei said.

" Yo-you could make that!? " Dabi said surprised.

" Yup. " Mei said as she was done recording the measurement. "Give me 3 days and they would be done!!" Mei said happily.

"Gee, Thanks. Though, What about the payment?" Dabi said.

"No need, I'm just happy to make some babies and I will be more happy if they would work Properly!!" Mei said. "Besides, I could make all of those things using the materials found in the beach. Many people don't know what they are wasting such an Idiot. But, One person trash can be someone's resources so!! Let's Get looking!!" Mei said happily as she start to run to pile of Junk and start looking for materials.

" She's very energetic. I can't deal with her. " Dabi said.

" Well, atleast you found someone who is genius enough to make you support Items. " Hawks said.

"I rather Not~ You see her earlier. She is Crazy!! She even plan to murder the Angry Pomeranian which isn't that bad (Katsuki on the background: Hey!! The fuck you said stupid Scar Face!! ) , but still she is crazy."  Dabi said.

Izuku just grab Katsuki's wrist and drag him away from the adults before Katsuki and Dabi would start Clashing once again." Let's Go Kaachan, Let's help Mei-chan!! " Izuku said.

" We should help them as well. " Hawks said.

" Sure." Dabi said.


Within those 3 days, Dabi and Hawks regret meeting Mei because she proves to them that she is a Crazy Scientist and can be a sadist as well with her crazry inventions. Mei created a device and show to them, suddenly she Press a Button and a flying knife come out from the device and it almost killed Dabi if he didn't dodge and Mei just said "Opps, Accident happens" like her invention didn't just almost killed Dabi.

Hawks on the other hand, Mei manage to find a Way to burn his wings using a Flame thrower and then turn it off with the water gun she made, and dry them with a upgraded Version of a Blower than can send a Full Human Adult blasting off because of the powerful wind. Mei is also planning to upgrade that Blower and see if she could make a tornado using that Blower. Dabi, Hawks and Katsuki doesn't want to find that out.

Izuku though, sometimes he would invent things with Mei and the way they talk to each other is like they are planning to create the greatest technology out there that can domanate the world which is insane. The world doesn't have a chance once Izuku and Mei would step in and take over. Dabi, Hawks and even Katsuki fears that day would come.

After 3 days though, Mei was done creating the support Items for Dabi. They were now, on the sandy beach and 1/4 of the beach is already cleaned due to their efforts. But, still it would many long months to completely clean the beach.

"Here's the support Items I promised. This, Leather Arm Band is connected to a Chain Gloves. Try them on!!" Mei said and Dabi did put them on his arms and he is surprised that it was light weighted, it feels like it's light weighted.

"Woah~ This feels so Light? How, I thought this is leather and Chain?" Dabi said as he close open his palm to feel the chain. He did feel it, but its still light, he thought that he would feel heavy.

"Yup, That's my Baby for you. I purposely made it light." Mei said and Dabi glare at her.

"Mei, Context!" Dabi argued but Mei ignore him.

"This is baby is a Black Jacket with Hoddie, I make sure that it's fire resistance and it has inner pockets incase you want to put a Gun or knives inside, it's pair up with this Black leather Pants that is also fire resistance, it also have a some pockets incase you want to put grenade and  other weapons. Finally, This sneakers!! They are made of leader and in bottom, there is a hidden sharp razor in them. You just need to click this Buttons and the Razor will pop out, so if you kick the enemies they would be suffer massive cuts and bleed to death!! " Mei said.

"I am not killing anybody with those Spike Shoes!! Though, I'm thankful For your inventions." Dabi said.

"How about you put them on!! I'd also made a perfect test Dummy for you to test them with!! Come on, I want to see my Babies in action!" Mei said and Dabi groan as he carry all of those and walk behind some piles of garbage to change. When he come out, he was wearing all the support Items made by Mei.

" Woah~ You look hot~" Hawks said.

" Shut the fuck up, If you don't want to die!!" Dabi said glaring at Hawks, though if you look at closely his totally blushing at Hawks words.

"Come On, Come On!! Let's test my babies!!" Mei said as she drag Dabi to the spot where she set the testing Subjects.

Mei then instructed Dabi to used his fire, he first produced fire on his palms and he was surprised that he can't feel the heat or burning sensation in his palm or in his hand anymore. He always feel the burning pain whenever he used his quirk but since he was used to it, he knows how to Ignore them or just get used to it. But he was surprised when he didn't feel any pain thanks to the Armband and the chain in his palm.

Mei then order him to direct the Fire to target which Dabi comply and the target Mei made is now burning in Light Blue fire which is pretty look if it wasn't as hot. Dabi look at his clothes that usually burns when his quirk but he was thankful that they were still intact. Mei order him to kick the Burning Target, Dabi hesitate at first but he did and his shoes and pants didn't get burn, its just the fire just disappeared, though he was skeptical about the razors that just come out from the bottom of his shoes without even clicking the button.

"Okay, I need to do some Adjustment with the Razors. But all in all My Babies are AWWSSSOMMEE!!" Mei said happily.

"Yeah, This is great except for the razors. Thank You Mei." Dabi said as he was greatful for Mei.

"No problem! If ever you need any babies again I'll be happy to make more. " Mei said.

"Yeah sure, But Please remember the Context." Dabi said.

"If you like Mei, we could invite you back at home and eat some Chocolate Cake. Kaachan just brought some ingredients already." Izuku said.

"oohhh~ I love Cakes and Sweets!! Consider that as Your Payment!!" Mei said.

"Let's go then." Izuku said.

Dabi and Hawks follow the three Kids behind and Hawks chuckled happily. "Why are you so happy suddenly?" Dabi said.


"Aren't you? I mean, Before it's just you and me. Now, those kids are in our lives and it's kinda a Good Change isn't it?" Hawks said and Dabi gave a small smile which Hawks was surprised but he was happy seeing that genuine smile once again.

"Yeah... Those kids have bright future." Dabi said.


Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov



From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

This is a good Theory and analysis, Thank you for giving me this kind of Information but I just want to know, how did get this Information? Are you connected to the case somehow?

It's been 4 days since Izuku send the email, and he didn't check if Eraserhead respond to him or not since his been busy doing his project with Mei, and when he check it again he had many messages from Eraserhead.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

Your theory are correct, we manage to closed the case thanks to your work. Though, I still want to know if your connected somehow.

Another email from Eraserhead and Izuku can't believe his eyes. His theory is correct and he just help a hero solve a case. What!?  His body, mind and soul can't seems to process that thought.

From: <insertemail> ;Deku
To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

Sorry I didn't respond to your message right away. I'm thankful that My analysis help you close the case if ever you need something to analyze you can always asked me for help, though I'm not sure if my theories would be helpful all the time.

I promise you that I am not involved in the case. I just so happened that I keep seeing this problem on the news and decides to analyze the problem. Its like solving a Mathematical situation Problem. I just like analyzing things, specially Heroes and their quirk if you want I could send you the analysis of you and you can give me your feedback if it's good or bad.



10minutes later.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

I see well thank you for helping us.

About my Analysis, sure you could send them to me and I could read them.


From: <insertemail> ;Deku
To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

Okay. Here you go.

📎TheErasureHero:Eraserhead. doxc

Its really hard to find information about you, but I do hope that you would like my analysis. It's okay if you don't, I don't mind getting a negative feedback. I know many professional analyzer can do them very well.



[10 minutes after]




From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

I read your analysis and I'm impressed. Do you have a Analysis Quirk or something because your analysis is amazing.

I am a underground hero for a reason, and one of those reason is that I hate the Vultures(media) and spotlight. Yet, despite my efforts on avoiding them you seems to have more knowledge of my quirk. You even have 70 pages containing information of me and my quirk in the file you just send.

Thank you for the tips and theories write in there. They were really helpful in upgrading my Hero career.

Izuku just look at his laptop... He was staring at the screen like the message was send to him is just his eyes were playing tricks on him, like it was just a joke or a prank. But he blink twice or trice and even rub his eyes to make sure that what he read and saw was right.

"Nerd! Stop rubbing your fucking eyes or it would be damaged!" Katsuki yelled as he sat beside Izuku and place a plate of sushi beside him. They are currently sitting on the sand under a big tree, while Dabi and Hawks are with Mei testing some her babies that he mad for Dabi to help him in his vigilante work." Oi!! Idiots, The sushi is done! Better get your ass here or Deku and I would finish it!!" Katsuki said.

The trio then Join them and sat there enjoying the Sushi that Katsuki brought. It was his mother who actually made them, and when she heard that Katsuki is visiting Izuku, she just had to make as many as she can and she order him to share with his favorite nephew.

"But... Kaachan Loook~ Eraserhead said that his impress with my analysis, His IMPRESS Kaachan!! I think I'm gonna die..." Izuku said.

Dabi took a peak in Izuku's laptop screen. "Pff The old man should be impressed and terrified! You know his weakness and possible ways to take him down. If I could have a photographic memory I would memorized the old man's analysis made by you and simple defeat him." Dabi said with a smirk.

"Dabi No!" Izuku said pouting.

"Dabi yes. It would be fun." Dabi said.

"please No. His one of my favorite Heroes!! So please don't." Izuku said.

"Fine... But if that Old man pissed me off, I'll used your analysis of him to take him down." Dabi said and Izuku just sigh. He knows that deep inside of Dabi, he isn't capable of defeating Heroes that are good.

"You should reply Nerd!" Katsuki said and Izuku nod.

From: <insertemail> ;Deku
To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

I'm so happy that I become speechless. No one is ever Impressed about my Analysis before. Maybe 4 people was impressed, but they are my Family. I'm so happy that you were impressed Eraserhead.

And your always welcome to asked me for any analysis you want specially Heroes.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

It's a great work. Keep it up.

Do you analyze Villains?

And For precautions, Did you send this analysis to anyone except your family?

From: <insertemail> ;Deku
To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

I will try to analyze some Villains. All I need is to know their quirk and I can start to analyze.

I realize that I didn't answer your previous question. So no, I don't have a Analyzing quirk. I just happened to like Analyzing quirks and find the fascinating.

As for the Precaution. No one had ever read my analysis except my family and it is just the 4 of us, and I promise that I would never send anyone their information unless I got their permission. Beside, you are the first Hero I send my analysis personally. Though I send some heroes their own analysis as well, but not directly through me.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

Then it's a great talent that you have this kind of skill on analyzation.

Also, I'm thankful that you seems to respect Hero's privacy which most of the Vultures don't.

Anyway, How much do you charge for your analysis?

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

Of course. Respect is always important to one person.

Uhm... How much do you usually pay for an Analysis? Because I have no Idea how much is it. I don't even know that you can pay for Analysis.

I will take whatever amount of money you will pay me for.




From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

With your analysis, you could run down the money that Professional Analysis out there. Yours was impressive especially if you did an analysis about me. Not many Professional can get as much as many information as you have on the Erasure Hero.

As for the Payment, I already prepare the amount. How should I pay you? Should I do it online or personally?

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

You could give your payment To Dabi next time you see him. His a good friend of mine. His like my Brother and his very kind even though he doesn't show it. (Please don't tell him that I said that he is secretly softie or his gonna flip) His part of the 4  person who read my analysis.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

So your the analysist that Dabi works with. I was wondering where he did get those Analysis he gave to heroes he filmed. I know Dabi and the stupid Pigeon aren't smart enough to do those analysis. (Don't worry, I will keep the secret) Anywho, Are you a Vigilante too?

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

Yeah... Its me who did those analysis.

No I'm not a Vigilante, honestly I don't what am I.

Quirk Online Councilor maybe? I don't know. I didn't even asked Dabi if what should I call myself, he doesn't even know that I send you the info about the case. Though, he knows I send you a Analysis about your Hero Career and Info about your quirk and he said that "The old man should be impressed and terrified." he also said that if you piss him off he would used that analysis against you.

Ps: he already used some of it Against Hawks.

I did told you that I write Analysis about Heroes and the first time Dabi read them, he quickly went to Hawks info and well... He Black mailed his Future Beloved.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku


Fuck! Of all the people that you can associate with, it's the Scar Brat huh.

Though, I trust Dabi I don't trust him completely since His a Brat and a Stupid one too just like the Stupid Pigeon.



"Izuku SAY ah~" Dabi said and Izuku comply, Dabi then shove a piece of sushi inside Izuku's mouth. Izuku was surprised but he proceed in eating it.

"Your too busy chatting with the old Man. What are you talking anyway?" Dabi said and took a peak on his screen once more and Dabi got annoyed and start Typing.

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

Shut The Fuck Up Old Man!!
Don't you fucking Dare compare me to the stupid bird Brain!!

Izuku pouted at Dabi as he start to send another message.

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

Sorry About that. I'm currently eating Sushi with My family, Dabi sit next to me and Dabi peak on my Laptop screen and he saw your last message and he just Flip.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

That's good that your spending time with your Family. But, tell Dabi that his still an idiot.

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

Can't do that to my Brother (Though we're not related)




From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

Ugh! Fine. I'll tell that Brat myself.

Expect the Payment within this weak, maybe by tonight since I'm gonna hunt that Brat Down.

Also, Can I request to Have a Analysis of Him? It's okay if you don't want to. But I promise I won't used his Analysis against him or to try to capture. Because if I want to capture him, his already in prison right now. Its been 5 years since I let that Brat roam the street for free.

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

He said Yes. He trust you and I know you trust him as well.

From: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead
To: <insertemail> ;Deku

I do (Don't tell him that)

Thanks For your help. It's very well appreciated.

From: <insertemail> ;Deku

To: <Insertemail> ;Eraserhead

(Don't worry I won't)

Expect your Analysis with him within this week.

And Your always welcome Eraserhead.

(> ^ヮ^ <)


Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov



Lets skip Time. 



So, its been 6 months since Dabi and Hawks manage to adopt 3 kids. 1 who is kind but genius, 1 who's genius, too crazy Genius, and the last one is the angry Pomeranian who won't stop barking. Sometimes Dabi question fate as to why he was given kids like them to take care of, though he never regret meeting them even though they are a Pain in the ass sometimes. 


Dabi was trying to rest on a beach foldable plastic metal chair that they found on the beach while they were cleaning, it was dirty and rusted but they manage to clean it and paint it so that it looks brand new. Izuku manage to create a Big Umbrella to match with the chair. Dabi is laying on the chair under the shade of that umbrella, key word trying. In  the background he can hear some massive explosion either it was one of Mei's crazy inventions or Katsuki practicing his quirk. Izuku did suggest to Katsuki that he could propel himself using his explosion quirk so Katsuki is trying to practice that technique but it creates loud sound that Dabi doesn't appreciate it. 



Dabi is already happy that Hawks wasn't around because the HPSC is keeping him busy because of the recent event. Authorities found 96 people all around the Main City and they were pale and unresponsive. What catch the Heroes attention is that all of the victims seems lost their quirk, it looks like their Quirk just disappeared. Not only that, there are increasing number of Trigger Victims. Most of them are younger than 30 and sometimes the Victims are younger than 20 which is concerning. 



The HPSC wants to investigate the Trigger case first and they assigned Hawks to do it and honestly Hawks already know and have enough evidence to Prove that some of the member of HPSC is involved in trigger. But he also know that HPSC want him to investigate about trigger so that he can gather information just how powerful trigger is and how can HPSC can control its production. Maybe some of them even want the drugs to themselves, Hawks certainly don't want to go near those drugs. 



Dabi sometimes feel bad for Hawks since he doesn't get enough rest because of the HPSC is forcing him to overwork. Dabi sigh on that thought as he sat up and look behind him and saw that there is a black something flying to his face. Now his face is cover in black sticky substance. 



"What the actual FUCK!?" Dabi said. 



"Opps, My Bad!! Don't worry, thats just black ink!" he heard Mei's cheerful voice. 



"WHY? JUST WHY?" Dabi thought annoyed and tired. Suddenly he felt someone pass him a bottle? on his palm. 



"Use it to wash your face Dabi-nii." Izuku said. 



"Yeah, Thanks." Dabi said as he used the bottle of water to wash the ink out of his face. Once done, he felt Izuku pass him some towel as well and he start to dry his face. Once done he look at Izuku.



"You okay?" Izuku said. 



"Yeah, I've been through worst. Like last time she try to throw a dagger at me. " Dabi said. 



"It was an accident." Izuku argued and Dabi roll his eyes. 



"Accident my ass." Dabi said annoyed, Izuku just nod and walk away to get the styro box mini box cooler and bring it near Dabi. There is a medium size brown box that Izuku used as a table. He got what looks like a box of cake and place it on the top of the medium box that served as a table and he open them and Dabi was right, it is a cake and it is a good looking Cake. 



"Did you made them?" Dabi said and Izuku nod. 



"Kaachan brought some Chocolate Cake Mix and Some Ice Cream that his mother insisted that he should share them with me. So, I made this as our snack for today." Izuku said. 



"Well, it does look good. " Dabi said as he helped Izuku prepare the cake. He start to get a bread knife and gently slice them. He then gave a piece to Izuku in a small plate, as he also get a piece. 



 Izuku and sat down beside Dabi. He look at the half clean beach. Due to him and Mei scavenging materials, they didn't know that they were cleaning the beach as well. Not only that, they manage to get extra money by selling some stuff they found. Unlike before, Dabi is struggling to get even a peny, but now they are managing though he feel bad that most of the money they earn, is because of Izuku. Izuku's Hero Merch did gave them enough money if budget right it would last 2 years of expenses, add the extra cash they got from the junk in the beach and also the money that Izuku earn from his analysis would be more enough to provide them. 



Dabi mostly keep the money since Izuku argued his the adult one and honestly Izuku didn't know where he would spend those so... It would be better to give to Dabi since his the one who's taking care of Izuku. Dabi wants to argue, but Izuku insisted. Honestly, he just keep the money and buy food from time to time. Mostly, Katsuki would bring some raw ingredients and cook for them thats why Dabi doesn't need to spend much.  Most of the appliances he had now is handmade by Mei and Izuku and all of those are made from the Junk here in the beach.  



"Do you miss Keigo-nii?" Izuku said as he took a small bite of the cake using a fork. 



"Hah!? Are you nuts!? I'm more than happy that Finally Keigo is out of my nerves." Dabi said. 



"Really? You look like you miss him." Izuku said. 



"I don't so Shut up!" Dabi said and Izuku raise his hand in surrender. 



"Oi nerd, What are you and this stupid Scar Face talking about?" Katsuki Join them, he got a small plate that is placed beside the cake and start to get a piece. 



"We talk about Dabi-nii missing Keigo-nii. How about you Kaachan, How's your wrist? You said that it felt sore for a couple of days now." Izuku said. 



"Yeah, Its still sore but I can still use my quirk." Katsuki said. 



"Don't over used it Brat or else you'll be facing bigger consequences. " Dabi said as he start eating the cake. 



"Tsk, I know that Scar Face." Katsuki argued. 



"Kaachan, I've been wondering from the longest time. Your quirk is very loud and explosive yet I'm surprised you still have a good hearing." Izuku said. 



"No, I sometimes suffer from temporary hearing loss. When I make a very powerful and very loud explosion, or even if I hear high pitch sounds, my hearing would loss temporarily." Katsuki said. 



"Thats too bad. No wonder you always yell." Dabi said. 



"I don't fucking yell all the time Scar Face." Katsuki said. 



"And your bad at names as well. Does he do this to all his friends?" Dabi said. 



"He calls them Shitty Extras. " Izuku said. 



"Yeah Right. " Dabi said. 



"Kaachan is always bad at names. I doubt that he even know your name." Izuku said. 



"You don't say. " Dabi said. 



"Shut up deku! I know his fucking name. Its Fucking Dabi." Katsuki said. 



"Yeah, because its two syllable word. Do you know what her real name then?" Izuku said as he point at Mei who is running towards them. 



"Crazy Mad Scientist Pink Hair bitch." Katsuki said. 



"Pff." Dabi said can help but laugh a little. 



"No! Thats not her name!! She has a proper name." Izuku argued. 



"Who cares, she's still a Crazy Mad Scientist." Katsuki said. 



"I Don't actually agree with the explodey but this time I'll make an exception." Dabi said



"Thank you for the Compliment!!" Mei said as cheerful as usual. 



"Thats not a compliment Mei." Izuku said. 



"Whatever!! Though you made another Cake Broccoli-kun!! Your sweets are always amazing!! You should open a Cafe or something in  the Future." Mei said as she got a piece. 



"Hmm... Maybe." Izuku said. 



"Speaking off, what are you gonna do in the Future Izuku? " Dabi said. 



"I don't know yet. " Izuku said. 



"Well don't be in rush~ We still have a long time to think. " Mei said. 



"Hmm... How about you Mei? Whats your plan?" Izuku said. 



"I'll apply to UA in support department and I'll run my Family business and be the best CEO and inventor the world has ever known!!" Mei declaired. 



"Thats good." Izuku said. 



"And you Blasty what do you plan?" Dabi asked. 



"Ofcourse Go to UA, be a Hero and be Fucking Number one. I'll be the best Hero that the world has ever know, even better than Ass Might." Katsuki  claimed. 



"Hah! Good Luck with that. " Dabi said. 



"Hah!? Why do you sound like you don't fucking believe me!? Are you thinking that I'm weak or something Scar face!?" Katsuki said. 



"No. Its just that..." Dabi said. 



"Dabi-nii hates Heroes since most of his encounter of them isn't good. They just become heroes because of Fame and money. " Izuku said. 



"I fucking know that, the day you send me that stupid fucking goodbye Message. I got attacked by a Slug/slime monster and those fucking Heroes showed up and they did nothing. They just watch that shitty slug bastard drown me to death. I pass out that time, but I remembered hearing Ass Might voice. The next day, I saw what happened on the news. Ass Might save the fucking day again." Katsuki explained. 



"Wait!? You said Slug/Slime thingi. Like, his whole body is made of slug right?" Izuku said. 



"Yeah... " Katsuki said. 



"I was attacked by that Slug too, I was going back home when that Villain showed up out of nowhere and said I'll be a perfect vessel so he engulf me to his body and try to drown me. But All might save me. Thats was actually the time where he left me on the roof and told me to be..... "Izuku look down sadly as he clench his hand. "To be... Reaslistic with my Dreams." Izuku said. He really does want to forget that memory. 



"Forget what Fucking Ass Might said!! If anyone can be a quirkless Hero it would be you Izuku. With this Analysis you have in every Hero existed, You could take them down in no time. Imagine if you have a analysis like this with Villains, you could just wipe them out." Dabi said. 



"Yeah!! I can create you the best support items there is that can Support you anytime!!" Mei said. 


"We could be Hero Duo together, Just like we Dream off when we were Kids." Katsuki said. 



Izuku sigh... "I... Don't know guys... I still have doubts... But, It would be nice if our dream would come true Kaachan..." Izuku said. 



"Then Lets make it happen!! It isn't too late yet." Katsuki said and Izuku sigh. 



"Well... I'll try." Izuku said. 



"Trying is all we could asked for Kid. " Dabi said and pat Izuku's hair who gave them a Small smile. 






Thanks For Reading

Hope You Enjoy ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ 


Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov

The next few weeks, Izuku and the rest proceed cleaning the beach while Mei is always up to her skim of Crazy inventions. It's around 7pm and Izuku notice that they don't have any electricity. "I'll go lit up the machine." Dabi said.

Izuku follow Dabi outside of the house where the machine is place. Dabi open a small metal door, and stick his hand inside as he lit a fire inside. Dabi quickly got his hand and close the door. They view the beautiful blue fire from the small glass window Izuku place in the door. They went back inside the house and the electricity were back again. Izuku finish the Thermoenergy Machine 3 months ago with help of Mei. They were really happy when the Machine successfully work without exploding since Mei like to explode things.

Though the machine requires high amount of fire and heat to produce electricity which isn't a problem since Dabi had no problem producing them.

"You ready To go Dabi~" Hawks said as he put his glasses on.

"Yeah, Yeah. Just a minute." Dabi said as he put the snickers that Mei made for him. After that, he stand up and look at Izuku who is sitting on the floor while looking at his Laptop.

"Oi, Kid. Don't stay too late." Dabi said.

"Hai!" Izuku said without even eyeing Dabi. Dabi and Hawks then went out of the house and do their work. Leaving Izuku who is doing analysis about a case that Nighteye send him to theorized and analyse. It was a total of 5 hours that Izuku finally done his analysis and send it to Nighteye.

From: <Insertemail> ;Deku

To: <insertemail> ;Nighteye

Here's the Analysis you asked me for Sir Nighteye. I hope It will help solve your case.

📎AnalysisCase. doxc

Izuku, didn't really expect that All Might's once upon a time sidekick will message him out of the blue asking for analysis of a case. Nighteye emailed him saying that he Heard Deku from Earaserhead who told him that he was good at theorizing and Analyzing cases that help them close the cases. So Nighteye message him and asked him for help and from there, Deku become more famous with the other heroes.

They mostly asked him for Information about their Hero Career or theories and analysis about a certain Case they are working with.

From: <Insertemail> ;Nighteye
To: <insertemali> ;Deku

Thank you for your help as always Deku. I'll give your payment to Earserhead within this week. Though, I'm curious as to why his the collector of the payment. Yet, he doesn't know you personally.

This thought isn't the first time that Izuku heard off. Everytime the Heroes would pay for his analysis Deku would always tell them that they could give their payment to Earserhead and Earserhead can give them to Dabi, and Dabi try giving it to Izuku but Izuku said that Dabi should keep them since Dabi is his Guardian and Adult. Dabi try to argued, but Izuku always wins.

Earserhead once chat him that he didn't take a Job to be Deku's personal Money Collector. But Deku argued that the only Hero he trust that won't capture Dabi and bring him to prison is Earserhead. If the other Heroes meet up Dabi, they might not have a positive review of him since Dabi is a Vigilante. So, Earserhead had no Choice but to be Deku's personal Collector.

From: <Insertemail> ;Deku

To: <insertemail> ;Nighteye

Yeah, he doesn't know me personally but somehow he manage to give me the money he collected.

From: <Insertemail> ;Nighteye
To: <insertemali> ;Deku

I see, Thank you once again for your help.

From: <Insertemail> ;Deku

To: <insertemail> ;Nighteye

Your always welcome ^-^

Izuku sigh and log out his laptop. He then keep his laptop and get ready to bed. So, when he lay down on the bed he check his phone for the time but suddenly Earserhead message him. Well, they both agree yo have each other personal Number since Earserhead become his personal Collector.


Deku, I received tons of Money again from different Heroes which I don't appreciate and Its late at Night but your Lapdog is nowhere to be found.


Hmm... He went to work around 7 with Hawks. Maybe they were flying in the sky?

Eraserhead save Deku as ProblemDeku on his contact since he can't really call him as a Problem Child since he doesn't know Deku's age. Dabi and Deku himself refused to tell him.


If they are, then I already spot the idiot Bird Brain. His too bright to fly in the night sky you know.


Yeah... I agree.

Hmm... Don't you think that something might happened... I'll try calling him.

Izuku then decides to call Dabi. He got worried when Dabi didn't answered for 5th call. Though, when Dabi's phone finally answered it wasn't Dabi who answered it. "Fuck Whoever Are You! The owner of this Phone will Probably Dead So Fuck Off!!" a angry deep voice said before the call went dead.

Izuku paled. So he quickly track Dabi's location.



I call Dabi's phone earlier and a deep voice said that. " Whoever owns this phone is Probably Dead"   please, Eraserhead. Find Dabi for me.



Don't worry, I will.

I'm heading to the Location now.


Text me for any update.


I will.

Izuku then lay on his bed, checking his phone every now and then. He couldn't sleep if he wants to since he was worried about Dabi. 7 minutes after he received a text from Eraserhead.


I found a Black Shattered Phone in the alley away. I think it's Dabi's.


Oh God! Something must happened to him and Hawks.

Please, find them Eraser.

I can't,

I can't loss my brother.

His the only family I had. He and Hawks

So please... Find them.


I know they are both Strong.

Hawks is a number 3 Hero for a reason.

And Dabi is stubborn so they will Survived.

I'm gonna look for them. I'm sure they are still around this area.


Keep me Updated please.


I will.

With That Izuku can't help but hug himself as he thought about Dabi and Hawks. He can't loss them, they are the only person who gave him hope, who gave him a helping hand. His life was once a living hell, and nobody help him, nobody gave him a hand except for Dabi and Hawks. Because of them, his still here living and making another chapter of his life.

So if Dabi and Hawks would be gone... He might as well follow them.

Izuku doesn't know how long he was just sitting in the bed, hugging himself and think about Dabi and Hawks when he heard the door Slam open revealing a Badly beaten Dabi and Hawks who also look a mess but he wasn't that severe injured. The one who is severely injured is Dabi. Izuku jump down to the floor and look at them.

"What happened!?" Izuku said worriedly as he help Hawks assisting Dabi settle down on the corner.

"He got stab. The enemy has a Illusion quirk. He trap under his Illusion and we thought that when we were fighting a bunch of Criminals and knock them over is real. Turns out, it was just a illusion because once the Illusion casted away we got caught off guard and well... Things didn't ended up well. I already captured the enemies and leave them on the police station near by and also a note and flew away to fetch Dabi. " Hawks explained and as he did, Izuku quickly got the first aid Kit and apply pressure on Dabi's stab wound on the left side of the Abdomen.

" He needs to see a Doctor. " Izuku said.

" No! Don't!...I ugh! " Dabi groan in pain but he look at Izuku. "No doctor." Dabi said.

"Okay... But this looks bad, So I'm gonna asked for help." Izuku said as he quickly grab his Phone and decided to chat.

GroupChat Name: TheAbnormal.




Deku: Does anyone Knows someone who could treat a badly Stab Wound without seeking a Hospital!? Dabi got stab and its really bad!! I usually know how to deal with small Cuts and small stab wound, but this isn't small and I think it's really deep.

DekuSo please HELP!!



BlastyExplodeyKEM: unfortunately I don't fucking know someone who could help. Though I'm coming over.

CrazyMadScientistI know someone. Shes in her 2nd year of College and she is Taking Nursing course. I'll bring her over.

Deku: Thank You.

Izuku close his Phone. "Mei-chan knows someone and she is bringing her Over, for now we should put pressure to slow down the bleeding. Stay awake for me until then Dabi-nii." Izuku said and Dabi keep trying to stay awake but he already close his eyes.

He felt pain on the stab wound on the same time he felt weak and his consciousness start to fade. Hawks and Izuku notice this.

" Hey, Dabi. Please stay awake please. I can't lose you again Please..." Hawks said as he place Dabi's head on his lap while Izuku is slowing down the bleeding.

"I'm sorry Kei... I-I can't" Dabi said weakly since he knows that his consciousness will soon fade.

"Then try Sleep." Izuku said and Hawks was surprised with that. "The more he force himself to stay awake the more his system would work hard. He should rest, But... Promise us you'll wake up Okay?" Izuku said.

Dabi manage to gave a smirk. "Fine, I can't leave you or my Idiot Keigo anyway." Dabi said.

Hawks eyes widden but he gave a smile. "Then sleep. Good Night Touya and dream about me in your sleep." Hawks said as he gave a Kiss on the forehead to Dabi.

"You fuckin wish." Dabi said as his consciousness fade.





Soon. The door burst open and Katsuki together with Mei and a Unknown girl (well Hakws know the girl very much) was standing there and the trio were panting like they run a marathon.

"I know its late but please Help him. His badly injured." Izuku said.

The unknown girl quickly went to Izuku and check the wound. "This is really bad, though Good Job on slowing the bleeding down. I'll will try my best to heal him." The girl said and Izuku nod.

"Who is she?" Katsuki asked Mei.

"She is Todoroki, Fuyumi or YukiHime-chan. She become a friend of mine when I accidentally blow an invention of mine near her house and I got injured. She invited me to her used House and treat me there. From there on we come friends." Mei said.

"I see." Hawks said, he then look at Fuyumi who ignore him and continue treating Dabi's injuries. Izuku on the other hand, the moment he heard Todoroki, he knows that this is gonna escalate another problem. But for now, they need to focus on Dabi's injuries. Izuku saw Fuyumi used her cooling quirk Ice on Dabi, no wonder Mei calls her YukiHime.






It took 3 hours for Fuyumi to heal Dabi's wound and stitch him with Izuku assisting her. When they were dome Hawks place Dabi on the bed and making sure that Dabi is comfortable. Fuyumi then sat on the floor with Tea prepared for her by Katsuki. Fuyumi took a sip of tea making her relax after working. 



"I'm sorry if we disturbed your time Todoroki-san." Izuku said. 



"No Its fine, I'm happy to helped and Please call me Fuyumi or Yumi for short. I was so surprised when Mei call me for an emergency." Fuyumi said as she gave them a genuine smile. 



"Yeah... I- Thank You Mei-chan for your help as well. Though I'm surprised that your awake at 1 in the morning." Izuku said. 



"Nope I wasn't awake!! I woke up because the loud vibration from my phone when you start sending the Chat! and I quickly call Yukihime-chan!" Mei said. 



"Same with the Crazy Pink. The hag and the old man will surely scold me when I get back." Katsuki said as he took a sip of the tea. 



"Wait? don't tell me that yo-you Jump out of your room?" Izuku said and Katsuki just shrug it.



"What do you think?" Katsuki said. 



"I did that too! I quickly  Jump out of the window and used one of my babies to land in the ground and run to get YukiHime-Chan." Mei said. 



"You guys should inform your parents that your safe or your parents are gonna destroy this house to look for you. Specially your mother." Hawks as he sat down beside Izuku, he point at Katsuki. 



"But Blasty's mom is nice." Mei said. 



"Yeah I agree." Izuku said. 



"No wonder you two are crazy." Katsuki said as he roll his eyes. Mei did meet Katsuki's mom once when Katsuki did the groceries one day and Izuku is bored at the time so he offer the help. Mei found out and she help as well, so when they got to Bakugou's household Mitsuki think that Katsuki finally brought a lover and treat Mei like she was her son's queen. Mei protest at that time that she does't want to be the Blasty's queen and Katsuki protest that he would never choose the Crazy Pink Mad Scientist Bitch even if she is the last person on earth. Still Mitsuki treat Mei and ofcourse her favorite Nephew Izu-chan nicely. 



"Right~ " Hawks said. 



"And, Why are you here Kei?" Fuyumi said. She knows that Hawks is once her brother's childhood friend. Although the Todoroki house hold only met Keigo maybe once or twice but his friendship towards Touya were never a secret. Only Endevour didn't know that Touya and Keigo were friends, He might know it but he turn a blind eye saying that A future Hero doesn't need Friends to hold them back and become weak. He always train Touya separately and Keigo was trained by the HPSC. 



"Dabi there, is my friend." Hawks said. 



"Surprised you have Friends." Fuyumi said, Hawks just shrug and ignore her. 



"You guys know each other?" Mei said. 



"Yeah... I have an older brother who died and Keigo here is his bestfriend." Fuyumi said. 



"Oh? I'm sorry to hear that YukiHime-Chan." Mei said. 



"No... Its okay. " Fuyumi said looking down. 



"Hey... If thats the case then stupid Scar Face is-" Katsuki said as he put the puzzle together, but Izuku quickly put his hand on Katsuki's mouth and silent him. Katsuki nod in understandment and slap Izuku's hand away. 



"Though I'm surprised that your hanging out with a bunch of Kids Kei." Fuyumi said. 



"Well they are fun to hang out with, Its more lively with them than my office which is full of paperwork and Crap of Hero work that the HPSC force me to work on. " Hawks said. 



Fuyumi chuckled a little. " Well this Tea does taste good but unfortunately I need to go back before Natsuo and Shoto would freak out thinking that I got kidnap or something since Mei literally just pull me out of the house." Fuyumi said. 



"I'll Fly you back since I'll be going back to HPSC or they would suspect something and I don't want those wolves sniffing around and find out that I'm friends with a Vigilante." Hawks said. \



"Yeah sure. But are you sure your gonna leave your friend here?" Fuyumi said. 



"Ofcourse not. I'll visit him anytime this day and in the mean time I trust Izuku here to take care of his Older Brother." Hawks said as he pat Izuku's hair. 



"Don't worry,  TestSubject 2-kun would be in good hands. We won't be going home anytime soon, I just text my Mom that I went to the beach early." Mei said. 



"Same, If I text Hag that I'm with Deku she will just say Okay." Katsuki said. 



"Well, Then I'll be going now. Call me when he wakes up or if you guys need any more help." Fuyumi said. 



"Okay Yukihime-chan." Mei said. 



Izuku then went outside to the Kitchen extension and open a fridge. He got the new Strawberry-chocolate Ice cream cake and wrap it in the box nicely as he went back and gave it to Fuyumi. "Take this as a thank You for helping us Fuyumi-san. Its a Strawberry-Chocolate Ice Cream cake." Izuku said. 



"No, Its okay You don't need to-" Fuyumi said but Hawks cut her off. 



"Don't refuse its no used. Beside, that cake tastes delicious I'm sure you don't want to miss it." Hawks said. 



Fuyumi was hesitate at first but she took it with her anyway. "Thank you." 



Izuku shook his head, "I'm the one who should say that your really a Life Savior." Izuku said. 



"Well, if you need any help I'm happy to lend a hand." Fuyumi said and Izuku nod.



"I will remember that." Izuku said. 




Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov





Dabi came home with stab wound but his resting for now. You might not see him for a few days. 






Thats why I told that stubborn Idiot not mess with dangerous People anymore. 

How about Hawks? 






Apparently they encounter a villain with illusion quirk. 

They fall under the illusion for certain period of time and when they realize it, it was already too late. 

Dabi got stab and Hawks wasn't injured badly as Dabi but I think he had few bruises, cuts and a Concussion as well but he tried to hide. 

But they are fine. 

Just want to let you know. 






Thanks For Informing me. 

But I'll have a word with them when I see them. 

If you need any help I'm here. 






Thank You for the offer. 

I'll let you know if ever. 








Izuku shut his phone and look at Dabi who is waking up. Dabi sat up groaning in pain, he felt weak at the same time he felt severe pain in  his side. "Don't move too fast, the wound might re-open." Izuku said. 



"Ugh! Fucking Bastard dare to stab me." Dabi said in low voice. 



"It could be worst, But I'm glad that your okay." Izuku said. 



Dabi look at Izuku and sigh. "Sorry for making you worry." Dabi said as he pat Izuku's head. 



Izuku hum and enjoy Dabi's warm hands patting his head. Dabi then stop patting him and look at the wound that is stitch neatly. "Did you do the stitching?" Dabi said and Izuku shook his head. 



"Your sister did." Izuku said, Dabi eyes widden. 



"Fuyumi?" Dabi said. 



"Yeah. Apparently Mei knows her and asked her assistance on patching you up. She is a very nice girl you know. But I doubt that she knew You." Izuku said. 



Dabi look down. "I see." Dabi said. 



"Oi nerd! Come down here! The Pigeon is here and his not looking well." Katsuki yelled from below. 



"Okay. " Izuku said and he look at Dabi, "Please stay here I'll try to help Keigo-nii." Izuku said and Dabi nod. Izuku jump down and prepare a comforter for Hawks to lie down and take a rest. It looks like that his bruises and cuts weren't treated with his concussion and worst the HPSC might force him to work once again. 



"You should take a rest Keigo-nii." Izuku said. 



"Thanks, how about Dabi? " Hawks said, Izuku pointed up and look at Dabi who's peaking towards them. 



Katsuki look up and he saw Dabi peaking down. "So, your fucking awake thats great." Katsuki said. 



"Now, Now. I thought you would be sincere since I'm injured Guess I'm wrong." Dabi said. 



"Whatever Scar Face." Katsuki said. 



"Dabi!!" Hawks was about to stand up and go to Dabi and hug him, but he groan in pain and held his head when he felt massive headache. 



"Keigo-nii, You can go to Dabi later. For now you should take a rest. Dabi won't go anywhere anyway." Izuku said and Hawks eyed Dabi who sigh. 



"Listen to Izuku, Beside His right. I'm not going anywhere with this injury." Dabi said and Hawks nod in respond and lay on the comfortable comforter. 



"I'll give you your lunch." Katsuki said as he eyed Dabi "  and you should inform Crazy Pink about Scar face being awake." Katsuki said to Izuku who nod. He make sure that Hawks is comfortable before he went upstairs and assist Dabi. 



Soon Katsuki brought Dabi lunch. 



"Thanks for this." Dabi said. 



"Whatever." Katsuki said as he sat down on edge of the bed with Izuku. 



"So your fucking son of the Fire bastard Shit huh!?" Katsuki said and Dabi look at him confused. 



"I like the nick name you gave him. It suit him very well. But, I'm surprised that you didn't know about it until now." Dabi said. 



"You never fucking tell me anything and the nerd didn't say any shits. I just figure it out when princess came by and she said that she once have an older brother whos dead now and who is bestfriend of The Pigeon as well. Then I figure the fuck out since Princess last name is Todoroki and thats Fire Bastard Shit's last name. " Katsuki said. 



"Your really are horrible at names huh..." Dabi said smirking. 



"Shut the Fuck up!" Katsuki argued. 



Dabi look down and gave a sad smile. "Well, I am that dead brother. I'm just, not dead I guess." Dabi said. 



"Clearly." Katsuki said. 



"But I'm glad that you aren't, because if you did we might never meet and I won't be alive as well, and Kaachan won't become a nice person." Izuku said. 



"Whats that supposed to mean Nerd!? I'm always fucking Nice." Katsuki said. 



"Yeah Right. The world would end first before you become Nice." Dabi said. 



"Shut the fuck up or I'll blow you up!" Katsuki said. 



"You said your nice but here you are, threatening injured person." Dabi said. 



"If that Person is an asshole just like myself why not right?" Katsuki said. 



"So you admit that your an Asshole?" Dabi said with a smirk. 



"Scar Face, if you don't fucking keep eating and continue fucking talking I'll blow you up!" Katsuki said. 



"Yeah sure Angry Pomeranian." Dabi said. 



"Ugh! I fucking hate you asshole." Katsuki said. 



"The Feeling is mutual." Dabi said. 



Izuku just chuckle softly seeing the two bicker. 






It was 2 in  the afternoon when Hawks woke up and Dabi is sitting in the corner watching some Drama shits using Shiro while he was eating cookies that Izuku bake earlier. "Want some?" Dabi said as he saw Hawks sat up. Hawks quickly hug him and Dabi elbow his side. 



"The fuck are you doing Kei!!" Dabi said glaring at Hawks. 



"Sorry, Sorry. Its just that I'm sssooo Happy that your awake. I was so worried about you, mI was scared that I would lost you again. I can't let that happened again, You can't, I can't. You can't leave me like that ever again...." Hawks said as he start to talk in a panic way. 



"Hey, Hey... Relax." Dabi said as he place his hands on Hawks cheek and guide him to look at his eyes. Hawks is always mesmerize by the beautiful Icy-blue color eyes of Dabi, he could always feel captivated and trap looking at those beautiful eyes. "I'm here, I'm alive, I'm okay... So Relax okay? I won't leave you." Dabi said and Hawks sigh in relief and smile. 



"Okay," Hawks said. 



"Are you two done with your stupid Drama!? " Katsuki said as he stand in the door was while he cover Izuku's eyes. 



"Kaachan, Why are you covering my eyes?" Izuku said. 



"To protect your eyes innocence. Your ears are already been tarnish so I'm not gonna let your fucking eyes be tarnish as well." Katsuki said and Izuku didn't understand what his friend mean. But he just nod in respond. 



"WAIT! This is not what it looks like!" Dabi argued as he slam Hawk's face to the floor. Hawks pouted and rub his forehead. 



"You can't fool my eyes. " Katsuki said and he remove his hand on Izuku's eyes. "Besides, why don't you just fucking marry each other." Katsuki said. 



"Fuck you! I'm not gonna marry a stupid pigeon." Dabi argued. 



"No thank you, you fuck pigeon instead." Katsuki argued and Dabi groan in annoyance.



The door suddenly open behind Katsuki and Izuku and Mei walk inside with Fuyumi behind her. "I brought Yukihime-Chan to check on Testsubject 2 and Pigeon." Mei said. 



"Testsubject? Pigeon?" Fuyumi said.



"Yeah, Test Subject 1 (Pointing at Katsuki), Test Subject 2 (Pinting at Dabi), Pigeon (Hawks), and Broccoli-Kun." Mei said cheerfully. 



"Blasty, you infected her with your horrible name callings." Dabi said. 



"Shut the Fuck Scar Face! " Katsuki said annoyed. "And Crazy Pink, why would you even name us fucking Testsubjects?" Katsuki said. 



"Because, you two are the best subjects for my babies!!" Mei said. 



Fuyumi's eyes widden. "WHAT!?" 



"MEI/CRAZY PINK!! CONTEXT!! CON-FUCKING TEXT!!" Katsuki and Dabi argued. 



"Sorry about that. Mei calls her inventions babies since she made them and when she said babies it means her inventions." Izuku said and Fuyumi sigh in relief. 



"I see... I thought- Never mind." Fuyumi said. 



"Come inside, you can check on Dabi's wound and Keigo-nii's injuries since I doubt he asked for treatment. " Izuku said.



"Okay." Fuyumi said. 






While Fuyumi is checking Dabi's Injuries Fuyumi look at Dabi.  "Your Touya aren't you?" Fuyumi said and Dabi look at her surprised. 



"How?" Dabi said. 



"Your Voice, your eyes, your previous Scars specially the burns one which I treated when we were young. Your him aren't you?" Fuyumi said and Dabi sigh.



"Yeah..." Dabi said. 



"The hell!!" Fuyumi said as she gave a small pinch near the stitch wound of Dabi. "ow, Ow Ow!! Wait!" Dabi said in pain. 



"The hell your thinking Nii-san huh!!? WE ALL THOUGHT YOUR FUCKING DEAD!! Mom was devasted when he found out!! Natsuo Start Overworking himself and avoid going fucking home as possible and Shoto Blame himself for your death and Mom's hospitalization!! And now I find out that your here Injured and nearly dead!! THE FUCKING HELL!!?" Fuyumi scold him. 



Dabi eyes widden. "I know your more motherly than Mom, but... I never thought that you cuss." Dabi said. 



"Shut Up! I can't helped but cuss when your Fucking alive and You never told us!? Your Family!? Do we meant nothing for you!?" Fuyumi said. 



"I can't come back until that Fire bastard Shit is there. If I do, what then? His gonna kill me once again and I can guarantee that this time I'll be fucking dead." Dabi said. 



"Ugh! " Fuyumi said frustrated, she sigh and then look at Dabi. " Your wounds would be fine in a week but you need to rest and no Heavy activity. Mei told me that I was helping a Vigilante and I guess thats your new work. So now, your gonna stay here and fucking rest! No Vigilante activity until you get better got it!?" Fuyumi said glaring at Dabi. 



"Yeah Mom..." Dabi said and Fuyumi smack him on the head. 



"And you! I already use my ice to heal your bruises and as for concussion I think they were slightly gone since you took enough rest. You should do that more often. Fuck The HPSC, they won't have Lapdog of a Hero if your gonna pass out due to exhaustion." Fuyumi scold Hawks.



"Yeah, Yeah Mom. " Hawks said. 



"Ugh!" Fuyumi said in annoyance. 



"Fuyumi-san, would you like some Tea and Cakes?" Izuku said. 



"Oh~ That would be lovely Izu-chan~" Fuyumi said as she smile genuinely at him. 



"Woah~ I didn't thought your sister have split personality." Hawks whisper to Dabi. 



"Me either." Dabi said. 

Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov





"It's Dabi!!"


"Dabi then, No! You can't!"


"And what do you suggest me to fucking do Yumi!?"


"Sit down And fucking rest!! Idiot!"


"Fuck! I'm not a Baby. I'm fucking 23!! I can stop those fucking Gremlins Chaos before they do-"

Dabi and Fuyumi argument stop when they heard a massive explosion, and now a part of the beach is on Fire. They quickly saw Mei draw her water gun (more like a Water host) and shoot Katsuki with it.


