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Once upon a time there were fairy-tales and the guardians of childhood.

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Chapter 1: Once upon a time…

Once upon a time.
There was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know.

Or think we know.

One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen.

Our world.

This is how it happened.


Once upon a time there was an world called: The Enchanting Forest.
Somewhere in The Enchanting Forest there was a prince with red and black clothes, that were ornate with silver, who drove on a white horse very fast through forest, for one person.
For his beloved one.
The prince had very short light brown hair and brown eyes, that where filled with love and hope.
For his beloved one was he the prince on the white horse.
Most people describe him as Charming.
And you probably already know his name, but I’m still going to tell it.
He’s Prince Charming.
He reached a place that was filled with sadness.
Snowflakes where silently falling onto the ground, like they were grieving for someone.
In the middle of the place stood a coffin, made from twigs and glass.
In the coffin lay a beautiful woman with, hair as black as ebony, lips as red as thick, fresh blood and a skin as white as snow.
Unfortunately the woman didn’t breathe, like she was dead.
But her lips where too red for that, but when someone doesn’t breath for a long time we assume that their dead and they will never come back.
The woman lying in the coffin is or was Snow White.
Around the coffin stood nine little mans and one teenage boy.
They were grieving for the person in the coffin.
The nine little man where dwarfs and you probably think: ‘It are seven dwarfs and not nine. Everybody knows that.’
Most of the fairy tale books and the Disney animation movie say that it are seven dwarfs.
But let me tell you this: They’re totally wrong.
The nine dwarfs names are: Bashful, Bossy, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy and Watchy.
Most of the dwarf have beards and Grumpy had another name once, but that’s a different story.
The teenage boy, had white hair and icy blue eyes and when I say white hair I mean white hair.
He wore a blue hoodie with here and there a few real snowflakes on it and he wore brown pants.
I don’t know why he’s wearing a for us modern hoodie and pants that aren’t modern.
There even isn’t any story that explains that.
That teenage boy is Jack Frost, first his name was Jackson Overland, but yet again, that’s another story.
Jack Frost is the winter spirit and also the guardian of fun, who brings the winter and he was making it snow, because Snow White was a friend of him and the first adult he met that actually could see him and later he found out that the forest was seriously enchanted, cause every adult could see him, even if they didn’t believe in him.
You may ask: ‘Why?’ and I don’t blame you for it, cause it doesn’t stand in any book at all.
It’s a very long story and to make a long story short: ‘A good wizard, who couldn’t be seen by the persons who didn’t believe him, put a spell on the forest so that every good unseen person could be seen.’
Prince Charming stepped of his horse and went to the coffin.
“You’re to later.” Said Doc.
“Just let me say, goodbye.” Said Prince Charming, who walked to the coffin.
The dwarfs walked to the coffin and took the cover of the coffin.
Prince Charming bow down and kissed the princess on her lips.
A little glow came from their lips and went through the whole forest.
Everything was getting brighter, like the glow took the sadness of the sky away.
Snow White opened her eyes and started to breathe, like she just had hold her breath for a long time.
The dwarfs and Jack started to laugh out of relief.
The snowflakes weren’t falling like they were grieving.
They started to fall like they were happy to see someone they hadn’t seen in a long time.
“You.. You found me.” Said Snow White happy, while she placed jer left hand on Charming’s cheek.
“Did you ever doubt I would?” Asked Prince Charming.
Snow White set straight and said: “Honey, you naughty little puss.”
“You’ll never have to worry. I always find you.” Said Prince Charming.
“Is that a promises?” Asked Snow White.
“Sorry, that I’m interrupting you, but can you, please skip the romantic part, before I vomit?” Asked Jack.
The dwarfs gave jack a look that told: ‘Shut-up’

A few weeks later.
The guardians of childhood were walking into the ballroom of Charming’s castell.
They all except Bunnymund and Tooth were wearing an suit they wore in the Middle ages.
“Do I really, have to wear this ugly thing again?” Asked Jack.
“It’s Snow White and Charming’s marriage. We have to look good.” Said North.
“But Tooth and Kangaroo don’t.” Complained Jack.
“How did ya just call me.” Said Bunnymund angry.
All the people who came to see the wedding of Prince Charming and Snow White turned their heads towards the guardians.
“Please, behave.” Said Tooth soft.
“Can I go further, with the ceremony?” Asked the faithful servant.
Sandman nodded.
“Do you Prince Charming promises to be her lover and lover her for eternity ?” Asked the faithful servant.
“I do.” Said Prince Charming.
“And do you Snow White promises to be his lover and love him for eternity?” Asked the faithful servant.
“I do.” Said Snow White.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Said the faithful servant.
Everyone in the ballroom started to cheer and clap in their hands.
Doc touched Grumpy, with his elbows a few times and said: “Hey.”, to let Grumpy now that he had to clap in his hands to.
Grumpy groaned a little bit and started to clap in his hands.
Just on the moment Snow White and Prince Charming wanted to kiss, someone opened the door very hard.
Bunnymund and North took their weapons.
Jack held his staff defensive up and Sandman took a bit from his dream sand.
In the door opening stood a woman with long black hair put into a ponytail, dark brown eyes, a little birthmark next to her red lips.
She wore a black dress, with sleeves that reached the ground and she wore black gloves.
The woman is no one more, then The Evil Queen.
She walked slowly to Prince Charming and Snow White, but moved very fast at the same time.
A few knights walked to her, but she pushed them away, like they were nothing.
“It’s the queen. Run.” Said Doc.
Bunnymund through his boomerang to The Evil Queen.
The evil queen caught the boomerang and burned it.
Sandman threw dream sand at her, while Jack threw icy blasts at her.
The Evil Queen put her hand up and a shield came and the dream sand and icy blasts hit the shield and fell onto the ground.
The floor had ice and frozen dream sand on it.
The Evil Queen stopped with walking when she was a few meters in front of Snow white and Prince Charming.
Snow white grabbed the sword of her husband and said: “She’s not a queen anymore.”
She held the sword defensive in front of her.
“She’s nothing more than an evil witch.” Said Snow white.
“No, no, no. Don’t go to her level. There’s no need.” Said Prince Charming.
Prince Charming took the sword out of Snow’s hands and said: “You’re wasting your time. You’ve already lost. And I won’t let you ruin our wedding”
“I haven’t come to ruin anything. On the contrary idea. I’ve come to give you a gift.” Said The Evil Queen.
“We want nothing from you.” Said Snow White.
“But you shall have it.” Said The Evil Queen.
Then she turned and walked a little bit.
“My gift to you is this happy, happy day. But tomorrow my real work begins. You’ve made your vowels, now I make mine. Soon everything you love. Everything all of you love, will be taken from you. For ever and out of your suffering will rise my victory. I shall destroy your happiness if it’s the last thing I’ll do.”
Then The Evil Queen walked back to the doors.
“Hey!” Yelled Prince Charming.
The Evil Queen turned to look at Prince charming.
Prince Charming threw his sword at The Evil Queen.
Dark cloud started to from around The Evil Queen and before the sword hit her, she had disappeared.
Some people panicked or got scared at the fact that The Evil Queen just escaped.
Snow White and Prince Charming took each other in their arms.


