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GCiEW: General Chatroom in Eastern Wonderland

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HakureiMiko is online


HakureiMiko: @Incident Crew Get here immediately. We might have a new incident on hand.

LoveColoured: wait what

TimeMaid: Are you sure?

Bnuuy: Huh?! What’s this about?!

SamuraiGarden: Not again…

ItsAConspiracy: What’s up???

HakureiMiko: Okay. So there’s been rumours spreading around the Human Village detailing the appearances of “holes in the sky”. According to Kameshirasawa-san, the “holes” appear like shattered windows, along with the telltale sound of breaking glass.

LoveColoured: oh, those things? i nearly flew straight into one the other day!

Bnuuy: Well that’s worrying. Do we have any suspects for the cause?

HakureiMiko: Not at the moment, no.

ItsAConspiracy: And you want us to help resolve it, right?

HakureiMiko: Yeah. 
TimeMaid: I’ll try to assist as much as I possibly can. 
SamuraiGarden: I can go and check if any phantoms got loose from Hakugyokurou!

LoveColoured: lets go solve this incident, y’all!

Bnuuy: Tsukuyomi have mercy… Alright.

HakureiMiko: Thank you, girls. Now then, let’s start!



???: Guhh…. My neck…

???: Where the hell have I ended up now..?