" Why you fucking Crazy Bitch!! " Katsuki said and he was gonna attack Mei, but Mei use one of her inventions to fight Katsuki.


"See? I told you, Gremlins Chaos." Dabi said as his gonna bolt from his sit under the shades of the umbrella and stop the so called Gremlins Chaos, but Fuyumi grab his shoulder and made him sit.


"Sit, and stay here or I'll open your wound and let you bleed." Fuyumi said sternly and Dabi didn't know when did his younger sister got scary and obey her. Fuyumi then went to the Chaos and freeze both Mei and Katsuki's feet so they would stop moving and Fuyumi gave them one hell of a lecture. Dabi eyes widen, he knows that his sister acts like a mother sometimes but Hell, she's more a mother than his Mom. 


"They did it again Huh?" Hawks said as he place a tray of Tea, and sweets on the table next to Dabi. 



"What do you think?" Dabi said. 


"Its nice to see that they are enjoying theirselves and Fuyumi seems to go wrinkles more with those kids." Hawks said chuckling. 


"I think my Hair will go back to white once more with those kids." Dabi said.


"And You would look beautiful as you are." Hawks said and Dabi smack him in the head annoyed yet there is shade of pink on his cheek. 


Fuyumi and the rest of the Kids then run to them and decides to eat some sweets and drink some Tea.  "I'm freezing!!" Mei said as she quickly pour herself a Tea. 


"Its your Fucking Fault why we feel shitty cold." Katsuki said as he did the same.


"Katsuki, Language." Fuyumi scold him. 


"Oh shut the fuck Up!" Katsuki argued. 


"I can't believe this, Why are you friends with someone would a foul mouth and hell you even call him 'Kaachan' which is adorable, but his vocabulary sucks" Fuyumi said. 


"THE FUCK you say Yuki-onna!?" Katsuki said


"His terrible at names too." Fuyumi said. 


"Thats Kaachan for you. You'll get used to it somehow." Izuku said as he got a small sachet of powderized Milk-Coffee and pour some hot water into his cup. "Can you hold this please?" Izuku said as he gave the cup to Fuyumi who held it. "Make it cold and put some ice on them Please." Izuku said and Fuyumi did what she was told and Izuku got a free Ice Coffee as he got a straw and start drinking them. 


"Thank You." Izuku said. 


"Did you just made Yuki-Ona as your personal Freezer?" Katsuki said. 


Izuku shrug. "I means she didn't say anything." Izuku said. 


"Well, I'm fine with it afterall he asked me nicely. You should take him as an example. I know his genius but he doesn't blow stuff and he surely doesn't have a terrible vocabulary of language." Fuyumi said as she made herself an Ice Coffee as well. 


"Oh shut the fuck  up, Why the hell are you here?" Katsuki said. 


"I'm here to check on my Brother's Condition and making sure he is well rested since I know he would be stubborn about it." Fuyumi said and Dabi scof in annoyance. 


"I'm glad your here Fuyumi-nee, or else Kaachan and Dabi-nii would be having a sparring session right now while using their quirks." Izuku said. 


"WHAT!?" Fuyumi said surprised, she then glare at Dabi. "Your already an Adult for fuck sake. Now I'm hearing things that your fighting a Kid?" Fuyumi said. 


"His a good fighter, beside his used to burns since his quirk is explosion. You should see us Spar." Dabi said and Fuyumi hit him in the head. 


"Don't encourage!" Fuyumi said. 


"Yes Mom." Dabi murmur. 


"And You, don't you like have an authority to stop them using their quirks on public!? " Fuyumi said as she point at Hawks. 


"You should see them spar, you won't want to step in or else you'll get burn. I don't want my handsome and hot face would be burn you know, I'm too handsome to burn~" Hawks said. 


"Fucking Die!" Dabi said as he kick Hawks who is sitting beside him from his sit. 


"Language Nii-san!" Fuyumi said.


"Shut Up! I'm 23 I can cuss whenever I want!" Dabi argued. 


"I know, But not infront of the kids!!" Fuyumi said. 


"Hah!? Are you an idiot or something? Its clearly that you can never change the foul vocabulary of the blasty. Unless his mother stop cussing and yelling. " Dabi said. 


"Wait!? Your mother do that to you?" Fuyumi said. 


"Where do you think I got it? From Fucking God!?" Katsuki said. 


Fuyumi look at Katsuki with concern. "Are you safe at home?" Fuyumi said. 


"No its not like that. His mother is nice and caring, if you don't mind the Yelling and Cussing ofcourse." Dabi said. 


"You met his mother?" Fuyumi said. 


"Once, and they are Copy Paste. " Dabi said. 


"Exactly copy paste except Auntie Mitsuki is a woman and Blasty is a Boy Bomb." Mei said. 


"The Fuck did you say Crazy Pink!?" Katsuki said. 


"I see. " Fuyumi said. "How about Izuku? Where are your Parents?" Fuyumi said. 


Izuku stiff a bit and it seems that the atmosphere around change a little. "My parents are out of the picture and I'm homeless thats why I stay with Dabi-Nii. " Izuku said bluntly and Fuyumi's eyes widen. 


"Oh?. You can stay with me if you want? Nii-san is an Idiot and childish because he is infected by Keigo's silliness disease. They don't have a sense responsibility I can guarantee you that. " Fuyumi said. 


"Shut the Fuck Up! I'm not fucking infected by Keigo's stupidity!! and I can be responsible if I fucking want to!" Dabi argued. 


"Yeah? Like you Lost 5 years old Shoto in the park? Ah~ Wait, Shoto wasn't lost, your the one that get lost and to think you were 15 at that time. " Fuyumi said. 





"Thats one time." Dabi said. 


"You want me to elaborate more?" Fuyumi said. 


"No!" Dabi argued. 



"Good." Fuyumi said. 



"Its okay Fuyumi-nee. I'd like staying with Dabi-nii. Beside if I wasn't around who would keep his health and Keigo-nii's health in check. They both workaholic if you observed them properly." Izuku said. 


"Yeah, They are both idiot adults that doesn't know how to take care of themselves." Fuyumi said.


"Traitor." Dabi said as he look at Izuku who shrug and ignore him. 


"This is nice actually, and to think that this beach is almost Clean. Soon, we could see its beauty and enjoy it. Maybe we could do some star gazing." Hawks said as eat some of the sweet that Izuku prepared. 


"Yeah... You Three Gremlins Chaos are doing a great Job." Dabi said. 


"Well, the beach would look beautiful once were done and it would have more free space to test my babies!! Specially If I make your babies!!" Mei said. 


"Mei! Context! Fucking Context Mei!!" Dabi said. 


"Nii-san is right Mei. You might give a wrong Idea to your future customers." Fuyumi said. 


"But~ They are my babies~ I made them." Mei said. 


"I know That." Fuyumi said. 


"So they are still my Babies!!" Mei claimed. 


"Give up, its clear she won't give up." Dabi said. 


Fuyumi sigh. "How did you even get stuck up with them?" Fuyumi said. 


"Welcome. To my new Life which I can say, Chaos." Dabi said. 


They continue talking freely once more about random stuff and Fuyumi can see how her Nii-san change. 






The Kids went back to what they called laboratory where Mei is creating a support Gear for Katsuki, and While Katsuki test it, Izuku analized and sometimes he helps Mei in creating things. While the 3 adults were left behind the sand bar sitting on the chair under the shade of Umbrella.

"So tell me, Nii-san. Why didn't come back?" Fuyumi asked.

"I already told you I can't not until the Fire Bastard Shit is there." Dabi said.

"But why didn't you tell us your alive? Or even give a sign? Does Mother knows your alive?" Fuyumi said.

"Mom doesn't know. No one knows, and... I wasn't really gonna tell you that I'm alive. I wasn't planning to go back being 'Touya' you know. I was planning to burry that person and change." Dabi said.

"I see. So, Your willong to forget us? Your family." Fuyumi said.

"I didn't said that!" Dabi argued a little.

"But that's what you imply." Fuyumi said.


"I miss you guys sometimes. I really do. The family that we have might not be as Chaotic as those kids do, but they sometimes remind me of our Bondings together as siblings." Dabi sigh "It's just... I can't." Dabi said.

"Its okay. I won't force you to talk, nor to comeback. But, so you know that even if you change your identity. You can't change the fact that you were born as 'Touya Todoroki' once. I won't tell Natsuo and Shoto since it's clear in your eyes that you don't want me to tell them. But... You can't hide forever Nii-san. " Fuyumi said and Dabi sigh.

" I know that. " Dabi said.

" You know, I'm kinda Jealous that you told Him, but not us. But I'm not surprised considering your more closer to him than us. " Fuyumi said pointing at Hawks.

" He actually didn't tell me. I found him 2 months after he died. I was just flying around the sky when I saw a man with dark blue hair, and someone who is Full of Scar ready to Jump down of a Building." Hawks said and Fuyumi gaps. "No, He did Jump but I was fast to catch him and bring him back to the safe ground of the roof then he start yelling." Hawks explained.

"The Fuck Are you thinking!?" Fuyumi said and Dabi just look down feeling Guilty of that event.

"Funny that what he told me when I save him." Hawks said.

'What the fuck are you doing!? Can't you see I want to die!? I want to end my Life!?'

'No, please listen. Whatever your going through Suicide is not the solution'

'Fuck you Stupid Bird Brain!! You know that no matter what I do I would met death!! I can' T go back to My family or he would kill me and If I stay alive he would find me somehow and burn me to death Just like he did to me!! So Fuck off Keigo!! Don't fucking save me because I don't fucking need saving!! '

To-Touya? '


"At that time He walk back to ledge and was about to Jump again but I tuck him to the floor as I start to Cry because, Honestly.. I was still grieving at that time. I lost my only bestfriend, and Now I'm seeing him again." Hawks said.

Please No Touya! Your life is important!! Your family Still cares for you. I still care!! Do You know how devastated I was when I found out that your already Dead!? Touya please... Stay...'

'I fucking Can't anymore Keigo!! I can' T anymore'

Both Boys broke down.

'I know... I know... But I'm still here, I' m here for you Touya... I'm here...please don't leave me. Your the only person I trust... So please... '

"After that, we just broke down and I manage to talk some sense to him and now were here." Hawks said.

"There is so many wrong things in that! Fuck Nii-san!! I' m angry at you right now!! You want to be selfish and end your fucking life without even thinking about us!? About your real fucking family!! Your Fucking selfish!! Ugh!!" Fuyumi said as she stand and walk away a little from them as she held the bridge of her nose. She is angry at her brother, did her brother didn't care at all? But at the same time, she felt sad for what his brother had gone through.

Fuyumi and her siblings were devastated when they heard the news that their Older Brother is now gone. But now, he isn't but he almost kill himself.

Fuyumi calm himself down and look back his brother who is looking down feeling guilty, clenching his fist while Keigo comforts Touya.

"Listen Nii-san, From now on I'll visit you whenever I can. You will call me whenever your injured or whenever you need help and Lastly, Don't fucking Run away again or else!! I'll be the one Who's gonna hunt you down and tear you apart Got It!?" Fuyumi said sternly looking at Dabi who Gulp.

" Yeah, I got it. " Dabi said," But I have one question. Where did you get this Dddaannmm Attitude? Because your not like this before. " Dabi said and Fuyumi smack his head.

" I'm not done with you!" Fuyumi said as she continue scolding her brother.

In the distance Izuku glance at them and gave a small smile. He hope that Dabo's family would get better one day and Dabi can call it a Home.



Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov



It's been 11 months since Izuku live with Dabi, and within those months, many things happened that can be consider as a fun adventure. Today, Izuku woke up in the morning while Dabi is still asleep since he came home very late and sleept late as well. Izuku walk out of the house and his eyes widden because when he see how the Beach looks clean, beautiful and fresh. The sun rays lit up the beautiful sea as it makes a beautiful sparkle like star light because of the reflection. The waves that crash through the clean slightly cream color sand, the place looks beautiful and its because of their hard work.



Izuku then went to the Extended Kitchen outside of their house and got a glass and start to make himself a hot Chocolate Vanila drink. He then walk near the beach and sat on the warm sand as he watch the sun rise. It was peaceful and calm.



His thought when back to his pass self, his pass self never did have a peaceful life like this. Everyday is torture and pain. The moment he step out of his safety zone which his home, many would start to stab him deeply with the sharp words that cut through his heart saying how useless, worthless, and waste of space he is and when he take a step towards the gate of Hell (school), the torture then begins since the students, his classmates would start to used their quirks on him and The Teacher would ignore them and never corrected them, Worst he got called to the Principal's office and git blame for everything.



Good thing he decided to drop out on his last year. Now since he drop out, it means he didn't even graduate in middle school so he can't continue to high-school. Sure there are High Schools that accepts drop out student as long as you pass their entrance exams, but he wasn't sure if he would like the idea of going to hell (school) again. He doesn't want to go back to his life like in middle school.



He sigh.








Izuku stand out and was about to go back to the house when someone launch their selves to Izuku and hug him. "BBRROOCCOLLII-KKKUUNN!!" Mei said happily, "Look!! Look!" Mei said as she saw her phone to Izuku who play the video.


In the video a reporter, reports about how the beach looks clean and beautiful now. They wonder who cleaned the beach and would be happy to give credits.



"Do you want to take the Credit Mei? You could promote your inventions with it." Mei said.



"That would be great!! But No, I don't like the vultures for now. I'll promote my babies when the time comes." Mei said and Izuku nod.



Suddenly Izuku was pull away from Mei. " What the fuck do you think your doing!?" Katsuki said as he glare at Mei.



"I wasn't doing anything blasty!! I was just showing Izuku a video. You don't need to be jealous!" Mei said.



Katsuki just scoff and drag Izuku away from Mei. He was walking to the house when he saw Izuku and Mei were dangerously sitting next to each other and his feet just move and pull Izuku away from the Crazy Pink.



Now they were back inside the house. "Did you have breakfast yet nerd?" Katsuki said and Izuku shook his head.



"You know I can't even cook a simple egg." Izuku said.



"Kitchen disaster." Katsuki mumbled.



And Izuku went back to normal. Katsuki who's gonna do the Cooking while he sat on the floor as he would asked Shiro to play any morning news and Mei would start talking about new inventions Idea.



Truly, Izuku loves his new home and he doesn't want to come back to the lonely world he once trap in.






It was around 1 in the afternoon when Fuyumi visited. She often visit as she can, well not everyday but she's always here since she want to make sure that her older brother isn't doing something stupid.



Izuku, Mei, and Katsuki were sitting on the floor at that time as Mei and Izuku were discussing a floor plan about this machine that Mei wanted to create and Katsuki just listen to them.



"Hello guys, how are you doing?" Fuyumi said.



"were doing Fine Fuyumi-nee." Izuku said.



"Nii-san?" Fuyumi said and Izuku pointed up. "Still asleep. He went home late around 3 am in the morning. Don't worry, he isn't injured thanks to Mei's inventions, but he looks tired so I let hims sleep." Izuku said.


Fuyumi sigh. "This Jerk, he is overworking himself like my other twin brother. " Fuyumi said.



"Maybe it's on your fucking blood, I mean u you don't look good yourself." Katsuki said and Fuyumi glare at him.



"Shut Up!" Fuyumi said.



"I brought some meats earlier and I don't know what to do with them." Fuyumi said.



"We could have a barbecue this night while watching the meteor shower!!" Mei said happily.



"Huh? Meteor shower?" Fuyumi said.



"Yeah! Remember the article you read Broccoli-kun? Turns out it's true!! We could see the Meteor shower from here, that Why this baby(pointing at the blue print) will let us see the Meteor shower up close. Using this lenses that we found in and..." Mei start to ramble about her Ideas and Izuku start to Join in, Katsuki roll his eyes and call them Nerds, Fuyumi chuckled at how energetic this kids are.



" Shut the fuck up!! You guys are too loud!! " Dabi halfly yelled at them before turning around his bed and cover his ears with the pillow.



"Nii-san!! It's already afternoon, you should get up already." Fuyumi said and Dabi groan on annoyance and got up.



"Fine." Dabi said.



"I'll make you something to eat when your done fixing yourself." Fuyumi said.



"Thanks." Dabi said.


Later then, Mei and the two boys run outside the house to start with the new project and Hawks just walk inside.



"Woah~ They look energetic than usual." Hawks said.



"Mei and Izuku will is about to create this gigantic Microscope to see the Meteor shower up close." Fuyumi said.



"Now that's great!! Dabi, we should cancel your Job tonight and watch it with the Kids!! It would be fun!" Hawks said.



"We will be having some barbecues as well~" Fuyumi said.



"Wait? Your staying the night?" Dabi said.



"Why Not? I already told Natsuo and Shoto that I'm staying the night at a Friend's house and they seems delight. Though, what I'm worried about is that those two will burn house since they don't know how to cook. But meh~ they could just asked the workers around if ever. " Fuyumi said.



" Wow, Your a terrible sister. " Dabi said.



" Your Terrible older brother as well. I guess it's in our blood that were terribles. I mean, our father is an asshole so~" Fuyumi said.



" I can't believe this ugh! " Dabi said annoyed and went inside the bathroom and Hawks just laugh a little listening to the siblings conversation.



When the sun start to set, Izuku and the rest start to set the microscope that connected to a flat screen T. V so that anybody could view the Meteor shower together. Izuku stop his work and view the sun set and uts nice. He got his phone and start to take picture, but Mei got the Phone and pull Izuku for a Selfie.



"Meeii!!" Izuku argued.


"What? The background is nice you know?" Mei said.



"Oh! Oh! Oh!, Yukihime-chan!!" Mei said and run to Fuyumi who is helping the two adult boys setting a small station for tonight.


"Ah~ Mei wait!!" Fuyumi said but Mei drag her near the beach. They don't where Mei suddenly pull out a gigantic one door closet but she did.



"What is this Mei?" Izuku said.



"This is a Fashion Closet! Watch!" Mei said as she shove Fuyumi inside and close the door. Mei click many buttons outside the closet and wait for a few seconds until a 'thing' sound is heard then Mei open the door and Fuyumi's clothes changes. She is now wearing a nice summer dress, and a cute summer hat.



"Woah~ So it's basically a locker that let you change clothes?" Izuku said.



"Not just clothes!! But it also style your hair and gave you a perfect make over!!" Mei said as she start pressing some buttons and she went inside the closet and close the door. After some second she open them and now she is wearing a cute summer dress as well, her pink hair is styled in braided ponytail and there are some cute clips on her hair.



"Wow Mei Chan. You and Fuyumi-nee look adorable." Izuku said.



"ofcourse we are!" Mei said happily while Fuyumi blush and she was holding her dress-skirt blushing.



"Tha-Thanks.." Fuyumi said.



"Come on!! Let's take Pictures!! The background looks great!!" Mei said as she pull Fuyumi and went to the beach and have fun.



"Fuyumi-nee act shy earlier why?" Izuku said loud enough for Dabi to hear who is standing near Izuku.



"She isn't allowed to dress up like that when mom was send away. Fire bastard shit would always tell her to dress up properly and not to dress up like a fucking Slut. So, she never wore a dress that makes her adorable you know." Dabi said as he got  his phone and start to take a picture of his younger sister so he could used it as a black mail for future, but also... He didn't have a picture of his sister smiling happily as she wore different style of dresses.  In fact, Fuyumi never play dress up before since she is the only Princess in the family, and fire Bastard shit doesn't let her have friends on her own. So it's nice that Dabi saw her sister smile like that.



"I see, But now Mei and her seems to have Fun." Izuku said.



"Yeah. I'm happy for that, she doesn't have many Girl-friends you know so I can conclude that this is her first time playing dress up with someone. There are a lots of stuff that she can't do as a girl you know, since she live in a house full of Boys. She's the only girl in our family, we'll except for mom but... She was send away when Shoto was around 4. " Dabi said.



Izuku nod." But, You aren't really a boy you know it's clear that your gay since you like Keigo-nii. " Izuku said and Dabi blush at that, he gave a playful smack on the head to Izuku.



" Shut the fuck up and Don't fucking say that Again!" Dabi said.



"Hey, hey." Hawks towards them."Don't hit the green bean~ His a precious little baby~" Hawks said.



Izuku pouted. "I'm not a baby though." Izuku said.



"Yeah, He isn't a baby! So fuck off!!" Dabi said.



"huh? What did you do to him for his anger rise off?" Hawks said.



"Deku told him that he likes yo-" Katsuki said but Dabi send a ball of flames to him but Katsuki avoided that, and the ball of flames went to sea and died out.



"The Fuck are you doing!? Are you fucking try to burn me!?" Katsuki said.



"No, I'm trying to turn you to Fucking ashes so I'll leave no evidence." Dabi said.



Katsuki smirk. "And you think that your the only one huh~" Katsuki said as his hand start to spark in flames.



"Bring it on Fucking blasty!" Dabi said.



And they start to fight. "Here." Hawks gave Izuku a small bag of Chicken nuggets. "I don't have any pop corns, so this would do. Beside, we should enjoy the show~" Hawks said.



Izuku sigh. "Your a hero yet you let them do this... No wonder Eraserdad calls you an idiot." Izuku said as he accept the bag.



Hawks pouted. "Hheeey~ I'm not thhaat Idiotic. Beside, I just value my life. Who would stop a fight between those two unless you want to get burn." Hawks said.



"Yeah your right." Izuku said and both of them sat on the warm sand as they watch the show.






That night, They enjoy the beautiful night sky as they watch the meteor shower and just sat down on the cool sand and watch the sky.



"Hey! Do you know that meteor showers are called Wishing Stars back in pre-quirk era?" Mei said.



"That's fuck up." Katsuki said.



"I did know. Some of the people back then believe that if you wish upon a wishing star which is the meteor, there might be a possibility that your wish would come true." Izuku said.


"Then Let's make a wish!!" Mei said.


"That's Fuck up!" Dabi said.



"Yeah, what can a stupid rock do anyway?" Katsuki said.



"Well, It's not wrong to try? I mean it might be silly, but... You never know. Your wish might come true." Fuyumi said.



"Well, I only want one thing and that I'll surpass Ass might one day and I know I can!! I don't need to fucking wish that!" Katsuki said.



"You won't go far with this attitude young man!" Fuyumi Scold him.



"Tsk, Fuck Off!!" Katsuki said.



"how about you Broccoli-kun? What would you want to wish if your given one?" Mei said.



"Well... I wish for the world to change, Humans specially. I wish that their hearts would understand that no one in this world is born to be Villain, weak, worthless or useless but we just live in a judgmental society. If this society can change, maybe the world would be full of hope and happiness. The world would be a better place if someone wouldn't judge you for your quirk you know. " Izuku sigh." I wish for society to change that's all. " Izuku said.



Everyone was surprised with Izuku's words. Fuyumi smile." I'm right, Your more mature than Nii-san. " Fuyumi said chuckling.



" Hey!! " Dabi said.



" you already start the change Broccoli-kun. I mean, ever since we met you, you change us!" Mei said and Izuku look at her confused.



"She's right nerd. We're here sitting in this lovely night because of you. If isn't for you, none of our ass would be here." Katsuki said.



"Your our life changer Izuku." Dabi said.



"And you did all of that effortlessly. So were thankful green bean." Hawks said.



Izuku felt emotions coming to him. He didn't even notice that he was crying until Dabi wipe those tears away. "Thank you." Dabi said and Izuku wipe his tears and shook his head.



"No... I should say thank you to all of you. Specially You Dabi-nii. You gave me hope, you gave me second chance, and you gave me a Family like this. Without you, I wouldn't be here. So... Thank you, your my Hero Dabi-nii!!" Izuku said and launch himself to Dabi, Dabi isn't really used to emotions crap like this ever since Fire Bastard shit throw him away, but he hug Izuku back and gave a smile.


" Neh~ Stop crying. You deserve a better life kid. " Dabi said.


" Awww~ This is Cute~" Fuyumi said as she took a picture and Hawks join in.


"I knew you were softtie! I knew it!" Hawks said.



"Yumi, Keigo. Delete that Fucking Picture before I'll burn you to ashes!!" Dabi said.



"Bleh~ It's keeper!" Fuyumi said.



"That's it!" Dabi said as He stand up and chase Fuyumi and Hawks around the beach.



"Hey we want to Join the Fun too!!" Mei said and grad Katsuki and Izuku and start running around the Beach.



That night, the beach filled with laughter and smile that Izuku wished that ut would last.

Chapter Text




D eku created a Group Chat

Deku Change the Group Chat Name to: My Heroes

Deku Added Eraserhead, Present Mic, Ms Joke, Ingenium, Nighteye, Hawks, Tsukauchi on the Chat.

Deku change Tsukauchi to LieDetective-san







Why am I here? 






Yes, Why am I here? 

and what is this? 






Yehey A new group Chat   \(^▿^)/





Ms Joke: 

I'm with Mic (/^▿^)/ *'*'*





What is this? 






How did you find my Account?





Why am I here? 







Hello everyone. I created this Group chat so that we could communicate better, ofcourse you can still send me PM messages but it would be easier to contact each other like this. 

Especially since Eraserdad is entitled as my Personal Money Collector. 

Feel Free to used to this Chat to contact each other, since as you notice that most of the Heroes here are Underground. 

Well except for PresentMic, Ingenium and Hawks. 

Even so, some of them do work their cases relates on Mafias, Kidnaping, Missing Persons, and other cases that usually Underground Hero works.

Anyway, As to how I did find you LieDectector-san, I might.. Uh... Hack the presinct.

But don't worry, I hack it just to get your account. Thats all, I also leave a little gift behind to make sure that the Data in your Precinct won't happened again. 

Forgive me Please ( ◕◡◕ 🙏) 







The little Listener used cute emoticon as well (ノ・∀・)ノ





Ms. Joke: 

Are you really a retired Hero?






Well I supposed a group would make communication better. 






I understand the purposed of the Group Chat but why is Hawks involved? 






Ugh! Another problem Child. 







Ofcourse You do  (◔_◔)

Though thanks to you, many of our unsolved cases are now close so your forgiven








Ofcourse PresentMic-san, I can used emoticon as well  \(◕▽◕)/

I don't belong to old People. 

And Ms. Joke-san, as I said I don't belong to old people so No, I'm not a retired Hero. 

Sir Nighteye-san, Hawks is here because his just here. I kinda friends with him personally. 

EraserDad you also call Dabi with that nick name Why? 

LieDetective-san Thank you for Forgiving me and Your always welcome, I'm always happy to helped, not just you but to all of you. 








I'm surprised that your not a retried Hero. 

Everyone thinks you are one. 





Ms. Joke: 

Just like What Mic said, I'm surprised

How old are you? 






So you knew him personally. 

Are you working with the HPSC or something? 






Because Dabi is a problem Child. 

So are you. 

And Since you start calling me EraserDad (Which I don't approved) Might as consider your younger than me. 






Dabi? Like Vigilante? 






Are you a Vigilante too? 






The last emoticon? though, 

Its looks adorable just like you. 

How did you do that? 









To everyone, I'm no retired Hero. I'm just someone who likes to help ^-^ 

Actually, I never consider myself to make this far really. I was thinking that I would just stop working after I send my first work to Eraserhead because I just want to help thats all. I didn't reply back to eraserhead after sending him my first work immediately because this wasn't the career I want nor I did expect him to reply back. 

EraserDad is the one to blame because he was the one who kinda give me persuasion? and lead me here to where am I. 

and yes EraserDad I'm younger than you. 

Thank You EraserDad your one inspiring hero ✿(∵◠‿◠∵)

To Ingenium-san, Yeah Dabi the Vigilante I kinda Know him. 

To Sir Nighteye-san, No I'm not working with the wolves (HPSC) Hawks just kinda Knows me. 

LieDetector-san, uh... can you consider someone who just work behind a screen as Vigilante? I mean I just send some analysis to someone who needs them so...

To Hawks Shut up! I'm not cute!! ✿(∵◕︿◕∵)✿








AAAHHHHH!!!   \(>▿<)/ 







Ms. Joke: 

I'm not surprised you admire him Deku-kun. 

EraserHead is pretty admirable~ (o ‿ < )

Though I'm suprised that your younger than Eraserhead, means your younger than us? 






Looks like we have Eraserhead fanboy over here. 






I see. 

but in that case why isn't Hawks your Personal Money Collector instead? 






No, you can't be consider as Vigilante if your just working off Screen.

and You Know Dabi!? How? 






Problem Child, your analysis is great. You should be confidence with the talent and skills you possessed. 

Not everyone has it. 

Take Mic and Hawks for an example. They are Heroes  but idiots. 

and Your always welcome kid, Thank you for admiring me. 






Lier, Your adrorable. 

You still didn't answer my question though, where did you get this emojis?

To eraser I'm offended. 






PresentMic-san, Hawks I'm not adorable. ✿(∵◕︿◕∵)✿

Ms. Joke-san, Yes I'm younger than most of you. 

Ingenium-san I'm also fan of you. Your one amazing Hero and your quirk is super cool. Engine Arms is a great Quirk. 

Sir Nighteye-san, I can't make Hawks as my personal Money collector because every movement of his is being tracked by the Wolves. Which isn't great considering I am close to some Vigilantes in the street that the wolves can easily prays on. Hawks and I met up in secret without the wolves knowing. 

So please keep that a secret, I know all of you doesn't really trust the HPSC thats why I add you here. 

LieDetector-San, how do I know Dabi is Classified. But, we have one thing in common. Were both Homeless and were both not listed in the system. I hack and check the system different times turns out my excuse parents didn't even registered my birth in the system. 

Hawks I agree with EraserDad, your an idiot. 

EraserDad I wish I can tell you where we are, but not now. Maybe one day we will. 







Mean Eraserhead, I'm not an idiot! (︶︿︶)

But I'm sooo Happy that you have a adorable follower like this. 

No wonder he calls you Dad. 

AAHHHHH!!! \(>▿<)/

And Little Listener your definitely adorable!!

Don't worry, we will keep your secret. (^-^)

Though, What kind of Parents doesn't even want such a Genius kid as you? Where are they?





Ms Joke: 

daaammnn!! I can't believe that your such good in analysis. 

There's even in my Analysis that you send me that I don't even know off... 


You Must be protected!!

Also, I promise to keep your secret and Hawks better take care of your friend or I'll force you to tell him who he is and snatch him and keep him in my pocket where his safe and protected!! 

Though I also want to know where your parents are? 

and Hawks? His safe right? I mean if his homeless so... I just want to know if his safe. 





I agree with Ms Joke. You must be protected. 

When you first email me, you message me and start to fan Boy which makes me feel happy. 

Not all of my Fans , would fan Boy about me and start talking about my Quirk. 

and your Analysis is amazing. Thank You very much. 

Your secret is safe with me. 

and Hawks, I'll do the same with Ms. Joke if you don't take care of him properly. 

Though Deku-kun I also want to know where your parents are? 






Don't worry I'll keep the secret. 

Also, I'm also wondering if your living in a safe area. Is dangerous that such as intelligent as you would roam around the alley to find shelter. 






You should report your parents kid. Because its illegal not to register someone to the system even if they didn't want you in the first place. (I'm sorry if that become sensitive) But, even though those who had 'Accidental Birth' do register their child on the system even though they just leave the child in the foster care or Orphanage after giving birth to them. 






Your a great Kid, maybe better than Dabi. 

You never cuss despite knowing you just through email and text messages. 

Your message seems polite. 

Though I like to know about your parents. 

And I'm glad that your agree with me that Hawks and Mic is an Idiot. 






Relax Everyone. I'm gonna do the best I can to protect him. His a lovable, adorable and precious kind hearted Person that you'd ever know. 

His currently living in a safe area. The place might be small, but its what I can call home. 

Unlike me, I do live in an expensive luxury place because of the wolves But it was never home. 

If you get what I mean. 







I always have the feeling that your a Problem Child as well. 

and I am right. 

Next time you and me are gonna met up were gonna talk about this. 







Your Meeting Hawks before? I know his famous and you might met him in the mission or so... But when you say it like that... 

It looks like you know him personally!!






Ms. Joke: 












I'm curious so..   ^













Thank You so Much My Heroes for your concern. 

and About my Parents, They are already gone. My Father left me when I was 5 saying he doesn't want a useless, worthless, waste of space, and a mistake of a son.

My mom got tired of me and start with a new Life when I was 8. She abandon me, though she still support me financially. She stop doing that when I was 13. So, From there I become homeless. 

But, what Hawks said is true. I live in a small place, but its home to me. I'd never trade that for anything. 

So you guys don't need to worry I'm safe and Happy as where I am now. 







To answer your question Mic. Maybe. I 'd met him occasionally because his always with someone I know. 

Nope, its not Deku. 

Its someone, and if ever you had a Hint. 

Don't spill your thoughts, cause I'm not gonna answer them. 

And Deku, Your Parents are both assholes and Bullshits!!!

No one is born worthless, nor Useless, specially or a mistake. 

You never asked your parents to give birth to you. They are the one who is a mistake, A mistake for leaving such an intelligent, talented and Kindhearted as you. (Though I don't know you personally I know your Kind Kid.) 






Deku.exe stop working. X| 

You made him cry eraser... 

a friend of him is trying to calm him down. 

He was overwhelmed by your text. Since all his life, he believe in those words. 

Worthless, Useless, Waste of Space, and a Mistake. 

So, simple words as yours Eraser did make him spill tears of Joy. 

I told you guys that his Precious!! Too Precious. 

So I can asked, please refrain from cursing when your talking to Deku-Kun. 







Your with Deku-Kun all the time?

Tell him made a list of those people who tell him those words. 

I'll hunt them down without anyone knowing. 

and also, If Deku-kun would read this Chat. 

Deku-Kun believe in Eraserhead Words, your a person who have worth and Your far from useless. 

Your an amazing Person Deku-kun. 

I'm here for You Little Listener if ever you need me. 

Also Eraserhead, I know your a softie and a Dad AHHHHH!!  \(>▿<)/





Ms. Joke: 

Mic, I'll help you making those body disappear. 

Deku-kun, You should believe in Mic and Erasehead's words. 

Were here for you Precious one. 

And Eraserhead I know your taken but, 

Marry me!! (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘)






I know Hawks asked us not to Cuss

I know Eraserhead did said this but... 

Deku-kun, your Parents are Bullshits!

I'll help Mic and Joke's making those body Disappear.

You can always asked any of us for help if you need one. 

Also, I can't believe that eraserhead just expose his soft side just like that.







Deku-kun, your analysis is great and amazing. I can't see what useless on those. 

Also, I notice that your name is Deku, means useless right? 

Please tell me it isn't like that. It means something else right?

Also My agency is much welcome for you to come and visit to hand me over list of people who I need to send in Jail. 







Believe the Heroes words Kid. 

Also, you can always come by and stop at my work place to report your parents. They can be accused of Child Neglect. 

Also Erasehead, You being soft is E.X.P.O.S.E.D 






I  Hate Everyone in this Chat Group except Deku-kun.

Though, Nighteye has a Point. Deku does mean useless. 






Deku.exe stop working X|

Yes, I'm in his home, together with friends. 

His still overwhelmed by your words. 

But he said "Thank you for your special words. It made me happy, especially the words came from the Heroes that admire"-

Also Deku does meant useless, but he doesn't want to change his name because that name meant something special to him. 

and Eraser, I know your always been a Softie!! 







I f******* hate you Hawks. 

Your dead the next time I met you. 

also tell Deku that his always welcome. 

Were here when he needs our help. 






Thank You Everyone for your kind words. 

I'm happy that you said those words to me. 

You don't know how much they meant to me

You guys are truly my Heroes. 







Your always welcome Listener. 

The Emoticon though, Its adorable!!





Someday you would see him in person and you can say that 'That' emoticon as you call it looks exactly like him. 

Also eraser, I might hide my ass for a little while. 




Deku is Offline





Deku just log out since he is still processing your overwhelming words. 

I'll try comforting him and help his friends.






Hawks better comfort him well or I'll burry you 6 feet underground. 



Erasehead is Offline





Please take care of the Little Listener. 




Ms. Joke: 

Protect the Precious. 


















I will. 




PresentMic is Offline

Ms. Joke is Offline

Nighteye is Offline

Ingenium is Offline

LieDetective-San is Offline

Hawks is Offline











Chapter Text






3rd Person's pov



It's 2 weeks before the entrance Exam, and Fuyumi, Mei, Izuku and Katsuki were sitting on the sand and under a tree and talk. Not far from them is Dabi and Hawks who is just settling down since they were exhausted with days pass by. Dabi is been caught in multiple troubles working as Vigilante and Hawks is force to overwork as usual.


"So~ I got us the application to UA!!" Mei said and gave the application to Katsuki and Izuku.


"Mei... I don't think I'll be going to UA-" Izuku said but he was cut off by Mei.

"Nonsense, You should Totally Go to UA. If not Hero Course, you Could Choose between General Ed or Support Course. Please..."  Mei said giving a pleading look at Izuku can't refuse.


Izuku sigh. "Okay." Izuku said as he got his pen, he then look at Katsuki. "Your trying for Hero Course as usual?" Izuku said.


"Of course I will." Katsuki said.


"You know, Our younger brother is also Going to UA and I'm kinda Worried" Fuyumi said.


"Why?" Izuku said.

"Fire Bastard Shit Isolated him from his peers for so long. His homeschooled until the end of Middle School. Now, he is thrown to a school with a bunch of Kids and the worst kid like him." Fuyumi said as she point at Katsuki.

"Hey! What the fuck is that supposed to mean!?" Katsuki said.

"Does Shoto-kun want to go to UA?" Izuku said.

Fuyumi gave a bitter chuckled. "The right question is, Does he have a choice." Fuyumi said and they Heard Dabi say "Fuck" on the background.


"Don't worry about it. I'm sure he can cope up with the new environment." Dabi said. "I hope." Dabi mumbled.

"But does he want to become a Hero?" Izuku said.

Fuyumi's eyes widen and look at Izuku. "Hmm... Come to think of it, I never asked him that. Though, he really doesn't have a choice because of the fire bastard shit." Fuyumi said.

"I know, But... You should ask him still if what he really wants to be. Who knows, that one day Endeavour would be gone and he could become what his heart desired." Izuku said.

"Yeah, I'll ask him sometimes. Currently, He isn't home that much since Fire Bastard Shit always take him away from home and train him, preparing him for the entrance exam. " Fuyumi said.


"But he won't be fighting those Robots right? I mean, he would go to the easy route, and that's the recommendation letter by a Hero. Every year, The Principal of UA is willing to take or accept a maximum of 6 recommendations from different Heroes. Those students doesn't need to attend the Practical Entrance Exam like everybody else. They just need to do better in the written exam, that's all. " Izuku said.

" How the fuck did you know all of that!? " Katsuki said.

" Ah, Well I did some research and UA does have the same method on their practical exam every year and that's always fighting robots. Which is biased to those who have flashy quirks like you Kaachan. If your quirk is like Eraserhead, Midnight, or Sir Night eye's it's impossible for you to pass the Practical Exam unless their quirks work on robots. " Izuku said.


" That's Bullshits" Dabi said.


" I always thought UA produced good Heroes but I guess I am wrong." Hawks said,

"Heroes in nature aren't good, they are full of Crap." Dabi said.

"Not all of them. Take Hawks for an example, although his very tied up with the HPSC he still realize what things he do that is wrong and unfair. If he didn't, he already arrest you looong ago." Izuku said.

"Tsk, Don't encourage him." Dabi argued.

"Awe~ Thank you for your words Izuku~ you are my new favorite person!!" Hawks said and pull Izuku to his lap and cuddle him, Izuku didn't mind he just sat still there.

"But... Isn't Eraserbastard graduate in UA?" Dabi said.

Izuku got Shiro and tell him to play a Video that he save in his data, he signal them to gather together. The video is where a younger looking Eraserhead impressed the Crowd as he went to the top during Sport Festival. The video is not that hard to get since UA sport festival is always broadcast nation wide.

"Hey, the announcement says that he is a General Ed. Student." Fuyumi said.

"He is, But when he beat PresentMic and win the Sport Festival he was transfer to the Hero Course. Actually, his the first person who did this and the next year this method was done by SirNighteye as well." Izuku said.

"I didn't know that rule is applied!" Mei said.

"Maybe No, maybe yes. This rule isn't official but it applies. That's why it doesn't place on the official Rule and Regulations of UA." Izuku said.

"I see." Mei said.

"The Recommendation is also unfair because all of the future Heroics students need to defeat those Robots, while the Recommendation Students just need to take the written exam. Whenever they do pass or not, they are already accepted in Heroics because they were recommended by Heroes. " Izuku said.

" Well, It does sound Unfair in general. " Fuyumi said.

" Well Fuck that Unfairness!! Once I got to UA I'll fucking show them that I could be on the top!! " Katsuki declair.

" Of course you can. But you should be careful because Eraserhead is a teacher in Heroics and I heard that He expelled his entire class last year. " Izuku said.

" WHAT!? The entire Class!? " Fuyumi said surprised and everyone else.

"Yes. Do you know Earasehead has the largest expulsion rate in all the teachers among the top5 Heroic schools around Japan? Last last, Year he only had 3 students who survived. Three." Izuku said.

"What. The. Hell!?" Dabi said surprised.

"See this Video? This the entrance exam happened last year." Izuku then commands Shiro to play the next video. "As you can see, there is a student who can control and create water. She top the entrance exam because with one gush, she can make a Mini Tsunami flooding those robots away." Izuku said.

"That's Really Cool!!" Mei said as she View the Video.

"But Eraser expelled his entire Class in their first Day. So... I can conclude he didn't see that she is capable of being a Hero despite her powerful quirk." Izuku said.

"What.the.fuck!? Eraserbastard must be blind or something." Dabi said.

"Maybe his looking beyond just one person's quirk. Maybe he is also looking for the fact that a Hero should have a heart of being a Hero. Heroes now a days are what Nii-san called bullshit, but Eraserhead wants to prevent that because he wants the future Heroes to become true Heroes, Not someone like Fire Bastard Shit. " Fuyumi said.

" See? I told you his Good. He even Adopts Dabi and maybe my Deku persona as his son!" Izuku said.

" Who the fuck told you that I was Adopted!?" Dabi said.

" Face it Scarface, Eraserbastard would always message Deku when you get injured, he always scold you when you get into trouble, and he helps you now and then when you need one. It's common fucking sense that he already adopts you without you knowing. Both, of you. " Katsuki said as he point to Hawks and Dabi.

Hawks sheepishly scratch the back of his neck." You might be right, Last time I talk to him personally he was... I don't know he asked me if I'm safe within the HPSC and I didn't answer him and he offers help if ever I need one and he said that I shouldn't hesitate to asked him. Before that he start scolding for being another Problem Child. " Hawks said.

"that's why I call Him EraserDad." Izuku said.

"Hmmm its good to know that there is still a true Hero in this collapsing Society. It would be better if All of the Hero would have a heart just like Eraserhead does." Fuyumi said.

"Well, your looking at Future Hero Number one." Mei said as he pat Katsuki's shoulder. "He might cuss a Lot, Like a Lot~ but I know he is a Hero in Heart. One day, You will have your own agency and my company will be your personal support gear maker and Izuku can be your personal Informant and  analysis!! You'll be the greatest Hero in no time, Greater than All Might!! "Mei said.

"Of course I fucking would." Katsuki said.

"You would be a great Hero Kaachan." Izuku said.

Katsuki is surprised with that but gave a smile to Izuku. "So do you Nerd." Katsuki said and Izuku was surprised but he gave a Genuine smile.

"Yeah~" Izuku said.

"Awe~ That Smile, You look adorable!! You should smile again and let me take pictures!!" Fuyumi said and Izuku's expression went back to Lazy/bored one.

"No, No pictures!" Izuku said as he cling to Hawks more who chuckled.

"No fair!! Why are you cuddling the Green Bean, Let me have him too!" Fuyumi said.

"Nope, His Adorable, lovable and comfortable. His Hair is so soft and Flappy~"Hawks said but Katsuki suddenly pull Izuku to him and embraced him protectively.

" You Fuckers doesn't deserved to held My Deku this close!! " Katsuki said.




" Did you just say My Deku? " Dabi said.

" I thought I was the only one who has Temporary hearing loss, turns out you do as well stupid Scar Face." Katsuki said in denial with his face painted in pink.

" Fuck You! " Dabi said irritatedly.

"No thanks, go and Fuck him instead! (Point at Hawks) or he would Fuck you, after all you look like a fucking bottom to me." Katsuki said.

"Why You bastard Brat!!" Dabi send a ball of small flame to Katsuki who quickly dodge it while he still cling to Izuku. Katsuki gently let Izuku go and send a small blast to Dabi who dodge it, though his shirt got a burn a little. "Fucking bastard!! Get back here!!" Dabi said and both of them start to fight once again.

"Let's make a bet who should win!!" Mei said.

"I agree!." Hawks said happily.

"You two shouldn't bet on them and you(pointing at Hawks) you should stop them your a fucking Hero!!" Fuyumi scold him.

"I value my Life, I still have a dream of to be Free. so, I would never walk to a fight of two Flame users." Hawks said.

"Ugh! Your unbelievable." Fuyumi said annoyed as she stand up and stop the fight of the two.

"Here, we should enjoy the show ^-^" Hawks said as he pass Mei and Izuku a small bag of Chicken Nuggets and they happily accept it and watch the chaos of fire, Explosion and Ice on the Beach.



Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov




Aizawa groan and just roll over the bed and cover his ears with the pillow. He then felt a weight on top of again cuddling him. "Sho! Wake up!! Today we will meet new Little Listeners, are you excited?" Hizashi said.

"I'm excited to expell them all, I'm not gonna teach some hell spawn this fucking year." Aizawa said bluntly.


Hizashi pouted. "No! Give them a chance~ They are still learning." Hizashi said.

"I give them plenty of chances Zashi. So if they waste it then they don't deserve to be in my class, so get off me and please have my sleep." Aizawa said.

"No! Today we are gonna observe some little listeners!! So you get up and fix yourself before Rat God comes here and drag your beautiful ass to UA!" Hizashi said as he gave a slight squeeze to Aizawa who groan in annoyance.

"Fine! Stop fucking squeezing my ass Zashi!" Aizawa said.


"Okay." Hizashi raises his hand in surrender. "But I know you love it~" Hizashi said as he gave a wink. Aizawa just groans though his cheek is pink.

"I love you Zashi, I really do. But sometimes I question myself as to why I marry a Loud, annoying, blonde person like you." Aizawa said.

Hizashi fake gaps. "What? I'm hurt sho~ You hurt my feelings." Hizashi said as he wipe his fake tears.

Aizawa roll his eyes and shove his husband off him and sat up. He gave a kiss to Hizashi's cheek who chuckled happily and went to the closet and pick his usual outfit and went to the bathroom. He gave a long tired sigh.

"This is gonna be hell."




"Fuck! I fucking know UA is big, but not this fucking big!!" Katsuki said as he stand outside of the gate of UA with Izuku and Mei on his side.

"Hell Yeah!! I wonder how large their Laboratory is!? I could create bigger babies in them!!" Mei said happily.


"I hope the fucking lab has Anti-Crazy Mad Scientist Pink, or else UA will fall down." Katsuki said and Mei Punch his arm playfully.

"Shut Up Blasty! They should have an Anti Constipated Pomeranian with a hands of grenade!! Or else UA would be destroyed!" Mei said.

"Shut the Fuck up Crazy Pink!!" Katsuki said.


"Kaachan, Mei. We're here to take the exam not to argue. Common, let's go inside." Izuku said and drag his two friends inside UA grounds. Then, they enter the building and look around with different students coming here and there.

"Woah~ The entrance is huge. How are we supposed to find our exam room?" Mei said.