In our world in a bus in Boston.
A ten year old boy, with dark brown hair and brown eyes was reading a thick book called: Once upon a time.
The boy wore a grey scarf, with red stripes; a black coat, a dark blue vest, a White and red blouse and he wore jeans.
It was evening and the lights of the city were shining bright.
“Is that a good book?” Asked a thick woman next to him.
The boy was called Henry.
Henry held the book in front of him and said: “This is more than just a book.”
“Oh..” said the woman with a smile.
The bus stopped and Henry stepped out.
He looked around for a taxi.
After a time he found one.
He walked to the taxi and knocked on the window.
The driver looked at him.
“Do you take credit cards?” Asked Henry.

In an expensive restaurant in Boston.
A woman with blond curled hair and brown eyes walked into the restaurant.
She wore a short dark pink and black high heels.
This woman is Emma and you might want to remember her, because she’s very important in this story.
She walked to a table, with a man in a black suit sitting on a chair.
The man stood up and held his hand in front of Emma.
“Emma.” Said the man smiling.
“Bryan?” Asked Emma.
“You look really…” Said Emma.
“While it is the internet.” Said Bryan, while he brought Emma to her chair.
Emma sat down on to the chair and Bryan sheaf the chair to the table.
“Pictures can be..” said Bryan.
“Fake.” Finished Emma for him.
“Like stolen from a Victoria’s secret catalogue.” Said Emma.
Bryan and Emma started to laugh.
“So, tell me something about you.” Said Bryan.
“Oh, well. Today’s my birthday.” Said Emma.
“And you’re spending it with me. What about your friends.” Said Bryan.
“I’m kind of a loner.” Said Emma.
“Do you like your family?” Asked Bryan.
“I have no family to like.” Said Emma.
“Oh, common. Everyone has a family.” Said Bryan.
“Technically, yeah. And everyone know who they are.” Said Emma.
“Don’t I need to run yet?” Asked Emma.
“Oh, not a chance.” Said Bryan.
“Your Emma are by far the sexiest, friendless orphan, that I have ever met.” Said Bryan.
Bryan and Emma start to laugh again.
“Okay, your turn. No wait, let me guess. you are handsome, charming, the kind of guy and don’t stop me if I get this wrong, who’s got arrested and flee the town before they got your ass in the jail.”
“Eh. What” Asked Bryan with a fake smile.
“And the worst of all is with your wife, who love you so much that she bailed you out and how do you repay that loyalty. You’re on a date, with another girl.” Said Emma.
Bryan looked away and then back and asked: “Who are you?”
“The chick who put up the rest of the money.” Said Emma.
Bryan pushed the table away and started to run.
The wine came over Emma’s dress.
“Serious.” Said Emma and then she walked after Bryan.
Bryan ran to his car and tried to start it and to drive away, but it wouldn’t move.
Emma crossed the street and walked to the car.
Bryan looked at his wheels and saw that one of them was blocked by a yellow thing they put on the wheel, when you may not drive away from the police.
Emma stood in front of Bryan and said: “You should give some money to your family, you know.”
“What do you know about family.” Said Bryan.
Emma pushed Bryan’s head against the steering wheel.
Bryan lost conscious.
“Nothing.” Said Emma.
Emma went to her home.
She opened the door and walked inside.
Then she closed the door.
She put her black high heels of and grabbed a back.
She opened the back.
In the back was a cupcake.
She took a birthday candle in the form of a little star and put it on her cupcake.
She put the candle on, closed her eyes, made a wish and bew the candle out.
Suddenly the doorbell rang.
Emma walked to the door and opened it.
Henry stood there.
“Are you Emma Swan?” Asked Henry.
“Yes, who are you?” Asked Emma.
“I’m your son. Henry.” Said Henry.
“Wait kid. I don’t have a kid.” Said Emma.
“Did you gave a baby away for adoption, ten years ago. That was me.” Said Henry.
“Excuse me.” Said Emma, and then she walked into the bathroom.
She closed her eyes and leaned against the black wall.
“Where can I find some juice?” Asked Henry.
“Oh, wait. I’ve already found it.” Said Henry.
Emma opened her eyes again and walked back into the room where Henry was.
“You know, we should probably get going.” Said Henry, who just ha dput down the bottle of orange juice.
“Going where?” Asked Emma.
“I want you to come home, with me.” Said Henry.
“Okay, kid. I’m calling the cops.” Said Emma.
“Then I’ll tell you kidnapped me.” Said Henry.
“And they’ll believe you. Because I’m your birthmother. ”
“Yep.” Said Henry.
“You’re not going to do that.” Said Emma.
“Try me.” Said Henry.
“Okay, I have something, called a super power. I can tell it when anyone’s lying and you are.” Said Emma.
“Wait, please don’t call the cops. Please, come home with me?” Said Henry.
“Where’s home?” Asked Emma.
“Storybrooke, Main.” Said Henry.
“Seriously. Storybrooke.” Said Emma.
Henry nodded.
“Alright then, let’s get you back to Storybrooke.” Said Emma and then they both walked out of the building, to Emma’s car.