Izuku looks around and he saw someone who is sitting on the table and interviewing some students like them. "Let's approach her!" Izuku said and quickly went to the desk.

"Oh Hello Dear~ What can I do for you?" The woman said.


"Are you Pro-Hero R-rated Hero Midnight?" Izuku said and Midnight is surprised with that.


"Yes I am, You have a keen eyes my dear~" Midnight said and wink at Izuku who gave a shy look.

"Wow~ Your a cool Hero, especially your Quirk. You can nearby people to sleep by exuding a sleep-inducing aroma from your skin! It's really good for Heroics, just imagine that you can stop a robbery with a minimum damaged or you could catch criminals without damaging anybody and.. " Izuku start to mumble quietly, only Katsuki, Mei and Midnight heard his words since he start to go into deep thoughts.


" Broccoli-kun No! You snap out of it! "Mei said as she shook Izuku violently.

" Hey! " Katsuki grab Izuku and cuddle him protectively." Your hurting the nerd! " Katsuki said glaring at Mei.


" Oh! I'm sorry. " Mei said.

Midnight chuckled." Wow, you three must be really close." Midnight said.

"No! We aren't!!" Mei and Katsuki argued and Izuku gave a long tired sigh.

"Kaachan, You can let me go now." Izuku said and Katsuki did let Izuku gently. Izuku look at midnight and bow.

"I'm sorry Miss Midnight for earlier. Its a bad hobby of mine to mumble. Please accept my deepest apology." Izuku said and Midnight smile, not many teenagers nowadays are this polite.

"No, no, no, Actually I'm surprised that you know about my quirk. Do you have an intelligent quirk or something?" Midnight said and Izuku shook his head.

"Okay, So... What can I do for you?" Midnight said.

"Well, Kaachan here is applying for Heroics, I apply for Gen Ed, and Mei applies for support class. Can we ask where our exam rooms would be?" Izuku said.

"Of course, Kaachan right?" Midnight said as she turn her gaze to the computer.

"No! It's Bakugou, Katsuki." Katsuki said glaring at Midnight.

"Why Kaachan though? Your not adorable, nor cute. Kaachan is a cute nick name~ Yet your..." Midnight said and Katsuki glare at her, a glare of promise of death.

"Say about me more and I fucking end you." Katsuki said and Midnight raise her hand in surrender.

"Kaachan No! She's a Pro Hero!" Izuku argued.

"I fucking Know that and I don't fucking care." Katsuki said and Izuku sigh.


"I'm sorry about him Miss Midnight. He might be harsh, loud, and-" Izuku was cut off by Mei.

"and have a Foul cuss of Vocabulary" Mei said.

"-yeah that. But he is nice and kind." Izuku said.

"His too soft for Broccoli-kun as well!!" Mei declaire.

"if you two won't stop fucking talking I'll promise you, You won't get out of this school alive." Katsuki threatened them. Mei chuckled and Izuku just gave a small smile.

Midnight smile. "Well, Bakugou-kun I found your name and his your slot." Midnight said and gave a piece of paper to Katsuki. "Just follow that path and look for two large door with a sign of Auditory Room." Midnight said as she point the specific direction.

Katsuki nod. "See you lossers." Katsuki said, but before he did. "Nerd, you better get in or I'll drag your ass here once again." Katsuki said.

"Good Luck as well Kaachan." Izuku said and Katsuki scoff as he walk away.



"What a Way to say good luck." Midnight said chuckling.

"That's Blasty for you." Mei said.

"And as for you Hatsune, Mei right? Actually your one of the recommendation student for support course. Your parents recommend you, so you don't need to take the exam. You could go straight to support lab course and present your support gear." Midnight said.

" No! That would be unfair! My parents did told me that they did write a recommendation letter for me, but when they told me and I said no, they already send the letter and they can't take it back. So, Can I take the exam? " Mei said.

"Of course, but are you sure? Most of the students will be happy to skip the test you know." Midnight said.

"I'm not most of the students then! Most of them are normal and boring! I'm not them, I'm extraordinary." Mei claimed proudly.

Midnight smile. " Sure you are girl~,heres your slot. You could go that path and turn left, when you do there is a 25 step stairs going down and you'll meet a large door, when you open it look for Pro-hero Powerloader, he will give you instructions." Midnight said.

" Thanks! "Mei said and she look at Izuku." Good Luck Broccoli-kun" Mei said and wave hood bye as she run to the path where Midnight direct her to.

"Broccoli huh..." Midnight chuckled. "It suit such a cute kid like you! ." Midnight said and Izuku shyly look at Midnight. "Your name Dear?" Midnight said.

"Midoriya, Izuku."

Midnight start to tap on the computer. "Found your name, and here is your slot. Just go straight ahead and the end of the room is the room where your gonna take exam."Midnight said and Izuku said.

" Thank You Miss Midnight. " Izuku bow politely and went ahead to find his room. Midnight smile.

" Student this year will be fun. " Midnight said.



Izuku stand infront of a huge door. He want to back out and exit this school grounds because he knew that he won't pass. Honestly, he believes that he doesn't have a chance to pass in this well-known school or if he wanted to attend a school in general. He is scared, because his past experience with school isn't nice, it's far from it. In fact it's hell for him because he is worthless, useless, and quirkless.

If it wasn't for Katsuki and Mei's encouragement he would never Apply to UA or in any other school. He is contented on his life and his earning money, food and shelter aren't a problem as well. So why risk going to hell once more?

"Are you just gonna stand there or your gonna go inside?"

Izuku look behind him and saw someone who is taller than him (Well, everyone is taller than him. Cursed his lack of height) who had purple hair, beautiful purple eyes, and a horrible display of eye bags.

" Uhm..uhm... " Izuku said as he start to feel nervous. He step aside to give way to the student and look down. The tall purple guy sigh.

"Come on, The exam will start soon. You can't just stand there and make yourself smaller." The purple hair guy said.

"Ri-right..." Izuku said. The purple haired guy look at him once more before he open the door and walk inside followed by Izuku. They then look around and saw students were already sitting in the chair and chatting one another. Izuku on the other hand just want to back out and run away from this classroom.

The purple guy then ignore him and look for a sit, Izuku follow him because he saw two vacant sit where the purple guy is headed to. So, they sat down and the purple guy just look away boredly while Izuku look down nervously. He held his chest trying to calm down as he took a breathing exercise. He then cross his hand on the desk and lay his head their. Sleeping always makes him clam down, but he won't sleep, he just need to lay down and relax.

Soon, they heard the door slam open and a homeless-hobo looking guy just walk inside. Izuku open his eyes and slowly look at the new comer, and his eyes widden.

"EraserDad!" Izuku mumbled very softly.

"Students, Settle down. I'll be your instructor for today. You already know, that your here to take the General Education Exam and I'm not gonna explain further. I'm sure you already read what General Education is all About. So, I'll pass this papers and you have 1 hour to take the exam. " Eraserhead said and quickly pass the paper with a bored look, well he looks like that he didn't want to be In the room.

And with that, The exam begins.


Izuku finished the exam within 15 minutes, because he find the exam very easy so he review the exam for 5 minutes. He was confused, he thought that UA entrance exam even in General Ed. Course is hard but, No. He finish them quickly. He look around and saw that most of the student were having this expression that they were having trouble with the test which Izuku confused.

Eraserhead then approach his desk. "You finish?" He said while giving an intimidating look and Izuku just nod and gave him his paper. Eraserhead got the paper and look at him once more. "Your done for today, pack your things and Go." Eraserhead as he walk away. Izuku then pack his things and walk out of the classroom and sigh in relief.

He hope he would pass the exam atleast and not to disappoint Kaachan and Mei.

Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov



Aizawa then walk inside the observation room with a bored look. He saw Vlad, PresentMic, All might Assmight(Skelleton form) and the God Rat were looking at large screen. The god rat already introduced All might to them since his gonna be teaching the heroics this year which annoyed Aizawa, but he had a feeling that he wouldn't have any students this year. He hoped, because he isn't ready to teach a group of hell spawn. He then heard a loud explosion from one of the screen they were observing and Aizawa saw a spikey blonde boy who destroy one robot from one another.



"Who is he?" Aizawa said.



"Bakugou, Katsuki. His 15, quirk is Explosion. As you can see, his hands is a Grenade itself." Nedzu said and Aizawa just nod and walk inside not caring about what was happening in the screen. He settle on the occupied chair and look at the screen with a bored look and saw that Bakugou was about to defeat another robot and this robot can give him high points. But Bakugou didn't chase the robot but instead he walk back and help another fellow student and he saw a Familiar purple hair Student that he saw in General Ed examination who help each other as well.



The robot then start to get hiwire and attacked them but, Katsuki said something to the girl and the girl touch the Robot and make it float up. Katsuki propel himself up to the robot and destroy them. He then help the two getting out of the mess up fake city.



"Put those three in my class." Aizawa said.



"Unfortunately Shinsou, Hitoshi the purple hair guy, doesn't have enough points to go to Heroics so he would be place in the Gen Ed under Present Mic's class." Nedzu said and Aizaw groan.



"His quirk?" Aizawa said.



"Brainwashing. He could Control someone with Verbal response." Nedzu said.



"That's why I told you to change the method of Entrance Exam. Clearly he has potential, but his quirk isn't suitable on Robots. Ugh! Another waste." Aizawa said annoyed.



"You know I can just do that unless its been approved by the HPSC right?" Nedzu said.



Aizawa just groan again, he stand up and walk out of the observation room without a word.



"Is he always like that?" All might asked.



"He is. Just ignore him, he'll come along." Nedzu said.









All the teachers were discussing the students result. "Who got the higher score in the written exam in Heroics?" Aizawa asked.



"Bakugou, Katsuki. He got 85% in written exam and he got the highest score in Practical Exam." Vlad said.



"I'll have him." Aizawa said.



"If you expell him, Don't. Put him in my class instead." Vlad said.



"No way. Once he show no potential he would be out." Aizawa said.



"Uhm... Principal Nedzu, is the world ending already?" Midnight asked since she saw an amused smile on Nezu's face while looking at specific paper. All the teachers look at him and they were start to feel scared with Nedzu smile, because the rat god never smile.



" Well, Midoriya, Izuku is an interesting student. He got a total of 98% in the written exam which didn't happen for many years and the way he writes the essay is amusing. Especially the question ' What makes a Hero, a Hero? ' I know that this question shouldn't be related to Gen Ed course and business but you all know that all our written exams are the same with every Course. " Nedzu said.



" What did he wrote? " PresentMic asked.



What makes a Hero, a Hero is that he or She had a hero in heart. It doesn't matter if they got a strong quirk that can defeat villains in just one snap of a finger, all it matter is that your willing to save anyone you can save and give them Hope that everything is gonna be okay despite in a situation where both Hero and Civilian find it hopeless. Heroes aren't perfect, they are humans as well, they can't save everyone from danger by just using their 10 fingers and two hands, they aren't God. But, a Hero doesn't give up. He/she would willing to take a risk no matter what just to save and give hope to people. " Nedzu read what Izuku write on his paper. " Isn't it an amusing answer? Most of the papers I read earlier, they have the same answer. Heroes are meant to defeat villains, save people, Money and Fame. But no one gave an answer such as amusing as this. " Nedzu said.



"Why isn't he in Heroics then? It's clear he had a mind and heart  for one." Aizawa said.



Nezu's expression then change to a unamused look. " His quirkless and according to his file in both elementary and Middle school his a cheater, always causing trouble, disrespecting teachers, and an attention seeker. " Nedzu said.


"That's Bullshit! I met him in the entrance you know. The three of them Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku, and Hatsune Mei. The three seems to be close friends and I'm telling you the green bean is the most polite one among the three of them. He quickly recognized me as 'midnight' and start rambling about my quirk and how it works or what I can do with it. He apologies in a polite way after he realizes his mumbling. Honestly, if his file isn't said his Quirkless I would believe he has a Intelligent quirk." Midnight said.



"He finish the entrance exam in just 15 mins, he used 5  minutes to review his work so he finish in 20. It would be nice if he would go for Heroics." Aizawa said.



"But, isn't it dangerous? His quirkless." All might, or Yagi said.



Aizawa and some other teachers glare at him. "Just what he said in his Essay, it doesn't matter if you have a strong quirk, all it matter is that you have a heart of Hero that would save anyone you can save and give them Hope. It means what it means All might, as long as you have a Hero in heart and your willing to take the risk anyone can be a Hero. Aren't you the one who told everyone that? " Aizawa said with an intimidating voice.



" I agree with him. " Presentmic said.



" Is a Waste that such a brain like this he would be in Gen Ed. " Vlad said.



" You said that he know Hatsune Mei right? This girl is the one who get the highest score in written exam and in Practical, she create a machine that a professional engineer would create. She is the highest one in Practical, though her machine did explode but still her invention is great." Power loader said.



"It looks like the three of them are the interesting students this year." Nedzu said.



"Ah~ Problem Chaos childrens." Aizawa said.






After the Exam. 



Izuku is waiting for Mei and Katsuki for their exam to be done. He is standing near the gate of UA waiting for them, when he saw the purple hair guy who looks down when he was walking. "He-hey... A-are Yo-you okay?" Izuku said and the purple hair glare at him.



"You think?" The purple hair said.



Izuku look down and Shinsou look at Izuku who looks like a kid that he just stole candy from. He felt a little guilty and sigh. "I'm fine, just disappointed that I didn't get enough points for the Heroic entrance exam." Shinsou said. Izuku look at him surprised a little before nodding.



"I-if Yo-you wa-want. You Ca-can come wi-with me an-and my Fri-friends to go to-to a Cafe or something to-to make Yo-you feel be-better?" Izuku said, he cursed himself for stuttering. He can't help it because its been a while since he talk to someone that is outside of his peer.



Shinsou came to the new school not to make friends, he learn that from the hard way. But, this cute boy who looks like a twig and timid seems to be genuine. Afterall, he doesn't look like someone who have a great experience with people and school as well.



"Sure." Shinsou said.



"BRROOCCOOLLI-KKUUNNN!!" Mei said running to Izuku followed by Katsuki. Mei launch herself to Izuku and hug him. "I know I Ace the exam!! Powerloader said that his impressed with My Babies!!" Mei said and Katsuki pull Izuku close to him and Growl at Mei.



"You don't have to launch your self to him like a Crazy Bitch you are Crazy Pink!" Katsuki said.



"Woah~ blasty Chill." Mei raise her hand in surrender. "His all yours, Just say the word and Broccoli-kun would be yours. Don't be coward and just say the words already!" Mei said.



Katsuki glare at her but pink color form in his cheek. "Fuck off Crazy Pink." Katsuki said.



"Kaachan! Don't be mean to Mei! She's just happy that she got praise by a Hero. I would Jump over the moon if I got praised by one, or I would faint." Izuku said.



"I'm pretty sure your gonna cry nerd, afterall your a cry baby." Katsuki said.



"Kaachan!! Mou~" Izuku argued embarrassed.



Mei chuckled. "Come on! Let's go to the Cat Cafe already!! I wanna try some of my babies to the cats!!" Mei said as she pull out a weird machine out of nowhere and now it's in her hands.



"Mei No~ were not killing any cats." Izuku said.



"I'm not killing them, I'm just testing things." Mei said.



"The same thing!" Izuku argued, he sigh and look behind him where Shinsou is just looking at their interaction. "Yo-you sit-still wa-want to come with us?" Izuku said and Shinsou gave a bored look, in truth he wants to go but he saw that the three have great friendship and if they know about his quirk they would gang up to him and bully him again just like in his previous school.



" No thanks. " Shinsou said as he walk ahead but Mei pull him.



"Nope! Your coming with us whether you like it or not! Let's Go!!" Mei said as she start to pull Shinsou and Izuku along with Katsuki follow them.




Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov

"Why am I here?" Shinsou said as he sat down on the floor with one cat settling on his purple hair and another cat is settling in his lap who he happily stroke. Shinsou love cats, he often come to a cat cafe and lay on the floor as he cuddle with the cats but he prepare doing those alone, not with someone.

"It's not like you hate it. Its clear that you like it, if not you already throw the fucking furball that sitting on your purple fuck hair across the room." Katsuki said, as he sat down there calmly and it seems no Cat is approaching him and his fine with it.

" Atleast cats likes me, No cats seems to approach with a vuglar mouth of yours. " Shinsou said.

" Fuck off Purple Bastard! " Katsuki growl and Shinsou roll his eyes.

"Mei! No, you can not experiment on cats!" Izuku Scold Mei who is putting a leather dress on a Cat.

"I'm not I promise! This is just a normal leather clothes for Cats. Promise!" Mei said and Izuku gave a doubtful look.

"Promises meant to broken, so No I don't think that's a normal Clothes. It's a fuck up probably." Katsuki said.

Mei pouted, but she smirk and quickly pull out a small remote out of nowhere and the leather coat that is wear by the cat start to glow, it seems its a coat where they could view the skeleton inside.

" Mei!" Izuku said.

" I promise you its harmless. Its not like an ordinary X-ray where it would affect them with radiation. Its just a normal projection!" Mei explain.

"Still Mei!!" Izuku said.

"are they always like that?" Shinsou asked Katsuki.

"What do you think?" Katsuki said and Shinsou just nod and look away.

"So Kaachan, How's the practical entrance exam?" Izuku asked.

"Just you said, it's a fucking robots ofcourse. Ugh! I think I destroy enough to pass." Katsuki said.

"Lucky you, I barely got points." Shinsou said.

"Your also trying for heroics?" Izuku said.

"Yeah, We actually met during the exam. He help me defeat a robot since that robot had a fucking lazer and it almost kill me but he destroy it. Then, there is this girl who he help as well as she stuck under a  dead robot ugh!" Shinsou explained.

"We always knew that you are a Softie and behind this shitty personally of you have a heart with care!!" Mei claimed and Katsuki glare at her with a promise of death.

"Say that fucking again and I swear your body will disappeared and no one is gonna find it!" Katsuki threatened her.

"Hoo~ I'm scared." Mei act. "But Nah~ I know your an idiot who can't even hide a proper Body hehehe maybe I should hide your body instead!! I already prepare some babies if one day Test subject 2 will asked as to hide someone's body!!" Mei said with a sinister smile.

"Oh Fuck!" Katsuki said.

"Yo-you cre-create a machine like that?" Izuku said as he look at Mei scared.


"Of course I did! You never know when you will use it!" Mei said.

Shinsou Gulp, he might hang out with a bunch hell spawn.

"Ri-Right..." Izuku said. "Anyway, Uhm... How about we introduce each other? I'm Midoriya Izuku, you can call me Izuku if you want to." Izuku said.

" My name is Hatsume, Mei! And I'll be the future CEO of Hatsume industry and be the best engineer in the whole Japan!!" Mei said cheerfully.

" Bakugou, Katsuki. Katsuki is fine since I have a feeling you'll be staying with us for a long fucking time. " Katsuki said.

"Shinsou, Hitoshi. You can call me by my first name I guess. I have that feeling as well, afterall Mei just kidnapped me and drag me here." Shinsou said.

"Atleast we drag you to a nice Cat Cafe! Who knows where would drag you next time!" Mei said.

Shinshou slap his forehead. "Oh fuck what did I even get myself into." Shinsou mumbled.

"So? How did the heroic exam went for you?" Mei asked.

"Horrible, my quirk isn't suitable for robots." Shinsou said.

"What is it then?" Mei said and Shinsou start to stiff, he knows that once he tell someone about his quirk they will start to mock him. But, he better tell them now and end this friendship forming this early rather than later when he start to get attached to them.

" It's brainwashing, I can control someone with a verbal response." Shinsou said, he waited for them to mock him, say his a villain but he didn't expect their reaction.

"Wow! That's a cool quirk! With the quirk of yours, you could stop a robbery with a minimum damage, you can just control the villain and make them surrender, you can probably stop someone when they are having a panic attack, or you can jus-" Izuku said but he was cut off by Katsuki.

" You could just order a Villain to fight and torture their allias while you sat on throne and watch them destroy each other. That would be epic! " Katsuki said with a smirk.

" Kaachan No! That's not how it works! Well, he technically could but No!" Izuku Scold Katsuki.

" If I have a Quirk like that, I will command the Chief Commander of Japan to gather all the military and make a large beautiful baby ship that has a beautiful baby weapon that can sink a country!! I'll be unstoppable!!" Mei said.

"Mei! No! That's not a great Idea!" Izuku said, he then look at Shinsou. "Please tell me you won't do those things." Izuku said.

"Uh... Don't worry, I would never do those." Shinsou said still processing how the hell he have met such a hell spawn people like them.

"Suit yourself, With a quirk like that I could take over the world and the King." Katsuki said.

"Or queen." Mei said.

"Oh God, I think I met up with the wrong people." Shinsou said as he slap his own forehead as well. He then look at them once more a little shy "Yo-you don't Thi-think it's villainous right?" Shinsou said.

"Are you being bully because of that?" Izuku asked him with concern and Shinsou eyes widden. "I mean, it's known to the world that those who have mental quirks, weak quirks and that consider villainous are being bullied and mock since we are living in a Judgmental society." Izuku said and Shinsou look down at the cat settling on his lap.

"Yeah..." Shinsou said.

"Then you shouldn't be nervous talking about your quirk to us! If other calls you weird tell them your proud of being weird! I mean those who aren't weird people are normal and it's boring to be normal, doing the same thing over and over again like they are a broken recorder. Being abnormal is great, your weird, your extra ordinary and each steps of your life would be full of adventure!! " Mei said cheerfully.

" She's right. I mean, Mei is crazy, I'm quirkless, and Kaachan... Well his Kaachan. " Izuku said.

" Deku, the fuck is that supposed to mean!? " Katsuki said.

" Uh... Exactly what I mean. " Izuku said.

" He means your abrasive, a human grenade with a foul and full of cursing words vocabulary." Mei said.

" Deku, I'm 1 second on wanting to blast this Crazy bitch out of my sight and destroy this fucking Cafe! " Katsuki said.

"Mei, I think its safe that you should stop provoking Kaachan." Izuku said.

"Well~ Purple Cat! Quirk used your Quirk on Blasty!" Mei said.

"Why?" Shinsou said.

"Come on just used it!" Mei said and Shinsou hesitate at first but he look at Katsuki who is glaring at him.

"Don't you fucking dare." Katsuki said and with that Shinsou used his quirk.

"What's next?" Shinsou said.

Mei then write something on a small note book she carry and let Shinsou read them. "Confess to Izuku." Shinsou read the note and Katsuki's eyes when a little glossy as he turn his gaze to Izuku and said

"I love you Zuku-chan, ever since were kids I always love you." Katsuki said, His eyes went back to scarlet red and his cheek match the color of his eyes, not only him but also Izuku as well. Katsuki glare deadly to Shinsou with a promise of death.

"You fucking Purple Bastard of a Shitsou! I will murder you and I promise you, your body will never be found!" Katsuki said already cracking his fist and sparks start to form, Shinsou gulped.

"Quick! Order him to fall asleep!" Izuku said.

"Uh... Sleep!"Shinsou command and Katsuki suddenly fall down unconscious.

It was silent at first.

" That. Was. FUCKING AWSOME!! You should totally do it Again!! "Mei said.

" Now I understand why he call you Crazy Pink, you are Crazy! Oh My god~ I should prepare a funeral soon. " Shinsou said as he lay on the floor." Cats, Come here and cuddle me. Free me from this misery with your cuteness. " Shinsou said and the two cats thats already with him lay on his chest as he cuddle with them.

Mei start to laugh and Izuku chuckled.

"This is gonna be a long day." Izuku said.


Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov



Deku create a Group Chat 

Deku add BlastyExplodeyKEM, CrazyMadScientist, Shinsou Hitoshi

Deku change Shinsou Hitoshi to Purple Cat(= > ㅅ <  =)






 Hello Shin-chan \(^-^)/





Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =): 

I guess this is Izuku, Mei and Blasty right? 

I regret giving you my Email

But How do you even do this cat emoji?





Oh My God!!  ὸ.ό

You belong to old people as well!! 




Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):

Sorry to inform you I'm not old.

I'm same age as you. 

Just don't know how to do this crazy emoji thingi. 





That means you belong to old people who doesn't know how to use this Emoticons. 

You don't even know what they called. 

So sad (ಥ◡ಥ)




Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):

I officially regret meeting you people. 





Don't worry

Your not the only one who can't used this Emoticons. 

Blasty doesn't know as well. 







Fuck You I can use a fucking emoticons as well. 

Purple Shitsou is just an Idiot. 




Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):

Please don't used that Fucking emoticon ever again. 

I think I need holy water to cleanse my eyes. 





Used 70% Isopropyl Alcohol instead. 

Its good for cleansing bacteria and germs you know. 





Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):



Yup, I regret meeting this people. 






Just like they said, they aren't normal people. 

Anyways, Shin-chan where do you live? 





Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):

I live on one of the foster care why? 






are they treating you right? 




Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):

Its okay I guess. 

Why did you asked? 






Do you want to met up in Dagobah Beach? 

Maybe hang out with us? 




Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):

The beach that is full with Trash?






But its clean now you know. 




Purple Cat(= > ㅅ < =):


I'll be there in 10. 











We will wait for you!! ^-^ 








Shinsou arrive at the beach and he look for Izuku and the rest. He found them settling under the big umbrella as they sat on a blanket that placed on the sand. 

"Hey weird people." Shinsou said. 



"Good Your here. Come sit down." Mei said as she pat a space beside her and Shinsou sat down. "Here, Izuku made them and I promise you its heaven." Mei said as she gave Shinsou a plate of strawberry cake that shape like a cat. 



"Thanks." Shinsou said. 



"Would you like a Milk Tea to pair with that Shin-chan?" Izuku asked and Shinsou nod, Izuku then pull out a plastic cup (with sealed) and a black straw from the styro foam cooler beside him and gave it to Shinsou. 



"Thanks." Shinsou said, but he curiously look at Katsuki who is sleeping peacefully in Izuku's lap, but he didn't dare to question if he value his life. 



"Okay, So why is your username Deku?" Shinsou said. 



"Its how you read Izuku in a different Kanji." Izuku said. 



"Oookaayy~ But isn't it mean Useless?" Shinsou said. 



"Well thats what everyone told me. I'm useless, worthless, waste of space just because I'm quirkless." Izuku said as he looks down. 



"Izuku, We talk about this." Mei said and Izuku just shrug it and continue messing with Katsuki's hair gently. 



"Thats a Fucking bullshits. But people are shits so, I mean I am mock as well for being a villain ever since I was 5. When my quirk manifested my Parents always lock me inside the house and never let me talk since they fear I might control them you know. When I was 6 I was disowned and thrown to a foster care. Ever since that day, every family who foster me would either lock me on a closet, abused me and tell me that I am a villain and sometimes they put muzzle on me. I have a total of 56 family who foster me and send me back to the system. Is totally such living in this Fuck up Society." Shinsou said. 



"We found new aliay!!" Mei said. 



"Is that why you try for Heroics because you want to prove to the world that they were wrong?" Izuku said and Shinsou nod as he take a bite of the cake and his eyes widden. 



"This cake is heaven!! Mei said you made them, Its good. I think I can die in peace now." Shinsou said. 



"Tha-Thanks for the compliment." Izuku said. 



"Though your right. I'm trying to prove everyone that they were wrong, but I guess my chance is already ruin because of the Fucking Robots." Shinsou said. 



"You don't know that yet. We didn't get our results yet right? So you have chance. If ever you fail in Heroics I'm sure you won't fail in Gen Ed. You can still train and get stronger to win the sport festival. Because if you win the Sport Festival, you have a chance to be transfer in Hero course." Izuku said. 



"Wait!? Really? I didn't know that rule applies?" Shinsou said. 



"Maybe yes, maybe no. Its not an official rule but it applies. Do you know Sir Nighteye?" Izuku said. 



"All might's assistant?" Shinsou said and Izuku nod. 



"Do you know his quirk?" Izuku said. 



"Not really, but according to what I read on the net. His quirk can help him predict the movement of his opponent." Shinsou said. 



"Close Yeah. But his quirk is called Foreseen Future, means he could see his opponents future moves within 1 hour by just looking at them. He could only use his quirk every once 24 hours with a duration of 1 hour. Do you think that a quirk like him would be useful on fighting robots?" Izuku said. 



"No." Shinsou said. 



"Ofcourse No, so how did he Graduate in UA Heroic's course then and become a Hero?" Izuku said. 



"So your saying he win the Sport Festival and got transferred?" Shinsou said. 



"Exactly. So starting from now, We will help you train. "Izuku said and at that time Katsuki move a little and open his eyes and look at Shinsou with a bored look. 



"You can't possibly be a hero if you have a Jelly arms and leg of stick!" Katsuki said as he turn around and face Izuku's stomach and buried his face there to get comfortable and sleep once more. Izuku just let Katsuki and mess with the blonde's hair. 



"Are you sure you aren't dating or something?" Shinsou said and Izuku blush, Katsuki blush as well but his face is well hidden he mumbled a "Fuck off Purple Shitsou." That only Izuku heard Before he relax and sleep once more. 



"No we aren't." Izuku said. 



"Maybe they would get married in the future." Mei said. 



"I'm 100% they will." Shinsou said and Izuku just want to hide his red face. 



"Anyway Shin-chan, Were happy to help you train if you can keep a secret." Izuku said. 



"If this secret that you guys involved of burying a body once I'm out." Shinsou said. 



"In the future yes, But thats not it." Mei said. 



"ookkaayy. I don't totally trust you but yeah, I can keep a secret." Shinsou said. 



"Well, I'm homeless currently and I know no Foster care would accept a Quirkless person such as my self so... I'm living with a Vigilante rightnow." Izuku said. 



"Oh? Okay. No wonder you guys are scary. " Shinsou said. 



"Are you afraid?" Izuku said. 



"To this Crazy Pink and the person on your lap Yes, But you seems safe so Not really." Shinsou said. 



Izuku nod. "Well thats one secret we want you to keep the second is , this Vigilante name Dabi is Hawks childhood friend. So, Hawks met him from time to time in illegal way." Izuku said. 



"Hawks!? As in HAWKS the fucking number 3 Hero!?" Shinsou said surprised. 



"Exactly the Pigeon! So please keep this secret, if you don't you know no one is gonna miss you since you live in a foster care and I can finally test my baby that would help make your body disappear." Mei said with a smirk. 



"Mei No!" Izuku scold him and Shinsou gulp. 



"Don't worry I value my life.  I still want to become a Hero and prove everyone that I can so yeah, I would keep that secret." Shinsou said. 



"Good Choice." Mei said with a smile. 



"Oh Hey, You guys are chilling here?" Hawks appeared and his wearing a casual clothes beside him is Dabi. 



The 3 of them look at the new intruder and smile. "Yeah, care to Join? There is still a lot of snacks here." Izuku said. 



"Thats why were here, for the snacks." Dabi said. 



"And aww~ Look at Katsuki, his sleeping like baby in your lap." Hawks said as he got his phone and start to take pictures. 



"Keigo-Nii No! His gonna kill you if he finds that out." Izuku argued and Hawks quickly keep his phone. 



"Right, but thats a keeper." Hawks said, he then sat next to Shinsou and Dabi sat next to him. "Who's the new stray?" Hawks asked. 



"His Purple Cat." Mei said. 



"I have a name thank you very much, Its Shinsou, Hitoshi. Nice to meet  you, ugh... Hawks right? " Shinsou said. 



Hawks eyes widden "I guess I am easily to recognized huh?" Hawks said. 



"Your shitty blonde hair, your fucking eyes, your voice and your Oh~ So glorious fucking wings is a clue Kei." Dabi said as he got a piece of cake that place on the center of blanket where they sat. 



"Yeah... Just he said." Shinsou said. 



"Well kid, the green bean and the rest brought you here so they must trust you. So can I trust you not to tell this to everyone?" Hawks said. 



"I promise. Besides, I value my life. I don't want any of her so called babies will be the reason my body would disappear and I certain don't want the Human grenade to blast me off." Shinsou said. 



"Wise Choice." Hawks said. 



"Welcome to Hell then Kid and whats with the horrible eyeags?" Dabi said. 



"Insomnia is a bitch." Shinsou said. 



"Ah~ I see." Dabi said. 



"I'm guessing your Dabi the Vigilante?" Shinsou said. 



"Yeah. So, What's your fucking tragic story? Because I know this Gremlins Chaos won't bring a perfect child here. " Dabi said. 



Shinsou sigh as he start to talk about his life. Hawks then manage to give him a hug during the story which surprised him. He meant he never have dream off that he would received a hug from Number 3 hero! Shinsou wanted to faint that moment but he calm himself and continue to tell his story. 



"Well in that case, We will help you to become a Hero! We will help you to prove to the world that they are wrong." Hawks said. 



"Like The human grenade said, if the world Fucks you off, Go fuck off the world as well."Dabi said. 



"Now thats a Quote I want to keep." Shinsou said. 



"Right~" Dabi said. 



"Dabi~ stop eating the good sweets~" Hawks scold him. 



"Or what?" Dabi glare at him and Hawks just look at him. 



"Thats what I thought." Dabi said and Hawks start to mumbled how Dabi used to be a Cute and Adorable when they were kids and Shinsou heard it and chuckled a little. 



"Anyway, Welcome to Group of Gremlins Chaos. Your our official new member and from this day your life would be Chaos so prepare yourself." Dabi said. 



"I already start planning to my funeral don't worry." Shinsou said. 



"Good." Dabi said. 









Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov





It's been a week since they met Shinsou and Shinsou is training everyday with them. Currently he is sparing with Izuku without using his quirk and his been pin by Izuku 3 times already into the sand. Shinsou got up and launch a kick to Izuku who block him by grabbing his foot and twist him to the ground. Wrap his legs on Izuku neck and bring him to the ground instead. Izuku landed a punch on Shinsou's arm and got up as he kick shinsou out of the way.

They continue sparing as the others just keep watching them.

"I never know that Izuku could fight like that." Fuyumi said surprised.

"Yeah, We're surprised as well. His a good fighter than Dabi if I were to say." Hawks said.

"I agree." Dabi said.

"That's surprising." Fuyumi said.

"Dabi just fight using Quirk, so the opponents try to back away from Dabi as they can because just a light touch to Dabi's quirk, you'll get burn. You already know his quirk is more hotter and dangerous than fire bastard Shit. But if he would fight Quirkless, Izuku can pin him down in just a second. " Hawks said.

" I agree with that. " Dabi said.

" Purple Cat knows how to fight as well, though he still needs more training but he have the determination! I already create some of his babies for him to used! " Mei said.

" Mei, context. " Fuyumi said but Mei ignore her.

" That's all for today Shin-chan. " Izuku said as he pin Shinsou to the sand once more. Shinsou lay down for a while and try to catch his breath.

" Tired. " Shinsou said.

"Come on, let's go back to the shades. I'm sure Fuyumi-nee have some cool drink for us." Izuku said and extend his hand, Shinsou got the hand and Izuku help Shinsou stand up. They dust the sand out of their clothes and went back to the shades where the rest were.

" Your fight is so Cool!! I already have some of your babies to be used by you!!" Mei said  happily.

"Mei, context please" Shinsou said, the first time he heard Mei told her about 'her babies' Shinsou was surprised good thing Izuku corrected that thought.

"Here, some Ice tea. It will get you refresh." Fuyumi said.

"Thank you Fuyumi-nee. Your the only normal person in this group so far." Shinsou said.

Fuyumi chuckled. "Yeah, They are all crazy, weird and full shits." Fuyumi said.

"Right." Shinsou said and Dabi who heard his sister just roll his eyes.

"Oi, Bastards!" Katsuki said as he walk towards them and take a sit beside Izuku.

"Kaachan your finally here. What took you so long?" Izuku said.

"You fucking asked me to go to the post mail remember!?" Katsuki said annoyed..

"Oh yeah!." Izuku said and Katsuki roll his eyes.

"Here, I also got Purple Shitsou's mail as well in the Post mail." Katsuki said as he gave the two their envelopes with a seal of UA.

"Thanks for your kindness ." Shinsou said sarcasticly and Katsuki just scoff annoyed.

"I brought Mine! I didn't open it as well. Because you know, I want us to open our mail together!" Mei said.

"Well, what are you gremlins waiting for? Open them." Dabi said.

"I'll go first!" Mei said and when she open her white envelope a CD is placed inside. Izuku gave Shiro to her, and Mei put her CD behind Shiro and Shiro start to play the CD. It was power loader who is welcoming Mei to the support course since she pass, and got the highest score among all the applicants.

"Congratulations Mei. We know that you would pass." Izuku said.

"UA will be dumb if they didn't accept the Crazy Pink. But, they should be prepared for Crazy Pink's destructions Babies." Dabi said.

"Heeeyyy~ My Babies aren't destructive. They just explode from time to time." Mei argued.

"Rrriigghhttt~" Dabi said sarcasticly.

"I'll open mine next." Izuku said and Shiro play his CD next. It was PresentMic who welcome Izuku and congratulated him since he top the written exam with 98% which made Izuku's mind stop working. "Thi-this I-is a-a pra-prank right? I-I to-top the exam!?" Izuku said still processing with what PresentMic just said.

"Kid, You have the brains. Your a fucking genius. With those analysis you have, you could take down Heroes with just using the power of your mind." Dabi said.

"His right, When I read the entry about me in your analysis notebook it gave me chill especially the weakness." Hawks said as he lightly shake his body. "Anyway, your mind is terrifying. So its no doubt you'll top the exam. Your one special Kid Izuku." Hawks said.

"Never Know that Keigo has brain that isn't functioning like a bird." Fuyumi said and you can hear In the background Hawks said "Hey!".   "But his right, you know. You have talent, just need to work on your self worth." Fuyumi said with a smile.

"Nerd, I Call you a nerd for reason." Katsuki said.

"Your My business partner in the future!" Mei said.

"Your My mentor in this training. so, I'm not surprised. Congratulation Izuku." Shinsou said.

"I-I- uhm... Thank you for those words. Yo-you don't kno-know how the-they meant to-to me." Izuku said and gave them a small smile.

"were always here to tell this words Izuku." Hawks said.

Izuku nod and felt happy with that.

"I guess Its my turn huh..." Shinsou said as he place the CD on Shiro and well it was Present Mic who is on the screen telling him that he didn't have enough points in the practical exam. Though, he pass the General Ed. Exam and he is being welcomed. Shinsou gave a very long sigh." It's okay Kid, Like Izuku said you still have a chance." Dabi said patting Shinsou's hair.

"Neh~ I already expected this. But we'll, your right. I still have a chance and I will win." Shinsou said with determination.

"That's the spirit!" Fuyumi said.

"Good Luck with that." Katsuki said as he got Shiro and place his CD.

"Don't worry I promise to beat your Asshole ass." Shinsou said and Katsuki was about to say something but Shiro start to play the CD. It was All might in the screen saying he top the score in a practical exam and in written exam as well. All might welcome him to UA.

" What. The. Fuck.!? " Katsuki said surprised. "Why the fuck is he there!?" Katsuki said.

"There's a rumor that All might is gonna be teaching Heroics in UA this year. I guess that's true. " Izuku said.

"Fuck!" Katsuki said. "I'm going to murder Ass Might when I'll see him." Katsuki said with a smirk.

"Kaachan No! His gonna be your teacher you know. Maybe your homeroom! Aren't you happy? You'll get to see All might everyday!" Izuku said.

"Ugh! Fuck Asshole fucking AssMight." Katsuki cursed.

"I didn't know All might has a teaching License?" Hawks said.

"fucking Wolves must done something about it. What do you expect? His Ass Might you know." Dabi said.

"Riigghht~" Hawks said.

"Why do you hate All Might?" Shinsou said.

"Because He is an Ass. That's all you need to know." Dabi said.

"Uh huh..." Shinsou said.



Izuku and Shinsou were sitting next to each other as Izuku explaining things to Shinsou on what he could possibly do with his Quirk. In the background, Katsuki and Dabi start to argued and things got heated and Dabi send a ball of flames to Katsuki who dodge, but turns out that ball of flames is about to hit both Izuku and Shinsou but Shinsou saw something blue light coming in his direction so he pull Izuku infront of him to shield from the fire.

Izuku open his eyes and look at Shinsou. "aahhh!! Shin-can! Your jacket is on fire!!" Izuku said and Shinsou quickly remove his jacket and throw it on the shore.

"The Fuck is that Stupid Scar face!?" Shinsou said glaring at Dabi.

"Opss sorry, Guess your on the way." Dabi said smirking.

"Why you!? Your as stupid as Asshole as Blasty is." Shinsou said.

"What the fuck-" both Dabi and Katsuki said but Shinsou smirk.

"Go and throw yourself in the water. Make sure to smack your face!" Shinsou order them and Dabi and Katsuki did what they were told. Shinsou groan in pain and held his head, but he smirk as he saw Dabi and Katsuki is currently sitting in the shore soaking wet.

" WHY YOU STUPID PURPLE SHITSOU!! " Katsuki yelled and hot angry, he was about to used his quirk but he was surprised that he can't used them.

"Oh? Looks like your like me. I can use my quirk when my hands are wet from water." Dabi said.

"Fuck!" Katsuki said.

"Woah!! That was cool Purple Cat! You can control two people at once!!" Mei said.

"Yeah... Didn't know I could, though it's giving me headache." Shinsou said as he held his head.

"We should take a rest." Izuku said.

"No he isn't. He throw us in a Fucking Water. His gonna pay for it!!" Katsuki said.

"Oh yeah!? You wanna go on Blasty, cause I'm ready to Kick your ass!" Shinsou said.

"Bring it on-" Katsuki but he was cut off by Shinsou.

"Sleep." Shinsou said.

"Fuck!" Katsuki said before he fell unconscious to the water, Dabi manage to catch him.

"I still don't fucking know how in hell do you that." Dabi said glaring at Shinsou.

"Want to be the next?" Shinsou said and Dabi shook his head, afraid if he respond verbally he would be under the spell.

"Good." Shinsou said.

Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov


Its the first day and Izuku struggle to tie a tie. Dabi got annoyed a little and help Izuku tie the tie. "There, next time you struggle it's okay to asked for help." Dabi said and Izuku nod.

"Thank You." Izuku said.

"Now off you go, Kats, Shin, and Mei waiting for you." Dabi said and Izuku nod. He walk out of the house and saw his friends waiting for him.

"Take care brats."Dabi said as he lean in the door way and watch the kids walk away. Dabi smirk seeing the kids, he wonder how his younger brother doing. He went inside and decides to text his sister.


Izuku cling to Shinsou as he got nervous. "Relax Izuku, If some assholes are gonna be assholes because of your quirkless I'll order them to do something stupid." Shinsou said.

"I have plenty of Babies that can hide Thier body." Mei said.

"I'll blast them off. Just tell me who the fuck they are." Katsuki said.

Izuku gave a small smile. "Thank you Guys... Bu-but Wha-what if everybody will tre-treat me li-like be-before? Wha-what if they would hate me? Wha-what if they would hate you too because of me? Wha-what if the teachers wo-won't do anything li-like before? Wha-what if..." Izuku said as he went to Anxienty attack.

" Izuku, Izuku, Izuku!! Calm down, Can you here me? " Shinsou said.

" Yea-yeah.." Izuku said.

" Relax, Stay calm. " Shinsou used his quirk to Izuku who quickly went limb, Shinsou catch Izuku's body and wrap his hand protectively. Izuku's body start to calm down, and breathing start to relax. Once done Izuku broke from the embrace and sigh tiredly.

" That made me tired." Izuku said.

"Well you could always sleep when we have breaks." Shinsou said and Izuku nod.

Katsuki and Mei sigh in relief seeing Izuku is okay. "Your quirk is really awesome Purple Cat." Mei said.

"Tsk. We should go and look for our rooms now or we will be late." Katsuki said.

"Well this is where we part ways. Good Luck at Heroics Kaachan, you too Mei. Do your best with your babies." Izuku said.

"You don't need to tell me Nerd. If ever some bastard and Assholes are gonna hurt you tell us okay?" Katsuki said.

"Okay Kaachan." Izuku said.

"Later lossers." Katsuki said and walk away.

"Blasty will always be Blasty." Mei said and shook her head. "Well, I'll be going now, bye bye Purple Cat, Broccoli-Kun!" Mei said as she walk away.

"I guess it's just the two of us now huh." Shinsou said and Izuku nod.

"We should look for our rooms before we got late." Izuku said.

"We should." Shinsou said.


When Shinsou and Izuku found their classroom they didn't even get to their sit and Present Mic walk in asking them to go to the Auditory room for the Orientation. When they got their each teacher have a assigned task to give a speech about the school, the rules and regulations and etc. The principal then give the longest speech and after that he welcome all the students and they went back to their classroom.

Izuku sat on his chair and slam his head on the desk after that boring orientation since he already read the School Information online. He doesn't want to get lecture by it again, Shinsou who sat beside him just pat his head to calm him down and Honestly Izuku doesn't mind. Shinsou just wants to feel the softness and how flappy is Izuku hair is, as Hawks claimed to be.

Soon, PresentMic came inside and told them that he would their homeroom teacher. He'll be teaching them English which most of the student groan because not all of them are fund of learning new language. Izuku on the other hand just sigh, he already know a little about English Language but he isn't an expert and he isn't planning to be. Shinsou groan hearing that because if there is subject he hates, and that's literature. Any literature, either Japanese or English Literature, he suck at them. But his grades are Okay.

Izuku eyes widden when PresentMic said that they should introduce their selves in English, tell them about their name, age, the school they came from. Izuku then sigh when PresentMic said that it's okay if they aren't comfortable of telling the class what their Quirk is, but if they want to they could.

So, his Classmates start to introduce one by one and when it reach to him he just simply said "My name is Izuku Midoriya and I'm 15 years old." Izuku said in English with a good accent which surprised Present Mic, but didn't say a word. Shinsou on the other hand didn't have a terrible accent but it wasn't good and the way he glare intimidatingly to the classmates made the rest shiver. Shinsou didn't tell the class what his quirk is since he didn't come here to make friends.

Izuku and the rest was Just special. Since Mei kidnapped him in the first day and keep him in the Cat Cafe heaven and everything Start from there. He can't back out from his new found friends besides, they accept him despite knowing his quirk.

Soon, when the bell rang, PresentMic end the first period and wish the class a good day before walking out. Izuku quickly pull out his analysis notebook and walk away to catch up with PresentMic.

"Mic-Sensei." Izuku said.

"Yes little listener?" PresentMic said as he turn around and look at Izuku.

"Wi-will yo-you ple-please sign this?" Izuku said as he held his notebook. "I-I re-really lo-love your ra-radio sho-show. It he-helps me CA-calm down a-and ma-make me fell asleep. Yo-your a gree-great hero as well, your quirk is cool and..." Izuku said as he start to rambled about PresentMic, but Izuku realize that his rambling he blush and look down nervously.

"I-I'm sooosoorry." Izuku said as he bow politely. PresentMic look at Izuku in awe since the Green bean look so small and adorable. "It's okay little listener. I'm so happy to meet a Fan~" PresentMic said as he got the notebook and gave his autograph. He gave the notebook back and he saw those emerald eyes shone a bit before it went back to a dull one which PresentMic got concern a bit but he smile at Izuku.

" Thank you Very much. " Izuku said happily as he run back to the classroom.

PresentMic smile, "Nemuri is right~ the kid is cute." Mic said as he walk away.

After that Izuku did the same to every teacher/hero he met. After class, he would walk away and asked for their signature.

At the end of the day, his last subject is Quirk History and evolution which Eraserhead is the teacher. When Eraserhead dismiss the class, Izuku walk to Eraser and did the same. Aizawa was surprised that Izuku knows him since not all do know him, specially his quirk. But he did gave his autograph and the kid seems to be happy. Aizawa gave a curious look when Izuku said, "Thank you Eraserda-Head" Before running away.

But he shrug that and walk to the teacher's lounge.

"His so sweet isn't he?" Midnight said as she show her Picture with Izuku. When Izuku asked for her photograph, Midnight asked for a selfie with Izuku (who almost faint at that time) and now Midnight had a picture of them.

"No Fair~ I should asked a Selfie of him next time." PresentMic said.

"You don't need it, You see him everyday since he is on your class. Your lucky you know." Midnight said.

"Oh? Aizawa your here. Did you met the Green Bean?" Vlad said.

"Hmm... He told me I am one of his favorite Hero, he start rambled about my Quirk and asked for my Autograph." Aizawa said.

"Awe~Sho... You have another follower!!" PresentMic said.

"Shut up. Though its concerning that his very timid, stuttered a lot, and he looks like he doesn't really have a lot of confident. But his rambling, his analysis is great." Aizawa said.

"So he does have a potential?" Midnight said.

"I wish he is in my class rather than My class Right now. Its the first day and they already giving me headache." Aizawa said.

"Awe~ But you didn't expelled them so they have potential right?" PresentMic said.

"Well well see." Aizawa said.

Chapter Text





3rd Person's Pov




"I'm home." Izuku said as he walk inside the house.

"Green bean, Purple Cat welcome. How's school?" Hawks said as he helps Dabi makes dinner since from now Katsuki can't no longer come to the house as often as he could before because of his school schedule.

"It was fine, I met tons of Hero and got their autograph." Izuku said and gave a small smile.

"He technically chase them after class and asked for their autograph. He even have a picture of him and Midnight." Shinsou said and Izuku blush as he hit Shinsou arm playfully.

"Is that so?" Hawks said with a smirk.

"Me & Shin-chan will have a short break and we're gonna train. Do we still have some snacks Dabi-nii?" Izuku asked.

" Go look at the Freezer, You'll find something there." Dabi said.

"Okay." Izuku said as he set his bag and Shinsou did the same and went out to check the freezer and got some snacks. They settle outside and watch the sun set as they talk about how their day went by.

Dabi and Hawks watch the two in the glass window." Do you think that those two could be a great Hero?" Hawks said.

"Izuku is already a great than you." Dabi said as he roll his eyes and Hawks pouted.

"Purple Cat will someday become a great Hero, just like Blasty. Those Heroes in training will be a great Hero in the future, a Hero that won't be blinded by power, money, and Fame." Dabi said.

"They would be I just know it." Hawks said and smile.

"Get that stupid smile off your face and help me make dinner!" Dabi said.

"Yes~ My love." Hawks said in The Flirty way.

"Say that again and I'll burn you to Crips." Dabi said.

Hawks raise his hand in surrender. "Okay, okay geez." Hawks said and Dabi roll his eyes.


It was around 3am that night when Izuku got startled when Hawks came home with an Injured Dabi again. But this time, he wasn't the only one who is injured. Hawks had blood coming out from his head as well.

Izuku gaps and help them settled inside as he quickly open his group chat.

Group Chat Name: Gremlins Chaos



PurpleCat (= >ㅅ< =):

don't know if I could help but I sneak around this Shitty Foster Care Building and come. No one is gonna care anyway.


Will sneak out as well and help.

Tell Nii-san and Keigo to stay awake or I'll be the one who's gonna murder them.


Thank You, Both of you.

Izuku close his phone. First help Dabi and make sure that he would minimise the bleeding, While he wrap a white towel around Hawk's head gently. Both were barely conscious. Izuku's phone start to vibrate so he look at his Phone and it was Eraserhead who calls him. He activate his Voice changer that he set on his phone and answer the call.

📞"Hello? Deku-kun?" - Eraserhead.

📞" Yeah..." Izuku said.

📞 "and here I thought I would heard your voice, but turns out its a voice changer." Eraserhead said.

📞 "So-sorry. Ca-can't really... A-anyway, why did you call?" Izuku said.

📞"Earlier, I saw Dabi got injured. I try helping him and bring him to the hospital because he got a nasty wound but he refused and manage to escape." - Eraserhead.

📞 "He-he do-does ha-have a nasty wound. He and Keigo-nii... Bu-but... They would be fine. He-help is O-on the way." Izuku said.

Eraserhead gave a confused look. 📞 "Keigo-nii?" Eraserhead said.

📞"Opps... Tha-thats Hawks na-name... Please keep it a secret..." Izuku said.

📞" Don't worry, I will. But Please, If you need any help, if you need anything I'm here. Just, just tell me if they are okay? Okay?" Eraserhead said.

📞" Okay Eraserdad. I-I'll hang u-up now... He-help is here." Izuku said.

📞 "Okay." Eraserhead.

📞 "Thanks for the concern Eraserdad." Izuku said and quickly hang up the phone.

He then saw Shinsou who gaps at the doorway as he look at the two adults that are severely injured. "Come help me Shin-chan." Izuku said, and Shinsou quickly help Izuku tending to Dabi and Hawks injury.

Soon, Fuyumi arrived and she's the one who tend mostly to Dabi and Hawks injury. It's good thing that Hawks only get minor Injuries, but Dabi... He got two stab 2stab wounds and one gun shot wound in his arm. Fuyumi cursed, he wanted to Scold her brother for getting into such a dangerous Job but then again she knows her older brother is stubborn and won't listen to her.

The sun start to rise up and Fuyumi was exhausted tending the wounds of two adult. Hawks and Dabi are now laying in the comforter with their Injuries being tend well.

"They would be okay right?" Shinsou said.

"They would be." Fuyumi said.

"I-I sho-should stay an-and skip class for day..." Izuku said.

"Don't! You can't skip your second Day of class. Don't worry, I'll stay here and check on them. You should go to school." Fuyumi said.

"Bu-but Dabi-nii and Keigo-nii..." Izuku said.

"It's okay... They are gonna be fine. They are strong. Nii-san is stubborn as hell and Keigo is a Hero. So they would survive don't worry." Fuyumi said as she hug Izuku, Izuku nod and let himself buried on Fuyumi's embrace. He was so worried with the two of them. For Izuku, they are the only family he had, if he lost them... He think that he would lost himself as well.

It was around 7 when the door burst open and both Katsuki and Mei was there, wearing their UA uniform messily. "When I wake up this fucking morning, I wasn't expecting to see a Damn Chat saying Scar Face and fucking Pigeon got hurt!!" Katsuki said.

"Wow, No good Morning huh?" Shinsou said.

"What's good in a fucking morning knowing someone is injured!?" Katsuki said.

"Are they okay?" Mei asked.

"Dabi-nii is injured the most, and Hawks had Minor Injury. Currently, Fuyumi-nee is telling Izuku to get to school but Izuku is well..." Shinsou said and gaze at Izuku who sat on the floor looking at Hawks and Dabi who lays there peacefully. He had an emotionless expression and his already wearing a UA uniform.

" Deku... " Katsuki approach Izuku and Izuku quickly hug him. Katsuki was surprised but he hug back and let Izuku stay like that for who knows how long. "They are gonna be okay... Scar Face is tough, pigeon as well. They aren't a Vigilante and a Hero for no Reason Deku. They're gonna be fine." Katsuki said as he assure his bestfriend who nod in respond.

Katsuki broke the embrace and look at Izuku in the eyes." Let's get to school okay? When you come back, I'm sure this two idiots are back in shape okay? " Katsuki said and Izuku just nod.

Izuku held Katsuki's hand and didn't let go, and Katsuki isn't planning to let go anytime soon.

"Were off now Yuki-Onna." Katsuki said.

"Inform us whatever happens okay?" Mei said.

"I will, you guys enjoy your second day of school." Fuyumi said.


At that time Izuku didn't utter a word. Shinsou try talking to Izuku, but Izuku just nod or respond using a simple sign language which Shinsou sigh and just pat Izuku's hair to comfort him. He knows how Izuku is close to Dabi and Hawks, for just a few weeks he knew his new friend. He could see that they aren't just normal friends, they were family and it looks like he is the new member.

So, For Izuku to see Dabi and Hawks arrived at the house with heavy injury and almost bleed to death it must be traumatising. To see a family close to you to be in a verge of death. Good thing, there is Fuyumi who knows how to tend wounds like that or else  they don't what to do.

The teachers/Hero were concern as well since most of the time they would find Izuku is sleeping on his desk, but they didn't utter a word since Izuku looks tired together with Shinsou who had a great amount of Eyebags that can rival Aizawa.

It was during Lunch when Shinsou and Katsuki brought Izuku to the roof to find peace beside, it isn't in the rules of UA that students are forbidden to go to the roof. They know that Izuku need some peace and quiet.

"Here Nerd, I made extra lunch." Katsuki said.

[I'll eat later. Not hungry.] Izuku signed.

Katsuki sigh. "I know your worried but you can't skip meals. Your already small and thin. Please eat even just a small bite? You know that they would be worried as well if they find out your skipping meals." Katsuki said and Izuku sigh as he accept Katsuki's lunch.

" Wow, I always thought your abrasive and violent. Who knows you could be calm and caring. " Shinsou said.

" Shut the Fuck up Purple Shitsou." Katsuki said and Shinsou did a action that he Zip his mouth. Katsuki roll his eyes and continue to assist Izuku.

" So? How 's your first day and second day? " Shinsou said.

" The Hobobastard made us skip orientation and let us do this Quirk Assessment thingi. He told us that whoever came last would be expelled. He almost expel another purple fuck, but he gave him second chance if not he would already expel him and judging from his voice his not kidding about expelling someone. The nerd is right, his a fucking Bastard who would expel you right away. " Katsuki said.

" I'm surprised that your not expelled yet considering you just call My favorite Hero a Bastard. " Shinsou said.

Katsuki just shrug." Earlier our fucking costume arrived and we met Ass Might. He teach us heroics and group us into two and made us fight each other using our Quirks. I got partner with fucking Four eyes that made my blood boiled at the first fucking day. Ugh! Ass might is a fuck Up teacher. He might be a good Hero but he isn't a good Teacher. He even ask ponytail what fucking during each other's match instead of him explaining things. What an Ass Might. " Katsuki said.

Shinsou start to laugh and Izuku gave a small smile with Katsuki's explanation.

" Oh God~ If the number one Hero is gonna hear you right now he would be Ddaammmnn... " Shinsou said.

" Trust me he would. " Katsuki said.

Katsuki then explain to them what happened to his first and second day, Shinsou then explained to Katsuki what happened and specially the part where Izuku got each Heroes autograph who Izuku blush and hit Shinsou's arm once more but he didn't say anything still, just sign every now and then.

Unknown to them yellow caterpillar heard their conversation.

Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov

Aizawa just wanted a peaceful place to sleep and what more peaceful than the rooftop of UA building right?


Wrong, the moment he was about lost his consciousness the that lead to the small rooftop suddenly opened and Aizawa groan and open his one eye to see who is the intruder. He was annoyed more when he saw Bakugou, one of his problem child of a hell spawn with two of his husband's hell spawn. They sat there in silent at first and both Bakugou and the Purple hair as he recall had a name Shinsou, Hitoshi look at the Green bean in a worried concern look.


Green bean look dull and down. He was surprised when Bakugou talk to Izuku in a Calm way since the first time he met him his already a problem child who argue and threatened Tensei's brother. Shinsou seems surprised too, but Bakugou shut him up. Aizawa conclude that Bakugou had a soft spot for the Green bean ((like him who had a soft spot for kids. Aizawa: I don't! ; but you have a soft spot for Cats, No?   ; Aizawa: "..."    ; thought so.)).



Aizawa got annoyed when Bakugou describe him as a Hobobastard. At that moment he already put Bakugou on the top of list of Students he would expelled in the future. But when he heard Bakugou voice out his thought about All Might's teaching he cross out Bakugous name, he decided that he would keep Bakugou as his student and the nick name that he gave for All Might.

"Ass Might, what a perfect name." Aizawa thought with a smirk.


He saw how those two cheer the Down Green bean, though the Green bean didn't talk. He just sign here and there and gave a small smile to them. When the bell rang the trio went away and Aizaw thought that the trio have a good friendship. He cursed the HPSC and the entrance exam since it it wasn't for the stupid Robots, Shinsou or maybe Izuku would be his Student right.

Aizawa sigh as he got his Phone and see if he got a message from Deku about Dabi and Hawks condition. He was genuinely worried for the two problem adult, No, they are still a problem child who had a problem on their own. If Aizawa had a power to Free Hawks from the wolves and get rid of Dabi's stubborness he would used it to those two.


Aizawa sigh again and keep his Phone as he try to sleep while his still worried about the two.


The four of them, Izuku, Shinsou, Katsuki and Mei went to Dabi's home they look at Dabi who still asleep and Fuyumi who is taking care of Dabi.

[How is he?] Izuku signed.


"He woke up about 3 hours ago and I have him something to eat. But after that I told him that he should take some rest because he need it." Fuyumi said.

"I don't see the Fucking Birdie?" Katsuki said.

"He woke an hour after you walk to school. He had a massive headache and a bad concussion but he force himself to get up and get back HPSC since his phone keep ringing. I told him he should stay and rest but he can't risk it, since if the HPSC track where he is they could Track Nii-san's place and he would go straight to Jail. So Keigo flew back to the Wolves and I didn't heard anything ever since. " Fuyumi said.

[ I hope his okay.] Izuku signed.


" I hope so. " Fuyumi said.


[You can go home now Fuyumi-nee, I know that you have brothers to take care back at your home. I'll handle it from here.] Izuku sign.

" I'll stay with him. The Foster care center doesn't give a shit about me anyway, so... " Shinsou said.

Fuyumi hesitate at first, she doesn't want to leave her brother behind but Izuku is right. She also have two younger brother to take care of back at home and if they got suspicious then, it would cause another problem. Fuyumi sigh." Okay, but You'll gonna call me if something happens okay.?" Fuyumi said and Izuku nod.

"Then I'll leave him to you." Fuyumi said as she stand up and look at her brother once more before patting Shinsou and Izuku on the head as she went out of the house.

[Take care.] Izuku signed.

"You too." Fuyumi said as she walk away.

"I'll stay a little bit and make Dinner before I'll go back home." Katsuki said.

"I'll stay for a while before I'll go home. I'll help you guys whatever I can." Mei said.

Izuku gave a small smile. [Thank you.] Izuku sigh and his Friends told him that it was nothing afterall they are family.


Dinner was done and Katsuki and Mei are ready to go home and call it a Night.

" Oi, Purple Shitsou. There is a Chamomile Tea in the table. Make sure to drink it, it would help you to get rid of those awful eye bags that matches the Hobobastard." Katsuki said as he stand on the door way.

"You too Broccoli-kun, you should take a rest as well." Mei said.

[I'll try.] Izuku signed.

"Yes mom, I'll drink the tea." Shinsou said and Katsuki groan in annoyance before he walk out of the house followed by Mei before he close the door shut.

It's just shinsou and Izuku left behind. "We should follow their advice." Shinsou said and Izuku nod. Izuku was about to prepare to go to bed but his Phone start to ring. He saw it was Erasehead calling him, but he end the call and message him instead.

ProblemDeku :


Can't talk right, My Voice is lost.

If your wondering about Dabi his fine. His getting enough rest.

But, what I'm worried about is Keigo-nii.

He went back to The wolves as soon as he woke up with massive headache and a  Concussion.

And I doubt he'll get that treated. Surely the wolves will force him to work right away and maybe over work.

Keigo-nii can't really stay here long because he is afraid that if HPSC trace his phone, they might send Dabi to Jail.


Wow, that's a Lot.

But are you okay? Why is your voice lost? Did something happened?

I'm glad that Dabi is fine, he should take a rest and maybe never comeback to Vigilante work again.

As For Hawks, I'll see what I can do about the problem bird.



I think I have a Selective Mutism.

My voice sometimes got lost when I got sad, down or stressed.

Seeing Dabi-nii and Keigo-nii came home Injured and bleeding badly made me lost my voice I guess.

And Thank you for helping Keigo-nii. I know that you didn't know about him that much but thank you.




No problem Deku.

I already said that I am here to help.



I know.

Still Thank you for everything Dad ^-^


I'm not your father.

But your welcome.

"Looks like Erasehead do make you smile. But why the hell do have Eraser head's number?" Shinsou said as he took a peak on Izuku's phone.

Izuku went to a notepad app on his Phone and start to type a text.

[I have sent him analysis years ago, and from that we start to Text. His also Dabi's adopted father, well not legally but yeah...] - Izuku typed.

"Okay, text me the details cause it looks like a great bed time story." Shinsou said and Izuku sigh as he start typing the details and send them to Shinsou who went to get two cups of Camomile Tea to help them sleep at night.

Chapter Text



3rd Person's pov

Dabi groan as he open his eyes and woke up. He try swatting up, but he felt the pain coming from his injuries and hiss. He felt a gentle hands then help him sat up properly. He look to his side and he saw Izuku is the one who help him.


"Thanks." Dabi said and Izuku just nod.


[Are you okay?] Izuku signed and good thing Dabi knows signed language already he might not be an expert but atleast he could understand the basics now. He guess the bird brain does have some brains afterall.


" Yeah, I'm fine. Just feel a little pain." Dabi said.


[Can I get you a glass of water? You voice sounds dry?] - Izuku signed.


"Yeah that would be great." Dabi said and Izuku nod as he got Dabi a glass of water and gave it to him. Dabi Gulp it down and sigh in relief. "How long I was out?" Dabi said.

[You've been asleep ever since you woke up yesterday. Fuyumi-nee said you need to rest.] Izuku signed and Dabi nod he look at the wall clock and saw that it was early in morning, too early. Its around 5 in the morning.

"Why are you awake? It's still too early." Dabi said and Izuku just shrug. Dabi look around and he didn't see his birdie. "Where is Keigo?" Dabi said.


[Went back to the wolves.] - Izuku signed.

"Fuck." Dabi mumbled annoyed.


"You guys are awake." Shinsou said a little sleepy as he jump down, and walk towards them.

"Great, the purple Cat is here ugh." Dabi said annoyed and went back laying in the bed. He knows he can't really do much without risking of opening his injuries.

"You should be thankful that I am here to help geez." Shinsou said.


"Yeah, Yeah." Dabi said roll his eyes.


[I'll give a text to Fuyumi- Nee says your awake. What happened anyway?] Izuku signed as he got his phone and started to give text to Fuyumi.

Dabi's eyes widden as soon as he saw the signed of Izuku. "Call Eraserbastard. Need to talk to him ASAP." Dabi said and Izuku nod.

Izuku then turn off the voice changer in his phone then call Eraser head. Not long after a gruff deep annoyed voice answer the call.


📞 "Do you brat know that it's fucking early in the morning!?" Eraserhead said. Izuku gave the phone to Dabi.

📞"Who knows, Morning is good for your health old man, fresh air, morning breeze, cool temperature. Its good for your health, unless your nocturnal. Oh? Wait, You are Nocturnal forget about that." Dabi said in a teasing way.

📞 "Dabi, your alive Good. Do me a favor and stay that way and stay away from vigilante work. Thank you." Eraserhead said.


📞 "Yeah, Yeah Eraserbastard." Dabi said and roll his eyes.


📞 "Okay, what do you want?" Eraserhead said.


📞 "There a new Group of Villains in town. They call themselves as the League of Villains. This guy name Shigaraki, Tomura with White hair long until his shoulder, a few Centimeter shorter than me, and has a hands all over his body together with his partner Kurogi which I didn't get the complete name since Shigaraki guy call him that. " Dabi said.  " Anyway, The two of them gather a bunch of Vigilante, small group or Villains, thief and other criminals in this warehouse. I was invited so I attend the so-called meeting and thats where I met them. Not personally but,  I was hiding in the crowd of Villains and Vigilante as this Shigaraki spoke about the Fall out of the society which I agree, and he has a perfect Plan and his first step is to destroy Ass Might. He said that he knows Ass might is working at UA and his planning on attacking the school, though didn't say when. After his stupid speech, he said goodbye and went to this Purple Mist portal create by Kurogi which I presume his Quirk and disappeared. They says that they would gather us back when the time of the attack will occur. "Dabi explained, Shinsou and Izuku's was surprised at Dabi explanation but they remind calm.


📞" I was about to go back home when the Pigeon showed up out of nowhere which isn't new. So we start walking back home until some of the Villains or Vigilante, I don't know them but they did recognize me in the Meeting and we'll they say I might be a spy or a Traitor since I'm with Pigeon you know, things get ugly and me and pigeion fight them. That's where you came in and jump to the fight and arrest them but me and Pigeon already got injured and you know the ending. " Dabi said.


📞" So, Let me get the Fucking Straight? This new League of Villains knows All-Ass Might if working in UA and the leader Shigaraki Tomura is gathering a bunch of Villains to attack UA?. "Eraserhead said.


📞" Unless your deaf or something wrong with your brain, Yeah. That's what I said. " Dabi said.


📞" Those Mother Fuckers are Idiots. Don't they know that UA is one of the Safest place with Teachers who are a Bunch of Pro-Heroes!?" Eraserhead said as he groan in annoyance.

📞" I think they know that. But who knows, I mean they gather a bunch of people with a bunch of unknown Quirks. Specially that portal Mist guy. " Dabi said and he felt a tap on his arm, he look at Izuku who raise a note.  "And according to Deku, if he theorize the portal mist Guy might create a Portal between two places or many more, he doesn't really know but with such a Quirk he could get inside a Facility without alerting or triggering any security device with no problem. "Dabi read the note and his eyes widden." Of Fuck, your right. " Dabi said as he realize what he just read.

📞" Wait! Did you brought Deku to meeting!? " Eraserhead said.


📞" No, But his listening to our conversation and you know how his mind works. He start to theorize and analyze things once the topic interest his brain. Such a Clever person I must say." Dabi said and pat Izuku's hair who gave a small smile. Shinsou sitting beside Izuku knows that Izuku is a genius but he is confused.


Eraserhead sigh in relief. 📞" I'll talk to Nedzu and Tsukauchi about this. Maybe Tsukauchi can make those Villains we arrested talk about the plan of this League."


📞 "Good Luck with that." Dabi said.


📞 "Hmm... Your okay right? Deku said your doing fine. I already asked PresentMic to watch Hawks since both are Limelight Hero and PresentMic don't usually Patrol at the same Area with Hawks does, but he'll check him out." Eraserhead.

📞 "I'm fine, as usual you might not see me for a while. And as for Keigo, make sure his fine okay? He might be stubborn like me but... Just make sure the Pigeon is fine." Dabi said.

📞 "And you say you don't like the Pigeon." Eraserhead said.

Dabi groan in annoyance. 📞 "You just, Ugh! Shut up Eraserbastard. I'll hang up good luck with your talk!" Dabi said and hang up the call and gave the phone to Izuku.

"Sooo? Both of you are close to Eraserhead?" Shinsou said and Izuku nod Dabi just glare at him.

"Eraser Bastard is one of the Heroes on my side you know. He try to capture me on our first few weeks of meeting but when he saw that I wasn't really doing any crime, just helping people in general which consider Vigilante. Then upon occasion we met, and we become close. His close with Eraser because his the famous Analyser known as Deku. He analyse Hero quirks and help police solve cases behind the Screen. No, Eraserbastard doesn't know Who Deku really is. Any questions? " Dabi said said Shinsou just look at him trying to process the information.

" Good. " Dabi said.

" Your... Uh... Wha-.. I don't even know what to say. " Shinsou said.

[You don't need to say anything.] Izuku signed.

" Right..." Shinsou said.

The door suddenly open and Fuyumi and Katsuki showed up.


"What the- good Your fucking awake Nii-san. Do you know how worried I was when I saw you with heavy injury and almost bleed to death!?" Fuyumi said as she walks near Dabi and sat on the floor glaring at the same time have a worried expression to Dabi.

Dabi just look down." Sorry..." Dabi said.

" Your sorry won't do any good if your dead! "Fuyumi Scold him, Fuyumi sigh." Are you okay? Do feel any pain? "Fuyumi asked.

" the pain in my Injuries are bearable. " Dabi said.

" What happened anyway? How the hell did you and Keigo got injured like this? " Fuyumi said and Dabi sigh, in the end, he explained what happened.

" What. The. Fuck!? " Katsuki said as he heard the explanation.

" Indeed, What the fuck are thinking!? " Fuyumi said.

" I don't know, your the one who said I have an idiotic Brain. Maybe I do." Dabi said and Fuyumi smack him in the head.

"You really do!" Fuyumi Scold him.

"Sssoooo... Are you like Gonna Join the attack?" Shinsou asked.

"No, He won't." Fuyumi said and she glare at Dabi. "Your gonna stay here and rest for a week or two and no more Vigilante activities. You already have a house, a home a family, and us that cares about you. Your gonna stop being a Vigilante and maybe find a Real Job that is suitable for you. You can't continue this Nii-san, it will end your life and Keigo's. "Fuyumi said.

" I can't Fuyumi! My job is the only way where I can gather as much as Dirty Information of the HPSC, their victims, their crimes and everything. Its the only Job I know that can take them down and Keigo can finally set Free!! " Dabi argues.

Fuyumi didn't say anything and look down sadly.

" I guess you won't stop until the wolves let the bird go huh... "Fuyumi said.

" Not until they would go down. " Dabi said.

" So you-your gonna Join th-the League? " Shinsou said.

" not really. I'm not help to them with this Injury. Also, I really didn' t want to attack UA where a bunch of Innocent Kids are Learning like you. Your aren't part of the problem of the Society, you guys are just gonna be the future Victims. Maybe some of you are already become the victims so you guys shouldn't be involved in this" Dabi said. " Though, I want to strangled and watch Ass Might dance in my blue flames. "Dabi smirk.

" Nii-san! " Fuyumi Scold him.

" Yeah..  I officially declare that this Group is already a Trouble group. " Shinsou said as he pinch the bridge of his nose." I need A daammnnn strong Coffee for it. " Shinsou said.

" No wonder you have a fuck up eyebags. " Katsuki said as he groan in annoyance." I'll prepare the breakfast, Yukiona should check Scar Face's injury making sure he isn't gonna rip them as soon as he stand up. " Katsuki said.

" Yeeess Mooom~" Shinsou and Fuyumi mock Katsuki who growl at them before going at the Kitchen.

Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov

[Are you sure your okay to stay?] Izuku signed yo Fuyumi who is standing on the doorway.


"Of course, besides Natsuo and Shoto are busy as well so they don't even know that I'm gone. I can always study here since Nii-san doesn't have a brain, but he can help me sometimes." Fuyumi said.

Izuku nod.

"Then were off. Call us if you need help or something." Katsuki said.


"Sure I will." Fuyumi said and wave them goodbye.



Soon they arrive in UA and they saw the Vultures (Media) blocking the Entrance Gate.


"What the Fuck!?" Katsuki said.

"Why are the Medias here?" Shinsou said.

"Probably because they heard Ass Might is teaching here." Mei said.

"How the fuck are we supposed to get inside!?" Katsuki said.

"I know a way! Come on!" Mei said and drag them to the side of the school where there is a small one person Gate. Mei used one of her inventions to sneak around and open the gate and get inside.

"Okay, I didn't know that exist" Shinsou said.

"Nope, This Gate is specifically for teachers only." Mei said.

"Exactly." Aizawa said as he jump down from a window to them. "Do you kids know that you can be punish for using this gate?" Aizawa said.

"Nah~ How can we go inside when Vultures Circle around the Entrance?" Mei said.

"How exactly you know about this gate? This gate is only used by teachers in Emergency Purposes you know." Aizawa said.

"Ah~... I was making some of my Babies and it's not applicable to test inside the Lab so I had a permission from Powerloader Sensei that I could test my Baby outside as long as it doesn't explode. So I did, my baby got hiwired and exploded right here and so I found this gate. " Mei said.

" Of course it did. Ugh, Problem Childrens. Why the fuck am I here again? " Aizawa said annoyed as he start walking away from them and they follow him.

" It looks like you don't like School? Why did you become a teacher in the first place?" Shinsou asked.

" Sometimes I wonder why? " Aizawa said.

Shinsou nod, he then felt a tap on his shoulder and he saw Izuku signed. "I can't asked him that!" Shinsou said and Aizawa eyed them.

"Asked me what!?" Aizawa said and Izuku start to sign.

[How does your Capture Weapon Work? Like Can Mei make one for Shinsou if she can?] Izuku said.

Mei eyes widden. "Oh! Your a Genius Broccoli-kun!" Mei said as she launch her self to Aizawa and both stumble in the ground. Mei start to touch his capture weapon and used her eyes to Zoom in the fabric and start to test it using her thumb and making sure she memorize the texture. Aizawa groan and used his Quirk to her and Mei was surprised.

"Oh! I can't see a thing!!" Mei said and Aizawa push Mei off him and stand up as Mei blink once or twice before she can see again. "Is that how it feels when You erase my Quirk? That's AWSOME!! DO IT AGAIN!!" Mei said cheerfully.

"Ugh! You guys are really are Problem Children!" Aizawa said.

"Get used to it Hobobastard, is not that you aren't prepare yourself to met as you so called problem children the moment you accept the job of being a Fucking Teacher." Katsuki said.

"Bakugou, if your words isn't right I already give you Detention for calling me that and having a that kind of  Language." Aizawa said.

Katsuki just shrug and look away.

"And you, why do you want to know about my Capture Weapon?" Aizawa said.

[Shin-chan's Quirk is Brainwashing. It works when someone respond to him. His quirk is similar to you. Both of your quirks isn't good in Physical Fights. So... If Mei can replicate your Capture weapon and Make Shinsou one of his own, He could used it to become a Hero.] Izuku signed.

"You want to become a Hero?" Aizawa said as he look at Shinsou.

"Of course I do. I want to prove to everyone that anyone can Be a Hero even they have a Villainous Quirk. I know that if I win the Sport Festival I can get myself Transfer so... I am Gonna do my best and become one." Shinsou said with a shine on his eyes that make Aizawa smirk but he hide them behind his Capture Weapon.

"He'll be a great Hero you know. Both of them." Katsuki said.


Shinsou and Izuku look at him surprised. "Who are you and what did you do to Blasty  Angry Pomeranian?" Shinsou said Izuku nod agreeing at Shinsou.

"Oh For Fuck Sake. Why would ask me such a stupid shitty question!?" Katsuki said.

"Good. Your still Katsuki. We thought your a fake or something." Shinsou said.

"Fuck You Purple Shitsou." Katsuki said.

"No thanks, You should Fuck Izuku instead I know you~ will love it." Shinsou said with a smirk. Izuku look at them confused.

Katsuki blush but he glare at Shinsou "Why You!" Katsuki said.

"Enough." Aizawa said. "You guys should head to class, your already late. And Shinsou and Midoriya right?" Aizawa said and they both nod.

"During the sport festival. If I saw Potential to both of you, I'll train you personally." Aizawa said and Shinsou and Izuku's eyes widden.

"Re-really?" Izuku said.

"I never go back down from my own words." Aizawa said and Izuku seems to look happy.


"Tha-Thank Yo-you E-eraser Da-Head..." Izuku said as he bow politely.

"Now go to class." Aizawa said and the four of them went to their respective class with Aizawa with a smirk.

"They are worthy of being a Hero." Aizawa thought.


Lunch time.

Shinsou and Izuku are walking to the Cafeteria. Shinsou wants to hide his face in embarrassment." Ah~ Izuku, I think I want to die... I just talk back to Aizawa-Sensei, Eraser head, My favourite Hero just like!.." Shinsou said.

"Don't worry Aizawa-Sensei looks happy you know..." Izuku said.

"What!? Did you see him? He looks like someone who doesn't smile!! He has darksoul." Shinsou argued.

"He looks like it but, I saw him smile and he hide it behind his capture weapon." Izuku said.

"Really now?" Shinsou said and Izuku nod.

"Then, I should train harder and impress him or else I have no chance of becoming a Hero." Shinsou said.

"I'll make your training extra hard then." Izuku said.

Shinsou paled. "Your a demon, hear me? Your a demon!" Shinsou said crying in fake Anime tears and Izuku just gave a small smile.

They continue walking after. "I am wondering, why did you lost your voice and suddenly come back earlier this morning?" Shinsou said.

"I-I thinks I have selective Mutism. Yo-you see ever since I'm young I already observed to my self that whenever I get stressed, depressed, or very very sad Its hard fo-for me to speak up. Bu-but eventually my voice will come back bu-but I don't really know how it would come back. I made a research since I-I got frustrated O-one day because I-I can speak for a reason a-and yeah... I found that there is a Selective Mutism disorder. "Izuku said and Shinsou nod in understandment.

Suddenly the school announced that the students must stay on their respective classroom or hide in a safe place because there is an intruder Alert possibly Villains. So Izuku and Shinsou look at each other and hide on the nearest room they could find. They look around and they saw that it looks like the Teachers office both of them sigh in relief.

"I guess we'll be safe here." Shinsou said and Izuku nod.

Suddenly both felt a Chill, and a purple mist suddenly showed up out of nowhere and a man who looks like what Dabi described and a Purple Mist guy appeared. The guy with white hair look around the papers and start reading them, when he found what he was looking for he got his phone and took a picture of that paper.

"I-I didn't know that a-an homeless looking gu-guy with lots of hand knows how to use a Phone?" Izuku said looking innocently cute. Shinsou's eyes widden.

"It's clear that they are the intruder and Yet that's what get to your mind!?" Shinsou said.

"What? I-I mean he took a picture so.. Do-does mean he took selfies too?" Izuku said.

"Probably and if he made it his wall paper he would be scared to death every time he look at his Phone." Shinsou said.

"Right~" Izuku said.

"Shut the fuck up you brats!!" The Man said as he got a blackboard eraser and throw it at them and both flinch and dodge the eraser.

"Shigaraki, Tomura. Calm down they are just Kids." The mist man said.

"Kurogi! How many times do I fucking Tell you not to say my Full name huh!?" Shigaraki said annoyed.

"But you say my name as well." Kurogi said.

"He had a point." Shinsou said.

"Ugh! Shut the up brats before I dust you." Shigaraki said.

"How would you do that?" Izuku said.

Shigaraki got something from the desk and turn it into dust and made it disappeared.

"Woaw! That's an Awsome Quirk! How does it work? Does it work in large heavy object? If you get trap in a collapse building, can you dust away the walls and debris so that you can get out? That kind of quirk is also good for disaster rescue than can save trap people in the way if it can work in heavy object, it also can... " Izuku start rambling about the Quirk.

Shinsou sigh." Don't worry, his always like this. He is always fascinated with Quirks and start rambling about them once he saw one. " Shinsou said as he start shaking his friend." Izuku Snap out of it! " Shinsou said.

"Oh? I-I'm ra-rambling again? Sorry..." Izuku said.

"Nah~ it looks like you broke them."Shinsou said.

" mmm... Your weird kid but I like it. Are you a hero Students? " Shigaraki said.

" No... We're from Gen Ed. " Izuku said.

" Stay that way. It would be a waste if you go to the world of Heroes who's blinded by nothing but fame, money and power. But not to worry, those days are over and they will be destroyed." Shigaraki said. "Kurogi." Shigaraki ordered and Kurogi create a portal once more. "It's nice meeting you brats." Shigaraki said before they disappeared through the mist.

Izuku quickly run to the papers where Shigaraki took a picture. Izuku and Shinsou look at each other and their eyes widden.

"Oh Fuck." Shinsou said.


Chapter Text



3rd Person's pov


Izuku and Shinsou quickly went back to their classroom.


"Oh Thank Goodness you two are okay." PresentMic said as he stand there. "As soon as the alarm was set, students are instructed to hide or go to their classroom. Us teachers are assigned to check our homeroom and so far everyone is here except you two. I'm glad you two are okay, right?" PresentMic said and both Shinsou and Izuku nod.


" Good thing it's just the Media. There's no real villain attack. " PresentMic said he turn into the class." With this, all of you are free to go home. It's the principal's order. I'll see you tomorrow listeners. Make sure to go home safe okay?" PresentMic said and the class were happily cheered that they are free from the lesson.


"Uhm... Mi-mic Se-sensei, Ca-can we ta-talk wi-with Eraserhead-sensei and Yo-you?" Izuku said and PresentMic eyes look at the kid curiously.

"Ofcourse Little Listeners. I'll go call Sho okay?" PresentMic said and both nod and Stay where they are as Present Mic walk away. Not many seconds later Katsuki showed together with Mei.

"Guys! I'm so glad your okay." Mei said.


"Fuck fucking Vultures daring to invade UA even though they know they would never pass." Katsuki said piss off as always.

"I think they are part of the plan." Izuku said.

"Plan?" Mei said.


"I'll explain later when Eraserhead-Sensei got here." Izuku said.

"I'm here Problem Childrens." Aizawa said as he walk to the group behind him is Present Mic.

"Sho No! They aren't problem childrens. They are special, Specially the Green Bean~" PresentMic said.


Aizawa groan in annoyance. "You already know we shouldn't pick favorites." Aizawa said.

"I know that~ But the green bean is sweet and Cute." PresentMic said as he walk behind Izuku, kneel down and hug him from behind. "See?" PresentMic said but Katsuki was quick to pull Izuku close to him.

"I know your a fucking Hero, but lay finger on what's mine and I'll fucking burn that shirty Cockatoo hair of yours." Katsuki said glaring daggers at Present Mic. It was silent at first and Izuku was blushing hard as his face is still in Katsuki's chest, Shinsou was smirking widely with Mei.

" Finally you Admit that you Like Broccoli-kun!!" Mei said happily.

"Of course I fucking like him! His my fucking friend." Katsuki argued.

"No! You like him more than Friends!!" Mei argued.

Katsuki blush. "Shut the fuck up before I'll burn your stupid Pink Hair Crazy Bitch." Katsuki said.

"So~ Your not denying it." Shinsou said with a smirk.

"Shitsou, your a fucking Shit." Katsuki said.

"Geh. Thanks." Shinsou said rolling his eyes.


"Come on guys!" Izuku said as he gently push Kaachan away and look at them. "It isn't time for this! Eraserhead-sensei and PresentMic-Sensei needs to know what we saw Shin-can!" Izuku said.


"Rriight~" Shinsou said he then look at Aizawa. "You see earlier when the alarm went on, me and Izuku are walking in hallway then the announcement said to hide or go back to classroom. We hide in nearest place we could find and I think it's the teacher's office. Then suddenly a purple mist thingi appeared and two guys walk inside, it's this guy who is cover in purple mist? Like shadow thingi his name is Kurogi which we found because this guy his with, the guy who has white hair, looks pale, and with hands literally everywhere in his body called him. Kurogi call this guy Shigaraki Tomura I think. " Shinsou said.


Aizawa eyes widden the moment he heard Shigaraki Tomura and Kurogi. That's what Dabi told him, he groan in annoyance.

" Shi--Shigaraki person ha-had a disintegrate quirk. He tou-touch this object and it turn to dust! I-it was an awesome Quirk. With a quirk like him he could..." Izuku start to rambled.

" Izuku! Snap out of it that's not important!" Shinsou said and Izuku nod." Right. "

" Anyway, that guy took a picture of Schedule of Class 1A which is USJ schedule thingi? And then they got away using the Kurogi mist Portal." Shinsou said.

"Why the fuck you didn't used your Quirk to stop them!?" Katsuki said and Shinsou look at him speechless.

"Idiot Purple Cat!" Mei said.

"Hey! Izuku! Why didn't tell me that!!" Shinsou said shaking Izuku Violently.

"I-I didn't because Shigaraki has a Quirk that can turn things to dust. If he break out from your quirk, who knows that his Quirk would work on us and were dust." Izuku argued, Shinsou start shaking him. "We know that your control can be break just through someone bit their tounge or if they experience pain. The teacher's office a litlle crowded no? Shigaraki can trip, or bang his feet accidentally on the tables and Poof his out of your control and were dust. So I didn't encourage you to use your quirk." Izuku said.

All of them look at surprised with that." Is that why you just talk to him. " Shinsou said.

" Yeah! " Izuku said.

" Problem Child, What do you mean by Talk? " Aizawa said.

" Ah~" Shinsou said and he explain how Izuku just talk nonsense during their encounter, like how can someone who looks homeless like Shigaraki has a Phone that he possibly used take selfies and stuff.

" Pfff Hahahaha What. The. Hell... That's epic!!" Mei said.

"I know right?" Shinsou said.

"Fuck! So there is a Villain attack happened afterall." Katsuki said.

"I'll tell this to Nedzu. Though you guys need to come with me. I'll contact someone who can verify your statement. For now, you should stay in an empty room next to the principal. You can do anything there. Follow me I'll guide you there. " Aizawa said as he starts walking with the problem childrens following him behind.

"Can we go to Cafeteria first? I'm kinda hungry, aren't you?" Mei said as she look at Shinsou and Izuku.

"Nah~ We're used to skip meals. Back in the foster Care they sometimes forget to give me food you know. So..." Shinsou said.

"They forget or They didn't give you?" Katsuki said.

"Doesn't matter, there are more important kids out there to be given food rather than a villain like me you know." Shinsou said.

"Tsk, Fuck Your Foster Care Place!" Katsuki said.

"Fuck indeed." Shinsou said.

"That's not right, the workers in the Foster care shouldn't treat you like that little listener." PresentMic said looking at Shinsou who shrug.

"Neh~ I'm used to it." Shinsou said.

"You shouldn't get used to it Problem Child." Aizawa said and Shinsou just didn't care about those words.

"Don't worry, I'll be out of there in No time. Once I turn 16 those caretakers gave me papers to signed that I'll independent then."Shinsou said.

" That's not fair! Your still 16!! That's not even a Legal Age yet! " Mei argued.

" Why would they give you an emaciated papers? "Izuku said.

" A what now?" Shinsou said.

" Emancipated papers. They are the papers that the government gives you to become independent or free from Law. Well, not completely Free but... Yeah.. " Izuku said.

" I don't really know. Maybe it's because of my Record you know. If you have 56 Foster Family returns you back to the system and their same reason is being a Villain then they would think no one wants me anyways so why not set me free right? Also, I do want to be free than living in a Hell hole full of Brats and bastards. Do you fucking know how much time do I need to wait to use the bathroom!? It's fucking fuck up." Shinsou said.

" Oh My God!! Nope, as woman I don't want to share my bathroom with others. Ew.. That's so nasty..." Mei said.

" Speak for yourself. Your family rich, you had your own bathroom in your fucking bed room. " Katsuki said.

"Wait what!? She does!!?" Shinsou said surprised.

"She does. She live in one of  largest building in Japan. You know, The Hatsune Industry Company Building. You should see her place, its like a hotel but... Its messy since her mom said she tend to experiments on her room. But yeah." Izuku said.

"Fuck! That's insane!!" Shinsou said.

"I could asked my mom to adopt you know. Mom would very much to have a Son." Mei said.

"No thanks. I rather live my life rather than to have a adopted sister who could experiment on me while I am asleep." Shinsou said.

"Suit yourself then." Mei said.

"So you don't deny that your planning to experiment on him while his asleep?" Katsuki said.

"What fun way to testy my babies when the test subjects is unconscious!!" Mei said cheerfully.

Shinsou pacefalm. "Yup, I rather live in street than to live with insane people like you." Shinsou said.

"Problem Child. What the Foster care treat you is wrong. You never did use your Quirk for Villainy purposes right?" Aizawa said.

"Ofcourse not! I would never do that!" Shinsou argued.

"Exactly, those bastards are bastards to treat kids like you just because of your quirk. Ugh! Fucking people who doesn't even know how to be decent human being." Aizawa said he then look at PresentMic. "Thats why I told you cats better than humans." Aizawa said.

"Exactly." Shinsou agree.

PresentMic just laugh at that. "Aww~ Sho~ You found your Soul mate!! Or should I say your son mate~" PresentMic said happily.

"Yeah~ You do look like Aizawa Sensei you know. The bored, cold looking expression thingi." Izuku said.

"The fuck up Eyebags." Katsuki said.

"yeah that too." Izuku said.

"And your Quirk also similar. Are you sure your not Eraserhead secret love child?" Mei said and Aizawa almost trip with that claimed and PresentMic can hide his laughter.

"Whos poor soul is gonna date a Hobo looking bastard." Katsuki said.

"Uh... Your right." Mei said.

"Problem Children's! My life isn't yours to gossips so can I asked you kindly not to talk about it. And No, Shinsou isn't my secret love child, I didn't even date anyone before." Aizawa said.

"So am I right." Katsuki said and Aizawa groan in annoyance.

PresentMic just laugh. "Oh my, I love my students this Year. You should love them as well Sho~"  PresentMic said.

"They're hell spawn Hizashi, Hell spawn I tell you. Specially this brat!" Aizawa said pointing at Katsuki who just 'tsk' annoyed.

"But you like him though~if not you already expel him." PresentMic said.

"Ugh!" Aizawa said as he walk ahead of them and PresentMic just chuckled.

"Is he always like that?" Shinsou said.

"Yup he is. We should get going before he will wrap us with his bandage and hang us like caterpillar on one of the windows here in UA." PresentMic said.

The Kids Paled hearing that.


Now the kids were sitting on the couch with Tea offered to them by Nedzu." woah... This Tea taste Delight! " Mei said as she take a Sip of the tea.

"I'm glad you like it Miss Hatsune." Nedzu said.

"Ofcourse, Mom said you make one of the greatest Tea. Now I know why she said that." Mei said.

"Your mother is one of the genius people I met and her inventions are amazing." Nedzu said.

"Ofcourse! And soon I'll be like my parents, maybe even better!" Mei said proudly.

"I'm sure you'll be." Nedzu said as he take a sip of the Tea. "So? This is Detective Namosa Tsukauchi and he would like your statement for what you saw earlier in the Teachers office." Nedzu said.

"My quirk Is call Lie Dector. Means I can tell if someone is Lying or not so do be honest with your statement." Tsukauchi said.

"Woah! That's a cool Quirk, how does it work? Can it determine a statement that can't be consider a true or a lie? How do you feel if someone told you a lie? How do you feel if someone told you the truth? Can it..." Izuku start rambling.

"I'm sorry about him, he does this all the time whenever he encounters a quirk. He even did this with the Villains earlier." Shinsou said.

"Nerd! Your rambling!" Katsuki said and when Izuku realize he did he blush and look down.

"So-sorry..." Izuku said as he want to die in embarrassment rambling infront of bunch of Pros.

"It's okay, That's actually amusing to see someone can formulate detailed question just knowing their quirk. Tell me Midoriya, are you fascinated with Quirks?" Nedzu asked and Izuku nod shyly.

"I-I I do... Si-since I-I do-don't have one you know..." Izuku said.

"Truth" Tsukauchi said.

"I see." Nedzu said. "Go on, Tsukauchi you can asked them questions." Nedzu said and the Detective nod.

Soon they were interviewed and Nedzu have a creepy smile on his face that send Eraserhead and PresentMic chill whe Nedzu eyes fix on Izuku. When Izuku explains about Shigaraki's quirk and went rambling indepth with the Information, Nedzu can conclude that Izuku is an interesting child indeed. Which is a bad news for Aizawa and PresentMic.

Once the interviews were done and they gave their statement, they talk a little and Aizawa guided the gremlins out of the office.

"You hellspawns shouldq go home and give me your phone." Aizawa said and Shinsou pull out his phone and Aizawa start to tap a number. "That's my number and Mic's number. Call or text us if someone happens to you." Aizawa said and they nod.

"Now scram already, though thank you for telling us about it." Aizawa said.

"No problem Eraserhead-sensei." Izuku said as he bow politely at them.

"Call me Aizawa-Sensei kid." Aizawa said.

"Okay, Aizawa-Sensei."Izuku said.

" Now, let's get going. I want to eat some cookies Broccoli-kun made. " Mei said.

" Okay, bye Sensei. See you around. "

And the Gremlins walk away, Aizawa went back inside the office.

" after the sports festival, I might take Midoriya as my personal student. His mind has potential. " Nedzu said smirking.

"Please spare him from your skim. His a kid Nedzu." Aizawa said.