Back in the Charming’s castle in the Enchanting forest.
Snow White was pregnant of a baby.
It was going to be a girl.
Snow White stood on the balcony outside their room.
She had a blue bird on her hands.
“What’s wrong Snow?” Asked Prince Charming.
“Nothing.” Said Snow White.
“You’re still thinking about the words of the queen, but you don’t need to. She can’t hurt us nor the baby and the guardians will protect her just like the other children.” Said Prince Charming.
“You don’t know of what’s she capable of. She poisoned me. Cause she thought that I was prettier than her.” Said Snow White.
“What can I do to ease your mind?” Asked Prince Charming.
“Let me talk to him.” Said Snow White.
“Him. You don’t mean” Said prince Charming.
“I do.” Said Snow White.
“No.” said Prince charming.
“He’s the only one, who can see the future.” Said Snow White.
“No, it’s too dangerous.” Said Prince Charming.
“Can you guarantee me, that our child will be safe? He can.” Asked Snow White.
“No, There’s an reason why he’s locked up. The children have the guardians and we have guards.” Said Prince Charming.
“I know, but what if The Evil Queen, defeats them. You saw what happened, when they tried to attack her at our wedding.” Said Snow White.
Prince Charming thought a time about, what his wife just said.
“Alright, for our child.” Said Prince Charming.

In our world on the road.
“I’m hungry, can we stop somewhere?” Asked Henry.
“It’s not a road trip, on which we can stop for snacks.” Said Emma.
“Why not?” Asked Henry.
“Because I have to bring you home and I still go and put your but in a bus, kid.” Said Emma.
“You know, my name is Henry.” Said Henry.
Henry opened his book and browsed through the pages.
“What’s that?” Asked Emma.
“I’m not sure you’re ready.” Said Henry.
“Ready, for what. A bunch of fairy tales.” Said Emma.
“There not fairy tales they’re true. Every story in this book actually happened.” Said Henry.
“You’ve got some problems kid.” Said Emma.
“It’s true. Use your super powers on me.” Said Henry.
“Just, because you believe it’s true, doesn’t make it true.” Said Emma.
“Exactly. You should know more than anyone.” Said Henry.
“Why’s that?” Asked Emma.
“Because you’re in this book.” Said Henry.
“You really have some problems.” Said Emma.
“Yep and you’re going to fix it.” Said Henry.

Back in the Enchanting forest.
“Don’t put the mantle of, stay in the light and don’t tell your name. If he knows your name, he had control over you.” Said the man, that brought them to the prison of Rumpelstiltskin.
“Rumpelstiltskin!” Yelled the man.
No one answered.
“Rumpelstiltskin!” Yelled the man harder.
“I have a question for you.” Said the man.
A man with crocodile like skin came fell from the ceiling onto the ground of a prison.
“Not you don’t. They do. Why don’t you come and step into the light.” Said Rumpelstiltskin.
Snow White and Prince Charming stepped into the light.
“Snow White and Prince Charming, of what do I get the honour.” Said Rumpelstiltskin.
“We..” Said Snow White, who sentences was cut off by Rumpelstiltskin.
“I know, why you’re here!” Yelled Rumpelstiltskin.
“I know the answer, but it comes with a prise.” Said Rumpelstiltskin.
“Name it.” Said Snow White.
“The name of your unborn child.” Said Rumpelstiltskin.
“Snow..” Said Prince Charming.
“Deal.” Said Snow White.
“The queen has created a powerful curse. One that will imprison you, just like me only worse. Time will stop and will be trapped for ever and the queen will finally be victorious at least. No more happy endings. ”Said Rumpelstiltskin.
“What can we do?” Asked Snow White.
“We can’t do anything, but the thing growing inside your belly. On its twentieth-eight birthday it will return and the final battle will begin.” Said Rumpelstiltskin.
“Okay, we can go now.” Said Prince Charming.
Snow White, prince Charming and the man started to walk away.
“Hay, we had a deal! I want her name! Give me her name!” Yelled Rumpelstiltskin.
“Her it’s a boy.” Said Prince Charming.
“Missy, missy you know I’m right.” Said Rumpelstiltskin.
Snow White turned her head to look at Rumpelstiltskin and said: “Emma. Her name will be Emma.”
Jack flew to Snow White and Charming.
He wore his normal clothes again.
“Snow, Charming. What did you ask to the crocodile?” Asked Jack.
“Nothing.” Said Prince Charming and then they walked away.
“I’ll tell you, if you freeze the guard.” Said Rumpelstiltskin.

Back in our world, very close to Storybrooke.
Emma and Henry drove into Storybrooke.
They passed a wooden board that said: Welcome to Storybrooke.
“Okay, kid. What about an address?” Asked
“Twenty-four not-telling-you street.” Said Henry.
Emma stopped the car and stepped out.
Henry also stepped out of the car.
“Look it’s been a long night and it’s almost..” Said Emma and then she looked at the clock: “Eight, fifteen.”
“That clock isn’t moving, my whole life. Times frozen here.” Said Henry.
“Excuse me.” Said Emma.
“That’s what happened, when The Evil Queen created the curse and send everyone here.” Said Henry.
“Wait, what. An evil queen got a bunch of fairy tale character here.” Said Emma.
“Yeah, and now they’re trapped.” Said Henry.
“So, they’re frozen in time and stuck in Storybrooke, Main. Is that what you’re going with?” Said Emma.
“It’s true.” Said Henry.
“Then why doesn’t anybody, just leave?” Asked Emma.
“Because, they can’t. Every time they try it, something bad happens.” Said Henry.
“Hey, Henry. What are you doing here.” Said a man, from behind.
Henry turned to see the man.
The man was his therapist: Archie Hopper.
Archie had short ginger hair, with many little curls and brown eyes.
He wore a suit, a coat and a brown striped scarf.
Next to Archie was an big, old, fat man walking.
The man had: very big, blue eyes, black eyebrows, white hair and a long white beard.
On his left arm stood a tattoo with the word Nice and on his right arm stood a tattoo with the word: Naughty.
He wore a red blouse; a black coat and black pants.
His name was: Chris Nome.
“Is everything alright?” Asked Archie.
“I’m fine, Archie.” Said Henry.
“Who’s this?” Asked Archie.
“Someone who’s trying to get him home.” Said Emma.
“She’s mine mam, Archie.” Said Henry
“So you’re the birthmother of Henry.” Said Chris.
“Yes, do you know where he lives?” Asked Emma.
“He’s mayors kid.” Said Chris.
“It’s further in this street. Their house is the biggest.” Said Archie.
“So you’re the mayors kid.” Said Emma.
Henry looked at his shoes and said: “Maybe.”
“Where were you today, Henry. You missed your session.” Said Archie.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you, that I was on a fieldtrip.” Said Henry.
Archie lowered, so he would be at the same height as Henry.
“What did I tell you about lying. Giving in to the dark side, never accomplish anything.” Said Archie.
“And you don’t want to be on the naughty list.” Said Chris.
“Naughty list, seriously. But I really should bring him home now.” Said Emma.
“Okay, have a good night and till next time.” Said Archie.
“Bye, Henry.” Said Chris and then they both walked away.
“So, that’s your therapist?” Asked Emma.
“I’m not crazy.” Said Henry.
“Just, he doesn’t seem cursed to me. Maybe he’s just trying to help you.” Said Emma.
“I’m not the one, who needs help. He’s the one who need help, but he doesn’t know.” Said Henry.
“So, you that he’s a fairy tale character, who doesn’t know it?” Asked Emma.
“None, of them do. They don’t remember who they are.” Said Henry.
“Confident. I’ll see. Who’s he supposed to be?” Asked Emma.
“Jiminy Cricket.” Said Henry, while he stepped into the car.
“Right and you’re the lying thing and you’ve got your nose growing a little bit.” Said Emma.
“I’m not Pinocchio.” Said Henry.
“Of course you’re not, cause that would be ridiculous.” Said Emma, while she stepped into the car and they drove further.

Back in the Enchanting forest.
Prince Charming, Snow White, a few dwarfs, the guardians and a few knights were sitting around a big, wooden round table.
“Theirs coming a curse and we still don’t have any plan for a fight.” Said Prince Charming, while he stood up.
“Fighting is a bad idea and giving in to the dark side never accomplished anything.” Said Jiminy Cricket, from under a loop.
“We have to make sure the children will be safe.” Said Tooth.
“But how. We’ve already tried to attack her and it didn’t work. She is thousand times much stronger then Pitch.” Said Jack.
“Pitch was stronger than The Evil Queen, in the dark ages.” Said Tooth.
“How did you stop him?” Asked Jack.
“First we went to the Dark one. He gave us a urn, that would suck all of his power into the urn, but Pitch got away, so most of his power is the urn.” Said North.
“Then why didn’t we do that, when he tried to begin another dark age?” Asked Jack.
“Cause the urn got stolen.” Said Bunnymund.
“Could we please stop talking about the bad old days and start talking about an coming curse?” Asked Grumpy.
Suddenly the door went open and the blue fairy flew into the room, while a few man brought a big tree into the room.
“Fear not. There’s a way.” Said the Blue fairy.
“What is that?” Asked Snow White.
“This tree contains the power to let people escape the curse.” Said the Blue fairy.
Everyone, except the Blue fairy, Gepetto and Pinocchio started to look hope full at each other.
“But even magic, has its own limit and the tree contains the power to let one person escape the curse.” Said the Blue fairy.
The hope started to fade in their eyes.
“Snow, you must be the one, who escapes the curse, while the child is still inside you. She will be the saviour.” Said Prince Charming.
“Gepetto and North, can you make a wardrobe, out of the tree?” Asked the Blue fairy.
“North, I and Pinocchio, can do that.” Said Gepetto.
“This will work and now we all need to have some faith.” Said the Blue fairy.