"Whatever do you mean Aizawa-kun?" Nedzu said and Aizawa groan in annoyance.

"Anyway the statement they said were all True which is concerning what your Adopted Vigilante said." Tsukauchi said.

"His not my adopted Vigilante okay? Stop calling him that." Aizawa argued.

"Okay, okay... But what shall we do? These new group Villains are already making their moves and without Dabi, giving us info like this you and your class might encounter a Surprised attack." Tsukauchi said.

"We could just cancel the USJtrip." PresentMic said.

"No, we can. If we do, who knows when are they gonna attack next? And with that, we give them more time to prepare and they would get stronger. It's better to face them off as soon as possible rather than moving it later" Aizawa said.

"Aizawa is correct. With this situation, I recommend that PresentMic, VLad, and Cementoss to accompany you at the USJ.  We will also tighten the security in USJ, I'll inform Thirteen about this matter." Nedzu said.

"Did the Vigilante Dabi and I caught the other day talk to you?" Aizawa asked Tsukauchi.

"They said what Dabi told you. They just got recruited and went to the meeting in this warehouse. They hated society and. They want to bring every Hero down, they don't know who Tomura is but Killing All Might sounds like a perfect melody to them. So when they went out and saw Dabi is having a Friendly Conversation with Hawks, it anger them and called Dabi a traitor and attack him.  " Tsukauchi said.

" It looks like no one knows who Shigaraki's Tomura really is. " Aizawa said.

" Could it be that this group of Villains knows the weakness of All might? I mean there is no way they could Kill All might the number one Hero with a great Power, without knowing that his getting weak right? " PresentMic said.

" That's bad... I'll talk to him and see if he knows something" Tsukauchi said.

With that the meeting was dismissed.




While walking in the hallway...


"Yeah, I also want you to investigate something." Aizawa said.

"What is it?" Tsukauchi said.

"I want you to pull out a file of Shinsou Hitoshi, his PresentMic Problem child and he lives in a Foster Care who doesn't treat him right because of his Quirk." Aizawa said.

"I'll see what I can do." Tsukauchi said.

Chapter Text



3rd Person's pov

Hawks was tired. He just want to have decent sleep and rest. But the HPSC won't let him because he needs to be a perfect Hero to them. There are times that he just want to end it all, fly to the sky and stop manuever of his wings and let gravity take his life away and this is one of those times he wanted to do just that.

A day has pass by since the incident of a bunch of Vigilante attack him and Dabi, he knows Dabi is in safe hands and he believes that Dabi is gonna fine despite the fact he gleed away from home and back to his house and people there start asking him to work. It's been a day since he didn't contact Dabi and the rest since he was busy with work, and his mind isn't doing right. He got headache from time to time, and he have a concussion that isn't treated the day he and Dabi got attacked.



Hawks sigh, currently he is in patrol once again looking out for any Villains and trouble from above, but right now his tired and Honestly he doesn't care about his surroundings or what's happening down there. He just want to feel the wind, feel free even though he wasn't really Free in his life.

He stop flying and landed on the roof. He look at his personal phone and saw that he have tons of message from Deku, and Missed calls from Dabi as well. He smile seeing that someone do care for his well being. His other phone which given by the wolves start to vibrate and it was telling him that there is trouble not far from where he is. This phone can track his location, his messages and any matters thats why Hawks has two Phones and he sure know how to Shut this phone up whenever he visit his home at the beach.

Though when he get back to the wolves, the wolves will give him extra work as a punishment for shutting the phone which is worth it for Hawks because if he got severe works and a prize to spend time with those people he love and love him back he would do it.

Hawks sigh and went to trouble that the wolves located and he saw that different Heroes were already there. He knows this are sometimes would part of his patrol and sometimes other Heroes would come and patrol here as well which is great since it would make his Job easier.

When he got there he just greeted the Heroes, help them defeat the Villain, give statement to the police, fake smile at vultures and Fly off. But, one of Heroes in the scene is PresentMic who manage to follow him. Hawks wanted to play for a little bit, he knows that PresentMic are one of those Heroes with a good heart, maybe his one of the Hero that you can trust. But Hawks wanted to see if PresentMic can catch up to him.

So he flew fast as he could right now even though he knows he doesn't have much energy. He peak down and saw PresentMic sprinting fast as he could to catch Hawks. In some point, he climb the roof and start to do parkour which impress Hawks. Hawks smirk and stop down on an hidden alley to hide, but PresentMic jump down from the roof going down with ease. The roof wasn't that high anyway.

PresentMic dust his consume and smile. "Surely your faster than That right? Though nice flying." Present Mic said.

"Thanks. I'm usually am Faster just doesn't have enough energy. I didn't know you know parkour." Hawks said.

"Learn from the best." PresentMic said.

"Let me guess Eraser." Hawks said.

"You bet! Since Deku already knows that me and Eraser are close I guess you do too." PresentMic said.

"Yeah. He said you went to Highschool together and now you both working on the same School as teachers. Your not gonna be here talking to me if it isn't for Eraser right?" Hawks said.

"Maybe your right. Eraser told me that this Dabi keep pestering him to check on you. Deku and Dabi were worried about you since they can't contact you." PresentMic said and Hawks sigh. He lean to the wall beside him and gave a tired look.

"I know... But I can't worry them nor risk of them getting caught by the wolves. So.. Here am I still working my ass off even if I'm so tired." Hawks said.

"Deku said you got hit in the head pretty bad, you had a concussion the last time he saw you. Did you get that treated?" PresentMic said.

"The moment I flew away from their place and went back to the wolves, they start scolding me because they can't track my location. I shut the tracker down and as a punishment they give me extra work you know..." Hawks said as he sigh once again. "I wish I could just sleep and never wake up. But I also want to wake up because I have Friends like Dabi, Deku and the rest of Gremlin Chaos squad." Hawks said chuckling sadly.

"Gremlins Chaos Squad. That's sound fun." PresentMic said.

"You bet." Hawks said as he gave a smile remembering memories in the beach together with Dabi and the Kids. "But Most of them are indanger. Once the HPSC found out I'm hanging with them they'll either go to Jail or be like me. Tied in the hands of HPSC and can't escaped." Hawks said he groan in pain and held his head.

"Your not okay then." PresentMic said.

"I wish I am." Hawks said, he then got startled when he felt his Phone vibrate. He got it and groan as he read the message from HPSC telling him to go to this location because a Villain just spotted there.

"I'll accompany you there. You look like your gonna be knock out by the wind." PresentMic said, but Hawks start to feel Dizzy, tired and weak. He took one to two steps before his vision start to get dark and he pass out. "Shit! Hawks!" PresentMic manage to catch Hawks body before it would collide to the ground. PresentMic quickly got his phone and dialed Eraserhead .

📞 "Zashi?" Aizawa said.

📞 "Can you please come to my location? Hawks just pass out and he doesn't look good." PresentMic said.

📞"Tsk, another problem child. I'll be there as soon as I can." Aizawa said.

📞 "I'll be waiting Sho..." PresentMic said.



Hawks is lying unconscious on the bed. Beside the bed is Recovery Girl. Recovery Girl turn her chair around and face Hizashi and Aizawa. "He has Concussion, he had a nasty injury on the head that half treated, and mostly he almost have Zero stamina. What the hell happened!?" Recovery Girl said.

"We don't have a full idea what happened but according to Deku he got hit at the back of the head." Aizawa said.

"Well, that doesn't explain why he have Zero stamina. Is he eating properly?" Recovery Girl asked.

"I guessed not. He did told me earlier that as soon as he went back to HPSC he was force to overworked." PresentMic said.

"They won't have a Winged Hero if they would force him to work hard until he pass out like this. Are they idiots?." Recovery Girl said.

"I guessed he didn't tell them he got injured because If he did they would asked and investigate his injury and it would indanger the Gremlins Chaos Squad as he call them." PresentMic said.

"Ugh! They should call themselves Problem Childrens Chaos." Aizawa said.

"About him, Should we tell the HPSC that his here?" Recovery Girl said.

"Don't. Let him take a rest he needs it." Aizawa said.

"And this. No matter what, don't open this phone because once this phone opened the HPSC can track him down and it would be bad if they did." PresentMic said as he set the Poweroff phone in the table.

"Okay then. I'll leave him to you. Call me if he wakes up." Recovery Girl said before she walks away. Aizawa and Present Mic closed the curtains and sat on the chair in the corner. "I'll call Deku." Aizawa said.


Saturday. Izuku is sleeping peacefully In the bed next to him is Katsuki who is resting as well. They were just done sparing with each other together with Shinsou and decided to sleep and take a rest. Shinsou on the other hand is reading Katsuki's notes in Heroics since if he wants to be transferred to Hero course he needs to know about the Heroics Lecture since it wasn't taught in General Ed.

Dabi is just lazying around and scrolling through his phone because he can't go and work because its day time at the same time Fuyumi is keeping her eye on him. Fuyumi and Mei is outside in the beach trying Mei's inventions. That girl just didn't know how to stop.

Dabi and Shinsou got startled when they heard Izuku's ringtone. Izuku's phone is being charged in the living room whereShinsou and Dabi is sitting. Dabi saw the caller 'EraserDad' and he groan.

Dabi accept the call.

📞"The hell you want? Deku's asleep." Dabi said.

📞 "Ah~ the perfect person to talk to. Just want to inform you that your birdie pass out and his currently in UA resting." Eraeerhead said.

📞"WHAT!? say, if I head to UA won't I get caught?" Dabi said already standing up and looking for his Jacket ready to head out.

📞 "You won't. Nedzu doesn't care about you and Most of the Heroes here doesn't know you. So your safe." Eraeerhead said.

📞 "If your fucking kidding me I'll burn UA to ashes got it!?" Dabi said as his already heading out of the house and making sure to sprint away so Fuyumi won't caught him and try to stop him.

📞 "If you can." Eraeerhead said.

📞 "And I will." Dabi said.

📞 "Relax, What I said is true. Your safe here." Eraeerhead said.

📞"Wait at the gate then, I'm coming." Dabi said.

📞 "Fine." Eraeerhead said.


When Dabi reach UA, he was prepared to burn the school down. But Eraser seems to be genuine and guided him to the School Clinic where Hawks is sleeping. Dabi asked what happened and they explain, he sigh in relief that Hawks isn't injured that severly. He place a brown bag of food on the table before Deku's phone suddenly rang and Dabi answered the call.


📞 "Listen Yumi, I'm fine. I just went to UA where a pass out Keigo is. He was found by PresentMic and he isn't that injured." Dabi said.

He heard Fuyumi sigh in relief. 📞 "Good. Why didn't you say anything to me?" Fuyumi said.

📞 "You'll forbid me. You even forbid me to move around the house that much." Dabi said.

📞 "Because~ Your injury isn't healed yet" Fuyumi said.

📞 " I know, but I'm fine. Anyway, I'll make sure to be home before sun down so you don't need to worry. Bye." Dabi said as he didn't wait for Fuyumi to say something and he hang up the call.

"So you have a sister?" Aizawa said.

"A annoying nagging mother one yes I do. She's like the medic in the family. She's a Nursing student." Dabi said.

"I'll go get recovery Girl to check your injury." PresentMic said as he walk away.

"Hmm... Good for her. You should be like your sister, going to college and enjoy life. Not getting into troubles." Aizawa said.

"I didn't come here for a Lecture Dad." Dabi said.

"You came here to see if your boyfriend is alive or not." Aizawa said.

"His not my fucking boyfriend. His my pet!" Dabi said.

"Like Hell he is." Aizawa said and roll his eyes and Dabi just groan in pain. Dabi then open the curtains and look at Hawks once more with worried before he sigh and close them letting Hawks get the rest he needs. Dabi sat on the empty Chair on the corner and sigh again.

"UA was attacked yesterday by the same person you described to me." Aizawa said.

"I know." Dabi said.

Aizawa's eyes widden. "How?" Aizawa said.

"Deku told me. He even told me that it's possible that the Vultures who annoyed UA yesterday is one of Scheme's of those Villains to get the schedule." Dabi said.

"Okay. How the hell did Deku know that!? The only people who knows it are those 4 Problem Child, Tsukauchi, Nedzu, me and PresentMic possible All Might. No one knows except for them. I certainly didn't tell Deku about this." Aizawa said.

"Wait!? You still didn't know who Deku is!?" Dabi said.

"No why? Should I already know?" Aizawa said.

"Well I thought... Yeah, never mind. You'll figure it somehow or one day you will." Dabi said, he did thought that Aizawa should know Deku is Izuku since Katsuki calls Deku all the time, though come to think of it he calls him Nerd most of the time than Deku.

" Right ~ but still didn't explained the classified information that got out like that." Aizawa said.

"I'll give you a clue. One of those Kids knows Deku and maybe they're friends and tells him that Info. I'm not telling you who, It's more fun if you figure out the mystery right?" Dabi said with a smirk.

"I fucking hate you." Aizawa said.

"The feeling is mutual." Dabi said.

Aizawa groan in annoyance.


Soon, Dabi received a Kiss from Recovery Girl and his injuries which is stab wounds and the gun shot is healed. Though it did leave another scar on his body full of scars.

"There your healed already. Though I'm curious as what happened to your face and arms? Why are you cover in this nasty burns scar and it looks like they weren't treated right?" Recovery Girl said.

"and that's exactly happened. My Quirk is called Cremation which related to Fire. When I was young my Father would force me to control my quirk with no support Items so it burns my arms, face and my body itself. One day, I had enough so I run away and become a Vigilante end of story. " Dabi said.

" Fuck! Where's your bastard Father? Don't you want to Report him? I can help you send him to Jail. " Aizawa said.

" If you know who is he, You'll be surprised and it will be hard to send him to Jail without you going down. So No, I won't tell you. I'm fine with my life currently so you don't need to worry. " Dabi said.

"Fine. But if you need help were here don't hesitate to asked us for help." Aizawa said.

"Don't worry,  I will." Dabi said as he lay down on the bed and sleep because of Recovery Girl healed him.


The sun start setting and Hawks woke up. He look at the setting and he definitely wasn't in the HPSC. He try remembering what happened and groan in pain. He un revealed the curtain and he saw Aizawa who just went inside this small clinic.

"Good Your awake. You should eat something. There is a bag of Chicken Wings that Dabi brought for you. His currently sleeping on the other side because Recovery Girl healed him." Aizawa said.

"Okaay... What happened?" Hawks asked.

"You pass out because you over work yourself, No that's not the right word. You pass out because the wolves force labor on you until you pass out." Aizawa said.

"Shit! The wolves. Did You inform them?" Hawks said.

"Do you think I'm an idiot to give a wolves a pass out Hawks? Ofcourse not, they're gonna pray on that Hawks until there's nothing left." Aizawa said and Hawks sigh in relief.

"Though I'm still gonna get pray on because    you shut down the their tracker. Ugh!" Hawks said as he got the brown bag and start digging for the chickens.

"One, Isn't that Cannibalism? Two, don't worry if you feel tired again you can always visit here and take a Rest. I talk to Nedzu and see what we can do about your situation. I know for the fact that Nedzu doesn't like HPSC and his planning to take them down for the longest time. " Aizawa said.

"I'm gonna ignore the first question Yeah. Two, thanks for the help. Eraserhead." Hawks said.

"Anytime. Though I have a feeling that we would meet each other often you already know my name is Aizawa Shouta, and I know your name is Keigo right?" Aizawa said.

"Takami Keigo yes." Hawks said, Aizawa nod.

"Sho~" PresentMic said and he walk inside. "I heard your conversation and... Nice to meet you Hawks or I can call you Keigo right (Hawks nod) I'm Yamada Hizashi, you can call me Hizashi If you want." PresentMic said.

"Mic seems a great nickname for you." Hawks said.

"I'll take that." Present MiC said with a smile.

"Ugh! Can you guys shut up!" Dabi said as he woke up and glare at them.

"Dabi! I'm so glad your here and thanks for the Chickens they are good though." Hawks said and Dabi smack him the head.

"What the fuck got into you for your brain to think that it's okay to pass out in an alley!?" Dabi said Scold Hawks who looks like a sad puppy right now.

"Sorry Mom..." Hawks said.

"Ugh! Your really annoying Keigo." Dabi said.

"But you still love me. If you didn't, you won't be here all you won't be giving me this Chickens." Hawks said.

"Keigo! If you don't shut up! I'll burn you yo death!" Dabi said and Hawks zip his mouth and surrender.

PresentMic chuckled. "You guys remind me of someone right Sho~?" MiC said and Aizawa just groan and look at Dabi.

"I want to advice you 'No loud Blondes' but maybe it's too late already. Because it's not great based on my personal experience." Aizawa said.

"Don't worry It's not too late yet. I should give that advice to Deku as well. He does have someone who is also a Loud Blonde." Dabi said.

"Ugh! Why?" Aizawa said.

"I'm offended." Mic said.

"Me as well." Hawks said.

"Your both annoying." Dabi said.

"Agreed." Aizawa said and Both Present Mic and Hawks pouted.



Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov



"Today is the day right? Your going to the USJ?" Izuku said as he look at Katsuki. The four of them are walking to UA.


"Yeah..." Katsuki said.


"Are you nervous? Because if you are..." Shinsou pull Izuku close to him. "Who are you and what the fuck did you do to the explosive angry pomeranian?" Shinsou said.


"Fuck you Purple Shitsou! I'm not rucking nervous!" Katsuki argued.

"Good you pass, Your still the blasty we know." Shinsou said and Katsuki groan in annoyance.

"Don't worry, if a Villain attack will occur you need this!" Mei said as she got a box of small grenade.



"Ugh... Mei, I don't think Kaachan needs them. I mean, his hand is basically a Grenade." Izuku said.


"Duh~ I know that! Just, with this he could throw this things to the villains who his hand couldn't reach and make them explode!! Don't worry, They aren't deadly... Well to you ofcourse to the Villain... Eh~ 50-50" Mei said.


"I'm not fucking brining a grenade to training!" Katsuki said.


"Suit yourself. But if you need them there are always available." Mei said.


Katsuki fasten his walk and left them annoyed.


"His gonna need them I'm sure of it." Mei said with a smirk.


"Mei... What are you thinking?" Izuku said and Mei just smile at them.


"uh... Can we end our friendship?" Shinsou said.


"Ofcourse you can! But~ we need to hide your body since you know our secret. I have a perfect Baby to test that!" Mei said chuckling.


"Izuku, Let's get away from the crazy pink!." Shinsou said as he grab Izuku and start running.


"Wait up!!" Mei run to catch them.



Aizawa open the door and met up with his hell spawn. "Today we will go to the Trip. So put your costumes or your gym uniform on and meet me outside where the bus is waiting." Aizawa said and walk away.


The class then went to their respective changing locker. Katsuki open the note and he saw his costume and a box. He open it and saw a belt with full of grenades. It also have a note saying

Just incase - Mei (ㅇ v < ) ✌️

Katsuki clench the note and throw it on the ground as it explode. "Fucking Dddaamn Crazy Pink Bitch!" Katsuki said.


"woah~ Chill bakugou, what's got into you?" Kaminari said.

"You shouldn't also use inappropriate languages" Iida said and Katsuki glare at them.


"Don't tell me what to do Shitty Extras!!" Katsuki yell at them.

"Calm down Bakubro! What happened anyway? Why do you suddenly explode a note?" Kirishima said as he take a peak on the box in Katsuki's locker. "Annnd why do you have a box of grenades Isn't it dangerous to have such thing!?" Kirishima said and paled.

"That's not fucking mine! It's given by a Crazy Pink Bitch! Ugh! I hate her to the core." Katsuki said as he continue to put his costume on.


"wait her? So your already have a girlfriend!? Dammmnnn... Your so lucky!" Kaminari Said.


"Wait! You have a girlfriend!? Does she have big boobs? Big ass?" Mineta said excitedly.

"Sure she does, If you want to be her boyfriend go fucking ask her out. You'll never gonna see tomorrow again since she'll start to make different babies of her that would end you. Literally end you." Katsuki said.

"Wait!? Babies!?" Mineta said as he gaps in surprised.

Katsuki groan in annoyance. "Let's just fucking go, HoboBastard is waiting for us. And to correct you, she isn't my fucking Girlfriend. I rather die, I'll dig my own grave than to be her boyfriend." Katsuki said ashe took the box of grenade and went out of the room.


"His talking about his Crush right?" Sero said.


"Oh definitely." Kaminari said.


"I need to find who this mystery Girl is! Maybe she is beautiful and Sexy just Momo-chan~" Mineta mumbled.


"That's Unmanly dude!" Kirishima said.

" Don't do that or else Bakugou is gonna explode you." Sero said.

"Agreed." Kaminari said.



When Class 1-A went to ride the bus one by one. Tsuyu look at Katsuki with confusion and asked. "Why are you carrying a box that has grenade inside?" Tsuyu asked.

"Wait!? Your carrying what!?" Vlad asked surprised to Bakugou who groan in annoyance.

"A crazy pink Bitch gave them to me. I can't leave it in school who knows when they are gonna explode? So, I decides to bring this fuck up grenade and maybe test them." Katsuki said.

"Are you even allowed to bring them!?" Cementoss said.

"I'm pretty sure I'm not. But if you leave it in my shitty locker who knows if this would fuck up and explode the entire changing room?" Katsuki said.

"Uh... Eraser?" Present Mic said.

"I don't care.  Majime's problem child already gave that to him, so why not used it?" Aizawa said in a bored tone.

"Rriight~" Present Mic said.

"I know even if we asked who's this Crazy Pink Bitch you won't even answer who, so..." Sero said to Katsuki before he turn to Present Mic. "Who is she?"

But before Present Mic can answer Aizawa the question for him. "She's from the support department. She's more than hell spawn than any of you. Its good she isn't in the hero course or I'll have gray hairs soon." Aizawa said.

"I bet she could make it gray less than a second." Katsuki said.

"Uh... Bakubro, I notice you talk to Sensei like your close or something. Are you?" Kirishima said.

"No, Hobobastard is just a Hobobastard." Katsuki said.

"That's inappropriate to describe our teacher Bakugou." Iida said.

"Oh shut the fuck four eyes." Bakugou said.

"Why is someone like you in hero course?" Uraraka said.

"Round Face, if you don't shut the fuck up the grenades will be on your mouth less than a second." Katsuki said glaring deadly at her, and she raise her hand in surrender.

"Bakubro, its not cool to threaten your fellow classmates." Kirishima said.

"If the shitty extras don't fucking shut the fuck up then it's worth threatening them and maybe blast them off my way." Katsuki said.

"Riighht." Kaminari said.

"Hell spawns were here." Aizawa said as they felt the bus stops moving.



Soon they gather around and walk inside USJ, they were amazed as how cool the place is.

" This The Pro Hero: Space Hero Thirteen and his gonna be our guide through USJ." Aizawa said.

"Welcome students to USJ. We have different scenarios here for your training. As eraser head introduced I'm pro hero Thirteen, just call me that. My quirk is call black hole, I could suck and matter using my hand. Today, I'll be helping the fellow teachers on observing your training for today. But before that-." Thirteen was interrupted when a dark mist Portal suddenly appeared in the plaza and a bunch of different came out.

" Woah! Are those different robots?" Mina said.

" are we fighting robots again? " Jirou said in annoyance.

" Stand back everyone. Thirteen protect the kids. The rest of us will fight those real Villains off." Eraserhead said as he put his googled on and every Pro Hero except for thirteen got ready to fight.

" wait what!? " Mina said surprised.

"Those are real Villains. So stand back and don't do anything stupid Hellspawns." Eraserhead said as he,Mic, Vlad, and Cementoss went down and face off different Villains.

"Let's go! We should leave" Thirteen said and was about to guide the students back out from the door but the purple mist showed up.

"You won't be going anywhere." The purple mist guy said as he block the pathway of the students who gaps.

"Let us through before I'll blast you fucking away." Katsuki said glaring dangerously through to him.

"Try if you can." Kurogi said.

Katsuki smirk. "With pleasure then!" Katsuki said as sparks starts to form in his palm and attack the purple mist. "Wait! Let me help you Bakugou!" Kirishima said but both of them got suck on the purple mist and disappeared.

Some students gaps. Kaminari and Sero told Kurogi to bring the two back and attacked but Kurogi set another portal and make some students disappeared. He got stop when Thirteen start using his quirk on Kurogi who seems to be unimpressed by Thirteen's quirk. He then create a Portal behind thirteen so, Instead of Thirtheen sucking Kurogi's mist, his sucking his own body which got injured.

With that time Mina and the rest help Thirteen to the side and look at Kurogi with Fear. "The symbol of Peace shall fall." Kurogi said. Uraraka notice that Kurogi wasn't made entirely of purple mist, he had a metal thingi hidden inside.

"Iida-kun, If I say Go you should go through the door and run as quick as you can to get help. I'll deal with him." Uraraka said.

"How would you do that?" Iida said.

"Trust me, I will." Uraraka said. She got Kurogi's attention and attack him, she used her quirk to make the metal object float and that time Uraraka shouted to Iida who manage to get out through the door and run to get help.


Katsuki and Kirishima were beating tons of villains and Katsuki were piss because they were weak Villains or vigilante. Compare them to Dabi, they were nothing but a weak fry. "Let's go to Center Plaza, Shitty hair. This stupid extras aren't worthy opponent." Katsuki said as he blast a chameleon who try sneaking on him.

"You know... I never though you could be this calm as well. I always thought you'll be like" Kirishima said as he imagine Katsuki who said " 'Die' 'Die' 'die'" with anger.

"Shut the fuck up! I can be calm if I want to." Katsuki said.

"okay. Let's just go the Center Plaza, though... I wonder how's everyone doing? Are they safe? That mist man is sure powerful, its impossible to hit him if his body is made of mist." Kirishima said.

"His body isn't completely made with Mist. Before we got transfer here, that Shitty Mist bastard had a metal thingi hidden in his body. If I got that and made it explode I think it would be his last time that he would see the sun." Katsuki said with smirk which made Kirishima Gulp.

" Don't smile like that! It's scary!" Kirishima said.

" Oh! Shut the fuck up and let's go shitty hair. " Katsuki said as he walk ahead.

" My hair isn't shitty! "Kirishima argued as he follow Katsuki.


When they got to the Plaza. Other Heroes were fighting the shitty extras as Katsuki would define them, and Eraser head is now fighting with the guy Shigaraki. The students who watch the fight went paled when they saw Shigaraki touch Eraserhead's elbow that the skin start to decay exposing the tendons. Katsuki remember what Deku theorises that this guy have a Quirk that can dust someone.

"Fuck!" Katsuki said he remember the grenades that Mei gave him. He look up to the students who were near the entrance who's also looking at the fight down in the plaza. He made an eye contact to Uraraka and sign maybe spell with his finger G-R-E-N-A-D-E which Uraraka eyes widden, she look around the area and she saw that box that Katsuki were carrying in bus earlier. So she quickly grab them and made herself light, as she floats in the sky and made herself light and in the right angle, she threw the box to Katsuki and she float down and starting to feel sick and wanting to throw up.

Eraserhead kick Shigaraki away before he can dust his elbow completely, but his elbow is already bleeding. He remembers what Dabi told him and the kids says that this guy had a decay quirk. He can't erase them anymore since he used too much  or his quirk and its giving him too much of a dry eyes. "Ah~ Your a Cool hero eraser head. But this is your doom." Shigaraki said.

"Hobobastard Jump away!" Katsuki said and Eraserhead look at Katsuki who had a grenade on his hand. So Eraser jump backward as Katsuki throw the grenade to Shigaraki and it create a very massive explosion, maybe more powerful than Katsuki's quirk. The place were cover with pink smoke instead of black and glitters start to fall down like snow.

Once the smoke is cleared they saw a massive crater on the floor shining in pink glitter. "What. The. Fuck did that Crazy Pink Bitch is thinking!?" Katsuki said groaning in annoyance, his expression is mirrored by Eraserhead. He knows that Mei is another problem child but the pink smoke and glitters and how powerful the explosion is, Mei is beyond a problem child than he thinks. No wonder Katsuki called her Crazy Pink bitch because it seems to be a perfect name for Mei.

"I know Grenades are powelful but that Grenades are powerful!! But whats with this pink glitters?" Kirishima said.

Katsuki just groan in annoyance.

"No, No, No!! Sensei." Shigaraki said as he pick the hand that lay on the ground that is now cover in pink dust and glitters. That's not the only thing that covers in pink dust and glitter his hair and some part of his body, with a little burns here and there as well. Kurogi appeared next to him.

"Shigaraki Tomura, a student manage to escape. We should head back before it would be a game over." Kurogi said.

"Kurogi... If you aren't the ticket to get us out of here I already dust you alive!" Shigaraki said in range. "But it isn't game over yet! Bring out the Nomu!" Shigaraki said.

Kurogi open a portal and a Creature that looks like a bird with his brain sticking out just step out. "The game just started." Shigaraki said with a smirk. "Nomu, get Eraserhead." Shigaraki said and Eraserhead was surprised when the Nomu just appeared next to him with a quick speed and slam his head down to the floor.

"ERASERHEAD!" PresentMic used his quick that send Nomu a little step backward from Eraserhead. PresentMic run and help Eraserhead who had a blood running down from his forehead.

"Oh? That's not gonna stop the Nomu to bringing you low level HP heroes." Shigaraki said.

"I Am Here!" A voice suddenly startled them and All Might showed up.

"Perfect Timing. Your the guy we just need! Nomu attack All Might! " Shigaraki said and the Nomu attack All Might who counter its punch. All might was surprised so thus the other Heroes and the students who saw that.

"You can't defeat our new Tool. Sensei made Nomu to be equal as All Might and maybe more powerful that the trash number one hero. Is engineered perfectly just to kill the Number one hero, The symbol of Peace, the Pillar of This Bullshit Society." Shigaraki said.

All might fight the Nomu and he did conclude that the Nomu is strong for someone like him who's getting weaker. Todoroki showed up and trap the Nomu using his ice, but the Nomu was frozen for second before he break through the Ice. All Might was surprised that the Nomu attacked again and they were fighting once again." I thought his quirk is shock absorption. " All might said.

" Who said that the Nomu have just one quirk? " Shigaraki said.

"Multiple Quirks?"PresentMic.

"Is that even Possible?" Vlad said.

All Might and the Nomu continue to fight and Katsuki observed. He might not as good at Izuku in analyzing things but he is one good observer and he could see that All Might is getting weaker and sloppier with each attack he gave to the Nomu which confused him. All might, the number one Hero should be strong, tough and powerful but his getting weak.

"His getting weak." Katsuki said.

"Who? The Nomu?" Kirishima said.

"All Might." Katsuki said.

"So you notice it too?" Todoroki said.

All Might was send flying over Katsuki and the others and hit the wall that has now had a massive crack. The Nomu was about to finish his work but Katsuki, Kirishima and Todoroki are in the way so Todoroki made an Tower of ice to shield them from the attacked but he was surprised when the Nomu just break through the Ice and was about to attacked them. But Katsuki throw the rest of the Grenade Mei made to the Nomu's direction and it create a large powerful explosion again. The place was filled with Pink smoke once again.

"No, No, no, The fuck with the Cheat Items!? This shouldn't be happening!!" Shigaraki said as he cough with smoke. "Nomu!" Shigaraki said and the Nomu just send a massive wind to clear the smoke. Once it'd cleared they were surprised about the massive crack that is now full of pink dust and glitters, Nomu is cover with Pink as well.

"You! How dare you pull out a Cheat Items! That's now how this game should work!!" Shigaraki said as he glare at Katsuki.

"If you have a cheating Fucking Nomu as your fucking cheating Items, Why can't we? Don't you want to have a fair game? or you just want to be cheater and win for Victory? Wait, it doesn't even consider as Victory since you cheated am I right? " Katsuki said.

" Why You... I'll dust You alive!! " Shigaraki said as he was about to attack Katsuki who gave a terrifying smirk." Bring it on. " Katsuki said. Shigaraki attack Katsuki, but Katsuki grab his wrist and explode them with his quirk, now Shigaraki's right hand is suffering from painful burns as he step backs.

"Someone told me that your Quirk can Disintegrate something with a touch. But I figure if I burn your Hand, or maybe break them or Cut them you won't able to touch anything that you can't disintegrate them. So Come here and let me break every bone you have on your little finger, Because you'll look great without them." Katsuki said with a dangerous smile on his face and show his hands that has a dangerous spark forming in his hand which made the rest of his classmate got scared of him.

"Why You!! Nomu get him!" Shigaraki said and the Nomu is about to attack Katsuki who was ready to attack the Nomu with his explosion and activate his gauntlets but he blink when he was shove out of the way just a second. Katsuki look up and saw that All Might just got him and shove him away from his position earlier. Katsuki look up to All Night who's still holding him and focusing his gaze to the Nomu.

Katsuki look at the Nomu once more and eyes widden when the Nomu is about to attack them again, but Todoroki trap the Nomu on Ice once again. But the Nomu break the Ice and continue to attack All Might who shove Katsuki behind him and fight the nomu.

"Ugh! This isn't supposed to happened! This isn't how it should be!!" Shigaraki said in anger.

"The back up is here. We should go now Shigaraki Tomura. Beside if you observe clearly All Might Is already getting weak. " Kurogi said.

Shigaraki did notice that since the start of the fight between All Might and Nomu. "Tsk. We will meet again Heroes, enjoy our little gift." Shigaraki said as he step inside the portal that Kurogi create and they disappeared leaving a mess up scene.

Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov




📢🔊"Attention, All Hero is needed at USJ for back up. All classes are cancelled for the day."



The school's speaker said and Izuku got worried. He look at the sky through the window with worried. "Kaachan..." Izuku thought with worried.



"Izu, Let's go." Shinsou said and Izuku nod as he gather his things and they walk outside ready to go home.



While walking out of the gate Mei run to them. "Don't leave me behind." Mei told them and Shinsou just roll his eyes and Izuku just look down.



"Your worried about the blasty right?" Mei said as she notice Izuku look down and Izuku nod.



"You shouldn't be! His blasty! The angry Pomeranian who is ready to blast anything that block his way. Besides, I sneak some of my babies in his costumes so you don't need to worry." Mei said with a smile.



"Yeah shes right. Blasty can actually be scary when he could. I could say that he could be a perfect Villain if his heart isn't set to become number one Hero." Shinsou said.



"I agree." Mei said.



"If Kaachan heard you two he already blast you off." Izuku said.



"Exactly." Mei said.



"See? A Villain. Don't get me wrong though, Blasty is kind but in his own way. If he becomes a Villain, he is one of those Villains that I see in Movies or Dramas that they pretend to be bad but deep inside they are good. I could say... A Good Villain?" Shinsou said and Mei nod agreeing to Shinsou's words.



"You guys are right. I should just go home and bake him a cake or something." Izuku said.



"He would be delighted!" Mei said and Shinsou nod.






When Izuku and the rest got to Izuku's home he saw Dabi and Fuyumi are sitting in the floor worried as they look at Shiro who is playing a news about the USJ being attacked and Eraserhead was the one who got severely injured but most of the students were safe and All Might showed up and save the day.



"I-I... Need to get home. I'll make sure Shoto is fine." Fuyumi said.



"Text me if anything okay?" Dabi said since his worried about his younger brother as well. Fuyumi nod as she got her coat and went out. "Take care." Dabi said and Fuyumi shut the door close.



"So? You guys are home. Did you heard anything about the attacks?" Dabi said and Izuku shook his head.


"Not really, our class was canceled today and we already know that this is gonna happened." Shinsou said and Dabi sigh.



"Fucking Eraserbastard should already know that this is coming yet he got badly injured. Didn't he took my warning seriously!?" Dabi said annoyed.



"I don't think EraserDad didn't take it seriously. Maybe something else had happened." Izuku said.



"Right. How about the blasty? Heard anything from him?" Dabi said and Izuku shook his head.



"But I know his gonna be fine. His Kaachan afterall." Izuku said with a small smile.



"Yup. He probably kick those villains' ass and blast them away. Poor villains, getting harass by the blasty." Dabi said.



"And they must be cover in Pink Dust and Glitters right now." Mei said.



"ookkay... When this Vultures get a shot of what happened in USJ they did show a picture of the scene, some cracks and the area is full of pink dust and glitters. Do you have something to do with it?" Dabi said.



"Remember the grenades I gave to Blasty this morning?" Mei said, Shinsou and Izuku nod.



"What!? You gave him a fucking grenade!?" Dabi said.



"Yup! And it's a special grenade the explode with ssttyyllee~. If it explode the place will be cover in pink smoke, dust and glitters!! Normal explosions are boring you know~ why not make it something Fun!" Mei said cheerfully.



"Why did God created such a crazy Pink like you." Dabi said as he slap his own forehead.



"Because I'm awesome and beautiful with a cool mind!" Mei said with a smile.



"Ugh! Stop smiling it hurts my eyes." Shinsou said rubbing his eyes.



"You should try smiling as well instead of having a stoic face all the time. Your grow old fast that way you know." Mei said.



"shut up!" Shinsou said.



"She's right you know." Dabi said with a smirk.



"Ugh!" Shinsou said annoyed.







It was during sunset, the sky is painted beautiful orange when Katsuki showed up in the beach.



"Congratulations, Your alive." Dabi said sarcastically.



"Kaachan!" Izuku said as he launch forward and hug him.



"Nerd you have 3 seconds to get off me before I blast you off." Katsuki said with a shade of pink dust on his cheek.



"So-sorry." Izuku said as he broke the hug. "I'm just worried you know." Izuku said.



"You shouldn't be. Those group of thugs are worthless and useless. I think your stronger than them even if they have their quirks. Ugh! What a waste of my fucking time." Katsuki said and he glare at Mei. "And you! Your fucking grenades exploded with Pink shitty smoke, dust and fucking glitters." Katsuki said.



"Oh my!! You actually used my Babies!! Ahh!! I'm so proud of them." Mei said as she wipe her fake Anime tears.



"Your fucking babies painted the stupid Hand Face with Pink Glitters and dust." Katsuki said.



"See? My babies are the great! Not only it damaged enemies but it damaged with Sssttyylee~" Mei said and Katsuki groan in annoyance.



"Come on, sit down and tell us everything. Izuku made your favorite Strawberry Cake you know." Dabi said.



"Thanks Nerd." Katsuki said.



"Your welcome Kaachan." Izuku said.






Soon they were sitting on the floor as Katsuki was telling them what happened though they kinda confused because the way he describes his classmates confused them. Who the hell is Shitty Hair, Pikatchu wannabe, Round Face, Four eyes, Icyshot, Handface, Purple Mist Bastard? But they best Ignore it since even if they asked Katsuki who are they, he'll answer them the same.



If you asked Katsuki who is Purple Mist Bastard he'll answer Purple Mist Bastard. Thats why is the best to ignore him.



Though they were curious as who is this Bird Brain his talking about that had an equal strength of All Might and has multiple quirks.



"Don't know... Hand Man said is engineered to defeat Ass Might and what's weird is that Ass Might is getting weaker, sloppier in his attack. I can't be wrong I know what I saw." Katsuki said and Izuku didn't say anything he already knows that All Might was badly Injured because of the day he met the number one Hero who crush his dream in the roof.



"Hmm... Maybe he is. Afterall his been a Hero for sooo long already. People can't expect him to be immortal and powerful all the time." Dabi said.



"In the end, the medics and back up arrived and the stupid Bird Brain got defeated when Ass Might manage to land a punch on the fucking bird brain. After that we were send to the hospital for check up and stuff and when we aren't really severe injured they released us. God, I want to run away that time. * Katsuki said.



"Why?" Shinsou said.



"Fucking protocol called my Parents and when the hag went there Oh God~ I wish I had a different mother. She yelled, threatened, and demand the stuff like she always did. I'm not surprised but can she do that in a low tone yelling? Fuck, the old hag is really an old hag. " Katsuki said.



" Don't Call her that Kaachan. Auntie Mitsuki is very nice, she was just worried about you. " Izuku said.



" I agree. " Mei said.



" Me too. " Dabi said and Katsuki roll his eyes.



" You guys are Bbblliindd God Damn It!" Katsuki said.



"I didn't meet your mom so... I can't agree, but if they say your mom is nice maybe it's true." Shinsou said and Katsuki groan in annoyance.



That time they continue talking about the event until it gets dark and they went home to their respective homes.







The next day Dabi and Hawks decided to Visit Eraserhead who get severely Injured. Dabi is wearing one of his hoddie so that no one would recognized him and the stuff were easy to give them access since Hawks is a famous a hero afterall.



Dabi knock on the door and it was opened by PresentMic.



"Yo! We came for a visit." Hawks said and gave smile.



"Ofcourse Come inside." PresentMic said and Hawks and Dabi went inside, Eraser who is now looking like mummy groan in annoyance.



"Why the hell are you here?" Eraserhead said.



"Didn't you heared my Pet just talk or not? Maybe your hearing got damage as well." Dabi said and Eraserhead glare at him.



"I'm not your pet." Hawks pouted.


"You act like it." Dabi said and Hawks pouted again.



"If you two just come here to flirt get the fuck out." Aizawa said.


"Wow~ the mummy is being rude to his visitor." Dabi said sarcastic.



"Tsk, Get out." Aizawa said.



"Now, Now sho~ don't be like that to your adopted sons." Hizashi said and chuckled.



"They are not my sons. They are Hell spawns and problem children." Aizawa said.


"Your problem Childrens." Hizashi said.


"They aren't mine." Aizawa argued.


Hizashi just chuckled.


"So? What happened and how did you end up like this despite my warning?" Dabi said.


"Go asked Deku, I'm sure he already knows the details." Aizawa said.


"He does but it would be great if it comes from you." Dabi said.


"I'm there too. I can tell you what happened." Hizashi said.


"That would be great. We brought some cakes, cookies and sweets." Keigo said and gave them to Hizashi who look what was inside and Hizashi pull out a styro cup that said Eraserhead.


"Thats a coffee that personally blend by Deku and theres a Coffee flavor cookies as well." Keigo said.


"Hizashi, give that to me. Its clearly mine." Aizawa said.


"No Sho~ You can't drown in too much Caffeine!!" Hizashi try to argued but Aizawa snatch the Coffee out of him using the free arm that isn't bandage and carefully open them.


"Where's the cookies?" Aizawa said and Hizashi pull out a plastic container that has a labelled 'Eraserhead' and Hizashi gave him that.


Aizawa then drank the Coffee and eat some Cookies and gave a small smile. "Please tell Deku to give more of this. I'll pay him for whatever the cost." Aizawa said.

"They are that Good?" Hizashi snatch one Cookies and taste them he cough at taste. "It's bitter!!" Hizashi said.


"Exactly what I like." Aizawa said and Hizashi pouted.

"I hope the rest of the Cookies aren't" Hizashi said and pull out the rest of the content of the bag.


"They aren't. He just made something special for Aizawa." Keigo said.


"How does he know I like Coffee?" Aizawa said.


"You look like a Coffee person. Dark theme, Dark Aura, Dark eye bags, and a Hobo looking guy. So... Its scream literally Coffee!" Dabi said.



"Your lucky that this Coffee and the Cookies are here or else I'll wrap you in bandage and hang you upside down on that fucking window." Aizawa threatened. 



"even without that Coffee and Cookies you can't hang me with your injuries you know, and I'll just burn those bandages before they could even reach me. Mind you, my fire is consider as one of the hottest Flame in the name of Science. Two genius who know science more confirm this when they did an experiment and its obvious since my flames are white-blue in color." Dabi said. 



"Don't worry my Capture weapon has fire resistance." Aizawa said. 



"Resistance but not Fire Proof." Dabi said. 



"Your getting smart now? Huh.." Aizawa said. 



"I'm always smart, your just an idiot old man." Dabi said. 



"I'm not that old! I'm fucking 30!" Aizawa said. 



"Yes, exactly old." Dabi said and Aizawa groan in annoyance.



"Dabi, Don't annoy Eraser more. His already injured and he should rest right now." Keigo said. 



"Oh Shut it, its clear that he can't rest at the same time drinking Coffee and eating a Coffee flavor Cookies." Dabi said. 



"Wow! This cookies do taste heaven! and Is this drink a Strawberry Vanilla?" Hizashi said as he drink his drink. 



"Yes, Deku theorized that you'll be here with Eraser when we visit since you two seems to be close friends but he didn't know what you like. Though he remember that mentioned once on your stupid Radio show how delicious this Strawberry Vanilla drink you got from this Cafe so he try to make you one. " Dabi said. 



"Awe~ The little listener is so sweet~ " Hizashi said. 



"I told you, his sweet, precious, Kind and adorable. You should totally met him, But I think you already met him just you didn't know its him." Keigo said. 



"Wait? Really?" Hizashi said. 



Keigo nod. "I'm not telling you who is he, but I had a feeling that soon you'll figure out who is he. Just don't be surprised as how Genius he is." Keigo said. 



"I'll try not too. Tell Deku-kun thank you for this sweets I love them." Hizashi said. 



"You could just chat him, Hell be delight." Keigo said. 



"I will send him a picture. Come lets have a selfie together." Hizashi said as he got his phone. 



"Zashi No!" Aizawa said. 



"Come on... Its for Deku-kun! Don't you want to thank him for the Coffee and Cookies?" Hizashi said and Aizawa groan in annoyance. 



"Fine." Aizawa said. 



Hizashi then pull out his phone and took a groupfie of them four and send it to Deku. 







Izuku got two cool water bottle from the styro cooler and give it to Shinsou and Katsuki who was done with training. Both were training their best since Sport Festival is already near. Izuku's phone suddenly vibrate and when he open it he saw that PresentMic send him a Picture and his eyes widen when he saw Aizawa is wrap in bandages.




Is Eraser okay? 

He has bandage all over him.





His fine. 

His actually happy right now because of the Coffee you made and the Cookies. His very greatful to them. 





Oh? Thats nothing. 

I'm glad he enjoy it. 

Please tell eraser that he should rest well and don't over worked. 






 Don't worry I'll tell him that. 

Thanks for the Drinks, Cakes and Cookies once again Deku-kun. 

I really want to meet you in real life and thank you personally. 





You will soon. (∵◕◡◕∵)✿❣





"Okay that Emoticon looks like You. I should used that in your contact." Shinsou said and Izuku got startled as he lood behind him and saw Shinsou and Katsuki were peaking through his conversation. 



"Its exactly look like him. How the hell did that fuck happen?" Katsuki said. 



"No! It doesn't look like me." Izuku argued, his phone vibrate again. 





Keigo said you look like the emoticon you send me. 

Its so adorable.  \(> ▽ <)/




M'not adorable. (>_<)





Dabi said your adorable but a trouble as well.  

But your adorable. 





His a Traitor.  (∵◕︿◕∵)





and he doesn't care. 

But I do think your adorable Deku-kun. 

Though I didn't met you in person. 

But I know your adorable!!\(> ▽ <)/










"His not wrong though." Katsuki said as he turn away and get some cake from the table and hide his pink flush cheek. Izuku and Shinsou look at Katsuki's back with wide eyes. 



"Did you hear what he just said?" Izuku said. 



"I think someone is whip for you." Shinsou said with a smirk. 



"Whats that supposed to mean?" Izuku said as he tilt his head and look Shinsou with a confusedly cute. Shinsou look at Izuku and Pat his head. 



"You'll figure it on your own child." Shinsou said. 




Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov



The next day Katsuki isn't surprised to see that his Homeless Hobo looking teacher walk inside the class with bandage all over him. 



"So the Sports Festival is near so today you put your gym uniform and meet me at the Gym." Aizawa said. 



"Heh~ But Sensei, isn't the Villain attacked just happened? Why is the Sports Festival isn't canceled?" Mina asked. 



"As much as I want to cancel the stupid show, some people won't like that and will think that UA is a school of cowards which the Rat won't be happy if he would received such a comment. So the Sports Festival is gonna go on." Aizawa said and he heard his students groan in annoyance, it seems they didn't want to participate as well and some were worried. 