In Storybrook.
Emma stopped the car in front of the mayors house.
Emma and Henry stepped out of the car.
“Please, don’t take there.” Said Henry.
“Why not?” Asked Emma.
“She’s evil.” Said Henry.
“Common, kid. She can’t be that bad.” Said Emma, while they walked to the front door.
“She is. She doesn’t love me, she only pretends to.” Said Henry.
“Kid, I’m sure that’s not true.” Said Emma.
Emma rang the ball and short after that the mayor opened the door.
Behind the mayor stood the sheriff.
The mayor had black hair, that reached her shoulders, dark brown eyes and a little birthmark next to her lips.
The mayors name was Regina.
The sheriffs name was Graham.
Graham had short dark brown hair, grey eyes, a short, dark brown beard.
He wore a black leather jacket; a grey blouse; a dark green tie and he wore blue jeans.
“Henry, where have you bin. I was so worried about you.” Said Regina.
“I found my real mom.” Said Henry, while he walked to his room.
“So, you’re Henry’s birthmother?” Asked Regina.
“Yep.” Said Emma.
“I’ll go and check Henry.” Said Graham and then he walked to Henry’s room.
“Would you like a glass of the best apple cider ever tasted?” Asked Regina, with a smile.
“Anything stronger?” Asked Emma.
Regina shook her head.
“Okay.” Said Emma and then they walked inside.
Regina closed the front door and together they walked into the living room.
“How did he find me?” Asked Emma.
Regina poured some apple cider into a glass.
“No, idea. I adopted him, when he only was three weeks old. The records were sealed. My was told that the birthmother didn’t want any contact.” Said Regina.
“Your told right.” Said Emma.
“And the father?” Asked Regina.
“That was one.” Said Emma.
“Should I be worried about him?” Asked Regina.
“No, he doesn’t even know.” Said Emma.
“Should I be worried about you, miss Swan?” Asked Regina.
“Absolutely not.” Said Emma.
Graham walked of the stairs, while he said: “Mother mayor, you can relax. I just brought a tiny, little boy to bed. Henry’s fine”
“Thank you sheriff.” Said Regina.
Graham walked out of the house.
“I’m sorry, if he messed up your live. I really don’t know what has gotten into his mind.” Said Regina.
“Is the kid havening a rough time?” Asked Emma.
“Nothing that matters, but you have to understand, ever since I became mayor things has been tricky. You have a job I assume?” Said Regina.
Emma took a swig of the apple cider.
“I keep busy.” Said Emma.
“Better than having anyone on top of it. That’s with being a single mom.” Said Regina, with a smile, while she sat down onto the couch.
“Am I strict. I suppose, but I do it for his own good, ever since I took Henry in my life. I don’t think that makes me evil, do you?” Said Regina.
“I’m sure, he’s just saying that, because of the fairy tale thing.” Said Emma.
“What fairy tale thing?” Asked Regina.
“Oh, you know his book. He thinks that everyone is a character from it. Like Mr. Hopper is Jiminy Cricket.” Said Emma, while she took a last swig, from the apple cider.
“I’m sorry, but I really don’t have any idea, what you’re talking about.” Said Regina.
“You know what. None of my business. He’s your kid and I really should be heading back.” Said Emma.
“Of course.” Said Regina, while she stood up.
Regina opened the door and let Emma go out of the room.
Emma walked out of the house, while she took her car keys, from her pocket.
She stopped for her car, but before she opened the car door, she looked at the house and saw that Henry was looking out of a window.
That meant that Henry, pretended to be a sleep.
Henry noticed that Emma saw him.
He walked away from the window.
Emma stepped into her car, started it and drove to the exit of Storybrooke.
It started to rain hard.
Emma started to realise, that she hadn’t saw him leaving the car with his book.
She looked at the car seat next to her and saw the book lying there.
The book was dark brown, with golden letters on it.
On the book stood: Once upon a time.
“Sneaky baster.” Said Emma.
When Emma looked back at the road, she saw a white, gray wolf standing on the middle of the road.
Emma was startled and turned the steering wheel around.
The car slipped and clashed against the board that said: Welcome Storybrooke.
Emma nudged her head against the steering wheel and lost conscious.
The car door on the right side of Emma flew open.
The wolf let out a long howl to the full moon.
The wind flipped a few pages, till it had reached the page with a picture of a wardrobe in the form of a tree.
In the picture also stood: a few yetis, North and Gepetto.

Back in the castle of Prince Charming in the Enchanting forest.
The yetis were trying to get every detail on the right door of the wardrobe, while North and Gepetto, where trying if the left door would fit in the wardrobe.
It fit, so the only had to place a few screw into the left door and then they had to make it attached to wardrobe.
The screwdriver fell of the table.
Pinocchio who has been playing under the table the whole time, grabbed the screwdriver and gave it to Gepetto.
“Where are the elves staying, with the cookies?” Asked North.

In the room of Prince Charming and Snow White.
Snow White was looking out of the window, staring at blue summer sky, wondering if she could make it alone, with Emma.
Snow White walked to prince Charming and said: “I don’t want to do this.”
“But it has to be you.” Said Prince Charming.
“I’m not leaving you.” Said Snow White.
“Snow, it’s the only way for her to save us from the curse.” Said Prince Charming.
“He said, that it would be on her twenty-eighth birthday.” Said Snow White.
“What’s twenty-eight years, when you have eternity. I have faith, she will safe me as I did you.” Said Prince Charming.
Snow White and Prince charming started to kiss, as if it would be their last kiss.
It wouldn’t be their last kiss, but their last kiss for the curse.
Suddenly Snow White stopped kissing and looked worried at Prince Charming.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Prince Charming concerned.
Snow White looked at her belly and said: “The baby. She’s coming.”

Somewhere on the castle on the walls outside.
Grumpy was watching for signs of the curse.
If there was any sign, that could be the curse, Grumpy had to pull on a rope, so the alarm bell would tell it to everyone.
Grumpy opened a bottle and took a sip of rum.
Then he closed the bottle again.
He kicked Sleepy and said: “Wake up.”
Sleepy stood up.
“Look.” Said Grumpy.
There was a very big cloud heading their way.
Flashes of bright green and purple could be seen in the clouds.
All the creators, where running away from the big cloud.
“The curse! It’s here!” Yelled Grumpy, while he pulled at the rope.
All the guards ran to the castle.

Back in storybrooke in the police office.
Emma opened her eyes, sat up and looked around.
She sat in the cell.
Memories of the last time she sat in the cell, flashed through her head.
She heard someone flute and looked at the other cell.
In the other cell lay a short man, with black hair and a black beard.
The man was called Leroy.
Leroy wore a white T-shirt, a blue blouse and jeans.
“What are you looking at sister.” Said Leroy.
In the office stood an old man, with grey hair and a grey beard.
“Hey, Leroy. Manners. We have a guest.” Said Marco.
“Hi.” Said Emma.
“Hi, I’m Marco and this is Leroy. So your Henry’s birthmother. Me and my wife have tried it for so many times, but fate wasn’t on our side.” Said Marco.
Graham walked into the office and said: “Good morning.”
He took a key and went to Leroy’s cell.
“Leroy, you may leave.” Said Graham.
He opened the door of the cell.
“But first you have to say, that you will behave and you have to smile.” Said Graham.
“I will behave.” Said Leroy, with the fakest smile.
Then Leroy walked away, out of the office.
“Can anyone, tell me, why I’m here?” Asked Emma.
“I found you unconscious in your. You bumped into a board, because you were drunk.” Said Graham.
“I wasn’t drunk. There stood a wolf on the middle of the road.” Said Emma.
“A wolf, seriously. There aren’t wolfs here for ages.” Said Graham.
Regina walked into the office.
“Regina, what’s wrong?” Asked Graham.
“Henry’s gone.” Said Regina.
“I’m good in searching people. If you let me go, I will find Henry.” Said Emma.
“How do I know you’re not lying?” Asked Regina.
“I’m his birthmother. Why would I lie, about such a thing.” Said Emma.
“Deal.” Said Regina.
Graham took another key and opened Emma’s cell.
They walked out of the police office into the Regina’s house.
“Does Henry, have a laptop or computer?” Asked Emma.
“Yes, why?” Asked Regina.
“I’m going to check his e-mail to find clues.” Said Emma.
“Okay.” Said Regina.
A few minutes later Emma, Regina and Graham, where looking at Henry’s e-mails, but they weren’t there.
“Smart kid. He cleaned his mailbox.” Said Emma.
“What now?” Asked Regina.
“I have something for that.” Said Emma.
Emma took a computer stick and stopped it in his laptop.
“This isn’t my style.” Said Graham.
Henry’s mails returned.
Emma clicked on a mail, from the site: Who’s mine mom.
Emma clicked on a few things and then a screen popped up.
“Who’s Mary Margaret Blanchard?” Asked Emma.
“That’s his teacher.” Said Regina.
They went to the school of Henry and waited outside of the class, till the bell would ring.
Inside the class stood a woman, with black hear, brown eyes, red lips and a pale skin.
She wore a white vest; a white blouse and a grey skirt.
Her name was Mary Margaret Blanchard.
“And remember that we’re making a home not a cage. The bird is a very loyal friend and when you let it go, it will always find you.” Said Mary.
Then the bell rang and all the children walked out of the class.
Regina, Graham and Emma walked inside.
“Where’s my son?” Asked Regina.
“I don’t know where Henry is.” Said Mary.
“Did you give him, your credit card?” Asked Emma.
“No.” Said Mary, while she took her wallet and looked for her credit card.
“He’s really a smart kid.” Said Emma.
“She knows nothing.” Said Regina and then she and Graham walked away.
“Why did you give him that book?” Asked Emma.
“Henry’s really a special boy and he has it hard. I wanted him to have faith, so I gave him a book with fairy tales. I hoped that he would stop thinking about the question all the orphans get to face. Why would someone want to give me away for adoption.” Said Mary.
Then she realised what she just said and looked at Emma and said: “I didn’t mean it like that.”
“I know.” Said Emma.
“I you want to find Henry, you should check his castle and if he isn’t there, you need to ask it to Jackson Overland.” Said Mary.
“Who’s Jackson Overland?” Asked Emma.
“His best friend and the son of the undertaker.” Said Marry.

In the Enchanting forest in the castle of Prince Charming in the bedroom of Snow white and Prince Charming.
Snow White lay on bed, while the baby was coming and it hurts terribly.
She screamed.
Prince Charming was holding her arm.

Somewhere in the Enchanting forest close to the castle.
The Evil Queen looked out of the window of her carriage.
They drove in front of the cloud of the curse.
Finally she would have her happy ending and Snow White would pay for the pain that she caused.
Back in the bedroom of Snow White and Charming.
“It hurts! It hurts!” Yelled Snow White.
Doc went with a rag over Snow White’s fore head.
“Hang on Snow.” Said Prince Charming.
The queen was coming closer by the minute, just like the curse that would doom them for twenty-eight years.
Suddenly Gepetto came into the room and said: “The wardrobe is ready.”
Prince Charming tried to lift her, but Doc stopped him and said: “It’s too late. We can’t move her.”
That meant that Emma had to go in the wardrobe and live without parents.
After a few minutes Emma was born.
They put Emma in the a woollen blanket, with her name on it.
Jack walked inside with a stuffed animal.
“North, told me to give this to Emma.” Said Jack.
Prince Charming took it and gave it to Emma.
“Jack, go and make sure the children in the castle will be safe.” Said Prince Charming, while he walked out of the room, with a Emma and a sword.
“I will.” Said Jack and then he flew past a few knights of The Evil Queen.
Jack got by the children.
They were all hiding in an corner.
They were all scared.
“Don’t they look sweet, with all that fear in their eyes.” Said someone in the shadows of the corner of the room.
“Pitch! Go away and leave the children!” Yelled Jack.
A tall man, with spiky hair, that was blacker then the night; with silver golden eyes; white sharp teeth and a grey skin, walked out of the shadow.
He wore something black that, looked like a dress, but I don’t think that you’re supposed to call it a dress, but I’m not sure about that.
It looks like the kind of dress had long sleeves, but they got more shadow like at the end, so it probably doesn’t have sleeves.
Actually I’m not sure if he’s really wearing something.
Maybe his clothes are shadows and if he would lose his powers, the shadows would go away and he would be naked.
The man’s name was Pitch Black.
Some may know him better as the Boogeyman.
It may sounds strange, but he doesn’t even like that name.
Sometimes Jack wished, that Pitch was defeated and never came back to scare a child or at least tried, cause everyone who didn’t believe in him couldn’t see him.
Only the good spirits could be seen, without being believed in, but that’s only in this world.
“What makes you think, I want to go outside, where the curse is?” Asked Pitch.
“To who are, you talking?” Asked one of the kids.
“I… I’m playing a play, with me as all the characters.” Said Jack.
“There’s a curse outside and you play a play.” Said the child confused.
“I won’t do it, anymore.” Said Jack.
“Are you going to ignore me?” Asked Pitch.
Jack walked closer to the children .
“If you can ignore me, can you ignore this?” Asked Pitch, while he snapped with his fingers.
Nothing happened.
Pitch snapped, with his fingers again and again nothing happened.
The Evil Queen walked into the room Pitch and Jack were.
“The curse already took your little nightmares, Pitch and soon you wont even remember you had them.” Said The Evil Queen.
The Evil Queen walked out of the room.
“Who’s Pitch?” Asked one of the children.
“An invisible friend of The Evil Queen.” Said Jack.
“I’m not her..” said Pitch, who’s sentences was cut off, by the curse, that broke the beautiful windows.
The children started to scream out of fear for the curse.
Typical that a curse, can be scarier than the Bogeyman.
Jack tried to make a wall of ice around the children, but the curse just destroyed it.
The curse started to swirl around, the children, Jack and Pitch.
It was like there was a storm inside.
After a minute, everything in the room was broken and there was no one in the room anymore.
The curse continued its way till it reached the place where Snow White and The Evil Queen were and it did the same thing there.
There was one thing that bothered The Evil Queen, before the curse arrived at the room she and Snow White were and that was the fact Emma, the one who’s going to break the curse, escaped it.