"Thats why you hellspawns are gonna train your Quirk now suit up and meet me at the Gym." Aizawa said. 



and his student did comply. 







When at the Gym. 



"Do whatever you want just don't kill each other and don't disturb my Nap or I'll personally end You." Aizawa said. 



"Yes Sensei. " His students said and Aizawa went to the side and sat down and suit up in his yellow sleeping bag. He suddenly feel that someone sat next to him, he open his one eye and saw Izuku and Shinsou were there. 



"What are you two hellspaws doing here?" Aizawa said. 



"PresentMic-Sensei gave us a long quiz earlier and Izu  Finish first and not long after I finish and we got bored. So I asked PresentMic-Sensei if me and Izu can spend our time here at Gym for training since I want to become a Hero and he agree. But it seems the Gym isn't available today so we will just gonna sit around and observed the potential enemies." Shinsou said. 



"Ugh! Just don't disturbed my Nap." Aizawa said. 



"Don't worry we will be quiet as a dust can be." Shinsou said and Aizawa just ignore them and proceed on sleeping. 



Shinsou then observed class 1-A train and Izuku start to ramble in low tone as he scramble through his notes with his analysis in different Quirks of Class 1-A. Shinsou listen to his friend ramble since its a reliable information afterall. Though sometimes he can't cope up with how fast Izuku talks about the Quirks. 



They saw Katsuki is sparing with some one who has red hair and it looks like his quirk can make his skin hard as rock could be. Izuku start to rambled and write down his analysis. Soon, though Katsuki did pin the red Haired guy down. The red hair guy complement Katsuki who just scoff and look away. Shinsou roll his eyes, and think "Typically Blasty." Shinsou thought. 



Then Peppermint Prince suddenly asked Katsuki for sparring and Katsuki didn't refused. Class 1-A stop what they doing and observed the two as they called the powerful persons in their class. The Peppermint Prince keep attacking Katsuki with his Ice and making sure that Katsuki won't reach him, or won't get close to him but Katsuki had his ways and he keep attacking the Peppermint Prince as well. Katsuki manage to Kick  him in the side and send him away. Katsuki was about to attack again but Peppermint Prince is blocking it with his Ice. 



"Why is he always in Defense mode? and when he attack his only using his Ice? His hand is start to froze, its risk for Hypothermia." Izuku mumbled very low which only Shinsou can hear. 



"Who knows." Shinshou said. 



"FUCK! Were done." Katsuki said glaring at the Peppermint Prince. 



"Scared?" Peppermint Prince said. 



"Not a fucking chance. My mood in fighting is indisposed since you don't give your all. Even in sparring, you should know that you shouldn't be holding back." Katsuki said. 



"I'm not holding back." Peppermint Prince said. 



"Then why the fuck your just using half of your strength? If your not holding back then don't just used half of your shitty strength. Specially when your facing me! In the Sport Festival I expect you to fucking give all your best because right now your just fucking with me.Ugh!" Katsuki said annoyed before he walk away to Shinsou and Izuku, he already know that the two were there from the moment he start sparing with Kirishima. 



"Bakubro wait!" Kirishima said. 



"Nerd, Do you have some cakes with you? I really need one." Katsuki said and Izuku pull out a small container from his bag and gave to Katsuki who happily accept it and sat beside him. 



"Thanks." Katsuki said. 



"Wait!? Did I heard it right!? Bakugou just said 'Thanks' to you!?" Kaminari said surprised. 



"Uh-uhmm... wha-whats wrong wi-with that?" Izuku said looking at them confused. 



"Ah.. everything. Bakubro is just... uhm... not that type of person." Kirishima said. 



"What the fuck is that supposed to mean Shitty Hair!?" Katsuki said. 



"Oh~ So your Shitty Hair. We heard much about you since you guys fight together during the USJ though I doubt thats your real name." Shinsou said. 



"Wait he talks about us?" Sero asked. 



"He does, but the way he describe you guys is like.." Shinsou said " .. Shitty hair is fucking annoying, Pikatchu Wanna be is stupid, Tape is annoying as hell with shitty Hair, then fucking Racoon eyes won't fucking shut up, stupid four eyes is shitty fucking bossy..." Shinsou try imitating Katsuki. "Something like that, so me and Izu didn't really get him sometimes because when we asked who is Shitty Hair, Blasty will just reply 'Shitty Hair' ... Honestly, I don't think he knew your real names." Shinsou said. 



"So... Thats what he thought about us?" Kirishima and the rest thought the same. 



"Fucking Purple Shitsou! If you don't shut up I'll kill you. " Katsuki said. 



"Really? I'm honored to be killed by the all mighty Katsuki who is a human being- wait let me correct my self. Katsuki who is an angry Pomeranian not a human and have a memory problem when it comes to his classmates name." Shinsou said. 



💢💢"Thats it Your fucking dead!!" Katsuki said as his palm start to form. 



Shinsou then grab Izuku. "Lets run for it!" Shinsou said as he start dragging Izuku and run away from the Angry Pomeranian who is chasing them. 



"Poor them, Bakugou is gonna kill them."  Sero said.



"I don't think so, I mean they look close since the purple guy called him by his first name." Kirishima said. 



"Yeah... The purple guy seems cool. I wonder what his name is." Kaminari said.



"Well we can just asked Bakubro about it, Though I'm still bother by the Purple guy's words. Do you think that Bakubro doesn't know our real names?" Kirishima said. 



"I agree with the Purple Guy, I mean we didn't heard Bakugou said our names even once right?" Sero said. 



"I don't want to be known as Pickatchu Wannabe for the rest of My life." Kaminari pouted. 



"Bare with it because Bakugou won't change his nickname for you anytime soon." Sero said. 



Soon the bell rang and it indicates them that they need to go their next class. Aizawa was startled by the bell and woke up. He called all his students and notice that Bakugou is missing. 



"Where's Bakugou?" he asked Kirishima. 



"He chase the two Students that has this Purple Hair who drag the green hair student away." Kirishima said. 



"Ofcourse he did. " Aizawa said annoyed.  "You guys go ahead and change." Aizawa said. 



"What about Bakugou?" Sero said. 



"His fine, His with his friends. Which is a Hellspawn like him." Aizawa said as he walk away from them. 



"Wait!? Bakugou has FRIENDS!?" Kaminari said in surprised. 



"See, I told you they were Friends. We should totally meet them sometime." Kirishima said. 



"I wish they aren't like him, you know yelling and not good at names thingi." Sero said. 



"Hope not." Kirishima said. 






The next day during it was Lunch time and Shinsou, Izuku and Mei were sitting on their table somewhere in the Cafeteria. Mei is focusing something repairing on one of her babies while eating from time to time. Izuku said he wasn't hungry so he decides to sleep while Shinsou is just eating peacefully as he scroll in his phone. He knows he should do something about Izuku skipping meals since Izuku is already small and thin enough but he knows that Izuku won't listen to him as well. So he sigh and just let Izuku sleep. 



The door burst open and Class 1-A steps inside and Bakugou is yelling at Kirishima, they got and the others as he look for Shinsou and Izuku. As he spots them and Bakugou saw Izuku sleeps again so he went to LunchRush and get an extra Lunch for the nerd and went to sit with them followed by Kirishima and the rest. 



"What happened to him?" Katsuki said as he look at Shinsou who is sitting across from him. 



"He decided to skip meals again." Shinsou said without looking at Katsuki and continue scrolling through his phone. 



Katsuki groan in annoyance. He shook Izuku awake. "Nerd wake up! You can't skip lunch again! Your already thin as a paper could be." Katsuki said. 



"Mmm... Kaachan... Le-let me sleep morree..." Izuku said half asleep. 



"DDeekkuu!! You can't just skip lunch! meals in particular. You already eat less in your meal and you want to skip meals more!? How the fuck you expect to grow if you keep skipping meals?" Katsuki said and Izuku pouted at him. 



"Kaachan... Your starting to act like Auntie Mitsuki... a Mother..." Izuku said as he still half asleep he then pat Katsuki's hair and gave a small smile. "A good Mother." Izuku said and Katsuki blush at that. 



Mei and Shinsou held their laughter and secretly filmed them. Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari were also holding their laughter though they were surprised to see this caring side of Katsuki. Katsuki glare at Shinsou. "Fucking delete that or Your not gonna see your Cellphone ever again Shitsou." Katsuki said dangerously. 



"Nope, Its a souvenir." Shinsou said as he save the video. 



Katsuki groan in annoyance and take Izuku's hand and gently move it away from his head. " Nerd you should eat." Katsuki said. 



"Hmm... maybe next time." Izuku said hazzy as he lay his head on Katsuki's shoulder who sigh. "I'll feed you thats okay?" Katsuki said. 



Izuku just hum in response. Katsuki then started caring for him, this wasn't the first time that he did nor Mei and Shinsou saw the caring side of Katsuki. When they spend time in the beach Katsuki would always show his soft side for Izuku in his own way. 



"Okay? is this a joke or a prank?" Kaminari said as he look around. 



"Why do you think that?" Shinsou said as he look at his new sit mate. 



"Beeccauusee... Bakugou is just... That!" Kaminari said as he point Bakugou who is feeding a half asleep Izuku. Bakugou just ignore him. "He always yelled and shout, not to mention cursed a lot... and yet... here he is, caring and kind? The hell! " Kaminari said. 



"Listen I guess your Pikatchu wannabe since you know your hair, anyway Katsuki is always caring for his Deku if you know what I mean." Shinsou said as he put his arm on Kaminari shoulder. 



"Oh?" Kaminari said as he realize what he meant. " Wait what!? I thought you had Girlfriend that gaves you that Pink explode Grenades thingi." Kaminari said. 



"Fuck you she's not my fucking Girlfriend. She's a Crazy Pink Bitch Mad scientist." Bakugou said. 



"You should be Thankful! My babies save your life!" Mei argued. 



"Ba-baies!?" Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero said in surprised and Katsuki groan in annoyance, 



"She calls her inventions as her babies since she made them. I was surprised at first too. " Shinsou said and he turn to Mei. "Mei, how many time we told you about the Context." Shinsou said. 



"and I care?" Mei said and Shinsou roll his eyes. 



"Ofcourse you don't" Shinsou said. 



"So Bakugou and the green bean is A thing?" Kaminari said. 



"Were not!" Bakugou argued. 



"They aren't because Katsuki is a coward who won't confess his feeling." Shinsou said. 



"Purple Shitsou! If you don't fucking shut up I will literary murder you!" Katsuki said dangerously. 



Shinsou just Ignore his threats and smirk, Katsuki just get annoyed and ignore them as he continue caring for Deku. 



"Anyway, I'm Shinsou, Hitoshi whats your guys name unless if your comfortable calling you with what Katsuki's nickname version of yours." Shinsou said. 



"Nope, I'm Kaminari Denki its nice to meet one of Bakugou's friends." Kaminari said. 



"Oh? I'm not his friend. I'm a friend of Midoriya, Izuku over there. (Pointing at Izuku) I'll never be friends with an angry Pomeranian because I like cats than dogs you know." Shinsou said. 



"But you call him by his first name." Kaminari said. 



"And? He doesn't mind, beside he keep calling me Shitsou which I don't approved." Shinsou said. 



"Right. My name is Kirishima Eijiro. Though I'm curious as to who is Midoriya is. Why is Bakubro is so caring with him?" Kirishima said. 



"They are childhood friends. They knew each other since the day they were born. Notice Izuku calls him Kaachan earlier right? Which I still wonder why Izuku gave you such a cute nickname when your far away from cute. " Shinsou said. 



"Asked Deku when his not half conscious." Katsuki said. 



"and you call him Deku, which means useless right?" Kaminari said. 



"Not my fault Izuku can be interpret as Deku, and not my fault the name stuck on my tounge. " Katsuki said. 



"Deku sounds nice. Its close to Dekuri like someone saying 'I can do it' right?" Kirishima said. 



"Hmm... Come to think of it thats sound nice." Mei said. 



"But you call him Broccoli-kun." Shinsou said. 



"Because of how his hair is. I call you purple cat because you like cats so much that one day you will build a kingdom with full of cats." Mei argued. 



"Ah~ What a dream~" Shinsou said. 



"I think this group of friends will be fun to be with. I'm Sero Hanta by the way." Sero said. 



"Nice to meet new Test Subjects." Mei said. 



"No! Bad Mei! They aren't test subjects okay?" Shinsou said. 



Mei pouted. "I'M NOT A PET!!" Mei argued. 



"I regret being here." Shinsou said looking at table depressed. Kaminari laugh, Kirishima and Sero just chuckled. 



"Its nice being friends with you Shinsou-Kun." Kaminari said. 



"Actually I came here not meet friends. But since your offering yeah, nice to meet you as well." Shinsou said. 



"Why don't you want to make friends?" Kaminari said. 



"I want to be a Hero as well, and all I need to do is beat your asses in sport Festival, impress some teachers which are Pros and I'll get to transfer from Gen Ed. to Heroics." Shinsou said. 



"Wait!? Is that even possible?" Sero said. 



"It is, so long as you work hard." Shinsou said. 



"Well You seems to be a cool and amazing Guy, so you'll definitely gonna pass and be a Hero student." Kaminari said with a smile that made Shinsou heart felt warm. 



"Thanks, and please don't smile like that. Your smile is too bright for my dark eyes." Shinsou said. 



"Your eyes aren't dark though those bags is horrible, they are like Aizawa-sensei!" Kaminari said. 



"Why is everyone comparing my eye bags to Aizawa-sensei!? Its not my fault that Insomnia is a bitch." Shinsou said annoyed



"Ah... Well sorry if I offended you or something. " Kaminari said. 



"Don't worry you aren't the first one to say that." Shinsou said. 



"Ah! Wait Bakubro is it okay to mess with that bag? It isn't yours right?" Kirishima said. 



"Its Deku's. I'm just gonna get my cake." Katsuki said as he pull out a familiar container with a cake inside. 



"Don't worry its for him. Izuku make sure to bake Katsuki a cake." Shinsou said. 



"Woah~ You guys are really are a good friends." Kirishima said. 



"Shut the fuck up." Katsuki said. 



"Chill Bakubro, you don't need to be so fiesty with us. We can be your new friends." Kirishima said. 



"I don't need an annoying Friends." Katsuki argued. 



"yeah right." Shinsou said as he got his Phone again. "We should exchange mail shouldn't we? Because I have a feeling we will meet often after this." Shinsou said . 



"Agreed." Kaminari said. 



But before they could exchange mail, the door opened and the rest of the Gen Ed students and Heroics course came in. "Uhm... what are they doing here?" Sero asked. 



"They are scouting for a competition you know for the sport festival." Shinsou said. 



and suddenly a Blonde hair boy starts to talk shits about Class 1-A. "The Fuck did you say shitty bastard!?" Bakugou said. 



"Oh~? Is this the attitude of Class 1-A, arrogant with foul mouth? What a waste, you guys are just-" But the blonde boy didn't continue his speech when a girl hit his head and apologized to them as she drag the blonde boy away. 



"Bakubro, you should apologize you know. They're gonna hate us after this." Kirishima said. 



"Haters gonna hate, I don't fucking care."Bakugou said. 



"Bakugou!" Katsuki turn around and saw the Peppermint prince. "The hell you want Icyshot!?" Katsuki said and with that Shinsou start taking a video since he was intrigued at what would the peppermint prince want with the King explosion murder.



"Technically speaking I'm more powerful than you." Todoroki said. 



💢💢💢 "Hah!? " Katsuki said in anger, with his movement Izuku's head that lays on his shoulder fall on his lap instead which woke Izuku up. He sat up and rub his eyes.



"So I'm gonna beat you in the sport festival." Todoroki said. 



"Woah~ Todoroki just challenge Bakugou!!" Mina said and hearing that Izuku now is fully awake, he look at Todoroki who had this serious stoic face while Kaachan is ready to explode and attack Todoroki. Izuku was quick to hold Katsuki's hand to calm him down. Katsuki was gonna attacked Todoroki using his quirk but when he felt Izuku's hand on his he calm down and glare at Todoroki. 



"If your just gonna used half of your strength then your nothing but  worthless opponent, No You don't even deserved to be my Opponent!! So don't fucking hold up in the sports festival or I'll kill you with no doubt. " Katsuki argued. 



"Woah~ Bakugou just encourage the Peppermint Prince! This is exciting!!" Hagakure said. 



"Can't wait for the sport festival." Mina said excitedly. 



Shinsou stop the video and smirk as he send them to their GC.






Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov


Gremlins Chaos


PurpleCat (= >ㅅ < =) send a Video.

Purple Cat (= >ㅅ < =):

This get intense.



What. The. Hell!?

What in the world happen to Shoto's head and he dares to say that to Katsuki of all people!?


😏 I can't wait for the sport Festival.


Your just gonna say that after what you saw!?


What should I say?

I'm proud the Shoto is having a courage to say those words to Blasty.

But also, I know the Angry Pomeranian isn't gonna back down and he surely gonna kick Shoto's ass.

So yeah, both are strong and it would be an amazing show to watch.


Not if his gonna used half of his fucking strength.

It piss me off that Half N Half  is looking down on me.




Kaachan, I don't think his looking down on you.


The Fuck!?

Then why the fuck when we spar Yesterday in training he just keep using half of his power huh?


Yeah... Its weird though that his just using his Ice side, not his fire side. 🤔🤔




It fucking piss me off that his just using half of his strength.

Does he fucking think I'm too fucking weak if he use both side of his shitty power!?

I'm not sorry for the two siblings of Icyshot but if he keeps doing that, I'll fucking kill him he'll see.

He dare to challenge me yet his just using half of his power. Fuck him.

Half N Half Bastard.


Purple Cat (= >ㅅ < =):

Ccchhiilll Katsuki.

I don't think Peppermint Prince is not gonna go Full strength during sports Festival you know.


You guys should know that his not gonna used his fire side.

He doesn't used that ever since Our mother was send away and well Touya died.

He said that his gonna prove to Fire Bastard Shit that his gonna be a Hero without using what the Fire Bastard Shit gave him, without using 'His' quirk.



That's Fucking Bullshit!

Fuyumi, Do tell Shoto for me to stop with the bullshit and go full strength on Sports Festival and kick Katsuki's ass.

That Quirk isn't Fire Bastards shit anymore. It's his own, and his Incontrol with it!!.


Do tell him yourself!

Your his fucking brother as well!!



Better tell him yourself, Aren't you the older brother?


Oh~ I'll fucking tell him During the Sports Festival!

Keigo already got the tickets right?


Already did.





Don't worry, I'll talk to Shoto during that time and make go through his stupid head that he needs to go full strength before Katsuki is gonna kill him.


Better do it Scar Face.

Because I'm not holding back down during the sport Festivals.


His also in high risk of Hypothermia if he keeps using his Ice side you know.

Did you experience that Fuyumi-nee?



Mom, Me and Natsuo are immune to below Zero temperatures so we don't get those.

But Your right about Shoto. He was already send to the hospital once because of Hypothermia because he keep using his Ice Side during the training that Fire Bastard Shit put him through.




Sports Festivals has many trials if I remember.

If his just gonna used his Ice Side in that whole trial then his not gonna make it to final before he pass out because of Hypothermia.

Purple Cat (= >ㅅ < =):

Your right

Gosh If I have quirk like him I'll be fucking unstoppable you know.


I'll do anything to get a Quirk Like his.

So Dabi-nii you should develop a plan for Todoroki-kun to listen to you or Kaachan would be angry and kill your brother.




It's a fucking insult you know.

Everyone is trying their best, even Shitty hair is trying their best for the Sport Festival while Half N Half bastard is just what?

Gonna use half of his power?



I'll try talking to Shoto.

Meanwhile, someone please calm the Angry Pomeranian.


Zuku Control your pet.

PurpleCat (= >ㅅ < =):









Kaachan thanks for taking care of me during Lunch. Shinsou told me everything.

So Thank You (:・ ^ v ^ ・:) ♡


I have my last class see ya losers'.

And nerd, ur welcome.

PurpleCat (= >ㅅ < =):

How many of you thinks that Blasty is blushing right now?


(◕ヮ◕)/¯. Me


I don't need to think, I know his blushing 😏😏



Deku I'll give you Eraserbastard's advice.

No loud blondes.




You should follow that advice.


Hey! Don't ignore me 😢


What's that supposed to mean?

The No loud blonde thingi?


Never mind.










The first day of Festival and Izuku was nervous as he sat on the corner. "Don't be Nervous Broccoli-kun I know you would do great!! Specially with the help of my Babies." Mei said. 



"Your lucky that your allowed to bring this stuff since your in support department. It said that they are allowed to bring support items as long as they are made of your own.  " Shinsou said sighing. 



"Hello Shinsou." Kaminari said and Shinsou look at him with Katsuki, Kirishima and Sero following him. 



"Oh? Hi Guys. What are you guys doing here?" Shinsou said. 



"Bakugou wants to see the nerd, so we follow him." Kaminari said. 



"Tsk, don't mind this shitty extras nerd. They are annoying. " Katsuki said. 



"Uhm... Ka-kaachan yo-you sho-shouldn't call the-them that. " Izuku said and he look at them and bow "I'm so-sorry for Kaachan's behavior... He-his li-like that eversince hi-his a kid." Izuku said.



"Oh? Don't worry we got used to him anyway." Kirishima said. 



"But I'm surprised that your friends with him, I mean you look adorable, shy and kind as well. Exact opposite of Bakugou." Kaminari said. 



"I agree." Sero said. 



"The Fuck is that mean!?" Katsuki said glaring at them. 



"Exactly what we meant." Sero said as he point at Katsuki who got annoyed. 



"We-well... our Mothers a-are friends. So... we-were kinda fri-friends a-as well." Izuku said. 



"Cool, you had an adorable Friend Bakugou." Kirishima said. "By the way, I'm Kirishima Eijiro nice to meet you." Kirishima said. 



"Midoriya, Izuku. Ni-nice to meet you as we-well." Izuku said bow slightly. 



"I'm Kaminari Denki nice to meet you Midoriya." Kaminari said. 



"I'm Sero Hanta." Sero said. 



"Ni-nice to meet you-you as well." Izuku said bowing politely. 



Then they heard Present Mic said that students should go to their respective area. "Aw... I guess we have very short time. " Kaminari said. 



"Go-good Luck to-to you all... I-I know tha-that your gonna be the-the best." Izuku said encouraging them 



The three of them felt warm on their hearts hearing Izuku encourage them. "Thank You for the encouragement Midoriya. Ah~ I wanna keep you, your so cute and kind." Kirishima said and smile. Izuku blush in embarrassment, he wasn't really got used to get compliments. 



Katsuki pull Izuku close to him. "Shitty hair, better go back to your fucking place or I'll blast you there." Katsuki said glaring dangerously at Kirishima. 



"Woah Dude~ You don't need to go Protective." Kaminari said. 



"I'm counting to 10 until you Shitty extras are out of the way." Katsuki said threatening them. 



1      2



"I value my life so I'm gonna Go. Good Luck Shinsou and Midoriya I can't wait for you guys to transfer to Hero Course." Kaminari said. 



3   4



"Do your best Kaminari, I can't wait to have a match with you." Shinsou said as he gave a smirk of a smile that made him blush as he run away trying to calm his heart. 



5   6



"Why do he looks so good with a smile like that?" Kaminari thought as he run away. 



7   8



"Well thats weird... But see you guys. GoodLuck to you two. Lets do our best." Kirishima said. 



9   10 



"Yeah, Good Luck." Sero said and both of them run away from them. 



Katsuki sigh in relief because he was so ready to blast them off. " Ignore those shitty extras okay? You should do your best Deku. I look forward to have a match with you." Katsuki said looking at Izuku who his holding too close. Izuku smile and pat Katsuki's hair. "You too Kaachan, I know you'll be the best." Izuku said and gave a small smile. Katsuki smile as well. 



"Just kiss already." Mei said and Katsuki and Izuku look at Shinsou and Mei who is taking videos. 



"I'm gonna destroy those Phones one day." Katsuki said irritadely as he gently push Izuku away. 



"Ah~ Your here, everyone is looking for you Bakugou. Come on, your gonna deliver your speech." Midnight showed up. 



"Hah!? What fucking speech?" Katsuki said. 



"You didn't know? The person who scored the highest in entrance exam should delivers a speech during the Sports Festival." Midnight said. 



"What.The. Fuck!? The Hobobastard didn't say anything about this Fuck!! " Katsuki said. 



"Yeah, yeah, Now lets go!" Midnight said as she drag a cursing Katsuki out of there. 



"His not gonna embarrass himself infront of the whole world right?" Shinsou said. 



"Who knows~ If he does, atleast he print a name in History right?" Mei said. 



"Yeah..." Shinsou said. 






"This Sports Festival would be interesting since you have students that will be participating today? Don't you agree Sho~?" Hizashi as he turn off the microphone. 



"I still don't know why I should be here?" Aizawa said as he look at Hizashi with a deadpan expression. 



"Oh come on! You should be excited about this. I know I'm excited because Midoriya-kun and Shinsou-kun would be sure print their names out there today. My student is really amazing!!" Hizashi said excitedly. 



"I'm confident to say that they aren't gonna be your student for that long." Aizawa said. 



"See? Thats the spirit! Now lets start the show!!" Hizashi said as he turn on the Mic and announced the opening of the Sport Festival. 






The crowd cheer as PresentMic start to introduce the Sport Festival and the different department like Heroics, General Ed, and Support department that would participate the event. Present Mic then introduce Midnight as the first yea's referee. Then the crowd cheered when Midnight showed up and she gave a short speech before she introduced Katsuki who just said that he promise to be the top. 



"Typically Katsuki." Shinsou and Dabi thought the same even though they were in different area. 



Midnight then announced the first battle would be a Obstacle Race Course. In this round if they can't make to the finish round then they can't make to the next round as well. When Midnight says the word 'Begin' Todoroki freeze the entire place. 



"This Icyshot bastards...." Katsuki said as he use his quirk and propel himself. 



PresentMic is announcing that Todoroki is leading followed by Bakuguo Katsuki and then followed by the rest who can go through the wall of Ice. 



"Ugh... Too cold." Izuku said as he shiver a bit, but he did his best to sprint through the ice and the ice walls. He already expect this would happened so he analyzed that he should avoid the angles where Todoroki would pop the ice with and where are the Ice is flat enough for him to slide through. Shinsou on the other hand is having trouble with this obstacle but he manage to get through and decides that he would keep an eye for Izuku and follow his strategy because in this obstacle, Shinsou can't used his quirk without hurting someone's feeling. 



"Your younger brother is really determined huh..." Hawks said. 



"What do you think? " Dabi said, he then observed the show with a serious look. "Even with a strong quirk like his, his Ice won't last until he would start to feel cold. Same time, Katsuki is catching up to him, Mei is using her inventions to blast her fast and both Izuku and Shinsou are trying their best but I know they would get into the finish line." Dabi said with a smirk. 



"Your right about that." Hawks said. 



The race Continue and suddenly PresentMic announced that their obstacle is block by the robots. "Isn't that Zero Pointers?" Shinsou said as he paled seeing the robot.



"Zero Pointers?" Izuku said. 



"Yeah its fucking robot with stupid lasers." Shinsou said. 



"Hmm..." Izuku said as he start to analyze. He then grab Shinsou's arm as the robots try to catch them and laser them, but Izuku run and Jump and Shinsou follow his steps and he saw what Izuku is trying to do. Izuku was trying to destroy the robots by using the robots each other.Both of them Jump from another explosion of robots that Izuku made them fight to each other. 



"Okay, Thats a good stratedgy." Shinsou said. 



"Not only that, we could used one of the robots to get us ahead." Izuku said. 



"How?" Shinsou said. 



Izuku smirk as he jump up on the blind spot of the robot. The robot was now in hywire but Izuku is fast enough to open the small metal and he saw all the wires inside. He mess up with the wires and the robot seems to calm down while floating. Izuku offer his hand to Shinsou to climb up the robot. "We have a free ride." Izuku said. 



"Nice." Shinsou said as he hop on the robot and used that to be the lead on the race as Izuku maneuver the robot using the wires he found inside. 



Most students were amazed to see a Zero Pointer who is carrying two students just to fly ahead. The crowds cheer and amazed at the stratedgy, Aizawa smirk seeing the two problem childrens riding the robot to take the lead and a certain white rat god had smile on his face that wasn't there for the longest time. 



Dabi smirk. "Izuku is really a genius." Dabi said. 



"Thats the green bean for you." Hawks said. 



Todoroki was alerted about someone taking the lead so he create an Ice wall for Izuku and Shinsou to crash on. Katsuki saw that and glare at Todoroki,  "Icy Bastard your dead." Katsuki said. 



"If you can catch up. " Todoroki said as he speed up and leaving tons of Ice. 



"Okay, Your younger brother is turning into you. " Hawks said. 



"Whats that supposed to mean?" Dabi said. 



"His turning to be an asshole." Hawks said and he received a painful smack on the head from Dabi. 



Back to the raise, Izuku and Shinsou jump down on the Ice and landed safely on the Ice ground. Both sigh in relief. Suddenly Mei showed up. "Here, you guys used this." Mei said as she gave them one of her babies. 



"Whats this?" Izuku said as he look at the gloves that Mei gave him. 



"It works like Blasty quirk. If you put that on you could propel yourself|! Unfortunately I only have one pair so you guys should work who's gonna take the left hand and the right hand." Mei said and Izuku look at the Ice tower and the students going ahead. 



"Here Shinsou, used this. I have a plan to go to the lead, Now you should used it wisely and meet you in the finishline." Izuku said and gave them a smile before he start sprinting ahead. 



"You better used my Babies well!!" Mei said cheerfully and Shinsou sigh as he put the gloves but he look at Izuku worriedly but he knows Izuku is smart and strong enough to go ahead. 



Izuku start to climb the perfect Ice tower where he can jump down in the perfect angle. His hands were now cold and wish he had brought a gloves. But he look down and saw the different students were taking the lead. Izuku took a deep breath and jump down on one of the students, then to the next students. So he used the different students as a parkour course to take the lead. 



"Sorry Kirishima-Kun." Izuku said as he manage to step on Kirishima's back and jump to another student, Kirishima's hard back manage to gave him enough proper profell him with a great amount distance to another student. 



"Is he doing Parkour?" Hizashi said as he turn off the Microphone surprised at what Izuku is doing. Aizawa smirk "Your right Mic, this sports festival is interesting." Aizawa said. 



"Shhoo~ No, Don't steal the green bean from me~" Hizashi said. 



"Too late." Aizawa said. 



PresentMic then turn on the Microphone and announced that the students have limited time only. So Izuku did his best to catch to the lead and when he landed on Katsuki, "I'm sorry Kaachan." Izuku said as he jump to Todoroki who block it with the Ice, but Izuku used the solid Ice to gave him enough energy to profell himself to the finishline. 



📢🔊"There you have it folks! Midoriya Izuku took the first place, follow by Todoroki, Shoto and Bakugou Katsuki!! Wow! What a aaammazzing Race!!" PresentMic announced and the crowd went wild. 



"Okay, how the hell did Izuku got expert in Parkour!? Your not even good at it." Hawks said. 



Dabi smirk. "His Izuku, his unstoppable. Your lucky you have wings you don't need to do parkour. But if you don't have them I doubt you could do what Izuku did just now." Dabi said. 



"Even you can't do that stratedgy. I'm soo proud of him!!" Hawks said happily. 



" You should be." Dabi said. 



Izuku sigh in relief as he saw that he made in the finishline. He sat on the floor and try to calm his ranging heart. "Deku!" Katsuki went beside him. "You okay?" Katsuki asked and Izuku nod as he stand up and Katsuki supported him. 



"Thanks Kaachan, I'm just overwhelmed. I can't believe that I just won li-like that..." Izuku said. 



" What do you mean you can't believe!? Ofcourse you can! You should be proud that you top the race!!" Katsuki said. 



"You-your not mad?" Izuku said. 



"I'm always mad but Why would I?" Katsuki said. 



"because I step on you earlier." Izuku said. 



"Yeah, I'm mad at that. You own me a Cake and a Strawberry Chocolate drink. But upon from that, the race isn't fair in the first place. " Katsuki said. 



"Yeah... I think whoever designed the race already expected that the students will sabotage with each other using their quirks, Because the only obstacle they did put is releasing the Zero Pointers robots and other stuff but mostly the main attraction is the Zero Pointer. Upon from that, nothing is really an obstacle through the course upon from each students quirks. " Izuku analized. 



"Fuck!" Katsuki said. 



"Miiddoorriiyyaa!!" Kaminari and the rest went beside them. 



"Ah... Ki-kirishima-Ku-kun, Se-sero-kun, Ka-kaminari-kun So-sorry for stepping on you..." Izuku said as he bow politely to them.d. 



"Nah~ No worries. You were awsome back then!!" Kaminari said. 



"Is that your quirk or something!? " Kirishima said and Izuku stifftened when the mentioned of the Quirk. 



"His quirk is none of your business." Shinsou said slightly cold, he knows that this new group of friends won't judge Izuku, but to be certain he needs to act cold towards them because he won't tolerate them if they would say words that would hurt his only friend. No, Izuku is more than a friend, his brother, his family now. 



Kaminari, Sero and Kirishima shiver at the cold voice of Shinsou, and when he gave that cold look to them adds to the intense atmosphere. "Though he still looks hot and cool when his like that." Kaminari thought he blush and he quickly shook his thoughts away. 



"Oh-oh... Okay. Its okay if your uncomfortable to tell us your quirk. But I just want to say that you really were great back then. " Kirishima said.



"You guys are great as well." Izuku said and gave them a small smile. 



PresentMic then announced their result that is now posted on the screen. 



"Wow, you got in the 4th place Shin-chan, Congratulation." Izuku said.



"Thats awsome, I knew from the start your really are Cool!" Kaminari compliment Shinsou who's eyes go wide a little as he looks away with a blush. 



"Thanks." Shinsou said shyly and Kaminari look at Shinsou. "Somehow he got cute... The Hell!? Brain! I know I go dumb and short circuit sometimes but hell! something is wrong with my mind..." Kaminari thought. 



"An-anyway... we should take a rest and prepare ourselves for the next battle." Izuku said. 











Chapter Text



3rd Person's pov



Izuku is sitting next to Katsuki as he sigh tiredly, and his hands were shaking. So Katsuki held his hands to stop them from shaking and Izuku gave a small smile to him. Izuku look at Shinsou who is talking with Kaminari, the two seems to get close.



"Your Midoriya Izuku right? The one who come first place in the race?" MinA approach them



"Fuck Off Racoon eyes." Katsuki said.



"Yea-yeah.. Tha-that me.." Izuku said.



"What you did there is Awsome! Though, it's a little cheating thingi." Mina said.



"No, what he did there is inappropriate Jumping on top of the students." Iida said.



"The Fuck Did you say 4 eyes!?" Katsuki said glaring at him and holding Izuku protectively.



"Yo-you mi-might be tru-true. Bu-but everyone I-is already sa-sabotaging everyone due to their qu-quirk using Yo-you know." Izuku said nervously.



"His right kero. Everyone is already cheating, specially Todoroki who made the whole course antarctic Kero." Tsuyu said.



"Well if you put it that way." Uraraka said.



"Anyway, what you did there is still awesome. Is that your Quirk or something?" Mina said.



Izuku look at Katsuki who knew that Izuku is uncomfortable when talking about quirks. " His quirk is none of your care losers." Katsuki said before grabbing Izuku and walking away.



" I didn't know Bakugou had friends in General Ed." Uraraka said.



"And they look so close as well. This should be investigated!". Mina said.



"Mina No!" Hagakure said.



"Buuuttt~" Mina said but she was cut off when PresentMic start to speak up for the students to listen.



Katsuki and Izuku is now sitting next to Kirishima and Sero. They were having a friendly Talk until Present Mic and Midnight announced what would be the next course it. It was a Calvirary battle with a group of Four but there is a twist to it. The students according to their places in the race had different points. The person who got to the forty place in the race had 10 points and as it goes higher the points multiplied. So the first placer had a 10 Million points to steal.



Izuku slap his forehead. "Whhhyy?" Izuku said feeling depressed because he knew that everyone is gonna be targeting him.



"Don't worry Midoriya, I'm sure you'll gonna do Great!" Kirishima said.



"Tha-thanks..." Izuku said and gave a shy smile and Kirishima chuckled.



"Your smile looks great on you. You should smile often." Kirishima said and Izuku blush a little at the compliment. Katsuki got piss and Shinsou start teasing him.


"Looks like someone is stealing what's yours~" Shinsou said.



"Shut the fuck up!." Katsuki argued.



Shinsou just smirk. "Well then, I guess Izu and I need to go now. We will look for another team in our Class so see ya." Shinsou said as he grab Izuku and walk away.



"Good Luck guys, Kaachan!" Izuku said as he wave goodbye to them.



"You really do have a sweet heart of a friend." Sero said.



"Yeah dude your lucky to have a friend like them. Back in middle school I had few friends you know, but Ah~ they don't stay any longer when they found out about how I short Circuit." Kaminari said.



"Thats because your fucking Dumb!" Katsuki argued, and Kaminari just gave a fake sad chuckled because that what was everyone tell him during middle school. Katsuki he calm down and look away. "But you have a strong Quirk. If you could master it you'll be great." Katsuki said and Kaminari's eyes widden.



"Ah~ Di-did he Ju-just..." Kaminari looking at Katsuki paled.



"Save me... I think I'm near death" Sero said having the same expression as Kaminari.



"Save you? I can't even Save my self." Kaminari said.



Kirishima chuckled. "Well, that's Bakubro for you." Kirishima said.



"Oi! You shitty Extras are coming or what!?" Katsuki said.









When PresentMic  call the students to assemble and form a group, Izuku and Shinsou look around to see who would they choose. Suddenly Mei run up to them putting her two arms around Izuku and Shinsoh's shoulder. Which surprised both of the boys. "You guys are key to promoting my Babies!!" Mei said.



"Mei! Context!" Shinsou and Izuku yelled at her.



"So? We're lacking one member. Who do you think we should choose?" Mei said as she looks around.



"Uhm... Are you guys complete already?" a voice from behind them said. They turn around and they saw someone with a bird face yet a body of a Human.



"No were not, Do you want to Join our Team of Chaos?" Mei said.



"Uh... Sure. I'm Fumikage Tokoyami from Class 1-A." Tokoyami said.



"Right~ Your Katsuki's classmate." Shinsou said annoyed a little.



"Katsuki?" Tokoyami said.



"Bakagou!" Mei said.



"Oh! That one mad child of darkness." Tokoyami said.



"Right." Shinsou said.



Then Midnight called and gave the group each of their head bands. Midnight explained the rules and let the students find their place in the arena.



"So? What's the plan?" Shinsou said.



"I-I kno-know everyo-one is gonna ta-target us be-because of th-the points." Izuku said nervous, he then took a deep breath and release, he needs to calm down. "A-anyway. I know that Todoroki's first move is to trap everyone with his Ice, and those who survived will be handle by him as well. For us, we need to act like we're fighting back but we need to let Todoroki get this 10 million band and hide in the plain site. " Izuku explained.


" Wait!? You want that bastard Ice maker to get the band, Why? " Shinsou said.


 If he got the band he would be targeted and he will eliminate as many enemies as he can. In the last minute we will steal the band from him when the enemies are already decreased. " Izuku said.


" I like your Idea, but what if we can't get the band? " Mei said.


" We had Shinsou as our secret weapon. All we need to do is to get him response to him. " Izuku said.


" I know your a Genius!! We will be a great business partners one day!!" Mei said cheerfully.


" Tokoyami, Your our defense though What's your quirk? Last time I observed you can summon a Shadow like figure? " Izuku said and Tokoyami's eyes widden in surprised.


" When did you observed us? Though yes, my quirk is that I can summon this Shadow. I name him dark Shadow. " Tokoyami said as he summon Dark Shadow who said hi to them.


" Perfect. Now let's do our best." Izuku said.


"Yeesss!!" The 4 of them said.



The game started and what Izuku predicted came true. Todoroki trap some contestant that survived. The rest who survived came towards them and attempt to target them but Dark shadow act as their defense and fought of them off so they won't getting the bandage out of their hands. But in the middle of fight, Todoroki manage to snatch the 10 Million band and Dark Shadow is getting tired.


Present Mic is announcing the events, and Aizawa is observing the strategy of Izuku as he wonders why Izuku let Todoroki got the Head Band and lay low. Todoroki's attention is now towards the others who try to steal the one million band. Izuku decided that this is the time that they would be hiding through the Ice Towers and see the rest of teams compete.


"Is Dark Shadow okay?" Izuku asked.

"I'm fine Thank you for the concern." Dark Shadow said.


"Good, You should rest. We won't be needing you anytime soon." Izuku said.

"Thank You. Your too kind." Dark Shadow said.


"Wait? You can Understand Dark Shadow?" Tokoyami said.

"Yeah, why?" Izuku said.


"Well, most people can't." Tokoyami said.


"I see." Izuku said.

"Maybe it's because You have an intelligent Quirk or something mental." Tokoyami said.


"ehm... I-I don't actually have a Quirk." Izuku said and Tokoyami was surprised before he gave a smile.

"So... Your Quirkless!! That's actually impressive." Tokoyami said.


"Tha-thanks... No-not many peo-people say that... Thank You." Izuku said.


"Its no problem." Tokoyami said.

"Izu, the time is running out. When are we gonna move?" Shinsou said.


"Not yet... Kaachan's team is still on the go, That Jet leg, I think his related to Ingenium is still on the Arena. If we go, were gonna be in trouble now that our defense is already down." Izuku said.


"You forget that I still have my babies here." Mei said.


"Don' t worry we will used it, Soon." Izuku said as he observed the match and hearing PresentMic announced what's happening.


When Izuku saw that Katsuki's team are down and Iida, they just have 1 minute to get the 10 Million Head Band. Izuku then told his team mates that they would move now and Mei used her inventions to quickly destroy the tower of Ice and move fast to Todoroki using her Jet boots. Todoroki try to trap them using his Ice but his team manage to dodge it.


"Your  getting cold... Yo-your Hands start to turn blue... If your not gonna used Yo-your fire... Your gonna freeze soon." Izuku said.


"I'm not gonna use his Fire..." Todoroki said.

"It's not his fire! It's yours, your the one who's Incontrol of it!! Do you know how many of us is ready to kill just to have a Quirk Like yours!! And yet here you are just using half of it! Don't you think that your insulting most of us who needs to work hard just to stay in this competition and your just using half of your strength! " Shinsou coldly said which surprised Todoroki and coldly glare at him.


" You know noth-" Todoroki said but he was cut off by Shinsou.

" Give up all the bands you had. " Shinsou said, Todoroki got all the bands and he gave it to Izuku who quickly snatch the band before Todoroki's team mates snap Todoroki from Shinsou's quirk by shaking him. Todoroki is about snatch the bands again but the time runs out.

The matches ended and Izuku and his tea mates went to side and cheer for each other.


"Wait, You planned that didn't you?" Shinsou said.


"Yeah... If we made a move too early then... Todoroki-kun might have a chance to take the bands back. But, we got it all so..." Izuku said.


"Your intelligent is terrifying yet amazing. Thank you for accepting me on your team, if not for you maybe I won't make for the next round." Tokoyami said.

"No-no problem..." Izuku said as he gave a smile.


"If you need any Analysis of your quirk, or if you want to improve your skills or the usage of your quirk. Midoriya, Izuku here is the right person to talk to." Shinsou said.


"Oh? That would be a great help." Tokoyami said.


"Well... See you on the next round." Shinsou said as he wave goodbye and drag Izuku and Mei away.

PresentMic announced the winning Teams and Midoriya's name can be seen on the top since his team got in the first place again. PresentMic give a comment as how impressive their tactics are, and got the bands just in time the time runs out.

"Hey... You..." Todoroki approach Izuku, Shinsou and Mei. "Can I talk to you... For a sec?..." Todoroki said.


Shinsou and the rest look at each other. "Sure..." Izuku said.




Soon then, the four of them were in the corner.

"Do you know what is Quirk Marriage?" Todoroki said.

"Kind off, is that the reason why you don't used your fire? Because you think that your quirk is given to you by this person that you saw isn't worth it?" Izuku said and Todoroki's eyes widden.


"I'm going to prove to him that I can win this without using what power he gave me. I can prove that I can win without him by my side." Todoroki said.


"You can prove him that! In the other way around. You can't just keep your fire hidden forever. It's your fire, it's your quirk, his not Incontrol of it. Your the one who is Incontrol!" Izuku said, with that Dabi and Hawks are in the corner try to approach Todoroki and the rest but they saw Endeavour approach so, the two of them hide in the corner. Hawks didn't know why, but he got his phone and start to take a video.

"Shoto! There you are! ." Endeavour showed up.

"You shouldn't be with this losses. You should prepare yourself for the next match and Win! What you did so far is a disgrace I'm Todoroki's family. You didn't place the name on the top!! Why do you need to be so stubborn and Just used the power that I gave to you! " Endeavour said, Dabi hearing that wanted to punch the man in the face and burn him to death. Shoto clench his fist until it went white and look down in anger.


Mei on the other hand got her water gun and fire it to Endeavour shutting his flames and got his support Items hywired. Everyone was surprised at what did Mei just did.

"Opps, Sorry My support Item got hywired. I guess need to fix this thing." Mei said.


"Why you!! How fucking dare yo-" Endeavour said but Mei shoot him again. Now Endeavour is soaking wet.


"Sorry Again~ You know me, A first year support Course students still learning how to create a proper support Item. Better fix this, See ya!" Mei said as she quickly sprint away and hide on the corner, she saw Dabi and hawks and she gave a wink and thumbs up.

Shinsou is trying not to laugh, Izuku got a horrified expression, Shoto was surprised, Dabi is in the corner trying not to laugh out loud while Hawks smirk as he was taking the video secretly.


" Why that Bitch! That's an inappropriate behaviour for a student!! I should see the principal for such a inappropriate Behaviour.!!" Endeavour said as he walk away soaking wet.


Once the man is out of the picture Shinsou start to laugh out loud. "I know Mei is crazy but ddaammnn that's fucking epic!! I wish we could replay that again." Shinsou said.


"Oh we could, got the video here." Hawks said as he walk towards them swinging his phone.

Dabi was laughing following Hawks. "Good Job Mei! Thats the most awesome thing you'd ever did!!" Dabi said laughing. "Oh God, wait till Fuyumi see that Video." Dabi said.


"Fuyumi-nee will do a flip." Mei said.

"Oh~ that would be epic as well." Dabi said.

"You know Fuyumi-nee?" Shoto said.


"Yeah! She's our nurse and our friend!!" Mei said.


"I see." Shoto said.


"Shoto." Dabi called him and Shoto's ice widden as he look at Dabi, somehow that voice seems to be familiar. "Don't listen to that FirebastardShit. Sure he was the reason why you had a fire quirk in the first place, but that fire isn't his to control already. It's yours, you are born with it. So don't just go in the filled and keep using your Ice, and when you feel you can't used your Ice anymore your gonna give up already. Being a hero all about giving all the best you got. So you should give all your best. " Dabi said.


" Tsk, You don't know nothing stranger Zombie! " Todoroki said as he walk away pissed off.


" huh... He didn't even recognised you huh... " Shinsou said.


" See? I told you, your younger brother is turning into second you. An asshole" Hawks said.


Dabi groan in annoyance and smack Hawks head, though he look at Shoto's retreating form with worried.

Chapter Text



3rd Person's pov


It was time for one and one Match and most of the crowds are guessing and intrigued at Midoriya Izuku who's in the first place so far. They were wondering what his quirk and how he manage to go to the top. Izuku is now doing a breathing exercise trying to calm his nerves down since the next round would be one on one battle.