Back in Storybrooke.
Emma walked to a little, old, wooden castle for the kids to play in.
She saw that Henry was playing, with a boy.
The boy had brown hair and brown eyes.
They boy wore a dark blue hoodie and light blue jeans.
Henry’s book lay on the wooden floor of the castle.
They both held a little twig, with a few little leaves.
The boy’s name was Jackson Overland.
“You can’t win from me. I’m the one and only king of the castle.” Said Jackson loud.
“Yes, I can, king Jack.” Said Henry.
They were using the twigs as swords.
Emma walked to them and said: “Sorry, king Henry and king Jack, that I’m interrupting you, but I need to talk to king Henry, alone.” Said Emma.
“Yes, queen Swan. I leave you alone for now, king Henry, but tomorrow I will stop you from stealing my castle.” Said Jackson.
“Only if The Evil Queen likes it.” Said Henry.
“She will.” Said Jackson.
“Regina is trying her best to be good mother.” Said Emma.
“See you tomorrow , king Henry.” Said Jackson and then he walked away.
When Jackson was gone, Emma asked: “Who was that?”
“Jack Frost, but he doesn’t know that.” Said Henry.
“What’s his name here?” Asked Emma.
“Jackson Overland.” Said Henry.
“So he’s the kid of the undertaker?” Asked Emma.
“That’s what everybody thinks, but actually they are each other’s enemy.” Said Henry.
“Does he have problems at home?” Asked Emma, while she and Henry sat down onto the wooden floor of the castle.
“No.” said Henry.
“Then why would they be each other’s enemy?” Asked Emma.
“They can’t remember it, because of the curse you’re going to break.” Said Henry.
“I’m not going to fight any battle or other thing they do in fairy tales to break a curse.” Said Emma.
“Yes, you are. It’s your destiny.” Said Henry.
“Can you shut up, about the boo crap.” Said Emma.
“You don’t have to cast me out. I know you like me, I can tell. You’re just pushing me away, because you feel guilty. It’s okay. I know why you gave me away. You wanted me to give me my best change.” Said Henry.
It went silent for a moment till Emma asked: “How do you know that?”
“It’s the same reason, Snow White gave you away.” Said Henry.
“Listen to me kid. I’m not in any book. I’m a real person and I’m no saviour. You’re right about one thing you know. I wanted you to have your best change, but it’s not with me.” Said Emma sad.
Emma stood up and said: “Common kid.”
“Please, don’t go back there. Just stay for one week. One week is all I ask. To show you, that I’m not crazy.” Said Henry, while he stood up and walked to Emma.
“I have to bring you back to your mom.” Said Emma.
“You don’t know what it’s like to be with her. My life sucks.” Said Henry.
“Do you know what sucking is? Being left alone at the side of a road, where no one even could see me. My parents didn’t even bother to lock up me in a hospital. And then I got in the foster system and I had a family till I got three years old and they had their own kids, so they put me back.” Said Emma.
She took a slow deep breath and said: “Look your mom is trying her best and I know it’s hard and that it sometimes looks like she doesn’t love you, but at least she wants you.” Said Emma.
“Your parents didn’t want to leave you at the side of a road, but that’s where you appeared.” Said Henry.
“What?” Asked Emma.
The wardrobe they had put you in, sent you straight to the side of the road, so the curse wouldn’t take you.” Said Henry.
“Sure they were. Common Henry.” Said Emma and then they both walked to the Regina’s house.

Somewhere on another planet close to the moon.
In an beautiful palace, there was one man, who had seen everything.
The man was born in The Golden Age, when nothing was impossible.
The age where all the dreams came true and all the children were happy.
The man’s name was Tsar Lunar.
Most people know him as Man In The Moon.
Tsar Lunar had one pick of long blond hair that, had a big curl on the end.
He wore a yellow coat and a yellow suit, bankers wore in the twentieth century and he wore a red bow tie.
The cures took all the people of The Enchanting Forest and a few other people form a few other planets, but that was because The Evil Queen wanted them to lose everything they loved.
Tsar once thought that Regina, who’s now called The Evil Queen, could be a guardian, since she saved Snow White when she was a child and she had a great power, but then the thing she loved the most died, because Snow couldn’t keep her little mouth shut and Regina, became The Evil Queen she is and that great power got lost.
Tsar and Emily Jane are the only guardians left now.
You may know Emily Jane better as Mother Nature.
Tsar walked to a telescope that was pointed at the Earth.
After an hour, he found the other guardians, but they were powerless.
Tsar could feel it, but there was something else.
They all except Sandman couldn’t remember, who they are and Bunnymund, Toothiana and Sanderson, were human.
There was one good side to the fact that everyone, except a baby, got cursed.
Pitch couldn’t remember who he was and he had no power.
However there was one strange thing, he saw that Pitch and Jack were having an father son relationship.
They may not know, who they are, but shouldn’t there be a tiny feeling left, that told them that they were each other’s enemy.

Back in Storybrooke.
Regina stood in the door opening.
Henry just got back into his room.
“You know what’s kind of crazy. Yesterday was my birthday and I wished that I wouldn’t be alone anymore and then Henry showed up.” Said Emma.
“I hope there’s no misunderstanding here.” Said Regina.
“I’m sorry.” Said Emma confused.
“Don’t take this a an invitation to get Henry back into your life.” Said Regina.
“Oh..” Said Emma.
“Miss Swan, you made a decision ten years ago and in that last decade, were you’ve been doing whatever that may be, I’ve changed every diaper, softened any fever and fleet every temper. I know what you are to him, but he’s mine son.” Said Regina.
“I was..” Said Emma, who’s sentences was cut off by Regina.
“No, you don’t get to speak. You don’t get to do anything. You gave that right away, when you tossed him away. Do you know what a closed adoption is? It’s what you asked for. You have no legal right to him. So I suggest that you get in your car and you’ll leave this town, because if you don’t I will destroy you if it’s the last thing I’ll do. Goodbye miss Swan.” Said Regina and then she walked back into her house.
You may ask why she totally doesn’t like Emma and doesn’t want her to be in this town anymore.
That’s because she know, who she is, wants to keep Henry for herself and knows that Emma will break the curse.
“Do you love him?” Asked Emma, before Regina could close the door.
“Excuse me.” Said Regina angry.
“Henry. Do you love him?” Asked Emma again.
“Of course I love him.” Said Regina and then she closed the door.
Regina walked into Henry’s room.
Henry lay on his bed.
He was just staring at the wall.
Regina took Henry’s book, looked at Henry and walked to the mirror in the hall.
She looked into the mirror and looked concerned, because Henry knew that she was The Evil Queen and that Emma just found Storybrooke.
Then she looked at the book, with the golden title that said: Once Upon A time.

In a hospital in Storybrooke.
Mary Margaret walked through the hospital.
She put a few flowers at the table of each patient, sometime she held one hand of a patient.
In a different room there stood one bed, with one patient.
The patient was a man and he had short light brown hair.
The patient had the same features as Prince Charming.
Mary also put a flower on the table in his room.
Mary walked out of the room, with the patient into the hall.
Mary accidently bumped against a woman.
The woman had short blond hair, with blue and green painted picks of hair, she had also kind sea blue eyes.
The woman wore a dentist suit.
The woman was the dentist and the wife of the boss of the pet shop.
Her name was Teresa Aster.
The name of her husband is E. Aster.
Only his wife knows were the E stands for, but she doesn’t tell it and he also doesn’t tell it.
“Hi, Mary. How are you?” Asked Teresa.
“Good.” Said Mary.
“How’s it with your love life?” Asked Mary.
“I’m going to date, with doctor Whale.” Said Mary.
“Oh, really. That’s great. How’s it with you teeth.” Said Teresa, who looked deadly serious, when she asked about Mary’s teeth.
“I’ll still floss and brush my teeth every morning and evening.” Said Mary.
“May I have a look?” Asked Teresa.
“Okay…” Said Mary.
“Open your mouth.” Said Teresa.
Mary opened her mouth and Teresa, looked directly into her mouth.
“There beautiful.” Said Teresa, when she stopped looking in her teeth.
Mary closed her mouth and said: “Thank you. Goodbye.”
Then Mary walked out of the hospital.

In the evening in Storybrooke.
Emma looked up at a wooden board that hang on a building it said: Granny’s bed and breakfast.
Emma walked inside.
She looked around and walked to reception desk.
Behind the reception desk stood an old woman, with grey hear.
There were dust and spider webs everywhere.
“Can I help you?” Asked the woman.
“Yes, I would like a room.” Said Emma.
“Really?” Asked a woman in another room.
The other woman had dark brown hair, with a few red striped in it.
She wore red and black clothes.
Her name was Ruby.
The woman opened a book and asked: “What’s the name?”
“Swan. Emma Swan.” Said Emma.
“Emma.” Said a man from behind.
Emma looked at the man.
The man brown hair that almost reached his shoulders.
He also had brown eyes.
The man was called Mr. Gold.
I don’t know what his first name is.
“What a lovely name.” Said Mr. Gold.
“Thanks.” Said Emma.
The old woman gave a pile of money to Mr. Gold.
“That’s everything for now.” Said the old woman.
Mr. Gold walked out of the building.
“Who’s that?” Asked Emma.
“That’s Mister Gold. He owns the town.” Said Ruby and then she walked out of the building.
The old woman gave Emma the keys to her room and said: “Welcome to Storybrooke.”

In Henry’s room.
Henry looked out of the window, looking at the clock.
Suddenly the pointers of the clock moved a bit.
The clock finally moved.
That meant that the time wasn’t frozen anymore and that Emma was staying in the town.
Henry started to smile hopeful.
Now he only needed to let Emma believe in the curse and then she would break it and everyone would remember who they are.

Back in Tsar’s castle.
Tsar looked in his telescope at Henry.
Tsar knew that Henry, knows about their real identities.
Tsar just figured out that Henry was the kid of the saviour.
He needs to help Henry make, Emma believe in the curse.
Tsar already knew what to do.
He looked with his telescope and later found the leg of the man he sought.
He changed a part of the leg into wood, since it was a little bit his fault that Emma doesn’t believe in the curse.
He left a message.
In the message stood that Emma in Storybrooke was and didn’t believe in the curse and that she had turned twenty-eight.