"I think I'm gonna get eliminated in this round." Izuku said.

"Nah~ You'll be in second or 3rd place because I'll be on top Deku. And you better be because I want to have a good match with you." Katsuki said.

"What if your going to have a match with Purple Cat?" Izuku said.

"oh~ It's oonn... I'll make you Jump out of the ring with styyll~ and maybe do something that would embarrass yourself." Shinsou said with a smirk.

"Bring it on Purple Bastard, because I'll be the one who's gonna bring You down." Katsuki said with a smirk.

The two of them glare at each other coldly that send shiver to their friends. "Both of them intimidating." Sero said.

"Yeah... Specially Shinsou, he looks hot when his like that." Kaminari said and their attention went to him. Kaminari cover his mouth and Blush furiously.

"I thought your straight, your always flirting with girls just like Mineta. Though it seems your not?" Kirishima said.

"Nope! My mind is still in Short circuit or something. I maybe used too much electricity during the previous course. Can you guys just forget what I just said earlier!? Please..." Kaminari said.

Shinsou chuckled a little and that made Kaminari felt like it's just hit by cupid's arrow." We'll try to forget it. " Shinsou said.

" Kill me. " Kaminari said.

" With pleasure. " Katsuki said and throw a small explosion to Kaminari who's face is now cover in black ashes.

PresentMic then announced the first Match and they just sat there and observed the other contestants. While Izuku is rambling about the participants quirk. The rest were surprise as how he talk fast and analyze their quirks.

"Wow, that was a good analysis. You must really have an intelligent quirk or anything related to that because your intelligent is awesome!"  Kirishima compliment him.

"A-actually... I-I don't have a-any quirk..." Izuku said.

Three pairs of eyes went wide and look at him.

"Wait!? What!? You don't have a quirk!?" Sero said surprised.

"Have a problem with that Tape bastard?" Katsuki said dangerously as he was ready to snap his neck.

"Ofcourse Not! I'm just surprised. Because hell! His quirkless and yet he survived all of those course." Sero said.

"Yeah! Your really are awesome Midobro!! Your more extremely cool than Bakubro!" Kirishima said.

"Fuck you shitty Hair." Katsuki said.

"Hell I have a Electric Quirk yet I didn't even manage to have a place in top 5 of the previous course! And I doubt that I'll be in any of those place in this round. So, it's really awesome that you did all of that without a quirk." Kaminari said.

Izuku's eyes widen and he gave them a small smile." Thank you Kaminari-kun, you don't know how those words meant to me. " Izuku said with a smile and Kaminari quickly hug him.

" Your so Adorable Midoriya, Oh~ Please Let me keep you!" Kaminari said.

"Dunce Face, If you don't want another explosions get the fuck away from Deku." Katsuki said glaring dangerously. Kaminari quickly broke the hug and raise his hands in surrender.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you have a explosive protective Boyfriend Midori-" Kaminari said but he didn't finish his sentence because Bakugou send him a small explosion again and now Kaminari's face is cover in black ashes as again.

"Ah! Kaminari-kun!" Izuku said as he help Kaminari sat up, together with Sero.

"Don't provoke Bakugou again or else you won't getting in the fight anytime soon." Sero said.

"Noted." Kaminari said.



Next match is Shinsou and Kaminari and Present Mic did told them to go to the waiting area. Shinsou and Kaminari are now in the waiting area and they decided to wait in the same room. "Hey... Whatever happens in the match... Can we still be friends?" Shinsou said.

"Ofcourse we can! The match can't stop are newly found friendship you know. Beside, you promise me that we're gonna go to this Cat Cafe together." Kaminari said.

"Yup, it was where the Gremlins Chaos brought me after the exam." Shinsou said.

"Gremlins Chaos?" Kaminari said.

Shinsou laugh a little and he have a small talk on how Mei kidnapped him and take him to the Cat Cafe Paradise but then, Mei is a Crazy girl, Izuku is terrifying genius and and Katsuki is an explosive angry pomeranian who doesn't understand emotions. Kaminari were smiling and laughing from time to time. But, when it was their time to shine in the stage they quickly say good bye and good luck at the match and went to separate hallways.

As PresentMic introduced them, they were standing on the fighting ground Midnight yelled 'Start' and their match started. Kaminari then try sending electricity to Shinsou who avoid that and look at Kaminari intensely in the eyes. "You know what you said earlier about me being Hot? I never got compliments like that before, Thank you." Shinsou said with a smile like smirk.

Kaminari got frozen and his face turn red. "Yah! You said you'll forget i-" Kaminari said.

"Walk out of the bounds for me and surrender the match." Shinsou said and Kaminari turn around and walk out of the bounds and Shinsou got the Victory. Kaminari blink once or twice before he saw Shinsou who is running towards him.

"Are you okay?" Shinsou said worriedly.

"That. Was. AWSOME!! I didn't know what happened back there but... It must be your quirk right?" Kaminari said.

"Yeah. My quirk is brainwashing, I can control someone with Verbal Response I'm sorry if you think that it's a cheat or something." Shinsou said.

"Nah~ Its your quirk, your born with it. Its actually a cool Quirk to have. Imagine, of what things you can do with that?" Kaminari said.

"Like ordering you to forget what did you just say about me being Hot?" Shinsou smirk and Kaminari blush and gave a playful punch on Shinsou's arm.

"Oh Shut up!" Kaminari said and Shinsou chuckled.

Both of them then walk away from the fighting Area as the next contestant is called.


As time goes by, and Izuku's first match ended with him gaining his Victory. He was put against Monoma Neito who could copy quirks. It looks like Monoma is from Hero course Class 1-B and before the match he already copied two quirks from his classmates and use it to attack Izuku. First Izuku thought it was his quirk, but when Manoma said he would copy Izuku's quirk, Izuku was quick to analyze and put the facts that Manoma's quirk isn't the one he was using to fight Izuku.

Though, Manoma was surprised when he try copying Izuku's quirk it didn't work and Izuku took the surprise Manoma by a surprised and knock him out of the bounds.

After the match Manoma approach him. "Hey you! Why the hell my quirk didn't work on You huh!?" Manoma said.

"A secret makes a underground hero, a Underground Hero." Izuku said as he sprint away from Manoma who was piss and was determined to know what Izuku's quirk is.


Shinsou's second match is against Iida and well the match didn't last long because as the match started he quickly got a response from Iida and used it to order Iida to walk out of the bounds and the match ended. Iida was confused at what happened and he want an explanation so he approach Shinsou.

"What just happened?" Iida said and Shinsou smirk. "A secret makes a underground Hero, a Underground Hero." Before he sprint away to his friends.

Izuku's second Match is against Todoroki and he conclude that it wasn't an easy match because he knows that Todoroki would attack him using a tower of ice and he wasn't wrong. Izuku keep avoiding the Icicles that was send to him, and use it to his advantage to hide from Todoroki's site. He then got a chance and manage to land a swift Kick from Todoroki's side and gave another punch. Izuku is about to kick Todoroki but he block it with an Ice as he jump away. Izuku notice that Todoroki's hand is starting to get blue from extremely usage of his quirk ever since the sport festival started.

"What Shinsou told you earlier is true you know. Kaacha- I mean Bakugou thinks that your looking down on him because your just using half of your strength!" Izuku said as he gave a nice kick on Todoroki's stomach. " Do you know how many people are gonna kill for a quirk like yours. Specially me. " Izuku said, Todoroki got angry and send a tons of ice on his direction, but his start to feel cold and hazzy, his vision start to blur because of the Hyphotermia.

"You don't know nothing! I want to prove to him that I would win this without his fire! Without his help no one can understand me  because they didn't went through what I have." Todoroki said coldly and keep sending Ice, but his moves gets more sloppier.

Izuku attacked again landing a kick and a punch to Todoroki who keep sending him weaker Ice, Izuku back away. "  No one understands is why you refused to used the Quirk that isn't given to you. It was born with you, it isn't his fire anymore!! It's yours, your in control so Used it Todoroki! Or else Your gonna die! USED YOUR FIRE! YOUR FIRE!! "Izuku said and Something in Todoroki snap and fire start to erupt around him. Izuku was too close to the fire and quickly jump away, but he Jump out of the bounds which means his out of the match, he didn't even notice that he jump out.

Izuku felt hot, felt a pain on his arms and his skin felt sting. He look down on his arms and he saw that there were some burns injury that he knows that would leave a scar. Izuku sigh tiredly and fall down to the floor tiredly.

"Izuku/Deku!!" the last thing he heard before he lost consciousness.

Chapter Text





3rd Person's pov

Izuku regain his conscious and sat up as he look around and notice he is in some hospital setting like." Your awake deary~"

Izuku look at Recovery Girl who is sitting on the chair. "You didn't have enough stamina to be healed, but I already apply a cream to those burns so you don't have to worry deary." Recovery Girl said.

"Thank you Recovery Girl. Your Quirk is really cool, your also a awesome Hero. Your quirk can heal someone in exchange of energy or stamina. You can mostly heal broken bones, cut wounds and maybe burns..." Izuku said as he continue rambling about her quirk and Recovery Girl chuckled.

" Dearie~ Your quite a fascinating student. I'm surprised that you know how my quirk works. Most of people doesn't know that, but I'm thankful to meet such a Hero Fan boy like you." Recovery Girl said.

"Yeah... I wish I have my notebook so I can get your autograph." Izuku mumbled very low.

"Oh?" Recovery Girl said, but she was startled when the curtains were harshly open and Shinsou, Katsuki with Dabi and Hawks also Eraserhesd behind.

"What the hell are you doing here!? The patient just woke up!" Recovery Girl said.

"We came here to check on Izuku... Afterall he got hurt! With the whole battle ground set on fire..." Shinsou said.

"Is he okay?" Dabi said.

"His fine, just some burns. He doesn't have enough energy for those burns to heal so I only apply some cream. I'll heal them once he got the proper energy." Recovery Girl said she then turn to Izuku. "Do you need any pain reliever for Burns pain?" Recovery Girl said and Izuku shook his head.

"I'm fine. I'm used to Burns anyway. I can barely feel the pain." Izuku said.

"Fuck! " Dabi said.

"Language!!" Recovery Girl glare at him.

Dabi just roll his eyes in annoyance.

"and Aizawa, shouldn't you be with Mic helping him announce things?" Recovery Girl said.

"His with Midnight. Beside this two idiots quickly look for me and asked me where Midoriya was taken and they came here in a hurry." Aizawa said.

"Because we're worried." Hawks said.

"you don't need to be worried. I'm okay really, just tired." Izuku said.

"You made us worried Deku. I'm glad your okay." Katsuki said in relief.

"Deku?" Aizawa said and everyone in the room went silent.

"You don't know how to shut your fucking mouth huh Katsuki..." Dabi said.

"Shut the Fuck up!" Katsuki said.

"Language! And isn't Deku that famous Analysis your talking about Aizawa?" Recovery Girl said.

"He is... Don't fucking tell me that his..." Aizawa said.

"Eraserhead, Meet Deku your favorite Analysist." Hawks said as he introduced Izuku with a smile.

"Uh... Hi Eraserdad..." Izuku said feeling nervous a bit.

"Fuck! When you said your younger than us, I didn't think your this fucking young... Oh Godd.." Aizawa said as he massage the bridge of his nose.

"Yeah... Well now you already met him." Hawks said.

"Not only that you'll be seeing him everyday." Dabi said.

"Ugh." Aizawa groan in annoyance. But Aizawa glance at Izuku. "Your okay right? You did have a nasty burn." Aizawa said in his normal tone but if you hear it clearly he had a concern tone.

"I-I'm fine... I-I'm used to it anyway..." Izuku said and Katsuki have an expression of guilt and Shinsou is confused.

"and why is that Dearie~?" Recovery Girl said.

"uh-uhm... Ca-can I-I no-not ta-talk about that?" Izuku said.

"It's okay Dearie." Recovery Girl said.

Izuku nod. "Isn't the next match with you Kaachan?" Izuku said.

"Yeah, I'm going against this Bastard Cat lover." Katsuki said pointing at Shinsou.

"Oh!" Izuku said. "Well Good Luck to both of you and do your best." Izuku said.

"Don't worry I think their match would be amazing! You should made a bet." Dabi said.

"Let's bet, Whoever loses will be a slave for the winner for a day." Shinsou said with a smirk.

"Make it  3 days!" Katsuki said smirking.

"Your a terrible Adult. I swear." Hawks said.

"Uh... Dabi-nii I-is terrible a-adult whi-while Keigo-nii I-is ire-responsible adult." Izuku mumbled softly but everyone in the room heard it.

"Yup, I agree with you. You should live with me kid." Aizawa said.

"Yo-your a terrible ad-adult as well. Workaholic a-and Coffee addict." Izuku said.

Aizawa's eyes widden and he glare at Dabi and Hawks who's seconds to laughing. " You! What the hell are you guys teaching this kids!?" Aizawa said.

"How to be a proper adult?" Dabi said confused.

"Then your terrible at it." Aizawa said.

"Your terrible at it as well, Deku said it and his always right you know.." Katsuki said.

"Ugh! You two should go back to the stadium already. We will talk about this after, for now I'm out of here." Aizawa said as he walk out.

"You guys should go. Good luck with the match." Izuku said.

"Okay, you should get a rest." Shinsou said.

"Rest well Deku." Katsuki said before the two of them gave Izuku a smile and walk out of the room. Izuku sigh and observed the room.

"Is that a TV? Ca-can I-I watch their Ma-match?" Izuku said.

"Ofcourse Dearie~ but still you need a rest okay?" Recovery Girl said and Izuku nod. She then glare at Dabi and Hawks.

"I'll leave you both here." Recovery Girl said as she walks away. But before she can, Dabi saw Fuyumi and Natsuo walk inside and Recovery girl guided them to a bed cover with curtains next to Izuku.

Dabi waited for Recovery girl to walk away before he went to their side." Heyo Fuyumi, Shoto, Natsuo." Dabi said.

"Who the hell are you?" Natsuo said.

"Ah~ I'm her boyfriend." Dabi said pointing at Fuyumi who elbow him in the stomach, Dabi groan in pain. "No wonder you won't get any boyfriends..." Dabi said and Fuyumi glare at him and smack him on the head.

"I fucking hate you Nii-san!" Fuyumi said.

"What. The. Fuck!? Di-did you just curse? And Di-did you CA-call him Nii-san!!?" Natsuo said still processing what his twin sister just said.

"One, yes I fucking cursed because I'm currently piss off and two Shoto, Natsuo meet your dead Older Useless irresponsible of a Brother Touya-nii San." Fuyumi said and Dabi pouted.

"How dare you said that to me? I'm offended. You learn many things from me you know, The best thing of all of it is the cursing." Dabi said and Fuyumi glare at him. "And hello to you Natsuo, Shoto. Nice to finally see you. You don't know how proud of an older brother am I right now,Shoto!! Your learning to be an Asshole just like Katsuki that's good." Dabi said and Fuyumi smack him in the head.

"Your really are a terrible Older Brother." Fuyumi said.

"I told you, Terrible, Asshole, Bastard and Fuck up children is what completes our family. After all we have a Fire Bastard Shit as our father don't we?" Dabi said.

"Oh! Why you!!" Fuyumi said as she got Dab's ear and twist it.

"Wai-wait-wait... Ouch! Tha-that no-not!! What it is! Ouch!" Dabi said and Fuyumi let go of his ear and Dabi slightly glare at her as he rub his ear.

"Mom, I promise I won't say that again." Dabi said and Fuyumi sigh like she is so done with her brother.

"Your really are Touya-nii San." Natsuo said.

"The one and only." Dabi said.

"I mean... Your the only person who can Hit Fuyumi to her last nerve of patience so..." Natsuo said.

"The hell is that supposed to mean!?" Dabi said.

"It's exactly what supposed to mean Nii-san. You never change, your still dumb." Natsuo said.

"and so do you, Your still a brat like usual. Shoto is the only good kid in this family. But his learning to be a bad, and I'm so proud of him" Dabi said.

"How did I get bad?" Shoto said.

"Well the way you sabotage the whole course during the events, and the way you defeat Izuku over there is a badass move Shoto." Dabi said.

"Your proud of me for being bad?" Shoto said.

"I become a Vigilante ever since I died so... Yeah!" Dabi said.

"You become a fucking what!?" Natsuo said.

"A Vigilante." Dabi said proudly.

"But.. Isn't that illegal?" Shoto said.

"Exactly. Do you know how many time he got injured and went to life and death situation without a proper medical health!? This idiot brother of us is really annoying as shit and Irresponsible!" Fuyumi said annoyed.

"I'm not that bad." Dabi said and Fuyumi look at her with an expression of "Really?" and Dabi just look away.

"So... Yo-your really are Touya-nii? Bu-but... He told us that you-" Shoto said.

"I'm here talking to you right? So I'm not dead." Dabi said and Shoto launch himself to Dabi Hugging him, which surprised Dabi but he hug Shoto as well. "I know what's on your mind. Your disappointed because in the end you can't prove to firebastardshit that you can win this round without his fire right?" Dabi said and Shoto just hug Dabi tighter snd Dabi sigh.

"It's not his fire Shoto. It's yours, you are born with it just like how I was born with Fire Quirk as well. You can't keep that hidden strength on you forever just because you think it's from him and it's his fire. So don't be disappointed, you should be happy that you made this far. " Dabi said as he pat Shoto's hair.

Shoto didn't say anything he just stay there and cling to Dabi. He is afraid to let go because if he let go, then his brother might disappeared again and life would be full of negative things again.

" Uh... Can I disturb your moment?" Keigo took a peak to them and Dabi glare at him.

"You see, Katsuki and Shinsou's match is over now and Katsuki won. The match is really exciting Dabi you miss it! But neh~ you could always see them in replays. Anyway, Since Katsuki won, his next opponent and the final match would be little Shoto here." Hawks said.

"Shoto?" Dabi said as he look at his younger brother.

"Ca-can I cancel the match?" Shoto said.

"I don't think that's a good Idea. Endeavour might storm here and force you to go out there or worst sue the school for not letting his son participate in the last match or the worst thing could happened is that Katsuki is gonna drag your ass out there in stadium and he would demand you to fight him seriously. " Hawks said and Dabi chuckled at the last thought.

"Katsuki might do that and you don't want him to do that because hell... That's gonna be a big problem." Dabi said. "Anyway Shoto..." Dabi said as he look at his younger brother in the eyes. "You should get out there and show the world that your strong and powerful. Beat Katsuki's terrible Ass because I like to see his loss. But remember this, It's the fire Quirk you hold is for you to control and for you to master. It's yours, it's your own and Fire Bastard Shit isn't the one in control. So, Show the world what you got Shoto. " Dabi said and Shoto, for the first time in his life ever since his mother was send away and ever since his older brother died... He finally gave a small smile.

" Thank you Touya-nii San..." Shoto said.

" Your welcome, aanndd Don't call me that. It's Dabi now, Call me Dabi." Dabi said.

"Okay Dabi-nii." Shoto said.

"Say? If you win or not, how about after the match let's go to this Cat Cafe to relax and get to know more hmm~?" Dabi said.

"I didn't know you like Cat Cafes?" Natsuo said.

"Not really, But I heard seeing Cats laying around and just soothe over you makes your worries go away. I tried it many times aanndd there are time I fall asleep because I am too relax with The adorable, fluffy cats!" Dabi said.

"That sounds nice." Shoto said.

"Then were heading over. For nor, you have a match to finish." Dabi said.



It was a fight Between Bakugou and Todoroki. The match was epic and the crowd went wild at the two. Because both of them are a great fighter, a great student and they both have a powerful quirk. But in the end, Katsuki won the match because Shoto refused to use his fire.

No, Shoto can't summon his fire again unlike how he summon it when his fighting Midoriya. He guess that for so many years he had refused to used his fire side that he lost control of that side. So his having trouble of summoning them, so in the end he got defeated and Katsuki won.

During the Medals that given which Shinsou is the 3rd placer, Todoroki is the second and Katsuki is the first. Katsuki refused the medal because he wasn't satisfied on his last match so he walk away angrily and Izuku who saw that exit the clinic and look for his bestfriend.

He found him in the hallway cursing and was about hit the wall with an explosion. "Kaachan!" Izuku said.

"Deku." Katsuki said.

"Kaachan! What was that!? Why did you refused the medal from all might?" Izuku said.

"One Ass might is the one who's giving the fucking medal. Two, I don't feel like I deserve that shits when clearly the Half N Half  bastard just fought me using half of his fucking strength!! I accept if ever I lost the Match Deku as long as that Half and Half Bastard give everything he had! Not a fucking half strength of his!! Ugh! It makes me feel so dddammnn Angry!! " Katsuki said and Izuku just gave Katsuki a hug. Katsuki was surprised with that.

" I know your Mad right now. How about lets fine Mei and Shinsou so that we can go back to the beach early and have some cakes yeah? You need to cool off or if you want you can release your anger by screaming at beach again." Izuku said.

"Nah~ The cakes thingi sounds good." Katsuki said and Izuku gave a small smile.

"Cakes then!" Izuku said and he grab Katsuki's arm and drag him to the school clinic where he knows Shinsou is there resting. They'll just look for Mei later.


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Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov

After The sport Festival, The gremlins Chaos with the Bakusquad is currently in the beach hanging out. After the event Izuku and Katsuki found Shinsou in the clinic with Kaminari talking to him and they seems they got close. So Izuku invited Kaminari to join them in the beach to have some desserts and they decided to invite Sero and Kirishima as well. 

So currently they were sitting in the blanket placed in the sand with Cakes and sweets infront of them 

"I understand that Purple Shitsou and Crazy Pink is here but why the fuck is Shitty hair, Dunce Face, and Tape here again?" Katsuki said as he was glaring at the three. 

"Come On Dude~ Were here to hang out with our new friends. " Kaminari said. 

"Plus, we need to relax too. The Match just ended you know and WOW, this cake is delicious. Where did you buy them?" Sero said. 

"Broccoli-Kun made them." Mei said. 

"Really? Midoriya made them? " Kirishima said. 

"ye-yeahh..." Izuku said. 

"Oh wow, there are really delicious Midoriya. Thank you for inviting us." Kaminari said. 

"No Problem Ka-Kaminari-Kun... Yo-your al-already a friend." Izuku said. 

"Ofcourse you can always count on me to be your friend." Kaminari said with smile. 

"Tsk, Why are you so Fucking quiet Purple shit?" Katsuki said and Shinsou slightly glare at him before he sigh. 

"Its just I guess... I failed my second chances in getting in Hero school you know? I'm just disappointed." Shinsou said looking down. 

"Yeah right, I wish you and that Half and Half Bastard would change places. He doesn't deserve his place in a fucking Hero Course when he just look down with the extras and used half of his fucking power." Katsuki said. 

"I don't think that his looking down in anybody Blasty." Shinsou said. 

"Oh Yeah? Then why does he fight just used half of his fucking strength? Does he thinks that the shitty extras are not capable of his full force? If thats the case then he could rot in hell. " Katsuki said. 

"NO Kaachan, Its not like that. Todoroki-kun is just want to prove to his father that he could win the event, that he could be a hero without using the quirk that was given to him by his father. " Izuku said. 

"Then thats fuck up Bullshit! Because its not his father's quirk anymore. Its his already, its part of his fucking strength. Ugh! It makes me so mad that he was just using his fucking Ice during our shitty match." Katsuki said glaring at them. 

"Relax blasty, I'm sure right now he already realize that. I mean, he manage to used his fire during his match with Broccoli-kun so yeah. " Mei said. 

"Yeah, That was an epic and cool match Midobro. I don't think I can last long like that with Todoroki. since I have weak Quirk" Kirishima said. 

"Thats not true. Your quirk is awesome. Its actually perfect in Heroics and powerful as well. You can use your quirk shielding citizen for an incoming attack and when you harden your hand you can use it to hammer the Villains so that they would receive massive damage, you can give them a concussion or maybe an internal bleeding due to the hard object hit them which is your skin. See what I mean by powerful? So, Don't think you have a weak Quirk Kirishima-kun, your awsome and powerful." Izuku said. 

"Awe~ I really want to keep you with me forever." Kirishima said. 

"Your too nice for Bakugou. Too nice." Sero said. 

"I don't understand why are you friends with him. (Pointing at Bk) " Kaminari said. 

"If you shitty extras don't shut your mouth I will blast you off to the ocean and make sure you drown." Katsuki said. 

"See? What I mean?" Kaminari said. 

Izuku gave a small smile. "Maybe Kaachan and I are opposite, but... Kaachan is Kaachan you know. His actually kind, but ugh... in his own way. "Izuku said. 

"Yeah right, last time I check he manage to throw my favorite Cat poster in the ocean." Shinsou said. 

"Because your fucking Purple Shit is annoying as hell." Katsuki said then he smirk. "and you know, from this forward you should call me Your majesty." Katsuki said and Shinsou chocked on the biscuit his eating and Kaminari is comforting him and gave him water. 

"Thanks." Shinsou said with a smile that made Kaminari blush a little and Shinsou glare at Katsuki. 

"And Why the fuck am I gonna call you that?" Shinsou said. 

"Oh? You forget about our deal?" Katsuki said and Shinsou groan in annoyance. 

"Izuku, Where's my coffee? I need a sssttrroongg Coffee right now." Shinsou said. 

"Your too young to drink Coffee." Kaminari said. 

"Hah? WHat are you talking about? I drink Coffee everyday of my life." Shinsou said. 

"No wonder you have that horrible bags under your eyes Purple Cat!" Mei said. 

"Geh Thanks for pointing out." Shinsou said sarcastically. 

"What bet are you talking about anyway?" Sero said. 

"Kaachan and Shinsou made a bet that whoever win the fight between them, the loser would do whatever the winner says for three days," Izuku said. 

"Exactly, so from now on your my slave and I'm going to enjoy it while it last." Katsuki said. 

"Ugh! I hate you." Shinsou said. 

"Don't worry, The feeling is mutual Purple Shit." Katsuki said. 

"Why did you made a bet with him in the first place?" Kaminari said. 

"Why not? But now, I regret it." Shinsou said. 

"I mean, I can never made a bet like that because I know I'll be defeated by Bakugou." Kaminari said. 

"Yeah, Bakugou's quirk is powerful you know." Kirishima said. 

"I know, But I'm not scared of him. If you must know, I manage to order him once to take a dive in the ocean, face flat and make sure to feel pain and I know I can do it again." Shinsou said. 

"Nope, Your not gonna do that. Instead, how about you do that. I mean I'm your master now right?" Katsuki said. 

"No thanks, I'm good. Let me enjoy my Coffee first before we start the bet okay?" Shinsou said. 

"But did you actually brought a Coffee Midoriya?" Sero said.

Izuku nod. He then gave Shinsou his coffee sealed in a sytro cup. "Its for Aizawa-Sensei but I didn't see him after the match. You can have it, its an expresso Coffee though. " Izuku said and Shinsou nod as he quickly open the seal and start to take some sips and he smile at the taste. 

"Now this is heaven." Shinsou said. 

"Whaaa? Isn't that Bitter though?" Kaminari said and Shinsou offer him the cup. 

"You should try its heaven." Shinsou said and Kaminari hesitate at first but he try taking a small sip and he regrets it. 

"Its too Bitter, Are you sure thats even a Coffee?" Kaminari said and Shinsou took a sip again. 

"Exactly what I wanted. A dark bitter Coffee just like my soul." Shinsou said. 

"rrriiigghhtt~ "Kaminari said. 

(This two didn't even realize they got their first  Indirect Kiss) 



Soon the rest of them have some Conversation before they set goodbye to each other when the time was getting late. Mei went home and Katsuki and Shinsou stay with Izuku for a bit until Dabi went home. 

"Congrats Blasty, you made the whole vultures eyes on your arrogance for not accepting the medal." Dabi said. 

"Who the Fuck cares?" Katsuki said. 

"Exactly, but just so you know Shoto wasn't looking down on you. I talk to him earlier and said that he was about to use his fire on you but he seems that he can't let it out since he wasn't used to it. In Izuku's case though its different. Izuku said something to him that made him snap and release the fire that he can't control. I told him that if his having trouble he could always asked me from now on and met me here so expect him to visit." Dabi said. 

"Thats fucking good then, because if he master his fucking fire I want a rematched with that Half and Half bastard." Katsuki said. 

"Your not gonna stop calling him that are you?" Dabi said. 

"Why should I Fucking Scar Face?" Katsuki said. 

"Yup, your not gonna stop. What am I saying, your Katsuki. Your terrible at names."Dabi said. 

"Fuck you Shitty Scar Face!" Katsuki said. 

"No thanks, how about you make us dinner yeah? Treating us, celebrating your victory will be great." Dabi said. 

"Uh! Don't fucking think that I would cook for you ever. I'll just gonna do dinner because I don't want you to poison Deku with your shitty cooking." Katsuki said. 

"Yeah, yeah...." Dabi said. 

"Katsuki is getting soft Huh..." Shinsou said with a smirk.

"Fuck you Purple Shitsou!!" Katsuki yelled.

Izuku sigh.





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Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov



The next day, Izuku and the rest went to UA again and once they were in the hallway they start to separate and went to their own classes. Izuku and Shinsou open the door and went inside their Class and they were greeted by PresentMic.


"Oh? What are you doing here?" PresentMic said.


"Uh... This is our Class?" Shinsou said.


"Oh? Nobody tell you huh.... Well, Congratulation Little listener. From now on, you two are moving to Hero Course!!" PresentMic said and Shinsou and Izuku look at each other and was surprised.

"Uh... Its sad that my two favorite Listener are going away... Its unfair that Sho will take you away..." PresentMic said as he wipes his fake Anime tears away. "I'm gonna miss you Little Listner!!" PresentMic hug them


"Uhmm... Thi-this isn't a prank right?" Shinsou said and PresentMic broke the hug.


"Ofcourse Not! You Shinsou went for the 3rd place and your match with Bakugou is one amazing battle. I had to admit that Bakugou had a strong quirk, but you last long to keep up with him before you were out of the bounds. Your strong, but Bakugou is stronger than you and that doesn't mean your weak Little Listener. So, you deserve going to the Heroic Course. " PresentMic explained.

" and you Green bean!! Nedzu and Aizawa had something special for you. I'll wait until Nedzu and Aizawa would announce that okay? " PresentMic said and Izuku is still processing the words.

" Come on, I'll walk you guys to Heroics course." PresentMic said he then turn to the class." You guys behave and review your previous lesson okay? I'll give a small surprised quiz when I come back." PresentMic said before he close the door to his homeroom and assist the two surprised and nervous students to Aizawa's classroom.


When they got there PresentMic place his two hand on their shoulder." Don't be nervous Little Listner " PresentMic said.

Shinsou try doing a breathing exercise to calm down he look at Izuku and saw Izuku is grabbing his right arm using his left hand, and his grabbing it tightly enough to form a bruised and when he would grab it harder it would draw blood. So Shinsou grab his left hand and remove the grip, Izuku was surprised and look at Shinsou.


"Don't worry, If Someone make fun of you I'll order them to dive on the dumpster, and I think Katsuki is ready to snap anyone's neck whoever makes fun of you. Maann, I can see now Crazy Mei would ready to use her inventions to hide someone's body, heck maybe made them disappeared. " Shinsou said and Izuku sigh and gave a small smile.


" Yeah... I should relax... I don't want them to murder someone. " Izuku said.



" Wait? What!? You really think they would do that? " Shinsou said and Izuku nod without a hesitating.

" You already know Kaachan is... Well... His Kaachan... And Mei once said that if ever she and Kaachan would have a fight, she would used one of her inventions to knock Kaachan down, place him in the metal coffin and let it sink down on the deepest Ocean. That way, no one can find Kaachan's body. " Izuku said and Shinsou paled.


" Okay, Remind me not to mess up with The Crazy Pink!. " Shinsou said.


" Yeah... " Izuku said.


" It looks like you guys have friends that are  enthusiastic!!  " PresentMic.


" Uh... Is that English word means murderer?" Shinsou said.


" No Shin-chan. It means they are very active, positive, hyper and cheerful. " Izuku said.

"That's amazing Listener. I always thought your good at English!!" PresentMic said.


"Tha-thanks..." Izuku said.

"Now off you go, and remember UA doesn't tolerate any types of Bullying so don't be afraid to talk to us, specially me Listener okay?" PresentMic said and Izuku and Shinsou nod.


PresentMic then knock on the door before opening it and saw that Aizawa is looking at them boredly." Sho~ Your new student is here~"PresentMic said as he present a Izuku and Shinsou.

" right come inside " Aizawa said and Shinsou and Izuku stand infront. Izuku look so timid and nervous, while Shinsou look so cold and stoic.



" You hell spawns already know who you they are in the sport Festival. The purple one is Shinsou Hitoshi and the Green one is Midoriya Izuku. Get to know them and don't disturbed my sleep, and Oh? If anyone would make fun of them then get out of my class and never come back. " Aizawa said in a scary tone before he walk to the side and crawl on his yellow sleeping bag.


" Yo! Shin-kun! You made it! "Kaminari said.


" Shin-kun? That's new? " Shinsou said.


" You don't like it? That's fine I could always call you Shitsou or Purple Cat. "Kaminari said.


"Kaminari, I don't think it's appropriate to call our new classmate with those names." Iida said.


"Chilax President! Shin-kun here is my bestfriend! We met before the Festival right?" Kaminari said as he swing his hand over Shinsou's head.


"Nope were not friends. His just my pokemon. I'm his master and his Pikatchu." Shinsou said in a stoic voice as ever and Kaminari pouted.


"Rude! I'm not a Pikatchu!" Kaminari said.

"Don't you want to be Pikatchu? His cute." Sero said.


"Oh yeah!" Kaminari said and then he look at Shinsou and smile. "I'll be your Pikatchu then!" Kaminari said with a smile  and Shinsou pull out ablack sun glass on his pocket.


"Your smile is too bright." Shinsou said.

"Huh... I should carry one of those as well." Jirou said in the background.

"You know you look Cool though you have this cold and intimidating expression which is Cool Shinsou-kun. The name is Ashido Mina by the way. My quirk is Acid!" Ashido said and smile.

"Huh... You already know my name and my Quirk is something not to talk about. The less people know about my quirk the more advantages I had. Sorry though, its just that to sharpen and to make my quirk stronger I need to hide what it is." Shinsou said.


" Huh? But, if you become a hero somehow your fans will know your quirk right? " Hagakure said.


" eh... I doubt I'll be having more fans or anything. I like to be a underground Hero. You should know I hate Medias who known as Vultures and I hate spotlights. It's better to help someone in the underground site rather than smile at the Camera and gain fame. Its hard to become famous you know, Privacy of your life is limited and I like my privacy to be private Thank You very much. " Shinsou said.


" Wweeelll when you say it that way. " Ashido said as he turn to Izuku.


" How about you? I say you talk to Bakagou before. " Mina said.


" Uhm... I-I'm..." Izuku said as he was nervous. Suddenly Katsuki pull him close and he glare at his classmate.


" Listen up shitty extras, specially you Racoon eyes. His quirk is none of your fucking business and If I heard you talk bad about him I swear to Demon himself that I'm gonna offer you body and soul to him make sure your not gonna escape hell." Katsuki said.


Everyone was surprised with that. They know that Bakugou is aggressive, violent and can be intimidating. But they never saw him this intimidating before. He was very intimidating and he was glaring at them, ready to snap their neck if they would say a word to Izuku. They were surprised as how protective Katsuki is towards Izuku.


"ahm...ka-kaachan! You shouldn't threaten your classmate and stop calling them Shitty Extras! They aren't Shitty. They are good people!" Izuku argued.

"Good People? Hah, you'll see how annoying and like the Hobobastard said that they are Hellspawn." Katsuki said.


"Kaachan is part of the class too!" Izuku said.


"and you Deku is part of it as well together with the Purple Shit." Katsuki said, Izuku frown and Shinsou just roll his eyes.


"You call him Kaachan kero?" Tsuyu said.


"Ye-yeah... He-his my chi-childhood Fri-friend." Izuku said.


"wwhhaat? I didn't know Bakugou have an Adorable Childhood friend like you." Ashido  said.


"Yeah! Your like... The shy type one? And Bakugou is... Well Bakagou" Uraraka said.

"Why you stupid Round Face!! I'll fucking kill you!!" Bakugou said as he tries to attack Uraraka but Izuku held him.


"No Kaachan don't!" Izuku said and push Katsuki gently back on his sit and sigh. He start to pat Katsuki's hair. "You shouldn't attack your classmate or else you'll get detention!" Izuku said.


"Fine." Katsuki surrender and he didn't slap Izuku's hand that is patting him.


Everyone was surprised at what they saw. "Bakugou Katsuki just surrender like that!? Who the hell is Midoriya Izuku?" Everyone Thought.


"Midoriya, Shinsou"


"Tokoyami-kun!" Izuku said.


"thank you for helping me during the sport festival if it wasn't for you I might not get to the 5th place. So... Thank you" Tokoyami said.


"Don't worry, Yo-you could always asked our he-help a-anytime..." Izuku said and gave a small smile.


"Anyway, I am Yaoyorozu Momo, you can just call me Momo since my last name is kinda mouthful. I'm the Vice president of the class so If you need anything you can always asked me or Iida over there. He is the President afterall." Momo said.

"Oh... Oh.. Ni-nice to meet you. I'm Midoriya Izuku... Yo-you can CA-call me anything Yo-your comfortable with." Izuku said.


"Well, Bakugou call you Deku. Can we call you that? That's sounds like a cute nick name. It's sounds like 'Dekiru, means you can do it!' I'm Uraraka Ochako by the way." Uraraka said.


"Su-sure... Yo-you CA-can call me Tha-that..." Izuku said.


"No fucking way! I'm the only one who could call him that so Fuck off Round Face!" Katsuki said glaring at her.

"Whhyy~? He said we can call him that so it's fine! Where did you get Deku anyway? " Uraraka said.

"Uh... When we-were 5 or 6 I thi-think... Kaachan misread Izuku as Deku... Ye-yeah.. That Nickname wa-was stuck on hi-his tounge ju-jus how I can't pronounce H-his na-name whe-when our pa-parents introduce us to E-each other whe-when we're 3 I-I think? So... Uhm... I CA-call hi-him Kaachan and the-the nick name stuck on my tounge. " Izuku said.


" Oh~ How cute~ You guys have a Nickname for each other! " Mina said as she smile happily.

" Shut It Racoon Eyes. " Katsuki said.


" And I notice that you and Kaminari are quite close. "Momo said as she turn her attention to Shinsou.


" Were not close I told you, his my personal Pikatchu. " Shinsou said.

" Trust me, Pikatchu is cuter and smarter than him. " Jirou said.


" Heeyy! I'm not that bad Kyoka!! " Kaminari said and Jirou just roll her eyes.


"Kyoka?" Shinsou said.


"Me and Kyoka here with Sero here went to Middle school together! I was gonna call Sero by his first Name but Sero sounds cool than Hanta so I stick with Sero!" Kaminari said.


"And trust me when I say this, I don't even know why or how he graduated from Middle school because his grades are... Uh..." Sero said.


"Terrible. He doesn't even know what 4 x 4 is." Jirou said.


"Hey! Math isn't my strong point and 4 x 4 is an easy question! The answer is 8 you know." Kaminari argued.




It was silent at first before Shinsou made a small chuckled. "Okay~ Now I get what meant." Shinsou said. Jirou and Sero nod at understanding. " How the hell did you pass middle School?" Shinsou said.


"Wwwhaat? what I said is correct you know..." Kaminari said.


"Nope, Math isn't my strong point as well. But, I atleast know the basic answer to that question. 4 x 4 isn't 8 Pikatchu its 16. You have many things to learn huh..." Shinsou said and Kaminari blink once and twice before he blush and hide his face in his hand in embarrassment. Sero and Jirou start laughing.

" Hahaha... This is the first time I saw him get embarrassed like that! " Jirou said.

" Your effect to Kaminari is awesome!!" Sero said.

Shinsou look at them confused.

"But all in all, Welcome to Class 1-A Shinsou, Midoriya! I can wait to work with the two of you!" Kirishima said and gave a smile. Good thing Shinsou didn't remove his glasses or else his eyes will burn. Izuku on the other hand just gave a small smile.

" Thank You Kirishima-kun. I'm looking forward to be working with you as well and to rest of the class as well. Ple-please treat me well." Izuku said and bow at them politely.

"Okay, You know what!? You should stay away from Bakagou! Your too nice to be with him!" Ashido said.

"Shut up Racoon eyes or I'm gonna blast you fucking away!" Katsuki said.

"Why do you attract Nice people!? You attract the sunshine of the class Kirishima here and now you have a secret Childhood friend who is also a sunshine! Yet, your not nice." Ashido said.

"I believe I can pin point that. They say that Opposite pole attract each other so... That's why Bakugou attracts the nice people because he isn't nice." Todoroki said.

"No fucking wonder your siblings with The Shitty Fuck up Scar Face and the Stupid Yuki Ona! Your guys are bastards as hell Half and Half bastard." Katsuki said and Todoroki look at him confused because he didn't know who Katsuki is talking about then, it hit him. Scar face is Dabi, Yukiona is Fuyumi. He glare at Katsuki.

" My sister isn't the Ghost of Snow. " Todoroki said coldly.

" Hah!? Then you must be blind. She's exactly like Yukiona. She had white hair, she's paled that look like a shitty Ghost, and she can be Deku's Personal Ice maker so what's the difference? " Katsuki said.

" Kaachan... Don't be like that! Fuyumi-nee is a very kind girl and she's beautiful. I think she's the most nicest woman that I'd ever met. " Izuku said.

" Yeah... Right. " Katsuki said as he roll his eyes.

" I agree with him. Thanks to her Izuku can make the best Ice Coffee there is " Shinsou said.

" Hey~ What did I told you about drinking Coffee? It isn't good for you! " Kaminari argued.

" Yeah right, As if you can make me stop drinking Coffee." Shinsou said.

" You could drink Tea. My mom just ordered a great Tea from Paris. It can make you relax. " Momo said.

" Magnefique~ Your Tea is always taste better Momo-chan~" Aoyoma said.

" No thank, Coffee is better than Tea. Just asked Aizawa-Sensei how Coffee is great! Specially when Izuku made them. " Shinsou said and Izuku look at Aizawa who is fast asleep and started to blush, he cover his face with his hand.

"Oh God~ I made Eraserhead a Coffee and now his my homeroom Teacher!! My blend Coffee may taste bad... I should have known.." Izuku thought.

"Wait!? How do you know Aizawa-Sensei drinks coffee?" Kaminari said.

"His whole self scream like Coffee. So he does drink Coffee I'm sure of it." Shinsou said.

"Drinking Too much Coffee can be dangerous~" Aoyoma said.

"Tell that to Eraser head." Shinsou said as he look at Aizawa who sigh and zip his yellow sleeping bag.

"My liking of Coffee is not your business." Aizawa said.

"How the hell do you keep up with this hell spawns?" Shinsou said.

"Your one of them." Aizawa said.

"I know, but how do you keep up with them?" Shinsou said.

"Welcome To my Hell Life. Good Luck surviving." Aizawa said and Shinsou groan in annoyance.


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Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov





Izuku, and the rest would be going home when Todoroki approach them.



"Wait! Midoriya." Todoroki said.



"Oh~ Why hello their IcyHot." Mei said and Todoroki was surprised a little.



"Uhm... Hello. Ah... Are you Crazy Pink that Nii-san is talking about?" Todoroki said.



"Nope! My name is Hatsune Mei! I Might be crazy but I can make your best babies out there." Mei said.



"Mei! Context!" Shinsou and Izuku said.



"Sorry about that, She tends to call her invention Babies." Izuku said.



"I'm aware. Nii-san told me." Todoroki said.



"That's good then." Shinsou said.



"So? Wha-what bri-brings you He-here Todoroki-kun?" Izuku asked.



"I-I want to apologise. D-during the Sprot Festival I know that I might said something or do something that hurted you on other way around so I apologise for that." Todoroki said as he bow to them.



"I-Its okay Todoroki-kun." Izuku said.



"Tsk, Your fucking Lucky don't you know that? You didn't fight those robots in the entrance exam to get in to UA, and you did become Second Placer even if you don't deserve it without even using your full potential. This two shit heads deserved the place where you are than yourself. So you better give your best starting from now on because if not I'll make sure to put you on your place next time." Katsuki said giving him a warning glare. 



"I'll keep that in mind. I apologize for holding back during are match, But I wasn't really holding back. I do want to use my Fire but it won't come out maybe its because I didn't used it for too long." Todoroki said as he look at his hand where he control his fire. 



"I don't fucking care, just do better next fucking time because I don't hold back." Katsuki said. 



"I'll keep that in mind." Todoroki said. 



"But why did your fire went out during the match with Izuku?" Shinsou said. 



"I don't know really." Todoroki said. 



"I Think I had an idea about that." Izuku said and they look at him waiting for him to continue. "You see, before our match Todoroki talk to us and he walk out of the scene...well, a little angry? During the match he told me that he wants to prove that he would win without using his fire. But when I told him that it wasn't endeavor's Fire but his, I-I think he-he got angry? So-so the fire just lit up?... Thi-this is just a theory though. I base it on Kaachan's quirks, the more he got angry the more stronger and powerful his explosion is." Izuku said. 



"So you mean that my quirk is based on my emotion?" Todoroki said. 



"I think yes, But its just a theory though." Izuku said. 



"Well, during our match I did feel angry because why would you say something like that when you don't know nothing about me. You don't know what I went through and what I need to endure. So I guess, I just snap and fire just burst out, after that Nii-san confronted me and made me realize that I shouldn't concealed the quirk that I am blessed to have with." Todoroki said. 



"Dabi-Nii is really a great brother you know, he is the one who help me when I... I fall in the dark. Your lucky to have a brother like him." Izuku said as he gave a genuine smile, Todoroki gave a small smile in return. 



"Great Brother my ass, Last time I checked he and Katsuki are fighting with passion. The Beach were Smoking hot at that time and that just because of one cake." Shinsou said. 



"Its his fucking fault! His not watching where the fuck he is going and manage to make my Cake kiss the sand." Katsuki said angrily.



"Bu-But... Kaachan, Thats an accident!" Izuku argued. 



"He had two eyes for a reason Deku, that bastard didn't even say sorry. I swear one day I'm gonna blast away and make sure he won't come back." Katsuki said. 



"Don't plan a murder against Dabi-Nii!" Izuku pouted.



"I already plan tons, Don't worry." Katsuki said. 



"I'm going with Katsuki this time. I don't like the scar face burned 5 of my favorite Jacket." Shinsou said and Izuku just pout/glare at them. 



"Hmm... Nii-san is right, Midoriya is the only good kid in this group. " Todoroki said. 



"The Scar Face said what!?" Katsuki said. 



"Oh~ Its on. I'm gonna murder him. " Shinsou said. 



"Lets go then we had a Scar Face to hunt." Katsuki said with a smirk and walk ahead followed by Shinsou. 



Izuku sigh. "Ca-can yo-you help me-me stop the-them?" Izuku said and Todoroki nod. 



"Sure, though I'm also invited by Nii-san to come to his house. He didn't text me the address but he said I could just asked you." Todoroki said. 



Izuku nod. "Lets go then. "Izuku said. 






When Izuku and the rest walk near the house, he notice that there is a small tent place outside the house. Next to it is a small mountain of Ice which he look confused. Izuku and the rest approach the people on the tent which is Dabi, Hawks, Fuyumi, and Natsuo. 



"Uhm... Why is this here?" Izuku asked as he pointed at the mountain of Ice. 



"Ah~ Fuyumi wants to create a snow man." Dabi said and Fuyumi smack him in the head. 



"No, I used this Ice to make shaved Ice so that I can make some smoothies." Fuyumi said as she offer a glass to Mei who happily received and drink. 



"Oh wow~ This is so good!! "Mei said. 



"Right~?" Fuyumi said happily. 



"Uh... Why does it look like were having a party?" Shinsou said. 



"Isn't it obvious? Because were having one." Hawks said happily.



"Why?" Izuku said. 



"There are many things we need to celebrate!. First you guys did great during the sport festival and not to mentioned you four are the top 4 students and Nii-san here got reunited with his family. See? we have things to Celebrate!" Fuyumi said cheerfully. 



"To add that Purple Cat and Brocoli-Kun are now in Heroic course!" Mei said. 



"Really? Thats a great news!. Ah~ We really have many reasons to celebrate then!." Fuyumi said. 



"Congrats I know you two are already Heroes if not for those dddaammnn Robots in the entrance exam." Dabi said. 



"Come on, Lets take a Pic. I want to make Mic and Eraser be Jealous of me." Hawks said as he got his phone. 



"Why would they be jealous of you?" Izuku asked. 



"Because Those two has a thing for you and Purple Cat over  here. " Hawks said. 



"A thing?" Izuku said confused. 



"Eh forget about that, who the fuck is that YukiOna's copy?" Katsuki said. 



"Oh no." Dabi said as he place a hand on Natsuo's shoulder. " That would be your nick name for the rest of your life." Dabi said. 



"Huh?" Natsuo said. 



"Thats Bakugou Katsuki, the blasty explodey who is bad at names." Dabi said. 



"The Fuck did you just say!?" Katsuki said. 



"Katsuki Language! and, this is my Twin brother Natsuo." Fuyumi said. 



"Whatever, do we have some Cakes that Deku made?" Katsuki said as he walk inside and look for the cake. 



"You ate so much cake, you might get fat." Shinsou said. 



"Shut the fuck up Purple Shitsou!" Bakugou yelled. 



Shinsou roll his eyes. 



"Fuyumi-nee, can I help you with something here?" Izuku said. 



"No need Izu-chan, you just sit in the corner and take a rest okay?" Fuyumi said and Izuku nod.



"Your right Nee-san, his a very Polite one and Cute as well. How the hell he attract such a crazy people like this group?" Natsuo said. 



"Nobody knows, But Izu-chan seems happy so I don't complain." Fuyumi said.



"Yeah... He does. But, Why is he with Nii-san in the first place? I know Nii-san told us that his Homeless and parents Out of the Picture but I have a feeling that there is more than that." Natsuo said.



"There is, But I never question it. Because, I don't want to know their past, what's important is the Present were living with and the future up head. Izu-chan seems happy now and that's all the matters." Fuyumi said.


"he doesn't look that happy to me. I mean he smiles, his very polite as well. But his expression can compete with Shoto. Like Stoic, Emotionless, neutral." Natsuo said.


"Purple Cat is also like that." Fuyumi said.


"Yeah... But... His different. Ah~ never mind. I'm glad that Nii-san is alive and he seems to find a Great Family." Natsuo said as he look at the scene infront of him. Katsuki seems to be arguing with Dabi again, Hawks is taking a picture, Shinsou just sat and watch while drinking his coffee, Mei is working with some device on her hand, and Izuku and Shoto were talking and getting to know each other.


Fuyumi smile. " A great Family indeed." Fuyumi said.





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Chapter Text





3rd Person's Pov 





"Well done Izuku-kun, you manage to crack the code. You know those symbols and characters came from Pre-quirk era. " Nedzu said. 



"I-I kn-know Nedzu-sensei. I-I do li-like codes from pre-pre-quirk era since they we-were interesting." Izuku said and Nedzu nod as he sip his tea. Izuku got his cup and took the last sip before he sigh in relief. 



"Well then Izuku-kun, thats for today. We will continue this lesson tomorrow, and here's your assignment for today. Tell me, if its too much or if its bother your concentration with your other subjects. I'll make a way to minimized your everyday assignment." Nedzu said and Izuku got the papers and shook his head. 



"N-no i-its fine. I-I enjoy do-doing yo-your homework Nedzu sensei." Izuku said. Nedzu does give him a assignment everyday and they were always situational questions where he needs to analyze and gave his Theory. Most of them were related to Crimes, Heroes and everyday happening in the Society which is more interesting to Izuku. So even though Nedzu would give him 20 pages assignment for a day he doesn't complain because he likes doing them. 



Besides he thinks that he doesn't have the right to complain because he was a special students who were given by Nedzu a special title to become his personal Student. Izuku was felt honored and delight when Nedzu told him that he would be his personal student. So, Izuku doesn't want to waste the chance and he would do his best. 



"I know, But if its too much you tell me okay?" Nedzu said and Izuku nod he kinda knows that Nedzu won't be disappointed at him if he would tell him that the assignments is causing troubles. Well, Kinda. Because until now Izuku is having trouble giving his 100% trust to teachers and Principal due to his past. But Izuku doesn't view them as Principal and Teachers, he view them as a Hero Instructors. That way, he can give a small trust to them, because if he view them as Teachers and Principals, he won't trust them even in the slightlest because he already learn them in the hardest way that he can't trust any adults. 



"We-well the-then Ne-nedzu Sensei I'll be going n-now." Izuku said as he bow politely and Nedzu nod. Izuku walk out of the office as he gently close the door. Nedzu sigh, it was Izuku's second day as his personal student and he could see that Izuku is an interesting student to teach indeed. The kid is brilliant and with a little sharpening the Kid can possibly take over the world in just one simple plan. Nedzu is glad that this kid is a Hero in heart because if he become a villain then Japan or the world won't stand a chance. Izuku showed him the Analysis notebook he did with the Heroic students by watching them spar and how they fought during the Sport Festival. 



And Nedzu concluded in that Izuku is a Brilliant Kid. He was more delight when he found out that Izuku is Deku. He knows Deku is the mysterious analysis who help some Heroes solved crimes through his theory and analysis. He read one of Deku's analisi once or twice through Eraserhead and he admit that he was impressed. But at that time, he thought that Deku must be a retried Hero or a new graduate Analysist. But he was surprised to find out that Deku is a 15 years old boy and to think he is quirkless which is more impressive. 



He didn't bring this with Izuku just yet, he wants to start slow with Izuku because from what he observed Izuku is a timid, shy and a nervous kid. But it was beyond that, he knows that Izuku doesn't trust people easily. He tries to assess the person first before trusting them even though the significant other is a well known Hero which is a red flag for Nedzu. Its either Izuku encounter a Hero that broke his trust or something happened to his past. 



And there's Izuku's middle School history which is very troubling. His Previous middle records says that Izuku is a Cheater, trouble maker, and attention seeker which was all lies. There are many records of Izuku that proof that he is what they stated he is, and finally Izuku drop out on his last year of middle school. Everything doesn't add up, thats why Nedzu start to dig a little information about Izuku Midoriya and so far he found little information about him. 



Nedzu sigh, he guess he needs to learn more about that kid. 








Izuku walk back to the Heroic class. He knock on the door first before opening them and Aizawa and everybody else were eyes on him. 



"Uhm... My-my pre-previous le-lesson ju-just finish." Izuku said. 



"Just a perfect time, You should find a sit and I'm about to discuss something important." Aizawa said and Izuku nod and he find a sit behind. Once he settled in Aizawa start to announced about the internship. 



"So the Sports Festival is now over, which the Internship comes after. You will be interning under a hero for a week to prepare you for Provisional License. With that, you need to come up with your Hero name. I'll call some assistance to help you decide for your Hero name since I'm not good with that." Aizawa said 



"No shits, who in their rightmind to pick a hero based on a shitty school supplies." Bakugou said and Aizawa glare at him. 



"I didn't pick it, Za-Mic did. " Aizawa said. 



"And your dumb enough to listen to him." Bakugou said. 



"Hey! Bakubro, thats unmanly of you to say that to Aizawa sensei you know..." Kirishima said. 



"Who cares? Is the truth anyway." Bakugou said. 



"Do you want your ass to get expelled?" Sero said. 



"He won't expel me, his too soft to do that, if you don't notice he acts like an Old Man with this class." Bakugou said. 



"Well... When you point it that way... " Kaminari said. 



Aizawa was about to argued that he isn't an OId Man in  the class, and certainly he isn't soft since that was what Bakugou seems to be implying. But Midnight showed up and Aizawa sigh and just crawl inside the sleeping bag and decides that he should get enough sleep for today. Bakugou is another problem child that get his nerves. 



"Okay... so now, I'll help you guys with your Hero Name. You should remember to pick your hero name wisely because it might what people will call you until the end. So I'll pass this whiteboards and a marker and you will present your Hero name to class got it?" Midnight said and the whole class start to cheer and whisper things about how they should choose their Hero names. The board and markers were pass to them and Izuku look at the board with blank expression. 



He have doubts if he should continue to be a hero or not. If it was his past self, he would be jumping in  joy and happiness that finally he is here, he is in the first steps on becoming a Hero. But sadly, that dream died years ago. The moment All Might crush his dreams, his dreams was also faded. He is sitting here because his friends and family believes that he can still be a hero, that he can still achieve his dream. 



Funny, when he was still holding to his dream and needed people to believe in him, no one did ever believe in him. Now that he wasn't holding in that dream and just want to live his life and go with the flow. People believe in him, believe that he can do it and achieve his dream, believe in his dream. 



Fate is really playfull isn't it? 



Izuku sigh and he look around and saw that the rest were excited and chattering about the different names they can come up. He looks at Shinsou who looks like he is having trouble picking names. "Your having trouble?" Izuku said since he was beside him. 



"Yeah... I almost write MindFuck as my Hero name since Katsuki once called me that." Shinsou said. 



"Uh... I don't think Midnight-Sensei would appreciate you'll used a cuss word as your Hero name." Izuku said and Shinsou nod. 



"How about... The Mind Hero: Mind Domain? I mean, your mind is your domain right? Its all yours, no one can see, hear or touch whats on your mind unless you voice it out right?" Izuku said. 



"I like that so... I'm gonna used it as my Hero name. Thanks Izu. I'm glad that your not crazy as Mic-sensei and dumb as Aizawa-sensei I thought your gonna suggest to me to have a Hero name such as Purple Cat, Purple Shit, or worst Purple Shitsou. Daaammnn I'm not gonna used those names. " Shinsou said. 



"Those names aren't even Connected to your Quirk..." Izuku said and Shinsou nod. 



"Anyway, what do you think Blasty will pick. Lava Girl sounds great name for him." Shinsou said. 



"Eh... King Exploding Murderer. Thats always the name he pick when he was kid, and even now. The shorter version is KEM." Izuku said. 



"What a terrible name, he should be called Lava Girl it suit him very well." Shinsou said and Izuku pout at him before sighing and looking at the blank board in his hand. 



Shinsou notice the sad look that Izuku is giving the board. " The Analysis Hero: The Genius. Thats a great hero name for you, You know. I mean your a Genius and brilliant." Shinsou said and Izuku gave a small smile. 



"Its not the name Shin-chan... Its the Hero itself... Am I really sure that I'm gonna do this even though... even though... I don't believe in myself just yet? Am I really sure about this?" Izuku said. 



Shinsou look at him sincerely. He knows that Izuku did his best in the Sports Festival not because he wanted to be a Hero but he made a Promise to both him and the blasty that he would do his very best and don't hold back during the event and somehow he ended up proving to the world that he is worthy of being a Hero despite being quirkless. Honestly, Shinsou thinks that Izuku deserves to be a Hero than him because Izuku has a heart and mind of a Hero, No Izuku is already a Hero for him and for the rest of the family. Izuku just doesn't realize how as simple as his actions were, he already becomes a hero in their hearts. 



"You'll be a great Hero Izuku, I know you don't believe me right now but I'm telling you that someday you will believe in yourself that your a powerful Hero. Besides, you won't be alone in this Journey. I'm here, Katsuki is here, Mei is in your full support, then there's Kaminari and the rest. I'm sure everyone will help you believe that you'll be a great Hero." Shinsou said. 



Izuku wanted to hug Shinsou until he suffociates, he wants to hug and cry with those heart whelming words. He gave a smile to Shinsou. "Thank you for those words Shin-Chan." Izuku said. 



"You can thank me by not trying to blind me with your smile, because daammnn how can people smile so brightly blinding?" Shinsou said. 



"Your just dark thats why." Izuku said. 



"Hey! Whats that supposed to mean?" Shinsou pouted and Izuku just chuckled and went back to his Board and marker as he decided to write his hero Name. 



Soon, each one of them present their Hero name. It was surprising when Shoto just used his own name as his Hero name but since its somehow connected to his quirk, it doesn't seems bad. Katsuki on the other hand, his hero name is disapproved by Midnight which piss him off and start to re-do his name. He then remembers a certain event, a event when he and Izuku were still young. 










Woosshh~ Then there's goes AllMight kicking the Villains ass!!!" The 4 years old Katsuki said as he crash his All Might action figure to another cardboard piece figure that Izuku is holding. 



"aaanndd~ thw vwillian went down!!" the 4 years old Izuku said as he place the supposed to be Villain dead. 



"And The Symbol of Peace: All Might the number one Hero saves the day again!!" Katsuki said happily as he was running around with the figurine and Izuku was happily clapping at him. Katsuki then settle down and sat beside Izuku. 



"Hey Zuku-chan,Heroes always aims to be the best so we should aim for the best as well! we should aim for Victory so that we could be the best Hero Duo that ever exist! maybe even better than All might!" Katsuki said in a cheerful voice. 



"Ofcourse Kaachan. We will thw bwst duo hero exwist in Japan!! Towgther we will sawve, prowtect and give hope to people. " Izuku said. 



"Yeah! We are the fucking best Hero!" Katsuki said and Izuku argeed. 



"KATSUKI! HOW MANY TIMES DO I TOLD YOU NOT TO USE THAT WORD!!" Mitsuki yelled at his son on the background. 



"Hah!? You used it all the time Hag!!" Katsuki said and both of them start to yell at each other and Izuku just laugh at them. He was already used to Kaachan and his Auntie Mitsuki arguing all the time. 



FlashBack Ends







"Aim For the best... Aim for Victory...huh..." Katsuki thought, he then have an Idea what would be hhis Hero name.



Izuku on the other hand felt nervous presenting his name. He then look around and notice that iida is having a unreadable expression while looking at the white board on his hands and the black marker. He then remember about the news that happened days ago which was Ingenium was attacked by the Hero Killer and was in Critical Condition. He take a note that he would be message the hero later through Deku to find out if his okay or not. He then gave a sad look to Iida, he knows that Iida must be feeling sad and worried for his brother. He wants to offer his help but... they aren't close to each other yet so...



He will just observed him close and offer his help if needed. 



Shinsou then present his name and Midnight quickly approved his Hero name saying it was a unique one. Next then, Izuku present his name. 



"Thats Ironic don't you think?" Momo said as she read Izuku's Hero name. 



"Wh-why?" Izuku said. 



"I mean its stated as The Hopeful Hero: Deku. But Deku technically means useless right?" Momo said. 



"Yeah.... Thats why I pick tha-that na-name. My-my hero na-name me-means tha-that despite how useless, how hopeless, how powerless you c-could be. You can still be a hero that can save, protect and give hope to everyone ineed in your own way. " Izuku said.



"Woah~ Thats inspiring~" Momo said. 



"Yeah, beside Deku is almost sound as Dekuri, means you can do it! just like your Hero name." Uraraka said. 



"Tha-thank you Uraraka-san." Izuku said as he bow politely. 



"Wow... His really is a Good Child." The whole class thinks. 



"Your Hero name is approved Midoriya, Though... Deku sounds familiar. " Midnight said and she whisper something to Izuku's ears and Izuku nod in response. 



"Ohh DDAAAMMMNNN!!! They did say that your younger than us but they never say that your younger this much. Does Mic and Shota knows?" Midnight said. 



"Yeah... they found out a-after the-the sport festival." Izuku said. 



"Okay Dearie~ You can go back to your sit now." Midnight said and Izuku went back to his sit. 



"What was that all about?" Shinsou whisper to Izuku.



"She asked if I am Deku the mysterious analysist and well I nod as a response." Izuku said. 



after that Katsuki was called again and he present his Hero name. 



"The Symbol of Victory: Dynamite. As a fucking hero you should always aim for the top, always win the fight and never fucking give up, always aim to for Victory." Katsuki said as he look at Izuku who somehow surprised with Katsuki's words, he then remember when they were Kids. Katsuki always tells him those words when they were little dreamers who would dream to become a Hero. 



Izuku gave a small smile with that. 



Aizawa Zip his yellow sleeping bag open and stand up. "Now its over, Here is the paper and list of agency that offers you to work with. If you didn't get any offers, don't worry you still have choices given to you so fill up that form and give it to me when your done. Choose wisely Hellspawns." Aizawa said as he existed the classroom together with Midnight. Once the door close Midnight start to yell at him. 



"SSSHOOO~ Why you didn't tell me that the green bean is the Deku the analysist? Its not like were not friends!!" Midnight said pouting. 



"I don't have friends." Aizawa said bluntly. 



"But you have Zashi though." Midnight said. 



"His my husband not my friend. I don't have friends nor I need one. They are just pest in your life." Aizawa said. 



"Your unbelievable. How come Zashi agreed to marry you." Midnight said. 



"Zashi is a crazy Cockatoo, what do you expect?" Aizawa said. 



"Riighht~ I'm telling Zashi that!" Midnight said. 



"Be My Guest." Aizawa said. 






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Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov




"so? How many Agency offers you?" Shinsou asked.



"2 I guess. One from Hawks Agency, From Rabbit Hero Mirko. But... I'll be refusing them since I Kinda want to choose to intern at Moonlight Agency." Izuku said.



"Moonlight Agency?" Shinsou said.



"It's an agency for Underground Heroes. Well, sord off..." Izuku said.



"Sord off?" Shinsou said.



"Underground Heroes are usually self-employed. But, they still need an Angency that can contact them whenever they were needed so they needed to register their Hero names to any agency they desired and Moonlight Agency is the only underground Hero Agency." Izuku said.



"Well, we're both going underground so I'm gonna pick that as well." Shinsou said as he start to fill up his form.



Izuku then look around his class. "Oh~ Woah~ You have more than 1k offer Todoroki-kun, that's amazing!!" Mina said as she took a peak in Todoroki's paper and Todoroki doesn't look amused because he knows that those offer wasn't because of him. It's because he is the son of the number 2 hero. He sigh.



" So? Who are you going with? " Mina asked.



" Endeavour. If I want to control my fire then he would be the perfect mentor even though I wish I could find another mentor." Todoroki said as he sigh, he then stand up and went to Shinsou and Izuku.



" How about you two? Who are you going with?" Todoroki asked them.



" Moonlight Agency. Its popular agency for underground hero so.. " Shinsou said.



" Yo-you know Sho-Chan, you can asked Dabi-nii to me-mentor you about your Fi-fire? I mean he has a perfect co-control of his quirk. So I-I think he could help you. Well I-if you don't want to intern with Endeavour that is... " Izuku said.



"But Nii-san isn't a Hero though. Beside, If I intern with my Father we can go patrolling and I can try to used my Fire." Todoroki said.



"Well, if you put it that way." Shinsou said.



"Oh! Would you look at that Bakugou! You have two offers from one of the top Heroes!! How lucky of you to get an offer from Hawks agency and Best Jeanist!" Mina said.



"Shut it Racoon Eyes! Don't you know what fucking privacy means!?" Bakugou said glaring at him.



"How rude!" Mina said pouting and Bakugou just roll his eyes.



"It's good that you have many offers Bakubro! That's awesome." Kirishima said.



"Tsk, I'm sure you have tons of offer as well Shitty hair." Bakugou said.



"Well compare to you guys it isn't much. But I'm happy because I got an offer from Crimson Riot his been my inspiration ever since. So to received an offer from him makes me really happy." Kirishima said with a smile.



"Stop Smiling! It's too bright!" Bakugou said as he turn his back from Kirishima.



"Now that's rude." Sero said.



"Well, what do you expect? That's bakagou for you." Kaminari said.



"Oi! Dunce face, would you mind repeating what you just said!?" Bakugou said glaring at Kaminari.



"Nope, I said nothing!" Kaminari said scared as he zip his mouth.



"That's what I fucking thought." Bakugou said.



"I'm still wondering why are you friends with him?" Todoroki asked Izuku who shrug.



"That's Kaachan for you. I'll be surprise if he didn't act Violent to others." Izuku said.



"It would be the end. If Katsuki would act nice and cheery, I'll will be making my own grave." Shinsou said...



"Don't you think that exaggerating?" Izuku said.



"Imagine him acting Nice and Cheery as Kirishima would." Shinsou said and Todoroki and Izuku imagine that and it send shiver to their spine.



"Your right we will prepare our grave as well." Todoroki said.



"Yeah..." Izuku said, he then look around and he notice that Iida was looking at his paper with a deep thoughts. Izuku got worried.







Aizawa was reviewing his Students applications. He then look at Izuku and Shinsou's applications and his eyes widen. He groan in annoyance because this agency will surely assign this two to him since they know that he is also a teacher in UA. This would be the first time he would be having a intern Student under him since all the previous students wanted to become a limelight Hero so it isn't often that the Moonlight Agency have some Hero Student interning them.



Aizawa knows the two have the potential but his Job is dangerous compare to other heroes because he deals with Mafia, gangster, and other group of Villains at night. But, this two seems to know that the moment they decided to become an underground Hero. Aizawa sigh.



"It looks like you'll be having your first intern student Sho..." PresentMic said as he peak through the paper Aizawa's holding.



"Tsk. This two problem Childrens." Aizawa said.



"Don't say that Sho... I'm sure they would be a great underground Heroes one day after all they learn from the best right? ." PresentMic said cheering at Aizawa who just groan in annoyance.



PresentMic was startled when both his phone and Aizawa's phone vibrated. PresentMic's phone is placed in the table while PresentMic's phone is on his pocket. They got their phone and saw Deku chat them.



GroupChat Name: My Hero




Deku: Hello Ingenium-San. I heard what happened with the Hero Killer. Are you okay?





Mrs.Joke:  Oh yeah, That was really a shocking news. Are you okay?




Ingenium: I'm fine, just a little cut in my thigh.




Deku: that's a relief. You should take a rest Ingenium-San. I hope you will recover soon and get back to your Hero work✿(∵◕◡◕∵) ❣



Ingenium:  Thank you Deku, Your really sweet. Ah~ I wish I could see you and meet you in person.



Mrs. Joke: I want that too! I know a perfect Bar where we could have fun.



Eraserhead: No one is gonna take the problem Child to a bar.



PresentMic: his too young to be taken to a Bar Mrs. Joke.



Mrs. Joke: Wait!? You met him in person!?.



Eraserhead: Yes.




PresentMic: Yes, and Hawks is right. He looks exactly like this. ✿(∵◕◡◕∵) ❣




Hawks: see what I told you? Doesn't he look adorable?

Deku:  M'not adorable!!

PresentMic:  Your totally Adorable Little Listener no arguments. Right Eraser?

Eraserhead: No, his a problem child.

PresentMic: Ah~ Ignore him Deku-kun. His just having a bad day.

Deku:  would Eraserhead-Sensei wants a Coffee? I have brought some since Purple Cat does like Coffee and Those Coffee biscuits.

Eraserhead: Yes, bring them here immediately.

PresentMic: Nooo!! Deku-kun, little listener don't bring him those toxic drink!! His already drowning with that drink!!


Deku: Uhmm... What's wrong with it? I mean Purple Cat likes to drink them and he drinks them like 3 times a day or maybe more.


HawksNo wonder his eye bags can out matched Eraser and his complaining that Insomnia is a bitch 🙄


Deku:  Shut it Pigeon! Coffee is life!! - Purple Cat.

: I'm sitting next to him, so he saw your message. Sorry Hawks.


Hawks: Nah~ Its fine. Though the purple Cat shouldn't drown himself with the Toxic drink at early age or he will grow up like Eraser.


Deku:  I thinks that's already too late.


Eraserhead: Problem Child, My coffee now.


Deku:  okay, I'm heading there with Purple Cat.





Mrs. Joke: Okay! THIS ISN'T FAIR!! why do you guys know Deku and met him in person 😭😭 I want to met him too 😭😭

Ingenium:  A visit would be nice Deku-kun.

LieDetective-San:  why wasn't I inform about you discovering Deku's identity Eraser?

NightEye: ^^^

Eraserhead:  that's isn't my Job. Now Deku, Hurry up My Coffee.

SirNightEye: So? Deku is your personal Coffee maker now.

Mrs. Joke: Mean! How can you do that Eraser?

Ingenium: Hey! Don't make our cute Analysist as your slave. Deku-kun, if Eraser is threatening you tell us, we will deal with him.

Deku: don't worry Ingenium-san He isn't threatening me. Well he can be scary at times, but he is a good person and a good teacher. I'm hoping to be interning with him soon.


Mrs.Joke:  Interning with him!? Wait! You in the HERO COURSE!?

Hawks: 😭😭😭 Why him? I specifically made a request for you and the rest? Why did you decline me? 😭😭😭


Deku: Your correct Mrs. Joke. I'm a Hero student under uhm... Eraserhead, and Hawks I'm sorry but I want to become an underground hero. So, learning from the expert would be great. Your a limelight Hero so I can't learn much. I'm sincerely apologised. Though, don't worry I'll asked Explodey to make you some of your favorite chicken when we got home.(∵◠‿◠∵)✿ 




Hawks: Now I can't wait for that! His attitude might not be good but his cooking sure taste Heaven! Tell the Explodey to make the best  ☺️☺️




Deku: I will don't worry.





Ingenium:  No way Deku!! My younger brother is also under Eraser head! Wait!? The analysist Deku is as same age as My Younger brother!? What!?

PresentMic:  That's my expression too. I always thought Deku is around 20 and above. But when he turn out to be as the same age as our student, I was soooo shock. I can't believe the kid is a genius!!

Eraserhead:  You should prepare your own funeral since Nedzu already steal Deku as his personal Student. The world doesn't stand a chance once Deku graduates.

NightEye: Is it okay to revealed Deku's information just like that?

Deku: It's okay. I'm sure that you guys would be meeting me soon since I'm interning as Deku as my hero name.


NightEye:  I see.

Mrs. Joke:  I can't believe this! My mind doesn't want me to process the fact that Deku is a 15 years old who help us solve cases and do analysis of us! To the point this kid know are Pros and Cons.

PresentMic: I know right?

Ingenium:  Eraser you better take care of the kid.

Hawks: I'll steal him from you if you won't take care of him properly.


NightEye: My agency is always open if you want to change internship Deku-kun. I could really used your help in here.


Deku:  Don't worry My Heroes. I'm sure Eraser head would take care of me properly, and thank you for the offers it is really a pleasure. For now, I'm happy interning with Eraser head and I'll do my best not to disappoint him.

Ingenium: Were rooting for you Deku-Kun!

Mrs. Joke: You will be a great Hero. Maybe more than us!

NightEye: A brilliant Mind like you is capable of being a Great Hero.

Hawks: I already know your a Hero you just need a license to prove it.

LieDetective-San: Maybe you'll be a great Hero more than your mentor.

Eraserhead:  Oh Shut it LieDetective-San.

At that time, Izuku and Shinsou arrived at the Teachers office and they went inside to Aizawa and Present Mic. Izuku place the cup of Coffee and the small bag of Biscuits in Aizawa's desk. "Hey Se-sensei... Whe-where would II-da Kun be interning?" Izuku said and Aizawa start to scramble the paper and got Iida's application form. The four of them start to read.

"Ar-are you thi-thinking wha-what I'm thinking!?" Izuku said.

"What are you thinking problem child?" Aizawa said.

"That Iida Choose to intern in Hosu because of the Hero Killer. Afterall, most of his victims are found in Hosu." Izuku said.

"Tsk, Another Problem Child I really need more coffee than one cup." Aizawa said as he got his cup and start to take a sip.

"Shouta No! This drink is already toxic for you!!" PresentMic argued.

"Should we contact Ingenium about this?" Izuku said.

"Tsk, Fine." Aizawa said.


Eraserhead:  I think your brother is about to commit Vigilantism act Ingenium.

Ingenium:  HAH!? WHAT the hell are you talking about!? My brother would never do that.

Eraserhead: Don't worry he won't. I'll keep an eye on him.

Mrs. Joke: How about Deku-kun? When are we gonna met?

Eraserhead: Internship starts in a few days so he needs to prepare stuff. So he won't be having a time. He will met you when his free.

Deku: Yeah, just like what my mentor say.

"I'm not your mentor Problem Child." Aizawa said.

"But your my teacher though." Izuku said.

"He had a point." Shinsou said.

Aizawa just roll his eyes.

NightEye: I didn't know your accepting Interns Eraser.

LieDetective-San: ^^^

Eraserhead: No, but Deku and the Purple Cat his talking about applied in the Moonlight Agency as their internship and... I'm sure I'll be the Hero that would assigned to them since I'm also a Teacher in UA. So this two problem child are gonna be a problem child more they are.

Mrs. JokeI'm sure Deku-kun won't be a problem child for you since his so sweet and kind.

Ingenium:  I agree. Can't wait to meet him in person.

Hawks: I wish they were under me 😭😭 it's too unfair that his looking up to Eraser so much 😢😢

NightEye: Well, I do like to meet Deku in person as well.

LieDetective-San: I had a feeling that we will meet soon enough.


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Chapter Text




3rd Person's pov




"Oi! Wake up! It's time for you internship already!" Dabi said as he was shaking Izuku to wake up. Izuku groan a little before getting up and rubbing his eyes. He tiredly went off the bed and almost fall off the ladder if it wasn't for Dabi who stops him and carry him, as Dabi jump down. He settle a sleepy Izuku down who walk towards the bathroom and close the door.


The main door opened and Shinsou walk inside. "Where's Izuku?" Shinsou asked and Dabi pointed the bathroom. Dabi notice Izuku's phone ringing so he pick it up.


📞"Problem Child, Just gonna remind you that you don't need to go to the agency to meet up with me. Let's meet in this location-" Eraser head said but Dabi cut him off.


📞"I'll bring him to you don't worry. We can meet in the street of your usual route." Dabi said.


📞"Dabi. Why the hell do you have the problem child's phone?" Eraser head said.


📞"You forget that he lives with me so... Yeah, his currently preparing so can you be patient and wait?" Dabi said.


📞"Tsk, You all are problem Childrens. I didn't talk to him about 'that' just yet. I'm gonna focus on his intern first and we will talk about your living situation" Eraser head.

📞"mind you I have a good home so kindly fuck off Eraser." Dabi said and ended the call.



Eraser at that time grumble in annoyance as he place his phone back to his pocket and walk off.






Shinsou almost stumbled as he landed on the last roof. "I didn't know were doing a fucking parkour when we decided not to take the train." Shinsou said.


"Your not that bad, besides it's not the first time your doing it." Dabi said and Shinsou glare at him.


"Your really are a terrible adult huh..." Eraserhead said.


"Oh Shut it! I'm not that terrible. Anyway, what are this two gremlins doing?" Dabi said.


"Going on an Intern with me. So, kindly leave them to me and you can exit." Eraserhead said.


"Geh Thanks, I know when I'm not needed." Dabi said.


"Where's your boyfriend anyway?" Eraserhead said.


"like you his busy assisting his interns." Dabi said.


"Hmm... You didn't argue that Keigo-nii isn't your boyfriend." Shinsou said and Dabi just realize it and glare at Eraserhead who's hiding his smirk behind the capture weapon.


"I'm gonna burn you to ashes one fucking day Eraser Mark my words." Dabi said.


"Yeah, Try if you can" Eraser said and Dabi groan in annoyance. His phone lit up and Dabi look at it Confused.


"Hey, Do you know someone name Giran?" Dabi said.


"His an underground Hacker. No one knows who is, just he sell informations and help both Heroes and Villains in an exchange for Money." Izuku said.


"Ofcourse You fucking know him." Dabi said.


"Why? Are you introuble?" Izuku said worried.


"No! It's just that... Uh... A week ago I met this guy. He introduced himself as Mr. Compress and he wants to talk to me together with his boss. So, I'm meeting this guy today and he said Giran can't wait to meet me, maybe his this guy boss or something." Dabi said.


" that's sounds trouble. If I were you stay away from it. " Eraserhead said.


" Neh~ I can handle it. I'll call you if something happens. Bye then, enjoy your stay with the Hobo-bastard just like Katsuki said. " Dabi said as he sprint away.


"Why are you living with that kind of guy in the first place?" Eraserhead said.


"not important. Let's start the internship shall we?" Izuku said and Eraserhead gave a sigh.


"Let's starts with the rules first." Eraserhead said.


Then Eraserhead explains that they are here to observe how he does his work. The two of them can't interfere his Job unless given the permission. He explains what he does do in his Job, his mostly good at stealth and sneak attacks unlike those limelight Heroes who showed up and attack their enemies right away. Mostly, Underground Heroes focus on Trafficking, Theif, Mafia, and small Group of Villains. They aren't flashy Hero vs Villain fights when your a Underground Hero and mostly you would encounter more problems so make sure not to get attached to person here.


While they were patrolling, They heard a scream so the trio went to the Sound of the scream. They saw that a Lady was cornered by 3 big man's and Eraserhead told the two of them to just stand behind and observed which they obey. Izuku and Shinsou watch Eraserhead as he form a tactic to sneak onto his enemies and wrap them in his capture weapons. The enemies never know that Eraserhead was coming. But when one of them escaped Eraserhead fought with that guy activating his quirk and making sure to capture him. He then got his phone and call an officer quickly.


Once done Eraserhead asked the lady if she's okay. "I'm fine... Tha-Thank you for the he-help." The lady said.


"No problem, though you need to stay a little and give your statement to the police is that okay?" Eraser head said and the Lady nod.


5 minutes and the police officers arrived. They took the statements and Tsukauchi met up with Eraser head.


"Yo! Eraser, I can see you have the two interns with you tonight." Tsukauchi said.


"Yeah, the green one is Deku and the Purple one is MindDomain." Eraserhead said.


"Nice to finally meet you LieDetective-San." Deku said as he bow politely. He is currently wearing a green bunny hood and a metal mask covering half of his face, Shinsou on the other hand is wearing his black voice changer muzzle and his Capture weapon on purple color made by yourstruly Mei.


" Nice meeting you too Deku-kun, Mini Eraser." Tsukauchi said. Shinsou mumbled behind his capture weapon in annoyance and Deku just nod. "I expect Deku would be 20 and above. I didn't expect you to be this young Deku-kun. Your intelligent." Tsukauchi said.


"Thank you for your Compliment Detective." Izuku said politely and Tsukauchi smile.


"Hawks is right, Your a precious little thing. Eraser, his a keeper." Tsukauchi said.


"I know. He makes good Coffee." Eraser head said.


"Eraser No! He isn't your personal Coffee maker." Tsukauchi said.


"Yeah, his my personal Coffee Maker." Shinsou said.


"Ah~ You must be the purple cat Deku is talking about." Tsukauchi said and Shinsou pouted at Izuku.


"You traitor, you said your not calling me that!" Shinsou said.


"But you have a beautiful Purple eyes that matched your hair and you like Cats so... Your Purple Cat!" Izuku argued.


"Ugh! I hate you. I really do..." Shinsou said.

"Okay then. I won't make you coffee anymore." Izuku said.


"You know that I was just joking right?" Shinsou said looking at Izuku scared. Nope, he needs Izuku's coffee for a living.


"Yeah, yeah." Izuku said.


"Anyway... We should head out now, expect another call soon." Eraserhead said.


"My Phone is ready." Tsukauchi said as he wave goodbye to the trio.


Eraserhead then continue his Patrol with Shinsou and Izuku as he explains things as how this two should have a strong connection with the police officers. Every villains they capture must be submitted to the Police as soon as they can.


"Deku, Did you do an analysis earlier?" Eraserhead said and Izuku nod, he got his notes and show it to Eraser who start reading them and he was amazed how can a kid can come up with 6 pages of analysis in just one observation. "Keep up the good work Deku, next is MindDomain in our next Villain capture I want you to fight along side with me and I'll see how will you progress using that Capture weapon of yours. But, don't use your quirk understood?" Aizawa said and Shinsou nod.


" Understood. " Shinsou said.


So in their next course, They pass by infront of a building where they saw that 5 thugs were doing drugs in the open. So, Eraserhead went sneaky at first and try to capture them using his weapon without the enemies Noticing him, but those thugs were high so when they attack their quirks is in hywire too. Shinsou followed eraser and did his best to fight and use the Capture weapon Mei gave him but it seems its a little bit difficult. While fighting Shinsou's vision suddenly turn black, like he couldn't see a thing. He was about to panic when he was held by Izuku closed to him.


"What happened?" Izuku asked.


"I can't see, all I can see is black." Shinsou said and Izuku look at those mens.


"Looks like one of them had a Blind Quirk and it's trigger by touching the opponents." Izuku said.


"Uh... Your a smart Kid huh.." The guy in the middle said.


"The guy in the right has a Quirk that can make his movements faster but, it seems you have a drawback. Every time you used your quirk, it makes you slower once you turn it off. The guy in the middle has a Blackout Quirk, that can turn enemies blind within touch and the guy in the left has a smoke quirk, you can emit smoke from your palms to cause distraction. " Izuku said.


" Oh~ we have a rare Kid here boys. It seems he had an intelli-" The guy in the middle said but he was knock out by Eraserhead, and the two was quickly knock out by eraser before they knew it. Eraser quickly called the Police and run to his problem Child.


" Are you okay? " Eraserhead said.


" I'm fine, Mind Domain?" Izuku said Shinsou try blinking once and twice before his vision went back, he look at Izuku then his surroundings.


"I can see again." Shinsou said and Izuku sigh in relief.


They heard a glass shattered and they saw a Woman who is sitting on the floor with a tray and glass shattered infront of her. She look at the Captured Thugs scared as she starts to cry. Izuku look at the lady and he seems to be familiar with the lady. Izuku remove his hood, and his mask and quickly run to the lady.


"Miss Hachime-San!" Izuku said.


"I-Izuku?" Hachime said.


"Ye-yeah... Its me.." Izuku said.


"Oh! Thank God your okay!!" Hachime said as she launch herself and gave a Hug to Izuku who gave a hug back. "I'm so worried when you suddenly disappeared for a year. Where have you been? Are you okay? Are you living well?" Hachime said and Izuku nod.


"Yeah... I'm okay... But it looks like your still on your old days Miss Hachime-San." Izuku said and Miss Hachime look down shamely.


"Yeah... You already know I can't stop this kind of Job. This is the only Job that make easy money for a living." Miss Hachime said and Izuku nod he then help her sat down on a proper chair and help her relax.


"You know her Izu?" Shinsou said.


"Yeah... This is Miss Hachime Urora-san, she kinda lives around here and... I'm guessing she is a drug supplier." Izuku said.


"Wait!? You know someone who supplies Drugs!?" Shinsou said surprised and Izuku nod.


"Miss Hachime here does supply drugs but she never used them. She does used that to make an easy money to feed her 5 kids. You see... Her lover just used her and dump her here without giving support and as someone who didn't even finish High School and she has what society can call Villainous quirk, it's hard for her to find a proper job. So she did this kind of Job. " Izuku said.


" How do you know that Problem Chil? " Eraserhead said.


" Uhm... We kinda Know each other ever since I'm 10. We met when I was still living in the red district. " Izuku said


" Okay, Why are you living in the dangerous district?" Eraserhead said.


" Uhm... CA-can we not talk about for now?" Izuku said and Eraserhead nod.


For now... " Eraserhead said." What's her quirk? " Eraserhead said.


" It's like Mind Domain really. Her quirk is as long as she's touching you, she can make you forget things, specially memories, or something you want to forget by commanding you." Izuku said.


"Tsk, Society is Fuck up as Shit! She's gonna end up in Jail and her 5 children's are gonna end up in the Foster Care system where Childrens are full of shit too! Trust me, I live my whole life in The Foster Care System and it isn't happy and rainbows. It's hell!. " Shinsou said.


" I'm sorry Miss Hachime-san... For Eraserhead here needed to arrest you. " Izuku said.


" No its okay... I just want you to make sure that my Childrens are gonna be okay. Okay? I'm tired of a life like this Izu, you know that. " Miss Hachime said and Izuku just look at her sadly. She was one of the nicest people he met during the times he was still living in this area.


Soon the police arrived and they captured the thugs and Miss Hachime. Izuku who already whore back his bunny hood and his mask look at her concerned." Don't worry kid, Eraser gave me the detailed and it seems there is a program that could help her and her kids as well." Tsukauchi said.


"Really?" Izuku said, his emerald eyes shines with hope.


"Really kid." Tsukauchi said.


"Thank you Detective. I can assure you, she is a nice woman..." Izuku said.

"were just doing our Jobs kid. Now you should go and catch some More villains." Tsukauchi said.



"Thank You again Detective." Izuku said. 



"You sure active today. " Eraserhead said. 



"How can't I? You and your two interns manage to catch criminals in your first patrols and not to mention they are your first interns in the years you become a Hero. Its exciting to watch that the self proclaim cold hearted Eraserhead who hates other human being is actually tolerating a Human kids." Tsukauchi said. 



"Shut up, besides they aren't actually Human. Deku is my personal Coffee Maker and His a Purple Cat so..." Eraserhead said and Both of the kids look at him pouting and Eraserhead just ignore them. 



"Well then you should go and continue your patrol, you know that were just around." Tsukauchi said and Eraserhead nod as he took the kids back in patrolling. 






The three of them then walk around through the alleys between buildings and its a quiet for once. Eraserhead explain to them that their are times they won't encounter any crimes but its an a rare occasion and it seems that this night is one of the night. 



Shinsou then took this opportunity. " Hey Izu, I know you don't want to talk about it... But I'm still wondering what you said earlier. Is that means that you once live around here?" Shinsou said. 



Izuku stop walking for a second before he look down. "Its okay i-if you do-don't answer me... I-its okay..." Shinsoiu said and Izuku shook his head and continue walking. 



"Its fine, Its fair that I know about you being Bully because you have a Villanious Quirk and you live in the Foster Care technically I know your past but you don't mind." Izuku said. 



"You aren't obligated to tell him your past Problem Child." Eraserhead said. 



"Its okay, I trust Shin-chan but... My past isn't really pretty." Izuku said. 



"You already know mine, and Its never pretty."| Shinsou said and Izuku nod. 



"Hm.... How about I tell you a story instead? Would you care to listen?" Izuku said and Shinsou nod. 



"Lets go to the roof, it would be good Scenery there." Izuku said the two of them agreed. They seems to found a perfect roof to chill and Izuku just lean on the railings as he view the City lights and the stars above them. He then start telling them a story. 







Thanks For Reading

Hope You Enjoy ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ 

Chapter Text




3rd Person's Pov

Once Upon a time there is a boy who is born in a world with quirk. He have a happy father, a loving mother and cheerful bestfriend. They were a happy family, everything was full of Joy and he was living in a carefree world. 



But when the boy and his bestfriend turn 3 they declaired that they would become the best Hero duo in the world, maybe even greater than All Might. When they turn 5, his bestfriend got his quirk and it was a cool and stronger quirk. 


This boy was amazed and he can't wait to get his quirk. In his 5th birthday his beloved mother took him to the quirk doctor to see if he would get his quirk anytime soon but the doctor said that the boy would remain quirkless and won't be developing quirk until the end.



The boy felt sad, he asked the doctor and his mother if he could still achieve his dream of becoming a Hero but they told him to give up. That day, they went home and his mother told his father about the boy being quirkless. But his father burst out and can't believe that he had a son who is useless, waste of space, worthless and a mistake. So he left the sad quirkless boy and his crying mother.




"Your father is an asshole."Shinsou said " As well as my parents as well." Shinsou thought since his parents leave him too,just because he was born with a quirk that they didn't like. It was his fault that he was born to have this quirk or he wishes to. Just like Izuku who never ask nor wish to be born quirkless. So he could understand how sad did Izuku felt when his father left him. 

"Exactly my thoughts." Eraserhead said and Izuku just gave a sad smile.

At that moment, his mother blame the boy for the reason why the love of her life left him and as time passes his mother treated him like a Ghost, like he wasn't there. Sure he was free to raid the Kitchen for food and his mother tends to leave some money here and there in the table, or couch. 



But her mother treat him like he wasn't there anymore. On the day he told his bestfriend that he was quirkless, a teacher told his bestfriend that he shouldn't associate himself with a quirkless freak because he is useless. Unlike his bestfriend who had a promising future and had strong quirk.


From that moment everything went downfall. Everyone start calling him worthless, waste of space, a freak, a mistake, useless, Deku. 




To prove that they were wrong he decides to study and excel in intelligence. If he doesn't have a strong quirk like everybody else doesn't mean his useless right? No one is born useless. So he did excel in studies but turns out his teachers doesn't like that. 



They gave him a hard time, extra assignments and when he excel they call him a Cheater. The boy was 8 years old when the teacher punish him by a bamboo stick for cheating and lieing even though he didn't do those things.


"What school did you attend again?" Eraserhead ask. 



"If you look through my previous  school records Sensei, you'll know." Izuku said. 



Eraserhead nod. "Do you remember the name of the specific teacher?" Erasehead said 

"Why?" Izuku said. 



"What he did to you isn't something what a teacher should do. He doesn't have any rights in punishing for something you did right. If I know it sooner, I would do everything just to get that teacher fired. " Eraserhead said, he can't believe that at the young age Izuku already experience suffering from the others who can't accept Izuku as to who he is.



" Yeah, Sensei is right. " Shinsou said and Izuku just shrug, he does remember that teacher because its hard to forget those people who gave you pain than happiness but he stop caring about his past and decided that he should move forward and never look back.

His mother talk to him and decided that she had enough, she wanted to start a new life without Izuku on her life but she will still support Izuku financially. So she gave Izuku the cheapest apartment she could find which is by the way located in one of the most dangerous place in the Area, and true to her words she did gave him money every month. But from that day, the boy never see his mother ever again. Her mother just send money through online and ATM anyway.


"Whats her name Problem Child? Clearly what she does isn't right." Eraserhead said, There are tons of mothers out there who would sacrifice themselves just to see their child happy, willing to work day and night without any rest, neglect their own health and safety just to see their children's grow up and gain happiness. So he didn't understand how can a mother just left a child like that just because Izuku was born quirkless which something he hasn't control of, like how Shinsou's parents abandon him aswell. Izuku just look  far ahead and continue his story. 

The boy's classmates starts calling him Worthless, Waste of Space, Mistake, and Useless. His teachers were grading him poorly even though he gets his test right. He was around 9 when all of his class mates start to beat him using their quirks, especially his once upon a time bestfriend become his number one tormentor and worst whenever he goes home no one is gonna help him patch up.

Once he had too many injuries, the school nurse didn't want to treat him because his a clumsy Quirkless kid who isn't worth of treating so he try to go to any hospitals to asked help but he was rejected again with the same reason. That he wasn't worth to be treated. There he found out as to how many things can a quirkless person are limited access to.

He wish that everything got better in the end, but every time he woke up he just face hell. When he got to middle school everything was worst. Everyday his schoolmates and classmates would used their quirks against him leaving a tons of scars imprinted on his body. 



The adults did nothing, they either turn a blind eye on him or blame him to for the things he didn't do like start a fight even though he is the victim, the blame was on him. 



Soon, it would be worst his classmates would tell him to kill himself, that he should be the next quirkless kid who could add on the statistic who do suicide, they would leave red spider lilies on his desk and articles of suicides of different quirkless kid. 



The boy felt helpless. Everyone around him doesn't care, no one does. So on his 14th birthday, his teacher were reviewing their application for Highschool and when the teacher announced that he would go to one of the prestigious Hero School known in Japan everyone just laugh at him, says its impossible for him to get in, that he was being delusional. 



That day his bestfriend gave him the greatest gift that changes his life. A advice that if he want to be a hero so bad he